WordPress developer tools and plugins they must use for faster work

Wordpress Development Tools

WordPress Websites have lately proved to be a user-friendly and an amazing platform in the world of web hosting and publishing. WordPress is widely being used to enhance the increment number of pageviews and optimize the websites. Boosting the performance of these websites is one of the major focus areas. The website managers keep updating the WordPress websites with developer tools and plugins features for speeding up the performance and accessibility.

Users do not spend a lot of time on any website, so the website gets very little time to show its content in the best presentable and brief manner. The content is made convincing enough to bind the users for a longer duration than usual. If the websites take too long to open, users leave the still loading page and start browsing other websites. This results in decreased pageviews and downfall in customer satisfaction. Here are a few WordPress plugins and best seo report generator tools which aid in faster operation of such websites:

1.The Developer:
Developer Plugin

This plugin is immensely famous amongst the WordPress developers. The plugin is capable of optimizing the environment required for development of websites. It installs the superior tools for creation of plugins. The plugin comes free with three types of installation options namely Plugin for self-hosted installation, theme for a self-hosted WordPress Installation and Theme for WordPress VIP sites. The options lets the developers install other suitable additional plugins for the web project.

2.The Monster Widget:

Setting up widgets is a daunting task. To keep vigilance on how the display of the widgets gels with the WordPress website themes, the monster Widget is employed to simply test all the widgets. This free plugin adds up all the required widgets in the sidebar for validating purpose.

3.Preventing Comment Spam:
Comment Spam

In order to keep comment spam issues at bay, for WordPress blogs, Akismet plugin is used. To further curb registration spams, contact form spam issues, and spams related to trackbacks, the extremely powerful WP-SpamShield is utilized. The blogging efficiency is automatically improved and made better with the support of these plugins.

4.The Duplicator:

Backing up the WordPress Websites and validating them has been a major concern. The free version of this plugin enables the website managers to pull down the websites from servers to their local machines and do performance testing. Also, it allows the development locally and releases the site content on production servers. The backup of the directories, databases, filters, and wizards is well managed by this plugin.

5.The Theme Check:
Theme Check

The themes on a website are always an eye-catcher. A tool to check the themes for the WordPress Websites is a smart idea. To err is human. So even experienced developers can make small mistakes, but these mistakes can take down the entire WordPress Website. In order to verify the latest themes and upgrade them with the best recommendations is an utmost job of the Theme Check free plugin.

6.The Fontello:
Icons and fonts play a pivotal role in the display of web content. Though it is website or blog, the icons displayed and the font used makes the website design stand unique. The icon font libraries contain innumerable fonts. To select and download the required ones best suited for the WordPress website, the Fontello which is a free resource provides the intended support.

7.The WordPress Boilerplate Plugin:
Boilerplate WordPress Plugin

WordPress contains more than 40,000 plugins in its huge repository. Some of them aren’t well coded. The WordPress Boilerplate plugin is skillfully documented to match the code standards of the WordPress websites. It is an object-oriented plugin available for free download which manages both the front-end and admin areas in an effective way.

8.For Headers and Footers:
Headers And Footers

As code snippets are added to the WordPress sites either in header or footer, the theme files undergo a change which is a tedious task. The “Insert Headers and Footer” facilitates the developers to append the code snippets without making any changes to the theme stuff.

9.The Communication Tool:
Communication Plugin

Slack is a communication tool used for effective team management and higher productivity. Business is most widespread and envelops regions across the globe. To communicate with different teams across disparate time zones, slack has proven marvelous than emails. It also integrates various online tools the developer might be using for the website. This plugin bridges the communication gap and saves a lot of efforts in managing the business.

10.To perform Remote Requests:

When a website makes an external request to third party services or external APIs, the website waits for the response from the same. This impacts the time taken for the website page to load. Therefore, there are plugins which request for a response from the external APIs and caches the requests too. Henceforth, the request doesn’t run every time the website page is loaded.

11.Facilitating E-Commerce:

Payments and purchases is a prominent part of E-Commerce. The plugins which ease the selling of products and services online are used by the WordPress developers. Accepting payments, inline checkout of products, collecting donations is now extremely simpler and less time-consuming as these plugins have taken a headache away. WordPress eStore, Stripe Payments, WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart is a few of similar plugins.

12.Caching Plugin:
wp fastest cache

The WordPress Websites processes the required information, compiles it in the desired format, and posts it on the website page for the users. The displayed updates and feeds build the business of these websites. As this process involves a number of steps, the website can get slowed down due to multiple visits to the website simultaneously. In order to avoid page generation procedure every time, the caching plugin saves the copy of the page after its first loading and caters the same to the succeeding users.

The speed of the websites is to be tested by efficient tools from different location across the globe. The delay time is ought to be dealt and the website loading is to be managed in a way so it fetches the content automatically at a faster speed. Henceforth the aforementioned tools and plugins prove beneficial in this regard.

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