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Pet Grooming WordPress Themes for pet salons and vet care websites

The best pet grooming WordPress themes have been compiled this time for pet and animal care related and veterinarian services. The possible topics may include pet grooming and cleaning, walking, pet sitting, vaccination and surgery, adoption and keeping, as well as food and accessories – related activities and businesses.

Pet grooming and care is more than just about having a nice looking and chic animal. It’s also about the secure and healthy living conditions both for animals and people living together.

While having a dog, cat or any other pet in your life is a huge responsibility, you are lucky enough to have thousands of pet grooming and care offers from different sides ready to take care of your beloved four legged friends. For particular, the worldwide web is flooded with tons of websites offering their relevant pet related services and products.

Anyway, there are certain factors that put a successful pet grooming website ahead of standard competition. In this article you may find some of the most applicable pet grooming WordPress themes which are packed with those primary features and controls which make them so preferable. While being based on durable and responsive layouts, they are as easy in usage and management as you may wish to be able to deal with them with your non techy skills.

1. Pet Care:


Pet Care has already won the label of one of the best pet grooming WordPress themes designed for pet care service providers, pet shop owners, veterinarians, pet grooming and sitting agencies and others. The degree of persistence and flexibility of this top rated template is striking. You are able to edit and transform it the way you have prioritized for your private pet business. While the default state of the theme is ready to multipurpose usage, you are free to change the active colors of the theme by the ones you prefer, add homepage sections up to 20 in number, as well as control widget friendly footer and header areas. This responsive and fast performing template is convenient both for service provision and online store to sell anything catering to pets and their care, clothing, food, accessories and much more.

2. SKT Perfect:
perfect commercial WordPress theme


Next template in our list of pet grooming WordPress themes to unlock all the possibilities for your pet and animal directed business success is called SKT Perfect. Wonderfully robust and safe, visually elegant and functionally high end, SKT Perfect is custom built to sustain a website content of any size and nature. Hence one is capable of adding the relevant content and images into the prebuilt theme sections and areas, control pages and layouts, blog for daily usage and constant updates and much more. Demo version is available before purchasing which perfectly exemplifies all the advantages and controls your future website will be granted with. It is also cross mobile and browser compatible with its responsive and HTML5 and CSS3 based nature, is based on shortcodes functionality and generates SEO and plugin compliant nature.

3. Simple:
simple WordPress theme


Simplicity can be the most preferable quality any average website admin will ever want for his website. Simple is the best pattern of how simplicity both in form and function with considerably simplify your website creation and control on the one hand, and people’s perception of your clear and precise content on the other. This aesthetically minimal and soft template will make your animal breeding and care, grooming and sitting, walking and training, vaccinating and medical services look elegant and nicely deployed through the given content zones. Homepage full width slider is excellent to depict your happy patients with their pets and animals. Other practical elements of Simple include smooth and easy to navigate levels, font based icons and Google fonts integration, widgetized areas and shortcodes preloaded, as well as full documentation and professional support along the theme.

4. Perfect Golf Club:


Perfect Golf Club is one of the freshest pet grooming WordPress themes to be a comprehensive solution not only for pet grooming services, but also for a wide range of clubs, houses, racecourses, horse breeding farms, entertainment complexes. This uniquely stylized and pixel perfect, experientially thought out and launched website builder has been developed by professionals for professional website creation and customization. Moreover, the degree of your development or design knowledge has nothing to do with your abilities to make the most out of Perfect Golf Club since this theme is truly adaptive and comes with admin friendly dashboard. While fully responsive and mobile friendly, this template offers you an abundance of controllable features for typography, colors, icons, extensible functionality and more.

5. Shopzee:
eCommerce WordPress theme


In case you want to make a little investment in your future online store and keep your competitors at bay, Shopzee is what you have been searching for. It is ready made to bring whole new ecommerce functionality to your website and requires almost no efforts from you to keep everything organized and well visualized. With this template you will have access to a handy toolbox designed for anyone with 0 coding knowledge or experience. It’s totally responsive platform tested with thousand of handheld devices and mobiles for its unbeatable functionality. Additionally, there is PO file rooted deep in this template for your future content to be easy to translate.

6. Go Fishing:


Go Fishing is the last template included in our collection of pet grooming WordPress themes to be used for animal and pet related world and its representatives. Whether you run a veterinary clinic or center, pet care and training center, exotarium with lots of interesting and extraordinary animals, Go Fishing can be the best visualization of your business. With its elegant and lively design, easy scrolling and navigation, as well as accurately arranged theme parts, Go Fishin will create a memorable user experience for all kinds of website viewers – from desktop to mobiles. All the primary elements of SEO and SMO are integrated within the theme, as well as shortcodes for more pages and posts, blog and contact form, etc.

Lawn Care WordPress Theme for Lawn Care Specialists

gardening landscaping WordPress theme

Salient Features of lawn care WordPress theme


  • Color changing lawn care WordPress theme
  • Easy to use shortcodes which are in built
  • Visual composer, and other page builders like Elementor work fine with this theme
  • Great visual capture for online visitors
  • Call to action buttons like social media and phone number on top
  • Working hours widget also given
  • Services explained explicitly on homepage
  • Complete gardening solutions explained with visual icons
  • Creating keeping in mind for lawn care specialists
  • Recent projects also showcased nicely
  • Our services explained in 3 different ways
  • Team member is optional and can showcase lawn care specialists
  • Testimonials are important for any local business and online reviews help build trust
  • Footer is fully widget friendly and so is header and sidebar
  • 5 level page drop downs are available
  • Google fonts of more than 600+ are available for selection and implementation
  • Typography is more supported by use of latin and cyrillic sub sets
  • Use of font based icons to have a great fancier and better visual look on the website
  • SEO friendly coding with coding standards of WordPress maintained
  • Simple and effective Customizer based Lawn Care WordPress theme
  • Check your changes online live while getting them done
  • In built 100+ shortcodes for use in the overall site
  • Use shortcodes plugins as well along with the ones present
  • Use page builder shortcodes and widgets along with them to have unlimited possibilities
  • Several plugins like contact form, WooCommerce, SEO plugins, and others like slider and gallery are compatible for added functionality
  • Based on HD and retina ready as well as devices and browsers tested
  • Lawn Care WordPress theme for lawn services

    Lawn Care WordPress theme are suitable for lawn services and gardening services. It has been been created to satisfy and fulfil the requirements for such websites.

    Since lawn care WordPress theme belongs to local business category all the features which are essential for local businesses like social media, contact forms, call to action like phone number on the top and other features as essential for any local business to get maximum sales and leads from their websites.

    Any lawn care Company requires their services and information are nicely displayed for their website so that they can showcase their content nicely and efficiently.

    Since this mobile optimized responsive template has all these facilities it becomes obvious for them to nicely display everything.

    Lawn care website has the options of displaying services in 3 different ways one with full images and little content.

    One with the help of a nice image and pointers using font based icons. And third with the help of columns and using fancy icons.

    Our team is also displayed which can again be used for other things like client data or to explain lawn specialists or more services.

    Testimonials are reviews are necessary because they help build genuine interest of any visitor into your website and work.

    Latest posts are also displayed and so is the footer with lots of variations.

    There are several variations of footer and header possible and above that both of them are widget friendly.

    Different and more options are available for inner header pages as well to display anything like a map or a slider in inner page.

    Also for the homepage one can have slider as well as replace it with anything else of their choice.

    Full slider controls like animation effects and pause timings are given in this theme.

    Lawn care WordPress theme also focusses on call to actions and hence on the header social icons for social interaction and phone numbers are given.

    Also footer showcases working hours of the lawn care company.

    And contact us involves in built contact form for the lawn specialists WordPress website.

    Lawn care specialists can also avail the great resources in hand like the documentation and full manual available to create the same impact like the demo.

    Once the WordPress theme is installed it installs itself with a set of homepage and inner pages can be set up easily without any troubles.

    Wedding Videographer WordPress themes for videography sites

    This time let us touch on the chivalry of the best Wedding Videographer WordPress themes for happy couples to share the best moments of their lives, as well as any kind of matrimony and wedding related websites and niches.

    The range may include Wedding Videographer and wedding services, matchmaking services, wedding venues, marriage arrangement and consultation services, dating websites, wedding accessories, cakes, music and much more.

    Wedding Videography websites and relevant services are rapidly gaining more and more popularity across the globe.

    As a successful alternative to the traditional dating websites or marriage brokers, Wedding Videographer websites exercise their potential to help people find a perfect couple. All in all, it’s a modern practice where the role of the matchmaker or a personalized matchmaking assistant is highly professionalized and trustworthy.

    Hence, if you have made your mind to launch a well arranged and eye catchy Wedding Videographer or wedding website result in more client engagement into your business, our Wedding Videographer WordPress themes are for you. Each and every single template that has appeared in our article is custom built to grant you with extra powers to make the most out of your website. In a nutshell, they are as simple and affordable, as flexible and user optimized as you would ever wish them to be.

    1. Wedding Videographer:


    2. Wedding Rituals:


    Wedding Rituals is one of the latest Wedding Videographer WordPress themes designed for Wedding Videographer and wedding related websites, niches and topics. This wonderfully robust website builder is exceptionally good when it comes to hosting an avalanche of websites and blogs. You can use it to run an entertaining and multimedia based informative website sharing your posts about interesting traditions and wedding rituals of different countries. In another case, you can use Wedding Rituals particularly for matchmaking services and result in happy couples. For your convenience, this template has been coded to purvey ultimate simplicity and adaptability in usage. Moreover, with Wedding Rituals you are going to have pixel perfect, SEO friendly and easy to customize content for desktop, mobiles and devices. There are also fonts and color changing options, perfect dropdown navigation and WooCommerce compatible nature wrapped up in Wedding Rituals.

    3. Nuptials:


    The next highly recommended template among Wedding Videographer WordPress themes is called Nuptials. From elegant and lively visualization to battle ready functional framework, this top ranked template incorporates it all. Let your client base scan your web content easily via the given theme sections and content zones. Showcase the happy faces of your clients who have found each other thanks to your professional efforts via the homepage slider and positively influence your future clients. You can also showcase the registered profiles of your client base and let it easily searchable for others. Nuptials showacases seamless consistency when it comes to mobile and device responsiveness. Apart from being readily responsive and cross browser complaint, it is also shortcodes based with easily editable layout and customization options.

    4. SKT Beach:


    SKT Beach can be an ultimate solution for diversified wedding and Wedding Videographer service providers and managers to prove their legibility and sophistication in what they are engaged in. Based on a durable coding and styling approaches, SKT Beach is irreplaceable for personal wedding and engagement websites, private websites, wedding consultants and venues. It comes launched with color picker controls to add unique colors to your website, drag and drop functionality to easily manage everything. It also generates Customizer based performance to change whatever is needed within the theme and instantly preview them before they will appear valid for the website guests. Additionally, no coding skills are required to master this responsive and mobile optimized, fully documented and supported website builder.

    5. SKT Lens Pro:
    responsive portfolio WordPress theme


    Meet SKT Lens Pro which can be the next valuable contribution to your wedding based website or blog. Amazingly beautiful and attention grabbing, versatile and artificially intelligent, it is one of the most popular Wedding Videographer WordPress themes with a high rating. SKT Lens Pro is an admin and user centric website building tool designed with professional care and terrific attention to every single detail. As a result, this template proves to celebrate multipurpose nature for any kind of content dissemination and is dotted with e – commerce touches to run an online shop and sell wedding related items and accessories. SKT Lens Pro has also been checked for its cooperation with page builder, portfolio, shortcodes and cache plugins to keep your website functionally advanced and secure at the same time.

    6. SKT Corp Pro:


    SKT Corp Pro is one of the businesslike and effectual Wedding Videographer WordPress themes one can find in the collection of WordPress powered templates. This serious looking and effortlessly stable template is 100 % responsive with a thorough control over how your website and its content are going to respond to any mobile or other portable device requirements. This template is split into convenient and clutter free areas and sections for you to establish your business profile, tell hundreds of success stories of your clients, show off best images and photos and enlist contact details. The true value of this template is not only its near perfection structure and design, but also a seasoned professionals standing behind it and ready to support you whenever needed.

    7. Adventure:


    Give your online matrimony and dating services a unique charm with the help of Adventure. It’s a multidimensional and feature rich website building toolbox to provide best and perfect results for your relevant online undertaking. Adventure utilized elements and controls to give you maximum flexibility to change and edit, redesign or modify the given template to match the overall nature and denomination of your Wedding Videographer website. The simplified installation and activation processes make it super fast for someone to start his website and control its look and feel right from the theme backend. Loaded with shortcodes and Google fonts, Adventure is also rolled up with 5 levels of dropdown navigation, HD and retina readiness and much needed search engine optimization for increased web traffic and results.

