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Arcade WordPress Themes for video games and gaming websites

A splendid assemblage of gaming and arcade WordPress themes is jotted down in this article for arcade games and machine businesses and other entertainment based activity providers, game developers and programmers, video games and other relevant activities online.

Although the pitch of the popularity of arcade video games is in the past, it is still widely popular among thousands of energized young people and not only across the globe. The classic arcade games collections are still in the focus of attention and frequently searched in the virtual domain.

However, with the constant shift and novelties in the digital arena, new streams of video games and other amusement tools have come to the fore with lots of dedicated groups of players of different age, profession and social or national affiliation.

In this relation, let’s take at the most convenient and revenue centric arcade WordPress themes any current marketer, commercial agent or game developer can highly benefit from when integrating arcade video games and not only into his website.

All of the arcade WordPress themes you will find below have been tested for their excellence behavior under any conditions and in case of any intervention by the website admin. Easy to access, always maintained and frequently updated, they always meet the highest standards of the global networking system.

1. Game Developer:


Game Developer can be the shortest path to success in your arcade games industry and will let you accept constant flows of new clients. As one of the premium quality arcade WordPress themes, this template feels fantastic when it comes to hosting any kind of digital material and products, including, without any exception, classic arcade and more contemporary video and machine games.

Since this industry is specific with emotional elements and venturous spirit, Game Developer has been made to disseminate these kinds of feeling through its energetic look and feel.

As for the other noteworthy advantages of this top class, yet affordable templates, they are boundless. From cross mobile and tablet compatible responsive layout to available blog layouts to boost traffic to page builders compatibility to build pages of any structure and complexity, Game Developer shares it all.

2. SKT Perfect:

perfect commercial WordPress theme


With SKT Perfect come greater opportunities and new functioning horizons for arcade game business marketers and not only. Generally speaking, SKT Perfect is universal and multi purpose template ready to adjust itself to any topic and niche. Hence, you can take this ready made template and test it on every single website you own. The results will surpass your expectations!

Each and every single customer centric business needs an exceptional template on its site to engage, impress, motivate potential clients and consumers and persuade them to use target products and services. SKT Perfect is developed with this philosophy in the authors’ mind and comes as a blend of eye catchy appearance and advanced operational framework.

If your concern is how to make your website exceptional among other relevant ones, it’s up to you to take the initiative in doing it and changing the default look and personality of the theme to match yours.

3. SKT Hosting:


If you are searching for a bit more relevant and specific to your gaming business or industry, SKT Hosting can be the best option for you to consider. Designed and crafted by the seasoned professionals of the digital world, this template will be handy not only for experienced website admins with technical background, but also for an average user without any coding experience.

Simple and easy to access, SKT Hosting comes with color customization options, customizer based performance to work from behind the scenes and instantly review the results of your work, services and other boxes and areas to enlist your services, sidebar layout variations to select and much more.

4. SKT Tube:


SKT Tube is the next modern and creative, video based and spirited template included in our list of arcade WordPress themes. This template encompasses out of the box elements, controls and management solutions meaning that you are lucky enough to achieve more with less stress, less wasted time and energy.

Your website based on SKT Tube will automatically resize and realign itself to meet any mobile or tablet screen size or resolution, thus enabling the mobile users to enjoy your site’s videos and games even while on the move.

A powerful video slider is attached to the homepage for novelties or the most popular arcade video games to amuse your first time website visitors instantly. There are also 32 variations included with the homepage video slider for you to manage.

5. Gravida:

corporate WordPress theme


Working with highly productive and visually captivating modern template has never been so easy. Gravida is the template with which failure is not an option! This high performing and modern looking template will gain lots of eyeballs on your games and gaming materials thanks to its pristine design and graphical shades, as well as pixel perfect visualization of your web content.

Acquiring this web creation tool at a budget friendly price can be the wisest decision you will ever make to market and promote your arcade video games or other entertaining services or products.

The well deployed and accurately structured content zones and parts of the theme will make it possible for your clients to quickly jump into the needed area and find whatever he is looking for.

6. SKT Black Pro:

black and dark WordPress theme


SKT Black Pro is another full fledged template to be the base of your arcade games websites or blog for entertainment.

Choosing the right skeleton to finalize as per the needs of your client base is one of the crucial points in doing well online. SKT Black Pro can be the most valuable investment you can ever make and receive a great return on it.

The awe inspiring and elegant design of the theme is bundled with tons of applicable features and elements among them 5 + page templates, more than 100 shortcodes, icons pack, standard pages integration and much more.

Barber Shop WordPress Themes for hair cuts, hair stylists, barber sites

Looking for the most elegant barber shop WordPress themes for your hair salon or local barber shop? This article will walk you through the best pre enabled templates to embrace the modern technological opportunities for your business promotion.

Keeping your salon or barber shop calendar full without any open appointment possibility is the dream of every modern hairdresser or stylist. Well, you might be famous and trusted throughout your locality and build your living with the help of unpaid form of promotion which is word of mouth.

However, if you are striving for more clients and fans, as well as boost your revenues, having a presentable website rich with eye catchy images and high quality content can be the best strategy in winning the modern hairdresser competition.

This time we have scoured the Internet for the best and the most awe inspiring barber shop WordPress themes for hairdressers and hair extension specialists, hair and makeup studios, fashion and beauty blogs and other relevant online profiles.

Choose any of the below specified templates and steer hundreds of new clients and customers your way.

With these barber shop WordPress themes you can create and customize a website that will go far beyond the client expectation and will be stunningly enjoyable to browse, navigate, book an appointment or get in touch with you.

CutsNStyle Pro:

responsive hair salon WordPress theme


CutsNStyle Pro is one of the loveliest, easy to access and customize barber shop WordPress themes both for seasoned hair specialists and startups. Instead of wandering around the given platform and start everything from scratch, with CutsNStyle Pro you will be lucky enough to handle already ready made and preloaded template ready to adjust to your amendments.

As a powerful mix and match of dozens of elements and hundreds of possible combinations, this visually inspiring and functionally cutting edge template celebrates ultimately flexible layout with responsive design.

It means that your website will not only be compatible with the existing mobile and devices, but will easily get to the point of being able to function with the boundless new screen sizes and resolutions.

The theme is also shortcodes based for the quick content setup, as well as commercial ready to sell your beauty and hairdressing products.

Beauty Cuts

hair salon WordPress theme


Black and White


Perfect Beauty Spa


Massage Center


Wedding Rituals:


Another top rated hairdresser and barbershop template for a large application is launched as Wedding Rituals. Actually, this nice looking and colorful template is resourceful enough to be transformed properly and personify the shape and image you need.

One of the primary goals of any website owner is to make sure that his website will respond to any user behavior and medium based on the screen resolution, platform, size and orientation. With Wedding Rituals you can sit back and enjoy the seamless responsiveness and browser compatibility of your site across different environments.

Additionally, this template is fully packed with font and color management options, homepage slider, as well as slider plugin support for enabling unforgettable image exposure on your site, etc.

Fashion Trends:

fashion WordPress theme


The next fully adjustable and lightweight product included in our list of the best barber shop WordPress themes is named Fashion Trends.

Winning the hairdresser website war can be less painful and less expensive with Fashion Trends since it is both pocket friendly and admin optimized with simpler work around.

Join the huge WordPress community by creating and developing the website of your dreams and manage it in 24/7 format without heavy processes or tweaking to coding.

Showcase your center, its services and accommodation, pricing, location, contact info and more so that the clients will not suffer a lot when looking for the needed content.

For this you have homepage with a beautiful slider, about us, blog, contact us, footer and header areas and other parts to split your content into reasonable pieces and deploy here and there.


personal WordPress theme


Character will be highly appreciated by private hairdressers and hair stylists who are trying to pave their path to success and better client engagement.

Easy to reach, follow, manage and update, this template can be a true source of traffic generation with its SEO optimized design, as well as SMO integration to bring new people from the overcrowded social media platforms.

Whether you run a unisex barber shop or are specialized in female or male hairdressing, Character is custom build to generate any look and feel to justify the expectations of your potential clients.

Designed both for power and elegance, this serious looking and uniquely captivating template shares everything you will ever need to maximize your online visibility and reach to the most targeted audience with smooth navigation, fast loading and mobile friendliness.


girly WordPress theme


Girlie can be best suited for female beauty centers, studios and barber shops since it is the most stylish and girly toolbox among barber shop WordPress themes at your fingertips.

By the application of Girlie, you can think outside of the box when it comes to decorating the default template and finalizing it to serve your business needs.

You’ll have tons of controls at your disposal over how your website will be colored, which typography will share, and how it will behave on different mobiles or devices.

With complete HTML5 and CSS3 coding and styling controls, Girlie offers you beautiful homepage slider for the best images, as well as additional gallery area for the bigger exhibitions of your works and happy clients.

SKT Parallax Me Pro:

parallax WordPress theme


Sophisticated and smart, visually captivating and structurally durable, SKT Parallax Me Pro is the last template in our list that is unimaginably subtle and retina ready, functionally advanced and error free in

Let’s be honest. You want results from your template. Well, the truth is that you can actually grow your salon or barber shop together with SKT Parallax Me Pro and use all the possible online channels to communicate with more clients. Among those practical channels are social media platforms, search engines, commercial environment and more thanks to the relevant qualities this template shares.

Bodybuilding WordPress Themes for gym websites & fitness trainers

The bodybuilding WordPress themes you’ll find in this article are developed and launched for sports and gym, as well as bodybuilding industry and its representatives to get more eyeballs on their activities and make people trust in the power of being healthy and fit.

What is that beast called bodybuilding?

Today, having a healthy lifestyle has become widely popular, at the same time forcing others to strive for better body shapes and muscle lines. Naturally, in order to start the process of body transformation and shaping, one need to turn to special fitness and bodybuilding programs and complex exercises, special nutrition and meals, and yet much more to come.

Fit body, fit mind. This is one of the stimuli every professional bodybuilder feels throughout the whole process of shaping his body proportionally to the maximum extent.

No pain, no gain! This is absolutely true for anyone who has ever tried to spend more than an hour in gym or fitness center. But if you ever try initiating the creation of bodybuilding or fitness website for personal or business usage, you are not going to sweat hard!

We have collected the best of the bodybuilding WordPress themes you can test and try for fitness and gym, yoga and spa, bodybuilding and weight loss, diet and nutrition websites and blogs. Visually and functionally powerful, all of them are never hesitant to provide you with an excellent working platform to unfold your creativity and create a profile worth special attention by the potential clients.

SKT Fitness Pro:


SKT Fitness Pro is one of the motivational bodybuilding WordPress themes designed for power and precision.

Whether you are a private bodybuilder and want to create an online profile to share your experience, programs and more, or a fitness center with the primary aim of finding new clients, SKT Fitness Pro is ready to satisfy all kind of needs and objectives.

Transform any new creative idea into life with this visually stunning and functionally cutting edge template while working from behind the scenes. Tons of shortcodes are available for tabs, accordions, pricing tables and more to make your web content well laid out throughout your online profile. The theme is also plugin compatible for boosted performance as well as 100 % responsive to meet the needs of mobile and tablet consumers.

Gym Master:


As a true incarnation of almighty human power, your fitness or bodybuilding website should breathe unique power and energy. Gym Master is the one to give a specifically attractive and magnetic appearance to your site to sweep your potential clients off their feet.

Gym Master is going to play a decisive role in bringing new clients and customers to your bodybuilding business since this ready made website template is unimaginably emphatic and results driven.

There is a plethora of essential features and controls at your fingertips to convert all your ideas into reality and make them a part of your profile. From colors and fonts to better functionality and plugin support, you are the one to give the template final touches.

Game Developer:


Game Developer is one of the latest dynamic and zealous bodybuilding WordPress themes you can find in our collection. Essentially, this template is multifunctional and can cater to absolutely any niche or topic since it is thoroughly customizable.

You can take it and steer to any direction you need, from digital marketing and game developing to fitness and yoga, bodybuilding or muscle gain. Modify the applied color combinations and typography, make use of more than 100 shortcodes for any kind of content generation, arm the pre loaded homepage slider with effective transformation or before/after images and receive the attention and client engagement your business actually deserves.

Perfect Fitness:


Perfect Fitness is specialized in hassle-free performance no matter what kind of website is functioning on it.

Visually productive and functionally advanced, easy in usage and smooth in navigation, Perfect Fitness is never reluctant to showcase maximum flexibility when it comes to management and modifications.

Any gym or health club, bodybuilding or yoga center can highly benefit from this cross mobile and browser compatible template that is well optimized for any kind of mobile or tablet support.

This designer made one of the bodybuilding WordPress themes exercises a classy and fabulous design across the whole framework making the virtual journey of your web visitors more enjoyable. In addition to beautiful design shades and graphical solutions, Perfect Fitness also comes with content categorization zones and areas to showcase your valuable content, trainers and coaches, contact info, etc.

BeFit Pro:

personal trainer WordPress theme


BeFit Pro is one of the cost effective solutions if you want to build and manage your bodybuilding website quickly and easily.

Convince your clients to be that you have something special to offer them when it comes to the right strategies and resources in muscle gaining and body shaping. Showcase the most efficient photos and images on the homepage slider so that they can easily grab the website viewer’s attention.

