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Comprehensive Beginner Guide to Choosing a Web Host

Many site owners, in their experience, are convinced that choosing a web host accurately and carefully while taking into consideration specific nuances is of primary importance.

Choosing a reliable fastest and managed web hosting for a modern site is like laying a solid foundation for a house. As long as everything is fine, it is unnoticeable.

But whenever you face certain problems, hosting immediately comes to the fore.

Hence, if the site which is engaging, useful and versatile, wants to be also secure and popular, then only reliable host will be suitable for it. This strategy needs to be realized and remembered by each website owner.

While choosing a web host, note that a high quality hosting is the one that is unnoticeable during the daily functioning of the site.

The work of the qualitative host can be compared with the work of a seasoned football referee who whistles a little and interferes with the match only on business, but at the same time strictly follows all the rules. This is what makes the match complete and memorable.

All in all, a good host should provide high quality services and reliable operation despite any “critical days”.

From all the above mentioned it follows that trusting your site to obscure or second sort hosts appearing and disappearing in batches over the time, to put it mildly, is not reasonable.

However, the status and reputation of the hosting company or provider is not the only decisive factor in making your choice justified.

There are also other things to consider when it comes to choosing a web host.

To put it short, you can choose “the one and only” host if you clearly imagine what type of site you are going to have and how you are going to develop it further.

The quality of the work of a site will highly depend on your choice of the hosting in many cases. It’s really hard for a new site to find its place “under the sun”, and the unreliable operation of hosting can completely bury the site.

Understand what type of hosting your site needs

Whether your sites need VPS (Virtual private server), shared hosting or a dedicated server, it’s up to you. If you are waiting for our recommendation, we advise you to choose shared hosting if
you are running a small scale website or a personal blog.

For larger sites you’ll probably need VPS or dedicated server to result in boosted traffic.


One of the greatest challenges in the right hosting solution is defining how much host server bandwidth your site will need for its optimal operation.

Well, if you are just launching your site, determining how much bandwidth you will need can be really tough.

In this case the best decision is to wait for some time after you go live with your site and see the monthly usage of it.

Anyway, if you run a WordPress site of an average capacity and client base, 2 GB should be enough for you.

And while deciding the optimal bandwidth for the newly launched sites is something of a shot in the night, it can be much easier for the established sites.

You need to define the average page size of your site in KB, multiply it by the monthly average number of visitors, and finally, multiply that value by the average number of pageviews per visitor.

Marblehost offers a useful bandwidth calculator in this relation /

Choose top rated and trusted hosting companies and providers

Finding the right hosting provider is another important step towards choosing a web host. You are not going to rent an expensive room in an apartment where your neighbors are alcoholics and drug addicts. The same is with hosting. You are not going to purchase a host of untrusted resource or the one that is popular among low quality sites and blogs.
Besides, the dependable hosting provider will be always available for you in case you need support or your site is having difficult times.

Free vs paid hosts

As for whether you need free or paid hosting, we are for the paid ones. You can hardly find a free opportunity that will give you consistency in testing all your ideas on your website and keep it secure and well doing at the same time.
Apart from that, if you express your greediness and try to economize on the hosting, your site’s URL will be something like this:

Blogspot, in this case, is the company providing free host services.

Well, you are the one to decide whether you need such URL or not. As for us, it will not ensure the look and appearance that both you and your site are worth to be trusted.

Reliability and uptime guarantee

Keeping the site that is always viewable and accessible for its users is a thing that has much to do with the reliability of hosting. Hence if you want your website run smoothly, be secured and well protected for spams and uninvited guests, as well as provide you with 24/7 support, then finding a truly reliable hosting provider is a must!

Now about the importance of the uptime scores and results while choosing a web host. In a nutshell, uptime defines the amount of time that the hosting server has been up and effortlessly running. It is usually measured in percentages of the total available time (365 days per year), like “99.9% uptime”.

So, if the host has been up all year long, its uptime percentage will be 100%. All in all, if the hosting company has a higher uptime percentage, then your site hosted by it will also be up and perfectly running in 24/7 format.

E commerce support and features

If you are going to establish an online shop or be engaged in other commercial activities, choose a host that will provide you with all the required e commerce features (including SLL certification, dedicated IP, etc. ).

Check our hosting for for better faster and managed hosting of WordPress.

How to Increase the Popularity of Your Facebook Business Page

How to Increase the Popularity of Your Facebook Business Page

Social media marketing is getting bigger as time passes, it is still considered as the number one platform, and each online business is changing their procedure to be increasingly dynamic via web-based networking media stage.Aside from marking benefits, you get focused on clients who convert into better deals.

Think about your Facebook page or other Social-media stage as the first purpose of contact where you construct the trust factor and later on sales happen on your site or by means of your referral link.

When you are setting up a brand new, Facebook page for your brand or you just want to make the most of your existing one, it’s probably a smart move as Facebook has nearly 2 billion monthly active users.
It ought to be simple enough, right? Simply slap together a photograph, two or three posts, and anticipate that the leads and clients should move on in, isn’t that so?
In case if you are not making a Facebook Page with a comprehensive strategy to get noticed, Liked, and engaged with, the odds of really creating leads and clients from it are truly very less. According to the statistics, Facebook drives more traffic than twitter. In fact, Facebook comprises of more than 2.27 billion clients. Such a huge number shows, to the point that organizations cannot afford to ignore Facebook.

Also, knowing that, your Facebook page can’t replace your site, yet it is likewise obvious that your Facebook page can likewise be positioned in Google search results.

Positioning of your Facebook page can likewise drive traffic to your site. This is the reason you have to include important stuff your Facebook page and connect with the crowds in your post at the best.
The thing you require to Increase Popularity of Facebook Page is to make the appropriate design strategy in order to improve your Facebook business page and to attract more visitors or clients.

Here are a portion of the tips that you can use to support your Facebook page

1. Decide your target audience :
This is the viewpoint, which has taken some of the time at the later stage, yet as an issue of the reality, it can be a better approach in the event that you choose your intended target audience first.

It might assist you with deciding which sort of stuff you need to post on the Facebook page, what your keywords ought to be and much more. Basically, it will help you in defining or setting the goal for your promotion.

2. Make sure that you Combine your Business Name and Keyword to Give it an Optimize Page Name :
To Increase Popularity of Facebook Page, the first key to success for some entrepreneurs is selecting the appropriate name for your Facebook business page. Always make sure and remember that the page name should be different than that of the username.

The username of a page is a special identifier toward the end of Facebook URL. Itadditionally appears, under your page name continuing by @ symbol. Then again, the Facebook page name is the title of your page. It alsoappears, in Facebook search results.

3. Add all the Page Details to Get the Visibility in the Local Searches :
Over the most recent couple of years, a few enhancements have been seen in the Facebook search results. Now, Facebook considers client’s area location while performing out the query results when he/she scans for something.

Additionally, the mobile version form of Facebook has been updated so as to make local searches more appropriate.

When you include nation, city, address, and zip code fields, it helps Facebook to index your Facebook page or the local searches.

4. Paid Campaigns and Direct Audience Targeting :
The paid campaigns are also very useful to Increase Popularity of Facebook Page since they give you the alternative to straightforwardly get the attentions of the clients and users who are interestedin your products or services.

Facebook gives you the alternative to support your page posts and to display them to the clients who are interested. You can set the area and the interests on which your products or services are based.

All the page post you do are displayed in the news feed on the Facebook user, to those who fit into your set criteria. Your post is not considered as spam as the post are displayed in the new feed as the usual posts. Always try to sponsor the post instead of sales stuff.

There is another way that Facebook offers and that is to promote the most recent post. One can also dedicate up to $100 for this purpose.

Given below are the steps to promote the recent post it includes:

– Select the post that you want to promote.
– Click on the ‘promote’ button which is next to the ‘comment’ and ‘share’ button of the post that you want to promote.
– Select the number of people you want to reach for what cost and for how long.
– Post regularly on the page and Facebook will keep on sharing the most recent post to your target audience.

5. Always Add Keyword in your Facebook Page Content :
To make Increase Popularity of Facebook Page, the use of the keywords is not just significant for search engine optimization, but they are also likewise important for optimizing the social media content optimization.You have to know the words, which the potential clients use either you are doing the organic campaigns or the paid campaigns.

You are required to include these keywords in theposts that you distribute, title and descriptions of pictures and videos you share on your page. It will help Facebook in showing your page to the general people who are really looking or searching for your product or services.

Conclusion :
When you promote your Facebook page with proper keywords, focusing on the right audiences for your page, suitable paid campaigns and much more, at that point you definitely get the enhancement in your Facebook business page. There are numerous different viewpoints that you can do for the enhancement, which you can explore through variousresources on the web.

Skills You Need to Develop into a Great Blogger

Skills You Need to Develop into a Great Blogger

To be a great blogger one needs to develop some basic skills and fulfill the requirement. Strong skills make you stand stronger in the competitive world. All kinds of jobs require a certain sort of skills to complete the task at the appropriate time. Like all other jobs, blogging also requires some skills.

Barely any people groups confirm that it’s so testing to be a great blogger and it is the motivation behind why they later get neglected to profit from blogging. This is on the grounds that they are ignorant of the abilities that blogging does genuinely require. They simply continue blogging, and then quit. Each blogger needs to be an effective and expert enough to profit through blogging. In any case, just a couple of them who utilize their skills, create it on time-to-time end up fruitful and then ProBlogger that prevail to make cash blogging.

Here are some key skills that you need to develop into a great blogger or if you want to be a great blogger.

1. Know your stuff :
You should be good at coding languages at least, or good at to understand them. Even if you are aware of the basics of programming languages than it will be beneficial for you. Having knowledge of programming languages such as Javascript, HTML, CSS, .Net, PHP will help you to comfort your process of editing images, layouts, designs in your blog in a desirable way.

You can likewise guarantee that you are streamlining your site for SEO by building up the ability to utilize key search words inside the titles of your blog. This will produce more snaps for your site and improve the probability for your blog to be seen.

Building up your technical abilities is additionally an extraordinary chance to figure out how to break down how well your blog is performing. Pay special attention to content that is the most noteworthy wellspring of traffic and any open doors for development through getting bits of knowledge from the investigation.

2. Writing :
Writing is a must skill for any good blogger. You should have or develop your technical writing skill so that your content stands out from the crowd. Always pay attention to punctuation marks, grammatical mistakes, paragraphs, etc., use your own language for writing a blog because your own basic and finely used language makes your blog at Google search engine rankings.

The content should be original enough and simple to understand so that the viewers find it easy to understand. Viewers are the only source that makes your content of blog up and down. So by keeping in mind about the writing basics skills, your blog can be a great one if you know the tips and tricks of writing it technically and user-understandable. All your efforts become useless if your content is not good, so keeping in mind about the small error mistakes, spelling mistakes, can help you to boost up your blog.

3. Interaction skill :
Interaction, as we all know, is a way of communication, and, we all also know that communication does not take place between a single person. It is a medium of communicating between two users, two parties, two persons, two people and so forth. Having good and healthy interactions between you and your viewers helps to develop and increase more changes in your blog to become popular and thus it takes place only when you have interactions with your viewers. The viewers ask questions and to have a suitable and proper answer to their question lead them to have an interest in your blogs. So always maintain a healthy communication skill and interaction skill between you and your viewers. Interactions not only helps to have experience towards you and your viewers but also maintains a strong relationship between you and your viewers.

4. Networking :

Networking is also a key skill to develop into a great blogger career, having good network makes it effortless to get more traffic in little time. The very basic ways to develop your networking skill:

i. Always be attentive and active on social media and social network to get better traffic.
ii. Have a group of blogging people those who carry the same state of mind towards blogging.

5. Have a perfect picture for telling your story :
You can go for the image selection and uploading option if you are done with heavy coded content because as it says, every picture tells a story. By having a good image in your blog it becomes easy not only for you to picturize your story with good content but also for the viewers to attract them and understands them by the thought you want to deliver through your content.

A perfect picture tells a thousand words than writing. Hence with this, you should be expert in photo editing so that editing a photo or an image by shaping, cropping, editing, resizing,etc., the photo stands for the size requirement of your blog content. Google photos, Fotor, Befunky, Pixlr, are some of the examples of good photo editing software where you can done editing your photos and images well. To edit your blog pictures; so they ought to mirror the theme of your blog when the perusers take a gander at those. Altering the photographs is a certain something, and making a picture identified with your post is the skill.

