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Manpower and Human Resources WordPress Theme for HR firms

Some of the most sophisticated and future scalable manpower and human resources WordPress themes for recruiters and HR departments, as well as other representatives of employer – employee relationships and organizational charts creators to enlist all the potential people through the website and solicit this or that individual qualified for a certain position in the relevant company or organization.

Human resource management and manpower planning are laborious and multi – profile undertakings to deal with for keeping the balance between individuals acquired and required in the given company or any business manifestation. But apart from analyzing the current state of affairs and estimating the number of employers needed, making forecasts and relevant projects to carry out right procedures leading to tangible results any HR manager needs his or her online are to master and to equip accordingly for simplified processes including online meetings with target groups of candidates, announcing vacancies, or concentrating on other recruitment processes.

For this industry we at SKT Themes have carefully crafted some thematic templates to get started and manage the majority of the requirements and duties online to maximize the company’s profit with a great assistance of right chosen personnel, well – practiced training and career development projects, business plans and compensation packages, etc. And no matter which manpower and human resources WordPress theme you will choose from our list, be sure you will be fortunate enough to gain maximum deliverables with minimum struggle.

1. SKT Perfect:


Running a prosperous and highly flexible template on the basis of your HR website is not a mystery at all with SKT Perfect. This manpower and human resources WordPress theme is custom – built to make your manage, drag, position, arrange, scale, change and transform whatever you may feel necessary for the breathtaking view and functionality of your website to announce all your vacations, receive CVs and review them, manage online appointments, negotiate salaries with the selected candidates, and finally establish new commercial and business partnerships with partners and coworkers. Page – based homepage, prebuilt templates, lots of preloaded shortcodes, SEO – friendly coding design, responsiveness and cross mobile and browser compatibility, retina and HD ready nature, plugin compatibility and much more are all wrapped up in one single template to meet all your business objectives easily.

2. SKT Landing Page:
landing page WordPress theme


Beautiful and original, extensively developed and accomplished, businesslike and ecommerce experienced, SKT Landing Page is another wonderful variant for all HR and manpower – based online performances. This modern and perspective, easy to understand and follow template uses do – it – yourself philosophy at its core to master your website with drag and drop functionality with few simple clicks and without having to write a single line of code. Based on clean and minimal design style to be more streamlined and “to the point ” from the informative standpoint, this manpower and human resources WordPress theme features totally dynamic platform ready to undergo any required changes for extended capacities, hence you can review the list of compatible plugins and add some of them to the theme for bettering its results.

3. Condimentum:
multipurpose WordPress theme


Meet tremendously imposing, yet clear and precise Condimentum with minimalistic design style dominance in visualization for more “scannable” nature to keep the visitor’s eye on the most informative parts of the web. Hence your HR – related content, your company profile, online trainings and projects, events and online registration forms, all will take a central stage. This amazingly coded and stylized web builder incorporates everything you will ever need when proceeding with establishing and maintaining your sophisticated online profile with high reputation and increased visits, be it total responsiveness and mobile – friendliness for your multi – device users, nice – looking nivo – slider for highlighting the most instructive parts of your content in the form of images and texts, etc.

4. Design Agency Pro:
design agency WordPress theme


A team of passionate and dedicated design and technology experts have minutely worked at Design Agency Pro to make it a top – rated and premium – quality manpower and human resources WordPress theme that will eliminate the quantity of errors or technical drawbacks appearing along the way. Your website navigation levels with this high – end template will be consistent throughout your pages thus resulting in unbeatable user and visitor experience, if we add also fast – loading nature to this. Instead of creating a particular website for mobile usage, with Design Agency Pro one unified website content is all you will need, since it will automatically adapt itself to any mobile or device screen size, letting all your on – the –go clients browse your website from everywhere.

5. SKT Pathway Pro:
multipurpose WordPress theme


SKT Pathway Pro unites visually engaging design and graphics and superior inner operational framework and serves it to any website admin to vocalize his prioritized business objectives and visions in order to focus on captivating website visitor’s attention and winning his trust. This inherently persistent and truly smart template has the potential of envisioning all the set tasks and transforming them into tangible results in the nearest future with its uniquely pliable and robust character, completeness and precision in every single part and aspect, customization – compliant coding, fast – loading rate, admin-friendly toolkit and much more.

6. Bizness Pro:
responsive business WordPress theme


Cleverly conceived and professionally worked – out, Biznes Pro is known as another strongly advisable quality manpower and human resources WordPress theme for your recruiting and HR projects to carry out online, to entertain all your website viewers and capture leads with own business style and policy. This deeply resourceful and highly intuitive web building and developing system comes with cutting – edge technology crafted taking into consideration high standards of the current WordPress community, and as such, this theme appears steady and dependable not only as for today, but also for the future scalability. Featuring color picker, fonts and icons options, WooCommerce support for online commercial activities, blog section for constant communication with readers and potential customers and based on modern HTML 5 and CSS 3 coding, Biznes Pro is the one to get your web polished with sophisticated poise.

Every form of organization requires a workforce that is aimed at providing them with the suitable strength that can carry on the work. The workforce is required in every department and no matter how much technological advancements we make replacing the same with the human power is not possible. The organizations have a dedicated department that deals with these demands of the manpower in the organization.

It is true that human resource management is one of the most critical and multi-profile undertaken that the organizations deal with. It is a difficult task to create a fine balance between what is required by the organizations and what is delivered. The businesses who deal with it should make use of the human resources WordPress theme which is the scalable and sophisticated form that keeps the information managed. The website is a great platform where many things can be listed that can become a clear source of information for all the parties involved.

It is true that organization takes help of the outside organization in case they are in dire need of human resources and they want the process to be quick. If you in a business as a recruiter or human resource relationship then the best way to attract the clients is by the use of the human resources WordPress theme. The themes come with a lot of flexibility which allows the users to add-on information as and when they like.

There is no need to be stuck with something that has features but does not create the desired results. If you are someone who wishes to add some additional functionality to the site then all you have to do is include the plug-ins which will make the site effective and upgraded then the prior version. If this is not what is demanded then there are huge fonts and layout options that the users can pick from.

Many would think that these are just small elements when we are talking business and in that case, you must realize that the human resources WordPress theme is SEO friendly and is built with highly professional code making it effective on any platform. They are search engine friendly and you can add things to ensure that you enjoy a higher ranking for your website.

The HR demands and needs of the website will look a lot different from what the business website will need and hence WordPress has made every effort to make themes which are niche specific. This is an effort which makes the platform grow larger and stronger each year. WordPress started as a blogging platform and has evolved responding to the needs and the requirements of the customers. This is what has kept the open-source platform so popular over the years and enjoy popularity over many others.

There is no dearth of the themes which will suit the requirements of the HR demands. If that is a source of worry choose from the strategically chosen 10 top themes which are loaded with features that are required.

Record Label WordPress themes for record label companies

The roundup of record label WordPress themes is uncovered in this article for record label, music recording, music videos and music marketing companies and agencies, brands and production studios.

Record label is the brick and mortar, the oxygen of many success stories of musicians and bands, singers and artists. From classical and jazz to rock and soul, music of every nature and taste has to do with record label in order to find its way to the customer. As one of the central aspects of the modern music industry, those institutions and companies are engaged in a series of activities and functions, including an individual artist or band recruitment and development, music publishing, planning and implementation of different marketing strategies, enforcement of copyright and much more.

It will not be an earth – shattering evidence if we persist on a fact that the digital realm has radically altered the way music is created, published, served and disseminated. With the emergence and development of the philosophy of record label the global networking system has shifted the music industry for good while giving tons of new opportunities for the artists on the one hand, and for their fan – base on the other.

In case you are a record label company founder, manager or representative and want to increase the public awareness of your business, you don’t need to know the digital platform and its output from A to Z. Moreover, WordPress content management system comes with a host of record label WordPress themes which are inherently smart and easy in usage so that you can control and manage them even intuitively. Let’s cast a glance at each of them separately in the pursuit of true beauty and perfect usability.

Music Producer


Musical sounds




Disco Dancer


SKT Dual:



The first template worth our attention comes launched as SKT Dual. Serious – looking and energetic, functionally advanced and avant – guard, SKT Dual of SKT production has been coded and launched to celebrate near – to – perfect integrity and precision. It shares all the prerequisites to be an ultimate solution for every record label initiative to market its services and expertise and engage more and more clients. This website builder is accurate and neat enough to showcase all your relevant information in competent areas and sections. It means that you don’t need to overburden your website for the visitor to trawl through but are able to organize everything in an easy to find fashion. Additionally, SKT Dual has passed all the tests of responsiveness and mobile – friendliness with excellence.

Flat Pro:

flat WordPress theme


Clear and elegant, pixel – perfect and visually legible, Flat Pro is one of the best record label WordPress themes designed and developed with ultimate care and professional dedication of the specialists. Put your content in the hands of millions of consumers and clients within minutes and create a stunning website to stamp your identity in the musical arena. It is an all – encompassing toolkit accompanied by the modern flat design solutions for more precise and streamlined performance of your future website. This toolkit includes user and client – optimized working atmosphere, flip boxes and convenient footer and header variations with calls to actions and social media icons integration to be instantly moved to different social media platforms, etc. Flat Pro is also as responsive and cross – mobile compatible as it is SEO – friendly and plugin – compliant.


corporate WordPress theme


In case you want be the godfather of the music industry, look no further than Gravida. It is one of the most attractive, visually stunning and functionally cutting – edge products of WordPress nurtured with traits of contemporary design and graphical solutions. The only downside of this template is that customizing and managing it can be challenging for you since the given platform is already seems to be unbeatable. However, if you will ever feel the necessity of playing with the color schemes, default layout, extend the given functional horizons, translate the website content and serve it to the international market, you are free as in freedom to do so.

SKT StartUp Pro:

startup WordPress theme


When it comes to establishing and promoting your record label online profile, SKT StartUP Pro does not skip a beat. It is also among the top – quality record label WordPress themes available at an incredibly affordable price. Provide the most comprehensive list of your services, showcase the famous artists and celebrities working with you, specialize the areas you are best in, share the best images of your activities and leverage your efforts into more tangible deliverables with this template. Organize your online meeting with millions of people across the globe as professionally and presentable as you are doing for your clients. Make your content easy to find and digest, choose your unique style and exemplify your best qualities through your digital profile based on SKT StartUp Pro in the simplest way.

Design Agency Pro:

design agency WordPress theme


Whether you are an individual working with a laptop and with limited financial mans or a seasoned label company or music production agency with a large budget and large stuff of workers, specialists, producers, distributors, marketing experts and others, Design Agency Pro will never let you indifferent. This clean and energized, simple yet powerful template unites whatever characterizes a website as user – friendly, admin – optimized and clear – coded. Without any shred of suspect, this template is custom – built to satisfy all the needs of any corporation or agency, private contractor or agent with far – going plans and shallow developing knowledge.


blendit single page WordPress theme


Last in sequence, but not last in importance is Blendit as one of the widely advisable and highly recommended record label WordPress themes in the repository of WordPress community. This website building tool is all about stability and harmonic fraction for the organized performance and accurate publication with the help of convenient relief zones and parts. The overall dynamic and eye – catchy design of the theme is intervened with a top – notch operational field that is e – commerce ready and search engine – optimized.

The arts industry has also not been untouched by the internet craze. There is no way possible for them not be bitten by the bug which has affected every form of business. The record labels are known as the foundation of many successes in the music world. The bands, individual singers, artists all have a lot to thanks these record labels for. Music from all corners has to go through the record labels to reach the end users.

The sheer volume of the listeners which is sky-rocketed for every music is not possible without a simple inclusion of the record labels.

The websites do a lot of work in this field and thus the popularity of the record label WordPress themes are thus increasing. Record labels are the brick and mortar of the industry and they engage in many activities and functions. These various activities include

1. Marketing
2. Strategy building
3. Band recruitment
4. Copyright management
5. Planning for events
6. Managing artist etc

The list goes on but what these activities mean is that any musician who wishes to make it big and reach millions of listeners will have to use the platform. The combination of technology and music has lead to a revolution in the field. This has altered the way music is created and even presented to the audience. The music industry has seen a major shift with this new combination which has been a win-win for the artists and the fans.

The main question that now stands in front of the record companies is the use of the right form of a theme to ensure that the visitors are excited about the music and they find it inspiring. Yes, the online presence has a major role to play in how the customers and the fans feel about the whole thing. The record label WordPress themes is a very simple and straightforward way of ensuring that the record companies get a website theme that will alter the way people view them.

Since these websites are created with an idea that non-technical users will be using them they are designed with ease of use. The website themes which are available are many and the users can be assured that they will find something that best describes the theme of their business. Since the requirements would be very specific these themes are designed with a lot of flexibility.

The users thus get a lot of power to make changes and mold the whole website’s look. The record label WordPress themes are a simple way of creating an effective website. Since we are talking music then many high-quality videos can be added to them.

The process of finding the best of these themes could sometimes feel like a huge task for the users and thus there an effort made to choose the best amongst the top 10 rated websites. What this does is makes the website owners jobs easy. They can choose any one of them by reading their features as all of them have been hand-picked which contained high quality.

Software Company WordPress themes for development and software selling websites


Software company WordPress themes

are an answer to get a great looking website which works wonders and can satisfy various needs and requirements of software companies.

Software Companies need IT related website to not just showcase to the world what they do but to effectively make aware of the new visitor who might be a prospective client several projects, work, showcase, team and other things about their company which facilitate in decision making of hiring them.

A software company can hold various shareholders and hence it needs to be compatible with various PDF issues and should work with PDF viewer plugins as well so that we can have a shareholder zone and give annual reports to them for reading.

Also investors can also track previous records with the help of annual reports.

AGM or Annual general meetings should be listed nicely and how the program happened should be listed in the blog zone.

Hence blog plays an important part in software company websites. Also new launches of products, new product or software lines launched. Release of latest versions of their already built software and issues and their fixes and patches are various other news which can be launched on a nicely built blog.

Our Software company WordPress themes also have various other benefits like having team member shortcodes to showcase nicely about the management team in about us section.

It has timeline and other blog styles as well which can come handy in showcasing the history and timeline of a company.

Any company website would need various pages which can be deep levelled and hence 5 level drop down menus are built in default with any of our themes.

Since software company has sales managers and sales personals they need to visit companies and showcase their products and case studies and hence mobile compatible and table compatible websites is what they would need.

All of our software company WordPress themes are compatible with various devices and tested for cross browser compatibility and responsive and passed Google mobile friendly test as well.

Several in built features like in built shortcodes and in built functions are given. Also various plugins compatibility allow these themes to extend their functionality beyond the current ones and thus they are future scalable and flexible as well.

Thus our software company WordPress themes not just fulfil a company requirements now but they will continue to do so in future as well.

The best assortment of software company WordPress themes for all kinds of IT companies, digital agencies, tech startups, developers, programmers and graphic designers, as well as for digital product selling web presences to present their services and solutions, be it individual business software tailored to specific needs, outsourced product or mobile app development, cloud and network services, testing or something more.

A fast – paced apps and software businesses have already managed to encounter remarkable highs and downs during the recent decades, however, development and software industry can never be neglected as for present. A vast range of modern digital phenomena, right from digital ecosystems, business and marketing models up to strategic partnerships and sales are all based on this or that artificial intelligence wrapped up in contemporary software processing.

WordPress comes with the sorting of the optimal and topic – specific software company WordPress themes for all the newly started, medium – sized and highly experienced companies and centers to prominently spread the word about their professional services, special offers, grab the customers’ attention and keep them coming back to their assistance whenever needed. All of the proposed templates share premium – quality features, which every contemporary theme is surely expected to have in its arsenal.

