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WP Bakery page builder WordPress themes is fast turning out to be popular

WP Bakery page builder WordPress

WP Bakery page builder tries to do the impossible and manages it with aplomb and style; the page builder is one of the few that enables users to build any type of layout for any theme. Simply put, while there are a lot of WP Bakery page builder WordPress themes, you no longer have to go hunting for a specific page builder since you prefer to use a specific theme for your website. Just pick out the theme that you think would be a good fit for your website, and once you have gotten the theme selected, you can then use WP Bakery page builder to build up your website from scratch, just the way you want it. And since this page builder works with all WordPress themes out there, you should be able to use the same on any one of the top 10 WP Bakery page builder WordPress themes.

1. Sportsman Pro


2. Elastic Pro


3. SKT Cafe Pro


4. SKT Stone:
Stone WordPress Theme


SKT Stone, with its unique multi-lingual theme, this is just what every needs– a visually appealing site that’s retina ready and just perfect to launch your products and services. The overall design is appealing and yet professional and what’s more, it already comes loaded with the home page and page specific templates as well. Moreover, this theme has been tested with several browsers and is also compatible with several plugins.

5. Beer and Pub Theme:
Beer Pub WordPress Theme


This theme comes with a beer and pub design, one that has been inspired by images of pubs serving beer. The design is aesthetically perfect and you also get four layout options for header as well as footer and customizable home page templates that you can use. And moreover with WP Bakery plugin, you should be able to build up your website seamlessly. This WP theme comes with a ultra-responsive design, as well as interactive sliders, full width layouts and much more. The fact that it comes with pre-built home page layouts means that you can start using this theme for your website, as it is and do not have to tinker with it for a while.

6. Yacht and Cruise:
yacht cruise WordPress theme


If you cater to the luxury segment, then you would definitely want to check this site out. The one issue that most business owners have with their website is the fact that most of the pages do not mesh together or there is an issue with the overall design itself. That’s why you need to check out Yacht and Cruise, for it comes equipped with just about everything that you are looking for – from ecommerce templates, to inventory templates that you can start using for your website. We would suggest a demo first, and then you can take the call on whether you want to go ahead with Yacht and Cruise or not.

7. Toy Store Theme:
Toy Store WordPress Theme


The toy store is a multi-purpose website which you can use for either business or customize it for personal use, but if you own a chain of toy store or even run just one, then this theme would be perfect for you. It comes with a nifty design that trends towards minimalistic look, with little clutter which makes it all the more effective for marketing your products and services. It also comes with translation ready templates as well as all the sliders and widgets that you would ever need and with WP Page builder, you should be able to integrate all the pages drag and drop content seamlessly, without a hitch.

8. Holy Church:


If you are running a mid-size organization or a large one, then you would definitely want to check out Holy Church. Holy Church comes loaded with WP Bakery page plugin that makes adding content seem so easy. It also comes with Smart slider and various tools that you can utilize to add more interactive content to the website. And what makes Holy Church all the more attractive is that everything here is customizable, and that means you even get to pick out the font.

9. Bed and Breakfast Theme:
bed and breakfast WordPress theme


Bed and Breakfast, which incidentally sounds interesting, is perfect for those who operate lodging houses, eateries, restaurants and even pubs. So naturally, it manages to enmesh the personal with ecommerce and the result is Bed and Breakfast. This theme naturally comes with a full set of ecommerce templates that you can use to host specific products and services on your site along with requite menu and full site layout customizable options. It comes with several pre-built content that you can use to develop your website further.

10. Accommodation:
accomodation WordPress theme


With Accommodation, you get site wide layout options, along with customizable templates, the usual widgets and tools that you can use to highlight your page elements. It comes with 800+ Google fonts as well as CTAs on every page. This WP Bakery page builder WordPress theme is perfect for most business verticals and comes with woo commerce compatibility as well.

11. Dating:
dating WordPress theme


If you run a dating website, then you would definitely need to utilize Dating theme on your website. Dating comes with several templates that you can use to highlight your website, with a customizable search function that users can use to search for the ‘right match’. Moreover with WP Bakery page builder plugin you should be able to drag and drop the content you need, customize and tweak your theme to your heart’s content and then deploy the same on your site.

12. Soccer Theme:
soccer WordPress theme


Soccer is a sports oriented ecommerce theme that comes with customizable site and home page layout along with boxed options for the home page. This site is perfect for small businesses and new ones as well. The WP Bakery page builder WordPress theme comes with Woo Commerce plugin and all the essential tools and features that you would require for an ecommerce site.

13. Black and White Theme:
black and white WordPress theme


Black and White is often preferred by those who are looking up to set up a personal blog or website. What make Black and White stand out are its minimalistic design and the fact that its templates and pages can easily be customized with WP Bakery page builder. With multiple header layouts, portfolio templates, and much more, it is often easy to see why Black and White is often the preferred theme by most users.

Digital Signage WordPress Themes for LED LCD e Paper wall display screen showcases

Digital Signage WordPress Themes

The best digital signage WordPress themes put together in this article will take the sweat out of creating and designing wonderful websites for digital signage and electronics, LCD and LED, e paper, wall controller and other applications, their sale and display, management and more.

Whether you are going to have the online version of digital signage showcasing any important information, bank queue or menu items, currency exchange rates or something more, or offer digital signage player and display applications and equipment to be viewed, compared and purchased via the website, these digital signage WordPress themes will grant you with the best web management and customization tools to do that.

Digital signage solutions are already used in different industries and for the presentation of different businesses. Well this fact is not surprising at all since using a screen for showcasing this or that content or information is a productive way to provide the clients with useful details catering to this or that niche specific business, organization, event or undertaking. Thus, from museums to libraries, cafes and restaurants to public departments and banks, stadiums and undergrounds, transportation systems and much more make the most of this digital signage technology.

Now, if you need to take the same technology online and work on it to present even more attractive and attention grabbing screens with high quality content, run a dynamic blog sharing the latest achievements in electronic world, craft an online storefront for selling different digital and physical goods and products, you are welcome to do it by the application of any of the digital signage WordPress themes discussed below.

With these website builders, you don’t need to understand all the minute details that go into the styling and coding of them. User and admin friendly, these digital signage WordPress themes are fairly easy to use and follow, edit and customize while granting you with intuitive admin dashboard, basic concepts and the simplest practices with full documentation.

1. SKT Tube:
video WordPress theme


Designing digital banners and adding relevant content to them, and finally, showcasing them online can be perfectly organized with one of the video based digital signage WordPress themes called SKT Tube.
Fully responsive and multimedia friendly, SKT Tube is custom built to offer pixel perfect, proportionally relevant and legible content across multiple devices and platforms which means you won’t miss a single website visitor coming from desktop or mobile internet traffic.

A powerful video slider is hanging at the top of the homepage and offering you 32 variations to choose from. Other sliders can also be added to SKT Tube and practiced for the stunning visual result.

2. CoWorking:


CoWorking is a lovely and beautiful, yet professionally built and well worked out digital space to satisfy any kind of business needs. From offering coworking spaces and cooperation possibilities to managing digital signage and electronics website, selling products online or providing repair services, CoWorking is well practiced in supporting them all.

Practically, CoWorking is an offshoot of advantages ranging from ready made website building environment with demo content to thoroughly customization ready nature to bring the most creative ideas into life with colors and fonts choices, image addition on the homepage slider, management of content sections and widget zones, etc. You can achieve even more if using the power of preloaded shortcodes and compatible plugins working just fantastic with CoWorking.

3. IT Solution:
It Solution WordPress Theme


IT Solution is the next technology based digital solution for any kind of digital signage focused websites and is ready made to deliver rich and user focused content with modern graphical solutions and animation touches.

If you are comfortable using computer and mouse, you will be capable of tweaking the theme’s core and discovering all the essential features of it to help you customize and configure your website the way needed. No coding knowledge or intimidating tasks, everything is kept surprisingly simple and understandable with complete documentation and easy to use shortcodes, live customizer and more.

4. SKT Hosting:
hosting WordPress theme


Thousands of ways and wonders are included in SKT Hosting that wins the title of one of the top and best digital company and digital signage WordPress themes as for present.

With dozens of pre enabled feature and controls, easy to manage admin sections and easy to configure parts, SKT Hosting knows how to attract website visitors and keep them engaged.

Everything has been well calculated and implemented to give your site a winning status in search engine rankings as well as the theme itself is amazingly search engine optimized. You can even contribute to this SEO friendly nature with additional plugins and add ons ready to enhance the general performance of the site.

5. Solar Energy:
Solar Energy


Solar Energy has adopted a multifaceted approach to hosting websites and taking them to another level of visitor integration and client trust. It means that the multi purpose nature of the theme makes it possible to use the default template for as many different occasions and cases as your digital or e commerce or any other business may deal with at the moment.

The theme’s easy to manage and customize nature polishes off hundreds of practical ways to manage and showcase your digital signage website in the most effective fashion with e commerce capability, SEO and SMO integration, multilingual content, widgetized zones for the secondary content and much more.

SEO WordPress theme


On a surface level, SKT SEO is clean and practical accustomed to making any content easy to notice, review and follow for the website guests and visitors. But if we tackle the real nature of it, we’ll be astonished by the avalanche of the available tools and controls, management options and web promotion solutions. Moreover, this template does not expect from you to be a real web developer to succeed in controlling and customizing the theme. Full documentation and technical support available will do the hard work whenever needed.

Finally, the theme is as responsive and user optimized in terms of accurate presentation and speedy loading as it is social media, search engine and e commerce ready.

Organic Market WordPress Themes for natural fresh farm agro based eco friendly products

Organic Market WordPress Themes

Over the past years, the production and sale of natural, eco friendly and organic products have turned into a separate commercial sector, manifested in the developed countries as an important economic and political factor. And if you are somehow engaged in this sector or want to promote your organic market in the most modern fashion, you are going to love our assemblage of the best organic market WordPress themes. Eco friendly businesses and organic product manufacturing organizations, nature and herbal products, organic farming and agriculture, organic and natural food store, diet and nutrition, health care and healthy food selling, organic market representatives and organic food wholesaler and retailer businesses and not only can all find their best build up with the help of any of these organic market WordPress themes.

Many companies and businesses producing and selling food are quickly attracted to contemporary technics of organic food market because of its huge potential and price premiums when compared to the conventional food and drink. And while there are plenty of peculiarities and nuances to bear in mind when it comes to dealing with the organic market, they can all be well taken care of and satisfied in the virtual arena as well.

Our organic market WordPress themes have passed a long way leading to perfection and now are ideal samples of unique and niche specific website builders any organic market or industry representative will find relevant and worth trying.

Each of these templates has the potential of being the best driver for any kind of organic food and market centric initiatives and ventures online, which means you can set up your specific online marketing plan and be sure it can be completed with the help of one of these organic market WordPress themes.

Assuredly, they are also well prepared for online commercial practices and enable you to reach to the maximum number of customer without any geographical limitations.

1. Organic:


The best way to find yourself in an admin optimized working environment provided with first aid controls and full documentation to be highly productive is to get yourself one of the best organic market WordPress themes.

Organic is one of such well prepared, coded and documented web solutions you can rely on even if you don’t have technical knowledge or previous coding practice. There are easy to use shortcodes and easy to follow Admin Panel with live customizer performance which lets you do quick customizations with live updates and change preview.

Limitless colors and fonts, page and post controls, standard pages and image management options, page building compatibility and much more are waiting for you with Organic.

2. Natural Herbs:
Natural WordPress Theme


Natural Herbs is a WordPress powered fresh looking website template that is associated with precision and wonderful performance, plugin compatibility and responsive coding so that we can state that all the important website characteristics are brought together in this theme.

It’s currently demonstrating the fastest possible performance and maximum versatility when working with different shortcodes or supplementary plugins, page builders and visual composers, social media platforms and search engine robots. Hence, the most enviable digital results and consumer integration area guaranteed with Natural Herbs.

3. Perfect Agriculture:


Perfect Agriculture is another suitable template for organic market and organic agriculture centric websites and businesses online that always stays tuned to the fastest growing digital arena and its user’s expectations.
As such, it is thoroughly flexible with customization capacities granting you with endless opportunities to style your site from top to toe with colors, images, fonts, call to actions, high quality visual and textual content, page control and post scheduling, online commercial platform, etc.

4. Diet and Nutrition:
diet and nutrition WordPress theme


Diet and Nutrition is an outspoken and outstandingly beautiful green and white based website builder to be paired with a wide variety of websites and online presentations, from food and drink, diet and nutrition to farming and eco, NGO and non profit, food blogging and sale, etc.

The inner capabilities and preloaded features of Diet and Nutrition are enough for even the startup website admin to proceed with the customization of a pro quality website that is going to be visually beautiful and user centric in the way it offers navigation, speed, responsiveness and more.

But while there are tons of essential functions and elements at its core, there may still be something missing to make your website a winner. This is where diverse plugins come into play to fill that gap. Whether you need e commerce, translation, SEO or SMO, page building, visual composing, contact form or any other plugin, you are welcome to find and add it to Diet and Nutrition easily.

5. Nature One Pro:
Nature One


Nature One Pro is one of the green based and nature friendly healthy food and organic market WordPress themes you can choose to have as a foundation of any thematic website or blog.

Actually, from modern food bloggers and photographers to organic and grocery store owners, local markets and agriculture websites, anything can be ideally provided and shared with Nature One Pro that is centered on providing the simplest web creation and customization processes.

It means you can control the way your site is shown, styled, decorated and colored, what typography it celebrates, which content zones and menu items are available, which content is included in widget friendly zones, which images are there on the homepage slider and much more.

6. Flower Shop:
flower shop WordPress theme


Finally, we came to Flower Shop that is a mixture of modern look and dependable HTML 5 coding, together generating responsive and cross mobile compatible website area anyone can enjoy.

This multipurpose and ingenious website building platform ready to make any kind of food centric and e commerce based activities productive and moneymaking for the website owner, and fun and confortable for the food purchasers and organic food lovers.

The main reason behind Flower Shop’s success is also its compatibility with the needed shortcodes and plugins making it even easier for the webmaster to achieve the desired functional base and structural look, technical preparedness and SEO results.

Media WordPress themes for multimedia and media related websites

Let’s delve into the basic characteristics of media WordPress themes designed for online news and magazines, e – journals and periodicals, as well as social media platforms.

The kingdom of digital media is skyrocketing day by day and so does the urge of multi – service businesses in that platform. The digital platform is one of the most dynamically developing arenas for any kind of business or personal initiatives to monetize its performance and gain lots of profit.

The digital form of today’s magazines and newspapers shares tons of advantages when compared with the paper- based traditional forms. The first one is more cost – effective and will keep your “newsroom” aligned with the rapidly evolving online reality.

