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Credit Reporting Agency WordPress Themes for credit rating & audit firms

Credit bureaus and credit reporting agencies, credit related data collection firms and organizations, financial experts and consultants, banks and credit unions, stock and bond, auctioneer, foreign currency exchange as well as any other accounting, credit or loan, financial or legal based website can be elevated with the help of any of the best credit reporting agency WordPress themes we have put together in this article.

Whether you are going to market your bank products or credit reporting services, attract new flows of financial means by winning the attention and trust of thousands of new clients, ensuring you are online with the most effective format of your business is what your audience is expecting from you first and foremost.

With banking and credit initiatives, activities and businesses looking for the practical ways to increase their business cross selling results and revenues, there is also a relevant offer for such undertakings that comes with the best credit reporting agency WordPress themes.

These templates are well practiced and updated during the time in order to match the current needs of a modern website holder on the one hand, and a demanding and contemporary website user on the other.

As such, each of these banking and credit reporting agency WordPress themes comes as a tiptop of all the important digital tools and strategies, including adjustable and responsive web design, social media and search engine effective coding to spread the word of your services and products throughout the most versatile and populated platforms, etc.

1. Finance:


Do you want your website to be exquisitely beautiful yet serious, reliable and functionally superb yet cost effective in terms of its creation and further customization? Then Finance is the best option you can choose among dozens of credit reporting agency WordPress themes available for the public use.

With one click demo installation and activation mechanism, this template is fairly easy and affordable in the very early stages of your website building and management of it.

Further, uses multiple web layout and design solutions to make your admin position as easy and pain free as possible with ready made pieces of shortcodes, widgets for posts and pages, secondary content areas like footer, header and sidebar, the best destination of your imagery with homepage default slider and much more.

2. Perfect Business:
perfect business WordPress theme


From credit bureaus to consumer reporting agencies, to private legal and financial specialists to the managers of banks, credit unions and organizations and their branches, everyone and every single niche specific business will find its lasting digital physique with the help of Perfect Business.

Custom built to discover the true value and nature of any startup or professional business, Perfect Business is one of the economical yet premium quality credit reporting agency WordPress themes to be highly estimated by the financial world as well.

This responsive and HD ready, smoothly controllable and admin optimized website builder also aims for durability and precision in usage irrespective of the environment it appears to be in or the platform with which it is browsed.

3. Perfect Accounting:
accounting WordPress theme


Perfect Accounting is the theme that provides a stunningly elegant and businesslike platform customized for multipurpose usages across financial and accounting topics and niches.

Ready to bring your company or credit reporting agency closer to the target masses of the digital audience, Perfect Accounting is well aware of all the nuances resulting in an unbeatable client experience and enjoyable admin workload from the backend of the theme. Hence, from responsive and cross mobile compatible HTML 5 based coding to easy to use and find information deployed in the practical content parts and sections, from commercialized layout for online shopping to multilingual content to be understandable for different language bearers, Perfect Accounting celebrates it all.

SEO WordPress theme


Another polished and visually clean template among the best credit reporting agency WordPress theme to ensure your marketing or digital, credit agency service provision website or profile looks and feels its absolute excellence for the clients of any nature or web browsing experience.

With minimum efforts and financial means, you can get access to a wonderful treasure box hidden within the theme and get a maximum exposure of your offered reporting and consultation services, data, contact details and more.

More than 600 social icons, hundreds of Google test passed fonts and their subtypes, blog layouts to run your daily blog with updates and news, SEO friendly coding along with SMO integration, widget friendly and plugin compatible framework based on HTML 5 and CSS 3 coding and styling are all well taken care of with SKT SEO.

5. SKT Banking:
banking WordPress theme


SKT Banking is an incredibly sophisticated and fully fledged, visually and graphically modern and functionally smart website toolkit designed with care from the theme author’s side as well as in compliance with the modern virtual reality, its users and trends.

Follow your curiosity and best ideas with SKT Banking that is totally flexible in terms of color and font, image and layout, slider and buttons management and customization controls by letting you the visualize the final form and function of your site in a matter of minutes.

From a more business perspective, this template is convenient for sharing credit reports, credit scores, check, credit and identity protection services, credit report products and consultation offers in the way that will be comfortable for your audience to look for the relevant information and find it quickly.

6. Flat Pro:
flat WordPress theme


Create a new and dependable platform for your client’s credit health and protection with the assistance of Flat Pro.
What can be more eye catchy and legible than your profile based on one of the latest web design trends that is flat or material design? It is accustomed to keeping your profile clean and easy to perceive, with every single touch and shade knowing its proper place and denomination.

You will find multiple color controls with color picker to make your website look up to date and interesting for the website guests, more than 100 prebuilt shortcodes for the extension of your site’s potential, different calls to actions and buttons, etc.

Recycling Center WordPress Themes for junk removal, waste management

This time let’s come together over the best recycling center WordPress themes and discover what each of them has to offer its clients. Nature and green, environment and eco, junk removal and recycling companies, waste management and economical organizations, recycling centers, residential and construction, cleaning and washing services, as well as any other activity or business striving for keeping localities and environments clean and green, safe and fresh can use any of the offered recycling center WordPress themes.

The prevailing recycling of different metals, trash, paper and other potentially recyclable materials is one of the success stories in the sphere of nature and environment preservation and protection. From reducing pollution and eliminating chemicals and toxic gases to making the world around us more healthy and agreeable and providing us with more affordable products made from recycled materials, the advantages of recycling industry are boundless.

The assemblage of the best recycling center WordPress themes we are going to discuss with you in the continuation of this article is perfect for all kinds of relevant recycling and junk removal, garbage and waste processing and management services, as well as cleaning organization and public utility agencies, departments and more.

Each of these practical and award winning recycling center WordPress themes is well coded and developed by the specialists of a dynamic and vibrant WordPress community. It means that your website based on any of these templates is going to be quick in creation and management, free and open source in customization since they are all GPL based and packed with out of the box admin panel, as well as deep in smooth navigation and effective in structure management with sections and subsections, categories and more.

1. SKT Perfect:
perfect commercial WordPress theme


Due to the rise of the digital platform, the virtual presentations of multi profile businesses have never been so demanded. Thus, in your specific market or working area you need something special to set you apart from many others.

SKT Perfect is one of such valuable and original products your recycling business or service provision can effortlessly have reliance in.

With this seriously crafted and conveniently structured website tool, you can make all your information and services online while feeling rested knowing that it is going to be safe and secure, as well as easy to search for, find and browser for your potential customers and clients.

2. SKT Stone:


Perfect for industrial and commercial market manifestation online, SKT Stone is one of the productive and results driven stone manufacturing and recycling center WordPress themes to make your wishes and business objectives a priority.

Delivered with retina ready and HD ready layout, this website tool also features a nice looking slider located on the center of your site’s welcome page to attract more attention from the client’s side. You can add sever images to it and control the way they will adopt when decorating your site’s homepage around the clock with pause time, animation and other settings.

Checked for its stretchable functionality, SKT Stone is wonderfully compatible with as many useful plugins as you may like to have working with your website, be it a commercial or translation, SEO or SMO, shortcodes or another one.

3. SKT Gardening:
gardening landscaping WordPress theme


SKT Gardening deals with tons of practices and powerful tools when it comes to taking your recycling or waste management, gardening or landscaping business to another level of performance in the digital spectrum.

On the whole, this template is going to be a real cost efficient solution to your online presence since it is one of the affordable products you can find in the repository of recycling center WordPress themes.

Establish your company as an ongoing and viable concern and quickly communicate with your clients and prospects, share the most important of your content in the main parts and sections, as well as the secondary one together with quick links, recent posts and social media profiles in the additional parts like footer and header, sidebar, etc.

4. HVAC and Cleaning:
HVAC and cleaning WordPress theme


Whether you already have an existing website and want to import its content into a completely new profile or thinking about elevating a totally new site to advertise your cleaning or recycling business, HVAC and Cleaning will make all kinds of data import or web establishment processes pain free.

Packed with a durable coding and styling in the form of HTML 5 and CCS 3 mixture, HVAC and Cleaning comes with full color changing and typography establishment controls with preloaded color picker functionality and group of Google approved fonts, page and blog templates to choose from, prebuilt gallery and contact form and finally SEO optimized framework for the highest SEO results.

5. Nature One Pro:


Fresh faced and serviceable, Nature One Pro is one more trustworthy nature and environment, green and agriculture, junk removal and recycling center template of SKT Themes production you can enjoy at a pocket friendly price.

Creating a flexible and all inclusive website with this responsive and mobile friendly template will not only help you spread a word about your business and its nature, but also build a trust that is another important factor in gaining a loyal army of clients.

Translation and localization ready, this template is also invincible in plugin compatibility in an effort to make your profile more relevant and mighty with different functional touches.

6. Welder:
welding WordPress theme


From welding and woodcraft industry to cleaning and recycling activities, everything can be productively showcased by the application of Welder.

Every single feature and control of the theme is aimed at making your writing voice more effective, blogging style and technique more client centric, as well as your content creation and publishing abilities more diversified. In this relation, Welder is packed with easy to manage colors and fonts, buttons and shortcodes, prebuilt slider and its controls, categories, 404, search and other useful standard pages, more than 8 page templates to try and test, gallery and team member areas to insert your specific content and high quality images, etc.

Reflexology WordPress Themes for health, wellbeing, medical, clinic

Give your reflexology or massage, therapy and rehabilitation, and generally any kind of medial or doctor, health or wellbeing centric website a professional touch with any of the reflexology WordPress themes you will find in this article.

The medical and pharmaceutical industry have long conquered the digital world and got closer to its potential clients and patients. In a nutshell, such kind of services have already acknowledged all the benefits of being online and accessible in 24/7 format when it comes to delivering more prospects and leads, customers and revenue.

Thus, if done properly, you as a private reflexology or massage specialist, online pharmacy owner or the manager of a well known clinic in a certain locality can win thousands of new patients and expand the horizons of your business with as little investment and efforts as you have never believed before.

With every reflexology WordPress themes we are going to shed light on soon is going to serve as an irreplaceable solution to all your medical business needs, from winning trust and attention of the online audience to keeping your name and reputation impeccable with professional website and client care within its framework.

Quality checked and constantly updated, these high value reflexology WordPress themes can take the pain and stress out of creating a stunning visualization of your reflexology center or health clinic, massage center or therapy services.

While being totally search engine optimized and social media integrated, unbelievably affordable in pricing and easy to use in customization and management, each of these reflexology WordPress themes is specialized in getting the most wanted results for your business.

1. Teethy:
teethy WordPress theme


Teethy is one of the fully customizable and admin friendly web frameworks you will find at an incredible price and save tons of money you can spend on other valuable web design and promotion tools.

But before you think about hiring professionals to give their helping hand to your website and manage it accordingly, or purchase additional and paid tools and systems to be integrated with your site, we offer you to start your online journey from the backend of Teethy. There are hundreds of effective features and first aid components which are enough to meet all your specific needs and requisites.

From color and font, widget and page layout to slider and gallery management options, shortcodes and call to actions application and plugin support, Teethy comes packed with all.

2. SKT Dual:
marketing WordPress theme


SKT Dual is another clean and serious looking, business and marketing centric website building product you can find in our roundup of the best reflexology WordPress themes.

Make your comprehensive website with few clicks and bring your creative ideas into reality with customizer based performance and preloaded shortcodes of SKT Dual.

Powered by dual screen, this template is going to stress bot your visual and textual content equally well. As for the imagery, it can be accurately showcased by the homepage slider or find its permanent destination in gallery or portfolio area. As for the textual content, the homepage comes plenty with sections and parts to be formatted accordingly in order to present your web content with the Google approved fonts.

3. Simple:
simple WordPress theme


Simplicity and clear layout are what will make your medical or reflexology, dental or pediatrician, psychiatrist or cardiologist, spa or massage center or salon website as well as other health and health care, diet and nutrition website easy to perceive and digest for your website guests.

This kind of visual approach will also make it simpler for your audience to navigate and find whatever is needed, use the contact form for directing their questions or asking for consultation.

The theme is also designed with the ultimate attention to hassle free usability and durability of it over time and as such comes with persistent coding and modern animations to keep the super look and feel of your site across platforms thanks to its responsiveness and browser support.