6. Surge your traffic using social media :
Sharing your blogs as fast and on as much social media sharing as you can. There are various social sharing media available on the internet such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Snapchat, Google+, Youtube, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, Reddit, Quora etc., and many more social media sharing available where you can share your blog post and maintain your follower’s list. Give suggestions and reply to the comment and question asked by the follower so that it maintains a good and healthy relationship between you and your followers. Sharing your blog posts on social media platforms increases your popularity and reputation of your professional growth.

Conclusion :
By taking the above tips in mind and start writing your blog it will for sure increases your growth towards blogging, put forward your skills and helps you to be a successful blogger.

The Ultimate Guide to Instagram for Small eCommerce Brands

The Ultimate Guide to Instagram for Small eCommerce Brands

Instagram for Small business over the past year has been nothing but a constant evolution. From the changes made to its algorithm, the expansion of stories and the release of shoppable media, it is very obvious that the Instagram ambition is to become the more interactive and engaging social platform on the internet.

That being stated, if you somehow managed to ask an advertiser this time a year ago what they thought of Instagram, they would have most likely marked it the “brand builder” of social networks an extraordinary device for building an audience, yet lacking with regards to the highlights to produce leads or drive significant web traffic.

However, all this has changed earlier this year as Instagram released its most game-changing features for eCommerce brands to date shoppable posts.

The arrival of shoppable posts has now managed eCommerce business the advantage of tagging items inside an individual picture, with the goal that clients can tap an item and be sent directly to the “add to cart” section on the eCommerce webpage. It appears that the times of “shop via the link in bio” will soon be a thing of the past.

In spite of the fact that adding shopping tags to your Instagram posts is an exciting concept, it isn’t as basic as simply clicking a button. So as to be eligible for shoppable media, you should initially meet the criteria listed below:

– You have to download the latest version of Instagram app.
– Make sure that you are registered as a business profile on Instagram.
– You are an admin on a page or business manager account.
– Your business profile is connected to a Facebook catalog.
– Your business sells physical goods and complies with Instagram’s merchant agreement and commerce policies.

In any case, it’s not over when you tick these boxes either. As a small eCommerce business looking to drive income through shoppable posts, there are various different components you should consider to genuinely succeed. Below we’ve listed our ultimate guide to Instagram for Small business, including five tips to set your business up for success on the platform.

1. Create Great Content :
This may seem like an obvious one,but the first step to turning your Instagram into a revenue generator is to create content that your followers love.This means,breaking down what type of content has recently done well on your feed, and then producing higher quality, HD versions of that content. Reliably posting high-quality pictures will give your feed that fresh and professional look expected to make you standout among your competitors. Vans are a great example. The advice here is hiring a part-time photographer or editor so you not only have a large backlog of content, but also all your pictures are of higher quality.

2. Experiment with Influencer Marketing :
Influencer Marketing

Influencer advertising is definitely not a fit for each brand, and there are a number of things you must consider if you want to do it right.On the off chance that you figure it may work for you, do some exploration on small scale influencers who work in your industry. You’re most likely wondering, “Why micro?” Well, microinfluencers will help you reach smaller, targeted audiences, which will most likely convert to sales. An influencer marketing continues to grown popularity, it is bound to become more critical to the success of your companies shoppable post.

Prior this year, the Association of National Advertisers studied 158 brands, finding that 75 percent use influencer marketing. Of those that said they use it, 43 percent were planning to increase budgets in the coming year. Among the brand overviews that we’re not utilizing influencers, 19 percent planned to make it a part of their marketing strategy in the coming 12 months.

3. Research, and use the Optimize Hashtags :

When you’re a little brand, beginning on Instagram, getting the initial traction can be the most irritating part. Numerous brands come to us searching for a response to this issue. The best way to get over this hump is by cracking the code to feature on Instagram explore page where the users are exposed to diverse post and accounts based on who they follow and what they like as often as possible. How would you do that? By utilizing and connecting with the most optimizedhashtags inside your community. For example, in the event that you sell watches, specialty hashtags, for example, #watchfam, #wristlove, #watchesofinstagram and #watchaddict could be the way to getting your content on the Explore page as frequently as possible.

4. Make your Product-oriented post shoppable :
If you’ve met the criteria to be qualified for shoppable posts, you can start tagging. When you label an item, the client can tap the picture for more data. On the off chance that they tap the picture once more, it takes them straight to the Add to Cart section on your site so they can make a buy.

Although a feature like shoppable post may seem exciting, it’s important that you shouldn’t over-load your audience with the product focused posts. A decent principle guideline when it comes to product shots is around 40-50 percent of your posts like every two weeks. Two brands that are defeating it in shoppable posts are Gap and Glossier. Their feed can provide great examplesfor Instagram for Small business and how you can best strike a balance between shoppable and other types of content.

5. Turn existing Instagram post into ads :
When you’ve gotten the hang of optimizing your Instagram from a natural viewpoint, you can begin thinking about regardless of whether you’d likewise prefer to allocate some budget for paid advertising

Now, Instagram has released a feature enabling brands to transform their current Instagram posts into advertisements within Power Editor and Ads Manager.

All things considered, a trickiest aspect concerning running promotions is choosing creative content that you think will perform well from a tick through point of view.Seeing what has already performed well will make the decision-making process much easier for small brands that want to run ads and convert more customers. Our recommendation: start small and allocate a certain portion of your budget for paid advertising. Once you figure out a formula that works for you, it very well may be an entirely supportable approach to develop your deals.

Using these five tips, you can easily and quickly set yourself up for the success on Instagram for Small business. Also, there are many other features and functionalities you can try to make your business standout on the platform.These include finding your voice on Stories, testing out Instagram Live and even creating more long-form content on IGTV.

The Ultimate Guide To Video Marketing on Social Media Platforms

The Ultimate Guide To Video Marketing on Social Media Platforms

This article speaks about video marketing guide on social media platforms and social platforms.

Consumer desires are changing quickly in the time of video-on-demand. Numerous organizations are contributing resources to make and distribute convincing video content which can help with lead age. The truth of the matter is regardless of what your organization does, you require a compelling video showcasing methodology for social media platforms to win the fight against competitors.

So, no matter what your business is, it should be the key part of your content strategy. But, if you have never done it before, or else if you have tried and not getting results, where do you start?

Fortunately, today there are a lot of resources and options out there. From this Video Marketing Guide you can choose one or a few that fits your business and budget and other social strategies.

Before you start creating your video content for your social media stages, you should first ask these following questions to yourself:

– What will your CTA be?
– How does this video fit into your buyer’s journey?
– What type of feeling do you want to generate among your visitors?
– What persona are you targeting?
– Are you looking for the brand awareness or lead generation?

The next important stage is to make an imaginative, educational, and engaging social media video.

Following are some ways to approach social media video for the best outcomes:
1. A Good and Appealing Script :
Here scripting is tied in with answering the correct questions. You are making a video either, to take care of the issue of the customer or making them aware about your brand. Make a well orderedstep-by-step guide or a theoretical approachthat you will pursue.

2. Make VideoBe Short :
With regards to social media,making videoshort and sweet is a safe strategy. Simply hold the video under 2 minutes and feed your audience with educational things.

These days, buyers have limited attention spans and plenty of distraction. So keep your video fresh and interesting. Thus, it is essential for each brand to concentrate on video marketing.

3. Know your Target Audience :
There is almost no opportunity that your target audience will be everyone. In this way, distinguish your target audience and always remember their tech interest in mind while making the video for your social media, this one of the most important in Video Marketing Guide.

4. Make Use of the Music Whenever Needed :
Music plays an essential job in making anappealing video. It mixes, customer feelings and uplifts their mind-set. While picking or making music, think about demographics and your target audience. On the off chance that you are attempting to reach a broader market, search for the music that is mass engaging.

Since you are prepared with your video, it’s an ideal opportunity to distribute it on social media platforms.

Following are the best social media channels that you can utilize:
1. Facebook :

Facebook clients are mostly searching for progressively easygoing, little and engaging contentrather than long, in-depth one. Additionally, avoid from getting into ‘Like and Share” race, rather, create content that your targeted audience would want to like and share.

You can utilize the “Live” highlight for displaying conferences, occasions, sales presentation or behind the scenes movement.

Why you should be using video content on Facebook?

Facebook videos give enormous opportunities to expand the brand reach as it beats each other social media platform. Following are the reasons behind why Facebook video content is essential for advertisers in Video Marketing Guide:

– Clients are effectively connected on Facebook.
– Consumers who are utilizing Facebook react better to videos.
– Studies have discovered that Facebook videosdrive a substantial large number of organic traffic.

Recommendations while posting a video on Facebook: Make sure that you upload natively on Facebook to get the best reach to your consumers and also avoid posting YouTube links for videos.

2. Twitter :

The video is gradually turning into the central piece of what’s going on in Twitter. The video content on Twitter plays naturally, and it is an effective method to catch the client’s eye. Further with the choices of GIFs and periscope, brands are making all the more engaging and impactful videos.

Why you should be using video content on Twitter?

To increase your brand awareness and improve brand sentiment: As indicated by a Twitter research, videos on Twitter are 2x more memorable than on some other platform. In another examination, individuals who watch brand videos on Twitter fell 14% progressively more supported for that specific brand and furthermore Google’s indexing will impact on business.
Recommendations while posting a video on Twitter:Make utilization of proper hashtags and TweetDeck to reach your targeted audience.

3. YouTube :

We as a whole realize that YouTube has the second biggest reach after Facebook and as a search engine, it positions after Google. YouTube offers numerous choices for advertisers to achieve a wide scope of clients like publicizing on the landing page, advertising before or after the video, and etc.

Why you should utilize YouTube for marketing?

– It is the home of many viral videos.
– On this platform, one can start their own channel and post or upload videos related to the service or products that you are marketing.
– One can also easily track the process of their videos, by how many views the video is getting each day.
– One can also check if people like their video through comments and recommendation.

Recommendations while posting a video on YouTube: Make a collection of videos on a specific theme or topic and them break them down into episodes.

4. Instagram :

In Video Marketing Guide, Instagram has become one of the most influential social media platforms.It is the center point of visual content, clients just post pictures and video on Instagram. This makes it more significantly easier for organizations catch the attention of a client of Instagram.

Why you should be utilizing video content on Instagram?

– This platform enables brands to get in contact with the visually engaged users.
– This is the most ideal platform for all kinds of business to gain visibility.
Recommendations while posting a video on Instagram: One should do proper research on the hashtags and utilize the right one to get an instant exposure.

Conclusion :
Basically, on the off chance that you are not incorporatingsocial media videos into your content marketing strategy, you are passing up a great opportunity of increasing your customer base. Looking at the popularity and trends of various social media platforms, it turns out to be completely important for brands to use the videos to its most extreme potential.

Why You Should Add WhatsApp On Your Website?

Why Add WhatsApp On Your Website

WhatsApp is the perfect example of the growing shift toward the private sharing. Studies have shown that users are more connecting more in the digital one on one setting and it has changed the dynamic how we communicate and exchange information.Mobile internet users use WhatsApp more frequently than any other social networking app. Many publishers are finding that chats apps are huge motivators and also influences in generating greater traffic and the ability to go viral. Over a meaningful and valuable content people want to connect with their personal contacts.

WhatsApp is an instant messaging platform that allows users to send images, videos, audio message and location by using integrated mapping features. One can almost share anything and everything on WhatsApp. Hence, increasing usage of mobile has urged the web development world to ensure mobile friendly and Add WhatsApp to Website. It is clear that the number of mobile phones per family is greater than the number of laptops per family. And, when it comes to mobile phone WhatsApp is the most popular application that is used worldwide.

WhatsApp is the best one up until now. This is an explicit sharing button. Works incredible and is free. The best part is you can really choose what message should be shared. Additionally, it appears just on cell phones. You just have to download the sourcecode and transfer it on your site. One can text and share any customized content.