Here is a list of software company WordPress themes

handpicked and shortlisted for you. However you can visit our themes page to checkout other themes all of which are built multipurpose usage and have unlimited possibilities and can be used for any type of business use

All of these templates are responsive, compatible with WooCommerce for shop and to sell software licenses and digital goods as well as have several in built features for easy and quick website.

1. High Tech:
computer repair WordPress theme


High Tech is creative and advantageous, time – saving and totally resourceful while truly lightweight and easy to follow software company WordPress theme to be a spectacularly comfortable way for each and every programming and software, computer and mobile repair and maintenance service provider to find it unique style of service presentation and get in touch with a wider groups of audience. This template with its drastically arranged structure and its core points and features, such as home, about us, services, gallery and contact us sections for the most accurate dissemination of your details, lots of customizable features, responsiveness and prebuilt contact form will be the key to usefully facing global competition pressure as well.

2. SKT Pathway Pro:
multipurpose WordPress theme


Packed with a punch of thriving and technologically cutting – edge functionality combined with exceptionally handled, refined and polished visualization, SKT Pathway Pro will truly lead you successful way to worldwide recognition and consumer loyalty. This dynamic and readily intuitive, user and customer – driven, very resourceful and smart software and programmer website building system with advanced technology and flawless operational framework will let you embed all your essential information and available service packages easily into your posts and pages, use the default homepage slider as per your preferences and showcase as many as 10 diverse slides, add homepage sections and edit the backgrounds for your convenience, and finally, run an online digital store for selling your products, softwares, apps, domains, hostings, etc.

3. IT Consultant:
consultant WordPress theme


Whether you are running an experienced software company or are just having your first steps in this specialized business, IT Consultant can be the ideal choice to cover your content in the most straightforward and error – free fashion, costing you the minimum time spent and saving your financial means altogether. By the sophisticated contribution and the right customization of this awesome and seriously worked out, intelligent and fast performing web builder all your business, commercial and marketing efforts can be driven up to the point and will for sure have their influence on every single website visitor of yours. Thousands of options and customization controls are affordable within the theme, out – of – the – box functionality and Social Media integration for expanding your networking influence and boosting your credibility are also the integral parts of IT consultant.

4. StartUp Pro:
startup WordPress theme


Another realistic and perspective business and marketing model, especially for startup companies and private entrepreneurs to move forward at a pace that would leave the potential competitors behind is StartUp Pro. In non – geek terminology, this top – rated and premium – class software company WordPress theme has been elaborated and launched in such a way, that every middle – class WordPress user can deploy his working strategies to outline all the proficiency and competence of his online presence. Together with this award – winning and inherently zealous web establishment and management control, it will also be up to you to depend on your software selling store for your digital living.

5. I Am One Pro:
one page WordPress theme


Massively engaging and modernly stylized, cleverly coded and developed with hardware – authored parallax visual effect, I Am One Pro will grant every software developer with a wide array of techniques and channels to take the leading role and remain relevant in the respective digital landscape. Since the theme is quite simple and clear in activation and exploitation, all your details and service description can be easily nailed down to your page and its corresponding section to meet all the requirement and needs of your active website visitors in respect to their demographics, budget limits, as well as other specifications. All the norms of shortcodes inclusion and WooCommer or other plugin compatibility are seriously kept as well, so that you can experimentally make use of more than 100 preloaded pieces of codes to embed the required files or create much needed object within the theme, as well as reveal the e – commerce potential of the theme with WooCommerce support.

6. SKT Launch Pro:
author WordPress theme


Finally, we are thrilled to show off another highly recommended software company WordPress theme for every software – powered industry for the attainment of its specific purposes and visions as soon as possible. Based on the competent and effectual coding and styling combination in HTML 5 and CSS 3 format, you can easily face up with a never ending struggle of keeping your web pages up to date and fresh with new ideas and proposals, working on the site usability and user – driven experience, as well as monitoring your gained results. Whether you are rendering your services online or arranging some consultation, launching and presenting your apps, softwares or other digital items, be sure that all your content will be easily digested by all your PC and mobile users with its lucid and crystal free outlook.

Every business and service provider requireS a fully functional website through which they can connect with the target customers. The world has moved from personal promotion t online promotion quickly and it has opened many avenues for the business. Now the bigger questions that rise is that the business has their own specific needs and when they want a website then they would require it to be made in s specific way. The open source platform which offers generic themes cannot solve this requirement and hence there is a need for some specially built website themes for the niche.

The Software companies like any other form of service providers will have a specific requirement and to cater to their specific needs the software company WordPress themes is a great source. These companies would require a ground where they can display to their customers what they do. These customers also would appreciate any insight before they take any further steps. The software companies can add the achievements, services, team, current projects and related information to help the customer know about the business better.

WordPress has always been a step ahead in providing its customers with what they want. It started as a blogging platform but made every effort to include what the market needs. The designing of the software company WordPress themes is another step in the same direction. The open platform has many such themes which allow the business owners to make a choice and do not get stuck with the limited options.

The software companies require many additional functions like PDF documents which would be required by the investors. The website allows an easy display of these documents for those who wish to access them.

There are so many designated areas where various separate information can be properly stacked. Think about the simple website which has spaces for blogs, services, achievements etc. The website can be a great source where the users can find out many things. The website can also easily add a news or update section which will display the latest happening and any updates like AGM, awards etc.

Now the software company WordPress themes for sure has many functionalities but what confuses the users is the huge number of these themes to choose from. On one hand, it is great as the users are not stuck with just a few options but on the other hand, it might seem like a huge task to pick theme which will be best suited from this huge number. What the software companies should do is use the extensive list of the top 10 such sites which are chosen keeping various factors in mind. These themes make the choice easy and when you are choosing from the best then there is no need to worry.

The software company WordPress themes are available in free and premium mode. The users can take their time and understand their need to pick the one which is relevant to them now. The best part is that they can always upgrade later so a sensible step is to choose a free theme for now.

Training Center and Training courses WordPress themes for training websites


A stark compilation of training center and training courses WordPress themes.

These have been gathered for all types of online training individuals, specialists, teachers, trainers, coaches, training agencies, educational institutions, kid centers etc to deliver their services through digital channels and reach to a wider audience.

The notion “education or training without leaving home” seems to be ultimately attractive and desirable for thousands of people worldwide who have a great desire of enriching their knowledge base, refurbish their vocational skills or experience in something new. This extremely prosperous phenomenon is likely to have benefits not only for those wishing to take online courses, but also for training institutions, agencies and centers that can organize everything with minimal costs and efforts, that are to be put into the establishment and further maintenance of their online profiles rather than spending astronomical financial means for construction, professional staff and much more.

On the other hand, with website becoming a staple component of any wide – scale success, the number of niche – specific WordPress templates is rapidly growing. And in the diversity of such themes those being specially developed for online training and education purposes have been searched and found by us, so that you can contemplate them and make sure each of them will take the lead and will stimulate even more creative thoughts in relation to your future online training center.

1. Online Coach Pro:
online coach WordPress theme


Any education or training field can be fully revealed with Online Coach Pro as an ideal training center and training courses WordPress theme for any training or coaching institute, computer and digital agency with online classes, educational centers with programs of any level and for any candidate of any background, etc. This robust and versatile, inherently comprehensive and precise, visually engaging and motivational, fast – loading and mobile – compatibility checked template will not only share unbeatable performance as for the present, but will inevitably result in preventative further maintenance, meaning that the universal and modern coding of the theme will let any webmaster or admin easily replace the existing look and feel of his website with the one better fitting to his needs.

2. Play School:
education WordPress theme


Breathtaking colorful design and lively graphical tints will get all your young and mature learners excited and interested, so that they will undoubtedly subscribe to your courses via your website. Even if you are not – techy at all, this impressively pliable and high – quality WordPress – powered template will breathe life into your business perspectives and will contribute to the learner’s conversion into them. For your convenience Play School features aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, homepage default slider for showcasing the most motivational notions pertaining to your agency, center, institution, club, kindergarten, school, pre – school or whatever it is, pause time, animation and other controls for slider, as well as up to 12 slides availability, multilingual support and SEO – integration for higher rankings.

3. Flat Pro:
flat WordPress theme


Flat Pro is a smart and secure, error – free and award – winning training center and training courses WordPress theme that matters the most when viewed closely for any kind of trainer, coach and training – related initiatives through an online space. Break all the stereotypes of traditional ways of tuition and present something valuable to your potential participants and learners via your bright and credible, alluring and smoothly navigable website. Nicely formatted homepage sections and areas, full color changing options and other customization controls, shortcodes inclusion and plugin support have been masterfully united together in the core of Flat Pro.

4. Bony:
chiropractor WordPress theme


Multipurpose and fantastically ambitious, fast and lightweight, HTML5 and CSS3 based, user and customer – centric, Bony has successfully passed all the tests of online courses, training and run-up support. This clean and elegant, serious and compact, massively supportive and sophisticated template is specifically ideal for online medical courses, seminars and programs, however, the list of available topics is no way limited to the enumerated ones. Bony is in full compliance with the latest WordPress standards and feels fantastic when browsed by any low – powered and portable device, be it a mobile or tablet.

5. Exceptiona:
accounting WordPress theme


If you are looking for an exceptional and cleverly – coded, entirely flexible and adaptive template for showing off all your trainings, online programs of any kind, starting from educational and financial, accounting and legal courses to fitness, gym, weight loss or other relevant programs, here is Exceptiona at your full direction and domination to bravely embark on a trip to business advancement and increase of the client rate. And whether you are a startup or a beast in your field, this e-commerce ready and Contact Form7, qTranslate X – compliant, shortcode and Google font – based training center and training courses WordPress theme will take your profile off the ground in the shortest period of time imaginable.

6. BeFit Pro:
personal trainer WordPress theme


Built for the experienced and top – rated trainer, coach or specialist with a focus on online educational and training platform, BeFit Pro seems to be irreplaceable. This highly – recommended and inherently competitive website builder brings maximal sensibility towards every single part and option of the theme so that everyone can highly benefit from them when exercised in the right manner. And since the theme has been foreseen to serve even for the startup in the field, every average WordPress user will totally assimilate this product with extendable nature.

7. Local Business Pro:
local business WordPress theme


Local Business Pro is another training center and training courses WordPress theme that will leave every expert of online teaching or instructor speechless. Pick from a saturated color wheel of the theme and exemplify your strong points, so that your website visitors will immediately grasp your advantage over others. Publish all your relevant data, ranging from your technical, historical and contact details up to your categorized courses, trainings, individual and group programs, their prices and more in an easy to find way, and finally, enable all your online students, learners and scholars to access to your courses while on the move.

The increasing use of internet has not left education be missed out. The access to quality information from the comforts of the home has gained huge popularity. There are thus many online trainings and courses which are available to the learners online. There is no dearth of the subjects that can be touch base using these platforms. The students can take courses related to their subject or use the time and the platform to enhance their skills. There is a lot that they can do and learn in their free time.

Many of us do not take that course that we always wanted because we think that taking that timeout would be big issues. With the online courses and training the time does not become an issue. It is because of this reason why many students enjoy these special courses and look forward to the online form of learning compared to any other form.

The training courses and the institutes which offer these courses has also increased their student base with the help of the online facility. The businesses which are thinking of joining the bandwagon require support. It is understood that most of these people who does not have much of technical knowledge to create an online site which will connect to the users. The users can in such case use the training courses WordPress themes.

These themes are designed by professional and contain all the important functions that would be required.

The needs of the training institutes are very different compared to any other service providers and business. They require high-quality videos access, contact ease, and contents space, all this and a lot more has been included in the themes.

The fact that the niche is unique makes the developers takes a special interest in designing. This in no way means that the users are stuck with what they get. The courses WordPress themes are highly flexible. They are the ones which do not spoil the layout and allow the users to add quality content to the greatness of the background. The themes are customizable which an added benefit is. This is what most of the users appreciate as these themes help them with the idea of creating something that is related to the business and not something common.

WordPress has laid out a lot of such themes for the easy use of the website owners. Now, this is a benefit but can also be a trouble when you are not sure which one will best suit your needs. The choice is made simple by the top 10 themes which are listed down for the users to pick. These themes are chosen based on various important criteria which are relevant to the type.

These website themes are designed keeping the non-technical users in mind. Thus they are very simple to use and do not require even a single code to be written. They are ready to use platform where the content can be added and the website can be created in no time. The users can add a simple plug-in to enhance the functions when they want.

Internet services (ISP) WordPress Themes for internet styled websites

Below you can find a full walkthrough to the best Internet services (ISP) WordPress themes developed for Internet service and hosting providers, domain registrars, DSL and dial up, mobile and fixed telephone providers, developers and designers, etc.

Internet is a modern gigantic repository of absolutely any kind of information and infinite channels to communicate them. It has long become the indispensable part of modern life and lifestyle, while cross linking people and businesses across the globe.

With this unbeatable importance of the global networking hub, there is hardly any individual or company which is not “on the web”. From creating and using social profiles to building separate websites and blogs, people exercise all the possible ways to fulfill their personal and corporate needs.

In this spectrum, the demand of dependable and easy to access Internet service providers is clearly accentuated since not all of the web surfers are well aware of all the nuances of the digital world. And this is where they use the worldwide web to look for and find convenient service providers to help you in completing different Internet related tasks.

In this article, we have collected some of the top rated Internet services (ISP) WordPress themes for such Internet based companies and agencies, communities and centers engaged in providing Internet access, transit, hosting, domain name, Usenet services and much more. Irrespective of their well developed and strong nature, those templates are not costly adventures at all. All of them are pocket friendly while offering you boundless capabilities to monetize your website and attract more clients’ attention.

1. High Tech:
computer repair WordPress theme


High Tech is totally resourceful and versatile template one can find when looking for the best Internet services (ISP) WordPress themes. Created and launched for the representatives of the digital world and digital service providers, this template can cover a wide array of relevant topics catering to the creation, management, design and development, repair and maintenance, registration and marketing of different digital products. The theme’s framework is smart and flexible enough to effortlessly respond to your changes and appear accordingly. Widgetized footer and header areas are the best to showcase calls to actions, social media links, phone numbers, address and other contact details. Contact form is also included for your potential clients to address their inquiries and requests to you through the site.

2. Kraft:
premium WordPress theme


Every asset of any kind of personal or business undertaking is highly affected by the Internet. Since winning your place in this global platform can be the best contribution you can do for the benefit of specific activity, be it a personal, social or corporate. Kraft has been coded to be the mix and match of valuable and compulsory features rolled up in a beautiful design. Hence, this template is launched as a unity of elegant look and powerful functional framework to boost your online presence with its responsive and mobile friendly layout. Apart from being accessible for mobile users, Kraft is also interactive with homepage slider and its controllable slides, as well as homepage animated columns to insert your content in an eye catchy manner.

3. IT Consultant:
consultant WordPress theme


IT and Internet related consulting services can be easily enlisted and served to your audience with the help of IT Consultant. It is one of the niche specific Internet services (ISP) WordPress themes for ISPs and other digital experts, IT companies and tech startups. With a lifetime endurance and stamina, IT Consultant offers top quality functionality and admin friendly management zone with a handy toolbox. All in all, the theme unites nicely arranged theme areas and sections all easy to control, more than 100 shortcodes for quick content handling, contact form with captcha, widget friendly footer and header areas, etc. More than 600 Google approved fonts are at your leisure to manipulate with the site typography and overall look.