    Celebrity WordPress Theme for celebrity websites and fan and blog sites


    Celebrity WordPress theme cater to celebrities and their websites.

    Celebrities have their own website and famous celebrities need a common point of all social networking websites that they have to publish from a common website.

    WordPress being the best CMS and its ability to publish into different social networking websites via the website makes it the top choice for celebrities to have their website done in WordPress CMS.

    Hence we see a lot of celebrity WordPress themes targeted for the use by celebrities and made user friendly and customer friendly as well so that not just celebrities have problems managing their own website or their staff or the people who want to interact with their popular celebrities should also be able to do so easily and navigate along the website and get details about them.

    Also it becomes an area for agencies to contact these celebrities for hiring purposes like events and films or modelling etc.

    Celebrity websites need a few features like focussing on about section of the celebrity, awards won by the celebrity, gallery of previous and past works along with the upcoming works and future works.

    Also contact section with agency numbers given and social networking platform links where the celebrity is regularly active.

    Also gossip news and celebrity news websites also need celebrity WordPress theme so that they can have their gossip news and celebrity news published nicely not just on their website but also on various social networking websites.

    Also these news channels need to have a good humor and gossip news displayed nicely where people can come in and comment as well.

    Thus these type of websites should have commenting system like Facebook comments or Disqus commenting system readily working so that they just install the plugin and it works as a plug and play.

    Following are the Celebrity WordPress theme to consider:

    SKT Perfect:


    Perfect has lots of features which have been time and again discussed and one can visit the theme page to know why this theme is called our best creation till date. It has 20 different template demos within itself and can act like any website. Any slider on the top with loads of shortcodes which can display images, text and videos nicely of any celebrity and can be turned into an awesome celebrity website which no one has seen before.

    SKT Dual:


    SKT Dual is a single page agency website which can be used as a celebrity website and can give details about the celebrity. It has enough features to make it to this list and is a great looking theme which can change colors, fonts, add more functionality and slider can be changed to anything of your own choice. With ample options this theme can make a celebrity website a real eye stunner.

    portfolio WordPress theme


    PicArt offers a great visual experience with colorful boxes on the homepage and a nice carousel slider on the top. It also can work as a model celebrity portfolio website. It has decent amount of features like a blog section and other stuff which make it a great deal worth use for any type of celebrity websites. Also its gallery choices and picture choices make it a worthwhile candidate for any celebrity who wants to showcase their work nicely on their website.

    personal WordPress theme


    Character is a mix of a celebrity website and a celebrity who loves to blog most of the times. Like Paris Hilton or Kim kardashian or the likes of people who love to blog most of the times Mr. Amitabh Bachchan from the Bollywood. Character shows real great features and has great look and feel and hence is one of the contenders in this Celebrity WordPress theme list.

    girly WordPress theme


    Girlie has pastel colors and can have menu and recipe sections so can serve as a celebrity food blogger website or fitness blogger or other types of celebrity website use. It has all the features similar to greater themes we have discussed till now above and can serve as a blog, news site, a website and can hold unlimited number of pages or posts as well.

    Can also work as an online shop for celebrity items to be sold.



    Charm is a charming blog cum website which gives importance to posts and news and blogging but can serve as a great website as well. With great widgetized sidebar, footer etc it does the job for a celebrity blogger, food and travel and lifestyle and fashion kind of a website and is visually strong and attractive.

    SKT Black Pro:
    black and dark WordPress theme


    SKT Black Pro was initially created to cater to portfolio and photography clients but has slowly turned into a great celebrity website which has several sections on the homepage catering to a celebrity and several inner pages and great compatibility with plugins to have what they want in terms of functionality like gallery, work, about us, contact form etc.

    Political Candidate:
    political candidate WordPress theme


    Although was created for political candidate and their campaign raisers can surely work as a charming celebrity website and personal site as it is a one page site and has great look and feel. Has great event calendar and other such features to showcase celebrity events and upcoming shows.

    personal WordPress theme


    A true personal celebrity WordPress theme and is a small one with focus on the required items only. If someone wants a small footprint and a decent website with nice background for themselves this theme surely is the answer and is a minimal styled great looking template for consideration.

    Panaroma Pro:


    Can work for singer, musician, blogger, food, lifestyle, model, actor and others. A nice 5 slides on the front page and with exclusive transparent background pages for inner pages and blog this surely looks a great website option for any celebrity to consider.

    resume WordPress theme


    Was intended as a resume website for anyone from a celebrity book author to an artists, chef and food blogger to anyone who is a celebrity. Has color changing features and font features and social icons features just like the others and SEO friendly just like others as well as easy to use with step by step documentation available.

    Following are the Gossip news and viral buzz type of Celebrity WordPress theme:

    SKT NewsPaper Pro:


    Newspaper Pro does job for bigger celebrity gossip channels and gossip news blogging sites who can post humors, jokes, celebrity gossips and others and as well as require several ad widgets to post ads and several news tickers etc.

    SKT Magazine Pro:
    magazine WordPress theme


    Can serve as a multi author gossip news website and celebrity news channel and has all the features similar to Newspaper pro and has several blog and page templates to satisfy any news agency or news channel blogging site completely.

    Environmental WordPress Themes for environment websites


    A noteworthy guide to arming your nature and environmental – friendly, donation or charity, NGO and non – profit organization website with the best environmental WordPress themes.

    In the current world burdened with diverse nature and environment – centric issues and problems, establishing your relevant website to call for global attention to those issues won’t be a small feat.

    The current digital arena in its turn makes it easy for you to go live with your eco and nature, protection and environment topics and events and keep your digital profile up and running all the time.

    There is hardly a shortage of environmental WordPress themes in the modern library of WordPress CMS.

    However, with choice comes confusion, and in order to prevent you from additional mix-up, we have sorted out some of the best templates ready to cover any kind of NGO or non – profit organization needs, events, campaigns, donations and much more.

    Each of them shares the best qualities a perfect environmental solution can ever have for your existing or future website.

    Hence, you are free to review them, make a reasonable choice and let your message communicated through the most effective visual platforms.

    1. Nature One Pro:


    Direct the worldwide concern about nature and environmental protection with your presentable and dynamic website based on Nature One Pro. Fresh – faced and interactive, clean and precise while totally controllable and customizable, this template has been stylized and coded to match a variety of nature – related campaigns, humanitarian and charitable programs and events and other NGO and non – profit usages. Sustainable and perfectly usable, Nature One Pro will greet your website visitors with hospitality and will keep each of them informed thanks to the convenient content zones deployed in your site. From displaying your love and passion for nature and green zones to striving to solve the most urgent problems catering to your local environment, this theme knows the way to success. You can also demonstrate your valuable content in a responsive way so that it can respond to any proposed screen or mobile size and resolution.

    2. Perfect Nature:


    The next mind – blowing and eco and nature – friendly layout among the best environmental WordPress themes comes in the face of Perfect Nature. It has a very fresh and enthralling look which is closely combined with enhanced functionality and durable performance across different platforms. Multipurpose at its core, this truly perfect and invulnerable template feels fantastic when it comes to demonstrating your environmental – friendly, eco and green, herbal or organic –centric content in the most exquisite fashion. Continuously changing website user’s behavior make any kind of website leverage its potential as compared with what it offers its visitors. In this relation Perfect Nature meets all the major criteria: it is flexible and smoothly navigable, error – free and fast – loading, and finally, responsive and mobile – friendly, ready to satisfy the needs of all the users on – the – go.

    3. SKT Gardening:
    gardening landscaping WordPress theme


    Your environmental organization or nature and animal preservation and protection company can never exist in isolation. For tangible results and people’s engagement into what you are fighting for you are obliged to run a successful and full – packed, explanatory and communicative website to let your voice be heard. SKT Gardening has been processed with the above – mentioned characters in the developer’s mind. Hence, this website creation and management system is a top – ranked option for environmental initiatives to put a positive spin on their non – profit businesses. The basic essentials governing this template are responsiveness and mobile – friendliness, search engine optimization for boosted search engine rankings, multilingual – ready nature for multi – language content provision, Customizer – powered performance, as well as plugin compatibility.

    4. Naturo:
    clean minimal WordPress theme


    Whether you are functioning mainly for domestic, local or international arena, Naturo can break all the borders with ease. As one of the simplest environmental WordPress themes effective as for the present, this template is decorated with subtle traits of minimalism so that your website will exude precise and legible content without any distracting elements. Split your nature or environmental, charity or any other NGO content into valuable pieces and insert them into the theme’s parts and sections, showcase the high – resolution images in the homepage slider and allure your web visitors instantly. Developed to purvey natural and transparent look, this template never skimps on the sophisticated performance of your website armed with more than 100 shortcodes for content setup, blog area for constant updates, SEO and SMO – friendliness and much more.

    5. SKT Trust:
    non profit WordPress theme


    Any type of NGO organization, ranging from charity and religious to nature conservation can indubitably rely on SKT Trust. Serious – looking and motivational, well – organized and well – dressed, SKT Trust is custom – built to host your environmental or humanitarian content in the best way and take your website to the desired spots of the contemporary search engines’ results. Even the most unprepared website admin fill intuitively find the way to play with the given platform and even make amendments and supplements to the existing look and feel of it. Hence you are not going to miss any single credit of SKT Trust to speak a word about your projects and future plans, visions and objectives, as well as let your high – quality images speak instead of you.

    6. Local Business Pro:
    local business WordPress theme


    Local Business Pro as one of the original and sophisticated environmental WordPress themes has the potential to deal with a wide set of nature, locality, agriculture, eco, organic and environmental – friendly topics and niches. If we try to get into the meat and soul of this template, we will discover many advantages over many other templates. The range of advantages starts from affordable price on the market, simplified and admin – friendly installation and activation process to perfectly coded and responsive character and full support and documentation as bonuses for the purchaser. The theme is equipped with color changing options, widget – friendly theme areas, Google fonts and font – based icons, prebuilt contact form, extendable nature with the help of additional plugins, etc.

    Cyber Security WordPress Themes for cyber attack protection companies

    A splendid roundup of the best Cyber Security WordPress themes for security companies and security guard services, bodyguards and protectors, security agents and investigators, video surveillance and CCTV, escort and safe conduct services, security and protection systems installation websites and more.

    Security as a social phenomenon is always one of the central problems of any nation, country, community, group of people, and finally, an individual. Ensuring national security is to some extent a global goal, which should be subordinated to the enhancement of sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country. Yet, guaranteeing the security of an individual or a group of people, some organization or event, structure or locality is much more of a local and segregated nature.

    Today, there is hardly a deficiency in relevant security and protection services to help you guarantee the usual flow of your work, lifestyle, business, school, financial institution, family or whatever it may be. However, marketing such security and security guard services can be somehow tough since it’s a narrow specialized industry and cannot target all groups of audience at the same time.

    Under such conditions, the best way to put a positive spin on your marketing and reach out your target clients is to purchase one of the best Cyber Security WordPress themes and build your reliable website on it.

    We are pretty sure you will find the best experience with any of these Cyber Security WordPress themes we are going to shed light on soon. Your website is going to be the best proof of your expertise and proficiency. So let one of these products take the responsibility of identifying your best qualities online and ensure the credibility of your services.

    1. Military:


    Military is one of the niche specific and seriously developed Cyber Security WordPress themes to cover a website of any security, protection, bodyguard or military background.

    Whether your primary goal is to be virtually accessible around the clock, maximize the number of your partners and clients, win the top rankings of SEO to yield more profit, organize online classes and trainings or sell relevant products and security means, this template will do the job hassle free.

    Designed to nurture the viewer with the sense of comfort and precision, Military comes with smoothly navigable layout and well arranged homepage, where one can add his logo on the header area, social media links and contact details on the footer, and finally, the best images on the slider.

    2. SKT Perfect:
    perfect commercial WordPress theme


    Perfect and invincibly durable in all its appearances, SKT Perfect shares all the commissions to be the best pillar for your future security website or blog.

    All in all, it’s an all inclusive package of processes, opportunities and authorization to create, manage and communicate your business value to your prospective clients. As such, it comes with custom built layout that is ultimately adaptive and flexible, responsive and checked for its consistency with IOS, Android and other frameworks.

    Non coders can test the functionality of the theme with page builder and visual composer plugins as well and enjoy the simplest drag and drop functionality to finalize the look of their website.

    3. vCard:


    Use the ultimate power and potential of vCard as your competitive advantage and create your private investigator or bodyguard website to be your business card for thousands of people.

    Ready for the usage for both personal and corporate purposes, vCard helps you in getting everything done in a matter of minutes and with a comfort of your mouse. No additional skills and proficiency are ever required from you to manage your site’s general appearance, functional basis or user centric mobile version.

