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Lifestyle WordPress themes for lifestyle and fashion blogging websites


A beautiful and smart collection of lifestyle WordPress themes have been presented in this article

They have been sort out as an ideal stimulus for lifestyle and life, fashion and art, interior and design, as well as girl and feminine – centric elegant websites.

Outsmarting your personal or business competition with the right digital strategy is definitely condemned to success. Gone are those days when only traditional techniques were exercised in order to sandblast your way to triumph. And what is more exciting in this relation is the fact that in the realm of boundless digital channels and strategies one can find a wide array of affordable tools to acquire and practice fully even with little initial investment. It means that incorporating an online campaign into your marketing efforts is never a luxury as for the present.

We at SKT Themes are dedicated to converting your personal initiative or business into something worth groundbreaking fame and reputation. Be it a newest digital technology, WordPress codex requirement or simple common sense and sophistication, everything is minutely taken care of when planning, developing and launching niche – specific or general – purpose templates.

This time we offer you to take a look at suggested lifestyle WordPress themes and discover the magnetism of each of them and the way it can contribute to your presence. Those website building toolkits are custom – built to get you fully covered – cost – effective nature, customization – ready platform, based on easy drag and drop functionality, simplicity in usage, etc.

1. Girlie:
girly WordPress theme


Wonderfully creative and elegant, dotted with certain feminine touches and color combinations, Girlie is the one famous for convenience and usability in case of every lifestyle blog or magazine, journal, etc, fashion, cosmetics, beauty and health, gym and fitness, yoga and dances, etc. From independent girl boss to a novice girl with far – going ambitions, anyone can benefit from this original and smart template. With the help of Girlie your potential customers will be able to find whatever they are looking for in the blink of an eye: from location to offered services and products, contact information, images showcasing successful works, makeups, hair styles or something more. This modern and fast loading theme also provides SEO integration to be more recognizable for search engines and feels fantastic while cooperating with diverse useful plugins and extensions.

2. Charm:


Innovative and deeply intelligent, diligent and comfy while totally dependable and serviceable, Charm is one of the top – quality lifestyle WordPress themes to cater to fashion or celebrity, artist or singer – related blog or website, household and home décor, leisure and entertainment or other life and lifestyle – centric initiatives and lead it to win big in the digital arena. No matter whether you are a newly comer in the given field or are a seasoned professional, dealing with Charm and customizing it the way you want will be as easy as a pie for you. The reason is that all the hard work has been successfully accomplished by the theme developers and hence all types of irritating procedures will be reduced to the minimum.

3. Diet and Nutrition:
diet and nutrition WordPress theme


Digital productivity is a massive part of your success and global fame. In case you are engaged in creative or original ideas to transform them into works, or want to share the results of your hobby, show off your portfolio items or simply amuse your web viewers and readers with your stunning charm, Diet and Nutrition is one of the best candidates. Turn yourself into a freak of energy and skyrocket your productivity in the virtual reality to result in more clients and subsequently, more deliverables with this designer – made and easy to use website builder. Energized by responsiveness and Google mobile friendliness, this theme accommodates your best images to the homepage default slider or some other slider you activate via applicable plugins.

4. The Art:
art WordPress theme


Even the longest to – do – list will be easily completed with The Art as another highly advisable template in our list of lifestyle WordPress themes available currently. In a world where new web ideas and solutions are created daily, copying from successful websites or working within the same operational framework will never let your occupy top positions. Hence, instead of getting your hand around what is there to follow or copy, you can simply acquire The Art at an affordable price and find a “blue ocean” instead to use the given unique platform as it is or add your beloved touches to it. All inclusive in its nature, the theme comes bundled with tons of handy features and customization controls, header and footer options, 100 + shortcodes, translation readiness and e – commerce compliant character, etc.

5. Melody:


We all know that purse strings are sometimes tight when it comes to starting a new business or revamping an old one with an intention to monetize it. So let us help you with an affordable, yet powerful Melody to consider for your future website of any kind, nature or denomination since it has been projected to celebrate multi – purpose flavors and complexion. By the application of this user and client – optimized ecosystem it will be effortlessly convenient for anyone to inject your identity or working policy into your profile and turn thousands of heads with it even if you have a pretty little developing and designing know – how.

6. Nuptials:


General – purpose and enthralling, Nuptials is one of the trendy and chick lifestyle WordPress themes to keep your several steps ahead of your peers in any industry or in any personal or business affair. Balanced between strong and persistent nature and lightweight performance, this theme will lend a helping hand to all the web admins far away from coding or developing practices but full with original cues. For your web visitor’s convenience, the theme is packaged with nicely –arranged theme sections and parts, smooth and polished navigation levels to scan the whole content easily and without distorted visuals. All aspects of responsiveness and mobile compatibility are also taken care of.

A splendid collection of lifestyle WordPress themes is discussed in this article for lifestyle bloggers and fashion – related people.

Celebrities and enthusiastic individuals can share their entertaining content and monetize it. All of them are created with extremely high precision to provide you with stunning features and high – end functional frame to ensure the perfect usability of your lifestyle blog or website.

WordPress content management system has always tried to spotlight the best on can have at his disposal irrespective of the purpose, direction or denomination of the website at the point. As for the lifestyle and fashion, as well as celebrity behavior patterns, those topics have also won a certain attention and care of WordPress developers and designers who have spare no endeavors to create peachy and rattling lifestyle templates for such occasions.

Take a look at the best lifestyle WordPress themes compiled here and you can find boundless possibilities to establish and promote your entertaining and attention – grabbing lifestyle or vogue – centric, personal or corporate website without spending an all-out effort. Armed with total flexibility and all – inclusive package, user and admin – optimized performance, those templates will help any admin to refrain from shelling out all his financial means while purchasing any of them.

Medical Equipment WordPress Themes for creating Medical and Life Sciences Website


This article represents the features of the Medical Equipment WordPress Themes for creating medical and Life Sciences Website.

Medical science has evolved significantly in the recent times and has proved to be a beneficial aspect for mankind in this fast growing world. The modern developments and adoptions of new technologies has created a way for advanced medical facilities and has reduced the cost and time to a greater extent which was not visible in early times. The population of the globe has been ever increasing and so is the number of people requiring crucial medical attention. We cannot depend on the older techniques to serve the purposes of medical treatment and hence there arises a need of modern day medical equipment.

It has been observed on a general basis that many number of people suffer from serious health issues and require some or the other treatment which is fulfilled with the help of the medical equipment available in the market. These equipment are of wide use in the large hospitals where it has now become a mandate to provide the best of the facilities to its patients keeping it cost effective at the same time. The business of medical equipment has also come up as a never ending success owing to the daily requirement from the hospitals, clinics and the retail market. The demand has increased more in the current time with the increasing ratio of people falling ill.

Being into the modern world where every hand is occupied with digital medium such as mobile phones, tablets etc; medical equipment websites have also found a space to cater the people who are in need of the same. It is essential for a medical equipment website to provide all the details and information to a user or a customer who cares heeding to it. Hence to fulfill the same, choice can be made from some of the best Medical Equipment WordPress Themes for creating medical and Life Sciences Website.

Here is a wide range of Premium Medical Equipment WordPress Themes to be observed.

1. SKT Perfect:


SKT Perfect is the most advanced and highly flexible kind of Medical Equipment WordPress Themes that allows for best output while considering for building a medical website. It has been perfectly carved and never misses out on the expectations of creating a high-end website that makes the user have a seamless experience. This theme is to make all the medical facilitation providers switch to digital medium and develop a multipurpose website packed with advanced features to be successfully implemented and used on mobile devices and tablets. It is a blend of functional and immaculate design that has enabled to feel it on the high resolution monitors being HD and Retina ready kind theme.

2. Teethy:


Teethy is a smooth and sober, pleasingly functional WordPress template for medical equipment. It is an immensely developed and remarkably technological theme that stands out of the queue. Its features makes it one of the most unique and user friendly theme that proffers for making the changes to happen in real time. With the option of changing the color of font and the background, Teethy is loaded for furnishing a highly advanced and tech-savvy website. It is one of the competent theme to expedite and caters the needs of doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, medical practitioners etc. It is packed with over 800 Google fonts and gears up to craft the modern day website in a detailed yet awe-inspiring way to make the visitor experience even more fascinating and website more magnificent.

3. Simple:
simple WordPress theme


Simple is a robust and pleasant, splendid and glorious theme of WordPress for medical equipment. It has been crafted with keeping in mind many of the exciting features that are wonderful in their own aspect. It is a congenial theme that facilitates for the options to make the website more informative and easy to access. It has been armed with various fonts and colors to help the builder make use of his choices and create a website that is more engaging. While making this theme, it has been thought well to make it compatible with popular plugins like WooCommerce, Contact form 7 etc.

4. Complete Pro:
complete WordPress theme


Complete is one of a kind of Medical Equipment WordPress Themes that is optimized and created to yield best quality result while making a medical website. It has been made to deliver the maximum of services with easy to choose options that help in changing the style of fonts and colors of the texts and the background as well. It is a versatile theme that allows for the changing the colors of other areas and provided buttons. Making your website appear the way you want can be achieved with this theme as it comes loaded with 100 in-built shortcodes that is enough to showcase the timelines, gird and list view, column boxes and more.

5. Handy:
doctor WordPress theme


Handy is the resourcefully thought out and carefully designed WordPress template of Medical Equipment that offers the best website making experience with the features it provides to the user. It has the most astonishing and delighting options of selecting from more than 600 Google fonts at the same time making it friendly to a mobile device. It is empowered with the integrated sections for blog and social media and can be well utilized being compatible with cross browser and device. It is like a rainbow in the dark allowing you to choose from various colors for fonts, text and menu that makes it come up with a full color changing unique WordPress theme. It creates an incredibly developed platform for website designing by supporting the plugins like WooCommerce which can be brought into use for E-Commerce.

6. Bony:
chiropractor WordPress theme


Bony is a type of Medical Equipment WordPress Themes which is dynamic and easy to use in nature and gives better experience of website design with its set of options. It includes the pack of over 580 awesome font icons to reflect the one of a kind interface and is tested with most popular SEO plugins to help you in making one of the best websites to be at the top of the competition.

7. Healing Touch:
medicine WordPress theme


This theme is one of a kind responsive Medical Equipment WordPress Themes. It has been designed to indulge in its beautiful layout and offers rapid customization of the sections. It has the most marvelous options to craft a website such as color change, over 500+ of icon packs and its compatibility with the latest version of WordPress. This theme is superb in its nature and displays ample of the possibilities by being mobile device friendly.

8. SKT Medical Pro:
medical WordPress theme


SKT Medical Pro as the name suggests is the WordPress template for Medical Equipment. It is a creative and purposeful theme with multipurpose functionality to cater the best optimum services for the user. It has the fabulous performance by having all Google fonts available and there is a color picker to make your experience more colorful with the desired color changes that can be done across any section. This theme reduces your efforts to a great extent by giving homepage content as default as soon as it is installed.

Sushi Restaurant WordPress Themes for Japanese eatery websites

A perfect guide to sushi restaurant WordPress themes for Japanese restaurants and gourmet sushi bars, sushi-yas and other Japanese food – related websites can be found in this article.

Japanese culinary philosophy and food- based traditions are rooted back in ancient history and are well – known in the modern world. Moreover, they have a tremendous impact not only on the Japanese life, but also on the remaining part of the globe with their different applications.

From taste and smell to artistic decoration and serving of the food, every single detail is important in Japanese food culture. And if you are planning to go live with your Japanese or sushi restaurant website, it is strongly recommended to scan the proposed sushi restaurant WordPress themes for Japanese. Each and every single theme listed below is custom – built to exemplify all the nuances and etiquettes of Japanese food as accurately as your physical restaurant or bar does.

In addition to the aforesaid, all of them are highly practical in terms of usage, as well as inspiring and attractive for the web viewer’s eye. You will be quite lured by the magical color gamut and graphical solutions of them seamlessly aligning with unbeatable functionality.

Without any further ado, let’s pass on discussing the best sushi restaurant WordPress themes for Japanese food – related businesses, which are sequenced randomly.

1. SKT Food:
food WordPress theme


SKT Food is conceptually well – thought out and results – driven tool to support you when creating your Japanese or Chines, as well as any other Asian or European restaurant or sushi bar. Showcase your food business venture with pride and gain more and more daily web visits. This in its turn will be converted into more reservations and more clients coming to your restaurant. Move your online identity in a successful line with SKT Food and showcase what you have to offer your clients with your text and image – based content. As one of the most applicable sushi restaurant WordPress themes for Japanese, the theme will be never clueless of how presenting another food or recipe based website, whether of Japan origin or something other. The theme is in full compliance with modern WordPress community with its responsive and SEO – friendly performance.

2. Wine Pro:
wine brewery WordPress theme


Wine Pro comes available in demo version for you to test and understand what you can gain from it. The theme is specifically suitable for food and drink, cafe and restaurant, pub and tavern, bar and sushi websites to draw a progressive and client – based web profitability scenario. It generates heavily improved and updated layout combined with feature – rich pack of tools. The latter comprises simple and easy to use admin dashboard from the backend of the theme, WooCommerce compatibility for selling online, lots of shortcodes inclusion designed and added for different applications. It’s a painstakingly coded and developed with HTML5 and CSS3 to generate responsiveness and mobile – friendliness.