4. SKT StartUp Pro:
startup WordPress theme


SKT StartUp Pro is processed to be the springboard of technical and digital startups, service providers and marketing companies. Several minutes installation and activation processes are like breeze even for the most non techy website admins. Moreover, the subsequent content publication and management procedures don’t yield the previous processes with their simplicity and accessibility. SKT StartUp Pro has got a thing for pixel perfect and serious looking visualization, homepage beautiful slider for high resolution images and photos. Shortcodes and HTML5 based, CSS3 animated and wonderfully responsive, this template is also one of the cost effective Internet services (ISP) WordPress themes as compared to the quality it generates. This website builder is also technically compatible with a wide range of useful plugins, among them translation and ecommerce ones.

5. The App Pro:
app WordPress theme


Awe inspiring and crisp, crafty and skillful, The App Pro knows how to grasp the web visitor’s attention and result in a perfect user experience. Unlimited colors and fonts variations are given with this premium template for you to choose from, as well as tons of other customization management controls for changing slider images, font sizes, and more. The theme is perfectly suitable for any kind of digital company selling digital products and services to the public at large. It comes with browser checked and mobile friendly coding and design, standard pages like 404 and blog, as well as full documentation and professional support. SEO practices are all exercised with this template to generate higher results and be more searchable.

6. Gravida:
corporate WordPress theme


Gravida is one of the most effective and contemporary Internet services (ISP) WordPress themes for ISP, SEO and marketing, domain and hosting and other purposes and related offers. Demo content is included for the most demanding clients to review the theme and check its potential. Thoughtfully managed and stylized, this attention grabbing template is dotted with modern design touches and solutions. It is also based on Customizer thus simplifying the customization process for you to make changes and preview them at the same time. Gravida is ecommerce ready with WooCommerce compatibility as well as SEO optimized.

There is no way that the world now can even think about having a life without the use of internet in it. It is interesting how the whole world has changed and the use of internet has increased so much. The user who is now so dependant did not even think that it would be such a necessary part of their lives. We all make use of the service and with the added apps development we use them even for out smallest of needs. They are an important medium of communication. The indispensable part of the modern life and huge repository of the human needs is what internet is all about.

There is no form of business which has not made its way to the online platforms. The platform has become the main source of information and researchers’ even individuals who wish to connect prefer this as it is accessible to the millions out there. The process for each of them can be different- there are simple social media profiles, fully functional websites, blogs etc. People either share their personal things or use the platform for professional sharing but they are resent online. This is what has made an online platform so popular.

This leads us to the requirement of the internet service providers. There is no dearth of such service providers as the need has increased many folds. There are many services which one can find online and if you have a business similar to this and wants to make an online presence then you must think about using internet service provider WordPress theme.

The themes are designed by experts and they all have many functionalities which are a must for the website.

This could also lead to a source of stress when you feel that the number of internet service provider WordPress theme is not small and you wish you can have some support. Well, the problem is resolved with the top 10 themes which are laid out for you carefully selected from the top rated themes by the users.

The services might differ like domain name, hosting, internet access and transit and all of this could mean that the users will need different functionalities for each one of them. If you know your needs then the process of finding the right website becomes simple.

The numbers of themes which are picked all have their own specific unique element which is why they are preferred one over the other. They all are of high-quality and comes with high level of support.

They are pocket-friendly and user-friendly. As WordPress understand that these themes would be used for various different reasons they are created with a high amount of compatibility. This means that elements can easily be added to these themes and if the users wish they can add a simple plug-in to enhance the functionality. The themes also support the use of high-quality media and hence the images and videos all go in very smoothly.

The process is very easy for the users to pick one from the list and make use of them for creating a great online presence.

Employment Agency and Recruitment Services WordPress theme


Employment Agency and Recruitment Services WordPress themes for employment agencies and job provider recruitment services companies

We at SKT Themes have done our best and right now are thrilled to put together some of the best templates for employment agencies, HR departments and recruiters to consider for their future online website.

Recruiting and personnel – related services, job search consulting firms and executive agents are essential flecks in the rapidly growing business market and employer – employee relationships.

This phenomenon is specifically true for the part of suchlike companies, centers and agencies having their profiles in the digital realm, since it has long become the brick and mortar of groundbreaking future success to let your message be communicated and reach to your target market sector.

With this in mind we are going to highlight the best samples each of them categorized as employment agency and recruitment services WordPress theme to greet your partners and applicants online with hospitality and amenity, as well as practice all the relevant marketing strategies to reach thousands of people looking for a job on the one hand, and companies and organizations in the pursuit of finding credible workers.

Those templates have been projected, coded and released with ultimate care and attention not to miss any essential functionality or detail for you future website stunning look and feel even if you are a few kilometers away from any programming knowledge or WordPress experience.

1. Photodock:


The first valuable employment agency and recruitment services WordPress theme for human resources management and recruitment is Photodock. The theme strikes the visitor’s eye with warm and inviting visualization companioned by smooth and sleek navigation as soon as the visitor lands on your website and starts to scroll it up and down in order to find whatever he is looking for. Based on clear and strong coding and styling combination, Photodock seamlessly shares the most essential features any recruiter, employment agency manager or specialist will think expedient to practice online.

2. Furniture Pro:


From subtle and elegant, yet serious and credible look to error – free structural framework with advanced functionality, Furniture Pro is another suitable platform for employment and vacancy websites to build up a profile that will leave all the job seekers speechless with its informative and intuitive nature. This product boasts a host of handy, easy to control, forceful elements and controls that are ready to take your presence to another level of perfection and increased traffic with building your presentable brand and getting you in front of thousands of people. WooCommerce compatibility for ecommerce activities, box of icons and fonts, lots of shortcodes for content setup in a matter of minutes, mobile and gadget – friendliness, SEO – optimization and much more form integral parts of Furniture Pro.

3. Strong Pro:
crossfit WordPress theme


Get you agency’s website up and running at a one – time affordable price with Strong Pro. This wonderfully easy to understand and follow employment agency and recruitment services WordPress theme has been developed with a non – techy web admin in the developer’s mind, so that working with this template will be only a joy. Hence, what makes Strong Pro so enjoyable is the totally polished framework of it, armed with a wide array of precisely arranged theme sections and areas, as well as fantastically user – friendly elements and features to create and publish client – driven content in the most effectual manner. This theme with robust and accurate arrangement and fast loading nature is ready to give unlimited options for a fluid user experience as well.

4. Movers and Packers Pro:
moving company WordPress theme


Stunningly balanced between simplicity and power, lightweight operation and extendable nature, quick performance, yet feature – rich toolbox, Movers and Packers Pro has all the prerequisites to be offered to you as one of the most beneficial templates available in the relevant marketplace that can be acquired at a low cost. This flexible and energetic, smart and secure, user and developer – optimized, totally customizable and multilingual – ready template celebrates premium – quality framework ready to sustain any kind of changes and admin’s interventions to proudly struggling with all the current trends and innovations.

5. Coffee Shop:
cafe WordPress theme


With modern and trendy, visually and graphically captivating, imaginative and thriving Coffee Shop you will be just one decision away from a top – rated website with a huge army of followers and daily visitors. This inherently versatile and adaptive employment agency and recruitment services WordPress theme comes integrated with well optimization for mobiles and other portable devices to let your website’s layout change according to the given screen dimensions, homepage slider with up to 10 slides possibility, color changing options to outline your brand’s online existence, SEO plugin support for all in one SEO solution in order to increase your brand awareness and identity through high rankings, etc.

6. Blendit:
blendit single page WordPress theme


Conceptually unparalleled and with an unbeatable original look, Blendit is made to tailored to any prioritized business plans and as such is ready to meet all the challenges that any recruiter or HR manager may encounter in the digital environment. No more stress about how to stylize or adjust your website and to showcase your content, job offers and vacancies, business packages for clients and much more in premium quality on any device, since the authors of the theme gave preference to the modern responsive web design style to support a wide array of frequently – used low powered devices.

7. SKT Black Pro:
black and dark WordPress theme


Power – dressed and always demanded, SKT Black Pro has all the skills to save your time and effort so that you can use it on creating an outstanding content for your website visitors and put it on the show. Subsequently, all the hard processes, complex coding and updates have been successfully completed by the pro specialists of this spanking employment agency and recruitment services WordPress theme and only interesting part is left to you to generate great content and serve it batched in a delightful fashion. Moreover, with this template all your multi – device users will be capable of scrolling their way to your pages easily and smoothly.

It has become easy to connect many different parts of the strong employment opportunities with the use of the online platform. The new ways which have flourished and is a great connection service when it comes to employment are the recruitment services. Every major business organization has a dedicated department whose job is to find the right talent. Now given the various limitations they are not able to get their hands on every talent that is there. The agencies on the other hand with their business model are able to get the right talent for the right job. It has become a very common business relationship model where the big and small organizations contact the recruitment agency for their talent needs.

If you have a business and you require something which will create an impact on the customers then there is no better way than using WordPress as the supporting platform. There are many recruitment agency WordPress theme which is available on the platform. The users who wish to start a great recruitment business cannot work without an active website. The website is not just for information but also forms an important base of communication.

The system will be in place and the users will find it convenient to get all the relevant information from just one click. The business, when satisfied that they are ready to online, should then finalize on the theme. The importance of online presence cannot be overstated and with that, there is recruitment agency WordPress theme in abundance. The users now sometimes get confused as to which of these themes will be best suited to them. Since WordPress is known as a platform that has been at the top of the game it has provided the users with all kinds of website themes. It becomes a difficult choice for the users now to pick one of them. When such a situation arises then the best solution is the use of SKTthemes which has the top-rated themes lined up for review. The users can quickly glance and find out the one which will suit their needs.

These website themes are designed keeping the non-technical users in mind. Thus they are very simple to use and do not require even a single code to be written. They are ready to use platform where the content can be added and the website can be created in no time.

Since the business world is competitive it is must for the website owners to create their own website. This is a time consuming and costly process the better option available is the use of recruitment agency WordPress theme which is highly customizable and flexible.

The base has been laid out for the users and now is the time for adding quality content. The recruitment agencies must mention their achievement for new users to get attracted to their service.

The themes come with much functionality and also allow easy inclusion of plug-in for enhanced functions. The business will not require any other effort when they will use the professionally designed themes.

Banking WordPress theme and their features for bank websites


Banking WordPress theme and their features round up

The global networking system has permeated literally every single aspect of the contemporary life. From trade and health – care to banking and other service provision, every single offer can be easily found in this digital domain. And given the massive consumption rates of the modern Internet, each business presentation concentrates its efforts in building strong online relationships with its consumer – base.

As for the banking industry, online communication is what makes job easier both for the bank or credit organization on the one side and the client on the other. From avoiding a queue stretching for one meter to staying at your comfort zone without having to drive outside for your transactions, loan repayment, etc, advantages of online medium for bank – related activities don’t have an edge.

Thus, since interactive digital engagement is of utmost importance for banking industry, we at SKT Themes did our best to select a powerful collection of niche – specific templates ready to host the website of your bank, credit union, investment firm, accounting office or any other financial structure. Each banking WordPress theme discussed below will save you a ton of time and efforts thanks to the unique intuitiveness and amenity it shares.

1. Gravida:
corporate WordPress theme


We are of the firm belief that Gravida is powerful and durable enough to sustain any modern digital challenge and satisfy all your specific needs and expectations. This banking WordPress theme is modern and alluring, visually attention – grabbing while totally lightweight and intelligent in usage. Whatever your proficiency in development or position in marketing, this responsive and cross mobile compatible template is the one to empower you with enough mastery to deal with your website. Stylized with effectual color combination, Gravida is presented with nice -looking full screen slider with diverse controllable effects to be applied in order to showcase your bank’s crucial points, new projects, loan percentage and other details easily. Armed with modern Customizer for easy changes and their preview, this template is also totally search – engine optimized and social media – friendly.

2. Perfect Banking:


If you think establishing and running a business – like, credible and customer – centric website will be a tough gig needing tons of money and efforts, thing twice. Today there is a bulk amount of world – class WordPress template at an affordable price and admin – friendly layout. One of the bright examples of such products is Perfect Banking that is truly perfect and unbeatable in every single aspect when use for diverse purposes. The authors of this responsive and SEO – friendly template have performed a laudable job of affiliating the best functional and structural technics to provide you with a template ready to go instantly. However, you are powered to add your own style and unique identity of your bank or credit union thanks to the customization options right at your fingertips.

3. Complete Pro:
complete WordPress theme


What makes a theme something precious is the stable top – level performance across diverse channels and seamless usability around the clock with errors brought down to the least. Complete Pro is the next banking WordPress theme fully complying with the above – stated definition. Given the ongoing increase of the interest and demand of online banking consultation and transactions, all banks are primed to foster their marketing efforts and get savvy about how to correspond to their web visitor’s needs. Complete Pro comes with all the primary controls and working strategies to track all the modern trends and be among the leaders in the financial industry. Responsive and plugin – compliant, the theme is designed to make it as affordable as possible to change the existing color scheme of the theme and bring new colors and shades to your website.

4. Condimentum:
multipurpose WordPress theme


Spend little but expect more in return with Condimentum, a template worth special attention and review. Leapfrog your primary competitors easily with this exceptional finance, business and bank – related WordPress website builder and keep your web visitors, card or account holder’s attention on your strong points. The theme is ready – made to handle a content of any size, nature or resolution, ranging from pixel – perfect typography to high – quality images, strictly – layered publications in relief zones and much more. This time – proof banking WordPress theme has been zealously worked out and managed by the folks who perfectly know their stuff in creating a template with a minimalistic approach. And this clean and precise, to the point and streamlined nature of the theme is exactly the one any financial institution will greatly benefit from.

5. Exceptiona:
accounting WordPress theme


Another evidence of how clean and accurately arranged, serious – looking and user – friendly template can boost your bank reputation and let you get social to the possible extent comes loaded as Exceptiona. Exclusive and unrepeatable in sooth, this template has been coded taking into consideration all the norms of the modern WordPress community. Multipurpose and cost – effective, this template generates smooth and enjoyable navigation levels, translation – ready platform, as well as includes packages of fonts and icons. Moreover, even if you are clueless about how to deal with all the hustle and bustle of a web development or design arena, don’t worry. The admin part of the theme is practical enough for you to enhance your website the way you want, manage homepage sections and areas, translate your content or add the needed functionality via plugins.

6. Spirited Pro:
corporate WordPress theme


Deliver your new products and services easily yet effectively with a great assistance generated by Spirited Pro. This banking WordPress theme is polished and pristine, decorated with elegant look and color gamut to allure your bank clients and partners. Additionally, the theme’s structure is flexible enough to locate your posts and publications in an easy to find way, so that your website users will be able to make their payments, transactions, exchanges, pay their bills, view account statements and much more from the privacy of their dwelling. This theme effortlessly unites responsiveness and cross mobile compatibility, shortcodes and icons included, plugin compatibility and e – commerce readiness.

There is no business or service which can now run without an effective presence online. This is true for both private and public sector industries as well. The latest and the biggest change that was seen with the networking system placed in the banking sector which connects all major banks and every small little branch to each other. It has brought a revolution in the market and the use of the service has seen only an upwards trend.

This is because of the increasing trend that WordPress has created many templates which target the needs and requirements of the banking industry.

The bank WordPress themes are appreciated because of the fact that they allow easy connection to the system. They are a gateway to the communication channel which earlier tool hours. This helps the users avoid those long queues and enjoy an easy transfer from the comforts of the home. There is no dearth of service which is not available online.

In fact, all the services that a bank provides are available with these websites. The user just requires an active account and the use of safety pins to ensure they are authentic. The identity should be kept safe so that there is no misuse and the websites make sure that they are protecting the website in every possible way.

The importance cannot be overstated and the presence of the bank WordPress themes is in abundance. The users now sometimes get confused as to which of these themes will be best suited to them. Since WordPress is known as a platform that has been at the top of the game it has provided the users with all kinds of website themes. It becomes a difficult choice for the users now to pick one of them.

