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Carpentry WordPress Themes for carpenter and wood work websites

In today’s roundup we are going to highlight some of the top – ranked carpentry WordPress themes.

These carpentry WordPress themes are suitable for woodworkers and workshops, carpenters and joiners, builders and constructors to tailor their best solutions to their client’s carpentry and other relevant needs through a website.

All branches of carpentry and woodwork industry and not only need their pixel – perfect visualization in the digital arena in order to become one of the primary resources of both information and high – quality carpentry and construction services.

From wood workshops to construction companies, designers and architectures, mechanic workshops and garages to maintenance and contractor service providers, plumbers and other handyman service providers can highly benefit from the global networking system and engage more and more clients from any locality.

We offer you to take a look at our carpentry WordPress themes and let you be the honest judge as to which of them satisfy your needs best. In one way or another, all of them are very intuitive and smart in usage and hence will make the whole process of elevating and controlling your carpentry website a fun. By being a product of a bustling team of developers and designers, they will certainly add positive emotions and energy to your online projects.

1. Furniture Pro:


Launch your beautiful and presentable, highly informative and results – driven carpentry website when supported by Furniture Pro. As one of the experienced carpentry WordPress themes available in the current library of WordPress templates, this one has already managed to display its best sides and reliability. Clear and enjoyable design is combined with inner perfection of the theme equipped with total responsive and mobile – friendly nature to meet the needs of your mobile users. Lots of font based icons and shortcodes are loaded with this template for you to review and choose the best ones matching the overall character of your website.

2. Perfect Cleaning:


With Perfect Cleaning you don’t need to take a long, irritating and expensive process in order to be granted with a truly perfect and attention – grabbing carpentry or construction, architecture or industrial, HVAC or cleaning website of your own. It’s a true go – getter and knows its business from top to bottom. Hence you are lucky enough to find an impeccably dynamic and zealous amongst the carpentry WordPress themes on which you can build up your website and keep it running smoothly around the clock. From responsive and cross mobile compatible design to gallery section for generating compact galleries and albums, from social media integration to make your website more social – friendly to shortcodes inclusion, Perfect Cleaning generates it all.

3. Furnish (Interior Pro):
interior design WordPress theme


The next implausibly good and unimaginable light template among carpentry WordPress themes comes launched as Furnish. This ambitious and inherently flexible, serious – looking and integrative website builder will place a wide array of optimal features, building and customization controls within your reach to master fully. This template will let you tell your story on a full homepage slider and add your high – resolution images on it. You can also customize the overall look and feel of your website and add your company profile, bio of your specialists, offer your services and give contact information to get in touch with you. Powered to exude full subjection to the admin’s will, this template is also RTL and translation – ready to serve multilingual content.

4. Perfect Mechanic:


Perfect Mechanic is a tailor – made construction and carpentry, handyman and workman, mechanic and repair WordPress template to boost client’s conversion and generate more leads. Join hundreds of active users of this theme and make it the brick and mortar of your future success. Show your works and projects, decorations and plans through gallery section and prove your unbeatable expertise in the field. Based on the dedicated work of professional developers and designers, Perfect Mechanic engenders totally responsive and mobile – friendly design, as well as enviably easy to use and manage admin panel to add your own preferences to the default state of the theme.

5. SKT Industrial:
industrial renovation WordPress themes


SKT Industrial is crisp and precise, robust and dependably, tech – savvy and functionally durable template catering to the needs if construction and industry markets. The theme’s package includes tons of practical elements and application controls to speak to your clients easily. Since the modern business and industrial competition is no more localized due to the unbounded virtual geography, SKT Industrial as one of the affordable yet premium – quality carpentry WordPress themes have been coded to share translation – ready and plugin – compatible nature. It means that you that you can get your content translated and thus have your digital presence ready for the global marketplace.

6. Welder:
welding WordPress theme


Well – organized and well – structured, Welder is another serious yet amicable carpentry website building solution for presenting your woodworking and welder – related activities online. It has an interesting and eye – catchy design united with technologically saturated basis to help you grow your online business. Jump on the modern digital board and join the never – ending online movement for better conversions and increased sales. Balanced between seamless usability and wonderful precision, Welders knows all the SEO pathways to make relevant search engines “diagnose” your website as a top one. When it comes to WooCommerce compatibility for online shopping experience, Welder is never clueless either.

7. Fix IT:
handyman WordPress theme


Get your handyman, carpenter, interior designer, constructor and plumber website ready in minutes and keep it always fresh – faced with simple procedures with Fix IT. With this template gone are those days when the installation and further customization of a template for your future site would make you shell out your hard – earned money and sweat hard. Instead, you are lucky enough to have Fix IT at your disposal and enjoy the true beauty of simple yet effective WordPress template with tons of advantages. It is bundled with preloaded elements and controls, homepage nice – looking slider to add your photos with relevant descriptions, as well as comes with full documentation and support whenever you need it.

Drag and drop WordPress themes with page builder compatibility


The best pieces of drag and drop WordPress themes are discussed in this article.

These drag and drop WordPress themes are suitable for individuals and corporate, private entrepreneurs and artists, photographers, services providers or other stakeholders in every field to establish their digital dominance and considerably benefit from it with pretty little endeavors.

WordPress content management ecosystem has always taken every care to generate easy to use and follow templates tailor – made to different niches and topics.

However, the majority of them can boast with its inclination to simplicity and relevance for all non – professional and non – techy web users and admins with its optimal drag and drop functionality.

With them it’s more than easy and joyful to create a stunning website in no time and without having to write a single line of code.

Establishing, editing, configuring and customizing your profile look and feel based on drag and drop functionality will never be beyond your strengths at all.

If you are an enthusiastic person with far – stretched and wide – extending plans to be revealed in the digital realm, this article is for you as the best guidance to progress your personal or business affairs in a strategic line.

Each WordPress – based drag and drop template specified below will make your digital life a lot easier in the process of bringing your brand awareness or personal identity in front of your clients or customers, fans or followers, partners or others.

1. SKT Perfect:


Running a progressive and highly resilient website builder on the basis of your website of any kind or nature is not a mystery at all with one of the premium – quality drag and drop WordPress themes known as SKT Perfect. This wonderfully pliable and energetic, perfectly polished and smooth WordPress template is scrupulously processed to make you master, drag, position, scale, edit, change and alter whatever you may feel expedient to guarantee the breathtaking view and error – free functionality of your website. Strictly arranged homepage, preloaded templates, diverse shortcodes, pre – installed templates and many other essential features are all wrapped up in one generalized and intelligent theme to match all your objectives easily, yet effectively. SEO – friendliness and responsiveness, cross mobile and browser compliant nature have also been taken into account when stylizing and coding SKT Perfect.

2. SKT Dual:


The dedicated and pro experts working on SKT Dual have spared no efforts and vocational skills to give rise to a pragmatic and comfy drag and drop template of WordPress. It is the one that will totally eliminate the number of errors or technical obstacles appearing along the way. This deeply nimble and dexterous, highly intuitive and serious looking template features cutting – edge technology that has been upsurged taking into account all the high standards of the current digital platform and WordPress codex. Totally responsive and cross mobile compatible, multilingual – ready and plugin – supportive, this drag and drop website builder can be your helping hand to promote your digital strategy, products, etc and expose your portfolio items in an attention – grabbing fashion.

3. SKT Photo World:
photography WordPress theme


Purposeful and visually inspiring, cost – conscious and quick in performance, SKT Photo World is the next representative of the best drag and drop WordPress themes for all photographers and artists, freelancers and other portfolio owners to professionally speak about their professional skills or talents. This exceptional template exhibits precise and all – inclusive ecosystem with structural and customization – related ingredients such as homepage sections and areas, color and opacity changing controls, widget – friendly footer and sidebar areas, etc. Empowered by the persistent coding and styling mixture in the form of HTML 5 and CSS 3 coding, SKT Photo World feels unbeatable when it comes to SEO – ready nature and performance in order to be totally acknowledgeable by the popular search engines as well.

4. SKT Full Width Pro:
Full Wide WordPress theme


SKT Full Width Pro as one more valuable product in the modern repository of drag and drop WordPress themes is all about precision and energy, convenience and adaptability under any given environment. In has already succeeded in verifying itself as a peachy alliance of fidelity and creativity offering eye – catchy visualization via the full width of the homepage as the name suggests. This unity is also seamlessly supported by technical sophistication and cutting – edge quality traits suggesting a wide array of drag and drop building tools. SKT Full Width Pro will enable you to edit and customize the slider backgrounds, make use of the available transition effects like timings, intervals and other controls in order to pin your best images in front of every single website visitor.

5. SKT Gardening:
gardening landscaping WordPress theme


With SKT Gardening you will be able to give your landscaping or gardening business or nature – related initiatives a digital flavor and clever sight without stepping out of your comfort zone. All the primary techniques and technical strategies have been adopted to make this SEO and mobile – friendly template as flexible and adaptive as it is technologically advanced and even future – scalable. On the other hand, the simplicity and lightweight nature of SKT Gardening are annexed to all – inclusive package of the theme with tons of prebuilt features and elements to give every website admin boundless drag and drop customization possibilities to highlight the core points of the target website based on the right typography and color combinations.

6. Panaroma Pro:


Modern and ultimately smart, nicely – projected and very attractive, Panaroma Pro is the last template in our list of drag and drop WordPress themes for you to consider for your next portfolio or image – based website. With beautiful background images to be loaded, total responsiveness and cross mobile compatibility, this template comes ready to seduce every website viewer at first glance. From enchanting design and graphical solutions to surprisingly elastic structure, SKT Panaroma Pro will give you an unprecedented amount of drag and drop control over your site to change or modify it the way you have prioritized in order to satisfy your personal or business objectives.

Anime WordPress Themes for animation, cartoon and illustration websites

Today all our attention will be focused on anime WordPress themes for cartoonists and animators.

These anime WordPress themes can also be used producers and illustrators, as well as other specialists to proudly share their pieces of work and gain popularity.

Animation industry is vast. From traditional animation systems to CSS3 and 3D animations have become an indispensable part of the digital world.

The “motion of pictures” processed and presented in an eye – catchy way gives a special charm to any product.

Hence, pieces of animations can be found in movies, cartoons, flip books, as well as in digital media with GIF and other animation formats.

As a result of the digital world, animations can be best showcased via the same platform.

If you are an individual engaged in creating animations and want to get connected with your fans and followers, clients and customers, one of the best forms of communications can be a website.

A strong and interactive website with your computer – generated animations will be the best communication channel between you and the other part of the world.

Below you can find a bunch of cost – effective and admin – optimized anime WordPress themes to create a completely new and user – friendly anime website. In another case, you can use any of them to bring your outmoded website back into gear and relatively increase your tangible results.

Let’s discuss each of them separately. Anyway, you are the one to make a final decision and choose one of them as a starting point.

1. Complete Pro:
complete WordPress theme


In case you want to grow your animation business with a little initial invention, here is Complete Pro for you. It is one of the most affordable, yet all – inclusive anime WordPress themes to compensate every single penny you have ever spent on it. The most dedicated experts have worked on this intelligent template so that the latter will correspond to all the requirements of the modern WordPress CMS. If we take a closer look on this exclusively good template, we will find an offshoot of benefits. The lively design forms an indissoluble unity with strong and durable foundation. With this template you are the only designer of your template to choose the right colors of your website via color picker. The theme is also as responsive and mobile – friendly as it is WooCommerce – friendly and plugin – compliant.

2. The Art:
art WordPress theme


In case you want to add an artistic approach into what you are doing, The Art will be ideal for your animation – related business. This elastic and nice – looking website building system shares all the qualities one should expect from the anime template to have. The Art is truly productive and beneficial in many ways. It starts from affordable price to simplified processes of installation and activation. Further, you may use the optimal content zones of the theme to let your voice be heard, showcase your works, projects and products, services offered and rendered, contact details and working hours, etc. The features which make this template so enjoyable and practical include 100 + shorcodes, prebuilt Customizer, footer and header options and not only.

3. Gravida:
corporate WordPress theme


Next in our collection of anime WordPress themes comes Gravida. Modern appearance and creative design are what put Gravida ahead of the game. The theme has been coded to deliver safe and secure coding that will keep your content legible and presentable when viewed by any hand – held device. No more fuss around complicated tasks to complete or polish up your previous experience in dealing with a WordPress website. Thanks to its simple and flexible nature any animator or illustrator will save his efforts while tweaking the given ecosystem for better look and feel. Homepage slider and gallery section are also there to bring your power of unique style and creativity to your web visitors.

4. SKT Black Pro:
black and dark WordPress theme


Creating your user – centric animation website will be both simple and easy with SKT Black Pro. This multi – service and feature – rich website toolbox will get your easily covered. Responsive and mobile – friendly coding, smooth and sleek navigation are all wrapped up in SKT Black Pro. Let the motion and colors of your animations grab the visitor’s attention when accurate displayed through your slider, posts and pages. SKT Black Pro is never confused when it comes to serving your content to your website’s mobile users as well. The same readiness refers to HD and retina – readiness, as well as secure coding with HTML5 and CSS3 mixture. Take this top – quality template, change the dominance of the black color with any other color, control the homepage slider and control its effects to be more effectual.

5. Design Agency Pro:
design agency WordPress theme


Creating your animation – based website is easier than ever with Design Agency Pro. This interactive and energetic template is aware of all the ins and outs of the digital spectrum. It means that the theme has all the potential to let you get online and started instantly without any technical skills needed. If there is a template among anime WordPress themes to take your client engagement to infinity, that is Blendit. Once the installation process is over, you can easily pass on to the theme customization. You can effortlessly set the tone of your website via the given batches of shortcodes, icons and Google fonts. In case you bring the site’s functionality to a higher level, you are free to install and make use of different optimal plugins.