3. Restro:
restaurant WordPress theme


Restro is never hesitant to showcase your sushi bar or restaurant online with ease. It is also one of the much – demanded sushi restaurant WordPress themes for Japanese and Chinese, as well as other manifestations which are food – centric. This top – quality template is deeply resourceful and fully documented to overcome all the technical barriers. It is also fully prepared to exercise a comprehensively located theme sections and parts, including home, about us, our menu, blog, contact us, etc. Gallery area is perfect when it comes to visualizing your appetizing dishes and meals. You can effortlessly play with the overall color combinations of the theme and make it matching your restaurant style and design. Restro is also social media – based with lots of icons, as well as includes a plethora of shortcodes for easy content management.

4. SKT Full Width Pro:
Full Wide WordPress theme


Stylistically modern and creative, visually stunning and avant – guard, SKT Full Width Pro is the one to win a lot of eyeballs to your staff. Let your website surfers find high – resolution images of your bizarre yet tasty delicacies in their full charm embracing the whole background of the theme. Multi – purpose and multi – service, this image – centric and highly resilient website builder can cater to absolutely any topic or niche – specific web and its content. A wide variety of contact form, gallery, slider and e – commerce plugins have been tested with SKT Full Width Pro. The capacity of this theme seems to have no end with Google fonts and social icons, controllable slider effects, favicon management, widget – friendly areas, etc.

5. Perfect Food:


Perfect Food can certainly be the theme of your choice among the available sushi restaurant WordPress themes for Japanese restaurants and other eateries, cook and recipe – related websites, etc. This theme has a single purpose nature to be your helping hand right from the start and is available at an affordable price. It means that no extra efforts or financial means are required to kick the old – dated profile of your restaurant back into gear or creating a completely new one. Build a beautiful and eye – catchy website in mere minutes and have fun at the same time with its handy toolbox. All the essential ingredients are added to the theme, among them theme’s cross mobile compatibility, blog and page types, high – quality visuals, etc.

6. Complete Pro:
complete WordPress theme


In case you want to bring maximum completeness and flexibility to your future profile, Complete Pro is ready to accompany you right from the installation stage. Any kind of trendy Japanese or Chinese restaurant or pub, bar or sushi website based on Complete Pro can wonderfully feature whatever is relevant to its clients. It can be the interesting process of sushi preparation, specific adds, noodle dishes and other menu items. The theme’s attractive face is balanced with the durable functional framework armed with responsive design style, Customizer – based operation, footer and header layouts. The theme is also e – commerce – ready and multilingual, as well as SEO and SMO – compliant.

Brown WordPress Themes for creating brownish coloured websites

Theme color defines the nature of the website. Every color has some special significance, and therefore, most of the themes provide users the option to change color as per need. For example, blue is a corporate color, pink is for a feminine website, yellow and red are more for blogs. But brown is rather a neutral color and it is generally used for food or design related websites.

Today, we are going to provide you the best brown WordPress themes that will make your website look extraordinary.

Brown WordPress themes can be used for interior designing, coffee shop business, food product selling website and even for the furniture business. Brown WordPress themes have a novelty in them, and hence, they will make your website stand out among others.

1. Bakery
bakery WordPress theme


The bakery is one of the best brown WordPress themes to put up your online store perfectly. It is fully responsive with cross browser compatibility and has passed Google mobile-friendly test. It is a clean and modern theme and is very light weight for faster loading speed. The homepage has sliders with control options. You can add various animation effects and set the speed of the image transition. It comes with all the features for a perfect online store to sell food items like cakes. More than 650 fonts are there to beautify your site with ornamental text, and along with that, it is WooCommerce compatible. It has various side widgets to show offers and deals, and there are different sections for blogging, service showcasing and other important pages.

2. Furniture Pro


Next up in our list of brown WordPress theme is Furniture Pro. Even though it has brownish yellow color as default, you can easily change it to complete brown. It is best for an online furniture store, and it is common for furniture to have a brown color. It has WooCommerce compatibility for the direct monetary transaction through your site. There are over 580 fonts and related icons to decorate the site. Furthermore, you can have shortcodes to add attractive texts and designing elements. The galleries of the theme stand out and it is absolutely mandatory for any online store to showcase the best photos of their products to attract customers. It has video and video plugins for creating visual triggers and engaging visitors.

Apart from that, it comes with multilingual and translation support for local and global customers. It is fully SEO-friendly and has options for social media integration and social share plugins. The recommended page builder can be used to create any page as per requirement. You can also use bbPress to have a forum on your website.

3. Blendit
blendit single page WordPress theme


If you do not prefer deep brown WordPress themes and prefer lighter brown to reddish brown theme color, Blendit is perfect for you. It has the perfect blend of brown and red and the outcome is splendid for the eyes. It is a one-page WordPress theme with the responsive property. Every element is changeable in terms of color. It is multilingual and translation ready. It has amazing effects and animations. There are over 350 icons to add a visual trigger to make the site look beautiful. The theme can be used for product and service business, app showcasing or any software and business for that matter. It has social media integration, separate pages for blog, news and press releases. There are about six different designs for the blog section. Gallery part is stunning, and it comes with over 100 shortcodes.

4. Coffee Shop
cafe WordPress theme


It is one of the tailor-made brown WordPress themes. It is best for companies who have offline outlets where people can hang out and have a cup of tea or coffee. It is mobile-friendly, compatible with any browser and fully responsive. You can use the theme for general purpose as well. It provides awesome gallery to showcase your portfolio, hundreds of shortcodes for better presentation, pricing list, various types of sliders and hundreds of Google fonts. There are over 550 icons for different purposes to make texts visually more appealing. It is SEO and SMO friendly. All pages can be managed and designed easily without any technical knowledge.

5. Furnish Interior Pro
free interior design WordPress theme


This is one of the feature-rich brown WordPress themes. The brown cover has been used wisely and not spread over the site. It is available in text color, light designing elements and hover points though you can change the color scheme of every component as per your liking. It is a modern theme with various sections and preloaded contents. There are parallax effects, beautiful sliders, amazing galleries and one can create unlimited pages. You can integrate Google map, WooCommerce, or any standard plugin for more functionality.

6. Luxury Watch


It is a WordPress theme with brown and yellow color combination. It looks so elegant and attractive that visitors will automatically fall in love with it. It is the perfect theme for showcasing premium products and services. It offers controls to change color, pick a color, integrate WooCommerce, use different languages with translation and much more. Slider and gallery are prime attractions. It has cache plugin for faster loading time and SEO plugins to rank higher and increase visibility. All the standard sections are there with different template designs.

7. Girlie
girly WordPress theme


It is the best theme if you are going to construct a website that has feminine nature. It is one of those light brown WordPress themes and is a perfect blend of brown and pink to be precise. You can use it for online stores to sell female products, get your female massage and beauty parlor online and even use it for a blog on a feminine topic like cooking, fashion, and lifestyle. It has responsive sliders with the call-to-action feature, icon packs and other designing elements, perfect galleries, and various other light animated section that your visitors.

8. SKT Food
food WordPress theme


The list of brown WordPress themes is incomplete with mentioned SKT Food. Brown WordPress themes are perfect for food related websites whether it is an online store or blog. SKT Food has all the features like recipe section, blogging section with various layouts, animations, flat graphics, call-to-action pages, services and portfolio pages. The theme is SEO and SMO friendly and provides various useful drop-down menu and sidebars to engage the visitors and gain more revenue easily.

These are the best brown WordPress themes you will ever need to put up your dream website online easily and stand out among your peers effortlessly.

Responsive Flat WordPress themes for people loving flat UI and designs


Responsive Flat WordPress themes have been round up and presented in this article.

Flat design is a relatively new trend in the WordPress reality, which showcases a minimalistic approach towards web design and styling by removing anything noisy and overwhelming from it and keeping the web interface look as simple and readable as possible.

And as the statistics show, this concept of uniquely flat interfaces has been successfully exercised by hundreds of people from diverse corners of the world for creating and developing their websites to focus primarily on the relevant content and keep the website highly informative.

We have searched for and found out the most dynamic and practically checked responsive flat WordPress themes and are going to cast a quick glance on their basic features and controls, which, when correctly utilized, will form a really powerful mixture of flat design and perfect functionality to be easier to interact with. Thus, what is left to the people loving flat UI and design is to review our suggested list and choose one of them to form a solid ground of any future online profile and fascinate the target audience in the most effective manner.

1. Flat Pro:
flat WordPress theme


Flat Pro is conceptually well thought out and professionally developed, highly integrative and universal, inherently versatile and flexible, user and developer – directed, responsive and cross mobile and device – optimized and WordPress – powered template with flat design application to cater to absolutely any personal or corporate topic. The overall simple and precise look and feel of your website will for sure speak in your website visitor’s favor by letting them look for and find whatever is needed in a few clicks. The theme is also elegant in appearance, e-commerce and shop –ready in nature, as well as extremely easy in its customization. Hence this definitely falls under the responsive flat WordPress themes category.

2. SKT Biz Pro:
business WordPress theme


By the application of SKT Biz Pro you will be able to create the most powerful and competitive business profile which will make sense the most and let your business stand out proudly with its exceptional visualization and seriously stylized flat design solutions. This feature – rich and compactly structured, polished and pliable, smoothly navigable template has been created and ensured to meet all the standards of modern responsive design and as such has been well optimized for mobile and device usages without any deterioration of any single touch of the website stunning interface. It sure is again one of the responsive flat WordPress themes as well.

3. SKT Landing Page:
landing page WordPress theme


SKT Landing Page is another responsive flat WordPress theme, which exemplifies a wonderful website creation and management version, where every single element of flat design is bettering the website visitor’s experience, irrespective of the fact, whether the latter is browsing the website on PC or uses some hand held device while on the move. Be sure, that in both cases your simple and clear layout will adapt itself to the default screen dimensions and will remain flawless in its whole performance.

4. The Trip:
travel WordPress theme


If you have planned to build an awesome website, which will catch the visitor’s eye and keep them coming back over and over, look no further than The Trip, based on flat styling technique and its professional realization to fit any corporate or personal objectives. This multiconcept and general – purpose them comes integrated with tons of customization and management options to highlight your minimalistic style and personalize your brand or name, publish all your relevant information in an easy to find way, run your online shop and establish diverse commercial relationships, render multilingual support and be accessible for all the mobile and device users. This is as well another of the responsive flat WordPress themes of this era.

5. HVAC and Cleaning:
HVAC and cleaning WordPress theme


HVAC and Cleaning is the next top – rated and premium quality responsive flat WordPress theme, which is custom – built to be a truly flexible, yet powerful and modern framework combined with original flat –based interface to give run to an immensely advanced, yet simple and lightweight, modern and dynamic, yet simple to use and customize website. Powered to generate simplicity and easiness, this unique product is no way devoid of all the compulsory features and qualities every modern WordPress based template should share, be it a responsiveness and Google mobile compatibility, smooth and sleek dropdown level navigation, WooCommerce support, etc.

6. SKT Gardening:
gardening landscaping WordPress theme


SKT Gardening is another one of the responsive flat WordPress themes – based website builder power – packed with flat design and graphics to emphasize usability and compactness of any web presence running on it. This highly dynamic and modernly crafted product is loaded with a wide array of theme section and areas, options and features to deliver any kind of website content in the visually awe – inspiring and professional format with freedom of management and modification at the core, which are totally available for any average user of WordPress even with minimal developing and design skills to rely on.

7. Baby Sitter:


Baby Sitter has been built with the potential to fit the needs and claims of any baby – related topic or initiative to be revealed fully and in the most informative manner by the right combination of flat interface and high – quality content. All in all, this smart and nice looking, responsive and mobile – optimized responsive flat WordPress theme is an ideal solution for establishing the online profile of any baby center, kindergarten, school or any other kid – related institution, which will for sure result in increasing the website popularity in the digital area with the help of more streamlined and practical website visualization.

8. Nature One Pro:


The sophisticated specialists and developers crafting Nature One Pro have successfully relied upon the minimalistic design and styling approach and emphasized the minimum use of the stylistic elements to procure a neatly arranged and easy to access website interface that is readily responsive to resizes in diverse browsers and screen dimensions across diverse mobiles and other devices. This fresh looking and inspiring, smart and intuitive, easily navigable and fast loading responsive flat WordPress theme is built for flexibility and adaptability towards any undertaken customization procedures, cleverly coding and styling for the impeccable look and feel, as well as modern and so important SEO – optimization for the increased targeted traffic.

Niche WordPress Themes for niche and unique websites

Niche WordPress themes are discussed in this article for multi – purpose usages and for creating niche – specific websites and blogs.

Creating a website that is perfectly specialized in serving a beautifully packed specific content to the target audience is what you can achieve when relying on niche WordPress themes. Whether your focus is on construction, e – commerce activities and shopping, medical industry, agriculture or other niche – based businesses, WordPress CMS always gives you an affordable approach to gaining popularity and making money online.

If we drill down into the WordPress repository of templates, we may find thousands of offered ones. However, making a reasonable choice and giving preference to one of them can be a daunting task for many people. In this relation we have done our best to collect some of the most practical niche WordPress themes at one place and let you analyze them easily. Well – thought out and easy in management, all of them are ready to take your niche – specific website’s potential to infinity.

So, we offer you to sit back and enjoy some of the wonderful niche WordPress themes at your leisure.

1. Political Candidate:
political candidate WordPress theme


Political Candidate is designed with the specific needs of the modern political worlds, campaigns and political candidates. Showcase your niche – specific content in the given sections, areas and parts and make it easy for your voters to find the required information easily. Showcase the attractive images of candidates, head of parties and make people feel that they deserve people’s trust and votes. The theme is optimized for quick performance and loading time, smooth navigation controls and fully responsive nature across different platforms. Wow your website visitors with your exclusive look and feel, display photos and videos of campaigns, meetings, negotiations and much more with Political Candidate.

