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Twitter Plugins for WordPress which make extensive use of Twitter easy on your website

7 pieces of Twitter plugins for WordPress that are worth installing and running on your website for Twitter integration with your pages, increasing your Twitter followers and getting more and more retweets.

Twitter is a powerful social media platform as for present with tons of advantages for outreach and expansion of diverse individual and business affairs across the digital environment. So, the ever – growing groundswell of this outlet will expose every individual and his undertaking to a range of new possibilities and conversion growth accordingly.

In this article some of the best and action – provoking samples of Twitter plugins for WordPress are reviewed and presented to consider for your website and to establish a firm connection between your WordPress – powered site and your Twitter account. With each of them your Twitter – related content will be highlighted precisely and presentably through a premium – quality website – level display precedencies. To say the least, those products are truly customizable and flexible enough to smoothly subject to all your preferences and business visions in relation to your followers and audience altogether.


Twitter widget is a full – packed and dynamic Twitter integration solution for a WordPress – type website of any denomination. Customization controls of this plugin are endless, so that every webmaster can effectively take the leading role over its look and feel and customize it upon his requests. In other words, there is a lot of customization over what is displayed in your website and how it functions for increased results. Twitter widget will let you add the essential buttons, among them Tweet button for post and page sharing, Follow button for enabling your website visitors to follow your Twitter updates from the site, Hashtag button for sharing your posts in Twitter with hashtag, as well as Mention button for mentioning specific Twitter account holder when sharing something.


Twitter Feed is another vital and substantial Twitter plugin for WordPress community websites to be acquired and activated for fully – controlled Twitter embedding mechanism for your online existence. It’s a great way of adding your tweets in a few simple clicks by means of widgets and shortcodes. Twitter Feed comes bundled with a bulk of essential features and guarantees an intelligent caching system for optimized performance and comes with readily responsive layout for all kinds of mobiles and devices. Language support is also the integral part of this plugin that enables the usage of both LTR and RTL language variants. Tweet actions, such as likes, replies and retweets and fully enabled as well.


Twitter Cards Meta is one of the most energetic and challenging Twitter Card Plugin to integrate short message communication tool with its attributes with your WordPress – powered website. This wonderfully pliable and neatly – structured plugin is brought forward for thousands of WordPress users entirely for free, letting them treat the whole process of the plugin activation and configuration processes as a joy and meeting their further expectations of driving engagement from this system. And what is more exciting about this plugin is that it responsibly generates automatic setup for your posts, and you won’t experience any concern about the image selection for every post, its description and much more. Summary Card, Summary Card with large image, App Card and Player Card are seamlessly supported by this plugin.


The next in our list of the top – rated Twitter plugins for WordPress is Twitter Widget Pro. It’s another valuable solution for your WordPress – based site to grab the maximum benefit from Twitter and its feeds. This one also comes bundled with automatic installation process that will take the minimum time and will keep you several kilometers away from complex causes. As for the setup, you only need to follow simplified Twitter account setup and verification guidance, and finally, add Twitter Widget Pro to a widget – friendly space of your site. Subsequently, you will be granted with flawless potential to deal with usernames, hashtags and URLs, showcase profile features and display or hide the tweets time and date.


In case you are fond of Twitter area and foresee mind – blowing results from the collaboration of Twitter and your website, then Twitter Button by BestWebSoft is another simple, yet sophisticated way at your command of making an extensive use of Twitter on your WordPress – friendly website by simply adding Tweet, Follow, Hashtag and Mention buttons. With this plugin, you will be the determinant of the button position across your web content, namely before or after, before and after and only shortcode, as well as of setting its options for the website user’s convenience. You may even conclude a list of post types and pages to leave without Twitter buttons.

Twitter Auto Publish is one more clearly – coded and compelling Twitter plugin for WordPress that works for any type of WordPress – based product seamlessly. By the application of this original and highly versatile plugin, you will be able to publish simple text or other message with image automatically from your website or blog to your relevant Twitter account, sort out the items that are going to be published, according to their categorization or custom post types, let WordPress page publishing enabled or disable it. There is also a list of post – related attributes that you might publish together with the post, such as post title, description, post excerpt, permalink, user nickname, etc.


Twitter is recognized and checked as the official Twitter, Vine and Periscope plugin available for any WordPress website or blog. This generalized mechanism is ensured to provide you with tons of practical controls in order to add single or multiple tweets to your site, as well as follow button, so that all the interested website visitors will be able to stay in close connection with you and be informed about all your updates immediately. This clever and smartly – coded plugin has been projected to be totally user and customer – driven so that it can be freely utilized as one of the productive channels to market your business efficiently.

WordPress Donation plugins for charitable trust and NGO type websites

A collection of the most practical and award – winning samples in the repository of the best WordPress donation plugins especially suitable for charity funds, non – governmental and non – profit organizations for motivating people to give a helping hand to those in need and promote their generosity.
With ever – lasting importance of charitable, NGO and non – profit websites calling for humanism, philanthropy and generosity for accomplishing diverse universal and niche – specific goals, the organizational part of such online programs and events turns to be an integral part of any website in order to exercise all the possible ways of receiving funds and aids from any contributor, donor or subscriber across the globe.

In this relation, WordPress donation plugins are all that any such website will need in order to get a complete look and functionality for any kind of fundraising and donation campaigns. All of them celebrate the most versatile touches and functionally tech – savvy performance together with a handy package of essential plugin features. They are stylized to fit a wide array of relevant charitable and donation projects and reveal the most optimal ways for the website visitors to take part in the ongoing events and send their financial means via the most accessible payment gateways and channels.


Smooth and error – free, simple and lightweight, Give is a WordPress donation plugin for easily embedding donation receiving and management system into any kind of WordPress – powered website pertaining to any NGO or non – profit activity. This exceptional plugin is full of truly convenient and dynamic options letting you manipulate your online projects reasonably, avoid additional commission or other charges and take a general control over each and every part of your donation content and data. Give comes with Paypal and other payment systems, tons of customization options to edit and configure whatever is needed, ability to setup custom user roles for effective management of the website, unmistaken donor giving mechanism without any clutter, etc.


Charitable is another premium – quality and highly effectual donation and charitable plugin of WordPress compliance that gives a run down on how to professionally take care of the website donation acceptance and management. This ecosystem is too elastic and intuitive towards any usage, meaning that anything can be smartly controlled and operated without any coding hassle for the web admin. With minimum activation and setup time required, Charitable supports Paypal and offline donation ways to exercise with the help of available portal add-ons: Stripe, Authorize.Net, PayUMoney, PayFast. Just like the previous plugin, this one also gets away from any supplementary charges or financial loss on the way.


The next WordPress donation plugin tracked down by us for supporting any online charity, fundraising or donation events, projects and campaigns to get their affairs so swimmingly is Seamless Donations. It is one of the most popular and credible templates to extend the functionality of your charitable trust or NGO – type website and streamline the donation processes, so that all the willing candidates will spend less time and efforts to feel the magnitude of their shares. While being affordable entirely for free, this amazing product is totally controllable and trackable, so that all the statistics, data, major contributors and donors will be under your very eyes constantly.


PayPal Donations plugin has been built to be as user and customer – friendly as possible. Exemplify and meet your needs through your website visitor’s focus and positive experience when dealing with the easiest PayPal donation system in the form of shortcode or sidebar widget integrated into your website. You can embed your favorite PayPal donation button and let all the donors make their endowments with simple clicks. When adding widget to your sidebar you can also create a title for it, as well as add some specific text above the button. PayPal Donations plugin is already available in a wide range of languages, including Danish, French, German and many others.


PayPal Donation Buttons is another PayPal – related plugin solutions for accepting PayPal donations in the simplest fashion. This feature – rich and custom – built WordPress donation plugin has been coded to enable any charitable fund representative or NGO manager to activate PayPal donation button to be available for all the target groups of website viewers, so that the voluntary sector can easily transform to a loyal army of supporters. 9 ordinary PayPal donation buttons are subject to your selection and preference, moreover, you can make use of your own custom button freely. Not only the button, but also Donation Goal with title, shortcode and date fields, as well as Donation list with Transaction ID and its type, Payment status, date, name and amount fields are available with this plugin.


PayPal donation is sophisticated and clearly – coded WordPress – compatible charity and donation plugin with the primary concern about charitable trust and humanitarian affairs. Powered to generate super easy platform for the usage, no coding knowledge is necessarily required from the website representative to organize a total surveillance over his donations and intuitively add PayPal donation button to the site for donation purposes and undertakings. This button can be located whenever you may thing reasonable in your web pages, so that it will be visible to your audience and will grab their attention easily. With this powerful plugin you can view all the donations, insert the button into posts and pages with a shortcode, set up specific language, image and currency for each button, select among the available 7 diverse PayPal donation buttons, specify the way PayPal window opens and yet much more to come with the free version of this WordPress donation plugin.


Donately Donation Form is a quite simple and lightweight, yet profoundly secure and stable way of adding primary donation functionality to your WordPress self – hosted environment. Use the drag and drop – powered shortcode for your posts and pages or insert widget into the sidebar without any buzz around you. This easy to understand and follow donation strategy will considerably better the donator’s experience and will totally own the donation runway tapping into the power of convenience and usability.

Wiki Knowledge Base WordPress plugins for having a knowledge base area

Customer support and knowledge – base system of any website should be considered separately and assured to function impeccably. This is a complex strategy with relevant procedures to undertake and let your customers and clients be sure, that they can greatly benefit from their interactions with your dedicated staff and specialists. Generally speaking, knowledge – base area of your web presence is considered to be your central repository directly from which the dissemination of your premium – quality and customer – driven information takes place.

In this article we have successfully sorted out some of the most usable wiki knowledge base WordPress plugins for any kind of WordPress – based websites for having a knowledge base area, FAQ (frequently asked questions) or wiki in order to provide the target groups of audience a thorough information about this or that company or organization, its visions and objectives, the relevant services and products and much more. Review the below – inserted knowledge – base flavors that share a competent tone, look and feel and consider them for acquiring and activating for your online profile.


The first wiki knowledge base WordPress plugin in our list is the simplest and the most practical wiki solution is called Very Simple Knowledge Base for to furnish with a centralized place for storing and publishing data for the website visitors to get quick access and find the sufficient answers to their questions. Based on totally responsive design shades to guarantee perfect adjustment when running on the mobiles and tablets, this plugin will let you easily manipulate your categories and posts with 3 or 4 column dispositions. In case of mobile access the columns will appear to be 2.


Next is DW Knowledge Base that is available in the marketplace entirely for free. This useful and dynamic plugin comes with inherently easy to follow installation process and setup, generates amazingly flexible and responsive layout whenever any mobile, tablet or other portable device is called into action, seamlessly integrates with any kind of WordPress – based website and allows anyone to create and manage his website knowledge database with the minimum efforts imaginable. The plugin is also widget – friendly, including tags, categories, popular articles, ordinary or the freshest articles. Customization options are also at your fingertips to turn on or off search form, comments or breadcrumbs. There is also a wide range of modern and highly applicable plugins that are profoundly supported by DW Knowledge Base.


