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Booking WordPress Themes for booking and ordering websites


Here are some of the booking WordPress themes for relevant websites to get your efforts going in a race of attracting more online clients and customers.

From the optimization of your financial means and time, website potential and customer care to easier and comfortable booking procedures, the philosophy of online booking and reservation includes an infinite number of advantages for every modern and challenge ready – website. It is one of the new trends actively put into operation across different industries, including hospitality and tourism, medical and doctor, service provision and consultation, online training’s and much more.

Whether you running a rental business, hotel or tourism – related agency, providing your present and future clients with a state of the art online reservation and booking opportunity can be the most valuable investment you will ever make. The absolute wealth of integrating online booking system into your profile has grown up dramatically and now turns to be a decisive factor in business – client relations. People are inclined to arrange everything beforehand and spend as less time and efforts as possible. Therefore, justifying the client expectation via the reliable booking system can be the best tool for collaboration with them.

Since the diversity and abundance of booking WordPress themes may put any of you in a bewildering spot, in this article we have collected the best of them tried and tested with hundreds of users across the globe. Let’s have a look at each of them one after another.

Stay Here:
hotel WordPress theme


Elegant and classy, fabulous and awe – inspiring, Stay Here strikes the client’s eye with its well – dressed layout and convenient content zones to save maximum time on the content search. Powered by the most durable coding and functionally advanced performance, this template will fully implement the ideal process of online bookings and reservations you want your clients and customers to experience. Hotel and travel, bread and breakfast, restaurant and other relevant businesses can highly benefit from this awesome platform and increase the flow of clients into their business through quick and easy booking forms. The theme’s arsenal also includes color changing and other customization options, readily responsiveness and cross mobile compatibility. It means that your potential clients can review your offers and make reservations even while on the go.

Hotel Booking


SKT Medical Pro

medical WordPress theme


SKT Beach:


Design to exude interactivity and energy, SKT Beach is the next preferable website creation solutions among booking WordPress themes. No third party involvement into the relations between you and your clients is the most preferable working style where both sides are satisfied and successful. Hence, you are free to professionally serve your content, showcase your hotel or apartment, its rooms and facilities, surroundings, location and enable your web visitors to make reservations without additional complex procedures or driving outside. This top –quality, yet cost – effective template renders wonderfully easy to understand, customize and control framework to showcase your business with pride and outshine your competition. Multipurpose and multidimensional, SKT Beach is custom – built to cover a wide variety of topics, as well as is extensible in nature and can perfectly function with additional plugins.

The Trip:
travel WordPress theme


Every effort has been made by the developers and designers to make The Trip a piece of art, which will be worth your admiration. This website toolkit has the potential of bringing more appointments and reservation than the old – dated ways forcing people to leave their comfortable homes and visiting you in order to record their reservations in your reservation lists and books. Ready to keep the whole process as simple and easy to follow as imaginable, The Trip comes with power – packed character to flaunt your business style or personal identity. The best traits of that character are responsiveness and mobile – friendliness, Customizer – based performance, plugin compatibility and WooCommerce readiness.

SKT Perfect:
perfect commercial WordPress theme


Breathtakingly perfect in all its appearances, SKT Perfect is one of the most reliable booking WordPress themes in the current market of WordPress templates. Purchase this template at a one – time affordable price and simplify the process of getting in touch with your and reserving your services. Simple and precise booking form present in your website is what the majority of clients and customers are looking for. Apart from that it can be the key to better and more tangible results as matching the client’s needs is what mostly sets the winner apart from the average service provider. From small hostels and tour agencies to luxury resorts and beaches, and everything in between, any single booking – related website will shine with SKT Perfect.