6. Blendit:
blendit single page WordPress theme


Blendit comes with bright look and feel to satisfy the needs of different animators, animated film studios and agencies to market their services online. Create your online story and let your animatic storytelling be highly captivating with informative content and pieces of your works. Do it yourself with a simple drag and drop operation of Blendit . Ready to exercise the best working principles, this constructive template includes lots of controls and elements for you to master. Color changing controls, social media integration, e – commerce – ready platform and SEO – optimization of Blendit are more than enough for you to create a one of a kind animation website.

Industrial Company WordPress theme for industrial websites


Industrial Company WordPress theme and the templates suitable for industrial websites have been listed here which are really useful for such commercial large websites.

With the emergence and rapid advancement of WordPress content management ecosystem as a unity of niche – specific themes has greatly facilitated the virtual manifestation of any small or large – scale industry, company or business.

By offering a handy set of optimal tools, robust interface and with sophisticated groups of specialists this platform has long become a truly hard – headed channel for all types of corporate and business undertakings.

Needless to say that having a stable and constant relationship with your target client marketplace is so paramount for all the industry companies.

Running a popular and environmental – friendly, as well as client – oriented website featuring your general profile, offered services, prices and discounts, business policy, contact details and much more seems to be a top – primacy to follow and implement within the shortest period of time.

In this article a list of the most applicable and smart pieces of industrial company WorPress theme are compiled.

Each and every industrial company WordPress theme shares the most essential features and elements ready to boost your digital presence. Subsequently, what you are supposed to do is to review the suggested website builders and choose the one which seems more suitable with your industry general profile.

1. SKT Industrial:
industrial renovation WordPress themes


SKT Industrial is the first industrial company WordPress theme that has been thoroughly planned and well – developed to be smooth and pliable, visually business – looking and functionally cutting – edge. This template will also get you covered with its user and visitor – centric, responsive and cross mobile compliant web creating and managing solution targeted to an industry profile of every size or nature, experienced or small – sized business and much more.

Totally customization – ready and packed with a set of Google fonts and font – based icons, SKT Industrial comes with multilingual – ready platform, WoCommerce compatible and e-commerce – based character to run an online store and sell your industrial products. Powered by user and developer – friendly coding, SKT Industrial is all about precision, yet resourcefulness and yet intuitiveness. It means that even a novice or non – techy website admin will be capable of putting his final touches and traits from behind the scenes easily.

2. Towing:
towing WordPress theme


With a bulky assistance of this modern and top – rated Towing your company profile will be showcased and comprehended as an expert in its industry.

This industrial company WordPress theme is multipurpose at its core, meaning that this inherently smart website building tool can be the reliable basis for every web profile.

Balanced between simple nature and functional saturation, Towing is specifically practical for towing and car dealing, logistics and transportation websites to use the given suitable structural skeleton of the theme to expose all your valuable images and texts.

Strictly arranged and pliable homepage sections and areas, as well as attention – grabbing default slider on the homepage will also boost your online industry effectiveness, resulting in your client’s satisfaction and positive website user experience.

3. Spirited Pro:
corporate WordPress theme


From beautiful and clean design to flawless user and client – compliant atmosphere, Spirited Pro is the next cost – conscious, yet premium – quality template for revealing all the professionalism and experience of your target industry.

Based on white and blue classic combination of colors, this template is totally responsive and cross mobile compatible, SEO – optimized and WooCommerce supportive.

This industrial company WordPress theme is a product with meticulously induced sections, parts and areas to arm with the most relevant texts and images, posts and publications. All the aspects of multilingual ready platform have also been minutely taken care of to generate and present your content in different languages as well.

4. Flat Pro:
flat WordPress theme


With wonderfully elaborated pre – designed post and page layouts, Flat Pro is another industry – friendly template decorated with modern and highly applicable flat design aesthetics that seamlessly eliminates all the excessive shades and other archaic elements for more streamlined web experience. Safe and secure, easy to grasp and follow, this theme of SKT production and WordPress compatibility has all the potential of providing engineer or businessman, designer or agent with broadband controls over his profile. With elegant and to the point visuals, HTML5 and CSS3 – based coding and styling, widget – friendly structure and SEO – plugin compatibility, Flat Pro simplifies the admin’s efforts of dealing with the default theme, editing and customizing it the way he wants without any pain or the necessity of hiring professionals to do it.

5. SKT Architect Pro:
architect WordPress theme


Precisely tuned and totally elaborated, stylized with flat design dots and spots, SKT Architect Pro is another highly advisable industrial company WordPress theme that deserves specific attention and review. In compliance with all the major trends and stipulated requirements of modern WordPress community, this theme is ideal for every industry representative aimed at breathing a fresh life into his old website and revamping it, or starting everything from 0 and easily exemplifying the expertise of the given business in this or that spectrum. This trustworthy and future – scalable template attributes immense value to parallax web design wonderfully exercised in nice – looking parallax backgrounds. Well – optimized for SEO needs, SKT Architect Pro will give you a perfect head – start in your Google and other search engine rankings, in turn helping all your future potential clients to find you.

6. SKT Construction Pro:
construction WordPress theme


Get ready for a website building experience with 0 coding knowledge at all. Exercise SKT Construction Pro as one more clutter – free and shrewd industrial company WordPress theme to get your quick – witted industrial website up and running in a couple of minutes. This broadly configured and functionally advanced template is trained to cut across all industry, business, corporate and commercial business boundaries, as well as diverse personal and individual initiatives. It comes bundled with default slider and easy to use sections, lots of shortcodes integrated and readily responsiveness and yet much more to have with this template. All in all, with SKT Construction Pro, anyone will be able to touch on all the available channels and communicative pathways to get in touch with the clients and customers.

Kindergarten WordPress themes for toddlers school websites


A search – based collection of the top and best kindergarten WordPress themes has been compiled.

Now is at your disposal to review for your future website catering to babies and toddlers, kindergartens and nursery schools, babysitters and playgroups, as well as any kind of child development and learning centers.

Kindergartens and other child – related centers have long shown a host of benefits for both children and their adaptation and socialization.

All of them are directed to creating curricula and agendas to develop the child’s physical, mental and social competence.

And while the role of preschools and child development centers is incontestable, many parents at present find themselves in trouble when it comes to choosing the best option for their child or children.

However, their panic over choosing this or that kid – centric structure is annihilated thanks to the virtual platform rich with target information of any kind.

Hence any parent will be able to scan the whole material available in the digital realm from the comfort of home, deeply analyze all the cons and pros and make a final decision.

In this situation, the key to being noticed and reviewed by the respective parents is going into the process of building and ensuring presentable and all – inclusive website showcasing to be the virtual home of any kindergarten or preschool.

This will also enable productive and mutually beneficial teacher- parent relationship and the latter will be able to take active participation in his or her child’s learning process whenever needed.

Kindergarten WordPress themes signalized below with their toolkits will be a great assistance to those who are in the pursuit to find the best basis for their children – centric online initiatives.

1. Play School:
education WordPress theme


Play School is one of the most affordable and comprehensive, visually colorful and motivational WordPress templates specifically build up for child and learning – oriented websites. Hence this is exceptionally suitable for all those teachers and nurses, kid clubs and other organizations ready to take care of children and contribute to their physical and psychological development.

It comes with lots of page and post layouts to choose from and a handy package shortcodes for instant content setup, homepage default slider with controllable effects for the best images, animation blocks and suitable sections to showcase your information and services, etc. Flat design traits used in the graphics, highest quality of coding and its precision, easy to read and follow documentation, as well as professional support are bonuses coming along with this wonderful and lively template.

2. SKT Perfect:


SKT Perfect as the next recommended product in the repository of kindergarten WordPress themes unites attention – grabbing visuals with advanced technology for you to make the most out of your kid and child – related website. Designer – made graphics and visual layout, stable and persistent inner performance, thoroughly flexible nature and plugin compatibility are all wrapped up in one single and affordable website building solution.

If you are stubborn on satisfying all the needs of your website visitors from every corner of the world who are practicing their low – powered devices for your web access, look no other way than SKT Perfect. It has been developed and coded to seamlessly respond to any screen dimensions with all the compulsory changes, resizes amendments and shifts.

3. Complete Pro:
complete WordPress theme


The barriers to getting started with Complete Pro are reduced to nothing for all the enthusiast candidates who have set their minds to virtualize their kindergarten or preschool and make it more interactive. Even if you are non – techy and clueless about all the ins and outs of WordPress, no worries.

Powered by the safe and sound Customizer for totally mastering the website changes and have their preview in live format, this truly complete and integrative kindergarten WordPress theme comes bundled with diverse inner page layouts with sidebar, inner page headers, header and footer variables to select from, lots of Google fonts and icons integration and yet much more to come with this template.

4. SKT White Pro:
white WordPress theme


Elegant and powerful, challenging and motivation, SKT White Pro is also one the best solutions among kindergarten WordPress themes to move your kindergarten, preschool, school or babysitter agency in a digital strategic line. With this inherently elastic and zealous, present and future – scalable website builder of SKT Production anyone will be only one decision away from creating a safe and client – oriented virtual environment. Dealing with this premium – quality template for your specific child – centric needs will not be intimidating or bewildering even if you are unaware of all the hurly – burly of the WordPress ecosystem or its customization.

5. SKT Black Pro:
black and dark WordPress theme


The dedicated specialists of SKT Themes have been demanding and hard at work while projecting and coding SKT Black Pro with unbeatable primary and auxiliary features for every single person to have a reliable beast at his command. Use this new kindergarten WordPress themes to promote your business in the digital arena, use the given content areas with nice – looking animation to showcase your content, arm the homepage full – width slider with high – resolution images and make them seize the website visitor’s attention. SEO –integrated for top positions in search engines, it also shares commercial – ready platform and WooCommerce support to give your online store a quick start.

6. Babysitter:


With Babysitter as the last valuable sample of kindergarten WordPress themes you will be ready to go on with your kindergarten, nursery, baby care, or babysitter web management and control without any further ado since this product is stunningly easy to drive and admin – optimized to be mastered even intuitively. Use the whole power of Babysitter’s artificial intelligence and customize it the way you want. Change the exquisite colors of the theme and add your preferred ones, choose from the given Google fonts and icons for the best typography and the overall appearance, use the preloaded shortcodes, give your details in about section, present the list of your services in services sections, etc.

Best 12 Fashion WordPress Themes and Templates for Bloggers 2018


Fashion bloggers aim to have their websites created for having discussions and posting new trends and styles of fashion that have been going on around the world or near you. Hence they need a website which gives them the freedom to post their creative stuff.

Fashion WordPress themes allows the fashionists to have a great fashion or lifestyle related blog or website according to their choice.

During the last few decades fashion and celebrity phenomena have invaded thousands of modern life aspects and have established their dominance there. The rise of the global Internet and opening the online network to commercial and business usages greatly contributed to the progress and advancement of fashion and lifestyle culture. Subsequently, the need of diverse fashion blogs and websites have emerged to make the virtual presentation of their brand or trademark, thus gaining more popularity and being accessible to a bigger number of clients and partners all around the globe. Satisfyingly, at present, there are fashion WordPress themes, which have been created and launched bearing in mind all the technical, functional and visual traits any fashion related topic will need for the flawless performance. We are going to highlight here the best 12 lifestyle and fashion WordPress themes to come across and seize a considerable profit from them.

Fashion Trends
fashion WordPress theme


1. Girlie


This visually stunning and effective, functionally smart and flexible woman – centric fashion WordPress theme is perfectly convenient for designing and presenting any professional fashion and lifestyle blog. This girly theme features powerful package of applicable options and elements to showcase the relevant fashion style, design, concept, brand or whatever is it. Among them are homepage diverse sections and areas to be filled with respective content, inbuilt shortcodes, lots of text color, size and font selection options, social media, as well as mobile and device-friendliness, etc.

Some of its feature includes:

  • Fully responsive and retina ready theme
  • Translation ready theme
  • Full color changing theme
  • Compatible with latest version of WordPress


2. Complete Pro


Complete Pro can serve as a helping hand irrespective of your website style or direction. Therefore you can consider this professional and complete theme as a very reliable and presentable website creation tool for your lifestyle blog. Exercise its beautiful slider on the homepage to make a visual impact on the website visitors, change the slides and use available controls, manage the homepage sections and their content accordingly and turn to innumerable customization options to reach the desired result.

Some of its feature includes:

  • Ready to use sections with easy shortcodes
  • Built upon customizer
  • Multiple header and footer variation
  • Translation ready with PO file ready to be translated into multiple languages


3. Character


The next one of the fashion WordPress themes ready to reveal its full potential and greatly promote your fashion – minded online presentation. A powerful bunch of theme controls and elements are to be found along this entirely responsive and cross mobile and device compatible template, such as ready to use slider, inbuilt gallery and shortcodes availability, multilingual maintenance, WooCommerce support for e-commerce activities and yet much more to come with this stylish theme.

Some of its feature includes:

  • Translation ready theme
  • Comes with various shortcodes
  • Default gallery and contact form
  • Compatible with nextgen gallery


4. SKT Magazine Pro


SKT Magazine Pro is by all means among the most convenient tools at your disposal to have in relation to your fashion website or lifestyle blog. This well-structured, professionally developed, solidly crafted and modern looking one of the fashion WordPress themes comes with fully responsive layout for easy mobile and device usage, conveniently arranged blocks and sections to be showcased with a preferable content, diverse sliders application possibility, 5 homepage and 2 sidebar styles available to make selection from and not only.

Some of its feature includes:

  • Comes with 11 blocks of various content styling
  • Different styles of sliders available
  • Select among 2 sidebars or 1 or no sidebar
  • Compatible with WooCommerce for shopping experience


5. Naturo


Simple and minimal, easy and adaptable, intuitive and flexible, Naturo is suitable for any manifestation of fashion related topics. This visually expressive and functionally advanced theme with its feature-rich structure, inclusion of all the primary options and elements, configuration options and management tools will definitely meet all the demands and claims in connection with your fashion website or blog stunning creation, development and continual performance.