SEO WordPress theme


Offer your stress solution reflexology and spa, thai massage and other services in the most remarkable way SKT SEO grants you with.

Designed with care and saturated with all the essential inbuilt ingredients and preloaded tools, SKT SEO is ideal for any kind of digital and marketing, medial or doctor websites spanning an avalanche of topics and niches, offers and services, online shopping platforms and more.

Your site will also be Google friendly and powerful enough to pass all the compatibility tests with old and new browsers, small and big screen gadgets and other portable devices, translation and SEO, and many other plugins and extensions.

5. Bony:
chiropractor WordPress theme


Communicate the highest standards of your reflexology center or medical company with Bony and you will never regret it.

Pick your favorite color gamut and combinations, set up the typography to go well with the general look of your medical website, add photos to the homepage slider and control them with pause time and other controls.

Bony will also turn to be the starting point of your success in the virtual reality since all the controls and coding catering to search engine optimization, social media and plugin compatibility are all well taken care of.

With Bony you love how fast your website is resized and modified when browsed on diverse mobiles and other hand held devices.

6. Handy:
doctor WordPress theme


The perception that a medical or health centric cannot be stylish and eye catchy can be definitely challenged with Handy.

Although the universally accepted colors and structure are exercised in relation with this template, you are free to restyle the theme with new colors and shades, structural modifications and menu items, widget friendly areas, sequence of the images on the homepage slider and much more.

As one of the modern reflexology WordPress themes, it also enables you to acquire advanced capabilities and functionality whenever the default template is paired with additional plugins. WooCommerce for ecommerce controls, NextGen Gallery for creating accurate portfolio and gallery section, Contact Form 7 for having a presentable contact form for your audience, calendar and social sharing plugins are all at your disposal to go well with Handy.

Active Life WordPress Themes for lifestyle, health, spa, gym, fitness, sports

Feel the energy of the best active life WordPress themes and build your dynamic and encouraging sports and active life, spa and massage salon, gym and crossfit, fitness and boxing club, leisure center and entertainment complex, game zone or adventure website or blog.

First and foremost, the active lifestyle is the best strategy for the prevention against multiple diseases and health related problems. But the benefits of such kind of life philosophy go far beyond keeping you healthy and away from doctors.

On the whole, it’s a reasonable approach not only to your physical body but also mental health, cognitive function, psychological balance and much more.

We all clearly perceive the huge impact of active form of life but not always pull our fingers out. Well, the trick to being active and taking care of our mind and body through physical activities and in general the active lifestyle is to find someone or something that will make the process enjoyable for you.

And here is where different professionals and psychologists, life coaches and trainers, fitness and nutrition experts come to the fore.

Our active life WordPress themes are intended to help such people and their businesses thrive online and find the best welcome by the client’s side.

Getting people up, motivating them with your special offers and propagated active lifestyle can be fairly easy with one of the active life WordPress themes we have already managed to check out and now are going to share with you.

From being the most effective motivation for your audience with the images showcasing your successful programs, happy clients and their achieved results to providing them with relevant sources, instructions, program description, pricing and contact details, everything is possible with any of these sports, active lifestyle and active life WordPress themes.

1. Adventure:
adventure WordPress theme


Adventure is a smartly worked out and coded, visually zealous and functionally satisfying template featuring tons of controls and preloaded features for the sake of the webmaster’s convenience.

Help people find your tour and tourism, hotel and hostel, mountain hiking or biking, fitness or crossfit, life training or coaching business and start living with a red blooded life by going online with Adventure and enjoying the digital advantage of being accessible all the time.

This responsive and widget friendly template is going to be the right strategic and market intelligence solution for your website to generate higher results in search engine rankings, be actively presented in social media platforms, invite more people to your online commercial store, etc.

2. Soccer:
soccer WordPress theme


Soccer is the next team and club, sports and active lifestyle website template you will definitely love.

Designed and cared to meet the current online marketing and web promotion trends, Soccer is fully packed with durable HTML 5 and CSS 3 coding/styling, SEO and SMO optimized framework, commercial and translation ready nature with plugin support, responsiveness and mobile optimization, etc.

Your website guests are going to enjoy smooth and error free navigation scrolling that also keeps your site fast and quick in performance and loading.

Build your client and data driven website with required modification and customization of the default template, add your own content and services, subscription plans and nutrition products, add attractive imagery on the homepage slider and be sure your clients will be fond of your profile.

3. Strong Pro:
crossfit WordPress theme


If you check out the demo version of Strong Pro, you will be assured that there is nothing that rules this template out of the definition of one of the best active life WordPress themes.

Whatever the nature or motto of your website is, Strong Pro is highly specialized in delivering the needed results for you. Take care of the color setting and density, typography and fonts arrangement of your site, make use of the preloaded shortcodes for changing the look and feel of your site, adding new functionality or removing something.

This template will also let your business get listed on the top of Google, Yahoo and other search engines, so that your prospective clients and followers can quickly find it.

4. Military:


Your website should encourage visitors to spend more time on your domain and explore more about your brand or center, profile or whatever you represent.

From this standpoint, Military is worth your special attention as one of the visually captivating and attention seizing active life WordPress themes designed for and checked by a diversity of topics and niches, from military academy and fight club to online life coaching and self development seminars, gym and fitness centers, weight loss and muscle gain programs.

Default slider, Google approved types and subtypes of fonts, page and post management and image assortment in the gallery section are all given with Military.

5. vCard:


Create more buzz around your personal trainer or life coach, private fitness trainer or specialist profile with all the charm and originality of vCard.

Your serious and businesslike profile that will also be adaptive and responsive to meet mobile and device Internet consumer’s needs will turn to be crucial in bringing more results for your niche specific business.

In addition to responsive touches, vCard is never hesitant to generate a really customizable framework that will go smoothly with all your management and surveillance wishes, be it any color or structure change, application of a shortcode, addition of a commercial, translation, SEO, contact form or analytics plugin, etc.

6. SKT Fitness Pro:
fitness WordPress theme


You will inevitably get a thrill from a smart and all inclusive framework that comes launched as SKT Fitness Pro.

Whether you need a small scaled yet informative template to provide your audience with basic information and some images on the homepage slider or are looking for a solution in order to establish a deeply communicable and commercialized website with online trading possibilities and multilingual content, SKT Fitness Pro is what will get you started.

With SKT Fitness Pro you can also take advantage of graphical controls and design elements, right arrangement of social media and other icons, buttons, default slider with animation, pause time and other controls, page templates such as left, right, etc.

Fencing WordPress Themes for installations, construction, landscaping etc

If you are looking for the best fencing WordPress themes in relation to which an equal amount of efforts and time from both you and the theme developers is never required for your website to flourish, you are just where you need to be. This time we are going to explore some of the best outdoor and fencing WordPress themes unparalleled in perfection and functional excellence. As such, each of them comes ideal in hosting any construction or renovation, gardening and landscaping, fencing and planting, lawn care and tree trimming, moving and lightning, patio or deck, garden and driveway gates and other relevant websites and business profiles.

Giving your construction or fencing, plant and tree care related business a huge push in appearing closer to its audience can be best done with one of the fencing WordPress themes you will find present in this article.

Each of these templates is best at helping you to build credibility online with your informative website and the best items of portfolio as well as winning the online competition for the best search engine rankings. From prioritizing the mobile friendliness of your site to letting your website guests to comprehend your materials easily with legible typography and clutter free design, the pluses of each of these fencing WordPress themes are many.

1. SKT Stone:


SKT Stone is one of the exquisitely beautiful and structurally powerful, functionally superb and admin optimized fencing WordPress themes you can freely exercise for the institution of your stone manufacturing, concrete and gravel, fencing or building contractor profile or business website.

What this custom built and demo armed website tool is going to provide you with will sweep you off your feet. The avalanche of inner controls and enabled customization options, available packs of useful tools and fonts, color picker functionality and page layout choices is more than enough to organize the webmaster’s work all by yourself instead of turning to a professional help for the functional extension or visual fine tuning of your site.

The theme is also wonderfully search engine friendly to make your profile potential to the most possible extent when it comes to site indexing and ranking for search purposes.

2. Real Estate:


Real Estate is another great support in utilizing one of the best fencing WordPress themes and building trustworthy and user centric online profile for spreading a word about your brand and business, handyman and wood, construction and fencing services.

Real Estate is not just an unbeatable unity of nice looking design and modernly coded framework. It’s a perspective and lead generating strategy taking care of every single website visitor reaching your site with its desktop or mobile version, accurate presentation of your content in the convenient theme parts and sections, as well as the overall stable performance of your site with HTML 5 coding and shortcodes application.

3. WoodCraft:
furniture store WordPress theme


If you are looking for a new influx of business opportunities and increased orders in your fencing industry, flyers or traditional ways of marketing are not going to yield the needed results. While you may have some calls and inquiries for the replacement of old fences, this working direction is not going to make you highly demanded.

What you can do for reaching out more of fame and client attention is to follow our request and try WoodCraft for boosting your influence in your market.

Packed with easy to use features, prebuilt layouts to simplify the process of page and post building, the theme is also fully e commerce based with WooCommerce compatibility and this may turn another tangible positive in directing customers to your storefront.

4. Complete Pro:
complete WordPress theme


Be flawless and complete in the virtual reflection of your fencing business with the advantages Complete Pro will grant you with.

Complete Pro is the right product to quickly live up to the hype and professionally advertise your business with increased search engine visibility, social media integration, translation ready structure and content, hundreds of color and font settings, etc.

Quick to choose layouts and structures, homepage prebuilt slider spanning the whole width of your main page, as well as pre installed customizer layout with shortcodes available are what will reduce the time to be spent on the establishment and management of your website.

Google will also reward your company with effective ranking when it comes to organic searches, since Complete Pro is well crafted with all kinds of SEO requirements in the developer’s mind, from responsiveness and browser support to flexible and user optimized design and multilingual content.

5. SKT Gardening:
gardening landscaping WordPress theme


Your fencing, gardening, day care, community playground and yard construction, landscaping or tree removal business is worth the best manifestation online. From this standpoint, SKT Gardening is the best recommendation for you that is fresh faced and dynamic looking, modernly styled and CSS 3 animated.

From startup pricing to the absence of licensing requirements since it is GPL based, from all types of modern marketing tips and strategies to easy to use admin dashboard to make your scenario live, SKT Gardening really deserves your attention.

Meet your potential clients and partners online, let them analyze your services and measurement offers, specialists and their portfolios, view the best of your works and installed fences in the gallery are or on the homepage slider with too little efforts.

6. Welder:
welding WordPress theme


Welder is a mixture of plug and play website development platform and advanced toolbox with every feature you will need included in it.

Eliminating all kinds of physical and geographical limitations, breaking all the barriers hampering your communication with more clients will be easier with Welder that is affordable both in startup cost and further maintenance of a website.

This all encompassing template comes with useful standard pages and blog layouts, icons and fonts packs, preloaded call to actions and prebuilt gallery section, easy to control color and image choices, etc.

Having your website linked with additional or supplementary tools, systems and plugins is also possible with Welder to make it more effective in terms of e commerce, SEO and SMO, contact form and more.

Educational Supplies WordPress Themes for school, college, learning institutions

This time it’s the turn of the best educational supplies WordPress themes to make your heart beat faster if you are going to create a school or educational, early childhood or child development, instruction, interview and office, science and laboratory, technical and maintenance, health and special needs, sports goods and furniture supplies website and sell your products online. These educational supplies WordPress themes can also be actively used for the coverage of any learning and education, preschool or university, special education and other relevant LMS and e learning, teaching and educational websites and blogs, libraries and online portals.

At first glance, it may seem that school and educational materials and supplies cannot heavily affect the child or student learning process. But they do. We will not reinvent the wheel if we say that thousands of pupils and students across the world are dreaming about having all the necessary supplies and means to make their learning process more optimized and effective.

Well, the truth is that creating a comfortable and all inclusive atmosphere for the learners with all the necessary tools and products is one of the important tasks of both parents and teachers to keep them organized and progressive in their learning.

