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How to design positive user experiences for websites?

Design Positive User Experiences

These days any company designs products or provides services to the user to design positive user experience. They want to keep their customer happy. As when you keep your customers happy, they keep on coming back to you. The main question arises whenever a product is made “How does the product make you feel”? Consider for example, if you are owning a web development company and you have designed a website. Then, of course, you want to know that the web design is liked by the user or not.

If your customer is happy with you then you can easily maintain competition in the market without any hassle. As they like your services and products then they prefer to buy products from your organization or company always. In turn, your reputation in the market will be enhanced as a brand name and you can spawn more revenue.

So here, in this blog, we are scrutinizing some measures to design positive user experience.

Emotion is Pivotal – Why?

Have you ever noticed or not that every brand always want to keep their customers happy. Even if we go to any brand store there is a different section of staff who takes good care of people visiting their store. In large organizations also there is a separate “customer care” section. But have you ever wonder, “Why Everyone wants to keep their customer happy”? Here is the answer, only because of their happy customers they exist as a brand in the society. Most of you have also heard of the popular saying, “Customers are considered to be the god.” If you are doing any kind of business then it is your first and foremost responsibility to keep your customers happy and satisfied with your work(products or services). If you want your business to succeed then you must have to consider user experience and have to be loyal to your customers.

Examples of positive user experiences are they visit your store again, they like to subscribe to your services, they like your web design and again wants more sites to be designed from you only.

If you are designing your company’s website or application, it is nothing but you are providing your customer a convenience to reach you, you are designing a positive user experience.

Now, we are going into detailed discussion of the “Unique measures to design positive user experience”. So, here we go.


It plays a vital role in keeping your customers happy with your service. It includes different ways of marketing that by seeing only the cute images or anything else which just put a smile on the face of your customers. Consider, Mailchimp almost everyone like their pleasant amulet. Most of the companies prefer to encompass animals into their marketing plan. So, here your humor plays a crucial role. You have to keep on thinking ultimate measures by which you can provide a smooth service to your customers or clients.


Humor is instant tension reliever and raises a feeling of positive emotions. Whether you are making your customers happy by cracking jokes, made them laugh out louder or just cackle at their desks. By doing all these your customer feels like they are not others they belong to your team itself.

A day without laughter is a day wasted” it is a famous quote by Charlie Chaplin. A well-known actor who is known by almost everyone in the whole world. It can also be said that laughter is a good medicine to relieve stress.


It has become a momentous part of designing. The notion behind this to make designs imperfect deliberately so that our designs looked to be personal and approach to a large customer base. This technique is being adopted by most of the brands to give designs a human touch.

A new design of Typeform is the best example one can refer. As you scrolling down the page the perfect circle around the logo takes an imperfect shape.

This way one can provide a unique design by incorporating imperfections.


Most of the time hyperbole is based on humor. It is related to taking a familiar or regular situation to its intense level. This is understood by almost all of us as these days we are all very much busy in doing our tasks and has a lot of work pressure.

The idea is that you can design something which is related to customers routine life so that it would be more convenient for them to understand whatever you want to appeal.


It has become a popular jargon in UX design. But what is it exactly? Do you know?

In the post by Tubic studio, Mentioned that:

In the tech world, the word “gamification” stands for the technique of exerting game mechanics into the non-game environment, such as websites and mobile applications.”

So, It has become popular these days. Take an example of Salesforce who has mastered this art by their trailhead program. A program by which you can learn how to use Salesforce.


If you see any digital products which are incorporated with illustrations then it is easy for you to understand this concept. Many digital products use illustrations as it is easier to see yourself in a character than in a photo of another person.

For example, when you are opening slack there is an illustration that welcomes you. There are happy people, bright colors and products that match the color of the product welcomes you to create the work experience which you want. By effective web design of your website, you can build positive user experience.

Wrap Up:

So, after reading this you have become more familiar with the unique and ultimate ways to design positive user experience. Most of you also know about Nagpur Website design company. They are award-winning web designing agency and who successfully have drawn positive user experiences by their effective designs of the website and providing more than expected services to their clients. They have a great experience in this stream for more than 10 years. One can refer to their website designs which is most graceful and eye-soothing. Hope you like enjoyed reading this blog post.

SEO Tips: Improve your WordPress Site’s Presence in Search Engines

ways methods to increase SEO WP site

One of the crucial decisions you take when creating a website is to find out the best Content Management System (CMS) to use. Well, you can find various CMS platforms in the web development market. But, WordPress is the most preeminent and compatible Content Management System that allows you to manage and develop a vigorous website.

