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A list of search based – plugins to improve searching functionality of your website

WordPress search plugins

List of search based WordPress plugins for your website

Since WordPress content creation and management ecosystem experienced steady growth during the recent years, being updated from time to time to meet all the challenges coming with the demands of the contemporary digital environment, today we have totally dependable and intuitively developed products to undertake the successful presentation of any personal or business initiative.

However, there are additional tools in the face of WordPress plugins to tap into the additional performance and advanced functionality they provide, so that you can make your website more flexible and resourceful, feature rich and easy to administer, as well as to enable search functionality of your web presence, which is of paramount importance for a number of reasons.

First of all the level of your website search potential is directly proportional to the customer conversion, since the majority of the website visitors and customers know what they are going to look for in your site. So your search – based website will considerably help them in this relation and save their precious time. Apart from that, you might get a good profit from your website search statistics and specify the items, products, services, posts, topics or any other content, which is demanded in the relevant market the most.

In this article you can find a list of search – based plugins to get search functionality for your online profile, enabling your audience to filter the website content and find whatever is needed in the most straightforward and convenient way.

1. Search Everything:
search everything WordPress plugin

The first practical and useful, readily intuitive and user – optimized, modern and dynamic way to ensure your website searchability is the plugin called Search Everything. This truly simple and lightweight plugin is a combination of 3 steps to undertake and have a full search functionality in your website – activate the plugin, configure it as per your needs and objectives and let your content be easily found and accessed. With Search Everything it will be available to search for highlights, pages, tags, custom taxonomies, diverse categories, comments, attachments, custom fields, etc. Moreover, you can make certain posts, categories or some protected content to be non – searchable and stay hidden.

2. Search Manager Lite:
search manager lite WordPress

The next top – rated and feature – rich search – related plugin to maximize your WordPress – powered and WooCommerce – compatible website search results is Search Manager. This highly recommended instrument will considerably contribute to your website search experience and take it to more advanced level, which will be for sure appreciated by any website user who will ever try this function. Some of the essential options of WordPress search are search by excerpts, search by post comments, search by post tags and search by post categories. As for the WooCommerce search, it is possible to make search by short description, by product comments, by SKU, by product tags and by product categories. You can also upgrade to premium version for more search controls and possibilities.

WPSOLR search engine WordPress

The next all – in – one search mode to be added to your WordPress – related and self – hosted website in order to help your potential clients and followers to identify whatever is needed as quickly and effortlessly as possible is WPSORL plugin, which is ready to take your website search functionality to a step forward and make it more efficient. Thus, if your site is loaded with heavy content and you need a fast performing search option to deal with that content, this easy to acquire, install and run product can boost your visitor’s search experience in all the possible ways. Besides, if pdf, word and excel files prevail in your content, then again all you need is WPSORL with its universal and flexible search performance with partial match search, fuzzy match search, etc.

4. Search – Into – Subcategories:
search categories WordPress

Another readily smart and intuitive search – based plugin of WordPress compatibility to obviously contribute to the improvement of your website search functionality is Search – Into – Subcategories, letting you have a select –search shortcode for your categories. This plugin has been planned and launched with user and developer – friendliness in mind, so that this product will be easily installed and activated by any average WordPress user at any programming level. Hence, all you need to do is to install the relevant plugin into your plugins directory, activate it trough admin – friendly menu and insert the shortcode into the page or post.

5. Search & Filter:
search and filter WordPress

Search & Filter is considered to be a product of top priority for every modern WordPress website to get the search and filter results out of the default search box. With this plugin you will be granted with all the potential to create better search possibilities and receive lots of bonuses coming as a result, allowing all your website users to make instant searches in thousands of your categories, tags, custom taxonomies, post types, post dates or search by their combinations. This plugin is generated both in Lite and Premium versions to start with the first one and then to activate more advanced version full of diverse search and filter controls and settings, including the usage of AJAX for result display, order results field, editor with drag and drop design, WooCommerce and e-commerce compatibility and much more.

6. Search Live:
search live WordPress

The last offered search – based plugin, that will speak to the favor of your website search potential is Search Live. It is another all –inclusive solution for your web presence, aiming at adding super search function to it and subsequently promoting its visitors search – based experience. This lightweight and stunningly effective tool comes with highly versatile and intuitive shortcode to be placed wherever is needed to ensure a dynamic search form, as well as a search live widget to be used in the sidebar, thus enabling live search and immediate results following it in the form of thumbnails and short descriptions corresponding to the search keywords to be found in titles, excerpts or in other content published on the website.

Pinterest WordPress plugins and their review for selection on your website

Pinterest WordPress plugins
Pinterest WordPress plugins as a popular and contemporary social environment continues to grow and expand, as a result, involving innumerable individual and business profiles out there which act as personalized media platforms.

Therefore making any modern website Pinterest – friendly will contribute to its popularity and more accessibility to any target market, allowing people share the posts’ images and start to follow whatever is interesting for them. Apart from that, this social media framework will ultimately boost your website traffic and be one of the most dynamic sources among diverse social media– related channels.

In this article we have collected a bulk of Pinterest WordPress plugins, which are created to demonstrate simplicity and convenience in installation and customization.

These Pinterest WordPress plugins can also cater to any kind of WordPress – based website content of any nature and description, thus adding Pinterest existence to it. Choose whichever seems to be the best version for your web presence and successfully exercise all the business marketing techniques of Pinterest presence.

1. Pinterest Master:
Pinterest Master WordPress plugin

The first Pinterest WordPress plugin integration tool for your WordPress- based website is Pinterest Master to display Pinterest boards to your site or to add follow me, pin it and other options. This awesome plugin comes ready both with shortcode and widget to be sophisticatedly utilized and provide stunningly responsive design to be compatible with any mobile or device version. Pinterest Master is a freemium product, the lite version of which including totally mobile – friendly and Pinterest-effective business layout, the ability to display, change or hide widget titles, and premium version loading with more advanced functionality, to set pin –it button size, shape and color, show Pinterest follow me and pin it buttons, general shortcode for all the pages and posts, as well as individual shortcode for each page and post.

2.Pinterest Pinboard Widget:
Pinterest Pinboard Widget WordPress

The next dynamic and practical, easy to use and customize Pinterest WordPress plugin solution with dynamically designed structure to meet all your WordPress website requirement appears to be Pinterest PinBoard Widget. This product generated total user – friendliness and perfect flexibility when it comes to the processes of adding a pinboard to the website sidebar and showing any Pinterest collection in thumbnails. Your website visitors are free to click on any image on the sidebar and appear directly on Pinterest website. For your website quick and flawless functionality, the pins are subject to cache every 15 minutes. This plugin can also take a widget role in the sidebar or on a page by the application of a shortcode.

3. Pinterest Widgets:
Pinterest Widgets WordPress plugin

Pinterest Widgets also a Pinterest WordPress plugin is another easy and simple way to integrate and showcase Pinterest – based widgets into your WordPress – powered website to generate and keep loyalty to any target brand or business manifestation in the boundless and highly dynamic digital area. This Pinterest WordPress plugin, which is based on simple and smart design solution, lets you add follow button, so that your potential and future clients can follow your Pinterest updates right from your website, Pin widget to showcase your Pin on your website, Profile widget for showcasing the latest 30 Pins on the website, as well as Board widget for showcasing the most favorite 30 Pins. Pinterest Widgets also supports shortcodes for all the above – mentioned 4 widgets if needed.

4. POWr Pinterest Feed:
POWr Pinterest Feed WordPress

With POWr Pinterest Feed any WordPress user with little or no coding at all will be able to intuitively install and run this exceptional plugin just in a few clicks. The plugin allows you to display posts from diverse Pinterest boards on your website, hence it is convenient for multiple usages, be it a company representing its events or launching its products, or some e – commerce ready website to implement its commercial activities, while embracing the online world of Pinterest. POWr Pinterest Feed another Pinterest WordPress plugin with its fully customizable and totally responsive nature shares free features, including the ability to connect to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc, showcase images, videos and articles, comes with daily content updates, choose and modify colors, borders, background design and many more. Yet, there are also premium features to get access to and exercise.

5. Simply Pinterest:
Simply Pinterest WordPress plugin

Designed and well – supported to be totally comfortable and comprehensive in installation and usage, Simply Pinterest as one of the top – rated free Pinterest WordPress plugins to be selected by you in order to run on your relevant website, uses Pin it button to boost Pinterest content sharing on your web presence. Apart from its comfortability and perfect usability, this product is preloaded with lots of customization controls in relation to the counts, colors and other settings. It’s up to you to when to show the Pin it button, choose the button color and size, manage the page types with Pin it button or hide it from a certain page or post, or disabling that button for specific individual images, etc.

6. Pinterest RSS Widget:
Pinterest RSS Widget

Pinterest RSS Widget is a popular and creative way to help increase Pinterest engagement into the website. This truly amazing Pinterest WordPress plugin grants you with sidebar widget to showcase the most recent pins together with the respective thumbnail images. Apart from that, it also allows you to make use of the shortcode to pull images on a post or page basis. There are lots of customization options at your disposal to show the image description below or not, to specify the thumbnail height and width, to show 4 diverse sizes of follow me button, number of images to display and yet much more to modify within this plugin.

7. Pinterest Pin It Button On Image Hover and Post:
Pinterest Pin IT Button

The last truly reliable and high – quality plugin, which will grants you with immense potential to experience great pinning practice and arrange it in the most efficient manner is Pinterest Pin It Button On Image Hover and Post to have total control over its intuitive features to show Pinterest Pin it button on image hover, in post or in page, set the button color and size on hover, as well as to choose whether to display or hide pin button in case of mobiles and other devices. This Pinterest WordPress plugin with its flexible structure is multilingual, ready to be translated into diverse languages.

YouTube WordPress Plugins for publishing YouTube Videos

YouTube WordPress plugins
No matter what functionality and performance capabilities a WordPress – based theme can offer its users, depending on the website nature and direction, additional features and flexibility can be required to achieve real success and popularity within the scope of the target digital area.

In this relation, YouTube WordPress plugins take a decisive role with their intuitive and adaptive frameworks to contribute to the advancement of the target online profile to a new level.

In this article we have done our best to dig out the most popular YouTube WordPress plugins and their pro – features for all the publishers and other users to display YouTube videos on their websites in the most attractive and professional way, thus guaranteeing more people engagement to their online platform based on content – rich and multimedia – friendly nature. All of them are truly flexible and resourceful, as well as extremely easy in usage, so that every website owner or representative will be able to add the required plugin for publishing YouTube videos just in a few clicks and with minimum effort exerted.

1. YouTube Embed Plugin:
YouTube Embed Plugin

One of the easiest ways to embed YouTube – powered videos to any WordPress – supported website posts and pages is the activation and configuration of YouTube Embed Plugin. This highly dependable and top – rated product comes integrated with lots of free and premium features, responsive playlist and channel gallery support, video thumbnails included into the web pages, so that your visitors can look through them and make selection of, automatic play for the suggested playlists and channels, the possibility to embed the whole channel as a playlist and many other free features. However, you can also upgrade to the plugin Pro version and enjoy more functional possibilities.

2. YouTube Embed WordPress:
YouTube Embed WordPress plugin

Adding YouTube videos to any WordPress website of any size and nature will be a real joy with the great assistance coming with YouTube Embed WordPress plugin and its unlimited capacities. This totally accessible and entirely practical plugin will let you embed YouTube – based products in the most alluring and presentable way. Moreover this plugins is extremely convenient for all the non – coders and those individuals who are pretty far away from programming. This plugin is also available in free and pro versions, however, both of them are worth installing and trying with their generally shared qualities, including the possibilities to add YouTube videos on website posts, pages and widgets, set and control default options, such as YouTube player width, height, autoplay and many more.

3. YouTube Advanced Embed:
YouTube Advanced Embed plugin

The specialists working on YouTube Advanced Embed spared no efforts to ensure the usefulness and practicality of this user and developer – friendly tool to professionally deal with YouTube products and guarantee their impeccable look and feel in the area of any WordPress – supported web presence. This plugin generates lots of controls and essentials to stream YouTube videos in a unique and customer – driven way by allowing Auto HD, cropping control for the best parts of the videos, ability to add discussion options for each video right on the website, ability to customize the embeds with annotations, etc. This is another Youtube WordPress plugins category strong contender.

4. YouTube for WordPress:
youtube for WordPress plugin

In case you are running a multimedia content – rich website platform and need an exceptional plugin to customize the look of your YouTube videos and showcase them in a more robust and presentable way, YouTube for WordPress can be an ultimate version at your disposal to take advantage all the customization expectations you could have prior to the installation of this product. By the application of this product you will be able to control your YouTube account right from your WordPress – optimized website and showcase any account content on your website very easily. A good solid and one of the Youtube WordPress plugins selection.

5. YouTube Embed:
YouTube Embed plugin

YouTube Embed is another easy to use and configure YouTube solution to fit your website overall look and performance to the most effective extent. This immensely comfortable and compactly structured easy to acquire and install WordPress compatible and YouTube – friendly instrument incorporates a bunch of essential features to exercise, such as the ability to set your own playlist, make use of diverse profiles for different videos, video optimization and adjustment possibilities in case the website is responsive, as well as perfect compatibility with a wide range of other Youtube WordPress plugins for enhanced SEO results, speeding up the website or better visual experience.