Since the merits of running an online news – portal are boundless, in this article we have compiled only the best of media WordPress themes for online publications and media streams in the forms of texts, audio and video files, images and more. With each of those templates you are lucky to have all the trump cards at your disposal to make your website as unique and attractive as you wish. In addition to the aesthetic part, all of them share a wonderfully simplified framework to rely on and manage it whenever needed.

1. SKT Tube:


SKT Tube is one of the entertaining and lively media WordPress themes for running any kind of video – based websites. With the obvious resemblance with the worldwide famous YouTube platform, this template is destined to success when applied and managed in the right way. Every condition has been ensured both for the future theme owner and the website end – user. From simple and flexible nature to rich toolbox with practical features, everything is included in SKT Tube. Video slider is pinned in the theme homepage and celebrates 32 variations to result in the best visualization of your target video materials. Moreover, you are capable of controlling pause time, animation and much more in relation to the slides. No fuss around deformed videos and other content in case your website is browsed with the help of law – powered devices. Responsive web design is successfully applied during the development of this theme.

2. Charm:
WordPress blog theme


Charm is the next influential and eye – catchy magazine and blog – style WordPress templates to convert your paper – based media into the digital one. Another option is to start everything from scratch and establish a highly populated and results – driven personal or corporate blog. The digital world is changing at a pace hard to keep with. However, this does not apply to Charm. This template has been coded with all the modern web standards and requirements in the author’s mind. It means that Charm delivers all the primary touches – from responsive and mobile – friendly design to admin – friendly dashboard and much more. These will make your website not only ready for today’s performance, but will make it totally future – scalable. Lots of shortcodes and Google fonts are given within the theme, as well as sidebar, page and blog layouts. Social icons are also loaded to make your content more social media friendly.

3. SKT NewsPaper Pro:
newspaper WordPress theme


The next results – driven sample having its special place in this collection of media WordPress themes is called SKT NewsPaper Pro. This template is going to be the cornerstone of your presence. With this theme you will not only build your informational or entertaining media website or portal, but will be able to build a mutually beneficial cooperation with your audience and partners. GPL- based and open source, SKT NewsPaper Pro comes with fully color changing options to showcase your content in brighter tunes. Other useful features are page layout variations at your fingertips to choose from or make your own one by the application of pre – enabled shortcodes easily.

4. Character:
personal WordPress theme


Character is unbeatable when it comes to taking your content and serving it to the target groups of audience across the globe. You don’t need to be an expert to understand the working mechanism of this template. It will be much easier to catch the glimpse of this elegant website than you think. Energetic and accurately managed, Character is optimized for the categorized or classified content dissemination. It means that the themes structure is processed to share different parts and content areas to neatly publish your content. PO translation file can be found in the theme, which means that your news website is always ready to be translated into any target language. As from the financial viewpoint, the purchase price of Character as one of the best media WordPress themes is pretty affordable for the majority of web owners.

5. SKT Magazine Pro:
magazine WordPress theme


SKT Magazine Pro is another magazine and journal, newsletter and news – centric website building solution. It is custom built to effortlessly tailor to the needs of every uncluttered and well – dressed online magazines and newspapers. From visually pleasing touches to advanced technological framework as a basis, SKT Magazine incorporates it all at one place. Easy to use and play with, this user and admin – friendly template knows all the ins and outs when it comes to providing you with the best working environment in the theme backend. All in all, you are the only one to manage various blocks of content, select the best layout from the given types, translate your content or add e – commerce functionality to your website.

6. SKT Perfect:
perfect commercial WordPress theme


Find awesome and unmatched features to control and use loaded with SKT Perfect. It is one of the smart and intelligent yet pretty simple and lightweight patterns one can find in the library of media WordPress themes. No matter what kind of content you are going to publish, SKT Perfect is durable and persistent enough to keep your website at the highest level of performance. Moreover, the said caters not only to the desktop version of your media site, but also to its mobile version for your magazine readers on the move. Ultimate font and color, plugin and SEO management are available with SKT Perfect as well.

Given the digital revolution that seems to be the mainstay of our times, it is but natural to expect every business to have an online presence. This applies more in the case of digital media; this is not to imply that traditional media are on the way out but if you are still running a press and printing papers for a living, then perhaps it is time that you opted to migrate to an online format. You may want to check out some of the multimedia WordPress themes and see what they are all about. Here’s why digital media is much better than traditional media –

  • Cost: The overall cost for printing a single day’s paper or magazine can run into several thousands, depending on the circulation and how many copies you plan to publish. However, with the digital format, all you need to do is to set the site up, optimize it for SEO, get some good content in along with requisite link juice and you should be set. As for the traffic, as long as your site features original content along with great media work to go with it, you should be good.
  • Time: The process to print regular magazines and papers, often involve hours of labor – from designing the layout to giving final approval, before it goes in to the press. Whereas with the digital media, everything is instant – you can develop your copy, run it through various edits and get it uploaded in a matter of seconds, that’s it.
  • Subscribers: With consumers preferring to read the latest magazine ‘on the go’ or on their various androids or other hand held devices, it makes more sense for them to opt for digital media. That’s why most of the online media houses have set up dedicated WordPress sites to cater to this segment. It is not that no one wants to read traditional papers but the number of people opting for the same is falling down each month. You are more likely to get more subscribers with a site that integrates one of our Multimedia WordPress themes.
  • Environment: By opting for digital media vs. traditional print media; you would actually be doing the environment a good turn. As more people opt for digital formats vs. traditional printing formats, there would no longer be a need to cut down more trees for paper. It is a step in the right direction and while no one is claiming that doing so would save the environment single handedly but the fact remains that migrating to a paperless environment at the earliest, would indeed do this world a lot of good.

These are some of the reasons as to why you may want to migrate to a digital format at the earliest; moreover WordPress comes with a lot of cool themes, tools and customization options that you can use to refine your website so that it looks just the way you wanted it to. After all, at the end of the day, you need more subscribers and you are likely to get more with a WordPress site than anything else.

Senior Care WordPress themes for senior home and elderly care websites

The best senior care WordPress themes can be found in this article for health and elderly care centers, rehabilitation centers, caregiving and other relevant service websites.

No one will ever contradict to the fact that there is a dignity in care for elderly people. It is one of the sensitive stages in the people’s lives full of challenges, emotional behavior, diseases and more. Therefore, taking into consideration of all the needs and desires of the senior generation is the sacred duty of every single deserving man.

However, there is also the dark side of the moon. Neither giving nor receiving senior care is easy. In today’s frantic world it is not always possible to combine work and elderly care, since the fulfillment of their needs and requirements take much time and efforts. And this is where professional services come into play to easy your workload.

In this article we have put together some of the top – rated senior care WordPress themes to run on the basis of any niche – specific website. All of them are inherently versatile and flexible, as well as know their staff perfectly. Moreover, you are not going to shell out your hard – sweated money in order to enjoy any of those senior care WordPress themes.

1.Caregiving :


2. Psychology:


3. Babysitter:


Babysitter is irreplaceable for baby and children, as well as senior care services websites. The clear and elegant visualization of this simple template is mixed with a robust layout to make all your intentions into reality. The customizable nature of the theme is more than satisfying for you to add your own preferences and controls to the theme. Color changing controls are at your leisure to add favorite color combinations, as well as more than 650 Google fonts to choose the best typography. The theme shares total responsiveness and knows the right way to respond to any mobile or device screen. Dominated by white space dotted with subtle shades of blue, this template generates homepage controllable slider for your photos and images, standard pages, among them 404, search and more,

4. Spirited Pro:
corporate WordPress theme


The next reliable and user – friendly template included in the repository of senior care WordPress themes comes launched as Spirited Pro. Serious and elegant looking, Spirited Pro knows the easiest way to get website visitor’s attention. Keep everything under constant control and make your website as informative and presentable as you have always dreamed of. Prove your clients what you are worth relying on and provide all the contact details to find you through day and night. There are home, about us, services, contact and other relief zones to show – off your content and images, as well as nice – looking homepage slider to depict happy clients and elderly people under your care and attendance. Spirited Pro has been tested for its impeccable mobile – friendliness, clear HTML5 and CSS3 coding, as well as plugin compatibility.

5. SKT Charity Pro:
charity WordPress theme


Always on top and streamlined, SKT Charity Pro unites every single functional capacity one may need to run a successful and client- optimized website. The motivational look of the theme doubles its influence on the web viewer and hence can be used for donation and charity, religious and humanitarian, senior and elderly care, pet care and other relevant topics and niches. IT is 100 % responsive and cross browser – compatible, meaning that you will not miss the huge website traffic coming from mobile usages. It professionally functions with shortcodes, translation, donation, contact form and SEO plugins for the extended functionality and better results. SKT Trust has been coded with an average admin of the site in the author’s mind and hence can be intuitively mastered even by the novice.

6. Handy:
doctor WordPress theme


Handy is the one to give you a new resource of working energy. It is the layout among the best senior care WordPress themes that is custom – built to put your shoulder to the wheel and make all your far – going plans realized through your website. It can be one of the wisest contributions to your elderly home care or rehabilitation website to get a lot of eyeballs to your offers and proposals. Unparalleled shortocodes and fonts collections are preloaded with the theme for making amazingly simple for you to manipulate with the content and typography. Let people enjoy the sleek navigation cover of your site and easily find the best caregivers for their parents, grandparents or loved ones. As you can fairly judge from the name and look of Handy, it can perfectly cater to other medical and health – based websites and blogs as well.

7. Complete Pro:
complete WordPress theme


In case you are on the lookout for a complete solution for your niche – specific website, look no further than Complete Pro. This award – winning and world – class template is a unique mixture of attractive, yet precise from and unbeatable framework. With a lifetime of experience and enviable usability, Complete Pro is powered by admin – friendly dashboard with easy to practice controls. Among them are color picker responsible for the color gamut of your site, inner page headers together with inner page banners to be managed. Header and footer layout options are also there waiting for your final decision to showcase pieces of your content, social media links, contact details and more.

8. Healing Touch:
medical WordPress theme


The last noteworthy sample forming a part of our collection of senior care WordPress themes is called Healing Touch. Whether your company or center is specialized in patient care, skill nursing, assisted living, memory care or other services, Healing Touch can be the best directory for your target audience. Create and apply multiple color schemes to change the overall face of this clean template, deal with the Google fonts and enjoy ultimate user –friendly control over them. As for other pluses of this template, it is HTML5 and CSS3 based to manage the pixel – perfect performance of your site across multiple portable devices and mobiles. WooCommerce, Contact Form 7 and NextGen Gallery are all supported by this template.

Senior care is a serious issue that is confronting us today as we move towards a more integrated society. If you are running a senior care organization, then you already know how serious the problem is and the various issues confronting you today. This is why it is advisable for you to check out some of our senior care WordPress themes at the earliest. Old people are often unable to manage on their own and some even find it hard to put two words together and senior care organizations exist to ensure that such patients are taken care of and that they are provided with every comfort, kindness and dignity that they are entitled for.

While that sounds idealistic the reality is that most of the senior care organizations are underfunded and often unable to provide their current staff with even the requisite training to handle and take care of aged patients. This is why you need to set up an online presence at the earliest. Just use one of our senior care WordPress themes; you should be able to customize it and set it up, and soon, you should be able to leverage it accordingly. Here are a few reasons as to why you should opt to set up an online website at the earliest.

  • Marketing: It is hard to think of senior care management in these terms but the fact of the matter is that there are a lot of senior care facilities available in your own area. So you need to list out what makes you special. You may want to list out information regarding your facilities along with the various activities and therapies that is currently being offered to the patients at your facility. The patient’s children and grandkids may want more information before admitting their grandfather or grandmother in; they would want to be well assured that their loved ones would be cared for well.
  • Donations: Having an online presence can help you target potential donors; you can custom build your own site using one of our themes and even include a “donate now” button on the site itself. You can even run several campaigns targeting key demographics with the aim of soliciting donations for your senior care program.
  • Monitoring: You can also integrate an online portal that maintains all the health information including their complete medical profile online. This would allow doctors and emergency responders to assess critical information right away, when needed. And since your patients are old, it is vital that you maintain a database with all the required details. You can actually link up your database to your website, ensure that the website is encrypted and provide access to doctors and emergency responders as needed. This will enable you to provide optimal medical care for all your patients.

These are some of the reasons as to why you need to set up an online site at the earliest using one of our many themes.

Advisor WordPress themes for giving advises and advisory services

Advisor WordPress themes are discussed in this article for multiple websites.

These advisor WordPress themes can be used for business, financial and legal advisors, attorneys, counselors, consultants, as well as financial and consulting agencies, companies, legal institutions and more.

Business advisory services are important for any start-up company or individual to rationally dispose of his financial, human and other resources. Making productive and highly perspective strategies for the smooth operation of this or that business is what business advisors are targeted at. Streamlining the whole process of the business entrance into the relevant market, finding the right partners and investors are all within the scope of financial and business advisors.

When it comes to communicating your message effectively to the potential clients, any relevant advisor or lawyer, counselor or consultant have to do with a personal or business website.

Below is a full walkthrough to the best advisor WordPress themes to help startups, small and medium – sized advisory businesses grow in a strategic line. All of them maintain a high ranking and enjoy ultimate user satisfaction. This fact is justified by a lot of reasons, ranging for the utmost flexibility of the templates up to its affordable purchase price.

1. Legal Expert:
legal WordPress theme


Legal Expert is one of the frequently installed and used advisor WordPress themes to render all kinds of advisory services. Nothing about this wonderful template is excessive or improper. Instead, you are granted with fully – fledged and polished layout with serious – looking face and unbeatable operational framework. Lots of pieces of codes in the form of shortcodes are pre – enabled with Legal Expert to make it effortlessly easy for you to create page or content. Other primary features of the theme are the homepage nice slider to showcase your images and photos, 10 slides availability, Google fonts and icons pack to play with, as well as the most relevant standard pages. SEO coding of the theme takes care of your online reputation and will bring more potential clients and customers to your posts and pages. SMO integration is also done at the highest level to link your profile with the most popular social media platforms.

2. SKT Architect Pro:
architect WordPress theme


SKT Architect Pro delivers sophisticated nature decorated with eye – catchy touches. This template is universal at its core and hence can convey any kind of business plan into virtual reality. As one of the dynamic and resilient advisor WordPress themes, SKT Architect Pro shows superb versatility and responsiveness whenever needed. Otherwise stated, no matter what kind of device the web visitor uses, he or she will find a pixel – perfect and legible website accessed by any mobile or device. It comes balanced between feature – rich toolbox and simplicity in usage. That toolbox includes nice – looking parallax background options, PO file inclusion making your content translation – ready, as well as tons of shortcodes and Google fonts. The SEO technic has also been practiced with this template to generate more qualitative results through search engine rankings.

