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Service Provider WordPress Themes for service industry websites

A dazzling assemblage of service provider WordPress themes is discussed in this article

These service provider WordPress themes are helpful in guiding all kind of service providers and help them boost their online performance.

Since the advent of the global networking system and modern technologies, the Internet has been an integral part of the modern life and the best medium of choice for many business representatives and service providers to market their goods and services.

In this situation, a modern website with all its advantages becomes a valuable online commodity to most businesses to get in touch with their potential consumers and clients and earn their admiration.

From niche – specific to general – purpose in their true nature, there are hundreds of service provider WordPress themes available in the current library of WordPress templates. However, with this abundance of suitable templates you may be spoiled for choice.

Therefore we have scoured the global networking system so you don’t have to and sorted out some of the best for you to review and understand how any of them can support you along your way to greater popularity and increased client engagement into your services.

Hence, all that is expected from you is to choose the most suitable one and create the best profile for your service provision activities even while you are working on a tight budget since all of the proposed templates are available at a cost – effective price.

1. Perfect Mechanic:


If you are fed up with unstable and complicated templates you meet on your way, meet Perfect Mechanic as one of the most practical and business – like website builders for your car – related services. It can provide you with one of the optimal ways to show your clients what you can offer them and their cars. From car – repair and mechanic to auto parts and auto dealer, any kind of relevant topic will be condemned to success with Perfect Mechanic. From a technical standpoint, this template can be characterized as a fruitful unity of simplicity and advanced technological solutions. It means that this template is custom – build to personify your expertise and professionalism in the car world easily yet effectively. From pixel – perfect and cutting – edge visual design and legibility to responsive and clear coding to run across different platforms, Perfect Mechanic incorporates it all and not only.

2. Movers and Packers Pro:
moving company WordPress theme


Next in our collection of service provider WordPress themes proudly comes Movers and Packers Pro. Visually clean and functionally advanced, this template is foreseen for moving and packaging, logistics and other relevant companies, delivery and shipping service providers to reduce the people’s stress when it comes to changing their dwelling space, moving or sending something. Dozens of practical elements and features are shared with this wonderful template. Among them are icons and Google fonts pack to choose the best icons and fonts to match your web design, homepage slider with animation controls, pause time and other options, inner pages header which is manageable, different page and blog templates, as well as widget – friendly areas. Customizer – based performance, responsive and cross mobile – compliant nature, SEO and SMO – friendliness are the bonuses of Movers and Packers Pro.

3. Pet Care:


Lovely and nice – looking while entirely light and quick performing, Pet Care is the next tool available for the WordPress – powered websites catering to pet and animal – related service provision. A wide range of services can be showcased within this template, ranging from pet care and walking, veterinary services to pet sitting and other services. Use the given firm framework and beautiful interface with homepage slider and let your website visitors feel that you care both about them and their beloved animals while their owners are working or cruising across oceans. There is no any restriction when it comes to adding new shades of functionality with plugin support. Hence you can turn to the help of multiple useful plugins at any stage of your site development and exploitation.

4. Auto Car:
car repair WordPress theme


All your informative content and information about your workshop, car repair and other services, their pricelist, your handymen and specialists can find their valuable presentation in your website based on Auto Car. It is the next top – rated website building solution for car industry representatives and service providers reasonably included in our list of service provider WordPress themes. Moreover, not only text materials will have their unique place in the website, but also images and photos can be the inseparable part of your profile and look incomparably alluring. All the nuances providing error – free operation when accessed by different mobiles and portable devices have been taken care of. The same can be stated about the overall persistent yet smooth and sleek navigation controls as well as easy setup.

5. HVAC and Cleaning:
HVAC and cleaning WordPress theme


Running your HVAC, cleaning, repair and renovation, construction or engineering website based upon HVAC and Cleaning will never be time – consuming for anyone. Even if you are clueless about how to deal with the given platform, you will be capable of mastering it as soon as possible since it has been developed with the requirements of non professional web user in the theme author’s mind. Give the list of commercial, industrial, residential and office cleaning services, demonstrate the images of places and areas where your specialists spare no efforts to make them shine and give your contact details for the clients to easily get in touch with you.

6. SKT Industrial:
industrial renovation WordPress themes


Last in our assemblage of service provider WordPress themes which is worth special attention is SKT Industrial to cover any kind of industrial service provision and not only. It is a full – fledged and presentable, sophisticated and smart template on the cutting – edge of WordPress achievement. The theme’s package includes tons of handy features for you to save your precious time and concentrate your efforts only on generating user – optimized content. It comes with color picker inclusion to change the theme colors, social media icons and Google fonts, preloaded shortcodes for gallery, testimonials, team, etc.

Blog and Writers friendly WordPress themes for writing websites

Writers WordPress theme
One of the most practical and user – friendly blogging and website creation ecosystems in the face of WordPress community comes integrated with tons of user – friendly and well – developed products for all those individuals and company representatives, who have a big desire to publish any content online without being a genius about WordPress, coding technologies, modern developing skills and other relevant knowledge. And since WordPress has long established its dominance in all the possible branches and directions of the online profile creation and manifestation, blogging and writing websites are no exceptions at all, as the relevant specialist have long planned and realized the most unique and adaptive templates catering to writing and author activities in the digital networking system.

In this article we will walk you through the top – rated and incredibly sophisticated blog and writers friendly WordPress themes.

To exercise all their potentials and advantages for ensuring the most professional and easily usable framework, on which a writing or author website and blog can be deservedly built and flawlessly operated. All of them share the most suitable layout to post any authored content, use it for commercial and e –shopping purposes, as well as gain universal fame and popularity.

1. Character:
personal WordPress theme


Let us first cast a glance on the multipurpose and multiconcept, yet simply to utilize and understand template, which is called Character. Whether you are a person, who have started to establish its writing career in the nearest past and tries to command all the online techniques and strategies to ensure the exceptional look and feel of his writings, books, notes or other blog posts, or you are an experienced writer or blogger with long – lasting writing and publishing experience, who, apart from the traditional means of writing dissemination, wants to utilize also immense possibilities provided by the online world, Character with its user and developer – optimized, responsive and Google mobile friendly, highly customizable and expressively smart design will for sure be your helping hand in all your undertakings.

2. Online Coach Pro:
online coach WordPress theme


Online Coach Pro is the next practical and dynamic tool for all writers, authors, blog owners, online coaches and trainers, as well as other specialists and experts who want to establish a strong communication ties with thousands of people all around the globe and let your voice be heard around them. Established on fresh and animated external appearance, which is totally supported by the impeccable inner functionality ensured by the handy application of tons of essential parts and features of this premium – quality blog and writers friendly WordPress theme, Online Coach Pro deems to be ideal no matter what your website content focuses on.

3. Girlie:
girly WordPress theme


Visually awe – inspiring and thriving, beautifully stylized and well – supported, smart and secure, expressively dynamic and bright, totally versatile and flexible, website owner and visitor – friendly, responsive and WooCommerce compatible, Girlie has been specifically launched with obvious feminine lines and shades to satisfy all the professional requirements of any woman writer or personal blog owner. This being so, we are pretty sure every feminine representative will inevitably feel the whole strength and solidity of this theme and will appreciate all the configuration and customization possibilities coming along it.

4. SKT White Pro:
white WordPress theme


SKT White Pro has long been checked and confirmed to be a stunning blog and writing website creation and management all – inclusive system, which balances between elegant and modern, visually eye – catching and innovative layout and strong and stable, safe and secure, responsive and cross mobile compatible website functionality no matter what mobile or tablet is being used for browsing the target author and writer posts. What makes this multi – layout and conceptually significant template uniquely top – rated product are its easy and lightweight usability, simplicity and customizability in all stages of the writing website or any author blog creation and development online.

5. Marvin:
personal WordPress theme


Marvin with its tech – savvy and feature – rich, yet approachable and easily affordable nature can transform itself to act as a channel for any single author, biographer, scriber and blog writer to connect to his readers’ base. One of the most striking qualities of this highly recommendable blog and writers friendly WordPress theme, apart from a wide range of top – qualities, is its total user and customer – optimization to the most possible extent even for those writers, who are not familiar with the technocracy of the worldwide web.

6. SKT Launch Pro:
author WordPress theme


From interactive and vigorous design to flexible and immensely resourceful structure, from polished and pliable design solutions to smooth and sleek navigation, SKT Launch Pro generates a perfect writer and blogger – centric template armed with all the integral parts and portions for perfect website experience both for the writing website owner, as well as the website reader. In case you want to go about self – publishing or advanced distribution of your e-books and other commercial products, look no further than SKT Launch, which comes integrated with whatever any author may need to have at his full command to reach our all his professional and occupational perspectives and reveal new commercial horizons.

7. Political Candidate:
political candidate WordPress theme


Political Candidate is also praised as another convenient variant for running on the basis of any writer – based website or blog and generating massive interest in your blog posts, books, novels, writing and other relevant content. Since this truly amazing and practical writing – optimized and WordPress supported them perfectly operates with WooCommerce plugin, then you are lucky enough to successfully practice all the e-based techniques and methods, which are possible within the scope of Political Candidate, thus exercising the cost – effective sales platform easily.

8. Me:
resume WordPress theme


Me is not just about its writing – effective nature, it’s also about strong visual impact and professional look, mixed with total responsiveness and easily customizable and controllable structure. This high – quality blog and writers friendly WordPress theme has been checked for its faultless compatibility with a set of modern plugins for executing diverse writer – related undertakings and blog – related activities in the most competitive and productive way. Moreover, Me is well –optimized for any kind of mobile and device usage and awesomely adapts itself to any screen dimensions.

Political WordPress Themes for candidates and personals and resume based self – promotion websites


This article presents a powerful and reliable bunch of political WordPress themes.

These political WordPress themes are worked out specifically for any political candidates, events, campaigns and resume based self – promotion websites.

Modern virtual reality has permeated all branches and areas of politics, not only party politics and electoral candidates, but also all other divisions and subdivisions, parliaments, local authorities and other services. And in order to gain the people’s trust and confidence, any of such structures and any eminent representative of them should somehow demonstrate its professional presentation in the online framework.

The primary aim and concern in this article is to move the focus on the practical backgrounds for any politician, candidate, promotional and election campaigns and any other related activities in the face of the best and the most seriously developed political WordPress themes to cater to any of the above – mentioned phenomena and undertakings in the most competitive and successful way, so that your specific content including your profile, resume, political programs and views, as well as any other information, will be stunningly highlighted in the digital networking system and be easily accessible to all your supporters from all over the world.

1. Me:
resume WordPress theme


Smart and serious, versatile and resilient, well- structured and well – supported, visually attractive and alluring, neatly and accurately stylized, Me is launched as one of the most suitable and comfortable candidates, personals and nominators to run their campaigns, projects, political debates and other activities online and let their supporters be aware of their promotions and achievements. It does not look to be rather expensive and complicated to build any candidate or politician website or blog with the help of this awesome and uniquely appearing WordPress supported and powered template. The theme is power – packed with all the essential theme features and options which make the development and customization of the website an easy task. Me is also very supportive and friendly of mobile and device usages, so that your website has all the chances to stand out for its exceptionality irrespective of the screen resolutions of the modern technical devices. Political WordPress themes category solid content theme.

2. Online Coach Pro:
crossfit WordPress theme


Online Coach Pro is considered as another fitting one of the political WordPress themes to state all your current and upcoming events and meetings, to cover any type of political and election, speaker, orator and spokesman needs, requirements, perspectives and relevant reports always to stay connected with people and gradually increase the number of his supporters and followers. The theme is dynamic and bright, amazingly polished and pliable, totally user and developer – friendly, being built on the most modern and practical technological and programming solutions to meet all the high standards by the WordPress community and be able to function with a wide range of plugins for better website performance and exceptional functionality provision.

3. Character:
personal WordPress theme


Character appears balanced between stunning and motivational design and graphical shades, overall eye – catching and expressive appearance, as well as strong and dependable, intuitive and intelligent design. Apart from the above – stated essentials and basic touches, Character includes conveniently arranged theme sections and areas to be filled with the most important and necessary information in relation to any political or personal initiatives. This premium quality WordPress related product is entirely capable of following all your instructions to be the final online product you wanted to have. Fully integrated with cross mobile and device compatible template, color changing and other options to take a full control over the website modification and customization, lots of shortcodes and fonts integration, as well as perfect compatibility with a modern and trendy bunch of useful plugins for strengthening this or that part or potential of the website, Character will keep your online profile, political party or election campaign – directed website always up to date. Political WordPress themes category gets completed due to such themes.

4. SKT White Pro:
white WordPress theme


From multilayout and multipurpose structure, dynamic and elegant look, technologically modern and cutting – edge performance to simple and highly flexible administration panel and the overall user – effective template, SKT White Pro has been checked and confirmed by thousands of clients for its super quality and overwhelming operational potential. This being so, the theme can turn out to be the best online technique you have ever exercised pertaining to your political and candidate activities and campaigns. Thus, if your aim is to demonstrate any profile or resume of any public figure, here is SKT White Pro with its strongly recommended collection of handy tools and controls to edit the theme as per your needs. White is a multipurpose template and hence it also fits into the political WordPress themes position.