6. YouTube Channel Gallery:
YouTube Channel Gallery plugin

Another awesome YouTube WordPress Plugin and browse experience for all the interactive website owners and video bloggers to provide multi – sensorial and visitor – centric content, which will be easy to digest without spending much energy is YouTube Channel Gallery with thumbnail videos to click on and watch in the large area. With this truly dynamic and practical, as well as multilingual – ready plugin it will be up to you to use it either as a shortcode or as a widget by arranging the latter in the most convenient widget –ready sidebar.

7. YouTube Widget Responsive:
YouTube Widget Responsive

The next premium quality and truly customization – efficient YouTube embed toolbox at your disposal is YouTube Widget Responsive plugin with to run either as a widget, or as a shortcode. The shades of total responsiveness have been carefully taken care of in this case, moreover, this plugin has been developed to generate lots of diverse features and options to heighten the interactivity of the website. Some of the key options include the option to select the start and end time on the video, loop mode inclusion, activate or deactivate automatic subtitles, enable or disable full screen, show or hide the title and this is not the whole package of essential features which this plugin is capable of sharing.

8. YouTube Channel:
YouTube Channel plugin

Since demonstrating high – quality and precisely looking, informative and eye – catching video materials is a top priority in many cases, YouTube Channel may turn to be a best YouTube video, playlist and channel embedding plugin into your web pages. The whole process of the plugin activation or automatic installation, succeeded by adding YouTube channel widget to the sidebar or inserting shortcode to content is pretty easy and time – saving. It’s also possible to choose among many available versions of performance, such as displaying latest videos from channel or be guided by the Favourite Videos or Liked Videos or Playlist, or to make a random selection out of those sources and much more. Another contender of this category of YouTube WordPress plugins and satisfies its requirements.

WordPress plugins suitable for every blogger and writer – based website

WordPress plugins bloggers wiriters
Currently the Internet and the worldwide web generally are no longer something of unachievable for the people at large. They are not only totally accessible and easily exercisable at present, but also are much more of necessity to be practiced as a dynamic tool for education, work, entertainment, commerce or whatever it is. Under such valuable digital conditions, perfect environment is created for all bloggers and writers to reveal their full potential and beneficially communicate with the target groups of readers via web pages.

The modern and dynamic WordPress community has paid special attention to the themes and plugins especially practical for blogging and self – published author – related websites to deservedly face all the challenges and impressively contribute to its reputation management and further advancement online. Keeping this in mind, we have done our best to provide you with the most flexible and user – friendly WordPress plugins suitable for every blogger and writer – based websites, which incorporate a truly powerful toolbox of all the essential features and controls any writer will ever need to deal with his online publications in the most professional way.

1. Just Writing:
Just Writing WordPress plugin

In order to run a precise and comfortable writing platform, which will be fast performing and devoid of any drawback or distraction, you will need the plugin called Just Writing. This easy to install and utilize product comes integrated with great functionality to keep focused just on writing, as well as edit it, check the spelling or change the paragraph style in the easiest and the most professional manner, as well as the most required features to remove the fade effect, hide the word count or editor mode bar, to localize the toolbar on the screen center, add Preview button, change the order of the button list and finally, the possibility to add DFW link to the pages and posts.

2. Write Here:
Write Here WordPress plugin

Write Here is the next top – rated WordPress plugin suitable for every blogger and writer – based websites, which also shares premium- quality features and provides every author or blogger with exceptional WordPress performance. Stylized and established to meet all the high demands and requirements, this plugin lets you categorize your target audience to register to your online presence and have access to the writing and management of your articles. Write Here is extremely user – driven and simple in utilization, so that your users will not be faced with anything insuperable even with little WordPress and programming knowledge.

3. Twinword Writer:
TwinWord Writer WordPress plugin

Twinword Writer has repeatedly been checked and established as one of the most feasible and profitable tools which can be fully mastered in the hand of every writer or author within the whole process of any WordPress – powered website content display and management. This awesome plugin is loaded with lots of intuitive and smart features to boost your writing productivity when your find yourself overwhelmed needing some professional assistance to go on with your publications. Thus, Twinword Writer will readily handle with your content and display alternative word suggestions for you to use whenever you are paused, will highlight the needed words and their forms, will discover the writing tone and give further instructions about it and not only.

4. Publish to Schedule:
Publish to Schedule WordPress plugin

Powered to generate simplicity and super performance in relation to any author and writer – based and WordPress supported website, Publish to Schedule is a well – structured and professionally developed written content scheduling technique, which can be well – optimized for the establishment of any writing or blogging – centric online platform and initiating active engagement with the readers. With this plugin all you need to do is to provide your website with well – written and high – quality content, as well as set your priorities when and how many posts to publish, the rest will do the plugin, scheduling all the relevant posts for further publication.

5. Author Wordcount:
Author WordCount

Technologically cutting – edge design combined with perfect and flexible functionality is what makes Author Wordcount another top –rated and entirely resourceful WordPress plugin suitable for every blogger and writer – based websites. All the features of lightweight nature and user – friendliness have been minutely taken care of by the relevant specialist to result in a handy product at any writer’s disposal to display current and target word counts for the ongoing works and update them whenever it is required. Moreover, you can work at diverse writing projects at the same time and have their drafts to be published.

6. WP–RTL:
WP RTL WordPress plugin

In case you want to ensure the operation of right to left language mode in your website easily and effectively, WP – RTL modern and highly dependable plugin is out there with its sophisticated structure and writer – optimized nature. This plugin is especially suitable for those writers and publishers, who write in different languages with both the usual left to right, as well as right to left writing directions and want to have them present in the same posts or pages.

7. Articoolo:
articoolo Writer plugin

A reliable and truly unique content creation tool will considerably facilitate some blogger’s and publisher’s works in certain cases. Fortunately, there is Articoolo in the marketplace as a practical and immensely versatile automatic article generator to save your time and effort. All that is required from you is to specify the subject in some words, the total length of the expected article and let this plugin take care of the rest. As for the uniqueness and accuracy of the content, it is guaranteed, as for the timeframe, it will take only some seconds or minutes to complete the work.

8. TinyMCE Advanced:
TinyMCE Advanced WordPress plugin

Well –structured and cleverly – developed, readily intuitive and smart in performance, TinyMCE Advanced plugin features lots of features and controls to extend TinyMCE full – featured web editor possibilities, to add and remove buttons to be showcased in the editor toolbar, customize the button rows with font sizes, text and background colors and many more. 15 diverse plugins for TinyMCE are integrated within this highly popular and credible plugin with more than a million active installs, and those plugins can be enabled or disabled when you choose this or that button.

Best WordPress sitemap plugins and their list for websites

WordPress sitemap plugins

Best WordPress sitemap plugins and their list have been given for users to check them out.

There are certain SEO tools and elements that every digital product in the form of website or blog should contain in order to generate search engine – optimized performance.

As for today’s reality, it is of utmost importance to establish perfect communication with search engines and become more visible and accessible for the public at large.

Sitemaps are among such primary elements of any website to include and boost your SEO success in the most efficient way.

Apart from the above – mentioned advancement sitemap presence can provide any website with, it also comes with other beneficial outputs, including easier and more comfortable navigation, which every website user will for sure feel.

Keeping this in mind, in this article we will walk you through our list of the best sitemap plugins for all those website owner, who have made up their mind to have a site – based sitemap on their web pages, thus ensuring their SEO results on the one hand, and considerably contributing to the smooth and sleek navigation performance on the other.

1. Sitemap:
WordPress sitemap plugin

The first sitemap solution, that we can offer any website representative is the plugin called Sitemap, which has been downloaded and successfully installed for more than 70.000 times. This easy to acquire and utilize plugin comes with flexible and smart, intuitive and readily resourceful functionality, pagelist, subpages, siblings and pagelist_ext shortcodes to be added to pages.

2. Better WordPress Google XML Sitemaps:
better WP Google XML Sitemap

The next amazing and truly dependable plugin, which will add sitemap functionality to your online profile is Better WordPress Google XML Sitemaps plugin that supports Sitemap Index, Mutli – site, Google News, as well as Image sitemap. The plugin has been developed to meet all the current requirements of WordPress community, yet it is still very simple and lightweight in activation and configuration, requiring minimum effort and time spent on those processes.

3. Sitemap Index:
WordPress sitemap index plugin

The next top – rated and highly recommended sitemap – friendly plugin, that will definitely simplify any website sitemap management is Sitemap Index to add XML –powered virtual sitemaps and sitemap index in an automatic way. Some of the basic features of this plugin are simple and quick installation process, ability to generate posts, pages, tags and categories sitemaps, separate sitemaps on different parts, option to set a number of links per sitemap, etc.

4. Sitemap Generator:
WordPress sitemap generator

Sitemap Generator is one more plugin available at present, which is deservedly in our list of the best sitemap plugins to be acquired and activated as a highly useful and practical extension. This plugin uses all its potential to realize the creation of XML –based sitemap for your web presence by the application of external service, so that your website speed performance will not be affected at all.

5. Sitemap Page Embed:
Sitemap Page Embed WordPress

Another well – supported and well – optimized product, which supports any WordPress – related website is Sitemap Page Embed to add site – based sitemap wherever is needed on a web page by means of tynamce button or shortcode insertion. This plugin does not support XML format, instead uses human readable format.

6. Once Click XML Sitemap:
One Click XML Sitemap WordPress plugin

By the installation and easy application of Once Click XML Sitemap your website will be granted with all the sitemap potential, which is so vital for every web existence online. This plugin instantly adds XML – based sitemap to any website and is accessible for all the major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

7. RPS Sitemap Generator:
RPS Sitemap WordPress plugin

RPS Sitemap Generator is easy, yet dynamic, simple, yet practical XML sitemap generator with user and admin – friendly interface to make all the relevant changes and view them before updating the sitemap. This exceptional plugin has been designed to be multiuse, so that each online profile will have its separate sitemap.

8. Image Sitemap:
WordPress image sitemap

As the name of Image Sitemap plugin fairly suggests, this easy to use and manage product with automatic or manual installation processes will create Google XML image sitemap to any kind of WordPress compatible website, so that the latter will be more accessible for image search engines and will generate higher search results.

9. XML Sitemap & Google News Feeds:
WordPress Google XML Sitemap plugin

The next safe and sound, light and super easy, user and developer – friendly and functionally resourceful XML and Google News sitemap generating tool to your WordPress website is XML Sitemap & Google News Feeds. This practical site –based sitemap tool comes generated with feeds to correspond to XML Sitemap and Google News Sitemap along with its multisite and WMPL compatible nature.

10. Google Sitemap by BestWebSoft:
Google Sitemap WordPress plugin

Google Sitemap authored by BestWebSoft is created to share super functionality, as well as convenience in usage. This plugin will easily and professionally establish and confirm your website Google sitemap functionality and let you add pages, posts, post categories, post tags, custom post types and custom taxonomies to the sitemap.

11. Simple WP Sitemap:
Simple WordPress sitemap plugin

Simplicity and lightness, flexibility and resourcefulness, intuitive and smart operational characteristics are what make Simple WP Sitemap so unique and demanded in the relevant marketplace to rely upon it and reach to the requested search engine – friendly status. With this plugin both XML and HTML – based sitemaps can be added to any WordPress – related website.

12. Simple Sitemap:
WordPress simple sitemap plugin

One more simple and easy, inherently responsive and user – driven, HTML – powered and functionally cutting – edge plugin, which deserves its special place in our list of the best sitemap plugins is the one called Simple Sitemap. Simply insert the relevant shortcode whenever is needed in a post, page, custom post type and let the plugin do the rest.

13. Google XML Sitemaps:
Google sitemap generator WordPress

The next truly useful plugin we have at our full command and disposition is Google XML Sitemaps, which is ready to act as a XML sitemap generator to add it to your website and let it be submitted to Google, Yahoo and other search engines, so that they can crawl the target website more efficiently.

14. WP Sitemap Page:
WordPress sitemap page plugin

WP Sitemap Page plugin features the simplest way to add sitemap to a web page by means of the insertion of simple shortcode, resulting in the advancement of the website SEO results and impeccable navigation. The plugin is power – packed with lots of features, among them the ability to display all pages, posts and categories, custom post types and taxonomies, or to choose to display only one content type, etc.

What are the Best Membership Plugins of WordPress and Their Use for Your Site


Membership Plugins of WordPress have been discussed in this article for people to add membership system to their websites.

It’s quite realistic to build a membership website for your online store, other business manifestation, club or centre, live seminars and meetings, private groups or any kind of fellowship-related activities with all its necessary options and features to make subscription plan, renewal period, login, registration or purchase forms inclusion, diverse membership programs, group events, meetings and challenges and other required elements.

Once you have made your mind up to run a successful and profitable membership website bringing sufficient incomes, a major step in your website building plan should be finding an appropriate and powerful membership plugins for adding extra abilities and potentiality to your online platform.