3. Lawzo:
lawyer law firm attorney WordPress theme


Take your financial, business or another kind of advisory services to a higher level of client – engagement with the help of Lawzo. This one has been processed and cultivated to meet all the challenges that can wait for you along your way to a perfect business profile. By the application of this creative and versatile template you are lucky to get fully equipped and totally responsive website. We take pride in guaranteeing that Lawzo functions with the most practical plugins. Among the compatible ones are WooCommerce for e – commerce performance, qTranslate X for translation of the site, as well as gallery and contact form plugins. Even have now knowledge of the WordPress ecosystem at all, the admin – optimized dashboard will offer you the best tricks and tips to master your website from top to bottom. You are powered to change the look and feel of it, change colors and typography.

4. Local Business Pro:
local business WordPress theme


Technologically modern and clutter – free, Local Business Pro is the next top –rated sample included in our assemblage of advisor WordPress themes for advisors and legal experts, counselors and financial experts. Separate your business from your competitors and prove your excellence online when supported by this template. Based on the award – winning platforms, Local Business Pro can be a wise solution for your future website to demonstrate your professional skills, services, offers, experts and more. It renders you unlimited controls and customization options for you to exercise freely. You don’t need to hire professionals to play with calls to actions and social icons, add whatever is needed in footer and header areas, manage post layouts or add the needed functionality to the given platform.

5. SKT Perfect:
perfect commercial WordPress theme


Leverage the true beauty and sophistication of SKT Perfect and establish your business’s identity in the digital platform. No matter whether you have a clue how this template is installed and managed, you will find the way with ease. The simplified installation and activation process is backed by easy to digest customization options to add your own touches to the theme. The themes prebuilt sections together with homepage slider are well – deployed to host your content and images. Preloaded page and post templates, about, services, contact us and other sections are there at your disposal as well. SKT Perfect is also infinitely perfect in its responsiveness, translation – readiness and Customizer inclusion.

6. Exceptiona:
accounting WordPress theme


The last template titled as one of the most affordable advisor WordPress themes is called Exceptiona. Install the theme without any coding knowledge, drag and drop, scale and edit whatever is needed to please your online audience when armed with the saturated toolbox of this template. It is one of the proven and battle – ready layouts to capture more leads and prospects. There are convenient content zones to host your content, color controls for the best visualization, as well as smooth and sleek dropdown level navigation. Presentable calls to action are given in the header are, as well as more than 100 shortcodes are enabled right from the start.

If you are running a company that specializes in business advisory services, then you know better than most that the first rule of business advisory services is in getting the word out. You cannot depend on traditional marketing channels to do the trick as the competition is bound to be intense, and you certainly cannot rely on word of mouth either. Instead you may want to check out some of our Advisor WordPress themes and establish your website online. With an online website, the advantages are way too many and with good SERPS, you should soon have a dedicated fan base, decent traffic not to mention, actual paying customers. Check out the reasons for why you need to migrate to online format at the earliest.

  • Better reach: With an online presence, you should be able to get your message out there more effectively, Interact more with your users, and in the process, even help increase SERPS rankings, which in turn should boost your online traffic. In simple terms, with your website set up with one of the advisor WordPress themes, you should be able to get more clients than you could have in a brick and motor set up.
  • Marketing: You can now use multiple channels to interact directly with clients and even set up online conferences. With the right theme, you should be able to integrate the same on your site and set up various online marketing campaigns, targeting specific groups. This should help increase your customer base, over time.
  • Information: The online medium is the fastest way to disseminate information and the same applies here. You can use your website to convey pertinent information regarding the various services that you offer and what makes you different from the rest. Additionally, you can various social media sites and post regular updates to the same regarding your products and services. This should help drive up the traffic further.
  • Analysis: Most businesses are looking for end to end services and often require detailed information including analysis on their entry to a market. With an online website, you should be able to provide them with the information they require, within a short time frame.
  • Cost: With a regular office, the overheads are bound to run into thousands per month; given this, it makes more sense to set up an online site using our WordPress themes, and get the ball rolling. You would not have to worry about renting office spaces or whether you will be able to make rent or not the following week. Instead you can just set up an online website and if the client is interested in your services, then you can set up a one to one conference to further help the client with his new business.

These are some of the reasons as to why you may want to setup an online site at the earliest for your business advisory services. Remember, the service you provide is invaluable as it can help companies establish themselves and grow further.

Wedding venue and Marriage hall WordPress theme for wedding planners and catering services

A unique collection of a wedding venue and marriage hall WordPress themes for those agencies and organizations, which take the leading role in every wedding, engagement, anniversary or any other event management and control.

Wedding planning and arrangement without any irritation and nervous situations sound perfect to every engaged couple or bride – to – be. Today hundreds of wedding planners and wedding service providers act as coordinators to make our lives easier and take the whole responsibility of organizing a dream – wedding of a lifetime.

As soon as the engagement ring appears on the finger, people are diving into tons of decisions and questions relating to the next important event of their lives. How, where, when and lots of other questions revolve in the head and seek the most reasonable answers. In this case, one of the most practical and useful channels of the relevant information with the accompanying images and photos for the more descriptive influence are to be websites about marriages and wedding planning services.

Hence, this article is for all those initiatives that are willing to demonstrate all the professionalism, unique taste and huge experience in the wedding industry in the digital format and be available for more people across the globe. Each of the presented wedding venue and marriage hall WordPress themes is affordable at a rational price, so that after its purchase and exploitation you will come to the conclusion that your financial means spent for that particular template were worth it in the long run. All of them also include wedding and marriage niche – specific features in order to create a stunning wedding atmosphere online.

1. Complete Pro:
complete WordPress theme


Complete Pro is one of the most powerful and integrative, extensive and advanced do – it – yourself wedding venue and marriage hall WordPress theme, specifically convenient for all the full – service wedding consultants and service providers, who pride themselves on being creative, original and experienced in their field. This visually vigorous and inviting template with responsive web design layout runs an easy to use and exercise platform on its basis, so that everyone with an average knowledge and practice of programming or WordPress theme arrangement will get the whole work done perfectly. Collect your premium – quality information and details in your web pages and get the whole image of the volume of the digital business environment.

2. SKT Beach:


The next top rated WordPress – based template of SKT production, ready – made for offering elegant venues and halls for wedding ceremonies and reception, tips for dresses and outfit, accessories and decorations, special dishes and drinks, rings and flowers, photography and video services and much more is SKT Beach. This theme will let you categorize your content in the most alluring and convenient fashion, so that each website visitor will immediately feel your discipline and working etiquette. This will considerably narrow their search in order to find whatever they are looking for to organize their dream – day full of joy and happiness and leave all the hard work to the professionals to carry out on their own.

3. PicArt:
portfolio WordPress theme


In case you are searching for a reliable and perspective wedding venue and marriage hall WordPress theme by the great assistance of which all your potential clients will be greeted with hospitality and smooth browsing experience, as well as will be served to match their expectations, you are strongly advised to review our PicArt with its unlimited functional and customization possibilities. This bright and lively, image – centric and colorful, readily responsive and intuitive template will be an ideal ground for wedding planners and experts to bring about a lovely milieu across their wedding venue, destination and marriage hall content. With this amazing theme every website admin can freely count all the beneficial factors of it when determining the fundamental and essential qualities and opportunities of his future wedding online profile.

4. Gravida:
corporate WordPress theme


Let the people on their way to marriage discover their unique style and creative wedding arrangement through your web pages firmly established and profoundly exercising on the basis of Gravida. The latest WordPress standards and norms have been strictly followed and conformed to when developing this modern and original template with alluring and effective color wheels and graphical shades. Moreover, the whole structural unity of Gravida is something precise and neatly arranged to serve all the relevant wedding and event services to your clients to browse through and make a decision. Multipurpose nature and responsiveness, Customizer – based performance for easy content management, e – commerce compatible structure are identified the main characteristics that describe Gravida on the whole.

5. Girlie:
girly WordPress theme


Embellished by elegant and graceful touches, powered to generate simplicity, yet stylishness, lightness, yet precision, user and customer – driven approach, yet functional saturation, Girlie is another smooth and sleek, secure and entirely smart wedding venue and marriage hall WordPress theme as a justified marriage hall and wedding planner website content creation and management tool. Smooth and sleek, this theme will help anyone with or without any prior knowledge of WordPress platforms build a stunning product with ease and without any additional help of the developers. The layout of Girlie is entirely responsive and adaptable to diverse screen sizes and dimensions.

6. I Am One Pro:
one page WordPress theme


If your primary goal is to establish a presentable wedding profile in the online space and considerably scale up the rate of your orders and sales, I Am One Pro is more than enough for all your perspective expectations. This original and creative, modern and uniquely stylized, interesting and thriving, fully customizable and controllable template has been built with the norms of HTML 5 and CSS 3 coding, includes standard pages for more sophisticated appearance, numerous page templates to choose from, overall fitting structure for the categorized services and other content provision and yet much more to reveal with this fast and robust template. The aspects of e – commerce experience and plugin compatibility are all carefully pursued.

As a wedding planner, you would know that weddings often require intricate planning to the last detail and some even expect wedding planners to organize their honeymoon getaway as well. Given all this, it can be hard for one person to micromanage everything which is why it makes perfect sense for you to set up an online website by using one of our WordPress themes for wedding planners and catering services. You can customize the theme to suit your business, develop great content and make sure that the overall design is professional and that the main landing page includes a gallery of past weddings you had helped organize. The need for an online presence is more essential given the cut throat competition that exists in this industry. If you still need to be convinced further, then you may want to check out the reasons posted below.

  • Marketing: One of the best ways to disseminate information is through the online medium and let’s face it, when it comes to getting the word out, there’s nothing that beats an online marketing campaign. Once you have chosen the appropriate theme from one of our many customized WordPress themes for wedding planners and catering services, you can then run several marketing campaigns to direct customers to the same.
  • Presentation: In a traditional set up, you would have to bring out your wedding binder to display what you can do, whereas in the digital set up, you can set up an online gallery and even design an interactive one where the client gets to pick out what she wants and you can then close the sale. An online website comes loaded with various tools, not to mention high resolution images that you can use to good effect to showcase your work for prospective clients.
  • Responsibility: With an online website, you can also set up your own team, delegate specific work to them and ensure that they are on track. Essentially you would be micromanaging them all and that way, both you and your team should be able to streamline your business operations and ensure that the deliverables are ready as per schedule. The days when you ran screaming into your flip phone as you desperately searched for the missing groom are long gone. This is the digital age and what you and your business needs, is an online WordPress website to make the most of it.
  • Cost: Needless to say, with an online portal, there’s little need for renting an actual office and you can trim out the overheads and focus more on your projects while saving a bundle in the process.

These are some of the reasons that you should consider setting up an online presence at the earliest. Remember that weddings are a multi-billion dollar industry and as such, the competition is bound to be cut throat to the letter. So you need to get the website up at the earliest to retain the edge over your competition.

Make up WordPress Themes for makeup and cosmetics style tips websites

The best make up WordPress themes are put together in this article

These make up WordPress themes can be used for make up and nail studios, spa and beauty salons, massage and health care centers, fashion bloggers and lovers, etc.

With loads of new feminine – centric businesses going live every day it becomes difficult to find your place and grab a part of that marketplace. Another problem is to keep your clients in the situation where they are targeted by your competitors. In both cases it’s the website acting like a rescuer. Whether you own a famous and popular make up studio with saturated routine or making your first steps towards success, a well – dressed website has a huge role to play in your business.

With this in our mind, we have searched the Internet for the most results – driven and chic WordPress templates to create make up and hair salon websites and keep them up all the time. All those make up WordPress themes share premium quality and adaptive nature when it comes to the theme customization and management.

Don’t worry if you want something more in your website in the form of color combinations, typography, images or the overall structure. All of them are admin – friendly and customizable enough to accept your wish as a priority. Moreover, the costs associated with the purchase of the below – mentioned templates are relatively low. It means that with these templates it will be even easier and productive to offer and sell your services online than offline.

1. Perfect Beauty Spa:


Perfect Beauty Spa is ready to transform all your dreams into reality. Made specifically for the feminine world, this elegant and lovely template exudes unique style dotted with beautiful graphics and elements. It is one of the strongly recommended make up WordPress themes which is custom – built to serve as the digital evidence of your professionalism and experience. Whether you run a nail or make up based website or run your personal site with constant updates catering to a girly world, this template can be your fellow traveler. Each and every element knows its place and denomination. Hence irrespective of its feature – rich toolbox, Perfect Beauty Spa is always neat and clean, with pixel – perfect and readable appearance.

2. The Art:
art WordPress theme


The next empathic and spectacular template which will be appreciated by every single woman or a girl is The Art. Generate your content and publish them into relevant relief zones, add lovely photos of your works and totally control your leads and achievements through your website based on this template. It comes bundled with footer options for the homepage, as well as footer and header variations for the inner pages. Additionally, there is a nice – looking and full – screen slider to engage with your audience via the visual content. The Art does not lack usability when it comes to the mobile experience of your web surfers either.

3. Girlie:
girly WordPress theme


The shift from hobby into revenue – resulting business will be easy with Girlie. Designed and decorated particularly for the beauty world, this eye – catchy and royal template will be the helping hand for female bosses and entrepreneurs, studio and salon owners, talented make up artists and others. Girlie has already won flows of applauses and now can be counted as one of the most applicable make up WordPress themes. Girlie has got a thing even for the most demanding feminine representative. It is ultimately flexible and smart, equipped with handy toolbox and admin dashboard for color and typography changes and more.

4. Nuptials:


Nuptials can write a profitability scenario for your make – up studio at an affordable price. This cost – effective, yet premium – quality template is coded and launched with all the requirements of clear and mobile – friendly coding in the theme author’s mind. It has got all the skills and intelligence to keep you well – organized on the back part of the theme. It means that you can add your content, change the fonts, exercise shortcodes and insert contact details all by yourself. Based on HTML5 and CSS3 successful mixture, Nuptials satisfies all the standards of modern digital community.

5. CutsNStyle Pro:
responsive hair salon WordPress theme


According to the recent statistics, women spend more than one third of their feminine product bucks online. It means that establishing your online beauty shop along with a website can be a wise decision for boosted incomes and bigger client – market. CutsNStyle Pro is one of such shopping – friendly make up WordPress themes to bring the whole beauty of e – commerce practicality into your site. Offer and sale both your services and beauty products without additional costs or the necessity to hire several shop consultants for your physical shop. This template is also shortcodes – based with available blog part and readily responsive.