5. SKT Full Width Pro:
Full Wide WordPress theme


The next online solution for candidates, personals, public figures, local and state officials and other politicians appears to be SKT Full Width Pro. With the great support of this safe and sound, reliable and secure theme any individual or agency, party or other political authority will be granted with boundless possibilities to provide an increasingly sophisticated and informative online adoption of any political or candidate business and voice all the plans and ideas in that easily manageable and applicable platform. Practice all the modernly and practically stylized and structured theme sections to showcase all the needed information and content, arm your website will full – width images on the slider to span the whole homepage and change the overall look and feel of the website whenever you may find it reasonable.

6. The Art:
art WordPress theme


All the individual and community perspectives and campaigns can be addressed to the relevant community and individuals by the great support of the Art. This deeply preferable and professionally composed, smooth and sleek out of the political WordPress themes is enhanced with lots of inbuilt peculiarities, which can speak to your favor when activated and customized accordingly. The theme is loaded as a complete solution for any candidate or politician, as well as self – promotion website creation and maintenance in consistent with all the primary claims and demands put forward by the WordPress system. Based on SEO optimized framework, The Art will greatly affect your website presence and visibility in web search engines.

Top-rated WordPress themes which are feature-rich and multi–concept

top rated WordPress themes
WordPress system as a completely customizable and totally adaptable product provider comes forward with tons of relevant top-rated WordPress themes to be exercised as skins of diverse WordPress – related content.

In addition, installing and using top-rated WordPress themes is fairly straightforward and simple, and, however, lots of templates have been developed with an extensively multi – concept, multi – niche nature to cater to any suggested topic and initiative on the one hand, as well as all – inclusive theme structure and feature – rich toolbox with great functionality on the other, they are really user and developer – friendly with minimum requirements and little time to be spent on the whole installation and management processes.

For your convenience and benefit, in this article we have presented top–rated WordPress themes.

These top-rated WordPress themes are multi – concept and general – purpose, so that every single person can go through a short orientation and find the best variant for any target website to reach its full potential.

1. Play School:
education WordPress theme


Multipurpose and multi -layout, modern and bright, smart and intuitive, incredibly flexible and user – optimized, Play School generates a stunningly feature – rich framework where any website owner will for sure find the tools and controls he’ll ever need for his particular online presentation, being it educational or e-learning, child and kid – directed or something else, for making it easier to exercise, visually impressive, better functioning and more profitable. Established on modern and dynamic platform, this premium – quality top-rated WordPress theme meets all the major requirements specified by the modern WordPress community.

2. Stay Here:
hotel WordPress theme


Stay Here is specifically resilient and versatile, amazingly well – realized and well – developed, technologically cutting edge and totally smart website creation and maintenance tool, which is multi – concept in its description and operation, ready to cover any kind of personal or corporate undertaking and make it stand out among many other competitive online profiles. Hence this one also falls under the category of top-rated WordPress themes.

3. Simple:
simple WordPress theme


Simplicity and fast – loading are what make Simple as truly praiseworthy and one of the top –rated WordPress themes, that can bring about a several- minute installation, quick modification and perfect performance, seasoned by elegant and fresh design shades and touches, as well as smooth and sleek navigation.

A website of any content, nature or description can be transferred to something uniquely stylized and professionally advance with the great professional assistance this truly versatile content creation and management tool actually generates. Simple has been checked for its compatibility with all the major mobiles and browsers, as well as with a range of practical plugins.

4. SKT Construction Pro:
construction WordPress theme


SKT Construction Pro has been thoroughly planned and produced to be an ultimately convenient framework even for a first – time – user to intuitively understand how to proceed with the successful setting up and running of the top-rated WordPress theme. This professionally though – out and tastily designed template has been structured having in mind all the needs and claims of all types of web pages, ranging from construction and architecture companies to freelance designers, independent contractors, portfolio owners, etc. Lots of customization and management options are preloaded with SKT Construction Pro, that function incredibly handy and powerful when accessed and easily exercised.

5. Girlie Pro:
girly WordPress theme


Packed with inherently feminine and elegant external appearance, beautiful and alluring design styles, totally responsive and cross – mobile compatible coding, Girlie Pro is another top – rated WordPress theme well – suited for any woman or girl to build up her profile in the digital area and outcompete hundreds of competitive websites thanks to the feature – rich and flexible nature, as well as lots of functional capabilities coming along this highly recommended and compactly structured template. This is another one of the top-rated WordPress themes.

6. SKT White Pro:
white WordPress theme


SKT White Pro is an admixture of any single characteristic external and internal feature a person will require for establishing a strong and durable online existence of any description from scratch. This general – purpose and multi – niche, all – inclusive, yet incredibly functional and intuitively processed out of the few top-rated WordPress themes is based on modern HTML5 and CSS3 coding and styling to give a try to elegantly and smoothly loading websites, as well as on 100 % responsive and Google – mobile friendly layout to socialize your web platform and generate more mobile and device – based traffic.

7. SKT Magazine Pro:
magazine WordPress theme


In order you have intended to further your personal or company objectives via the Internet and thousands of opportunities it leads to, look no further than SKT Magazine Pro to use the magazine or blogging style, multi – concept approach and brightly personalized interface this top-rated WordPress theme can provide you with to stylize your website and advance its performance along with high – quality content provision. This smooth and sleek, pliable and polished, fast – loading and easily navigable instrument is armed with a set of handy and practical tools and instruments capable of empowering any web owner or representative of any skill or knowledge level to flex and extend all the facilities any web existence may result in.

8. Naturo:
clean minimal WordPress theme


Naturo has been designed and executed especially for those users, who appreciate minimalistic approach and clear design concept, devoid of anything compound or heavy. Generally speaking, this top-rated WordPress theme and high – ranked, feature – rich and control – effective template with a fluid and impeccably responsive framework is designed to resize and adapt to itself to any mobile and screen size, at the same time keeping the whole elegance look and exceptional feel of the website.

9. BeFit Pro:
personal trainer WordPress theme


BeFit Pro has been destined to be efficient and productive for ideal usability, flawless and responsive to for any mobile or tablet usage cases, attractive and inspiring for mass audience involvement, easy and intuitive to be customized and managed, as well as pliable and polished in the whole operation.

Well –tuned and sophisticated, SEO and SMO optimized, BeFit Pro will grant any website user with a dynamic toolbox full of all the primary controllable elements and options to leverage your professionally produced and posted content, as well as to monetize it and use for a wide range of commercial purposes.

Sports WordPress themes for creating sports as well as gaming, academy websites


Start putting together your sport or athlete, golf club or sport complex website with ease when supported by one of the best sports WordPress themes discussed in this article.

Advantages of sports and athletics, gym and fitness activities are highly appreciated in the contemporary world. From personal, health, mental and spiritual benefits to group work appreciation, each and every single sensation generated in this field can never be estimated. And fortunately, lots of people find time to exercise their body and mind to stay healthy and productive, psychologically stable and persistent. This demand for sports is naturally giving rise to tons of sport centers and health clubs ready to greet its customer and become one of the essential parts of his or her daily life. And as a backbone of every marketing strategy, this is exactly the point where strong and powerful, energetic and client – optimized website comes into play.

Our list of sports WordPress themes can be an ideal guidance for all the interested parties, including celebrity sportsmen and famous clubs, fan clubs, golf centers, racecourses, sport academies and other health and sports – related phenomena. With little financial means and efforts invested, starting your sport – related motivational website will be out of question. And if you wonder what is there hidden inside of those templates, we are thrilled to reveal the best characteristic features of each of them for your easement. Faster, higher, stronger! The Olympic slogan is the best to describe the true spirit of each of them.

Sports WordPress Themes round up and explanation

1. SKT Perfect:


In case you want your sport – centric website or blog go beyond traditional or conventional, where no other website has gone before, then SKT Perfect is at your hand to lead you to success. As its name suggest, the theme is coded and launched to be perfect in all its entirety and no matter what content is being produced based on it. And whether you see a website as a continuation of your offline business or as a separate undertaking, be sure that in both cases your profile hosted by SKT Perfect will be the brick and mortar of your marketing strategy. From inspiring and attention – grabbing design to impeccable navigation controls, responsiveness and mobile – friendliness, every single thing has been taken care of to satisfy your website visitors.

2. Diet and Nutrition:
diet and nutrition WordPress theme


Wow the online crowd interested in your offers and subscriptions, diet and nutrition, weight – loss or other programs with an extraordinary unity of attractive form and error – free function. Diet and Nutrition as one of the loveliest sports WordPress themes affordable at a convenient price will never leave you astray no matter what you expect from your digital presence. Drive your earning and grow your sales, attract more and more subscribers or potential clients without any headache. Make headway with the given platform and neatly – arrayed theme sections and areas, show your team members and add your motivational images of your successful clients, achieved goals, recorded triumphs and much more. All the aspects of plugin compatibility, SEO – friendliness and responsiveness are present in the theme as well. The latter means that Diet and Nutrition will take thorough responsibility with total control over how your content and images will look and feel when browsed by this or that portable device or tablet.

3. Strong Pro:
crossfit WordPress theme


Drill down to your specific goals with the assistance of Strong Pro as one more valuable piece in the collection of sports WordPress themes to combine visually captivating design and faultless usability. Exercise the given framework dotted with convenient parts and sections, list your club or team, center or target athlete details, biography or origin, achievements and medals, your experienced trainers and dieticians, offered products and services, subscription types and whatever you may find appropriate for the public coverage. Dissemination of your message through visual channels can be best practiced via the default slider on the homepage ready to show off your stimulating images. Preloaded shortcodes are foreseen for having gallery section as well as testimonials for your customers and clients to leave their feedback and reviews.

4. Online Coach Pro:
online coach WordPress theme


With a zealous website you can accomplish almost the impossible! Fame and recognition, social proof and higher conversions, increased deliverables and yet much more with a tiny investment. Online Coach Pro is one of such affordable products out there ready – made to compensate every coin you have ever spent on it. Affordable and simple in usage, client and admin – optimized, Online Coach Pro is specifically fitting all kinds of private trainers and fitness role models to share their programs and plans, online trainings and much more.

5. BeFit Pro:
personal trainer WordPress theme


Let’s take a closer look at BeFit Pro as another tool of customer centricity in our list of sports WordPress themes. Connect your content with your target – market and search engines at the same time and don’t pay for that! Both sides will be able to scan your suggested texts and images and estimate them appropriately. Thus by the application of BeFit Pro you will kill two birds with one stone! Apart from appeasing the requirements of search engines, this template comes with color changing options, animation – ready columns and accurate sections to highlight your content, social media integration and 100% responsibility across diverse browsers and mobiles.

6. SKT Fitness Pro:


If you are mad about a sports website that is up in arms, be sure you can achieve it with SKT Fitness Pro. All – inclusive and multi – service, this website building and managing tool is the one to let you master the art of digital persuasion with your high – quality content and high – resolution images. With smooth and sleek navigation scheme, animated columns and handy sections, overall elegant design and graphical solutions, SKT Fitness Pro also comes bundled with lots of Google fonts and social icons to choose from. The theme is also as responsive and cross – mobile compliant as it is profy in commercial environment or plugin support.

Events and Venue WordPress themes for arranging conferences and live events

events venue WordPress themes

Getting the best events and venue WordPress themes out of the many and presenting them here.

Online technologies and digital space, parallel with the WordPress content management system are fast – moving phenomena presently to inspire perspective online ideas catering to any personal or business undertaking. As for WordPress in particular, it suggests a very dynamic and user – effective environment, within the scope of which all the aims can be reached out in the most professional way, yet with the most limited financial means and time spent.

This is also true for all the arrangements of events, conferences, meetings and online trainings, since the dedicated WordPress developers and designers have utilized all their efforts to create events and venue WordPress themes based on the principles of flexibility, user and consumer – friendliness, social media and search engine – optimization, 100% responsiveness and cross – mobile and device compatibility, as well as other top standards proposed by the WordPress community to let all the theme purchasers to exercise those products to the maximum and arrange whatever is crucial to their business very quickly and effectively, thus, considerably affecting the popularity and online visualization of their initiatives in the networking system. Below are some of the most reliable and top – rated such templates, available in the marketplace at present.

1. Online Coach Pro:
online coach WordPress theme


Online Coach Pro is top –rated and premium – quality event management sophisticated WordPress template armed with all the basic touches and controls to make the whole process of organizing online events and trainings a really fun. Apart from being easy to use and manage, this readily intuitive and responsive is loaded with tons of customization and modification options, so that every online coach, trainer or speaker will be able to personalize his profile and turn it into a rapidly evolving product.