This feature can be the game changer for your business. Thus, most of the website developers have started adding the share option on their websites to increase their site’s traffic and also to improve content engagement. This allows the users to share and send the article or blogs in real time with their friends as they are reading the article. To stay relevant and ahead of their competitors,many publishers are turning into the WhatsApp share button.

Here are some of the key benefits of integrating WhatsApp on your Website:
1. It Creates an uptick in Social sharing :
Mark Zuckerberg once said: “Messaging is one of the few things that people do more than social networking.”
Since its dispatch, WhatsApp has seen amazing development, pulling its load in the social space and acting as a key channel for the skyrocketing private sharing trend. Quartz revealed that when BuzzFeed executed a WhatsApp share catch for iOS clients, snaps to the WhatsApp share catch quickly exceeded the quantity of Twitter catch clicks.

2. It is a Global Audience Reach App :
As referenced before, there are billions of WhatsApp clients everywhere throughout the world. To talk practical, we can’t make achieve every one of 1 billion individuals. We can at any rate achieve a piece of billion; suppose 10% of billion. Try it.

3. Fast Content Sharing :
Sharing any kind of substance on WhatsApp is excessively simple. Simple sharing highlights enable individuals to share it with their families and friends. In the event that you are an entrepreneur and assume, you are selling furniture on the web. Include a WhatsApp button below your every item. How simple it would be for any guest to impart the thing to their loved ones over mobile. Thus, Add WhatsApp to Website will make simple for many businesses to increase the each of their products.

4. Real and loyal Reader Base :
Being a customized application, whatever you shared on WhatsApp is with the private contacts. Henceforth, it will reach the genuine users and will get the rightvaluable readers. They will again share further in their groups and broadcast, thus reaching to the right and genuine reader base only. Unlike, any other social media tool, WhatsApp is a great app and there is no harm in trying it.

5. It Offers Great Level of Personalization :
Messaging a friends or relatives on WhatsApp gives a level of personalization and protection that re-tweeting or profile sharing simply don’t achieve. It’s practically similar to sending an email.

At the point when a client sends a bit of content by means of WhatsApp, they send it to somebody who they realize will be interested. It’s a foolproof approach to get your contentin front of “the right” eyes. On the off chance that you have involved and focused on thetarget readers, you’re on track for a further lift in offers and the likelihood of going viral online.

6. It Drives Sharing on Mobile :
With 65 percent of computerized media expended on mobile, a great deal of sharing occurs on the little screen. Facebook share, Twitter offer, and Pinterest share buttonsor the inclination of most distributers, yet our information demonstrates that WhatsApp share offers a gold mine of opportunity. There has been an increase in the quantity of individuals utilizing the private messenger share button. It is evident that WhatsApp sharing included on publisher’s website is helping drive mobile shares so Add WhatsApp to Website for increasing your brand reach and also to get more visitors on your site.

Explained above are the key benefits of why one should add WhatsApp on their site.Private sharing is a developing part of how we communicate. Information keeps on demonstrating that chat tools like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are an amazing channel of distributors to get seen, shared, and discussed.There are number of websites and eCommerce stores that have started adopting WhatsApp button for the website as a sharing tool. Like other social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter, this is yet another fastest communication tool.Add WhatsApp to Website and you’ll be able to grab readers at the moment, which will increase your overall social shares.

10 Reasons You Are Not Making Sales On Your Ecommerce Website

Reasons You Are Not Making Sales On Your Ecommerce Website

An eCommerce store with Marketing WordPress theme is an awesome method to manufacture income with next to no overhead: You can produce deals nonstop at a worldwide level without the costs or staff required to work a physical business.

When you maintain an eCommerce business that sells on the web, you need to do a lot to help it grow. Advertising, customer service, and delivery are on the whole are exceptionally vital. All the way. In any case, consider the possibility that after all these you don’t make deals. It’s possible.

Here are the 10 things that could be the root cause of your revenue problem.

1. Missing Contact Information :
Contact data may appear to be a little detail, yet restricting it on your site is a tremendous red flag for buyers. They need to realize they can contact you if there’s an issue. In case you’re not showing your location data even without a retail location and telephone number, you will experience serious difficulties setting up trust with your clients.

2. High Shipping Rates :
Be clear and open about the delivery charges of your company or suffer the consequences.As indicated by the 2014 eCommerce survey directed by Visual Website Optimizer (VWO), 28 percent of clients quit their shopping basket when they are given surprising delivery costs at checkout.Shipping rates are one of the biggest reasons for shopping cart rejection, but it’s an easy issue to fix.

It’s alright to charge for transportation, however you have to clarify that you do, before clients go far in their buy. An unmistakable and brief way to deal with do this is to incorporate a “calculate shipping” feature directly within the cart that clients can utilize early at during the checkout procedure to determine the additional cost. Most eCommerce platforms like Marketing WordPress theme offer plugin that make it easy to add a calculator like this.

3. Poor Quality Images and Product Descriptions :

At the point when clients shop on the web, they don’t be able to pick an item up and inspect it. They are bound to depend on the pictures you give, alongside whatever depiction you have.

Pictures and descriptions ought to be designed to attract buyers to that product. On the off chance that you have trashy photographs or depend exclusively on specialized depictions, you’ll lose a lot of sales since you’ll fail to create interestin your items.

Showcase your items from different edges, with quality pictures, and make a unique kind of depictions that show purchasers the value of the items and how shoppers can benefitfrom them.Write your own product descriptions. Your descriptions don’t need to be as short as a tweet or as long as a novel, they just need to be descriptive, engaging and informative.

4. A Complex Checkout Process :

A complex, multi-step checkout process is a frustrating experience for customers.Make it simple for the client to look at and don’t complicate the procedure. It’s essentially important to remember that numerous customers would prefer not to invest their time than should be expected finishing their buy. Let, the customer go through the procedure and choose option to register and save their information at the end, in case they want to come back again.

5. Using a Confusing site Navigation :
On the off chance that your online store has smallbuttons, little item pictures, or a jumbled structure, navigation can be incredibly troublesome.

Little tap targets make it hard to hit the target link or button on a contracted mobile screen, which can sour the shopping experience and send a buyer somewhere else. Ensure your Marketing WordPress theme is responsive, with huge pictures and properly sized buttons.

6. Customer don’t know what to do :
Indeed, even with an eCommerce site, you have to make it exceptionally clear what you need the client to do on your webpage. Non-item pages should coordinate the client utilizing an outright and obvious call to take action. The best eCommerce sites instruct clients what to do; never leave them to think about what the nextstep is.

7. Having a Slow Website :
If your site is too slow while loading, people will shop somewhere else. They are not interested in waiting.
When you design a site, it is tempting to put in a ton of fancygraphics. They make your site look so much better. It doesn’t appear to be identical to purchasers. Most of them will be looking at your site through a modem or a cell phone. And each one of those fancy graphics will only make your site slow.

If you want your visitors to purchase from your Marketing WordPress theme and take their credit cards, your website has to be attractive and load really quick.

8. You are Targeting the Wrong Audience :
You might be giving time and cash into content showcasing or promotion spends that aren’t producing any business. If that’s the case, are you sure that you are targeting the right people? Ensure,that you do your proper audience research so that your marketing is targeting the right crowd and audience for your site.

9. Not having a Mobile Version of your site :
As nowadays everyone has a mobile phone of their own. Thus, most of the internet traffic comes through mobile. It is a huge mistake if you forget about the mobile users when building your eCommerce site for your business.

10. The Price is not Right :
Pricing items can be troublesome: if your costs are excessively low, clients may think your items are lower quality. Cost excessively high, and they’ll shop somewhere else. When you factor in tax and delivery costs, it’s considerably more difficult. Marketresearch and trial can enable you to discover the valuing sweet spot you need, to gain and keep your clients on your site.

Questions to Ask a WordPress Developer You Want to Hire

Questions to Ask a WordPress Developer You Want to Hire

An interviewer asks a question before hiring him/her for the company needs. An interview is being scheduled so that one can get a perfect candidate for their organization. In the same way WordPress with its high increasing usability and essentials, have become more and more in demand with its every day growing rankings. Hence the organization needs a perfect and a liable developer for their industry. A WordPress Developer is one such person who has all the capabilities to deal with the sort of issues that arises while handling WordPress. For having a key skill, professional, well-developed and highly knowledgable, one should have those questions in mind while choosing or interviewing a WordPress developer for their industrial better growth.

So let us discuss and have some quick and important questions suggestion to ask a WordPress Developer you want to hire:

1. Will any plugins be installed on the site?
As we all know that a WordPress is search engine optimized and friendly platform, still any of the WordPress theme or site requires more detailed and implementations towards the search engine friendly platform for better growth and implementations and better results. The WordPress developer must have the know-how of the best strategies to improve WordPress. The designer ought to be sufficiently capable to deal with fundamental aspects identified with your sites like making clean permalinks and no canonicalization issues with essential space.

2. Which web standards are followed?
There are updations and advanced featured technologies and coding languages and programming increasing day-by-day aspects. A good WordPress Developer should be enough capable of and aware of the advanced technologies, coding, programming languages such as XHTML, HTML, CSS, ECMA, XML, etc., it makes sure that a good WordPress developer should create and design a clean, neat coded and advanced technologies, languages, programming WordPress sites or themes.

3. Will the site be tested before it goes live?
Asking a question related to testing factor is an important key because a well-tested website is a need for any organizations or industries. So testing a theme or a WordPress site with various browsers and cross-checked with multiple devices is a question one should ask while hiring a WordPress developer. You ought to get some information about the testing perspectives secured and forms utilized.

4. Will an additional site backup be kept?

Question about backup should be asked to a WordPress developer as it is important for any site to have its data store in backup for future safety. It not only saves time but also money. The question is not that important but the knowledge behind backing up data is an important factor because it helps to have a lost a file, misplaced data, storage problems and many more. Anything can happen to your site whenever and you may never realize it ahead of time. You ought to approach your developer for help with making a reinforcement of your site.

5. What are the developer’s portfolio and estimated time to complete?
Experiencing the arrangement of the organization you’re thinking about for WordPress advancement will enable you to realize what sorts of activities they have achieved before. It gives you a short thought regarding their dimension of mastery and number of fulfilled clients. Remember to approach the developer’s portfolio and assessed time for the conveyance of undertaking. This gives a clear picture of a good WordPress Developer’s capabilities, his/her achievements, success and the number of projects and clients handled.

6. How will the WordPress-based site remain secure?
WordPress is an open-source platform thus the significance regarding its security is important. Having a secured site and preventing it from the hacker’s an unauthorized user’s a WordPress Developer should have that capability to secure their websites from accessing by unwanted users. WordPress is vulnerable to hacking, thus a WordPress developer takes proper preventive care to prevent sites from hackers entrance for better security purpose, and keeps it updated.

7. Will the site be mobile friendly?
Two ways to make a website mobile-friendly. The first one is its responsiveness, and the second one is built specifically for smartphone users. It is important for any developer to develop a website which is device and platform ready, unless an until, if your site is not device ready or browser compatible and platforms ready than it is of no use. So a good WordPress Developer should have that capability to make a website mobile-friendly.

8. Will you provide guidance on the use of WordPress?
If someone is new to WordPress and want to know some details regarding WordPress and its use than your WordPress Developer should be capable enough to provide a full guide to the new users. So this question is also necessary for any good WordPress Developer to coup with.

9. Is site maintenance included, and what is the cost for maintenance?
In spite of the fact that site improvement or maintenance is a one-time process, keeping up the site to make it look staggering and work ideally is a genuine test. Ensure that your WordPress developer guarantees to give support of your site after the improvement work is finished. This may bring about extra expenses, so make this obvious before landing at a choice.

10. How can you make it easier for me to manage my website?
This is an imperative question to ask, particularly for entrepreneurs, business owners, who don’t think a lot about WordPress. Despite the fact that WordPress is one of the least complex content management system, regardless you’ll require some fundamental information of it so as to work appropriately. Make a point to tell your developer the equivalent and inquire as to whether he/she can make the management assignments less demanding in some way or another. They can make utilization of existing plugins and widgets to make the things less demanding for you.

I have discussed above the 10 (ten) questions and they all are important for you to have while selecting or interviewing a developer for your company or organization. These questions will surely help you to get one of the best WordPress developers you want to hire.