As one of the best bodybuilding WordPress themes available for now, BeFit Pro celebrates totally responsive and mobile friendly design and coded in compliance with SEO requirements. It means that you don’t need to shell out extra money to get higher rankings in search engine inquiries and meet more clients at the right place.



Every great site starts with a great theme. Whenever creating an online profile catering to bodybuilding or fitness and gym world, Zym is irreplaceable.

Boasting entirely intuitive design dotted with modern touches and solutions, Zym offers you a stunning mixture of form and function.

All in all, there are all the convenient content zones to keep your website up to date with fresh materials, blog area for daily updates, widget friendly framework for ads, banners, training, exercises and more.

Based on the modern HTML5 and CSS3 coding and styling controls, Zym proudly meets all the modern requirements of WordPress Codex, as well as the latest version of WordPress.

Green and Environment WordPress theme for eco friendly nature website

green environment WordPress theme

Salient features of Green WordPress theme

  • Responsive is absolutely essential and necessary and hence this environment WordPress theme is responsive 100% and compatible with several devices
  • Social Icons are needed for linking to various platforms and for this green WordPress theme we have 675 font based icons which can be added anywhere on the site
  • Translation ready is an necessity because everyone does not speak English and hence people want their website to be easily converted into any other language which is facilitated using PO file included with this theme
  • Font typography choices are unlimited with this green WordPress theme as the
  • Solid Framework as it is based on the core WordPress framework and evolves with each upgrade of WordPress
  • Live edits are possible as the green WordPress theme is Customizer based
  • Page builder compatible environment WordPress theme which make it easier for any layout building and even novice users with no experience in WordPress or HTML can use it easily without any problems
  • Multilingual plugins are compatible and all sorts of multilingual plugins have been tested with this green WordPress theme
  • SEO friendly coding has been done and hence SEO wise this template is quite strong
  • Shortcodes in built which are more than 100+ in number as well as other shortcode plugins are also compatible which give the green and environment WordPress theme an edge over others
  • Page templates and blog templates of several types have been added k
  • Header, footer variations are given so that any type of look can be achieved easily using this template meant for green and environment websites
  • Widgets mean that sidebar, header and footer default contents can be easily changed at will and any type of widget be it ad widget or other kinds of social feeds can be added easily
  • Mega Menu facility has been given if a large kind of environment website or green website is being created for nature
  • CSS3 animations and HTML5 gradients can be easily added as the template is based on latest modern design trends including retina ready and HD ready
  • Huge list of Plugins compatible and hence many different types of functionality can be added easily by just adding the plugin which work out of the box
  • Homepage look and feel can be easily modified and the look and feel gives an idea about a conservationist or environment and nature preservation website
  • Color changing with the help of color pickers and hence each and every element can be easily modified using color pickers in this environment WordPress theme
  • Call to action has been included with the footer showcasing location, social icons as well as other important information on how to contact the organization
  • Contact forms using plugins like contact form 7 and gravity forms and ninja forms can be easily added as the template is very well compatible with these plugins
  • Green and Environment WordPress theme has been created in order to facilitate the working of websites for environmentalists, nature conservation and other types of eco friendly websites where the cause if nature or natural products.

    Since the template is designed for nature or green or environment kind of a website it is obvious that these type of natural websites need to showcase green and white a lot.

    The slider on the top facilitates this feature and has around 15 slide options with text and text color on it is also manageable. It is easy to manage its pause time as well as slider animation controls are also given.

    For example you need a video slider all you need to do is change the slider shortcode and the default slider does not load but the shortcode of the slider plugin loads up.

    Also the icon based services section is what follows next for this green and environment WordPress theme.

    Join our events section is a decent section using both image and text and nice call to action buttons.

    Icons use has been great in this template with the mission area looking really nice.

    Testimonials and other sections have been posted with the footer having good variation options and widget friendly as well.

    Header is also widget friendly and has the option of 4 variations along with mega menu also possible.

    Inner page templates, contact us form default and other 100 shortcodes are available apart from that donation plugins are compatible with this green and environment WordPress theme.

    Why consider this Environment WordPress theme

  • Look and feel is of utmost importance and this environment WordPress theme gives the great look and feel of an environment and nature conservation website
  • Easy update is possible due to so much of documentation and manual that has been provided along with this environment WordPress theme
  • Plugins compatible are huge and hence functionality like WooCommerce,
  • Page builder plugins are compatible and hence anything can be added with the help of those plugins which act like template and page builder so advanced functionality is also possible
  • Part of a bundle which has other templates as well and hence it is easier for people to have a lot of choices when selecting this green WordPress theme
  • Fonts and colors can be easily managed with Google fonts loading around 800+ fonts which are more than enough with cyrillic and latin sub sets also provided so that any language can be written similarly color changing template means that each and every element can be changed in color
  • SEO friendly coding has been done and coding as per codex WordPress standards means that the theme is secured in terms of coding
  • Adaptable with all kinds of devices and tested with theme for cross browser friendliness and responsiveness and Google mobile friendliness as well
  • Enough Icons have been provided which are all font based so that size and color are never a problem and one can use these icons to showcase nature conservation and other types of icons to have a nice iconic website with content and icons looking real good
  • Advanced controls have been provided in form of header and footer variations, widgets as well as page building and shortcode functions
  • Investment Manager WordPress Theme for investment portfolio sites

    If you are looking for a serious looking and highly beneficial investment manager WordPress theme to run on your investment manager, banker or advisor, management, bank, fund, company or personal website, our article is for you. Other financial and legal businesses can also highly benefit from the templates collection showcased below and will be able to create their business profiles with a simpler work around.

    The investment activities of all economic entities play a key role not only in the processes of capital formation and the circulation of the financial means. The role of investment can hardly be overemphasized, since thanks to the active investment of finances it is possible to avoid protracted crises and make the modern economy more dynamic.

    With this important role of the investment and the redirection of finances towards revenue generation, investment management with diverse experts, advisors and specialists come into play with a clear cut focus on yielding profit for an investor or depositor.

    In this article we have collected the best investment manager WordPress themes for such financial and investment management activities, legal and investment advisors and managers, portfolio management and recordkeeping specialists and other duly authorized people working in this field.

    Each investment manager WordPress theme showcased here that you will give preference to is custom built to prove you how powerful the modern digital platform is and how many benefits it has to offer for your investment business. With any of those top quality and fully customizable templates you will be able to steer your business website to any direction you want, from personal to corporate, from small to medium sized and large scale, etc.

    1. SKT Perfect:
    perfect commercial WordPress theme


    Serious looking and compact, well deployed and accurately laid out, SKT Perfect will enable you to create a fantastic website matching all the requirements of the strict business world. If you fail to craft an exclusively good and convenient website for your website guests, chances are low that you will persuade them in the excellence of your vocational skills or work experience in the investment field.

    With SKT Perfect as a truly dependable investment manager WordPress theme it will be easier to start the establishment of your website and arm it with all the important textual and visual images, service pack and contact information. Moreover, with shortcodes and fonts, color and image management possibilities, you can quickly jump into the world of boundless possibilities and engage more and more clients coming from social media platforms, as well as from search engine inquiries.

    2. SKT Banking:
    banking WordPress theme


    SKT Banking is another visually clean and functionally rich financial and investment manager WordPress theme that operates as good as it looks like.

    With HD and retina ready layout for large scale image distribution across a myriad of modern platforms and gadgets, devices and browsers, SKT Banking has been tested for its impeccable functionality with all of them. Additionally, it comes with preloaded shortcodes, page and post controls, blog section for boosted traffic to your profile and typography management options, homepage slider for the most presentable images and photos and yet much more to come with this website tool.

    E commerce ready platform is another noteworthy character of the theme making it stunningly easy for you to exercise commercial activities and sales online with WooCommerce or other commercial plugins support.

    3. Flat Pro:
    flat WordPress theme


    Coordinated and accurate, visually clean and attractive, Flat Pro is another stylish and modernly designed investment manager WordPress theme suitable for any corporate and financial business, investment management or advisory activities online.

    The modern and inspiring flat design style has been chosen by the authors of Flat Pro to decorate your future website. Clarity and minimalism as the indispensable parts of the flat design coding guarantee the brevity of the expressive means and clarity of the composition of your website. It means that you won’t have any problem in keeping your web user’s attention on whatever is needed, be it an exclusive offer, new investment project or just common management services in the investment spectrum.

    4. Condimentum:
    multipurpose WordPress theme


    Communicate effectively and establish mutually beneficial relationships with your clients by means of Condimentum. This template unities all the primary controls and compulsory theme ingredients to make your online presence pocket friendly yet highly productive.

    The theme is widely multifunctional and as such can be successfully practiced for accountants and CPA firms, banks and credit organizations, loan and investment officers and other banking and financial, investment and accounting based specialists.

    It generates well projected layout based on HTML5 and CSS3 and celebrates readily responsiveness to welcome all your desktop and mobile users. Shortcodes and fonts packs, color and image controls, footer and header area which are widget friendly together with sidebar section are given within the theme.

    accounting WordPress theme


    Another highly recommended investment manager WordPress theme with a certain accent on the flexibility and resourcefulness, responsiveness and cross mobile compatibility is called Exceptiona.

    This simple and easy to control website building solution grants you with about us and services sections to showcase your business profile and a diversity of investment services, including portfolio, liquidity event, lifestyle considerations, multigenerational issues related ones and not only.

    Tailored to satisfy the needs of your website guests and first time visitors, this template is also smoothly navigable from top to end, as well as quick in performance and loading.

    6. Perfect Business:
    perfect business WordPress theme


    As you can fairly judge by the theme’s name, Perfect Business is a truly perfect solution when it comes to demonstrating any kind of business undertaking or initiative online. As for the investment spectrum and its representatives, they can select this template that embraces stability, uniqueness and authenticity and create a website filling the trust gap between their business and clients.

    Backed by the modern and durable HTML5 coding with CSS3 animation touches, Perfect Business comprises essential theme options like color changes and typography controls, homepage slider possibilities with manageable slides, responsive coding for keeping your site’s wonderful appearance and legibility under any conditions and more.

    Cycling Club WordPress Themes for cycling club websites

    A roundup of the best cycling club WordPress themes is showcased in this article for cycling clubs and cycling blogs, sports and cricket centers, as well as bicycle and athletes relates topics and niches.

    It’s amazing how digital platform has changed the way people perceive the reality, communicate with each other, get impulses and motivation to perform this or that action, change the lifestyle and more.

    As for the sports and leisure activities, they are more than well displayed in the worldwide web with all their manifestations, branches and performances, from sports and cycling clubs to tours and tournaments, from private coaches and trainers to sports enthusiasts and fan blogs.

    Hence, with this biggest chance for the sports based industry to promote itself, in this article we have put together the best cycling club WordPress themes for sports clubs, cycling and bike racing activities, tours and competitions, as well as any other sports and athletes, instructor and fitness related activities online.

    Each of the cycling club WordPress themes marked here is a powerful unity of form and function bringing thousands of customization and management controls for every website admin. Set up an eye catchy website that will work stunningly across different platforms and make sure your website viewers are more than satisfied.

    Whether you are going to fill your site with fresh sports news and updates during any sports event, or run a separate blog dedicated to this or that professional athlete, those cycling club WordPress themes will be ideal for your needs.

    1. Perfect Golf Club:
    golf club WordPress theme


    Perfect Golf Club is one of the intelligent and smart golf and cycling club WordPress themes which strategy is focused towards the comfort of the end user. It means that this website building tool is absolutely fantastic in usage and application for both sides, for the website admin on the one hand, and the website guests on the other.

    With one click installation and activation, with admin friendly area, packs of shortcodes, Google based fonts and icons, Perfect Golf Club comes equipped with all the primary elements and characters for you to make your site above competition.

    The theme is also readily responsive with great adjustment capabilities to perform amazingly when accessed by mobile and device users who are following your daily updates and sports news.

    2. Adventure:
    adventure WordPress theme


    What makes Adventure so lovely and inspiring is its unique structure with awe inspiring visualization and visual touches. Ready to present any kind of adventurous or adventure related content, this theme is suitable for sports and leisure activities, tours and competitions, private and group trainings, cycling and boxing clubs, etc.

    Use all the advantages of this template to make your sports profile energetic and stable across devices and mobiles, tablets and laptops. Exercise the preloaded shortcodes to add animation boxes and more, extend its functionality with a wide range of compatible plugins.

    Events Calendar plugin has been tested with Adventure for more organized look and feel of your website while keeping the track of all the important sports events and cycling competitions, venues and organizers, etc.

    3. Soccer:
    soccer WordPress theme


    Soccer is one of the freshest and powerfully developed sports and cycling club WordPress themes ready to host any kind of sports activity, training, club or center, tournament or competition website or blog.

    This inherently elastic and dynamically worked out template shares the most responsive layout with mobile compatibility, plugin support for commercial and translation purposes, color and font management options, site and sidebar layout controls and much more.

    Homepage prebuilt sections together with nice looking slider, blog layout for keeping your fans and followers hungry for your updates and interviews, standard pages like 404, archives and more are also given within this top rated template.

    Before purchasing the theme you are welcome to enjoy its demo version to make a thorough understanding of what this template has to offer you.

    4. Strong Pro:
    crossfit WordPress theme


    If you are looking for a professional level quality sports and fitness related template that can be controlled by a non techy user, look no other way than Strong Pro.