You can set a compelling, eye-catchy and fully-hosted blog by using templates or you can also enter into the world of self-hosting and coding to create your site.

However, it is important for a website owner to build a site that can empower them the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) feature. It is one the influential online marketing technique, which is used to boost the presence of sites on the search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.

This post will highlight some of the essential SEO tips that will help you improve your WordPress site’s presence on search engine result pages (SERPs).

What Do You Mean by SEO?

what-is-seoIn simple terms, Search Engine optimization (SEO) is an advanced marketing process by which you can influence or increase the online presence of your site and improvise the ranking in the organic (non-paid for) search engine results pages.

There is black-hat technique, which means bad and white-hat technique meaning good practices. Obviously, black hat SEO practice is very simple than the white hat because it involves explorative technique to increase the ranking of a site on the Search Engine Result Page. On the other hand, a good SEO method requires a lot of patience and attention. To an addition, it requires in-depth knowledge about the advanced online marketing techniques.

You can grab more visitors to your site if it offers user-friendly feature to the clients and potential web users. Well, you can improve the ranking of WordPress website by writing quality content, optimizing headlines, images and permalinks. With this, you can increase the traffic on your site and also to improve the Return on Investment.

Being a WordPress user, you will be able to utilize various SEO related plugins, the most popular and common plugin is WordPress SEO by Yoast.

However, there are few manual things that will help you to improve your SEO.


importance-of-contentIn order, to drive targeted visitors towards your site, it is imperative to produce the good quality of content. If your site is unable to offer the relevant, engaging and interactive content, then all of the added SEO tricks won’t give you the desired result.

Obviously, your readers want an engaging content that can give them the required information in the most productive way. And, bad quality of content would decline the ratio of the viewers on your site. Thus, it is necessary for all of us to use the quality and SEO-friendly content.

While, excellent quality of content always improvises the image of a website. Usually, it reflects the image of the business and drives more visitors towards the site. In fact, Google considers the quality content, which in turn can increase the ranking of the site on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).


Having quality content on a site doesn’t mean that you will rank higher on the SERPs. It is also necessary to regularly produce the content on the site. If you have a WordPress site, then must publish article or blog on regular basis.

However, blogging takes lots of time, but it is one of the most effective ways to increase the ranking. Thus, it would be better for you to publish a blog on the alternative basis.


Many of the website users concerned about the Word-count. It is not necessary that your blog should complete 15000 words. If your blog is engaging, new and unique, then you don’t need to worry about its length. It will help you in upgrading the ranking in SERPs.

Try to write content in a creative way as writing is an art and being a content writer, it is potent for you to write a unique and reader-oriented quality of content.

Of course, the length of the content matters and you should try to write at least 300 to 500 words of a blog. In fact, you can also produce the 1000 to 2000 words of content.

But, if you are not able to fill 300 words of a post, then you might need to do extra research.


Keep your headlines as short as possible, though it doesn’t mean that you can make your content meaningless. According to MOZ, if you keep your titles under 55 characters, then you can assume at least 90% of your titles to display in Google.

Write headlines over the content to adequately describe what’s in our content for our potential readers. In fact, properly written headlines reflect the nature of your content and this engages more visitors to your site.

Usually, we write SEO friendly headlines that contain particular keywords. This helps your readers because search engines aim to give keywords at the beginning of a headline. Therefore, content’s headline plays a significant role in increasing the site ranking on the SERPs.


images-engages-more-peopleUploading an image along with your blog post, not only entertains and engages the readers, but also has various SEO related benefits as well. Just like your website or blog, the images in your blog or website, can also rank in the Search Engines and hence derive traffic to your website. But for that, you need to perfectly optimize your images by adding name and tag to your images. Tags and names of images should be accurate if you want your users to search the images effortlessly.

Usually, the Title segment gives the name of the image. It will help you when looking for your media library, thus, you need to use an accurate keyword.

In order to describe the image content, use Alt Tags section. With this, users will be able to search the images by reading the content. It will also help search engines while indexing because they cannot see images, search engine considers Alt tags. The content written in this section helps in increasing the ranking of your site’s images quickly and efficiently.

At last, the Description section is used to describe your image in a detailed manner. The text written in the description bar will be displayed on the attachment page when a visitor clicks on an image.

