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Exclusive resort WordPress theme for destination weddings and venues


A stunning assemblage of the lovely, alluring and inspiring exclusive resort WordPress themes.

These exclusive resort WordPress themes can be used for all those destination weddings and venues organizers that want to render their award – winning and stress – free services to all the couples on the way to their marriage.

Choosing the location of your wedding ceremony and organizing tons of details catering to your destination wedding is a double – sided phenomenon, with one side of stressful and time – taking practices and with another side of joy and amusement, since it is going to be one of the most important events in the people’s lives. Nevertheless, wherever the couple selects to be their destination wedding away from home, they’ll need ultimate guide and support of professional services and agencies available in the digital environment with their offers, tours and packages, offering the best resorts and hotels to stay, and other top – notch services any client will ever need to plan and implement a perfect getaway in accordance with your budget and preferences.

We have worked on the best collection of exciting and motivational exclusive resort WordPress themes for all the destination wedding agencies and companies to create their professional websites and offer their special packages online with minimum investments and efforts, but with the promising outlook.

1. Nuptials:


The first destination wedding and venue WordPress template at your fingertips to play around and manipulate for the best results is Nuptials, designed and stylized to win the attention of those people, you are eager to have their dream wedding organized in an unforgettable fashion. You can easily take the leading position over each and every part and portion of this exclusive resort WordPress theme, use all the convenient sections to showcase your business and its profile with working branches, best destination wedding resorts and locations and spots, showcase the list of the important issues, including venue engagement, marriage, wedding and anniversary etiquette and foreign rules and regulations on getting married abroad, as well as any other target and important details to keep everything under control. For the credibility and comfort of your mobile user clients, Nuptials has passed all the checks of responsiveness and cross – mobile compatibility.

2. Luxury Watch:


The next highly comprehensive resort and destination WordPress templates for planning weddings and other events away from home is Luxury Watch. It is truly luxurious and complete in every manifestation and no matter what kind of heavy content is being uploaded. By the great assistance of this uniquely stylized and well – developed, mobile and device – optimized, e –commerce ready and plugin – compatible template with a bulk of handpicked theme inner options and elements, including slider possibility, shortcodes inclusion, widget – friendly nature and all the essential aspects of SEO – friendly design, you can make your website visitors believe, that your service is the best and the most affordable for their wedding, anniversary or honeymoon. Present your dedicated services and the most picturesque resorts and destinations with the high resolution images or informative texts and let your clients have a smooth and sleek virtual journey through your web pages.

3. SKT Lens Pro:
responsive portfolio WordPress theme


SKT Lens Pro is another inviting and visually alluring, functionally feature – rich and incredibly reliable exclusive resort WordPress theme for your future award – winning and error – free wedding destination service and planning website. This template has been projected and executed with every single need any representative of such business or agency may need in order to ensure any kind of personalized celebrations of diverse events and help every couple to organize a stunning and exceptional getaway or rejoicing tailored to their expectations and visions. SKT Lens Pro comes ready as a homogeneous unity of all the primary ingredients made and designed for simplicity and precision, be it a color customization wheel, responsiveness and adjustability of the website, multilingual readiness, etc.

4. Stay Here:
hotel WordPress theme


In case you want to spare no efforts to grant the people with tons of opportunities of scanning your website content and finding a top – quality resort for their wedding of a lifetime, look no further than Stay Here to show off all your services and location, other attributes and important notions in the most categorized and easy – to – find format. This dedicated and productive template is affordable for a wedding business of any caliber, even for the small or medium – sized ones, working on limited financial means. In addition, it is power – packed with unlimited functional and structural options to provide cutting – edge performance and visualization of your digital existence.

5. Panaroma Pro:


Panaroma Pro is deservedly considered as multipurpose WordPress template, ready to cater to any kind of website, hence it has all the potential to be the basis of your resort and wedding venue website to deliver your creative ideas on wedding, its location, invitations, dresses, cakes, accessories, bed and breakfast, etc. This original and creative, avant–garde and pliable exclusive resort WordPress theme introduces a wide array of highly practicable and user – centric theme features and controls to set your destination wedding or venue web pages apart from any challenging competition. Feature the most hot spots for wedding ceremonies and events around the world with 5 different homepage slides, let your clients explore the best locations and packages , which goes hand in hand with their financial means, guide them through your informative, but smoothly navigable and fast performing pages and make their fascination be transformed into actions.

6. Furnish (Interior Pro):
interior design WordPress theme


At last, Furnish or Interior Pro of SKT Themes is one more type – driven and wedding niche – specific template that leverages utmost operation and truly amazing visualization to generate an extensible platform for all your destination wedding – based content. The easy to use and advanced options panel allows you to take advantage of your theme and customize each and every element of it to look sharp and precise on every suggested screen, be it a PC or some portable device. Based on the dependable HTML 5 and CSS3 , Furnish brings about visually awe – inspiring design with spectacularly lightweight coding, so that all the installation and management processes will not take too long to be accomplished.