With the simplified step by step installation process that will suit its power and usability to the word is WP Knowledge Base. This user and customer – optimized, functionally advanced and smoothly performing wiki knowledge base WordPress theme come bundled with all the essential features you will need to run an influential and supportive knowledge base web presence with the easiest content management system. Precisely arranged interface of WordPress will help you intuitively create your knowledge base articles, manuals, diverse tips of usages, instructions, recipes , etc. The enumerated features refer to the free version of the plugin. However, you can upgrade to its Pro version for more controls, such as the availability of resizing images, uploading and storing them, adding meta to the body area, etc.


KnB Lite is knowledge base and FAQ plugin for adding interactive features to your website such as knowledge database or the section of frequently asked questions for giving all the important interpretations and answers to the most problematic issues. It is the free version of the plugin with shortcode creation and with the potential of using the theme shortcode generator easily. With this plugin support you can showcase up to 4 columns, customize the overall appearance and choose from the available color wheel to go hand in hand with your website of WordPress production. This wiki knowledge base WordPress plugin is also responsive and cross – browser compliant, so that the technical errors and visual distortions are reduced to minimum in all the possible cases.


Another convenient way of integrating FAQ functionality into your web pages is generated in the form of The Spider FAQ plugin, checked and updated to be totally simple and lightweight in usage and management, so that you can be sure to enhance your website informativity and save your precious time answering the same questions over and over by guiding all your customers and website readers to your instant information repository as a well – organized FAQ section. With this precise and resilient product the entire content of FAQ will not appear as a mess and can be neatly arranged into categories for the easier search and usage. Standard category inclusion within the section can also be implemented.


One more optimal and user – friendly wiki knowledge base WordPress plugin for adding compact and very useful FAQ publication into your website is the Ultimate FAQ plugin. This entirely customizable and easy to control tool will let you use question and answer format for all your website visitors to orientate in a matter of seconds and find all the answers they are interested in. Since the key to a great FAQ section is its practical functionality and presentable design, this stunning plugin is subject to quick customization and management for exceptional look and operation. Thus it will be possible to choose your FAQ style and layout, create categories, share your FAQs in social media platforms, as well as to exercise all its features, review statistics and yet much more to come with the premium version of this plugin.


HTML 5 Responsive FAQ is also deservedly included in our collection to add your frequently asked questions and publicize them in your WordPress – authored website in the easiest fashion. Provide your website with the most comprehensive way of satisfying all your customer inquiries without feeling overwhelmed. This is one of the best and the most responsive FAQ practices that will work unimprovably with any type of WordPress website, add diverse categories, change the visualization of the section to consummately correspond to your theme styling and graphical solutions.

WordPress post pagination without plugin has been explained in this case for users


Pagination in WordPress post without plugin has been explained in this article

Many users and specifically developers do not want to have extra additional plugins loaded up into their website for each and every function and hence take help of coding in that case.

Simple codes which can do functionality and no need of plugins in this case lead us to believe that one can easily add them and get rid of the extra plugins which cause slow down of the website since they load up in either header or footer.

Lesser plugins would mean that conflicting plugins would also result less and one would have to worry less about plugin updates in future as well.

Here are 2 methods which are simple codes given for someone to have pagination in WordPress post simply and easily.

WordPress post pagination without plugin method 1 using functions.php

if ( ! function_exists( 'post_pagination' ) ) :
   function post_pagination() {
     global $wp_query;
     $pager = 999999999; // need an unlikely integer
        echo paginate_links( array(
             'base' => str_replace( $pager, '%#%', esc_url( get_pagenum_link( $pager ) ) ),
             'format' => '?paged=%#%',
             'current' => max( 1, get_query_var('paged') ),
             'total' => $wp_query->max_num_pages
        ) );

One needs to use the function now wherever or in whichever template they want to display:

Number of posts can be selected from Settings>readings>Select number of posts to show. And thus the number of posts would be displayed as per your choice.

2nd method we are explaining for WordPress post pagination without plugin is for custom post types:

$paged = (get_query_var('paged')) ? get_query_var('paged') : 1;
    'post_type' => 'post', // You can add a custom post type if you like
    'paged' => $paged,
    'posts_per_page' => 10 // limit of posts
if ( have_posts() ) :  while ( have_posts() ) : the_post();
     // post content goes here...
 else :
// no posts found message goes here...

Of course one would need to still stylize them once they have been displayed.

Some other developer also has written their code along with styles hope that one works for you so we will list it as method number 3 to display WordPress post pagination without plugin:

Add the following in functions.php file:

function pagination($pages = '', $range = 4)

     $showitems = ($range * 2)+1; 
     global $paged;
     if(empty($paged)) $paged = 1;
     if($pages == '')
         global $wp_query;
         $pages = $wp_query->max_num_pages;
             $pages = 1;
     if(1 != $pages)
         echo "


And then use this code in Style.css of your theme file:

.pagination {
padding:20px 0;
.pagination span, .pagination a {
margin: 2px 2px 2px 0;
padding:6px 9px 5px 9px;
background: #555;
.pagination a:hover{
background: #3279BB;
.pagination .current{
padding:6px 9px 5px 9px;
background: #3279BB;

Finally calling the pagination plugin in whichever template you want to use it:

} ?>

Hope this is useful for users.

In case one wants they can use WordPress pagination plugins as well.

12+ WooCommerce-based plugins for increasing your store functionality

WooCommerce based plugins
The global networking system with its advanced functionality together with WordPress content management system with its user and customer nature offers every single individual or business representation a wealth of opportunities to exercise all their e-business and e-commerce activities and give their online commercial business a go. It’s an obvious truth, that the commercial – ready potential is limitless in the digital environment when your website is provided with out-of-the-box e-commerce basis, being well –optimized for the flawless cooperation with a number of popular WooCommerce -powered plugins for increasing your online shopping functionality.

In this article we believe in offering you the best and the most trusted 12+ WooCommerce based plugins which are truly practical and easy in installation, as well as further customization, aiming at meeting all your commercial and business strategies, plans and contributing to their transformation into reality.

1. Booster for WooCommerce:
WooCommerce booster plugin

Booster for WooCommerce is highly flexible and adaptive, immensely powerful and extendable, smart and intuitive WooCommerce solution for boosting your website commercial potential. This amazingly designed and supported plugin comes loaded with lots of essential features, including bulk price convertor, currencies, currency exchange rates to be automatically updated, possibility to specify different currencies for external products, add multiple currencies and set product prices in them, arrange categories, product listings, etc.

2. WooCommerce Customizer:
WooCommerce customizer

The next top –rated and highly versatile WooCommerce plugin compatible with your WordPress – powered online presence is WooCommerce Customizer generating lots of customization and management options, so that your website will look and feel e-commerce ready. By the application of this plugin you will be able to add to Cart button text for all your product types, manage the number of products, which are going to be showcase in every page, customize heading text for the “Product Description” and “Additional Information” tabs and undertake other customization processes.

3. WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers:
WooCommerce Sequential Order

WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers is another WooCommerce – based plugin ready to go hand in hand with the E-Commerce – supported nature of your web pages. The advantage of this plugin is the way it sets sequential order number for new orders in an automatic mode, thus making the whole process more comprehensive and precise. No coding knowledge is necessary for dealing with this simple and smart product.

4. WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor (Manager) Pro:
WooCommerce checkout field editor

WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor (Manager) Pro plugin will definitely extend your WordPress – authored website WooCommerce and E-commerce possibilities to another level by letting you edit and manage checkout fields on your WooCommerce – based page. Do not worry about how to add or customize custom fields in billing, shipping or other sections, display order details page and Email, remove, disable or enable certain fields, since this plugin will let you do all in the easiest way.

5. WooCommerce Currency Switcher:
WooCommerce Currency Switcher

WooCommerce Currency Switcher is a compulsory plugin for all those online store owners and private entrepreneurs, who want all the potential at their website disposal to switch product prices on the website on different currency values and realize their conversion. This plugin includes 3 widgets: currencies switcher, currency converter and currencies rates, as well as automatic conversion of currency depending on the visitor’s IP address.

6. WooCommerce Products Filter:
WooCommerce Products Filter

WooCommerce Products Filter is a must – have WooCommerce –based plugin to drive your commercial activities to a step forward. With this highly practical and comprehensive plugin you will have lots of options at your disposal to exercise, besides, it will be fairly easy to filter your available products according to product categories, attributes, tags and custom taxonomies.

7. WooCommerce Custom Product Tabs Lite:
WooCommerce custom products tab

WooCommerce Custom Product Tabs Lite is another plugin to boost your WooCommerce powered and WordPress compatible online store presence and operation. With the great assistance coming with this plugin it will be possible to create a custom product tab with each single content, and that tab may contain text and html, as well as shortcodes.

8. WooCommerce Products Per Page:

WooCommerce Products Per Page is designed pixel perfectly and ensured by super functionality to be compatible with any WordPress – based modern website catering to commercial businesses. This amazing product is ready to insert “products per page” dropdown on your website and let you customize dropdown position in the page, list of options visible for users, number of available products per page and much more.

9. WooCommerce Products Carousel All in One:

If you are looking for all – in- one WooCommerce solution option to run on your online profile for better online store functionality, look no further than the plugin called WooCommerce Products Carousel All in One. You may stylize your digital platform with carousel display to showcase newest, featured, bestsellers, on sale and others in the most eye – catching and consumer – driven way.

10. WooCommerce Quantity Increment:

WooCommerce Quantity Increment is easy to install and activate, simply usable and configurable, inherently flexible and user – optimized WooCommerce – based plugin intended for any WordPress website of commercial nature. The plugin generates Javascript –based inputs for you to get maximum control and management over your website appearance.

11. WooCommerce Stock Manager:

WooCommerce Stock Manager is considered to be another highly – popular and preferred variant for advancing the WooCommerce potential of any website performance. This is a great tool to manage and control your stock for products and their types. It lets you set “Manage stock”, “Stock Status”, “Backorders” and “Stock” for every product and its type available on your market.

12. WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway:

WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway is very suitable and dependable Stripe payment – based plugin to add diverse payment possibilities to your online shop. Use this plugin and establish strong commercial ties with your customers and let them make online payments via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club and other popular cards for the sake of their convenience and comfort.

13. WooCommerce Multilingual:

WooCommerce Multilingual is WooCommerce and WMPL – based e-commerce plugin to support multilingual usage of any website. This plugin includes lots of controls and features to let you translate your WooCommerce products and their types, manage the translation of product categories, tags and custom attributes, sends emails to the users in their preferred language, etc.

7 Free WordPress Plugins for Adding Reviews to your Website

Genuine reviews on a website play a crucial role in influencing the choices of anonymous web visitors. Today, most of the webmasters are developing review websites to boost their accessibility and visibility for their targeted web visitors and search engine platforms.