Complete Pro:
complete WordPress theme


Complete Pro is the point where your business or personal needs will meet your opportunities. Bewitchingly classy and integrative, all – inclusive and comprehensive, this premium – quality website building tool will enable you to accept quick bookings and keep everything organized with pretty little tension. Let your web visitors and clients arrange and schedule their appointments with you quickly and effortlessly with this template. It is willingly balanced between totally resilient character and simplicity in usage. Based on full – grown and durable framework, Complete Pro is ready to provide every single website admin with valuable controls and customization options to make the most out of his or her booking – armed website.

Furniture Pro:


From availability checking and online bookings to pixel – perfect visualization, Furniture Pro knows the way. It is a sophisticated and truly versatile template among booking WordPress themes to consider for your existing or future website. Safe and sound, clearly – coded and responsive, Furniture Pro comes bundled with intuitive interface and admin – optimized dashboard for anyone to take a total surveillance over his or her profile and greet website visitors with informative content, high – resolution images and convenient online booking platform. Since prosperous business often comes down to well-arranged and well – coordinated performance and ultimate customer care, the online booking system existing in your profile can highly contribute to the above – stated essence to acquire and keep for a long time.

WordPress themes for non profit organizations and for charitable trusts


This article is related to the WordPress themes for non profit organizations in order to develop a charity or a non-profit organization website.

One of the greatest saying by Prophet Muhammad that takes every person to a divine journey is “A man’s true wealth is the good he does in this world”. These are the most true words that are still present even in this modern world and should prevail in the same way till the end of time. The biggest deed in this world is to help the needy person keeping humanity alive and also contributing for the growth and welfare of the world. We are usually busy in our day to day life and hardly get time to look into what is the scenario of our society or how deprived most of the people are from getting even the sources of livelihood. This concern has brought in the attention of some groups of people all across the globe in order to lend a hand of help for those who are in dire need. This has led to the formations of non-profit organizations bringing a significant change in the lives of the people and continuing the good work by keeping the name of humanity shining even more than ever.

There are number of non profit organizations that are persistent and focused towards the fulfillment of their selfless motives. Such organizations are willing to help more and more people across their town, state, country etc so as to bring a revolutionary change in the society where every person can live up to manage and satisfy at least the basic needs and sustain with a good life. These non-profit organizations however want to spread their network and make more masses aware to get support from them and hence they are now willing to go digital and make their online presence to fulfill this objective. Websites are the sought medium that can help these organizations to go global and spread the help to all those who are in necessity. The development of website for such a noble cause can get more easier if there is a relevant and suitable theme that can fulfill all the desired requirements. WordPress themes for non profit organizations are the best solution to develop a website that can help for reaching out to maximum people who are seeking support.

Some of the premium WordPress themes for non profit organizations can be seen below to develop a social and noble cause website.

1. SKT Perfect:
perfect commercial WordPress theme


SKT Perfect is a ravishing type of WordPress themes for non profit organizations that is developed to serve all the needs of a noble cause through the form of website. Every single thing and detail that you need to make a non profit website can be observed in this theme whether it is the color that you need to alter or the fonts that you need to keep for putting the content; this theme has it all. Compatibility with plugins, high resolution monitors and the nature of being a multilingual theme makes it perfect in every sense like its name.

2. SKT Trust:
non profit WordPress theme


SKT Trust is a template of WordPress for non profit organizations which you can choose to develop a very spiritual and charming non profit website. This theme will never let you down in your initiatives of providing help in terms of its features hence the name has been kept based on this thought. It has been designed specifically for fundraisers, charities, churches, NGOs and non profit organizations therefore can serve the purposes well by extending its support in development of a well thought website.

3. Complete Pro:
complete WordPress theme


Complete Pro is an absolute and accomplished type of WordPress themes for non profit organizations to provide a complete website development solutions being loaded up with abundant of features. Multiplicity is the main key highlight of this theme as there are multiple of options for every thing that you need such as header and footer layout, inner page layouts, number of colors, hundreds of shortcodes and loads of Google fonts; this theme has been stuffed with all. Homepage is easily manageable with sections and it is a theme that is also translation ready and multilingual ready.