How to Choose the Host for Your WooCommerce Website

How to Choose the Host for Your WooCommerce Website

WooCommerce is for selling items and services. In particular, it makes doing these things reasonable and available. You can move advanced and physical products, oversee stock and sending, take secure installments, and sort charges consequently.
You keep 100% authority over the entirety of your information, there’s help for cell phones, and the possibility to scale your destinations is boundless.

WooCommerce is by a long shot the best structured and most famous eCommerce module for WordPress. Truth be told, it’s presently the most famous eCommerce arrangement over all sites, fueling 42%, and tallying, of every single online store. Another vital angle to recollect in this context is all the work that goes into the administration of a WooCommerce store. Notwithstanding store organization, the common outstanding burden of a WooCommerce storekeeper likewise incorporates dealing with the server that has the store.

Now the question arises what does your WooCommerce Store Need?

To answer this question, there are very basic steps and procedures were needed for a WooCommerce store. Say for example, how much space a disk requires for store needs? Then how many domain names to manage? Or what necessary services need for a WooCommerce store? These are such type of question arises while having a WooCommerce store.
So to have a solution to these questions let’s go ahead with some basal requirements for a palmy WooCommerce store.

a) Disk space :
We all know that normally any device takes 0.1 MB disk space for the storage of a single image or can take some amount of MB to store video or audio or any file. On the contrary eCommerce store generally, take 1 GB of space in a disk to store data. As you go on adding any content or data it will take space likewise. Disk space is the least expensive asset to include and many facilitating suppliers do offer satisfactory circle space to satisfy every one of your necessities.

b) Monthly Bandwidth :
Many storekeepers are not by any stretch of the imagination beyond any doubt how much transfer speed they require. A basic standard guideline is to utilize site visits as a proportion of the transfer speed necessities. A normal site page is around 0.1MB and in this way a month to month online visit check of 50,000 means a data transmission prerequisite of 5GB.Data transfer capacity isn’t modest and regularly the heft of the facilitating receipt includes the transmission capacity costs. In any case, as the store ends up well known, the traffic increments and you should put resources into more transfer speed.

c) The database :

Database lies at the core of any WooCommerce store. While all hosts give the database, it is vital to check the adaptation of the database to guarantee similarity with the introduced WooCommerce and other module variants.

Types of Web Hosting for WooCommerce Store:

There are in all four types of Web Hosting for WooCommerce store, they are;

a) VPS Hosting :
VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS) facilitating works like devoted facilitating, with the exception of the server is virtual. This setup offers greater adaptability as far as asset designation and in general execution of the store.

b) Dedicated Hosting :
Dedicated Hosting

The whole server is dedicated to your WooCommerce store. You get the chance to pick the server assets including preparing power, RAM, disk space, and data transfer capacity. This is perfect for any store in light of the fact that the store approaches all the server assets it needs. The issue with dedicated hosting is the (extremely) high sticker price and the necessity for specialized learning. Since you will fund the whole server, you should pay the maximum for the equipment and establishment.

c) Cloud Hosting :
cloud hosting

Cloud Hosting offers a virtual server that depends on a conveyed facilitating framework. This offers massive potential outcomes as far as accessibility of server assets and adaptability of activities of the store. Cloud Hosting offers every one of the advantages of committed and VPS Hosting arrangements.

d) Shared Hosting :
share hosting

As the name suggests, Shared Hosting arrangements “share” server assets among all the facilitated sites and stores. Many specialists see these facilitating plans as a decent beginning stage on the grounds that the storekeepers just need to concentrate on the business and need not to stress over the Hosting of the store.

Important Considerations in WooCommerce Hosting:

Since you have a reasonable thought of the nuts and bolts of a perfect Hosting answer for a WooCommerce store, I will currently set out the essential property of a topnotch Hosting arrangement.

a) Scalability :

Many storekeepers think Scalability as something somewhat far into what’s to come. In any case, the arrangement should be sufficiently adaptable to develop as the store develops. All things considered, the arrangement ought to have Scalability worked in as changing hosting mid-season is an immense problem that few storekeepers are eager to persevere.

b) SSL Certificates :

SSL certificate has become an important factor for any WooCommerce store. As Google has declared that non-SSL enabled websites as Not bonded. Hence yearly renewal of SSL certificates for any WooCommerce store has become mandatory.

c) 24/7 Support :
Regardless of everything being equal, things will turn out badly with your WooCommerce store. In such circumstances, the help given by the hosting supplier will decide if you will keep on profiting from your store. In a perfect world, the help should be accessible all day, every day and notwithstanding amid the occasions. Truth be told, the Holiday Season is the point at which you will require the help the most as you can’t bear to give issues a chance to convert into store downtime. The help channels ought to incorporate Live Chat, email and a ticketing framework that enables you to monitor the issue goals process.

d) Active Backups :
Many hosting suppliers have a backup arrangement that is a mix of computerized procedures and manual backup choices. At the point when debacle strikes, backups are the main manner by which storekeepers could limit downtime. Keep in mind that on account of unmanaged hosting arrangements you are in charge of setting up and keeping up normal backup. This is another motivation behind why many storekeepers pick oversaw WooCommerce hosting arrangements in light of the implicit backup forms.

Conclusion :
There are people with less knowledge in terms of technical aspects or people with technical knowledge but less time or no time to manage the servers. This blog clears your scenario related to hosting for your WooCommerce store. This option is immaculate for the WooCommerce website while choosing the host for your site. It is just a matter of preference of the store owners regarding right hosting solutions for WooCommerce stores.

5 Must-Have Features for Your Ecommerce Website

5 Must-Have Features for Your Ecommerce Website

Having an online selling platform is a standard nowadays. Individuals spend half of their day on the web and purchase so much by means of the Internet that it’s getting to be increasingly hard to impress them with one more new online business store.

In the focusof every one of the competitors, you have to win your clients’ attentionwithin the fraction of seconds after they tapped on the link of your site. How can you do this and what activity do you have to take? All things considered, there are many marketing toolsand site features that represent a core of any online shop — catalogs, shopping baskets, advertising banners, etc. But, it’s not enough anymore since the online selling industry is transforming with each new day.

All sites are interesting in their own particular manner. We’ve seen the trends in eCommerce web designing like360-degree product preview, dynamic product search and more. However, trends do not guarantee conversion rates or the user experiences. There are certain elements that every eCommerce WordPress theme should have to stay relevant and competitive.

Here is a list of 5 must have features that attract online shoppers for your eCommerce
1. website Detailed Product Page :

The product page is the mostimportant page in your site’s business. While the home page and the categories page flaunt broad your stock is, the item page is your opportunity to allow and give individual products a chance to sparkle.

When customers arrive on the ideal WooCommerce item page, you need to give them something great and impressive to look at.

In addition to the fact that you should include extraordinary pictures and expressive content yet you should ensure you customize your WooCommerce item page. A custom item template will give an exceptional and a unique shop window which will enable your things to stand out.

Not only you would be able to style your page,but you can likewise include other important highlights to it, for example, custom fields, special offers and many other.

2. Related Items Recommendations :
Related Items Recommendations

Another approach to enable guests to discover what they need on your eCommerce WordPress theme can help you upsell or strategically pitch clients all the while by to give related item proposals.

Simply seeing the phrase “you may likethis” it stimulates interest, excitement and curiosity. When you place a combo of related things and sets under the item customers picked, it pushes them to look at the offer and makes the catchy impact. For instance, one intended to purchase an espresso machine and your site produces a cool suggestion underneath: “espresso machine + container of espresso beans at a low cost”. How inspiring does it sound? Right!

You can show a related item pop up after a thing was added to the shopping basket. You can likewise show related item pop-ups in the event that somebody is going to close the site before completing their purchase.

The objective is to precisely evaluate their necessities of the user depending on their behaviour and profile and give them, a thing that is relatedto the item they haveshown in or a product that can replace the present one they’re looking at.

3. Advance Payment Options :
Advance Payment Options

In the world of Apple Pay and PayPal, advance payment options are an absolute necessity have highlighted for an eCommerce WordPress theme. Simply consider the ease of use related to Amazon a single click shopping. Customers with registered accounts can actually purchase with the clickof a button.

There are numerous popular online payment options. The key is understanding who the purchaser is and executing the best arrangements. On the off chance that a site is restricting payment choices, make a point to clarify why.

For instance, an eCommercewebsite may not offer Bitcoin as a payment choice after knowing its value isn’t reliable. In the event that purchasers are innovation, smart people who incline toward this payment method, it’s vital to be straightforward about why it is not an option. This straightforwardness sets up that the brand understands its purchasers and builds trust.

4. Providing Social Proof :
Brands and online sellers that connect with their purchasers on an emotional level make brand trust and promotion. Social association is undeniable and the chance to bond with a crowd of people is easier now than at any other time. Connecting social profiles and client created content with aneCommercewebsite are must-have highlights that will give online dealers brandcharacter.

Customers are immersed with a constant flow of “purchase now” and “get this”. It’s those brands that connect with clients socially that make clients forever. They are putting forth items that help other people and that individuals care about.

Social networking permits eCommerce brands to demonstrate authenticity and associate an emotional connection with their items.

5. Showing User-Generated Reviews :
user generated reviews online

Customers read reviews. About 92% of them, in fact. The star rating on an item is the main factor utilized by shoppers.

You may believe that having negative reviewsis a deal destroyer. The reverse is actually true. Having negative reviewscan frequently be a positive thing. It’s demonstrated that items without negative surveys are viewed as censored and, thus, customers will assume that the positive reviewsare fake.

Depending on the site’s functionality, eCommerce sites can use plugins from the most popular review platforms like Facebook and others.

Wrapping Up :
On the off chance that you’ve invested enough energy online as a shopper, you observe that eCommercesites come ready with specific highlights and usefulness you would not see on anordinary business site. When building your own eCommerce WordPress theme, make sure that you have taken the five must-have features above into considerationif you want to make your visitor to become your customer.

How to Create a Real Estate Website with WordPress?

An ideal real estate website can build a bridge between you and your buyers that can give enormous benefits to your business. If you are creating your 1st website, then WordPress is the easiest CMS to get started with. One doesn’t need any coding knowledge to create a WordPress website. It contains a number of key features, but your site may need some additional functionality. For this reason, themes and plugins are made available. Themes and plugins makes it easy to customize your site as per your need. WordPress has the ability to help you rank high in search engine results. Additionally, WordPress is designed by keeping security in mind, this helps protect your website.

Why WordPress for your real estate website?
Creating a WordPress website is not a rocket science anymore. One can simply get started just in few steps. You don’t need to be tech savvy to create a WordPress website. WordPress lets you configure complex features easily with the help of plugins. Also, there are many themes available that are suitable for your real estate website. You just need to pick a theme and you are set to get started! Let’s have a look at some top reasons why WordPress is best:

Open source: WordPress gives you the freedom to customize, modify and build your website as per your requirement.

User-Friendly: WordPress doesn’t require you to learn any coding language like PHP or HTML for creating a WordPress website. It’s pretty easy to use for a beginner.

Free: WordPress is free to use and with unlimited validity.

Flexible: The most important part of WordPress plugin is that it is flexible and can be extended with the help of plugins.

Plugins & Themes: A plugin helps you add some additional functionality to your website. There are almost 45,000 free WordPress plugins available. WordPress has made available ‘n’ number of themes for different sectors- e-commerce, blogs, classified, directory, real estate, etc. A theme is a collection of templates that define the overall layout and appearance of your website. WordPress has a good range of free and premium themes almost for every category.

SEO Friendly: WordPress has the ability to let search engines easily crawl the content of your site. It creates pages that are easy to understand for search engines. Also, with the help of permalinks, title tags and heading – features of WordPress helps in optimizing your site’s SEO.

Steps to Create a Real Estate Website with WordPress:

Step#1 Pick a Domain Name:
The very first step is to create a domain name. A domain is nothing but the web address of your real estate business. Selecting a domain name is similar to choosing your brand name. There are several important factors that need to be considered before choosing the brand/domain name; it should be unique and easy to remember.