If you are a WordPress user, then you can easily add review system to your website, without even adding a single piece of code. WordPress offers a host of robust review plugins for free to help you add a review to your site in minutes. But for better results, you need to choose the best plugin that can help you generate more leads for your business.

Here, in this blog post, I’ve listed the seven best free review plugins that are armed with advanced features that will take the usability of your site to the higher level.

1. WooDiscuz – WooCommerce Comments

  • Active installs: 1k+
  • User rating: 5/5

WooDiscuz is a robust review plugin, designed especially for WooCommerce websites. It allows your potential customers to discuss your products and also ask pre-deal questions. It also adds another discuss tab next to the Reviews tab.

With this plugin, you can give rich user experience to your visitors by providing them the ability to talk about your products directly on your site. In fact, users can vote for comments and share your products.

2. Good Reviews
Good Reviews

  • Active installs: 2k+
  • User rating: 4.9/5

Good Reviews is a feature-rich plugin for WordPress that helps you add reviews and testimonials to your the posts and pages of your WordPress site.

The plugin makes it easy for you to showcase reviews on your posts, pages, and widgets by making the use of Schema markup. This feature lets you make your site more interactive and friendly to Google and other search engines.

Even, you can embed quality pictures of your reviewers and link their companies to your posts to boost the credibility of your reviews. There is also an option to display a single review or a bunch of reviews that you want your visitors to see.

3. Book Review
Book Review

  • Active installs: 1k+
  • User rating: 4.8/5

Book Review is a straightforward plugin for WordPress . It offers a ton of advanced features to simplify the reviewing process on your site.

With the use of this plugin, you can save a lot of time and effort. You just need to provide the ISBN and the book review will automatically add a title, author, and the cover photo on your behalf. Even, you can add custom fields to your reviews to make them more flexible. This feature will help you review movies, TV and music show in minutes.

You can use this plugin to improve the flow of web traffic on your site. It is jam-packed with all the necessary features that will help you achieve the desired goals with ease.

4. ScrapeAZon

  • Active installs: 2k+
  • User rating: 4.6/5

The ScrapeAZon plugin lets you display client surveys of specific products that you choose. For this, you need to be a member in both the association program and the item publicizing API with the aim to use this plugin.

With the use of powerful shortcodes, you can easily display your client reviews for a specific Amazon product in minutes. Plus, style your survey iframe from the shortcodes, via custom CS, or by integrating a responsive theme.

You can add the “Amazon Reviews” widget in the place or in addition to the shortcode. It also allows you to grasp reviews from Amazon International sites as well.

5. WP Customer Reviews
WP Customer Reviews

  • Active installs: 40k+
  • User rating: 4.3/5

WP Customer Reviews is an incredible WordPress plugin that enables you to create a specific page on your site to generate client testimonials for your business. It simply facilitates your web visitors to leave business or product reviews within a few clicks.

And the best part is that you can decide which reviews get appeared on your site – all thanks to its submissions moderation. It also offers some powerful shortcodes that will help you add reviews and review form on any page or widget of your site on the fly. Plus, it comes up with various anti-spam measures to protect your site against automated spam bots.

6. Reviews Ultimate
Reviews Ultimate

  • Active installs: 1k+
  • User rating: 4/5

The plugin lets you add two different audit shortcodes- one to display your surveys, and the other to show off an audit frame that allows your visitors to submit reviews.

In addition to the Reviews Ultimate plugin, it offers a host of super-easy options that allows you to edit review rating and scoring, embed review categories, requires login and email confirmation, and change how surveys are displayed.

7. WP Review
WP Review

  • Active installs: 80k+
  • User rating: 3.7/5

If you want to create your own reviews, then WP Review will be an ideal option for you. It offers you multiple options for your review scores. This is a responsive WP tool that comes with inbuilt Google Rich Snippets support that lets you show off your reviews in an interactive manner.

There is a ton of exciting features and customization options that will let you tweak the color, position and other aspects of your review system with ease. It also offers a tabbed widget to let you display the most popular reviews of your site to your potential visitors.

All the review plugins mentioned above in this blog post are reliable and customizable. These plugins will revamp the look of your review posts in minutes. You can use the most suitable one to add reviews to the web posts and pages to your WordPress site.

Author Bio: Tracey Jones is a professional WordPress developer for a leading WordPress plugin development company called HireWPGeeks Ltd. Apart from this, she is also a serial blogger with a strong passion for writing information-rich blogs and articles about WordPress.

Importance of Custom Post Types and Available Plugins

Creation and administration of WordPress supported website is not as complicated and time taking process, as it may seem at first glance. As it is one of the most intuitive content management systems, covering simplicity with user-friendly developed dashboard interface, WordPress will minimize the issues you are going to be faced to. Apart from those privileges suggested by WordPress huge community, there is also an endless number of plugins and other useful and important tools to drive your efforts to the right direction and bring about deserving outcomes in the end. Custom post types or custom WordPress types are such extremely important WordPress tools to be exercised and managed in the most productive way.

Those are defined pieces of contents and by the application of custom post types, you will be granted with infinite possibilities to define any type of content in your WordPress website. All that is demanded from you is to find an appropriate plugin, install it on your site and set up as a custom post type almost anything you want, be it post, page, attachment, navigation menu, products, events, videos, testimonials, quotes or even error log. As you can precisely judge, custom plugin integration into your online manifestation will open new chances and functional capacities for you and you will not be restricted to just posts and pages, but you will be able to create your own post types made to meet your requirements. We have tracked down 5 minutely checked custom post type plugins available for any WordPress website owner to create custom content and showcase the website exactly the way one needs.

1. Custom Post Type UI

Complete and well supported custom post type WordPress tool which you can obtain for your website is Custom Post Type UI. This popular plugin, which is successfully utilized by more than 300.000 active users, is a perfect medium to create and add custom post content and taxonomies for grouping posts and custom post types together to the target website easily and name them whatever you wish, therefore add new custom post type consists of 2 columns – on the left there is a form to fill for the creation of custom post type and on the right the form for the creation of custom taxonomy, depending on your needs and demands. In case you want to add custom post type, you need to insert also its name to the extent of up to 20 characters. For the total organization and implementation of adding custom content additionally Custom Post Type UI Extended will be required, as Custom Post Type UI does not display, but only registers post types and taxonomies for the usage.

2. Toolset Types

The next dependable custom plugin which is praised for its high quality performance and functionality is Toolset Types. It lets you add and manage content types, custom fields and taxonomies from within admin dashboard. The package of custom fields available within Toolset Types includes single-line text, multi-line text, WYSIWYG, Checkbox, drop down select, image, date, phone, number, Skype, Audio, Video, URL, post reference to build parent/child relationships between different post types, etc. You will also be able to create custom post types and taxonomies whenever needed and have total access to them for any management all the time. The plugin is also very easy and intuitive in usage and can be translated to your favorite language as well. Shortly, make this awesome custom post type product run on your website and equip it with the functionality it needs in order to let your website visitors to browse your relevant online content easily.

3. Custom Post Type maker

Custom Post Type maker is another dynamic plugin suitable to function with your any WordPress authored website. It will allow you to build and exercise a wonderful and professionally looking WordPress template based on custom post types and fields without any additional coding integration. The plugin is loaded with 2 main plugin sections, including Post Types and Taxonomies, simple, yet strong and highly adaptable structure, as well as user-friendly interface and gives you admission to all registered custom post types and taxonomies, successfully combines with WordPress API, makes use of WordPress Media Uploader to enable the management of adding icons to custom content, includes several possibilities to manage and edit options for the post types, option to hide a certain post type from the menu area and yet this is only a part of the package of this modest, but handy plugin.

4. WCK Post type

WordPress Creation Kit custom post type plugin is powerfully managed WordPress solution for custom post types, custom fields and taxonomies on your relevant website.
You can fully integrate this plugin into your online platform and exercise it without getting overburdened with troublesome procedures and complicated codings. By the appliance of the free version of WCK custom tool, it will be possible also to create advanced repeater custom fields, find support of all input custom fields, drag and drop functionality for arranging the Repeater Fields, WordPress Media Uploader to support image and file uploads, Ajax based data handling and other useful features. You can also upgrade to Pro version and enjoy more, including front end submission with posting and editing, creation of option pages and additional field types availability.

5. Pods

The last WordPress friendly foundation to create, display and customize custom post types and fields tailored to your needs is Pods. This plugin runs great flexibility on the basis, providing its user with all the resourceful perspectives to add any type of content and set its functional scope, such as custom post types and taxonomies, custom admin forms and other content types, to utilize already available field types or to create new ones matching your website nature and performance and customize them with effective options dealing with date and time, number, text, color picker, file, image and its sizes, video, post formats and status, navigation menus and other optional characteristics at your disposal to execute and have total control over them.

Tips to Help You Keep Your WordPress Database Squeaky Clean

You can replace your WordPress core files and even install a completely new theme but one thing you cannot change is the database. This is the soul of your website and you have to keep it as secure and smooth running as possible. However, how exactly do you achieve this objective? The answer is to keep it well maintained.

If you have been using WordPress for a while, there is a good chance your website is in dire need of a cleanup. This might be the solution you need to speed up the load speed of your website and to do away with the periodic crushes. Chances are your database is filled with unnecessary tables that make your website both sluggish and bloated. Regular cleanups will help reduce the size of the database, which will result speedy backups and load speeds.

This post focuses on some of the key things you have to do to keep your WordPress database as clean as possible. The post focuses on the use of plugins and SQL queries.

Backup Your Database
Before installing any database maintenance tool or doing any form of cleanup, make sure that you start by backing up your database. Computer systems have a brain of their own and the last thing you would want is to lose your valuable data simply because you were in a hurry to make it better.

System problems and human errors are common. You must always start by creating a backup before starting any maintenance work. You need a fresh copy available to restore everything in case anything goes wrong. Don’t gamble with the soul of your online business.

Delete the Unused Plugins
The more the number of plugins you have on your WordPress website, the longer it will take for your site to load. This is because each plugin is a different line of code that a browser has to call-up when loading a page. Often times, webmasters forget to delete the unused plugins. This ends up bloating their website.

One of the best ways of removing clutter from your WordPress database is to search for the unused/disabled/unnecessary plugins and delete them. If you are like most people, you love to test out plugins and there is a good chance you forget to delete most of these plugins. Other times, you end up installing plugins that serve the same purpose.

No matter the case, it is good to take some time to go through your list of plugins and delete the ones you never use. Plugins take up space in the database and getting rid of the unnecessary ones will be a huge step towards a squeaky, clean house.

Delete Plugin Data
Once you delete the unnecessary plugins, there is a good chance that most of these plugins will not go away with their data. You have to purge the database from this data if you want it to run faster. This data is in the 2p_postmeta table. Most database services providers will guide you through this process. However, you should not do anything you are unsure of.

Delete Spam Comments
One of the worst things about allowing your audience to comment is that you will always have to deal with spam comments. This might be negative comments or promotional content posted by online marketers. The good news is that there are queries that can help you delete spam comments easily.