Our educational supplies WordPress themes are meant to make the virtual existence of all kinds of educational and learning supplies businesses easy to notice and follow. Whether you own a small local market and want to showcase it online or have a whole chain of supplies and materials businesses throughout many countries and want to sell your products and supplies through your e commerce platform, each of these educational supplies WordPress themes will serve your needs.

And while these high quality templates share the most modern coding and visual touches, they are also equally easy in customization and configuration, meaning that you can craft a truly unique framework and market your products and services in an eye catchy and efficient manner matching your business style.

1. SKT Education:
education WordPress theme


SKT Education is what you are on the lookout. Custom built to be as beautiful and attractive as it is functionally powerful and durable, this template has been checked for its cooperation with diverse educational and learning, educational supplies and delivery services websites and blogs.

Showcasing the whole assortment of your practical products and supplies will cost you next to nothing with this template as it already comes with commercial ready nature. All you are required to undertake is the addition of relevant e commerce plugin and start arranging your online storefront to welcome more clients and customers than your brick and mortar physical store actually does.

2. Toy Store:


Another tech savvy and visually pleasing, simple yet convenient in structure template you can find when searching for the best educational supplies WordPress themes is called Toy Store.

Absolutely any kind of product and merchandise can be efficiently deployed in the theme’s sections and parts, as well as wonderfully advertised across search engines and social media platforms, as the theme is optimized for such purposes with its SEO and SMO nature.

It also comes unparalleled in safety and flexibility with HTML 5 based performance, CSS 3 animated look, WooCommerce and translation readiness, easy to use shortcodes and widget friendly zones, etc.

3. Flower Shop:
flower shop WordPress theme


Make all your information, services, product catalogs, learning and office supplies and furniture, copier sales and services online with the help of Flower Shop and be sure you can be searched and found in top search rankings in a matter of seconds.

This template features a reliable working environment for the website admin to play with every single shade and color, font and typography of his website, modify its pages and posts, schedule articles and publications, translate content and serve it on a multilingual format, etc.

SEO WordPress theme


SKT SEO is another top rated and ambitiously energetic, yet clear and fresh faced template you can purchase from the repository of educational supplies WordPress themes.

This 100% commercial and online shopping friendly website tool is ideal for getting your valuable and practical school and learning supplies into the hands of their end users. In this relation, creating an online shopping platform for your clients and their children will be as easy as ABC with the extensible nature of SKT SEO and its plugin support. Moreover, not only e commerce plugins are going to add extra functionality to your profile, but also SMO and social sharing, translation and contact form, gallery and events management plugins and not only.

5. Play School:
education WordPress theme


If you fear you need to learn some coding knowledge in order to take advantage of Play School and make it a platform you have always dreamed of, you could not be more wrong. This admin friendly and intuitive template has been ideally coded and styled by the theme’s professional authors leaving you only the fun part of customization and content addition to enjoy.

With extensive documentation and around the clock technical support together with simplified nature of Play School, you are definitely guaranteed against any data losses, hacks or irrelevant performance of your site.

One of the important facets making your website presentable across different mobiles and screen resolutions is its responsiveness ready to make all kinds of adjustments and castling to make your web content and images as neatly arranged and legible as to satisfy your client’s expectations.

6. Shopzee:
eCommerce WordPress theme


Shopzee is another e commerce optimized and finely polished, versatile and quick in communication template that is followed by all kinds of modern business and marketing standards.

It means that providing clients and students with the most diversified supplies offers and listings is going to be a fun for you while you are going to have plenty of controls and pre enabled components to do it.

From WooCommerce shopping cart at its core to cross browser and device compatibility, from beautiful homepage slider with pause time and animation to standard blog are for keeping your site more active, Shopzee is rich with all these controls and not only.

Tax Service WordPress Themes for private financial and stock bond agents

Make the creation of your tax service or any other financial website a breeze with the best tax service WordPress themes highlighted in this article. From private financial and stock and bond agents to tax service public institutions and departments, accounting and CPA, corporate tax and charge, auditor agencies and tax specialists, and generally any kind of financial, tax or legal related profile can find its best reflection with any of these tax service WordPress themes.

The potential clients and customers, dynamic market opportunities, present and future technologies are all located in one and the same place that is the digital platform. Making the world closer and more unified, this platform enables absolutely any kind of business more thriving and perspective, more client centric and future scalable.

This statement is also true for financial and tax service consulting companies and businesses, agencies and private contractors to make the most of the virtual reality with any of the proposed tax service WordPress themes.

Each of these professional and serious looking website ecosystems can be a huge help to get all the website installation, management and customization things flowing. Each of these financial and banking, ATM and currency exchange, investment company or insurance agency, law firms and tax service WordPress themes is truly irreplaceable with its customization ready yet affordable nature, the avalanche of preloaded opportunities and compatibility with supplementary systems and tools.

1. Finance:


Finance is one of the latest masterpieces among the best accounting and tax service WordPress themes you are welcome to check and appreciate.

Built with perfect customizer on its basis, designed touched to be nice looking and eye catchy, Finance is a real professional to smartly host your valuable content and tax consulting services, accounting and tax preparation offers, etc.

Header and footer areas all widget friendly and proposed with different variations are at your disposal to choose, customize and add to the theme’s overall structure, as well as page and blog templates, sidebar area with left, right or no sidebar options, font based icons and much more.

Material design adopted by the theme developers gives an extra charm and legibility to your content and imager which are also going to be adaptive and responsive as per the mobile and screen resolutions or other requirements of portable devices.

2. Perfect Accounting:
accounting WordPress theme


With Perfect Accounting, the establishment and further maintenance of your accounting or tax preparation website can be less of a hassle and financial means. This template is of premium quality yet of cost effective pricing enabling all those companies working on a tight budget to enjoy the privilege of being online with the best framework.

Homepage based default sections, page layout controls, widgetized areas for quick links and recent posts, social media links and contact details, homepage beautiful slider to make your website guests fell the professionalism and creativity of your business through your imagery, everything can be found within this template.

The SEO friendly coding of the theme along with responsive nature and cross mobile compatibility will ensure your strong presence across all the popular search engines as well.

3. SKT Perfect:
perfect commercial WordPress theme


Another highly assessed and strongly recommended template among the best tax service WordPress themes is named SKT Perfect.

It’s an all inclusive and saturated template which focuses on serious and business optimized appearance, admin friendly customizable layout with easy to use admin section on the backend, practical tools and components
This multi profile theme also strives for the ultimate client satisfaction and as such comes with social media integration, 100% adaptability with responsive coding, support of all kinds of old and new browsers, screen requirements and portable devices resolutions.

There is just no limit to what you can achieve with exercising SKT Perfect with diverse compatible plugins the list of which ranges from commercial platforms and systems to multilingual and slider controls to the insertion of contact form, homepage slider, additional shortcodes and more.

4. SKT Banking:
banking WordPress theme


Designed and specifically cared with the needs and priorities of the tax and banking world in the developer’s mind, SKT Banking turns out to be as spectacular and impressive in usage as it is affordable in terms of purchase pricing and further cost effective management possibilities.

Make your site interactive by showcasing your profile and tax consulting specialists, services and other important information your clients are searching for in the popular search engines.

Without knowing a single line of coding and without hiring expensive developers to adapt the given template to your business brand and its requirements, SKT Banking comes with the most versatile framework you can actively play with in order to achieve the needed complete look and feel of your site.

5. SKT Landing Page:
landing page WordPress theme


By the adoption of one of the lead generating digital tools as of the present marketing in the form of landing page is what can double your income and revenue from your site.

Therefore, we have not forgotten to add one of the landing page packed ax service WordPress themes you can freely use for your tax consulting or preparation business promotion.

Well, the landing page is not the only advantage of this template. Flat design principles adopted in relation to buttons and icons, as well as the overall clean and white based minimalistic style are going to make your web content more legible and easily perceptible for your audience.

6. Flat Pro:
flat WordPress theme


Another modernly and flat designed business template you can highly benefit from is called Flat Pro.
Custom built and willing to support all your direct digital related business goals, Flat Pro is smoothly balanced between emphatic look and advanced functionality forming a serviceable environment with pre enabled color and font controls, homepage elegant slider, all sorts of call to actions and more.

Compatibility with prebuilt and additional shortcodes base, commercial and translation plugins, SEO and SMO portals and engines, Flat Pro will make your website and its content arrangement a piece of cake.

Pressure Washing Service WordPress Themes for washing, cleaning business

If you want a superb WordPress powered platform with the help of which you can manipulate and present your washing or cleaning business without hopping out of your comfort zone, this handpicked collection of the best pressure washing service WordPress themes is what you will need to get started. Window washing and glass cleaning, home and carpet cleaning, laundry care and dry cleaning service provision, air conditioning and ventilation, as well as all types of pressure washing services can be productively presented and promoted with any of these pressure washing service WordPress themes.

Making your washing and cleaning services highly demanded and ordered, keeping your audience satisfied with your online presence and accessibility, client centric approach with instant quotes provided via your website is all possible if you give your choice to one of the most practical and five star pressure washing service WordPress themes we are going to explore today.

Before we jump into the meat of each of the proposed HVAC and cleaning, junk removal and pressure washing service WordPress themes, let’s have a look at which qualities and features unite all of them.

First and foremost, each and every of these proposals includes all the key features ensuring the future great performance of your business or service provision profile. From showing or hiring whatever is needed to adding or deleting widgets, post scheduling and preview, font and color setting options to responsive layouts with smooth navigation and SEO essentials, plugin compatibility and multilingual readiness, each of them has proven itself to provide you with all.

1. SKT Stone:


Whether your business revolves around housekeeping or cleaning, washing or air conditioning, gardening or landscaping, construction or renovation, stone or tile manufacturing spectrum, SKT Stone is what counts nowadays.

Built by the application of modern HTML 5 and CSS 3 controls, visually clean and crisp, SKT Stone is custom built to give your website a serviceable look and convenient working platform to accurately formulate and manage your content, images and posts.

Since you are offering services and products to be purchased, it’s imperative for your site to be e commerce ready. When it comes to commercial framework, SKT Stone is the one to celebrate victory. Online trading and shopping friendly, this template will enable you to establish your online storefront with the help of commercial plugins and make the most revenue out of it.

2. HVAC and Cleaning:
HVAC and cleaning WordPress theme


All kinds of relevant services such as concrete and ceiling, roof and parking lot, road and sidewalk, shopping center and strip mall, restaurants and cafes, gas and service stations pressure washing and cleaning services can find a wide exposure online if based on one of the most original and results driven HVAC, cleaning and pressure washing service WordPress themes.

Low price, all in one solution and infinite working possibilities are proposed with this responsive and well structured, designer touched and seamless in navigation website template.

Inbuilt shortcodes, gallery and contact form, fonts pack and color picker will brighten up your workload as you will be capable of taking care of the ultimate appearance and functionality of your site without the necessity of getting your hands dirty and head aching with coding controls.

3. Flat Pro:
flat WordPress theme


High conversion rates and social media presence, high quality content positioning and its adjustment across a variety of profiles and areas are guaranteed with Flat Pro.

Standard pages and content areas are added to the theme, but you are the one to make them exclusively well looking and informative with your own content and imagery, links and typography, etc.

Start enjoying the support of flat or material web design preparing your website for the effective cooperation with old and new platforms and devices, search engines and more. This web design approach does wonders not only to your content clarity and readability but only its digestion and crawling by search engines making your website highly competitive in rankings.

4. SKT Industrial:
industrial renovation WordPress themes


Present a comprehensive and full description of who you are and what you have to propose to your market by the application of SKT Industrial.

Coded and crafted with the needs and requirements of cleaning and washing, repair and renovation industry, SKT Industrial features convenient platform to display a wealth of information and services listings, products and merchandise, pricing and contact details.

Numerous easy to use shortcodes are what will make your web development and functionality extension a breeze for you by replacing those long and irritating HTML codes with short bits of codes to be inserted wherever needed.

Social media websites and networks are popular platforms making an impact on the client’s purchase making decisions. Therefore, SKT Industrial is well taken care of to be totally SEO and SMO friendly to integrate all the dynamic environments where your potential clients can search for your business.

5. Perfect Cleaning:
perfect cleaning WordPress theme


Manage your cleaning or washing website like a pro even if you have never jumped into the backend of any WordPress powered website. Perfect Cleaning has been developer with the most unexperienced website admin in the theme author’s mind.