Some of its feature includes:

  • SEO and SMO Friendly theme
  • Comes with default page templates
  • Default contact form, testimonials and shortcodes
  • Clean and minimal design with lots of white space


6. Blendit


Blendit is modern and creative, bright and engaging one of the fashion WordPress themes available for anyone, who has made up his mind to achieve success in the fashion industry. This highly intuitive and user – friendly lifestyle theme is power – packed with animated and advanced homepage slider with certain controllable elements, lots of icons, shortcodes, as well as several page templates inclusion, a package of configuration options, social media support available and perfect compatibility with many popular plugins.

Some of its feature includes:

  • Single page WordPress theme
  • Comes with 20+ sections for long landing page on front page
  • 100+ shortcodes inbuilt
  • Compatible with lots of plugins and translation ready like others


7. I Am One Pro


The next stylish, high-quality and entirely intuitive fashion WordPress theme, which has been built to cover any kind of corporate or individual business, including also fashion topics is I Am One Pro. This color changing and unique premium template for your fashion blog features a package of powerful website creation and management tools to display the relevant fashion-centric content in the most expressive way. Some of the features include fully configurable menu area, more than 100 shortcodes and more than 600 fonts inclusion, ready to use inbuilt slider with the possibility of adding up to 10 slides, etc.

Some of its feature includes:

  • Color changing theme like others
  • Multipurpose WordPress theme
  • One page with lots of features
  • Very modern and stylish


8. Kraft


Kraft is smart and reliable, resourceful and flexible, smart and stable fashion WordPress themes compatible product which is well fitted to the purpose of building and managing an amazingly successful and top-rated fashion presentation in the online area. This multipurpose and all inclusive template, armed with homepage slider, homepage animated areas and lots of necessary elements inclusion is also very lightweight and easy in usage, giving you a chance to exercise its potential by the application of very little efforts.

Some of its feature includes:

  • Premium WordPress theme
  • Suitable for all types of businesses
  • Very light weight
  • Very easy to use


9. SKT Lens Pro
responsive portfolio WordPress theme


Another universal and general – purpose WordPress supported theme, which can also accurately benefit to your fashion blog or lifestyle website creation and maintenance is SKT Lens Pro. This highly versatile and flawlessly responsive, Google mobile and WooCommerce friendly and multilingual theme will for sure keep your website always up to date and will cause you minimum stress to have total control over it.

Some of its feature includes:

  • Visual WordPress theme
  • Suitable for Architects, Interior Designers, Photographers
  • Awesome galleries
  • Compatibility with portfolio plugins


10. Simple


Simple is minimalistic and smart, elegantly designed and foolproof one of the fashion WordPress themes to serve as a stable ground for any kind of fashion business online performance. You can make use of its beautiful slider, choose among the available shortcodes and fonts, change backgrounds and colors, make the website ready for commercial usage, make it accessible on mobile and tablet version, as well as implement other management processes for better website experience.

Some of its feature includes:

  • Page layout options
  • Very simple
  • Minimal and clean
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce and others


11. Condimentum:


Condimentum is another perfect option for fashion and lifestyle industry demonstration. This fully professional, feature – rich, responsive and SEO friendly, minimalistic and clean, yet lively and attractive premium theme is loaded with all the basic theme features and shades, as well as proposed sections and areas to adjust and manage in order to adjust the theme to your website purposes to the maximum extent.

Some of its feature includes:

  • Multiconcept WordPress theme
  • Lots of white space
  • Social media friendly like others
  • Tested with several sliders like others


12. Furnish:


The last fashion WordPress template instrument in our list available for now as a truly sophisticated and dynamically launched solution for any fashion website or blog creation and control is Furnish. This awesome template based on responsive platform and user – friendly smart design will provide each user with unlimited opportunities to discover all the handy variants of showcasing his fashion related business under the brightest light.

Some of its feature includes:

  • Google mobile friendly like others
  • Full color changing similar to others
  • Suitable for any type of website
  • Pre loaded contents available


Amp Up Your Site’s Defenses with These 11 WordPress Security Plugins

Let’s face it, sometimes all you really want to do is focus on publishing your content and promoting your business. The thought of taking on another task or responsibility that distracts from that primary goal can be one you feel tempted to push aside until it’s absolutely necessary to deal with. To that point though, I must ask:

When was the last time you thought about your WordPress website’s security?

With over a billion websites now online and more than enough hackers willing to sift through them in search of vulnerabilities, security isn’t something we can afford to put on the backburner. According to analysis done by Sucuri, 78% of all infected websites they dealt with in Q1 of 2016 were on WordPress. Scary, right?

From the individual blogger to the Fortune 500, no company’s or individual’s website is safe. That’s why security should be a top concern for everyone going forward.

Tips for Better WordPress Website Security
It’s not enough anymore to rely on your hosting provider’s add-on security to protect your website. As the technology we use to build and enhance our websites grows, so too do hackers’ capabilities to break through that technology and get in. We need a more robust system to not only protect our websites, but to also protect our customers (and other visitors who drop by).

If you haven’t taken steps yet to properly secure your website or if you’re just interested in seeing if there are any angles you’ve missed, consider the following suggestions for how to amp up your site’s security:

  • Enforce stronger passwords, not just for you but also for anyone else who logs into your site.
  • Get rid of the default “admin” username. Hackers know this is the default and they’ll try to crack that one first.
  • Everyone knows that WordPress login pages are automatically assigned to the website domain plus /wp-admin/, so you’ll want to change the default login URL to something else.
  • Protect your website’s wp-config file by moving it out of the root directory and away from hackers’ reach.
  • Purchase an SSL certificate (check with your host provider on this) and move your site to the more secure HTTPS.
  • If your hosting provider offers backup and security add-ons, get them.
  • Back up your website regularly in case a hacker takes your site down and you need to restore it.
  • Always keep your “core” updated to the most recent version of WordPress. They typically release updates after they’ve uncovered a known security threat, so it’s important that you stay on top of this too.
  • When using themes to design or build your site, always make sure they’re from a reputable provider. Check the reviews, ratings, and comments to ensure you’ve got one with high quality coding, good support, and no history of security breaches.
  • When using plugins, again, always make sure they’re from a reputable provider. Check all the reviews, ratings, and comments to verify that there are no known issues associated with them.
  • Theme and plugin developers also release updates regularly; sometimes to improve functionality or work out a bug, and sometimes to patch a security issue. Always make sure to keep these up to date.
  • Use security plugins to create extra layers of protection for your site and automate what would otherwise be a difficult and time-consuming task for you. There’s more on this below.


Plugins for Better WordPress Website Security

WordPress is a great platform on which to build a website. But no matter how diligent WordPress is in vetting theme and plugin developers, or in keeping their own platform free of security breaches, that doesn’t mean your site is safe. You’ve got to do some of the work, too.

To be honest, even if you followed all of the tips above, your site might still not be 100% secure. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do everything you can to improve your chances in fending off an attack though.

The following plugins have been created by highly trusted developers and have a history and record of satisfied WordPress users. If you’re looking for a good place to start, check these out:

1. Akismet

While the Akismet plugin isn’t necessarily one that people think of in terms of securing a website, think about your visitors for a second. Even if they’re not sharing personal information with you, they’re still reading the content—and comments—on your website. If an unsafe link should happen to make its way into the comments of your posts and a visitor clicks on it, you’ll be putting your visitors in danger and risking your own reputation by allowing that sort of security breach to make it onto your site unchecked.

2. AntiVirus

For WordPress users looking for a simple security check tool that’s built right into WordPress, take a look at the AntiVirus plugin. You can run daily scans on your website and receive automatic notifications straight to your inbox or your WordPress dashboard if an issue is identified.

3. All in One WP
All In One WP Security

This “all in one” WordPress plugin is no joke. If you’re looking for help cleaning up usernames and passwords, this will do it. If you want to change the default login URL, this will do that as well. You’ve also got a built-in firewall, brute force login prevention, spam security, a scanner with a built-in grading system, and more.

4. Clef Two-Factor Authentication
Clef Two-Factor

Passwords are often one of the more delicate parts of your website and yet you and your users probably might not give too much thought to them. With the Clef plugin, you shouldn’t have to. With a highly secure system of encrypting your login information, Clef protects the front door to your site.

5. iThemes Security Pro
iThemes Security

Free WordPress plugins are great at monitoring your site and sending real-time notifications when something happens. Sometimes you might want something a little extra. This premium plugin from iThemes will cover pretty much all your security needs, including backups, changing your default URL, error detection, brute force protection, Google reCaptcha integration, and more.

6. Really Simple SSL
Really Simple SSL

The role an SSL certificate and HTTPS play in your website’s security cannot be ignored. Once you’ve got your SSL certificate (you should be able to get this from your host provider), use this plugin to set everything up on your site and ensure all of your pages, links, and images have made the full switch to secure HTTP.

7. Shield WordPress Security
Shield Security

If you’d prefer to pursue the free plugin route before investing in premium security support, give this Shield plugin a look. It’s easy to use, monitors your site for insecurities, provides extra protection at login, blocks comment spam, and takes care of automating your core system updates.

8. Sucuri

While Sucuri does offer a free monitoring plugin as well as the free site scanner, I think the premium plugin is an investment worth making (it’s only $16.66/month). This plugin will not only help defend your site against hackers, malware, and infections, it’ll also work with Google to ensure your site is never blacklisted as a result of a hack. That’s quite a steal to get WordPress security and brand reputation monitoring all rolled into one.

9. UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin
UpdraftPlus Backup

Securing your website from an attack is only one piece of the puzzle here. What do you do if your website does go down after an attack? You don’t want to waste time having to rebuild your website or re-implement the last few rounds of updates because you didn’t have the latest and greatest version of the site saved. The UpdraftPlus plugin will back up your website as frequently as you want and save it in a location of your choosing.

10. Wordfence Security
Wordfence Security

Just one look at the stats on this plugin and you can see that they’re not only serious about WordPress security (the last update was a week ago, as of writing this), but it’s also been installed on over a million sites with a 4.8-star rating. If you want a free security plugin that you can trust to scan, monitor, and protect your site, give this one a try.

11. WP Security Audit Log
WP Security Audit Log

If what you need is extra visibility into WordPress, this is a good plugin to have on your side. You’ll be able to see who exactly is on your WordPress site, what they are doing in the backend of WordPress, and you can get regular reports on all activity within your platform and site to ensure there isn’t any sneaky or harmful behavior going on behind your back.

Wrapping Up

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that every website needs security. The plugin you use and the methods by which you choose to monitor and secure your site are up to you though. As you can see from the list above, there are more than enough options to cover your site at different entry points as well as at different levels of security.

The main point I’m trying to make? You shouldn’t start worrying about securing your WordPress site after it’s too late. There are tools available to manage and automate all this for you. Make the investment now, so you can keep your website, your brand, and your customers safe.

Nathan Oulman owns and operates which features web hosting based reviews and technical support reviews.

WordPress e-learning and LMS plugins for your educational and online course websites


WordPress e-learning and LMS plugins have been discussed in this article.

Speaking of the modern day learning and education, it becomes clear that, along with a set of standard educational formal programs and concepts, new perspectives and possibilities are coming to the light to be accessible to millions of people worldwide, irrespective of their location or nationality.

The unlimited number of online courses, programs and classes, as well as other e – learning options comes to be totally obtainable to everyone thanks to the online medium, suggested by the online networking platform.

Hence, the demand for the respective digital frameworks to be exercised for reaching the target online learning goals and objectives is successfully personalized into the respective proposals with the reliable mixture of WordPress flexible themes and the WordPress e-learning and learning management system plugins.

As a result, the internet learning – optimized website comes armed with all the necessary educational models and paradigms and provides an easy to practice digital environment for the learner or the student.

In this article we have sort out the best e learning and WordPress educational plugins to contribute to your learning – oriented website or blog

These plugins are aided by all the necessary inbuilt functionality, as well as customization options to ensure your online fame and success.

1. LearnPress

Learn Press is entirely intuitive and WordPress website compatible plugin for universities, colleges, schools, higher educational institutions, online courses, private tutors or other relevant structures or individuals. This plugin shares premium features and controls, however, it is available on the market entirely for free. With the help of this learning management solution, one is able to add diverse courses, lessons, tasks, assignments or quizzes to the website and get the learners involved in them with great enthusiasm. One of the striking points in relation to this product is its entirely user – friendly stylized design, letting you undertake certain operations with ease and without wasting too much time.

2. Namaste LMS

The next e – learning and online course plugin, matching all the claims proposed by WordPress content management system is called Namaste LMS. This system is based on the ordinary WordPress installation, thus is devoid of anything bewildering or annoying and can be easily exercised almost by anyone without having core knowledge of programming or design. All in all, Namaste learning management instrument will grant you with lots of dynamic options to arm your relevant website with all the trendy courses, classes and master – classes, publish their descriptions, control and assess them accordingly, as well as create the respective certificates for the students in the end.

3. Lifter LMS

Lifter LMS is online course WordPress plugin which features smart and secure course builder layout, suited for any kind of courses and lessons, depending on the nature and working directions of the given web presentation. This practical and WordPress website – friendly template with a powerful package of essential options and features, including intuitively designed interface, extensively worked out template, focus on each aspect of the plugin, easily customizable options for the content management, students dashboard and analytics inclusion, e –commerce possibilities for receiving payments for the courses, as well as many other characteristics coming along the free version of Lifter LMS.

4. CoursePress

CoursePress is intended to fill the gap between the people’s desire to get high – quality modern education and the way to achieve it. This plugin can serve as a dependable and professional platform, where every person willing to explore some new learning medium will find the courses, classes or membership programs he is mostly interested in. Unlimited options for adding learning content, video and audio courses, letting the students and other participants to upload or download whatever is needed, presenting the course preview, so that the website visitors can be well informed about the suggested programs, fees and payments if there are any. The system of the plugin also allows setting the most convenient payment methods and ways.