Here is a simple query

DELETE FROM wp_#_comments WHWRW comment_approved = ‘spam’;

With the above query, all you need to do is replace the ‘#’ with the site ID you want to purge of spam comments.

Clear Comments Awaiting Moderation
You always have to moderate the type of comments that appear on your website. However, if most of the comments you are getting are spam and you do not have the time to weed through all of them, you can use a simple query to delete all the comments that are awaiting moderation. However, it is always good to go through the comments to search for genuine ones before using this query.

DELETE FROM wp_#_comments WHERE comment_approved = ‘0’;

Again, replace ‘#’ with the target site ID.

Optimize Database Tables
There is no need for you to install plugins to optimize your database. In just a couple of clicks, you can easily optimize your database tables to get more from them. Go to the phpMyAdmin and click on the database then scroll to the bottom of the page. Click ‘Check All’ checkbox and select ‘Optimize Table’. You have to repeat this if you have multiple pages of tables. The process may take longer if you have a large website. However, at the end of it all, you will get a success message.

Install Database Maintenance Plugins
So far, the post has looked at the DIY techniques you can employ to get more from your WordPress database. You should not stop there. You can automate the process with plugins. There are numerous database management plugins you can count on to automate backups and schedule cleanups. All you need is to do is review individual plugins and install the most recommended ones. You must also never overdo this else, you will end up with poor results.

Some of the best WordPress plugins you can consider for database maintenance include the following:

  • WP-Optimize
  • Revision Control
  • Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions
  • WP-Sweep
  • WP-DBManager
  • Simple Revision Delete
  • UpdraftPlus Backup & Restoration

Some of the aforementioned plugins play the same role. Be careful not to install similar plugins. You should also only install plugins from reputable publishers.

The aforementioned tips will get you ready to clean out your database and improve the performance of your entire network. Do not be too reluctant to maintain your database regularly. The longer you wait the higher the risk of suffering a total failure. Such failures are bad since they often involve tremendous data loss and lost business. If you feel you are incompetent or don’t have the time to properly maintain your database, enlist the help of a DBA expert.

Author Bio
Sujain Thomas is a data IT professional who works closely with DBA experts to provide her clients with fantastic DBA services to solve their data problems. If you need data IT solutions, she is the person for the job. She enjoys writing on database administration services and other topics in the IT field.

A List of Menu Icon Plugins You Can Use in Your WordPress Site

In case you have decided to promote your individual undertaking or business activity on the online marketplace for involving more people and communities, then there are all sorts of reasons for wanting to work out and build a WordPress based website, which can be praised by its perfect navigation system and the overall strong menu structure. Some of the most important points in the relevant range of those reasons are the interaction with website visitors, which can turn to be your future clients or fans, and their engagement with your website in all possible ways. Structuring your website menu in the most attractive way by adding all the necessary icons into it will speak to your favour to the most extent and will give the audience a comprehensive understanding of the website content they have chosen to visit.

Subsequently, it will keep the existing clients and will bring even more, resulting in your website better online performance. Besides its informational character, the overall menu design with its component icons inclusion may allure visitors with the help of its dynamic and bright appearance and have a sufficient visual impact on the website users. Taking into consideration the situation in which one might find himself when trying to choose a relevant menu icon plugin for the respective WordPress site, in this article we’ll give you a notice on some of the most convenient menu configuration and icons adding plugins to be a helping hand to you.

1. Menu Icons:

As the navigation system and menu icons disposition in the website play a role of the map for the website visitors, one of the primary things every website owner should take care of is to ensure their flawless functionality and exceptional external design. Arming your navigation menu with all the required icons next to each respective item will act as a guideline for your customers to look for the necessary information on your website and find it with ease. Menu Icons will grant you with all the above mentioned advantages and functional privileges. However, what is the most exciting about this professionally developed and launched plugin is that it is very easy in usage, releasing you from the being stuck into lots of coding combinations and other intricate activities. Instead, it provides a user friendly layout, with the support of which you will be able to add icons to your menu and make the overall customization of your menu style. Run and install this useful plugin, then edit it accordingly, enable or disable certain icon types with the help of Menu Icons Settings, make a selection of the icons by activating “select icon” link and save the menu in the end. The current navigation menu settings will be derived from the freshly added items. You will also be granted with the opportunity to make use of the following types of the available menu icons: Dashicons, Elusive Icons, Font Awesome, Foundation Icons, Genericons and Fontello.

2. Font Awesome 4 Menus:

In order to satisfy your website visitors both aesthetically and informationally, you have to keep your website navigation menu always up to date and as descriptive as possible, by the integration of a wide range of icons in relation to your homepage sections, products, services or whatever you deal with. In this relation, we draw your attention to another high quality plugin authored by New Nine, which will let you add and showcase Font Awesome 4 icons to your menus in the website wherever required, without facing a single difficulty in the whole process. This well supported and extensively configurable WordPress consistent menu icons plugin will highlight the visitor oriented content and will get them deeper into your target website positive experience. Happily, this awesome plugin, just like the previously mentioned one, does not require any programming or developer skills, but makes it super easy for you to work with it. All you have to do is to add “fa” icon into your menu as a class and the plugin will take it out and put it before or after the link text. This plugin has also additional potential of adding multiple font classes for diverse effects, for example, an icon with bigger size than the normal sized icon. In case you have the intention to edit separate menu items, you will need to utilize CSS Classes option. You can download this outstanding product for free and in the long run you will be delighted by the final appearance and professional outward design of your website.

3. Menu-icons: IcoMoon:

Adding menu icons to any website of WordPress origin can be planned, previewed and implemented by the application of CSS or to change the menu icon we will need to turn to CSS or Javascript codings, which will be rather difficult and bewildering for a person with little or no programming knowledge. Fortunately, there is another, much easier and convenient way at our disposal to implement the above referred process of adding and displaying all the required icons in the menu by simply installing a useful and WordPress compatible menu icon plugin. Here is another such plugin at your disposition in the face of IcoMoon to make the most of it, which is built with simplicity and user friendliness in mind. Install and activate this plugin very quickly, select the icons, which seem to fit your overall menu structure in the most effective way and let them find their relevant places there. Although their final look and feel will be more or less affected by the style of the WordPress theme you have as the foundation of your website, you will be able to prevent it by using Simple Custom CSS To keep it short and simple, we will state, that your undertaking of building a dynamic icon sets matching the overall style of the website will become plenty easier through the appliance of this perfect menu icon online tool.

Some Useful Plugins You Should Use in Your WordPress Website

Wordpress as an outstanding open source web publishing platform has already been chosen and adopted by millions of people all around the world. It would be fair to point, that the popularity of this website creation tool is well-deserved, as it comes with easy to use template convenient even for those who are distinctly far away from programming and IT, as well suitable management and customization options to optimize any WordPress website for search engines and perfect user experience.

In addition to that, a wide range of well-supported plugins, widgets and other tools have been processed and launched to enhance the site functionality and potentials, to make modifications by disabling or enabling this or that certain function or element, adding new connects and controls, keep the site clean or secure or undertake other relevant procedures for the best perspective of the target online performance. In this article, you may find and make use of some useful plugins that you should use in your WordPress supported website and configure it to match all the required requirements, characteristics and extents. There is a lot you can do with those suggested plugin solutions to make your website function perfectly.

1. Disable Comments

While the function of leaving comments and ensuring interaction between the website visitors is of vital importance to some websites, others do not necessarily need to be stuck in comments. For such sites, there is a convenient tool for disabling superfluous function of commenting in the name of Disable Comments WordPress compatible plugin. Its application will allow you to specify certain options in relation to your website commenting, that is to turn off or disable comments everywhere on the website, or on post types, posts, pages, media, attachments, etc. This can be a professional and secure way to prevent some content from getting out of control. You can also use the plugin persistent mode for persistent changes to the database so that the comments will remain closed even after disabling the plugin in the future.

2. Updraft WordPress Backup

Updraft WordPress Backup is a must have extension to provide backups and restoration of premium quality for any WordPrss powered website, thus keeping a copy of your site safe and sound in any unpredictable situations. The plugin can be boasted for its extra popularity among a wide range of competitive plugins, by taking advantage of them with its considerable number of more than 800.000 active installs and top quality performance. This plugin has on its basis a fairly easy foundation and comes with automatic or scheduled backup services to back up the site to the cloud, Dropbox, Rackspace Cloud, DreamObjects, Google Drive, FTP and e-mail. Those storages are available in free version of the plugin. As far as the premium format is concerned, this offers extra possibilities to back up the website database into Microsoft One Drive, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Storage, SFTP, SCP, and WebDAV.

3. Google Analytics

Here is entirely functional and flexible Google analytic solution at your disposal to cooperate stunningly with any suggested website of WordPress community and bring splendid outcomes, contributing to the enhancement to your website popularity, user engagement and its overall successful performance in the relevant online sphere. This conveniently crafted tool will provide you with all the necessary insights and data collection and management possibilities in relation to your website, its visitors in diverse possible ways, resulting in a compact general view of your website operation. You will be able to exercise other useful and dynamic features of this reliable plugin, including event tracking to measure downloads, video plays, mobile ad clicks, as well as user permissions to limit the users’ access to your Google Analytics account.

4. Clef Two Factor Authentication

Clef Two Factor Authentication enables strong and secure password-free authentication solution. It’s extremely fitting and entertaining way of logging into the website without turning to passwords or tokens. All you need to undertake is to assure thus plugin synchronization with the website so that your website visitors and potential clients will have a super flexible possibility at their command to get logged into the website with the waving movements of their mobiles. This highly intuitive and user-directed authentication and protection system integrates dozens of handy login features without any need of additional devices and elements or passwords integration into the process, security features to replace passwords with extensively dependable RSA system, as well as versatile login protection against password security attacks.

5. Duplicate Post

Duplicate Post is another highly recommendable plugin to deal with, in case you need super functionality of duplicating post types, posts, pages, portfolio item or save it as a new draft. Being installed and successfully run on more than million websites, this plugin incorporates a duplicator role of your website relevant content for endless reasons. Luckily enough, this clone product proposes extremely user friendly layout to duplicate whatever needed as fast and easy, as it may be imagined, ranging from copying any page post, even field or setting to manipulating with diverse page layouts, settings and content, including duplicating of the original post or page date, status, excerpt and attachments.

6. WP Fastest Cache

Irrespective of the size or operational direction of your WordPress marked website, you will inevitably need a caching plugin to keep your website speed and ensuring its higher ranking on search engines. Here is WP Fastest Cache with its simple and clean, yet super functional and highly customizable layout to implement a professional caching management of your website. Along with the creation of static HTML files from your online performance areas and support of multisite networks, this fast operating plugin features lots of dynamic elements and controls to delete cache files after the post or page publication or from the options page, delete CSS and JS files, activate or deactivate cache functioning on mobiles and devices or for website logged in users, as well as dozens of customization options to contribute to the optimal performance of the website.