Therefore, one is going to find hundreds of easy to apply pieces of shortcodes, drag and drop functionality for adding images or embedding links, easy to restyle and reconstruct homepage parts to make them relevant for your content, services, pressure washing equipment and more.

With reasonable pricing requirement and maximum profitability, Perfect Cleaning is also fully legible with Google approved fonts application, 100% responsive and retina ready as well.

6. SKT Corp Pro:
corporate WordPress theme


Perfect for corporate and business revelation and contribution online, SKT Corp Pro is the last candidate among the best and the most frequently used pressure washing service WordPress themes.

Ready for page building processes, totally modifiable with the overall appearance and inner pages, font and color styles, homepage sections and default contact form, SKT Corp Pro comes with a totally admin optimized backend to control all of the above mentioned parts and features.

A nice looking full width slider with several slides, more than 100 shortcodes, standard pages like 404, archive, category and more are all included in this top quality theme.

Tile Contractor WordPress Themes for flooring, roofing, interior exterior design

In order to brand and promote your renovation and construction, marble and tile contracting, flooring and roofing, interior and exterior design, decoration and architecture businesses, home craftsmen and tile contractor services, you’d better use one of the best tile contractor WordPress themes we are going to share with you this time.

A systematic approach to the digital platform along with the application of its strategies is one of the cornerstones of a successful marketing for any kind of modern businesses and undertakings. As for the construction and renovation, home design and structure industry, setting the bar high to establish the expected high quality presentation online and bettering up the business results is completely achievable in the virtual realm with the assistance of different platforms, tools and templates.

Well, among the most demanded ones you are likely to find the best tile contractor WordPress themes created specifically for this market and all its branches and performances, from small to large, from budget friendly to highly branded.

Thus, whether you are a ceramic tile company manager or a private tile contractor and installer, you are welcome to check the below discussed roundup of tile contractor WordPress themes which are bewitchingly beautiful and enviable stable in operation, creatively designed and durably coded.

Bridge the gap between your company or services and the potential clients by creating an original online website solution and incorporating all your information on it for the quick client access to each part of it. The well thought out skeleton of each of this tile installer or tile contractor WordPress themes enables you to use the default structure or change it accordingly to bring the best version of your visual and textual content arrangement to your website user’s palm.

1. SKT Stone:


Perfect for stone and tile manufacturing, private contractor and builder businesses, SKT Stone is among the most pliable and splendidly crafted building and renovation, flooring and tile contractor WordPress themes.

It comes prebuilt with a superlative layout and widget friendly secondary content zones with footer, header and sidebar, shortcodes and fonts available right from the start, color picker controls for setting the best of your website colors, shades and tones, homepage default slider with several controls, etc.

Your construction and interior design niche specific website is going to look its absolute best at every size, be it a mobile, smartphone, gadget or another hand held device. The truth is that SKT Stone is processed by the most dynamic responsive and cross mobile compatible nature to take care of the proper adjustment of your site and its content throughout the old and modern devices and platforms.

2. Real Estate:


With the help of Real Estate, your professional and top class website will be setup and ready for long term performance in a matter of minutes. With easy installation and activation this template celebrates, you are going to save tons of time and use it on the management and customization of the demo content your site will bring to life once the theme is in action.

You will find all the accessibility functions to showcase the diversity of services like glass and quartz, ceramic and porcelain tiles and stones fixing and installation, remodeling and renovation services and boost their presence in social media platforms as well as in search engine rankings.

3. WoodCraft:
furniture store WordPress theme


The next highly recommended website building tool that has a large selection of essential web components, design elements and customization features comes to be known as WoodCraft.

This unmistakably coded and beautifully styled template exudes enough technical and functional competencies to proudly demonstrate all kinds of services from welding to tiling, electrician and craftsman, designer and builder, as well as all sizes of your projects, from small domestic ones to big business partnerships.

WoodCraft is also in position of productively functioning with social media and search engine platforms, additional plugins like commercial and slider, shortcodes and SEO, translation and contact form ones.

4. SKT Lens Pro:
responsive portfolio WordPress theme


Visually pleasing and functionally reliable, easy and simple in usage yet multi profile and multi purpose, SKT Lens Pro can be the right choice for many construction and tile contracting businesses to be delivered online.

All types of Google mobile, Google approved fonts and multilingual ready tests have been successfully passed with SKT Lens Pro proving the fact that this template is totally worth your money.

Share your business profile in about section, give the detailed list of your tile contracting, roofing or painting, design or other services in the service section, add your ongoing projects and their output in blog section or provide your audience with contact details to get in touch with you.

5. SKT StartUp Pro:
startup WordPress theme


SKT StartUp Pro is an ideal option for all the startup companies and private contractors, freelance interior designers or handymen to draw the client’s attention on whatever they are specialized in.

You are going to save tons of money on your site building and promotion with SKT Startup Pro since it is one of the pocket friendly and thoroughly customizable tile contractor WordPress themes you will be able to find for your current or future business profile.

The overall appearance of the template is kept simple and elegant yet businesslike and serious to stress out your professionalism and expertise, as well as the default slider is added for making your best works and portfolio material prove the high quality of your services.

6. Welder:
welding WordPress theme


With the awareness to smart web development and professional focus on all its parts, the authors of Welder have managed to give origin to a pixel perfect and durably processed template satisfying the needs of an avalanche of businesses and industries.

Welder and wood related services, tiles installation and fitting, design and decoration projects and much more can be neatly categorized and showcased via the posts and pages of Welder.

More than 8 page templates and hundreds of shortcodes, font and color mix and match possibilities and call to actions, prebuilt gallery and team area all are custom built and preloaded for you to enjoy the management of your website.

Lake Resort WordPress Themes for hotel, vacation rental, motels, clubs etc

We at SKT Themes have managed to jot down the best examples of lake resort WordPress themes devoted to the promotion of any hotel and resort, lake and beach, vacation rental and hostel, accommodation, bed and breakfast, holiday and summer resort booking services, leisure motels and clubs, travel agencies and other holiday and rest, traveling and resort related websites, blogs and service provision businesses online.

The hospitality and vacation industry is really hard to represent online. It’s like selling sweets in the overcrowded shopping mall. You need to satisfy different tastes and requirements, make efforts to get noticed and attract as many potential clients as possible.

On the other hand, the WordPress developers and designers have taken care of building and launching reliable lake resort WordPress themes to give you a quick start in the digital platform while leaving you with thousands of choices and management options to find the optimal look and feel of your site matching your client’s expectations and needs.

With any of these feature rich and comprehensively styled hotel and lake resort WordPress themes, you won’t need to overthink your available budget since all of them are affordable and pocket friendly as compared to dozens of other top quality website builders you can purchase as for now.

1. Yacht and Cruise:


One of the best long term strategies you can adopt in the digital realm can be achieved with Yacht and Cruise. It is one of the clean and crisp, visually eye catchy and attention grabbing, functionally potential and durable lake resort WordPress themes for hospitality and tourism industry.

You can check the demo version available to realize what this website toolkit can offer you. However, be sure there are still hundreds of secret elements and features hidden behind the curtains. You can get access to them once the theme is purchased and activated. As soon as you are done with that opening part, prebuilt structure with demo content, preloaded fonts and icons, shortcodes and page controls will wait for you in the theme’s backend.

2. Bed and Breakfast:
bed and breakfast WordPress theme


Bed and Breakfast is the one more visually pleasing and technically rich hotel and lake resort website creation and management environment to help you reveal your best practices as a website manager and even designer.

Whether you are going to advertise your multi story hotel or cozy bed and breakfast business, this responsive and social media optimized template will take your business objectives into account.

It comes with recipe and menu, services and offers sections to share all the important information and details, offers and discounts, rooms and pricing of your hotel or resort, its location and contact details and more. Homepage slider is a perfect tool for adding the best images of your business to span your site’s main page and fascinate your audience.

3. SKT Beach:
beach and aqua WordPress theme


Mastering the technique of becoming highly influential in your specific market is totally possible with out of the lead and sales generating beach and lake resort WordPress themes called SKT Beach.

Of all the important features this template shares, among the most valuable ones are the customizer based performance enabling you to tweak to the theme’s admin panel and initiate different changes, responsiveness to keep your content optimized for mobile version, as well as SEO compatibility for keeping your profile as higher in search rankings as it deserves.

Booking and contact forms for simplifying the booking process of your rooms and services, e commerce, page builder, shortcodes and cache plugins are all well functioning with SKT Beach as well.

4. Hotel Booking:
hotel booking WordPress theme


Hotel Booking is an advanced promotional and marketing platform to boost your sales and leads online without fussing around or spending thousands of dollars.

This seriously built up website framework will grant you with total dominance over your hotel or resort booking profile to add posts and set their titles, meta data and description, insert images into the articles and control their size and deployment, as well as receive full analytics and reports of your site’s performance with the help of third party tools.

The responsiveness and cross mobile compatibility of your site is another great opportunity to improve your client reach and let them enjoy the smoothness of your profile with their portable devices.

With Hotel Booking you don’t need to put all your eggs into one basket. The theme is never indecisive when it comes to SEO and SMO touches. It means that your content is going to be available across a diversity of platforms, starting from search engines up to Facebook, Instagram and other popular social media environments.

5. Accommodation:
accomodation WordPress theme


If you are looking for a simple and intuitive layout among lake resort WordPress themes that will be devoid of anything overwhelming or irrelevant, Accommodation is a template that will put you ahead of the game.

By developing and accurately shaping your online campaign with Accommodation, you can let your hospitality or leisure website be open for business around the clock. This approach along with your web content served in multilingual format will attract and bring thousands of customers and clients constantly searching for interesting vacation or holiday options to book.

As far as your website translation or localization is concerned, you can rest assured that the relevant plugins added to Accommodation will prepare a convenient workplace for you to translate and display your content in as many languages as your audience requires.

6. Stay Here:
hotel WordPress theme


Stay Here is a culmination of our web developers’ efforts and designers’ creativity to build up an exclusively good website building solution particularly for hotel and hostel, vacation and lake resort business representation.

This five star template is ideal for the pixel perfect exposure of the charming images of your locality and rooms, swimming pools and spa services, etc. Just use the given structure of the theme or change it as per your content classification needs.

Integrated fonts and call to actions, prebuilt contact form for accepting quick bookings and reservation, animated homepage for winning the client’s attention, gallery section for high quality imagery and albums are all at your leisure.

Outlet Store WordPress Themes for local store to sell items, eCommerce

You have a convenient local store with the best price policy and want to give it a stunning digital performance. Or you manage a whole chain of international brand and you are obliged to take and share it online. In one way or another, the best outlet store WordPress themes are what will make your workload more stress free and even enjoyable. Any kind of ecommerce based activities, outlet stores and shopping centers, malls and trade centers, online retailer and manufacturer, luxury boutiques, brand shops and other commercialized businesses can be accurately and productively organized and showcased with any of these outlet store WordPress themes.

From cast off products selling activities to the promotion of the local store and everything in between can be effectually managed with the application of different online and digital variables. Among them a professional website with the demonstration of all the available merchandise, product description and samples, expert advice and support, special offers and discounts and other informative and frequently searched content is what will do the half job in becoming well known and free to access for all your potential clients.

This handpicked list of the most versatile outlet store WordPress themes will give you an exclusive chance to move ahead with your lovely and presentable online storefront or the virtual version of the brick and mortar store you operate. Each of these templates can be used for the publication of any kind of information and product listings, categories and contact details, gallery and portfolio.

The way your website textual and visual content is structured and presented to your audience will be up to with any of these outlet store WordPress themes. Whether it’s to update the list of available products, redo your company’s logo and add it to the theme’s header, change the slider images or set a new tone of your website with fresh colors and fonts, you are welcome to do all these changes and not only.

1. SKT Perfect:
perfect commercial WordPress theme


Is one of the deeply resourceful and smart outlet store WordPress themes you can exercise on any commercial website you have.

Thanks to the universal digital platform, today’s shoppers are no more limited to manufactory flawed products or local store’s merchandise. They can look for the high end brands and foreign online stores to purchase whatever they are looking for with a few simple clicks.