2. SKT Trust:
non profit WordPress theme


SKT Trust is one of the niche WordPress themes having much to do with NGO and non – profit industry, religious institutions, donations and other humanitarian events and projects. Getting more and more people involved in charity giving or donation will be much easier with this top –rated and secure template. Mobile and desktop – based technological solutions of the theme can highly increase the statistics speaking about more people engagement into what you are doing. Other noteworthy qualities and elements of the theme are shortcodes plugin integration to have larger access to shortcodes, color and other customization options for the admin, widget – friendly areas, etc. Page builder plugins, as well as WooCommerce, NextGen Gallery and other valuable plugins can add the required functionality to the default theme as well.

3. Perfect Fitness:


If you are getting interested in attracting narrow groups of clients in a large Internet – based market, here is Perfect Business. Totally user and developer – customized, it’s a template mainly specialized in taking your gym and fitness – centric content and serve it to the target audience. And what is more enjoyable is the fact that Perfect Fitness clearly figures out how to make your content easy to access, fully legible and understandable. Shortcodes and plugin – compatible, Perfect Fitness celebrates inherently resilient and flexible nature for you to customize and change it in every stage of the site development. All the tones and shades of 100 responsive and cross mobile – compliant web design are also added to this template.

4. Pet Care:


Creating your client – getting website for pet and animal owners will be easier with Pet Care. It is another valuable pattern among nice WordPress themes to get your pet – related products and services offered in the nice fashion. From single clicks for the theme installation and activation to admin’s easy dashboard from behind the scenes, Pet Care is equipped with everything needed. It’s a color changing theme to add your colors to the theme and make it more entertaining. However, this animal WordPress theme has all the chances to be used for the revelation of other niches and topics as well. It is designed following the standards of the modern flat design and shares totally SEO – friendly nature when cooperating with SEO plugins.

5. Perfect Nature:


Perfect Nature is here for nature preservation and eco – friendly websites, diet and nutrition and other niche – specific websites. It’s a clean and lightweight, but functionally advanced and unbeatable platform for a website of any heaviness or daily visits. Get one of the pixel – perfect and designer – made nature templates at an incredibly affordable price and enjoy thousands of its advantages over many other proposals. Without any shred of doubt, the design and coding of Perfect Nature will be seamlessly compatible with different hand – held devices, mobiles and tablets. Blog and page variations with sidebar, no sidebar and more, as well as gallery section for images and photos are wrapped up in the theme.

6. Go Fishing:


A great user and admin – experience is waiting for you and your web visitors if your website relies on Go Fishing. It is one of the wisest options of fishing – based businesses and service provisions to share their offers with potential consumers and customers. With this theme you will find ultimate ways of showcasing fishing and sailing, hunting and other water – based activities and driving more qualified traffic to your site. It’s a WooCommmerce added and wonderfully pliable theme with responsive touches based on HTML5 and CSS3. When it comes to SEO and SMO – friendly coding, the theme feels like fish in water as well.

7. Build:
construction WordPress theme


In case you want to earn client’s loyalty, as well as truckloads of money with the help of your building and construction website, look no further than Build. As one of the best niche WordPress themes for now, Build is well aware of all hustle and bustle of construction, design and engineering world, as well as its need. As such, it comes with all the relevant theme sections and areas for easy business storytelling and service offers, images and photos catering to your projects and pieces of portfolio. It is also shortcodes – based and social media – integrated.

Diagnostic Laboratory WordPress Themes for lab and other medical sites

A straightforward guide to the best diagnostic laboratory WordPress themes can be found in this article.1. SKT Perfect:
perfect commercial WordPress theme


Trust and loyalty are the fundamental components of modern doctor – patient relationships. SKT Perfect has been developed to be the bridge between those two parties based on reliable cooperation online. All in all, it is one of the consummate diagnostic laboratory WordPress themes ready to showcase all your laboratory tests and processes, services and specialists in the nice – looking fashion. This well – dressed and well – managed theme fosters seamless usability based on do – it – yourself and self – hosted approach. It means that you can infinitely change and edit the given platform, add or remove whatever is required without sweating hard or hiring professionals to do it. The theme’s responsiveness and mobile – friendliness, search engine optimization, translation – readiness and plugin compatibility are all 100% guaranteed.

2. SKT Dual:


SKT Dual is exceptionally good for medical industry representations, including also diagnostic and laboratory – related procedures, services and tests. As such, it can be fairly called as one of the best diagnostic laboratory WordPress themes available for multiservice usage. Whether it is the patient’s first experience on your website looking for some information or a permanent visitor purchasing his monthly treatment course or medicine, your website based on SKT Dual will maintain its informativity and convenience for every single occasion. This website builder is processed not only for medical information sharing, but also creating a website of quick communications. In this relation SKT Dual comes with footer and header areas to be the information boards of your website with contact info, address, phone numbers, social media links, etc. Additionally, contact form plugins are also compatible with SKT Dual for inserting the required contact form so that your patients can easily get in touch with you.

3. Bony:
chiropractor WordPress theme


Patients highly appreciate the ease and simplicity of use of any medical website. Bony has been coded and developed while taking into consideration all the nuances leading to simple and lightweight performance of any website based on it. Apart from that, patients like the effortless of making online appointments or receiving the results of the diagnostic laboratory tests online. Meet their expectations with Bony and create a wonderful profile with the offered handy toolbox of the theme. With the website based on Bony any laboratory or its staff will be in the limelight and will stay accessible for daily visitors of the site. The theme’s icons and Google fonts packs together with widget – friendly footer, header and sidebar areas are incorporated in the theme.Bony as oneof the premium diagnostic laboratory WordPress themes celebrates totally responsive and mobile – friendly layout with plugin compatibility.

4. Condimentum:
multipurpose WordPress theme


The first step to get your laboratory and diagnostic website closer to perfection is purchasing Condimentum at an affordable price. You don’t need to spend extra money to have total dominance over this template and make the most out of it. The theme is custom – built to take a hit when it comes to clear and accurate deployment of your laboratory – related content in the form of texts and images. However, the theme is multi – purpose at its true nature and as such can cater to other business and personal initiatives as well. While the website takes a major role in maintaining the trust of existing clients, most of the modern websites are also directed at gaining new clients and patients and win their loyalty. Hence Condimentum shares all the touches of smooth navigation, quick response time and responsiveness both for desktop and mobile visits.

5. Perfect Medical:


The next noteworthy sample in our assemblage of diagnostic laboratory WordPress themes comes composed and launched as Perfect Medical. The patient enters your clinic sick and tired, vulnerable and sad with a hope to find a hospitable medical expert to offer his assistance. Exactly the same approach holds true to the practice the patient shares on your laboratory or diagnostic, medical or health – related website. Perfect Medical has been coded with this philosophy in the developer’s mind. As a result, it comes as a totally dependable platform both for the admin and the web visitors. Take the given platform, add your own preferences, colors and fonts to it and exemplify your expertise in the field. Let all your patients feel that you care not only for their health but also for their good website experience – both desktop and mobile.

6. Kraft:
premium WordPress theme


Lively and energetic, encouraging and creative, Kraft is the last medical – friendly template suitable for different laboratories and clinics, hospitals and health centers, diagnostic services and more. Kraft can be what you have been missing so long to generate more website traffic, gain more web visitors and convert them into laboratory visitors in future. This website building system displays all kinds of patient loyalty – building indicators – from presentable look and feel, pixel – perfect visualization and high – resolution images to legible text content and calls to actions. The theme is also highly customizable with color, font, icons changes, etc.

Low cost WordPress site builder for affordable website building

In this digital world, having an online presence is a must for any business to target local and global customers. There are so many opportunities for making money online through websites that people are quitting their jobs and becoming full-time bloggers or online service providers.

When it comes to building a website, WordPress is the go-to destination. WordPress is the best content management and business showcasing platform. It is user-friendly, secure and does not require huge initial investments.

The presence of low cost WordPress site builder helps people to build their desired website at very nominal cost.

Low cost WordPress site builder implies low price or free themes that are compatible with any standard free page builder and customizer plugin.

Here is the list of the best low cost WordPress site builder you should consider to construct your website with minimum investment.

1. SKT Parallax Me
parallax WordPress theme


When it comes to low cost WordPress site builder, SKT Parallax Me stands out. It is a multipurpose parallax theme which gives you the ability to use unlimited color, change background images and you can have 20 sections on the homepage featuring different categories. Its powerful visual editor lets to design and edit any section of any page with ease. There are shortcodes for amazing content placement like accordions and testimonials. It supports filterable portfolio with images and videos. Just like any other theme, it is fully responsive on all devices.

2. I Am One
one page WordPress theme


As the name suggests I Am One is a free single page WordPress theme that comes under low cost WordPress site builder list. It has eye-catching Parallax slider that is compatible to look equally great on all devices. The homepage has 12 sections which are easily editable with the visual editor. It is best for showcasing services and products. One can have WooCommerce integration for directly selling the services and products. It has forum creating option with bbPress and advanced contact forms. It is SEO-friendly and absolutely lightweight with all the ingredients to showcase your business brilliantly.

3. SKT Photo Session


SKT photo session is a free yet premium photography WordPress theme. It comes with full page slider with 5 images and control buttons. When you want low cost WordPress site builder, this is the best gem that you can get for putting your photography site online. Needless to say that the galleries are breath-taking and the overall design is very sleek and elegant. You can sell any photograph directly with WooCommerce support. You can also have a blog to get a good number of followers and have social media integration to make your site go viral.

4. SKT Pathway
multipurpose WordPress theme


Next up on our list of low cost WordPress site builder is SKT pathway which is ideal for creating a product showcasing site. It is a multipurpose free theme with easy to set up theme options that require no technical expertise. It offers five different types of designs to suit your design needs, and each one of them is fully editable with the visual editor. It is compatible with any standard page builder, and you can add pages as per your requirement effortlessly. It has ready-made blog templates with sample content. You can have sidebar and widgets or even full-width pages. It is best for showcasing digital products like software, apps, web applications, games and likewise.

5. Beauty Spa Lite


This is an amazing low cost WordPress site builder theme that you can use to showcase your business and write relevant blogs. You can customize any component with its built-in customizer. It has passed Google mobile test and SEO standards. You can use it to have an online store to represent your offline business like beauty spa center, beauty salon, massage center, yoga center, gym and likewise. Writing relevant blogs will get you a lot of visitors, and in fact, you can turn them into your customers cleverly. It is clean, modern and very light-weight for faster loading speed.

6. SKT Black
black and dark WordPress theme


This is a free WordPress theme but has a premium black look. It is all devices friendly, and the overall design is gripping and sure to leave a good impression on your potential customers. It is SEO and SMO ready, and your website is likely to go viral. It is a secured theme and fully protected from hacking o virus attacks. It comes with several theme options to tweak every component intuitively. It is suitable for all kinds of businesses, and it has all the necessary sections to engage your visitors and increase the conversion rate effortlessly.

7. SKT Magazine
magazine WordPress theme


It is a free theme for professional and personal blogging. You can use it as a news site with viral content. The layouts on the homepage are tailor-made for featuring certain articles and showcasing the sponsored articles prominently. You can have sidebars, widgets, and pop-ups for generating huge revenue. It is the best low cost WordPress site builder for blogging purpose. It is compatible with any Window, Android or iOS handheld devices. It provides beautiful plugins for showcasing your portfolio and galleries. You can integrate Facebook comment and most-used comment plugin named Disqus to increase engagement on your website.
Once your blog grows bigger and goes viral, you can offer services and sell products directly through a different section on your website. WooCommerce is perfectly compatible, and sidebar widgets will help you to show exciting offers on products. There are multiple shortcodes to make content appealing, and you can change the color scheme as per your requirement. It has all the social media plugins along with social sharing options.

When you are starting a new business and getting it online through WordPress, it is pretty usual for you to look for a low cost WordPress site builder. Even established entrepreneurs want low cost WordPress site builder so that the expense incurred on building the website including hosting plans does not affect the profitability of the business adversely. For all of them, the above-listed themes are going to be the best, and they can construct their dream website with low cost WordPress site builder to give a premium outlook.

Fundraiser WordPress Themes for fundraising, donation websites


A result – driven assemblage of fundraiser WordPress themes for non – governmental and non – profit organizations, charity funds, fundraisers, religious institutions and other relevant philanthropic programs and events.

A culture of philanthropy and fundraising from random acts of kindness to major contributions is widely recognized by millions of people across the globe who want to share something with those fellow members of the human race you are in need.

Even if you are only one drop in the ocean, each and every participation in humanitarian programs and events matters mostly. It can give hope to the hopeless, breathe new life to the sick or save a child’s life.

With this accented importance of NGO-s and funds in an effort to find and assist the most vulnerable people and geographical areas, lots of such organizations appear in the horizon acting as a uniting force gathering thousands of people at one place and engaging them into their valuable programs and undertakings.

In this situation well – managed and easy to use website may act as one of the primary and affordable tools in the marketing strategy of such non – profit organizations and funds to organize everything properly even while working on a primary tight budget.

We have compiled the most decent fundraiser WordPress themes for suchlike humanitarian activities and fundraising campaigns to let their humanitarian voice be spread across the digital platform and bring more and more volunteers and caring people to their online profiles.