Manifold WordPress membership plugins are introduced in the relevant market, and all you have to do is to carry out a thorough survey of the proposed fellowship plugins and chose the best one fitting your demands and claims and supporting you to surmount certain difficulties appearing on your way to creating the needed membership site. We’ve handpicked the best membership plugins of WordPress and tried to highlight their most outstanding features, which can surely be a great maintenance to you. All of them share the most applicable and preferential features and elements and stand out for providing the target website with more functionality and configuration options, at the same time meeting the modern standards and requirements put forward by today’s diverse technological mobiles, tablets, laptops and other technological products.

1. Paid Membership Pro:

Paid Membership Pro is among the best WordPress membership plugins proposed for free, being fully GPL and provides you with ultimate freedom to make the use of this wonderful plugin. It serves as a stable layout, letting you set up as many membership levels with different subscriptions, as are required, define their relationship with users and orders, lock down and manage certain content based on a membership group or level in correspondence to your business policy or marketing strategy. There are also lots of plugin options and filter available for changing the initial behavior and operation of this plugin. It’s under your control to hook Paid Membership Pro to Paypal, Stripe,, Braintree, 2Checkout, and Cybersource payment systems and services and create pages for signing up and logging in the site. This practical plugin is very easy in usage and you’ll be able to quickly configure membership levels, present diverse trial periods or setup any pricing models.

2. Membership 2:

Membership 2 has been another highly extensible, resourceful and totally configurable plugin, checked and exercised by hundreds of people and communities so far. This user and customer friendly plugin is a proud successor of Membership plugin, being its renewed and more functional version and comes with a simple structure to make the most of it, having super flexible membership management system with access to content, videos, downloads, membership forums, support and much more. Irrespective of the fact, whether you want to develop and manage a small blog or content rich website with favored access to premium content, create multi-level fellowship system, or engage in e-commerce activities to run your successful shop or make any other topic-specific solution, here is Membership 2 for you with its reliable layout, including fast and intuitive installation, four basic membership types to make selection from: Standard Membership, Dripped Content Membership, Guest Membership, Default Membership, PayPal, Stripe, integration and other advanced plugin features included.

3. Simple membership:

The next WordPress membership plugin, which is worth taking notice of, is simple and clear, yet dynamic and versatile Simple membership. This product inclusion into your website can serve as an important and priceless tool to transfer your ordinary and average site into a significant and effective membership platform, on the basis of which you can gradually develop and flourish your business of any shape and size. By choosing this adaptive plugin, you’ll have the privilege to restrict the website visitors’ access to your target content, including courses, classes, images, videos, tutorials or whatever it is, so that only members will have an opportunity to reach to it after logging into the relevant website system. Create multiple membership levels (free, silver, gold, etc.) to secure your content, pages or posts, set free and paid membership forms, one-time payment or recurring payment options and view all website members and their account status.

4. S2Member:

S2Member with its well-developed and well-supported membership management framework comes to help you in creating and launching your membership website for community interaction and cooperation within limited time frame and will not cause any difficulties and obstacles for you during its setup and further operational process. This plugin allows you to create different membership levels and specify parts of your website, which the members of diverse proposed membership levels may have access to and enter. It also suggests overall easy to customize structure to undertake modifications of certain levels, inclusion of Paypal button, content restriction possibilities, customizable email templates, member profile edition options, manual account opening availability and other practical plugin features.

5. WP-Members:

The last ideal instrument at one’s full disposal and command to raise his hobby or leisure activity into a profitable business is WP-Members of WordPress. This easily configurable and highly reliable WordPress plugin grants you with easy installation and setup, quick and easy changes to expand your website potential, flexible and convenient membership subscription options, giving access to one or more membership levels, one-off or automatic subscription payments, protection of any content inserted into your online platform from non-members and making it available for only certain levels of members, easy to utilize shortcodes integration to limit specific parts of the content, option to hide the content entirely from certain dishonest members, admin notification in case of new user registrations and this is not the whole list of available features of this strong and polished plugin. It’s also up to you to create simple or rather complicated registration forms to collect all the required information and details about your members and users.

Some of the best and free gallery and portfolio plugins in WordPress to showcase your work


Free Gallery and Portfolio WordPress plugins are discussed to beautify your website with them

Whereas your self-hosted WordPress theme may appear with inbuilt gallery and its relevant features at your disposition, it cannot incorporate super functionality and cannot provide awesome visual appearance for your website visitor without adding auxiliary functions.

Here come diverse popular and preferable WordPress gallery and portfolio plugins to showcase your website and its content in the brightest and most appealing way by virtue of their manifold unique features and characteristics.

They will add extra charm to your website of any kind and specification and extend it beyond the basics. Moreover, some of them can be acquired completely free, saving your money, but offering a competitive product.

Let us have a look at some of the best and free gallery and portfolio plugins in WordPress, thus supporting you in your bewildering undertaking of finding, installing and activating the best one suiting your and your website requirements and needs.

1. Huge IT Image Gallery

Let us start with WordPress Huge IT Image Gallery, which seems to be an ideal solution for creating and demonstrating diverse galleries with 7 fabulous and nicely designed views. This credible plugin stands out for its respectable package of high quality features and possibilities, significantly promoting you in the process of establishing the final look and functionality of your website, creating various slides, lightboxes, etc. Some exclusive and applicable features of this outstanding WordPress product include its complete responsiveness, adding title and description to images for more comprehensive demonstration of your portfolio, show all, load more and pagination to choose whether you want to showcase the whole content or part of it, or divide the available volume of content into several pages, drag and drop option to change gallery order and many other features.

2. Huge IT Video Gallery

The next plugin ready to satisfy any taste is Huge IT Video Gallery. It allows you to create and showcase a unique video gallery, attracting your website visitors in the best way. Just as the previously described plugin, this one also incorporates 7 diverse views within it, so that everyone can look for and find the most desirable one, meeting his objectives and preferences.
This plugin also scores an advantage thanks to its absolute and flawless responsiveness and compatibility with every single size of screen resolutions and dimensions, as well as for the possibilities to create unlimited video galleries, to add a URL to each video, to add title and description to each video, to make video galleries from Youtube and Vimeo videos and many more general, lightbox and other options within this professional plugin.

3. Robo Gallery

In case you are looking for easy to use and simple, yet adaptable and entirely customizable plugin to create your website stunning interface and provide its great functionality, here is free Robo Gallery as your helping hand within the whole process of your website development and access. Create a gallery to adapt itself to different mobile and device screen sizes, upload bundle of images at once, make the use of up to 15 different hover effects at your customization, make selection among 7 beautiful gallery view styles to match the overall design and look of your website, edit and change the gallery colours, share your relevant images and portfolio on different popular social networks, add borders and shadows to your gallery and exercise other available solutions for reaching superb final product.

4. Gallery Master

Gallery Mater appears with feature-rich and multifunctional structure to serve as one of the most convenient tools at your command to upload, add, delete, customize and fulfil other related functions easily and without sinking into the depths of compound and intricate programming coding. This free plugin suggests full gallery management system, ensuring also exceptional and effective view irrespective of the device or mobile used, comes with a bunch of fitting and reachable plugin options and elements, among them the availability to create up to 3 galleries with as many images and photos as you wish, viewing the images and pictures as a full size slide show, resize the thumbnails of photo cover and other images, easy to access AJAX admin inclusion and not only.

5. Photonic

Photonic occupies one of the leading positions in the list of the most functional and all-inclusive image and portfolio WordPress plugins, which breaks the limitations set by other ones and supports Flickr, Smugmug, Zenfolio, Picasa, Instagram and 500px photos and images. This advanced plugin is particularly suitable for photography bloggers, photographers, photo lovers and other photo enthusiasts. By installing and running this product for free, you will be able to create your own shortcode for Photonic images and galleries and let this plugin function together with another relevant gallery plugin.  Swipebox, Fancybox, Colorbox, PrettyPhoto and Thickbox lightboxes are smoothly supported by Photonic plugin for easy mobile touch and keyboard navigation, fancy transitions, etc. Photonic also grants you with a range of different thumbnail display resolutions, including its size and look, as well as other tools for slide transition speed control, etc.

6. Photo Gallery by Webdorado

Easy adaptable and controllable, entirely resourceful and smart free Photo Gallery, designed and crafted by Webdorado, is loaded with extra functionality and fully responsive design and layout, easy to access plugin tools, elements, features and controls, including, but not limited to plugin for adding diverse galleries and albums to relevant pages and post, descriptions, title and tags to each image, e-commerce-readiness to run any kind of commercial business and online store and have full management and control over it all the time, insert pricelists of the products showcased in the gallery or portfolio and assure connection with payment systems.

7. NextGen Gallery

The last image, gallery and portfolio plugin in WordPress, which is accessible for free, but which is worth our attention and review, is NextGen Gallery. It is one of the most frequently used gallery plugins, which behaves itself along user’s expectations and continues to gain perfect user experience. This highly versatile, advanced and responsive plugin can be a stunning platform for your online image and gallery presentation. NextGen Gallery with its 2 display forms, as well as compact and extended album styles, renders indefinite customization and control possibilities across your website in relation to style, size, transitions and lightbox management.

Social Commenting Plugins We Can Get for Our WordPress Based Website


Social Commenting Plugins of WordPress have been discussed in this article for your perusal

Social media networking websites have long become an integral part of our everyday life and have occupied almost any kind of any event manifestation.

As a result, social media turns out to represent a powerful marketing opportunity and is considered to be one of the most dynamic steps in every online undertaking at present for achieving any individual or business goal in the digital world.

Subsequently, an attempt is made to produce user-generated content on the one hand, and configure the relevant online framework so that it provides a high level of respondents in the face of the potential website visitors, users and clients.

For the last mentioned purpose there are plenty of tools and extensions you can rely on to increase your website audience and traffic with the help of social media integration. Among such convenient and fitting tools are social media commenting plugins, enabling people to express themselves through comments. They are ready to provide exceptional compatibility with any WordPress developed website or blog, are very lightweight and adaptable, being easy in usage and management and put forward lots of customization controls over your online activity. Below are tracked down 6 of such useful commenting plugins.

1. Heateor Comments:

The first social commenting plugin in our list, which deserves special attention and review, is Heateor Comments, providing social media commenting functionality on our WordPress website. It is based on the popular commenting engines, including Facebook Comments, Google Plus Comments, Disqus Comments and default WordPress commenting system and comes with stunningly user friendly template, tabbed and stacked interfaces to choose among, full control over commenting system and its rearrangement whenever needed, showing or hiding social comment counts, enabling commenting on custom post types, customization of commenting interface, including language, width, ect, no registration required for using this plugin, complete documentation, demo version and strong support coming along this awesome product, which is accessible entirely for free.

2. Jetpack Comments:

Jetpack Comments will make our WordPress community based website socially smarter and accessible for millions of people worldwide, letting them make and leave their comments in diverse possible ways. Jetpack is built on powerful and flexible foundation and features a bunch of fitting statistics and analytics tools for the website total control and advancement calculation, promotion of automatic content, related posts display, daily visitors counting, security measures for website reliable protection from certain attacks and harms, plugin automatic updates, lots of management tools and elements for customizing plugins, menus, posts and views, automatic optimization of images, Custom CSS editing, Contact Forms and comments, as well as customizable widgets inclusion, notification and subscription options, galleries, carousels and many other handy features. Jetpack Comments is available also in premium version with upgrade options.

3. Comments Evolved:

The next ideal selection that we can get for our website of WordPress production is Comments Evolved. It appears as an advanced version of former Google + Comments. This intuitive and professionally crafted commenting tool will unlock your website’s full potential in relation to becoming a social media integrated foundation, thus becoming more attractive and suitable for a wide range of people and resulting in their flexible user experience. This simple, yet functional social commenting plugin provides integration with Facebook, Disqus, Google +, comments and separates comment threads by login type, displaying each commenting account in its tab. You may not have any concern for any negative influence that this plugin installation can have on your website or its SEO optimization as there are none of them at all.

4. Disqus:

Disqus is the next top rated and strongly recommended community oriented social commenting management plugin suitable for any WordPress authored website. This multifunctional and highly intuitive social comment plugin incorporates everything we need for advancing the functionality of our website to be socially reachable, allowing comprehensive social comments and subscription options for comments via Disqus commenting system. This plugin includes a handpicked package of dynamic and stable features, options and plugin controls, among them stable Disqus API basis, SEO directed comments available, import of existing comments, backup of comments, notifications and reply via e-mail, inbuilt spam, malware filters, blacklist available, lots of other customization and moderation tools at one’s total command to undertake certain modifications for better social experience, as well as help documentation and professional team support in case you are faced with some discrepancy.

5. LiveFyre 3:

LiveFyre Comments 3 deems to be one more simple and lightweight, intuitive and smart, convenient and reliable perspective for our self-hosted WordPress websites, locating all the conversations across different web areas into our website, that is to say all the comments will be automatically transferred to Comments 3 and the relevant website visitors or readers will be operating with the same widget across the website. This handily developed theme, bringing together real time commenting, mightily customization options, configuration elements and flexible and easy to use layout, is revealed as a perfect tool to build community within our audience by igniting a conversation and encouraging interaction between the readers. The admin panel of LiveFyre Comments 3 is crafted to provide us with more than enough possibilities to have total control and surveillance over every movement and insight of the website and exercise filters by comment, network, as well as user.