5. Interactive Content H5P

These online learning management and control solution, ready to serve any WordPress based web page or blog, is loaded with powerful plugin extensions for planning the curriculum, classes schedules, programs, quizzes, testing methods, assessment and other methods and lets the website owner to have constant access to them in case any update or modification is needed. This learning content presentation tool is based on strong HTML coding, is totally responsive while being accessed by the phones or other devices, and you will not need to spend a single penny to reach to this unique product.

6. Sensei

By the application of this entirely versatile and resourceful plugin anyone will be provided with exceptional chances to turn his specialty or even hobby into a prospective and profitable business online. Make use of the whole potential of this WordPress supported plugin as the most convenient e- learning content management instrument to add relevant courses and classes, create registration form to the website users and charge subscription or membership payments for them. It’s also worth noting, that it will be pretty easy and entertaining to deal with this plugin in order to start the creation of learning and education – optimized online activities and share them with many zealous learners and students from different corners of the world.

7. Good LMS

Dedicated particularly to educational and e – learning industries, Good LMS is smart and deeply intuitive plugin based on uniquely elaborated and self –hosted WordPress platform to start the creation of any website catering to school, university, online courses, diverse educational programs. Thus, this technologically proficient, stunningly user and developer – friendly designed learning management system allows specialists and professionals to exercise outstandingly open source instrument that is dynamic, customizable and wonderfully polished with the applicable selection of functional activities to be implemented within the plugin to transfer it into a powerful and fully compatible product, ensuring the effective performance of any online education environment. Moreover, the plugin includes diverse payment methods, including Paypal, Stripe, Paymill, and other methods provided and confirmed by the admin.

WordPress education Plugins thus described above should suit one or the other type of requirement of users.

One page scroll WordPress themes for scrolling landing websites


One page scroll WordPress themes as the name itself suggests, offer all the target content wrapped up in one nice – scrolling page.

Advantages of this kind of one page, or otherwise stated, pageless design may seem to be boundless for certain individuals or businesses to reveal their true nature.

It will let anyone highlight the most influential and informative parts of the while content easily on the one hand, and provide the end – use of the site with the chance to look for it and find in the blink of an eye. One page websites also tend to give more visual appeal by keeping everything streamlined and to the point with nothing excessive or overwhelming at the same time.

Subsequently, along with many multi – page designs, one page or single page design structures of the contemporary websites are gradually becoming more and more demanded across the globe thanks to their privileges brought to the forth in case of any single topic or niche.

In this article our main focus is on one page scroll WordPress themes for all kinds of undertakings and initiatives to be showcased online.

All of them stunningly incorporate every single functionality or trait any valuable pageless design – based on one page scroll WordPress themes should share.

1. SKT Parallax Me Pro:
parallax WordPress theme


SKT Parallax Me is one of the most lovely and elegant – looking, yet avant – guard and functionally cutting edge one page WordPress templates at your leisure to slay the forceful competition in your industry, With this amazingly developed and well – laid out and future – oriented website building tool you will never get into any trouble while its installation and activation. Moreover, the theme’s customization options will intuitively contribute to your intervention from the theme backend to add or remove, hide or highlight whatever you may think essential for your website continual viability and user – directed performance. Create pixel – perfect and nice- looking, as well as categorized texts via prebuilt sections and areas with minimum endeavors, expose your high – quality photos and videos in gallery section or with the help of homepage parallax to impact your target audience perception.

2. BeFit Pro:
personal trainer WordPress theme


Creating a challenging fitness or gym website that will unite visually alluring one page design with well – managed functionality is as easy as one – two – three for a website admin of any background, if BeFit Pro is to be your right hand. If we rummage in the meat of the justified reasons why this template is worth our attention, we will find a host of benefits. Armed with Google fonts and Font Awesome icons, it features convenient sections and parts like home, about, services areas, animated columns, portfolio area to showcase the most effectual patters to prove your expertise in the field, as well as contact us section for much – expected contact details.

3. SKT Black Pro:
black and dark WordPress theme


In case you are looking for the best personal or organizational storytelling strategy for your future website of any nature, look no further than SKT Black Pro as one of the top – quality and error – free one page scroll WordPress themes. No more stress about distorted or hard to read content when viewed via mobiles. SKT Black Pro strikes the eye with its invincible responsiveness, as well as cross mobile and browser compatibility, meaning that your one page – located content will respond to any suggested device or gadget screen sizes and requirements.

4. I am One Pro:
one page WordPress theme


Dynamic and pixel – perfect, intelligent and very smart, simple and lightweight in performance, elegant and modern in appearance, creative and classy, I am One Pro is one of the optimal and easy to use platforms stylized with single or pageless management design and all – inclusive toolbox. This amazingly coded and launched template incorporates whatever is associated with stability and perfect usability, as well as seamless legibility of your content. Pro version of the theme has the following tools and features to practice: color changing options to express your favorite color combinations, homepage slider with more than 10 slides availability, as many as 30 separate sections on the homepage, several page templates, Google fonts and much more.

5. Me:
resume WordPress theme


Simple and lightweight, yet founded on the current functional and design solutions, Me has been scrupulously projected and roundly updated to provide you with one of the most effective one page scroll WordPress themes framework that will let you zip through your near – perfection website in the shortest period of time. As a result, it will be more than an assemblage of all your content in one single page. It will readily demonstrate all your personal qualities in a detail – oriented manner. Simply add all your informative content in the given areas and make them easy to find for your website users.

6. Marvin:
personal WordPress theme


Totally integrative and trim, totally intuitive and authentic, Marvin is dressed and professionally shaped to impress, motivate and prompt to certain actions to get in touch with you. Completely responsive platform to adapt and adjust itself according to any suggested screen resolutions. Concentrate all your personal and vocational information in one accurate – looking page and let all your visitors scroll up and down with perfect navigation. Skills section is also included for enlisting all your skills and professional qualities, as well as pricing section for giving the pricelist of your services.

7. Photo World PRO:
photography WordPress theme


Photo World PRO, as another world – class pattern in our list of one page scroll WordPress themes, exemplifies the correlation visual appeal and highly intuitive and advanced inner performance. Being general – purpose in its entirety, this amazing template is particularly suitable for all kinds of photographers, whether profy or amateur, designers and artists, freelancers and other portfolio owners to make their pieces of works shine throughout your compact online profile. The authors of Photo World PRO has made it as responsive and mobile – friendly, plugin supportive and easy to use with the given shortcodes as it is SEO and SMO – optimized for boosted results and social recognition.

Colorful WordPress Themes for People Who Love Colours


Colorful WordPress Themes showcases all the themes and templates which showcase vibrant colors

These colorful WordPress themes are capable of having each element defined and changed into separate distinct colors and applicable to those who love colorful websites.

Website is the face of any individual or company, subsequently its overall design and color combinations take one of the decisive roles in having an influence on the website visitors and potential clients together with the precisely and neatly managed and showcased website content. Hence colorful WordPress themes depending on a person’s or companies website nature and direction, the design solutions may differ, however, the online bright and colorful appearance is likely to convey more visual information through graphical styles and vivid images.

The specialists of SKT Themes have taken every care to create self – hosted premium quality colorful WordPress themes, which are a mixture of reliable and super flexible structure, letting the user modify it as per his demands and ideas, as well as multicolor theme stylings.

Here are 9 of the top rated colorful WordPress themes to turn to and guarantee the most precise and fitting color palette for your presence in the global networking system and make all your creative and color – combined ideas real. As a result, you’ll own a pretty alluring and brightly – designed website, the value of which will be estimated by those, who love and appreciate colours.

1. Nature One Pro


Nature One Pro takes the shine out of many suggested colorful WordPress theme capable of website management thanks to its colorful design solution and the theme overall attractive natural color touches. As such, the theme is specifically convenient for covering any nature related topics and initiatives, be it a gardening, landscaping, fruit growing or any other undertaking. Based on HTML5 and CSS3 strong coding and SEO optimized platform, Nature One Pro is power packed with all that will be primary and essential for you to build a strong and successful website

Some of its feature includes:

  • SEO friendly coding
  • Default slider
  • Compatible with Nextgen gallery
  • Fancy Google fonts


2. Complete Pro


Truly complete and comprehensive, Complete Pro is comprised of every single detail and characteristic feature to provide any website flawless performance. Along with its highly dependable and professionally worked out structure, this one of the colourful WordPress themes features a collection of expressive color shades and tones to style the web page external look and feel matching any personal or corporate requirements, to make changes to the website whenever needed and fill the homepage sections and areas with the most frequently searched information.

Some of its feature includes:

  • Multiple header variations
  • Ready to use sections
  • Fully color and font changing
  • Translation ready


3. PicArt


Being a preferable gallery and image optimized artist and photographer colorful WordPress theme, PicArt certainly appears with vivid and eye – catching shades and lots of customization options to change theme for the website better appearance. As a creative and modern, as well as highly competitive theme, PicArt is based on deeply responsive and mobile compatible structure for matching any screen sizes practically without reducing any image quality, easy to access and control theme sections and options and perfect functionality with diverse available sliders.

Some of its feature includes:

  • Lots of white space
  • Easy to use
  • Elegant and modern look
  • 5 header choices


4. SKT Food


SKT Food is another handy, expressively intuitive and well – structured colorful WordPress themes to cater to any food activity, cafe, restaurant or recipe website, being armed with a lively and multicolored design to deliver any food taste and smell to the potential clients worldwide. The conveniently arranged home, about, gallery, recipe sections in one hand, and the inbuilt slider in the other are ready to showcase the relevant content and images. The theme easy to use admin panel may be exercised by anyone without any IT or design skills, giving the latter full website management possibilities.

Some of its feature includes:

  • 100+ shortcodes inbuilt
  • Fast loading
  • Cross browser compatible
  • WooCommerce ready


5. The Art


The Art is among the strongly and neatly developed, aesthetically polished, visually animated and fresh, smart and stable, feature and color –rich cost effective WordPress instrument to successfully reflect all the strong and basic points of your art and design – oriented initiatives online. This theme provides user and visitor – friendly interface, as well as responsive and cross mobile compatible foundation, which are the characters every modern and dynamic website should share. This template surely fits the colorful WordPress theme bill.

Some of its feature includes:

  • Several page and post templates
  • Header and footer widget friendly
  • In built contact form
  • Built in Customizer


6. Luxury Watch


If you want your brand creativity and uniqueness be distinguished, look no further than Luxury Watch. This elegant and graceful, smooth and sleek, extensively cutting edge, polished and colorful WordPress theme is constructed with care and discretion so that it will be able to represent any luxury and world – famous company, products or something else. The overall homepage and its every aspect separately can be easily accessed and modified to act in compliance with the website owner’s imagination. Luxury Watch has also been tested for its mobile and device version support.

Some of its feature includes:

  • Responsive and mobile friendly
  • Tested with several sliders
  • Contact form 7 compatible
  • Suitable for any luxury brand


7. SKT Charity Pro


SKT Charity Pro is famous as a perspective and humanitarian website establishment and development instrument with the most advanced and dynamic assemblage of theme options, features and controls. This colorful WordPress theme well suited for non – governmental organizations, charity funds, and humanitarian projects demonstration online and their dissemination through the relevant online networking area, can visualize the ongoing programs and undertaking by means of the most bright and motivational images and be in the centre of the people’s attention.

Some of its feature includes:

  • Translation ready with PO file
  • Easy to use theme option
  • 650+ Google fonts included
  • 8+ page templates


8. SKT Coffee Pro


One more premium quality and multi colorful WordPress theme for those individuals and companies, who want to stress their originality with the help of colorful graphical solutions is SKT Coffee Pro. This multiconcept and cost conscious website – centric engine comes integrated with responsive structure, easy to manage homepage sections and areas, nicely arranged homepage slider with the available 10 slides, a package of practical icons and checked compatibility with a set of dynamic plugins for numerous objectives.

Some of its feature includes:

  • Google mobile friendly
  • Color changing theme
  • Compatible with SEO plugins
  • Integrated with 580+ icons pack


9. Toothy


Toothy as a user friendly worked out and maintained colorful WordPress supported theme will provide the correctly chosen color scheme of the dentist or medical website to encourage the patients and let them feel comfortable about you as a reliable dentist or your clinic with long established fame. This theme with limitless possibilities keeps its flexibility and stunning performance during the whole process of its management and configuration. You will be able to enjoy its fast loading and very easy to set up platform, responsively developed foundation, lots of customization options and total support for a number of modern plugins.

Some of its feature includes:

  • Multilingual
  • Shopping friendly
  • Social media integrated
  • Coded as per WordPress standards


Why colorful WordPress themes makes sense?

  • People want vibrant colors for showcasing wedding, food, nice photography and other things where colors mean a lot more than bland colors. Even for fitness or vibrant Yoga websites people want to and believe in showcasing vibrant colors to showcase the deep learning and ethos of the practitioner or the website.
  • Several websites do not fit the minimal or plain and simple look and feel and many customers also want their websites to be colorful and vibrant in every way. Mostly happiness programs and educational institutes with elearning and other kinds of templates also have colorful templates and hence colorful WordPress themes in that case makes every sense.
  • Colors when wisely used can also set up a mood and tone for your visitors. Like for example in a hospital website we believe everything should be white or light blue because of the perception we hold of hospitals and squeaky clean. Similarly for a kids store we want to see red and yellow and vibrating colors coming out of the box. Hence the website should also reflect the same. Most people however nowadays prefer responsive and flat style designs hence although designs might be flat but colors are still practiced wisely.
  • WordPress migration plugins for easy migration of WordPress websites


    A tried and tested collection of the best WordPress migration plugins for all those who want to safely move their WordPress – based websites to any server or location.

    Migrating your WordPress website can be a necessity for a wide array of reasons.

    Maybe your customer wants to migrate his website or you are dissatisfied with your hosting provider and its technical support, slow performance and continual errors of your website or something else.

    All of the suggested issues and not only may arise at any time so that knowing how to move your WordPress – powered website whenever the necessity arises will do half the work.