1. SKT Trust:
non profit WordPress theme


SKT Trust is one of the top – rated and high – end, forceful and imperious while totally customizable and admin – friendly NGO and donation WordPress template which has already been checked and confirmed by lots of active installs. It can be ideal for proving your audience that their donation can save lives and fates via the hearth – breaking and encouraging photos and images hanging over your homepage slider. It will assist you in creating your cohesive presentation online and managing it accordingly to attract the attention of your target audience. Extremely easy to use theme backend with flexible structure to be controlled intuitively, posts and pages layout, widgetized footer, header and sidebar controls, translation – ready nature and WooCommerce support are all wrapped up in a single and allowable template. Charitable and donation plugins can also be added to the theme for your web visitor’s convenience to make their donation online in few simple clicks.

2. SKT Dual:


Your charity or donation website based on SKT Dual as one of the premium – quality fundraiser WordPress themes will do a great job of getting your message out. Making a subtle ratio between presentable look and error – free functionality, this website building and managing tool will pave your digital way for better website experience even if you are non – techy at all when it comes to programming or web design. This gallery and portfolio – based, responsive and Customizer – grounded template will help you form an effective unity with benevolent volunteers and donators to make this world a better place to live.

3. SKT Charity Pro:
charity WordPress theme


Map your website visitor’s journey in a way all will highly appreciate with SKT Charity Pro. This template is generated taking into consideration all the nuances that can affect the online performance of charity organizations and fundraisers, religious institutions and other relevant phenomena to highly benefit from the modern digital platform and disseminate their message across it. Modern and all – inclusive, yet simple and lightweight In usage, this admin – optimized template is ready – made to relieve the anxiety or suffering of any donation or fundraiser website admin when it comes to the theme installation and further maintenance as well.

4. Religious:
church WordPress theme


Expand your fundraising program’s footprints in the digital spectrum, proudly present your religious center and attract people’s attention with sophisticated and highly intelligent Religious as another designer – made pattern in our list of fundraiser WordPress themes. From visual ponderous appearance to unbeatable inner operational framework, the dedicated specialists working on this theme have taken care of everything. As a result, we are lucky to have Religious in our repository in a quite complete and battle – ready fashion ready to sustain any kind of digital defiance. Religious is particularly suitable for churches, parishes, choirs and other religious communities, as well as non – governmental or non – profit organizations to publish their content in an easy to find way in home, news, blog and other sections. One can even add musical playlists like gospels, sermons, psalms and other religious songs via music section.

5. SKT White Pro:
white WordPress theme


Spread your philanthropic and humanist values through your images and texts with the help of SKT White Pro. This template knows no limits when it comes to stressing your high – resolution images via the homepage full – screen slider to let each and every website visitor perceive your visual message in the blink of an eye. This elegant and powerful website builder is extremely sophisticated and zealous in how it shares your content and makes it totally legible for the relevant search engines and their rankings. Speak directly to your audience and engage with them through your informative and nicely – arranged pieces of content via home, about us, services, contact us and other parts and portions and let them be accessible when viewed with mobiles and other portable devices.

6. Spirited Pro:
corporate WordPress theme


Spirited Pro is proudly enlisted in our article of fundraiser WordPress themes as one of the primary sources of digital success and best practices for non – profit, charity and donation organizations and initiatives. Solid and imperishable, persistent and steadfast, Spirited Pro has been coded and stylized in the way to meet all the contemporary challenges and egg – dances no matter what kind of content is going to be published on it. Impressively intelligent and caring, motivational and serious – looking with yet designed – to – match graphical solutions, this wonderfully pliable and polished template will provide you with handy toolbox and customization controls in every stage of your website creation and development.

WordPress Themes Suitable for Architects, Draftsmen and Engineers


Nowadays there are thousands of architects, draftsmen and engineers WordPress themes are being launched and developed.

These themes are developed to fulfill and satisfy the definite and certain requirements of people, using the international digital platform as a groundwork for their business presentation and promotion.

The sector of construction industry in particular, providing architectural, engineering, design and consulting services, is very active in the international arena and uses all the possible and accessible means of the virtual platform to win general recognition and extend its business possibilities.

Respectively, there are reliable and successful WordPress themes suitable basically for architects, draftsmen and engineers, which are praised for their best practices and have gained a large community of loyal customers.

In this article we are going to highlight a collection of the best and dependable architects, draftsmen and engineers WordPress themes, all of which are packed with all-inclusive and easy to use theme options, features and elements, requiring from its user minimum efforts and time spent on the creation, development and daily management of his relevant website.

On the other hand, the website, launched on the basis of those suggested themes, will be attractive and easy to use also for the website visitors, thanks to its disposition and order of sections, areas and the overall adaptable and flexible theme structure.

A. Complete Pro


Complete Pro is one of the best WordPress themes, ready to serve as a great supporter to you while building a website, related to architecture, engineering or design. This complete, modern looking and convenient theme comes with full screen and changeable slider on the homepage with animation, pause time and other manageable options and elements to showcase your works and products in the best way, 600+ Google fonts integration, easy to use and manage homepage sections to present your business and service provision accordingly, translation and multilingual readiness and cross device and browser conformity.
Some of its feature includes:

  • Various ready to use sections with easy shortcodes
  • Homepage managed easily using sections
  • Built upon customizer which allows changes to be done with live preview
  • Multiple Inner Page layouts with sidebar on left, right or full width


B. Panaroma Pro


The nest graphically expressive, visually stunning and functional modern architects theme is Panaroma Pro. This multipurpose, color and opacity changing and highly integrated theme is launched with 5 different slides availability, spanning along the homepage, to show your outstanding portfolio or images, more than 50 social icons and more than 600 diverse fonts integration, lots of shortcodes availability, default Contact Form available, background image change possibility and 3 pages templates: full width with no sidebar, blog (full, right and left sidebar) and default template with left sidebar. Panaroma Pro also includes standard pages, complete documentation and support and shows compatibility with WordPress latest version and SMO/SEO requirements.
Some of its feature includes:

  • 600+ More options for fonts with Google Font integrated.
  • Lots of shortcodes available.
  • Better Responsive.
  • Opacity changing options.


C. SKT Full Width Pro


The next architects, draftsmen or engineers WordPress theme with awesome and extensive features and functionalities is SKT Full Width Pro. This theme is ideal for manifestation of any kind of architectural, design, engineering or construction business, corporate, agency, firm or company. SKT Full Width Pro is presented with highly customizable slider background with transition, timings, interval and other controllable options available, lots of Google fonts and social icons integration, ability to add 15 or more homepage slides, widgetized footer area and easy to manage theme sections and easy to change features and elements.
Some of its feature includes:

  • Change slider transition, timings, interval etc.
  • Change font size anywhere on the site
  • Easily change font color anywhere on the site
  • PRO has ability to add 15 or more slides on homepage


D. Photo World Pro


Photo World Pro is another visually captivating, adaptable and professional WordPress theme for architects, draftsmen, engineers and photographers to cover a modern, flexible and popular construction, architecture, engineering, builder, industry, design or photo related website. Photo World Pro with nice and lively slider on the top of the homepage and image thumbnails below to showcase the best practices and production of you activity, widgetized sidebar and footer area, diverse social media icons and standard pages and easy to use and edit theme options and features works perfectly on all devices and with diverse popular plugins.
Some of its feature includes:

  • Completely widget friendly with footer, sidebar all elements in control
  • Additional dual sidebar layout available
  • Better Support via support forum, email, Skype
  • Photo Album feature available


E. Fix It


Fix It can also serve as a solid foundation for any kind of architecture, engineering and construction, draftsman or handyman – centric website presentation. This theme combines functionality with easiness in usage and includes all the necessary theme sections, areas, options and elements to provide a super and convenient layout for both website owner and visitor. This responsive theme comes with default homepage slider with animations, timing control and other features, about us, services, gallery, blog, contact us and other useful and applicable sections and areas to furnish all the requisite information and details, lots of Google fonts and icons and shows great functionality with Nextgen Gallery, WooCommerce, Contact Form 7 and the latest version of WordPress.
Some of its feature includes:

  • Filterable gallery and contact us form with captcha
  • Services section with nice icons used
  • About us with team members info as well
  • Proper documentation and full support


F. Furnish


In case you are looking for quality, comfort and confidence, here is Furnish for you with its suitable disposition of theme sections and all-inclusive package of powerful theme options to create your unique and successful website. This fully responsive and cross device and browser compatible architects and engineers theme is packed with nice default slider, which can be replaced by another one, diverse controls in the slider, lots of icons, Google fonts and shortcodes availability, up to 4 level dropdown navigation support and is highly optimized for functioning with diverse useful plugins.
Some of its feature includes:

  • Lots of sections and pre loaded contents like team, testimonials, and other content blocks make it easy to replicate content in inner pages
  • Easy to use gallery to showcase work done by the designers and decorators
  • Default slider which can be even changed in case one likes to use their own slider
  • Pause time and animation control given in the slider


G. SKT White Pro


SKT White Pro is one more eye-catching and functionally saturated WordPress theme, ready to meet all the requirements and claims, put forward by any construction, architecture, engineering or other related websites,. This responsive, adaptable and full color changing theme is loaded with default parallax slider with the availability of adding up to 10 images, diverse shortcodes like pricing table, default contact form, team, testimonials etc., lots of social icons and fonts integration, standard pages and compatibility with WooCommerce, Contact Form 7 and WordPress latest version.
Some of its feature includes:

  • Animated sections management easily using shortcodes
  • Full social media integration including at least 50+ social media icons
  • Retina and HD ready theme
  • Faster support using our support forum


H. SKT Black Pro


And the last WordPress theme, which is worth attention for being especially suitable for architects, draftsmen, engineers and designers, is SKT Black Pro. This responsive, flexible and user friendly theme with awesome design and relevant and easy to use and manage theme features and options consists of beautiful slider with diverse controls and the possibility to add up to 15 images, buttons, images, and content areas loaded with CSS3 animations for better look, lots of shortcodes, 5+ page templates, standard pages and corresponds to WooCommerce, WordPress latest version and SEO standards and requirements.
Some of its feature includes:

  • Slider interval, timing, slider text can be changed and one can add upto 15 images in the slider.
  • Buttons, images, and content areas loaded with css3 animations which make it look better.
  • Color changing theme. So if Black is not what you want you can change color to whatever needed.
  • Easy to use theme options with color, font, text color and background change.


What are the Best Membership Plugins of WordPress and Their Use for Your Site


Membership Plugins of WordPress have been discussed in this article for people to add membership system to their websites.

It’s quite realistic to build a membership website for your online store, other business manifestation, club or centre, live seminars and meetings, private groups or any kind of fellowship-related activities with all its necessary options and features to make subscription plan, renewal period, login, registration or purchase forms inclusion, diverse membership programs, group events, meetings and challenges and other required elements.

Once you have made your mind up to run a successful and profitable membership website bringing sufficient incomes, a major step in your website building plan should be finding an appropriate and powerful membership plugins for adding extra abilities and potentiality to your online platform.

Manifold WordPress membership plugins are introduced in the relevant market, and all you have to do is to carry out a thorough survey of the proposed fellowship plugins and chose the best one fitting your demands and claims and supporting you to surmount certain difficulties appearing on your way to creating the needed membership site. We’ve handpicked the best membership plugins of WordPress and tried to highlight their most outstanding features, which can surely be a great maintenance to you. All of them share the most applicable and preferential features and elements and stand out for providing the target website with more functionality and configuration options, at the same time meeting the modern standards and requirements put forward by today’s diverse technological mobiles, tablets, laptops and other technological products.

1. Paid Membership Pro:

Paid Membership Pro is among the best WordPress membership plugins proposed for free, being fully GPL and provides you with ultimate freedom to make the use of this wonderful plugin. It serves as a stable layout, letting you set up as many membership levels with different subscriptions, as are required, define their relationship with users and orders, lock down and manage certain content based on a membership group or level in correspondence to your business policy or marketing strategy. There are also lots of plugin options and filter available for changing the initial behavior and operation of this plugin. It’s under your control to hook Paid Membership Pro to Paypal, Stripe,, Braintree, 2Checkout, and Cybersource payment systems and services and create pages for signing up and logging in the site. This practical plugin is very easy in usage and you’ll be able to quickly configure membership levels, present diverse trial periods or setup any pricing models.

2. Membership 2:

Membership 2 has been another highly extensible, resourceful and totally configurable plugin, checked and exercised by hundreds of people and communities so far. This user and customer friendly plugin is a proud successor of Membership plugin, being its renewed and more functional version and comes with a simple structure to make the most of it, having super flexible membership management system with access to content, videos, downloads, membership forums, support and much more. Irrespective of the fact, whether you want to develop and manage a small blog or content rich website with favored access to premium content, create multi-level fellowship system, or engage in e-commerce activities to run your successful shop or make any other topic-specific solution, here is Membership 2 for you with its reliable layout, including fast and intuitive installation, four basic membership types to make selection from: Standard Membership, Dripped Content Membership, Guest Membership, Default Membership, PayPal, Stripe, integration and other advanced plugin features included.

3. Simple membership:

The next WordPress membership plugin, which is worth taking notice of, is simple and clear, yet dynamic and versatile Simple membership. This product inclusion into your website can serve as an important and priceless tool to transfer your ordinary and average site into a significant and effective membership platform, on the basis of which you can gradually develop and flourish your business of any shape and size. By choosing this adaptive plugin, you’ll have the privilege to restrict the website visitors’ access to your target content, including courses, classes, images, videos, tutorials or whatever it is, so that only members will have an opportunity to reach to it after logging into the relevant website system. Create multiple membership levels (free, silver, gold, etc.) to secure your content, pages or posts, set free and paid membership forms, one-time payment or recurring payment options and view all website members and their account status.