6. Facebook Comments:
Facebook Comments brings flawless Facebook comment integration into the WordPress supported website of any kind. Let people use one of the most popular and largest social networking websites to get involved into your online presence in the name of your website and get perfect user or customer experience. It is also under your control to display comment box for any post or page within the WordPress website by using the simple shortcode inclusion. Luckily enough, this commenting plugin has on its basis a really simple and adaptable layout, thus being a user and admin-friendly tool for the plugin easy installation, activation and enjoyment of its super functionality in conjunction with awesome modification and customization options.

Several team-based WordPress plugins reviewed and listed for team members

WordPress team member plugin WordPress

WordPress content management system with its unlimited possibilities out there is an extremely convenient and practical platform to put up a website of any nature, be it for personal or business purposes.

At present running an online profile in the digital area is mandatory for every company and organization to expand its operational boundaries and reach beyond its local community on account of its content – rich and informative web pages, as well as the information about its strong and well – experienced workers, specialists and experts, their profiles with respective descriptions and social media links, so that every website visitor can review, understand his or her professional capacities and make a decision whether to turn to that member or not.

Hence, if you own a dynamically developing company with powerful resources or have set your mind of establishing something new powered by fresh, yet experienced employees, you will for sure need a website with additional functionality in relation to team members’ display. This article is aimed at being a walkthrough of how to create and maintain strong team presentation in the website by the application of team – based WordPress plugins to enhance customer – company relationships and greatly benefit from it.

1. Team:
WordPress team plugin

Team can be a valuable addition to your business or corporate website for showcasing your dependable and professional staff and its members. This valuable WordPress – powered plugin comes integrated with lots of applicable plugin customization and management features, as well as well – optimized for mobile and device usage thanks to its responsive nature, so that your members’ profiles with descriptions can be showcased on the website and be totally reachable by any mobile user.

2. Team Member Showcase:
Team member showcase WordPress

Team Member Showcase is another fully practical and readily intuitive member – based WordPress plugin to contribute to the demonstration of any staff and its members’ images and other content in the most comprehensive and user – driven way. Based on quick and easy installation, the plugin is loaded with total responsiveness and adaptability, lots of customization option and controls, 3 layout styles, lots of items and social share icons, etc.

3. Staff Team:
staff team WordPress plugin

The next truly user – friendly and incredibly resourceful WordPress tool for adding meet the theme content to your website in different precise and accurately stylized layouts is Staff Team, displaying the biography, work experience, education and professional skills, awards, social media profile link, email address or any other information catering to any team or staff member and let all the website visitor to get connected with him directly.

4. Team Members:
team members WordPress plugin

Powered by simplicity and adaptability, Team Members has a huge potential of being a great assistance to any WordPress – based website to showcase team members and personnel in the most attractive and credible way, specify their strong points and great experience or add any other description of them, apart from some technical data about their biography and education. This plugin is available both in free and premium versions.

5. Custom Team Manager:
custom team manager WordPress

One more team – based WordPress plugin, that will considerably simplify the whole process of posting information about your team members and representatives is Custom Team Manager. With this top – rated product you will be capable of showcasing any team – related information, add and edit member details, set number of team members to be displayed without any difficulty, since the plugin has been developed to require minimum programming knowledge.

6. TLP Team:
TLP Team WordPress

The acquisition of TLP Team plugin to manage all the information of your staff members will be a resilient step in your online business marketing strategies to have a beneficial influence on your clients’ decision-making processes. Some of the essential features of this premium – quality plugin is its readily responsive and mobile – friendly design, 4 diverse layouts inclusion, color controls and multilingual ready framework.

7. Cherry Team Members:
Cherry team members WordPress

The next team and team member management plugin at your disposal with is incredibly smart and safe nature is called Cherry Team Members. All the installation and activation processes of this awesome plugin will be done in the easiest way, apart from that, you will be able to manage your team member online profiles in the most eye – catching way, so that your existing and potential clients will for sure appreciate your professional and accurate approach towards your business presentation.

8. TC Team Members:
TC team members WordPress plugin

The next fully responsive and adaptive, cross mobile and browser compatible, smart and intuitively stylized, functionally advanced and user – friendly team – based WordPress plugin is TC Team Members to provide you with immensely convenient and functional framework, on the basis of which individual profiles of your team members and staff representatives can be suitably loaded. You can add unlimited number of team members and edit it anytime.

9. Awesome Team Showcase:
awesome team members WordPress

Awesome Team Showcase is another team – friendly plugin, which have been reviewed and listed among our team – centric WordPress authored plugins to be fully exercised by any business representative. This easily installable and smoothly usable shortcode – powered tool comes handy in its performance and customization to add and edit members and their details whenever is needed and showcase them in responsive layouts.

10. WP Our Team:
WP Our Team WordPress

WP Our Team is a great solution for team member display and customization. Install this plugin via the insertion of shortcode into posts and pages and show all the details of your company members and employees including their work positions, biographies, education, work experience, professional skills, services rendered, portfolio description, pictures and social links with the most attractive grid view design.

11. Our Team by WooThemes:
Woothemes team member WordPress

The last team and member – based WordPress plugin available in the relevant marketplace at present is Our Team by WooThemes as another trustworthy and confirmed solution any business representative may consider for his website. Easy to use template powered by great functionality with shortcode, widget or template tag will guarantee comprehensive presentation of all your staff members and employees, leading to the achievement of your online marketing objectives.

Creating a time calculator widget to add onto your website

Time is one of the most important aspects in human life. It is very delicate and at the same time very abstract. Explaining time is just too much work. It will require you to go into technical terms that probably even you, do not understand. However, measurement and calculation of time related values is not such a challenge nowadays. There is technology available for the calculation of time and dates. Finding a time calculator nowadays should not be such a difficult thing. There are so many websites that have devoted their existence to the calculation of time.

Moreover, , it is possible to access website widgets that are very convenient when it comes to calculation of time. The quality and functionality of the widget is dependent on its creation. There are so many websites that you will visit and you will wonder how they got to have so many widgets added and functioning at their best. The website has a booking form, a calendar and a time calculator in place. There are even widgets for weather display. This can be your website as well. There are two ways that you can go about creating these widgets and adding them to your website.

Get a web developer to do that
There are just so many other things that you need to do in your life other than creating widgets for your website. It sounds like such a hefty task, right? This is why there are web developers available to help you with everything that is related to website creation. Creating a web design is hard enough, making it work is another story. Many websites have fantastic designs in place but then, the functionality of the design is very questionable. This is where a web developer comes in to help you.

People always have a fear of messing up with the design of their websites by adding things. There are some widgets that you might add and they will affect your website’s performance. If you are worried a lot about this, which you should not be anyway, you must get a web developer to help out with the work. This will spare you a lot of energy, time and effort. A widget for time calculation is not exactly the easiest to create and that is why there are web developers to help you out here.

Do it yourself
Alternatively, you can get the work done yourself. Creating a widget is not difficult nowadays. Once upon a time, the thought of creating a widget involved thinking about codes and more codes. People literally had to sit down and get into the character of a web developer so that they can create those widgets. When it comes to creating a time calculator widget, you might have had to take at least several hours to get it completed.

Now you can create a widget within a matter of seconds and add it to your website. Yes, technology has gone that far. There is a text that you can copy and paste so that you can create the widget. It is just that simple. There are no codes for you to memorize and type. All that you need is to find the code online and you can add it to your website design. Creating a widget for calculating time is just that simple.

Make it functional
The main challenge that comes with widgets is functionality. A widget that can be used for calculating time is always going to come in handy for many individuals. However, making one that is very functional can be quite a challenge although it is extremely important. The thing about widgets is that they can help to bring in the much needed visitor engagement. When your visitors are engaged on your site you are guaranteed that you will get really good results on the search engines. You will have fewer bounce-offs on your site.

This is mainly because your visitors will find your website to be a go-to site when they need to do something fast. Someone wants to travel to a different part of the world and wants to be prepared for the time changes and weather conditions of the place. If you have a travel website with a time calculator plus maybe a weather display widget, your site will probably be more popular than most others.

Another thing that you will get to enjoy for your website is simplicity. A simple website always gets more attention than one that is too complicated. No one wants the challenge of having to look for a manual in order for them to use your website. At the same time, no one wants to keep shifting from your site to another one in search of features like a time calculator or a calendar. Your site will be simpler and more functional if you have a widget in place.

How to go about the widget creation
Since everyone wants a functional website with functional widgets, there are several steps that you will have to take. Basically, each tool you add to your website differs slightly. Nevertheless, once you have customized your widget on the creator’s website you will be provided with a HTML code and instructions regarding where you can put it on your website. The number of codes might be a bit intimidating at first, but then you will discover just how simple it is. It is just a matter of copying and pasting.

The creators of the widget will have done the hardest part of the work for you. So do you need a time calculator for your website? You should not have a problem adding one to your site. The costs that are involved in this process are quite few. It is an assurance that you will not have to break a bank in the name of adding a widget to your website. It is an easy job that will not require too much time or money.

Author Bio
Jack Dawson is a web developer and UI/UX specialist at He works at a design, branding and marketing firm, having founded the same firm 9 years ago. Visit out site for more about an outline of criteria required by a designer to work in any web design firm.

WordPress migration plugins for easy migration of WordPress websites


A tried and tested collection of the best WordPress migration plugins for all those who want to safely move their WordPress – based websites to any server or location.

Migrating your WordPress website can be a necessity for a wide array of reasons. Maybe your customer wants to migrate his website or you are dissatisfied with your hosting provider and its technical support, slow performance and continual errors of your website or something else. All of the suggested issues and not only may arise at any time so that knowing how to move your WordPress – powered website whenever the necessity arises will do half the work.

While getting your website moving you should take care of all the nuances in order to organize everything in the right manner and not to mess things up. Otherwise, missing data, broken links or other losses will be inevitable. In this relation we have picked up WordPress migration plugins perfectly working with any WordPress – based template or website of any kind. They are time and security – checked and enjoy the credibility of hundreds of active users who have already migrated their websites successfully.

1. All –in- One WP Migration:

With groundbreaking success based on customer evidence, All-in-One WP Migration is feature – rich and all – inclusive system created to simplify the web admin’s work aimed at migrating a WordPress – supported website. This top – notch yet easy to use, unbeatable and error – free plugin has racked up more than 300.000 active installs and gained high rankings thanks to its exclusiveness and precision in what is designed for. It will let you easily export your datasheets, database, files and WordPress themes from one location to another while providing impeccable functionality with all hosting providers as well, among them Bluehost, Inmotion, Web Hosting Hub, Dreamhost, WP Engine and others. What makes this product more valuable is that it shares responsiveness and mobile – compatibility for the end – user convenience.

2. Duplicator:

The next all – inclusive product among WordPress migration plugins to copy, backup, transfer or move your website as per your demand comes launched as Duplicator. It is one of the most applicable and trusted plugins ready to solve all kinds of migration – related issues easily. It means that you don’t need deep developer knowledge to fix up the whole process all by yourself. From copying your site or simply moving it to another location to simply having backup in your repository, Duplicatior is ready to accompany you in such activities. This plugin is available in two versions, Lite and Pro and naturally, premium version offers more diversified features, such as scheduled backups, storage to Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3 and FTP, multisite support, cPanel connection from installer and much more.

3. WordPress Move:

One more precisely laid – out and professionally managed alternative for you to overcome all the threats catering to migration is WordPress Move granting you with boundless possibilities to manipulate your website across different servers, domain names, etc. The processed of database transfers and backup creations will be insured against losses. The overall framework of the plugin has been made to be simple and adaptive in usage so that every non – techy user will feel conversant to manage and implement website migration or change of the domain name.

4. WP Migrate DB:

Your WordPress – powered website migration will be simpler and more painless than you can imagine with WP Migrate DB as the next worthwhile paradigm among WordPress migration plugins. In a few simple clicks you will be capable of copying your web database from one install to another one with minimum endeavors and pain. By the application of database management tool it will be possible to import SQL file to the database in exchange of your existing one. WP Migrate DB is also available in free and premium versions, the latter with extensive capacity like email support, database export, selection of tables to be migrated, filtering of post types and enhanced security.

5. WP Clone by WP Academy:

Stop scattering your precious time on unsafe and hazardous migration – related pursuit. Acquire WP Clone by WP Academy as a trusted tool to practice when it comes to your WordPress website migration, cloning, moving or backuping. Whether you are transferring your website to another server or merely changing its domain name, it can be one of the most affordable and justified solutions you can have at your disposal. With simplified installation and activation process, you can master the plugin fully and utilize it for your testing or other purposes.

6. VaultPress:

Let VaultPress do all the heavy lifting catering to your website migration. It is another feature – rich candidate in our list of WordPress migration plugins convenient for a website admin or user of any programming proficiency or WordPress expertise. This plugin will also provide you with backup and security scanning services so that you can sit back and let it work instead of you. All you need to do is to subscribe for VaultPress.