Best WordPress sitemap plugins and their list for websites

WordPress sitemap plugins
There are certain SEO tools and elements that every digital product in the form of website or blog should contain in order to generate search engine – optimized performance. As for today’s reality, it is of utmost importance to establish perfect communication with search engines and become more visible and accessible for the public at large. Sitemaps are among such primary elements of any website to include and boost your SEO success in the most efficient way. Apart from the above – mentioned advancement sitemap presence can provide any website with, it also comes with other beneficial outputs, including easier and more comfortable navigation, which every website user will for sure feel.

Keeping this in mind, in this article we will walk you through our list of the best sitemap plugins for all those website owner, who have made up their mind to have a site – based sitemap on their web pages, thus ensuring their SEO results on the one hand, and considerably contributing to the smooth and sleek navigation performance on the other.

1. Sitemap:
WordPress sitemap plugin

The first sitemap solution, that we can offer any website representative is the plugin called Sitemap, which has been downloaded and successfully installed for more than 70.000 times. This easy to acquire and utilize plugin comes with flexible and smart, intuitive and readily resourceful functionality, pagelist, subpages, siblings and pagelist_ext shortcodes to be added to pages.

2. Better WordPress Google XML Sitemaps:
better WP Google XML Sitemap

The next amazing and truly dependable plugin, which will add sitemap functionality to your online profile is Better WordPress Google XML Sitemaps plugin that supports Sitemap Index, Mutli – site, Google News, as well as Image sitemap. The plugin has been developed to meet all the current requirements of WordPress community, yet it is still very simple and lightweight in activation and configuration, requiring minimum effort and time spent on those processes.

3. Sitemap Index:
WordPress sitemap index plugin

The next top – rated and highly recommended sitemap – friendly plugin, that will definitely simplify any website sitemap management is Sitemap Index to add XML –powered virtual sitemaps and sitemap index in an automatic way. Some of the basic features of this plugin are simple and quick installation process, ability to generate posts, pages, tags and categories sitemaps, separate sitemaps on different parts, option to set a number of links per sitemap, etc.

4. Sitemap Generator:
WordPress sitemap generator

Sitemap Generator is one more plugin available at present, which is deservedly in our list of the best sitemap plugins to be acquired and activated as a highly useful and practical extension. This plugin uses all its potential to realize the creation of XML –based sitemap for your web presence by the application of external service, so that your website speed performance will not be affected at all.

5. Sitemap Page Embed:
Sitemap Page Embed WordPress

Another well – supported and well – optimized product, which supports any WordPress – related website is Sitemap Page Embed to add site – based sitemap wherever is needed on a web page by means of tynamce button or shortcode insertion. This plugin does not support XML format, instead uses human readable format.

6. Once Click XML Sitemap:
One Click XML Sitemap WordPress plugin

By the installation and easy application of Once Click XML Sitemap your website will be granted with all the sitemap potential, which is so vital for every web existence online. This plugin instantly adds XML – based sitemap to any website and is accessible for all the major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

7. RPS Sitemap Generator:
RPS Sitemap WordPress plugin

RPS Sitemap Generator is easy, yet dynamic, simple, yet practical XML sitemap generator with user and admin – friendly interface to make all the relevant changes and view them before updating the sitemap. This exceptional plugin has been designed to be multiuse, so that each online profile will have its separate sitemap.

8. Image Sitemap:
WordPress image sitemap

As the name of Image Sitemap plugin fairly suggests, this easy to use and manage product with automatic or manual installation processes will create Google XML image sitemap to any kind of WordPress compatible website, so that the latter will be more accessible for image search engines and will generate higher search results.

9. XML Sitemap & Google News Feeds:
WordPress Google XML Sitemap plugin

The next safe and sound, light and super easy, user and developer – friendly and functionally resourceful XML and Google News sitemap generating tool to your WordPress website is XML Sitemap & Google News Feeds. This practical site –based sitemap tool comes generated with feeds to correspond to XML Sitemap and Google News Sitemap along with its multisite and WMPL compatible nature.

10. Google Sitemap by BestWebSoft:
Google Sitemap WordPress plugin

Google Sitemap authored by BestWebSoft is created to share super functionality, as well as convenience in usage. This plugin will easily and professionally establish and confirm your website Google sitemap functionality and let you add pages, posts, post categories, post tags, custom post types and custom taxonomies to the sitemap.

11. Simple WP Sitemap:
Simple WordPress sitemap plugin

Simplicity and lightness, flexibility and resourcefulness, intuitive and smart operational characteristics are what make Simple WP Sitemap so unique and demanded in the relevant marketplace to rely upon it and reach to the requested search engine – friendly status. With this plugin both XML and HTML – based sitemaps can be added to any WordPress – related website.

12. Simple Sitemap:
WordPress simple sitemap plugin

One more simple and easy, inherently responsive and user – driven, HTML – powered and functionally cutting – edge plugin, which deserves its special place in our list of the best sitemap plugins is the one called Simple Sitemap. Simply insert the relevant shortcode whenever is needed in a post, page, custom post type and let the plugin do the rest.

13. Google XML Sitemaps:
Google sitemap generator WordPress

The next truly useful plugin we have at our full command and disposition is Google XML Sitemaps, which is ready to act as a XML sitemap generator to add it to your website and let it be submitted to Google, Yahoo and other search engines, so that they can crawl the target website more efficiently.

14. WP Sitemap Page:
WordPress sitemap page plugin

WP Sitemap Page plugin features the simplest way to add sitemap to a web page by means of the insertion of simple shortcode, resulting in the advancement of the website SEO results and impeccable navigation. The plugin is power – packed with lots of features, among them the ability to display all pages, posts and categories, custom post types and taxonomies, or to choose to display only one content type, etc.

A list of search based – plugins to improve searching functionality of your website

WordPress search plugins
Since WordPress content creation and management ecosystem experienced steady growth during the recent years, being updated from time to time to meet all the challenges coming with the demands of the contemporary digital environment, today we have totally dependable and intuitively developed products to undertake the successful presentation of any personal or business initiative. However, there are additional tools in the face of WordPress plugins to tap into the additional performance and advanced functionality they provide, so that you can make your website more flexible and resourceful, feature rich and easy to administer, as well as to enable search functionality of your web presence, which is of paramount importance for a number of reasons.

First of all the level of your website search potential is directly proportional to the customer conversion, since the majority of the website visitors and customers know what they are going to look for in your site. So your search – based website will considerably help them in this relation and save their precious time. Apart from that, you might get a good profit from your website search statistics and specify the items, products, services, posts, topics or any other content, which is demanded in the relevant market the most.

In this article you can find a list of search – based plugins to get search functionality for your online profile, enabling your audience to filter the website content and find whatever is needed in the most straightforward and convenient way.

1. Search Everything:
search everything WordPress plugin

The first practical and useful, readily intuitive and user – optimized, modern and dynamic way to ensure your website searchability is the plugin called Search Everything. This truly simple and lightweight plugin is a combination of 3 steps to undertake and have a full search functionality in your website – activate the plugin, configure it as per your needs and objectives and let your content be easily found and accessed. With Search Everything it will be available to search for highlights, pages, tags, custom taxonomies, diverse categories, comments, attachments, custom fields, etc. Moreover, you can make certain posts, categories or some protected content to be non – searchable and stay hidden.

2. Search Manager Lite:
search manager lite WordPress

The next top – rated and feature – rich search – related plugin to maximize your WordPress – powered and WooCommerce – compatible website search results is Search Manager. This highly recommended instrument will considerably contribute to your website search experience and take it to more advanced level, which will be for sure appreciated by any website user who will ever try this function. Some of the essential options of WordPress search are search by excerpts, search by post comments, search by post tags and search by post categories. As for the WooCommerce search, it is possible to make search by short description, by product comments, by SKU, by product tags and by product categories. You can also upgrade to premium version for more search controls and possibilities.

WPSOLR search engine WordPress

The next all – in – one search mode to be added to your WordPress – related and self – hosted website in order to help your potential clients and followers to identify whatever is needed as quickly and effortlessly as possible is WPSORL plugin, which is ready to take your website search functionality to a step forward and make it more efficient. Thus, if your site is loaded with heavy content and you need a fast performing search option to deal with that content, this easy to acquire, install and run product can boost your visitor’s search experience in all the possible ways. Besides, if pdf, word and excel files prevail in your content, then again all you need is WPSORL with its universal and flexible search performance with partial match search, fuzzy match search, etc.

4. Search – Into – Subcategories:
search categories WordPress

Another readily smart and intuitive search – based plugin of WordPress compatibility to obviously contribute to the improvement of your website search functionality is Search – Into – Subcategories, letting you have a select –search shortcode for your categories. This plugin has been planned and launched with user and developer – friendliness in mind, so that this product will be easily installed and activated by any average WordPress user at any programming level. Hence, all you need to do is to install the relevant plugin into your plugins directory, activate it trough admin – friendly menu and insert the shortcode into the page or post.

5. Search & Filter:
search and filter WordPress

Search & Filter is considered to be a product of top priority for every modern WordPress website to get the search and filter results out of the default search box. With this plugin you will be granted with all the potential to create better search possibilities and receive lots of bonuses coming as a result, allowing all your website users to make instant searches in thousands of your categories, tags, custom taxonomies, post types, post dates or search by their combinations. This plugin is generated both in Lite and Premium versions to start with the first one and then to activate more advanced version full of diverse search and filter controls and settings, including the usage of AJAX for result display, order results field, editor with drag and drop design, WooCommerce and e-commerce compatibility and much more.

6. Search Live:
search live WordPress

The last offered search – based plugin, that will speak to the favor of your website search potential is Search Live. It is another all –inclusive solution for your web presence, aiming at adding super search function to it and subsequently promoting its visitors search – based experience. This lightweight and stunningly effective tool comes with highly versatile and intuitive shortcode to be placed wherever is needed to ensure a dynamic search form, as well as a search live widget to be used in the sidebar, thus enabling live search and immediate results following it in the form of thumbnails and short descriptions corresponding to the search keywords to be found in titles, excerpts or in other content published on the website.

Several team-based WordPress plugins reviewed and listed for team members

WordPress team member plugin WordPress
WordPress content management system with its unlimited possibilities out there is an extremely convenient and practical platform to put up a website of any nature, be it for personal or business purposes. At present running an online profile in the digital area is mandatory for every company and organization to expand its operational boundaries and reach beyond its local community on account of its content – rich and informative web pages, as well as the information about its strong and well – experienced workers, specialists and experts, their profiles with respective descriptions and social media links, so that every website visitor can review, understand his or her professional capacities and make a decision whether to turn to that member or not.

Hence, if you own a dynamically developing company with powerful resources or have set your mind of establishing something new powered by fresh, yet experienced employees, you will for sure need a website with additional functionality in relation to team members’ display. This article is aimed at being a walkthrough of how to create and maintain strong team presentation in the website by the application of team – based WordPress plugins to enhance customer – company relationships and greatly benefit from it.