SKT Perfect is one of the reliable templates you can use to satisfy the needs of such clients and customers. The theme’s easy to control and organize layout enables you to try and test different forms and structures of your site rolled up with beautiful and eye catchy design and CSS 3 animations.

2. SKT Job Portal:


SKT Job Portal is another valuable and modernly touched business and commercial template you can use for the exposure of any kind of property and products manifestation online.

This responsive and Google mobile compatibility checked theme is bundled with tons of preloaded characters, elements, fonts and color picker controls, homepage slider with manageable features, widget ready sidebar, header and footer parts, etc.

Smoothly scrollable navigation along with fast loading is ensured with SKT Job Portal so that your clients can scan all your content, from the very top of your site to its ground.

3. Toy Store:


Maximize your sale profits with the help of Toy Store that is specifically worked out and crafted for online commercial purposes, outlet stores and markets, retailers and other tradesmen.

This template is completely WooCommerce ready to activate dozens of new functional controls whenever your website is paired with WooCommerce or any other compatible e commerce plugin. Other additional tools such as WPML, qTranslate for the site content translation and localization, social media commenting and sharing plugins for bringing more traffic from the active social platforms, event and page builder plugins are all checked for their fantastic cooperation with Toy Store.

4. Real Estate:


Real Estate is the next seriously developed and frequently updated commercialized template you can find in our assemblage of the best outlet store WordPress themes.

Any kind of product line can be neatly arranged with Real Estate and shared with your demanding audience with the content categorization, color changes and typography you are willing to have in your profile.

A useful search system has been integrated into this template in order to save your client’s time and enable them to do quick searches as per the product type, size, price and more. Moreover, the same process can be completed both by desktop and mobile users as your website is going to be equally flexible in both versions.

5. Fashion Trends:
fashion WordPress theme


Let your online shopping platform be one of the favorite pastime environments for your audience. Take advantage of all the possibilities Fashion Trends grants you with and prove that modern outlet stores don’t lose any traction.

Of course, not only outlet businesses can thrive with this cost effective yet pro quality website building system. Whatever your shopping center is, what brands, products or handmade merchandise you deal with, Fashion Trends will make your online exposure as unique and easy to use both for the website admin and its frontend users as possible.

Take a peek of the theme’s back part and you will find hundreds of useful tools, controls and components, among them pieces of shortcodes, fonts and icons packs, footer, header and layout variations, possibility to add plugins and extensions and much more.

6. Shopzee:
eCommerce WordPress theme


Shaping your commercial or outlet store website will never be a burden with Shopzee.
Custom built to meet your demands and act as per your instructions, Shopzee is highly versatile and dynamic in customization and management controls, whether it’s a daily content update or an establishment of a thoroughly new style and functionality of your old dated website, you are powered to complete it with as little efforts and time as possible.

Translation ready with PO file inclusion, WooCommerce checked and SEO optimized, Shopzee can also be used with different payment gateways and let your shoppers pay for the products instantly.

College Counseling WordPress Themes for student teachers consultation

Ever since the first patterns of educational and learning websites showed up, college counseling WordPress themes have been making them more professional and functionally advanced, durable in performance and future scalable. The best of such templates are showcased in this article and ready to go with any student or college counseling, learner and student consultation, educational program, psychological and tutorial help, test preparation and other relevant websites and profiles.

From seasoned universities and colleges to private or local institutions and educational centers, any kind of education based undertaking has a primary goal of attracting as many learners as possible and supporting them throughout their long journey from choosing the right university, faculty, classes and tutors to finding appropriate residence, psychological support, personal education program, etc.

Making sure that the students’ life is secure and protected is one of the primary concerns of every educational institution. Apart from the technical and learning program related issues, there are thousands of other important issues to be solved in short term and focused manner, such as mental health and depression, drug and alcohol abuse or dependence, as well as other health related problems.

If you are looking for the best recommendations to build an online platform and offer your relevant college and student care services and consultation, market your counseling or advisory agency or international association for college admission counseling, our assemblage of college counseling WordPress themes is here for you.

Of course, you need a platform that is elastic and capable enough to host tons of information, images and photos, trusted sources and quick links, maps and directions, membership and plans, blog section for news and events and much more. With any of these college counseling WordPress themes, you will be authorized to take care of the proper categorization and deployment of all your content and be sure every piece of it can be quickly searched and found by your audience.

1. SKT Education:

education WordPress theme


SKT Education is one of the ready made and demo content armed education and college counseling WordPress themes that can wear the look and feel you prefer for your online audience.

Winning the trust and loyalty of your learners and students can be done with the help of this responsive and cross mobile checked, SEO and SMO optimized template. The theme’s hassle free functional capacity together with enjoyable navigation levels, adaptive layout and retina readiness come together to make your website user’s experience unforgettably useful and results leading.

The majority of LMS plugins along with commercial and plugin, shortcodes and multilingual ones has been checked with SKT Education and the best results have been recorded subsequently.

2. SKT Trust:


SKT Trust is a multiprofile and general purpose options for all those student and college, university and learning center counseling activities, which needs a wider spectrum of influence and client attention.

Donation events and charity programs, religious institutions and learning centers engaged in student care and consultation can make use of this caring and trustworthy template without a shred of doubt.

Change the colors and page structures of your site to match your specific needs, add homepage slides with the most influential images to capture more advertence and add as many additional tools and plugins as needed to make your profile more competent and challenging in the virtual domain.

3. Flat Pro:
flat WordPress theme


Academic support centers, libraries and bookstores, health and counseling services, student wellness portals and other niche specific businesses can use Flat Pro as the basis of their website.

The authors of this modern and contemporary designed template have put all their efforts into elevating one of the most resilient college counseling WordPress themes you can now purchase and enjoy for as long as you want your website to be online.

The primary objective of your website is to keep your main services and consultation offers in the limelight of the website guests. Therefore, the most versatile flat design style is what has inspired the theme designers to exercise in Flat Pro and thus enable you to draw more attention to the most important parts of your profile.

4. Simple:
simple WordPress theme


Simple and easy to manage, Simple is the next optimistic website solution for you to stay away from different coding and styling battles. Everything is well taken care of right from the start and you are going to receive a bulk of essential features, shortcodes base and management controls to quickly built up your counseling profile.

The developers of Simple have also gravitated towards responsive and mobile optimized design as one of the primary means of inviting mobile Internet consuming people and keep them engaged with your accurately laid out content as per their mobile screens and their resolutions.

5. Online Coach Pro:
online coach WordPress theme


If you want to build a reliable online platform for your counseling activities and make it future proof with modern HTML 5 and CSS 3, Online Coach Pro will not escape your attention.

The clean and white based look of Online Coach Pro is what really embraces efficiency by removing the “trash” and leaving enough space for your actions. You can fix certain colors or use them interchangeably over the time, set out the most modern typography for your content, add images and photos to the homepage slider and control transition, pause time and other effects of it.

6. SKT Parallax Me Pro:
parallax WordPress theme


SKT Parallax Me Pro is one of the one page parallax scrolling college counseling WordPress both you and your audience will be amazed by. With changeable background of every single section, up to 20 sections on the homepage and pre enabled toolkit with fonts, color settings, buttons and shortcodes, SKT Parallax Me is among the most feature rich yet versatile website platforms you will find today.

Subtle layout with reasonable shades and lines, powerful homepage slider to host different visual materials, filterable and easy to search portfolio section will dominate your future profile.

Multilingual content to be delivered with the help of translation plugins, SEO and SMO integrity and responsive coding of SKT Parallax Me Pro are what make the most impact on your digital reputation and ranking.

Security Systems WordPress Themes for CCTV, Guard, Protection websites

The topics catering to security and protection in modern life are constantly burning and causing hot discussions around them. And really, these important issues can never be neglected given the rising number of modern dangers and hacks that have penetrated into numerous spheres of our lives, from physical to digital. Therefore, this time we have set our mind on the discussion of the most versatile security systems WordPress themes to help all those companies and individuals dealing with security and protection, bodyguard and investigation services and systems, security guards and agents, security system engineers and installation specialist, as well as any other person specialized in this serious industry.

The competitive prices and the increased model range of security systems available for now make it possible to buy and install them for any purpose, from business to personal. It can be protection of a large warehouse or office, industrial area, small private apartment or garage, etc. As a consequence, more and more relevant businesses need to shift their working direction from the traditional to digital and create a professional website to win the modern competition and deliver their offers, products, systems and services to their potential clients.

This can be easily done by the application and reasonable exploitation of any of the below mentioned security systems WordPress themes. From dependable and serviceable look to hassle free admin controls and reliable framework with perfect coding, each of these templates is a one fits all solution for your business needs.

Each of these products has been elaborated and processed by the folks who perfectly know their staff and are always ready to give you a helping hand during the installation and management of your website based on any of it. The features these security systems WordPress themes share are oriented around making your digital presence firm and solid on the one hand, and easy to manage and maintain on the other.

SEO WordPress theme


SKT SEO is one of the businesslike and five star security systems WordPress themes you are offered to test and try.

With navigation levels as smooth as silk and quick response time to response to the web user’s clicks instantly, SKT SEO shares all the advantages and compulsory features making your site totally search engine optimized. All you need to do is to generate unique content and add high quality imagery to your profile to take it higher in search engine rankings.

A strong emphasis has been exercised on the design of this template in an effort to make your web content easy to catch for your audience with modern design touches, clear and clutter free appearance, Google approved fonts application and hundreds of color combinations available.

2. Wedding Videographer:


Wedding Videographer is one of the freshest and multipurpose templates you can easily purchase and enjoy if you are running wedding or video and photography services, offer video surveillance or security systems installation or are engaged in any other service provision topic.

The responsive touches of the theme’s coding ensure your mobile armed website guests feel comfortable and cozy when manipulating your content and images, video and audio materials from their portable devices and from the comfort zone of their locations.

The HTML 5 coding behind Wedding Videographer enables you to extend the theme’s default functional capacity with additional shortcodes base, tools and plugins, among them commercial, SEO, social sharing, page builder and others.

3. Locksmith:


Locksmith is another web building toolkit in the list of the best security systems WordPress themes that is going to get you covered. Locksmith and moving, air conditioning and cleaning, electrician and landscaper, security and technical services, security systems and cameras, intelligent sensors and alarm monitoring systems can be adversities with the help of Locksmith and record a considerable growth in terms of client attention and engagement.

This template features one of the most versatile frameworks rolled up with contemporary web design shades and contiguity. It means that are welcome to leave your own touches on your website with color and font, image and call to actions management, set the overall tone of your website with homepage slider imagery and the way they are delivered to your audience and more.

4. Complete Pro:
complete WordPress theme


The next tailor made cutting edge website solution for your security and protection related profile come to be known as Complete Pro.

This outstandingly pliable template is coded as per the latest standards of the digital realm and as such is flexible enough to be transformed into any custom built template to meet this or that business objectives.

Having your edge over your primary rivals and competitors can be done with Complete Pro that is SEO friendly and focused on your site’s growing visibility in the search environment where millions of people are looking for what they need.

5. Gravida:
corporate WordPress theme


Built with taste and eye catchy visual traits, based on the modern customizer and its settings, Gravida is one of the super quality yet affordable templates to run on your security systems provision and installation website.

Gravida is not just responsible for making your site SEO and SMO friendly, responsive and cross mobile compatible for generating more traffic and higher results. It’s also about caring for your clients and their relevance online.

Smooth and sleek navigation, easy to find and follow homepage sections, legible typography and online trading opportunities, these are qualities ensuring your website guests are perfectly served and estimated.

6. SKT Black Pro:
black and dark WordPress theme


SKT Black Pro is the last valuable template having its special place in our roundup of security systems WordPress themes for your consideration. This shortcodes based and totally customizable framework encompasses the best design and technical elements working together to make your profile visually inviting and functionally advanced.

All the aspects of SEO and commercial ready, widget friendly and simple to configure template are taken care of, from coding to animation touches, from footer and header areas to admin controls from the backend, from plugin compatibility to responsive design.