4. S2Member:

S2Member with its well-developed and well-supported membership management framework comes to help you in creating and launching your membership website for community interaction and cooperation within limited time frame and will not cause any difficulties and obstacles for you during its setup and further operational process. This plugin allows you to create different membership levels and specify parts of your website, which the members of diverse proposed membership levels may have access to and enter. It also suggests overall easy to customize structure to undertake modifications of certain levels, inclusion of Paypal button, content restriction possibilities, customizable email templates, member profile edition options, manual account opening availability and other practical plugin features.

5. WP-Members:

The last ideal instrument at one’s full disposal and command to raise his hobby or leisure activity into a profitable business is WP-Members of WordPress. This easily configurable and highly reliable WordPress plugin grants you with easy installation and setup, quick and easy changes to expand your website potential, flexible and convenient membership subscription options, giving access to one or more membership levels, one-off or automatic subscription payments, protection of any content inserted into your online platform from non-members and making it available for only certain levels of members, easy to utilize shortcodes integration to limit specific parts of the content, option to hide the content entirely from certain dishonest members, admin notification in case of new user registrations and this is not the whole list of available features of this strong and polished plugin. It’s also up to you to create simple or rather complicated registration forms to collect all the required information and details about your members and users.

Top 10 Free Clean WordPress Themes for cleaner websites


In the diversity of today’s free clean WordPress themes at our disposal each of us is able to look for and find the most appropriate theme for the target aims and purposes.

Some website owners and users are fond of bright, comprehensive and saturated free clean WordPress themes, while others prefer cleaner and lighter ones.

If we try to go into the details of lightweight and free clean WordPress themes, it will become quite obvious, that those themes not only possess the same functionality and durability, as more saturated themes, but also propose diverse unique features, which are a great help to the user to easily customize his website with clicks.

One of the remarkable privileges of the free clean WordPress themes is that they grant its users with more space and suggest diverse possibilities and solutions to create and customize their online presentation thanks to their compact and light structure.

As there is a good reason to believe, that there is a huge army of light and free clean WordPress theme enthusiasts, we’ll try to act as a guideline for them in the business of choosing a relevant theme for you. Let’s have a closer look on the list of top 10 free clean WordPress themes picked up by us and surely everyone will find here what will suit his purposes perfectly!

a. SKT Girlie Lite


The first in our list is SKT Girlie Lite from category of free clean WordPress themes. This nicely designed girly theme suggests an easy to use platform, on which any feminine-related personal or corporate business of any kind, nature and description can be bestly presented. This gentle and clean WordPress theme comes with overall white space, featured slider on the homepage with 5 slides to highlight noteworthy images on your website. SKT Girlie lite is praised for its easiness in usage, at the same time putting forward a set of all-inclusive features and options and shows compatibility with WooCommerce, Nextgen gallery, qTranslate X and the latest versions of WordPress.
Some of its feature includes:

  • Checked and passed Google mobile friendly test
  • Use of a single Google font which looks good for girls
  • Default slider consists of 5 slides
  • Link color change capability added


b. SKT White


Another simple and one of the free clean WordPress themes, which is worth attention, is SKT White. This popular and reliable theme offers all the required conditions and solutions for any type of website creation and management. This responsive theme with its classical interface, default parallax slider on the top, different useful sections on the homepage, default page templates and other features can be managed and customized accordingly.  Popular plugins like WooCommerce, and Contact Form 7 can successfully operate with SKT White when needed. The theme also suggests perfect dropdown navigation with up to 5 slides, social media integration and compatibility with WordPress latest version.
Some of its feature includes:

  • Fully responsive with 5 slides ability on the top
  • Looks good on any device
  • Supports dropdown navigation levels upto 5
  • Full social media integration including at least 30+ social media icons


c. Naturo Lite


Here is Naturo Lite with its clean, minimal and simple nature. This attractive and beautifully designed free WordPress theme includes a whole package of effective and useful features and tools, which can be optimally utilized to achieve the set goals in relation to your website. One of the advantages of Naturo Lite is its responsive design, which means, that this theme will perfectly respond and adapt to diverse optimized screen sizes when used on different devices. This SEO, SMO and Google mobile friendly theme also consists of easy to set up slider supporting up to 5 slides, editable links color and other homepage settings and supports functionality with WooCommerce, qTranslate X and the latest version of WordPress. Hence is included in this category of free clean WordPress themes.
Some of its feature includes:

  • Compatibility with Nextgen gallery for photographers
  • This theme is responsive and looks good on all devices
  • Is SEO friendly and SMO friendly
  • Easy to set up and use


d. SKT Towing:


The next responsive free clean WordPress theme, which provides great user experience due to its utmost functionality, is SKT Towing. This responsive theme includes all the requirements, which can be set towards any automotive or towering centric websites. SKT Towing appears with light and clean interface, widgetizes sidebar, link color change and complete documentation availability and is praisef for its compatibility with different gallery plugins, contact forms, any fonts plugins, multilinguall plugins, SEO plugins, WooCommerce and WordPress latest version.
Some of its feature includes:

  • Compatible with multilingual plugins like WPML, Polylang and qTranslate X
  • Compatible with Any fonts plugins
  • Compatible with various gallery plugins like Nextgen Gallery
  • Compatible with various contact forms like Contact form 7


e. Healing Touch Lite
medicine WordPress theme


Another minimalistic and one of the free clean responsive WordPress themes is Healing Touch Lite. As the name of this theme itself suggests, Healing Touch Lite is Medical WordPress theme, designed for showcasing medical, hospital or pharmacy website, medical centre presentation or any other related purpose. It’s good looking, simple to customize structure comes with up to 5 level drop downs, standard pages, is coded with HTML5 & CSS3 and shows full responsiveness.
Some of its feature includes:

  • Google mobile friendly
  • SEO friendly
  • Integrated with few popular social icons
  • Supports drop downs upto level 5


f. Kraft Lite


Kraft Lite is also among the simple and free clean WordPress themes. This responsive and adaptable theme can be a preferable online tool for demonstration of any kind of website. Kraft Lite includes different sections on the homepage, like home, about us, blog, portfolio, etc., up to 5 level drop downs, social media integration, standard pages and goes well with WooCommerce and different devices. The theme is also SEO friendly and easy and fast loading.
Some of its feature includes:

  • Google mobile friendly theme
  • Super fast loading WordPress theme
  • Slider with upto 5 slides working
  • Comes with complete documentation


g. SKT Design Agency


Here is another weel-designed and free clean WordPress themes, which is popular among the individual designers and design agencies and proves to be a reliable theme, on which multifuntional and visually appealing personal or corporate website can be built. SKT Design Agency with its easy to customize homepage and menu, widgetized sidebar, dropdown levels and complete documentation is a full responsive theme, showcasing great functionality with all types of devices and major plugins.
Some of its feature includes:

  • GPL compliant no copyright issues
  • Sidebar widgetized
  • Extend functionality by adding shortcodes plugin
  • Documentation complete and available


h. IT Consultant Lite


Today’s technologically saturated reality suggests the presence of reliable and effective virtual solution for diverse online presentation of this or that nature. IT Consultant Lite seems to be one of the best solutions of that kind. This free clean and lightweight, yet functional and responsive free clean WordPress theme can be used to cover any IT consulting and networking websites. IT Consultant Lite comes with WordPress customizer, default nivo slider, standard pages, social media icons and supports Google mobile and WordPress latest version.
Some of its feature includes:

  • Google mobile friendly passed theme
  • Integrated with social media
  • Comes with a default nivo slider
  • Compatible with latest version of WordPress


I. Bizness Lite


Bizness Lite is one more free clean and multipurpose business theme to cover any business related topics on your website. This Google mobile and SEO friendly theme goes with widgetized sidebar and default slider to showcase the core points of the relevant business, easily customizable homepage with diverse relevant sections, 5 pages selection availability on the homepage, standard pages and functions well with the latest version of WordPress.
Some of its feature includes:

  • Set up of homepage super easy
  • Theme options very easy to use require no html coding
  • Set up of homepage sections also very easy
  • Multipurpose business use theme


J. SKT Corp


Let us introduce also SKT Corp- another multipurpose corporate free clean WordPress theme with all the needed functionalities to make the presentation of any kind of business and corporate activity. This professional theme with dominant white and green colors grants 5 slides availability, where both image and text can be included. There are different applicable sections on the homepage and Sidebar, Full Width and Blog templates in the inner pages. SKT Corp suggests compatibility with popular plugins, including WooCommerce and latest WordPress plugins.
Some of its feature includes:

  • Home page easy to set up and use with the help of sections
  • Blog and other page templates also available
  • Multi-level dropdown available
  • Standard pages like 404 and search


Some of the best and free gallery and portfolio plugins in WordPress to showcase your work


Free Gallery and Portfolio WordPress plugins are discussed to beautify your website with them

Whereas your self-hosted WordPress theme may appear with inbuilt gallery and its relevant features at your disposition, it cannot incorporate super functionality and cannot provide awesome visual appearance for your website visitor without adding auxiliary functions.

Here come diverse popular and preferable WordPress gallery and portfolio plugins to showcase your website and its content in the brightest and most appealing way by virtue of their manifold unique features and characteristics.

They will add extra charm to your website of any kind and specification and extend it beyond the basics. Moreover, some of them can be acquired completely free, saving your money, but offering a competitive product.

Let us have a look at some of the best and free gallery and portfolio plugins in WordPress, thus supporting you in your bewildering undertaking of finding, installing and activating the best one suiting your and your website requirements and needs.

1. Huge IT Image Gallery

Let us start with WordPress Huge IT Image Gallery, which seems to be an ideal solution for creating and demonstrating diverse galleries with 7 fabulous and nicely designed views. This credible plugin stands out for its respectable package of high quality features and possibilities, significantly promoting you in the process of establishing the final look and functionality of your website, creating various slides, lightboxes, etc. Some exclusive and applicable features of this outstanding WordPress product include its complete responsiveness, adding title and description to images for more comprehensive demonstration of your portfolio, show all, load more and pagination to choose whether you want to showcase the whole content or part of it, or divide the available volume of content into several pages, drag and drop option to change gallery order and many other features.

2. Huge IT Video Gallery

The next plugin ready to satisfy any taste is Huge IT Video Gallery. It allows you to create and showcase a unique video gallery, attracting your website visitors in the best way. Just as the previously described plugin, this one also incorporates 7 diverse views within it, so that everyone can look for and find the most desirable one, meeting his objectives and preferences.
This plugin also scores an advantage thanks to its absolute and flawless responsiveness and compatibility with every single size of screen resolutions and dimensions, as well as for the possibilities to create unlimited video galleries, to add a URL to each video, to add title and description to each video, to make video galleries from Youtube and Vimeo videos and many more general, lightbox and other options within this professional plugin.

3. Robo Gallery

In case you are looking for easy to use and simple, yet adaptable and entirely customizable plugin to create your website stunning interface and provide its great functionality, here is free Robo Gallery as your helping hand within the whole process of your website development and access. Create a gallery to adapt itself to different mobile and device screen sizes, upload bundle of images at once, make the use of up to 15 different hover effects at your customization, make selection among 7 beautiful gallery view styles to match the overall design and look of your website, edit and change the gallery colours, share your relevant images and portfolio on different popular social networks, add borders and shadows to your gallery and exercise other available solutions for reaching superb final product.

4. Gallery Master

Gallery Mater appears with feature-rich and multifunctional structure to serve as one of the most convenient tools at your command to upload, add, delete, customize and fulfil other related functions easily and without sinking into the depths of compound and intricate programming coding. This free plugin suggests full gallery management system, ensuring also exceptional and effective view irrespective of the device or mobile used, comes with a bunch of fitting and reachable plugin options and elements, among them the availability to create up to 3 galleries with as many images and photos as you wish, viewing the images and pictures as a full size slide show, resize the thumbnails of photo cover and other images, easy to access AJAX admin inclusion and not only.

5. Photonic

Photonic occupies one of the leading positions in the list of the most functional and all-inclusive image and portfolio WordPress plugins, which breaks the limitations set by other ones and supports Flickr, Smugmug, Zenfolio, Picasa, Instagram and 500px photos and images. This advanced plugin is particularly suitable for photography bloggers, photographers, photo lovers and other photo enthusiasts. By installing and running this product for free, you will be able to create your own shortcode for Photonic images and galleries and let this plugin function together with another relevant gallery plugin.  Swipebox, Fancybox, Colorbox, PrettyPhoto and Thickbox lightboxes are smoothly supported by Photonic plugin for easy mobile touch and keyboard navigation, fancy transitions, etc. Photonic also grants you with a range of different thumbnail display resolutions, including its size and look, as well as other tools for slide transition speed control, etc.

6. Photo Gallery by Webdorado

Easy adaptable and controllable, entirely resourceful and smart free Photo Gallery, designed and crafted by Webdorado, is loaded with extra functionality and fully responsive design and layout, easy to access plugin tools, elements, features and controls, including, but not limited to plugin for adding diverse galleries and albums to relevant pages and post, descriptions, title and tags to each image, e-commerce-readiness to run any kind of commercial business and online store and have full management and control over it all the time, insert pricelists of the products showcased in the gallery or portfolio and assure connection with payment systems.