1. Team:
WordPress team plugin

Team can be a valuable addition to your business or corporate website for showcasing your dependable and professional staff and its members. This valuable WordPress – powered plugin comes integrated with lots of applicable plugin customization and management features, as well as well – optimized for mobile and device usage thanks to its responsive nature, so that your members’ profiles with descriptions can be showcased on the website and be totally reachable by any mobile user.

2. Team Member Showcase:
Team member showcase WordPress

Team Member Showcase is another fully practical and readily intuitive member – based WordPress plugin to contribute to the demonstration of any staff and its members’ images and other content in the most comprehensive and user – driven way. Based on quick and easy installation, the plugin is loaded with total responsiveness and adaptability, lots of customization option and controls, 3 layout styles, lots of items and social share icons, etc.

3. Staff Team:
staff team WordPress plugin

The next truly user – friendly and incredibly resourceful WordPress tool for adding meet the theme content to your website in different precise and accurately stylized layouts is Staff Team, displaying the biography, work experience, education and professional skills, awards, social media profile link, email address or any other information catering to any team or staff member and let all the website visitor to get connected with him directly.

4. Team Members:
team members WordPress plugin

Powered by simplicity and adaptability, Team Members has a huge potential of being a great assistance to any WordPress – based website to showcase team members and personnel in the most attractive and credible way, specify their strong points and great experience or add any other description of them, apart from some technical data about their biography and education. This plugin is available both in free and premium versions.

5. Custom Team Manager:
custom team manager WordPress

One more team – based WordPress plugin, that will considerably simplify the whole process of posting information about your team members and representatives is Custom Team Manager. With this top – rated product you will be capable of showcasing any team – related information, add and edit member details, set number of team members to be displayed without any difficulty, since the plugin has been developed to require minimum programming knowledge.

6. TLP Team:
TLP Team WordPress

The acquisition of TLP Team plugin to manage all the information of your staff members will be a resilient step in your online business marketing strategies to have a beneficial influence on your clients’ decision-making processes. Some of the essential features of this premium – quality plugin is its readily responsive and mobile – friendly design, 4 diverse layouts inclusion, color controls and multilingual ready framework.

7. Cherry Team Members:
Cherry team members WordPress

The next team and team member management plugin at your disposal with is incredibly smart and safe nature is called Cherry Team Members. All the installation and activation processes of this awesome plugin will be done in the easiest way, apart from that, you will be able to manage your team member online profiles in the most eye – catching way, so that your existing and potential clients will for sure appreciate your professional and accurate approach towards your business presentation.

8. TC Team Members:
TC team members WordPress plugin

The next fully responsive and adaptive, cross mobile and browser compatible, smart and intuitively stylized, functionally advanced and user – friendly team – based WordPress plugin is TC Team Members to provide you with immensely convenient and functional framework, on the basis of which individual profiles of your team members and staff representatives can be suitably loaded. You can add unlimited number of team members and edit it anytime.

9. Awesome Team Showcase:
awesome team members WordPress

Awesome Team Showcase is another team – friendly plugin, which have been reviewed and listed among our team – centric WordPress authored plugins to be fully exercised by any business representative. This easily installable and smoothly usable shortcode – powered tool comes handy in its performance and customization to add and edit members and their details whenever is needed and showcase them in responsive layouts.

10. WP Our Team:
WP Our Team WordPress

WP Our Team is a great solution for team member display and customization. Install this plugin via the insertion of shortcode into posts and pages and show all the details of your company members and employees including their work positions, biographies, education, work experience, professional skills, services rendered, portfolio description, pictures and social links with the most attractive grid view design.

11. Our Team by WooThemes:
Woothemes team member WordPress

The last team and member – based WordPress plugin available in the relevant marketplace at present is Our Team by WooThemes as another trustworthy and confirmed solution any business representative may consider for his website. Easy to use template powered by great functionality with shortcode, widget or template tag will guarantee comprehensive presentation of all your staff members and employees, leading to the achievement of your online marketing objectives.

Pinterest WordPress plugins and their review for selection on your website

Pinterest WordPress plugins
Pinterest as a popular and contemporary social environment continues to grow and expand, as a result, involving innumerable individual and business profiles out there which act as personalized media platforms. Therefore making any modern website Pinterest – friendly will contribute to its popularity and more accessibility to any target market, allowing people share the posts’ images and start to follow whatever is interesting for them. Apart from that, this social media framework will ultimately boost your website traffic and be one of the most dynamic sources among diverse social media– related channels.

In this article we have collected a bulk of Pinterest WordPress plugins, which are created to demonstrate simplicity and convenience in installation and customization, as well as to cater to any kind of WordPress – based website content of any nature and description, thus adding Pinterest existence to it. Choose whichever seems to be the best version for your web presence and successfully exercise all the business marketing techniques of Pinterest presence.

1. Pinterest Master:
Pinterest Master WordPress plugin

The first Pinterest integration tool for your WordPress- based website is Pinterest Master to display Pinterest boards to your site or to add follow me, pin it and other options. This awesome plugin comes ready both with shortcode and widget to be sophisticatedly utilized and provide stunningly responsive design to be compatible with any mobile or device version. Pinterest Master is a freemium product, the lite version of which including totally mobile – friendly and Pinterest-effective business layout, the ability to display, change or hide widget titles, and premium version loading with more advanced functionality, to set pin –it button size, shape and color, show Pinterest follow me and pin it buttons, general shortcode for all the pages and posts, as well as individual shortcode for each page and post.

2.Pinterest Pinboard Widget:
Pinterest Pinboard Widget WordPress

The next dynamic and practical, easy to use and customize Pinterest solution with dynamically designed structure to meet all your WordPress website requirement appears to be Pinterest PinBoard Widget. This product generated total user – friendliness and perfect flexibility when it comes to the processes of adding a pinboard to the website sidebar and showing any Pinterest collection in thumbnails. Your website visitors are free to click on any image on the sidebar and appear directly on Pinterest website. For your website quick and flawless functionality, the pins are subject to cache every 15 minutes. This plugin can also take a widget role in the sidebar or on a page by the application of a shortcode.

3. Pinterest Widgets:
Pinterest Widgets WordPress plugin

Pinterest Widgets is another easy and simple way to integrate and showcase Pinterest – based widgets into your WordPress – powered website to generate and keep loyalty to any target brand or business manifestation in the boundless and highly dynamic digital area. This Pinterest WordPress plugin, which is based on simple and smart design solution, lets you add follow button, so that your potential and future clients can follow your Pinterest updates right from your website, Pin widget to showcase your Pin on your website, Profile widget for showcasing the latest 30 Pins on the website, as well as Board widget for showcasing the most favorite 30 Pins. Pinterest Widgets also supports shortcodes for all the above – mentioned 4 widgets if needed.

4. POWr Pinterest Feed:
POWr Pinterest Feed WordPress

With POWr Pinterest Feed any WordPress user with little or no coding at all will be able to intuitively install and run this exceptional plugin just in a few clicks. The plugin allows you to display posts from diverse Pinterest boards on your website, hence it is convenient for multiple usages, be it a company representing its events or launching its products, or some e – commerce ready website to implement its commercial activities, while embracing the online world of Pinterest. POWr Pinterest Feed with its fully customizable and totally responsive nature shares free features, including the ability to connect to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc, showcase images, videos and articles, comes with daily content updates, choose and modify colors, borders, background design and many more. Yet, there are also premium features to get access to and exercise.

5. Simply Pinterest:
Simply Pinterest WordPress plugin

Designed and well – supported to be totally comfortable and comprehensive in installation and usage, Simply Pinterest as one of the top – rated free Pinterest WordPress plugins to be selected by you in order to run on your relevant website, uses Pin it button to boost Pinterest content sharing on your web presence. Apart from its comfortability and perfect usability, this product is preloaded with lots of customization controls in relation to the counts, colors and other settings. It’s up to you to when to show the Pin it button, choose the button color and size, manage the page types with Pin it button or hide it from a certain page or post, or disabling that button for specific individual images, etc.

6. Pinterest RSS Widget:
Pinterest RSS Widget

Pinterest RSS Widget is a popular and creative way to help increase Pinterest engagement into the website. This truly amazing plugin grants you with sidebar widget to showcase the most recent pins together with the respective thumbnail images. Apart from that, it also allows you to make use of the shortcode to pull images on a post or page basis. There are lots of customization options at your disposal to show the image description below or not, to specify the thumbnail height and width, to show 4 diverse sizes of follow me button, number of images to display and yet much more to modify within this plugin.

7. Pinterest Pin It Button On Image Hover and Post:
Pinterest Pin IT Button

The last truly reliable and high – quality plugin, which will grants you with immense potential to experience great pinning practice and arrange it in the most efficient manner is Pinterest Pin It Button On Image Hover and Post to have total control over its intuitive features to show Pinterest Pin it button on image hover, in post or in page, set the button color and size on hover, as well as to choose whether to display or hide pin button in case of mobiles and other devices. This product with its flexible structure is multilingual, ready to be translated into diverse languages.

WordPress plugins suitable for every blogger and writer – based website

WordPress plugins bloggers wiriters
Currently the Internet and the worldwide web generally are no longer something of unachievable for the people at large. They are not only totally accessible and easily exercisable at present, but also are much more of necessity to be practiced as a dynamic tool for education, work, entertainment, commerce or whatever it is. Under such valuable digital conditions, perfect environment is created for all bloggers and writers to reveal their full potential and beneficially communicate with the target groups of readers via web pages.

The modern and dynamic WordPress community has paid special attention to the themes and plugins especially practical for blogging and self – published author – related websites to deservedly face all the challenges and impressively contribute to its reputation management and further advancement online. Keeping this in mind, we have done our best to provide you with the most flexible and user – friendly WordPress plugins suitable for every blogger and writer – based websites, which incorporate a truly powerful toolbox of all the essential features and controls any writer will ever need to deal with his online publications in the most professional way.

1. Just Writing:
Just Writing WordPress plugin

In order to run a precise and comfortable writing platform, which will be fast performing and devoid of any drawback or distraction, you will need the plugin called Just Writing. This easy to install and utilize product comes integrated with great functionality to keep focused just on writing, as well as edit it, check the spelling or change the paragraph style in the easiest and the most professional manner, as well as the most required features to remove the fade effect, hide the word count or editor mode bar, to localize the toolbar on the screen center, add Preview button, change the order of the button list and finally, the possibility to add DFW link to the pages and posts.

2. Write Here:
Write Here WordPress plugin

Write Here is the next top – rated WordPress plugin suitable for every blogger and writer – based websites, which also shares premium- quality features and provides every author or blogger with exceptional WordPress performance. Stylized and established to meet all the high demands and requirements, this plugin lets you categorize your target audience to register to your online presence and have access to the writing and management of your articles. Write Here is extremely user – driven and simple in utilization, so that your users will not be faced with anything insuperable even with little WordPress and programming knowledge.