The users who are not technically confident can make use of the list of the top-rated bank WordPress themes which will make the choice or selection easy. There is a careful selection made of the top themes which cover all the functionalities and are easy to use.

When you are thinking just about banking then the theme like perfect banking is for you. This is used by many current banks as their main website theme as it provides tones of functions. It looks professional and it is able to handle huge traffic within a day. This does not mean that the users are stuck with the layout and the design; there is a lot of flexibility which is provided while using this bank WordPress themes.

There are long lists and the users who wish to check out the whole lot should read in detail about them of the SKTthemes. The selection becomes easy when they best are laid out. WordPress has compromised on quality r service and thus the users can be assured that they will get the desired support while they are using any of the chosen themes.

The bank WordPress themes are available as free or premium themes and are highly compatible with the plug-ins which make them a complete package for the service industry.

Podcast WordPress themes for podcasting and audio sharing websites

Podcast WordPress themes for podcasting websites are listed here.

This time we have decided to shed light on the best podcast WordPress themes ready to serve for any kind of podcast based and multimedia related websites to share your podcast projects and get your podcast up and running easily.

With the growing popularity of podcasting and podcasts, both the representatives of the business world and individuals use this technique to promote whatever they are doing.

Businesses can use podcasting to announce their new launches, products, and services, give presentations to their clients and more.

As for the personal usage, individuals are prone to use their authentic voice on podcasts of different shape and size and highly benefit from it.

In one case or another, running a relevant website to share your podcasts and make them available for millions of people is one of the reasonable strategies to apply and be satisfied with the future results.

Even if you are new to the world of podcasting, the below specified podcast WordPress themes will have your back to establish, manage and monetize your podcasts.

Designed with care and coded with attention, each of those templates appears to share the most valuable qualities and touches you can ever dream of.

SKT Tube:


SKT Tube is one of the most successful podcast WordPress themes to give you a great start towards your dreams. This video and audio website creation and management tool comes as a total arsenal of highly practical features, elements and content zones.

From nicely deployed homepage sections to footer and header areas all customizable, everything is at your disposal.

Powerful video slider is included in the theme for you to add your video podcasts and make them highly effectual for your website visitors.

However, you are powered to change the default slider and use any other compatible plugin with a special stress on images and photos, or something else.

Lots of shortcodes can be found and used within the theme for testimonials, team members, video galleries and much more.

Additionally, the theme has been checked for its friendly tone towards shortcodes and other plugins for additional working space and extended functionality.

SKT NewsPaper Pro:
newspaper WordPress theme


SKT NewsPaper Pro is the next multimedia based and energetic template one can run for his podcast website and never feel pangs of remorse for it. This lively and original theme perfectly knows how to monetize your podcasting business and build your personal brand in the shortest period of time. A wide variety of websites can be built and showcased proudly when supported by SKT NewsPaper Pro. The possible string may include online magazine, journal, newspaper, news portal, personal blog, podcast, personal or business podcast consulting websites and even more. There is nothing excessive or irrelevant in connection with this top rated website. Every single detail has been thoroughly processed and updated to be amazingly simple and understandable in application. It is as responsive and mobile friendly as it is shortcodes based, customizable and plugin compatible.



The next popular template among the available podcast WordPress themes comes launched as Melody. Initially designed to host audio and podcast materials, this template is powerful enough to win the attention and time of your potential clients and customers, fans and followers. Let your unrepeatable style and professionalism be exemplified through your website and manage every possible section of the default template to match your desires. Music album is available with tons of features to accurately insert your materials and let them be accessible around the clock. Along with more than 100 shortcodes to easily handle the needed content, blog and page templates and Google fonts, Melody is also readily responsive, full documented and social media integrated.

Musical Sounds


WordPress blog theme


Let Charm bring decent sensibility to your podcast website. Uniquely decorated and stylized, pliable and robust, Charm knows the way to perfection and error free performance of any website relied on it. Show off your podcast content with a fresh faced and streamlined web layout and customize the way they appear for the website visitors and surfers. The rock solid foundation of the theme hosts homepage slider with pause time and animation, social and font based icons, widget friendly layout for posts, footer and header, as well as sidebar areas. Page builder functionality can be brought into action within Charm to have supplementary layouts with the help of drag and drop functionality. It is also one of the simplest and admin optimized framework one can find in the library of podcast WordPress themes. Hence, even if you are far away from WordPress related practice, you will be able to intuitively master this template.

Create a client and fan centric podcast website at a cost that is friendly to your budget with the help of Perfect Music. Bewitchingly elegant and eye catchy, it is one of the most applicable podcast WordPress themes that can boast about its precision and adaptability. Get a pixel perfect exposure for any kind of visual and textual, audio and podcast content or any series of digital media files, be it a public show, serialized audiobook, video clips or whatever it is. Get a sophisticated and revenue generating website up and spinning for a one time price and enjoy endless advantages of having one website across different browsers and devices.

Complete Pro:
complete WordPress theme


Complete Pro is the last, but one of the most complete and durable podcast WordPress themes designed to match any specific website objective or functionality. It’s a comprehensive and valuable website tool that will leave you satisfied not only by its affordable price, but also by the infinite possibilities and controls. Complete Pro has got a think for awe inspiring homepage slides via the given slider, color picker performance for playing with colors, header and footer layouts to choose from and add your contact details and social media links. Multilingual ready with PO file inclusion, it celebrates 100% responsive web design supported by clear and modern coding.

WordPress is a very popular platform for many website owners. It has gained popularity as it provides many services to its users. The main reason why it is so popular is that it is a platform for all kinds of users. WordPress provides simple and easy support to the users as there are premium and free versions of many products. It is a great platform which is accessible to all being an open source platform and also enjoys the benefits of many professional website coders who contribute to it on a regular basis.

WordPress started as a blogging platform and has evolved ever since to cater to the changing demands of the market. It has not comprised of the quality it creates and always have been on the top of the service. We all know that the online world is very dynamic, there are constant demands and the changes come in overnight. One thing which was hugely popular will become obsolete and something else will take over. There are new additions been made on a regular basis and what WordPress has been able to do is support all these charges and create a huge user base.

The reason why WordPress has been the market leader are many and most of them revolve around its ability to innovate and maintain the quality. It is no surprise that the major websites which are ranked highest on the search engine use WordPress as its original platform for all its needs. The after services and the availability of the huge online community is appreciated by many users.

The WordPress users do not require any technical knowledge yet with all the support they can create a fully functional website. This is what the business owners appreciate, this way they can own their website and at the same time maintain the budget required.

The business often requires new ways to connect with the customers and the uses of the podcast are new in things. They use the podcast to announce the launch of a new product or service, give a presentation and make an impact on the clients or the customers. The use of the podcast WordPress themes makes the whole process easy for the users.

The podcast used by the business is professional and then there is personal podcast as well. They both serve a different purpose and connect with different clients. The use of the podcast WordPress themes have the ability to cater to all these demands and at the same time, they can connect with million using the right social platform.

There is no dearth of the options which are available to the users. There are so many themes one can choose from. WordPress has listed down the one which is most useful for ease of choice and convenience of selection. All of them are user-friendly and do not require any technical knowledge for use. They are required with much functionality and the users can add the additional ones by using plug-in.

The users have the control in their hand as these are all customizable which leads to the creation of a great outcome.

Courier Delivery WordPress Theme for goods delivery courier services websites


Courier Delivery WordPress themes for courier services and goods delivery

In case you are eagerly searching for niche – specific and highly progressive courier delivery WordPress theme for postal services, cargo, transportation and logistics, delivery and packaging, online tracking or the like, you are in the right place to find the best collection of such templates.

Courier and delivery services have long become an inseparable part of a business of any caliber, be it a small, medium or highly seasoned or dealing with electronic trade and running a set of online stores or just merely in the need of quickly sending the required documents to another edge of the globe. On top of everything, every company or business representative spares no endeavors to satisfy its clients or keep strong commercial connections with its partners across the world and hence courier and other related services come to the fore to give value to time and conformability.

In this article we’ll try to draw your attention to the best patterns of courier and delivery templates of WordPress compatibility and SKT release. All of the suggested custom – built themes are truly versatile with pixel perfect design and clear coding, practiced by experienced designers and developers at SKT Themes.

1. Movers and Packers Pro:
moving company WordPress theme


Welcome Movers and Packers Pro as premium – quality and highly advisable courier delivery WordPress theme fully specialized in what any express or another postal service, transportation and logistics, packaging and delivery company will ever need in order to run a client – oriented digital product and let all the target groups make a pleasing journey throughout the web pages and orientate easily. This smoothly exercisable and inherently zealous template comes with powerful icons and Google fonts pack to visually enhance the potential of the theme with right selection and disposition of items, as well as presentable typography for seamless readability, WooCommerce support for commercial purposes, widgetized areas, total responsiveness and much more.

2. Auto Car:
car repair WordPress theme


Let all your customers be away from time-consuming processes and rely upon you through the functional channels proposed by Auto Car. Right from pick – up and delivery services to automobile dealer industry, this template is ready made to satisfy all the prioritized needs peculiar to the given business. The theme shares the easiest to use theme backend that can be effortlessly practiced by every single non – techy web admin. The latter will be able to add and remove, edit and customize whatever he may find expedient at the given moment for breathing freshness and curiosity into his posts and pages. This product with highly purpose – driven character features multilingual support to match your cross – border activities, as well as nice – looking homepage slider for showcasing the brightest images catering to your online existence.

3. Towing:
towing WordPress theme


There are pretty rock solid reasons to give your casting vote to Towing as another exclusive template for logistics, transportation, cargo, airfreight, courier, postal service, packaging, pick – up and return, towing or dealing services. This courier delivery WordPress theme with out – of – the – box performance and unbeatable modern coding will add a unique style to your profile and can be displayed with all the required changes and amendments upon your request. All the norms of WordPress community have been strictly pursued in Towing, among them admin – centric dashboard, qTranslate X, NextGen Gallery, WooCommerce and other plugins compatibility and error – free navigation levels.

4. HVAC and Cleaning:
HVAC and cleaning WordPress theme


Having HVAC and Cleaning as a sharp foundation of your delivery – related business can do wonders in the line of search engine rankings, multi-language chances and e – commerce shopping experience. This award – winning web builder has been coded clearly from the ground up to be significantly sharpened in every way, right from 100 % responsive web design to have one universal site to rule the multi – device website viewers, qTranslate X and WMPL compatibility to ahead of all your competitors who are constantly updating their content in one single language, calls to action inclusion in order to prove the client’s immediate response and finally, SEO, cache and other plugins compatibility for better performance.

5. Blendit:
blendit single page WordPress theme


In case you are fed up with complex and bewildering frameworks, review Blendit as one more modern and inherently credible courier delivery WordPress theme available in the current marketplace of WordPress – based themes and you’ll definitely love it. Unparalleled in resourcefulness and security, this template with stylish identity and modern traits will make the party going even if you have not completed all your customization and management processes right from the backend. For the most part, Blendit focuses on easily engaging every single web visitor and is specialized in guiding them to the right parts of the website, so that they can find all your content, services and products, contact details and physical locations in the precisely – formatted fashion.

6. SKT Black Pro:
black and dark WordPress theme


Being multipurpose at its core, SKT Black Pro can effectively adapt to any market niche, and hence, this wonderfully pliable and robust template is ideal for international and local courier services, parcel delivery and shipping, express freight services, as well as any other undertaking within the logistics industry. Your user – optimized and timely services will for sure be much appreciated by millions of potential clients, since the modern digital world offers infinite possibilities of ordering items of any kind or brand from every part of the world, and the tricky question remains to be affordable delivery. Thus, with SKT Black Pro you’ll have all the chances of conquering the deserved leading role and satisfy even the most demanded client’s requirements on the whole.

7. SKT Pathway Pro:
multipurpose WordPress theme


Based on comprehensive, integrated and sophisticated approach towards every single part or manifestation of the theme, SKT specialists got out of their principal ways of releasing something that is worth global attention. No worries about how to deal with the theme right from its installation. Even your restyling or customizing touches behind – the – scenes will be done without a hitch. All in all, with SKT Pathway Pro you’ll own unique and world – class courier delivery WordPress theme that will be ready to entertain and capture leads with pretty little investments.

WordPress is a platform that every user prefer before others. There are many reasons for it and one of the most important reasons is that WordPress has always been on its toes to provide the users what they require. It started as a blogging platform and has been innovating ever since to cater to the many demands of the market. The online world is highly demanding and dynamic. The WordPress has always been able to deliver what the users are requesting. It has in most cases been ahead of the game and generated products which are highly beneficial for the users. It is because of this reason that they are able to cover such huge market area and deliver quality support to its premium as well as regular users.

The WordPress has provided time and again that it has all the qualities to be a highly useful platform and enjoys the huge market shares. It is no surprise that the major websites which are ranked highest on the search engine use WordPress as its original platform for all its needs. WordPress has not left any of the website creation area or service untouched and this is a huge reason for its popularity. The websites support is available for all business kinds and thus courier services are also not left untouched. The user-friendly approach and the multiple plug-ins allow the business to create highly functional and attractive websites for use.

The use of the WordPress courier theme for the courier service is thus a great support for the website developer. It is common knowledge that any business in today’s competitive world cannot survive without an online presence. Especially the service industry as the customers are always keen on getting an update and the best way to connect is using the online platform. The WordPress platform has realized the need and thus has created suitable themed which are just ready to use.

The WordPress courier theme is available in free or premium quality. They are both high-quality and may differ in certain features. The users can add the content and get the website ready in no time. But this is a very basic website we are talking about which is built with minimum functionalities. The users who wish to add many features to their website can think about adding plug-ins to it. The WordPress is compatible with many plug-ins the users can choose a few from the directory. There is also huge third-party compatibility where the theme users can use plug-in created by any other platform.

The WordPress courier theme allows a lot of flexibility and the users can bring about the changed they like. They can work around the fonts and add color suitable to the brand and also add quality content. There is enough space for media insertion and the contact form finds a separate area. One can add powerful icons which will make the visitor’s job easy. The users of the WordPress courier theme find it simple to create a suitable WordPress website for use.

The Best WordPress Uptime and Downtime Monitoring Plugins

WordPress Monitoring Plugins
Today, WordPress is widely used by millions of users across the world because of its free, customizable and extremely extensible. Just as important as our site’s design may be, knowing that it is available to everyone looking for it, is equally important.

Are you also one of those whose websites spend a lot of time offline? What’d happen to those customers who are looking to access your blog? It’s obvious that a downtime of a website could cost you possible customers, clients and most importantly, money. In this post, we’ll cover up how to monitor your server uptime in WordPress and the use of appropriate plugins to ensure that it never goes down.

What Does Monitoring The Server Uptime Mean?
Of course, you can sit on a chair and look at your computer screen to watch server’s uptime and downtime. There are various services available in the market to monitor that for you so that you get sound sleep, without having to worry about downtime.

The Need of Monitoring Your Site’s Uptime!
Though you have spent a lot in creating your WordPress website and to monitor your website, its 24*7 working is still unsure and if that’s happening, it can become a fairly huge problem such as:

  • If your website is regularly seeing downtime, how can your clients or customers can trust you with their business, which leads to an unreliable service and that’s very bad for your business.
  • What if your website is down and there are plenty of customers who are willing to purchase your products at that particular timing. It’ll not only cost you money but potential buyers too.
  • Major search engines will find it difficult or for the matter of fact, will not be able to index your website if it’s regularly down. Your business will see a huge downfall among the search engine rankings.