Internal Links

Inserting a link to some old post within the same domain is a good indicator to search engines and it normally increases the traffic on old posts as well. Internal linking is considered as vital parts of SEO strategy.

Two or three excellent quality of internal links to relevant content by using accurate anchor text spread throughout the blog is considered the best SEO technique.


The URL of the blog or article you publish on your WP site is known as permalinks. These are the Permanent URLS that you will distribute when you want to attract people towards that page.

When you write a headline in the ‘Add New Post’ segment of your WP dashboard, you can see a permalink will automatically create the below the headline section.

Well, there are few things that you need to consider:

  • Confirm that you have the Permalinks setting switched to ‘Post name’ in Settings>Permalinks. It will allow a post’s permalink to automatically copy the same text from the headline.

  • WordPress will automatically save what is written in the headline segment, whether you have completed your headline or not. Therefore, it is necessary to write the headline carefully and recheck it because permalink won’t edit the text automatically.

However, you can edit the permalink at any time, but you need to check it before clicking publish button.

In terms of SEO strategy, Google has mentioned that it is best to use only three to four keywords in the permalink and try to place important keywords first.

Meta Description

The Meta description tag in HTML is the 160 character snippet, which is used to summarize the web page’s content. It exists beneath the URL in Search engine result pages. It is commonly used when you distribute the link on social media platforms, such as Facebook, G+ account etc.

Well, search engines will not increase your ranking due to the excerpt’s quality, but it will certainly boost the likelihood that a user will click to your content after reading this short description.

Categories and Tags

After writing your content, you need to add it to an applicable category. You can keep your category title as large as possible.

Then pick out the most relevant keywords to fill the tags bar.

Both the categories and tags enable the visitors to access your site and thus improvise its usability by merging together appropriate content.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

wordpress-seo-by-yoastAs a WordPress Site owner, you can use the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast. It is one of the best plugins that will help you increase the website’s ranking and also boost your online presence on the Search Engine Result Pages.

Here, you have to set your focus keyword and Meta description. Then, it will give you a crack up of what you have done right and what can be improved.

Still, installing this plugin doesn’t mean that you are done with SEO practices. You need to perform all things mentioned in this blog efficiently.

Author Bio: Tracey Jones is a WordPress Developer at WPGeeks Ltd., a WordPress Development Company. She assist her clients when they want to hire WordPress expert for professional help. She loves to write WordPress related tutorials in her free time and never feel shy of trying new things. 

Everything you need to know about Web Development

1. What is web development?
Broadly, web development is described as anything involved in the development of a website for the internet. It ranges from developing a simple page of plain text to more complicated internet applications for e-businesses or simply social networking.

More technically among the professionals, web development includes the writing markup and coding, basically all the non-designing branches of website development. It also refers to content management system, or more commonly known as CMS. These CMS are like a bridge between the database and the user. Moreover, CMS does not require you to have the technical knowledge to alter the website. You can find more about web development at Kamil Web Solutions development agency.

2. What is a web developer and what does it do?
A web developer is simply a person who builds a website according to a client’s needs. Different agencies like Kamil Web Solutions development agency has web developers whose job is to create custom codes and develop site layout, as well as features and functions of a webpage.

The job of a web developer is divided mainly into 3 categories:

1.Database technology: this is what makes sure that the website runs smooth.
2.Server-side scripting: executed on a web server, this refers to the code that decides on the mechanics of how a website functions.
3.Client-side scripting: executed in a web browser, this refers to code that decides on the content that your customers or clients will see when they open your website.
The web developer is supposed to build a website from scratch. The skills above are required by a web developer in doing so. The main benefit of having to build a web page from scratch is that you have complete control over creating something original and therefore, have a better idea of client’s needs.

3. What to look for in a web developer?
Since the jobs of a web developer as mentioned above require the skills to be divided into 3 categories, the skills required for a compatible web developer will also be according to these 3 domains.

4. Database technologies
For a good web developer, a sound knowledge regarding the database technologies is the main requirement. This is because, for any website, a database is required to store files, images, codes and other data. For being well-equipped with the knowledge of database technology, following relational database management systems (RDBMS) are the most popular among web-based applications:
1. Oracle
2. MySQL
3. Apache
4. Microsoft SQL Server
6. MongoDB

5. Server-side languages
Using server-side language for scripting is like the backbone of building a website. For a web browser to function well, the end user’s computer must have enough storage. This is because the websites need to carry different images and files in a database on a web server.