    Ready to pedal you into the dynamic world of sports or cycling, fitness or gym, Strong Pro celebrates ready made framework with responsive and cross mobile compatible coding, as well as customization ready layout with a handy toolbox from the back of the theme.

    From bike rental services to the sale of relevant accessories, specialized saddles, brakes and cables, clothing and jackets, from sports forums giving information about ongoing competitions and tournaments to personal blogs of famous sportsmen, teams and sports events, Strong Pro can effortlessly showcase any kind of website to your potential clients, customers, buyers and followers.

    5. Complete Pro:
    complete WordPress theme


    A minutely worked out and designer made, Complete Pro is a stunningly sophisticated and comprehensive solution ready to tailor to absolutely any kind of digital needs or host a website of any nature, caliber or denomination.

    As such, Complete Pro is a valuable candidate when it comes to setting up sports or cycling websites for demonstrating top quality images and photos of the sports world or providing the audience with frequent updates, news, interviews, highlights of various games, leagues, competitions and more.

    You can freely make use of the prebuilt homepage sections and additional pages, like home, about us, blog, contact us, header and footer areas for additional details and links to posts, social media and more.

    6. Fitt:
    weight loss WordPress theme


    Fitt is the next recommendation for sports and health club, cycling or biking club, fitness and gym center, weight loss or muscle gain activities, etc.

    Ready to wear multiple outfits, undergo different changes and customizations for the required look and feel, Fitt comes bundled with elegant and light appearance, as well as heavy workload or coding controls for the website admin reduced to the absolute zero.

    More than 100 shortcodes are there for you to apply, blog section for keeping your website alive, blog and page templates to choose from, sidebar layout controls, as well as full integration of Google fonts, icons, color controls and plugin compatibility.

    Developer WordPress Themes for developer friendly websites

    This time let’s delve into the world of the best developer WordPress themes designed and crafted for web and app, front end and back end, iOS and Android developers, IT service providers and computer repair specialists, programmers and graphic designers, as well as other digital portfolio owners.

    In order to build a developer career you dream about, you need to undertake every step for expanding your skill set and gaining expertise in today’s rapidly changing digital era. But above all this, keeping pace with the marketing strategies and online advertising channels are what will make your career thrive and business lead more results, no matter what you are doing for living or for bettering up your financial state.

    If you are a startup coder, programmer or developer looking for a ready made platform to exercise his skills and knowledge, as well as put his creative ideas into work, we offer you to look through the best developer WordPress themes included in this article.

    Even if you are one of the top paid developers but do not take care of the proper presentation of your services via the website, your business will be at a disadvantage. Therefore, transforming your efforts into tangible results with the help of any of the developer WordPress themes showcased here can be more than reasonable.

    All of them are well projected, coded and launched while taking into consideration all the requirements of WordPress Codex and the global networking system. It means that you will be able to join the community of the developer WordPress themes users that is raising the bar with a limited budget, yet with a customer lead approach.

    1. SKT SEO:
    seo friendly WordPress themes


    The startup cost of creating a wonderful and user optimized website is low with one of the pocket friendly developer WordPress themes launched as SKT SEO. Any kind of web and program, computer and app related services can be advertised and sold with the help of SKT SEO, from domain and hosting services to SEO and SMO, web developing and design ones.

    This visually clean and crisp, white and blue based website building framework is stunningly resourceful and adaptive in customization while you are adding your own touches to the theme to finalize its appearance and functionality. You have more than 800 Google approved fonts at your disposal to stress the unique typography of your website, SEO and SMO optimization, widgetized area choices and much more.

    2. Game Developer:
    game developer WordPress theme


    Game Developer is the next powerful and dependable digital marketing and web establishment tool for game and app developers, programmers and graphic designers, web and computer service providers and other digital experts.

    Use the prebuilt sections and content parts of the theme to offer your services and service packs, subscription plans and online trainings, contact info and more. This responsive and gadget friendly, SEO optimized and social media friendly template will serve the needs of those private developers or developing agencies which appreciate both powerful design and functional framework. With a ravishing layout and graphical solutions, you well be able to easily serve both visual and textual content and make it pixel perfect for desktop and mobile users.

    3. SKT Hosting:
    hosting WordPress theme


    Another niche specific and well laid out template among the best developer WordPress themes is called SKT Hosting. Offer your hosting and VPS services to the large masses and spend little efforts for publishing them in your website since with SKT Hosting you will find accurate content zones already loaded.

    Whether you offer local or multiregional hosting storage, serve the clients from your locality or people living across different geographical locations, keeping your site with the highest level of multilingual performance is a must. In this relation, SKT Hosting comes with tons of advantages ready to provide you with a multilingual ready platform functioning stunningly with qTranslate X and other translation plugins.

    Moreover, the theme has been checked with other extensions and plugins, additional shortcodes packs and controls as well.

    4. SKT Tube:
    video WordPress theme


    Video materials have long become one of the productive ways to communicate with target audience for developers and designers, IT specialists with their video tutorials and lessons, bloggers with their personal materials and more.
    Therefore, the dedicated specialists at SKT Themes have done their best to generate SKT Tube which is fully video optimized and come with a myriad of page and post layouts, look and functionality controls.

    With SKT Tube you will be able to showcase your skills via the homepage video slider and reach out to more audience and website guests. Other homepage sliders have also been tested and tried for their compatibility with the theme.

    5. SKT StartUp Pro:
    startup WordPress theme


    SKT StartUP Pro is professional looking yet lightweight solution for any startup digital or developing company, agency or studio with limited financial means but with enthusiasm to achieve more with less.

    Ready to help you in getting up your website running as quickly as possible, SKT StartUp Pro is very sleek and smooth in navigation, simple and affordable in customization, and amazingly beautiful and serious looking in appearance.

    It uses all the current trends and coding solutions in web design and development industry with HTML5 and CSS3 controls, responsiveness, adaptability, stable coding and easy to use admin dashboard. It means that categorizing all your services and expert profiles, products for purchasing or downloading, contact info and other details will be as easy as a pie.

    6. The App Pro:
    app WordPress theme


    The App Pro is the next feature rich and highly communicable developer WordPress theme for any startup or medium sized, seasoned or big developing agency or company, app developers and designers, frontend and backend experts and others. Whether you want to create a new website or put a coming soon page, or just plant to revamp your old website with fresh ideas and creative design, this template is for you.

    With The App Pro you will get access to different shortcodes to play with, color and font management options, social media integration for boosted social engagement, search engine optimization, etc.

    Physiotherapy WordPress themes for physiotherapist websites

    A practical assemblage of physiotherapy WordPress themes designed and launched for physical and other therapists

    These physiotherapy WordPress themes can as well be used by physical medicine and rehabilitation, fitness and wellness specialists.

    The global networking system boils down to 2 basic things. The first one is the communication and the second one is information.

    Both of them line on the basis of the medical world seeking contact with the patient – base and showcasing valuable health – related information online.

    Those are the essential inducements to establishing and running a separate website for better efficiency and accessibility. And this principle is valid for a medical industry or branch of any kind, including, of course, physical and other directions of therapy.

    This time we have sorted out physiotherapy WordPress themes worked out by the dedicated team of experts and developers.

    Dive quickly into the online world quickly and energetically with each of them and grab the attention of the new streams of patients.

    All of them are packed with an intuitive interface and sophisticated structure.

    Adding new posts, pages, images and texts, customizing them the way you want will be a breeze for any therapist, physiotherapist, internist, psychotherapist and other medical experts.

    1. Handy:
    doctor WordPress theme


    Handy is truly helpful and clearly – coded, visually effective and functionally advanced medical and health template. In case you want your physiotherapy or clinic website have up and seamlessly running in several minutes, Handy can your right hand. As one of the actively – installed physiotheraphy WordPress themes so far, it shares totally manageable framework for you to tweak in. From more than 600 Google fonts for the right typography to preloaded contact forms and Google map, the theme incorporates it all. Each of the inner pages can be dressed up with different header image as well. Handy feels perfect when it comes to translating your content to be accessible for the foreign website visitors as well. Testimonials section can be the most effective part of your website where your satisfied users and clients will share their positive experience.

    2. Perfect Medical:


    With Perfect Medical one is able to create a unique and streamlined website and offer his or her physiotherapy – related services within a couple of clicks. With this fresh and serious – looking template you will be able to boost the number of patients enrolled in your therapy practice. Prove them that you care about each single website visitor and provide the latter with legible content and pixel – perfect images. Deploy them in the nice – arranged theme sections and let them be easy to find and evaluate online resource of medical information. From a more structural and technical viewpoint, Perfect Medical Pro is in compliance with all the modern trends and requirements. Being such, this website builder comes with all the primary theme sections, among them home, our doctors, blog, gallery and contact us. This is also one of the physiotherapy WordPress themes and is also quick in performance and totally responsive.

    3. SKT Dual:


    The next sample among the reliable physiotheraphy WordPress themes comes launched as SKT Dual. This smart and secure template will be the wisest contribution to your success to be measured in the future. Although the theme celebrates multi – purpose touches, medical industry is the most relevant one to be revealed through this template. Run up the stairway of the medical world and make your website the trusted source of medical help and treatment. Select and showcase the best exercises and treatments for your clients and display them through your theme sections and areas. What makes SKU Dual so demanded is its Customizer – based performance to organize everything in the blink of an eye. Other highly – applicable features are the theme mobile – friendliness, shortcodes inclusion and plugin – compliant nature.

    4. Bony:
    chiropractor WordPress theme


    Bony is another strongly advisable physiotherapy, fitness and health – based web builder to give you a quick start. This theme will help you prove your audience that you are sophisticated enough to get under their skins and understand the real problem. Share your valuable information through the given content zones for those web visitors who want to optimize their physical condition. Use the homepage slider for images and photos of your business, sporting and medical activities, satisfied clients and much more. Lots of shortcodes are also at your disposal such as testimonials, accordions, gallery, buttons, tables, etc. Bony is compatible with a wide array of plugins including SEO plugins, WooCommerce, Shortcodes Ultimate and more.

    5. Condimentum:
    multipurpose WordPress theme


    This time let’s touch on Condimentum to feel the entire professionalism and unique style it delivers for every single therapist or another doctor. No matter whether you are running a physiotherapy clinic, wellness center or fitness studio, this theme is ready to take account all your business visions and aims. The theme feels and functions awesome at any size and is presentable for reading with any portable or low – powered device. Advanced theme options form the core of Condimentum to simplify your workflow. The range includes color management variables, full documentation support, and minimalistic web design for better concentration on the most important. etc. SEO – optimization is also added to the theme to drive more traffic into your online website or store.

    6. Fitt:
    weight loss WordPress theme


    We are thrilled to present you the culmination of our work in the form of Fitt. It is one of the motivational and enthralling, safe and secure physiotherapy WordPress themes available at your leisure. It is ready to grant your website user with the fastest loading time and irreproachable navigation controls. Share images, texts, buttons, icons and much more to encourage visitors to get in touch with you. Increase your web presence with right chosen technical platform surrounded by the touches of responsiveness and mobile – friendliness. Fitt is tailored to the needs of both seasoned physiotherapists and trainers and beginners in the field. Hence, the theme is flexible enough to adapt to your constantly changing wishes. It has all the required points surrounding digital presentation of medical and health – care industry with its. Those are the theme’s overall comprehensive structure, shortcodes, fonts and icons all integrated right from the start, several blog and page templates, plugin support, etc.

    Eye Catching WordPress Themes for eye catching and unique websites

    The following are some of the best eye catching WordPress themes available to design any website from scratch.

    If your website does not look appealing at the very first glance, it does not matter how good its functionalities and your products are, visitors will always ignore you.

    Therefore, it is highly important to use eye catching WordPress themes and get people hooked immediately.

    There are also some eye catching WordPress themes listed that are meant for particular types of website to get the most effective result.

    1. Flower Shop
    flower shop WordPress theme


    This is one of the most creative and eye catching WordPress themes for designers and fashion product sellers. You can seller trending products and write various useful blogs on design trend and drive unlimited traffic. It is fully responsive, and there are options for changing color and overall design element by element. It is translation ready and has multilingual support. You can list various design related services and showcase your portfolio to great repeated orders. It comes with an integrated slider and social media sharing and showcasing options.

    2. Adventure
    adventure WordPress theme


    Adventure is one of the best eye-catching WordPress themes for travel related website. You can create awesome blogs with the stunning design. There are parallax sections on the homepage and one can list various tour and travel packages. You can get a commission from them or you can offer your own packages as well. There are beautiful plugins to list everything in innovative blocks and boxes. Mobile users will be able to see the site perfectly due to the theme’s mobile-friendliness.

    3. SKT SEO


    This is one of the most eye catching WordPress themes for any type of business. Since the theme has highest SEO value, it will outshine your competitors on search engines and drive massive organic traffic. The design of the theme is classic, and it is flat for faster loading speed and better visibility of any device. You can use the SEO plugins available with the theme to write optimized content and rank well for every page. There are thousands of fonts and icons and several shortcodes to make the website look stunning.