3. Twinword Writer:
TwinWord Writer WordPress plugin

Twinword Writer has repeatedly been checked and established as one of the most feasible and profitable tools which can be fully mastered in the hand of every writer or author within the whole process of any WordPress – powered website content display and management. This awesome plugin is loaded with lots of intuitive and smart features to boost your writing productivity when your find yourself overwhelmed needing some professional assistance to go on with your publications. Thus, Twinword Writer will readily handle with your content and display alternative word suggestions for you to use whenever you are paused, will highlight the needed words and their forms, will discover the writing tone and give further instructions about it and not only.

4. Publish to Schedule:
Publish to Schedule WordPress plugin

Powered to generate simplicity and super performance in relation to any author and writer – based and WordPress supported website, Publish to Schedule is a well – structured and professionally developed written content scheduling technique, which can be well – optimized for the establishment of any writing or blogging – centric online platform and initiating active engagement with the readers. With this plugin all you need to do is to provide your website with well – written and high – quality content, as well as set your priorities when and how many posts to publish, the rest will do the plugin, scheduling all the relevant posts for further publication.

5. Author Wordcount:
Author WordCount

Technologically cutting – edge design combined with perfect and flexible functionality is what makes Author Wordcount another top –rated and entirely resourceful WordPress plugin suitable for every blogger and writer – based websites. All the features of lightweight nature and user – friendliness have been minutely taken care of by the relevant specialist to result in a handy product at any writer’s disposal to display current and target word counts for the ongoing works and update them whenever it is required. Moreover, you can work at diverse writing projects at the same time and have their drafts to be published.

6. WP–RTL:
WP RTL WordPress plugin

In case you want to ensure the operation of right to left language mode in your website easily and effectively, WP – RTL modern and highly dependable plugin is out there with its sophisticated structure and writer – optimized nature. This plugin is especially suitable for those writers and publishers, who write in different languages with both the usual left to right, as well as right to left writing directions and want to have them present in the same posts or pages.

7. Articoolo:
articoolo Writer plugin

A reliable and truly unique content creation tool will considerably facilitate some blogger’s and publisher’s works in certain cases. Fortunately, there is Articoolo in the marketplace as a practical and immensely versatile automatic article generator to save your time and effort. All that is required from you is to specify the subject in some words, the total length of the expected article and let this plugin take care of the rest. As for the uniqueness and accuracy of the content, it is guaranteed, as for the timeframe, it will take only some seconds or minutes to complete the work.

8. TinyMCE Advanced:
TinyMCE Advanced WordPress plugin

Well –structured and cleverly – developed, readily intuitive and smart in performance, TinyMCE Advanced plugin features lots of features and controls to extend TinyMCE full – featured web editor possibilities, to add and remove buttons to be showcased in the editor toolbar, customize the button rows with font sizes, text and background colors and many more. 15 diverse plugins for TinyMCE are integrated within this highly popular and credible plugin with more than a million active installs, and those plugins can be enabled or disabled when you choose this or that button.

YouTube WordPress Plugins for publishing YouTube Videos

YouTube WordPress plugins
No matter what functionality and performance capabilities a WordPress – based theme can offer its users, depending on the website nature and direction, additional features and flexibility can be required to achieve real success and popularity within the scope of the target digital area. In this relation, WordPress plugins take a decisive role with their intuitive and adaptive frameworks to contribute to the advancement of the target online profile to a new level.

In this article we have done our best to dig out the most popular YouTube WordPress plugins and their pro – features for all the publishers and other users to display YouTube videos on their websites in the most attractive and professional way, thus guaranteeing more people engagement to their online platform based on content – rich and multimedia – friendly nature. All of them are truly flexible and resourceful, as well as extremely easy in usage, so that every website owner or representative will be able to add the required plugin for publishing YouTube videos just in a few clicks and with minimum effort exerted.

1. YouTube Embed Plugin:
YouTube Embed Plugin

One of the easiest ways to embed YouTube – powered videos to any WordPress – supported website posts and pages is the activation and configuration of YouTube Embed Plugin. This highly dependable and top – rated product comes integrated with lots of free and premium features, responsive playlist and channel gallery support, video thumbnails included into the web pages, so that your visitors can look through them and make selection of, automatic play for the suggested playlists and channels, the possibility to embed the whole channel as a playlist and many other free features. However, you can also upgrade to the plugin Pro version and enjoy more functional possibilities.

2. YouTube Embed WordPress:
YouTube Embed WordPress plugin

Adding YouTube videos to any WordPress website of any size and nature will be a real joy with the great assistance coming with YouTube Embed WordPress plugin and its unlimited capacities. This totally accessible and entirely practical plugin will let you embed YouTube – based products in the most alluring and presentable way. Moreover this plugins is extremely convenient for all the non – coders and those individuals who are pretty far away from programming. This plugin is also available in free and pro versions, however, both of them are worth installing and trying with their generally shared qualities, including the possibilities to add YouTube videos on website posts, pages and widgets, set and control default options, such as YouTube player width, height, autoplay and many more.

3. YouTube Advanced Embed:
YouTube Advanced Embed plugin

The specialists working on YouTube Advanced Embed spared no efforts to ensure the usefulness and practicality of this user and developer – friendly tool to professionally deal with YouTube products and guarantee their impeccable look and feel in the area of any WordPress – supported web presence. This plugin generates lots of controls and essentials to stream YouTube videos in a unique and customer – driven way by allowing Auto HD, cropping control for the best parts of the videos, ability to add discussion options for each video right on the website, ability to customize the embeds with annotations, etc.

4. YouTube for WordPress:
youtube for WordPress plugin

In case you are running a multimedia content – rich website platform and need an exceptional plugin to customize the look of your YouTube videos and showcase them in a more robust and presentable way, YouTube for WordPress can be an ultimate version at your disposal to take advantage all the customization expectations you could have prior to the installation of this product. By the application of this product you will be able to control your YouTube account right from your WordPress – optimized website and showcase any account content on your website very easily.

5. YouTube Embed:
YouTube Embed plugin

YouTube Embed is another easy to use and configure YouTube solution to fit your website overall look and performance to the most effective extent. This immensely comfortable and compactly structured easy to acquire and install WordPress compatible and YouTube – friendly instrument incorporates a bunch of essential features to exercise, such as the ability to set your own playlist, make use of diverse profiles for different videos, video optimization and adjustment possibilities in case the website is responsive, as well as perfect compatibility with a wide range of other plugins for enhanced SEO results, speeding up the website or better visual experience.

6. YouTube Channel Gallery:
YouTube Channel Gallery plugin

Another awesome YouTube display and browse experience for all the interactive website owners and video bloggers to provide multi – sensorial and visitor – centric content, which will be easy to digest without spending much energy is YouTube Channel Gallery with thumbnail videos to click on and watch in the large area. With this truly dynamic and practical, as well as multilingual – ready plugin it will be up to you to use it either as a shortcode or as a widget by arranging the latter in the most convenient widget –ready sidebar.

7. YouTube Widget Responsive:
YouTube Widget Responsive

The next premium quality and truly customization – efficient YouTube embed toolbox at your disposal is YouTube Widget Responsive plugin with to run either as a widget, or as a shortcode. The shades of total responsiveness have been carefully taken care of in this case, moreover, this plugin has been developed to generate lots of diverse features and options to heighten the interactivity of the website. Some of the key options include the option to select the start and end time on the video, loop mode inclusion, activate or deactivate automatic subtitles, enable or disable full screen, show or hide the title and this is not the whole package of essential features which this plugin is capable of sharing.

8. YouTube Channel:
YouTube Channel plugin

Since demonstrating high – quality and precisely looking, informative and eye – catching video materials is a top priority in many cases, YouTube Channel may turn to be a best YouTube video, playlist and channel embedding plugin into your web pages. The whole process of the plugin activation or automatic installation, succeeded by adding YouTube channel widget to the sidebar or inserting shortcode to content is pretty easy and time – saving. It’s also possible to choose among many available versions of performance, such as displaying latest videos from channel or be guided by the Favourite Videos or Liked Videos or Playlist, or to make a random selection out of those sources and much more.

Drag and Drop WordPress form builder plugins and number of choices you have

drag and drop form builder WordPress plugins
In case you have an intention of establishing, running and customizing a WordPress – based website in an easy and practical way, drag and drop form builder plugins are the most suitable digital products you can have at your disposal. It’s a clear-cut technique of creating and embedding forms into any kind of website, which will be totally responsive and dynamic on any mobile or device used, as well as will come with lots of customization options to correspond to the overall design and objectives specified for any target online presence.

In this article we have sort out search – based and practically tested drag and drop form solutions for you and number of choices you have in this relation, which have been seriously planned and developed by the sophisticated developers and specialists to be technologically cohesive and functionally saturated in order to be useful and preferable by its users to the maximum extent.

1. Caldera Forms:
caldera WordPress forms

Caldera Forms is a flexible and powerful drag and drop form creation plugin with many premium quality features and elements for more usability. This useful and easily applicable plugin has been tested by more than 30.000 users from diverse corners of the globe and deservedly received lots of positive feedbacks for its simple, yet feature – rich structure, including intuitive and responsive drag and drop design, ability to create multiple columns, additional pages, diverse form types such as auto – complete, calculation, phone, text, button, email, paragraph, checkbox, date picker, color picker and yet so much more this awesome plugin may offer.

2. CBX Forms:
CBX forms WordPress

Another simple and lightweight, yet powerful and strongly stylized product of WordPress compatibility to add drag and drop functionality to any WordPress website, irrespective of its nature, size and direction is CBX Forms with its all – inclusive package of essential features and controls to choose from and exercise to reach out certain goals catering to any online objectives and perspectives. It comes integrated with general fields which are drag and droppable, among them text, number, email, radio, checkbox, paragraph, etc., lots of field controllable elements such as show label, required, multi select, min value, max value and much more. Global form settings are also available in this case.

3. FormCraft – Form Builder:
FormCraft WordPress plugin

Established to be easy to use and customize, as well as to provide sufficient website performance of all sorts and types, FormCraft form builder is another must have tool to ensure drag and drop interface of your website. The touches of nicely – looking and visually effective designs, as well as modern and so compulsory responsiveness and adaptability are all professionally taken care of by the respective individuals. Hence, you will be able to create beautiful and dynamic contact forms, support forms, application forms in order to be more informative and customer – driven.

4. Contact Form Email:
Contact Form email WordPress plugin

By the application of Contact Form Email and the powerful support coming together with this drag and drop form builder plugin you will be capable of creating visually beautiful and functionally easy exercisable drag and drop contact form to send the data to email addresses. Some of the essential features to activate are email delivery and notifications, saving messages into database, export to Excel and CSV, anti – spam captcha, automatic email reports and many other core features included.

5. Contact Form:
Contact form WordPress plugin

Contact Form with more than 10.000 active installs is an intuitive and smart, lightweight and fast performing, user and developer – friendly drag and drop editor optimized for any WordPress – powered website management to maximize people’s engagement and conversion into the relevant online profile. This building tool is preloaded with exceptional features and options that give you unlimited website design, control and management possibilities, including, but not limited to responsive design, the option to add and remove additional fields, to make any field required or not, enable email notifications, etc.