Step#2 Buy a WordPress Hosting Plan:
WordPress hosting is an environment that is specially designed to meet the needs of your WordPress website. Check out the reviews and number of satisfied customers before making a choice. For a hassle-free real estate WordPress website, pick a fast and reliable WordPress hosting provider. Also, make sure you choose the provider based on the uptime and scalability of the plans. Some hosting providers will always ensure the availability of latest versions of WordPress and release automatic updates on a regular basis. Now, this is a plus point for your platform. These facets will help you measure the competence and potential of the hosting provider.

Step#3 Choose your theme :
There are thousands (more than 10,000) of free and Premium themes available with WordPress. All these themes are customizable. Explore for a real estate theme and pick from a collection of themes given.
You can also choose a real estate theme from this list:

Major of the user these days prefer browsing on mobile rather than desktop/laptop. Always choose theme that is responsive across all the devices.
Also check the browser compatibility before choosing your theme. Run a basic test on different browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.
Most of the real estate theme comes with features of listing, sorting etc. However, while choosing the theme you don’t need to look into the ones having listing functionality, as this feature can be covered with the help of a plugin.
If none of the themes suits your need, then you can always go with a multipurpose theme and later configure it with the help of a plugin.

Step#4 Install Your Theme:
In order to deploy your WordPress theme, you need to install and activate it first.
To install the theme:

1.Open your WordPress dashboard
2.Go to Appearance>Select Themes


3.Select “Add New”
4.Use upload button to browse your theme that you have downloaded earlier (zip file). Or you can also choose from the list of available plugins from the dashboard.
5.Click on Install button to install your desired theme.

Step#5 Adding Properties:
The main purpose of your real estate site lies in listing properties. Add as much as information as you can to be descriptive, accompanied by relevant photographs. This section will help your visitor to engage more on your website.
In case you do not have property listing section with your theme you can install a plugin.
To install the plugin:
1.From the WordPress dashboard click plugins
2.Select ‘Add New’
3.Choose and install from the list of available plugins


Step#6 Appointment System:
This is the best way to encourage your visitor to set up an appointment, the easier the appointment process the more the chances of booking an appointment. There are many WordPress plugins available which are extremely flexible and with numerous features.

A good appointment system plugin will help you save all the appointments in a database or can send email notifications to your clients once appointment booking is confirmed.

Step#7 Maintain Security:
WordPress is the most popular and widely used CMS that makes it the biggest target for website hackers. You know how stressful this can be – making an impact on your business reputation and revenue. Most of the automatic updates include major security fixes. Make sure you always keep your WordPress platform updated. However, to be on the safer side, you may integrate add-ons such as Sitelock. Using this add-on, one can protect the website from attackers. Another precaution you can take is verifying each and every plugin/widget before installing them on your website to avoid any chances of exploiting your site to hackers.

This article gives you all that you need to build a high-quality real estate WordPress website.
We hope this article helped you with a step by step process to build a Real Estate WordPress website, right from choosing your web hosting provider to maintaining the security of your website. We are sure you will consider these points to unlock the key principles of building your website.

How to merge two websites into one for WordPress?

merge two websites into one WordPress site

How to Merge two websites into one in WordPress is explained in this article which gives an idea on how to make two sites into one SEO friendly wise as well.

In certain cases, having more than 1 website to represent individual or business interests is justified.

Lots of companies and organizations are often engaged in multiple services and thus have few web attributes that fall within their business umbrella.

It means that the subject matter of each of the websites is completely different and can make sense of its own.

However, you may be satisfied with your website, but want to start a completely new one with the perspective of merging them together in the nearest future, so that the content of your old website will not be lost.

Another case when people are inclined to merge their websites or blogs is when some of them is not doing well and needs additional support to yield results. In such case, mixing that one with a more productive website or blog can solve all the hassle.

However, if we try to compare all pros and cons of having different websites, advantages of merging them will not fall behind the disadvantages of doing that in in quantitative terms.

First of all, running more than 2 separate websites and keeping an eye on them all the time is time consuming.

Naturally, keeping all the websites up to date both in terms of functionality and external look requires more time and efforts, as well as additional costs for their maintenance, development, marketing and more.

Hence, if you own two WordPress websites or blogs and want to discover the possible ways to merge two WordPress websites into one, here is a simple tutorial to light up your way to success.

Although you may achieve the successful merge of your websites, there are certain things to take care of in order not to lose your web traffic, ranking, SEO, information, etc.

First of all, it’s worth mentioning, that consolidation of two different websites and using them united does not require the integration of additional tools, extension or plugins. By default, WordPress templates are equipped with all the necessary controls and features to organise everything properly.

Now, let’s talk about one of the important things you should bear in mind before you start to merge two WordPress websites into one.

Create and keep complete WordPress backup of your original website first, then go ahead with merging process.

This is a compulsory safety measure to guarantee the possibility to revert if anything goes wrong.

Now, let’s take a look at what we can do if we want to merge two WordPress websites into one with pretty little efforts and while taking into consideration all the important nuances.
First and foremost, you need to go to your WP dashboard, Tools, Export and choose what you want to export.

As you can see, you have the capacity of choosing to export all content, including posts, pages, comments, custom fields, terms, navigation menu, etc. You have also other options to consider, like choosing to export:

Choose to export All content and then press Download Export File.

Now XML file will be prepared and sent to your browser.

Save this file on your PC as you are going to use it soon. This XML file will contain all your WP website post and pages, custom post types, if there are any, categories and tags, custom taxonomies, if any.

Once you are done with exporting the content from the first WordPress site, it’s time to merge it with the second one.

In order to execute the transition of the first site content, go to the admin dashboard of the site where you want to have 2 WP websites merged, then Tools, Import Page.

You will be provided with the list of the available import controls to run on your WordPress powered site. Choose the last option, which is Install Now, and the WordPress importer will be installed. After the installation is complete, click on Run Importer to run it.

What is left to be done at this point is to export your XML file you have saved on your PC earlier. Choose that file and then click Upload file and import.

After you have browsed and uploaded the relevant XML file, WordPress will start exporting and analyzing it, after which you will be transferred to the page, where you can control import settings.

Here you can choose to assign the content imported by your first site to authors or create new authors.

Now find Download and import file attachments box and enable it to import file attachments for your old WordPress based site. Click Submit and go on.

Now the import process of the export file will start so that you can have your old or first website content merged with the new website. Once the process is finished, a success message will appear proving that “all done” and warning you to update passwords and roles of imported users.

Congratulations! You have successfully managed to merge two WordPress websites into one. The next step is to configure the proper redirects so that the visitors of the website you have merged will be automatically redirected to your combined website.

This process is responsible for sending both web viewers and visitors to the new website’s URL without forcing them to type the new website domain name.

The redirection process is also essential in keeping the site’s rankings and authority in the digital arena and search engines.

At this point, you need to access to .htaccess file of your old WP website. You can use FTP platform to get access to it. Simply put the below mentioned code at the top of .htaccess file:

#Options +FollowSymLinks
RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.*****.com/$1 [R=301,L]

www.*****.com should be the name of your new WP website. Save changes you have done and upload that file back to the server.

You can try to view one of the posts of your previous website and you will be immediately redirected to the same post located in the new website.

Basically, we are done with covering the whole process you can use to merge two WordPress websites into one.

Afterwards, you may need certain troubleshooting, fixing and edition processes to get everything accurate and well working.

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Some of the SEO myths every blogger should try to ignore

SEO myths

During the recent years a lot of methods and techniques have been used, but some of them aren’t much help and there are some of the SEO myths every blogger should try to ignore.

SEO or search engine optimization is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results, often referred to as “natural”, “organic”, or “earned” results.

In general, the earlier (or higher ranked on the search results page), and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users; these visitors can then be converted into customers.

It has two major functions: crawling and building an index, and providing search users with a ranked list of the websites they’ve determined are the most relevant.

Search Engines then use formulas to analyze huge amounts of data about all the web pages they can find in order to determine which web pages they should present when someone searches for a keyword phrase, and in what order they should present them.

Here are some of the SEO myths every blogger should try to ignore:

Myth 1: Google changes rules every time

Sure, Google does change its algorithm countless times a year. And, they introduce bigger changes all the time knocking many off their perch.

Yes, Google, as well as all popular platforms, change algorithms and ways they crawl and index you content and that’s a fact. But there is another fact: the changes will not affect your ranking if your SEO is done in the right way.

The following tricks won’t pass with Google and you better avoid them.

  • too many links from spammy sites
  • too many keywords in your posts
  • blog posts that are just not worth anyone’s time

However, if you stick to the following simple rules, you are always good to go:

  • Only use your keywords 4/5 times (only)
  • Write the best piece of content you can on your chosen topic
  • Get links from quality websites in your niche

Myth 2: Short Content does not rank

Everybody knows the popular rule: poor content poor ranking, high quality content high ranking. So you need to be sure that your content is informational, user friendly, interesting and well written.

But there are certain text criteria that should be followed. Though some bloggers argue that perfect article length is just 200 words and other say that the minimum number of words should be 800 and maximum 1200, the length of the text does not matter IF your SEO and blog are done right.

Sure, if two blog posts as well as articles or web pages are written about the same topic one short; the other long — and a user makes a relevant google search to that subject matter, Google will likely suggest the longer, in depth content over the short form content.

Short posts do not provide you with high ranking just as a 4000 word article don’t. Quality of the content is what really matters.

Just because you’ve written more content doesn’t mean Google forgives you for non professional research and subject matter. It’s not the length of content that counts, it’s how it’s written.

Myth 3: Keywords are no longer relevant

There are places and we call them key places, where keywords are important:

  • The URL
  • The title of the post
  • The main heading
  • The first paragraph (or 100 words)
  • Once more in the content (a variation if possible)

These are the main places that will help your blog be ranked.

Meta tags are as well quite important. A meta tag is a tag (that is, a coding statement) in the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) that describes some aspect of the contents of a Web page. The information that you provide in a meta tag is used by search engines to index a page so that someone searching for the kind of information the page contains will be able to find it.

There are several kinds of meta tags, but the most important for search engine indexing are the keywords meta tag and the description meta tag.

There has been a lot of debate in the SEO world about the impact of meta keyword tags, especially after Google launched Hummingbird in 2013. So this is also one of the SEO myths every blogger should try to ignore.

Meta tags will also make your search results winning, which will attract more clicks from search engine users feeling your website has the high quality content filling their need.

You can control the meta keyword phrases, title tags and descriptions with the All In One SEO WordPress plugin.

Use All in One SEO Pack to optimize your WordPress site for SEO. It’s easy and works out of the box for beginners, and has advanced features and an API for developers. First created in 2007, see why AIOSEO is one of the all time most downloaded plugins for WordPress.

5 ways to get your WordPress blog for free to earn you some money


If you have just started your blog and wanted to know how to monetize it for free, then this article is for you. Granted that there are a lot of articles out there, about how easy it is to monetize your blog. But in actuality, the process is about as far removed from ‘easy’ as it can get; it is not that the process is hard on its own, but you need to be able to drive the traffic towards your content or your blog is not going to earn you big bucks. Here are a few tips and tricks, so check out the 5 ways that you can monetize your WordPress blog for free. You may want to pay close attention to some of the methods listed below and once you implement the same on your website, your traffic should shoot up as should your revenue. You need to make sure that your blog is optimized for SEO so that search engines can crawl it faster and for more tips, do check out 5 ways to monetize your WordPress blog for free.

1. Google adsense:
This is one of the easiest ways for you to make money off your blog – all you need to do is to enroll for the ad sense program and set your blog to advertise a few ads, from Google Ad sense, and each time the person clicks on the ad, the advertiser gets charged for the same and Google will forward the payment to you. The process is fairly simple, you would have to register your blog which should only take moments and after which, you should be able to tweak your website and start displaying the ads right away. There are more than a few PPC companies out there but Google Ad sense happens to be the best of the lot. Just keep in mind that you need more than decent traffic to make a few bucks each month.

So make sure that you opt for the right theme and that your website is elegantly structured. Your website must also display content that your users would be interested in as well. Only with good content, can you hope to get some decent traffic and some money as well. You can outsource your content requirements and get it developed by professionals. This is why it is important that you set up ad sense on your blog so that you can start making some serious money with your blog at the earliest. And please remember that Google Ad sense is rather strict about their requirements and your website must feature original and quality content, for your blog to be approved for the same.