    4. Game Developer
    game developer WordPress theme


    If you are a new game developer, you need to use this theme for better growth and driving more buyers regularly. There are various useful fonts and icons available which are a must for a game related website. The theme has high SEO value, and with attractive offers, the customers’ number will increase exponentially. There are various payment gateways available, and the color combination is superb. The theme supports translation for different types of customer. This is the most eye catching and attention grabbing WordPress theme you could use for your website.

    5. SKT Education
    education WordPress theme


    Education websites and blogs are always on the rise and this theme has all the required ingredients to offer the premium website design and functionalities. You can offer free courses and paid courses. Once the free courses are likely by the students and customers, they will definitely enroll for the paid ones. This is one of the coolest and eye catching WordPress themes on the list which will increase the brand value and trust factor. There are payment gateway, advanced contact page and all the different types of facilities. You can get assistance from our support team to install the theme perfectly without glitches.

    6. Fashion Trends
    fashion WordPress theme


    Fashion blogs are getting huge traffic as everyone is interested and trying to follow the current trend. It is HD ready and one of the best eye catching WordPress themes for fashion and related products. It is highly SEO-friendly and has social media support. The design is flat, the color combination is catchy, and all the ingredients are available to take your website cum blog to the next level.

    7. SKT Architect Pro
    architect WordPress theme


    It is a multipurpose eye catching WordPress theme that has some of the best designing components. It is best for construction and real estate companies. It comes with unlimited fonts and icons. It has parallax background on the homepage and is fully SEO optimized. The galleries are quite innovative and sliders are creative. It is also compatible with cache plugins for faster loading speed.

    8. SKT Food
    food WordPress theme


    People check out different food blogs to get recommendations of visiting different restaurants and their specialties. People also look for new recipes to try out at home. This is one of the best eye catching WordPress themes for creating a food blog. There are various shortcodes available to embed videos and reviews in different parts of the website and posts. The main source of money for such blogs is sponsorship from different hotels. The homepage is beautifully designed and will help drive enormous traffic with its SEO value.

    9. The Art
    art WordPress theme


    It is a uniquely appealing theme that stands out for its layout. The layout is refreshing and creative. It loads faster and has 6 different options for choosing slider type. All the plugins are compatible, and it comes with pre-loaded animation plugins for the homepage. There are various variations available for different sections of the themes. It is for creative people to use for constructing a personal website. It can be used for blogging and by service providing companies in designing and photography for whom eye-catching websites are a must.

    10. Luxury Watch


    This could be one of the best eye catching WordPress themes for showcasing luxurious products. You can give fashion tips through the blog, highlight current trends and use affiliate products to monetize the site and even sell your own products directly. You must invest in this theme to convince the visitors to become your subscribers and get the best offers and deals. The design of the theme is very catchy, and there are various animation effects that will captivate everybody.
    It is time for you to make the move and choose one of the best eye catching WordPress themes from the above and give your website a new look. Your users are going to like it and new visitors will immediately become your customers and clients.

    WordPress themes like Divi at lower price and no yearly subscription


    WordPress Themes like Divi which are better in aspects of pricing as well as better in terms of features have been discussed.

    The influence of digital revolution on all the life aspects and phenomena seems to have no edge. The ever – growing challenging connections and relations between service providers and client – base, freelancers and private entrepreneurs and individual specialists, industries and all its branches encourage each of them to invest all that they can in order to have a presentable place in the modern digital realm.

    As an ultimate response to this situation is the WordPress content management ecosystem contemporaneously with accurately categorized or sub – categorized, niche – specific or general – purpose templates. Each of them has always had the jump on various patterns of other content management systems while being inherently precise and flexible at its core. However, some of them differ from others in having a higher reputation and perfect user experience thanks to their exceptional artificial intelligence, intuitiveness and all – inclusive nature.

    Divi, as a powerful and flexible, eye – catchy and elegant template of Elegant themes comes as a total sum of all the above – mentioned valuable traits and touches to play around all you like and make them effective in your website and make it a symbol of social and customer loyalty. This theme can for sure be the oxygen of a website, whether personal or business, compact or extended, or whatever it can be as per the admin’s wishes and preferences.

    Anyway, Divi is not the only one worth your attention to consider for your future – scalable website of any nature. Today we will leave you with other 2 other WordPress themes like Divi which are discussed in the continuation of this article. With them you can easily tap into the whole power of digital technologies and exercise all its advantages in favor of your personal affairs or business deals. Those platforms are also highly susceptible to any configuration or customization and thus are ready to respond to all your initial or finalizing touches from behind the scene instantly.

    1. SKT Perfect:


    Convert all your efforts into tangible results and deliverables, run any kind of website and establish your virtual profile easily with an enviable furtherance of Complete Pro. The pluses of this template known as one of the WordPress themes like Divi seem to have no termination. From user – friendliness and admin – optimization to intuition – based operational framework and easy to digest instructions, SKT Perfect shares a bulk comprising all the essential qualities and elements any effective and vital WordPress theme should have.

    Getting established as a website professional will be totally attainable for a person of any background or education. It means that you can drag and scale, edit and customize, manage and totally master your website based on it on your own responsibility straight away without any further ado. The thing is that SKT Perfect has a relatively superficial learning curve suitable for each and every single person to master the whole template in its entirety and give his profile a go with ease.

    Power – driven to touch up plenitude and comprehensiveness in every facet, this high — end and contemporary, interactive and zealous template in our list of WordPress themes like Divi is thrilled to bring you genuinely manageable and extensile framework.

    SKT Perfect embraces a wide range of high – grade and handy elements and control to make all the processes relating to the theme a pleasure to dissipate. Hence it lavishly offers several page – based homepage so that visual composers or page builder plugins can effectively work, numerous templates inclusion so that any target business or industry can professionally be revealed on the basis of this theme.

    Power – packed with lots of shortcodes, as well as tested with shortcode plugins, this website builder is also compatible with translation plugins such as Polylang, qTranslate X, WPML, etc to have multilingual content published on your posts and pages.

    All the modern and compulsory aspects of search engine optimization of the theme have added to the theme meaning that the algorithms practiced by today’s search engines will produce high – quality results and subsequently will lead more and more people into your profile.

    2. Complete Pro:
    complete WordPress theme


    Enjoy your digital life in the fast lane with the next website builder in our article of WordPress themes like Divi. It is willingly handled between entirely flexible and persistent nature, powerful and advanced functionality and all – inclusive pattern on the one hand, and subtle and sleek, full – grown and well – managed framework on the other.

    Updated and accomplished to celebrate true completeness and ripeness, this theme provides every single web admin with a thorough subjection so that he can take control of his website and alter it the way he wants, show whatever is relevant to his online undertakings in an easy to find way. This will make each web visitor not only enjoy your website, but will also stimulate the latter to scroll all the way to your website bottom.

    Ready to effortlessly do away with any kind of errors or hacks, Complete Pro as one of the most popular, well – laid out and self – hosted WordPress themes like Divi is ultimately multipurpose in its true nature so that it can be used to cover absolutely any kind of website, ranging from personal, blog – style, photography, entertainment, artist, fashion, design to business, architecture, service provision or trade.

    Use the given color picker of the theme to add your favorite color dots and touches to your website, present the given sections and areas with your informative content, your profile info, services, contact details or whatever you may think expedient to be revealed via website.

    Homepage prebuilt slider can add unique visual attraction to your website as well. All in all, you will be authorized to compress your high – quality information in visual slides so that they can overreach your homepage and communicate your visual messages to your target audience.

    Complete Pro has also affiliated 100 % responsive and cross mobile and device compatible design style to make your entire website easily resized, enlarged, moved or adapted to any portable or low – powered device.

    Equestrian WordPress Themes for animals and horse, pet websites

    The best equestrian WordPress themes are collected in this article to be the one of the biggest drivers of your equestrian, horse or riding club, golf club or horse stable, sports center or any other relevant business success.

    The global networking area has truly become an indispensable part of the modern life and serves as a number one means of communication, information and entertainment. And it’s not surprising at all? Who on earth will agree to sacrifice his precious time or leave his comfort zone to drive outside and check some place, make arrangement or buy something without analyzing it beforehand?

    The modern Internet breaks all the information barriers while bringing all the businesses, services and offers at one place achievable for everyone. And this fact challenges any kind of business undertaking, company or organization to ensure its place in the digital platform in order to sustain the fierce competition and rich out its potential clients.

    With the necessity of generating a powerful website that will showcase your equestrian or horse related business in its entirety, we are going to shed light on the most useful equestrian WordPress themes available in the current library of WordPress.

    Each of the equestrian WordPress themes has the makings of a premium quality website builder letting your quickly assimilate its working principle and use it to generate a truly unique website of your own. From simple and lightweight layout to highly sophisticated functionality and theme controls, those equestrian WordPress themes share that all.

    1. Perfect Golf Club:
    golf WordPress theme


    Visually elegant and stylish, Perfect Golf Club understands the needs of every sport or leisure related businesses and clubs, and the equestrian or horse riding business is not exception at all. Use this top quality website builder for your relevant equestrian business and maneuver for better position in the target market.

    As one of the most productive and attention seizing equestrian WordPress themes you can have access to, Perfect Golf Club will not make you bankrupt since it is available at an affordable price.

    Whether you want to detail the racing services and facilities your golf or horse club offers, offer membership plans or subscriptions, share upcoming events and competitions, showcase the best images of your club, this template offers all the necessary theme sections, areas and pages to insert the needed information in an accurate fashion.

    2. Soccer:
    soccer WordPress theme


    Designed for power and precision, visual and functional excellence, Soccer is another useful platform when it comes to highlighting any sport or leisure related activities.

    The theme’s flexible layout enables the webmaster manipulate his website’s look and feel in the right way and without any coding processes. There are enabled shortcodes for this purpose, which are effortlessly easy in usage at every stage of the site’s development and customization.

    Use all the prebuilt sections or manage them to match your content and let your clients find useful information about your equestrian or riding club, ponies and horses, riding tournaments, share the details of your farm world, horse stable and more.

    The handy toolbox of the theme makes it possible for you to creatively market your business and be sure the target clients can easily find your website via search engines, since Soccer is wonderfully SEO friendly.

    3. Photodock:


    We all know that an image can be more talkative than the word itself. Photodock, as one of the image based and pixel perfect equestrian WordPress themes, has adopted the philosophy of the photo and image importance in any content marketing.

    It means that you can use the given layout and make the most effective images of your locality, entertainment complex or riding club, its facilities and animals, happy guests and satisfied clients spanning the homepage of your site. Use many sliders in the homepage as well as in inner pages to showcase the best images as practical conveyors of your information and services.

    The theme is also amazingly affordable in terms of the purchase price, admin optimized for customization controls, shortcodes and fonts armed, plugin compatible and SMO optimized.

    4. Yogi Pro:
    yoga WordPress theme


    Yogi Pro is the one that ultimately unities beautiful layout with advanced operational framework in an effort to please every single website visitor across different frameworks, browsers and devices.

    This responsive and mobile friendly, fast and crisp template is highly specialized in hosting any kind of sports, yoga and leisure based activities, spa and wellness studios, fitness and gym centers, riding and horse clubs and more.

    Whatever your business nature is, Yogi Pro certainly knows what makes your relevant business revenue generating and client centric. It is search engine optimization with responsive touches of the theme combined with smooth navigation and quick loading rate. All these advantages of Yogi Pro and not only will help you not only build your website easily, but also establish credibility and become highly popular.

    5. SKT Parallax Me Pro:
    parallax WordPress theme


    Another elegant and modern looking template that celebrates awe inspiring interface is called SKT Parallax Me Pro. With a powerful parallax slider on the top of the homepage, this template makes the delivery of your web content more interesting via images and photos.

    The theme also comes powered by pre enabled shortcodes pack for quick content setup and other management options, background, color and font controls, about 20 homepage sections to draw more website traffic, HTML5 and CSS3 coding and styling mix, etc.

    6. Adventure:
    adventure WordPress theme


    Adventure is custom built to serve as a reliable virtual front door of your website to welcome your clients and customers, horse lovers and partners. Ultra modern and dynamic form of this template is paired with a functionally advanced structure and as such can communicate your business message to your audience in the most presentable manner.

    Organize your web information into the prebuilt sections and areas or modify them to be exactly what you want. Sidebar layout choices for posts and pages are also given together with shortcodes for animated boxes and much more. It is also completely search engine and social media friendly with smooth and sleek navigation levels.

    Dynamic WordPress Themes for creating dynamic websites easily

    Gone are the days when static websites used to rule the web world.

    Dynamic WordPress themes have completely taken over the market, and almost every website has upgraded their themes to dynamic ones.

    Dynamic WordPress themes are flexible and customization at any point as per requirement.

    Furthermore, it has more options to include eye-catching graphical objects and perform different tasks on certain trigger actions.

    The following are the best dynamic WordPress themes you should consider for creating your website and take it to the next level for achieving your targets faster and providing users the best experience.

    1. SKT SEO


    This is one of the dynamic WordPress themes on the list due to its unique design concept. It has beautiful boxes and blocks representation. It has high SEO value to grow your business in a very short time. It gives you the freedom to design the website the way you want to using customization options and advanced plugins. There are various ready-made sections and pages, and the theme is translation ready. Hence, it could well be used as an e-commerce site as well as for start-up and established businesses. Multiple tools and plugins are available in the backend for performing every required operation seamlessly.