7. WP Engine Automated Migration:

In case you are on the pursuit to fine the simplest and automated way to migrate your website to WP Engine platform, look no further than WP Engine Automated Migration plugin. Spend your time on other productive procedures and leave all the relevant work to be performed by this high – quality plugin that will work fantastically when added to any WordPress website. What is more enjoyable in this case is that you can migrate diverse website effortlessly and irrespective of their nature.

8. Updraft WordPress Backup Plugin:

Keep your WordPress content safe and secure during migration, backup or restoration with Updraft WordPress Backup Plugin. It is one of the highest – ranked and trusted plugins available for now in free and premium versions. This plugin comes with backup support to UpdraftPlus Vault, Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Cloud Storage, etc, quick restoration process, scheduled automatic backup, site duplication and migration, remote control of backups and much more.

7 Must Have WordPress Tools to Increase Productivity and Sales

best productivity tools
Anyone who has ever worked in a 9-5 office routine (or revised the entire curriculum the night before end-of-semester exam) knows that number of hours is NOT an effective indicator of productivity. So if you are spending 25 hours-a-day publishing content or optimizing all ends for speed/SEO/sales/ et al, I am sorry, but you are holding the idiot ball.

Harsh, yes – but I like to think it’s fair.

While you may be thinking you are being meticulous/ hard-working by investing all your time on your WordPress website, the cold hard truth is that you are not being productive/ efficient. The entire premise of a user-friendly CMS like WordPress is to make online publishing (and assorted tasks) a cakewalk, not tedious or time-consuming.

WordPress tools has a whole slew that will help you attain that optimum level of efficiency – by making difficult/tedious tasks easier to accomplish. There are also tools to help you get more in return in form of sales/conversions/engagement/traffic.

This is a list of 7 of those WordPress tools. Take a look:

1. WP Optimize by xTraffic
WP Optimize By xTraffic

This little beauty will help you take care of a lot of your optimization and SEO tasks.

WP Optimize by xTraffic has a mile-long feature list, complete with essentials (performance and on-page search engine optimization), image optimization and theft (hotlink) prevention (via watermarks), lazy load filters, traffic optimization; with more specific (and advanced level) features listed in each.

It’s a complete package that cuts your plugin requirements as well as optimization time in spades.

2. TablePress

TablePress is the kind of plugin that could put a premium tag on itself out of the blue, and people would still continue using it. It’s simple, sophisticated, and most of all – it addresses a specific issue without pomp and whistles.

TablePress is a table creation tool for WordPress. The plugin gives you an MS Excel spreadsheet style UI and you can take it up from there. Entering, assembling, arranging, and displaying your data just got easier, thanks to the plugin’s responsive data tables that come complete with pagination, search filters, shortcodes, and data import/export features.

3. Coschedule

This is a superb tool to help you manage your editorial calendar with razor sharp efficiency.

CoSchedule for WordPress is a plugin that packs features like Google docs and Evernote integration, social media scheduling, workflow management, collaboration (content development to editing to execution), and more, covering everything to help you plan, write, schedule, publish, and share your blog content quicker than ever.

Everyone can afford to have some extra time on their hands. This plugin will help you get things done so you could have some too.

4. Scripts n Styles
Scripts n Styles

This is a productivity tool for WordPress front end developers and CSS wizards everywhere.

The plugin’s premise is straightforward – Scripts n Styles gives you a direct route to add your own custom CSS to specific sections of your published posts or pages. The changes can be applied globally without a single change in style.css (the predominant global CSS file for websites) or selectively in page/ post templates.

For on the go style edits, this plugin is a must. Make sure to pore through the Implementation Notes on plugin page for additional info and tips for using this plugin.

5. Markdown Quicktags
Markdown QuickTags

This is a blogger’s lifesaver. I am talking about the ones who can put their thoughts/opinions into words pretty nicely, but fail at properly tagging those words with HTML for actual publishing on web.

Markdown QuickTags gives your TinyMCE HTML editor a revamp by replacing it with Markdown – a special language that automatically converts plain text (and related formatting) in HTML-tagged and ready-to-publish posts.

Make sure to check out the Markdown syntax here. A lot of it has already been adopted as formatting shortcuts in WordPress’ major core updates, but the plugin also adds a tray of formatting buttons for an easier time.

6. Zopim Live Chat

Zopim is utterly amazing. Chances are you’ve heard of this brilliant plugin already. It’s added here because a Live Chat feature can work wonders for online businesses – SaaS, eCommerce, service providers, and more.

This is a Zendesk magnum opus, in that it’s a superbly self-sufficient and highly intelligent chat plugin. The feature list include chat popup triggers, badges and avatars, social channel integration, customized “Offline” messages and contact forms for lead gen, activity monitoring, moderation, SSL support and IP blocking, extensive analytics, and easy-as-a-dream to integrate and work with.

For a long term frontend CRM solution, Zopim should be checked out.

7. Local SEO by Yoast
yoast seo

For local businesses, this plugin is worth every penny.

Local SEO by Yoast will help you get found in local searches by helping you optimize your contact page for better UX. This includes inserting Google Maps on frontend, Opening Hours, SEO-friendly contact information, store locator (for franchises or chains), and more.

These may sound like trifles, but compared with another hardcore SEO suite like All in One SEO pack (or Yoast SEO itself), this could take your local business places you dreamed of.

Increasing your productivity (and sales) is all about doing more in better way in less time. These 7 WordPress productivity plugins will help you do just that. Je comprende? Bon.

Author Bio: Catherrine Garcia is a Web Developer who currently works for She is also an avid blogger with a strong passion for writing information-rich blogs and articles on various Web Development and WordPress related topics.

Amp Up Your Site’s Defenses with These 11 WordPress Security Plugins

Let’s face it, sometimes all you really want to do is focus on publishing your content and promoting your business. The thought of taking on another task or responsibility that distracts from that primary goal can be one you feel tempted to push aside until it’s absolutely necessary to deal with. To that point though, I must ask:

When was the last time you thought about your WordPress website’s security?

With over a billion websites now online and more than enough hackers willing to sift through them in search of vulnerabilities, security isn’t something we can afford to put on the backburner. According to analysis done by Sucuri, 78% of all infected websites they dealt with in Q1 of 2016 were on WordPress. Scary, right?

From the individual blogger to the Fortune 500, no company’s or individual’s website is safe. That’s why security should be a top concern for everyone going forward.

Tips for Better WordPress Website Security
It’s not enough anymore to rely on your hosting provider’s add-on security to protect your website. As the technology we use to build and enhance our websites grows, so too do hackers’ capabilities to break through that technology and get in. We need a more robust system to not only protect our websites, but to also protect our customers (and other visitors who drop by).

If you haven’t taken steps yet to properly secure your website or if you’re just interested in seeing if there are any angles you’ve missed, consider the following suggestions for how to amp up your site’s security:

  • Enforce stronger passwords, not just for you but also for anyone else who logs into your site.
  • Get rid of the default “admin” username. Hackers know this is the default and they’ll try to crack that one first.
  • Everyone knows that WordPress login pages are automatically assigned to the website domain plus /wp-admin/, so you’ll want to change the default login URL to something else.
  • Protect your website’s wp-config file by moving it out of the root directory and away from hackers’ reach.
  • Purchase an SSL certificate (check with your host provider on this) and move your site to the more secure HTTPS.
  • If your hosting provider offers backup and security add-ons, get them.
  • Back up your website regularly in case a hacker takes your site down and you need to restore it.
  • Always keep your “core” updated to the most recent version of WordPress. They typically release updates after they’ve uncovered a known security threat, so it’s important that you stay on top of this too.
  • When using themes to design or build your site, always make sure they’re from a reputable provider. Check the reviews, ratings, and comments to ensure you’ve got one with high quality coding, good support, and no history of security breaches.
  • When using plugins, again, always make sure they’re from a reputable provider. Check all the reviews, ratings, and comments to verify that there are no known issues associated with them.
  • Theme and plugin developers also release updates regularly; sometimes to improve functionality or work out a bug, and sometimes to patch a security issue. Always make sure to keep these up to date.
  • Use security plugins to create extra layers of protection for your site and automate what would otherwise be a difficult and time-consuming task for you. There’s more on this below.


Plugins for Better WordPress Website Security

WordPress is a great platform on which to build a website. But no matter how diligent WordPress is in vetting theme and plugin developers, or in keeping their own platform free of security breaches, that doesn’t mean your site is safe. You’ve got to do some of the work, too.

To be honest, even if you followed all of the tips above, your site might still not be 100% secure. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do everything you can to improve your chances in fending off an attack though.

The following plugins have been created by highly trusted developers and have a history and record of satisfied WordPress users. If you’re looking for a good place to start, check these out:

1. Akismet

While the Akismet plugin isn’t necessarily one that people think of in terms of securing a website, think about your visitors for a second. Even if they’re not sharing personal information with you, they’re still reading the content—and comments—on your website. If an unsafe link should happen to make its way into the comments of your posts and a visitor clicks on it, you’ll be putting your visitors in danger and risking your own reputation by allowing that sort of security breach to make it onto your site unchecked.

2. AntiVirus

For WordPress users looking for a simple security check tool that’s built right into WordPress, take a look at the AntiVirus plugin. You can run daily scans on your website and receive automatic notifications straight to your inbox or your WordPress dashboard if an issue is identified.

3. All in One WP
All In One WP Security

This “all in one” WordPress plugin is no joke. If you’re looking for help cleaning up usernames and passwords, this will do it. If you want to change the default login URL, this will do that as well. You’ve also got a built-in firewall, brute force login prevention, spam security, a scanner with a built-in grading system, and more.

4. Clef Two-Factor Authentication
Clef Two-Factor

Passwords are often one of the more delicate parts of your website and yet you and your users probably might not give too much thought to them. With the Clef plugin, you shouldn’t have to. With a highly secure system of encrypting your login information, Clef protects the front door to your site.

5. iThemes Security Pro
iThemes Security

Free WordPress plugins are great at monitoring your site and sending real-time notifications when something happens. Sometimes you might want something a little extra. This premium plugin from iThemes will cover pretty much all your security needs, including backups, changing your default URL, error detection, brute force protection, Google reCaptcha integration, and more.

6. Really Simple SSL
Really Simple SSL

The role an SSL certificate and HTTPS play in your website’s security cannot be ignored. Once you’ve got your SSL certificate (you should be able to get this from your host provider), use this plugin to set everything up on your site and ensure all of your pages, links, and images have made the full switch to secure HTTP.

7. Shield WordPress Security
Shield Security

If you’d prefer to pursue the free plugin route before investing in premium security support, give this Shield plugin a look. It’s easy to use, monitors your site for insecurities, provides extra protection at login, blocks comment spam, and takes care of automating your core system updates.

8. Sucuri

While Sucuri does offer a free monitoring plugin as well as the free site scanner, I think the premium plugin is an investment worth making (it’s only $16.66/month). This plugin will not only help defend your site against hackers, malware, and infections, it’ll also work with Google to ensure your site is never blacklisted as a result of a hack. That’s quite a steal to get WordPress security and brand reputation monitoring all rolled into one.

9. UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin
UpdraftPlus Backup

Securing your website from an attack is only one piece of the puzzle here. What do you do if your website does go down after an attack? You don’t want to waste time having to rebuild your website or re-implement the last few rounds of updates because you didn’t have the latest and greatest version of the site saved. The UpdraftPlus plugin will back up your website as frequently as you want and save it in a location of your choosing.

10. Wordfence Security
Wordfence Security

Just one look at the stats on this plugin and you can see that they’re not only serious about WordPress security (the last update was a week ago, as of writing this), but it’s also been installed on over a million sites with a 4.8-star rating. If you want a free security plugin that you can trust to scan, monitor, and protect your site, give this one a try.

11. WP Security Audit Log
WP Security Audit Log

If what you need is extra visibility into WordPress, this is a good plugin to have on your side. You’ll be able to see who exactly is on your WordPress site, what they are doing in the backend of WordPress, and you can get regular reports on all activity within your platform and site to ensure there isn’t any sneaky or harmful behavior going on behind your back.

Wrapping Up

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that every website needs security. The plugin you use and the methods by which you choose to monitor and secure your site are up to you though. As you can see from the list above, there are more than enough options to cover your site at different entry points as well as at different levels of security.

The main point I’m trying to make? You shouldn’t start worrying about securing your WordPress site after it’s too late. There are tools available to manage and automate all this for you. Make the investment now, so you can keep your website, your brand, and your customers safe.

Nathan Oulman owns and operates which features web hosting based reviews and technical support reviews.

10 Best WordPress Plugins that Marketers Cannot Miss

WordPress comes as one of the leading CMS platforms in the world with over 74,652,825 sites under its supreme fold. From small companies to industry leading giants, WordPress is a content management system that doesn’t know how to stop progressing. But how are these websites ranked and accepted by their visitors? Which tools and software are used to beacon their presence?

The answer to that is online marketing. Online marketing is based on a number of practices that help thrust your content so it gets noticed by Search engines. These search engines such as Google then rank based on the marketing you have done on them. In this article, we have put together a list of 10 WordPress Plugins that can help you bring your content into the limelight and enhance your web page rankings.

1. Jetpack

Our list kicks off with our first plugin Jetpack. Unlike most marketing assistance plugins, Jetpack includes a bunch of useful features for basic and advance marketing practices. It offers analytics, mobile themes, content tools, visitor stats and security services, etc. It’s a fun bundle for speedy marketing with sales oriented results without having to pay for it. Yes. This extension is Free!