2. Google ad sense for search, custom search:
If you thought that PPC ads were the only way you could ever make some money, you may want to think again. Now, you can set up a custom search engine on your website, and each time a user searches the content on your website, using the custom search engine, you get paid. It’s that simple, what’s more, you can set it up in under a minute or less. All you have to do is to head over to Google accounts, enter the URL of your blog, select the language and name for the custom search engine and you should be set. With WordPress, you can create a search engine for each page individually.

Now, all you have to do is to click and copy the code onto your website and that’s it. It usually works like this, each time someone uses your custom search engine, it displays ads along with the search results and the ad in question works like a PPC ad. So assuming that your website is large enough, then this may well be the perfect way to monetize it which is why it ranks at number two, when it comes to “5 ways to monetize your WordPress blog for free”. You can set up a search engine for each blog page, and monetize the lot. What’s more, thanks to analytics, you should even get a good idea on how it all performs and streamline the same, for better results as far as monetization is concerned.

3. Sponsored posts:
Sponsored posts are where you actually sell the space on your blog for a sponsored post. Essentially, companies pay you to do a write up about a product or service for which they will pay you big bucks. The catch is that companies would prefer to pay for sponsored posts only as long as the blog in question happens to contain great content and comes with good traffic and even then, the question of how many sponsored posts can your blog carry will crop up. A good quality blog should not feature more than a few sponsored posts each week but that also depends on the blog itself.

Companies know well enough that these type of posts make for some great advertisements and as such, would be more than happy to pay you premium rates provided that your blog, carries great content and stands out for all the right reasons. It is one of the best ways that you can monetize your blog for free and it does not even cost anything. This particular monetization strategy should not cost much, but the downside is that carrying one too many sponsored posts and biased ones can affect your credibility in the long run. But as long as you make sure that your posts are not biased, you should be fine and the current method ranks third when it comes to “5 ways to monetize your WordPress blog for free

4. Affiliate links:
There are many companies like Amazon associates, Clickbank, and others with Amazon leading the pack among others. Affiliate marketing is easy, and you can soon earn big bucks; essentially you need to do write-ups about specific products and post the same on your WordPress blog with your unique affiliate link. And as soon as someone clicks on the link, and purchases the product, you earn a commission and the same will be credited to your account right away. It is a simple but effective way to earn some good amount of cash but remember that your blog would still need to feature some good traffic in order to make some money out of affiliate marketing.
You can choose your own products; the first thing that you need to do is to register with one of these affiliate marketing companies and enter your blog URL to get the referral ID set up. What’s interesting though is that more companies have started offering affiliate opportunities so you should be able to pick and choose the companies whose products you would prefer to market on your website. And most of the payment is sent bi monthly, along with a detailed statement or you can access the same online. This form of monetization ranks at 4th, when it comes to “5 ways to monetize your WordPress blog for free”.

5. Create your own product:
You can use your WordPress blog to rebrand yourself, set yourself up as an authority, and create a unique product and market the same on your blog. You do not even have to manufacture anything; your product could be anything and even an ebook. This way, you should be able to make more money marketing your blog, and with it, your select products and services as well. You can use various tactics to reach out to more customers from guest blogging about it to using PPC ads for marketing the same. The point being that you can easily make more money from pushing your own brand of products than someone’s product. More to the point, you can even streamline the same so that you are able to attract more prospective leads.

The downside is that it may take a while before you are able to make some decent money and moreover, it all comes down to how much you want to earn. If you are looking to make some serious cash, then the 5th method, which incidentally also happens to be one of the best ways to monetize your WordPress blog for free, is the way to go about it. Granted, that you would have to work really hard at it but in time, you should be able to earn some serious cash with the same.

These are some of the top 5 methods by which you can monetize your WordPress blog for free; it all comes down to just how good your blog really is, for any of the above methods to work. You need to have decent traffic along with some outstanding content and the rest is simple enough. You should be able to provide your users with some great content regarding the product, provide them a reason as to why they should purchase a particular product, hyperlink the call to action and the rest is, history.

5 Effective Ways To Improve WordPress For User Experience

WordPress is a powerful CMS that helps you to reach your business goal very soon. Basic WordPress platform is not sufficient to make your website successful to performance, user experience, and security. User Experience plays a major role in online marketing, so you can follow the best ways to improve your WordPress for better user experience. This article shares you five simple ways to improving WordPress to Enhance UX.

1.Make Your website Design simple and clean

The inappropriate web designing experts are frequently focused on developing something which is pretty apart from functional. It is essential to know that the intriguing and unique designs can win awards. The users always expect to find some elements in particular places. If the website fails to have the elements in correct position, the users get frustrated and confused. After that, they also leave from your website. If you want to avoid the unwanted hassles, you can avoid using the layout of the standard blog. Instead, you can do more with a standard layout for making it striking. Example: Think Traffic

A Web Developer is a professional who creates an excellent design with beautiful typography and bold colors. Additionally, they make your website look simple and clean, yet beautiful and striking. It represents a perfect balance between function and form. It is precisely what business owners are seeking for improving WordPress to Increase User Experience.

2.Customize the navigation menus

The website of your business is a basic representation of the business brand. If you want to get better interaction from the users, you need to include some unique things in your site. Customization is a process that expresses your dedication with your business website. The WordPress platform brings you endless options to reach the goal. You can also customize the navigation menus present in your WordPress platform for creating any new page.

With WordPress platform, you can fully focus on the navigation process first before worrying about your content. It is highly essential to ensure that the structure of your website is intuitive. After that, you can carefully focus on words.
Example: From the layout of your website to the plugins, one can customize simply about all things with the WordPress Website.

3.Give Posts a Place for starting
If the business website has a post which goes enormously viral, the business owners are possible to discover the homepage of the site is by far a highly visited website page. Thus, you can increase user experience radically by providing new visitors an excellent chance in forms of showing how your business website can benefit visitors.

4.Engage users by using VR
If you do not know the best way to use virtual reality technology in your marketing strategies, you can read this passage carefully. The web design process is a right choice for using this technology. With VR, the users can definitely spend more time on your business website and find what your business has to provide.

Most importantly, VR is simple to integrate, particular if your utilize WordPress. Rather than opening your business website next to many other tabs, the users will bring you their complete attention. It is your chance to easily engage them as well as receive their contact information. The highly innovative business platforms will use VR as a method to turn leads as never before.

WordPress is ideal for two types of business including the business which try to engage the users with unique features, and the business which simply wants a flexible platform for designing their business website and include their content. WordPress Developer is an expert who guides you to increase the user experience.

5.Add content apt to your business website
It is smart to add content while it is suitable for you and keep your blog post to inform and engage your users. Currently, blog posts are the effective tools for marketing online. Along with this, you can use blogs to keep the website fresh. The valuable content in your blogs has some specialized features to make your website look better.

Blogs are not only sharing the information but also effective in a context of SEO. They express that your business website is a fantastic source of recent, good material, and active. Keeping your blog post with your WordPress platform is simple, so you can utilize this way to boost the user experience.

There are numerous reasons to improve WordPress platform to improve the user experience. One reason is making WordPress platform simple to use for less tech ability users. Many ways are available to improve the WordPress for user experience. The above guide shares you 5 effective ways which are enough to completely improve the user experience of your customers.
Do you look for simple ways to improve WordPress Website for better user experience?
You can use these best 5 effective ways to increase the client’s user experience.

About the Author:
Lauren McLaren was born and raised in Australia. She is working as blogger and professional Digital Marketer for Digital Muscle- An Affordable SEO Service provider in Australia. She’s hardworking, competent and trustworthy. Her role within the company is to manage team of SEO Experts. In her spare time, she loves to read, cook and watch movies.

Tips to find trending topics and keywords and use them for blogging

This article discusses about how to find trending topics and keywords and use them for blogging.

If you have set your mind and are serious about starting a successful and functional blog that will capture leads, increase user traffic and convert visitors to customers you need to know these tips to find trending topics and keywords and use them for blogging.

Keywords are the words and phrases that Internet users type into search box of a search engine, such as Google, to find what websites that match what are looking for.

Correspondingly, ranking systems use the keywords to understand the relevancy of your content and offer your website or blog to those who search for the keywords.

They are of high importance for any business website or blog as they help to attract and drive targeted traffic and audience to your business for free.

This is why we have singled out some tips to find trending topics and keywords and use them for blogging.

Keywords are the first thing that you should know & learn about when start to optimize your blog SEO.

In case the keywording is done in the right way, it will bring crazy traffic to your blog and help you push your online sales to much higher levels.

How to start:

Start with keyword research

Keyword research is the process of researching and choosing words and phrases users will likely search for (at any given search engine) that directly relate to your business, product or services.

Keyword research it is the most constructive and fundamental to almost everything you do online. Be it searching for information on Google, publishing posts or creating paid advertising, all your actions should be based on keywords.

The next thing that makes keyword research so important is that in case you use the wrong keywords for your blog, you will attract the wrong visitors to your website, and no one will buy.

Without optimising your blog and its content with the help of presisely researched and smartly chosen keywords and phrases, your blog will hardly be suggested by Google to the internet users when searched for those keywords.

For this purpose you can use WP Keyword Suggest


With this plugin you will be able to take advantage of long tail keyword so you can learn more about your niche.
From the list of keywords suggested, you can put it directly in the title of your article or add it as a tag. It is very easy to use, from the same page to add item, it shows the widget in the left menu.

This plugin helps you generate ideas for your post.

For example, if you want to write a post about Keyword Research Tool”, these are tips that show you:

  • Keyword research tool
  • Free keyword research tools
  • Keyword research tool review
  • Google keyword research tools
  • Keyword research tool online
  • Keyword research SEO tool
  • Bing keyword research tool
  • Keyword research tools 2013
  • Keyword research tools list
  • Free online keyword research tool

You can also use WordPress Meta Keywords


As originally described this plugin will make it possible to use tags as meta keywords. Under Pages you will find a new meta box called Keywords.

By activating the plugin will registrate a separate taxonomy which is independent from post tags.
Today’s search engines don’t use meta keywords as a criteria at all, but who knows for what they will be good in future 

Tagging is necessary to bring pages in relation and gives me the possibility to save your tags redundant in the database.


  • Use post tags as meta keywords
  • Registrates own taxnomy for pages
  • No coding needed
  • Language support

For researching keywords here are some other online tools like Google Keyword Research tool and Wordtracker that can help get you started in researching keywords relevant to your business. These tools can be very useful for getting insights about how many users are searching for a given keyword and how much competition there is for the keyword online. This can also give you a realistic sense of what keywords you should be using on your website and how effective they will be in marketing your site online.

Keyword density and keyword placement

For understanding on how to explore tips to find trending topics and keywords and use them for blogging you should also take a deeper view into the question «Why are keywords important for SEO of your blog». A detailed keyword research and rightly chosen keywords are a way to your goal of capturing leads, increasing user traffic and converting visitors to customers, but only half way. Further, you need to understand and structure you content and keywords taking into consideration keyword density and following the rules of keyword placement.

Keyword density is the percentage of times a keyword or phrase appears on a web page compared to the total number of words on the page. In the context of search engine optimization , keyword density can be used to determine whether a web page is relevant to a specified keyword or keyword phrase.

Here are some more tips to find trending topics and keywords and use them for blogging.

Being trendy is a matter of being caring for your visitors, introducing them the latest and most interesting news for them.

Trendjacking, Newsjacking are some popular forms of online marketers and blogger to keep the readers interested resulting in returning visits.

Trend monitoring is important for any blogger. There may be trends within your industry that dictate product development.


If you want to keep it simple, you could go to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any hashtag using social network of your choice, and just do a search for a relevant hashtag to the topic you want to write about.

Browse what people are sharing and see if there is anything that stands out as a topic you want to write about.

Google Trends is a great tool among the tips to find trending topics and keywords and use them for blogging.

It enables you to view search interest for keywords and topics over time.

Trends provides search demand data direct from Google.

You can view this data by keyword, location, topic and country. You can then decide if interest in the topic you want to write about is increasing, decreasing or has remained stable over time.