    2. SKT Education
    education WordPress theme


    This is one of the best dynamic WordPress themes that have the perfect education related theme design. It is fully responsive and you can change the color scheme easily. It has a minimalistic approach yet it looks stunning visually. It is a very SEO-friendly theme and hence, your website will get listed higher easily. It has all the functionalities and modules to make a perfect education website. There are multiple useful and attractive sections of the home page.

    3. Perfect
    perfect commercial WordPress theme


    This is a multipurpose theme, but it is ideal for every type of website. Apart from the fact that it is already beautiful in design, you can edit the designs per your liking. There are several stunning page templates for inner pages, and you can have as many sections on the homepage as you want. There are various ready-made templates available for different types of websites. Multiple UI elements are present to add and turn it into something graphically appealing. It also has all the functionalities, and advanced features experts are looking for. It has unlimited color combination, fonts, shortcodes, and icons.

    4. Girlie
    free feminine WordPress theme


    This theme can be used to create an online store and a personal blog and get a good number of followers easily. The theme is very addictive and your new visitors will soon become long-term subscribers. It is mainly designed for girl-related website design. You can earn money from AdSense, affiliate products, and even sponsored products. You can do everything yourself and make changes whenever you want to add more features and functionalities. It is 100% responsive and easy to setup and modify.

    5. Condimentum
    multipurpose WordPress theme


    This is a multipurpose WordPress theme, and it is one of best dynamic WordPress themes because of its designing components and functionalities. It has a minimalistic approach and has amazing sliders to showcase your services and products wonderfully. It is also SEO friendly, and hence, you will get more exposure automatically. It is tailor-made to target local users who are generally mobile users. The color schemes are changeable along with all the fonts and background banners

    6. Black and White
    black and white WordPress themes


    Block and white theme has huge demand, and it has all the ingredients to boost the growth of your business and help you get more leads and clients. It is flat and modern in terms of design and color selection. Hence, appears wonderfully on all devices and browsers. The color scheme is changeable, and it has dedicated portfolio page and other useful pages. There are various call-to-action buttons and other user interactive features which will increase lead generation.

    7. SKT Banking
    banking WordPress theme


    If you are a new bank or already an established one, you should use this theme for better growth and user experience to drive more customers regularly. The theme supports translation for different types of customer, and there are various advanced and unique plugins available to serve the customers in the best possible way. The theme also has high SEO value, and with attractive offers, the customers’ number will increase exponentially. It is fully secured and thoroughly checked for loopholes. It is completely documented for advanced functionalities and modifications. There are various payment gateways available and the color combination can be according to your company color.

    8. Fashion Trends
    fashion WordPress theme


    This is one of the most dynamic WordPress themes with which you can create a premium blog or create an e-commerce site with fashion, beauty, and apparel products. There are some awesome galleries and sliders available. There is also a timeline which you can use to your advantage to convince people to buy latest trendy products. You can utilize different section to showcase latest, most viewed, popular and other attractive segregation to attract the attention of the users. The design is very eyes catching, and you can show offers and discounts on the sidebars.

    9. Complete Pro
    complete WordPress theme


    This is one of the unique dynamic WordPress themes on the list due to its unique design. It has beautiful boxes and blocks that are represented like an infographic. There are various ready-made sections and pages, and the theme is translation ready and shop-friendly. It could be best used for an e-commerce site. It is fully responsive, support cross-browsing and perfect for mobile devices.

    10. Photodock


    The demand for photo shoot and photographers is increasingly becoming high. This is one of the best dynamic WordPress themes to showcase portfolio and get hired easily. You can get a good number of followers on your website and you can get sponsors to showcase their products on the photos and blogs. The theme comes with hamburger menu, several gallery plugins, and pre-filled sections. There are various page templates available to design your website as per your creativity.
    These are the best dynamic WordPress themes available on the internet that you should use to create stunning websites that can deliver you the result. Choose the best one as you think appropriate and get started.

    Tourism WordPress Themes for tourists and tour travel websites

    The following tourism WordPress themes have the features to create a trust factor and provide an awesome user experience.

    With the rise in income level across the world due to more job opportunity in the digital world, the craze for tour and travel is also on the rise.

    People always search for tourism packages online and choose the best one based on several parameters.

    It is important that you use best tourism WordPress themes to create a stunning website that can impress your visitors.

    1. The Trip:
    travel WordPress theme


    This is one of the most beautiful tourism WordPress themes with a clean layout and SEO-friendly coding. You can have a separate page to show your packages and provide a payment gateway for direct purchase. The color combination is soothing, and it has multiple call-to-action options for getting more leads. It is supported on all devices and browsers. There are so many plugins pre-installed for exclusive and amazing features to add to your user experience. The user experience will be grand and you can set yourself apart from your competitors to win over your targeted audiences.

    2. SKT Beach:
    beach and aqua WordPress theme


    This is a stunning design to have for your website related to travel and tourism. It can be a website for a company or agency as well as a blog. The color combination takes the cake away. It comes with pricing table for listing the packages so that users can choose easily. It has multipage and multilingual support. Portfolio plugins will let you show your services gracefully. There are several sidebars and widget options for showing offers creatively.

    3. Accommodation:
    accomodation WordPress theme


    This is one of the unique tourism WordPress themes with an amazing layout. You can create awesome blogs or promotional videos and put them on one side and the other side can be your normal website. If you can use the theme creatively, you can create magic, and the lead generation and conversion rate will increase exponentially. There are some amazing icons and buttons available with call-to-action options. The galleries and portfolio showcasing options are grand as well. You can ask our support team to change your current theme to this one and get your website get in seconds.

    4. Hotel Booking:
    hotel booking WordPress theme


    This is an artistic WordPress theme and would be great for a tour operator website. The layout is unique, and the slider has a lot of creative transition effect. Apart from that, there are many visual triggers like animations which make the theme more appealing. There are service and blog sections, and you can also have dedicated support page as customer look for quality support team who are always approachable. You can design it the way you like it with customizers and page builders.

    5. Stay Here:
    hotel WordPress theme


    This is one of the awesome tourism WordPress themes to design a hotel, resort, restaurant related website. It can also be used by travel agencies and tour companies. It has extremely beautiful representation and color combination. The sections on the homepage have shuttle animation, and the design is completely flat for faster loading speed. The galleries are extremely beautiful, and you can see select hotels and other services based on different criteria and filters. It has advanced SEO support to help you get a high rank on the search engines. Even though the theme is perfect for hotel booking, it can have inner pages for cab rental service, visiting nearby notable places and even serve food and beverages.

    6. Charm
    WordPress blog theme


    This is for those companies who offer tourism packages especially in beaches and where water bodies are ideal for fishing. It can be turned into anything you want, and it is SEO and SMO friendly which will give better exposure than others. It has also passed Google tests to show that it has better loading speeds and mobile friendly. There are sidebars, and ready-made page templates ad widgets. There is a separate section for blogging to convert the readers into clients.

    7. Adventure:
    adventure WordPress theme


    The theme can also be used for adventure camps organized by different agencies from time to time such as trekking, hiking, skiing and skating. This is one of the great tourism WordPress themes to design your tour operator from the scratch as there are hundreds of designing components available. You can use powerful sliders, creative galleries, awesome portfolio plugins and hundreds of shortcodes to embed promotional videos and other items. It has translation support and mobile-friendliness. The color combinations are awesome, and you can tweak them easily.

    8. Lens Pro:
    responsive portfolio WordPress theme


    It is best for tour and travel agency or for setting up a viral photo blog to inspire people to travel. The theme has everything thing you would ever need. The sliders are stunning and the background of every section is eye-catching. Multiple icons and fonts are available for displaying content like never before. The color combination is extremely beautiful and can be modified easily.

    9. Wine Pro:
    wine brewery WordPress theme


    This is a multipurpose theme but it has a sample tour package website look. It begins with a cool slider and awesome color combination. It is fully responsive, and from the backend, you can change all the options. There are hundreds of shortcodes available for better designing and representation. You can get full technical support from our team to set up the theme for your website on your web server. WooCommerce support is also there as it is required for users to pay in advance and book the required packages listed.

    10. Nature One Pro:


    This is one of the best tourism WordPress themes due to its awesome color combination and matching design components. It comes with call-to-action options and pricing table to list all the packages and buy direct through a payment gateway. It will inspire people to travel around the world and make a booking. It is compatible with all devices, browsers and supports all standard plugins are different functions. It is also translation ready, and portfolio and service sections are creatively designed to list all the tour packages.

    Choose any of these tourism WordPress themes to design your website. If you already have a website, it is better than you replace it with the best from the above tourism WordPress themes.

    Consider These Health Related WordPress Themes for Your Next Project

    Health Related WordPress themes are listed here for your reference.

    The businesses dealing with medical and health related practices are among the most frequently searched ones in the global network system at present.

    And naturally, during the recent 2 decades a well thought and specialized proposals have been formulated in accordance with the respective demands.

    Furthermore, there are plenty of high quality and technologically cutting edge health related WordPress themes available for now.

    Which can essentially facilitate the process of ensuring any medical web content creation and management. Thus, if you have every intention to run a health – directed project in the nearest future, consider the health related WordPress themes the current article makes references to and you will be furnished with every single theme characteristic feature you will ever be in need for to make great achievements in the health business.

    1. Handy


    Handy is a multipurpose doctor WordPress theme well suited for hospitals, clinics, dental clinics, medical centres and other related institutions. This visually strong and clean, fairly easy to use and user – friendly template, appearing with professionally worked out and easily manageable administration dashboard, comes ready to be accessed by any modern mobile, tablet or other technological novelty, includes a dynamic package of more than 600 Google fonts and numerous shortcodes for the content management with little effort, social media, blog, contact form, as well as Google map integration within the theme, lots of color changing controls, more than 8 page layout alternatives, home, about us, services, news, gallery, contact us and other homepage sections, which are to be published with all the required information, full documentation support coming along the theme, widgetized areas in the face of footer, header and sidebar, as well as flawless compatibility with a set of major plugins.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Perfectly suited for Doctors, hospitals and clinics
    • Blog and social media integrated
    • Contact form ready with Google map
    • 8+ page templates


    2. SKT Medical Pro


    SKT Medical Pro is considered to be one of the highly recommended and practically checked health related WordPress themes, being preloaded with well – designed and user – optimized foundation, excellent collection of intuitive and flexible theme options, elements and settings to take a full control over your health – centric web pages. Built and exercised properly, this highly intuitive and adaptable product features stunning accessibility when running on diverse mobiles and tablets, preloaded homepage content, inbuilt homepage slider with the possibility of adding up to 10 slides, slider transition and other controls available, color picker options at your disposal, so that it’s up to you to take care of the color combinations of the website, a powerful package of Google fonts and diverse shortcodes, as well as a bunch of almost 500 icons, standard pages inclusion, full documentation and support accompanying the theme installation.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Cross browser compatible
    • Google mobile friendly test passed
    • Comes with appointment form
    • More than 6 page templates


    3. Toothy


    Safe and secure, deeply versatile and pliable, visually appealing, Tooty is characterized by its fast loading and perfect functioning potentials. This conveniently crafted and developed medical product of WordPress can build your deserved reputation on the corresponding medical market and attract potential patients to a certain degree. Entirely responsive and cross mobile optimized platform is lying on the basis of this top rated theme, texts, images, colors and backgrounds of it are subject to modifications with easy and whenever needed, WooCommerce plugin can be added to the theme for commercial activities online, a power packed assemblage of icons and Google fonts is there to choose from, social media icons are inserted to link the website to the major social media platforms. All in all, Toothy includes tons of additional customization and configuration options to provide exceptional medical website practice.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Fully color and font changing
    • Shopping friendly
    • Contact form compability
    • Translation ready


    4. Bony


    As another perfect health web pages management tool, Bony is focused on the coverage of any doctor, physician, medical adviser, chiropractor or any other healthcare professional businesses. By having its emphasis on utmost responsiveness and well optimization for mobile use, this crafty and visually clean template meets all the high standards put forward by the WordPress community and comes integrated with safe and strong HTML5 & CSS3 coding, home, about as, services and gallery sections to let your future clients to form a notion of you, your staff and offered services, blog section for news and any additional content display, contact us sections filled with contact details, addresses, working days and hours, etc, widget – friendly footer and header areas and many other theme options and elements in existence. Apart from the above stated, Bony provides great functionality with diverse useful plugins, such as SEO plugins, WooCommerce, making the health related WordPress themes e-commerce ready, NextGen Gallery and Contact Form 7.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • SEO friendly
    • Integrated with 580+ icons pack of Font Awesome icons
    • Integrated with 650+ Google fonts for typography selection
    • Widget friendly sidebar


    5. Healing Touch


    To all intents and purposes, Healing touch counts for its deserved place among the best health related WordPress themes. This mobile and user friendly health and medical – centric theme powered by the WordPress community and meeting its standards, has been professionally schemed and launched in accordance with all the mandatory characteristics and essentials any modern and successful website will need to have on its basis. Healing Touch shows up ready –made with fast loading performance, a pack of lots of Google fonts and icons, several shortcodes inclusion for advanced content management practices, 404, blog, search and other standard pages availability, hundreds of easily accessible theme modification options and extensive support for considerably dynamic and effective plugins and extensions for the website exclusive operation.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Quick loading theme
    • Pre loaded Google fonts
    • WooCommerce compatible
    • Fully color changing


    6. Teethy


    If you are looking for a composition of trendy look and appearance, as well as stunning website performance to exercise as a safe and sound foundation of your dentist or doctor site, Teethy is an ideal solution for you. Install this amazingly suitable and highly functional product and build up a fairly competitive medical website to exceed all the expectations. This unique and multiconcept template is framed around a responsive and full color changing design, approves the collection of infinite number of Google fonts, icons and shortcodes to select from and practise, Nivo slider appearing on the homepage with several controllable transition elements, suitably fixed homepage sections to share the most frequently asked information and other content, gallery area for the best photos of your business, contact form with captcha challenge system, as well as all the opportunities to create unlimited number of pages and posts.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Easy to use theme options
    • Slider with 12+ transitions effects
    • Contact form with captcha
    • Default page and post templates


    Benefits of health related WordPress themes

    They are all better looking and present a professional look for the website as well as the unit as a whole because first impression is the last impression and hence one needs a good look at the site and understands the ethos and values of the unit in a quick jiffy manner.

