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Features of free consultant WordPress theme

  • Minimal free consultant WordPress theme
  • Google mobile friendly passed theme
  • Responsive and hence looks good on all devices and browsers
  • Default WordPress customizer used which makes it possible to check changes in real time
  • WordPress theme check passed and coded as per WordPress theme review handbook
  • Integrated with social media
  • Comes with a default nivo slider
  • Standard pages like 404 not found, search and blog available
  • Other pages templates like full width and compatibility with plugins like WooCommerce
  • Compatible with latest version of WordPress
  • Coded with HTML5 & CSS3

IT Consultant is a free consultant WordPress theme. This theme is Google mobile friendly passed. This theme is also responsive and hence looks good on any browser as well as devices.

IT Consultant theme is a multipurpose responsive theme which can cater to any industry. It comes with WordPress customizer which makes it super easy for anyone to change content in real time while overlooking the changes.

IT Consultant theme is coded keeping in mind WordPress codex handbook for theme review and standards.

This theme already has social icons integrated and lots of other features like default slider and content loaded for homepage.

What to expect from best free consultant WordPress theme

Any consultant needs to project himself for work and also consultants need to translate trust amongst their clients so that one can do the word of mouth. Most of the work consultants get is via word of mouth and hence if they do a great job and great work for their past clients then surely consultants have a more better chance of getting more work via their past clients.

Any free consultant WordPress theme based website should resonate the ethos of a consultant and their consulting business and hence we have come up with this free consultant WordPress theme which is a great boon and an effective way to have a great website placed up which looks realistically just like an online resume and works to bring in more relevant business for a consulting business or a consultant.

Some of the salient information that a consultant needs to showcase and should be present in any consultant website are given below:

1. USP: USP of the consultant needs to be showcased nicely. Because it is the USP which differentiates any consultant from each other. If someone is a lawyer for corporate and someone for divorce cases then both are lawyers but their expertise lies in their service they provide one for divorce and one for corporate affairs. Hence it is important that the USP of the person offering service gets highlighted properly and hence our free consultant WordPress theme focusses on having the main services and the slider area which can really help someone to focus on the much needed USP.

2. Differentiate your service: Differentiation is the need with every increasing competition one should easily differentiate themselves from others and hence it is important to differentiate one from others and our template does help someone do that at ease.

3. Navigation should be easy: Navigation for old customers or for someone who isn’t internet or computer savvy should also be simple and hence we prefer not to have an over cluttered design but rather simple navigation on top of the slider so that people and visitors can easily navigate through the pages and can browse through them to understand the services.

4. Professional approach: Professional looking website also reflects on the way you might be working as your visitors might think of you and hence if you have a professional website they are more happy to share their details with you for further consultation. A doctor, lawyer or a business consultant should of course have a professional looking website. And hence free consultant WordPress theme does have a professional look and feel.

5. Easy access to Contact details: Easily accessible contact details always by using footer, header and contact us page dedicated will mean that anytime the customer or visitor decides to contact you for your services can easily do that without wasting time searching through the pages for your contact.

6. Informative content based on services: Informative content which can explain your services better and can explain all about your services so that someone who is primarily looking for one service but needs consultation for other as well can surely make that up in mind that you offer those services as well. Chances become more for you to get contacted easily.

7. Legitimate reviews: Reviews can be fake as well and we believe reviews should be legitimate and hence our testimonials area is built where we share the name and designation of a user and hence details of the user are also important otherwise it appears like the website owner has placed them themselves.

8. Keep posting content: Blogging is essential if you have to continue getting your site in top of search engines because they like fresh content posted daily and hence blogging for any business is nowadays more of a compulsory addition.