Stained Glass WordPress Themes for interior design, furniture websites

Whether you are dealing with a colorful business of stained glass or offering custom design, construction and restoration services, or want to market your air conditioning and cleaning, electrical or plumbing, carpet and upholstery, healing and furnace systems installation services, the assemblage of the best stained glass WordPress themes will guide you through the simplest way of creating your excellent presentation online. Glass manufacturing and tiling companies, glass and sliding doors suppliers, interior design specialists, flooring and roofing experts can also reap a good harvest from any of these stained glass WordPress themes.

One of the most productive ways to govern client relations and keep them effective for both sides is to go online and make sure your company or business welcomes your prospective clients whenever it is convenient for them. Even if you are a kilometer’s ahead of other companies in terms of creativity and professionalism, it takes a totally different skillset to win your place in the online reality and get easily noticed.

Made for granting you with the skillset to get your business thriving online, these stained glass WordPress themes are quick in installation followed by dozens of manageable parts and portions, configurable setting and controls making it totally achievable for you to structure an exclusively well arranged and tastily designed professional website.

The pursuit of originality and creativity is the priority of these templates to give anyone a self expression platform to take care of every single touch and shade, color and typeface, image and portfolio item deployment and much more.

Even if you feel unsafe with coding and styling controls, be sure you are going to find the intuitive and practical means of web mastership in every nook and cranny of any of these stained glass WordPress themes in the form of shortcodes and drag and drop settings, complete documentation and technical support.

1. SKT Stone:


Designed and checked for its stable performance with any of the industry based websites and blogs, business presentation or service promotion profiles, SKT Stone is custom built to make any stone manufacturing or stained glass repair services highly popular and client oriented in the digital sphere.

From the establishment of a visual superiority of your site and enhancing it with a powerful inner functionality to make your website unbeatably competent, SKT Stone comes with easy to test and try color and font combinations, pieces of shortcodes and widget ready areas, homepage beautiful slider for the superb display of your portfolio tips and items, etc.

2. WoodCraft:
furniture store WordPress theme


Share your works and ideas, products and services in the most fashionable yet legible manner WoodCraft grants you with. As one of the best stained glass WordPress themes, WoodCraft is designed and developed for cleaning and washing, interior design and modeling, woodcraft and wood processing, stain interior and exterior surface, window repair and glass cleaning service promotion online.

This template is going to put your website user’s convenient first and take care everything is properly hosted and showcased across a variety of mobile and desktop applications, old and new browsers.
As such it comes with ultimate responsiveness and SEO friendly coding to boost your search results and win the mobile internet consumers’ attention.

3. Locksmith:


Another worthwhile investment to make your path towards digital triumph easy to vanquish is called Locksmith.

This template is definitely worth your money and attention as it is a wonderful correlation of an affordable pricing and high quality framework. You are going to find an unspeakably convenient customizer admin from the back end of the theme giving you a limitless dominance over your profile with fonts and colors, layout and widget friendly area choices, social icons and modern design trends, HTML 5 coding and CSS 3 animations.

All the important coding and styling standards are strictly followed in Locksmith in order to keep your site compatible with the major digital areas, mobile platforms, browsers, plugins and extensions, additional shortcodes and more.

4. The Art:
art WordPress theme


Well, everything begins in the mind. If you already have a stunning picture of your profile, you can quickly made digital with the help of The Art and its handy toolkit.

Integrating the artistic approach towards building your site is what will lead more results in terms of client engagement and pastime in your posts and pages. You can enhance it with high quality images of your stained glass interior design trends, doors and windows to be showcased with the prebuilt homepage slider.

The possible changes and amendments in footer and header, sidebar areas, menu structure and sections, gallery and albums, content translation with multilingual plugins and PO file inclusion, contact form for quick connection are all at your fingertips.

5. Furnish (Interior Pro):
interior design WordPress theme


You are going to get the best web admin experience with one of the smart and serious stained glass WordPress themes launched as Furnish.

This template is highly demanded across multiple websites and blogs thanks to its flexible nature and cost effective price. Hence, from small calibered initiatives to long established design companies and stained glass businesses, anything can be demonstrated with Furnish.

Take this platform, generate high quality content and split it into reasonable parts and categories, so that every needed information will be easy to search and find for the clients. Moreover, this can be done both with desktop and mobile accesses to your site, as the theme is equally well performing in either case.

6. HVAC and Cleaning:
HVAC and cleaning WordPress theme


Clear and visually tranquil, yet seriously worked out and custom built to cater to your specific needs, HVAC and Cleaning is one of a kind website template to make your business easy to find in search engines, present in social media platforms, and finally, commercial ready for selling and trading online.

Services section along with about us and blog areas is well structured to be displayed with the list of your services and offers, drafts and projects, pricing and company profile, daily news and updates, events and meetings.

Cache and contact form, gallery and portfolio plugins will for sure simplify your efforts put into the building of a comprehensive and saturated business website.

Eyewear WordPress Themes for ophthalmologist, oculist, sunglass websites

Do you have an eyewear or optical store and want to market your products in a way to affect the digital audience? Then follow one of the beautiful and eye catchy, clean and crisp, yet highly productive and user optimized eyewear WordPress themes we have tested with different optical glass and eyewear, contact lens and sunglasses, oculist and ophthalmologist, clothing and accessories, luxury and handmade items presenting websites, online storefronts and boutiques.

Health is wealth, and the health of eyes and vision can never be neglected as it leads to a better and more productive life. It’s not only how you see, but also how you feel and perceive the physical world around you. In one way or another, taking care of eyes and vision health at any stage of your life is one of the important things to do, since bad eyesight or vision are not always the consequences of aging, but those of your indifference.

Our eyewear WordPress themes are undoubtedly practical options of all relevant businesses, eyewear production and sale businesses and brands, eyewear and sunglass, optical lenses and other eyesight care products selling stores and pharmacies to bring all their information online and reap a good profit from it.

From building medical centric and ophthalmologist profile to advertise your consultation services to creating a luxury storefront with all kinds of branded products and merchandise, this collection of eyewear WordPress themes offers you multipurpose templates custom built to be used for any occasion.

Thus, give yourself permission to be challenging and unbeatable in your online activities with any of these eyewear WordPress themes and maximize your reach to new sales, new customers and new opportunities.

SEO WordPress theme


SKT SEO is one of the perspective eyewear WordPress themes to put out a superb exposure of your business, irrespective of its size or popularity, revenue or client base.

Affordable in pricing and easy to use in nature, SKT SEO makes use of modern customizer based framework to activate the intuitive drag and drop functionality for you. It means that uploading and inserting images and photos on the homepage slider, in articles or somewhere else, customizing texts with fonts and size, managing menu and the overall structural frame of your future site will not make you sweat hard with this theme.

Your eyewear business is not limited to cooperating only with the people in your locality or in the nearest city over, but for every single potential client even on the other side of the globe. The thing is that SKT SEO is commercial and multilingual ready to run an online store with products listings and their equivalent versions on different languages.

2. Black and White:
black and white WordPress theme


Black and White is another valuable template that, despite of its serious look and coding, will awaken the creator hidden behind you.

With tons of customization and management options, Black and White is totally admin friendly and comes with easy to use features for you to put your creative thoughts and imagination into gear. It means that you are the one to set the right colors, shades, animations, buttons and call to actions, decide the typeface of your textual content with Google approved fonts, arrange the homepage appearance with widget friendly zones and homepage slider, etc.

Cross device and browser support checked, Black and White celebrates maximum SEO friendly coding to ensure your content is properly displayed through search engine rankings.

3. Classified Ads:


Classified Ads is stuffed with modern touches and durable coding to form a homogeneous unity of form and function. There is something charming about this template when it comes to making exactly what you need out of the given platform.

Hence, this multipurpose and shortcodes based templates is ready made and flexible enough to be restyled and modified as per your business needs and marketing plans. There are color and font choices, homepage manageable slider for the best products and offers display, easy to add and remove homepage sections, dozens of useful icons and custom fields, etc.

4. Luxury Watch:


The more eye catchy and inviting your website is, the more client flows will your website welcome. In this relation, Luxury Watch is one of the attention seizing and luxurious eyewear WordPress themes to keep your website guests hungry for your site updates and new products.

Wonderfully e commerce integrated, this responsive and shortcodes armed website toolkit makes it possible for you to optimize your site’s structure to host all your information, from basic content and products provision to daily updates in blog section or contact details in widget friendly areas.

A mark of many seasoned businesses and luxury storefronts is the potential of communicating in more than one or two languages with potential clients and customers. Therefore, the multilingual readiness of Luxury Watch should be used effectively for providing multilingual content of your website and enjoying the results of it.

5. Healing Touch:
medical WordPress theme


People are continuously being bombarded online by thousands of companies trying to sell whatever they are specialized in. Therefore, keeping your eyewear or glasses business highly competitive and voluminous with Healing Touch can be one of the future directed steps you can make.

Moreover, with this elegant and classy website template, you are not going to aggravate your site’s look with unnecessary or distracting touches but use the customizable layout and preloaded features to give it a form and stable functionality it deserves.

6. Gravida:
corporate WordPress theme


Gravida is the last modern looking and business centric website toolkits you can apply for your eyewear business promotion needs.

This precious yet inexpensive template is going to open up dozens of new opportunities and working practices for you in order to make your website SEO optimized with higher results, SEO integrated with better social proof and engagement, as well as commercialized for online trading controls.

Responsive coding with HTML 5 is also properly done to make your web materials as resizable as different mobile resolutions need.

Test Preparation WordPress Themes for students, exam, e learning sites

If you are a test preparation specialist in an effort to help the students in pre exam period and release their anxiety, online education expert with seminars and lessons, private tutoring practices and more, you are welcome to check the best preparation WordPress themes which have not escaped our eyes.

With the advent of the Internet and the digital world revolving around it, the remote or distance learning and education activities have become as popular as never before. And it is not surprising at all. The potential of today’s virtual reality is high and has already managed to involve absolutely all kinds of businesses and undertakings, and hence education and learning based industry is not an exception.

The active usage of test preparation WordPress themes for different e learning, education or university, private tutoring or learning websites, communities or more is first and foremost determined by the utmost need of remote learning and the convenience of learners to turn to a professional help and trusted knowledge sources from the comfort of their homes.

Your niche specific website based on any of these test preparation WordPress themes will help you overcome the territorial disunity of you and your learners or clients enabling them to get in touch with you and direct their questions around the clock. Literacy program, college counseling and admission, special and adult education profiles and websites can also smoothly function with any of these templates.

Share your standardized or special tests with your audience in the environment that is easy to browse and navigate, quick to search and find, as well as wonderfully enjoyable across different screen sizes and resolutions. It means that your students and clients will not waste a single minute and can use their time on the analysis and preparation of the admission tests and exams even while on the go or move.

1. SKT Education:
education WordPress theme


One of the best education and test preparation WordPress themes checked and approved for its reliable assistance in the process of any website or blog creation and development comes to be known as SKT Education.

Firmly built on a modern HTML 5 coding to support old and new, high and low resolution browsers and mobile platforms, SKT Education is as beautiful and inspiring in appearance as it is powerful in inner performance and superb in features integrity. You are going to find structural and design, menu and functionality customization and configuration options, shortcodes and fonts bases for the application, LMS plugin support for specific learning purposes and much more.

The theme is also commercial ready for you to showcase your tests and programs online for purchase and sale.

2. SKT Job Portal:


SKT Job Portal is the next seriously processed and designer touched template you can purchase at an affordable price and be satisfied with the upcoming results of it.

Showcase your specific programs and tests for reaching certain academic and professional goals in the prebuilt sections and areas, share the most engaging images of your learning center or seasoned specialists on the homepage default slider, as well as use the widget readiness of certain areas for quick controls and details insertion.

You can also take an advantage of the blog layouts given within the theme and ensuring your news and resources, press releases and other interesting information is delivered to your audience on a daily basis via your blog.

3. Play School:
education WordPress theme


From preschool and school institutions to universities and colleges, education and training service provision centers and academies, private learning institutions and other niche specific undertakings will be condemned to success with Play School.

With the best options and strategies adopted by the theme authors, Play School is one of the admin friendly and simple in usage test preparation WordPress themes that will deliver the best admin and client practice both from the backend and frontend of the theme.

With Play School you can be sure your potential clients and learners are going to find your website easily in search engine rankings, as well as instantly browse it on their portable and hand held devices, as the theme is both responsive and SEO optimized.