    Also one can understand all the services that the big hospitals can provide or the clinic provides under their umbrella and hence it is important for one to understand the exact nature of these services and hence services can be explained properly via a website only.

    Health Related WordPress themes presents the best in the business templates which can be used by doctors of various fields, hospitals, clinics and other health related and nutrition related websites as well.

    Loaded with fonts, color changes, compatibility with several plugins to add functionality at the click of a button and several other types of features like page templates etc are given to add more tools to the list of the available tools for anyone to build a decent website from the scratch.

    Steps to Build a Mobile Friendly WordPress Theme

    Steps to build a mobile friendly WordPress theme have been discussed in this article.

    With the huge boom in the number of mobile phone users, the web activity via cellular devices is becoming increasingly common. With the passage of time, mobile phones are becoming an important part of our lives.

    This is largely due to the fact that it allows us have ease in multiple walks of life. With the ownership of mobile phone and access to the internet, you can connect with anyone in the world. To simplify your daily tasks, there are multiple tools in the form of applications.

    In a nutshell, mobile phones have made life easy. Based on this assumption, we can safely propose that the society has all the just reasons to be reliant on such a device.

    Keeping in mind the utmost need and necessity of mobile phones in this age of technology, this fact cannot be negated that there is an increase in the number of website visits from this device. This fact calls for the need of having mobile friendly WordPress themes.

    Considering this, we will walk you through different steps to build mobile friendly WordPress themes.

    This will help you tap into a large market of users who use applications or surf websites through their mobile phones. Moreover, if you are able to build mobile friendly websites then you will rank better on search engines.

    As a result, a larger audience of people will benefit from your services. In a nutshell, there are multiple reasons that should lead you to making your website mobile friendly.

    Here you will learn how to create responsive WordPress themes. So, let’s jump on to it!

    1. Choose the right hosting plan
    This is one of the first and foremost requirements when you are planning to build a mobile friendly WordPress theme. A good hosting company always aids you to optimize the website perfectly well for mobile phones. In this regard, here are a few things that you should consider.

    • Your website should not be shared over a common server. This is because of the fact that, over common servers the loading speed is slowed down multiple folds.
    • Go for quality services over anything
    • The traffic towards your website must be handled very efficiently by the hosting company

    Before actually stepping into the playground of making responsive WordPress themes, it is recommended that you keep in mind the above instructions.

    2. Make the correct choice of WordPress theme
    After the choice of the most suitable hosting plan, you are now required to choose a responsive WordPress theme. There are a few considerations that should be kept in mind:

    • The theme should load very fast
    • Should adjust to all the screen sizes and dimensions
    • Adheres to all your organizational objectives
    • Suffices for the purpose of delivering service to the audience
    • Offers great user experience
    • Should be cross browser compatible and cross device compatible
    • Should be checked with Theme Authenticity Checker and Theme check plugins for security purposes

    Moreover, you should avoid themes that:

    • Are not coded professionally
    • Have got a lot of images
    • Take a lot of time to load


    3. The Content Should be Adaptive
    It simply means that mobile friendly WordPress themes require such content that is easily scalable based on the size of the device. In other words, the adaptive content has got the ability to scale up or scale down its dimensions depending on the device. One of the best techniques in this regard is to make the content catchy and very precise. This makes it even more adjustable. On top of that, visual representations such as graphs should be avoided as they are not suitable for the size of some devices.

    4. Have a check on the plug-ins
    Always keep it simple. Make use of very less plug-ins and ensure that you deliver maximum user experience through minimum effort. Jamming a lot of plug-ins to your WordPress website can cause a lot of issues. This includes slowing down of the website and sometimes problems with various functionalities due to conflict among the plugins.
    Thus, it is suggested that you keep a strong check on the plug-ins.

    5. Image Optimization
    It is a general understanding and fact that images play an important role to keep the users engaged. There is no way to negate the importance of images. However, cluttering too many images on your website can slow down the loading speed. This negatively affects the user experience. Thus, it is really important that you optimize your images in such a way that there is a proper balance between the speed and user experience. This applies especially to the mobile website. Thus, it is recommended that while making a responsive WordPress theme – pay special attention to the image optimization.

    6. Installation of a theme-switcher
    This is extremely important especially when you have decided not to use a plug-in for the provision of a theme. There is a variation in the level of control that each plug-in offers. Thus, it is required that you make a wise choice during the selection. Ensure that all the requirements of the targeted platform are properly sufficed.

    For a better approach, the choice of “any mobile theme plug-in” is recommended. It is one of the best plug-ins to make mobile friendly WordPress theme.

    7. Test, test and test
    Once you are through the above checklist of tasks, the next step is to test the website. Make sure that you pay proper attention to all the performance parameters. No matter, how detailed the checklist is – you should never reach conclusions without proper testing in that matter. For proper testing and check, it is recommended that you test and check the website on multiple mobile devices. Browse through various sections and interact with various elements to have a better idea of everything.

    With this type of testing and proper attention to detail, it will be rest assured that you have a mobile friendly WordPress theme. In other words, you will be providing services and better experience to a large audience of people.

    Ministry WordPress Themes for creating Religious websites


    This article includes various Ministry WordPress Themes for creating Religious and spiritual websites.

    With the advent of digital era , the world has achieved many stages of progress and the population living into it has now become accustomed to this modern time invention. Not just the corporate sector and the non-profitable trusts but the holy places of worship have also been adopting this medium to preach their learning and make every individual aware of the same. This approach has also proved beneficial to get connected with the other members and followers across the globe.

    Websites created for the religious and spiritual purposes help in spreading a word of religion but in the recent times they have also become a source of knowledge and information.

    Many of the church websites provides details about the upcoming events, funerals, weddings and also tell us about the aspects that are other than just religion and are related to society and public welfare.

    It can be observed that a website created for church has the content which is not just limited to religious deeds and highlights the scenario of current updates and news, blogs reflecting various issues, some press releases with the top discussions happening and some sections of social media to follow.

    To have all these multiple features available within a Church Website, it is equally important to have a relevant theme to cater all the services and provisions. The following range of Premium Ministry WordPress Themes can be observed to choose for developing a website.

    1. Religious
    church WordPress theme


    This theme is one of the Ministry WordPress Themes which is responsive and Google mobile friendly. It provides the Sermons and gospel music section with their own icons which look cool. It has been integrated with social media for fan following and promotions via these medias. It is a kind of theme that comes with a gallery section where one can have video and pictures. It has the Theme options that allow one to change font style, size and link color all through out the website. It has over 600 Google fonts to choose from which are integrated along with the theme so that you never run out of fonts options. It comes with a standard slider with 12 animation effects and way to control speed and fade and pause time.

    2. SKT Perfect


    SKT Perfect is one of the unique Ministry WordPress themes and template that allows for multiple features to develop a Church website. Be it the selection of font or the choice of colors you can select from many of the options available. Making it a tested and a mobile friendly theme, it can serve the function for any type of Religious or church website by providing one’s choice to place the content. With the use of this theme making a ministry website is now much easier and possible as there are several options for the blog layout and to make the website more lively it comes up with many in-built templates and pages to choose from.

    3. SKT Dual


    SKT Dual is the ministry template of WordPress that can be used extensively for creating an alluring website of Church. This is the just right platform to deliver optimum services for your website with its one of a kind features and eye catching color combinations. It is a well designed and beautiful template to develop more than one website for Churches helping them to get connected more and more. The responsiveness of this theme is unmatched and it is very tender in its nature.

    4. SKT Biz PRO
    business WordPress theme


    SKT Biz PRO is an elegant and attractive, easy to use and highly customized type of Ministry WordPress themes. It has been designed to cater for making the best of the Church websites with its multiple features ranging from some awesome font types and colors. It enthralls with one of its unique style of editing the homepage at ease allowing for different sections. It has the persona that is suitable for a Church website. With more than 5 page templates and 100 shortcodes you can just portray your content with your desired way making the website more spiritually graceful and informative. To further enhance your experience and make it delightful this theme is made compatible with popular plugins of WordPress.

    5. Simple
    simple WordPress theme


    Simple is a subtle and aesthetic kind of Ministry WordPress template for creating a religious website of Church. It has been designed by keeping into consideration how a Church website should be and hence the colors pallets and the fonts selection has been made thereafter. It allows a very positive approach to the user by the options of changing the color of background and one can just make the essence more sophisticated by choosing from more than 580 integrated font based integrated icons. It is the simple yet the most stunning Ministry WordPress themes solution tested with all popular cross browsers and has 100+ shortcodes with usage instruction.

    6. SKT Charity Pro
    charity WordPress theme


    This WordPress theme is basically meant for Ministry websites and can be used by the NGOs as well. It can also be used by fundraising event websites as they can integrate event calendar and WooCommerce for selling tickets. This theme is also helpful for the donation websites for collecting funds and donations. This theme is simple to use with the provided theme options which allows for color changes, font changes and changes of content to the homepage via sections. It allows for 50+ shortcodes which are inbuilt and compatibility with a shortcodes plugin for 100+ shortcodes so that one can arrange content in anyway they want. It is integrated with over 580 icons which can be used all through the website.

    7. SKT Trust
    non profit WordPress theme


    This theme is yet another feature filled, fresh and mesmerizing Ministry WordPress theme for fundraisers, charities, churches and NGOs. It has been designed specifically with enough areas where it shows donation buttons. The theme is fully compatible with charity and donation plugins available for free in WordPress and also WooCommerce as well to have a non profit shop. This theme can prove essential for Churches and fundraising organizations as they need to showcase what they are doing and also what they have done in the past. This theme has been tested for cross browser and device compatibility and offers over 580 font awesome icons with ample opportunities to add our own social icon. The name of this theme has been kept such keeping in mind the thought that donation and fundraising is a matter of trust.

    8. Complete Pro
    complete WordPress theme


    Complete WordPress theme is one of a kind of Ministry WordPress Themes that has been designed with due considerations of how a Church website should look like. It is highly enriching, lively and processed theme that fits right on all the parameters of creating a religious or spiritual website. It allows the user to have a very peaceful and complete experience due to the number of options it provides for placing the content and the color splashes. Complete Pro is a pinnacle theme that lets us to change the color of background, texts and even links to contribute for making a Church website more appealing with more than 100+ shortcodes.

    WordPress Themes like Avada for better theme in lesser price


    WordPress Themes like Avada are hard to find but we have some of the killer themes at lesser price.

    Since these are GPL themes you just need to purchase them once in a lifetime and not per license basis.

    Whether you function within the scope of personal or business zone, both traditional and experimental ways of online spectrum should be scrupulously taken care of in order to keep pace with constantly evolving trade, commercial and lucrative relations. Hence, almost all kinds of small, medium – sized and even large and experienced companies, as well as personal and individual online undertakings should search the best digital strategies and channels to grow their business, enlarge market – base, boost productivity, etc.

    In order to stay in a forefront of current and future clients and consumers, easily communicate with fans and followers, friends and relatives or for any other business or individual reason, WordPress content management system offers an amazing selection of templates in diverse categories. Some of them have already conquered a global fame and client recognition thanks to their exceptional qualities and structural frameworks, user and developer – friendliness and other essential touches. One of such themes is multi – purpose and responsive Avada with a striking number of active installs. All in all, it has long established itself as a bestseller in the given repository of modern WordPress themes.

    In this article we have sort out 2 respectable and reliable WordPress themes like Avada for you to consider any of them for absolutely any kind of future online project. From simplicity in usage to precision and completeness in case of every single aspect, the below – specified templates are totally worth our attention and further consideration.

    1. SKT Perfect:


    As one of the WordPress themes like Avada, SKT Beach can be a stunning inspiration for contemporary business and personal undertakings to give rise to an unbeatable manifestation of all the target products and services, offers or portfolio in the visually engaging fashion with diverse high – resolution images and videos. The sophisticated experts and specialist working on this awesome template spare no efforts to make this pliable and inherently invigorating, well – laid out fresh – faced website builder a cheer to play with without extra endeavors or obstacles to overcome.

    It is packaged with pre-installed templates to be used as per the future web objectives and working style, shortcodes to quickly add any target content or edit it, page builder compatibility for creating any kind of required layout. Nicely categorized homepage with respective sections and areas is also at your disposal to showcase your images and publish your content catering to your personal or business profile, services, works, portfolio or whatever you may think expedient to be shared with your audience.