    Social icons, Google approved fonts, color changing options, page sidebar and blog layouts and much more are loaded with vCard initially. Moreover, you can double the power of your site’s performance with additional plugins, extensions and tools.

    4. Locksmith:


    The next simple and easy to learn technique among Cyber Security WordPress themes is called Locksmith.
    This predesigned and mobile optimized template is waiting for you to add your specific touches and web content, images and photos, business profile and history to it. A simple and intuitive admin panel will guide you through the best customization controls so that your website users will not have to come up with those “imperfections” the default template have.

    This avant guard and modern looking template is also convenient for establishing an online store and selling security systems and equipment, locks and other security and protection means and measures in a neat and compacted way.

    5. Condimentum:
    multipurpose WordPress theme


    Fluid and clean, impressive in its simplicity and accurate design, Condimentum is the next highly versatile and effectual templates you can run on your security website.

    Getting into the nitty gritty of your site creation and development will be quick in terms of timeframe and affordable in terms of finances.
    Invest your creative ideas into Condimentum and make it rich with your high quality content, add the homepage slider with HD images, manage page and post layouts and it will definitely pay off in spades.

    This template promises a unique benefit to your site’s mobile users as well while being totally responsive and cross mobile and browser compatible. Such coding along with qualitative content and SEO readiness at the theme’s core is more than enough to get the needed traffic from the organic search results.

    6. Legal Expert:
    legal WordPress theme


    Finally, met Legal Expert as one of the crisp and sleek, retina ready and HD ready Cyber Security WordPress themes to be your perfect choice.

    The effective methods of this template vary from organizing your website from behind the scenes, checking the changes with live preview and approving them to using other approaches to contribute to your site’s visibility through social media and commercial channels.

    On the whole, HTML5 and CSS3 based coding, standard pages included, compatibility with useful plugins and shortcodes of Legal Expert will let your ride the wave of success and popularity without investing much time and resources into it.

    Neonatologist WordPress Themes for newborn infants and neonatal care sites

    WordPress has some of the best neonatologist WordPress themes to design a proper website.

    Neonatology is a branch of medical science that takes care of illness in a premature newborn infant. The branch is progressing exponentially as the number of premature newborn infants is increasing every day.

    If the illness is serious, the infant has to be hospitalized else the mother can be guided to take proper steps. Since this is a relatively new branch, people and targeted audiences of neonatologists will be searching on the internet to find a neonatology to consult. Therefore, it is immensely important for all the neonatologists to get a website to increase visibility and become searchable.

    These neonatologist WordPress themes have all the features and design components to get the job done perfectly.

    1. Handy
    doctor WordPress theme


    It is one of the best neonatologist WordPress themes as it is a medical theme with a professional design. You can edit everything without any technical knowledge using live customizer. It has the most important testimonial section which is going to increase the trust factor. It is compatible with all devices and supports all standard plugins for all the required functionalities. It comes with WooCommerce integration in case patients want to make advance payment while booking through the contact page.

    2. Fitt
    weight loss WordPress theme


    This is a fully responsive WordPress themes and one of the best as neonatologist WordPress themes. It is a great looking health cum medical theme with professional look and there are portfolio sections where you can showcase your services. Changing the color scheme, fonts and layout require only a few clicks. It also has a blog section where you can post engaging articles and you are sure to get a lot of visitors for that because this branch of medical science is still relatively new. It comes with unlimited fonts with icons and it is mobile friendly as well as SEO and SMO friendly.

    3. Healing Touch
    medical WordPress theme


    This is another awesome Neonatologist WordPress themes which some stunning designs and useful functionalities. It has parallax background and all the necessary and standard pages with sample text and design. You can change color of each component individually as well as replace the fonts and icons with its unlimited collection. There are so many useful shortcodes available for better embedding in the contents and overall beautification.

    4. Strong Pro
    crossfit WordPress theme


    This is another stunning Neonatologist WordPress themes with infographic style design which is so eye-catching. It is this new creative design of the website that will make your hospital or doctors premium and parents will definitely visit you and give you preference. There are so many different variations available for designing sections like header, footer, sidebar, widgets and layout and templates for the inner pages. It is e-commerce ready and has advance booking feature. You can insert maps, videos, call-to-action forms, sliders and images as inner banners.

    5. Teethy
    teethy WordPress theme


    This is not exactly one of the tailor-made Neonatologist WordPress themes but you can transform it with a few clicks. It is one of the best themes to use because it has passed Google mobile test and speed test. It is clean and the coding is done according to SEO rules. There are so many beautiful fonts available with icons and unlimited shortcodes are present for easy setup of content. The sliders are awesome and the galleries are mind blowing. There are shuttle animations on the homepage which will get in getting attention at once.

    6. Girlie
    girly WordPress theme


    This is a feminine WordPress theme and it is going to be useful for neonatologists who are females. But in generally, neonatology concerns the mothers and they are the ones who contact the neonatologist for consult and treatment of newborn infant. This theme has best designing components, call-to-action options, super sliders and amazing galleries. It also has shuttle animation to capture the attention of the visitors immediately.

    7. Marvin
    personal WordPress theme


    Most of the neonatologists are going independent and opening their own clinic. Hence, a personalized website would be great to become popular in a short span of time and reach out to more and more people with your website. The theme is clean and modern and navigation is super intuitive. It is compatible with WooCommerce and plugins for appointment booking. You can showcase your services wonderfully and have testimonial section for better trust factor.

    8. Online Coach Pro
    online coach WordPress theme


    Some parents seek online guidance from neonatologists rather than traveling long distance all the time with the newly born baby. Therefore, online services and interactions are becoming popular like never before. You can easily setup your website with one of the best neonatologist WordPress themes and it has all features and functionalities to make your website successful. It has advanced chat system and contact us page plugins for better interactions. It also has an important blog section to engage the visitors and get more conversion.

    9. Diet And Nutrition
    diet and nutrition WordPress theme


    Most of the time, pregnant mothers seek the help for the neonatologists before giving birth so as to avoid any abnormal conditions. Diet and nutrition play an important role in the better condition of the baby. You can use the theme to offer some of the best solutions to avoid any abnormal condition of the baby to be born and also get appointments from people who would like to consult you for better guidance. There are some attractive and useful sections on the homepage. It is SEO friendly and would help you to reach out to the targeted people through search engine result pages.

    10. Kraft
    premium WordPress theme


    This is a multipurpose theme and one of the most suitable neonatologist WordPress themes on the list. It is professional in look and feel and comes with various sliders options, gallery options, animated columns, essential FAQ section, social media integration and translation support. It is generally used in designing medical related websites and it can be used for personal website as well as professional and commercial purpose. It comes with WooCommerce section and blog section along with advanced contact page for appointment and booking.

    These are some of the best neonatologist WordPress themes you need to consider while constructing your website to get more visibility and reach out to your targeted patients easily. They are easy to set up and the design is sure to get appreciation from your patients.

    List of Fastest WordPress themes and why they are in Demand?


    Comprehensive list of Fastest WordPress themes

    SKT Perfect:


    Perfect is a true multipurpose responsive template which fits into the fastest WordPress themes category as it has several templates within itself and is a fast theme by itself when it comes to loading. Has several shortcodes and in built special shortcodes which no other theme has. Within this you get 20+ child templates of various categories. Fully color changing theme and also font changes and great look and feel. Mega menu compatible, several page templates. Tested with all sorts of page builders and 12+ sliders and gallery plugins.



    Although designed to satisfy portfolio owners this theme is a very fast WordPress theme and has a nice transparent slider and a great breadcrumb modern menu system. This can provide much needed wings to a software company website with different products and visuals with several boxes on the homepage with images can look really good and impress your clients.

    SKT Dual:


    Split screen one of its kind marketing theme which is a great fit for any fastest WordPress themes based website and works like a charm and loads super fast. Even though at first glance appears to be single screen but can be converted into multipage website and can really impress your potential customers with this kind of a great website done using split screen.

    Architect Pro:
    architect WordPress theme


    Although built for architects this is a visual treat and anyone who wants to visually impress their audience should definitely consider this template as it has greater and better features in terms of look and feel. Of course built on similar framework it has more or less similar features but styling taste would definitely give it a boost.

    corporate WordPress theme


    Simple and elegant but has got good looks as well and fast loading WordPress theme. Black mixed with any color does gives it great looks. Of course colors can be changed. Based on Complete Pro this theme has several features like blog timelines and others as has Perfect theme. It also has the same Customizer Framework which allows one to check changes live as they happen from backend.

    StartUp Pro:
    startup WordPress theme


    StartUps are the new horizon for the upcoming software industry hence a theme just dedicated to them features in this list of fastest WordPress themes which surely does the tasks of call to actions and lead generation with its perky call to actions everywhere and also has enough features to satisfy the requirements of any startup company.

    Complete Pro:
    complete WordPress theme


    Before perfect we built this theme although this is a standalone theme but it can be used for multipurpose use and has everything generic so that any industry or business can quickly change it to whatever they want to do with it. Has several blog timelines, blog styles, page styles and several plugins compatibility makes it a supreme contender of this list. It also has extra functionality in terms of various inner pages and footer and header variations.

    simple WordPress theme


    Although the name Simple means we tried to keep the backend as simple as we could have but the features are no simple and has all the advanced features and functionality and responsive approach and great plugin compatibility just like its counterparts given in this list.

    multipurpose WordPress theme


    Great look and feel gives a serious corporate large enterprise feeling and is a super quick loading WordPress theme. Has several nested column shortcodes and compatible with shortcodes plugin and recommended page builders can take the options to unlimited levels.

    Design Agency Pro:
    design agency WordPress theme


    Although created for agencies and consulting businesses but has found its way into this fastest WordPress themes category as well and is a true multi concept template as it can be used for several industries and laterals and with its great features and awesome and cool looks which is part minimal and part fancy it can surely turn your visitor heads and get you the much needed boost as far as traffic and leads are concerned.

    clean minimal WordPress theme


    Naturo is a true minimal styled WordPress theme suitable for companies and can work nice for customers who need their website to show minimal in terms of design but maximum in terms of content and info. Due to its minimal design this comes as a faster loading WordPress theme. Does the work of a serious company or a group based company with several locations. Does have all the several modern features and compatibility with plugins that you get with other themes and templates on this list.

    blendit single page WordPress theme


    Modern companies prefer a large landing page or what we call one pager website to have a nice browse through effect of their portfolio which acts like their online resume which sales team can quickly showcase to their clients on their phones or tablets. And inner pages can be hidden and get clicked from the homepage itself. This surely serves the purpose of many companies who try to have a single pager on the homepage and works better on all devices and looks good with modern design elements and scrolling animations.

    IT Consultant:
    consultant WordPress theme


    Suitable for although a single person or a small company this surely fits into the fastest WordPress themes category as it is very fast loading and gives a great simple look and feel for a company which focusses more on its products and portfolio and has a small profile and hence can quickly browse through a 10 page website for themselves. Does the job with testimonials, features projects or case studies, in built captcha contact form and homepage with nice small sections and slider gets the more out of your small company website and gives users a quick call to action buttons for call us and contact info at the bottom.

    Its a bit of about how our brain goes for these things. Whenever we want something to start with we want it to be simple.

    Hence we go for cars which is easy to ride with. If we think of a boy we think of color blue and for a girl we think of pink.

    So basically our brain cells tell you that whenever we go to a website it should be simple and easy.

    We don’t want to do so many actions to read an info.

    We would rather just go through a few clicks and be able to read the entire content.

    Also we do not prefer very lengthy forms and hence many customers prefer the call us back method or chat method as they don’t want to spend so much time writing.

    Other benefits and reasons we could think of for Fastest WordPress themes:

    1. Load faster: What good is a website which doesn’t load faster? In a survey it was said that many visitors and customers leave your website in case it is slow. Hence it is important that the site should be faster loading so that people can easily click through the pages and read them easily.
      No one likes to wait and waiting for a site to open up just means that you are waiting in a queue. For a new customer who doesn’t know about your services and haven’t heard about your business before seems a little harsh too and he/she would rather go to some other website than waiting for your site to open up.

      Fastest WordPress themes ensure that the site is faster loading and is SEO friendly. Thus making it easy for customers to quickly visit your website and browse through various information and contact you in case its essential.

    2. Simpler and hence easier to understand: Simpler things are easier to understand and grasp and hence the layout which is simple in simple themes and website is easier to read and grasp by users and visitors. Also for your customers if you write short sentences and layout the paragraphs properly it will also be easier for them to read.

      Information with a lot of visuals also help better the customers. Visuals speak more than words and hence it becomes easy.