2. Gravida:
corporate WordPress theme


Arranging conferences and meetings, managing events and venues is where Gravida comes to play with its powerful and all – inclusive arsenal at your disposal to meet all the challenges any event arrangement or online training may cause. Established on the modern and dependable Customizer to make all the target changes into your web pages and have their live preview, this modern and stylish, highly innovative and visually eye – catching events and venue WordPress theme generates all the required theme sections and areas, including also prebuilt homepage slider for showcasing the upcoming events or seminars, so that all you need to do is to provide competitive and motivational content, and Gravida takes care of the rest.

3. Political Candidate:
political candidate WordPress theme


Minutely projected and seriously developed, professionally stylized and all – inclusive, functionally saturated and truly flexible, easily navigable and fast loading, Political Candidate is an ideal tool for arranging political campaigns and online meetings of the candidates, election speeches and debates online, charity and fundraising events, etc, thus communicating with larger groups of audience and contributing to the growth of the website traffic and engagement statistics.

4. SKT Landing Page:
landing page WordPress theme


Multipurpose and multiuse, very practical and simple, customization – ready and slider plugin compatible, SKT Landing Page with its clear and minimalistic look is well suited for creating websites which have a certain focus on informativeness rather than on bright and animated design and graphical solutions. This approach will definitely speak to the website owner’s favor in many ways, keeping the visitors’ attention on the ongoing live and upcoming events, their descriptions, participants, venues and other necessary information.

5. Local Business Pro:


No matter whether you are a startup in any field or you are an experienced businessmen aware of all the cons and pros of your operational environment, you can greatly benefit from Local Business Pro and manage all the events, occasions, business meetings, consulting services, trainings, master classes or whatever you have planned to execute online and monetize it. This very flexible and resilient live events and conferences website content building and arranging WordPress product is very comprehensive and compact in usage, ready to be mastered by every single individual at any professional or experience level.

6. Blendit:
single page WordPress theme


Power – packed with modern and stylish, deeply innovative and awe – inspiring design supported by excellent website performance and inherently flexible layout, Blendit is one more events and venue WordPress theme for multipurpose usage. This full color changing and social media – susceptible template comes integrated with all the theoretical suggestions and practical tools which are required to plan and implement any live event, be it a conference, meeting, counsel, congress, training, lead – up or anything else.

7. Marvin:
personal WordPress theme


With truly multiniche and multilayout, technologically cutting edge and purposeful, very practical and intuitive in usage, clearly coded and well – supported, precisely and neatly designed Marvin you will be far away from anything time – consuming, bewildering or irritating. Moreover, by the application of this perfect theme you will have all the potentials to expand the sphere of your online influence and let thousands of people take part in your events or trainings irrespective of their location and even while in movement, since every single character of responsiveness have been confirmed in Marvin for the mobile and tablet user – optimization.

8. The App Pro:
app WordPress theme


The App Pro is deeply resourceful and smart, readily pliable and polished, interactively designed and innovative events and venue WordPress theme, which will allow you to arrange all your online conference and meeting plans in the most accurate and user – directed manner. This very practical and immensely intuitive, social media – integrated and stunningly adaptable WordPress – powered event management template comes with very easy to use and understand admin panel options to take full control over the whole website visualization and functionality.

9. Healing Touch:
medicine WordPress theme


Fast loading and smoothly navigable website user experience, streamlined and visually appealing external appearance, conceptually well – thought out and easy to manipulate, conference, live events and meetings – friendly nature are what make Healing Touch another noteworthy website builder tool. This sophisticated event organizer has been checked for its responsive and mobile user – friendliness, HTML5 and CSS3 strong coding, as well as compatibility with a wide range of plugins for selling your online products, including diverse courses and trainings.

Catering WordPress Themes for food caterers and catering websites


Catering WordPress Themes round up for food caterers

The best assortment of catering WordPress Themes is considered in this article for food catering services and “walking restaurants”, mobile and wedding caterers and other relevant businesses.

The Internet exploded as a revolutionary business and marketing practice linking potential clients and consumers to target suppliers and service providers. And whatever the nature of your business, you are obliged to advertise or otherwise promote it through various digital channels to result in customer satisfaction and growing loyalty.

As for the food and culinary world, it is no longer associated merely with restaurants and cafes. Food preparation and services are currently centered also around parties and evenings, celebrations and festivals, holidays and feasts. And with growing popularity of food and beverage catering industry across the globe, digital spectrum acts as a comprehensive and optimal guidance for suchlike services and undertakings to deal with a virtual audience spending much time on the online platform.

We have taken the trouble out of searching for the most popular and future scalable catering WordPress themes for newly launched or already existing food caterers and catering service representatives to greatly monetize their digital profiles with ease. Be sure that each of below – specified templates is hot – blooded enough to stabilize the workflow in relation to your website creation and further management.

1. SKT Food:
food WordPress theme


Boom your catering services through a presentable and entertaining website based on SKT Food as one of the top – rated catering WordPress themes. General – purpose at its true nature, this template can be used to cover any kind of food and drink – centric websites and to grab the visitor’s attention with drool – inducing photos. Powered by out – of – the – box features and high – end functionality, SKT Food comes packaged with more than 100 shortcodes, color changing options, contact forms, page layouts with total control on the sidebar area, custom post types, Google fonts and social icons inclusion and yet much more to be loaded with this template. Coded with modern HTML5 and CSS3 coding and styling combination, SKT Food comes ready to respond to any suggested screen size or resolution thanks to its ultimate responsive layout.

2. Perfect Food:


Fascinate your audience with the best description and images of your professionally catered events and parties through your posts when supported by Perfect Food. Not any single aspect or functionality has been left behind or forgotten while developing and updating this template to function at a near – perfection level. Moreover the theme has been created with an average website admin in the authors’ mind so that even if you are clueless about all the ins and outs of website creation and customization, you will be authorized to complete everything loosely. Balanced between elegant look and top – notch inner operational framework, this user and customer – optimized template shares simple and lightweight character as well preventing any food caterer from any major technical obstacles.

3. SKT Lens Pro:
responsive portfolio WordPress theme


All kinds of vending, event catering and cafe services can be wrapped up and served online by the application of smooth and subtle, elegant and eye – catchy while surprisingly valid and complete SKT Lens Pro. As one of the strongly – advisable catering WordPress themes, this template is capable of identifying all the technical roadblocks leading to better visibility and increased traffic. Otherwise stated, the theme comes with full SEO integration making it easier for the relevant search engines to see and read your website and its content. Color changing options, homepage slider for the most creative and original images of the events and occasions your participated in, preloaded icons to stylize and decorate your profile, as well as shortcodes are integrated within the theme as well.

4. Perfect Pizza:


Meet your customers at the point of their need and provide them with all the important information and details with Perfect Pizza. Whether you provide pick up meal services on this or that occasion, fine or other foods catering, wedding, rehearsal dinners, showers, corporate or any other catering services, this template will satisfy all your needs to proudly present a wide array of your services. However, the theme is flexible and intelligent enough to undergo any changes and deliver the smell of your restaurant or cafe, pizzeria or other food – centric place. Footer area with social media integration and other useful details, blog availability for daily updates and gallery section for the best visuals will also be at your disposal to exercise fully.

5. Coffee Shop:
cafe WordPress theme


Cozy and enthralling, simple and inherently versatile, challenge –ready and well – managed, Coffee Shop is another catering website management solution having its place in our list of catering WordPress themes for foods caterers. Rather than starting everything on your own or hiring professionals to work on it, with this wonderfully pliable and polished template you won’t need to write a single line of code, but will be capable of adding your preferred touches and functionality to it. Even if you are far away from electronic commercial relations and activities which are drawn on digital marketing, mobile commerce, etc it will not be a tough gig for you to run a website with e – commerce potential since responsive and mobile – friendly Coffee Shop celebrates readiness to cooperate with WooCommerce plugin to sell your services and products.

6. We Bake:


Equip your goal – oriented presence with We Bake and enjoy boundless privileges coming along. Creating and styling your exclusive food and drink catering website will be neither fiddly nor expensive with We Bake since this template is easy to use on the one hand, and cost – effective on the other. Easily drag and drop your way to the ideal design and adapt the given platform to your specific claims or business objectives. Ready to give delicious and elegant associations to your web visitors, the theme includes default slider with animation controls, commercial – ready nature, social media integration, contact form to get in touch with you, widget – friendly footer and header areas and shortcodes inclusion.

Bar and pub WordPress themes for bar and pub websites


An amazing collection of bar and pub WordPress themes for bar and pub websites.

These bar and pub WordPress themes are suitable for all kinds of restaurants and cafes, bistros and pubs, tavern and wine houses, gin palaces, porterhouses and other food – centric businesses to give rise to their drool – inducing online profiles.

Today’s competition between food and drink – related businesses is fierce, and you are either in the top – positions or you are behind. And whether you are about to boost your deliverables and enlarge market – base or want to start your restaurant, bar, bistro or pub from scratch, modern digital platform with its boundless applicable channels is right there for you to effectively market online.

In this relation having a client – centric and responsive website with smooth navigation must be a top – priority for any suchlike business since it all the aggressive marketing strategies heavily rely on the website to anchor them.

Hence if you are planning to grow your bar or restaurant or other relevant business in an organic process ready to respond the client’s needs and expectations from your, our list of bar and pub WordPress themes is specifically for you to delve into.

1. SKT Food:
food WordPress theme


SKT Food is amazingly thought – out and professionally stylized, visually engaging and structurally accurate template ready to serve the needs of any pub or bar, restaurant or café and capture the natural charm and true hospitality of your business. This website building solution comes with prebuilt structure and alluring visualization, however, you are the main owner of SKT Food with a never – ending authorization of managing and customizing your website to keep its flow concentrated on your purposes and aims. Thus, you are powered to choose your favorite color touches and make them valid to sweep all diner – outs off their feet and persuade them to visit your physical locality. The bar and pub WordPress theme also has blog availability to run your personal food or drink, recipe or cooking blog and update your posts in a recent fashion for your readers to enjoy your online attendance.

2. Furniture Pro:


Ready to exude your pub or bar whimsical style, Furniture Pro is one of the most bar and pub WordPress themes to take care of the online face of your food and drink – centric business in an effort to keep up with ever – changing customer worlds and to satisfy all their claims. This higly competent and integrative, visually elegant and enthralling website builder is nurtured with a cost – effective character. It means that you are going to save your financial means and pay a totally reasonable price in order to make Furniture Pro the basis of your future website. Equipped with handy tools and controllable elements, this template comes bundled with WooCommerce compatibility for commercial purposes, more than 580 font – based icons and more than 100 shortcodes to practice whenever needed, responsive and SEO – compliant nature and yet much more to be provided by this template.

3. Restro:
restaurant WordPress theme


Meet beautiful and inherently credible Restro as another top rated sample among bar and pub WordPress themes. Fresh – faced and dynamic, sophisticated and well – laid out, WordPress – powered Restro is custom – built to underpin your efforts in any initiative without coming out of your comfort zone. Otherwise stated, you can put your ongoing or final touches to the given framework from behind the scenes without any difficulty or error or without the need to hire professionals to act upon. Resilient and fully responsive, it is ready to cover any restaruant, cafe, bistro, pub, tavern, hotel, coffee shop or suchlike presentations with minimum endeavors. Home, about us, our menu, gallery and other sections are at your disposal to share your informative content with your audience, blog section to keep your profile up to date, etc.

4. We Bake:


Balanced between presentable visualization and high – end inner functionality, We Bale is a theme that is available in the current marketplace of cost – conscious templates built and polished to unmistakably proceed with all your instructions and exceed all your expectations. All in all, if you are inclined to establish long – lasting communication ties with all your potential visitors and clients, look no further than We Bake. This template is ready to effortlessly exemplify all the hospitality and client – oriented approach of your pub or bar and give all your website visitors a feeling of comfort. Take the initiative in your hand and offer your menu items, special offers and other services in an attention – grabbing and appetizing way with We Bake. Build your premium -quality website and make it responsive across all the platforms and devices.

5. Coffee Shop:
cafe WordPress theme


Coffee Shop as one of the top bar and pub WordPress themes is structured and updated to deliver persistence and precision no matter what kind of content you are going to showcase. Multipurpose at its core, this template never feels clueless when it comes to proudly exposing your restaurant or pub in an effective fashion, yet with minimum costs and work to be done on it. Hence you are powered to exercise all the available home sections, such as home, about, price, gallery and contact to add your much – needed content and let all your web surfers navigate through your posts smoothly. Bound to impress all your present and future clients and customers, Coffee Shop is also plugin compatible, as well as totally responsive and mobile – friendly.

6. Furnish (Interior Pro):
interior design WordPress theme


Framed to wonderfully comply with all the modern requirements prioritized by WordPress community, responsive and cross mobile compatible, Furnish is the one to get your restaurant or café, pub or bar shining in the online domain letting all your web visitors catch a glimpse of it as soon as they land on your profile. This well – projected and processed theme of SKT production fosters self – reliance based on self – hosted approach. Moreover, the theme has been trained to be totally controllable for every web admin without getting his hands dirty in complex coding procedures.

