App Landing Page WordPress themes for product apps, software showcase


Round up of some of the best app landing page WordPress themes and their details and features in short.

The vital significance of a good and presentable landing page of a website can never be underestimated. The primary concern of the modern website is to engage the visitors and keep them coming back into your posts and pages.

As far as the next step of any digital marketing strategy, it relates to converting them into leads and prospects, or otherwise stated, paying customers for your target business.

Hence landing pages are considered to be the indispensable parts of any well – managed and well – laid out commercial or business website aiming at generating much – expected leads, selling products, apps, programs, e-books or other digital or physical output.

In order to get the most out of your website armed with powerful and easy to manage landing page so that you can considerably boost your conversions and visitor engagement, in this article we are going to highlight some of the most popular and user – friendly app landing page WordPress themes for any experienced or newly started WordPress user. Each and every proposed template shares the most valuable elements and structural ingredients you might ever need compulsory for your practical and customer – oriented website of any kind.

All of them are visually eye-grabbing and graphically decent website builders coded for an average website admin with limited knowledge or WordPress prior experience. Moreover, every single piece of the below – mentioned products is in stunning compliance with the norms and requirements stipulated by the modern WordPress community, so that your will be at a safe distance from any serious technical flaw or error.

1. SKT Perfect:


SKT Perfect as one of the top – rated app landing WordPress themes comes with supremely engaging and purposeful visual appearance closely tied with a handy toolbox thus creating a practical unity of form and function. This contemporary commercial solution will guide you through the entire process of your website creation and customization without extra efforts or too long time to be spent. This template also gives you tons of controls in order to establish your digital store and manage it the way you want. E-commerce – compliant and WooCommerce compatible nature of the theme is ideal for giving any online store a go and letting all your products, programs, apps, services and much more be available around the clock.

2. SKT Landing Page:
landing page WordPress theme


As one of the highly demanded and successfully installed app landing page WordPress themes, SKT Landing Page been meticulously coded and stylized with clean and simple, minimalistic and streamlined design approaches in consolidation with the requirements of modern and delightful flat web design style. The general captivating and enthralling look of this website solution can be a reasonable investment in the future success of a digital business of any kind, nature or denomination. Based on the stable HTML5 and CSS 3 combination, dozens of easy to master packs of icons, Google fonts, preloaded shortcodes for testimonials, team members, etc. are offered to you to make your website highly challenging and competitive in the given industry.

3. SKT StartUp Pro:
startup WordPress theme


Powered by open-source and self-hosted nature, SKT StartUp Pro comes bundled with all the essential elements, features and controls any commercial business can consider for its light – footed growth. Being general – purpose at its core, this one of the app landing page WordPress themes of SKT production is specifically suitable for all the digital agencies and IT consultants, marketing agents and other digital service providers to put their shoulder to the wheel and greatly monetize their business via the beneficial digital channels and gateways. One is able to easily use the compactly arranged homepage sections like home, about us for the general overview, portfolio section for the exposure of your valuable pieces of portfolio in the form of images and photos. Blog section is also available in order to r website always interesting and fresh – faced with ongoing projects or upcoming events.

4. The App PRO:
app WordPress theme


Another premium – quality, yet simple and lightweight pattern in our list of app landing WordPress themes comes launched as the APP PRO. Coded and developed with an average end – user in the theme’s authors’ mind, this website building solution will let you create your visual profile and personalize the website as per your needs and working policy. Thus, with this responsive and customization – ready theme you are the only master of your website to showcase all the details of your basic and newly launched products, services, apps, software, etc. It will greatly stimulate both local and international market interest towards your digital profile and subsequently slay the modern competition in the current virtual reality.

5. IT Consultant:
consultant WordPress theme


Intelligent and time – checked, user and client – driven, well thought out and accomplished to tailor to any kind of digital industry manifestation, IT Consultant is also among the best app landing page WordPress themes is able to furnish you with the best outcomes at the right place. This template can be the most fitting version for IT consulting, as well as repair services, starting from project scoping and planning to business system, app or program design, development and maintenance. The theme’s toolkit includes homepage default slider with 12 controllable effects to show off your best images, calls to action on the top of the page to encourage your web visitors to take certain actions and get in touch with you, lots of shortcodes for easy content setup and much more.

6. SKT Launch PRO:
author WordPress theme


SKT Launch PRO is an ideal coming soon app landing page WordPress themes authored by SKT Themes to tease your website visitors, potential clients and consumers with newly launched or coming soon digital products, e-books or whatever it may be. Equipped with boundless customization and configuration options, this theme celebrates inherently dependable platform with lots of color changing capabilities, optimal packages for Google fonts and icons, widget – friendly sidebar for inner pages, as well as e-book widget area to give all the useful links for buying your product, as well as its description with basic details.

Thank you for visiting SKT Themes a place for selecting top WordPress Themes from a list of several hundred templates. Happy Reading and Shopping.

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