    3. Pictures and videos can be emphasized: Pictures and videos can be emphasized more on a simpler layout as it is less cluttered and gives more space for the pictures and videos to settle down and show up nicely.
    4. Lots of white space: Lots of white space means that information is spread up nicely and not too cluttered
    5. Cost effective: Of course themes and templates are cost effective do it yourself websites and hence for startups and new businesses which are looking for getting an essential website quickly and efficiently becomes the easiest method and the most cost effective and budget friendly method.
    6. Not much time: Not too much time is there with people to get a very big website and due to time constraints people want something very quickly and easy to do with.

      Also most of the times they have certain launches like product or service launch or show launch and all they want is to get it ready on time and hence website doesn’t play a very big role in that case and hence they start with the most simpler and fastest WordPress themes at that moment due to time crunch situations.

    7. Too much distraction: If there are a lot of banners or text is too cluttered people might get distracted to some other info which isn’t that useful and your useful info like contact us, social media or the information about the company and business or product offering will get lost and won’t result in transition. Hence it is essential that the layout is simple and easy to read so that the distraction factor is minimal.
    8. Minimal colors: Colors play an important role in website. Having eye soothing simple colors on top of white background with readable font in black or brown colors are both eye soothing and easy to read and understand.
    9. Above the fold for important content: Above the fold they say should have the most important content like banner image, contact info and form and social icons and your welcome text which describes most of your service. So if you have everything properly set up in above the fold then its easier for users to check things properly and know about your website and services in no time rather than wandering here and there and clicking more of your website pages to know about your business.
    10. Absolute simplicity: Absolutely simple would mean not much hassle or clicks to read content and know about it.
    11. Not many menu items and not many drop downs too: Having too many menu items confuses users where to click. Many users prefer to have just 6-7 main menu items so that there aren’t much confusion for the users and they can browse through your website with ease. Having too much drop down menu would mean that users will get confused which page to give more priority to and then in the end get out of the website and exit it.
    12. Reduce Choices: If you give too many choices to any user they can get confused. Many websites initially ask them to select country and then language and sometimes also ask them to verify age and other such choices before entering the website. This also leads to trouble and reduces the users or visitors visits and increases bounce rates. Hence its important to detect IP and automatically get them to their desired local website and language rather than asking them for selection each time.
    13. Visuals are good: Good visuals would mean getting a lot of info easy to understand and grasp within no time and it helps users who aren’t interested in reading all the info to quickly glance through and still have an idea about the product or the service.
    14. A/B testing is essential: A/B testing of your most important page is essential as this would mean you get to know which pages perform better and which solution performs better for your website.
    15. Simple and big structures for phone, and tablets: Simple and big clickable text and image areas on phone and tablets would mean people can easily click on them on a phone or tablet as normal website appear too small on phones and hence it is essential to have a responsive simple website which ensures usability on these devices.
    16. Large readable fonts: Large readable fonts would mean ease of reading and old visitors and customers can read the text easily without any trouble.
    17. SEO friendly:Fastest WordPress themes are known to be SEO friendly and our simple wp template isn’t any different. It is fully SEO and SMO friendly.
    18. Some items we should look for and keep a check on:

    19. Short paragraphs: Short paragraphs are very easy to read. People often don’t like to read too much of info and hence short paragraphs would mean they get whatever info is needed in a short time and with little effort.
    20. Ads aren’t always necessary: Pop up ads and blinking ads on the sidebar and header and footer often make the users irritated and sometimes instead of clicking on your website link they end up clicking there. If you have an info website and do not need too many ads to raise revenue then you should have just a few ads on the sidebar and footer. Keeping too many ads would mean either having the user click on those ads or ditch your website totally.
    21. New windows or pop ups: While clicking on your website if it goes to new windows or while browsing your website if too many pop ups for subscription and ads come up then the user would feel irritated and end up leaving your website. Hence only subtle and essential pop up or new window should be used in a Fastest WordPress website.
    22. 404 pages: Too many 404 pages lead to not just users leaving the website but also search engines penalizing you. Hence it is important to check broken pages and links and reduce them to the minimum.
    23. Conclusion: This is for the simple reason why world’s most used search engine uses a very simple interface and is the fastest website.

    Organic Farming and Food farm WordPress theme for Herbal and organic food


    A list of the reliable and perspective organic farming and food farm WordPress themes to consider for the herbal or organic food and industry – based topics online.

    Organic farming as a modern and alternative agricultural system continues to record speedy growth in the relevant industry, thus providing lots of incentives for the new businessmen and farmers.

    By strictly following all the standards stated to allow the use of natural substances and considerably limiting the synthetic pesticides, those organizations and farms are strictly following a productive way through which herbal and organic products are grown and processed.

    Subsequently, their primary concern is the disposition and realization of their healthy products by the application of all the possible commercial channels, markets, destinations and venues.

    In this situation, one of the most practical platforms to be exercised fully in order to gradually increase the consumer’s number and achieve more popularity around is the running of a premium quality website, based on one of the most convenient organic farming and food farm WordPress themes.

    The truth is that all the below – referred templates have been crafted not only in a standardized method to meet the challenges of the current digital and economical world, but also keep pace with the ever – growing digital market with tons of novelties and advancements over and over.

    Let’s cast a glance at each of them separately and acknowledge all their pros.

    1. Organic:


    2. SKT Gardening:
    gardening landscaping WordPress theme


    Niche – specific and conceptually unique, visually and graphically fresh and green, wholly smart and polished, SKT Gardening Pro is a great way to start your organic – friendly website right from the scratch and complete all the further compulsory processes very quickly as scheduled beforehand. Once your website is up and running, you are free to manipulate it as per your standards and wishes, customize, add or remove whatever is needed, extend the website functionality and add diverse commercial, SEO, portfolio, contact form and other plugins and to sell your nutrition – reach and healthy products and earn substantial sums of money.

    3. Play School:
    education WordPress theme


    Play School with it multipurpose nature has been developed to cater to any niche or topic. What makes this smart and secure template so worthy and presentable is the complex – structured, yet easy to perceive and utilize character, packed with custom – built features and options tailored to meet all the high standards and structural peculiarities of any organic farming and food presentation in the digital world. From dynamic and lively design to credible and truly customization – compliant template, shortcodes inclusion and slider integration, Play School can be a first – wave business marketing channel to raise the bar and appear as one of the most professional and sophisticated organizations experienced in that field.

    4. Diet and Nutrition:
    diet and nutrition WordPress theme


    If you are a farmer or organic food specialists on a mission to deliver healthy, non – toxic and organic products to your local and foreign customers, Diet and Nutrition is an organic farming and food farm WordPress theme at your total disposal to review and acquire at an affordable cost. With this amazing and organic product – specific template you can showcase your best – selling production, write posts about their quality and other properties so important for physical and mental health, use the prebuilt slider or add some other slider and display the most alluring photos of your farm and plants to take the website visitor’s breath away and yet much more to come with this tool.

    5. Simple:
    simple WordPress theme


    In case you are looking for a simple and lightweight, yet fully versatile and powerful template available for your herbal, natural and organic food – based online profile, consider Simple as the initial step towards your successful journey in the worldwide networking environment. Since the theme is perfectly compatible with WooCommerce plugin is ready made to render truly e – commerce experience, you will be lucky enough to establish and run your online organic food store and shop to bring a sense of joy, convenience and comfort in food shopping. Display your services, special offers, discounts, new products, etc in the most neatly categorized fashion, so that all your clients will be able to save their time and find whatever they are searching for in the shortest time possible.

    6. Nature One Pro:


    The next green – based and nature and farm – centric, functionally advanced and amazingly resourceful template of WordPress production is Nature One Pro. Offer your organic food online, organize the delivery straight to the door irrespective of the client location, provide the website visitor with the most surprising hospitality, from fast – loading content to impeccable navigation levels, be available without any technical errors in 24/7 format, let your portable device users to access your website with their mobiles and tablets, etc.

    7. SKT Full Width Pro:
    Full Wide WordPress theme


    All the practices and online methods realized by the help of SKT Full Width Pro as the next super template in our list of the top – rated organic farming and food farm WordPress themes will be welcomed by each and every representative of organic food community, be it a potential client or partner. This herbal and healthy food – related template is not dependent on the web admin experience in the programming or design at all, rather, it comes integrated with ready structure, sections and easily applicable options to personalize and stylize the look and feel of the online existence without the need of making additional investments or hiring expensive professionals to achieve the expected results.

    8. Charm:


    Create and run your competitive and challenging edge through the expertise of the authors of Charm. Coupled with the core understanding of the field, easy to follow admin dashboard and intuitiveness of the overall template, every farmer or food expert can take the future farming or organic food website off the ground and pass it to a state that accommodates diverse useful and practical plugins for bettering the web pages operational rates. With Charm you can be sure, that your website content better responds to the needs of your multi – device users, so that they browse the website on their devices and mobiles and enjoy the most precise look of it.

    Organic farming and food farm WordPress themes some of the common features

    1. Look and feel: Look and feel has been kept to mostly greenish and herbal kind of textures and earthy tones to have the authentic look and feel of a herbal or organic styled website.

    2. Simple backend: We can’t expect farmers to be technology savvy at least for handling a website. Hence we tried to keep it as simple backend as possible so that it appears just a few clicks for them and does the work like color changes, text and image changes, social media links and others.

    3. Uncluttered designs: Uncluttered designs would mean that fonts come our bigger and better and information can be read without any fuss and confusion. Any food farming and organic WordPress theme would want to have this kind of look so that it focusses more on the information rather than on the design.

    4. Quality: Organic products are costlier many times because to get the best quality product and livestock farmers need to work hard and create a healthy and happy product out of crops. Modern agriculture methods and tools have made it possible for organic stock growers to have a quality stock with them and that too developed naturally and with herbal methods thus giving it full organic breeding.

    A website is an effective way to reach out to your customers and be online 24 by 7 and 365 days a year and have your contact info shown to others all the year around to generate revenue and business connects.

    A good website done with the help of faster loading and SEO friendly organic farming and food farm WordPress themes may give you more attention in online medium and will generate good prospects and clients.

    Hip Hop WordPress themes for creating a dance or music website


    This article unfolds the details of Hip Hop WordPress themes for creating any kind of a website that is related to dance or music.

    Art has always been with the human race as an inseparable part since the evolution and with the passing time many art forms have made their existence among us.

    There are many forms of the art which are liked by every person across the globe.

    The most soothing and attracting art forms that have made a very firm and promising presence in the masses is dance and music.

    Everyone has a liking or diversion towards dancing and we all have moved our feet on some or the occasion in our lives.

    Likewise music has its own essence and it is the thing that makes us get lost in our own world of thoughts and relaxes our mind.

    Dance and music are related to each other in a way that whenever the music gets played and that too of vibrant type, we automatically start moving with our dance steps.

    These two art forms have been growing widely with new time where the technology has increased and brought many provisions for these forms.

    We can see nowadays many of the shows and events are organized inviting talent across the world to showcase their passion towards dancing or music.

    This has made many of the people get into the business and earn a lot with the help of such platforms that is liked by population too.

    It is a known fact man is a thinking animal and always looks to explore something new and never seen. Same thing has been implemented to these art forms and the now we can see various types of dance and music styles.

    One of the type that has created a buzz and excitement within the masses especially the young generation is the hip hop.

    This style has its own and unique power of attracting youths towards it in both the forms of dance and music.

    Due to the increasing craze and passion for this style, this is becoming a way of business for those who master this skill of hip hop dancing or music.

    Being into the digital world, the masters of this style are now looking for an online medium to get recognized and hence website is the best medium to help them achieve their motive.

    An attractive website needs same kind of theme for its development therefore Hip Hop WordPress themes can be selected as the best option for making a sophisticated website to serve for all the needs of any individual.

    Here is a wide range of premium Hip Hop WordPress themes for making a dance or music website.

    SKT Black Pro:
    black and dark WordPress theme


    SKT Black Pro is a bold and expressive type of Hip Hop WordPress themes for creating a dance or a music website that reflects the hip hop styles. Being a dark theme it gives a very awesome look to any website making the content and information easily readable. If you are someone who doesn’t prefer black color, this theme allows you to change whatever color you need from the number of combinations available. The page templates are more than 5 in number to provide you the desired kind of layout in this dark theme. This WP theme has been made friendly to SEO with a thought of all guidelines while its development. It has Slider interval, timing, and the slider text can also be changed. It allows for the feature of adding upto 15 images in the slider.