4. SKT Perfect:
perfect commercial WordPress theme


With the massive online shift happening in the digital platform, remaining competitive and first class is becoming more and more difficult. Therefore, ensuring the future stability and precision of your site right from the start is of utmost importance.

SKT Perfect is one of such present and future scalable multipurpose and multilingual ready templates you can have at your disposal while spending less money than you have prepared to be invested in the creation of your website.

In an attempt to certify your excellence in the knowledge based world and the high quality of your test preparation services across a diversity of social media and other platforms, SKT Perfect is completely optimizes for SEO and SMO integration.
5. Online Coach Pro:


Whether you are providing private tutor or center based options for children and adults, Online Coach Pro can be the best proof of your professionalism.

It’s a highly trained and well qualified template among the best test preparation WordPress themes to conduct your courses and classes online. Packed with advanced technological framework and finest design principles, Online Coach Pro is shortcodes and icons friendly, widget ready with footer, header and sidebar, calendar and event plugin compatible for keeping your work and class schedule well organized.

6. Spirited Pro:
corporate WordPress theme


Spirited Pro celebrates the most sophisticated toolkit to be one of the market keys of your future success in the digital arena.

Styled with taste and kept as simple as possible in terms of usage and customization, Spirited Pro is businesslike and resilient enough to cover the personal and business needs of your learning center or test preparation agency.

With the increase of mobile traffic consumers, making sure that your website’s mobile version is as legible and accessible as the main one should be one of the main concerns. With Spirited Pro, you can rest assured that both versions of your site are equally serviceable and impressive.

Vintage WordPress Themes for vintage or retro style websites

Mysterious, nostalgic and unusual Retro or Vintage style has its niche in today’s web design and therefore is offered by numerous vintage WordPress themes we are going to shed light on today. This kind of web approach distinguishes the site by making it more recognizable and memorable.

We all know the axiom “Everything new is well forgotten old”. The same can be applied to the structure and trends in web design and design directions in general. Absolutely everything starting from society and views to political and economical state of affairs, lifestyle and fashion changes simultaneously with how the time changes. However, there is always something nostalgic and pleasant in going back to past and incorporated specific details of it into your modern life and activities.

This principle is actively exercised in the creation and design of websites. Certain elements of the vintage or retro style manifestations bring more sensuality to your content and create a very stable relationship between the design of the site and visitors.

The overall perception of your contemporary digital profile based on any of the best vintage WordPress themes will allow the visitors to look at modern reality from a new angle and plunge into the past. A properly executed vintage style design of a site will never leave your viewers indifferent and will make them return to your virtual environment over and over.

These vintage WordPress themes come as a mixture of old and new web design and development trends to satisfy the needs of your niche specific website, product or service promotion or whatever it is focused on.
On the whole, you will be able to elevate a fantastic looking website in no time and be sure your website guests are nurtured by the best feelings of affection and nostalgia.

1. Black and White:
black and white WordPress theme


With a focus on simplicity and elegance, SKT Black and White is one of the popular vintage WordPress themes to decorate your site with cutting edge look and feel.

The clear and hassle free nature of this template opens all the doors for you in the customization and management of your profile with the color and image, style and graphics combinations you want. Moreover, you are not going to suffer when it comes to such controls of your site, since you will be armed with the simples to use and intuitive admin dashboard with all the important controls and permissions.

The theme is also incredibly powerful with plugin compatible nature making it possible to add new functional directions to your profile, from commercial to SEO, from multilingual to SMO integration.

2. Soccer:
soccer WordPress theme


Soccer is the next dynamic and resourcefully designed template to give your sports or athlete, gym or fitness, health care or weight loss, rehabilitation center or massage salon website a unique retro style.

It comes as an interesting unity of the nostalgic old and effective new to keep your website balanced and compatible with all the platforms and environments, browsers and portable devices.

Live Customizer hidden behind the scenes is a perfect tool ready to boost your productivity and original ideas catering to the final appearance and performance of your site with colors and Google checked fonts, images and widgetized areas, etc.

3. Game Developer:
game developer WordPress theme


If you want the vintage or retro style positively influence the perception of your web content as well as the submission of your materials or advertisements, games or products so that your visitors come up with the idea that they remember this or that, look no further than Game Developer.

Creating strong connection bonds with your clients and customers will be easier with this hospitable and serviceable template incorporating easy to manage and alter homepage areas, several shortcodes to replace complex coding controls, blog layouts to choose from and make blogging an integral part of your SEO campaign.

As for the SEO particularly, Game Developer is seriously taken care of to be easy to crawl and index for popular search engine and their algorithms and as such it is also responsive and speedy in performance, plugin compatible and retina ready.

4. SKT Dual:
marketing WordPress theme


Sharing the latest web trends and combining them with retro style is perfectly done in case of SKT Dual.
This multipurpose and caring, strong and serious template is inclined to feature an expansive assemblage of useful features and tools that will make the creation and maintenance of a website of any background or denomination a breeze. Hence, from antique stores and boutiques to other vintage related businesses or design activities, personal and business undertakings can all be presented with SKT Dual.

Built upon the Customizer for live changes and reviews, HTML 5 coded and CSS 3 supportive, SKT Dual also shares maximum precision and flexibility with as many add ons and extensions as your website will ever need.

5. The Art:
art WordPress theme


In order to give the best outfit to your artistic or image based website, you can use one of the attention seizing vintage WordPress themes called The Art.

Whether you want to showcase the antique collection of valuable items, sell your handmade products or vintage timepieces, this responsive and smoothly navigable, smart and stable template is for you.

The overall color touch and feel of your website can be instantly altered along with the typeface of your content, images on the homepage slider, widget friendly zones with quick links, logo, contact details and more.

6. Girlie:


A splendid feminine vintage style is what makes Girlie so popular among the offered vintage WordPress themes for women and girls, enthusiastic business ladies and shop owners, designers and photographers, portfolio owners and others.

With more charm and less turmoil around coding and inner controls, Girlie comes with a well developed and polished admin dashboard enabling anyone to take a leading position over his or her profile and change it as frequently as needed.

Various animated sections can serve your content arrangement needs and help you serve your valuable visual and textual materials to your prospective audience. Homepage slider is another eye catchy tool to host the best of your portfolio or gallery, product images or design sketches.

Transcription Service WordPress Themes for audio and video transcription

Are you looking for the most practical transcription service WordPress themes but because of the infinite number of offers the lines are blurred as to what is the best one to use for your website? Here are the best of such reliable templates you can freely consider for your transcription and text conversion, audio and video transcription, typing, document and report preparation, translation and edition, virtual assistant and secretarial, voiceover and project management, legal and financial services and any other niche specific website or business profile.

In today’s business environment, where success is the conjunction of many factors, you need to give and invest your all. But what have many successful entrepreneurs and business world representatives have already acknowledged is the fact that your burden can be eased with a supplementary help of other professionals, specialists and reliable service providers.

Transcription services are among such “helpers” to assist you in keeping your workload well organized and recorded for further review and consideration. This kind of working philosophy will also help you keep the track of your business and its success, results achieved and run outs to be considered.

And since finding the right template for your future transcription business website can be a daunting task given the avalanche of transcription service WordPress themes scattering around the digital arena, we have compiled the list of highly ranked ones and are going to share it with you.

Vibrate higher with any of these transcription service WordPress themes and bring a whole new level of digital experience for your potential clients and service users.

Among these award winning options, you are going to find varied designs and layouts specifically chosen to comply with every single part of your online presence. However, all of them are built upon the same reliable and steadfast coding to guarantee that your website is going to be unsurpassable in its look and functionality.

1. Black and White:
black and white WordPress theme


Black and White is one of the businesses centric and seriously worked out transcription service WordPress themes you will absolutely love.

With this well equipped and adaptive, well coded and self secured website builder you can be sure you are acquiring a valuable product for your online career and website success with little time and money invested in it.

It comes with the diversity of controllable parts, inner settings, preloaded shortcodes and configurable layouts, page and post controls, color picker functionality and typography edition with Google approved fonts.

The theme’s default version also supports multilingual content when being armed with additional extensions and plugins, as well as enables you to exercise the full power of online trading with e commerce tools.

2. SKT Education:
education WordPress theme


When checking SKT Education for your e learning and education, test preparation or learning courses, development or digital agency, medical or legal or any other transcription, document or audio translation, broadcast captioning or video editing services, you will be amazed by its versatility.

You can modify the default template the way you need, add and remove certain parts and icons, adjust and allocate theme sections, widget friendly zones, add images to the homepage slider and make sure your site possesses special contact form for quick connections with your customers and partners.

Additionally, this template incorporates all must have touches the best transcription service WordPress themes have, be it a HTML 3 and CSS 5 coding and styling, plugin compatibility, smooth navigation levels or speedy performance.

3. SKT Hosting:
hosting WordPress theme


SKT Hosting is going to be one of the worthwhile assets your business may have. Keeping your services available all day long while you can have a rest any time you wish is what will make your business progress at a pace hard not to envy.

The most frequently used features you may want to weight up while working from behind the scenes of the theme include customizer based controls with page and post management options, blog area, social media integration for more social media users’ engagement and sidebar layout choices for displaying the most accurate content through your site.

4. Perfect Accounting:
accounting WordPress theme


No matter what type of business or service provision, accounting or personal website you need to create, Perfect Accounting is one of the leaders in the WordPress templates market.

With demo version available for you to make sure this template is what you need, it features stunningly polished navigation and quickness in loading, homepage slider and menu choices, manageable fonts and colors, controllable blocks and content areas, great responsive performance, etc.

5. Shudh Pro:
minimal WordPress theme


Being professional in transcription or any other similar service provision business, you don’t necessarily need a platform that will be screaming with colors and saturated with graphics, shades and more. Your informative content, pieces of portfolio and an accurate list of available services need to be displayed with the help of a layout that will be hassle free and uncluttered to win the required attention of the target client.

In this relation, Shudh Pro is what you will like the most since simplicity and clear aesthetics is what this template focuses on. In contrast with minimal design style, the theme is well saturated in terms of inner controls and possibilities to that you can run your website to a direction needed with plugins and shortcodes, SEO compatibility and responsiveness.

6. vCard:


Whether you are going to use vCard for your personal purposes and advertise your transcription services, or want to make the presentation of your agency, showcase the profiles of seasoned experts and assistants, vCard is for you.

Once you have chosen this template from the collection of transcription service WordPress themes, you are welcome to check its flexibility when it comes to management and customization options from the backend of the theme. The pre enabled features and choices will greatly help you in shaping the final look and operational level of your site with color and font, slider and image, shortcodes and icons management, plugin and add ons integration, search engine optimization and more.

Gold Dealer WordPress Themes for gold and silver ornament stores business

The best collection of well rounded gold dealer WordPress themes is what we have compiled for gold manufacturing and dealing industry, scrap gold and silver ornament, jewelry and coin selling stores and boutiques, goldsmiths and jewelers, gold reclamation services and companies as well as any other gold related business manifestation in the digital scenario.

Jewelry and precious metals business, despite the global changes in the modern economic world and periodic crises, does not lose its relevance. With every upcoming year, the manufacturing of gold and sale of precious metals only increase, therefore, we will feel free to say that it is one of the promising small business areas you can deal with and make money.

Whether you own a pawnshop, a workshop engaged with the processing of gold items design and engraving, organize the delivery of precious metals or run a jewelry store and want to boost the performance of your specific business, you are invited to check the list of the best gold dealer WordPress themes.

These templates are responsive and powerful tools integrated with as many features and controls as will be enough to meet your target needs and business plans.

Naturally, the plan of opening up a brick and mortar physical jewelry store gold dealer business from scratch will not work since this business area requires a lot of financial investment, so first you need a solid startup capital. But when it comes to taking such kind of business to the digital platform, you are not limited to your working capital or humble budget since our gold dealer WordPress themes are reasonably estimated and offered at a convenient pricing.

1. SKT Stone:


With SKT Stone, you are going to give yourself access to the most versatile website creation and management profile. On the one hand, you will find a ready made default template with demo content and prebuilt structures ready to host your niche specific content.