4. Simple:
simple WordPress theme


Simple is a calm and peace loving, headed towards support kind of WordPress themes for non profit organizations. It has been made very simplistic in its design with minimum of the colors so as to stay focused on the work and not on other unwanted stuffs. This theme however is elegant at the same time as it provides number of options to change for a plush appearance of the website. This is the most widely used theme for the non profit organizations as it has that essence that can be rightly used in developing such websites for social causes.

5. Shudh Pro:
minimal WordPress theme


Shudh Pro is a pure and authentic WordPress template for non profit organizations and it is tested with many of the hand held devices and mobile phones to showcase its compatibility. It has also been developed as an easy to manage theme so that it can be used well for making a noble cause website where the colors of all the elements can be modified within the entire theme due to the color picker. This theme also allows for many other related features that are necessary to make a non profit organization website with more user engagement.

6. SKT Charity Pro:
charity WordPress theme


SKT Charity Pro is a template of WordPress designed for the non profit organizations which is in its every sense a worthy and suitable theme to develop a non profit and social cause oriented website. The name of this theme itself reflects its application to make a website for helping the needy people. To serve for the faster purposes and helps this theme has been made as a faster loading theme and SEO friendly with compatibility with all major SEO plugins. There are several other options to bring into use effectively for making a desired and successful non profit website.

7. Spirited Pro:
corporate WordPress theme


Spirited Pro is a responsive and efficient type of WordPress themes that has been carved out to serve as a multipurpose theme for making a non profit organization website. This theme has undergone multiple of compatibility tests to make it a multifunction theme such as its compatibility and tests with qTranslateX for multiple languages, various contact forms, gallery plugins, slider plugins and SEO plugins etc. This theme has no scope of faults as it has also been tested with theme check and authenticity checker for any javascript or coding errors.

8. Religious:
church WordPress theme


Religious is a theme and template of WordPress in order to make a flawless website for non profit organizations. It is a refined and devotional theme to cater for the kind causes of helping the needy people thereby bringing up for humanity. The layout of this theme has been developed in such a way that it can help the user to make a well arranged website with the placement of sections accordingly as per the choice. Latest version of WordPress is compatible to this theme and it has been coded with HTML5 and CSS3 for the best non profit website building experience.

Wellness WordPress theme for a healthy lifestyle website


Yogi Pro

yoga WordPress theme


SKT Fitness Pro


Gym Master




BeFit Pro

personal trainer WordPress theme


Features of Wellness WordPress theme

  • Design is very good and colors selected are well suited for wellness
  • Full color changing theme
  • 100% responsive and tested with several devices for cross browser and cross device experience
  • Plugins compatibility is the best feature for this template with several plugins like WooCommerce, Events calendar, pricing table, working hours all working fine
  • Contact form in built given but compatible with other contact form plugins
  • Full translation ready and multilingual plugin ready
  • Tested with all kinds of page builders for page building approach and any type of layout building freedom
  • Compatible with various shortcodes plugin and in built with 100+ shortcodes
  • Several page templates provided
  • Several blog templates provided
  • Several footer and header variations provided
  • Provided with widget friendly approach to sidebar and footer as well as header
  • Latest modern design trends used like flat and material design approach used
  • HTML5 and CSS3 built used so that CSS3 animations will also work
  • Tested with several gallery plugins and slider plugins in order to have a massive portfolio variation
  • Font based icons integrated and over 650 available
  • Google fonts integration done so that more than 800 fonts are available
  • Cyrillic and latin sub sets of fonts also possible
  • RTL tested and tested with hebrew and arabic languages
  • SEO friendly coding and WordPress theme codex standards coding used
  • Wellness WordPress theme is a great looking template and part of a bundle of a great theme called Perfect.

    We have explained several features of the perfect template before and hence we are going to focus more on this wellness template here at this time. One can take a look at the template of Perfect to know more about its endless features and unlimited possibilities.