    Disco Dancer


    Panaroma PRO:


    Panaroma Pro is a WordPress template for the Hip Hop style kind of dance and music website development. With its appearance to grab anyone’s attention, this theme has been designed as a knight under disguise. More than 600 of the Google fonts are integrated with this theme and it is totally responsive by being Google mobile friendly as well. It is an easy to use theme with the font and color changing options according to one’s choice. It is there to support to the fullest as it has been made as a fully documented theme.



    Melody is an artistic and exuberant, highly graphical type of Hip Hop WordPress themes for developing a dance or a music kind of website. It can run on any of the mobile device or tablets and desktops being compatible to them. It has been tested for the resolution checks as well to cope up with the high and low resolution devices. You can showcase your hip hop moves and grooves with the help of photo gallery and video gallery area which has been given for easy listing for past and present photo and video gallery. It also consists of contact form with captcha.

    SKT Perfect:
    perfect commercial WordPress theme


    SKT Perfect is the characterized and effectively made type of Hip Hop WordPress themes that is capable enough to cater for all the purposes of making a hip hop dance or a music website. This theme has everything that a person needs to make a plush and stylish website. The color codes, sections, changes in the background and the texts that can be easily modified based on the requirement are the key attributes of this theme. This theme can lead to generate the website in many of the languages as well being multilingual and translation ready theme.

    personal WordPress theme


    Character is a Hip Hop WordPress template for creating a dance or music website that depicts the hip hop nature. The theme is very expressible in itself and contains a pictorial view to enhance the overall website development experience of the user. It includes so many of the features and shortcodes to insert the photos and videos of your dance or music style in hip hop to give the visitor an idea of what the form is. Latest version of WordPress is compatible to this theme with the codes of HTML5 and CSS3.

    The Art:
    art WordPress theme


    The Art is a very creatively developed and power packed theme of WordPress to make a dance or music website of hip hop form. This theme has a transparency of header that is easily manageable. It is a theme that has a fast loading speed and is compatible to all the cross browsers. All the SEO aspects has been taken care of while designing this theme. It is made various page builders compatible for inner pages like site origin, beaver builder and visual composer. It has a very unique design that becomes the first choice of every professional who is looking to develop a classy website.

    Luxury Watch:


    Luxury Watch is a very distinguished type of Hip Hop WordPress theme and template for making a dance or a music website of hip hop styling. The color combinations used in this theme are very awesome and are changeable as well if you like any other color to be placed in your website. This is a responsive theme friendly to mobile and tablets. It has been made translation ready and multilingual ready with the compatibility towards qTranslate X plugin. The images and file that it contains are compatible to all GPL License and has widget friendly header and footer.

    Architecture WordPress Theme for architectural firms and websites

    Architecture WordPress theme is essential for architects to have a great and dynamic website which they can change the design and at will and have additional functionality just at the click of a button.

    Architects basically need a portfolio website where they can showcase the current projects and the previous and past successful projects they have done.

    They want to highlight certain projects of theirs which they have created and have got accolades for the same.

    Also they want to have their contact info displayed properly so that builders, developers and individuals who are interested in developing buildings, flats and houses or bungalows can contact them or their agency.

    Big Architect firms also have several architects working under them and hence it makes sense for them to showcase team members and client portfolio and logo.

    The list comprehensively showcases all the architecture WordPress theme which we have and there might be many others as well which may be suited for the clients.

    Presenting architecture WordPress theme

    Architect Pro:
    architect WordPress theme


    Architect Pro is the perfect example of how an architect would like to showcase his portfolio or an architectural firm would like to showcase their projects past and present.

    It is a visual treat which showcases a homepage with a nice full screen slider and thereafter the services it provides visually attractive boxes with images.

    Our works follows who we are which contains about the company. Our works showcases nicely all the projects and divides them in categories.

    Our works can contain nice images which when clicked will open in lightbox.

    This is an in built feature of this architecture WordPress theme. Advantages section tries to show the limelight as to why we should select this firm.

    Team is important because sometimes its a firm with several architects and hence one should understand who the team consists of.

    Client testimonials are equally important. USP of the firm can also be explained in the advantages section. Any other section upto 20 sections can be added in this theme.

    Architecture needs galleries, slideshows, Full page layouts fancy developed with the help of page builder all of these features are given already within this template.

    Construction Pro:
    construction WordPress theme


    Construction Pro is yet another modern looking architecture WordPress theme which is responsive just like others and have been tested with all modern plugins for compatibility and has a great gallery, slideshow compatibility for good features and other functionality which make it secure for future additions and scalable for future as well as it is a great template to be used for any architect firm readily. Although was developed for construction and contractor companies but really suits any architect firm as well.



    Perfect is a perfect template with several templates within it and has several shortcodes and functionality which make it a killer template for use with any industry. This can be well suited for all kinds of multi concept and multipurpose websites and can be twisted to suit any type of requirement. It has unlimited possibilities with regards to sliders and hence any kind of slideshow like layered sliders, video and image sliders and other kind of galleries can be added to suit the requirements for architects. Thus this template can be well suited for any architecture WordPress theme based website.

    Furniture Pro:


    Furniture was initially intended for carpenter and furniture stores. But as we know interior design is also internal part of architectural firm solutions and hence architects as well as interior designers can well use this template and make use of the facilities and features given in this template. This template also satisfies the needs of an architect firm with regards to team, store, gallery, templates and plugin compatibility.

    Flat Pro:
    flat WordPress theme


    Flat Pro is a modern designed flat graphic usage WordPress theme for architectural firms with material and flat design. Compatible with various plugins like gallery and slider plugins to give architects ample opportunity to present their works and showcase their talent. Has team member section so that one can easily showcase team members. Several templates and header and footer variations similar to perfect template.

    Lens Pro:
    responsive portfolio WordPress theme


    Lens pro looks unique and different than any of these templates of architecture and hence it presents and gives space more to the visuals thus implementing more focus on the work than the content. It has a sidebar menu for navigation and all other features are similar to what we have written for other templates with several page and blog templates

    SKT Dual:


    Nice marketing architecture WordPress theme which has a split screen design and acts like a one pager on the homepage or landing page and can have multiple pages linked to inside pages. Looks really visually attractive and very unique and different than the rest. Works well for firms who want to showcase they are something different.

    Movers and Packers:
    moving company WordPress theme


    Movers and packers is although based for logistics industry but works well as an architectural firm website as well and looks good. It has a nice get quote and other call to actions like address etc given and suitable for any local business website.

    industrial renovation WordPress themes


    Industrial one is a plain and simple kind of a template which works for any industrial design related websites. It has all the features as common ground mentioned for other templates. Looks good if someone wants to have more info based website.

    premium WordPress theme


    Kraft looks a real gem for any corporate website and looks and feel are also boosted due to the icon based menu and navigation we have on the top. Has nice parallax sliding background for the team section and works like a charm for any website who wants a visual different to their firm.

    SKT Full Width:
    Full Wide WordPress theme


    Nice and fully visually attractive template just like Lens Pro. Instead this one is black instead of white. Does the job for interior designers, architectural firms etc. Has all the features similar to other templates and has the left main menu section. Can have different background images in all pages of the site using this theme.

    construction WordPress theme


    Another construction template but since contractor and builders also showcase buildings and other stuff related to architects hence it figures out in this list. Great look and feel and very dynamic template to be considered for any architectural firm.

    Fix IT:
    handyman WordPress theme


    Fix IT was originally intended to work as a handyman template but due to its dynamic nature of the theme it can be termed as a multipurpose usage template and can be used nicely for any architectural firm which wants to focus more on its services and different portfolio it has. It focusses more on the services part and showcases services nicely and in a better way than the other rest of the templates. Features similar to what we have been discussing above.

    Some of the salient and common features of these architecture WordPress theme are:

  • Fully 100% responsive and adheres to rules of Google mobile friendliness and works on all devices and platforms
  • Great coding standards maintained so that one can easily use them without worrying about the security of the codes as well as compatibility with various versions of WordPress
  • Several standard pages and page templates built already within each of the templates and several blog templates
  • Elementor page builder and other page builders can be used for inner pages to have a great layout on your own using the full with page template
  • WooCommerce compatible for online shop, several gallery and plugins of sliders already configured and ready to work out of the box with this template
  • Footer, and sidebar widget friendly in all of the architecture WordPress theme we have presented above
  • Great design and look and feel and all of them with ability to change colors, fonts, font colors etc
  • Integrated with font based icons and as well as several 100+ shortcodes in built ready to use and also compatible with several shortcodes plugins for performance enhancement and features
  • HTML5 and CSS3 based and hence CSS3 animations also work and works with all modern browsers and devices.
  • At par support over various platforms like email, forum as well as Skype support and with complete documentation and manual available
  • Transportation WordPress Theme for Cargo and Logistics

    transportation WordPress theme

    Salient Features of Transportation WordPress theme

  • Transportation WordPress Theme for cargo and logistics
  • Cargo WordPress theme for cargo delivery and transportation
  • Cargo and transport related websites are suited for this look and feel
  • Header has address and working time
  • It also has phone number
  • Menu displays 5 level drop downs
  • Mega menu can also be implemented
  • Slider default has 10 slides that can be added into it
  • Slider timings can be changed like pause and animation effects
  • Better call to action banner under slider to help get you the USP of their service
  • About us and main features with nice icons serving as bullet points given below that
  • Services mentioned with helpful icons which are 675 in number which serve really helpful and look professional
  • Font based icons more than 675 in number given
  • Google fonts based theme for having more than 600+ fonts
  • Cyrillic and latin sub sets also supported so that any language can be written nicely using this theme
  • Translation ready transportation WordPress theme
  • Multilingual ready transportation WordPress theme with compatibility with WPML, Polylang and qTranslate X
  • Easy to use Customizer based theme so that one can view all the changes while they work on it
  • Services section nicely showcased and any number of columns and rows can be added nicely
  • Latest news section is shown however there are various blog post types that can be added
  • Contact form shown and testimonials also given
  • More than 100+ in built shortcodes and compatibility with other shortcode plugins increases the number to more than 200
  • Page builders work nicely with this theme. Any page builder can be used along with this theme
  • Very less scripts used so that the site loads up faster and better
  • Fully SEO compatible WordPress template
  • SEO compliance and code compliance done
  • Coding as per theme review standards and codex standards set up by WordPress team
  • Secured coding and compatible with security plugins
  • Compatible with Cache plugins
  • Based on modern design standards like flat based UI
  • Minimal design presented
  • HD ready and ready for higher resolution monitors and devices
  • Several page templates for easy set up of pages and blog given
  • Several header and footer layouts given for set up various header and footer
  • Simple to use with color picker and font drop downs
  • Full complete manual provided
  • Fully widgetized theme with footer, header and sidebar widgets given
  • Transportation WordPress Theme for Cargo and Logistics

    Transportation WordPress theme for cargo and logistics has been designed to suit the requirements of cargo websites and truck deliveries.

    The slider comes with a full width slider which has several controls like animation effects control and pause time control.

    It also has the ability to get upto 10 slides.

    We have a nice header on the top with call to action buttons like working hours on the left and phone number on the right.

    Menu on the top right and logo on the left.

    Header variations are possible as given with this theme and there are 4 variations of header possible. Set up the header the way you want it.

    Thus giving you ample variations to set up your website the way you want it.

    It also has a simple bar with 3 icon based topics shown which showcases the USP of the site.

    About us thereafter with a nice image and feature rich bullet buttons with icons and text thus giving a pleasing and soothing effect for visitors.

    Services section thereafter with 9 icon based blocks 3 in a row each with 3 columns. One can change it to upto 6 columns and any number of rows.

    Latest News shortcode is also given thereafter to showcase any news or press release or any case studies for this website.

    Transportation case studies or their fleet size of trucks and cargo carriers and other types of news materials can be published with the help of the blog.

    Thus this cargo and transportation WordPress theme has given ample possibilities for one to set up their website the way they want it. Color picker gives choice of unlimited color options.

    Request a quote form and testimonials area and a client area with logo comes next on the homepage.

    Several page templates given for oneself to set up the pages as they require and need. Page builders compatibility means that any page can be set up anyway as and when required. So basically pages can be set up by any novice and in any way as required.

    Inner page variations for header are also given.

    Footer remains common for the whole website however 4 types of footer variations are also given for the footer so that one can have the way they would have imagined for the footer.

    Sidebar is widget friendly so add as many widgets as you want. Use different widgets for blog sidebar and page sidebar.

    Footer columns are also widget friendly and so are the header area as well just on the top.

    Law Firm or Attorney WordPress Theme for legal services

    lawyer law firm attorney WordPress theme

    Law Firm or Attorney WordPress theme is a business based on trust.

    Law firms need a professional website and so does the attorneys. Hence we have come up with a special theme just targeting law firms or attorneys. Our WordPress theme has host of features which we will be sharing below.