6. Massage Center:


Another way to embrace the advantages of modern digital world is definitely through Massage Center. The theme’s parts and sections both for visual and textual content are more than enough to deliver the cozy atmosphere and professional service of your massage center, hair and nail salon, make – up center, etc. This valuable website builder enjoys maximum flexibility with minimal flaws to wow your web viewers with its dressy look. The theme homepage slider together with sleek navigation controls knows how to host the online crowd and keep it entertained.

7. Beauty Cuts:
hair salon WordPress theme


The last noteworthy pattern for those who are looking for the best make up WordPress themes is called Beauty Cuts. The theme’s well – thought out and coded, user- optimized and responsive nature will delight every single web visitor and will keep the latter coming back all the time. From header and footer areas to background and colors, Beauty Cuts is totally manageable to match your unique aesthetics. Contact form, map for directions and addresses, slider for the best photos and images, are all wrapped up at one place. It also provides you with high – quality demo version to test and grasp the whole potential of this template.

Whether you are running a hugely successful makeup parlor or are just starting out, you are bound to recognize two salient facts – that business is ultra competitive when it comes to this niche and that the traditional marketing channels often do not deliver on time or with expected results. This is what necessitates thinking out of the box; you may want to check out the competition and you’ll see that most of them have an online presence. That’s why you need to invest both time and money and get an online website set up at the earliest, check out some of our Makeup WordPress themes and you should be able to select the appropriate theme for your website. However, there are a few things that you may want to consider when setting it up.

  • Minimalism: You may want to opt for a minimalistic look but one that utilizes the white space strategically by focusing user’s attention to the relevant portions of your website. Double check to see if the makeup WordPress themes you have chosen come with drop down menus and even built-in galleries. You would need the same to display high resolution images of your parlor, in pristine detail and clarity.
  • Responsive: It is important that you custom build your website to be robust and responsive as most users often check out websites using various devices such as android phones, iPads etc. And given the fact that users often do not stay for more than a few seconds on a webpage, it is naturally important for you to ensure that your website is displayed correctly, with all the information being displayed. With important page elements being truncated, this can only lead to one inevitable result with the prospective customer going elsewhere. So make sure that the design you choose is a responsive one and works well on multiple Browsers as well.
  • User experience: You need to customize the layout, and ensure that it looks professional; you can always check out your competition and take a cue from their website. Make sure that your website is set up in such a way that it is easy to navigate through the various pages and more importantly, that the pages do not take forever to load. As mentioned earlier, various studies have indicated that online users do not stay for more than a few seconds per webpage. Given this, it is extremely important that you ensure that all your pages do load fast, with no lag time.

These are some of the things that you need to consider when setting up your website. Once you have set up your website, you can then move on to content and optimizing the same for SEO. And you can also initiate several marketing campaigns, targeting specific demographics and in the process, getting your website more traction online. You can also advertise your online website using online ads, Google and several other ad channels- all of this should result in higher traffic and in more customers for your parlor.

BoilerPlate WordPress themes for ultimate clean slate and starter websites

This time we have spared no effort to put together the most valuable BoilerPlate WordPress themes serviceable for a wide variety of topics and niches.

The Boilerplate is one of the relevant developer tools to deal with a standardized coding of WordPress templates. It’s best described as well – managed and professionally – organized, object – oriented coding for giving rise to exclusive and clearly – coded WordPress – powered templates. The good thing about this technic is that it comes hand in hand both with coding and documentation standards. It means that you don’t have to spend much time and track them down one after another.

Hence, if you are searching for a dependable layout to start your next big thing in the digital arena, review our list of BoilerPlate WordPress themes. They will definitely help you create fast and robust, safe and sound, well – categorized and durable websites of any kind and nature.

Kick – start your digital profile with minimum efforts and having the support of hundreds of developers from the background. Create your future website or revamp the old one with confidence with any of those BoilerPlate WordPress themes. Enjoy the whole process of the theme activation, installation and customization based on all – in – one theme package.

1. Disco Dancer:


Disco Dancer is one of the energetic and lively BoilerPLate WordPress themes based on powerful coding and streamlined performance. This template feels unbeatable when it comes to showcasing any content catering to musical and dancing world, events and contests, individual singers and dancers, dance studios and musical bands. It will enable anyone to go live at a lightning speed and keep the impeccable operation of his website all the time. Inner page templates, widgetized sidebar and homepage slider can be found within the theme. The theme’s responsiveness, as well as cross mobile and browser compatibility have also been checked. Disco Dancer shares extensible nature, meaning that you can add different plugins to it and enjoy extra functionality. From WooCommerce to bbpress, WPML, Polylang, SEO and shortcodes are compatible with Disco Dancer.

2. Fashion Trends:


Fashion Trends can be a suitable option for fashion – related people and companies, studios and agencies, fashion journals and event organizers. This user and admin – optimized and results – driven template tastily unites colorful and creative appearance with pixel – perfect functional basis. This kind of coherence between form and function is the most preferred one to take your website to a higher level of visitor engagement and boosted web traffic. Responsiveness and mobile – friendliness, shortcodes based performance and page builder compatibility are just a small fraction of an endless list of the theme features. Blogging section is given for you to keep your fans hungry for new streams of blog content, as well as gallery section for the best images. The theme is highly optimized for SEO – friendliness as well to rank your site higher in search rankings.

3. Play School:
education WordPress theme


The next zealous and ambitious template included in our list of BoilerPlate WordPress themes is called Play School. It’s an education, learning, kid and children – based template to cover a wide scale of relevant niches. Whether you run your private learning center, kid development center or represent any public school or kindergarten, Play School can be a never – ending success for you. Well – secured and well – coded, this BoilerPlate- based template will never leave you guesswork as how to deal with the given framework. It means that you don’t need to do with a long range of coding procedures to get the desired look and feel of your site. Instead, you are powered with numerous page and blog layouts, preloaded shortcodes, footer and header options, slider controls and much more.

4. Perfect Agriculture:


Standing on the forehead of modern competition in the agricultural world will be as easy as a pie for you with Perfect Agriculture. Get one of the latest versions of all – inclusive BoilerPlate WordPress themes and deliver error – free website experience both for desktop and mobile users. As for the coding of the theme, it runs on BoilerPlate HTML5 and CSS3 coding and styling mixture. Custom – built to considerably make your workflow better, Perfect Agriculture grants you with unlimited access to the theme core to make your relevant changes, add images and texts, touches and whatever you may wish. It celebrates robust platform with accurately deployed sections and other content areas, as well as 100 % responsiveness exercised for the presentable mobile version of your site.

5. Pet Care:


Pet care and food market statistics show that this industry is driving a huge growth in recent years. That’s the reason we have done our best to take into consideration the needs of pet – related business and launched Pet Care for the relevant websites creation and maintenance. Offer pet care and grooming, walking and training, behavioral consulting and other services, clothing and accessories all in one place and let every single pet owner find the most affordable proposals. Smooth navigation controls are given, as well as fast loading rate is what makes your site so easy to browse and scan from top to bottom. You may have as many as 20 different sections on the homepage and insert your informative pieces of visual and textual content.

6. Luxury Watch:


Roll up your sleeves and indulge into the feature – rich framework of Luxury Watch to get your website started easily. In case you are looking for object – oriented BoilerPlate WordPress theme for your specific purposes, Luxury Watch has you covered. Preloaded with a handy toolbox and ultimate productivity, it comes packed with cross mobile compliant and responsive traits, GPL – licensed operational ground, footer and header areas both widget – friendly, blog and sidebar options, etc. E – commerce ready nature of the theme together with its translation – readiness is the best walkthrough to commercial activities in the global digital market – place. Multipurpose and elegant at its core, Luxury Watch is well – thought out to support absolutely any kind of personal or corporate website.

If you are looking to upgrade your old website or planning to launch a new one, then you may want to check out some of our boiler plate WordPress themes and choose the appropriate one. These boiler plate themes come with pre-built templates and pages so that you do not have to do any coding. Developed by hundreds of developers, these themes are designed for any business and can be tweaked from the header to the footer. After all, the sole objective here is to increase your customer base and you are going to be able to do that only if you are able to make the right impression and with our Boiler plate WordPress themes, you should be able to do just that. Once you have selected your theme, you may want to check out the tips posted below, on how to customize and tweak the design on your site.

  • Bounce rate: If you are planning to re-haul your old website and use one of the boiler plate themes to come up with a new one then the first thing that you need to do is to check out your old site and analyze where you went wrong or you’ll end up repeating the same mistake. The first thing that you need to look at is the bounce rate and sees why many users have opted to move away rather than click through to the other pages on your site. It could be that the overall design is lousy at best or it could be the content or the pop up ads, but you would definitely have to check it out to get a better idea on what not to do.
  • Responsive design: It is important that you have a responsive design in place so that your users can locate the information they need, in a matter of few seconds. More importantly, enhanced user experience generally means that the chances of the user turning into a regular visitor is quite high and should lead to increased traffic and better conversion rate. Make sure that your website features the right information and can be viewed on multiple devices and browsers
  • Media: Various studies have shown that images and videos have a better impact with prospective leads than text messages. So you may want to tweak the layout to ensure that your front page displays more than just a few high resolution images. A video is bound to make a better impact with a user than a sales pitch about the product. This is the age of instant gratification so naturally, users would want all the information on any product or service that they are into but make sure that you do not make the mistake of going overboard since an information overload can turn prospective customers off.

These are some of the reasons as to why you should opt for a boiler plate theme and go in for a complete overhaul; and with your website utilizing WordPress themes, you should be able to make the right impact.

Pest Control WordPress Themes for pests bugs termite etc services website


This time our main focus is pest control WordPress themes

These pest control WordPress themes can be used for bugs, pests, termite and other insects control services and relevant experts to establish their online profile and establish long – lasting relationship with their potential clients.

WordPress ecosystem with its self – hosted nature and do – it – yourself products, which are in compliance with all the modern requirements and standards of the contemporary digital world, consists of thousands of developers and experts specialized in the field to work on and give rise to exceptionally thought – out and well – tuned categorized themes, so that every future WordPress users will be able to find the best version catering to his business visions and objectives easily when looking through the suggested templates.

Hence if you are on the lookout on the most dependable and powerful pest control WordPress themes to proceed with your next online project, have a look at the templates discussed in the continuation of our current article. Along with tons of advantages you will be granted if you choose one of them, you can not only create informative and high – quality content to grab your target audience’s attention, but moreover, you can serve that content in the most alluring way. It will for sure result in converting your potential traffic, that is to say, to turn your first – time visitors into your permanent and loyal client, as well as enjoy your increased traffic based on the fundamentals of SEO – optimization.

1. Pet Care:


Pet Care is the first one of the pest control WordPress themes handpicked for the insect and bug – related companies and service providers, which balances between amazing design solutions and advance technological foundation on the basis. All your premium – quality content about your company and its profile and working directions, your experts and staff, branches and headquarter, list of the available services for both commercial and residential sectors, as well as all your high – resolution images can be professionally inserted into posts and pages and look incomparably great. This animal and insect – based template is also responsive, general – purpose, experienced in customization and management, as well as SEO – optimized for greater results in the relevant rankings.

2. Charm:


The next highly recommended and profoundly stylized pest control WordPress theme at your disposal could be Charm with its blogging style characteristics, so that apart from using it for diverse commercial and business purposes, one will be able to run a blog about certain types of pests, bugs, parasites, whips, curses, post about the scientific researches in this relation, ways and drugs to fight against them and even sell all your services and products in the most civilized fashion without any hassle and confusion. In addition, all the touches of total responsiveness and cross mobile compliant design, multilingual ready support, pre – loaded theme shortcodes for setting up any type of user – driven content, and finally, stunning functionality with a wide array of commenting, slider, gallery and shortcodes plugins are minutely taken care of.

3. SKT Trust:
non profit WordPress theme


Dependable and perspective, error – free and presentable, graphically and aesthetically polished, SKT Trust is multipurpose template flattened and accommodated to reveal any required niche or topic in the most productive manner and at the most professional level. Accordingly, with this template any pest control expert or respective specialist can delve deep into the platform consisting of simplicity, relevance and precision for the quickest results achievable. The extent of your knowledge about coding languages or your prior experience in relation to WordPress – powered platforms don’t matter at all, since SKT Trust has been projected, coded, developed and launched with the average WordPress user in the authors’ minds. The theme is also well – optimized for any mobile, smartphone, ipad, tablet or other portable device usage, both in landscape and portrait format.

5. HVAC and Cleaning:
HVAC and cleaning WordPress theme


With the most advanced and essential theme features and options HVAC and Cleaning as another prominent and trustworthy pest control WordPress theme will for sure take your website to a near – perfection level. This contemporary and original, easy to use and follow, smoothly navigable and functionally cutting – edge website builder pretends to be an ideal version for getting in touch with thousands of customers from any location and anytime, offering them your home assessment services, developing an individual protection plan for any residential or commercial building, etc. This cross mobile and browser compliant, multilingual ready and e – commerce optimized theme is readily intuitive and lightweight in usage, so that every web admin will have all the opportunities to clear the relevant design and functional things up very quickly.

4. Gravida:
corporate WordPress theme


In case you are eager to show off all your pest related services in a nicely formatted way, so that each website visitor will definitely appreciate the neat and accurate, easy to search and find nature of your relevant content, here is Gravida at your fingertips, which celebrates very flexible and inherently resourceful template ready – made and custom – built to adapt itself to any undertaken changes and customization controls. This modern and creative template has been programmed to evoke a pretty smart and stable foundation, so that any employee of the pest control company or private organization can build his website up from the ground and stylize it accordingly to disseminate all their outlooks and visions.

6. SKT Medical Pro:
medical WordPress theme


Please, welcome another checked and confirmed, top and best sample in our list of the best pest control WordPress themes in the face of SKT Medical Pro. While being general – purpose in its core, but readily versatile and smart towards every required change or intervention, this template can be the best cornerstone of your future successful online product to give your website huge SEO boost, gradually include more and more customers, provide them with the most precise and informative content. etc. This interesting and useful, polished and pliable website establishment tool is available at a relatively affordable price, and what is more exciting, in the long run you’ll fell that your investment is totally justified.

If you are operating a pest control business and still rely on paper ads and fliers to bring in the customers then you may well have to wait for a long while. The fact is that pest management industries and retail outlets are a dime a dozen and if you want to stand out from the lot, then you need to tweak the process so that you are able to reach out to more customers and one of the effective ways to do that is by setting up an online site. You can check out some of our pest control WordPress themes and choose the one that seems to be a good fit. But you should know that choosing the right theme for your business can never be easy, especially given the vast number of themes out there.