    Any wellness trainer requires a website just like any other fitness trainer or yoga trainer requires for showcasing their talent as well as profile and resume.

    Also a wellness trainer is a combination of not just exercise but also keeping your health active and proper by various other trainings and also focusses on diet schedule as well.

    Wellness training involves various different exercises which help one avoid back injuries, back pains, helps in proper blood flow, helps in quitting smoking and various other things.

    Wellness trainers require to not just showcase their skills but also the different exercises and training programs they have.

    They need a website to showcase the programs and their benefits a person can get.

    Also several corporate membership programs where they go to several offices and teach wellness programs is something that gives more benefits to them.

    Our wellness WordPress theme has the following

    Slider which is really cool and is a full wide slider. It can be used to showcase upto 15 slides. Its animation and pause timing can be changed easily and controlled from backend.

    Also the slider can be replaced with any other slider plugin hence gives complete control of that area.

    Menu facilitates five level drop down and hence is a great option to have a nice menu on the top of the website.

    Nice complete section for having main services or wellness programs declared in a nice way just after the slider with a visual and creative way.

    The green and black color scheme can be completed converted and changed to some other color scheme using color pickers.

    Welcome to area talks about the program and who runs it and what it will do to your life and hence this is a real overview of the program that you offer.

    As you can see enough call to action buttons are added in each section to lead the customer to the contact page where location, info like phone number and location address are all mentioned along with a form.

    Next follows columns which are the real highlight of this template with icons font based and text describing each of the programs.

    675 icons are available and hence this work nicely with all types of industry and hence one can use this template for not just health, fitness but also wellness and other training sites as well.

    Wellness trainers follow next and their profiles are nicely given. One can have only 2 trainers or upto 6 trainers.

    Footer follows with enough call to action like location and address etc and hours of operation of the wellness center. Thus this wellness WordPress theme provides ample opportunity for any wellness center owner to have a great and decent website at the start.

    This wellness WordPress theme provides inner page templates, page builder and other such great features as explained on the top.

    Beautiful WordPress themes for building beautiful websites

    A handpicked assemblage of beautiful WordPress themes for all those who understand and appreciate the presentable web design and the importance of the first impression in case of the website visitors.

    Although uniquely stylized and unconventional layouts may be appreciated in certain cases, the truth is that digital – friendly people are keen to expect certain visual and graphical solutions from niche – specific websites and blogs. Hence, the beauty of your online profile should incorporate all the modern and expected traits and touches to be accepted by all the website viewers as something valuable and worth scanning.

    In this article we’ll delve into some of the beautiful WordPress themes powered by SKT themes for drawing the most interest from your clients and customers, partners and followers and even first – time website visitors. And since the key driver of first impression is not only the look, but also the feel of the website, all of the suggested platforms are correlated between breathtaking visualization and smooth performance enabling the users to feel each and every component of the website, right from smooth navigable controls, fast – loading and error – free operation to informative and high – quality content.

    1. Landing Page:
    landing page WordPress theme


    Landing Page can be a key factor in your business and marketing success, since this theme focuses on the fact that each and every person, trying to reach any website content is first of all visual creature, on which any line or shadow of the web design can have crucial decision – making influence. In the client’s never – ending quest for perfection, Landing Page offers one of the most engaging and concise web design solutions in the fashion of landing page to keep your content of any description as clear and perceptible as possible. The overall flexible structure of the theme with its preloaded parts and options is more than enough for holding the hands of web viewers to specified points and calls to actions.

    2. The Art:
    art WordPress theme


    The next beautiful and awe – inspiring conversion path for any portfolio – based initiatives is The Art. In case you want to tap into the power of beauty and gravitation, The Art as another product in the list of beautiful WordPress themes comes into play. The ease of activation, management and customization of the theme will also contribute to your fast and productive promotional campaigns throughout the digital platform. The theme’s arsenal includes diverse header and inner header variants, footer layouts, page and post templates to choose from, preloaded shortcodes for content setup without all the buzz of writing lots of codes, plugin compatibility such as shortcode, gallery and slider plugins for bettering website overall performance and showcasing your images in the most effectual way, etc. No worries about your site’s exceptional look when browsed via mobiles, tablets or other gadgets as every single line of responsive layout has been minutely taken care of.