    1. It has a beautiful slider which can be used to showcase your latest case images or awards or any important messages like 25+ years of experience etc.
    2. It has got a profile section displaying profile of your law firm.
    3. Our law firm WordPress theme made for attorneys integrates social media like avvo, rocket lawyer, linked in and facebook.
    4. The top section has a call to action displaying phone number and email id for urgent calls to your office.
    5. The right sidebar boasts of a contact us today section which can be used to send quick emails/messages from visitors or future prospects to your office.
    6. Areas of practice on the left sidebar quickly showcases your areas of practice so that the visitor knows for sure which areas you/your firm practices in.
    7. As per attorneys needs we have contact us area, gallery area with photos and videos to showcase either their office set up or have video testimonials. They also can use this area to showcase press or media images.
    8. Law firm or attorney WordPress theme boasts of theme options which allows for color changes and font changes.
    9. It comes with more than 100+ shortcodes for ease of use like info boxes, accordions, line etc.
    10. It also comes with 600+ google fonts to select from.
    11. Most important feature here would be that it is fully responsive and mobile and tablet compatible.
    12. This theme comes with free installation and great support.

    As said before this theme is perfect for lawyers, law firms, attorneys, legal corporations and any other related law and legal institutions.

    You can download the theme from here.

    Trust is very important because a law firm or attorney is the one who is regarded as high as a doctor.

    Many times the life of a person is in the hands of an attorney because of the circumstances and the case he is facing. Hence law firm or attorney WordPress theme should reflect the genuine services on offer and showcase the practice rich experience, lawyer credentials, the firm case studies and lots of other things which prove them as the best in the industry for that particular service.

    If anyone is a divorce lawyer specifically then that should get highlighted on the website and similarly if a law firm deals with only corporate law the best then that should be reflected.

    Our newly designed and created law firm or attorney WordPress theme has a great call to action on the very top with phone number, address and hours of working for the law firm or attorney website.

    A nice navigation menu which has 5 levels of drop down for having a nicely set up big website which has multiple levels of menu and multiple menu items.

    A nice slider which has pause time and animation control given as well as call to action with a nicely laid out form for visitors who are in need of legal advice can explain their problems and contact law firm is given.

    Why Choose us is laid out at the beginning because as i said in the start of this article that any law firm or attorney WordPress theme based website is based on trust and reliability and hence Why Choose us stands here as the main USP of the law firm or attorney services.

    Practice areas are nicely laid out with the use of icons which are font based and text respectively.

    Our attorneys area in this theme showcase the attorneys in team and their relevant experience and profiles.

    Blog posts can showcase case studies, popular laws passed and how awards for the law firm. So several uses for the same blog posts.

    Customer testimonials are very important as they show relevant experience from customers point of view.

    Also social profiles and links to various directories where the law firm or the attorney has been reviewed like AVVO is one of them are listed below.

    Thereafter again call to action is included and a bigger and broader footer section with opening hours and others have been given.

    Footer, header and sidebar is widget friendly in this law firm or attorney WordPress theme and thus one can easily have whatever they want to in these areas without showing the default ones if not in need.

    Apart from being responsive and great look and feel which gives a pure professional look this template is also responsive and cross browser compatible and has been tested for all sorts of hand held and desktop devices too.

    Multiconcept WordPress Theme for Multi-concept usage for any industry



    Multiconcept WordPress theme have been gaining importance in our industry and a requirement for the last theme ever or a killer theme which can at least take care of your client requirements for several websites for the next year is getting more and more importance.

    Development companies and web designers and freelancers always want some kind of a new multiconcept WordPress theme which they can use for multi-concept websites like they can use it for a startup company or they can use it to create a website for a fishing company or they can create a website for a courier company or transportation company.

    Thus any type of business if they come to us we have a simple solution which applies to all.

    Also the developers are also happy because they only need to learn about a single WordPress theme which works as multi-concept.

    So no need to learn several different kinds of frameworks and several different kind of themes and templates.

    Also since this is a GPL type of WordPress theme this serves as a true multiconcept WordPress theme because in other cases per license you are able to install only per website so here you are able to install the template on several domains.

    Thus giving the developer and the development company or agency a real advantage and value for money in terms of the worth price.

    There are several templates in our theme section which serve as a multiconcept WordPress theme but we are sharing currently only 1 because you need not get confused about the options and this one has 20 templates currently within itself and can grow upto 100+ in future and have a great deal of templates within itself.

    Perfect is the next Multiconcept WordPress theme for multi-concept usage

    Why it is a true multiconcept WordPress theme lets learn about its unique features:

  • Page builder compatibility has been tested and several page builders like Sandwich, Visual composer, Elementor, Beaver Builder, Site Origin has been tested and found compatible
  • SEO friendly rightly and has been catered with all meta tags and found compatible with several SEO plugins
  • Very light weight and fastest loading theme this multiconcept WordPress theme works like a charm and loads super fast so that you have a fast website to greet your customers and they can browse the website easily leading to more sales and leads and lesser bounce rates
  • Mega Menu compatibility ensures that large corporates and large websites can be built using this kind of multiconcept WordPress theme
  • Responsive as it has been tested with several browsers and several devices with varied resolution as well as responsive coding is done so that it passes Google mobile friendly test as well
  • RTL testing has been done to test for Right to left languages like hebrew, arabic etc so that people with this type of languages can also make use of this template easily
  • Cyrillic and Latin subsets also have been included so that special characters in different languages can also easily added and typography changes can be implemented
  • Translation ready as PO file is available for this so each and every text can be translated easily into any language of your choice
  • Multilingual plugins all of them like WPML, qTranslate X and Polylang have been tested and found working with all of them
  • Customizer based and hence does not hamper core by anything and does not involve adding more files and hence is faster from the front end perspective. Also due to customizer one can check the changes happening real time.
  • GPL compatible and hence GPL allows clients to use the same theme for multiple customers of theirs and thus preventing multiple purchases of the same theme for multiple websites
  • 800+ Google fonts are available with this theme and hence one can easily add any type of typography on the whole site and 800 fonts should be more than enough
  • 670+ Font based icons pack so that one does not need any other social icons pack to satisfy their need of icons everywhere in the website
  • Unlimited possibilities due to color changing and the other salient features mentioned here as well as templates, shortcodes, plugins compatibility give
  • 5 header variations for homepage and inner header page variations give this multi-concept WordPress theme wings as it performs greatly
  • 4 footer variations for having a great footer which one needs as per the requirements of the website or the client
  • Completely widget friendly so that footer, header and sidebar are fully widget friendly so that one can add any type of widgets like feeds, subscriptions and other popular plugin widgets like translation etc
  • Page template and sidebar control is given and ample page templates are given
  • Blog templates control is also given so that any type of blog look and feel can be created
  • In built shortcodes ready to use are given which are more than 100+ in number and some are very unique like timeline of blog posts etc
  • WooCommerce, Contact form, Events Calendar, Gallery and other such plugins compatibility give this multiconcept WordPress theme the desired boost
  • Music Player, Video player plugins also have been tested so that this theme can be used for any band or metal band or music studio theme
  • Sliders of various types like video, carousel, image, video and other paid ones like layered sliders have been tested and found to be working fine and compatible
  • Retina ready and HD ready and tested with large resolution screens
  • Ready to use standalone themes separately given so that one does not rely on the parent theme functionality for the other themes to work
  • Child theme ready and hence one can create the child theme as per choice and create just the right template as per their needs
  • Custom CSS box is given so that for CSS changes only no need to create a separate child theme
  • Forum, Social networking like BuddyPress, membership plugins are compatible as well so that one can add these type of plugins and ensure any type of website is possible using this truly multiconcept WordPress theme
  • Cache plugins which are famous and popular like WP Rocket, Super Cache, W3Total cache and WP Fastest Cache has been tested
  • Modern trend followed by use of Flat design and gradient less designing has been used to give backwards compatibility like IE8 and 9 versions also compatible with this theme
  • HTML5 and CSS3 based so any CSS3 animation will also work as modern design standards have been used
  • Tested with latest WordPress version and backwards compatibility tested till 3.9 version of WordPress
  • Templates included currently in this multiconcept WordPress theme are:

    Accounting: For accounting website purposes.

    Agriculture: For agriculture and crop related and nature related websites.

    Business: For any type of business or corporate website.

    Beauty Spa: For any type of spa or salon kind of website.

    Charity: For any charitable organization or NGO or non profit website use.

    Medical: Multi-concept WordPress theme allows for any medical, hospital or clinic or doctor type of website.

    Photography: Facilitates for any type of photography like wild life, personal or photo studio or portfolio type of website.

    Other templates included are: Pizza, Golf Club, Event, Cleaning, Food, Fitness, Interior, Mechanic, Herbal, Logistics, Nature, Broker, Christmas

    So this is a truly multi-concept WordPress theme which can bring wonders to a website designing or web development team or agency and they can use it forever for their client websites.

    Tea WordPress Themes for making a tea or coffee shop website

    These tea WordPress themes have amazing designs to leave a positive impression and get more conversion effortlessly.

    Every business needs to be online in today’s scenario because everyone is online all the time and it helps to reach out to the targeted customers and clients easily.

    You can do marketing, promotion, and advertisement so that your brand visibility increases and your campaigns become successful.

    Offline marketing is no more effective and the conversion is too low for any further investment. If you are an owner of a tea shop, factory or company, or even café, you need to have an online presence. Nothing is better than WordPress for that purpose because there are multiple tea WordPress themes tailor-made for your website.

    1. SKT Gardening
    gardening landscaping WordPress theme


    SKT Gardening is one of the best tea WordPress themes that are tailor-made for tea companies to display their products to get bulk orders from big restaurants and clients. It has some of the best sliders and gallery options. It is SEO friendly and comes with compatibility for all SEO plugins so that it appears on the first page of SERPs.

    All the necessary pages like about us, contact us, team members, portfolio, and others are present. It also has WooCommerce support for companies and restaurants to make a booking paying the initial amount. It is super easy to customize, and the animations on the different pages make it look extremely unique.

    2. Shopzee
    eCommerce WordPress theme


    This is an e-commerce website to sell your tea variants directly to people who can order them sitting at the comfort of their home or on the go. It is fast becoming one of the bestselling tea WordPress themes. If you have a tea company or brand, it is ideal for you, and you can take your sales figures to new levels that you never imagined.

    You can list tea products according to the category, prices and brands and anyone can pay directly through WooCommerce support, and you can deliver the products at home. The theme is clean, flat and user-friendly.

    3. Diet And Nutrition
    diet and nutrition WordPress theme


    This is one of the best tea WordPress themes, and it can be used for various purposes like blogging, listing different tea brands and products as well as a professional website for a tea company. It is mobile friendly, and it will help people to know more about your products and brands. There are several widgets and blog templates. The images are beautifully placed in the background of the different sections, and it is a very fast loading theme and SEO friendly to have more visibility.

    4. SKT Full Width Pro
    Full Wide WordPress theme


    It is one of those tea WordPress themes that are better suited for tea companies and brands. You can have full-width sliders as well as other creative sliders in the background. The menu style is awesome and likely to set your website apart from your competitors. You can add as many as 15 images and there are unlimited icons and fonts available for the inner pages to look equally great.

    5. Restro
    restaurant WordPress theme


    If you have a restaurant or a café where tea is your specialty, you can have a dedicated website based on your tea items, and you can have inner pages for other menu items. It is one of the best tea WordPress themes that come with all the necessities and functionalities. It is device friendly, and people can access your website on the go.

    The gallery area is beautifully designed, and there are awesome fonts and shortcodes available to make the website look like million bucks. There are dedicated designing components to list your prices and menu lists on the homepage.

    6. Nature One Pro


    This is a grand theme for showing your tea business to the online world. You can get more orders and clients automatically. As a matter of fact, you can use the theme as a blog to enrich the knowledge of people about tea, its variants, and usages. The transitions are super cool in the slider, and the color combination of the theme is striking and makes the website noticeable quickly. There are some creative icons and shortcodes available to add more features.

    7. SKT Food
    food WordPress theme


    It is a great theme to showcase your tea and coffee café and get orders and attract local and global customers easily. The layouts and overall design are stunning, and it would increase brand value. It is responsive, and you can make some blogs about recipes to attract more customers to your website. The color combination, fonts, and designing components are all editable. It is clean, flat and has all the necessary ingredients to make your website stand out.

    8. Clean Pro
    clean WordPress theme


    This is a multipurpose theme, and it can be used for tea and coffee café, tea company and product showcasing as well as an e-commerce site for selling branded tea products. It is clean, modern, flat, and loads faster than most of the themes. It is user-friendly and has advanced menu options. It is also SEO friendly and has support for all social media plugins. There are a separate blog section and options for easy customization.