2. Just Writing

Equipped with the latest features to take your bloggers from the stock ‘Distraction Free Writing Mode’ (DFWM), to completely another level. It gives all the necessary features and settings to provide an ideal experience without having to drop out of DFWM to implement basic formatting each time. With responsive features such as spell check, font settings, and paragraph styling, Just Writing makes one strong partner for publishing everyday content for your marketing.

3. Google XML Sitemaps

XML sitemaps help you add information about each URL through its movement and the relation it holds with other URLs of the site. You already know how important it is for search engines to crawl your site, so let’s put a plugin do this job. Google XML Sitemaps improves your website structure’s capability to get crawled by search engines such as Google without breaking a sweat. It helps keep tabs on your site and puts up an alert each time you add new content or create a post for your website.

4. Leadin

If you are looking to get a better understanding of your website then Leadin is the marketing innovation you need. As the name itself dictates, Leadin is a genius coded marketing automation and lead tracking plugin that reads user behavior for you so you may create a marketing opportunity and convert visitors into customers. Aside from helping you generate leads, it also acts as bookmaker by adding all the converted clients to your contact list with a trackable history so you may go back and learn more about your customers anytime you want.

5. Yoast SEO

If you are downloading this plugin, then you aren’t alone in this. You along 1 million plus marketers have installed this plugin and actively using it for their daily SEO needs. The best part about this plugin is that you don’t need any particular knowledge or technical skills to use it. Yoast SEO can independently guide you with all the steps and guidelines for getting the job done. Now you must wonder what makes this extension better than the rest?

For one, Yoast SEO keeps itself updated without having bothered you about it. It is also easy to use with a user-friendly panel and comprehensive options to push your content to the top. This gives you an ideal tool for SEO marketing on WordPress and saving your expenses on paid ads and physical marketing.

6. FD Word Statistics

Getting down your numbers is imperative when you have a website to run, and without a daily sneak peek at trends and user statistics you cannot stay ahead in the competition. FD word Statistics plugin enhances the readability of your posts with highly responsive algorithms that use readability analysis techniques to evaluate your content. This tool uses Gunning Fog and the Flesch-Kincaid formulas to rate your work and help in better understanding of your post’s academic levels.

7. All in One SEO Pack 

All In One SEO is basically an entire bundle of tools and software that help in optimization of your content to make it search engine friendly for Google and Yahoo etc. To give it an uncompromised performance, Allin One SEO plugin gets updated regularly to prevent any coding glitches or errors making their way into your marketing efforts.

Its top features include Advanced Canonical URLs, XML sitemap support, anti-plagiarism tools, Auto-Meta Tag generation, ability to override settings, Google Analytics support, more than 60 translations and much more. If you want a full package to compensate for the money you spend, then All in One SEO Pack is the best thing you will get so far for your WordPress website.

8. Pretty Link

With so much to offer, it is sad to say that Pretty Link gets overlooked for a highly serviceable plugin for online marketing. It’s an excellent source for creating links with custom domain names while beautifully shrinking them and wiping out their ugly parts. If youwish to find the level of engagement your links are getting then worry not, Pretty Link will help you track the number of hits through its elegantly designed dashboard. To sum it up, Pretty Link can do almost anything related to a URL to enhance its looks and SEO performance.

9. Broken Link Checker

Broken links can be quite annoying for the success of your SEO efforts. Search engines such as Google can easily follow broken links on your website and lower its ranks or even worse. With the help of Broken Link Checker, you can be notified about your broken links each time they surface, preventing them from going live so you may edit them from the plugins page. This directly saves the marketer’s time and reduces bounce rates effectively.

10. Floating Social Bar

It is no secret that social sharing buttons slow down website speed and increase loading time. They are absolute lag factories and without asynchronous loading, they can cost you a lot of traffic and conversions. Luckily, you have Floating Social Bar plugin for adding social media button without compromising on your website speed at all. It introduces a horizontal social bar to your WordPress blogs, articles and posts so your visitors can easily interact with them and share content fast and smooth.

It also prevents adding unnecessary add-ons that can prove lagsome for your website. Instead, it only supports the most popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn etc.

Final Thoughts
We have carefully compiled these 10 WordPress extensions based on features, functionality, and usability. Although each of them has the same goals of marketing, you can pick one that suits your needs best by matching your preferences with the 3 factors we have mentioned above. This will add the element of automation in your WordPress marketing strategy, allowing more traffic, more engagement, and ultimately more revenues.

Author Bio:
Asad Ali is an expert internet marketing executive with over 7 years of experience in the field. In his years of practice, he has acquired expertise in search engine optimization, boosting conversions and web development. He is currently working as lead marketing executive at GO-Gulf – a leading web development company in Dubai.

How to Guide For Using Google Fonts With Google And Plugins!

Google Fonts
If you are a designer, you are more likely to consider typography as the foundation of any website design. Not only selecting the fonts but also providing an edge to the readability of web pages.

What Is Typography?
Typography is all about selecting line length, point size, line spacing, typefaces and adjusting the spaces between the groups of letters.

Why is Google Fonts a clear choice?
There were times when the internet had standard fonts that would bore anyone looking at them, but as time paced, the web designers and developers were forced to limit their live text font choices and design the fonts that are compatible with the greatest number of users over the Internet. They came up with CSS3. Typekit initiated it.

Typekit developed some of the enticing fonts that helped designers selecting appealing and user-friendly fonts for their web pages, but the only issue in using Typekit was the cost they charge to their users. The price was $49 and in case a designer would want to develop two sites, he had to pay $99 just for using fonts on the web page. Thanks to Google who came along with its brilliant font designs and offered it for free.

It’s quite obvious that you don’t get free what you can get with money but believe it, the Google Web Fonts were nonetheless than the one offered by Typekit. Of course, Google Web fonts are best when you don’t like spending too much on fonts as you know building entire website costs too much.

Google Fonts and Their Customization:
As of today, there are over 647 fonts separate font families in the Google library. When you’re selecting a font for your website’s content, it’s imperative to view it in a similar fashion to how you’re going to implement that font. Some fonts look perfect for body content but dreadful as a heading.

Luckily, Google Web Fonts allows you to customize your preview to match your use case. You can enter custom preview text, and change your preview size as preferred. It is important to preview any header or body copy you are going to use in paragraph view and if, you have a lot of body copy, don’t use too much custom fonts.

Funnelling Down The Right Font!
As we are aware of more than six hundred font families to sift through, it gets difficult to filter and choose the right one by simply scrolling through them one by one. So, use the below steps to hone in on exactly what you need for your website:

  • Take a quick look at the fonts that are recently updated by Google. The chances are you’ll get the trending and bug-free font without having to look rest of the fonts. Also, see the fonts used by most of the designers and developers. Doing this will allow you to know of versatile fonts that you can use in multiple styles and widths.
  • If you know the typeface for your website, characteristics and style of fonts can improve your results like if you want a handwritten font, disable all other types of results.
  • Google allows you to refine your font search further by adding thickness, slant and width of the character as filtering options. Isn’t it cool feature to get the best font for your website?

Selecting The fonts
Google has various methods to choose and then implement the fonts according to a website owner’s needs. There’s nothing right or wrong here. Whatever is best for you, you’ll get that. It supports three buttons to help you choosing the right font:

  • Quick Use: To quickly take a look at the font you like.
  • Pop out: To know more about the font that you like i.e its functionality and uses.
  • Collection: If you want to use more than two fonts, Collection is the button you need to click on. It’ll add all the fonts that you like on a single page.

How To Use The Google Fonts?
Once you’ve selected the fonts that you’d like to use on your webpage, you can click on the “Use” tab to see them in action. Now, when you are sure about the font, all you need is simple copying and pasting some code on your webpage. You’ll get three options to choose from:

It is a standard stylesheet link. You need to place it in the head part of your HTML file, thus saving you the step of adding the @import rule as you’re significantly adding in a stylesheet that already has it thrown in. Example:

Use CSS @import rule in case you don’t want to link to the auto-generated stylesheet in your header. Use the below code to integrate the fonts into your CSS:

font-family: 'Henry Pigeous', serif;
font-family: 'Diplomatic'. cursive;

Google and Typekit, both developed this code in here as a part of WebFont loader to give the users more control over font loading.

Grab an HTML snippet and put it near to HTML header as:


Page Title


Jump to the CSS and follow this:

h1 {
font: 400 45px/0.5 'Diplomatic', Arial, sans-serif;
p {
font: 400 14px/1.5 'Henry Pegasus', Times, serif;

With The Help of Plugins!
There are some plugins available that offer seamless Google Font integration. Using Plugins has its limitations like a plugin won’t know to look for particular text without customizing further with the help of HTML or CSS. But still, here are few plugins to include Google fonts to your website.

1. WP Google Fonts
WP Google Fonts

It is an easy and effective way to inlay Google fonts to your website with only a few clicks. You can either use your stylesheet or use CSS style; both will work to adapt them to your theme. You can do it from admin area or your website’s stylesheet. WP Google fonts is all you require for your website, quickly and efficiently.

2. Easy Google Fonts
Easy Google Fonts

With Easy Google Fonts plugin, you don’t need to touch any coding to get the fonts on your website. From choosing to optimizing and giving unique colors to live to preview, everything with fonts can be done using Easy Google Fonts.

3. Supreme Google Webfonts
Supreme Google Webfonts

Supreme Google Webfonts will add all 291 Google Web fonts into your visual editor panel when you are developing pages or posts. Just install it and start using it.

Installing The Above Plugins:

  • Login to the WordPress Administrator
  • Click “Plugins”
  • Click “Add New”
  • Type the plugins name in the top right hand corner and click on “install now”

To Customize The Plugins

  • Click on “Appearance” and then click on “Customize”.
  • Click on “Visit Site” and then on “Customize”
  • You’ll notice a new added menu as “Typography”

Implement The Learning!
We hope, reading the article was a learning lesson to use, and now, it’s time to use this knowledge on your website. Browse through various fonts, plugins to improve the typography in your websites. Keep in mind that if you are customizing a font, it’ll be more beneficial than just copy pasting a font. Let us know the fonts and methods you use to add typography to allure your audience in your projects.

About The Author:
Catherrine Garcia is an experienced Web Developer at Hosting Facts and a passionate blogger. She loves to share her knowledge through her articles on web development and WordPress.

Useful Plugins to Add Twitter Feed into Your Website

In today’s virtual reality, Twitter is deservedly ranked among the most popular and influential social networking platforms, therefore, Twitter integration into your WordPress produced website noticeably extend the scope of your website operation and will engage more people accordingly. The good thing is that the cooperation between Twitter and WordPress can actually run deep and prosperous.

A wide variety of useful plugins has been minutely developed and launched to add Twitter feed into any WordPress website, causing minimum difficulty for the website owner. If we dive into their component features, we will notice that many of them are built with all the controllable and easily accessible plugin suggestions, solutions and controls to embed the posts from Twitter feed into the respective website, thus contributing to a number of individual or business manifestations, depending on your website nature. You can carry out a zealously targeted activity on Twitter area in relation to you’re the news, services, products, statistics or other useful information about your WordPress website and then integrate your Twitter feed into it, thus providing extra content. Besides, Twitter presence in the website will add modernity, dynamics and liveliness to the latter. Here are 7 powerful and reliable Twitter feed plugins to fit your WordPress presentation promotional plans:

1. My Twitter Feeds Widget Plus

The first plugin in our consideration which represents a solid functional framework with plenty of dynamic and handy plugin features is My Twitter Feeds Widget Plus. Designed in very convenient and easy to use working style, this plugin will let you define and design the relative twitter related solutions for your website of any description and popularity. With the help of this Twitter Feed, you will be able to get custom background support for the fitting and pertinent customization and highly configurable scrollbar for stunning operation. Apart from the listed potentials, you will be able to restrict the tweets at your will.

2. WD Twitter Widget

WD Twitter Widget will make it very easy and cozy to embed multiple tweets on any part of the WordPress website, as it comes with easy admin panel to keep the plugin behaviour under total control. This awesome plugin leads to a variety of easily manageable ways to showcase Twitter tweets by means of the 3 different shortcodes, as well as widgets. Some of the basic features of WD Twitter Widget include Twitter API 1.1 programmatic access, LTR and RTL support, strong cache system inclusion, tweet actions and media, including photos, YouTube and Vine videos, easy API software component, Usage Tracker tool for tracking the usage status, 5 different styles to choose for the tweets, simple and intuitive setup and installation procedures and entirely responsive layout as a result.

3. AccessPress twitter feed

Another powerful and feature rich Twitter combination and integration system, ready to function perfectly with your website, authored by famous WordPress community is AccessPress twitter feed. This interactive and technologically well supported Twitter integration plugin will give you easy and fast tweets access completely for free, however, with certain available upgrades. Anyway, the free version is power packed with sufficient skilful customization options and controls, the option to get tweets from any account, selection of the quantity of tweets to be showcased, 3 visually attractive design styles available, easy integration of shortcodes, lots of configuration options to choose date and time format, full username showing or hiding variants among them, as well as very easy installation and strong support coming along the plugin.