    While getting your website moving you should take care of all the nuances in order to organize everything in the right manner and not to mess things up.

    Otherwise, missing data, broken links or other losses will be inevitable.

    In this relation we have picked up WordPress migration plugins perfectly working with any WordPress – based template or website of any kind.

    They are time and security – checked and enjoy the credibility of hundreds of active users who have already migrated their websites successfully.

    1. All –in- One WP Migration:

    With groundbreaking success based on customer evidence, All-in-One WP Migration is feature – rich and all – inclusive system created to simplify the web admin’s work aimed at migrating a WordPress – supported website. This top – notch yet easy to use, unbeatable and error – free plugin has racked up more than 300.000 active installs and gained high rankings thanks to its exclusiveness and precision in what is designed for. It will let you easily export your datasheets, database, files and WordPress themes from one location to another while providing impeccable functionality with all hosting providers as well, among them Bluehost, Inmotion, Web Hosting Hub, Dreamhost, WP Engine and others. What makes this product more valuable is that it shares responsiveness and mobile – compatibility for the end – user convenience.

    2. Duplicator:

    The next all – inclusive product among WordPress migration plugins to copy, backup, transfer or move your website as per your demand comes launched as Duplicator. It is one of the most applicable and trusted plugins ready to solve all kinds of migration – related issues easily. It means that you don’t need deep developer knowledge to fix up the whole process all by yourself. From copying your site or simply moving it to another location to simply having backup in your repository, Duplicatior is ready to accompany you in such activities. This plugin is available in two versions, Lite and Pro and naturally, premium version offers more diversified features, such as scheduled backups, storage to Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3 and FTP, multisite support, cPanel connection from installer and much more.

    3. WordPress Move:

    One more precisely laid – out and professionally managed alternative for you to overcome all the threats catering to migration is WordPress Move granting you with boundless possibilities to manipulate your website across different servers, domain names, etc. The processed of database transfers and backup creations will be insured against losses. The overall framework of the plugin has been made to be simple and adaptive in usage so that every non – techy user will feel conversant to manage and implement website migration or change of the domain name.

    4. WP Migrate DB:

    Your WordPress – powered website migration will be simpler and more painless than you can imagine with WP Migrate DB as the next worthwhile paradigm among WordPress migration plugins. In a few simple clicks you will be capable of copying your web database from one install to another one with minimum endeavors and pain. By the application of database management tool it will be possible to import SQL file to the database in exchange of your existing one. WP Migrate DB is also available in free and premium versions, the latter with extensive capacity like email support, database export, selection of tables to be migrated, filtering of post types and enhanced security.

    5. WP Clone by WP Academy:

    Stop scattering your precious time on unsafe and hazardous migration – related pursuit. Acquire WP Clone by WP Academy as a trusted tool to practice when it comes to your WordPress website migration, cloning, moving or backuping. Whether you are transferring your website to another server or merely changing its domain name, it can be one of the most affordable and justified solutions you can have at your disposal. With simplified installation and activation process, you can master the plugin fully and utilize it for your testing or other purposes.

    6. VaultPress:

    Let VaultPress do all the heavy lifting catering to your website migration. It is another feature – rich candidate in our list of WordPress migration plugins convenient for a website admin or user of any programming proficiency or WordPress expertise. This plugin will also provide you with backup and security scanning services so that you can sit back and let it work instead of you. All you need to do is to subscribe for VaultPress.

    7. WP Engine Automated Migration:

    In case you are on the pursuit to fine the simplest and automated way to migrate your website to WP Engine platform, look no further than WP Engine Automated Migration plugin. Spend your time on other productive procedures and leave all the relevant work to be performed by this high – quality plugin that will work fantastically when added to any WordPress website. What is more enjoyable in this case is that you can migrate diverse website effortlessly and irrespective of their nature.

    8. Updraft WordPress Backup Plugin:

    Keep your WordPress content safe and secure during migration, backup or restoration with Updraft WordPress Backup Plugin. It is one of the highest – ranked and trusted plugins available for now in free and premium versions. This plugin comes with backup support to UpdraftPlus Vault, Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Cloud Storage, etc, quick restoration process, scheduled automatic backup, site duplication and migration, remote control of backups and much more.

    Unique WordPress Themes for Niche Websites


    Choosing the relevant Unique WordPress themes as a stable foundation of a niche website is a matter of individual choice, taste, prejudices and preferences.

    However, the unique WordPress themes which comes forward meeting all the modern standards and requirements, is easy to use and is customer – oriented, so that its constant management and configuration won’t be a mess, at the same time stands out among the thousands of other so called unique WordPress themes available on the market with its unique design and structural solutions, be sure you have found the right template to make use of.

    In this article we believe to offer you a powerful package of cost effective, highly customizable unique WordPress themes basically suited for niche websites to focus on both useful and interesting information, showcase products, offer services, etc. As a result, your online presentation will be something the customers and clients will be passionate about and will have a considerable influence on promoting it.

    1. Complete Pro


    With Complete Pro you will be granted with all the dynamic possibilities to produce good results without costing a lot of money. This theme is super convenient for covering any niche business at a high level, as it suggests a complete and all –inclusive theme package of the required theme sections, areas, options and settings to organize everything accurately. Deeply customizable and intuitive, Complete Pro comes with responsive design to adjust itself to any screen dimension and SEO optimization to get high rank in search engines.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Full color changing option with color picker
    • 600+ Google fonts
    • Ready to use sections
    • Built upon Customizer


    2. SKT Landing Page


    SKT Landing Page is uniquely structured and crafted, clean and precise, alluring and expressive, user and visitor –friendly niche website creation and configuration tool available to cater to any specific business or personal website. This top rated WordPress product with its easy to understand and practice theme structure and its components can be an ideal selection for you to make your special products, services or whatever it is highly competitive in the respective marketplace. Thus this one also falls under unique WordPress themes category.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Suitable to showcase App, products and services
    • Easy to use option panel
    • Lots of page templates
    • Post template control


    3. The Art


    As another reliable and unique WordPress themes niche website management option, the Art incorporates all the characteristic features any artist, photographer or designer will ever need at his disposal to exercise his website in the best way. Established on the Customizer, it will be possible to make any changes and live preview theme before they will be seen by the website visitors, to choose among the available header and footer variants, use unlimited color changing options and connect the website with diverse plugins for better functional efficiency.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Several header and footer variations
    • Widget friendly sidebar
    • Translation ready
    • Completely documented


    4. Strong Pro


    Strong Pro is also among the most dependable and secure solutions to rely on and start the creation of any fitness, gym, personal trainer or health related niche businesses. By the application of this really strong and resourceful niche WordPress theme anyone will have a total control over its website right from the start, manage all the necessary information on the homepage sections and areas, showcase your club, centre, its staff, trainers, classes, schedules or whatever is frequently searched, saving your website visitor’s time and efforts.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Blog has unique timeline feature
    • 12+ page templates
    • RTL tested
    • Comes with 2 types of gallery


    5. Character


    If the idea of developing a successful web page on niche, keeping the visitor’s attention to a specific matter has ever crossed your mind, the starting point of your initiative may be the acquiring of Character. This modernly and crafted unique WordPress theme meets all the standards specified by the modern Website community and also complies with all the requirements of responsive design structure for being mobile and device – friendly. Character comes ready with power packed set of easily exercisable theme options and features for the website exceptional performance.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Google mobile friendly
    • Full color changing
    • Shortcodes compatible
    • Widget friendly header and footer


    6. Handy


    Handy is serious and professional, precise and accurate unique WordPress themes with unique design shades and touches. This clean, multilingual and cross device compatible medical and doctor niche theme comes integrated with all the potentials to provide the stunning look and performance of any medical – directed web presentation with its nicely arranged homepage areas, full – width default slider to showcase the most effective content, as well as perfect compatibility with a set of applicable plugins to achieve more goals.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Comes with testimonial area
    • Blog integrated
    • Ready Google map
    • 8+ page templates


    7. Shudh


    From simple, yet attractively unique design, minimalistic, yet engaging design touches to easy to use, yet very flexible and adaptable layout, Shudh is a universal WordPress authored product with entirely intuitive niche nature on its basis. The theme is multipurpose and multiconcept, and as being such, will contribute to the advancement and promotion of any website, irrespective of its description or content. The theme includes tons of customization and configuration options to have total command on the website on the whole and on each its ingredient in particular.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Clean and modern look
    • Comes with Font Awesome icons
    • Default page templates
    • Translation ready with PO file


    8. Exceptiona


    Exceptiona is truly exceptional and admirable niche WordPress theme to become a stable platform for your website and turn it into a profitable online business. With this responsively styled instruments to maintain its stunning look and feel when being accessed on the mobile or tablet, appears with unlimited number of color changing and other options, smooth dropdown navigation, polished and valid compatibility with a collection of dynamic and contemporary plugins for high resolution image management, e-commerce activities or other purposes.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Power packed option panel
    • Easy to use sections on homepage
    • Multiple drop down levels
    • 580+ icons


    9. Welder


    Welder deems to be an impressively smart and feature –rich niche optimized theme for dealing with any welding or other construction activities. Having this highly versatile tool at your hand, you will not come together with any complex situation requiring any programmer or graphic designer skills or some other experience, as all that is loading along the theme is easy to access and realize, including easily customizable theme sections, options and elements.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Suitable for industrial business
    • Easily setup colors
    • WooCommerce compatible
    • Inbuilt gallery area


    10. Marvin


    The last but not the least of the unique WordPress themes worth our attention thanks to its strong and unique design to come up with a niche website solution is Marvin. The theme has been checked for its convenience both for individual and corporate purposes, hence all you need to do is to feel reliance on it and let its potential become realizable. The theme balances the charming design and fast –loading interface, has diverse sections included for arranging the requested information, images and other content, as well as corresponds to the modern standards put forward by WordPress.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Easy to use framework
    • vCard download option
    • Skills section to showcase skills
    • Pricing section to let people know your rates


    Kitchen WordPress themes for kitchen utensils websites


    A comprehensive compilation of the best food and recipe and kitchen WordPress themes are discussed in this article.

    These kitchen WordPress themes apply for all the cooks, kitcheners, chefs, food specialists, cabinetmakers, kitchen designers and decorators, architects, restaurant and café owners and others.

    Kitchen is considered to be the heart and hub of the home where meals and dishes and cooked and created to satisfy the human body’s psychological demand for food, but do it in an eye – catchy and creative way. Thus, at present a large bulk of attention is given to how to construct or structure this cooking and even dining place, how to stylize and decorate it to be attractive and convenient at the same time.

    Being good at something is great. Being able to serve it in a nice way is greater. If you are a professional chef or food guru, creative cafe or restaurant manager, chef or cook, kitchen designer or architect with a clear – cut inclination of disseminating your tastes and working skills throughout the digital platform, our collection of kitchen – friendly templates is particularly for you. Each and every kitchen WordPress theme prioritized below can be a brilliant choice for your future website – related initiatives to get your website up and running in a matter of minutes.

    When a professional chef or food specialist is writing a recipe or cookbook, he or she tests each single recipe in his kitchen to make sure the instructions are totally precise and accurate. The same procedure can be exercised by you in case of the below – mentioned products to have their “kitchen – tested” results.

    1. Diet and Nutrition:
    diet and nutrition WordPress theme


    Powerful and resilient, thoroughly worked – out and processed, Diet and Nutrition is time – checked and client approved one of the kitchen WordPress themes. Seamlessly balancing practicality and usability, this template can be ideal for any kitchen and food – related professionals and specialist, lovers and enthusiasts to boost their activities in the online world. The theme comes with home, about us, services, blog, contact and other valuable relief zones for your content catering to your business or personal profile and its updates, contact details and much more. Cross – mobile checked and 100% present responsive, this template also shares perfect plugin compatibility. Multipurpose in its true nature, Diet and Nutrition can also be considered by dietitians, physical therapists, psychologists, fitness and personal trainers, nutritionists and others.

    2. SKT Food:
    food WordPress theme


    Grow your business or extend your audience scope with well – thought out and well – finished SKT Food as another top – rated option for all kinds of food and recipe – centric websites. Use the given resourceful and flexible platform to host all your texts and images in a nicely – formatted fashion. Powered by prebuilt structural components and attention – grabbing visualization, this website builder will enable you to be the only master and owner of it with an unlimited power of editing and customizing your in order to keep its flow steady and client – focused. All in all, you can select your favorite color gamut and make it live, practice the given shortcodes for quick content setup, run an online shop and sell your recipes or dishes, cookies and other food, kitchen – related services, etc. For any food related websites this is one of the best kitchen WordPress themes to consider.

    3. Wine Pro:
    wine brewery WordPress theme


    Without any shred of suspect, Wine Pro is a top – class and award – winning one of the kitchen WordPress themes at your fingertips to make the most out of your products and services, offers or recipe books or whatever it is. This theme exhibits clear and designer – made appearance, stable and durable coding, as well as persistent structural skeleton with out of the box features and characteristics for user and client – driven content, text and image legibility and impeccable visuals. Wine Pro is ready to perform your website performance when it comes to quick loading time and smooth and sleek navigation for your clients to scan your informative content and images from top to bottom.

    4. Coffee Shop:
    cafe WordPress theme


    Energized and authoritative, elegant and classy, tasty looking and enthralling, Coffee Shop is definitely the one to sweep all your website visitors off their feet with the striking look and description of your kitchen drafts and designs, decorations, recipes, meals, kitchen facilities and much more. This kitchen WordPress theme comes bundled with well – shaped approaches both to form and function, meaning that both visual appearance and inner functionality are in harmony with each other and battle – ready.

    Unbeatable in installation and management, this café and restaurant, food and drink, butcher and dietician, recipe and one of the kitchen WordPress themes is a step forward in website establishment and customization practices with responsive, SEO – friendly, plugin compatible and commercial ready touches.