You might have opted for a hosting server that guarantees you uptime throughout the day and night, but that doesn’t mean they are strictly following their guidances. So, it’s important that you monitor your website time by yourself to remove any downtime possibility to avoid loss of business. That’s where you will require special monitoring tools and services to ensure you’re getting the services you are paying for to protect any unfortunate consequences.

The Best WordPress Uptime Monitoring Plugins
The plugins below work with all kinds of websites and help you monitoring the uptime of your server, and if your site does go down, they’ll automatically send you the notifications to a log file where the data gets recorded.

1. Jetpack

etpack is a free plugin offered by the developers of WordPress with several included services such as Monitor, which checks your website’s up and down time and inform you immediately by an email everytime your website see a downtime. Not only the website’s up or down time but also you’ll get the reports of visitor’s stats, security services and ways to speeding up images.

Either you can install this plugin from WordPress official website or do it via the plugin directory of your website. Connect the installed plugin to to enable its features.

2. ManageWP

ManageWP supports tones of features such as restores, backups, uptime monitoring and multiple site management but not all of them are free. To monitor server uptime, you need to upgrade to the premium business plan of this plugin. Once you have started using this plugin, there’s nothing better than that as it provides you with each detail via emails or SMS.

To install this plugin, you need to create an account on and follow the steps and within few minutes you’ll have it installed on your website.

3. WordPress Monitoring Plugin by Sitestillup
WordPress Monitoring Plugin by Sitestillup

Getting informed by SMS or Email for uptime of your site which is what advertised for this plugin. You need to register an account at Sitestillup to use this plugin. Various hosting services claim to have 99% uptime, and this plugin is an excellent way to judge them and check your websites uptime, too. One site for 60-minute duration tests you get free of cost from this plugin which is decent enough.

4. Uptime Robot
Uptime Robot

To astound you with another WordPress plugin, let’s introduce you with Uptime Robot that checks your website’s uptime in five-minute intervals. Not only you’ll receive emails, but everytime your site has a downtime, you’ll get Twitter, web hook and push notifications to manage that.

You can also choose to monitor more than 50 sites or to receive SMSs, but for that, you need to upgrade to their premium plan, which is worth. To install it, you’ll require creating an account with this plugin.

5. InternetVista

To use this plugin, you’d require an account and then choose one of their premium services. Yes, it’s not free but with this, you can choose from the number of ways to receive notifications everytime your website is down. Not only notification choice but you can also select the intervals you’d like for this plugin to monitor your site.

Also, you can view the overall performance of your site. Though it is costlier than all plugins of its niche, it’s more useful too.

6. Super Monitoring

As the name suggests, it’s super intelligent in monitoring your website but to use this plugin, you’d require an account and subscription to any of their premium services. Once subscribed, you can choose the intervals and notifications for the downtime. Without regards to the plan you choose, you’ll surely get all the functionalities including performance monitoring, Google Analytics, one-minute intervals and downtime history.

You need to upload the entire directory “super monitoring” to your website to install this plugin.

7. Pingdom

Costing at only $7.95 a month, Pingdom is one of the most popular web performance management tools to understand how your visitors are using your website and the kind of experience they’re receiving. It monitors your website’s up and down time every minute from locations across the world and provide information in graphs and reports to give you a clear picture of your site’s performance.

For every downtime of your site, Pingdom will run a test to see if it can establish the cause. You can enable this Plugin from your website’s admin area.

8. WordPress Website Monitoring
WordPress Website Monitoring

This tool will alert you with an email as soon as it captures any downtime. It’s robots check your websites in every five minutes of interval. Even when your site is up, you’ll be notified for that too.

To install WP Website Monitoring:

  • Upload the complete plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/.
  • Go to the ‘Plugins’ menu in your website admin area and activate it.
  • Now, go to ‘WordPress Website Monitoring’ under the ‘Settings’ tab and configure the plugin.


Few Third Party Services for Monitoring

A) Site24x7

It can help you monitor the uptime, downtime and performance of all kinds of apps, websites and servers. As soon as it tracks a downtime or unavailability of your site, you’ll receive notifications via email, SMS, RSS, or Twitter. This service will work for almost all kind of websites, but it is advisable to larger sites and companies to use this plugin.

B) Monitor.Us
Monitor.Us is a one-stop solution for all your website’s monitoring requirements. Mostly, this plugin is used by IT professional as it offers website, network and open API monitoring. For the common WP users, its free services are best as they can choose jus the website follow-up to and ignore the rest.

Final Thoughts
After you have selected and installed any of these plugins or services, just see how your website performs. If you notice any astounding downtime, it may be the time for you to switch to a better hosting service and if there are no downtimes, continue using the website server you are currently using as they are actually abiding by their guidelines. What do you do to monitor the site’s up or down time? Please share with us in the comment box:

About the Author:
Catherrine Garcia is an experienced Web Developer at Hosting Facts and a passionate blogger. She loves to share her knowledge through her articles on web development and WordPress.

The websites today are always against huge competition. The websites cannot afford to not have functions which are important to the crowd. Since the websites are against huge competition despite any of the challenges that they face they need to ensure that they provide the visitors what they expect. The number of features and functions that are required to be included on any website are limitless.

Every website owner makes all efforts to include these functions in the website. What is important now is that the website which is created with so much attention and efforts should be accessible to the whole world this means that the website should be up and run when the visitors try and connect with it.

Think of the disaster when the visitors reach a website link click on it and it is not available. The website loses a lot of traffic because of this. Even the loyal visitors who connect to the website will eventually move away if the website gives them connection problems. The major thing that is required in such situations is that the website owners must keep a check on the uptime.

What does monitoring actually means?

You must realize that the website owners cannot sit all day and check for the hours the website was up and functioning and the time it was down. What they require is a monitoring service which is automated and does the job for them. They can even pull reports for say a week to see how the website has performed.

This will ensure that the visitors to the website will have the right access to it and they will not be disappointed. Every website needs to maintain this reputation with their visitor and the only way to check whether it is in place is by using a service on their behalf.

WordPress has always been at the top of this game. They have never ignored any market needs and in fact, they have responded to the same in time. The wordpress website monitoring plugin is thus a great opportunity for the WordPress owners to get the information on the performance in time.

What does the monitoring process do?

The wordpress website monitoring plugin sees to it that the website is up 24*7. It generates reports to ensure that the owners know what the websites performances have been. It does not directly do anything to change that but keeps the owners and the maintenance team up on the project. They generate updates to show that the website has not been performing for its optimum which means that the users should do something to change that.

There are many such plug-ins available for the users. The website owners should choose some of them wisely to pick the ones which will exactly suit their needs. The plug-ins can be included from the directory or the official site and can be installed just like any other plug-in.
It is important to keep an eye on these websites as they will lose on the clients if they are not available to them given the huge competition.

WordPress Online Booking System Plugins for any Hotels, Booking Type of Websites

If you are engaged into a restaurant, hotel, consultant, hair salon or any other suchlike business, in which making reservation and appointments forms its integral part. Hence the online presentation of those businesses in the face of websites will definitely be in need of the online booking WordPress plugins, thus, allowing their customer and potential clients clarify everything beforehand and make their booking without getting stuck into difficult procedures and time taking deals.

Exactly for this reason, the current article presents a handpicked set of online booking WordPress plugins, which are very easy to set up and install, yet provide perfect functionality when running on any kind of WordPress supported websites. Those tools will contribute to the creation of any online reservation system into your website or blog and ensure its stunning performance.

1. Checkfront Online Booking System

Let us start with one of the top rated and trusted products as Checkfront Online Booking System. This feature – rich and entirely smart technique is suitable for installing on any web page and have any business stay organized and scheduled. This intuitive and simplified system comes integrated with all the applicable features and options to proceed with the online reservations in the most accurate way. Some of them include secure online payment options, automatic sending of the required confirmations, give each customer a chance to have his private account where all his transactions will be available for review, responsive and cross mobile and device compatibility, multilingual design to be suitable for larger groups of customers, etc.

2. EzyOnlineBookings

If your activity involves travel, accommodation or any availability checking service related business, EzyOnlineBookings WordPress supported plugin is ready – made to act as your best assistant. This highly applicable and entirely dynamic product comes included with lots of opportunities for your website visitors to schedule and arrange appointments and reservations just in seconds and right from wherever they are and by the application of any mobile or tablet, since the online booking system is flawlessly accessible on smartphones and other devices. This hotel booking WordPress plugin features pretty easy to use structure and interface, availability of Paypal worldwide online payment system, easy to practice and configure calendar inclusion, reminders for email reservations and meetings, as well as other applicable online plugin features.

3. PinPoint Bookings + WooCommerce

If you are looking for extensively developed and very easily applicable booking system to be integrated into your hotel or apartment website in the smoothest way without having a negative influence on the overall design and functionality of your website, here is PinPoint Bookings + WooCommerce plugin at your disposal. This product is loaded with all the essential controls any booking plugin must share, including highly responsive and mobile –friendly stylized design, letting the clients check the online calendar and choose the most convenient dates, rooms, etc, change the visual appearance of the calendar to display more or fewer months. The website owner or admin may in his turn to adjust the calendar settings to display online the rooms or services availability, add some other content, etc.

4. Booking Calendar

With the help of Booking Calendar solution, you will have all the easily manageable and controllable options to integrate a booking or online reservation system into your relevant website or blog. This online booking WordPress plugin perfectly matches the modern standards and requirement of the WordPress community and incorporates ready to use, yet easily customizable calendar to display all the accessible items, properties, services or whatever it is. The website administrators may configure the calendar visual style and functionality corresponding to their needs as well. Email notification system can be enabled for both clients and the relevant business employees to organize the work accordingly.

5. WP Booking System

The next well- designed and well – supported instrument for making instant availability checkings and bookings for hotel rooms, apartments, travel tickets or reserving diverse appointments and consultations is WP Booking System. This uniquely developed and very presentable system will contribute to automatization one of the most important and client – centric aspect of any business. WP Booking System is available in both free and premium version, widgetized booking system and the relevant calendar with multilingual accessibility included in both versions, and a set of additional premium plugins, including as many booking calendar and forms as are required, customize the design of the calendar view for better visualization, set the minimum number of days which can be reserved and many other practical settings.

6. Booking Ultra Pro

With Booking Ultra Pro everything is made accurate, simple and easy to apply. Use this outstanding online booking and reservation solution and receive bookings from your clients all around the worlds, configure your calendar look and feel to match your needs, exercise easy booking process consisting of 4 steps to let the customers organize their meetings and appointments, bookings or reservations in the easiest way and pay for them by means of modern online payment systems, among them Paypal as well, customize the available categories and services, set available hours and dates, all this coming along the free version of the plugin. Naturally, its pro versions are power packed with more functional possibilities and controls.

7. ReDi Restaurant Reservation

The last one under our review and description as a practical and neatly crafted online reservation WordPress template with all the essential plugin settings, controls and options is ReDi Restaurant Reservation. This highly versatile plugin is perfectly convenient for any restaurant and cafe websites to accept online reservations from the clients and visitors, see the reservation details, set the available seat for reserving during the day, set the time, out of which the reservation will not be confirmed, et. Being totally customizable and manageable, the plugins can be easily modified and presented in the most compact and precise way. All in all, ReDi Restaurant Reservation is simple enough to be practiced by any restaurant visitor to see the availability of the possible reservations beforehand and reserve the table at his convenience.

The WordPress platform is a popular platform that is aimed at providing support to all users. The main idea of WordPress is to be accessible to everyone.

The users of the platform most often are making huge demands and WordPress has never made any stone unturned to cater to these demands. This has made WordPress a popular choice amongst the website owners and designers.

There are many free and premium options to choose from which guarantees that the users will get what they are looking for. WordPress has made all possible efforts to bring about changes that were demanded in time to respond to the market. It is because of this ability that it has been able to stand strong when all other platforms are struggling.

What is advantageous while using WordPress is the website support that it provides? The functionalities that the platform is not able to provide along with the themes are presented to the users with the help of plug-ins. The WordPress hotel booking plugin is a great option for the websites which are in the hospitality industry and which is looking for support.

The owners of restaurants, hotels, salons and any such business form where there is a need to make reservations and appointments then these plug-ins come in handy. What they do is make the whole process simple and the functionality can be added to an existing website.

The WordPress hotel booking plugin, when added to the site, allows the customers or the clients to get all the information that they need beforehand. The use of these plug-ins makes any online website add the reservation system to it. this is highly supportive platforms when it comes to great websites which requires the customers to be able to access the services provided and make bookings then and there.

This also ensures that there is an increase in the number of customers; if the website is effective and the platform is responsive then they will make a quick appointment. The appointments made in advance are more likely to be turned to reality as compared to the physical visit and available the service.

The plug-ins available online are many and the users are advised to check each one of them and to find out which will be best suited to them. The business with the use of these added plug-ins are able to add to the client list and able to advertise the service better. The reservations which are made online allow ease management and great service. As the appointments are then designed in advance and the time is also managed accordingly.

This also rewards the customers who can now skip the waiting time. The use of the safe payments methods has just added to the increase in the number of users. The customers also want to be planned for the appointments or reservations and do not hesitate for a minute to make these online payments.

The use of the WordPress hotel booking plugin is no doubt increasing. The users have a huge collection to choose from and they are advised to chose wisely.

eSports WordPress Themes for playing games online & game lovers

A put in practice guide to the best eSports WordPress themes can be found in this article for eSports and strikeball, action and military, leisure and sports, amusement parks and complexes, fight and competition clubs, airsoft gun stores and shops, martial arts and judo, county and golf club, hunting club and shooting range, gun lover community and other relevant websites, blogs and digital profiles.

Thanks to WordPress CMS and its user friendly themes, creating a lead and results generating websites is not a rocket science any more. Moreover, there are cost effective options to keep your expenditure low without skimping out on the high quality of your future profile and its stable performance lifelong if you are dealing with sports or leisure, adventure or adrenaline generating activities or businesses, clubs or associations.

Whether you want an aggressive and encouraging design to deliver the passion of your services or club, or something traditional and expected to be easy to perceive for the majority of web users, you can craft and exercise any custom tailored design with any of these eSports WordPress themes.

Along with dozens of design and appearance customization features, you are going to find even more management settings and controls with eSports WordPress themes we are going to discuss below you will ever need to present your eSports club or community in the most appealing light.

Even if you aren’t a gifted web developer, creating the best version of your site without much of a hassle is guaranteed with these eSports WordPress themes since they are all easy to understand and put into gear.

1. Military:


How well your military or commercial business is doing well is primary proportional to your digital exposure. Therefore, you have no other option than ensuring your business is showcased perfectly for the virtual audience.
Military is one of the masculine WordPress templates ready to contribute to the elevation of your niche specific business throughout all the practical digital channels, platforms and environments, social media networks, search engine platforms and more.

Use this responsive and SEO optimized template to transfer the power and energy of your military academy or institution, adrenaline of fight or eSports club, reliability of paintball marker delivery services or sales portal and get more and more active clients, customers and daily visits.

2. Perfect Golf Club:
golf WordPress theme


From eSports adventure fields to golf and horse clubs, event management centers and outdoors services, everything can be successfully showcased and marketed with one of the best golf and eSports WordPress themes named Perfect Golf Club.

Once visitors are landed on your website, you should do your best to direct their attention to the informative content, contact details, engaging descriptions and motivational images catering to your business rather than let them wander around trying to dig out something useful out of mess.

Therefore, you’d better test and try all the preloaded features and controls of Perfect Golf Club to form a well organized, legible and neat nature of your website with harmonious colors, search engine optimized typography, high quality imagery on the homepage slider, in pages/ posts and gallery area, etc.

3. Soccer:
soccer WordPress theme


Another sports and active lifestyle centric website building solution for you is launched as Soccer.
It can serve as the most reliable bridge between your eSports business and its end users enabling you to form and custom built your profile as per your requirements, business specifications, eSports services and marker repair services, fields and clubs, location and more.