7. NextGen Gallery

The last image, gallery and portfolio plugin in WordPress, which is accessible for free, but which is worth our attention and review, is NextGen Gallery. It is one of the most frequently used gallery plugins, which behaves itself along user’s expectations and continues to gain perfect user experience. This highly versatile, advanced and responsive plugin can be a stunning platform for your online image and gallery presentation. NextGen Gallery with its 2 display forms, as well as compact and extended album styles, renders indefinite customization and control possibilities across your website in relation to style, size, transitions and lightbox management.

Social Commenting Plugins We Can Get for Our WordPress Based Website


Social Commenting Plugins of WordPress have been discussed in this article for your perusal

Social media networking websites have long become an integral part of our everyday life and have occupied almost any kind of any event manifestation.

As a result, social media turns out to represent a powerful marketing opportunity and is considered to be one of the most dynamic steps in every online undertaking at present for achieving any individual or business goal in the digital world.

Subsequently, an attempt is made to produce user-generated content on the one hand, and configure the relevant online framework so that it provides a high level of respondents in the face of the potential website visitors, users and clients.

For the last mentioned purpose there are plenty of tools and extensions you can rely on to increase your website audience and traffic with the help of social media integration. Among such convenient and fitting tools are social media commenting plugins, enabling people to express themselves through comments. They are ready to provide exceptional compatibility with any WordPress developed website or blog, are very lightweight and adaptable, being easy in usage and management and put forward lots of customization controls over your online activity. Below are tracked down 6 of such useful commenting plugins.

1. Heateor Comments:

The first social commenting plugin in our list, which deserves special attention and review, is Heateor Comments, providing social media commenting functionality on our WordPress website. It is based on the popular commenting engines, including Facebook Comments, Google Plus Comments, Disqus Comments and default WordPress commenting system and comes with stunningly user friendly template, tabbed and stacked interfaces to choose among, full control over commenting system and its rearrangement whenever needed, showing or hiding social comment counts, enabling commenting on custom post types, customization of commenting interface, including language, width, ect, no registration required for using this plugin, complete documentation, demo version and strong support coming along this awesome product, which is accessible entirely for free.

2. Jetpack Comments:

Jetpack Comments will make our WordPress community based website socially smarter and accessible for millions of people worldwide, letting them make and leave their comments in diverse possible ways. Jetpack is built on powerful and flexible foundation and features a bunch of fitting statistics and analytics tools for the website total control and advancement calculation, promotion of automatic content, related posts display, daily visitors counting, security measures for website reliable protection from certain attacks and harms, plugin automatic updates, lots of management tools and elements for customizing plugins, menus, posts and views, automatic optimization of images, Custom CSS editing, Contact Forms and comments, as well as customizable widgets inclusion, notification and subscription options, galleries, carousels and many other handy features. Jetpack Comments is available also in premium version with upgrade options.

3. Comments Evolved:

The next ideal selection that we can get for our website of WordPress production is Comments Evolved. It appears as an advanced version of former Google + Comments. This intuitive and professionally crafted commenting tool will unlock your website’s full potential in relation to becoming a social media integrated foundation, thus becoming more attractive and suitable for a wide range of people and resulting in their flexible user experience. This simple, yet functional social commenting plugin provides integration with Facebook, Disqus, Google +, comments and separates comment threads by login type, displaying each commenting account in its tab. You may not have any concern for any negative influence that this plugin installation can have on your website or its SEO optimization as there are none of them at all.

4. Disqus:

Disqus is the next top rated and strongly recommended community oriented social commenting management plugin suitable for any WordPress authored website. This multifunctional and highly intuitive social comment plugin incorporates everything we need for advancing the functionality of our website to be socially reachable, allowing comprehensive social comments and subscription options for comments via Disqus commenting system. This plugin includes a handpicked package of dynamic and stable features, options and plugin controls, among them stable Disqus API basis, SEO directed comments available, import of existing comments, backup of comments, notifications and reply via e-mail, inbuilt spam, malware filters, blacklist available, lots of other customization and moderation tools at one’s total command to undertake certain modifications for better social experience, as well as help documentation and professional team support in case you are faced with some discrepancy.

5. LiveFyre 3:

LiveFyre Comments 3 deems to be one more simple and lightweight, intuitive and smart, convenient and reliable perspective for our self-hosted WordPress websites, locating all the conversations across different web areas into our website, that is to say all the comments will be automatically transferred to Comments 3 and the relevant website visitors or readers will be operating with the same widget across the website. This handily developed theme, bringing together real time commenting, mightily customization options, configuration elements and flexible and easy to use layout, is revealed as a perfect tool to build community within our audience by igniting a conversation and encouraging interaction between the readers. The admin panel of LiveFyre Comments 3 is crafted to provide us with more than enough possibilities to have total control and surveillance over every movement and insight of the website and exercise filters by comment, network, as well as user.

6. Facebook Comments:
Facebook Comments brings flawless Facebook comment integration into the WordPress supported website of any kind. Let people use one of the most popular and largest social networking websites to get involved into your online presence in the name of your website and get perfect user or customer experience. It is also under your control to display comment box for any post or page within the WordPress website by using the simple shortcode inclusion. Luckily enough, this commenting plugin has on its basis a really simple and adaptable layout, thus being a user and admin-friendly tool for the plugin easy installation, activation and enjoyment of its super functionality in conjunction with awesome modification and customization options.

Paediatric WordPress Themes for Paediatricians and paediatric websites

This time let’s go through the best paediatric WordPress themes for paediatricians, baby doctors, pediatric dentists and other medical practitioners.

These themes are also specialized in child diseases and child care, as well as nurses, babysitters, child- related news websites, etc.

Health and wellness of babies, toddlers and kids are top – priorities for parents. However, irrespective of their never – ending efforts to keep them always healthy and happy, most of the cases turning to the professional assistance of medical experts is unavoidable.

In addition to what has been mentioned above, medical tests, analyzes, treatments and more which are in a wide usage today heavily differ from those exercised a few decades ago. Hence, apart from the extreme cases and emergences, the paediatrician, child neurologist or another specialist’s involvement into the daily development of your baby is a must.

With more and more parents leaving medical interventions to doctors and specifically paediatric experts, the online presentation of paediatric websites has recorded a great advancement. In this relation, we have “diagnosed” and collected the most practical paediatric WordPress themes for paediatricians and other relevant specialists to make the most of their digital profiles. Choose any of them and make your website stand out just as your practice does.

1. Perfect Medical:


Perfect Medical clearly understands the specific needs of medical and health – related industry. It means that the paediatrician sector will also benefit from this product which is one of the most practical paediatric WordPress themes available at present. The search – engine optimized, highly responsive and Google mobile – friendly design of this modern theme will help you boost your rankings through search engine inquiries and will bring more mobile users to your site. Perfect Medical speaks with the most productive digital strategies and knows all the ways leading to near – perfection website. Organize your virtual clinic or department with less stress and workload and insert all the valuable information into the offered parts and sections. Choose the best page template with right sidebar, left or no sidebar. Run your successful blog and keep parents and parents to be hungry for updates.

2. Play School:
education WordPress theme


The next top – rated sample having its place in our list of paediatric WordPress themes for paediatricians and child – related specialists comes launched as Play School. Save your precious time on phone calls, reservations, arrangements and more with your all – inclusive and informative website that never closes its doors. Since the theme is entirely flexible and adaptive, it can wear many different outfits and share the right functionality for kid and child – related websites. Hence, from entertaining and news – style article websites to professional paediatrician consultation and assistance, Play School is never clueless of how to behave. Online learning portals, schools, institutions, preschools and other educational institutions will also be satisfied with this exceptional template. Once you are online with the theme, now it’s high time to proceed with its customization to highlight your profession or identity.

3. Teethy:
teethy WordPress theme


Teethy is dental and medical – based template that seamlessly balances between simplicity in usage and stability in functionality. Whether you are a pediatric dentist or another medical practitioner for children, Teethy can be one of the wisest investments you will ever make in your future success and for better deliverables. It is delivered as a fully – packed suite of client and parent engagement tools to bring all the relevant information and news, images and photos together. Moreover, Teethy makes the whole process of theme purchase, installation and management clutter and worry – free. There are unlimited possibilities and elements waiting for your instructions to shine. Some of them are page builder compatibility, homepage slider with specific controls of how to showcase images on it, shortcodes- based nature and plugin support.

4. Spirited Pro:
corporate WordPress theme


Creative and clean, Spirited Pro is also one of our favorites when we speak about paediatric WordPress themes for paediatricians, child care experts, nurses, babysitters, kid online stores and other websites. It’s an elegant and stylish, yet serious and clean – looking template for streamlined content and pixel – perfect visualization. It is powered by HTML5 controls and CSS3 scripting contributing to the responsive and cross mobile compliant character of the theme. It is projected and launched with a sensitive approach to every single detail of the theme’s look and feel with endless options and features integrated. Shortcodes ultimate plugin can be added to the theme for having access to more than 100 useful pieces of codes for accordions, tabs, buttons, gallery and much more.

5. Simple:
simple WordPress theme


In case you are looking for a simpler and affordable version to get started, look no further than Simple. Simplicity and subtle design are what make this template leave lots of other templates behind. However, these touches never economize of the powerful inner capacity of the theme. If you think that you cannot hack success when working on a tight budget, Simple will convince you otherwise. You are going to pay almost next to nothing for this premium – quality template and enjoy boundless capacities. There areas are accurately deployed content zones and areas on the homepage accompanied by a full – width slider. The latter is foreseen to host motivating photos of smiling children and satisfied parents, reliable paediatricians and other medical experts. Minimalistic design and color palette, as well as e – commerce platform and plugin compatibility for extended performance are also obtainable with Simple.

6. Babysitter:


Babysitter is another destination among paediatric WordPress themes for paediatricians, child care specialists, nurses and babysitters to exert minimum efforts for the highest achievements online. Your website based on this safe and secure template will be more than your online leaflet. It will be a customized, results – driven and compact solution to many issues. The range may include responsiveness of the theme for boosted traffic, search engine optimization for better visibility, as well as social media integration for more popularity and social proof. The theme’s arsenal comes equipped with fonts and icons, shortcodes and homepage slider with manageable controls. You can play with as many as 12 transition effects of the slider to reach the impeccable demonstration of your slides.

Pink WordPress Themes for pink coloured websites

The color of any website theme plays an important role. Every color has certain implications from the business point of view.

Different brands use different colors for their logo and website design to make people understand instantly what their business is about. For example, pink is a common color for brands and websites related to women like lifestyle, fashion, wedding and likewise.

It is best to design websites for such businesses with inherent pink WordPress themes to have the best outlook.

Inherent pink WordPress themes are tailor-made with relevant components and widgets that are going to be useful for your desired website design.

Here are some of the best pink WordPress themes you need to go through to select the perfect pink color theme for your website.

1. Nuptials


Nuptials is a perfect pink theme for creating personal wedding sites, offering wedding services like photography, selling wedding accessories and items. The theme is responsive and looks great on all devices. You can put up wedding albums with amazing photo galleries and lightboxes. It comes with many shortcodes for creatively design your website as per your requirement with advanced designing elements. There are important pages like About Us where you can have your family members, Blog for writing your heart out and share special moments with your readers, Events for announcing special occasions and invite people to attend as well as other necessary pages like Contact Us.

The home page comes with a full-width animated slider to showcase your best photos with punch lines. It comes with more than 600 Google fonts and hence, you can get all the decorative and ornamental fonts to beautify your website further.

2. Girlie
girly WordPress theme


Pink WordPress themes go perfectly with websites related to girls and women. Girlie is an outstanding theme for designing any feminine website. It is responsive and appears equally awesome on all browsers and devices. It has passed Google mobile-friendly test successfully and hence, it is best from SEO perspective. It is a feature-rich theme with options for changing color, fonts, size, managing contact section and integrating social media pages seamlessly. Amazing shortcodes are provided for powerful features like call-to-action buttons, info boxes, and testimonial or featured post sliders.

Coming to its applications, it is best for designing blogs such health, recipes, travel, or even personal website for girls. One can also use it as a business website for selling products and services that have girls as targeted audiences. It is WooCommerce compatible, and various other popular plugins for online shopping and eCommerce can be integrated effortlessly. The homepage has various graphical triggers with animations to make it eye-catching and addictive.

3. CutsNStyle Pro
responsive hair salon WordPress theme


CutsNut Pro is one of the most attractive pink WordPress themes of them all. It is best for creating an online store exclusively for women. It is fully responsive with cross browser compatibility and multilingual support. The slider comes with 12 different animation effects to add variety and shortcodes will help you to add elegant content on any page effortlessly.

It has relevant designs for blog section and other important pages. The theme is compatible with WooCommerce for direct monetary transactions and Nextgen gallery for advance portfolio showcasing. There are multiple widgets available for showcasing different offers and deals to drive sale figures.

4. SKT Landing Page
landing page WordPress theme


SKT Landing Page is a one-page deep pink WordPress theme. It is a multipurpose landing page theme which can be used as showcasing website for apps, products, services or any general business for that matter. Just like other pink WordPress themes, it has minimalist design style and very light weight for fast loading speed. The design of the website is according to the modern trend, and hence, only flat icons and buttons are inserted in relevant places.
It offers as many as 6 sliders to meet your demands, and it is compatible with WooCommerce for the online sale of products and services directly through the website. It is SEO-friendly, translation ready for global customers, compatible with page builder, email subscription plugins, pricing table plugins, and offers dynamic widgets for versatility. It is one of the complete pink WordPress themes with all the features for a perfect business website.