    5. Restro:
    restaurant WordPress theme


    The authors and developers working on Restro did their best and spare no effort to compile all the primary coding techniques and WordPress codex standards to give rise to a truly respectable and dependable kitchen template for multipurpose usages. Affordable and cost – effective even for budget – tight businesses and individuals, with Restro all kinds of financially sensitive processes are reduced to the absolute minimum. It means that you will be authorized to add your content in theme sections and parts, arm the homepage slider with images, select from the available Google fonts and make use of shortcodes without any additional assistance of other professionals in design and development industry.

    6. We Bake:


    If you want to celebrate a two – sided triumph at one time, that is to say, realize all your prerequisites and expectations on the one hand, and make all your website visitors feel appreciated, We Bake is a wonderful kitchen WordPress theme that you will ever need. This safe and sound, strictly categorized and polished template will definitely win the storm of applause of all your current and even future clients as soon as they land on your website or look for any target information. With HTML 5 and CCS 3 coding and styling, We Bake is consolidated with all the practical tools and channels to reach more audience, including responsive layout, social media integration and plugin compatibility.

    Grid layout WordPress themes for grid style websites


    Grid layout WordPress themes for grid style websites has been explained in this article.

    Integration of the modern CSS grid layout into your future website will be the best investment you have ever made for your future success.

    Based on grid structural approach, your content will be easily adapted to the given contextual environment or available space.

    Otherwise stated, you will be authorized to manage the page elements or change their location so that everything will look and function all the time and under any circumstances.

    Over the course of this article we are going to excavate deeper into the valuable features of the best grid layout WordPress themes which are so crucial to building and running a top – quality and highly influential websites.

    Hence, if you acknowledge the host of benefits this type of layout can grant you with and subsequently, you are eager to display your posts in a grid layout, keep reading our article and you will find the best way to do so.

    All of the below – specified grid layout WordPress themes of SKT production are as simple and lightweight in usage, as they are battle – ready and truly reliable at the core.

    Hence getting a steadfast and solid grid layout into your future website can be a painless procedure on the whole.

    1. Charm:


    The first grid – based template to set up a grid system in your WordPress – powered website is Charm. This blogging and website managing template comes as an offshoot of advances ready to take your website to a near – perfection level with its handy toolbox including full color changing and other customization options, sidebar, blog and other page layouts, lots of fonts and font – based icons and much more.

    Charm has also been tested for its seamless plugin compatibility to broaden your website functional capabilities, run an online store, make your content translation – ready, let your website visitors comment on your posts and so on. In a nutshell, this wonderfully robust and polished template is the one to unite visually captivating virtual face with consistent functionality.

    2. SKT Beach:


    Furnishing your website with responsive grids for stunning content display will be quick, yet efficient with one of the most popular grid layout WordPress themes launched as SKT Beach. This website builder is exclusively convenient for tourism and traveling industry, hotels and vacation rooms, resorts and other related businesses aimed at finding results – driven solution for their online profile. This high – quality and cost – conscious template consists of a nicely – formatted framework integrated with accurately arranged theme sections and areas to showcase your posts and updates. Modern and practical Customizer runs on the basis of the theme making all your editions and configuration too simple, yet productive. It means that you can make all the necessary changes and amendments and have their live preview instantly.

    3. Play School:
    education WordPress theme


    Smart and totally intelligent, user and client – optimized, Play School is a quick way to scaffold your grid layout – based website catering to kids and children, or using it as an e – learning platform for your private courses and lessons. By the application of this awesome web building ecosystem, anyone can make his content and services visually alluring and easy to read with strictly – arranged structural parts and portions of Play School as one of the most frequently – used grid layout WordPress themes on the market. All in all, you can get ready for an unbeatable digital experience with 0 coding knowledge.

    4. SKT Gardening:
    gardening landscaping WordPress theme


    Designed and stylized for nature – friendly niche manifestations, flower shops and florists, gardening and landscaping services, eco and herbal agriculture and nutrition topics, SKT Gardening celebrates highly – integrative grid layout to look fantastic on multiple devices. Armed with search engine optimization, color changing controllable options, different footer and header variations, translation and e – commerce readiness, SKT Gardening makes creating and customizing highly professional websites a snap. It has also passed all the tests and been approved as 100% responsive and cross – mobile and browser compatible, meaning, that all your content, including texts and images will readily correspond to all the suggested resolutions and platforms with all the necessary changes and resizes.

    5. Simple:
    simple WordPress theme


    Complexity in the theme customization and management is not everyone’s cup of tea. The authors of Simple as among the top and best grid layout WordPress themes have taken this evidence into account when coding and designing it to be a helping hand for a non – techy web admin. Hence, this simple and minimalistic, compact and subtle product with grid style layout will add extra charm to your future website to set it apart in the diversity of modern and website and get ahead of the challenging competition. From responsive and cross – browser compliant nature to lots of shortcodes inclusion, from a wide array of customization options to full documentation, Simple has it all.

    6. Nuptials:


    Minutely projected and accomplished to coincide with all the contemporary trends effective in today’s digital realm, as well as to match all the primary standards determined by WordPress CMS and codex, Nuptials is another multipurpose theme stylized with a grid layout. It has all the potential to help you manipulate across the worldwide web with your website of any kind or nature and considerably contribute to your thriving personal or corporate business. There is nothing denying the simplicity in usage Nuptials is ready to bring to the table when it comes to creating vivid and colorful wedding, personal, portfolio, artist or another website.

    7. Beauty Cuts:
    hair salon WordPress theme


    In case you want your beauty – centric website look clean and organized with a certain accent on the most informative parts of it, look no further than Beauty Cuts as the last candidate in our search – based list of handy grid layout WordPress themes. Dealing with this entirely sophisticated and intuitive, responsive and image – friendly tool will be like walking on a swanky yet comfy pair of stilettos for all the representatives of beauty and spa salons, nail and make – up artists, massage centers, as well as other feminine – centric websites.

    Children WordPress themes for Kids, Schools and e learning


    Children WordPress themes cater to children, kids, schools, elearning, and other institutional background websites.

    By default every single child’s well being and normal physical, social and psychological development should be top concerns of any society.

    Every child deserves special attention and individual approach towards his needs and claims, so that they can survive and reveal their full potential in future. But it’s more than obvious, that the rushing life of modern people, stuck in their work and career, often restricts their possibilities in investing their children, spending enough time with them and making their childhood brighter and happier.

    In such a pattern of things today’s virtual platform makes its best to facilitate the parent’s work by means of diverse children and kid-related topics, services and shops, kindergarten, school, development centers presentation online.

    In case you have made up your mind to get involved in a colorful and bright business of dealing with children or kids website, dealing with many lovely, positive and entertaining activities, as well as undertakings, dealing with charity or child protection or concerned with diverse child related problems and issues, thereby greatly contributing to the child’s better life and development, this article of top children WordPress themes for kids, schools, kindergartens and others will render great assistance to you. All of the below referred themes are power packed with the most indispensable and applicable options and features and will undoubtedly form a reliable and solid foundation for your child or kid-centric website.

    A. Play School
    education WordPress theme


    This is a pure educational template designed to suit the children WordPress themes criteria which works nicely and has several options. First of all this has all the header variations and footer variations amounting to 4 in number. Also this template has social icons and call to action like phone number given on the top so that one can easily contact the school authorities. Slider is default given which is where one can manage the animations and pause time. Also the slider can be replaced to something fancy. Icons which are font based and can be changed in terms of colors are included and Google typography with more than 650+ Google fonts are included and colors can be changed for each element separately. Hence this template suits the children WordPress themes criteria and has school galleries, director message template, testimonials, teachers section, working hours and other loads of features which are unmatched with other templates in this criteria.

    B. SKT Charity Pro


    Not all the children are provided with all the necessary means and conditions to have a happy and dignified childhood and adolescence. There are thousands of kids around the world in the need of extra attention and contribution. SKT Charity Pro was created and developed taking into consideration the above stated issues. This one of the children WordPress themes will be perfect solution for your charity and non-profit organization or company website, granting you unlimited possibilities to highlight the most urgent undertakings and programs and gaining manifold supporters and participants in your relevant activities. SKT Charity Pro is packed with ready to use homepage slider with several slider controls and effects for showing off the most influential images and content, integration of diverse icons, fonts, page templates and standard pages and overall easy to access and use theme options to assume certain changes in your website. This flexible and adaptable theme is also praised for its super responsiveness and functionality with major devices, mobiles and plugins.

    C. Baby Sitter


    Baby Sitter is the next generation one of the kids and children WordPress themes focusing on child’s care and supervision. This bright, simple and highly manageable babysitter and nursemaid theme checked for its cross compatibility with devices, tablets and mobiles, comes with home, services, about, blog and other homepage sections and areas to showcase all the necessary information, services, news, your staff members and their experience and many more, lots of icons, shortcodes and Google fonts availability, beautiful and attractive homepage full width slider with controllable features and conformity to SMO, SEO and WordPress latest version standards and requirements.

    D. Girlie


    Girlie is another children WordPress theme, which can be successfully used to launch and manage children, kids, kindergarten, children center, school website of any complexity and functionality. This bright, beautifully and smoothly designed theme with its all-inclusive and applicable theme options and features package for easy customization and control of your relevant website, focused on child related issues and activities, homepage ready slider with accompanying slider elements and features at your disposal, gallery section to be presented with the most alluring photos and images and other useful and easy to edit homepage sections and areas, footer area with the availability of inserting all the required social icons and contact details will require little effort and time from you, but will compensate you with professional and presentable website.

    E. Towing


    Towing is well-crafted, multipurpose, functional, and minutely worked out one of the children WordPress themes suitable for covering almost any kind of individual, corporate, business, agency website in relation to any topic, service, undertaking, program, etc, including also schools, kindergartens, diverse kids centers and other child oriented issues. This feature rich and adaptable theme includes default homepage slider to attract each single visitor of your website, conveniently arrayed homepage with its nicely structured and presented sections and areas, including about us, services, blog and others, is based on HTML 5 and CSS3 coding and perfectly operates with WooCommerce, Nextgen Gallery, Contact Form 7 plugins and the latest version of WordPress.

    F. Complete Pro


    Complete Pro is extensively professional, fast, eye-catching and fully customizable kids and children WordPress theme, ideal for demonstration of any website in relation to children, kids, babies, schools, preschools and kindergartens, as well as other educational and entertainment institutions and places, shops and stores. Create a truly remarkable and attractive website, corresponding to the aims and objectives of your relevant activity or undertaking and have an unlimited access to your website at any time and in any condition. This reliable and all-purpose theme with ready to use homepage slider with available slider elements to be controlled, theme package of applicable and powerful tools and features for making different changes and restructures within the theme and strengthening its appearance and magnetism is designed and developed to function perfectly with WPML, qTranslateX, WooCommerce, Contact Form 7 and many other plugins.

    G. Bizness Pro


    This eye-catching, bright, professional and highly advisable kids and children WordPress theme with its outstanding quality and adaptability is one more ideal platform for you to maximally reveal your website possibilities and functions. Bizness Pro is well optimized for all device and mobile screen sizes and always looks perfectly on them. With the help of this interactive and smart theme you can arm your children centric website with all the requisite theme options and features, including homepage slider, shortcodes, icons and fonts pack, home, about us, services, blog and contact us sections for sharing your relevant information, images, photos, current and upcoming events and contact details, and it will assume full responsibility for your website perfect functionality and professional look and feel.

    Pet shop WordPress themes for pet store, dogs and vet websites


    The rundown of the best pet shop WordPress themes is discussed in this article for all kinds of pet and animal – related topics.

    These pet shop WordPress themes are to slay the tempestuous competition in the given industry, as well as let your business grow in a digital line as well.

    Running a credible website to market online can be one of the most effectual outcome – based marketing efforts for any pet and animal business, pet shop or store, pet photography, cloths and accessories, dog or another animal day care, sitting, obedience training and walking, fish and aquarium rentals and other services.

    If you have set your mind to establish and inherently exercise all the primary and roundabout channels to showcase your pet care services, pet shop items and much more, user and customer – centric, all – inclusive and intelligent – looking website can be the best initial step towards future success and broader market – base. This working principle based on the accented advantages of the digital world will speak in favor of your pet – centric business from many different viewpoints.

    Apart from gaining social proof and boosted online recognition, running your own website is lucrative also from the financial standpoint. You don’t have to fork over your hard – earned financial means in order to acquire a seriously developed and clearly coded WordPress template to run on the basis of your future website.

    Hence, in case you want to economize your money but acquire totally valuable and well – laid out, easy to use and follow animal or pet – related template for your future niche – specific website, our list of pet shop WordPress themes is specifically for you. Take a look at each of them and give your preference to the one fully matching your objectives.

    1. Pet Care:


    Lively and interactive, thoroughly – managed and energetic, Pet Care is long known as one of the best ways to monetize your pet – related business. By the application of this top – rated template you can easily give start to your pet care or pet – related online store, sell animal food or care products, toys, accessories and clothes or whatever it can be. This initiative will be much appreciated by thousands of pet owners who can make a quick search and purchase whatever is required even without leaving their homes and overcoming all the traffic jams, shop queues and other difficulties. The theme’s package comes prolific with full color changing controls, as many as 20 sections availability on the homepage, responsiveness and mobile – friendliness, as well as WooCommerce compatibility for e – commerce experiences.

    2. Flat Pro:
    flat WordPress theme


    Highly elegant and businesslike, as well as challenge ready, Flat Pro is also among the top offers among pet shop WordPress themes for every relevant businessmen or pet shop owner. This template is strong enough to make you celebrate a powerful website the creation and management of which will not cost a paw and a leg. Multipurpose and cost – effective, Flat Pro smoothly coordinates visually engaging design with unbeatable inner functionality. Stylize by the modern and much – preferred flat web design tendencies, this pet and animal – optimized and SKT Themes – authored template is devoid of excessive colors, shadows and textures that paved an outermost way to simplicity and precision, as well as better legibility.