    3. Gravida:
    corporate WordPress theme


    Ensure your engaging and customer – directed atmosphere with availability around the clock by the application of interactive and original, creative and unbeatable Gravida. The process of creation of stunning displays and informative content, as well as carefully splitting them into neatly – arranged zones for customer’s easy involvement, this fully – fledged template comes bundled with lots of white space to focus the visitor’s attention on the most wanted parts of the website, Customizer running at its core for making changes to the theme and preview them without going to the frontend and coming back to the backend, gallery and carousels all filterable for outlining all the noteworthy images of yours, multilingual support with RTL languages as well, SEO and SMO – compliant character for boosting your company or personal undertaking’s rating and client awareness and much more.

    4. Spirited Pro:
    corporate WordPress theme


    Classy and fabulous, visually inviting and credible, Spirited Pro is one more example among beautiful WordPress themes to seamlessly boost your business workflow online and extend the borders of your functionality. Thanks to its blue and white – dominant and elegant design, the theme can inherently adapt to any business or marketing activities for gaining social proof and customer credibility. The most applicable features of the theme include responsiveness and optimization across a variety of modern mobiles and tablets and majority of famous browsers, fast – loading rate and out – of – the – box capacity for adjustments in relation to any admin’s decision of making this or that modification, unimprovable cooperation with plugins, such as gallery and slider plugins for dealing with high – quality images and portfolio items, SEO plugins for exploring new markets and assisting growth.

    5. Girlie:
    girly WordPress theme


    A ton of endeavor has been put to make Girlie a top – notch product for feminine representatives to establish their dominance in the relevant marketplace, run their online blogs, provide services, establish an online shop, etc. Every woman or a girl will be capable of flaunting her unrepeatable style and taste with her posts and pages and make their fitting look in case of any small, medium – sized or big mobile or device screen with minimum changes. Ready for the top – level usage, this beautiful template with specific feminine shades comes in a simplified way for every non – professional to master her website right from the ground up, to expand the footprint of your company or personal brand online for the creation of cohesive customer experience across the worldwide networking platform.

    6. I Am One PRO:
    one page WordPress theme


    In case your primary intention is to create a stunning website with a pixel – perfect and attentive eye for details and high – end norms for aesthetic superiority, then I Am One PRO is exactly what you are looking for. This originally stylized and creatively worked – out template in the range of beautiful WordPress themes will turn a website of any size and denomination to a highly – engaged digital community with lots of daily visits. Packaged with design – to – match options, controls and parts, this wonderfully pliable and inspiring website builder with manageable menu, color changing options, Google fonts, icons and page template integration, full – with slider and the overall easy to use structure shares 100 % responsiveness, social media integration and standard pages inclusion.

    Software Company WordPress themes for development and software selling websites


    Software company WordPress themes

    are an answer to get a great looking website which works wonders and can satisfy various needs and requirements of software companies.

    Software Companies need IT related website to not just showcase to the world what they do but to effectively make aware of the new visitor who might be a prospective client several projects, work, showcase, team and other things about their company which facilitate in decision making of hiring them.

    A software company can hold various shareholders and hence it needs to be compatible with various PDF issues and should work with PDF viewer plugins as well so that we can have a shareholder zone and give annual reports to them for reading.

    Also investors can also track previous records with the help of annual reports.

    AGM or Annual general meetings should be listed nicely and how the program happened should be listed in the blog zone.

    Hence blog plays an important part in software company websites. Also new launches of products, new product or software lines launched. Release of latest versions of their already built software and issues and their fixes and patches are various other news which can be launched on a nicely built blog.