  • Blue print: The first thing that you need to do before setting up the website is to formulate a blue print for your website. You may want to work with a white board but essentially you need to understand the core motivation behind setting the site up and listing out the processes to be carried out, one by one. This will enable you to keep on track and ensure that the site is launched on or before schedule.
  • Check out the competition: There is any number of tools that you can use to check out your competition. These tools and apps provide you with a peek behind your rival’s website, from the keywords he is targeting as well as getting an idea regarding his SEO strategy which in turn should allow you to optimize your website accordingly.
  • Research: When it comes to selecting one of the many pest control WordPress themes, then you may also want to check out some of the websites of top pest control companies. For one, their layout should give you a good idea of what to aim for and for another; you can use a similar set up on your website or come up with your own custom built website.
  • Keyword tools: Since you would be developing a website for your pest control business, it makes sense to use key word tools so that you can utilize Google ad words program to target specific keywords and direct the traffic towards your site.
  • Responsive: Whatever theme you choose to go with, make sure that it is a responsive and robust design. You may want to check out the design to ensure that it shows up correctly on various devices and given the fact that online users often utilize various devices to check out websites, it makes more sense to go for a responsive design.

You may want to review these points carefully before selecting the right theme for your website. But make sure that it suits your business and that the overall appearance is professional. Soon, with the right design in place, you should be able to get more traction for your website.

Graphic Design WordPress Themes for graphic designers


Graphic Design WordPress themes have been discussed and listed here for your reference

Keep up with the best graphic design WordPress themes projected by the dedicated experts at SKT Themes for graphic designers or graphic art experts, developers and freelancers, programmers and IT specialists to create their online patterns and pieces of their professional portfolio.

The Internet and the contemporary digital technologies are what it takes to transform your any kind of designing or graphic software program – related idea into a success. In the current state of occurrences, boundless opportunities are brought together to celebrate and boost all the shapes of digital and marketing creativity.

The key point here is the right chosen niche – specific template to consider for your future projects online. And this is how your investment pertaining to your existing or newly – launched business will make the battlefield less hazardous, as even with pretty little funds you will be able to find quite strong and clearly coded, readily flexible and entirely significant themes that are designed for completeness and engrossing revenues.

All of the proposed graphic design WordPress themes heavily relate to outlining graphic designer’s identity or the relevant agency or brand awareness for recording a sharp growth in the given industry.

1. Complete Pro:
complete WordPress theme


As one of the time – checked and time – saving graphic design WordPress themes authored by SKT Themes, Complete Pro can be a right response to all the challenges of modern digital environment with fierce competition in all the digital way up and down. With this truly amazing and highly integrative web builder that is inherently complete and stable under any proposed ambiances, the main focus of the website will be both in content and in visualization. Hence, nothing can prevent you from achieving unbeatable client engagement and increased conversion rates. In the essence, Complete Pro generates surprisingly user – friendly layout embraced with tons of customization controls to make the most out of the theme.

2. StartUp Pro:
startup WordPress theme


In case you are a newly – started graphic design agency or freelance designer with limited means to invest for your future boom, StartUp Pro is ideal for you with its affordable price and easiness in exploitation. Based on HTML 5 and CSS 3 coding and styling languages, this technologically cutting – edge product with out – of – the – box functionality will furnish you with boundless controls and modification options, so that every initiated action will lead to the website visitor’s positive reaction and appraisal. Since millions of people are getting involved in the modern technologies that surround us at an accelerating pace, this theme shares the best responsive web design – based structure ever imaginable.

3. Shudh Pro:
minimal WordPress theme


With susceptible traits of minimalistic web design, Shudh Pro is delivered as another pattern of graphic design WordPress themes at your fingertips to run your business along the pathway you have clearly foreseen beforehand. Be sure that all your services and offers will look and be perceived fantastically within the restraints of this design style, since the affordability and easy readability of the web content will be seamlessly achieved by stripping away any kind of distracting elements in order to keep the website visitor’s focus on the most important points. The theme comes with preloaded color picker to refresh your look as per your tastes and wishes, totally controllable homepage slider and portfolio sections for showing off all your successful projects and softwares, etc.

4. Design Agency Pro:
design agency WordPress theme


With smooth and sleek, sophisticated and progressive, dynamic and energetic Design Agency Pro as one more convenient tool at any graphic designer’s disposition you are note imposed to accommodate to the given look and feel, rather, you can do away with the existing solutions and create something new that will go hand in hand with your company’s style and working directions. It is an exceptional template for applying all your design, web development, photography or art – related principles to branding at a near – perfection level of performance. Developed as a zealous channel to get connected with thousands of clients from every part of the world, Design Agency Pro celebrates persistent use of creativity and originality in all its manifestations and lets you expand its operational limits with great support of diverse plugins.

5. The App Pro:
app WordPress theme


The App Pro is another world – class template in the collection of graphic design WordPress themes developed from scratch and ensured to comply with every compulsory norm or requirement of the modern WordPress community. Responsive and cross mobile compatible, social media integrated and search engine optimized, this amazingly coded and well – worked out template moves from prebuilt shortcodes to page templates, from preloaded gallery and contact form for easy registration to widget – friendly footer and controllable backgrounds to welcome all your website visitors with presentable look and impeccable navigation controls, thus keeping them coming back to your posts and pages over and over.

6. High Tech:
computer repair WordPress theme


Uniquely pliable and premium – quality, High Tech can be one of the key points to consider for any kind of digital – related website creation and maintenance without any additional costs and time required. Organize and display your company profile, professional’s biographies, services and products, contact info, images and pictures the optimal way you may find expedient, revamp the appearance of the theme anytime you like, control the entire workflow of the web right from the practical backend of the theme and achieve enviable results and boosted sale rates thanks to higher standards incorporated within High Tech.

7. SKT Pathway Pro:
multipurpose WordPress theme


SKT Pathway Pro has been checked for its consistency and robust security no matter what kind of website is to be set about on it. Sophisticated and clear coding of this graphic designer and developer – optimized one of the graphic design WordPress themes will enable all your potential customers to navigate through your pages more easily and with pleasure while on the lookout of the answers to their questions. With a few simple clicks any admin can transform the existing look and feel of his website into something exciting and fresh by choosing the most engaging color gamut and typography of the theme.

If you are planning on launching a graphic design business, then you should know that you would need much more than your run of the mill website to get it done from. Of course you should check out our graphic design WordPress themes which are specifically designed (no pun intended), for your business and should go some way to enabling you to showcase the best of your work to new clients. But more importantly, you need to realize that the competition is intense which is why you need to think out of the box, come up with creative ideas and retain the edge over the rest of your competition. And naturally, this means that you need to base your website on a WordPress platform as it is an open resource platform and one that comes loaded with thousands of themes to choose from. Just check out some of the graphic design WordPress themes and you’ll soon understand that you would literally be spoilt for choice here.

Here are a few must do items that you need to get done, in quick succession –

  • Research: Granted that this may be classified as trite but it still holds good; you may want to spend some time online checking out your completion and some of the top graphic design sites so that you have an idea of the web design, information layout and even what theme to go for. With so many themes to choose from you need to go for the ones that incorporate the very latest, from minimalistic looks to a responsive design. These are the ones that you need to aim for.
  • Dry runs: Always, always do a demo before going ahead with one particular theme or another. While most themes often list out their spiel online, they often fail miserably to deliver on that front. So shortlist your favorite themes and test them out before choosing one particular theme for your website.
  • Customize: It is always a good idea to go with themes that are premium rather than free, as they come loaded with various add-ons, from built in page builders to extra pages, advanced functionality, etc. But free WordPress themes are great as well, it is just that you may have to spend some time before you come across a fully customizable WordPress theme.
  • Menu: Since you are launching your graphic design business, it makes sense to host a portfolio of your work. With the right theme, you can setup a drop down menu which lists out your past projects, achievements and even examples of your work. This should help you transform your business and result in a better conversion rate as well.

These are some of the points that you would need to keep in mind when setting up your website. Remember that you are setting up a professional business website and as such, it certainly needs to look that part. So make sure that you pick out the right theme and that it is woo commerce compatible as well.

Cab Service WordPress Themes for taxi and car rental service

Cab service WordPress themes have been discussed in this article

Every service company is coming up with websites these days because they have understood that offline marketing has very limited scope.

As a matter of fact, most of the clients of the leading services companies come through online sources by digital promotion.

The importance of a website is very high if you have a cab service company. Most of the potential customers especially the local ones search for cab service online to check and compare services and tariffs.

To build a proper cab service website you need to use cab service WordPress themes which are pre-designed for cab service companies.

SKT Auto Car
car repair WordPress theme


From its name, you can understand that it is one of the best cab service WordPress themes. It comes with all the sample content for instantly designing. It is mobile friendly and most of the customers are likely to be mobile users. You can make changes with the customizer and have a live preview. It is also SEO friendly to give you an edge over your competitors. There are multiple widget options to show awesome deals and offers.

It is one of those tailor-made cab WordPress themes that require minimal modifications. All the necessary pages, contents, and plugins are already installed. The looks and color scheme are classic and it is retina ready. You can have e-commerce facilities as well. It is SEO friendly and comes with all the plugins for social media integration and promotion. You can showcase the collection of cars and special features through gallery and sliders.

Car Rental



SKT Start–Up Pro
startup WordPress theme


It is one of the most elegant cab service WordPress themes on the list. It is tailor-made for cab service companies as there are multiple call-to-action options. It has classic looks and hence, visitors would instantly love your company and opt for your services. There are amazing sliders and galleries to captivate the visitors and bring them to your side. You can embed maps, videos and have a payment gateway for advanced booking. There are multiple templates and layouts and you can change the overall color with a single click.

corporate WordPress theme


Gravida is one of the most eye-pleasing cab services WordPress themes that will define the quality of your services. You can have animations on header and footer. Live changes can be made with the provided customizer. You can have all the functionalities you want with the standard plugins as it is compatible with all of them. It has the all-important event calendar and hundreds of fonts and icons for beautiful representation. It also has blog section to engage the visitors and provide them quality services.

SKT Perfect
perfect commercial WordPress theme


It is a multipurpose WordPress theme with all the required features to design a website you want. It has translation and multilingual support so that you can target local and global customers. It is a perfect theme cab service WordPress themes if you want to have payment gateway on your website. There are so many pre-installed templates to give new relevant looks to the inner pages. You can show the services beautifully in separate pages with pricing and service designing plugins. You can also have a forum with bbPress to discuss different topics and issues and engage your customers further.

SKT Landing Page
landing page WordPress theme


It is a simple one-page WordPress theme but very powerful in attracting the attention of the web visitors. It has beautiful color combination and minimalist design components. It is best to showcase the services for companies that take offline payment only. You can also showcase your app or other features or services beautiful through it. It is very lightweight and has very fast loading time. You can change color, font, and layout very easily with a few steps. It also comes with a pricing table to differentiate between different cab services.

Fix IT
handyman WordPress theme


Though the theme may just look improper for a cab service theme but it is highly effective. All you need to do is insert the appropriate images and videos and required content and it will be done in a splash. All the service pages with WooCommerce support are already integrated. You can highlight the services beautifully. All the latest and standard plugins are applicable with it. It is also fast and SEO friendly to put your company ahead of our competitors.

Stay Here
hotel WordPress theme


Stay here is primarily designed for tours and travels company. But if you offer any cab service for long tours and rental services at popular tourist spots, you can use the website to your advantage. It has beautiful layouts, colors, and overall design. The sliders are amazing with awesome animations and transition effects. It comes with advanced shortcodes to embed videos or special designing in the inner pages. There are options for call-to-action and blog section for posting press release, new services and special places to visit where you cab service is available.

Movers and Packers Pro
moving company WordPress theme


It is a feature-rich cab service WordPress theme with compatibility for most of the popular plugins for SEO, SMO, sliders, and galleries. It also has support for WooCommerce and translation. There are some amazing plugins available for creating contact forms and embed them in different places. Several blog layouts and templates are available for inner pages. With the advanced shortcodes, you can embed eye-catching designs to display videos, write quotes and actionable contact information.

SKT Full Width Pro
Full Wide WordPress theme


This is one of the unique cab service WordPress themes where you can show a map or route to a visitor in the background of the home page based on his location. It has innovation menu design with classic transparent ribbon like style. You can design inner pages with different templates provided and the plugins for sliders and gallery are pre-installed. The design is completely flat and it comes with more 500 fonts and icons.

If you are running a cab service company, then it is vital that you set up an online presence at the earliest for that’s exactly what your competition has over you. Feel free to check out our cab service WordPress themes but you should know that setting a WordPress site is not merely about marketing or getting the word out but has more to do with providing customers a range of tools that will make it easier for them to book cabs and even to track their cabs online. It’s about providing your customers with quality service which should result in better user engagement, higher conversion rate and theretofore, with better SERP. You should be able to do this and more by choosing one from the many cab service WordPress themes. Here’re a few reasons as to why you need to install this theme at the earliest.

  • Easy booking: With the right cab service theme integrated into your website, customers should be able to book their cabs in an instant. Moreover you can use some of the add-on features to add options for your customers, ensure that your website is ecommerce ready with a payment gateway to facilitate fast payment and a secure platform to do it in. With the right cab service theme, you should be able to do that and more.
  • Online tracking: With the right theme, and embedded maps, your users should be able to use your website to track their cabs and even organize their trips in advance. By enabling status and tracking, you should be able to enhance user experience on your website and this should lead to more traffic and better customer feedback, higher SERPS and much more.
  • Multiple payment options: When choosing the theme, you may want to make your website compatible with various currencies and make it compatible with digital wallet as well. But before that, you need to make sure that your site is SSL encrypted, so as to offer your users with more protection and a secure platform to use. Given the variety that’s available from CC, debit cards, digital wallets; you need to set up a payment gateway that manages to incorporate most of the important payment formats. By doing so you should be able to provide your customers with more payment options which should help make your website more popular.
  • Free vs. premium: There are a lot of good cab service themes that you can go for, both free and premium. You just need to know what your current requirements are and then choose the right theme accordingly. It is Important that you choose the right theme to make a meaningful impact or for your website to see a decent amount of traffic.

These are some of the reasons as to why you should choose a cab service theme for your website; with the right theme at hand, you should be able to increase your user engagement, tap in more customers, develop a larger audience base and become one of the premium cab service companies in your location.

vCard WordPress themes for displaying your vCards online


A search based collection of vCard WordPress themes is discussed in this article for showcasing your vCards, CV or resume online and receive the attention you deserve.

The Internet based world of today plays a central role in how companies and organizations are looking for employees and how people are searching for appropriate jobs. It has become the place connecting two parties from every corner of the globe.