On the other hand, the customizer at the core of the theme makes it possible for your website to be tweaked for a higher level of performance and custom built design with fresh colors and design solutions, content categorization with main and secondary and widget friendly areas and more.

The theme is also readily responsive with mobile and browser compatible coding, as well as multilingual and SEO ready.

2. Toy Store:


Toy Store is another valuable tool among gold dealer WordPress themes offered by SKT Themes making it a suitable system for all kinds of gold and silver based businesses and services.

A practical admin panel resides on the backend of the theme granting you with boundless controls over the form and function of your commercial website. You can find color picker and customizer options to play with color combinations, font changes and image resolution, slider performance with controllable images and transition effects and yet much more to be at your disposal with Toy Store.

3. Luxury Watch:


Luxury Watch is the next top quality template that will definitely appeal all those webmasters who are fond of pixel perfect web designs with exclusively well processed graphical touches.

As one of the luxurious and charming gold dealer WordPress themes, this shortcodes and fonts packed website builder celebrates smartly flexible framework to adjust to any changes and amendments, added colors and icons, call to actions and buttons.

Widget friendly and present with prebuilt contact form with quick client access to you, Luxury Watch is also e commerce specified to bring all the joy of online merchandising and shopping to you and your client base.

4. Adventure:
adventure WordPress theme


Adventure is dynamically developed and sophisticated, reliable in performance and advanced in functionality template that will work out of the box with your gold dealing website.

Craft and elevate your commercial platform or online storefront without much work and share your jewelry products with potential online clients. Make your content responsive enough to be accurately browsed by different mobiles and other hand held devices with Adventure’s mobile friendly HTML 5 coding and CSS 3 animations.

The theme is also packed with homepage full width slider to host new offers and products, discounts or whatever needs much attention at the moment. Social media friendliness and social sharing practices can also be effective with Adventure once you find and install relevant social plugins to the theme.

5. SKT Landing Page:
landing page WordPress theme


What about a jewelry shop or any other commercial business that needs a strong online presence leading more leads and directing customers to wherever needed? SKT Landing Page is one of such results generating landing page WordPress templates you can freely use to arm your gold dealer profile with.

A clear and minimal layout is what you are going to find with SKT Landing Page and use it to foster your business presentation online. It is exactly what going to make your valuable content and product listings more noticeable and easy to browse, look through and order.

Totally commercialized and responsively designed, SKT Landing Page is optimized also for plugin compatibility so that you can link your website with any required platform or functional base, from e commerce to SEO, from SMO to shortcodes, from translation plugins to contact forms, etc.

6. Girlie:


We are thrilled to share one of the most beautiful and elegant gold dealer WordPress themes with you. Made for the feminine spectrum of users and clients, it is called Girlie and comes styled with charming touches and colors to make the overall aesthetic style of your future website dominant.

Since no woman is indifferent to jewelry and accessories, you’d better pay special attention to the feminine group of your potential clients by exercising boundless possibilities of Girlie.

Along with visually pleasing and agreeable design, Girlie also gives a hint of smartness and simplicity making this template a surprisingly simple and admin friendly, flexible and adaptive platform for anyone to share the details and description of his jewelry or gold dealing business, showcase products and items in accurately arranged sections and parts of the theme and more.

Sandblasting Service WordPress Themes for industrial commercial sites

You have mastered the technique of professional sandblasting and want to use the digital platform for making more money from it. Great! Here are the best sandblasting service WordPress themes to make your wishes come true with maximum results and minimum efforts, time and investments.

Providing high quality services and delivering them to the right audience are two different things to consider. In the first case you need to specialize in what you are doing and in the second case you need to add extra skills and knowledge to your image of the professional contractor or specialist as well as turn to the help of contemporary marketing techniques to win as many clients as possible.

Well, if you are successfully done with the first part, passing on to the second one will be easier than you might think. In order to find the place of your business under the hood of the digital platform, you are welcome to utilize any of the sandblasting service WordPress themes you will find below.

Meticulously worked out and expertly designed, frequently checked and updated sandblasting service WordPress themes we have dug out are ideal for all kinds of service websites and profiles, from sandblasting and in house welding, painting and equipment rebuilding to rust removal and cleaning, conditioning and cooling, interior design and construction, etc.

Every small scaled or seasoned industrial business needs a strong website, at least if it is searching for more prospects and opportunities. And if we say that irrespective of your business caliber, with any of these sandblasting service WordPress themes you are going to succeed, it would not be far from the truth.

1. SKT Stone:


Designed for the creation of websites of all shapes and sizes, SKT Stone is one of the best manufacturing and industrial, paint or junk removal and sandblasting service WordPress themes available at a competitive price.
This template provides ready to use layouts and modules to choose from, useful packs of pre enabled Google fonts and icons, color picker possibilities and slider area to showcase before and after work images and more.

Ample choices of footer, header and sidebar areas which are all widget friendly, inner page header choices, preloaded shortcodes and call to actions, full documentation and full support by the theme authors are all generated with SKT Stone.

2. Welder:
welding WordPress theme


With Welder you will find a deluge of handy features and components, inner controls and additional extensions compatibility. Ideal for any kind of handyman and builder purposes, Welder is custom built to display your expertise and professional qualities with a serviceable website and its informative content, hassle free navigation and adaptive layout.

Armed with shortcodes and simple drag and drop functionality, Welder will never drive you crazy when it comes to framing your site and giving it the most alluring design with the most accurate content arrangement. There are also page and post management tools with size, color and font type changes, manageable gallery for eye catchy images and portfolio items, prebuilt team members and gallery areas and much more.

Taking your site to a higher level with multilingual content, commercial activities and better SEO optimization will also be easier since Welder is perfectly plugin optimized.

3. Perfect Cleaning:
perfect cleaning WordPress theme


If a pixel perfect appearance and durability in performance are what you are looking for among sandblasting service WordPress themes to win the sympathy of more potential clients and partners, you will absolutely love Perfect Cleaning.

It’s a gainful option for all the startup and experienced sandblasting service providers and specialist to have all in one solution for their business needs. Having everything neatly presented at one and the same place, giving the needed information, lists, description and details your audience is looking for through your site and making all it available both for desktop and mobile users will guarantee the constant flows of new visitors for your website.

4. WoodCraft:
furniture store WordPress theme


WoodCraft is a game for anything. Use it without major changes or completely redecorate it with your specific preferences and touches to be above the standardized web design trends. This highly customizable and resilient website builder leaves a gap for your own ideas and web solutions, content display and categorization, menu items and more.

Your website based on WoodCraft will not be limited by time and space since it is competent enough to provide your guests with 24/7 access to your content, as well as is multilingual ready to be legible for people outside of your locality.

The theme is also time efficient in terms of social media and search engine friendliness since the core coding of the theme is well written while taking into account all the SEO and SMO purposes.

5. SKT Industrial:
industrial renovation WordPress themes


Another valuable web resource for sandblasting and other relevant services to use and change dynamically whenever needed is called SKT Industrial.

Make your name known for a larger spectrum of online users by the application of the advanced administration options of the theme with the perfection of the default look and feel of the theme. You can find dozens of pre enabled options and shortcodes, as well as the possibility of integrating additional ones withy plugins and add ons. Among such compatible tools commercial and translation, shortcodes and contact form, slider and SEO plugins are listed.

6. Movers and Packers Pro:
moving company WordPress theme


The stressful and annoying process of building a website can be replaced by the most interesting and pain free practice offered by Movers and Packers Pro. Moving and packing, cleaning and removal, sandblasting and painting, home improvement and remodeling services can find their best exposure with this simple and clean yet ambitiously smart and stable template.

Go ahead with this impressively dynamic and versatile template and you will reap the fruits of your labor sooner than expected. The thing is that everything is well coded and prepared by the theme’s specialists to boost your websites productivity with SEO touches, speedy performance, HD readiness and mobile friendliness, plugin support and step by step documentation available.

Create an e Commerce Website Using Our Store WordPress Themes

Going online and organizing the online sale of any kind of merchandise has never been so easy. Creating an e Commerce website using our store WordPress themes can turn out to be a completely affordable venture for an average or even startup website manager.

Today’s e commerce based digital platform has become an indispensable part of many commercial and trade related businesses to guarantee a wider exposure of products and merchandise and attract more and more potential buyers. On the other hand, people themselves are already used to shopping online, reviewing hundreds of offers and choosing the needed ones even without changing their physical space.

Given the advanced business and digital trading opportunities for the commercial world when relying on one of store WordPress themes, we are going to get into the meat of some of the best ones. The digital version of your physical brick and mortar store will make your offers accessible to more clients and customers, and naturally, your business will grow to a new level of productivity.

Each of these store WordPress themes is worth your money and attention with its e commerce ready platform and commercial plugin compatibility, easy product listings and customization controls and much more to present your digital shopping center or online storefront from the most attractive angle.

From enjoying 24/7 exposure to saving tons of money and resources, from building your brand credibility to being a real magic wand for the clients to buy what they need without much of a hassle, the benefits of these store WordPress themes for your online career seem to have no end.

1. SKT Job Portal:


SKT Job Portal is one of the trendy and modernly touched store WordPress themes to serve as a solid ground for a bulk of business undertakings, job and product listings, online shopping profiles and more.

It’s a template that has been developed by forward thinking developers and as such appears to be future scalable and compatible with not only the systems and browsers of present but also those to be launched in the nearest future. Otherwise stated, your website guests can shop online, review your items and order them from their living rooms and kitchens, from the comfort of their beds or while on the move. Their portable devices and smartphones are going to display as accurate and functional version of your site as the basic desktop one is.

2. Wedding Videographer:


From selling wedding related products and services to running a specialized electronic store, advertising your handmade items or award winning branded products, Wedding Videographer is here to support you in your initiatives.

Just as you need to take care of the floor plans and the overall design of your physical store, your website also needs a special care and attention to its parts and layouts, visual appearance and inner working platform. With Wedding Videographer all the important components are customizable and controllable from behind the scenes and with the intuitive admin panel. Color gamut changes, typography settling and buttons deployments are all controlled from this admin panel with easy drag and drop functionality.

3. Toy Store:


Taking the plunge into the virtual reality of commercial relations and digital cooperation with clients can be fairly easy and pocket friendly with Toy Store.

What can be more exciting than finding a really affordable template that is already coded to meet all kinds of commercial standards and compatibility with major e commerce platforms? In this relation, Toy Store is nothing but a smart and sophisticated ecommerce website solution for the creation of a practical environment that will be user friendly and responsive, easy to navigate and browse.

Widget friendly areas and social media integration, pack of first aid shortcodes and useful layouts to choose from, blog area for directing extra traffic to your products and store are all to be found with Toy Store.

4. Classified Ads:


The next superbly expansive and thoroughly cultivated web establishment option among store WordPress themes is presented as Classified Ads.

Packed with a fluid responsive design and saturated with pre enabled tools and features, Classified Ads is going to make your online storefront as frequently haunted as you can never imagine.

No matter what you are going to sell through this profile, your digital or physical services and products, portfolio items, design drafts, financial reports, real estate or movable property or something other, Classified Ads is resourceful enough to meet your business direction and criteria.

The theme authors have done their best to make sure your site delivers the best SEO results and SMO integrity and functions well with commercial and multilingual, visual composer and page builder plugins.

5. Real Estate:


The representatives of a modern commercial industry welcome Real Estate with open arms. The beauty of this clean and crisp, visually seriously developed and styled template lies in the fact that despite its saturated nature and feature rich toolkit, it is unbelievably convenient in usage and further management.

The customization possibilities of this responsive and mobile compatibility checked template are vast, with selection options of Google approved fonts, color changes, logo uploads, image addition on the sider to decorate your welcome page and much more.

Real Estate also ensures both grid and list view possible for your store, as well as is optimized for e commerce plugin support to have more controls over your product lists, buttons, customization for list styles and more.

6. Flower Shop:
flower shop WordPress theme


Flower Shop is light and simple, smart and intelligent e commerce template to support both creative and technical aspects of your site.

It comes preloaded with boundless typography choices with fonts and their subtypes, color playing and establishing tools with color picker, homepage full width slider for sharing top offers or announcing discounts, arrival of new models and more.

Marking down all your information and product descriptions in more than one language is also possible with Flower Shop thanks to its practicality with translation plugins.