    9. We Bake
    bakery WordPress theme


    This is one of the awesome tea WordPress themes to showcase your café cum restaurants dedicated for tea items. You can also use the theme as an e-commerce website to sell your tea products easily. There are some awesome sections on the homepage to list different products and menu items according to criteria. There is social media integration for reaching out to the students and teenagers who are likely to be the potential customers.

    10. SKT Black Pro
    black and dark WordPress theme


    This is a premium looking WordPress theme, and it can make your tea brand premium as well. The black color is now used to list only high-end products and expensive items. The overall design and outlook are stunning and eye-catching. It has all the ingredients in terms of fonts, icons, shortcodes, plugins and advanced customizer for better and designing your website the way you want.

    The above ones are the best tea WordPress themes you can get, and your business website will get you more leads and conversions once you build your website with these feature-rich professional themes.

    Shoes and footwear WordPress themes for a footwear shop or brand site

    There are some awesome premium shoes and footwear WordPress themes available to design the required websites.

    With the advancement of technology and increase in digitization, no matter what your business is, you have to have a website online. Having a website serves two purposes – it helps your targeted audiences to discover your company or brand easily, and you can also reach out to them through search engines and digital promotion.

    If you are an owner of a footwear shop, company or brand, you need to get a WordPress website instantly. It will also help you to increase your brand value and trust factor.

    The following is the hand-picked list of shoes and footwear WordPress themes with which you should construction you site.

    1. Shopzee
    eCommerce WordPress theme


    When it comes to shoes and footwear WordPress themes, Shopzee is the first preference because it is an e-commerce site and is best to show products. Users can directly buy shoes and foot wears through the site as it has payment gateway through WooCommerce. The portfolio section, the slider, and the galleries are stunning to showcase the products beautifully.

    You can list products on the homepage in different sections according to the categories. It also comes with five level drop down menu to list all categories wonderfully. It is also mobile friendly and local users can discover your website and brand over others due to its rich SEO property.

    2. Kraft
    premium WordPress theme


    It is a multipurpose theme, and it is one of the best shoes and footwear WordPress themes because of its style, design, and functionalities. It can be designed in different ways as it allows several layouts. There are various page templates for inner pages. The designing components are completely flat, and your website will load faster. There are some beautiful animations and advanced shortcodes. It has a blog section, WooCommerce support, awesome contact us page and FAQ section.

    3. SKT Perfect
    perfect commercial WordPress theme


    It is an ideal WordPress theme, and it is most suitable for showing products and items for sale. The color combination, images of the sections, inner pages and fonts are all changeable. All the necessary pages are already there, and all you have to do is to replace the sample text and insert the images and get started. You can embed videos with advanced shortcodes at any place on the website. It is best for designing commercial shoes and footwear WordPress themes based website.

    4. SKT Start-Up Pro
    startup WordPress theme


    Even though you do not fall into the categories of start-up companies, but the theme is designed to show your products and services irrespective of your business. The theme is premium and looks valuable. It will increase your brand value and create a trust for your products. You can have testimonial section, a separate section for recommendations, use the widgets to show featured products and show offers and discounts using sliders and shortcodes.

    5. Strong Pro
    crossfit WordPress theme


    This is a theme to show products related to sports and fitness and such shoes and footwear can be listed effortlessly. Additionally, you can add more sections on the homepage and more inner pages to showcase different types of shoes and allow users to purchase them directly and make advance payment. You can integrate a forum to answer to different queries and engage the users to turn them into long-term customers.

    6. SKT Black Pro
    black and dark WordPress theme


    More and more websites are having black background these days because it makes a company look more valuable in the eyes of the customers and buyers. If you have a brand, you should definitely go for it and show your best products beautifully. There are some great sliders and galleries options. It has HD display and color change options. Several shortcodes are provided for adding more components and spices to the design. There are different layouts available as well as page templates for greater variety, and it gets qualified as one of the best shoes and footwear WordPress themes.

    7. Luxury Watch


    Even though the name of the theme distracts you, it is one of the most versatile WordPress themes to sell brand items. The color combination is great, and everything gets highlighted easily. It has parallel effect for the background, and you can change font, color, and editing every component with the customizer. Stock images can come handy while the widget, header and footer variations are good for further resurrection. It has pre-installed cache, SEO and SMO plugins to provide the best experience possible.

    8. Furniture Pro


    This is another theme whose name can be a distraction. It is another tailor-made shoe and footwear WordPress themes with bright color combination, variations in traditional header and footer. Default pages are included with simple text, and it is fully documented for proper editing of advanced features. You can show your products wonderfully in different categories, and people can access it from your smartphone and make a purchase.

    9. Flat Pro
    flat WordPress theme


    This is a multipurpose WordPress themes and it is going to be great as shoes and footwear WordPress themes. It is fully responsive, has options to change color and fonts, and comes with awesome portfolio and gallery sections. It is compatible with all types of plugins and hence, you can enhance the functionalities as and when required. There is a lot of variety in the theme which is why it is one of the bestselling themes for stores.

    10. Picart
    portfolio WordPress theme


    It is one of the e-commerce themes and tailor made to be one of the best shoes and footwear WordPress themes. The layout is elegant and unique which is why the brand or company is likely to gain more buyers instantly. The design is very addictive, and the user experience is going to be supreme. It has WooCommerce integration, pricing tables and the best galleries to show the products. It also appears equally wonderful on handheld devices. Furthermore, it is SEO friendly and has pre-installed social media plugins.

    All the above shoes and footwear WordPress themes will bring you more buyers like never before and take your business to a new height as far as sales figures and revenue are concerned. If you can start online purchase and delivery service, you can change the whole dimension of your business in a very short time.

    Singer WordPress Themes for musicians, bands, studio, manager sites

    Today we are going to share some of the top rated singer WordPress themes processed for the musical world and its representatives, singers, musical bands, record studios, musicians, musical managers, musical shops, etc.

    Creating your individual or brand equity through your website can be the best and the most secure undertaking to ensure your presence online and giving it a value it deserves. Your website is the only place you can share all your works, songs, concerts and have an online repository without “winning” the label of too commercial business violating someone’s rights.

    Whether you are a professional composer or musician, private artist or singer, music promoter or music school owner, running a website based on one of the singer WordPress themes included here will be the most rational decision.

    With any of those templates you will get an instant access to brilliant elements and features to make your presence more effectual.

    Stay in the forefront of your fans and followers, potential partners and associates while spending too little money for that.

    In addition to the simple and smoothly flexible platform, you will be granted with, with those singer WordPress themes you will be able to exercise new kinds of income models, including SEO and SMO related activities.

    1. Musical Sounds:


    Musical Sounds is a must have product that is dedicated to the musical world. Stable and durable, yet elegant and inviting, this template will make your personal or brand presence stand out from the crowds with a unique enchantment. Music player is added to the default template for you to control its look and functionality and add your songs and other audio materials. Font integration within the theme gives you a fantastic resource of laying down the best typography with the right color application. As for the overall colors of the theme, you are free to exercise the given color picker and add your own and preferred touches to the existing ones. Homepage slider for high resolution displays can be managed accordingly with animation, timing and more. Shortcodes based and HTML5 & CSS3 coded, Musical Sounds is also ineffably responsive and cross mobile compliant.

    2. Disco Dancer:


    The next enthusiastic and ambitious, lively and enthralling pattern one can unfold in our collection of singer WordPress themes is named Disco Dancer. As you can guess from the name of the template, it is suitable both for musical and dance related websites and blogs, private singers and musical bands, disco and music halls, dance studios, choreographers and others. Show off the profiles of your talented group or studio members, enlist their qualities and achievements, showcase your services, classes and offers through the given framework and suggested theme sections. Built with responsive and mobile fit design, Disco Dancer flaunts highly customizable layout with handy toolbox to contribute to the website admin’s work from the theme backend. It also supports high resolution and high quality displays for better look, as well as includes PO file to make your content translation ready.

    3. SKT Tube:


    Hundreds of singers and music world delegates have already chosen to switch to SKT Tube for a wide array of reasons. Hence, we have chosen this steady and firm template to narrow down your selection when it comes to choosing the best platform for your singer or music website. Showcase your talent and unique songs, romances and concert performances, audio albums and video clips in a nicely arrayed fashion, display the best in your collection via the video slider hanging on the homepage. In case you want something other than the preenabled slider, you are enabled to add other compatible plugins like master slider, cyclone slider, accordion and more.

    4. Melody:


    Melody is another valuable solution having its place in our collection of singer WordPress themes. It’s a top notch artist, singer, musician and band website building ecosystem that is bewitchingly creative and spectacular. This inexplicably fast and smooth template is addicted to pixel perfect and responsive performance to match the needs of your web viewers on the move. With Melody you will get rid of mind blowing coding processes and controls and will be provided with easy to use pieces of shortcodes to easily practice whenever needed. Team members section can be perfectly utilized for sharing information about your band and its members. Photo and video galleries are foreseen to encompass your images, audio and video materials, songs, records, concerts and much more.

    5. Adventure:


    Adventure is a multipurpose and feature packed adventurous and interactive template with a special dedication to music. It’s a dynamic approach to establishing a highly popular and frequently visited website of musical direction or nature, as well as for adventure, sports, hiking and other relevant websites. It’s a modernly dressed and stylized template which can have more than one face or outfit. It’s up to you to play with its appearance, colors, typography and icons. Inner page banner is adaptive enough for you to showcase slider, images, banner ads or something else. If you want to guarantee your digital performance against any kind of hacks or external interventions, you can add security plugins, since they are all compatible with Adventure. All the essential touches of search engine optimization are also integrated within the theme.

    6. SKT Black Pro:
    black and dark WordPress theme


    The last comprehensive template among singer WordPress themes with full integration of practical elements and features is SKT Black Pro. Discover the true value of this mighty template through its customization selections and alternatives. Extend your website with posts, images, homepage slides, contact details and other valuable information your website viewers might look for. More than 100 shortcodes come ready with SKT Black Pro to give rise to post and pages, as well as custom post types. All in all, this visually cutting edge and intelligent theme is about balance, precision, elegance and advanced technology at one place. While integrated with slider controls, standard pages and CSS3 animation touches, SKT Black Pro is also cross mobile and device compatible with its SEO coding.

    Booking WordPress Themes for booking and ordering websites


    Here are some of the booking WordPress themes for relevant websites to get your efforts going in a race of attracting more online clients and customers.

    From the optimization of your financial means and time, website potential and customer care to easier and comfortable booking procedures, the philosophy of online booking and reservation includes an infinite number of advantages for every modern and challenge ready – website. It is one of the new trends actively put into operation across different industries, including hospitality and tourism, medical and doctor, service provision and consultation, online training’s and much more.

    Whether you running a rental business, hotel or tourism – related agency, providing your present and future clients with a state of the art online reservation and booking opportunity can be the most valuable investment you will ever make. The absolute wealth of integrating online booking system into your profile has grown up dramatically and now turns to be a decisive factor in business – client relations. People are inclined to arrange everything beforehand and spend as less time and efforts as possible. Therefore, justifying the client expectation via the reliable booking system can be the best tool for collaboration with them.

    Since the diversity and abundance of booking WordPress themes may put any of you in a bewildering spot, in this article we have collected the best of them tried and tested with hundreds of users across the globe. Let’s have a look at each of them one after another.

    Bed and Breakfast:
    bed and breakfast WordPress theme


    accomodation WordPress theme


    Stay Here:
    hotel WordPress theme


    Elegant and classy, fabulous and awe – inspiring, Stay Here strikes the client’s eye with its well – dressed layout and convenient content zones to save maximum time on the content search. Powered by the most durable coding and functionally advanced performance, this template will fully implement the ideal process of online bookings and reservations you want your clients and customers to experience. Hotel and travel, bread and breakfast, restaurant and other relevant businesses can highly benefit from this awesome platform and increase the flow of clients into their business through quick and easy booking forms. The theme’s arsenal also includes color changing and other customization options, readily responsiveness and cross mobile compatibility. It means that your potential clients can review your offers and make reservations even while on the go.

    Hotel Booking


    SKT Medical Pro

    medical WordPress theme


    SKT Beach:


    Design to exude interactivity and energy, SKT Beach is the next preferable website creation solutions among booking WordPress themes. No third party involvement into the relations between you and your clients is the most preferable working style where both sides are satisfied and successful. Hence, you are free to professionally serve your content, showcase your hotel or apartment, its rooms and facilities, surroundings, location and enable your web visitors to make reservations without additional complex procedures or driving outside. This top –quality, yet cost – effective template renders wonderfully easy to understand, customize and control framework to showcase your business with pride and outshine your competition. Multipurpose and multidimensional, SKT Beach is custom – built to cover a wide variety of topics, as well as is extensible in nature and can perfectly function with additional plugins.