4. Powr Twitter Feed

The next user friendly and extensively flexible twitter directed freemium online tool, which is packed with the most suitable tools and elements to have full control over the whole process of displaying tweets on the website in the most proper way is Powr Twitter. Add and showcase any Twitter activity on your WordPress layout by adding this entirely configurable and manageable product very quickly and enjoy a strong package of plugin features to customize fonts, colours, backgrounds, etc, display any Twitter post or tweet, resize or relocate them, set order of priority for diverse feeds and enjoy its full responsiveness and mobile friendliness all the time.

5. Easy Twitter Feed Widget Plugin

Another plugin that works through displaying Twitter messages in your website is Easy Twitter Feed Widget. This stunning Twitter oriented layout, just like all the other plugins represented in this article, can be boasted about its total manageable and controllable basis, offering full customization over what is going to be showcased in your WordPress website. After acquisition and installation of this product, you will be granted with lots of possibilities to customize the link colour, border colour, select the most fitting background and many other available elements at your disposal. Easy Twitter Feed Widget Plugin is also very easy and user friendly in usage and does not require any API creation or Twitter application creation.

6. AI Twitter Feeds

AI Twitter Feeds works through connecting Twitter to any relevant WordPress based site and displaying the relevant Twitter outputs in your website through the application of widgets to place Twitter feeds into the website posts or pages through shortcodes inclusion. This professional plugin is loaded with a bunch of management tools and elements to set the number of the tweets to be displayed, customize twitter profile image, date, retweet and reply links, as well as the username by means of lightweight and intuitive admin dashboard. Moreover, follow button is included so that your visitors and clients can afford themselves to follow your Twitter account.

7. Twitter Widget Pro

The last dependable and technologically powerful Twitter feed display plugin which you can successfully test out and reveal a large amount of cutting edge features and elements is Twitter Widget Pro. This premium plugin will lend a helping hand to you during the whole process of dealing with Twitter feeds, tweets, usernames and hashtags. After its installation, a consumer key will be required to fill in to access the plugin settings and make use of them. This highly popular product with more than 60,000 active users will allow you to customize Twitter Widget Pro to meet all your demands, display profile images, enable or disable the display of the tweet time and date and many other valuable features available.

Page Builders Both Free and Paid Available for WordPress Ecosystem


Round up of Page builder plugins both paid and free

WordPress publishing platform has proven itself as the most convenient, preferable and the easiest to use and manage self-hosted website software to make any kind of content demonstration and publishing online on the one hand, and as one of the most professional and functionally feature rich content management systems, which, in addition to its default strong and powerful structure, can also be easily extended and tailored for lots of diverse extensions, applications, plugins and other applicable tools to make the most of the target website, powered and supported by WordPress ecosystem.

Subsequently, if you have definitely set your mind to make your website an outstanding product which can be praised by its full inner functionality and stunning external design, matching
all your personal or business requirements, and which will cost you the minimal efforts and time spent, here are some useful creation, management and customization tools for your website layout in the form of page builders. Review the products included below and chose whatever you may find the most suitable and dependable one for your online presence enhancement.

1. Live Composer

Live Composer comes forward to help in your undertaking to make your website final look and experience more convenient and flexible. The most notable characteristic feature of this wonderful page creation plugin is that it appears to be an entirely free alternative at your disposal, which at the same time, incorporates all the required customization and styling options which one may need. This modern and highly intuitive page builder comes with front end drag and drop interface, visual page composer for creating custom page designs, more than 40 available content forms to be utilized, unimaginably easy to use and edit interface, which doesn’t require any programming knowledge or complex coding combinations to create and publish content rich pages, relocate sections or columns, or undertake any change, modification or customization in real time whenever needed.

2. SiteOrigin

The next strongly recommended and repeatedly checked drag and drop page builder plugin suitable for your WordPress based website is SiteOrigin. This popular and multilingual responsive page creation tool, which is accessible for free, is highly compatible with custom WordPress widgets and WordPress themes, thus, it’s up to you to choose some theme for now and afterwards substitute it by another one without facing any dif ficulty. This product has in its basis a super functional and flexible foundation for choosing the number of columns for the rows, weight of each column, etc, and drag and drop interface design, making your website creation and management process really easy and engaging, possibility to preview the implemented changes live, unlimited number of customization controls at
your disposal to organize background colours, column spacing, CSS styles and much more.

3. MotoPress

Motopress Content Editor has already established itself as an incredibly professional, entirely flexible and pliable page building platform available for WordPress produced websites. The powerful package of respective dynamic tools and handy elements make this plugin extremely requested for lots of people and communities, enabling front page creation and content editing at a high level. MotoPress is loaded with more than 30 available content
elements to drag and drop, MotoPress Addons compatibility for advanced functionality, fully responsive and cross mobile and device compatible design, availability in 11 languages and all these features are covered by Lite version. Moreover, you can upgrade to MotoPress Content Editor Pro version and enjoy supplementary potentials coming along this version, including priority updates and support with the help of ticketing system, duplicate widgets and styles saving and reusing availabilities and other premium features.

4. WooRockets page builder

Here is another ultimate and professionally developed drag and drop page creation layout at your disposition to build a comprehensive final look and functionality of any WordPress website you are managing. This page building framework can be acquired for free, with available upgrades. Let us consider its basic features and key points to be used in the most beneficial way: strongly created framework, suggesting diverse potential solutions, superb
responsiveness, ensuring flawless access for mobile and tablet users, drag and drop management functionality available, possibility to select and add as many elements into the relevant posts and pages, as needed, widget adding option, a wide range of customization elements, inbuilt spotlight filter to search for the page elements quickly, the availability of making changes and have their real time check.

5. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder puts forward excellent drag and drop experience for the front end and suggests manifold variations to be made with ease and without any intricate coding for resulting in perfect final pages. This ideal selection for your WordPress based website creation and customization guarantees easy to use and manage layout to organize your work easily without having any prior programming knowledge or developer skills. The free version is preloaded with HTML, Photo, Text Editor, Video and other content forms, various pre-built layouts, responsive layout design well optimized for mobile and device usage, WordPress widgets and shortcodes usage availability. Yet, you may choose to enjoy the potentials of Premium version of Beaver Builder with additional preferences and modules, as well as extra configuration and functional possibilities at your disposal.

6. Visual Composer

Visual Composer reveals itself to be handpicked with 2 specific editing experiences for back end and front end operations, over 40 prebuilt content elements and controls to design any type of layout and display any type of content, page or post accordingly, fully responsive and intuitive drag and drop template on the basis, more than 60 inbuilt layout forms, shortcodes integration available, fully functional with any type of new or existing
WordPress supported website and its corresponding content, translation compatibility, WordPress roles management options, tons of customization and design tools included for setting borders, margins, backgrounds with YouTube videos, full width and height rows, arrangement of the elements on the page, etc, SEO optimization and WooCommerce readiness, social icons integration possibility and professional support for this outstanding premium page builder plugin in case of need.

Best Slider Plugins Free and Paid to Consider for Your WordPress Based Website


Round up of Best WordPress Slider plugins free and paid

Although Wordress based website are among the most convenient and well-developed products, every WordPress website owner, irrespective of his website nature or popularity, needs supplementary tools and extension to keep his online platform manifestation always up to date, enhance its functionality and make improvements in the usage, as well as in the appearance. In the most cases, those websites act as a basis for internet development strategies for lots of business activities, therefore the website optimization, strengthening, security and assurance of its engaging
external design is among the primary questions to be under discussion and implementation. For all the suggested questions there are consecutive solutions in the face of WordPress compatible plugins.

This time we are going to focus our attention and efforts to represent the best free and premium slider plugins, which operate perfectly with any website of WordPress production. These slider plugins have a crucial role in displaying diver’s images, photos, videos or other relevant content in the most professional way, at the same time extending the website usability and functionality, and all of them are ranked in the range of active installs, due to their packages of firm and handy features.

1. Meta Slider

Meta Slider is considered as one of the best methods and techniques to make every single WordPress website easier to control and customize, add the necessary features, designs and elements, as well as change the way the website functions in relation to making and displaying full width content sliders or slideshows with the help of 4 diverse slider options- Flex Slider with responsive design 2 transition controls, responsive Nivo Slider with 16 transition effects, Coin Slider with 4 transition options and responsive sliders, based on responsive and easy to use structure, inbuilt widgets and shortcodes, multi site and transition plugins compatibility and many more. This well designed and well supported plugin is accessible in 2 versions-free and paid, and has more than 700.000 active installs, which proves its super professionalism.

2. Huge IT Slider

The next popular and user-friendly slide plugin is Huge IT Slider. It is another superb solution for you to customize you website interface and the overall look. This feature rich plugin compatible with your WordPress based website comes with dozens of applicable features, the possibility to add as many photos and videos, as you may wish, as well as descriptions and titles to the content, the usage of different sliders for different pages, the
usage of indefinite number of sliders in one page, inner and outer links inclusion in the slider, drag and drop option for the images to relocate them. These features are available with free version. There is also Pro version available with advanced features and more flexibility proposed.

3. WOW Slider

Another excellent product at your disposal to showcase your content with beautiful slideshows effects and make a visual impact on your visitors and potential clients is WOW Slider. It is cross device and mobile compatible responsive template and CSS image slider plugin with hundreds of professional tools coming within this product, including lots of ready templates, like Eplison Template, Galaxy Template, Angular Template, Bootstrap Shift, Utter Template, Stream Template and others, the demo versions of which are available for preview, overall easy to use and manage plugin layout, over 25 transition controls and elements to be utilized, full width slider availability, YouTube and Vimeo videos support and many other super functions at your command. The plugin is comes with both free and paid versions, so it’s up to you to decide whether the free one matches your requirements or more is required.

4. Master Slider

Master Slider is high-quality and entirely customizable HTML based WordPress slider plugin, which will run and work flawlessly on all the devices and mobiles, providing your website exceptional look and feel and can be given away for both free and paid versions. The plugin supports pure touch navigation, SEO optimized layout, drag and drop slider functionality, CSS3 transition effects, more than 6 effective transition effects, shortcodes for inserting slides into posts or pages, setting dimensions and cropping options, accessible even with its free version.

5. Revolution Slider

Revolution Slider is a modern and innovative, smart and intuitive, responsive and cross mobile and device-friendly, all-inclusive and entirely configurable premium slider plugin, suitable to install and execute on any WordPress supported website. This ideal selection with tons of intuitive and stable slider elements and features, among them slide transition effects, selection of navigation indicators, slider arrangement, addition of each media content, like text, link, videos or images in the easiest way, Flickr, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo support will provide you with all the functional possibilities to ensure the most alluring way of displaying your relevant content online.

6. Layer Slider

Another must have image and content slider, which seems to incorporate all the dynamic and handy tools and elements, which are also very easy in usage is Layer Slider. This full width premium plugin is well suited for any kind of mobile or device usage thanks to its slider responsive mode, adapting itself to the relevant screen resolutions. This incredibly intuitive and SEO optimized slider template is loaded with lots of configuration options, more than 200 slide transitions, drag and drop functionality, real time check of the changes, any type of
content adding into slider, be it image, text, YouTube or Vimeo videos, layerslider with 13 skins and 3 navigation types, etc.

7. Soliloquy

Soliloquy is top rated slider plugin among many others suggested products. Its complete responsiveness guarantees optimal view experience from PCs to mobiles and tablets. This noteworthy template with YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia support, more than 100 customizable options, easy export and import of sliders from everywhere, unlimited
number of sliders, ajax based layout, SEO friendliness, documentation support and full compatibility with all the requirements of WordPress ensures entirely convenient environment for you to enhance the ef ficiency and solidity of your WordPress website.

Types of Facebook Marketing Plugins and Tools Available in WordPress


WordPress Facebook Marketing Plugins Available and their details

Facebook, perhaps more than any other digital marketing platform comes with ultimate suggestions and possibilities to socialize any type of blog or website, by targeting certain groups of people. This popular networking site allows you to establish long-lasting business and commercial relationship with an indefinite number of customers and clients over time. Hence, one of the required marketing solutions that should be exercised by all means is the socialization of the relevant website by means of Facebook. In such case, there is a number of powerful Facebook marketing plugins and tools to render great assistance to you. We have minutely analyzed and sort out 9 of them with their respective key features and functionalities.

1. Facebook like box and widget

Facebook like box is a so social plugin, which lets you showcase your Facebook page feed and your friends on WordPress blog or website. This smart and easy to use plugin is armed with a package of practical widget and shortcode settings, as well as other features, including individual widget and shortcode settings, Facebook page like button, live stream and supporter faces, custom height and width options for the page, display of latest posts of Facebook page feed, like and share buttons for each feed and other useful options. Hence fits the Facebook Marketing plugin category.

2. Facebook like box

The next must have element for your website is Facebook like box, authored by Vinoj Cardoza. This translation ready Facebook marketing plugin, praised for its practice and experience, allows you to gain more likes to your Facebook page right from your own website. You will be able to display like buttons wherever you want for the posts, pages, images, videos or any other online content. The potential users will be granted with an opportunity to see the page total likes and the number of their friends, who have already liked that page, see the latest posts and publications from the page, like the page without visiting it and other applicable plugin elements at your hand.