Quarry WordPress Themes for stone, mining, rock and clay websites

This time let’s delve into the collection of the best quarry WordPress themes suitable for stone quarry, mining, mineral, rock, clay pit, quarry services and installations, as well as other relevant industrial websites and blogs.

As a firmly established business owner, you cannot ignore the modern rules and techniques of the digital world or override them. Particularly, if quarry or mining business is what ensures your profit, looking for the most productive ways of ensuring your business exposure online should be one of the primary concerns.

Distill your passion and quarry business ideas into a wonderful website with those quarry WordPress themes and you will see how boosted results are waiting for you as a result.

Each of these quarry WordPress themes will smoothly take you from start to success. Even if you have no previous experience in creating websites and keeping them alive, each of those templates will walk you through the simplest steps to the startup journey. Ramp up your website with the latest design and development solutions and be sure you have created an online platform that is unbeatable both in form and function.

1. SKT Industrial:
industrial renovation WordPress themes


SKT Industrial is one of the trustworthy and pre customized quarry WordPress themes to go hand in hand with any industrial or mining, stone quarry based website.

This template is really a child’s play when it comes to controlling every single part and section of your site. From simple and nearly automated installation and activation processes to daily customization and management controls, this website tool will be a breeze to deal with.

Highly widgetizied and shortcodes based, SKT Industrial features stunningly working homepage slider for showcasing the whole potential of your business or company in images. Moreover, you are free to manage animation and pause time of the slides to reach the maximum effect.

The proper SEO coding has also been done to this template so that your website can quickly tap into the source of the valuable internet traffic flows.

2. Build:
construction WordPress theme


Another practical tool to reaching out the best presentation of your building or construction, renovation or architecture, mining or stone quarry services website is called Build.

This technically cutting edge and fully smart template will help you in creating and maintaining user centric and search friendly website so that your potential customers can really enjoy their time passed in your profile.

Keep your presence highly informative with the given sections, areas and content parts or customize them to feet your content categorization. There are home, about us, services, project sections already available for you to showcase the most important details of your company, its offers and services, projects and undertakings, etc.

Typography of the theme is also subject to your changes with the preloaded font pack which contains Google friendly and customizable fonts.

3. Welder:
welding WordPress theme


With an advanced package of customization and control options, Welder is characterized as one of the admin optimized and cost effective quarry WordPress themes.

This default template is already worked out to be search engine friendly, however, you can enhance the results when connecting your site with relevant SEO plugins. As for the SMO preparedness of Welder, it is also done so that your articles and materials can be easily shared by social media profile owners.

By the application of this responsive and cross browser checked template you will be able to keep your finger on the pulse of what your prospective clients want while enabling them to quickly get in touch with you through contact form or a direct call.

All in all, this template shares all the primary assets to result in more website visitors and hence, more sales and leads.

4. SKT Construction Pro:
construction WordPress theme


Stay true to your business identity and demonstrate it from a positive angle to your potential clients, investors and partners with the great assistance of SKT Construction Pro.

Your enthusiasm and creativity together with the powerful framework that this template provides will certainly translate into the brightest success in your specific quarry industry. Super adaptive solutions are available from within the admin panel of the theme to make your profile exclusively well constructed and decorated.

Get your quarry business profile, services provision website or online store up and running with the right color choices, established typography, widget friendly areas management as well as the application of pre enabled shortcodes. Standard pages among them 404, blog, about us, search as well as full documentation are provided with SKT Construction Pro that is also responsive and page builder compatible.

5. SKT Biz Pro:


Another rock star among quarry WordPress themes that is intended for the modest budgets comes known as SKT Biz Pro. Developed and designed with business world representatives in the theme author’s mind, this template is also cost conscious for all the startups and small sized stone quarry companies taking their first steps towards global recognition and fame.

The combination of white and blue colors in the theme design will make your site look elegant and peaceful eliminating the need for excessive color and graphical solutions. However, you can play with the dominant colors or add certain shades to them, settle the color of fonts, icons, buttons and more to befit your logo, business profile style, etc.

6. WoodCraft:
furniture store WordPress theme


In order to keep your profile always in trend and in compliance with the customer request, you need a template that can be entirely modified and rescaled at any time of its existence and operation. What looks fabulous and cutting edge today may become old dated and stuffy tomorrow. Therefore WoodCraft has been made as flexible and malleable as necessary for replying to all your customization needs.

The theme’s Customizer is a great working platform to manage every single detail and look of your site with quick updates and changes. From widgets to header image, page and post management and styling, everything can be completed within minutes.

Responsiveness, plugin compatibility and durable coding are also among the essential traits that will keep your website up to speed.

Two and three column Responsive WordPress themes for column – based websites

two column three column WordPress themes
Since column – based websites are very popular at present with their productive content management chances, in this article we have picked out the best two and three column responsive WordPress themes, which will speak to the favor of any modern and creative website building and development, irrespective of its type, nature, size or content to be displayed.

With the emergence of the universal need of making any digital product more comprehensive and informative, multi – column layout designs broke their way into existence along with grid systems, which had been available for a very long time.

There are lots of functional and aesthetic advantages one can enjoy from two and three column – based structures, especially when dealing with multimedia and interactive content. Instead of utilizing full – width horizontal content area, all the website information can be precisely showcased by the help of multi – column content arrangement to be more attractive and focus –effective, as well as easier to read and digest. And this is not the whole pack of privileges one can benefit from.

1. SKT Magazine Pro (3 column):
magazine WordPress theme


SKT Magazine Pro is top – rated multipurpose product loaded with 3 column grid system, so that the content of the website established on this template will be easier to perceive for the visitors. This premium quality, yet cost – conscious theme comes with interactive and bright design and graphical solutions, highly versatile and dynamic structure and truly responsive and mobile friendly template, which is a primary concern in the current digital world for all the web presences, since the website column – centric arrangement must adapt itself to present a pixel perfect mobile version.

2. Character (3 column):
personal WordPress theme


By the application of highly recommended Character of 3 column – based appearance every single website owner or administrator will have all the chances at his disposal to ensure the website harmonic and presentable design, which will also be appreciated by any website visitor. Truly elegant and modern, dynamic and creative, extremely resourceful and resilient, smart and stable, highly user and developer – friendly, as well as easily customizable, this responsive template will definitely guarantee your website three column – based smooth and sleek navigation.

3. SKT Beach (2 column):
beach and aqua WordPress theme


SKT Beach is another convenient multimedia content posting and controlling tool in our list of the most productive and truly powerful two and three column responsive WordPress themes, which generates all the favorable conditions for every person with or without any programming knowledge to take full control over his website online presence and break his relevant content into 2 possible column areas. This reliable theme has also been designed to meet all the requirements any responsive theme should share, so that the website will be able to keep all its elegance and eye – catching appearance balanced with exceptional performance and usability as well.

4. SKT Trust (2 column):
non profit WordPress theme


If you are looking for a truly modern and functionally saturated do-it-yourself website builder framework, which apart from its all-inclusive and highly sophisticated template, will be also very easy to use and understand, here is SKT Trust with its 2 column – based layout arrangement and control. All the details and touches of immensely intuitive and responsive design have been taken care of, so that when crafting a website on the basis of SKT Trust, a mobile version of it will be stunningly generated without any defects and will provide the website visitors and readers with truly positive and presentable mobile and tablet user experience.

5. Exceptiona (2 column):
accounting WordPress theme


Simplicity and lightweight performance, total adaptability and flexibility, professionally designed and worked out overall foundation personalized with 2 column – centric website layout disposition for the creation of multipurpose and multimedia – rich content. This truly exceptional and convenient, extensively smart and professional, 100 % responsive and cross mobile compatible, HTML5 and CSS3 based and WordPress powered template is power – packed with all the essential theme options and features to integrate all the needed functionality and advanced performance to the website.

6. Nuptials (2 column):


The next expressively dynamic and practical sample, deserving its special place in our list of two and three column responsive WordPress themes is the product called Nuptials. The shorter lines of the columns will for sure be more perceptible and visually precise for the content reader, providing them not only with the perfect look and feel of website desktop version, but also with flawless mobile version appearance and excellent visualization.

7. Religious (2 column):


Multipurpose and multiuse, wonderfully readable and perceptible, polished and pliable, tech – savvy and dependable, Religious can transfer any web presence into a dominant and impressively popular digital medium. This fast loading, readily flexible and totally responsible WordPress – powered website builder comes integrated with tons of customization and management options to keep the online profile of any individual or company always up to date and expressively structured with the help of 2 column layout design suggestion.

8. SKT Lens Pro (3 column):
responsive portfolio WordPress theme


SKT Lens Pro with its safe and sound, flexible and intuitive, totally responsive and mobile version optimized framework will help every single person of almost any experience and professional level to personalize his website according to all his objectives. This perspective and dynamic template is built up with 3 column – based layout arrangement, which will fit any mobile and device screen size, thus showcasing great functional and design stability in all cases.

9. SKT Full Width Pro (3 column):
Full Wide WordPress theme


Finally, we came to SKT Full Width Pro armed with well –structured and compactly organized three column responsive layout system to provide a stable and reliable operational framework for multipurpose usages catering to any individual or business undertaking. Since this highly practical and far -famed product has been minutely worked out to be a truly modern and supportive template, satisfying all the need of the current worldwide web, optimized mobile view will be browsed for all the mobile and device users.

Crossfit Box WordPress Themes for fitness training websites

crossfit box WordPress themes
A splendid assortment of the most powerful crossfit box WordPress themes for crossfit box and gym clubs, fitness centers and muscle gain programs, sports communities and trainings, yoga specialists and instructors, Pilates studios and more.

In today’s dynamic world where most of the time is spent on making money and gaining profit from all the possible channels, our physical condition seems to suffer a lot. With the majority of desk and office based job offers, the importance of the physical state, flexibility and strength of the human body seem to go on the decline.

On the other hand, however, there is a gaining popularity of fitness and gym based activities, subscription offers and private box clubs popping up here and there across any locality or region. They try to compensate the lack of physical activities and active regimes while providing dozens of people with convenient and well equipped clubs and crossfit centers.

This time we have put together the best crossfit box WordPress themes for such crossfit box communities and weight loss, diet and nutrition, muscle gain, shaping, fitness dance and other centers.

Grow your relevant business by the application of any of the crossfit box WordPress themes highlighted here and dominate your digital presence with the best offers, tips and personal trainers. With any of them you will be able to discover multiple hidden powers and functional capacities to take your profile to the next level of client engagement and better results.

1. Strong Pro:

crossfit WordPress theme


Truly strong and powerful, visually engaging and motivational, Strong Pro is one of the complete and competent solutions among crossfit box WordPress themes to arm your website with everything your clients will ever need.

Make all your offers and services live with the prebuilt homepage sections and other pages, create a stunning visualization of your crossfit activities or gym club to inspire your potential clients. Showcase the best images over your profile with the help of the homepage slider and control the way the slides will be displayed with pause time and more.

The theme’s SEO ready nature is a wonderful key to the online success since you are going to have boosted traffic and more quantifiable web results without much investment on paid searches or SEO campaigns. Just pair your website with any of the relevant SEO plugins and that combination will do the job perfectly.

2. Soccer:

soccer WordPress theme


Soccer is one of the freshest and well formatted sports based and crossfit box WordPress themes ready to cover both group and individual forms of sports activities and fitness trainings.
Use this wonderfully worked out and decorated template for your next online project and you will reap the rewards. With this theme you’ll have pixel perfect exposure in the digital platform, which means more leads and prospects for your crossfit box activities.

Packed with top quality features and components for the best online distribution, Soccer comes with a diversity of customization controls, simple and lightweight nature for quick updates and post scheduling, page, post and other layout controls, header and footer layout choices and much more.

Additionally, Soccer is also one of the best SEO and SMO optimized crossfit box WordPress themes so that your website will be ranked in top positions of search engine results.

3. Perfect Fitness:

perfect fitness WordPress theme


As a fitness or box club owner, you have two primary objectives for your website – to create high quality and easy to digest web content, as well as to drive as much traffic to your site as it is possible without additional costs.

In this relation, Perfect Fitness is what will fit to your needs to the most extent. With its SEO friendly coding and admin optimized dashboard, it will enable anyone to produce and publish web content in a matter of minutes and be sure the site will have better rankings.

As for the functional and structural peculiarities of the theme, it celebrates advanced functional framework with tons of customization possibilities across fonts and colors, homepage slides and page/post layouts.

4. Character:

personal WordPress theme


If you want to get started in the crossfit box industry as a private instructor or fitness model, expert or trainer, look no further than Character. Suitable both for personal usage and group presentations, Character conveys totally adjustable layout that is lovely and easy to navigate for the website guests.