5. Charm
WordPress blog theme


Charm is one of the best pink WordPress themes for creating a blog for women. It is fully responsive and layouts are perfect for creating a world-class blog. It provides all the different types of blog commenting facilities and widgets. You can add new layouts and pages with its page builder. It comes with several widgets which are important for a blogger to make more revenue. One can feature some sponsor articles, offers services by showcasing a portfolio and even use WooCommerce for direct transactions.

6. Fashion Trends


Fashion Trends is the most elegant among all other pink WordPress themes that are dedicated to fashion and lifestyle blog or store. It is retina ready for small to extra-large screen devices. It comes with a customizer tool to modify the layout as per your need. Live preview of the changes can be seen to design everything perfectly. It is flat according to modern trend and SEO-friendly to rank you higher on search engines. Mega Menu, page builder and WooCommerce compatibility, amazing gallery options, exclusive blogging section, animations and unique shortcodes are some of its unique features that will dazzle the customers. It also has an event calendar, Google plugins, comment plugins, forum section, multilingual and translation support and a great collection of flat icons.

7. Bakery
bakery WordPress theme


It is a deep pink and brown combination WordPress theme. It can be used as an online store to sell food products or even as a blogging for sharing recipes. It is fully responsive in all browsers and devices. The sliders are awesome and you can change colors, fonts, icons to personalize them. There are separate sections for team, service, blog, testimonial, and other necessary pages.

8. SKT Newspaper Pro
newspaper WordPress theme


This is one of the most popular pink WordPress themes for blogging. The default color is customizable. The homepage can accommodate all the different categories of articles with grid view. With the slider, you can show featured or sponsored posts. 4 different types of homepages are possible. There are several sidebars for keeping your audiences engaged and generate more revenue. Galleries are stunning and WooCommerce can be integrated easily. It can be used for personal as well as commercial blogging. It is completely SEO-friendly and has multilingual and translation support.

These are the best pink WordPress themes you can ever get to design your dream website and achieve personal and professional goals. You can check the demo for each theme and get an overall idea and thereafter, buy out the theme to use it for the lifetime. They are sure to make your website stand out with their eye-catching design, superfast functionalities, and user-friendliness.

Pharmacy and Medical Store WordPress themes for medicine and drug websites


WordPress content creation and management ecosystem has been around for a while and recorded a significant progress in all the facets of the worldwide digital area by tracking every single aspect of it.

The same fact is inevitably true especially for medical world and all its branches, be it a pharmacy, medical store, clinic or hospital website, some medical expert website, dentist online presence or anything else, since it is of immense importance to have a strong and mutually beneficial connection with an audience seeking medical help.

This being so, the WordPress – authored specialists have done their best to create pharmacy and medical store WordPress themes with physician and healthcare – based nature to be the most dynamic and dependable tools for the medical field presentation online.

Keep reading this article and you’ll find a search – based collection of the above – mentioned pharmacy and medical store WordPress themes.

These themes can turn any relevant website into a strong and popular digital home ranking high on the search engines and bringing thousands of people actively seeking medical information online. All you need to do is to select one of them and customize the inbuilt structure and visual appearance of it to personalize your own medical store and business, the rest will your theme do itself.

1. SKT Medical Pro:
medical WordPress theme


SKT Medical Pro is convincing evidence that running a dependable online presence of any pharmacy, medical store or center can be unimaginably productive, yet easy to start and organize. It is a powerful and sophisticated, well-crafted and seriously developed, smart and intuitive, visually clean and polished, easy to use and follow WordPress compatible tool ready to cover any relevant medical or pharmaceutical information and let it be accessible for all the PC, mobile and tablet users from every corner of the world in the most informative and easy navigable way. The theme is based on a strong coding and styling, as well as is packed with all the essential theme controls and elements.

2. SKT Dual:


SKT Dual is a multiconcept and general purpose, user and customer – driven, inherently flexible and adaptive, fast loading and customization – optimized, visually strong and alluring, functionally resourceful and resilient template well suited for medicine and drug websites. Based on a total responsive and cross mobile compatible, e-commerce ready and SEO – optimized nature, this theme can be easily transformed into any store or online pharmacy with all the relevant content precisely categorized and showcased in the theme sections and areas, so that your website visitors can easily find whatever is needed and act upon that information.

3. Handy:
doctor WordPress theme


Furnished with exceptional external design and smart functionality, easy to use and understand interface and perfect inner operation ready to adjust itself across the suggested mobiles, devices and their default dimensions without undergoing any negative visual or functional change, Handy comes with safe and sound framework to deal with any kind of medical or pharmacy content creation and its promotion in the virtual reality. This pharmacy and medical store WordPress theme seems to be a truly amazing way of directing all the current and potential patients to your medical practice website or online store for credible and trustworthy information they need.

4. Bony:
chiropractor WordPress theme


Bony is another convenient WordPress – based pharmacy and medical store website establishment and management instrument which comes integrated with all the features and options which readily conform to the contemporary high standards of the modern digital environment. This conceptually well – thought out and aesthetically pliable, consistently impressive and clean, highly versatile and 100% responsive medical, pharmacy, doctor, chiropractor and healthcare template has been launched with a clear cut intention to boost any medical – directed content to another level of popularity and patient engagement in it.

5. Toothy:
dentist WordPress theme


If you are a pharmacist or dentist, experienced doctor or medical expert concerned not only with the future profitability of the business, but also with the patient satisfaction and perfect website experience, here is Toothy at your disposal that is smart and flexible enough to be transformed and personalized to make your company, store, pharmacy or dental clinic stand out with its professionalism and patient – centric marketing techniques. This widget – friendly and multilingual ready, inherently responsive and mobile usage – optimized medicine and drug WordPress theme has been built to generate commercial – ready structure and perfect functionality with WooCommerce plugin for running an online medical store.

6. Healing Touch:
medicine WordPress theme


Healing Touch is a flawless combination of visually cutting edge, yet simple and clean design, which is the best styling for any medical, pharmacy or healthcare websites, all –inclusive theme package of diverse customization and management options, that can be easily executed from the backend of the website and provide the website visitor with stunning and highly functional website navigation and overall performance to enjoy. All the compulsory qualities for the current market, be it a responsiveness, user and developer – friendliness, plugin compatibility or mobile – friendliness are all strictly followed as well.

7. Fitt:
weight loss WordPress theme


Fitt with its wonderfully well – structured and prominently advanced framework has all the potential to provide both neat and accurate look of your medical store or pharmacy and perfect browsing and navigation experience for every single website user looking for some help for their medical problems. The overall structure and interface of the theme is pretty easy to use and understand, manage and customize as per your needs and objectives, as well as features all great stability and high – standard performance no matter what customization actions are being planned and executed for better online results and rankings.

8. Teethy:
teethy WordPress theme


Powered to convey the feeling of comfort and convenience, simplicity and easiness, smartness and intuitiveness in all its manifestations, Teethy is another top – rated pharmacy and medical WordPress theme checked for its stable and precise operation across all the modem and popular devices, tablets and mobiles. On the whole, this premium – quality template is cost – effective and accessible for larger groups of medicine experts and professionals to access and contribute to the increase of their revenue.

NightClub and DJ-related WordPress themes of this year for clubs and pubs


With the advent of the global digital system and technological innovations a wonderful possibility has been created for all the individuals for providing diverse products, services or any other relevant information to the public at large.

At present, anyone is lucky enough to find an easy to use and follow self – hosted platforms for running any web presence without hiring any developers or designers to stylize it or ensure its functionality to the required extent and letting his business of any kind and nature reach out beyond the local community.

In this article our main focus will be on the nightclub and DJ – related WordPress themes of this year.

To share all the attractive and eye – catching touches of the nightlife and its pleasures, showcase all the captivating moments of them with high resolution images, create and organize events and let the potential clients be aware of them, present programs, shows, dances, available services and products, special offers and discounts and, what is the most important, keep the website not only highly informative, but as catchy and inviting, client – oriented and optimized as it will be possible.

1. Melody:


Melody has long established itself as one of the dynamic, motivational, conceptually innovative and creative, technologically cutting edge and feature – rich while lightweight and smart club, nightclub and pub – friendly WordPress platform, on the basis of which one is able to create a presentable and user – directed online presence and use it as the main communication channel with a target groups of people across the globe. From responsive and mobile optimized layout, compactly arranged theme sections to published all the ongoing and upcoming events, parties, shows, concerts or whatever it is and keep the website visitors up to date, icons and shortcodes inclusion to widget – friendly areas, WooCommerce compatibility making the theme e-commerce and shopping ready, Melody comes loaded with all the compulsory features to make the web pages appealing.

2. SKT Black Pro:
black and dark WordPress theme


SKT Black Pro is generates a perfect foundation combined with exceptionally motivational and engaging design and graphical solutions to be fairly called a highly dynamic and modernly developed nightclub and DJ – related WordPress theme to create bright and lively club pages, which will be easy to find on the global networking system, quick to browse and easy to navigate through. The feature – rich, yet totally flexible and adaptive template is ready to meet all the customization attempts, is well – optimized for resizing itself accordingly to meet any mobile and screen size without any visual distortion or functional defect, as well as is SEO – friendly to drive the website traffic and ensure its consistency.

3. Photo World Pro:
photography WordPress theme


Bright and interactive, multipurpose and multiconcept, comprehensive and tech – savvy, highly versatile and truly professional WordPress authored content creation and maintaining tool to pull any nightclub, bar or pub website up and keep it running in the most effective way and client – oriented way. This premium – quality smart and secure theme masters a bunch of practical theme features, elements and controls, SEO – practiced nature, WooCommerce and Contact Form 7 compatibility for advanced functionality and better results and this is not the whole package of available characteristics coming along Photo World Pro.

4. Complete Pro:
complete WordPress theme


All-inclusiveness and functional saturation, super-fast loading nature and smooth navigation experience, completeness and compact arrangement in every integral part of it, Complete Pro with its multipurpose coding has been checked with its stunning potential to deal absolutely with any kind of heavy content. Hence, this exceptional and highly professional website builder is capable of proudly presenting any nightclub, pub or DJ – based content on a limited budget, yet with the help of limitless customization possibilities to meet your particular needs and guarantee your website functional stability all the time. So what is required from you is to acquire this awesome product, get started with your club website and discover how easy and joyful can the whole process of its management and control.

5. SKT Beach:


SKT Beach is custom – built to be exercised as one of the most suitable and user – optimized way of creating an online presence of any club or entertainment center. By the right combination of all the advantages this nightclub and DJ – related WordPress theme and highly informative and user – centric website content your club or nightclub business will achieve new business partnerships and client relationships at a potentially global level. The authors of SKT Beach have utilized all their professional skills and huge experience to make it truly responsive and perfect for mobile usage, multilingual and commercial ready, SEO – friendly and plugin compatible to make the most out of any web page manifestation online.

6. The Food:
food WordPress theme


In case you are looking for profoundly amazing and colorful, bright and lively template to personalize all the energetic atmosphere of your club or bar, look no further than The Food, based on fast loading and smoothly navigable design, stable and secure performance and adaptability towards any management process. The most exciting thing about this stunning WordPress template is that it will be possible to formulate the unique and creative look of any entertainment event, concert evening or night show of your club without too much time, efforts and financial means spent on it and without any additional help of WordPress or IT experts.

7. The Art:
art WordPress theme


Authored by SKT Themes and created to be of premium quality, The Art perfectly balances between visually and graphically stylish design solutions and thoroughly persistent structural framework to engage the digital generation of today. Thanks to the truly flexible and compact nature of this theme you will be able to transform it easily to satisfy all your business objectives and establish the most perspective online environment armed with the most high –quality content and create buzz around it to be interesting and inviting for all your website users and potential clients, irrespective of their locality, time zone or even the mobile used, since this theme meets also its mobile users’ needs.

SEO and Digital Marketing WordPress themes for SEO companies and their sites


Digital technology parallel with the rapid growth of the online networking system has radically transformed the way we live and work, as well as impacted every single industry and phenomenon we repeatedly refer to.

This results in constantly evolving digital space, where every single company or private entrepreneur spares no efforts to ensure his challenging and competitive online presence to develop and maintain the relevant business or individual operations and client engagement.

Exactly the above – mentioned marketing objectives are in the focus of diverse SEO companies and online marketing experts to help anyone stay current on a new digital area and its products and the way he can considerably benefit from them from a more professional perspective.

In this article we have set our mind to highlight some of the most productive and conceptually convenient SEO and digital marketing WordPress themes.

These themes can be used for all the relevant SEO companies and their websites to be highly reliable places for the target groups of audience, to monitor, manage and participate in their marketing efforts and finally, exercise the most practical SEO approaches towards the integration of new clients into any suggested business presentation online.

1. SKT Dual:


Let is start with one of the most dynamic, powerful and comprehensive, all – inclusive while amazingly flexible towards any structural or visual modification, modern and expressive, interactively stylized and seriously developed SKT Dual template with its focus on easiness in installation and usage, as well as on the customer – oriented smooth and sleek navigation and performance for the best user experience. With this awesome product every SEO or marketing agency will be able to fully reveal itself as a truly dependable online reputation management and contribution tool and offer its high –quality, yet cost- effective services in the most effective form. Responsiveness and Google – mobile friendliness, cross browser – optimization, widget – friendliness and Codex WordPress standards compatibility, WooCommerce – based and multilingual ready nature are all the integral parts of SKT Dual. Hence this theme falls under SEO and digital marketing WordPress themes category.