Footer, header and sidebar layout choices are given along with page and post controls, blog area, standard pages like archives, 404, categories, search, etc., as well as full documentation is provided with full technical support for headache free work from the theme’s backend.

Contact form, events, map, e commerce, sliders, SEO, SMO, shortcodes and page builder plugins are all compatible with Soccer to reinforce your basic objective of bettering your results and reputation online.

4. Adventure:
adventure WordPress theme


Stay at the top of digital competition and on the cutting edge website performance with Adventure.
This polished and dynamic looking, feature packed and tastefully visualized website builder is armed with handy tools and shortcodes, easy to manage and intuitive backend for quick controls and live preview of changes done, WooCommerce compatibility for selling and trading online, etc.

HD and retina readiness for the best imagery presentation is also followed by this template that is also responsive and cross mobile checked, multilingual ready and social sharing friendly to communicate your content with more clients and customers.

Easy to import demo content is available with Adventure with quick installation and activation processes, so that you need to hire experts to take your website online with this template.

5. Game Developer:
game developer WordPress theme


Meet Game Developer – an awesomely built and all inclusive template for a variety of website manifestation in the virtual reality.

With several clicks of your mouse, you will be capable of tweaking the theme’s Admin Dashboard and exploring the essential and hidden features of it to ease your working load. There are pieces of shortcodes preloaded to replace coding procedures, controllable content sections and menu disposition, footer and header choices to complement the overall appearance of your site, color picker for color choices and more.

6. Strong Pro:
crossfit WordPress theme


Get across to more eSports lovers and sports fans with your expressively well managed and touched website based on Strong Pro.

Create remembering presence online with one of the most ambitious eSports WordPress themes and market your services around the clock and to the largest digital audience. Be sure your website and its content are properly delivered to mobile users and Internet searchers, as Strong Pro is both responsive for mobile adaptation as well as search engine friendly to meet your clients where they are looking for you.

Fire up your braid with the best design ideas and implement with the given features and customizer based nature of this template. You are free as in freedom to change and alter each part and section of the theme as it is GPL licensed and open source in usage.

Vegetarian Restaurant WordPress Themes for people who love veg food

When it comes to marketing your restaurant or café, Vegetarian Restaurant or eatery, recipe or chef, bakery or bakeshop, cafeteria or gastro, club or waffle house, food ordering or delivery, concession or pizza equipment and supplies or even homemade food business, Vegetarian Restaurant WordPress themes are what will make your efforts and time justified.

Designed and coded with all the major and minor requirements of food and drink industry and business in the themes’ developers’ mind, these Vegetarian Restaurant WordPress themes can proudly represent a niche specific website or blog of any nature, from business to personal, from local to international, from entertaining to informative.

The overpopulated digital platform has opened up dozens of new avenues for food and drink marketers to approach more clients and customers with a less expensive and more productive environment than previously used traditional media channels. One of such contemporary avenues you can use in order to reach out to more leads and sales has to start with your own personalized website or blog.

With each of these Vegetarian Restaurant WordPress themes, you will not let financial means get in your way of the creation of a fantastic virtual presence of your Vegetarian Restaurant or any other food centric business you are engaged in. They are all cost effective yet efficient and reliable in terms of functionality. Thus, the final choice is yours!

1. Recipe:


Enjoy the unique taste and visual appearance, functionally cutting edge framework and immensity in customization all combined in Recipe.

It is one of the latest Vegetarian Restaurant WordPress themes launched by SKT Themes that follows all the major digital and web development trends. As such, it comes with HTML 5 based coding making your site clear and legible in case of both desktop and mobile accesses, preloaded controls and elements to manage every single part and aspect of your site, plugin support whenever needed, etc.

2. Coffee Shop:
cafe WordPress theme


Coffee Shop is the next visually captivating and modernly touched template you can give your preference to when it comes to presenting your coffee or food related business from the most attractive angle.

Get your site up and running with Coffee Shop that is practical and intuitive in usage with Live Customizer technique for you to tweak the theme’s admin panel for changes and modifications and check their consequences.

3. Perfect Pizza:
pizza WordPress theme


Boosting your reputation with accurate and awe inspiring web content and imagery hosted by Perfect Pizza will bring more and more people to your door.

Your website with this responsive and cross mobile and browser checked template will be the culmination of your hard work and striving in reality with respectful online profile that will be search engine friendly and will be shown up to all your prospective customers and clients.

4. Bed and Breakfast:
bed and breakfast WordPress theme


Any kind of bed and breakfast or food service industry can find its best exposure with one of the dependable and interactive templates called Bed and Breakfast.

Customers don’t see what is there behind the curtains, but are receptive to what is demonstrated in the forefront. Therefore, Bed and Breakfast is armed with customizer from behind the scenes for your customization options directed to the improvement and perfection of your site’s face to be serviceable for your audience.

5. SKT Food:
food WordPress theme


Which characteristics are there making SKT Food one of the most demanded and actively installed recipe WordPress themes? Well, they are many, from smart and serious framework to easy to redesign appearance and structure, preloaded shortcodes to replace complex coding workload, call to actions integration to guide your site users, plugin compatibility and much more.

6. We Bake:
bakery WordPress theme


Get into the most challenging digital platform with an almighty We Bake. There is no edge to what you can do with this lovely and elegant, clean and crisp, excellent in navigation and responsiveness template.

Add and remove whatever needed, change structure and menu, edit widget areas, integrate online storefront, set Google friendly typography, showcase your staff in team section, provide your clients with testimonials area to leave their reviews and be accessible around the clock with We Bake.

7. Beer and Pub:


The first step towards a strong and results driven virtual presence for your beer or pub, recipe or culinary website can be done with Beer and Pub.

Make sure to explore all the potential of this pro template and turn to the professional technical support when feeling confused. Add recipes with high quality photos, use header, footer and sidebar areas for contact info, logo, social media and recent post links, etc.

8. Perfect Food:
food WordPress theme


Another recommendation to be found among the best recipe WordPress themes is Perfect Food.
Packed with HD and retina ready graphics, Perfect Food boasts mobile friendly and plugin compatible layout, user friendly navigation and quick loading, modern design, SMO and other touches to complement to your sites search engine rankings.

9. Restro:


Building a client oriented website and keeping it up to date with constant modifications and adjustments can be easy with Restro.

While ready to look good and legible on all mobile and other portable devices, Restro offers first aid tools for visual and textual content integration. Thus, you are going to find neatly deployed content zones of your articles and publications, as well as homepage slider for your best images and photos to sway on the homepage.

10. Hotel Booking:
hotel booking WordPress theme


Hotel Booking is a multipurpose drag and drop Vegetarian Restaurant WordPress theme based website builder which requires nothing but your creativity to stand out from the crowd.

With this shortcodes ready and menu plugin compatible template, you are going to enjoy your position as a website admin while working with the most advanced WP customizer and a handy toolkit with practical web solutions.

11. Wine Pro:
wine brewery WordPress theme


Wine Pro is welcoming and warm, trendy and brilliantly resourceful Vegetarian Restaurant WordPress theme based template building ecosystem that perfectly understands the needs and expectations of your site visitors and surfers. Therefore, it is reliable in coding, speedy in performance and rational in loading time, mobile optimized for mobile and device accesses and translation ready for supporting multilingual content.

Cable Company WordPress Themes for various wire and cable production

This roundup of website solutions has to do with the best cable company WordPress themes for wire production and cable making businesses, electrical wire and optical fiber, plugs and sockets, switches and other relevant product manufacturers and sellers, cable companies and electrical service providers, cable TV providers and Internet communication services, etc.

Whether you run a big cable based company of any nature or a small scaled local service provider, your business needs new working prospects and horizons in the digital field. There is no any kind of business or undertaking that can afford itself to adhere to what has been working for them.

Our cable company WordPress themes are launched with an objective of boosting the existence and performance of wire and cable companies, electrical means and products manufacturers and traders, service providers and others.

All of these top quality cable company WordPress themes are presented with amazing look and marvelous design along with absolutely reliable structural base.

Installing any of them on your website and proceeding with its management to fit your business’s specific needs will be astonishingly easy and affordable even for a non coder website admin.

Finally, if any problem arises while you are working on the theme, be sure the technical support team will prioritize your work and will provide you with sufficient information and help.

SEO WordPress theme


SKT SEO is extremely functional and all in one solution among cable company WordPress themes to expand your ability to work with web platforms and controlling them from top to bottom.

This uniquely stylized and clear cut template is unconquerable when serving the needs of Internet and digital, electrical and technical service providers, domain and hosting registrars, cable TV and communication service agencies.

This easy to use and manage template offers you a really codeless web building and customization options so that you can exercise pre enabled configurations and available page builder settings to craft a really compelling and user centric website.

SEO friendly coding is well done meaning that your website based on SKT SEO is going to follow all the primary rules to be easy to notice and rank for search engines.

2. Game Developer:
game developer WordPress theme


Game Developer is the next dynamic and entirely modern touched template capable of handling with any kind of cable company, digital agency, wire production and manufacturing, web development and design services and businesses and not only.

It’s a great way to achieve more with fewer efforts and less financial expenses since Game Developer is available in the repository of cable company WordPress themes at a pocket friendly price.

Game Developers delivers a complete and all inclusive set of features and components for increasing the quality of your website and making it responsive enough to be viewed across a multiplicity of devices and platforms.

There are page and post controls with layout choices, font and color changing possibilities, easy to manage sections with page builder compatibility, PO file inclusion for making your web content translation ready.

3. SKT Hosting:
hosting WordPress theme


Don’t wait for tomorrow for the elevation of your business profile or sales portal if you can do it today with SHT Hosting.

Even if you are far away from building websites and managing them, just take the first step with this easy to use and totally intuitive web builder and you will feel that the discomfort is not as much severe as you have imagined before.

With convenient admin panel and simplified customization options, preloaded fonts and icons, shortcodes and calls to actions packages, you can make all your ideas live.

Thrive in a modern competitive market with SKT Hosting and record new higher results since all the best technics are added to the theme for leading results and contribution to the client engagement.

4. WoodCraft:
furniture store WordPress theme


If you can put your imagination into action and conjure up the general image of your profile, WoodCraft will let you make it real and accessible for your clients easily.

Market your cable television or digital media, technique or household appliances store, cable and electrical services in no time with WoodCraft that is quick in performance, advanced in technological framework, visually fashion minded and modern looking.

Transform your intangible ideas into tangible results via the theme sections and boxes ready to show off your business profile, services and packages, commercial platform letting people shop online, as well as page builder, visual composer and plugin compatibility for a more diversified presentation online.

5. SKT Industrial:
industrial renovation WordPress themes


SKT Industrial is the next purposeful and trusted template included in our collection of cable company WordPress themes.

From search engine optimization as a great reputation management tool to SMO controls for to be engaged with top social media and their marketing trends, responsive layout with cross mobile and browser support, SKT Industrial celebrates it all.

In the modern reality when every single website user seems to be glued to pixel perfect design and the overall attractive look of digital profiles and networks, ensuring that your website is legible and HD ready with attention grabbing images is a must. Therefore, a nice looking homepage slider is attached to the main page of your website enabling you to share whatever is relevant to your company and its best offers in the form of pictures, visual banners and images.

6. Fix IT:
handyman WordPress theme


Fix IT is another one fits all solution custom built to cater to an avalanche of cable and wire based topics and niches, from handymen and electrician services to cable and plugs online stores and shops.

Ready to grant you with a stronger visual presence, around the clock connection with your clientbase and partners, Fix IT comes with animation supported homepage slider with controllable slides, Google fonts and icons packed available right from the start, useful call to actions to be deployed throughout your profile. Full documentation with all the needed instructions is also included in the theme price.
The best plugins and extensions prove to work fantastic with Fix IT among which are gallery, commercial and contact form plugins.

How to Create Custom Taxonomies in WordPress

In this article, we will illustrate how to create custom taxonomies in WordPress from scratch and how to display them with your current WordPress theme.

Most of the people think that WordPress is all about creating pages and posts and including them under categories and tags.

But in reality, WordPress can be beyond all those ready-made things because it offers the options to create custom post types and custom taxonomies.

This feature is not available on several other platforms, and hence, most of the developers like to work with WordPress for all the different types of websites.

But first, let us understand what custom taxonomy really is.

What Is A Custom Taxonomy?

Taxonomy is a technical term, and it is funny that everyone uses taxonomy in WordPress, but they are not aware of it. Taxonomy is a method by which WordPress groups certain normal posts or custom post types together. The two most popular taxonomies that everyone uses are Categories and Tags. Categories and Tags literally group posts together in different groups.

Similarly, you can create a custom taxonomy to group certain posts in separate groups for convenience like Locations. For example, one of the most popular custom taxonomies that most people create is Topics. Even though there is Categories, people like to differentiate their posts based on Topics for their own convenience. Even they can show the menu on their website with the custom taxonomy that they make. Suppose you have a website where you review books, movies and stuff like that. In the Topics, you can have the genres rather than including them under categories. It can also stand for sub-categories or sub-menus. You should create custom taxonomies in WordPress to keep things under control before everything spreads out. You can literally sort your posts and make changes to that group of posts very easily.

How To Create Custom Taxonomies In WordPress?

There are two ways to create custom taxonomies in WordPress. The first method is by using a plugin, and it is good for those who do not like coding. The second method is by coding, and it is for those who do not want a heavy plugin that would slow down the performance.

Method 1 – How To Create Custom Taxonomies In WordPress Using A Plugin

The plugin that you require installing to create a custom taxonomy is Simple Taxonomy. So, go to your Admin Dashboard and from the left menu, select Plugins Add New. Search the plugin by its name and install and activate it. Once done, come back to Dashboard and go to Settings Custom Taxonomies.

You will get a new screen where you have to fill up a form. The first field is the name of the custom taxonomy you want to create. The name must be in lower character. The second option is to select whether it is a hierarchical sub-category or not like tags. So, choose True or False according to your requirements. The third option lets you tag the custom taxonomy with a post type and likewise.

In the new screen, you have to enter important details. Assuming that you are creating the taxonomy like Topics, you have to tell WordPress about the user interface that would be associated with it. Fill in the details accordingly for the UI and click on Add Taxonomy button. Once this is created, you can check any post, and you will see that it has it on the right side just like categories and tags.

Method 2 – How To Create Custom Taxonomies In WordPress Using Coding

Those who are interested in coding, you can create custom taxonomies in WordPress very easily. All you have to do is to go to Editor from Appearance option in the Dashboard. Edit the file functions.php and paste the following code. It is important to note that the following code is only for those who want to create a custom taxonomy in a hierarchal structure like sub-category or sub-menu.

 //hook into the init action and call create_book_taxonomies when it fires add_action( 'init', 'create_topics_hierarchical_taxonomy', 0 ); //create a custom taxonomy name it topics for your posts function create_topics_hierarchical_taxonomy() { // Add new taxonomy, make it hierarchical like categories //first do the translations part for GUI $labels = array( 'name' =_x( 'Topics', 'taxonomy general name' ), 'singular_name' =_x( 'Topic', 'taxonomy singular name' ), 'search_items' =__( 'Search Topics' ), 'all_items' =__( 'All Topics' ), 'parent_item' =__( 'Parent Topic' ), 'parent_item_colon' =__( 'Parent Topic:' ), 'edit_item' =__( 'Edit Topic' ), 'update_item' =__( 'Update Topic' ), 'add_new_item' =__( 'Add New Topic' ), 'new_item_name' =__( 'New Topic Name' ), 'menu_name' =__( 'Topics' ), ); // Now register the taxonomy register_taxonomy('topics',array('post'), array( 'hierarchical' =true, 'labels' =$labels, 'show_ui' =true, 'show_admin_column' =true, 'query_var' =true, 'rewrite' =array( 'slug' = 'topic' ), )); } 

If you want to create custom taxonomies in WordPress in non-hierarchical manner, use the following code in functions.php.