This top rated and highly demanded template does not merely fit in the criteria defined by the WordPress community, but is also amazingly flexible and admin optimized for constant changes and customizations.

With colors mix and match, font and icons packs, portfolio section for stressing out your works, projects and programs, personal achievement and more, you will be capable of styling your site on a live mode without touching the codes of the theme.

5. Gym Master:

gym WordPress theme


When it comes to choosing a truly versatile yet lightweight crossfit template for multipurpose applications, our recommendation is Gym Master. Professional and intelligent, smoothly navigable and crisp, visually attention seizing and shortcodes based, Gym Master will look its absolute best on every single mobile or device screen since it is 100% responsive and cross mobile compliant.

Put the endless opportunities of Gym Master into actions and promote your gym or box related center to the target audience with textual and visual content, header and footer areas, SEO and SMO readiness, plugin compatibility and more.

6. BeFit Pro:

personal trainer WordPress theme


Fitness enthusiasts and those who want to shape their bodies often encounter fitness based businesses through inspiring images and photos of real body transformation.

So why not to use the impact of pixel perfect imagery on your website with the support of BeFit Pro?

With homepage powerful slider for the most motivational visual pieces and separate gallery section for albums and photo categorization, it also includes other useful sections to showcase your biography, trainers, business profile, contact details and more.

If you are after crossfit box WordPress based template that is also SEO ready, BeFit is an ideal candidate to take care of the higher conversion rate and boosted traffic coming from search engine results.

11+ Free WooCommerce based WordPress Themes for eCommerce sites


Free WooCommerce based WordPress themes have been round up for eCommerce sites

The growth of the digital economy and the commercialization of the Internet as a universal networking system have greatly affected trade – related business directions and techniques, resulting in strong and highly effective e-commerce activities.

The worldwide web today massively propagates any commercial and online trade relations by gradually involving more and more people and companies around the globe.

As a result, a bulk number of modern websites are launched and developed in the way to be engaged in online trading businesses and provide stunning performance with e-commerce plugins for better internet based commercial practice.

In its turn, being one of the most powerful, extendable and easily accessed e-commerce plugins, WooCommerce provides e-commerce ready compatibility with a wide range of free WooCommerce based WordPress themes for the above – mentioned purposes. Therefore, in this article, we are going to characterize best 11 + free WooCommerce based WordPress themes, by the usage of which you will be able to create your own prosperous e-store on the one hand, and save your time and financial means on the other.

1. Naturo Lite


The first free Woocommerce based WordPress theme in our list is Naturo Lite, loading an intuitive and very easy to use platform to sell anything you want. This multipurpose and multifunctional, elegantly and clear looking, deeply smart and resourceful free, yet premium –quality product functions simultaneously with the requirements and standards of WooCommerce plugin, making the theme ready for e-commerce.

Some of its feature includes:

  • Fully responsive and retina ready
  • Easy to set up
  • Widget friendly
  • Translation ready


2. Kraft Lite


Kraft Lite is the next free WooCommerce based WordPress theme which acts in accordance with WooCommerce plugin and its characteristics, keeping its focus on the relevant online shopping methods. This useful and high ranked, simple, yet flexible and deeply functional product is completely free of charge but is packed with lots of dynamic and essential theme features, elements and tools for the website professional look and performance.

Some of its feature includes:

  • Google mobile friendly
  • Widgetized sidebar
  • Compatible with Nextgen gallery
  • Social icon integrated


3. SKT Bakery Lite


If you are engaged in restaurant, cafe, bakery or any other related activity presentation online, SKT Bakery Lite pretends to be an ideal e-commerce solution for you. Apart from being highly compatible with WooCommerce, this responsive theme comes with endless flexibility and the inclusion of a handy set of theme characteristic features to make the most of the respective e-shop – related initiatives.

Some of its feature includes:

  • Easy to set up homepage
  • Fancy Google fonts
  • Right sidebar page template
  • Built in WordPress customizer


4. Beauty Spa Lite


Beauty Spa Lite is another responsive free WooCommerce WordPress theme, which is well – designed with e-commerce ready theme foundation. This SEO optimized template appears integrated with default slider with 5 slides availability to display your services and products for sale, easy to arrange and manage theme sections and areas, as well as hundreds of theme customization options to exercise for the website visitor – centric look and functionality.

Some of its feature includes:

  • SEO friendly
  • Default slider
  • Compatible with Contact form 7
  • Coded with HTML5 and CSS3


5. Yogi Lite


Your initiative to offer yoga or fitness services or sell products associated with them can be flawlessly realized by the great support of Yogi Lite. This WooCommerce – optimized theme of WordPress is easy to create and configure, is adaptable for mobile and tablet version, has on its basis the Customizer options to make changes and preview them, standard pages, inbuilt widgetized sidebar and Google font type inclusion within this highly recommended template.

Some of its feature includes:

  • Fully color changing theme
  • Well documented
  • Widgetized sidebar
  • Simple Google fonts


6. Spirited Lite


Spirited Lite is warm and elegant, white and blue based, neatly structured and smartly crafted WordPress powered theme with a well optimization for e- store activities. This user and developer friendly responsive platform will promote your commercial relations no matter what business you represent on the relevant online marketplace. The theme provides impeccable performance not only with WooCommerce plugin, but with many other popular plugins as well.

Some of its feature includes:

  • Clean and modern
  • Multilingual ready
  • Integrated with social icons
  • Compatible with latest version of WordPress


7. SKT Build Lite


The installation of SKT Build Lite to your building or construction website can be the best freely accessible marketing tool you need to keep your website centered in the online trade in diverse possible ways. This modern and dynamic, pragmatic and precise, extensively developed and entirely customizable theme with the potential WooCommerce plugin integration loads very fast and incorporates a powerful slider on the top of the homepage with up to 5 slides, social icons inclusion and perfect support for lots of essential plugins.

Some of its feature includes:

  • Upto 5 slides
  • Basic social icons
  • Pages like archives, categories etc available
  • Compatible with Nextgen gallery plugin


8. SKT Pathway


The nest multifunctional and feature – rich free WooCommerce WordPress theme, which can be yours without spending a single penny is SKT Pathway. This truly resourceful and zealous, high- quality and dependable, fairly configurable and controllable template with its suitable homepage structure and operational potential is ready to provide a competitive commercial website performance and its exceptional adaptability to any device screen resolution.

Some of its feature includes:

  • Minimal in terms of color
  • Lots of white space
  • Comes with default content
  • Translation ready


9. Clean Lite


From WooCommerce plugin integration to clear cut and modern design, Clean Lite is for sure a mighty tool for the creation and surveillance of any e-commerce –friendly web page. This efficient theme is charged by cross mobile and tablet compatible responsive foundation, compliance with SEO and SMO requirements, multilingual and translation ready functional capacities included.

Some of its feature includes:

  • Easy to use using customizer
  • Compatible with various gallery plugins
  • Simple and clean
  • RTL tested


10. Complete Lite


Complete Lite is armed with the responsive and online shop structure you’ll ever need for running a successful website of any description and having constant control over it without any complicated processes needed. Being established on the Customizer options and SEO – friendly design, the theme will allow you to make certain amendments and supplements to the website for its outstanding appearance, as well as user – directed content publishing.

Some of its feature includes:

  • Complete in all aspects
  • Fully customizable
  • Fastest loading theme
  • Widget friendly footer


11. SKT Condimentum


Responsive and mobile – friendly, multiconcept and tech –savvy, creative and original, SKT Condimentum is shown up with a set of advanced options and possibilities to get an awesome design and execution of your online store. This free and WooCommerce – consistent theme is considered as a very easy to use and access product both in relation to its external appearance, as well as functional framework lying on the basis.

Some of its feature includes:

  • Cross browser compatible
  • Easy to use
  • Theme check passed
  • Coded with theme codex standards


12. Interior Lite


Interior Lite with its strong and stable potential chances will definitely act as the best free commercial solution for your interior website manifestation. Moreover, this responsive and color changing theme will provide great user and customer experience, resulting in the growth of your commercial profit. By means of the proposed theme tools and elements, you will be able to create a visually effective and practically powerful online environment for your interior related commercial businesses.

Some of its feature includes:

  • Easily change colors
  • SEO compatible
  • Widget friendly sidebar
  • Multilingual plugin compatible


WordPress Themes for Musicians and Music Artists websites


Round up of some of the fascinating WordPress themes for musicians

WordPress has evolved over the years with initial level of just blogging using WordPress to nowadays handling anything and everything from complex corporate websites to eCommerce websites to having music band and music artists websites as well.

WordPress themes for musicians have been shared in this little article which describes how these themes can bring a difference in what musicians have been doing and how they can easily handle the music they want to showcase and give users the choice to listen to some of the sample music as well as have the option to buy the tracks from either their own website or via the external third party popular sites as well.

Anything that looks fancy to the eye is most sought after by band style websites however as fancy as it appears it becomes more and more difficult to manage and maintain.

WordPress themes for musicians feature lots of items which can be in turn useful for any type of musician or music artist or band.

Here are some of the salient features of our WordPress themes for musicians

1. Events: Events for any band and musician is very important as people want to know when they are going to come at a place near you. People want to know when they can get to meet their favourite stars at a place nearby and get to listen to them. Also ticket booking for any event starts quite sometime before the actual show happens and hence WordPress themes for musicians should always include events as a primary tool for their website.

2. Gallery: Gallery is yet another tool required for any WordPress musician themes which lets the users browse through the various past events as well as their favourite singers or band members pictures. Gallery is a great way to show the previous show photographs and let users know what they are to expect when to go to listen to their favourite band.

3. Music Player: Music Player is an integral part of any musician WordPress theme and hence music players are essential and the most important part of the website. It lets them have their playlists arranged according to albums or best singles or hit singles can be highlighted. It lets them also sell their songs or albums nicely. Hence music albums and songs and singles can be showcased nicely and lets users listen to either the full song or the sample.

4. Sale: Sale of goods like hoodies, tshirts as well as sale of albums and songs as well as event ticket sales all of them are important and can be managed easily in WordPress themes for musicians because of the compatibility with various plugins like WooCommerce which allow eCommerce purchase easy

5. Other features like band members: Band members and crew members photographs and detail profile can let users know more about them and ways to connect to them for example their social networking address and links can also be shared using this area.

3 of our WordPress themes for musicians which are apt for such websites

Music Producer


Musical Sounds


Features of WordPress Musician Theme:

  • Simple and easy to use with built upon Customizer
  • All changes can be watched live as built upon Customizer
  • Full color changing with all elements possible to change colors
  • Fonts can be easily managed as integrated with Google fonts and also Cyrillic and Latin Sub Sets also included other other language special characters
  • Box as well as full wide layout included
  • Several header and footer variations with inner header variations also given
  • Several page and blog layouts for effective website pages
  • Any type of page layout can be built with super compatibility with several page builder plugins
  • Fully responsive and compatible with several mobile and hand held devices as well as browsers
  • Full background management given for exciting look as a metal band website
  • In built several shortcodes given within this template
  • More shortcodes and functionality can be added with the help of page builder plugins and shortcodes plugin
  • Social icons included with 600+ icons as well as social sharing plugins compatible
  • Social media friendly as well as SEO friendly template which should boost any search engine ranking for website
  • Modern design trends with flat design approach followed
  • Perfect Music comes part of the perfect WordPress theme bundle which includes several other templates. However since it is built upon perfect it includes and comes with a lot of features which are irresistible and one cannot ignore them for good.

    For example there are a lot of page variations that come along with it like header variations for inner pages as well as footer variations as well as page layout options.

    Also page builder compatibility means that one can use their favourite page builders and use them to build whatever layouts and pages they want to create without getting into any HTML codes.

    Also shortcodes both in built and plugin compatible shortcodes can be easily used to create a fascinating musician WordPress website.

    This is a great and one of the cool WordPress themes for musicians which caters to music bands, artists and singers who want a website where they can have events, sale of tickets, playlist wise music players as well as have unlimited music players for their users to listen to and even buy single song and track.

    Also since the template is fully compatible with WooCommerce all the musicians other stuff like tshirts, guitars, event tickets etc can also be bought from.

    This is a great template in terms of having any kind of artists portfolio or even music management company websites can also be created using this site.

    Music Studio


    Features of musician WordPress theme Music Studio

  • Widget friendly WordPress theme for musician
  • Sidebar, footer widget friendly
  • Includes a nice music player which works across all browsers
  • WooCommerce compatible for selling your own stuff related to music
  • Band member profiles given
  • Gallery, events and other in built features like social icons
  • SEO friendly and very fast loading
  • Default slideshow included and compatible with several other sliders
  • Compatible with multilingual plugins as well as translation ready due to POT file available
  • Simple to manage via theme options
  • Responsive and mobile friendly
  • Color changing and additional functionality can be added using other shortcode plugins
  • HTML5 and CSS3 based and based on flat design approach and material design
  • Integrated with Google fonts for 100s of font options and typography options
  • Music studio displays a nice background which can be changed and a gradient look and feel and has a music playlist player. Although this one of of the WordPress themes for musicians displays a nice music player but has compatibility with various other music players and is based on HTML5 and CSS3 modern design trends with flat look and feel.