Hence, going online with your personal and professional information in the form of vCards or online resume can be the best investment in your reputation.

WordPress makes it uncommonly easy to create and showcase vCards online and issue it to the target audience. In particular, the developers of SKT Themes have not lingered to create and launch premium quality vCard WordPress themes for you.

Below, we will point you in the direction of such vCard WordPress themes ready to be an instant solution for your digital needs. Choose any of them, add your information and be competitive in the current business world without putting a massive amount of efforts into it.


resume WordPress theme

Me is a simple to use and lightweight, responsive and mobile optimized vCard and CV WordPress template to steer your personal or business website any direction you want. This theme is ready made to make it ultimately easy for you to exchange your virtual card with others and share your contact and other information with them. Moreover, this template is cost conscious and will definitely cost you less than the print or purchase of thousands of traditional business cards. Make use of the neat and accurate design of the theme or change it to match your taste and identity. Filterable gallery area is also added to the theme to share the pieces of your projects and portfolio.


SKT Perfect:

perfect commercial WordPress theme

SKT Perfect is a top rated and highly popular product among vCard WordPress themes to conquer the online world easily. In a nutshell, this template is launched as an amazing collection of handy features and customization options to make the most of your online personal or business presence. Greet your potential partners with a conveniently deployed theme sections which are packed with useful information, give your contact details and display your works, projects and other portfolio items. Armed with easy to use drag and drop interface, SKT Perfect is never hesitant to function responsively when it comes to mobiles or other portable devices. More than 100 shortcodes, different blog layout options and prebuilt templates, SEO optimization and admin friendly backend based on customizer make this template more valuable.


SKT Dual:

marketing WordPress theme

SKT Dual is designed to help passionate individuals and businesses to display their qualities and works online and make them shine. Visually engaging, yet serious, functionally advanced and sophisticated, this template comes with easy installation and activation, as well as further customization controls from behind the scenes. It’s up to you to make all the relevant changes and personalize the theme to share your values and talents. SKT Dual has all the prerequisites to be used for other business or corporate, marketing, financial or commercial purposes as well. You are also free to replace the default slider with any other compatible slider plugin and present your best images on the homepage.


SKT Launch Pro:

author WordPress theme

SKT Launch Pro is here to make sure that your website is presentable enough not to lose any potential cooperation or business. It is one of the creative and zealous vCard WordPress themes you can get from WordPress repository and change or amend it in your preferred way. It is developed in compliance with all WP standards and as such is totally responsive and mobile friendly, granting your mobile users with the best user experience. This immensely versatile and sophisticated template hardly feels a shortage of pre enabled features and elements, including Google fonts and social icons, blog styles, color controls and more. Ebook authors and writers will also appreciate SKT Launch Pro since this theme is also well optimized for them to launch and present their works.


SKT Lens Pro:

Multipurpose and multifunctional, SKT Lens Pro will open up new horizons for your professional growth. Capture the opportunity of sharing your best expertise online via vCard or CV and enjoy dozens of its benefits. The codebase of the theme is well written and meets the demands of WordPress codex. It means that this user and admin friendly template is powered with exceptional functionality and customizable framework to undergo all the required changes whenever you need. Multilingual ready platform, smooth navigation controls and cross mobile compatibility, built in gallery, shortcodes, accordions and tabs will provide you with unlimited possibilities to share your vCards proudly.


SKT StartUp Pro:

startup WordPress theme

SKT StartUp Pro is another powerful template including in our list of vCard WordPress themes and is targeted to novices and small business representatives. Whether you are launching a new project, building a digital company or want to present your online CV via your website, SKT StartUP Pro will be ideal for your needs. Mix and match of multiple useful options are at your disposal to stylize your digital face in the most creative way. Homepage prebuilt slider is an amazing tool to make your best images or photos stand out and attract your web visitor’s attention. There are also slider animation effects for better exposure, different page styles, color and font changing and styling options, cross mobile and device compliant nature, etc.



personal WordPress theme

With Character you are not going to sacrifice simplicity for flexibility. Character seamlessly unites both and makes it surprisingly convenient for you to build your vCard website and keep it fresh faced all the time. The authors of this theme have spent much time generating a beautiful assemblage of features that are all manageable and easy to customize. Among them are homepage slider, colors and fonts, as well as shortcodes which are more than 100 in number.


In the digital world, life as we know it is being transformed and increasingly integrated to the point that even companies and organizations have started relying heavily on the same to choose the right candidate for their company. If you have just finished your graduation and entering the job arena, then you may want to think twice about checking out some of our vCard WordPress themes. With the right theme, you should be able to share your vCard, CV and other pertinent information with employers instantly. Given the intense competition that exists in almost all the fields, you may be better off by selecting one of the many vCard WordPress themes and setting up your website and get a leg up on the rest of the competition, in the process. Here are a few reasons why you should do so at the earliest.

  • Resume website: It is always a great idea to feature your resume front and center and with so many vCard themes to choose from, you should be able to do just that. Moreover, with the right theme, you should be able to personalize your vCard and your CV so that it makes the right impression. While some still prefer to get on by with their word document, it is vital that you have an online format that’s readily available to share with prospective clients and hence the vCard theme.
  • Business: It makes perfect sense to integrate vCard themes for your business website; after the entire first thing that any prospective client would want to know is how to contact you and any additional information regarding your products and services. With the right vCard theme, you should be able to share these “digital” cards with them in real time and this in turn should help to increase customer engagement and lead to more conversions.
  • Make the right impression: Whether you are just a college grad on the lookout for a job or a new business owner in search of customers and new partners, the vCard theme should be just the thing you need to help make the right impression. These themes are customizable and come with several add-on features so that you are able to share instantly with others all pertinent information regarding yourself, your work history, personal details, contact number and anything else that may seem relevant. In short, with this theme in particular, it should help make you more visible and give a boost to your user engagement stats. Chances are that you may need to customize your digital card to make it stand out from the rest and these themes come packed with a host of tools that enable you to do that and more.

This is why it is essential that you build your website using vCard theme as it can help you to reach out to prospective employers and others. More importantly, it should certainly help enhance user experience which should start reflecting positively on your SEO rankings as well.


The Top Benefits of Choosing Bespoke WordPress Themes

WordPress planning

It can be argued that WordPress is the most popular online web hosting service in the world today. Millions of website are powered by this architecture and the numbers seem to be growing on a daily basis. One of the main advantages associated with WordPress is the sheer variety of themes and templates to choose from. Let us take a look at how modern online business ideas can benefit from this architecture as well as why it is a great idea to combine such software with third-party e-commerce platforms. If you have been considering creating a website based off of the WordPress hosting service, this article will prove to be quite informative.

Flexible, Cost-Effective and SEO-Friendly Solutions

Many website owners will tout the flexibility associated with WordPress as its primary benefit. Not only does this involve the sheer variety of themes currently available, but it also centers around the fact that those with even a basic understanding of CSS coding can make any changes as they see fit. All options are presented from within a user-friendly dashboard and any changes can be previewed before they take effect. In the event that the wrong theme is chosen, it can simply be replaced by another. Let’s also keep in mind that there are thousands of themes to choose from. Some are provided directly through WordPress while others are offered by third-party developers.

The themes associated with WordPress are very cost-effective options for those who are governed by a limited budget. While many templates are free, even those which require a one-time payment are quite affordable. We also need to refer back to the user-friendly nature of the architecture. As opposed to being forced to hire a dedicated programmer or IT specialist, many changes can be made by the end user. This saves times as well as money.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a very real concern for any business. Unfortunately, some owners are unable to wrap their heads around the best policies while avoiding outdated tactics. WordPress is unique in the fact that it offers SEO-friendly coding. This architecture can be easily recognized by major search engines such as Google. Also, there are a number of advanced plugins which can be downloaded for free. These are essentially tools to enhance existing SEO strategies and to check for errors in blocks of text (such as a product description). Yoast is arguably the most famous example of this architecture and it is a very useful tool for those who might be new to the concept of SEO.

A handful of additional advantages that should not be taken for granted include:

  • The ability to embed content directly into an RSS feed.
  • Mobile-responsive website design.
  • On-the-go updates when necessary.
  • An excellent customer support team in the event of a problem.
  • Intuitive help guides and tutorials.

Still, are there any ways that you can even further enhance the e-commerce side of your website? Let’s take a look at some useful suggestions to consider.

Why Not Mix and Match?

WordPress themes are generally centered around requirements such as content marketing, social media integration and responsive web design. However, some themes do not necessarily focus upon e-commerce solutions. It is only fair to observe that WordPress does indeed offer a number of basic templates which can be embedded within a specific page of a website. However, most are associated with a limited sense of functionality. This “bare-bones” design can be slightly problematic if you are hoping to offer advanced checkout options or if you require more advanced marketing tools.

This is why a growing number of retail websites are choosing to employ third-party templates that are specifically designed to address e-commerce concerns. Most are fully compatible with WordPress and they can be inserted in only a matter of minutes. It should also be mentioned that possessing a strong e-commerce page will help to gain the trust of new and existing customers; an important benefit if you hope to remain ahead of the competition.

On a final note, WordPress themes can often be used as virtual sandboxes by those who are looking to try out specific pages and templates before presenting them to the general public. This allows website owners to fully appreciate their associated functionality as well as any potential drawbacks.

WordPress and e-commerce should always be able to enjoy a hand-in-hand relationship. Through the use of bespoke and eye-catching themes, this concept will soon become a reality. Of course, be sure to check for third-party themes offered by such firms as Oberlo and Shopify to truly understand the advancements that have been made over recent times. The digital sky is the limit in regards to web design and there is no doubt that WordPress is still at the top of its game.

What should I take into account when choosing my theme?

The venture spending plan and time period will have a considerable measure to state about how much time you can stand to spend on a site. There are three distinct classes of topics you can consider dependent on the requests of your undertaking and the measure of time you can spend idealizing the completed item.

Topic structures are the best approach in the event that you have to begin with a clear slate. Beginning, and Thesis are for the most part strong items you can manufacture any kind of site over. With some training, you’ll get quite great at making destinations rapidly with your most loved system. In any case, if speed is the most essential factor, you may need to either skirt the structure for a subject or select a skin or youngster topic pre-worked for your most loved system.

At the opposite end of the range are full-included topics proposed to be utilized with appropriate out-of-the-case and require insignificant change. You can either choose an independent subject, for example, the previously mentioned Sydney topic, or a pre-manufactured skin for your most loved system.

Finally, in the event that you would prefer not to fabricate a subject sans preparation with a system, and you can’t discover a topic that is ideal appropriate out-of-the-container, you can choose a topic or structure skin that is intended to be effectively altered. It nearly abandons saying that system skins are intended to be anything but difficult to work with. Be that as it may, the equivalent isn’t valid for subjects. Some are anything but difficult to modify while others are exceptionally hard to alter and may break effectively. In the last piece of this article, we’ll investigate approaches to decide how simple it will be to redo a subject on the off chance that you need to go this course.

Funky WordPress Themes for unique styling different branding online exposure

Funky WordPress Themes

Creating funky, visually interactive and modern looking websites has become a crucial task in maintaining online popularity and high results. And our funky WordPress themes are what are being constantly used for crafting such unique and charming websites, blogs, online business ventures, e commerce platforms and more. What is more enjoyable in relation to these funky WordPress themes is the fact that they are universal and ready made to experiment the role of the web foundation for websites of any kind, size or functional capacity.

Your website is one of the essential indicators of your brand, business, company or undertaking, its qualities and characteristics. Therefore, the better you prepare for the online exposure, the higher the client satisfaction and customer retention rates will be. Well, the simplest way to do that is to start with a reliable and authentic website template that will also be easy to play with and work on.

The customizability and flexibility of each of these modern and funky WordPress themes will make your brain flow with unique and creative ideas, new and original website solutions to pair with the overall fresh looking, dynamic and flat design already exercised by the theme authors.

Easy to install, update and maintain, these funky WordPress themes will keep your business or brand consistent with the right presentation, technical preparedness, user friendliness and search engine optimization. The role of the website admin, in this, case is to take certain management options to adapt the default platform to the specific needs of this or that website and its potential users.

Finally, whether you are new to the scene or not, whether you have ever dealt with web customization or development, you will be able to make your website astonishingly productive and user centric with these funky WordPress themes, as they are all minutely thought out and armed with admin friendly tools to make a simple and easy to manage environment you are going to enjoy.

1. CoWorking:


CoWorking is a kind of fool proof strategy to take any kind of website to an ideal level of presence online. As one of the modern and flat design based funky WordPress themes, it generates lovely look and accurate appearance where every single detail matters and has its unique place.

This makes any website or blog visually accurate and adaptable to different platforms, mobile resolutions, screens and more. So, you are going to have the best presence across multiple devices, from the smallest to the largest ones.
The theme’s SEO qualities along with multilingual readiness and plugin compatibility complements to the effective crawling of search engines for directing potential clients and customers to your posts and pages.

2. Pizza:
pizza WordPress theme


Pizza is one of the latest and contemporary styled, technically unbeatable and food / drink centric website template to be used on the basis of culinary and cooking, food industry and food marketing, natural and eco food and agriculture, food delivery and pizzeria websites and not only.

From showcasing delicious meals and menus online to sharing the picturesque locality of your restaurant or café, sharing images of it, offering tables for reservations and accepting online orders, anything can be quickly managed with this smart and seriously developed template. The theme’s default potential along with preloaded shortcodes and compatible plugins to be added is more than enough for you to feel the true power of WordPress CMS and its simplicity in usage.

3. Jewellery:
Jewellery Shop WordPress Theme


The next simple and easy to use, customize and configure template generating clear yet funky web design is known to be Jewellery.

Totally commercial ready, this template is suitable for different online shopping and trading practices, online storefronts and other e commerce environments to contribute to the sales volumes and win the attention of the international audience as well.

Page and post layout options, experiments with colors and fonts, image and homepage slider control, blog layout for daily news and updates, more than 100 shortcodes for simplifying your work, widget friendly footer, header and sidebar areas for giving a well formatted look to your site are all available within Jewellery and can be at your disposal at an affordable price.

4. My Dog:
Dog WordPress Theme


Flat and funky web design continues to be trendy and dominant web solution for thousands of website builders. My Dog is one of such preferable and flat structured funky WordPress themes to grant your website with valuable look on the one hand and simplified user experience, on the other.

Online storytelling with this responsive and shortcodes ready, cross mobile checked and plugin compatible template can make your brand or personal business pop. All you need to do is to be creative in your customization options while working from behind the scenes and add unique content so that your site will celebrate the best look and feel, will add value to your online presence and will generate more and more traffic.

5. Modelling:
Model WordPress Theme


Another shop and commercial friendly funky template ready to revolve around e commerce, modeling and fashion, online boutique and accessories sale platforms is called Modelling.