3. Facebook Login

With fast and trouble-free installation and configuration, Facebook Login is simple, yet smart and user-friendly login Facebook marketing plugin to transfer the Facebook login process into your own website. All you have to do is to add Facebook login button or connect a Facebook account to an existing profile with the help of simple shortcodes insertion. It is also under your management to disconnect button from a certain user profile. All the above mentioned tools refer to the free version of this plugin. If desired, you can also turn to the Pro version, which naturally comes with more functionality.

4. Facebook page widget

Another convenient and easily managed Facebook marketing plugin enabling your digital online communication to reach new and existing customers faster and without additional operations is Facebook page widget. Installing and operating this super easy widget plugin on your website, you will be fortunate enough to undertake all the required changes and modifications, which correspond to your ideas and strategic plans, as this awesome product suggests full customization options and tools. You can display your Facebook page, its posts, images or other content just the way you like, by changing certain dimensions, including height and width.

5. Facebook comments

Facebook comments plugin will greatly increase the quantity your website social visitors, by letting them comment on your page posts while being logged in to their Facebook accounts. It is one of the preferable ways for the people to get involved in your digital presentation, causing them no additional activities, registration forms, etc. Let them comment on your content. You can also restrict the visitor’s commenting access to several posts you, as you may find it necessary. This highly functional plugin is loaded with ultimate features and potentials- easy installation and running, availability to add Facebook comments box, manage its, title, title color, size and
disposition on the web page and lots of other possible characteristics.

6. Facebook feed WD

Facebook feed WD is a perfect facebook marketing plugin for easily showcasing a customizable and controllable Facebook feed publications on your WordPress supported website. Pro version will make it possible for you to showcase the content from any page, group or your profile. You are the owner of customizing and deciding how many posts should be displayed on your website, as well as display of descriptions, likes, comments and shares, top and stream type comments and many other features at your disposal. Relevant albums will have their perfect presentation with thumbnails, opening in high display lightbox with 15 bright effects.

7. FB Profile Master

FB Profile Master is one more ideal marketing tool with all-inclusive professional package of diverse tools and elements to operate full control and command over all the Facebook user profile plugins, as well as the user badges of Facebook and follow button. This highly versatile and secure social marketing plugin will greatly contribute to the online socialization of your website of WordPress origin. The lite and advanced versions of FB Profile Master include relatively less and more built in features, advanced one coming with full responsiveness, the possible display, hide or change options for any widget title, buttons widget integration, the last 2 options being also
available for the lite version.

8. FB Widget plus

As Facebook provides a variety of tools to engage with your audience, here is another Facebook marketing-related plugin with advanced features and controls for you, which can be accessed completely for free. Choose FB Widget plus as one of the most functional social tools for your website and enjoy the light and easy usage of it, customizing and redesigning shadow and background colors, as well as lots of other customization options. This plugin has also been successfully checked and verified for its perfect compatibility with WordPress latest versions.

9. Facebook wall and social integration

At last, we came across Facebook wall and social integration, incorporating dozens of practical and functional features to ensure Facebook page, group, wall posts and profile feed presentable integration into the relevant WordPress website. The Graph API is used as the primary way and method to extract data from Facebook. This plugin is tested for its conveniently crafted and developed structure, offering lots of significant features – control of feed display height and width, guest entries and wall background color display options, easy to use shortcodes integration, diverse date formats insertion options and many others amongst them.

How to set up Podcast in a website using WordPress podcasting plugins


WordPress Podcast Plugins list and their details

WordPress, being one of the preferable content management systems, is a robust and efficient open source web publishing tool, which can be perfectly exercised for reaching any type of business or personal objectives online. Podcasting, in its turn, is a gradually developing digital phenomenon, the popularity of which continues to increase and involve more people worldwide. And as WordPress podcast plugins community suggests a powerful and well-developed foundation for a website of any direction or description, and which enables everyone, even without any basic programming skills, to take full control of his website or blog, naturally it became one of the most convenient and applicable podcasting tools to be accessed and utilize always to stay one jump ahead.

Furthermore, there are dozens of podcasting techniques in the name of WordPress podcasting plugins to set up and run podcast in a website to take it a step further towards perfection. We have handpicked some of the most popular and well-crafted podcasting plugins compatible with WordPress websites so that you can find a valuable insight in our article.

1. Seriously Simple Podcast:

Seriously Simple Podcast is really simple and clear one of the WordPress podcasting plugins to install and run on your relevant website or blog. This plugin will demonstrate the effectiveness of each online presentation as a significant podcasting tool as it comes with a limited number and settings, which are really of utmost importance and will speak to your favour. Some of it basic features include user friendly layout, operation of several podcasts with their own RSS feed format from the same website, audio and video podcasting support, podcast episodes management, as well as payable episodes availability, completely customizable RSS feed for all customers, iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher among them, lots of shortcodes and widgets integration to display podcast episode lists or separate episodes on the website wherever required, full support documentation coming along the plugin and other key features.

2. Powerpress podcast

Blubrry Powerpress WordPress podcasting plugin is another popular podcasting solution with more than 50.000 active installs. This awesome plugin can be acquired for free and can be used in the most expressive way for covering all the podcasting needs and other relevant requirements. Powerpress podcast is loaded with over 100 handy features and elements. Some of them are complete iTune and Google Play support, HTML5 media players integration, package of subscription tools with the help of subscribe shortcode insertion and widgetized subscribe sidebar, SEO podcasting availability, the possibility to import the podcast from several podcast RSS feed formats, including SoundCloud, PodBean, LibSyn and Squarespace, separate podcasts creation options, Blubrry podcast hosting service integration, retina and hight resolution display-ready, mobile device optimization and complete responsive design and yet much more other advantages to reveal.

3. BuzzSprout Podcast

The next developer and user-friendly and suitable online podcast publishing system is BuzzSprout Podcast. This significant tool is launched and developed to be fully compatible with the existing Buzzsprout accounts, as well as with self hosted WordPress accounts and guarantees quick, safe and sound submission procedure to HTML5 and Flesh audio players, iTunes, Stitcher and other references. BuzzSprout Podcast includes podcast migration tool to transfer and drop your feed URL in BuzzSprout, exercises Feedburner through which your RSS feed can run. This plugin can also be praised for its easy installation and overall comfortable structure to work with. Add this one of the reliable WordPress podcasting plugins to your website and enjoy its functional and structural potential in the most profitable way.

4. Podtrac

If you have made up your mind to run a really successful podcasting business and establish your own online identity and community, here is the next convenient and adaptable solution that will turn your website into a powerful WordPress podcasting tool. Podtrac together with Seriously Simple Podcasting will add more functionality and configuration options to your website, at the same time, keeping the website’s initial easy-to use and manage foundation, without causing any inconveniency to you. Podtrac suggests advanced services to get involved in the podcast industry in the best way. Make use of all the reachable inbuilt options and controls to reach global market recognition. Ensure episode redirect, feed redirect and other outstanding options to be operated within your podcast-directed website.

5. Podlove

Podlove Podcast Publisher is trustworthy, multi-checked and all-inclusive podcast plugin to be utilized in order for your WordPress supported website set up and functioning. This advanced podcasting template is considered to be an ideal selection for any podcaster to publish and promote his podcasts in all the possible and operational ways. With the great support of this super product, you will be able to manage numerous podcast feeds in one website, multi-format publishing, including modern and frequently used audio and video formats (.mp4 aac, .mp3, Opus, Vorbis, MP4 H.264, WebM, and Theora). This smart and high-quality out of the WordPress podcasting plugins features Podlove Web Player plugin integration, which is well optimized for operating with HTML5 clean coding, chapter support for publishing
information in the player, resourceful layout to showcase podcasts in the most effective way, by choosing their style and fashion whenever is needed.

6. Libsyn Podcast

Libsyn is among the most haunted and utilized podcast hosting services, suggested at present, and hence, Libsun Podcast plugin is also among the most popular and praised ones, offering you a perfect ground, on which you can create and run any podcasting activity website without experiencing any lack of control and management, or being stuck into boring and time-taking processes in relation to its set up and install, as well as further
configuration and management.Together with its multiple built-in functional elements and key features, this plugin lets you link your Libsyn service to the corresponding WordPress website and upload the media from the website into Libsyn. Libsyn Podcast will provide exclusive support in the whole process of episode creation, episode drafts generation and posts scheduling. However, it should be noted, that this is one of the WordPress podcasting plugins is currently offered to the clients in beta testing to explore its defects and operational shortcoming.

WordPress e-learning and LMS plugins for your educational and online course websites

Speaking of the modern day learning and education, it becomes clear that, along with a set of standard educational formal programs and concepts, new perspectives and possibilities are coming to the light to be accessible to millions of people worldwide, irrespective of their location or nationality.

The unlimited number of online courses, programs and classes, as well as other e – learning options comes to be totally obtainable to everyone thanks to the online medium, suggested by the online networking platform.

Hence, the demand for the respective digital frameworks to be exercised for reaching the target online learning goals and objectives is successfully personalized into the respective proposals with the reliable mixture of WordPress flexible themes and the WordPress e – learning or learning management system plugins.

As a result, the internet learning – optimized website comes armed with all the necessary educational models and paradigms and provides an easy to practice digital environment for the learner or the student.

In this article we have sort out the best e learning and WordPress educational plugins to contribute to your learning – oriented website or blog

These plugins are aided by all the necessary inbuilt functionality, as well as customization options to ensure your online fame and success.

1. LearnPress

Learn Press is entirely intuitive and WordPress website compatible plugin for universities, colleges, schools, higher educational institutions, online courses, private tutors or other relevant structures or individuals. This plugin shares premium features and controls, however, it is available on the market entirely for free. With the help of this learning management solution, one is able to add diverse courses, lessons, tasks, assignments or quizzes to the website and get the learners involved in them with great enthusiasm. One of the striking points in relation to this product is its entirely user – friendly stylized design, letting you undertake certain operations with ease and without wasting too much time.

2. Namaste LMS

The next e – learning and online course plugin, matching all the claims proposed by WordPress content management system is called Namaste LMS. This system is based on the ordinary WordPress installation, thus is devoid of anything bewildering or annoying and can be easily exercised almost by anyone without having core knowledge of programming or design. All in all, Namaste learning management instrument will grant you with lots of dynamic options to arm your relevant website with all the trendy courses, classes and master – classes, publish their descriptions, control and assess them accordingly, as well as create the respective certificates for the students in the end.

3. Lifter LMS

Lifter LMS is online course WordPress plugin which features smart and secure course builder layout, suited for any kind of courses and lessons, depending on the nature and working directions of the given web presentation. This practical and WordPress website – friendly template with a powerful package of essential options and features, including intuitively designed interface, extensively worked out template, focus on each aspect of the plugin, easily customizable options for the content management, students dashboard and analytics inclusion, e –commerce possibilities for receiving payments for the courses, as well as many other characteristics coming along the free version of Lifter LMS.

4. CoursePress

CoursePress is intended to fill the gap between the people’s desire to get high – quality modern education and the way to achieve it. This plugin can serve as a dependable and professional platform, where every person willing to explore some new learning medium will find the courses, classes or membership programs he is mostly interested in. Unlimited options for adding learning content, video and audio courses, letting the students and other participants to upload or download whatever is needed, presenting the course preview, so that the website visitors can be well informed about the suggested programs, fees and payments if there are any. The system of the plugin also allows setting the most convenient payment methods and ways.

5. Interactive Content H5P

These online learning management and control solution, ready to serve any WordPress based web page or blog, is loaded with powerful plugin extensions for planning the curriculum, classes schedules, programs, quizzes, testing methods, assessment and other methods and lets the website owner to have constant access to them in case any update or modification is needed. This learning content presentation tool is based on strong HTML coding, is totally responsive while being accessed by the phones or other devices, and you will not need to spend a single penny to reach to this unique product.

6. Sensei

By the application of this entirely versatile and resourceful plugin anyone will be provided with exceptional chances to turn his specialty or even hobby into a prospective and profitable business online. Make use of the whole potential of this WordPress supported plugin as the most convenient e- learning content management instrument to add relevant courses and classes, create registration form to the website users and charge subscription or membership payments for them. It’s also worth noting, that it will be pretty easy and entertaining to deal with this plugin in order to start the creation of learning and education – optimized online activities and share them with many zealous learners and students from different corners of the world.

7. Good LMS

Dedicated particularly to educational and e – learning industries, Good LMS is smart and deeply intuitive plugin based on uniquely elaborated and self –hosted WordPress platform to start the creation of any website catering to school, university, online courses, diverse educational programs. Thus, this technologically proficient, stunningly user and developer – friendly designed learning management system allows specialists and professionals to exercise outstandingly open source instrument that is dynamic, customizable and wonderfully polished with the applicable selection of functional activities to be implemented within the plugin to transfer it into a powerful and fully compatible product, ensuring the effective performance of any online education environment. Moreover, the plugin includes diverse payment methods, including Paypal, Stripe, Paymill, and other methods provided and confirmed by the admin.

WordPress education Plugins thus described above should suit one or the other type of requirement of users.