    Compatible with several browsers it has an album and gallery inside.

    Built upon theme options framework this one of the WordPress themes for musicians is useful as it is color changing and has all the features a music band website will require like team members, compatibility with various event calendar plugins.

    Compatible with WooCommerce plugin for online shop.

    Tour dates, upcoming events and other lots of features have been added in this nice and elegant looking music studio WordPress theme.

    Twitter feed and other social media feeds can be added as well as videos can also be added.

    Several page templates and several blog templates have been included. More than enough social icons also have been added and the template is compatible with font based icons for increase in size, colors of those icons is also possible.

    Quirky WordPress themes for quirky styled websites


    The best collection of quirky WordPress themes for having SEO – optimized websites of any kind and nature is at your disposal to review.

    It will walk you through the most affordable ways to assist your future website in getting organic search engine results and, subsequently, higher rankings and boosted traffic.

    Getting search engines and directories to understand your website and include it in their indexes and lists has long become a top – priority for the majority of websites. And the reason for this is quite clear. What are the main objectives of any presentable website in order to succeed and not to result in a woefully irrelevant digital business tool? The adequate answer is “generate leads and establish credentials”.

    And even certain businesses and personal representations may struggle to shape their profiles with the execution of diverse techniques and working principles, like little elegance, little “look at me” content here and there, the most aggressive tool for increased popularity and social proof so far remains to be search engine optimization. The proportion of web visits originating at the current search engines is massively impressive and hence the role of SEO – optimization of the website can never be put aside.

    In order to prevent you from bumping into a hundred articles and blog posts about how to choose the right template among quirky WordPress themes, we have done a detail – oriented job and compiled the best of them. With each of them you can easily drift into the current flow of SEO – based advantages and use them in favor of your personal or business website and let search engines display your profile whenever people search for some target content.

    1. Complete Pro:
    complete WordPress theme


    Complete and truly credible, steadfast and intelligent, Complete Pro is an extensively tested ecosystem seamlessly running on hundreds of websites without any error. By the application of this one of the quirky WordPress themes, your chances are high to optimize your conversion rates, broaden the edges of your influence zone in the digital spectrum and boast for your increased daily visits. Customizer – based and admin – friendly, visually energetic and enthralling, user and developer – optimized, as well as SEO – friendly, Complete Pro is custom – built with precision and excellence in each and every aspect of the theme to generate perfect usability and smooth navigation.

    2. SKT Lens Pro:
    responsive portfolio WordPress theme


    Turn your website visitors into long – lasting customers; convert your efforts into tangible results with SKT Lens Pro as one of the multi – purpose, feature – rich and thoroughly polished quirky WordPress themes ready to cater to absolutely any topic or niche. Organize the natural – search campaign thanks to the ultimate search engine – optimized character of the theme and let people find your digital traits easily. From icons package to decorate your website as per your identity or personality, contact form, gallery, tabs, accordions, footer and header to page and post layouts, WooCommerce compatibility and customization controls, SKT Lens Pro has it all.

    3. Simple:
    simple WordPress theme


    Use the science of leading the right traffic into your website with simple and lightweight while highly influential and persistent, thoroughly flexible and adaptive Simple of SKT production. Search engine placement of your future website will be profoundly executed by this fresh and elegant, clearly – coded and soft – looking template ready to turn thousands of visitors’ heads with its elegance and charm. Responsive and mobile – friendly, e-commerce – ready and shortcodes – based, Simple has been developed and coded to meet all the requirements of cross mobile and device compatible web design and as such let your website change according to the given screen resolution.

    4. Movers and Packers Pro:
    moving company WordPress theme


    The next world – class sample of quirky WordPress themes at your hand for multipurpose usage comes to the fore as Movers and Packers. This high – end and challenging template is particularly suitable for moving and packaging, logistics and transportation service providers, as well as other representatives of this industry. With an obvious stress both on form and function, Movers and Packers is the one to host your quality content easily and effectively and drive as much visitors and website readers as you may find expedient for your digital success. These results can be recorded primarily with a great assistance of the theme SEO – friendly and responsive design.

    5. Handy:
    doctor WordPress theme


    In case you set yourself a task to establish and run a handy and patient – centric doctor or clinic, medical or another health –related in no time and with too little exertion, look no further than Handy as for the present. Since search engine optimization is almost half the battle of leading more and more patients and website visitors to your profile, SEO – optimized character of Handy will let you take tangible preponderance in the respective search rankings and will give you considerable advantage over your primary competitors.

    6. Nature One Pro:


    Advantages of Nature One Pro as one of the time – checked and future – scalable quirky WordPress themes are boundless. From external appearance to error – free internal operation, everything has been developed to the maximum profitability. But among the multitude of valuable evidences Nature One Pro the one catering to search engine optimization should be mentioned separately. All in all, this template solves a ton of SEO – relates issues and make your website and its content easy to read and digest for search engines and their rankings. It will also contribute to the people’s trust towards you.

    7. Gym Master:


    Get visible to all those individuals who have a wish to join your enthusiastic gym or fitness training and classes by the application of Gym Master that is strong enough from SEO viewpoint. Be consistently available for all your clients and customers in 24/7 format and spend no additional means for that. Produce and publish your content describing your health or gym center, club or private training, subscription options, working hours and other details through nicely – formatted theme sections and areas. Choose the existing colors of the theme and make your content translated into as many languages as needed.

    Dance Studio WordPress themes for dancing school & studio websites

    dance studio WordPress themes

    One of the most comprehensive collection of dance studio WordPress themes you will need in order to create and run fully sophisticated and flexible music and musical band, dance studio and dance classes, dancing schools and academies, ballet, Latino and Salsa clubs, as well as other song and dance based websites and blogs.

    Dance is one of the ancient forms of the art and it is as old as the mankind itself. Hence, it would be completely frivolous to consider dance as a mere entertainment or a way of enjoyable pastime. Dance reflects feelings and helps the dancer to explore the world around him or her. Moreover, dances are wonderful medicines when it comes to conquering certain diseases or strengthening the overall condition of the human body.

    With the above mentioned advantages of the dance world and not only, today there are hundreds of dance centric activities, groups and academies offering their private and groups dance classes and trainings. In this article we have compiled the best dance studio WordPress themes for such kind of activities, as well as for other music and dance related profiles and undertakings online.

    Each of the music and dance studio WordPress themes we’ll summarize below is a great tool to amp up your online presence with less financial means and keep it user centric all the time, since all of them area cost effective and affordable, yet premium quality and immensely customizable.

    1. Disco Dancer:

    disco dancer WordPress theme


    Disco Dancer is one of the popular and niche specific dance studio WordPress themes of WordPress authorship. From esthetically pleasing face to durable coding and operational framework, Disco Dancer is a perfect unity of beautiful appearance and functionally advanced structure to make your dance school or center website one of a kind.

    Showcase the most effective photos of your trainers and specialists, clients and fans through the homepage slider so that it will affect your site’s viewers intently. Use the preloaded homepage areas and sections or alter them accordingly to host your information, from business profile to experts, services, locations and contact info.

    The theme is also readily responsive and mobile compliant to make your website look and perform well on every single mobile or device, as well as cross plugin and extension compatible for higher outcomes.

    2. Musical Sounds:

    audio WordPress theme


    Musical Sounds is the next music and dance related online platform letting you go live with your website at a glance. No learning curve, no additional skills or web knowledge is required with Musical Sounds for your site to subject to all your requirements, customizations and interventions and wear the outfit you prefer.

    Keep your site’s texts and images, social icons and other attributes visually clean and legible with this responsive and mobile optimized website so that your clients can review your content and get updates from their comfort zones when armed with their portable devices and smartphones.

    Designed for the best ecommerce experience as well, the theme is highly functional with WooCommerce and other commercial plugins and not only. The list of other compatible plugins includes music player, contact form, shortcodes, slider, SEO and multilingual ones.

    3. SKT Tube:

    video WordPress theme


    If you are looking for a video based and video optimized online environment among dance studio WordPress themes to share a bulk amount of video materials showcasing your dance classes and tutorials, look no further than SKT Tube. With an obvious similarity with famous YouTube, your website based on this template will be condemned to success and better client engagement.

    A powerful video slider with around 32 variations is at your disposal to make your videos extremely presentable and user centric whenever the latter is landing on your homepage. You are also free to test and try other image and video sliders as well in order to find the most relevant one matching your site’s overall identity.

    Video shortcodes, other shortcodes for testimonials, team members, etc, page builder controls, POT file for translations and multilingual content, prebuilt customizer with tons of settings and customization options are all wrapped up in SKT Tube.

    4. Music Producer:

    music band WordPress theme


    Explore your creativity behind the scenes with the help of Music Producer as a convenient tool to be applied across music and dance websites of any size or direction.

    Keep your profile informative and visually saturated with Music Producer without much efforts since the theme is unimaginable simple and lightweight in usage with color and font management controls, homepage slider and slides options, footer and header layout options and more.

    Fully compliant with WordPress Codex requirements, this template is incredibly vast in customization settings, as well as 100 % responsive and Google approved for cross mobile and device operation of your site.

    5. The Art:

    art WordPress theme


    The Art is one of the visually attractive and awe inspiring dance studio WordPress themes that will grant your website with artistic look and feel.

    All in all, it’s a fun and affordable way to get access to a ready made platform that needs slight changes and customizations to disseminate your own style, dance studio objective, brand or whatever you need to be stressed through your posts and pages.

    Publish your trainees, year round programs, schedules, domestic and international auditions, dance groups and much more to let your clients find the answers to their questions with a few simple clicks. Organize all those information in a neatly arranged theme parts and roll them up with beautiful images and photos spanning almost the whole of the homepage.

    6. Melody:

    music studio WordPress theme


    The last dynamic and inspiring template catering to the artistic, musical, dance and choreography world comes loaded as Melody.

    It comes as a combination of well laid out structural framework, secure and modern coding with responsive and mobile friendly tones, flexible image and content available across multiple platforms, photo and video galleries, shortcodes which are more than 100 in number, blog and other pages to be added to your profile, etc.

    On the whole, Melody incorporates all the must haves that you will ever need to prove your expertise and excellence in the dance world.

    Ads – friendly with Google Adsense WordPress Theme for affiliate marketing websites

    ads friendly WordPress themes

    Google adsense WordPress themes have been explained properly and presented in this article.

    The modern digital networking system has long become an inevitable part of the current life, within the scope of which thousands of commercial and business ties are promoted and developed, allowing lots of individuals and companies expand their virtual territories and get more profit.

    Hence, the Internet is considered as a totally practical and dynamic promotional and developmental tool no matter what kind of activity you’re engaged in.

    Apart from the specific productive ways your online presence in the face of any website or blog may exercise, there are also other means of earning money via the online products by ensuring your website ads – friendliness to display Google advertisements that are targeted specifically for your website users and visitors.

    Since Google Adsense is currently the most popular and successful online advertising network, many people have set their minds to find a professionally structured WordPress theme, which, apart from being especially convenient and suitable for some target niche, will also be optimized for Google Adsense, so that it will be possible to maximize the expected incomes from the website or blog.

    Keeping this in mind, we have made a comprehensive collection of the best ads – friendly WordPress themes to increase your website click – through rate by means of placing an advertisement in your digital environment and get paid for that.

    1. SKT Magazine Pro:
    magazine WordPress theme


    SKT Magazine Pro is the first ads – friendly WordPress theme in our list for affiliate marketing websites to take every care of providing you with an exceptional working environment, where advertisements can be posted, resulting in revenue generation. By the application of this strong and stable, safe and sound, seriously crafted and developed, interactively stylized and brightly presented template you can turn your popular website of any nature and description into profit – generating tool, so that the relevant content to be advertised will never hamper your overall website performance and operation. Built on stunningly responsive and mobile friendly template, SKT Magazine Pro proves itself as a truly successful and customer – friendly product with many active installations.

    2. SKT Black Pro:
    black and dark WordPress theme


    If you have a clear cut intention of undertaking the creation and maintenance of a profoundly eminent and deeply elegant, powerful and dynamic, entirely customizable and adaptive, user and developer – friendly template to cater to you personal, corporate, portfolio, resume, design or any other initiative, which at the same time will specialize in the business of ads placement on the website for additional profit, here is SKT Black Pro at your disposal to serve as a stable and totally reliable basis for such kind of undertakings. With the great support of this Google Adsense optimized theme, you can be sure not only to post the ads relevant to your site content and direction, but also have many returns of the advertiser.