Smoothly navigable and styled with subtle colors, Modelling adopts “less is more” principle when it comes to displaying excessive elements, buttons, striking design solutions and more. The white based and hassle free appearance of it is ideal for drawing the client’s attention to the target content or images, CTAs and links.
Widget, shortcode and plugin friendly, the theme is also translation ready with PO file inclusion, as well as HD ready for ensuring your site hosts high quality imagery and visual content.

6. SKT Christmas:
christmas greetings SKT Themes


SKT Christmas is joyful and festive funky and decorous template you can exercise for diverse purposes and web manifestations.

Whether it’s Christmas sale or discounts, accessories or decorations to be advertised and sold, or event or anniversary planning services, costumes or gifts to be showcased and offered, you can customize the template accordingly from the theme’s admin panel. Here you can make the most of the preloaded features and elements, as well as add new tools and plugins, page builders or visual composers to make the web customization work easie.

CupCake WordPress Themes for pastries and bakery shop sites

A search – based assemblage of cupcake WordPress themes is discussed in this article.

These cupcake WordPress themes can be used for bakeries and coffee shops, cafes and restaurants, food bloggers and food gurus, as well as pastry and other food – related businesses.

Food marketing is not as simple as it may seem at a first glance. It exercises roundabout ways to connect food producer or seller with its consumer through a chain of different activities. And the digital ways including also a website are the important links of that chain.

As for the “cupcakery” or cupcake business, it is one of the relatively new branches in food industry which is already booming and attracting millions of people. And if you have made your mind to offer a variety of cupcake flavors to the public at large, here we are with a splendid collection of bakery and cupcake WordPress themes to boost your online presence with pretty little investment.

All those templates share premium – quality with outstanding design and graphical touches to allure your web visitors and target client – base. Create your beautiful and chic website easily and customize it for all kinds of users, including those who like to eat cupcakes their way to work, university or somewhere else.

1. Bakers:
bakery wordpress theme


2. We Bake:
bakery WordPress theme


We Bake is one of the beautiful and lively cupcake WordPress themes designed for food and pastry – related topics and niches. It generates totally manageable platform packed with a variety of useful tools. Homepage default slider is the best visual content holder to greet any web visitor with the unique look and taste of your cupcakes. Moreover, you are free to control pause time, animation and other effects making your slides look more effective. Other valuable features of the theme include easy to control homepage sections, fonts and colors, widgetized footer and header parts, as well as available blog section for daily updates. E-commerce ready layout has been inserted into We Bake for you to establish and run your online bakery shop. WooCommerce compatibility for selling your pastries online is also added to the theme.

3. Perfect Food:


Perfect Food will turn thousands of heads with its exceptional look and appearance. It’s going to be a reliable platform for you to virtually offer all your products, including cupcakes, pastry, desserts, sandwiches, soft drinks, coffee and tea, ice cream, cookies and more. The theme’s structure is well – arranged and persistent. It means that you can organize your content classification and insertion into the relevant parts of the theme. It suggests lots of practical features and handy tools, among them full – width homepage slider for the most appetizing images and photos. As a vivid mixture of simplicity and power, Perfect Food is as adaptive and flexible as it is nice – looking and beautiful. Social media integration is also done at a high level for your website and its content to be social – friendly and social – optimized.

4. Complete Pro:
complete WordPress theme


Complete Pro is one of the most intelligent and comprehensive cupcake WordPress themes one can ever have as a starting point of his website. It is ready – made to flaunt your unique style or brand with ease and proudly showcase all the professionalism of your staff and its members. This template is as easy in management and customization as walking on a favorite pair of shoes. Simple practice the given admin dashboard from the back of the theme and add, remove and edit whatever needed. There are color picker controls to manage the overall color dominance of your site, font arrangement options for the best typography matching your aesthetics, easy shortcodes implementation for content, and much more. GPL – licensed and armed with simple drag and drop functionality, Complete Pro is the one to offer multiple footer and header layouts, as well as SEO and SMO – friendly coding.

5. SKT Gardening:
gardening landscaping WordPress theme


Please, welcome SKT Gardening as another top – rated platform among cupcake WordPress themes to run for your relevant website. Designed with style and coded with sophistication, SKT Gardening is the one to wow all your website visitors with large and high – resolution images hosted by the homepage slider. Rolled up by a tidy and clean design, this template celebrates maximum flexibility and the ability to response to any mobile or device screen and resolution for the pixel – perfect rendering of your content. The theme is also widget – friendly with footer and header areas to easily manipulate with them in a drag and drop fashion.

6. Diet and Nutrition:
diet and nutrition WordPress theme


Diet and Nutrition is the next food and drink, diet and nutrition, nature and eco – friendly templates with which you don’t need to be an expert in web development field. Whether you are revamping your old site to give it a fresh feeling or starting a completely new project, this template can be the helping hand to advertise your mouth – watering cupcakes and other desserts. Sweep your website viewers off their feet with your high – quality images on the homepage slider or gallery area. With widgetized sidebar area for additional content and about 10 homepage pre – loaded sections, Diet and Nutrition is well – optimized in convincing responsive design and coding. Testimonials area is also added for your satisfied clients and customers to leave their positive feedbacks and reviews.

7. Coffee Shop:
cafe WordPress theme


For any kind of coffee or bakery shop, Coffee Shop is a superstar. It is also in the collection of the best cupcake WordPress themes to result in a lot of buzz in connection to your cupcake business. No matter whether you bake and sell your tasty cupcakes from a curbside, from you café or even the kitchen of your home, you have to make them “searchable” in the online platform in order to gain popularity and establish a brand. Coffee Shop is created with all these requirements in the developer’s mind and as such comes with cross mobile and browser compatibility and durable HTML5 and CSS3 coding. It has also been checked for its compliance with a wide range of SEO, commercial and other plugins.

Adult Education WordPress Themes for life coaching sessions & programs

The best adult education WordPress themes are brought together to form a valuable collection. From special adult education programs and sessions, adult life coaching and consultation to higher education programs and literacy programs, adult course enrollment and student recruiting websites, any kind of adult education and learning, development and growth topics can benefit from these adult education WordPress themes.

Education is one of the principal human rights, irrespective of the age, nationality, religion or so. Moreover, the world does not stand still. It is developing and is doing that at a very fast pace. And the faster the changes in the modern world, the better people realize the importance of modern education and knowledge of the relevant technologies, methods, practices and more.

Our adult education WordPress themes are dedicated to the support of modern educational courses and institutions aimed at ensuring the progress of the adults in educational sphere and around it.
In today’s civilized and knowledge based world, education, and most importantly, the knowledge gained in the process of learning, has turned into the main source of income and capital.

With the same principle, your professional website based on any of these adult education WordPress themes can turn to be one of the primary headwaters of your learning or e learning business.

With maximum flexibility and utmost precision across diverse platforms and browsers, these templates are offered at an affordable price and offer a stunning platform to upload your own content without depending on the web developers and designers.

1.Caregiving :


2. Psychology:


3. SKT Education:
education WordPress theme


SKT Education is measured as one of the most successful and beneficial adult education WordPress themes ready to revolve around of learning and educational websites both for children and adults.

While making a unique website with your favorite colors and touches is super easy, the core framework of the theme is durable and strong since it is powered by HTML and CSS3. It means that your website’s security and data protection are guaranteed no matter which kinds of changes are being made from the back part of the theme.

As an e learning and e course website builder, SKT Education shows its all potential while being paired with LMS plugins and extensions, among them Learnpress, Learndash, Sensei and others.

4. Adventure:
adventure WordPress theme


Adventure is another well managed and courageous template that knows the best way to building top rated educational profiles, goes that way and shows the simplest way of achieving more with the given platform.

New posts and pages can be easily added and customized the way needed, colors and fonts can be settled accordingly, new courses and groups can be updated at any time you wish, contact information can be made available in contact section or via footer and header areas.

Another valuable advantage Adventure share is its responsive and cross mobile optimized design to make your educational content and learning materials available across portable devices and smartphones.
The theme is also coded to be SMO friendly, as well as social media and social sharing optimized to engage more and more audience and organic search results.

5. SKT Tube:
video WordPress theme


Video materials and tutorials have long become an integral part of modern and distance learning programs. SKT Tube is one of such video based adult education WordPress themes enabling your clients to subscribe to your website updates and video content and view them irrespective of their location, desktop or mobile Internet consumption or something else.

Video slider is a great way to advertise your videos and other content and bring it closer to your target audience. You can also change the default slider and test some new ones with a functionality and performance capacity other than yours.

Offer the most diversified educational choices for your near and long distance learners can be showcased via the preloaded sections and areas.

Testing programs and special discounts, FAQs and other important content can also be accurately displayed within your posts and pages.

6. Play School:
education WordPress theme


Play School is exactly what you need in relation to the creation and dynamic development of your learning or adult education website or blog.

Absolutely any kind of relevant educational platform or community, institution or company, starting from kindergartens and preschools to higher educational institutions and e learning portals can be best showed off with the help of Play School.

One thing that any website owner will like in Play School is its elasticity and resilience when you try to undertake certain customization and management options. The best part of such workload is that you don’t have to deal with complex coding, just with easy shortcodes that can be exercised for this or that purpose.

7. Classified Ads:


Are you planning to monetize your learning platform or educational portal with relevant advertisement and training announcements, project launches and discounts? Then Classified Ads is what you will ever need in your journey to more revenue and partnership ties.

We live in a chaotic world where there is more and more information, but less and less meaning and importance. Therefore making your website purposeful and to the point with high quality content, HD images and right calls to actions is of real importance.

In this relation, Classified Ads is well thought out and well equipped with every single bit of code and design to make your virtual life much easier and productive in all the possible ways.

8. Online Coach Pro:


Providing thousands of people with high quality education and online coaching without making them leave their homes is one of the productive ways of making a good progress in the modern educational world.

Online Coach Pro is one of such convenient tools and website ecosystems to combine all your efforts into the establishment of a powerful website with mature education and literacy programs, life coaching, qualification exams and more.

Support adults and not only in fulfilling their vocational and academic goals through your website that is going to be responsive and mobile optimized, translation ready and cross plugin compatible.

Gutenberg WordPress themes that make a difference between success and failure for your business

Gutenberg WordPress themes

It seems that the much awaited update is here at last, it’s only a matter of time before WordPress 5.0 would soon be available to all and with this, WordPress manages to cement its position as one of the world’s leading CMS vendor. What sets this update apart from the last one is that the current update comes with Gutenberg editor with Gutenberg WordPress themes, which frankly makes the current editor almost obsolete. It is indeed an improvement over the last editor and manages to offer a seamless interface through which you should be able to add, modify and edit content with ease. Given the imminent update, a few themes have started to incorporate the Gutenberg editor; check out below for more details on some of the top Gutenberg WordPress themes.

1. Organic WordPress theme:


Organic WordPress theme is one of the very few to incorporate Gutenberg editor, right at the beginning. While the overall design is aesthetically perfect, this theme is better suited for content marketers and comes with additional tools that should enable you to optimize the same for SEO with ease. This new theme is Gutenberg compatible, and comes with sliders with the option to hold ten sliders and much more.

2. HR Management:
Hr Management WordPress Theme


HR Management is perfectly suited for companies, party planners, and event managers and comes loaded with templates that should prove handy. It comes with a responsive design which should help your website enhance user experience. The overall design seems to be good and comes with the latest WordPress and CSS3 animations. You can customize and tweak the layout as per your preference including trying out unlimited color options. It would be a good idea to do a demo and if HR Management seems to be a good fit, then you should go ahead with it.

3. Cleaning Company:
Cleaning Company WordPress Theme


Cleaning Company is a Gutenberg based WordPress theme that’s more suited for anyone who’s running a service oriented company; it is a perfect fit for those in the cleaning business. Cleaning Company comes loaded with a subscription plugin through which you should e able to reach out to a wider audience. The site design is good and looks uncluttered and is quite responsive as well. Cleaning Company manages to stand out given its creative design and if you wanted that one of a kind site, and then Cleaning Company may well be it. But as mentioned earlier, always do a demo.

4. Recipe, Gutenberg bogging WordPress theme:
Recipe WordPress Theme


If you were looking for a Gutenberg based theme for your personal blog, then Recipe would be a good fit. Thanks to Gutenberg editor, you should be able to drag and add your content instantly and in real time. It comes with a pre-loaded information architecture which is just perfect for any blog; all the blog posts would be displayed by the title page and category right on the front page. What makes this theme interesting is that it enables you to set different backgrounds for each one of your posts; so you can be sure to get more than your fair share of attention for your blog posts, with this theme. It is also compatible with various recipe plugins such as Cooked, WP Ultimate Recipe, EasyRecipe, Meal Planner, Recipe Hero, Yummly rich, Recipe Box and others as well

5. Web Programmer:
Programmer WordPress Theme


This Gutenberg based WordPress theme for Web Programmer, creative bloggers. If you want a theme with all the latest bells and whistles, then you definitely need to check Web Programmer out. Web Programmer, coupled with Gutenberg’s block based approach to content makes it easy for you to seamlessly post and tag your content as well. Moreover, the content gets posted with widgets on the side which you can edit and modify your content and decide what goes on your landing page. It comes with a responsive design and visually stunning backgrounds, which you can use with each individual post.

6. Astrologer, author’s WordPress theme for beginners:
Astrology WordPress Theme


If you are an astrologer, then this is the theme for you since with it, you should be able to build an easy to understand astrology themed website from scratch. It comes with a simple interface and thanks to Gutenberg editor, it comes with additional features, which make it possible for you to drag and drop content in with ease. It also comes with a lot of templates which in turn come with many options to choose from, as you use the template to publish a post. Do a demo and check it out and if it’s a good fit, then you may want to use Astrologer for your blog.

7. Solar Energy, simple ecommerce WordPress theme:
Solar Energy


When you are setting up a business website, it is always a good idea to go with WordPress as it comes with increased flexibility that allows you to customize it as per preference. Solar Energy is no different, and comes loaded with the perfect layout for your store with Woo Commerce plugin. The overall design is simple and uncluttered and this is one of the few themes that can be incorporated to your site with few changes.

8. Finance, bold portfolio WordPress theme:


Finance is primarily a multi-purpose theme which can be used for various industries and niches. It comes with a professional design and a responsive one at that, which should help with the SERPS. It also comes with 4 layout types for header that you can use as well short code generator and so much more. This WordPress theme comes pre-loaded with Gutenberg editor making it easy to upload content and edit, instantaneously. The overall design is a tad plain but somehow it works perfectly which is why it makes the list.