    3. Shopzee:
    eCommerce WordPress theme


    Functionally pliable and robust, highly versatile and persistent, user and developer – optimized, Shopzee is also one of the most popular pet shop WordPress themes to run for your animal content-based website. This website and online shop building solution is custom – built to record the maximum deliverables and results with the efforts and expenses reduced to the critical minimum. Meaningful and award – winning, responsive and E-commerce optimized, slider – armed and translation – ready, Shopzee is meticulously coded and developed to exceedingly live with all your requirements and claims. Hence, you can easily exercise all the business models and commercial channels in the collision of boundless digital arena.

    4. Girlie:
    girly WordPress theme


    Girlie does not require any mastery from you to get the most out of the theme and is available in the contemporary repository of pet shop WordPress themes at an affordable price. In order to underpin your pet and animal related, horse club or other relevant website and make it a profile worth attention, this general – purpose and massively dynamic website builder comes with a wide array of elements and controls so that anyone can play with text colors, size, and much more. Homepage nice – looking slider is out there to host your images and photos of lovely pet creatures or anything else whatever pops into your mind at the moment. Shortcodes are also at your hand to make your website more presentable with additional parts like accordions, as well as call to actions to grab the visitor’s attention and let them get in touch with you.

    5. Local Business Pro:
    local business WordPress theme


    Make a great impression with Local Business Pro as one of the high – end while simple in usage pet shop WordPress themes to highlight the most important parts of your website or run an impeccable online commercial management system in your website. It represents an offshoot of advances that can be easily manipulated by each and every website admin without any additional assistance of WordPress experts or other developers. With fully customizable, widget – friendly and WooCommerce compliant Local Business Pro, you will be capable of ending up with a digital monster ready to welcome all its current and future clients with the most environmental – friendly layout imaginable, bundled with everything instructive and entertaining.

    6. Go Fishing:


    Go Fishing is the last WordPress – based template in our list that is particularly handy for pet and animal – centric initiatives and undertakings. Anyway, this SEO and SMO – optimized template feels fantastic when it comes to other fish – related industry manifestations online, ranging from fish trade to seafood. With this zealous and totally smart website builder any expert or even a novice with a limited experience in the digital field will be able to expand his footprint online, as well as boost his social fame and recognition, increase sales rates or enhance the number of website daily visits.

    Best Plugins for Adding “Add To Cart” Feature in WordPress Website

    Over the years, the WordPress platform has become more flexible than ever. With continuous technological advancements, WordPress is no longer used just for the purpose of setting up blogging sites. With so many plugins available these days, a WordPress website can now be used for literally anything. The many available plugins enable the website owner to incorporate eCommerce applications in their WordPress powered sites. This is why most people not just choose WordPress for creating a website or blog they also prefer this platform for setting up their e-commerce stores.

    These advanced WordPress eCommerce websites are equipped with several functionalities like memberships, subscriptions, recurring payments, digital downloads, multiple payment gateways along with a user-friendly checkout process and several marketing features. Of course, WordPress doesn’t have these options inbuilt and therefore, you would need to make use of the shopping cart plugins designed for WordPress.

    Importance of the Shopping Cart Plugins

    Similar to all other plugins, these plugins bring in additional functionalities and features to the WordPress site. With such plugins, you get the chance to add several product pages with the details create a cart that is integrated with the payment processing gateways and help in tracking the transactions and the sale processes. When you choose the advanced shopping cart plugins, you would get all of these features along with some more exciting ones.
    By installing these plugins, you would be able to sell physical goods, digital content, manage subscriptions and sales, invite memberships and keep track of all your stock. Therefore, in case you are planning to create an e-store on WordPress, consider using these plugins. We have listed down below a few WordPress shopping cart plugins that would help you to create a wonderful e-Store.


    WooCommerce is perhaps the most popular choice when it comes to choosing a WordPress shopping cart plugin. With this plugin, you would be able to sell physical as well as digital goods. The buyers would also get a chance of instant download. With this, you would get innumerable professional looking themes for free that you can use as your storefront. You also get the chance to add innumerable payment options from cash-on-delivery, bank transfer, and credit or debit cards to using e-wallets.

    Selling of affiliate goods from the online marketplace is also supported. Premium and free extensions are also available to enhance the customers’ experience on the site. The checkout process with this plugin is user-friendly, intuitive and packed with exciting features like the wish lists, cart saving and much more. With the add-ons of this plugin, you can add social sharing, Email marketing and much more without having to spend a lot.

    2. Shopp

    This is a premium shopping cart plugin designed for WordPress and can cost you somewhere around $5 for the single-site license. This license is for the software and then you can further purchase extra plugins like the shipping modules, payment gateways etc. You can even go ahead and purchase a developer’s license that is going to cost you somewhere around $299.

    The reason why this plugin is so popular even though it is a premium one is that it has a lot of features to offer. The features include shortcodes, streamlined installation system, drag and drop shopping, widgets, flexible shipping calculators, innumerable options for payment and the most crucial one: search engine optimization. All these would ensure that both you and the users have a great experience.

    3. MarketPress E-commerce

    This plugin became so popular because of the fact that is absolutely free but offers features that are quite similar to a premium plugin. All kinds of business models are supported with this plugin right from selling physical goods to digital products. Offered by WPMU DEV, the plugin supports over 120 currencies and comes with 15 payment process gateways. The checkout process has also been made much simpler, convenient and quick with just one-page of it. This means that the users would no longer have to fill up page after page just to complete the payment process.

    Setting up the E-store has also been made much simpler by the wizard features, several VAT and taxation options, features that allow calculating the shipment (UPS, FedEx, USPS etc) and giving the chance to the users to use the discount and coupon codes. With this plugin, you can also add the sharing buttons for Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. The invoice can also be added in a PDF format. The more advanced features include the display of the related products, automatic hiding of products that are no longer in stock, codeless customizations and order management.

    4. eCommerce Shopping Cart

    This is a streamlined WordPress shopping cart plugin which integrates wonderfully with your WordPress sites. With this plugin, you get the chance to sell both physical as well as digital products in your E-store. Some of the most popular option used for the purpose of the payment is included here and in case you do want to add other options, you can do so by using add-ons and extensions. Many promotional and marketing tools like offering discount coupons and deals are also available.

    The social media functionality is built-in to enable sharing information like milestones sales figure, purchases etc. With this plugin, you get the chance to improve your –Commerce store’s overall performance and thereby make a profit. The plugin can be downloaded for free but, you would need to buy a license which is for somewhere around $50 for one site.

    5. Cart66

    This is perhaps one of the most secure WordPress shopping cart plugin available. We can say this because it helps in ensuring that the online stores are PCI compliant. With this plugin, you would be able to sell both physical as well as digital goods. Users would get the chance to create an account when they are purchasing items from your e-store. A recurring billing engine and over 100 payment gateways are also an advantage. You would get to include the discount or the taxes at the time of checkout.

    The inbuilt Email center comes in really handy so as to stay in touch with the customers. You can try this Plugin for free for 14 days and then can purchase it for $9.99 a month.

    While you are looking for a Shopping Cart Plugin, just make sure that it has an easy-to-use interface, is compatible with the chosen theme and has suitable options for the purpose of customization. If a plugin has all of these features, go ahead and take advantage of all the features that it has to offer.

    Pawan Sahu is the founder of MarkupTrend. He is a blogger and marketing geek passionate about writing articles related to WordPress, SEO, Marketing, Web Design, and CMS etc.

    How to Guide For Using Google Fonts With Google And Plugins!

    Google Fonts
    If you are a designer, you are more likely to consider typography as the foundation of any website design. Not only selecting the fonts but also providing an edge to the readability of web pages.

    What Is Typography?
    Typography is all about selecting line length, point size, line spacing, typefaces and adjusting the spaces between the groups of letters.

    Why is Google Fonts a clear choice?
    There were times when the internet had standard fonts that would bore anyone looking at them, but as time paced, the web designers and developers were forced to limit their live text font choices and design the fonts that are compatible with the greatest number of users over the Internet. They came up with CSS3. Typekit initiated it.

    Typekit developed some of the enticing fonts that helped designers selecting appealing and user-friendly fonts for their web pages, but the only issue in using Typekit was the cost they charge to their users. The price was $49 and in case a designer would want to develop two sites, he had to pay $99 just for using fonts on the web page. Thanks to Google who came along with its brilliant font designs and offered it for free.

    It’s quite obvious that you don’t get free what you can get with money but believe it, the Google Web Fonts were nonetheless than the one offered by Typekit. Of course, Google Web fonts are best when you don’t like spending too much on fonts as you know building entire website costs too much.

    Google Fonts and Their Customization:
    As of today, there are over 647 fonts separate font families in the Google library. When you’re selecting a font for your website’s content, it’s imperative to view it in a similar fashion to how you’re going to implement that font. Some fonts look perfect for body content but dreadful as a heading.

    Luckily, Google Web Fonts allows you to customize your preview to match your use case. You can enter custom preview text, and change your preview size as preferred. It is important to preview any header or body copy you are going to use in paragraph view and if, you have a lot of body copy, don’t use too much custom fonts.

    Funnelling Down The Right Font!
    As we are aware of more than six hundred font families to sift through, it gets difficult to filter and choose the right one by simply scrolling through them one by one. So, use the below steps to hone in on exactly what you need for your website:

    • Take a quick look at the fonts that are recently updated by Google. The chances are you’ll get the trending and bug-free font without having to look rest of the fonts. Also, see the fonts used by most of the designers and developers. Doing this will allow you to know of versatile fonts that you can use in multiple styles and widths.
    • If you know the typeface for your website, characteristics and style of fonts can improve your results like if you want a handwritten font, disable all other types of results.
    • Google allows you to refine your font search further by adding thickness, slant and width of the character as filtering options. Isn’t it cool feature to get the best font for your website?

    Selecting The fonts
    Google has various methods to choose and then implement the fonts according to a website owner’s needs. There’s nothing right or wrong here. Whatever is best for you, you’ll get that. It supports three buttons to help you choosing the right font:

    • Quick Use: To quickly take a look at the font you like.
    • Pop out: To know more about the font that you like i.e its functionality and uses.
    • Collection: If you want to use more than two fonts, Collection is the button you need to click on. It’ll add all the fonts that you like on a single page.

    How To Use The Google Fonts?
    Once you’ve selected the fonts that you’d like to use on your webpage, you can click on the “Use” tab to see them in action. Now, when you are sure about the font, all you need is simple copying and pasting some code on your webpage. You’ll get three options to choose from:

    It is a standard stylesheet link. You need to place it in the head part of your HTML file, thus saving you the step of adding the @import rule as you’re significantly adding in a stylesheet that already has it thrown in. Example:

    Use CSS @import rule in case you don’t want to link to the auto-generated stylesheet in your header. Use the below code to integrate the fonts into your CSS:

    font-family: 'Henry Pigeous', serif;
    font-family: 'Diplomatic'. cursive;

    Google and Typekit, both developed this code in here as a part of WebFont loader to give the users more control over font loading.

    Grab an HTML snippet and put it near to HTML header as:


    Page Title


    Jump to the CSS and follow this:

    h1 {
    font: 400 45px/0.5 'Diplomatic', Arial, sans-serif;
    p {
    font: 400 14px/1.5 'Henry Pegasus', Times, serif;

    With The Help of Plugins!
    There are some plugins available that offer seamless Google Font integration. Using Plugins has its limitations like a plugin won’t know to look for particular text without customizing further with the help of HTML or CSS. But still, here are few plugins to include Google fonts to your website.

    1. WP Google Fonts
    WP Google Fonts

    It is an easy and effective way to inlay Google fonts to your website with only a few clicks. You can either use your stylesheet or use CSS style; both will work to adapt them to your theme. You can do it from admin area or your website’s stylesheet. WP Google fonts is all you require for your website, quickly and efficiently.

    2. Easy Google Fonts
    Easy Google Fonts

    With Easy Google Fonts plugin, you don’t need to touch any coding to get the fonts on your website. From choosing to optimizing and giving unique colors to live to preview, everything with fonts can be done using Easy Google Fonts.

    3. Supreme Google Webfonts
    Supreme Google Webfonts

    Supreme Google Webfonts will add all 291 Google Web fonts into your visual editor panel when you are developing pages or posts. Just install it and start using it.

    Installing The Above Plugins:

    • Login to the WordPress Administrator
    • Click “Plugins”
    • Click “Add New”
    • Type the plugins name in the top right hand corner and click on “install now”

    To Customize The Plugins

    • Click on “Appearance” and then click on “Customize”.
    • Click on “Visit Site” and then on “Customize”
    • You’ll notice a new added menu as “Typography”

    Implement The Learning!
    We hope, reading the article was a learning lesson to use, and now, it’s time to use this knowledge on your website. Browse through various fonts, plugins to improve the typography in your websites. Keep in mind that if you are customizing a font, it’ll be more beneficial than just copy pasting a font. Let us know the fonts and methods you use to add typography to allure your audience in your projects.

    About The Author:
    Catherrine Garcia is an experienced Web Developer at Hosting Facts and a passionate blogger. She loves to share her knowledge through her articles on web development and WordPress.

    Eco Friendly and Earthy WordPress Themes for ecological websites


    Eco friendly and earthy WordPress themes have been discussed to provide a source for users to create such topic websites for ecological and natural needs and requirements.

    It is beyond any doubt that natural environment surrounding us is one of the primary conditions of our existence and normal functioning.

    And it’s also widely accepted and confessed fact, that at present humanity is faced with many problems in connection with global changes taking place in nature, nature preservation, human intervention in natural environment and its catastrophic and disastrous consequences, earth pollution and many other urgent problems and issues to pay attention to and give reasonable solution.

    Today there are many individuals, companies and non-profit organizations, engaged in such questions and proposing diverse programs and means for their solution.

    And the Internet nowadays as a global system to link billions of people worldwide, give lots of possibilities to them in order to raise their concerns regarding to earth and nature problems and call people’s attention to them.