    3. Character:
    personal WordPress theme


    Character is the next ads – friendly WordPress theme to be acquired and exercised by any effective businessman or private entrepreneur. This premium quality theme demonstrates completely responsive and cross mobile compatible character, powerful set of handy and compact theme characteristic features to stylize and customize your marketing website as per your plans and claims, multilingual support to localize your content to be easily accessible by different communities, as well as overall easy to use and edit theme structure and interface, so that you won’t get stuck into anything incomprehensible or obscure.

    4. SKT Lens Pro:
    responsive portfolio WordPress theme


    SKT Lens Pro has been minutely developed and published with ads and Google Adsense – optimization, as well as other modern and highly required functionalities in the developer’s mind. Irrespective of the fact whether you are going to use the website for commercial, shopping, service provision or any other purposes, this awesome and deeply purposeful WordPress theme can serve as a serious monetization technique for you. The most striking thing is that SKT Lens Pro will provide the balance between your relevant content and the ads specified for your audience, so that ads will not overwhelm your website appearance or performance.

    5. Full Width Pro:
    Full Wide WordPress theme


    Full Width Pro can turn out to be an integral part of your marketing or business strategy to promote yourself and your company in the digital framework and raise your website traffic, after which you will have all the opportunities to have ads appearing on your website and attracting your visitors to click on them. The result of this will appear as your revenue increase to this or that extent. Apart from being designed to carry out the ads posting processes, this theme is packed with other useful theme controls, settings and elements to showcase any content, including high – resolution images stretching along the full width of the homepage.

    6. SKT Launch Pro:
    author WordPress theme


    SKT Launch Pro is an ideal ads – friendly WordPress theme with anything you will be in need of to launch and present any new e-book, other product or service to the public at large. This truly responsive and intuitive, smooth and sleek, polished and dynamic content management system will impress your visitors and clients with its alluring and innovative design solutions and shades, as well as fast loading and flawless functionality, mo matter how many advertisements are posted in different parts of the website. The theme is built on strong coding and will remain a solid foundation within the whole process of the website performance.

    7. Shudh:
    minimal WordPress theme


    Minimalistic, yet dynamic, clean yet fresh design, compact and neatly arranged appearance, user and developer friendliness, flexible and intuitive layout, responsive and mobile compatible template and Google Adsense – optimized structure are the main characteristics of Shudh as one of the most suitable ads – friendly WordPress powered templates to drive a considerable traffic to your web page to boost your profits coming out of the ads. This multilingual and color changing theme is general – purpose in nature and all –inclusive in structure, so that it can cover any proposed topic and produce consumer –centric content.

    Handmade Shop WordPress Themes for handmade business owners

    In this article, we will share the best handmade shop WordPress themes for handmade business owners, handcrafted material selling blogs and websites, as well as other handmade accessories and jewelry, bags and belts stores, and creative people with a talent of producing something original.

    Whether you are crafting handmade products for fun or for pastime, be sure you can turn it into a revenue generating activity. Today handmade business has become a primary source of income for thousands of people across the globe while enabling them to put their creativity and specific talents into a productive work.

    Making a living from handmade businesses is more realistic than you can ever imagine. Growing your handcraft business in the right direction and going beyond the living room table you are working on is totally cashable with one of the best handmade shop WordPress themes you can find today.

    Each of the handmade shop WordPress themes introduced in this article shares all the essential nuts and bolts your website will need to be highly presentable and smoothly functional. From introducing your unique production to more people to finding investors and partners, from economizing on opening up a physical store to running an online one that will be open around the clock, the advantages of those handmade shop WordPress themes are countless.

    1. Toy Store:


    Toy Store is by far one of the lively and purposeful handmade shop WordPress themes you can use for the introduction of your handmade toys and playthings and not only.

    What is so pleasing about this template is that it is adapted to any kind of usage and can cater to any specific business need or objective, be it a well managed online storefront, customer satisfaction or something more.
    Coded to look and function vibrantly on all the suggested platforms and portable devices, Toy Store is ultimately responsive and cross mobile compatible with HTML5 and CSS3 coding and styling controls.

    Boundless other possibilities are given within the theme, from header and footer layout choices to homepage sections control, from displaying nice looking sliders on the homepage slider to adding WooCommerce functionality to your site.

    2. Adventure:
    adventure WordPress theme


    Vigorous and well prepared, Adventure is more than just a convenient foundation to run your handmade store or shop. Every single detail of the template has gone through profound examination and improvement to provide you with a premium quality product that is technologically cutting edge.

    The theme’s lovely look and customizable nature enable the website admin to get his products and crafted merchandise discovered, viewed and purchased in the online platform. With intuitive and simplified admin dashboard offered you from the backend of the theme, it will be possible to manage and style almost everything on your website your clients are going to see from the frontend.

    The SEO friendliness of the theme is another important asset responsible for bringing your website in front of your potential clients and customers.

    3. WoodCraft:
    furniture store WordPress theme


    With an increased proportion of diverse businesses becoming online, your handmade business website is more than important. In this relation, WoodCraft is one of the most reliable handmade shop WordPress themes you can give a try without any bewildering and make all your wooden products and handcrafted materials ready for the online purchase.
    Pre enabled page controls and design elements are there for you to arrange them in any way you give preference to and stand the online competition as of present.

    Lots of plugins and extensions are supported by WoodCraft for granting you with broader functional and aesthetical opportunities to manage your online store, categorize products and offers, control gallery part, translate the content into other languages, etc.

    4. Luxury Watch:


    Luxury Watch is another commercial ready and WooCommerce complaint online store website builder to share your products online and market them to the right audience.

    Introduce your handmade collections of clothing and accessories, design materials and items, toys and cosmetic products and more through the well deployed posts and pages. Add your favorite ones to the homepage slider to capture the attention of the web guests from the very start of their online journey.

    To ensure you have enough visual content in your website, the theme has been optimized for additional gallery and portfolio plugins to have all your images and photos in easy to find galleries and albums.
    The theme is also shortcodes based, plugin compatible and supports widget friendly areas in the form of header, footer and sidebar.

    5. Flower Shop:
    flower shop WordPress theme


    Another award winning template among the highly recommended handmade shop WordPress thems for creative entrepreneurs and businesspersons is called flower Shop. Designed by creative specialists for creative undertakings, this template can run effortlessly with any kind of handcrafted business and material selling.

    Whether you are a florist creating unique compositions of flowers and sweets, or an enthusiastic lady with original ideas and professional hands, this responsive and mobile checked template is for you.

    This premium quality web builder includes SEO friendly coding so that both your future users and search engines can understand who you are in the virtual domain. The theme is also social media optimized for growing your popularity through social media channels and networks.

    6. Fashion Trends:
    fashion WordPress theme


    For all the people who have set their mind on growing from hobby to a profitable business, Fashion Trends can be the best starting point.

    No technical skills are needed to use the maximum potential of this beautifully crafted and designer made template that is also easy to customize with the theme’s wonderful customizer panel.

    Take awe inspiring product shots and showcase them via the homepage slider to get the best exposure of what you are offering to your client base. Other sliders such as meta slider, crelly slider, cyclone slider 2 are all compatible with the theme as well so that you can try and test each of them.
    Blogging techniques are also well done so that you can run a daily blog and add new items description and launching.

    Library WordPress Themes for books and encyclopedia websites

    Whatever comes and goes, reading remains in fashion. Therefore we have put together the best library WordPress themes for the creation and promotion online libraries and repositories, book listings, bookstores and ebook stacks, bookseller and librarian, authors and writer’s personal websites, publishing houses and more.

    The fact that the books play a paramount role in the human development, in the formation of viewpoint as well as in distinguishing the good from the bad and developing a sense of aesthetics has been approved for centuries. In contrast to movies and films where the viewer only needs to watch and enjoy the beautiful scenes, the book makes you think and imagine, passing through yourself all that the author has tried to put into the lines.

    On the other hand, we are not going to deny the fact that the Internet is penetrating deeper and deeper into our lives, changing it beyond recognition. However, there are also thousands of advantages on the fact that our modern life depends on this source of information that is available around the clock and can be managed even by the child.

    A bright example of such advantages are library and bookstore websites giving you an ultimate freedom in your time management and choice of physical location whenever you want to purchase this or that book, view it online or get an information about some book presentation.

    In this relation, we have scoured the Internet for the best and the most lovely library WordPress themes for any kind of book and author – related websites and personal blogs, bookstores and bookshops, libraries and online reading rooms.

    Give a unique presence to your local library or authored books with any of the library WordPress themes we have put together for you. They are all worth trying and are custom built to look their absolute best on every single library website or blog.

    1. Toy Store:


    Toy Store is one of the freshest and nice looking library WordPress themes with commercial nature at its core. It means that this template stands for flawless performance and usability when it comes to creating any online bookstore or library to give access to hundreds of website guests at once.

    Whether you are an individual writer who wants to share his passion with his audience, or a local bookstore manager trying to reach out as many booklovers as possible, Toy Store is just the right thing for you.

    The possibilities of this web builder are endless in terms of colors and fonts, widgetized areas control and page/ post layouts, content scheduling and editing any time you want, etc.

    2. Classified Ads:


    Classified Ads is just another properly worked out template authored by SKT Themes that is ready to go with the majority of different topics and niches. This multipurpose and multidimensional system is extravagant when it comes to generating responsive and mobile optimized nature, SEO competent touches, as well as cooperation with the popular social media platforms.

    By building a strong reputation through Classified Ads will be easier than you could ever imagine since this template is built on a firm HTML5 and CSS3 coding and includes all the primary tools you will need to style your presence.
    PayPal, AlertPay and Moneybooker payment systems are paired with the theme for ensuring payments can be made and accepted in the easiest fashion.

    3. SKT Education:
    education WordPress theme


    Another fully editable and admin friendly template that can be found among the cost effective library WordPress themes is called SKT Education. It comes rich with everything needed for the ongoing viability and precise operation of your site across the diversity of platforms and browsers.

    With SKT Education you can quickly allocate and deploy all the books and other materials and give your website users quick access to them. Display every piece of your digital library in an effective way and be sure it will appear with the same charm and legibility when viewed on different screens and portable devices.

    4. SKT Perfect:
    perfect commercial WordPress theme


    Start your online career with SKT Perfect and you will never regret it. This serious looking website toolkit can be the right destination for your book collections and archives, articles and other databases, research guides, e magazines, journals, etc.

    Nailing all the nuances catering to the look and feel of your site will never be difficult with SKT Perfect that is superb in customization and management. It works just as a simple visual editor with all the color and typography settings, page and image controls, resizing, remodeling and more. The same is true about its functional extension with the help of useful shortcodes, tools, add ons and plugins.

    5. SKT Launch Pro:
    author WordPress theme


    With multiple styles available, SKT Launch Pro is one of the flexible templates you can find in the collection of the best library WordPress themes presently.

    From going live with your digital library to launching your e books and other products, SKT Launch Pro will be the best companion for you. It celebrates elegant and clean design, responsiveness in case of mobile and device accesses, Google fonts and social icons integration, etc.

    Widget friendly areas are also ensured within the theme so that you can showcase the most useful links, as well as any other important information. Separate author area is also provided for displaying your profile and autobiography.

    6. Military:


    Dynamic and inspiringly beautiful, smart and experienced, Military is the one to raise the bar for your library’s online presence and be the place that is haunted by hundreds of daily users.

    The end user of this top rated template has been kept high in the theme developer’s mind. It means that every single technic has been exercised to result in a stunning reader and website visitor experience. The responsive coding and legible typography possible are directed to the fulfilling of the client’s primary needs.

    Homepage fullwidth slider is the best tool for visualizing the best pieces of your library, your upcoming book presentations and more. Other sliders have also been tested with Military and showcased their best.

    Electrician WordPress Themes for electricity services websites

    In this electrician WordPress themes roundup, we have put together the best niche specific templates for electrician and electricity services websites, contractors and companies, electrical repair and other specialists.

    Electricity is an indispensable part of today’s life.

    Right from the early morning up to late at night, we are used to apply thousands of equipment and gadgets, instruments and digital technologies which are powered by electricity.

    And whenever we are faced with some problem catering to electricity supply or want to install electrical system or equipment, the first thing we do is to look for a professional and qualified electrician or electrical service provider to turn to.

    The modern digital platform is the biggest gathering place for all kinds of service providers and handymen, craftsmen and electricians to offer their services.

    Whether you want to grow as an individual specialist or a part of a big company, having your special place in the digital arena is crucial for you.

    It well help you gain more attention, exercise new communication channels and master the given market to get better jobs.

    In this article, we are excited to share the best electrician WordPress themes with you to go online with your website in a matter of minutes. All of them are wonderfully practical and simple in usage while providing you with hassle free management and customization procedures.

    1. Fix IT:
    handyman WordPress theme


    Fix IT is one of the durable electrician WordPress themes guaranteed to work stunningly under any given circumstances. If you are a licensed electrician who has passed all training and now want to win new clients from the virtual domain, this template will be ideal for your needs. Visually engaging and motivational, functionally stable and seamlessly usable, this website builder is also well prepared for different management options. Dozens of time saving features are included in this template for you to realize any kind of website related plans as quickly as needed. The range encompasses very easy to use and control framework with Google fonts and icons, plugin compatibility with WooCommerce, NextGen Gallery and Contact Form 7. Complete documentation and personalized support for each and every theme purchaser are also guaranteed with Fix IT.