9. Wedding Videographer, Gutenberg WordPress theme:
Wedding videographer WordPress Theme


The interesting thing about Wedding Videographer is that as a theme, you can use it for your business or even use it to set up a personal blog. The overall design is simple enough; it also comes with a minimal grid system that you can use to highlight and contrast certain images. It comes with 4 different grid types for the home page along with different header images and even gets the single posts dressed up, as per your preference. The Gutenberg editor makes it easy to add and tweak content and with it, your website should get better traction online.

10. SKT job portal:
Job Portal WordPress Theme


This Gutenberg WordPress theme can be used for HR board, consultancies and practically most themes. It comes with a responsive design and one that should help you make a better connect with the people out there. It is compatible with most page builder plugins, and can be viewed using any device.

Elementor WordPress themes – A powerful tool to get your business to new heights

Elementor WordPress themes

If as a business owner, you are looking to set up your website, then you could do no better than going ahead with WordPress. WordPress offers you easly flexibility and most of the WordPress themes come with tools that can help you create outstanding pages. Today, some of the top companies have started developing sites based on WordPress which only underscores the fact that WordPress is getting to be increasingly popular for all the right reasons. Elementor is a free resource page builder that you can use to build intuitive, web pages and allows you to design on the front end rather than drag and drop. The issue with drag and drop is that you would have to wait a while whereas with Elementor you can see the changes being incorporated in real time. Check out some of these Elementor WordPress themes.
Best Elementor themes for 2018

1. SKT Perfect:
perfect commercial WordPress theme


As a WordPress theme, SKT Perfect is Woocommerce ready, meaning that you can use this theme and the layouts, templates to set up your business along with being able to use various translation plugins with the chosen theme. It comes with a widgetized footer and if that was not enough, it also features 100+ shortcodes making it possible for you to direct users to the ‘call to action’ part of the page, effectively and thereby leading to better conversions. It also comes with 20 themes, and you can choose the right one for your website.

2. Blog and Shop:
blog shop wordPress themes


Blog and Shop is one of those WordPress themes that enable you to build your website from scratch and to customize the same to suit any industry. It is a ready to import website and just a perfect fit for page builders like Elementor. It comes with real time visual header, unique header for mobile devices, responsive edit modes and much more.

3. WoodWorks:
WoodWorks WordPress themes


if you wanted a stylish, professional website then you definitely need to check out WoodWorks. This is one theme that stands out from the lot with its trendy look, advanced menu options, more widgets than you can throw a mouse at; it is fully customizable and comes with a responsive and intuitive web design. It also includes the parallax effect and to top it all, comes with short code plugin; furthermore, you can do a dry run with various templates.

4. Creative Agency:
Creative Agency WordPress Themes


If you were ever in need of a professional looking website, then you are not going to be able to do much better than this. For starters, this theme comes with all the requisite bells and whistles, is widgetized, and even includes Woo commerce integration along with integrated Microdata for SEO. It also comes with heater and footer customization options along with option for one year support.

5. Farming:
Farming WordPress theme


If you were looking for something small, but simple and effective, then Farming is the one that you need to check out. The overall layout is simple but effective at the same time; it makes good use of white space and draws the visitors’ attention to the relevant portions of the website. It comes with requite documentation along with drag and drop homepage, nine custom widgets, full color control and a responsive design.

6. Bakers:
bakery wordpress theme


If you are planning to set up a website for your business, then you should definitely check out Bakers. It comes with the required documentation; this theme does manage to impress all with its features – it comes with multiple pages, Woo commerce support, and aresponsive and easily navigable design, along with a revolution slider, multiple page options and templates.

7. CoWorking:


This WordPress theme is almost perfect for any business, small or big; CoWorking comes with customizable content blocks, which should make it easier to add content, and edit the same. It also features a responsive design, along with slide in effects and sliders, and compatibility with various page builder plugins. CoWorking is Woo commerce ready and you should be able to set it up in minutes with Elementor. It also comes with, call to action and stands out for all the right reasons..

8. My Dog:
Dog WordPress Theme


My Dog is one of the few WordPress theme that can be loaded as it is, for it almost comes with everything that you would need as a business owner. This theme features a responsive design, is Woo Commerce ready, and happens to be optimized for speed as well. In other words, your users should be able to navigate through your web pages fast which should help improve your SERPS. It also comes with full width templates as well as readymade templates for the rest of the pages. Make sure that you check them all out.

9. Jewellery:
Jewellery Shop WordPress Theme


Jewellery as the name indicates is just the sort of theme you would want when setting up a personal website or you need to market your boutique. It comes with Elementor page builder and you can use the same to set one up with a single page layout or one with multiple pages. The interesting thing about this theme is that it comes with hand painted graphics which makes them all the more interesting. The overall design is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and comes with advanced functionality, multiple templates and a responsive design to boot.

10. Natural Herbs:
Natural WordPress Theme


The interesting thing about Natural Herbs is that it comes with outstanding font that just stands out for all the right reasons. It comes with an animated pre-loader as well as a boxed and full layout which makes it apparent why this theme stands out from the rest. It also comes with a responsive design and provides Woo Commerce support as well. The fact that it comes with custom typography is just an added feature. These are some of the reasons that you may want to check out this theme for your website. But make sure that you carry out a few demos and check out all the features before settling on this Elementor WordPress theme for your website.

These are some of the top Elementor WordPress themes which can be integrated easily with your website thanks to Elementor page builder.

Wholesale WordPress Themes for online selling stores eCommerce retail business

Wholesale WordPress Themes

Get a grasp on what the best wholesale WordPress themes have to offer you before you can choose a reliable one to host your wholesale or retail business, wholesale distribution agent or service, e commerce or clothing store, online storefront or boutique, grocery store or supermarket, supply chain or delivery, logistics or transportation, general product selling, warehouse or stock website.

The rise of e commerce relations has solved a long range of questions and has enabled businesses to overcome hundreds of obstacles such as geographical limitations, extra costs, travel time, etc. On the other hand, it has opened up thousands of new working and promotion opportunities leading to better results with abundant information shared online, comparison shopping to let online buyers make the right decision, online deals, coupons, discounts, bargains, better visibility and new customers over time, etc. Hence, if you are somehow engaged in commercial activities or selling practices as a retailer or a wholesaler, jumping online with one of the top wholesale WordPress themes for taking advantage of all the above mentioned points is a must.

You might think that building a website for your wholesale or retail business is not your forte as you don’t have any technical or coding knowledge. Well, we have good news for you! With each of these wholesale WordPress themes, you are going to enjoy the status of a professional webmaster as they are built with the non coder website admin in the developers’ mind and as such are going to grant you with easy to install, activate, customize and run website platforms you are going to have fun with.

Some of the most tangible pluses of these wholesale WordPress themes are modern styling and secure coding mixture, social media support for winning more attention from frequently used social media platforms, admin friendly dashboard for making it easier for you to take care of the look and feel of your site, and not only. Let’s discover their whole potential one after another.

1. SKT Perfect:
perfect commercial WordPress theme


SKT Perfect is one of the universal and all encompassing wholesale WordPress themes that can be coupled with any kind of e commerce related website or blog.

From small local stores and businesses to seasoned corporations and wholesalers, anyone and everything can be showcased with this responsive and cross mobile checked, flexible and reliable website builder.

Your success with SKT Perfect will come from different sources, from strong client interaction, search engine visibility, reasonable online branding and much more. All this channels are well working as you are the one to control and customize them all to yield the maximum results.

The theme is also powered by easy to use shortcodes and shows perfect cooperation with different plugins, including WooCommerce, translation, SEO, contact form, page optimization and others.

2. Perfect Business:
perfect business WordPress theme


Another ideal template that is custom built to unmistakably comply with all your demands and requirements is known as Perfect Business.

The authors of this HTML 5 and CSS 3 based, visually stunningly beautiful and technically well prepared website have practiced their best vocational skills to make it one of the best wholesale WordPress themes ready to go well with any kind of niche specific content.

There are no limitations to the content that can be displayed throughout the theme in different content zones and widgetized areas which means you can add whatever is needed and be sure it will have the best exposure around the clock.

3. Perfect Logistics:
Perfect Logistics


If you offer a whole package of wholesale and logistics services, Perfect Logistics is what you will need to take all of them online.

With pixel perfect and smoothly navigable layouts which are controllable for posts and pages, with preloaded fonts and color changing options, blog area for keeping your site active and inviting new flows of traffic, Perfect Logistics is a really valuable toolkit you can have at your disposal for presenting the most professional business website.

Naturally, the theme is also e commerce checked and enables you to undertake the integration of any e commerce plugin into the theme for the creation of an online storefront and offering different shopping opportunities.

4. Complete Pro:
complete WordPress theme


Complete Pro is another multi purpose template to be used for absolutely any kind of retail or wholesale business.
With this cost effective yet smart and seriously developed template you will have less stress about finding the most effective web solutions for your profile in order to make it a results driven sales funnel. From the external touches and CSS 3 animations to typography and shortcodes application, integration of plugins and extensions, you are the one to control and manage them all.

The theme’s SEO friendliness is another positive enabling your business to reach out to a larger customer base, bring more people into your online store or make them connect with you with their questions and product inquires.

5. SKT Landing Page:
landing page WordPress theme


SKT Landing Page is what hundreds of website owners choose to have as a starting point of their online presence.
This clear and hassle free template is well formatted and accurate to maximize the potential of your site and make your content fully legible without distracting touches or shades.

The modern flat or material style of this landing page’s design will give your website extra charm and will let it record higher results in search engine rankings, as modern design is what Google and other search robots take into consideration while indexing sites.

6. Shopzee:
eCommerce WordPress theme


Shopzee is one of the experienced and popular e commerce optimized and shopping friendly WordPress powered templates that can make it possible for you to sell beautifully and productively at the same time.

Customize the entire look of your site, add products and their categories, offer special items and give their descriptions, let the website guests compare all of them and make a final decision reasonably. You can also add the best of your imagery on the homepage slider and showcase whatever is relevant to your business the most at the moment.

Bathroom WordPress Themes for hardware furniture bath fittings renovation interior

Bathroom WordPress Themes

A practical roundup of bathroom WordPress themes is to be discussed today. These templates are ideal for bathroom and shower, kitchen and living room design, bathroom furniture manufacturing, installation and supply, bathroom products and services, home renovation and interior design, smart home and house automation, as well as other topics having to do with home improvement and design. Hardware stores and furniture stores, utility service providers, creative construction agencies, paving consultancy services can also find their best exposure with any of these bathroom WordPress themes.

Giving a beautiful and elegant touch to the bathroom is a dream of every home owner. It’s a place where everything can be well taken care of to guarantee your comfort and relax with nice lightning and flowers, design solutions and modern wallpapers, high quality sanitary ware and more.

If you are the one offering such bathroom design and other services to the clients, run a sanitary ware or furniture store that needs to be taken online, want to create a website for offering multiple consultation, interior design, construction or renovation services, you are welcome to choose one of the best bathroom WordPress themes we have already tested and tried.

Each of these excellently designed and professionally developed website templates are going to provide anyone with a complete website building experience. From premium quality and caring technical support to full documentation included in the theme’s package, from firm and durable HTML 5 and CSS 3 coding to admin friendly dashboard with Live Customizer, responsive layout for mobile compatibility and search engine optimization, all the essential touches are added to these bathroom WordPress themes.

1. Perfect Interior:
perfect interior WordPress theme


If you have made up your mind to create a wonderfully engaging and versatile website based on one of the most dependable bathroom WordPress themes, Perfect Interior should be your ultimate choice.

The developers of this modern looking and all inclusive template have done a great job in making this website builder visually captivating and functionally hassle free equally well. It means you won’t need to worry about the look and feel of your site and the way it is presented to your target audience. The website guests can use any modern smartphone or device to browse your posts and pages and find nicely formatted and easy to read content through them thanks to the theme’s default responsiveness and cross mobile compatibility.

2. SKT Stone:
Stone WordPress Theme


SKT Stone is serious looking industrial and architectural website template to be a reasonable solution for a wide range of thematic sites and blogs.

Check out this premium template and you will find thousands of its benefits ready to serve your specific business needs, whether they are revolving around marketing, sales promotion, service provision, e commerce activities, client satisfaction or anything else.

Every single part of the theme is completely customizable with location, colors, fonts, appearance and more to depict the exact look you want to generate for the website. Homepage slider enables you to demonstrate the best samples of your design, portfolio or works, blog area lets you add daily content, publications, articles and news for more traffic and testimonials area available is going to be the best proof of your excellence and qualitative work.

3. Real Estate:
Real Estate WordPress Theme


Real Estate is another top rated website builder among bathroom WordPress themes that comes with extensive features and 100 % customizability, preloaded elements, fonts, icons and shortcodes to make your work from the theme’s backend indescribably easy.

Create your bathstore online or run a user centric bathroom website where your clients will be able to find expert advice or design consultation, review available suites, showers, basins, toilets, tiles, taps and more, compare their prices and make a final decision. They can even purchase the items online and pay for them through your site if you add the plugins developed to add the needed e commerce functionality and online payment gateways support.

4. WoodCraft:
furniture store WordPress theme


If you want to establish strong communication practice with your audience and offer your clients a whole package of products and services like delivery, credit sale, free return, trending products, discounts and more, you are going to love the capacity of WoodCraft ready to host that information and not only.

Company’s profile, blog section for constant updates, footer and header variations to choose from and arm with useful content, social media links, maps, contact details and more, sidebar for pages and posts for any kind of supplementary content are all added to the theme that is also SMO and SEO optimized, shortcodes based and easy to navigate for the website surfers.

5. Furniture Pro:
furniture WordPress theme


Transform your old fashioned website into lead generating machine or start completely new productive project with Furniture Pro to get your furniture or wood products, design solutions or bathroom accessories available for the customers around the clock.

With this responsive and fully adaptive, easy to use and modify web building solution is what you will need to prove you are among the best ones in your industry and a business owner concentrated on satisfying all the clients’ needs with confortable and e commerce ready website.

The theme does almost everything, from offering SEO and SMO optimization to working with shortcodes and plugins, from being wonderfully customizable to celebrating cross mobile and browser compatible coding.

6. Furnish (Interior Pro):
interior design WordPress theme


The last template that can prove you have made a right decision while choosing WordPress to build your website on is called Furnish.

It brings a true collection of premium features, web flat design style and modern HTML 5 coding to present your website in the most effective way. Of course, you can always add an extra charm to it while using the theme’s admin panel and customizing the theme as per your taste, wishes, business objectives and more.

Furnish’s unparalleled plugin support makes this template even more valuable when it comes to e commerce platform and online shopping capacities, integration of online payment methods, better search engine optimization or more interesting contact form, etc.