 //hook into the init action and call create_topics_nonhierarchical_taxonomy when it fires add_action( 'init', 'create_topics_nonhierarchical_taxonomy', 0 ); function create_topics_nonhierarchical_taxonomy() { // Labels part for the GUI $labels = array( 'name' =_x( 'Topics', 'taxonomy general name' ), 'singular_name' =_x( 'Topic', 'taxonomy singular name' ), 'search_items' = __( 'Search Topics' ), 'popular_items' =__( 'Popular Topics' ), 'all_items' = __( 'All Topics' ), 'parent_item' = null, 'parent_item_colon' = null, 'edit_item' = __( 'Edit Topic' ), 'update_item' = __( 'Update Topic' ), 'add_new_item' =__( 'Add New Topic' ), 'new_item_name' =__( 'New Topic Name' ), 'separate_items_with_commas' = __( 'Separate topics with commas' ), 'add_or_remove_items' = __( 'Add or remove topics' ), 'choose_from_most_used' =__( 'Choose from the most used topics' ), 'menu_name' = __( 'Topics' ), ); // Now register the non-hierarchical taxonomy like tag register_taxonomy('topics','post',array( 'hierarchical' = false, 'labels' =$labels, 'show_ui' = true, 'show_admin_column' = true, 'update_count_callback' = '_update_post_term_count', 'query_var' = true, 'rewrite' = array( 'slug' = 'topic' ), )); } 

Displaying Custom Taxonomies

When you create custom taxonomies in WordPress using code, you have to write a separate line of code to show it. All you have to do is to open single.php from the Editor and paste the following line of code. Remember to paste the code within the loop present in the file.

 the_terms( $post-ID, 'topics', 'Topics: ', ', ', ' ' ); 

That is it, and you just created a custom taxonomy and made your life easy on WordPress.

How to Create a Photo Album Gallery in WordPress without plugin

In this article, we will show you how to create a photo album gallery in WordPress without a plugin.

We all know that with plugins in WordPress, nothing is impossible to achieve.

But the more plugins you use, the more the performance of your website degrades.

For any website, gallery plays a very important role.

If your gallery involves complicated works and filters, the performance of the overall website can take a beating.

A photo album gallery is supposed to have several photos residing inside it.

Here we are creating a monthly album so that every album has a cover image and when the cover image is clicked, it takes you inside the album to check out each photo individually.

You also need to know how to create a photo album gallery in WordPress without a plugin to do complicated tasks for which you needed to buy premium plugin if you wanted to use a plugin.

Steps To Create A Photo Album Gallery In WordPress Without A Plugin

All the features required in achieving the purpose can be done using WordPress built-in functionalities. Consider each monthly album as a post with its own single page. Consider each image inside the albums as an attachment with own single page. The albums will need a thumbnail, and the feature is inbuilt in WordPress. If your website is a photographer’s website, then you can turn your default posts with an album. Else, you have to create a custom post type.

Create Site-Specific Plugin(not Readymade) and Custom Post Type

You need to create a site-specific plugin which is not dependent on your theme. They are useful for creating custom post types, adding shortcodes, showing thumbnails and likewise. To create a site-specific plugin, you have to go to plugins directory using FTP. Under wp-content/plugins/ create a new folder and name the folder the same name as the plugin you want to create. Go inside the folder and create a php file with the same name as the folder. Paste the following code inside the file.

 /* Plugin Name: Site Plugin for Description: Site-specific code changes for */ /* Start Adding Functions Below this Line */ /* Stop Adding Functions Below this Line */ 

Save the file and exit. The above-mentioned code does not have anything meaning, and it will be replaced when the custom post type is created.

Generate the code for custom post type from WordPress Custom Post Type Code Generator.

Displaying Additional Image Sizes and Additional Fields–

From the Admin Dashboard, go to Appearance and then to Editor. Spot the file functions.php and add the following code for registering additional image size for the grid display.

 add_image_size( 'album-grid', 225, 150, true ); 

If you want to add additional custom fields to the Media Uploader like the name of the photographer, their pages, and other information when you upload an image, you need to add the following code in the functions.php.

 /** * Add Photographer Name and URL fields to media uploader * @param $form_fields array, fields to include in attachment form * @param $post object, attachment record in database * @return $form_fields, modified form fields */ function be_attachment_field_credit( $form_fields, $post ) { $form_fields['be-photographer-name'] = array( 'label' = 'Photographer Name', 'input' = 'text', 'value' = get_post_meta( $post-ID, 'be_photographer_name', true ), 'helps' ='If provided, photo credit will be displayed', ); $form_fields['be-photographer-url'] = array( 'label' ='Photographer URL', 'input' ='text', 'value' =get_post_meta( $post-ID, 'be_photographer_url', true ), 'helps' = 'Add Photographer URL', ); return $form_fields; } add_filter( 'attachment_fields_to_edit', 'be_attachment_field_credit', 10, 2 ); 
 /** * Save values of Photographer Name and URL in media uploader * @param $post array, the post data for database * @param $attachment array, attachment fields from $_POST form * @return $post array, modified post data */ function be_attachment_field_credit_save( $post, $attachment ) { if( isset( $attachment['be-photographer-name'] ) ) update_post_meta( $post['ID'], 'be_photographer_name', $attachment['be-photographer-name'] ); if( isset( $attachment['be-photographer-url'] ) ) update_post_meta( $post['ID'], 'be_photographer_url', esc_url( $attachment['be-photographer-url'] ) ); return $post; } add_filter( 'attachment_fields_to_save', 'be_attachment_field_credit_save', 10, 2 ); 

As you can see, it will add two text fields in the Media Uploader namely Photographer Name and Photographer URL.

Creating Pages To Display All Albums

Now, it is time to create some albums(custom post types) and add photos to them. The featured image will be the cover image of the album. The content you add to the content area of the post will become the description for the album.

Template Page For Albums

Create a file and name it archive-albums.php. Copy the header, footer, sidebar, and other UI elements code and paste in it. Paste the following code in it to show all the albums in one page.

 <li class="album-grid">a href=" title=""</a></li> post_type == 'albums' $post-post_status == 'publish' ) { $attachments = get_posts( array( 'post_type' ='attachment', 'posts_per_page' =-1, 'post_parent' =$post-ID, 'exclude' =get_post_thumbnail_id() ) ); if ( $attachments ) { foreach ( $attachments as $attachment ) { $class = "post-attachment mime-" . sanitize_title( $attachment-post_mime_type ); $title = wp_get_attachment_link( $attachment-ID, 'album-grid', true ); echo '<li class="' . $class . ' album-grid">' . $title . '</li>'; } } } 

Place the following code in the main CSS file of your theme so that the cover images are shown in a grid.

 .album-grid{width: 225px; height: 150px; float: left; list-style: none; list-style-type: none; margin: 0 18px 30px 0px;} 

Template Page For Each Image

Create a file and name it single-attachments.php. Copy all the code from the pre-built single.php of the theme. You can find it under Editor from the Appearance menu. Then find the loop code in your single-attachments.php and replace that section with the following.

 if ( have_posts() ) : while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); $photographer = get_post_meta($post-ID, 'be_photographer_name', true); $photographerurl = get_post_meta($post-ID, 'be_photographer_url', true); <h1>the_title();</h1> <div class="photometa"><span class="photographername"> echo $photographer; </span> // <a href=" echo $photographerurl " target="_blank" class="photographerurl"> echo $photographerurl </a></div> <div class="entry-attachment"> if ( wp_attachment_is_image( $post-id ) ) : $att_image = wp_get_attachment_image_src( $post-id, "full"); <p class="attachment"><a>id); " title=" the_title(); " rel="attachment"<img src=" echo $att_image[0];" width=" echo $att_image[1];" height="echo $att_image[2];" class="attachment-medium">post_excerpt;" /</a> </p> else : <a>ID) " title=" echo wp_specialchars( get_the_title($post-ID), 1 )" rel="attachment"echo basename($post-guid) </a> endif; </div> endwhile; endif; 

Utility Company WordPress Themes for utility suppliers and service provisions

A useful assortment of the best utility company WordPress themes crafted specifically for public utility commissions and companies, utility suppliers and service provisions, natural gas, electricity, telephone and telecommunication, water and steam, ventilation and air conditioning, hydraulic power companies and organizations, etc.

Stable temperature, energy and gas supply and other nuances guaranteeing our comfort in residential and business premises all year round are undoubtedly among the best achievements of human civilization.

They have become an integral part of any city ensuring the normal functioning of the urban systems and localities and creating a favorable environment for the population.

All in all, these are a set of companies, enterprises and households destined to provide people with comfortable and secure residences and living which will also meet modern quality standards.

The human nature is extraordinary. We understand and value the importance of public utility services only when any of them is not supplied properly or terminates.

This is where fixing all kinds of issues, finding relevant specialist or the necessity of changing the supplier comes into play.

This article spreads light on the best utility company WordPress themes for all types of above mentioned services and activities.

From public housing and communal service providers to private utility companies and specialists, any business or its representative can use one of the utility company WordPress themes discussed here and see the value a well customized and effective website can bring into his business.

How quickly your site is loading, how fast it responds to the user’s clicks, whether it is fully responsive and whether you are keeping it fresh faced with unique content are all important differentiators that search engines take into account when labeling the performance of your site.

With any of these utility company WordPress themes all such indicators of a premium quality website will be present for your profile to get maximum exposure online and client engagement.

1. HVAC and Cleaning:
HVAC and cleaning WordPress theme


HVAC and Cleaning is one of the industrial templates ready to make your utility company and its services beautifully exposed in the digital platform.

Despite the benefits of having highly customizable and manageable website at your disposal, the advantages of HVAC and Cleaning are also endless for your website users and first time guests. They will be able to jump from one page to another, enjoy pixel perfect images or use the prebuilt contact form for their inquiries and questions.
Social media integrated and ultimately SEO prepared, HVAC and Cleaning unites HTML 5 coding with CSS3 styling technic, page and post layout controls, standard pages and more.

2. SKT Industrial:
industrial renovation WordPress themes


Elevate your utility, cleaning, plumbing, electric or water management company with the help of SKT Industrial as one of the prominent and decent utility company WordPress themes with the highest rankings.

Creating a reasonable and results driven online experience across search engines, social media platforms, and commercial environments will be easier with this template than you can think. Import the demo content in a matter of minutes and replace it with your data and information, visual and textual content to win the attention of the target audience.

Put together a chic design together with well managed content, color and font choices, control sidebar, gallery and testimonials area, add shortcodes package or practical plugins for making your workload much lighter yet enjoyable.

3. Real Estate:


Real Estate is a multipurpose and fully configurable WordPress template to quickly delve into the crux of the theme and restyle it to match your company’s aesthetic and business needs.

You are not going to struggle for your valuable content to be shared online since Real Estate is wonderfully SMO optimized for sharing and commenting additional possibilities with relevant plugins support.
The same statement is also valid when it comes to translating your site’s content and components into different languages as the theme is also translation optimized and multilingual ready.

4. WoodCraft:
furniture store WordPress theme


WoodCraft is the next captivating and graphically polished template in the bunch of utility company WordPress themes that can be effortlessly acquired and exploited by any public housing and communal service provider.

Even if you have a local monopoly in supplying your utility services, crafting a website based on WoodCraft will do wonders to your business with even more results than you have planned to reach in the nearest future.

Apart from displaying main services, you can use multiple sections and areas of the theme for offering add ons and additional maintenance, equipment or fireplace installation, water purifying and other needed services, sell products, etc.

5. Perfect Cleaning:
perfect cleaning WordPress theme


If you are looking for a superb template comprising advanced technology with a bulk of required elements and components under the hood, Perfect Cleaning is the best candidate.

Designed and polished for cleaning and utility industry, this template has a primary focus on safety or your web data, as well as its stability across mobiles, platforms, devices and browsers.

With Perfect Cleaning you are going to reveal tons of customization and documentation needed when it comes to making your site invulnerable in terms of security, as well as more dynamic with add ons and plugins such as commercial and translation, gallery, contact form, SEO and SMO, shortcodes, etc.

6. Locksmith:


Your competent and comprehensive website is what defines you as a hustler instead of just hobbyist or even a businessman with restricted possibilities. Locksmith is one of such pro quality products to stress the value of your utility business and services, your experts and handymen, high quality products and means, etc.

It’s a template designed by the latest WordPress requirements and digital trends including coding and styling, customization, business translation, e commerce nature and more.

Finally, you are not going to follow the less powerful option just because you want to economize on your future website and pay a lower price for it. The truth is that Locksmith is wonderfully cost effective so that you don’t need to sacrifice the opportunity of having access to pro quality features and options.

Escrow Service WordPress Themes for financial services and mortgage

We are beyond excited to share the best escrow service WordPress themes with you. These templates are designed mainly for escrow and financial services, real estate and mortgage brokers, financial agents and escrow companies, financial consultants and advisors, investment centers, check cashing stores, credit organizations, banks and other financial institutions and individuals.

Using escrow services and companies both in local and international transactions, real estate sales and purchase operations, as well as other big deals is important for all the interested parties. The possible risks and losses are reduced to the minimum, while the escrow company acts as a trusted coordinator and holder of important documents, financial means and other assets until this or that transaction is successfully completed.

And although these advantages of the escrow services and offers from the so called unbiased 3-rd party are endless, such financial and legal institutions also need extra efforts to gain trust and more popularity to go ahead and let their specific business thrive over the time.

At this point, the best thing they can do is to build an amazing and informative website on the basis of one of the practical escrow service WordPress themes and be closer to the audience needing such services.

Each of the escrow service WordPress themes we have collected here is ideal for crafting a trustworthy website that will act like a mediator between buying and selling parties, as well as will be an accessible information portal for others.

Get your premium quality escrow service or financial website off the ground instantly with any of these escrow service WordPress themes and you will never regret. The truth is that all of them look polished and serviceable and are powered by an advanced technological framework to meet all the challenges of time and changing online platform together with its users.

1. Real Estate:


So, you want one of the well prepared and pro quality real estate listings, property management or escrow service WordPress themes to do the right branding for your business and give it a smooth go? Well, we have an excellent solution for you to make it all happen. It is called Real Estate!

This template has been well thought out and reasonably coded by the best specialists who have been too attentive to miss any primary detail or component your website will ever need to make a real progress online. As such, Real Estate comes with durable framework with already prebuilt homepage areas and sections, different types of property listings and escrow services lists possible within your website, responsive nature with cross mobile and browser compatibility.

2. SKT Banking:
banking WordPress theme


SKT Banking is the next valuable tool for banking and financial institutions and escrow agencies to strengthen the existing relationships with clients and implant some more with the new ones.
Stay true to your tastes and ideas with SKT Banking since this template offers you a stunning assemblage of customization and styling features with fonts and colors, call to actions and buttons, images, widget friendly areas and their content, etc.

Different shortcodes have been enabled with SKT Banking to make sure you can add the needed posts and pages, publications and articles, parts and sections without any hassle around coding. Testimonials area can also be added instantly to provide a convenient platform where your clients can exchange with their experience and feedback.

3. Flat Pro:
flat WordPress theme


If you think that performing near your capability when it comes to creating a professional website will never be enough, think twice. There are really trusted and time checked escrow service WordPress themes that don’t expect much from you and come with no learning curve.

Flat Pro is one of such businesslike and modern touched templates to support the presentation and promotion of escrow services and companies of all kinds, banking and financial institutions and agencies, payment systems, merchandise protection services and more.