    Keeping this in mind, we are going to pick up and introduce you the best eco friendly and earthy WordPress themes, on the basis of which any nature, green, earth, organic, or other related website of nature enthusiasts, ecologists or environmentalists can be built. These relevant themes are a mixture of perfect functionality, high quality, dependable structure and easiness and simplicity in usage and management.

    Eco friendly and earthy WordPress themes have been discussed here and presented

    A. Nature One Pro


    Nature One Pro is elegantly designed and flexible eco friendly WordPress theme, showing great responsiveness, when working on diverse devices, mobiles and tablets. It’s a perfect theme for manifestation of any kind of nature-centric websites, including nature conservation, nature presentation, nature problems highlighting, gardening, landscaping, nature photography and the like. This theme comes with default slider with diverse controllable elements, easy to set up and use homepage sections like about us, services, portfolio, blog and 4 content boxes along with default theme options and features, several shortcodes availability,  supports HTML5 & CSS3 coding and functionality with WordPress latest version.
    Some of its feature includes:

    • Nature One is a completely eco friendly WordPress theme and as the name suggests nature friendly theme.
    • Green color soothes the nature lovers.
    • Color changing theme.
    • SEO friendly and SMO friendly.


    B. SKT Full Width Pro


    SKT Full Width Pro is simple, adaptable and visually effective WordPress theme, highly recommended for any kind of eco or nature friendly and earthy website. This theme is loaded with full screen background image, the color and opacity of which can be easily changed, numerous Google fonts and social icons integration, nice slider with several possible elements and features, like transition, timings, interval, etc., ability to add more than 15 slides on the homepage, lots of shortcodes usage, easy to change font color, font size, fully widgetized footer area with possible changes, widgetized left menu, which enables you to add whatever you want under the menu. SKT Full Width Pro shows full responsiveness while running on different devices, mobiles and tablets and goes well with the latest version of WordPress.
    Some of its feature includes:

    • Large pictures of nature and eco friendly WordPress template kind can soothe anyone.
    • Color changing theme so one can change it as per liking.
    • Fancy galleries inbuilt.
    • Compatibility with other types of gallery plugins.


    C. Clean Pro


    Clean Pro guarantees firm and dependable foundation for your nature, green, organic, earth or other relevant website creation and presentation. It’s a clean, elegantly-designed and highly customizable theme, which can be a great support to you. This full color changing and widget friendly theme automatically adapts itself to the screen size, providing, that the relevant content is always displayed in the right way on all the devices and mobiles. The theme includes conveniently arranged theme sections, blocks and areas, as well as a package of applicable and easy to use theme options and features, including replaceable and changeable homepage slider with available slider elements to be controlled, like pose time, animation, etc/., lots of icons and Google fonts integration, available full documentation and support and full compatibility with shortcodes plugin, WooCommerce, Nextgen gallery and different contact forms and SEO plugins.
    Some of its feature includes:

    • Really clean and simple.
    • Minimalistic with lots of white space.
    • WooCommerce compatible for shops.
    • Eye catchy design and look and feel.


    D. SKT Corp Pro


    SKT Corp Pro is another recommended multipurpose responsive theme, which can best suit to your corporate or business undertaking in relation to nature or environment-centric activities. This professionally designed and reliable eco friendly and earthy WordPress theme is armed with nicely arranged interface, easy to understand and use theme sections and options, including slider with diverse manageable features and controls, like transition effects, interval and timing, more slides adding availability, full theme color management, more than 100 shortcodes, as well as icons pack integration, available default contact form, available page templates like left sidebar, no sidebar, and overall easy to manage and customize theme areas and features.
    Some of its feature includes:

    • Clean and green look and feel.
    • Neat and simple and uncluttered.
    • Color changing and SEO friendly.
    • Compatible with a lot of plugins to suit any purpose.


    E. Complete Pro


    Complete Pro also deserves its worthy place in our article as one of the suitable eco friendly and earthy WordPress themes. This complete, flexible and conveniently crafted theme will enable you to share all your thoughts, ideas, undertakings and concerns related to nature or natural environment around us. Complete Pro is launched with default animated and changeable slider with diverse controls like animation and pause time, diverse ready to use and manage homepage sections and areas, manifold inner page layouts and headers, several header and footer layout choices available, widget friendly with widgetized header, footer and sidebar elements and complete functionality with WPML and qTranslate X, WooCommerce, Contact Form 7 and other plugins.
    Some of its feature includes:

    • Our best theme till date.
    • Has all features you can think of.
    • Lots of templates, shortcodes, in built functionality.
    • Lots of plugins compatibility and full color changing.


    F. Pathway Pro


    One more smart, professional and nicely designed eco friendly and earthy WordPress theme to be your supportive hand turns out to be Pathway Pro. This multipurpose and elegantly looking theme will meet all the requirements set down by you in order to create and promote your relevant website. Pathway Pro is full color, text and font changing theme with inbuilt slider with the possibility of adding up to 10 slides, background change option availability, more than 450 icons integration, 5 page templates, standard pages like Our Team, Pricing Table, Template pages and 404 pages and conforms to WordPress latest version standards.
    Some of its feature includes:

    • Several page templates and layouts.
    • In built icons, shortcodes.
    • Multipurpose theme.
    • Clean design.


    G. Massage Center


    As nature is closely connected to beauty and health, here is Massage Center at your disposal to get engaged in any kind of related activity and help you create a famous and successful website. This responsive and cross device compatible multipurpose theme comes with full screen homepage slider with controllable elements and features, home, about us, services, gallery and other applicable sections and areas to be showcased with the required information, different shortcodes availability and coding conforming to SEO standards and requirements.
    Some of its feature includes:

    • Green and yellow set tone for any soothing website.
    • Color changing as well as multipurpose.
    • Lots of boxes in homepages and shortcodes can be used anywhere on the site.
    • Compatibility with gallery and other plugins make it desirable.


    SEO optimized WordPress themes for SEO friendly websites


    A handpicked assemblage of SEO optimized WordPress themes for all kinds of websites

    These SEO optimized WordPress themes can be applied to any website to be created from 0 or to be revamped in order to bring more and more people across the target platforms and enjoy global popularity without any additional investment for that.

    Search engine optimization is one of the critical points for all kinds of websites and blogs in order to get quantifiable and trackable results in the relevant search engine inquiries. It is often perceived as the aorta of the whole website functioning as the main artery of the whole digital body supplying qualified traffic to diverse parts and portions of the website. And although search engine optimization cannot spin gold out of straw, it will considerably maximize your exposure in the digital realm.

    This time our main focus will be on SEO optimized WordPress themes which will inevitably boost your web page rankings and drive even more traffic to your posts and pages without squeezing procedures or supplementary efforts to be spent. Particular, each of them has been coded with thorough and logical approach towards search engine optimization so that it will be much easier for your website to generate a content that will be easy to crawl by the major search engine systems. These are some of the best channels for a website owner to get his or her website indexed properly and constantly noticed by millions of web surfers from every single part of the globe.

    1. The Art:
    art WordPress theme


    Safe and invulnerable, stable and persistent, visually captivating and elegant, totally polished and professionally framed, The Art is one of the premium – quality SEO optimized WordPress themes ready tailor – made to a website of any kind, nature or preference. However this attention – grabbing and exquisite, delicate and slim website is unconquerable when used to disseminate the true value of images or other portfolio items. With numerous header and footer layouts, practical homepage sections and areas, prebuilt more than 100 shortcodes for your convenience, The Art knows no boundaries when it comes to SEO compatible coding. And since search engine optimized nature is irreplaceable for the uninterrupted viability of your digital presence, SEO coding of the theme has been done with special attention and care. The theme is also equipped with responsive and mobile – friendly web design, as well as translation – ready nature and plugin compatibility.

    2. Political Candidate:
    political candidate WordPress theme


    Political Candidate is a totally SEO – friendly WordPress template which does not only take care of all the SEO – relates aspects and traits, but also exemplifies all the sophistication and expertise of its authors and developers. Hence in case you are looking for a template generating inherently resourceful and flexible, user and customer – driven and intuitive layout to add your posts and publications in the form of texts, photos and videos, Political Candidate will be super for you. This ecosystem is truly valuable for politicians and statesmen, electoral candidate, senators, public orators and others to let your persuasive word be heard for the public at large. It has also been launched and updated, polished and brushed up to share easy to follow admin dashboard with optimal controls, material design style with color changing options, as well as WooCommerce readiness resulting your website be an e – commerce environment.

    3. Spirited Pro:
    corporate WordPress theme


    One of the common sense steps you can do in favor of your future website is to make sure that the theme running at its core is properly SEO – optimized. In this relation Spirited Pro as another staggering candidate in our list of SEO optimized WordPress themes will satisfy all your needs and will let your website be easily acceptable and readable by the search engines. It is one of the beneficial solutions to exercise in relation to every single business or corporate initiatives. Moreover, this template is ready to highlight whatever is stressed out by the website admin as worth noticing since it accustomed to bring sensibility and accurateness to your profile’s look and feel. Deploy your business website with Spirited Pro and enjoy it occupy higher rankings in search queries. Exercise the given bulk of the pieces of shortcodes and set up your content, add your information, including services and offers, discounts and pricelist, your team and stuff members in categorized fashion so that it will be easy for the website visitor to look for the needed information and find it instantly.

    4. Online Coach Pro:
    online coach WordPress theme


    Online Coach Pro has all the capacities to be counted as one more ideal website building solution among SEO optimized WordPress themes. By the application of this affordable yet strong and functionally stable template you will have a ready search engine – friendly layout as one of the most important chains in your marketing and business plans. Online Coach Pro is intelligent enough to respond to all your preferences and wishes to expand your personal or business footprint online if you are an online coach, private trainer, tutor, lecturer or someone who wants to enthrall the virtual platform to his particular training or learning needs. A wide array of useful features, sections and elements are incorporated in this template such as widgetized footer, header and sidebar areas for supplementary content, shortcodes and icons to deal with without getting the admin’s hands dirty in coding processes.

    5. SKT Charity Pro:
    charity WordPress theme


    One integrative template, reasonable price and boundless possibilities with SKT Charity Pro cultivated and projected to satisfy the needs of any non – governmental or non – profit organization, including charitable funds, humanitarian undertakings, fundraisings, religious centers, etc. With all- inclusive package and simply admin dashboard, this SEO – friendly template is prone to perfection and toughness to proudly host and expand the footprints of your valuable project through the digital channels and let your humanitarian voice heard across the virtual platform. Visually motivational and functionally multilingual ready, NextGen and WooCommerce compatible, HTML 5 and CSS 3 based, SKT Charity Pro is also readily responsive, as well as cross mobile and device compatible for all the portable device users.

    60 Responsive Absolutely Free WordPress Themes with slider download 2018

    WordPress CMS has grown beyond just blogging and with it has the user also evolved and is constantly trying to have better aspects to their websites.

    Hence they try to present website information in the best possible way and hence search for appropriate absolutely free WordPress themes from and other trusted marketplaces like SKT Themes which provide the best of the best themes and templates handpicked and selected out of the too many overcrowded 4500 themes out there.

    So any type of industry website or any company or personal blogging, fashionista, lifestyle icons, newspaper and magazines as well as high end corporate websites are now done using WordPress CMS and with its vast resources, free WordPress themes and plugin compatibility and huge plugin list it has become the number 1 choice when it comes to CMS and when it comes to building websites using a CMS.

    Presenting the best and absolutely free WordPress themes 2018 responsive and mobile friendly

    1. Perfect Lite:
    perfect commercial WordPress theme


    Perfect Lite is a new kind of free WordPress theme which has a slider on the top and is available with demo content loaded up right when its installed. It has the homepage with few sections manageable easily using Customizer and single color scheme of hover effect, buttons and link color changeable at the click of a button using color picker. Perfect Lite is the best free WordPress theme which can be used for any kind of purpose or industry and has been tested for RTL, responsive and has been used and tested with several plugins which makes it a desirable free template for any kind of website use.

    2. Movers and Packers:
    moving company WordPress theme


    Movers and packers is the next generation WordPress free theme which has been primarily built to suit industries with logistics, storage, godowns, warehouses as well as industries which are part of building and construction and other processes. Industrial websites typically can benefit from the use of this multipurpose free WordPress theme which has several options and plugin compatibility and call to action given which makes it a superior template and desired one by every user.

    3. SKT Strong:
    crossfit WordPress theme


    SKT Strong is primarily built as a corporate and fitness trainer website where pricing tables, schedules and other plugins like WooCommerce have been tested and hence this one of the free WordPress themes has each and every possibility of being a great business class website and making rounds into users mind when they visit your website and give you a call or generate sales or leads for you. Perfectly created as per the latest modern design trends and flat and material design approach this one is surely likeable and going to benefit your website a lot.

    4. Girlie Lite:
    girly WordPress theme


    With more and more women entrepreneurs and feminine businesses it is high time we give them a website development tool which suits their preferences and choices as well as fits right into what they always look for. The 4 boxes in this free WordPress template surely rings bell into women’s mind about the 4 important topics or pages that can be linked to or the services they have.

    Blog is primarily featured in this nicely done light weight and faster template which is suitable for every kind of female bloggers as well since it has sharing plugins, tools, featured images, SEO friendly coding and WooCommerce compatibility and menu and recipe plugins compatibility which make it a better all round usable WordPress free theme for all women businesses.

    5. Naturo Lite:
    clean minimal WordPress theme


    Perfectly minimal in its approach this WordPress free template is suitable for people who do not want cluttered designs and approach and rather want a very minimalistic approach for their website. These are the people who just want information placed in the simplest format so that it is readable and understandable by all. Legal sites as well as hospitals and corporate sites or elderly care and senior living websites attempt to use such websites where their users are old or children or aren’t that tech savvy and they are just concerned about their content in this case and do not need to worry about fancy designs as their user base does not demand that.

    6. Gravida Lite:
    corporate WordPress theme