    Although functionally strong and feature – rich, this website builder as one of the WordPress themes like Avada is surprisingly simple and cozy, stylized with taste and elegance. Moreover, you will be authorized to easily pick up from a convenient color wheel to change the existing colors and add your favorite ones matching your business or personal style. Another tricky investment into the visual enhancement of your profile can be done via slider plugins when added to the existing theme. Lots of top – rated slider plugins have been tested with SKT Perfect so that you can review them and find the best variant for yours.

    From SEO – optimization standpoint, the template is exclusive as well, since it is compatible with a wide array of SEO plugins such ass All in one SEO or Yoast SEO. Accordingly, the extendable SEO nature of the theme, when supported by any of such plugins, will celebrate every single touch required for the right search engine – friendly layout to let your website content enter into the valuable calculations by the major search engines and rank it accordingly to occupy leading top positions, to boosting your website traffic, etc.

    Other plugins including WooCommerce as an e – commerce solution, contact form, as well as gallery plugins also generate flawless collaboration when dealing with this template.

    All the clear and streamlined coding which modern WordPress community and its Codex call for are strictly done and maintained, including total responsiveness and cross – mobile compatibility as well.

    2. Complete Pro:
    complete WordPress theme


    The next top – rated and error – free, challenge and competition – ready and practical template among the WordPress themes like Avada is Complete Pro authored by SKT Themes. Totally refined and secured, worked – out and updated to be complete and comprehensive in all its manifestations, this template is a sum of high – end features and qualities for superb and sophisticated web performance. What is more joyful about Complete Pro is that it is offered at an affordable price so that even startups and novices can afford themselves this luxuriance. And as time is the fairest judge ever, it will for sure prove you that every single penny you had ever shelled out for this theme was worth it.

    Attention – grabbing and interactive, user and client – optimized, as a highly – recommended pattern in our list of the WordPress themes like Avada, Complete Pro balances between persistent and eye – catchy look and steadfast inner operation juxtaposed with handy toolbox of boundless controls and elements. From full color control options via color picker to typography arrangement via Google fonts, from beautiful full – width homepage slider to host your lovely images and photos to easy shortcodes, modern customizer at the theme’s core to exercise customization options and review all the done work live, you are lucky enough to enjoy all.
    The theme’s armory also includes also includes accurately nestled theme sections and areas, several inner page layouts and inner page headers, header and footer variables to choose from, as well as PO file inclusion to make your website translation ready.

    Tested with WPML and qTranslate X plugins, Complete Pro feels invincible when it comes to presenting your content in multilingual format. It will give you all the practical chances to market outside of your locality and get in touch with your international clients easily.

    Responsive and device and mobile – friendly design coding of the theme also comes into play in an effort to keep pace with the rapidly increasing mobile internet consumption rates. It means that your content will keep its fantastic look and feel when viewed on different small, large or medium – scale mobiles or gadgets.

    Cricket Club WordPress Themes for cricket and info websites

    A professional collection of the best cricket club WordPress themes for golf and cricket, country and tennis clubs, sports complexes and horse riding races, cross fit and leisure activities and fitness clubs, personal trainer and weight gain websites and blogs, etc.

    Whether you ran a cricket club on a professional, amateur or any other level, the best way to stay connected with the potential clients and partners, supporters and fans is establishing a well armed website.

    It will give you tons of advantages of the modern digital world to market your club and its services, as well as boost your business population not only on your locality, but also outside of it, since the Internet does not recognize geographical borders.

    This article sheds light on the most practical cricket club WordPress themes convenient for sports and leisure activities online. From cricket clubs and badminton or tennis websites to play cities and online casinos, any kind of entertaining or sportive profile can be showcased in the most effective fashion.

    All of the cricket club WordPress themes you’ll meet in this article are well formatted and well coded to prevent all the technical and functional barriers to the online success and better client conversion. They also come with a simplified layout that is easy to customize, update, manage and remodel even for the non techy website admin.

    1. Perfect Golf Club:
    golf WordPress theme


    The creation and maintenance of a purposeful and thoughtfully decorated golf or cricket website will be easier and more affordable with Perfect Golf Club than you might ever think. It is one of the stable and smart, time checked and client approved cricket club WordPress themes that satisfies the requirements of the latest version of WordPress CMS. As such, the theme is readily admin and user optimized, responsive and mobile friendly to take your site’s performance to the absolute excellence.

    If we look under the hood of Perfect Golf Club, we’ll discover accurately written coding that goes hand in hand with all the important aspects of the modern digital platform. Based on HTML5 and CSS3, this template is wonderfully HD and retina ready to host large scaled images and photos, as well as shortcodes based to reach the maximum exposure and functionality.

    2. Adventure:
    adventure WordPress theme


    Adventure is colorful and lively, well designed and smoothly navigable website tool to let you quickly get started with any adventure or leisure, entertainment or sports activities online. Showcase the best of your practice and business in the form of texts and images, offer services and facilities, subscription and membership plans, location and other information through the preloaded posts and content areas.

    The homepage beautiful slider is an irreplaceable tool in terms of adjustability and pixel perfect visualization, however, you can test other compatible sliders as well and demonstrate the best images of your cricket club.
    This responsive and mobile optimized , SEO and SMO friendly, widget ready and highly customizable framework is also suitable for tour operators and travel agencies, hotels and resorts, destinations and venues, as well as cross fitness world and its specialist.

    3. Gym Master:

    gym WordPress theme


    What makes Gym Master as one of the best and motivational cricket club WordPress themes is the infinite working potential and extensible nature to reach out all your business goals and objectives.

    Stunningly versatile and visually strong, Gym Master will not leave any website visitor indifferent. With this modern looking and tech savvy template you can make the most of the color combinations and font management, shortcodes application and page/post controls. The prebuilt layout together with essential features and elements is more than enough to become the official website of any cricket club or league, sport center or gym, online gaming or kids entertainment center, etc.

    With preloaded social media icons and blog posts availability for ongoing news, press releases, updates and match highlights, your website based on Gym Master will become a top ranked profile thanks to its SEO optimization.


    soccer WordPress theme


    Soccer is another helpful and solid, visually engaging and functionally cutting edge product among cricket club WordPress themes that unites a bulk of SEO, marketing and advertising mix variables. Otherwise stated, with Soccer your sports club will generate maximum results and rankings since this template comes with total responsiveness and cross mobile compatibility, user centric interface with easy to drive navigation, SEO friendliness and more.

    The developers of Soccer have clearly indicated and followed all the demands and requirements any website admin will have in order to take care of the presentable look and feel of his website. As such, Soccer comes loaded with easy to use toolkit, color and font controls, header, footer and sidebar layout choices, standard pages inclusion, as well as commercial readiness for ecommerce activities online.

    4. Yogi Pro:
    yoga WordPress theme


    Yogi Pro is calm and tranquil, smart and intelligent yoga and cross fit template ready to deliver the loftiness of your cricket club. Create the best image of your cricket academy, communicate its philosophy and objective to the clients and sportsmen, showcase the most motivational images on the homepage slider and be the place the visitors will land on over and over.

    This full color changing and Google friendly template is a master in inspiring your potential cricketers or new customers in every possible way. They can easily access your content via their portable devices, scan your website around the clock and enjoy the sleek navigation your site shares for them.

    5. SKT Beach:


    SKT Beach celebrates maximum readiness and resourcefulness to present your cricket club or sport center, racing club or gym, hotel and beach business in the most pocket friendly fashion.

    Satisfaction of any website visitor is measured by the positive experience they are having while surfing your profile. SKT Beach is crafted with all the primary demands of a modern website user in the theme authors’ mind. From responsive design to HD readiness, legible typography with Google fonts, social media integration to connect social media streams to your profile, SKT Beach shares it all.

    10+ awesome Gallery Optimized WordPress Themes for Portfolio Sites


    Gallery Optimized WordPress Themes have been shared for public

    One of the basic techniques to assemble and showcase the personal or business portfolio in the most professional way is to have it presentable and accessible in the online version, thus providing potential clients, partners or employers with the opportunity to preview it and form an insight about the abilities and potential of the individual or the working strategies of the corporate.

    In this regard, we have selected more than 10 awesome gallery optimized WordPress themes, which can play a fairly significant role in the process of online portfolio creation and management.

    While choosing one of those outstanding gallery optimized WordPress themes as a stable basis for your website, you will grant your visitors with the chance to navigate flawlessly through your website full of portfolio images and content, thus creating also a unique visitor experience.

    All of the below – mentioned themes are packaged with tons of image optimization and management options so that you’ll be sure to grab your portfolio website visitor’s attention easily.

    Designers, artists, photographers, developers and others are free to pick any of those tech-savvy and dynamically crafted WordPress layouts and run a competitive portfolio site with the help of advanced options.

    1. PicArt


    PicArt can be truly chosen undertaking that does not use enormous amounts of time and energy for the creation and maintenance of any portfolio website. This gallery optimzied WordPress theme with bright and engaging, lively and interactive external design, great responsiveness and cross device and mobile compatibility structure will for sure enable you to display your professional skills in the best possible manner. PicArt is updated to ensure compatibility with diverse portfolio galleries, 6 more image or video slides to showcase on the slider and includes many other features.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Perfectly suited for Photographers and artists
    • Elegant and modern design
    • Multiple portfolio galleries available
    • Header and footer variations


    2. SKT Full Width Pro


    SKT Full Width Pro is intuitive and highly versatile, entirely flexible and resilient, polished and strong, deeply image and gallery optimized WordPress theme to present all the relevant information, images and other content in relation to the individual or business portfolio in the best possible way. This perfect theme comes with full – screen homepage slider, which acts as a unique platform to showcase the most expressive samples included in portfolio, more than 50 social icons and more than 600 Google fonts availability, as well as lots of Gallery and Photo Album features and elements to add the needed images.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Integrated with 600+ Google fonts
    • Responsive and HD ready theme
    • Completely widgetized footer
    • Gallery and photo album features available


    3. SKT Lens Pro


    SKT Lens Pro as a gallery friendly theme will for sure guarantee a high – level of quality of any portfolio related website. It’s a very extensively developed, gallery and image –optimized, profoundly customizable multipurpose template authored by SKT Themes to run on the basis of your portfolio presenting site, which is preloaded with all the basic theme features, as well as shows perfect compatibility with diverse portfolio plugins, including Huge IT Portfolio, NextGen Gallery and others.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Color changing theme with color picker
    • RTL tested theme
    • WooCommerce compatible theme
    • Completely and extensively documented


    4. Panaroma Pro


    Alluring and elegantly designed, smart and resourceful, stable and solid, Panaroma Pro is another ideal solution for undertaking any portfolio site launching and development. This template is well – suited for dealing with a great number of images and photos and includes lots of portfolio and gallery management and display controls. You may display 5 most expressive pieces of your work embracing the whole homepage.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Opacity changing option
    • Portfolio/Gallery display option
    • Lots of shortcodes available
    • 50+ social icons


    5. Photo Session Pro


    Photo Session Pro, as it can be truly judged by its name, comes with lots of inbuilt photo and image optimization options and elements to create an impeccable final image of your portfolio presentation, very easy to use and configure platform, user – friendly and responsive layout to provide an ideal mobile and device access, convenient gallery section to practice with photos and images.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Fully SEO compatible theme
    • Sortable gallery also available via plugin
    • Easy to use theme options
    • Default contact form with captcha available


    6. SKT Black


    Among the best gallery optimized WordPress themes with dozens of gallery and photo optimization options, SKT Black Pro stands out for its super elegant and powerful design, feature – rich structure and exceptional performance. Thus, SKT Black with its effective slider with accompanying controllable features, lots of shortcodes, page templates inclusion and tons of customization options is supposed to be another right selection for displaying any kind of personal or business portfolio, works, skills and advantages.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Upto 15 images in slider
    • Completely customizable slider
    • 100s of shortcode available
    • eCommerce ready theme


    7. Complete Pro


    Complete Pro is clean and polished, feature – rich and complete, entirely functional and adaptable gallery optimized WordPress themes has been repeatedly tested for its total user – friendliness, its stunning compatibility with lots of modern and applicable gallery and other important plugins, lots of pre – enabled icons, shortcodes, Google fonts, buttons, boxes and other key elements coming along this theme.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Comes with WordPress customizer to easily customize the theme
    • Default page templates
    • Can be used for any type of industry
    • Coded with HTML5 and CSS3


    8. SKT Parallax Me Pro


    The next highly recommended one of the gallery optimized WordPress themes as a suitable image and photo optimization tool at your full command is SKT Parallax Me Pro. This technologically advanced and functionally saturated product comes integrated with homepage sections, among them filter – friendly portfolio section to cope with the requested images, device and mobile – friendly homepage slider to add expressive slides on, color picker tool inclusion and much more.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Add as many as 20 sections on the homepage
    • Ability to change background of the sections
    • Filterable portfolio section
    • Nicely done testimonial area


    9. Photo World Pro


    Photo World Pro, as one more gallery optimized WordPress themes, has its focus on the elegant and clean design, responsive and cross device compatible ground and is packed with photo album feature, lots of gallery plugins availability to install on the theme, search engine optimized platform, WooCommerce support for e – commerce purposes, unlimited number of inbuilt customization and configuration options.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Additional dual sidebar layout available
    • Photo Album feature available
    • SEO Compatibility checked
    • Social media integration done


    10. The Art


    The Art has been professionally outfitted with a handy package of image and photo optimization tools and controls, thus making this theme fully gallery-optimized one. By the application of this theme, you will be faced with abundant theme features and options to make the most of your portfolio related site. Some of its basic characteristics are the responsive and mobile – friendly structure, different header and footer variants, 2 types of gallery availability and perfect functionality with useful gallery plugins for better image management and display.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Sidebar, header and footer widget friendly
    • Shortcodes in built 100+ in number
    • Easy to use Customizer options panel
    • Check changes as you make them using Customizer


    11. Shudh


    Shudh is simple and minimal, smart and intuitive, yet very flexible and dependable portfolio and one of the gallery WordPress themes developed on entirely responsive platform. This user – directed product features special portfolio section to present the relevant portfolio content in the most beneficial manner, more than 600 fonts and over 100 shortcodes, default slider with several transition elements and shows high compatibility with a wide range of modern and requested plugins.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Portfolio section to add and showcase your work
    • Translation ready and multilingual ready
    • Separate sidebar for blog and pages
    • Blog single post layout also available


    10+ Responsive Metro WordPress Themes for Flat and Modern Style Design Lovers


    Metro WordPress Themes deliver metro style uber look and feel.