What to Consider when Choosing a Website Theme

choosing a wordpress theme

The emergence of the internet has led to the creation of a whole new platform where social, educative, and commercial interactions can take place between people all over the world. This development has meant that a large number of people and organizations have directed their activities onto this virtual platform, leading to the creation of independent and entrepreneurial websites that support this flow of information.

One of the essential parts of any website involves the particular theme engaged regarding the appearance and functionality of the platform. A website theme can be described as an outward design that affects the front-end of an individual’s site, allowing them to invoke a particular style onto outlook of the pages involved.
Some crucial elements that should be considered when one is trying to decide between the particular themes available to them include:

The Type of Website Involved :
The kind of site an individual is running will influence the potential image the owner will hope to portray via the particular theme they choose. A shared hosting site, for example, would want to depict an image of technological prowess and thus opt for a design that integrates a lot of electric characteristics into the general look. A website dealing with children’s material, on the other hand, would most likely opt for a more colorful scheme, filled with pictures that will get visitors excited about perusing through the content available on their website.

The Target Market :
The particular target market a website hopes to attract will also play a role in the kind of theme chosen by the platform, as whatever alternative that is selected should be designed to meet the needs of the specific group involved. Pages containing information intended for the older generation will need to apply a theme containing large font sizes to ensure that the intended visitors can smoothly go through the details without straining their eyes. Such a website would also need to maintain a simple theme that allows for easy navigation between pages, as most members of this generation do not have a full grasp of the workings of the internet.

Longevity of the Design :
The particular website theme chosen should portray a level of durability regarding its relevance in the current and future market when considering in-vogue options. Some designs may not look as good as they initially did after a few years due to newer versions infiltrating the market and turning existing trends obsolete. In most cases, simpler layouts that do not have too much clutter on the surface can usually last for longer periods of time as compared to louder alternatives whose features may not be applicable in a few years.

Longevity of the Design :
The particular website theme chosen should portray a level of durability regarding its relevance in the current and future market when considering in-vogue options. Some designs may not look as good as they initially did after a few years due to newer versions infiltrating the market and turning existing trends obsolete. In most cases, simpler layouts that do not have too much clutter on the surface can usually last for longer periods of time as compared to louder alternatives whose features may not be applicable in a few years.

Themes are necessarily cheap either if you are looking for one that will last. Invest in your digital appearance with the right theme that will last and don’t cheap out to save money as you will spend more in the long run. If you’re a start up and just trying to get off your feet, considering getting a small personal loan to tackle all of your upstart costs and to build credit. If you’re not sure where to start, read up on Crediful’s Best Personal Loans for Good Credit (Our Top 10 Picks for 2019) to see what’s available.

The practicality of a Theme :
The feasibility of a design also plays a significant role in the kind of web traffic that can be enjoyed from a particular theme as a result of repetitive visitors. This deals with how smoothly a user can find their way around a site, as well as the simplicity involved with carrying out a number of activities. The options regarding such characteristics should be grasped at first glance by anyone visiting the website, with issues like complicated navigation systems potentially serving to dissuade people from coming back.

How to Grow Your Small Business Website (with Limited Budget)

Grow Your Small Business Website

It may seem hard to believe, but even in this day and age, there is a full 29% of all small businesses which have yet to establish an online presence and promote their businesses digitally. Of these 29%, one quarter of them responded in a survey that they didn’t have the technical skills to create a website, and almost another full quarter of these businessmen said they lacked the resources to invest in the creation of a business website.

From this, it can be assumed that a great many small business owners are simply uninformed about the ease and relatively low cost of developing a modern website to promote their business. In fact, at least 51% of all small businesses have an employee in-house who maintains the company website, and another 38% make use of a do-it-yourself website builder to construct their sites.

The point of all this is, that building a website to promote your business is easier today than it has ever been, and the cost should not be any consideration at all. When you compare the minimal investment in a business website to the amount of revenue it generates, it should be clear that you really can’t afford not to develop a website. Here’s how you can make best use of your business website to grow your business and to increase revenues.

Make Good Use of Blogging :
Make Good- Blog

Blogging can be one of the most effective ways of building your online presence, because it can position you as an authority in your field. When you provide your user community with relevant and useful information in your blogs, that has the potential of being shared with many other users, to generate increased awareness of your brand.

You can also use your blogs for the purpose of providing tutorials or how-to articles to your followers, which is very useful information from them, and will keep them coming back to your site for more. As other individuals become aware of these useful blogs you’re producing, they can link to your best blogs to help others find the same information. Once this process begins to build, your online presence can be increased, because more and more users will become aware of your blogs.

Importance of Your Website Host :
Assuming you have a hosted website, your host can be one of the most important aspects involved in growing your business. One of the biggest factors resulting in growth for small businesses today is upgrading their websites, so as to be mobile-friendly and highly functional. Since the majority of online searches are now conducted from mobile devices, you simply can’t have a website which is not optimized for mobile usage.

If your site should be displayed poorly on users’ smartphones because it’s not optimized for mobile, they will quickly abandon your website and go to one which is displayed better on their phones. If your website host can’t provide fast-loading pages, this is another thing which will have users abandoning your site in favor of your competitors. Worst of all, if your website host is subject to relatively frequent outages, causing downtime on your website, it won’t be long before all your potential customers are looking elsewhere for their products and services.

Website Host

This doesn’t mean you have to invest in the most expensive site host on the Internet – in fact, there are a lot of very good and very inexpensive web hosts out there, which can be relied upon to provide great service. If you can’t find what you need to know through other research, try to find online reviews of these hosts, so you can make a more informed selection.

Build Your Online Presence through the Social Media :
It’s definitely not enough in today’s business world to simply have an online presence – you’ll need to have a strong social media presence as well, such as with Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Fortunately, there are an ever-increasing number of social media platforms to choose from, and you should choose those platforms where most of your target audience routinely visits. It makes no sense to invest in social media activity if your target audience is not present in any significant numbers on a given site.

If your potential customers frequently inhabit multiple social media platforms, you should establish a presence on each of those platforms. You should also include those social media outlets on the online site that you developed for your business. This will generate increased awareness for your brand, and it will establish a link between your company and any social media posts you make. You can choose to simply post icons onto your website which direct users to your social media platforms, or you can actually include an up-to-the-minute feed on your website which has all your social media posts.

Have Strong Calls to Action :
Another great way of growing your business through your online site is to provide strong calls to action on your website. When you have website visitor sign up for your company newsletter or to book an appointment with you, you should be obtaining email addresses which represent leads and prospects. As you begin acquiring more and more of these email addresses, your pool of prospects will continue to grow, and at least some of these should be converted into actual sales.

This makes it very important that you provide some kind of instruction to users about what you want them to do after they’ve read the material on your website. If you want your users to contact you immediately with any questions they may have, or to request a free quote on something, tell them so. Whatever it is you want users to do, it must be clearly stated on your Contact page, so that you can begin collecting information about potential customers.

Tell Users about Yourself :
This might seem like a no-brainer, but it still needs to be said. To really help establish your presence online and to grow your business, you should have a concise summary of what your business is all about, which readers can consult. Make sure the summary provides information on any products or services that you offer, and why your products are superior to competitors. Try to provide a human element in this description, because people relate much better to other people than they do to companies. If you have this information on your About Page, this is a good place for you to humanize your company, to make it more appealing to potential customers.

8 Guest blogging WordPress plugins that one must use for their site

Guest Blogging WordPress

Inviting various guest authors to come and write on your blog is definitely a benefit for both the author as well as the admin. The admin gets a high quality post and the author gets more visibility on new turf. There are several WordPress plugins that can help you make posts earlier on the blog. They will also allow the guest blogging process to be easier and more streamlined. In this post, we have discussed some of the best guest blogging word press plugins where you will need something that can help you manage guest posts and web site monetization
Take a look!

1.Sabre Plugin:
Sabre Plugin is ideal for those who are tired of seeing too many spam registrations on their blogs and want something better. The plugin allows them to solve this problem to a much greater extent. In simple words, it is a simple anti bot registration engine. There are several benefits of using sabre plugin. It saves your blog from people who use automatic programs or software’s etc for various registrations and submissions. Sabre Plugin comes with interesting features such as allowing you to add complex or even simple captcha for any math test.

2.Peter’s Post:
Peter’s Post works when associated with Peter’s Collaboration E-mails plugin. Along with this plugin, you may also add notes at editing pages, notes that you have made for yourself. Peter’s Post is helpful when it comes to various circumstances. In case you are reviewing a guest post and find something missing there, you can easily add the note against the guest post. These notes will be sent to you along within the collaboration itself with the emails itself. It is actually that simple!

3.WordPress Guest Post Plugin:
Guest Post Plugin

WordPress Guest Post Plugin also offers several advantages. Here, you can edit, publish guest posts on the blog with the help of a form that is hosted on the WordPress blog where the bloggers will not be able to create any sort of account on the blog. The customized notifications regarding post submissions and the approval can help send onsite through Email about the guest blogging plugin. Some of the interesting features include:
Easily obtaining guest posts without any user registration.
Blog users may add the posts along with a form that is hosted on the blog page.
Effortlessly edit all post submissions as well as manage them.
Customizable notifications of post submissions through email as well as website.

4.Capacity Manager Plugin:
Capability Manager

Capacity Manager Plugin has a completely different level as compared to others. Here, users have the liberty to create, manage responsibilities and roles on their blog. However, a few of them give you the image uploading facility to the contributing facility whereas the others don’t. Therefore, the roles have been customized so that the contributors find it easier to manage. By using such a plugin, you can also use capabilities for various subscribers, authors, administrators as well as editors.

5.User Submitted Posts:
User Submitted Posts

User submitted posts can be used for guest blogging plugin which allows you to manage all the submissions sent by guests. One of the biggest advantages that comes with this is at guests can easily submit images, posts and multimedia stuff from the front end of the website. A few interesting features of the plugin include:
Giving guests the permissions to submit all posts from anywhere on the website.
Allowing guest post submissions will also allow tags, category, author, images, posts as well as url.
Redirecting the user to go anywhere they want, return to the page once the post has been submitted.
Adding a few template tags for displaying user submitted posts as well as customization.


LeadIn happens to be a clever plugin that can be used for gathering info about visitors entering the website. While you already have some visitors tracking the set up, LeadIn will give you a very detailed view. It also tracks down all the records and visitors. This may include the pages that you have visited on your website and the opt in forms that have been

7.Mail Chimp:

MailChimp is used mostly on WordPress. This one will integrate with your mails in the background with the help of the API key that can allow you to generate inside the Mail Chimp account. Here, you will never have to worry about the source of the code. The plugin will also take care of all the technical stuff which will make it possible for you to handle all the marketing difficulties and forget all issues related to coding. The free version will allow you to generate forms. With the help of a PRO version, it will help you build forums as per your wish and place them on various landing pages.


SumoMe is a latest creation. You can integrate it with the help of a plugin. SumoMe happens to be a complete platform which consists of various platforms and modules that have been designed to help various visitors convert leads and understand how they can interact with their website along the way. This tool is actually quite effective in case you are searching for something that you want to use to increase interaction with the various visitors to enter your website for better guest posts. A few great modules also include heat maps, smart bar, list builder and content analytics.

So that concludes the best wordpress plugins that you will find useful when it comes to guest blogging. Whether you want to accept guest psost or are thinking of having them on the blogs, do consider them by reading all the features that have been enlisted above. We hope that you will like them. Also, don’t forget that most of them are free and that you will never have to pay for them. If you have enjoyed reading our article, do give us a quick thumbs up and in case there are questions, drop them down below.

Blogging has become one of the most popular forms of online activity. It is not just about sharing information but has also has become a popular way of how business is promoted. Bloggers all over the world create content which is meaningful and wish to share it with the right audience. Even the online visitors respond to the blogs in the most appropriate fashion. There are various different types of blogs which one sees online like Fashion, technology, travel, Food etc. The idea of these blogs is to get the specialized information across.

Bloggers make all the effort to keep their blog content unique yet creating popularity is not an easy task. Thus the use of Guest blogging WordPress plugins has become popular. This means that you add special features to the blog so that it is accepted by the readers.

The use of the Guest blogging WordPress plugins is very common yet there are many bloggers who would not realize the importance these plugins provide them. The plugins come with many specialized benefits and each of them is quite unique. Still, there are many common benefits which the use of any form of plug-in provides.