This is where the server-side scripting plays a role. It is responsible for generating a structure for a database on the web server so that the communication between the web browser and the user’s computer is possible. The web developer comes up with a script on your website, therefore when somebody is using the website; the server shows the particular images or information as inquired by the user. Since the person using your website has no access to the source code or proprietary data, the server-side code becomes more protected.

Among the many, the following are the most popular server-side languages that a web developer should be well informed about:
1. Java
2. PHP
3. Python
4. C
6. Ruby

6. Client-side languages
The development of applications that are present in the browser of a user’s computer is what client-side scripting is all about. This includes storage of user’s data in the form of cookies, simple flash games, or any other type of social web applications. Moreover, it uses languages that are responsible for creating the overall look and the complete layout of a website.

The languages used for client-end scripting include:
2. CSS
3. JavaScript
4. JQuery
5. Flash
6. Microsoft Silverlight

7. Different types of web development firms
Broadly, the different types of web development firms include the ones that produce custom web application development, e-commerce capabilities, website design, and database development and integration. Mostly, however, a lot of web development firms will provide all of the services above altogether.

What info should be included in a wedding website?

wedding WordPress themeTo make a wedding website you do not need specialized skills. Most of the website companies in the market have a set format for creating a regular wedding website. All you are expected to do is furnish the information that you want to include in the website by fulfilling some easy and quick steps. It is important though that both of you as a couple should agree first about the exact information you want in the website.

What should you include in your wedding website?

You can be in a dilemma regarding the choice of information that you should put on your wedding website. Let us start from the basic.

Basic information

The basic information should include your wedding date, your name, the venue of wedding, time of the ceremony, and the reception details. To make it easier, you should simply check it in the sequence Who, When, What, Where and Why.

Tell your story

Each couple has a story to tell about their dating, romance, how they came finally to the decision of marriage, who proposed whom and so on. An interesting story tempts the guests to attend the wedding with more enthusiasm.

Directions and maps

A wedding website must include detailed information about the wedding address including a map mentioning important landmarks. Linking the map with the is a good idea or you can also come up with your own custom-designed map in detail for better understanding of the guests.


You can mention the whole plan of wedding in the website like who is to be the groomsmen or the bridesmaid, why are they being chosen, how will the event progress systematically and more.

Hotel info

Clearly mention the type of arrangement you have made in the hotel. Whether you have booked few rooms for the outstation guests in the same hotel where the wedding is scheduled to take place or in any other hotel. Such information should be compulsorily mentioned in the website. This will help your guest to find out their accommodation on their own without troubling you for it.

Attire suggestion

Whether you are arranging a theme wedding party or a traditional, one you should mention all these details on the wedding website. Guests are always eager to plan for their outfits and attires for the wedding. So, let them know in advance about your plan and what you are expecting them to wear. Whether they should come decked up in a formal wear or don casual jeans with branded T-shirts and so on.

Gift registry

It may come across as a rude behavior if your online invitations carry the registry information. Instead, if you add a gift registry link on your website itself, the guests will be pleased to check it. This will also mean that there is no obligation on the part of the guests to bring a gift for the wedding but if interested can pick up one from the registry list as per their budget constraint.

Photos and videos

Most of the guests are anxious to see how good you look together. It is not necessary to put all your photos and videos on the website. The few cut and those that speak of love between you two are enough to tell the story about your relationship.

Free and paid wedding website reviews

wedding WordPress themeWedding website designers have special templates that enable you to quickly get a website done for your wedding without wasting much of your time. A quick read through the wedding website reviews can help you take better decision. You can choose from the paid or the free wedding website mentioned below.

First, let us review some of the most popular free wedding websites:

This wedding website comprise of 24 page designs that are simple and basic but attractive enough to make a decent wedding website. One of the most highlighting features of this wedding website provider is that it comes with multiple customizable pages like the guest list, polls, wish list, quizzes and even a page to recommend a favorite vendor.

The Knot

This is one of the first few wedding sites that started providing free service. Recently, the site has undergone renovation and upgraded the options they have been offering. New and modern 20 plus designs that looks cool and clean is now available on The Knot. These offer greater scope for customizing the wedding site pages and provide you with coordinating offers such as save-the-date emails and more. The other coordinating favors include selling useful things such as napkins and more.

The Wedding Channel

This free wedding website offers easy to use but very simple designs. However, the Wedding Channel shows its inclination more towards offering charity and promises to make donation to charity you choose if your guests click the link pasted on their registry page for buying wedding gifts. This gives your guests the chance to do well while buying a gift for you.