6. Ultimate Form Builder Lite:
Ultimate form builder WordPress plugin

Powered to generate simplicity in installation and usage, as well as powerful toolbox of diverse practical and modern plugin basic features, Ultimate Form Builder Lite is another drag and drop form builder plugin which is considered to be highly – demanded for a number of reasons. This plugin specifically fits the needs of any website initiative with a limited budget, since it can be acquired entirely for free, yet provide the website owner with lots of useful methods of building and optimizing his product interface and the overall operational framework, receive contact emails and keep them in the database, etc.

7. Perfect Easy & Powerful Contact Form:
perfect and easy form builder WordPress

Perfect Easy & Powerful Contact Form is a robust drag and drop – ready form builder with a huge potential and functional capabilities, which are essential to the success and promotion of any online personal or business undertaking. The most striking thing about this plugin, however, is its total user and developer – friendliness, so that every non –coder or WordPress beginner will be able to master it to the most possible extent. It’s an extensively responsively stylized builder with spam protection and visually awe – inspiring controls.

8. WordPress Contact Forms by Cimatti:
Cimatti Contact form WordPress

If you’re looking for an effective and suitable way to establish any responsive drag and drop form for your WordPress authored website, WordPress Contact Forms by Cimatti can be an ideal selection for you with its long established fame and popularity. This supremely crafted plugin comes not only with ready-made fields to use, like first name, last name, address, country, email, etc, but also lets you create all the required field types like text field, text area, autoreply email, checkbox, select, multiple select, etc.

9. Contact Form & Lead Form Builder:
Lead form builder WordPress plugin

Contact Form & Lead Form Builder is beginner – optimized and cleverly developed drag and drop form builder plugin, enabling you to create entirely interactive forms and embed them in the site. Select the available fields you need and create as many drag and drop forms as you want, utilize preloaded forms or add you own, preview and test the created form before its publication, as well as easily embed the forms in your posts, pages or widget by means of a shortcode.

Setting up Events Using Event Calendar Plugins in WordPress

It’s not a surprising fact that thousands of individual and business corporate websites are revolving around WordPress foundation, as the latter provides an excellent environment with all the necessary fundamental functions and elements for any kind of online undertaking to be revealed with its full potential. Apart from that, it comes with super easy self-hosted structure, requiring no coding or programming skills to be exerted. WordPress as a full-featured content management system can be progressed in a range of certain ways in order to function accordingly and suggest all the required functional and configuration options to meet all the qualifications and requirements put against the relevant website. As for numerous websites to have event management and scheduling possibilities is of utmost importance, in this article we are going to keep event calendar plugins in the focus of
our attention so that you are able to choose any of them and set up events on your website of WordPress. All of the below suggested plugins are worthwhile for dozens of advanced and applicable features to display all the relevant events, manage them, create online booking, ticket sales and other abilities.

1. The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar is a professionally developed and highly popular event calendar plugin, which provides you with all the potentials to create your upcoming events and occasions in the most beautiful and expressive way. It is also worth noticing, that the whole process will be given to you easily and require as short a time period as possible. Some of the most noteworthy features are fast event creation, calendar month view, day view, event search, Google maps integration, events categories and tags, Ajax based structure and other options. Apart from the standard functionalities, the Pro version of this super versatile plugin comes with alluring design, lots of advanced features, among them recurring events, selling tickets with the most suitable e-commerce solutions, community events, letting the website users add their own events, Facebook events to import the relevant events from Facebook and manage them and much more.

2. CP Multi view Event Calendar

CP Multi-view Event Calendar is the next convenient and easy to use calendar, which is available in for free. This smart and handy product is loaded with diverse calendar view options, such as classic month view, multi-month view, day view or week view, diverse visual forms and styles in combination with the selection of your favourite colour, options to configure the start day of the week, to change the appearance of the event calendar, to select the buttons you may wish to be displayed to hidden, to chose the way you want the event calendar information to be accessed, to set up 12 or 24 hours format, to link the events to other pages and to choose your native or favourite language support from the suggested language list.

3. All in One Event calendar

This calendar extension captures dozens of users with its all-in-one package of plugin features, and it is created and executed in such a way, that you won’t face any dissension with it within the whole process of its installation and insertion into your respective website. All in One Event Calendar is prominent for its flexibility and unlimited configuration options to share multiple events and take pleasure of your website appearance and functionality. It has been repeatedly tested for its reliable and dynamic key features, including overall
attractive design and structure, recurring events, filterable events, sharing option with popular systems supporting iCalendar, Google maps integration, categorized colour-coded events, day, week, month and agenda views, inbuilt calendar theme editor and SEO-friendly events and is well optimized for multilingual use.

4. Spider Event calendar

Spider Event Calendar is a highly competitive product according to its technical characteristics and feasibility that will keep your website visitors aware of any upcoming events. It will grant you with full control and supervision over the plugin and all its components to make certain modifications and customizations to reach the required output. This dynamic, engaging and user friendly WordPress event calendar is power-packed with lots of event configuration and management features and controls over multiple events at the same time – infinite number of calendars and unlimited event display for each calendar, upcoming events widget inclusion, option to display any month on the calendar, multiple events display on the same date, month, week, day and list views available, category creation with the help of diverse colors, etc. This powerful plugin is also built on the basis of a complete responsive platform to keep its extraordinary look and feel irrespective of the device or mobile, on which the relevant website will be displayed.

5. My Calendar

My Calendar is another ideal event calendar tool, which can be perfectly integrated into your WordPress based website for organizing and publishing your events. This full featured, technologically advanced and resourceful plugin will be a handy tool at your disposal for your event management WordPress website usage. My Calendar includes all the applicable key features for events sharing and promotion, such as user-friendly platform on the basis, standard calendar form, list views of events, limit views by location, categories and author, enabling and disabling of CSS and Javascript functionalities, management of recurring events, event posting on Twitter, location manager, support documentation and others for the free version. Still there is also Pro version of this plugin for advanced peculiarities.

6. Simple Events calendar

This plugin will delight you with professional-level performance and quality to publish and manage upcoming events into your website and follow them. Despite the functional saturation and perfect operation of Simple Events Calendar, this plugin is very light and fast functioning. It comes with multiple customizable ways to provide your event-centric websites up to date, by adding events to any post or page with specific shortcode insertion, dates and labels to add special events and undertakings, option to display both expired and forthcoming events in the calendar, as well as to limit the number of events to be displayed, hide Twitter button and not only.

How to Optimize Large Number or Bulk Amount of Images in WordPress Website

In order to gain an online popularity and be a frequently visited platform by thousands of people around the world, every website needs to present a strong and coherent combination of high quality and SEO friendly content, overall easy to use structure, flexible functionality and fast loading template. There comes a time when the website is overloaded with super content, including high resolution images, but as a result, it affects the website speed and swiftness, irritating people, who have to wait more than an instant.

Therefore, diverse useful tools have been made up and brought to life for the image optimization and elaboration by showing an individual approach towards any single image for providing its exceptional visual look and feel to the extent of possibility, at the same time helping to speed up and fasten the relevant website. In the event you are dealing with a large number of bulk amount of images on your WordPress based website, you are in the right place to find some well supported and highly compatible image optimizer plugins to install one of them and get down to enjoy its potentials.

1. WP Smush IT:

WP Smush as one of the highest ranked and recommended image optimization to be fully functionable with any type of WordPress produced website, comes with dozens of abilities to exercise image optimization or smush by removing hidden information and data, as well as automatic compression of the images when they are uploaded to the website media library. This all inclusive plugin is freemium, that is to say, it is obtainable both in free and premium versions. The free one is presented with compression format, which does not reduce the quality of the images, maximum width and height settings and scaling of large images before they appear on the website, smushing of the images up to 1mb, deals with JPEG, GIF and PNG image formats, automatic optimization of the attachments, options to smush the attachments one by one or 50 files at a time, dependable Smush API on the basis and yet more to come with the premium version, including compression of images up to 32mb, bulk smush of all the images, reserving the copy of initial images in case you would like to restore them later and more.

2. ShortPixel:

Smart and user-oriented, adaptable and highly configurable, ShortPixel immediately processes and optimized your images uploaded to the relevant website, resulting in the website SEO optimization, better user experience and fast loading. This simple, yet super functional image optimizer plugin, which you can get for your WordPress website, offers dozens of controllable settings to choose between lossy or lossless compression formats, keep or remove EXIF, backup, thumbnail processing, etc, automatic scale of the content images with the help of bulk optimization, resizing and modification of new uploaded images in the cloud, compression of JPG, PNG, GIF images and PDF documents, no limitation on file size, great functionality with WPML plugins, usage of the same API key on diverse sites during the activation process. ShortPixel is also eCommerce ready, being highly compatible with relevant websites, 100 free image optimization bonuses monthly and credits for supplementary tasks can be accessed separately.

3. TinyPNG:

After installing TinyPNG, you will have lots of possibilities and controls at your disposition to handle JPEG and PNG images optimization with the support of TinyJPG and TinyPNG compression services. All the images, that will be uploaded and added to your WordPress platform, will be automatically optimized, ensuring in their turn perfect page speed insights results and bringing trustworthy page rank statistics. After the images find their relevant places in the image library, you will be able to resize any of them, choose thumbnail sizes, set a maximum width or height for large images, use the same API key for many sites, including also multisites, keep the image metadata, that is details about when the image was taken, where, etc, resize and modify the uploaded images while working with WordPress mobile version and enjoy up to 500 image optimization per month.

4. EWWW Image Optimizer:

Another top rated image compression and optimization plugin available for any website of WordPress output, which operates stunningly without image quality deterioration, is EWWW Image Optimizer. Like the previously discussed plugin, this one also brings about automatic optimization and resizing of all the uploaded images and pictures, thus proportionally contributing to website fast loading and overall website better performance. Pre-existing images of the website may also be compressed or resized to get the most fitting size and quality. EWWW Image Optimizer together with TinyPNG plugin takes the leading role in the processing of JPG and PNG image formats. Another noteworthy thing about this well structured plugin is that it runs lossless and flawless optimization technique, so that the qualitative aspects and characteristics of the utilized images will in no case be violated. Moreover, it is up to you to make use of additional optimization options coming along this optimizer to generate WebP versions of the images, find the smallest file size for the images to be resized to and many other applicable options.

5. Optimus:

Optimus will take your images and will process them, implementing impressive optimization procedure and resulting in smaller image sizes, but keeping the quality of the original image unaffected and harmless. This plugin have been developed by the professionals keeping in mind the user-friendliness and easiness in usage, accordingly at present we have a really convenient layout at our disposal to utilize simple settings menu and organize the image compression process successfully. Apart from optimizing the uploaded images, Optimus is engaged also into the configuration of the automatically created files in relation to each such uploaded image- thumbnails among them. Every interested person may be able to find Free version of this image optimizer plugin with certain restrictions and limitation to 100kb file size capacity on the website images that can be optimized, as well as 2 Premium versions – Optimus HQ and Optimus HQ, with respective extra functional and optimization controls.