Live chat: Even though bloggers in most cases will not be able to handle live chats on their own as they do not have a team to work with them but the plug-in still provides a good opportunity to create a communication channel with the followers. The chat options allow the visitor to actually feel connected which a must for any form of websites these days and the blogs are no different.

Social Media share buttons: The popularity of the blogs increases with the options of social media shares. Thus the plug-ins which make the sharing possible are highly appreciated. Social media is now an integral part of marketing and blogs also require them. They have the capacity of attracting a huge crowd to the platform. The sharing of the content or links make it reaches the audience which was otherwise not possible.

Security benefits: One thing which is important yet not a priority for the bloggers is the security of the platform. The plug-ins provide a high level of security to the data by using sophisticated technology. When the bloggers talk about other important features they conveniently skip this one which should not be the case.

SEO benefits: When you are using WordPress you know for a fact that there are a wide variety of plug-ins which provides benefits. This is the most vital marketing tool that should be used for blogs and websites alike. Without them, your online platform will not be noticeable on the search engine and it is common knowledge that the popularity can only be achieved of the SEO on the platform is maintained properly.

Blogging becomes effective and fun when the right plug-in is used. It is true that there is no dearth of options for the users and they must pick the plug-ins which go well with the requirement. If the bloggers want to ensure that they should own a popular blog then they will have to find the most popular and suitable plug-ins for the process.

How to Fix the Syntax Error in WordPress website

A syntax error is something that could ruin your website forever. It is also one of the most common errors website owners face from time to time. This occurs mostly when you try out new things on your website following some tutorials that work differently for different themes. Some of the common syntax error read like “Use of undefined constant”, “Unexpected error occurred” and likewise.

It could become a nightmare for website owners who are not well versed with coding, and it could ruin the user experience. To fix the syntax error in WordPress, you have to correct the code you added to get extra features. But first, you have to understand the errors correctly to reach their root and rectify them.

What Are Parse Errors?
If you are wondering why we are talking about parse errors and not syntax errors, you have to know that syntax error is a part of the parse error. Parsing is the process of conversion of lines of codes to the actual output that your users are going to see. It is basically the process of codes that you have written.

An error occurs when there is an obstruction in the parsing process. An error could be due to database connection failure, corruption of file, lack of compatibility, file permission not set right, lack of memory issue, a mistake in coding or structural error.

There are basically three types of parsing error people comes across –
Undefined Constant Error – When you make a wrong reference to a variable in your code, it occurs. There are various other scenarios, and you have to know coding to debug it.

“Notice: Use of undefined constant string – assumed ‘constant string‘ in path/to/php-file.php on line number“
Unexpected Error – This occurs when you miss out a bracket or spelling mistakes in using keywords. You have to observe your code minutely to spot it.

“Parse error: unexpected character in path/to/php-file.php on line number“
Syntax Error – This occurs when you leave out semi colon, quotation or do something in the wrong way than prescribed.
“Parse error: syntax error, unexpected character in path/to/php-file.php on line number“
The reasons of these errors are just one example. There could be multiple scenarios when these errors can occur. Most of these errors occur due to self-made mistakes.

Steps To Fix The Syntax Error In WordPress –
As terrifying as these parse errors seem to be at the very first glance, the solution to these errors lies in close inspection. First, you have to locate the code where the error has occurred. You will be able to guess it from the error you get. For example, you will get error like

“Parse error: syntax error, unexpected character in path/to/php-file.php on line number“

Hence, you will know which file to look at to debug the error. Then you have to check the code you just added recently and find the error. Sometimes, to be sure, you can remove the code and see if the error occurs again in which case, it means the error is occurring from someplace else.

When The Exact Source Of Error Is Not Known?
The worst scenario could be the fact that you do not get any idea where the error is originating. Furthermore, your entire website has become inaccessible. In such a scenario, you can either restore the backup you have before making new changes or in extreme cases, you have to reinstall the theme and start off again.

Sometimes, it is the error code that will help you identify the nature of error so that you can get the idea from where it can originate from and what type of mistakes you have to look for to debug it.

Avoiding These Common Errors –
Prevention is always better than cure. You should always look for avoiding the errors in the first place, then you do not have to fix the syntax error in WordPress. There are certain tools that check for syntax errors before you can execute them and get an error.

They are called validators, and they have the power to indicate the usual syntax errors easily. There are certain errors that won’t be indicated by them because they are run time error. But still, there are highly useful. Some of the popular free validators that you can put into practice are PHP Code Checker, PHP Code Syntax Check and W3 Markup Validation Service.

Common Syntax Errors –
To fix the syntax error in WordPress, you have to be aware of the common syntax errors that might occur so that you can check them out first before deep inspection or ever hiring a web developer or debugger.
The basic error most people make is by inserting the new code in the middle on a function and not at the end of the file.

Most of the time inserting your new code that you have found on the internet at the end of the specified file will do the job unless it is specifically said that you have to insert it in a function.
When inserting within a function or loop, you have to make sure that the opening and closing braces are properly done. There is another common syntax error many people make. Check it out.

//Tons of mumble jumble PHP code that already exists in your PHP file is here
 //User would copy and paste the snippet they found on the web like this:

add_filter( 'login_headerurl', 'custom_loginlogo_url' );
function custom_loginlogo_url($url) {
return '';

You cannot open one <?php tag within another <?php tag. This would lead to an error. Instead, you can do like this.

//Tons of mumble jumble PHP code that already exists in your PHP file is here
 //See how we properly closed the first open PHP tag

//Now we can open the PHP tag.

Sometimes, people forget to use <?php tag as well and place a piece of code out of it without starting a new one. Similarly, you cannot put a function inside another function. Syntax errors occur due to our negligence, and it is not a big deal to debug them. Spot the file, the area where the error is generating and observe minutely for mistakes.


It is true that when the clients see a syntax error their feel a sinking feeling in the heart. When you know that you have taken every effort to do everything in proper fashion then it is very discouraging to see such an error on the page. If you get an error yet the message is not clearly displayed then it may be because of WordPress error reporting is turned off. It is always advised that WordPress error bug is turned on at all times. These errors are shown when the PHP syntax rules are not followed properly. The beginners often get really worked up and if you happen to be in that category then here is an easy guide on how to Fix Syntax Error in WordPress for you to follow the next time such message shows up on your system.

What to do when the syntax error crops up?

The users can Fix Syntax Error in WordPress by following some easy steps. In this article, every step is taken to make it simple for them and hence a 2 step process is designed for fixing the error.

  • Find the code line which is the reason for the error.
  • Change the code while you are connected to the server.

The very first step is to find the page or the line where the error exists. This is recognizing the source of the problem. You will have to clearly find out which the file responsible for the issue is to start with and then progress to the line and the code in the file to reach the core of the problem. This sounds a little complicated right well it is in certain cases.

As a rule of thumb, the most common way to start this process is to find the recent plug-ins or themes which are added to the website. It is common sense that if the syntax error started appearing after this step was taken then you do not have to look any further.

If this is not the case with you then when you open the page the error message will show you the path which is the reason for the error. It not just shows you the file or the line but actually takes you to line where the code lies which is the reason for the error.

Fixing the error

Now when you have seen the error then you have to start editing the file so that WordPress website functions properly. The options which are available to you are either to remove the faulty code altogether or make changes to the best of your knowledge and create a code that will work properly. In most cases removing the code altogether is not the best advice given as when it is done the current problem might get fixed but it is very likely that something else will come up.

It will be very common that one will see syntax error while working on the websites and thus beginners cannot get worked up due to that. There are simple steps which will help them clear the whole issue.

How to Secure your WordPress website with SSL

In this article, we will show you how to secure your WordPress website with SSL.

In today’s world, the security of the website is the first priority.

There are so many cyber-attacks cases registered, and so many popular websites are getting hacked every day.

It has become mandatory to take into consideration all the possible security measures to safeguard your website from the mischievous cyber attackers and hackers.

The first step you should take is to buy SSL certificate and install on your WordPress website.

Secondly, you should move your website urls from HTTP to HTTPS.

What Are HTTPS and SSL And How Do They Secure A Website?

Before moving to the detailed steps, you should know what SSL and HTTPS are all about and how they keep your website secure. HTTPS is an encryption method that lets the users access your website over a secure connection. If you have a website that collects personal data from users or if it is an e-commerce site, you would be having a form where the users have to enter card details. If the connection is not encrypted and secured, the data can get hacked and leaked by illegal access. Therefore, HTTPS is mandatory to prevent hackers from eavesdropping.

Coming to SSL certificate is a unique for every site. It helps the web browsers to identify whether the connection is secure and whether the site has been hacked and contains malware or not. If there is any concern, your web browser will show your appropriate messages like ‘Your connection is not private’, ‘the website is not secure’ and likewise.

SSL certificate has become mandatory for every e-commerce site where a payment gateway is involved. Furthermore, Google has announced that HTTPS and SSL will boost the ranking of the website on search result pages. Now, we will tell you how to secure your WordPress website with SSL.

Requirements To Secure Your WordPress Website With SSL

Before anything, you have to buy an SSL certificate from the web host from whom you have bought the web hosting plan. Some of the web hosting plans may have free SSL certificate like Siteground, and in such cases, there is no need of buying it explicitly. Some web hosts offer SSL certificate for a year after which you have to renew. After buying it, you can ask your web host to install it on your web server space for security.

Steps To Secure Your WordPress Website With SSL

Step 1. Change Your Website URL

If you are going to use HTTPS, you have to change your existing site URL from HTTP to HTTPS. For that, go to Admin Dashboard. On the left menu, find Settings and go to General. In the right screen, you will see the options WordPress Address and Site Address. Change them from HTTP to HTTPS.

Step 2. Redirecting from HTTP to HTTPS

If you have purchased SSL certificate and adding it to your WordPress website, you need to redirect WordPress from HTTP to HTTPS. For that, you have to paste the following lines of code in the .htaccess file in the root directory. You can get access to the file by connecting to your web server via FTP. Remember to change ‘yoursite’ URL with your website URL.

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} 80
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R,L]

In case you are using Nginx server, you have to use the following lines of code instead of the above. Remember to replace ‘yoursite’ URL. 
server {
listen 80;
return 301$request_uri;

This is a step most of the website owners do not do and complain about getting HTTPS not working error.

Step 3. SSL Installation for WordPress Multisite

If you are running a network of sites from single WordPress installation, using the above method may not help you get SSL available for all the domains and sub-domains. In such cases, you have to edit wp-config.php file and paste the following line.

define('FORCE_SSL_ADMIN', true);

This trick can also be applied to single sites as well in case SSL does not appear or all pages.

Step 4. SSL Installation For Special Pages

Some people are of the opinion that HTTPS and SSL slow down the webpages’ load speed and therefore, they apply HTTPS and SSL in specific pages where it is mandatory. For that, you have to install the plugin named WordPress HTTPS(SSL). So, install and activate the plugin from Dashboaord>Plugins> Add New> Search.

WordPress HTTPS (SSL)

wordpress https


Once the activation is done, the plugin will add a new menu option named HTTPS in your WordPress Dashboard’s left menu. Go to that and click on Settings. The first option should have your domain name else you can mention it explicitly. If you are using a shared SSL certificate that you got from your web host, the domain name will be different which is always the root domain name that has the SSL certificate installed.

The second option is Forced SSL Administration which must be ticked so that all the admin connections are fully secured. The third option is the most important which let you use SSL option on pages you want and the rest of the website will be accessible in normal HTTP mode. It could be the login page, shopping cart checkout page and likewise. Check this option here and Save Changes.

Then you have to go and edit those specific pages where you want SSL activation. On the left side, you will see HTTPS box with options Secure post and Secure child posts. Tick mark the first option and Save changes. Now, if you visit the page on your web server, you will see HTTPS green icon on the address bar.

Just for information, the following is a complete chart to understand which websites/web pages are SSL/HTTPS and which are risky to access.

You should never enter personal information and passwords on sites that have the last red option on the address bar else there are high chances of getting hacked. Hopefully, you have understood how to secure your WordPress website with SSL, and it will help you increase your website security immensely.