With the help of this wedding site, you can create a beautiful site for your wedding in matter of minutes. The site offers innumerable customization options so that all the wedding websites do not pose a hackneyed look and look different and very much to your taste. This one website enables your guest to connect with each other through social sites and discuss things related to wedding freely.

The Paid wedding websites

For a more sophisticated design for your wedding website, you can opt for the paid wedding websites that provide you unlimited customizing options. Some of the most popular sites in this category are:


Ewedding also offers paid wedding site services in which you can get a domain name with better bandwith by paying as low as $4.95 per month. This is a better option if you are expected lots of visitors.



Although the designs on this website are a bit cheesy, you find some unique and user-friendly options such as custom audio message, family tree and weather information.


This website introduces some of the most ultra-modern and eyecatching website designs for the wedding. The topmost invitation designers that ensures that you find the style and design that surely matches your stature and taste have created the options. The website provides the guests the option to RSVP online but also posts their comments and can also read your wedding blog. You are also free to protect your password and restrict the access of your blog or other information to certain guests.

Wedding JOJO

This wedding website provides you with multiple features such as themes, sharing photos, information about the events, guest book and RSVPS management so that you can upload different information on your wedding site and let your guests communicate with each other.

You can also explore to get good themes and designs for your wedding sites.

What are the steps for creating a personal website?

personal trainer WordPress themeThere can be umpteen reasons for creating a website. It can be to upload your tons of family videos and pictures or even to fast-forward your career. Personal website on its own is a complete tool that ensures that you stay in touch with your friends and family members. It also enables you to share personal and other relevant information such as weddings, parties, birthdays and more.

Earlier, it was imperative that you should have a deft hand with HTML to create a personal website. However, nowadays, you can create a great looking website in your leisure time without being HTML-savvy.

Here are few steps that can help you in building your website with ease:

It is important to decide which website building software you need to use. This is more important if you are not proficient in HTML or do not possess any experience of programming. Here, you can pick up from two options paid and free website building software. The free sites that are worth trying are:

Tumblr: A Tumblr offers you the option to select the free themes and you can choose one for your personal website. Since you are opting for free website building program, you have little scope. Each theme comes with specialized features and you will have to study these features to understand the pre-coded bits of its functionality. This way you can give your website theme a feeling closer to regular websites.

Wordpress:  This portal provides you with the option to create a blog, which looks like a website. The only thing of difference is that every time you add a new content, it is placed at the top as WordPress comes with a discipline to arrange things in chronological order. In this way, you can add multiple layers of content to your website. You can set up a homepage with the help of default blog setup and on the front page will be displayed your latest posts. It is possible to create a static homepage to make the page look like a traditional website.

Paid website building sites

Both WordPress and Tumblr also offer you the option of getting paid website building programs. The paid Tumblr option gains you an entry in the Tumblr’s Theme Garden that contains premium themes. You can as well preview each theme before buying it. Similarly, WordPress paid option lets develop other sections such as about me, locations, menu and so on.

Squarespace: It is one of the leading portals, which offer immense scope and 24×7 supports for website building. These people are known for building clean, SEO segregated websites that are highly reliable and possess scalable cloud infrastructure. The portal offers free site builder that comes inbuilt with drip and easy-to-use drag interface. In minutes, you can have a website running with the applications of It has a vast template and design gallery and you can access the options to custom logo, tagline and color scheme. This site has been named as one of the most popular and largest to provide web-building services. The web building options here are easy and anyone can create a website for himself within minutes.

Building personal website

Domain name: Most of the free web building sites provides you with the domain or sub-domain name. However, if you opt for paid sites, you will be required to get one for yourself. Always ensure that the domain name should be simple so that people can easily remember it.

Loading content: You can add text, photo galleries, guest-book, forum, thoughts, email list and so on.

Creating a logo:

Although, it is your personal website a creative logo gives it a more unified look. You can make use of Corel paint shop pro to create one on your own.

Creating pages: Make use of web publishing or HTML tools such as Macromedia Dreamweaver or Microsoft Frontpage for creating Home page.

Publish: Lastly upload the pages and the files. You can use your web browser or an FTP program for performing this task. Your host that you can use to update and edit the content in the website folders will provide you with username and the password.

Lastly you can buy a WordPress Theme from us and avail free installation. All themes are well documented and easy to use. Also one of the easiest way to get your personal website