    2. HVAC and Cleaning:
    HVAC and cleaning WordPress theme


    Service provision industry can highly benefit from the theme called HVAC and Cleaning. IT can be an all inclusive and comprehensive website solution for air conditioning, cleaning, moving and packaging, electrician, plumber, cabinetmaker, interior designer or any other home and household service provider. A perfect usability has been set in all fronts of the theme. In the visual front, it is pixel perfect and eye catchy; in the functional front it is stable yet extensible with the help of compatible plugins. When it comes to the financial battlefield, it is surprisingly affordable and cost conscious. Widget friendly technique is applied in footer, header and sidebar areas to add contact details and other relevant content, and 5 level dropdown navigation is assured which is smooth and clutter free.

    3. SKT Construction Pro:
    construction WordPress theme


    SKT Construction Pro is the next top level website tool reasonably included in our assemblage of electrician WordPress themes. This enviably powerful template holds safety, user centric performance and responsiveness in the highest regard. It means you don’t need to worry about how your website is going to behave when it comes to responding to different platforms and screen requirements. Both your desktop and mobile users are top priorities of SKT Construction Pro. The theme is also shortcodes based, provides animated sections and controllable fonts, colors, backgrounds and more. With 5 page templates and homepage slider with 10 manageable effects, this template has been tested across different useful plugins and confirmed its consistency with them. Page builder, slider, gallery and commercial plugins are all compatible with SKT Construction Pro.

    4. Perfect Mechanic:


    Perfect Mechanic is one of the latest WordPress powered templates catering to the service provision sector, including mechanics and electricians. It comes as a depot of first class theme features and elements which are compulsory for the smooth and flawless web creation and management process. If you are a local electrician or another relevant specialist who wants to take his business to a higher level of client recognition and engagement, you are in the right place. Your specialized website based on Perfect Mechanic as one of responsive and mobile friendly electrician WordPress themes will be #1 advertising and marketing tool for you since it is also SEO and SMO optimized.

    5. WoodCraft:


    Get your electrical company or agency, service provision center or private electrician business in front of your potential client base with the help of WoodCraft. Multipurpose and multifunctional, this template is convenient for dozens of industrial and construction, renovation and furniture, electrician and engineering related topics and niches. With WoodCraft it will never be too expensive to stray far from your locality and engage more and more potential customers. Simply make your website an informative business profile and showcase all kinds of services you offer. Homepage slider is added to the theme to greet your web viewers whenever they browse your website on their PCs or smartphones. Blog area is also available for you to exercise all the legitimate ways of boosting your online presence with the right keywords used.

    6. Movers and Packers Pro:
    moving company WordPress theme


    Finally, we came up with Movers and Packers Pro as the last strongly advisable electrician WordPress theme to be found in the current repository of templates. It is another method for advancing your business online while spending minimum financial means for it. The creation and handling of your site will not take you hours of focused endeavor but will be as simple and lightweight as never. Generate more leads through your posts and pages packed with robust navigation and scrolling effects, perfect typography via the given fonts, attractive colors and excellent design touches. The theme also complies with the latest version of WordPress and as such reveals true responsiveness, search engine and social media optimization.

    Cardinal WordPress Themes for churches, prayers and religious websites

    This time we’ll focus our attention on the best cardinal WordPress themes for building cardinal, church or religious websites in a matter of minutes and steering them any direction you want. Those templates are ideal for religious institutions, organizations and communities, parishes and other spiritual websites, philanthropic and humanitarian project management online, etc.

    Unleashing the true power of the global networking system is not a hard task at all. The same principle applies in relation to cardinal and church related affairs and organizations. Today lots of such communities and centers are actively using their websites and blogs to maximize their ministry and influence on people.

    Today’s Internet based online platform opens up infinite possibilities for all facets of church and cardinal ministries. It ranges from completing daily administrative and organizational tasks more easily to global preaching and evangelism.

    With this in mind, we have assembled some of the most serviceable cardinal WordPress themes for religious and humanitarian communities, donation programs, NGOs and non profit organizations, prayer and gospel websites and more. In case you want to migrate your church or other religious structure to the virtual world and be where most of the people spend hours a day, those templates will lighten up your way.

    Overall simplicity and affordability are the quality characterizing this group of cardinal WordPress themes. No complicated installation process or customization controls are waiting for you along the way. No fuss around heavy loading or distorted visualization either, since all of them are synchronized with all the major standards and requirements of the latest version of WordPress.

    1. Religious:
    church WordPress theme


    Religious is one of the niche specific and well thought out cardinal WordPress themes to meet the needs of church and religious world. This wonderfully pliable and resilient template will enable you to tap into the power of digital arena and boost daily visits of your site. It wonderfully relieves the disturbance of dealing with customization and management of your future website. The authors of this motivational and energetic template have practiced their best qualities to make it as simplified and admin friendly as needed for you to make the most out of it. The theme’s package is full of shortcodes to make and arrange your content the way you like, easy to deal with homepage and inner pages sections, icons and Google fonts integrated, etc.

    2. SKT Parallax Me Pro:
    parallax WordPress theme


    SKT Parallax Me Pro is visually stunning and functionally stable parallax scrolling website builder at your fingertips. Thanks to its harmonic form and function, as well as stability in usage, this template is wonderful for any kind of cardinal or religious, NGO or donation website creation and surveillance. Use the prebuilt parallax slider of the homepage to nail your web visitors attention down on whatever is needed. This template is ready made to wear many different faces and outfits and match the colors and typography you would choose. Add whatever you may like to make your profile more effective, be it columns, accordions, pricing table, ecomerce platform for donations, translated content for foreign people, SEO compatibility via plugins, etc.

    3. SKT Charity Pro:
    charity WordPress theme


    In case you want to web empower your church, religious, cardinal or charity mission or ministry in the most practical way, look no other way than SKT Charity Pro. It is one of the self secured and reliable cardinal WordPerss themes that is guaranteed to purvey unbeatable functionality. It’s an exceptionally relevant template for a wide range of cardinal and charitable based online performances, spiritual and humanitarian websites. Spread your voice through the given sections and areas and communicate your message through visual materials. For such purposes you are provided with home, about us, blog, contact and other areas, totally editable footer and header areas, sidebar part also widget friendly, etc.

    4. Play School:
    education WordPress theme


    Build more profitable and beneficial connection with your audience or partners, followers and believers with the help of Play School. It’s a lightweight and clear, yet ambitious and resourceful template catering to the needs of numerous industries and fields, communities and activities. From learning and education programs and schools, kid and children related development centers and kindergartens to church and religious, NGO websites, Play School is never clueless how to achieve the final goal. It professionally comprises all the handy features, practical steps and strategies for you to generate excellent online profile and increase your efficiency online. To put it short, Play School is a result of hard work of seasoned professionals, and as such is totally responsive, easy in usage, smoothly navigable and search engine optimized.

    5. SKT Trust:
    non profit WordPress theme


    SKT Trust is the next feasible and fruitful pattern among cardinal WordPress themes to help you build people’s trust and loyalty. Lots of people take their first step toward church or charitable fund through finding a relevant website and clicking on it. Hence, if your mission is to convert infidels into believers, establish strong communication ties with them or engaging more donators and contributors into your programs, SKT Trust will be a great contributor for you. You would be surprised by the elasticity and flexibility of this template when it comes to customizing it from time to time. It also functions with a bunch of plugins, among them shortcodes, translation, contact form, charity and donation plugins.

    6. Simple:
    simple WordPress theme


    Let seekers and religious people find a great source of motivation and information in the form of your website based on Simple. The elegant and simple nature of this template will let you organize everything in a nice looking fashion and welcome your adherents or fans with enjoyable look. All the touches of responsive and mobile friendly design are incorporated in the theme for the impeccable mobile performance of your website. It also integrates admin optimized dashboard with easy controls, blog and page template management options, lots of shortcodes, as well as fully documentation with clear instructions. WooCommerce, shortcodes, gallery and contact form plugins have been checked with Simple as well and proved to work error free.

    Dental Care WordPress Themes for dentistry care and dental clinic websites

    We have been on the task of sorting through the affordable dental care WordPress themes.

    And now are thrilled to present them for dentists, dental care specialists, dental clinics and other dentistry websites.

    The medical industry is not an exception when it comes to conquering the digital platform for the fulfillment of a wide range of business objectives. If we try to be more precise and talk about the dental industry, it will be reasonable to note that the client’s choice of dentist heavily depends on his or her website or at least online profile to look through. Hence, it is of great importance to realize how your dental practice can benefit from clear and serious – looking, as well as informative and easy to use website of your own.

    Thus, with the growing importance of the relevant global networking system for dentists and dental clinics, we have collected some of the best dental care WordPress themes to fulfill all your provocative plans catering to your dental activities and win the client’s trust. Seize the advantage of presenting yourself in front of global market and gradually increase the army of your potential clients.

    1. Teethy:
    teethy WordPress theme


    Teethy shares all the characteristics to change the game in favor of you. Highly flexible and intelligent while totally customizable and controllable, it is one of the clear – coded and visually attractive dentist and doctor – based WordPress templates. It means that a splendid assemblage of doctor and medical – related initiatives can be revealed through this template easily yet effectively.
    The theme is based upon Customizer for you to tweak to the website and its content easily and make all the relevant changes. Homepage default slider and its effects are at your leisure to tell your story through high – quality images and photos, showcase your clinic and its facilities, your staff or satisfied clients and much more. Header and footer variations, translation – ready platform when supported by respective plugins, convenient color wheel to choose colors of your site and integrated shortcodes pack generalize the true beauty of Teethy.

    2. Perfect Medical:


    Next in our list is Perfect Medical as one of the latest dental care WordPress themes for you to get you dental or medical website up and effortlessly running in a matter of minutes. Radically change the way you communicate with your patient – base and make that communication as affordable as it may be with responsive and mobile – friendly layout of your website. Hence, you are not obliged to build a separate mobile or device version of your dental clinic website. Teethy will take care of all the nuances to keep your website’s look and feel across different platforms and devices. Legible and white – dominant visualization of Perfect Medical is exactly what suits medical and dental industry to the most extent.

    3. Healing Touch:
    medicine WordPress theme


    Boost your tangible results, convert your efforts into better reputation and social proof with the assistance of Healing Touch. Make a step forward from half – empty reception or waiting room and accept a new stream of clients coming from your website. Hence if you are a dentist, dental care specialist, private dental clinic owner, hospital representative, neurologist, pediatrician or any other medial industry representative and want to change the way clients perceive you and your business, Healing Touch comes ready – made to fulfill your far – reaching plans. Just having a website and publish some information about you is not enough. Your website must be visual clear and easy to digest, as well as easy to navigate from top to bottom and responsive enough for the clients on the move. All the above – mentioned qualities are celebrated by Healing Touch to result in perfect client and website visitor experience.

    4. Toothy:
    dentist WordPress theme


    Toothy is brought to you as one of the best and top – rated dental care WordPress themes suitable for a dental business of any kind, from small or newly – started to seasoned and highly – experienced. Since homepage and about pages are among the most –visited pages according to statistics, this template is packed with those sections and even more to enlist your services, run a blog and inform your patients about special offers, discounts, updated policy, new business objectives and much more. Use the available color picker and add your favorite colors to the existing white –based framework, use the given shortcodes for quick setup and choose among the given packs of icons and Google fonts.

    5. SKT Medical Pro:
    medical WordPress theme


    Another leader among dental care WordPress themes available for the average website owner comes launched as SKT Medical Pro. This superb and full – packed, well – developed and minutely processed template is equipped with all the primary elements, features and controls any dentist or another doctor will ever dream to have at his or her disposal. Dental practitioners can never neglect the fact of visualization of their medical practice. And this can be perfectly arranged with the given homepage slider, as well as gallery section for displaying clinic and hospital, client and doctor, before and after images and photos. This template will never leave you helpless with empty hands when it comes to customizing and managing your website as per your wishes and preferences.

    6. Bony:
    chiropractor WordPress theme


    The challenging market of modern medical world has brought about fierce competition among medical service providers. In such situation running a top – quality and easy to use all – inclusive website becomes a top – priority for any such business. Bony has been powered to be the starting point of any such medical initiative to slay the ongoing competition. Visually accurate and clear with a minimum number of distracting touches, Bony is the last candidate in our list of dentist and dental clinic and dental care WordPress themes ready to turn thousands of patient’s heads with its unique look and error – free structural framework. Widget – friendly and HTML5 and CSS3 coded, responsive and Google mobile – friendly, Bony is wonderfully compatible with qTranslate X, Shortcodes Ultimate, Contact Form, SEO and Ecommerce plugins for extensive functionality and higher results.