Jump on the flat design boat with Flat Pro and enjoy the trendy and cross mobile optimized web structure, better mobile interface and optimization of your site and many other advantages.

4. Condimentum:
multipurpose WordPress theme


Condimentum is multipurpose and well equipped template to be a robust foundation for your escrow business website.
Showcase the impartiality and responsibility your escrow officers or financial agents share, enlist the available services and partners, showcase important licenses and agreements in the way your website guests will be pleased with. The uncluttered and clean interface of Condimentum grants you with all the conditions to make your content as accurately managed and showcased as possible.

From team and testimonials sections to SEO friendly coding and multilingual ready platform, from blog section to commercialized layout, Condimentum celebrates it all.

5. Exceptiona:
accounting WordPress theme


Exceptiona is another purposeful and clear cut website builder with a security and performance level your website cannot achieve otherwise.

The theme’s accurate fashion and nice content areas make it possible to insert all the important data, services, insurance policy, escrow requirements, residential mortgage and other services, contact info and other details as quickly and effectively as never.

However, you are powered to change the construction and sequence of sections and subsections whenever needed.
The theme also makes page building and restyling, content translation and social media integration as easy as one two three.

6. Legal Expert:
legal WordPress theme


The last weighty and solid template foreseen for the legal and financial world is called Legal Expert.
With this easy to use and shortcodes armed website building tool, you don’t need to go deep into the web design and coding essentials. All the hard work can be simply overcome with this affordable and admin friendly template. All you need to do is to jump into the backend of the theme and take advantage of the suggested admin panel and its configuration options.

Since visual communication is one of the productive ways to keep contact with the audience, Legal Expert generates a nice looking homepage slider to host the most engaging images of your business and brand, new offers and services, etc.

Financial Service WordPress Themes for financial institutions and banks

You’ll find a series of the best financial service WordPress themes in this article which fall under the group of cost effective website builders but are unimaginable powerful in nature.

These templates are primarily for financial institutions and banks, credit unions and organizations, currency exchange points, financial and legal advisors and consultants, investing and assessment groups, insurance companies.

With useful financial service WordPress themes dominating the digital platform, you can easily find the right companion of your site and start the creation of your business profile with as little investment as your budget lets you.

The authors of these truly excellent financial service WordPress themes have put the best web technics and coding together and have worked minutely on every part of each product with financial institutions and specialists in their mind. As a result, you are lucky to enjoy an imperishable solidarity of the best digital formulas and strategies in each of these templates.

With any of those financial service WordPress themes, you don’t need to improve your web development or design literacy, since you are not going to sweat hard when working on your website or making a surveillance to keep it updated. They are all apparently easy in usage with a great support coming along the way.

1. SKT Banking:
banking WordPress theme


If you are a startup or local based financial company and are strapped for money, we have a perfect offer for you. SKT Banking is one of pocket friendly yet the highest quality banking and financial services WordPress themes full with practical tools and based on the advanced technological platform.

But the truth about this wonderful template is that it can be largely used by seasoned and long established financial centers and institutions as well since unbeatable quality and precision are here.

Other premium features SKT Banking shares include search engine and social media optimization, 100% responsiveness around different platforms and devices, plugin compatibility, widget friendly zones and prebuilt content areas and sections filled with demo content. The latter needs to be replaced by your own thematic content with the typeface you will choose among the preloaded fonts and their management options.

2. Flat Pro:
flat WordPress theme


Flat Pro is another self secured and highly versatile website tool that will give you a feeling of freedom and an environment to bring all your intentions and thoughts to life.

Based on a flat and material design style to keep your website accurate across mobiles, tablets and gadgets, this template is ideal with HTML 5 and CSS 3 coding, various shortcodes and call to actions enabled, page and post layouts with color and font mix and match settings, etc.

Stay on the top of digital spectrum and enhance your financial website with commercial platform, better contact form, stronger search engine optimization and multilingual content since Flat Pro is wonderfully plugin compatible.

3. Condimentum:
multipurpose WordPress theme


One of the most important tasks of a financial site is to generate trust among potential customers landing on your pages. If the trust relationship between you and your customers is not reached through your website, in all probability, your website users will not subscribe to your financial portal and will not show interest towards your services.

Condimentum has been projected, crafted and launched with the theme developers with all the above mentioned evidences in their mind. As such, it is as responsive and mobile optimized as it is smoothly navigable and well coded for the most accurate fashion of your site.

In an effort to communicate your high quality services and legal advisor consultation, you can freely use the theme’s sections and share your business story, give useful links, explain laws and financial “jargon”, enlist services, showcase the images of your staff and have all it under one hook to be controlled from the backend of the theme.

4. Shudh Pro:
minimal WordPress theme


If you are looking for a minimalistic template among financial service WordPress themes that will fill the gap between your financial firm and your customers, look no further than Shudh Pro.
Since it’s easy for the website surfer to get lost in the diversity of information and content, it’s reasonable to keep your website’s appearance and composition as legible and readable, as compact and categorized as it can be with Shudh Pro.

Shudh Pro grants you with a handy toolbox to do all the needed changes and make your profile the place where every single visitor can quickly find the answer to his questions, receive replies with his PC or mobile.

5. Exceptiona:
accounting WordPress theme


As you can see at a first glance, Exceptiona is humble and clean in its appearance convening an uncluttered layout that is easy to go through.

All in all, everything in this template is kept easy and clean hence you as a financial agent or financial company representative don’t need a glossy and ardent website that will look overwhelming and heavy.

Your primary aim is to deliver your professionalism and serious approach to your work so that your services and employees can be trusted.

In this relation, you’d better take advantage of the enabled sections, remove some of them or add new ones to reach the structure ready to host all your information, from business profile to members, services, packages, news part, contact info, etc.

6. Legal Expert:
legal WordPress theme


If you are a legal or financial expert or consultant, insurance agent or loans specialist and want to establish a seasoned website all by yourself, Legal Expert will be your helping hand.

With this website tool you can take care of the simplicity and clear face of your business site or professional profile. Actually, people do not trust what seems to them too complicated or incomprehensible.

Hence, Legal Expert has been processed to make your business transparent and logical, responsive and fast loading so that it will be much easier for you to attract and keep the target audience.

Homepage slider with 10 slides available is a progressive solution to measuring the success of your visual materials and informative slides.

Blog section and template for sidebar are also added so that you will have the maximum freedom to dispose of your web content and publications.

Waste Management WordPress Themes for recycling, sanitation companies

This time we will share some useful waste management WordPress themes for environmental and nature friendly websites, sanitation companies, waste management and recycling services, junk removal agencies, garbage management units, eco friendly activities, etc.

Planning and organizing waste management, waste segregation and recycling is not just an average business. It’s a whole chain of activities and obligations, united efforts of many people, starting from strategists and planners to technical specialists and scientists with a relevant knowledge and expertise.

Taking care of the cleanliness and healthy atmosphere of the world surrounding us needs a special focus and people engagement to make real changes in the most effective and “greenest” way. Therefore, using today’s digital possibilities for finding co thinkers and supporters is of great importance.

Moreover, bringing such businesses and projects online can do lot lots of favors for all those who are engaged in promotion and marketing aimed at discovering new ways of cooperation, partnership, communication with clients, investors, donators and others.

Today there is no excuse for creating low quality and unsophisticated websites since there are top notch waste management WordPress themes you can acquire and enjoy throughout the whole period of your business profile’s creation, development and maintenance.

These waste management WordPress themes are unequalled in their structural and functional base, with website user’s positive experience and satisfaction being their primary concerns.

With the fierce competition flooding the digital market, these templates remain affordable and are frequently updated to offer the best correlation of price and quality for the average website owner.

It means that these waste management WordPress themes that will make you fall in love with their uniqueness in design and sustainability in performance, are perfect in between options with a cost effective price but high quality nature.

1. SKT Stone:


SKT Stone is one of the purposeful and niche specific stone and waste management WordPress themes you can exercise for the creation of your waste management or garbage processing, stone manufacturing or cleaning services website.

For the majority of web users, the high quality website equates to the excellent readability and clear images, as well as nailing access both to the desktop and mobile versions of your content.

SKT Stone has been created to share all the above mentioned qualities and as such is loaded with Google based fonts ready to make your content hassle free and perfect in reading, color management options for affecting your susceptible clients with colors and tones, and finally, cross mobile and browser compatible coding.

2. Nature One Pro:


If you are planning to embark on a new WordPress powered project with your waste management, nature preservation or eco based agriculture business, Nature One Pro needs to be in the center of your attention.

In this dynamic stage of digital life where every single Internet user has come to require comfort and a reasonable speed in which he can consume your web content, satisfying these primary needs of your web guests should be one of the main issues to consider when building a website.

In this relation, Nature One Pro is both convenient in structure and content categorization, as well as operates at a speed hard to annoy your audience. Moreover, it is both website admin and user optimized with a simple admin dashboard on the one hand, and a responsive layout for the web users on the other.

3. Perfect Cleaning:
perfect cleaning WordPress theme


If you want your website to be of premium quality and client centric, there needs to be an equal focus on the look and functionality of your site. Hence, if you are on the lookout for the best unity of form and function, Perfect Cleaning is what you need.

This template primarily caters to cleaning industry with all its dynamic branches and businesses. It means that you are free to use the default template or restyle it the way you need for matching your waste management and segregation, cleaning and garbage removal website.

This theme’s responsiveness and Google approved fonts for superb legibility, HD and retina readiness for pixel perfect images and photos are all directed to make your customers feel that they are highly appreciated and respected.

4. Spirited Pro:
corporate WordPress theme


Spirited Pro is another elegant and businesslike solution you will certainly like while analyzing the WordPress repository for the best waste management WordPress themes.

Full documentation is provided with this responsive and widget ready, commercial ready and plugin compatible template that will walk you through a step by step guide to a contemporary and user centric profile.

Make sure your waste management or environmental protection website is rich with enough visual materials to figuratively describe your business objectives and mission. You can use the given homepage slider or gallery section for conveying your message to the web users via large scale images and photos.

5. Perfect Nature:
perfect nature WordPress theme


Perfect Nature is nurtured with the best coding and styling touches, multipurpose layouts to craft a website of any denomination, from nature, plants, nutrition and eco topics to the provision of waste disposal and curbside collection services.

This template provides a modern design with CSS3 animations available, homepage slider for displaying visual content of any nature, prebuilt homepage sections and areas for you to manage and show off your textual information, etc.

Unlimited color and font choices, shortcodes package, SEO friendly coding and SMO integration are also well done.

6. HVAC and Cleaning:
HVAC and cleaning WordPress theme


Another useful project catering to cleaning and waste management spectrum comes known as HVAC and Cleaning.

Take HVAC and Cleaning and tailor your website to the specific expectations of the groups of your audience with right color combinations and structural framework, call to actions and images, contact info and logo inserted into the header or footer areas.

Services section is also given within the theme for you to enlist all the available residential and business services, industry solutions, transportation and removal services, security systems installation to prove that your business is consistent in performing its duties perfectly.

Delivery Service WordPress Themes for transportation, courier, shipping

The best delivery service WordPress themes are put together in this article for serving the needs of transportation and delivery, moving and packaging, courier and relocation, shipping, air freight, food drop and ordering services, companies, etc.

With a rapidly evolving world full of busy people, delivery and courier services seem to be a true salvation in many cases. They have long become an integral part of many businesses working with a clientbase with diverse needs and order requirements, online shops and stores in need of quick delivery services, food and beverage businesses and more.

Whether delivery or transportation services are only a part of your business or you have concentrated all your efforts in making them popular and highly demanded, pay attention to the best delivery service WordPress themes we have compiled. Having your presence online is justified by a wide variety of reasons.

First of all, the majority of express delivery and logistics services are mainly focused on client segments with an average or high income which can be easily found online.

In addition to that, in order to hook as many customers as possible, one should definitely exercise all digital possibilities and adjust his business strategy accordingly.

On the whole, our delivery service WordPress theme combine best design with ultimate management options and customizable layout, user centric loading and response time, extendible operational framework with add ons and additional tools, etc.

Harnessing your website with one of these delivery service WordPress themes will also let you quickly measure the success of your online relationship with clients and win their loyalty.

1. Movers and Packers Pro:
moving company WordPress theme


Movers and Packers Pro is one of the seriously processed and designer made moving, packaging, logistics and delivery service WordPress themes.

If your main clientbase represents certain locality and you want to expand the horizons of your business by integrating more and more prospects and clients, Movers and Packers Pro is well optimized in enhancing the efficiency of your services.

From SEO friendly design taking your content higher on search engine results to responsive layout to attract absolutely all kinds of visitors, this template is a real rock star.

Moreover, you have the possibility to translate your content to result in a higher impact on the international audience. Just use one of the translation plugins and provide a high quality translation of your content.

2. Beer and Pub:


Beer and Pub is one of the freshest representatives of food and beverage templates. As such, it is wonderfully suitable for food drop and delivery services, restaurants and cafés with delivery option, supermarkets and stores accepting orders online, etc.

Having the ability to connect with thousands of people without living your comfort zone is for sure an attractive idea. In this relation, Beer and Pub will definitely take care of your comfort and reasonable time management from the backend of the theme.

With tons of customization options and pre enabled features, styling your website, adding new colors and tons, updating typeface, footer and header areas along with sidebar and more will be a breeze.

3. Toy Store:


The importance of delivery services in retail and wholesale commercial world is hard to underestimate. People are inclined to look through all the available options and order the needed one in the most hassle free manner.

Toy Store is one of such commercial ready delivery service WordPress themes for online stores and shops selling toys and accessories, handmade products and designer made merchandise, jewelry, clothing, bags, belts and more.

On the whole, you will manage to keep your business easy to access for the audience, and easy to control for you.

With every international language added to your website is a step forward towards increased orders and sales.

Therefore, Toy Store is completely internationalization ready with PO file inclusion and compatibility with multilingual platforms.

4. Perfect Logistics:


Perfect Logistics breaks all the barriers when it comes to marketing your logistics or delivery, courier or transportation company or agency.

Basically, what Perfect Logistics will bring you is hard not to appreciate. It comes with a very saturated toolbox including color picker options, Google approved fonts and their sub types, right, left, full width and no sidebar pages available, blog section for daily news and updates, etc.

Contact us section along with contact form is perfect for your audience to communicate with you whenever needed.

There is also a strong and professional community of the theme authors standing behind you and ready to answer all your technical questions around the clock. Along with perfect support, you can find also extended documentation with all the practical nuances included.

5. Towing:
towing WordPress theme


Truck and towing, car dealership and transportation, moving and other relevant services can be best showcased with the help of Towing. Starting your journey with this premium quality yet affordable template will be a justified venture with better ways to make money and add customers.

You will definitely like the dynamic engine of Towing boosting your site’s performance and recorded results throughout search engines, social media and commercial platforms, etc.
Thanks to 100% responsive and adaptive web design, it is also going to provide your PC and mobile armed audience with perfect legibility and error free visualization of your textual and visual content.

6. SKT Landing Page:
landing page WordPress theme


SKT Landing Page – when professionalism knows no limits. Designed for power and expertise, boosted sales and engaging perspectives, SKT Landing Page is an invulnerable product for business undertakings of any kind.

Thus, it can also be fairly used for delivery and packaging services, couriers and express shipping agencies to describe their services and used materials, boxes and packages in detail.

Styling and modeling your site with the given controls and tools, colors and fonts, images and landing page content is a matter of taste.

Anyone can draw a general picture and “paint” it with a simple drag and drop functionality of the theme.

Different tools and plugins have also been tested with SKT Landing Page and proved to work fantastically well.