    These metro WordPress themes reflect the most current design trends and styles and colors. Most of the metro styled themes have colors but they are used aesthetically so that each and every section looks in itself unique and good.

    Metro style design in a digital form has been one of the most successful and widely applicable trends in recent years in website interface design.

    It is personalized by its minimalistic approach towards design solution, removing all the excessive elements and effects, among them certain colors, shapes, shadows, features, lighting effects, etc and focusing on relatively white space and simple lines, which give the screen visually flat effect.

    This kind of touch results in really clean and accurate website look and feel.

    This is a profound advantage many people prefer to have for their future modernly stylized website and hence metro WordPress themes.

    Thus, if you are an enthusiast of flat style contemporary website design, you will for sure appreciate the below – specified list of 10 + responsive metro WordPress themes to rely on and proceed to the creation and configuration of a website of any kind, content and description, which, however, will be in compliance with all the current modern website trends and standards.

    1. PicArt


    PicArt is nothing less than impressive styled metro WordPress themes with clean and minimalistic look. This extensively and minutely crafted product is well suited for photography, designer or portfolio websites with its responsive layout adapting itself to any screen dimensions and looking good on them, compatibility with a powerful set of modern plugins and extensions for dealing with a large number of images, commercial activities or something else.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Elegant and modern look
    • Easy to srt up page template
    • Post template control
    • Header and footer variation


    2. Complete Pro


    Complete and all – inclusive, power –packed and strongly developed, accurate and precise, dynamically designed, yet clean and minimalistic, Clean Pro comes forward as another WordPress supported metro theme with all the essential and core points and characters any modern and dependable website creation product should include. Thanks to its multipurpose and responsive character, the theme can be used to cover absolutely any kind of individual or corporate presentation online.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Full color changing
    • Ready to use sections
    • Built upon Customizer
    • Translation ready


    3. Me


    Me is praised for its flat and dynamic design solution, deep flexibility and easiness in customization and configuration as per the client’s needs. This theme is conveniently crafted to showcase your resume, CV or autobiography in the most professional way so that you can deservedly be present on the relevant online digital world and attract the attention of famous companies or successful individuals, as well as establish new and productive commercial relations.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Fast loading theme
    • Animated sections
    • Education section
    • SEO friendly coding


    4. SKT Launch Pro


    In case you have set your mind to launch some new product or service and want to create a flat and modern looking website in this relation, feel free to acquire SKT Launch Pro as one of the top rated metro WordPress themes available at present. With the help of this awesome product, you will be able to organize the presentation of all your ideas in the most effective and alluring way, at the same time promoting the people’s involvement into your ecosystem.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • 600+ Google fonts integrated
    • Widgetized sidebar
    • Blog style theme
    • Coded with HTML5


    5. Lawzo


    Lawzo has been stylized and developed to be efficient and preferable metro designed WordPress template at your disposal to cater to any lawyer, attorney or doctor – centric website. Being armed with practical and easy to access theme ingredients and inbuilt forms, the theme is considered as entirely user and developer friendly tool to manage and customize every single part of the website without facing any difficulty.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Suitable for legal firm and lawyers
    • Translation ready
    • About us section
    • Social icons integrated


    6. BabySitter


    BabySitter with its flat and creative design, intuitive and easy to use structure touches upon baby and kid – related topics, such as babysitters, baby and mothercare products, kindergartens, etc. Hence, if you plan to get involved in such or suchlike issues and create flat and metro style web page, all that is required from you is to set up this wonderful theme and enjoy its benefits.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Lots of shortcodes
    • Default contact form
    • Colorful design
    • Compatible with latest version of WordPress


    7. I Am One Pro


    If you are in the pursuit of checked and relied variant to push forward the flat and minimalistic look of your website, I Am One Pro is not less than the best one for you. It is a bright and fresh, sleek and polished, deeply adaptive and entirely controllable WordPress authored template which comes integrated with tons of easy to understand theme settings, easy to use theme sections and areas, as well as easy to practice theme features.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Menu manageable
    • 5+ page templates
    • Slider can hold more than 10 slides
    • Upto 30 sections for home page


    8. Kraft


    The next interactive and animated, smart and intuitive, versatile and functional flat website creation tool with simple and metro style approach is Kraft. The theme is multipurpose, subsequently, almost every kind of activity can be successfully distributed by its application. Kraft has totally responsive and cross mobile compatible foundation, as well as strong and clean HTML5 and CSS3 coding running on its basis.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Comes with FAQ section
    • Social media integration
    • Built in contact form
    • Google mobile friendly


    9. Blendit


    Blendit features a visually eye –catching and alluring, modern and elegant layout, which at the same time follows the WordPress metro style trend. This fast loading one page instrument is packaged with lots of Google fonts, icons and shortcodes integration, ready to use slider on the homepage with manageable transition controls, SEO and SMO optimization, etc.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Blog area for promotions
    • 6+ page templates
    • In built gallery, team etc.
    • Clean and elegant look


    10. Nature One Pro


    Clean and polished, smooth and neat, smart and resourceful, Nature One Pro comes designed with natural colors and responsive metro shades. This user and customer friendly WordPress product is ready to disseminate any nature, gardening or agriculture related topics, as well as nature preservation or other nature – related concerns all around the online world.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Fancy Google fonts
    • SEO friendly
    • Slider with 12 transitions
    • Services section


    11. The App Pro


    One more flat and modernly structured website establishment and development tool, which is accessible to the people at large, appears in the face of The App Pro, This responsive metro WordPress theme is an ideal option to bring your app, product or service presentation and online distribution into reality, thus greatly contributing to the public awareness of your business and their participation into it.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Widgetized footer
    • Background changing option
    • Google font option
    • Access to support forum


    12. SKT Food


    Should you intend to adhere to the principles and techniques of metro templates with flat and modern approach towards your website, you will for sure be satisfied with SKT Food and its entirely convenient technical and functional possibilities. This light and simple food, recipe, café and restaurant theme has been developed keeping the responsive platform, modern HTML5 coding, as well as SEO optimized structure in the developer’s mind.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Recipe section for multiple recipes
    • Responsive and mobile friendly
    • Cross browser compatible
    • 100+ shortcodes in built


    Why do people prefer Metro WordPress themes?

  • Metro look and feel first came to mobile from iOS7 and then on has been part of our lives
  • Similarly Windows 8 and thereby all the color themes presented in Windows mobile have had the same approach of metro style look and feel
  • Metro colors are flat and look great however respect the responsive approach and the browsers and hence getting a nice colorful website is possible however also respecting all the current browser requirements and device requirements are also possible and hence metro WordPress themes are becoming more and more popular
  • Metro style is going to keep on and people would want something to cheer for when they see vibrant metro colors as we have smileys which are also yellow in color as human science has found that big and large yellow colors give us happiness signals. Hence the feel good factor also comes in. Thus children websites also focus more and more on keeping yellow tone into their website and toys also have yellow because babies and children should be happy while they play
  • The above list has given some of the metro WordPress themes but many more are there in our store and all of them are color changing and hence one can select them according to their choices and needs
  • Personal profile WordPress themes for personal profile websites


    The best compilation of personal profile WordPress themes for anyone to effortlessly realize his or her personal marketing strategies

    Create a personal website that will last a lifetime.

    Creating totally marketable personal brand or identity in the digital arena is crucial for millions of people across the globe.

    Whether you are a photographer or portfolio owner, artist or fashion blogger, actor or actress, author or e-book writer, startup in any business or small company owner, intern in a large – scaled company, private service provider, job seeker or an ambitious student with far – going plans, you have to undertake all the available measures to get noticed and acknowledged through virtual channels.

    By the same token, having your online resume or CV available around the clock will highly increase the chances to be noticed by hiring agencies and managers. Hence, generally speaking, your personal profile – friendly website will be one of the most optimal personal branding tools to boost not only the awareness of your personality, but also professional and vocational skills, experience and other traits.

    This time we are going to uncover some of the best personal profile WordPress themes to give each and every individual a head – start in all his digital undertakings. Thus, if you want to stand head and shoulders above lots of others, this collection will suit your needs to get your personal profile up and perfectly running in a matter of minutes.

    1. Charm:


    Truly charming and elegant, yet powerful and competitive, Charm as one of the top – positioned personal profile WordPress themes will let people and partners visiting your website associate your name with trust and leadership. Double your profits and deliverables, engage more and more people into your pages and posts with a cunningly smart and intelligent power of this wonderful template easily, but effectively.

    Create your name that is worth noticing and remembering and make it shine through your dependable and visitor – optimized website area.

    This high –quality and clearly – coded web establishment and customization tool is no clueless when it comes to embedding files or creating any required content or object in the website by the application of the available shortcodes within the theme.

    Other basic features and elements of Charm are full color changing options, readily responsiveness across all the mobiles and platforms, more than 600 fonts and more than 580 icons inclusion, multilingual ready platform and much more.

    2. SKT Dual:


    SKT Dual is another highly – beneficial way to get the top of your personal affairs or private business, as well as to get your skills, advantages, profession, sophistication and expertise out to fans and followers, clients and customers, etc.

    From increased notoriety to better income, this modern and unbeatable template is ready to provide everyone with. It is extensively intuitive, deeply customizable and flexible, well – developed and Customizer –based individual and personal profile WordPress themes to cater to any personal, private or individual business or profile, resume and CV presentation, marketing or service provision, hobby or portfolio exposure and much more.

    Tested with a bulk of slider plugins, this theme will let your showcase your best images or photos in the homepage so that every single website visitor cannot be indifferent whenever landing on your website.

    3. SKT Landing Page:
    landing page WordPress theme


    Another bulletproof blueprint among personal profile WordPress themes comes launched as SKT Landing Page. Grow your digital reputation quickly with the great assistance guaranteed by the handy toolbox of this website builder.

    This landing – page based template is perfect when considering for commercial usage to sell your physical and digital products or services. However, it can be used for other personal or business initiatives as well, and will be totally digestible and easy to follow for a website admin of any background and even with no coding and design knowledge at all.

    4. Character:
    personal WordPress theme


    Standing out from the crowd will not be too expensive or hard to get with Character. It is one of the most affordable and cost – conscious, thoroughly – projected and well – laid out, functionally advanced and visually serious looking platform of WordPress compatibility and SKT Production. Established on pliable and polished framework, decorated by eye –catchy and alluring design, Character appears with its general – purpose and all – inclusive nature to be practiced without any difficulty even by those individuals who are far away from programming or WordPress industry. With lots of customization options to restructure the default theme, multilingual support with qTranslate X and other plugins, e – commerce ready and WooCommerce – compatible, HTML5 and CSS3 based, SKT Character is the one to proudly exemplifies your professionalism and expertise in the given industry and hence fits gladly the personal profile WordPress themes category.

    5. SKT Startup Pro:
    startup WordPress theme


    Establish yourself as an exceptional specialist or expert in what you are doing or simply organize online exhibitions of the output of your hobby in the form of images with SKT Startup Pro as another time and security – checked personal profile WordPress themes available in the current marketplace. Underpin all your content and images, portfolio items and service in the nicely – arranged theme sections and parts, including home, about us, services, portfolio, run your blog with tons of attention – grabbing pieces of content to keep your website fresh – faced and informative. SKT StartUp Pro also comes bundled with multilingual ready nature, as well as responsiveness and plugin compatibility to result in more and more streams of website visits.

    6. Marvin:
    personal WordPress theme


    Build a solid and respectable reputation within your functioning field or industry with pretty little investment with Marvin. This highly competent and avant – guard, battle and comparison – ready, ambitiously attractive and serious – looking, CV and resume – based personal website builder is nurtured with a cost – conscious approach so that you will have to pay almost next to nothing for it. It is packed with 100% responsiveness and mobile – compatibility, neatly – structured sections and areas, including work and profile section, skills section, pricing section, blog area, as well as features Google font integration, font and font color changing options, etc.