    The Trip:
    travel WordPress theme


    Every effort has been made by the developers and designers to make The Trip a piece of art, which will be worth your admiration. This website toolkit has the potential of bringing more appointments and reservation than the old – dated ways forcing people to leave their comfortable homes and visiting you in order to record their reservations in your reservation lists and books. Ready to keep the whole process as simple and easy to follow as imaginable, The Trip comes with power – packed character to flaunt your business style or personal identity. The best traits of that character are responsiveness and mobile – friendliness, Customizer – based performance, plugin compatibility and WooCommerce readiness.

    SKT Perfect:
    perfect commercial WordPress theme


    Breathtakingly perfect in all its appearances, SKT Perfect is one of the most reliable booking WordPress themes in the current market of WordPress templates. Purchase this template at a one – time affordable price and simplify the process of getting in touch with your and reserving your services. Simple and precise booking form present in your website is what the majority of clients and customers are looking for. Apart from that it can be the key to better and more tangible results as matching the client’s needs is what mostly sets the winner apart from the average service provider. From small hostels and tour agencies to luxury resorts and beaches, and everything in between, any single booking – related website will shine with SKT Perfect.

    Complete Pro:
    complete WordPress theme


    Complete Pro is the point where your business or personal needs will meet your opportunities. Bewitchingly classy and integrative, all – inclusive and comprehensive, this premium – quality website building tool will enable you to accept quick bookings and keep everything organized with pretty little tension. Let your web visitors and clients arrange and schedule their appointments with you quickly and effortlessly with this template. It is willingly balanced between totally resilient character and simplicity in usage. Based on full – grown and durable framework, Complete Pro is ready to provide every single website admin with valuable controls and customization options to make the most out of his or her booking – armed website.

    Furniture Pro:


    From availability checking and online bookings to pixel – perfect visualization, Furniture Pro knows the way. It is a sophisticated and truly versatile template among booking WordPress themes to consider for your existing or future website. Safe and sound, clearly – coded and responsive, Furniture Pro comes bundled with intuitive interface and admin – optimized dashboard for anyone to take a total surveillance over his or her profile and greet website visitors with informative content, high – resolution images and convenient online booking platform. Since prosperous business often comes down to well-arranged and well – coordinated performance and ultimate customer care, the online booking system existing in your profile can highly contribute to the above – stated essence to acquire and keep for a long time.

    HTML5 Based WordPress Themes for Websites


    Actually all of the coded themes of SKT Themes are based on HTML5 since from the start we have implemented HTML5 standards and our HTML5 based WordPress themes have facility of animations based on HTML5, gradients as per HTML5 and fancy parallax scrolling and others which are available only in HTML5 and not in other older versions.

    Todays technological websites rely heavily on HTML5 and it has replaced and outpaced several other techniques and usage of old programming like flash and has risen to the top to be used as the most preferred tool and way to develop modern websites which work across devices and platforms.

    Many things that happen in the front end nowadays seem fancy and useful and no one knows about the programming used in the backend. With the non use of flash in our websites it became evident that some other technology will find its way which is easier and cross browser compatible for users to have things fancy again on their websites and web apps and thus HTML5 was born.

    Many programmers nowadays hence keep on using these new methods and techniques to get better output in terms of visual interface and yet in the backend keeping things just like old days so that there is no surprises for backend and yet user gets something modern and unique and fancier in the front end.

    Many of them are based on HTML5, which is the newest hyper text markup language. This is another important point, as at present all the major and popular browsers provide HTML5 support, subsequently, this HTML new technology in the most productive way.

    Keep reading this article and you’ll find a bunch of HTML5 based WordPress themes, which for sure can be a supportive foundation for your website of any kind, description and purpose.

    1. Clean Pro


    We start with Clean Pro, which is a responsive, multipurpose, interactive and modern-designed HTML5 WordPress theme. Clean Pro can be a right selection for displaying any kind of content, and the dominant white space of the theme will keep the visitor’s attention on the target content and images. The theme comes with diverse elements and sections on the homepage, replaceable and changeable slider with 12 animation effects, widgetized sidebars, header and footer areas, manifold shortcodes availability and compatibility with popular devices and plugins.
    Some of its feature includes:

    • Full color changing theme using color pickers
    • Full widget friendly theme with header, footer and sidebars widgetized
    • Layouts for pages as well as blog available
    • Slider is replaceable as well as changeable


    2. Movers and Packers


    The second one in our list is Movers and Packers. This Google mobile friendly and cross device and browser compatible WordPress theme, just like the abovementioned one, suggests ready slider with 12 animation effects and pause time and other available features, widgetized sidebar, header with social media icons, footer, customizable background image and overall easy to use theme sections and options. This SEO and SMO friendly theme supports functionality with diverse popular plugins. And, of course, one of the advantages of the theme is its HTML5 and CSS3 compatibility.
    Some of its feature includes:

    • Integrated with Icons Pack of more than 580 icons
    • Integrated with 650+ Google fonts for typography options
    • Compatible with Nextgen gallery for portfolio and galleries
    • Default slider can be changed to whatever you want


    3. Design Agency Pro


    Another HTML 5 and CSS3 based WordPress theme, particularly suitable for any kind of business or corporate presentation, any type of agency, etc. This responsive and all-inclusive theme with ist full package of elements and features is very easy in usage, and each user is able to customize and edit its website based on this theme with very little efforts. Design Agency Pro supports up to 5 levels dropdown navigation, widgetized sidebar, header and footer, easily customizable slider, social media icons, standard pages and background, text, colour and image change availability and many other options. The theme is checked with qTranslate X, WooCommerce, Contact form 7 and WordPress latest version.
    Some of its feature includes:

    • Widgetized sidebars and footer as well as header
    • 650+ Google fonts integrated
    • Background, text, colors and images can be easily changed
    • Blog area with changeable layouts


    4. Kraft


    The next amongst the HTML5 based WordPress themes proposed by us, is Kraft. Thanks to its HTML coding, it’s very easy to integrate certain elements, like graphical content to your website without using additional plugins. This beautifully designed multipurpose theme includes default slider with possible 12 animation effects, complete documentation availability, 100+shortcodes and 600+ Google fonts, blog to be filled with relevant topics, articles and information, social media integration, color picker for changing the colors, image, background and text and conforms to WordPress latest version standards.
    Some of its feature includes:

    • This theme is Google mobile friendly
    • Comes with complete documentation
    • Integrated with 500+ font awesome icons
    • Social media integration


    5. Naturo


    Naturo is clean and minimal responsive theme based on HTML5 coding. This simple and convenient theme can be used to cover any kind of topics, as its simplicity in usage and appearance in this case work for the benefit of best website presentation with all the required information therein. Naturo comes with different useful sections on the homepage, including about us, portfolio, our team, large screen slider on the homepage, footer area with contact information and goes well with SEO, SMO and WordPress latest version norms.
    Some of its feature includes:

    • Comes with 100+ shortcodes
    • Clean minimal WordPress theme has 600+ google fonts
    • Is SEO and SMO friendly
    • Comes with an about us section


    6. Blendit


    Blendit is graphically and functionally powerful HTML5 based WordPress theme, especially preferable for one-page theme enthusiasts. They can make the most of its theme and create and develop a successful and popular website of any nature. Blendit includes beautiful and effective slider on the top with diverse settings and options, 6+ page templates available, manifold shortcodes and 600+ Google fonts, available gallery, team, services sections and functionality with WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, SEO plugins and other popular WordPress plugins.
    Some of its feature includes:

    • Theme integrated with Font awesome icons of more than 360+
    • 600+ google fonts to choose from
    • Social media integration
    • Blog area for promotions, press releases, and news


    7. SKT White Pro.


    Let’s go on with SKT White Pro – one of the most popular, preferred and beloved HTML5 based WordPress themes. This responsive theme is a mixture of elegant and eye-catching interface and great functional possibilities, which cooperating together, provide great user and visitor experience.
    The theme is presented with parallax slider with the availability of adding up to 10 slides, easy to edit menu and sections, lots of shortcodes available, standard pages, provides faster support using support forum and compatibility with WooCommerce, Contact Form 7 and the latest version of WordPress.
    Some of its feature includes:

    • Menu management is very easy
    • Slider images upto 10
    • Filterable gallery set up
    • More page templates


    8. Shudh


    Another minimalistic and easy to use one of the HTML5 based WordPress themes is Shudh. It’s another reliable framework, ready to serve you with all its possible features and options. Different sections and areas on the homepage, like portfolio, blog, our services and other can in the most relevant way display the required information and details. Shudh comes with totally controllable slider integration, 600+ Google fonts integration, 100+ shortcodes and is optimized for functioning well with many popular plugins.
    Some of its feature includes:

    • Portfolio section to add and showcase your work
    • Minimal WordPress theme comes with around 100+ shortcodes
    • Contact us section with google map as well for location
    • Compatible with latest version of WordPress


    9. Toothy


    The last and not the least of the HTML5 based WordPress themes presented by us, is Toothy. As the name itself suggests, this responsive and professional looking theme can be used to create any dentist or tooth-related websites, covering any kind of relevant topics. Gallery section of the theme can display the photos of doctors, already performed works, different novelties and many more. Fully widgetized sidebar, header and footer areas, available 100+ shortcodes, 580+ icons and 600+ Google fonts are integrated within the theme. All the elements of the theme, text, image, color, background among them, can be easily and accordingly changed. Toothy is also praised for its compatibility with major popular WordPress plugins.
    Some of its feature includes:

    • Cross browser compatible and tested
    • Color changing theme using color picker
    • All elements like text, images, color, background etc can be changed
    • Fully Widgetized theme with sidebar, header and footer widget friendly


    Top 10 Healthcare WordPress Themes for medical care websites


    So, let’s get started with the list of healthcare WordPress themes

    In this age of technology, a major portion of the business is operating in the virtual world. And this also include the medical and healthcare industry. A lot of healthcare businesses are largely relying on their websites to operate their business daily and serve the community better. Patient records, doctor appointments and clinical forms are a few items that are managed efficiently using a website.

    Keeping in mind the utmost need of having a website to operate healthcare business, we have compiled a list of top 10 healthcare WordPress themes from our website. We hope that this compilation will help you choose the best possible theme for your business and get the most out of it.

    1. Bony


    This incredible and one of the healthcare WordPress themes will offer responsiveness and an eye catching design. The color scheme based on blue and white colors ensures that the visitors get a soothing and calm experience. However, you are free to choose the color combination as per your needs and requirements with this color changing theme.
    The interesting design of this theme comes with a lot of plug-ins and over 100+ content short codes which you can use to span the content as you like across the whole website. Moreover, Bony offers full time compatibility with q Translate X plug-in so that you can make your website multilingual.
    Other features include:

    • Contact form 7 compatibility
    • Compatibility with WooCommerce
    • 8 + page templates
    • Integration with Google Fonts of 600+ fonts
    • Integration with Icon packs with 580+ icons
    • Call to action like clinic timings and forms and phone numbers as well as address

    In a nutshell, this template is one of the healthcare WordPress themes that adheres to all the medical requirements.

    2. Kraft


    This is one of those multipurpose healthcare WordPress themes which can easily suffice for all the needs and requirements of a healthcare platform. Being responsive and packed with multiple features, it offers you loads of functionalities.
    The animated columns allow you to easily handle the content as well as look good when someone scrolls through the content. There is a default slider that comes with 12 animation effects. Moreover, you will have the ability to:

    • change the color of the theme using the color picker option
    • switch between over 650 Google fonts
    • Compatibility with various Ecommerce, Contact Forms and SEO plugins
    • Compatibility with various gallery plugins
    • All call to actions included

    All these features make it a superb choice in terms of design.
    Apart from the design, this healthcare WP theme has got a contact form, social media integration and 580+ Icons pack. In a nutshell, it has got everything you can ask for in a medical website

    3. Healing Touch
    medicine WordPress theme


    Healing Touch is one of those healthcare WordPress themes which have passed the Google mobile friendly test. Moreover, being extremely responsive it offers speed surfing with faster loading and a great user experience. So, if you are looking for a fast theme that has passed most of the speed tests, then this is the choice for you.
    Apart from great user experience, this theme is compatible with:

    • NextGen Gallery compatibility
    • Contact Form 7 and SEO plugins compatibility
    • WooCommerce compatibility
    • Color changing theme
    • Font awesome icons pack and Google fonts integration

    This theme provides you with the ease of setting up the content in an easy manner. You should definitely check out this awesome package for great design, user friendly functionality and great speed.

    4. Toothy
    dentist WordPress theme