2. Pet Care:


Multipurpose and multiconcept, technologically pliable and inherently smart, visually and graphically engaging, cleverly and modernly coded and thoroughly worked out, all – inclusive and functionally advanced, Pet Care is another convenient SEO and online marketing content creation and management tool to generate perfect digital experience that combines professional approach, powerful design, new technologies and experienced strategies to boost every target business to a high level of recognition and operation. This one of the easy to use and manage digital marketing WordPress themes comes with all the necessary and primary theme features and options, including a powerful package of diverse customization options to personalize any website accordingly, neatly arranged theme sections to display the company information, its experts, marketing strategies in the most informative way and even showcase the most influential video content on the prebuilt homepage slider.

3. Girlie:
girly WordPress theme


If you are looking for a readily structured and launched product, meeting all the modern standards established by the WordPress community, which, anyway, can undergo all the required changes and amendments to reach out all its business perspectives, Girlie will be considered as an ideal selection for you to provide your digital and SEO –related services in all facets of digital environment. By the right application of this SEO and digital marketing WordPress theme you will have all the potential to build up long lasting partner and customer relationships and maintain high level of website visitors’ retention rates. Use all the advantages loading with this exceptional template, utilize handy theme options, make your content social media integrated, use it for diverse commercial purposes and let all it be accessible for your mobile and device users.

4. SKT Parallax Me Pro:
parallax WordPress theme


Simplicity and adaptability, flexibility and resourcefulness, highly innovative and visually eye –catching design solutions, fast loading and flawless navigation controls are what make SKT Parallax Me Pro as one of the most recommended and advanced templates for all the SEO and marketing specialists. It’s an exceptional platform to use and let all the target customers be aware of how every single element of digital marketing and its successful techniques can better their online presence and speak to their favor in all the possible ways. Responsiveness and cross mobile optimized performance, management and customization possibilities, shortcodes inclusion into the theme, as well as strong and stable HTML5 coding and CSS3 styling of it and other essentials will for sure contribute to any popular digital marketing campaign in the virtual reality. Hence this one too falls under the SEO and digital marketing WordPress themes category.

5. Panaroma Pro:


Panaroma Pro is massively energetic, nicely crafted and seriously developed, comprehensive and general – purpose, user and customer – driven SEO and digital marketing WordPress theme, on the basis of which any SEO and online marketing – centric website will be ready to utilize the whole power of its design and structural intelligence to help all those who want their web profiles to be easy to find and easy to recognize within the scope of the relevant networking system, drive customers to their businesses and generally maximize their working capacity. This SEO and digital marketing WordPress theme boasts a prebuilt system of easily manageable and controllable tools and options, perfect cooperation with a wide range of slider plugins for showcasing the high – resolution images of the business, standard pages inclusion and 100% responsiveness across all the modern mobiles and devices.

6. Bizness Pro:
responsive business WordPress theme


Based on creative and business – centric design and perfect inner functionality, Bizness Pro is loaded as truly practical and sophisticated WordPress – based solution for any SEO and marketing professional to offer any kind of relevant services to boost any website visibility online, provide weekly or monthly reports on the website promotion statistics or realize other necessary operations. Powered to generate readily responsiveness and impeccable cooperation with any mobile, tablet or device, be sure that with Bizness Pro your website will keep its stunning look and feel no matter what hand held device is being used to browse it. Moreover, the SEO and digital marketing WordPress theme has been built with user and developer – friendliness in mind, so that everyone will be capable of managing and customizing his online product with ease.

Entertainment WordPress Themes for creating Entertainment Websites


This article comprises of various Entertainment WordPress Themes for Entertainment Websites.

The world of today’s century is fast pacing where every living being is much occupied in the daily activities. The work life has become exhaustive and hence the need for some entertainment has become essential. Each and every individual requires some kind of entertainment in life be it music, sports, art or any other form. Entertainment provides peace and refreshes us to take up the tasks more pro-actively in our day to day life.

Nowadays many mediums of entertainment are getting evolved every alternate day to make people take out time from their busy schedules and to devote for some relaxation through these mediums. Entertainment has also proved to be beneficial from the health perspective of humans as it reduces the stress level and therefore makes a person less prone to serious health disorders. As the famous saying prevails “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, the effects of the same can be easily observed around us everyday. The websites based on the entertainment are also to be designed in same fashion to delight its users with its soothing appearance and mind relieving features. This can be achieved with a set of some unique themes to put under while creating an entertainment website and allowing the user or the customer to have a memorable experience with the services that the website has to offer making the user glad at the same time.

The following range of Premium Entertainment WordPress Themes can be observed to choose for developing an entertainment website.

1. Melody


Melody is one of the responsive music studio Entertainment WordPress Themes which is flawless and pure in its own sense. It provides a sheer pleasure of website creation with the types of features it has to offer. This theme has been created with the passion and emotions for the entertainment lovers to feel the bliss and warmth with every detail in this theme while developing an entertainment website. It has been enabled with the area for photo and video gallery to add the photos, videos and to list them accordingly. This themes proves itself even more enchanting with over 500 icon pack integrated to make anyone follow his favorite artist all across the social media. It has been allocated with music album and playlist feature to showcase selected songs. Tested with checks on lower and higher resolution devices, this theme makes itself Google mobile friendly and cross browser compatible.

2. Photodock


Photodock is a captivating and beguile WordPress template for any kind of Entertainment website. Designed to allure with its bright and bold display this theme serves the purpose of showcasing the crystal clear content to any user thereby helping to understand about the website. Crafting any kind of the entertainment website with the help of this theme can lead to significant success and liking as it allows the use of homepage and inner pages with adding multiple sliders. This theme enhances the user experience even more as it consists of several galleries inbuilt and has the options of header and footer layout. It has a zippy hamburger menu to showcase on desktop and mobile.

3. SKT Perfect


SKT Perfect is an enthusiastic and potent template of Entertainment WordPress that is intense and profuse with features. It allows for a prolific experience to the user while creating a website as it has its homepage based on pages that provides a better medium for any visual composer to perform well. This theme as the name suggests can be brought down for a vast use by any of the commercial WordPress theme based website. This theme is ideal for making one of the best entertainment website as it allows for any type of translation plugin to work fine such as Polylang, qTranslate X, WPML etc. Making us spellbound it comes with pre-installed templates.

4. Charm


Charm is a triumphant and unbeaten type of Entertainment WordPress Themes that has been originated to serve as an incomparable medium for developing an entertainment website. To produce the results of supreme quality, this theme arrives stuffed with abundant of features to win over the hearts. This theme has its compatibility with page builder that is a recommended plugin which contributes for adding additional layouts of one choice. It is an exquisite theme for developing the websites for lifestyle, fashion, business and recipe, feminine and girly blog. You can be your own master of choice while using this theme for its various category layout.

5. SKT Lens Pro
responsive portfolio WordPress theme


SKT Lens Pro is one kind of a magnificent and graceful Entertainment WordPress Themes generated to deliver ultimate design experience while making an entertainment website. It is filled up with the number of options that will help in forming an unmatched output with available choices to use and alter at any needed time. This theme in itself is colorful and provides a color picker to paint our desires in whichever section we like to do. It makes our atmosphere go live while making the changes, thanks to its customizer that makes this happen at ease without moving from front to back end. It is a child ready theme with multiple footer and header changing options hence a vivid experience every time.

6. SKT Magazine Pro
magazine WordPress theme


SKT Magazine Pro is a classy and distinguished type of template for Entertainment WordPress that has been made with a view of facilitating all the services that are required and necessary for an entertainment website. It has been assigned with stuffed with plentiful of features that involves making selection among 2 or 1 sidebars or no sidebar either. This theme has been made for all those who love to speak and read their own mother tongue hence it is compatible with all major multilingual plugins like qTranslate X, WPML and Polylang.

7. Restro
restaurant WordPress theme


Restro is another kind of Entertainment WordPress Themes which is responsive and looks good on all types of devices. It comprises of the Gallery area to display food and delicacies available for offering as well as to show the ambiance and restaurant/cafe interiors. We get Social media integrated with font awesome support and 360+ icons. It also provides powerful options framework which means you can easily edit any color of the theme. With 100+ shortcodes available for use we can set up our content properly and efficiently. It allows blog area for promotion and is coded with HTML5 & CSS3.

8. The App PRO
app WordPress theme


The App PRO is an eminent and prestigious template of Entertainment WordPress that has been molded to form a rigid and superlative entertainment website of any need. This has proved to be the most versatile and phenomenal theme with its integrated features to enrapture anyone with the platform of options to choose. Blending it with the codes of HTML5 and CSS3, animated shortcodes can be easily used making this WordPress theme as the best choice to go forward with. It puts before the access that can be used to support forum in the website with the advantage of Skype and Email to be also implemented. One can create a rich and prepossessing website by using theme options with color, font, slider settings.

Plastic Surgery WordPress Themes for plastic and cosmetic surgeon websites

A search – based collection of plastic surgery WordPress themes have been compiled.

These themes are worthy for plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons, reconstructive, craniofacial, hand, microsurgery and other surgery – related doctors and medical experts.

The modern history has recorded a critical advancement in plastic and cosmetic surgery industries. They are aimed at the creation of a new beautiful you with the application of modern technologies and procedures.

The reasons are endless for people giving for plastic surgery interventions. Anyone has his or her own justifications, whether logical reasonable or just ambitious and provocative. From birth defects to scars and deformations because of accidents to the creation of new image and contribution to the self – esteem, all those cases have to do with plastic surgery.

Naturally enough, such kind of medical businesses and not only have long recognized boundless advantages of Internet and modern website to boost doctor – patient communications. Hence, if you are a plastic or cosmetic, reconstructive or another surgeon, you will highly benefit from the list of plastic surgery WordPress themes discussed below. Make sure you will comfortable with any of them and build a contemporary medical website without shelling out your money.

1. Perfect Medical:


Perfect Medical knows no limits when it comes to taking your plastic surgery content and serve it in an accurate way. It is one of the latest plastic surgery WordPress themes available for multipurpose usages and presentations. Let your website incarnate your own expertize in the field and encourage website visitors to turn to your services. The theme shares all the prerequisites to win your fascination and highest appraisal. There are all favorable conditions for anyone to tweak to the nature of the theme and change it accordingly. For this reason Perfect Medical encompasses lots of essential and controllable features for the delivery of your primary and secondary content easily. Use the given page layout options with right sidebar, left sidebar or no sidebar, run your personal blog with interesting updates and give your contact details in footer and header areas.

2. Teethy:
teethy WordPress theme


Teethy is the next doctor and medical – centric website builders accessible at an affordable price. This template strives to ensure that your website is secure and perfectly usable all the time. Clean and fresh – faced, Teethy comes with reasonable content categorization options to include a wide variety of surgical procedures, present your profile and other specialists, enlist services and their prices, etc. Homepage nice – looking slider is the best to showcase the happy faces of your previous patients who have reached their desired transformation. Some of the practical features at your hand will be Customizer – based options, color changing options, lots of Google fonts to match you website’s look, etc. The theme’s responsiveness and cross – mobile compatibly forms an unbeatable functionality with PO file inclusion for website translation. etc.

3. Handy:
doctor WordPress theme


The next valuable website building toolkit among plastic surgery WordPress themes is launched as Handy. Coded and delivered specifically for the medical world, the theme is custom – built to delivering any medical or health – related website proudly. From surgeons to neurologists, pediatricians and dentists, every single medical expert will be capable of controlling this simple and lightweight theme. Build your medical clinic or plastic surgery brand awareness online and boost your website traffic. The theme’s cross mobile compatible and responsive nature will highly contribute to that process while supporting mobile users and web surfers. Clear and well documentation are available among the theme, as well as translation –readiness with plugin compatibility to have your content translated into target languages.

4. SKT Dual:


Get the most out of your website based on SKT Dual. Multipurpose, yet plastic surgery – specific, serious – looking and elegant, SKT Dual is the one to develop a special customized working strategy targeted on your patient – base. Get your top – quality and user – optimized website up and seamlessly performing in no time and without additional assistance of developers. Arm the homepage slider with favorite photos and images and let the web onlookers make relevant judgments about your business. Well – optimized for searching and Google rankings, the theme shares also responsive design approach to satisfy the needs of on the go clients and patients. The art of getting the highest conversions and traffic is what lies at the true nature of the theme with extensive functionality. It means that you can add the desired functional touches to the existing platform and make your web more dynamic and SEO – friendly.

5. Condimentum:
multipurpose WordPress theme


Condimentum is another powerful template in our collection of plastic surgery WordPress themes. It is well – dressed to take your surgical practice to a new level of performance. Whether you run a privately – owned medical business or represent a well – known plastic surgery center, this theme will cleverly draw a results – driven digital attack for you. Make your potential clients an indispensable part of your profile with daily visits and make your content feasible for them. The theme’s preloaded packs of Google fonts, icons and shortcodes will ultimately help you in doing that. The theme brings tons of vibes of responsiveness and mobile – compatibility, as well as plugin support for better outcome, online store management system, etc.

6. Fitt:
weight loss WordPress theme


Finally, let’s stop by Fitt and understand what it has to offer us. Lively and energetic, this theme is the output of the months of hard work and as such celebrates a stunning assemblage of handy features. If we try to measure the effectiveness of this plastic surgery WordPress theme, we’ll have to delve into the feature – rich system of the theme. It comes bundled with all the primary theme sections and areas for services, pricing, offers, contact details, business storytelling and much more. Full color changing options are at your hand to be controlled from the theme backend. Banner slider on the homepage is added to the theme to welcome your web visitors with beautiful images. Since the theme is multi – faced and flexible, the coverage of it can include not only plastic surgery – related topics, but also other health and medical, fitness and weight loss businesses.