    Our Software company WordPress themes also have various other benefits like having team member shortcodes to showcase nicely about the management team in about us section.

    It has timeline and other blog styles as well which can come handy in showcasing the history and timeline of a company.

    Any company website would need various pages which can be deep levelled and hence 5 level drop down menus are built in default with any of our themes.

    Since software company has sales managers and sales personals they need to visit companies and showcase their products and case studies and hence mobile compatible and table compatible websites is what they would need.

    All of our software company WordPress themes are compatible with various devices and tested for cross browser compatibility and responsive and passed Google mobile friendly test as well.

    Several in built features like in built shortcodes and in built functions are given. Also various plugins compatibility allow these themes to extend their functionality beyond the current ones and thus they are future scalable and flexible as well.

    Thus our software company WordPress themes not just fulfil a company requirements now but they will continue to do so in future as well.

    The best assortment of software company WordPress themes for all kinds of IT companies, digital agencies, tech startups, developers, programmers and graphic designers, as well as for digital product selling web presences to present their services and solutions, be it individual business software tailored to specific needs, outsourced product or mobile app development, cloud and network services, testing or something more.

    A fast – paced apps and software businesses have already managed to encounter remarkable highs and downs during the recent decades, however, development and software industry can never be neglected as for present. A vast range of modern digital phenomena, right from digital ecosystems, business and marketing models up to strategic partnerships and sales are all based on this or that artificial intelligence wrapped up in contemporary software processing.

    WordPress comes with the sorting of the optimal and topic – specific software company WordPress themes for all the newly started, medium – sized and highly experienced companies and centers to prominently spread the word about their professional services, special offers, grab the customers’ attention and keep them coming back to their assistance whenever needed. All of the proposed templates share premium – quality features, which every contemporary theme is surely expected to have in its arsenal.

    Here is a list of software company WordPress themes

    handpicked and shortlisted for you. However you can visit our themes page to checkout other themes all of which are built multipurpose usage and have unlimited possibilities and can be used for any type of business use

    All of these templates are responsive, compatible with WooCommerce for shop and to sell software licenses and digital goods as well as have several in built features for easy and quick website.

    1. High Tech:
    computer repair WordPress theme


    High Tech is creative and advantageous, time – saving and totally resourceful while truly lightweight and easy to follow software company WordPress theme to be a spectacularly comfortable way for each and every programming and software, computer and mobile repair and maintenance service provider to find it unique style of service presentation and get in touch with a wider groups of audience. This template with its drastically arranged structure and its core points and features, such as home, about us, services, gallery and contact us sections for the most accurate dissemination of your details, lots of customizable features, responsiveness and prebuilt contact form will be the key to usefully facing global competition pressure as well.

    2. SKT Pathway Pro:
    multipurpose WordPress theme


    Packed with a punch of thriving and technologically cutting – edge functionality combined with exceptionally handled, refined and polished visualization, SKT Pathway Pro will truly lead you successful way to worldwide recognition and consumer loyalty. This dynamic and readily intuitive, user and customer – driven, very resourceful and smart software and programmer website building system with advanced technology and flawless operational framework will let you embed all your essential information and available service packages easily into your posts and pages, use the default homepage slider as per your preferences and showcase as many as 10 diverse slides, add homepage sections and edit the backgrounds for your convenience, and finally, run an online digital store for selling your products, softwares, apps, domains, hostings, etc.

    3. IT Consultant:
    consultant WordPress theme


    Whether you are running an experienced software company or are just having your first steps in this specialized business, IT Consultant can be the ideal choice to cover your content in the most straightforward and error – free fashion, costing you the minimum time spent and saving your financial means altogether. By the sophisticated contribution and the right customization of this awesome and seriously worked out, intelligent and fast performing web builder all your business, commercial and marketing efforts can be driven up to the point and will for sure have their influence on every single website visitor of yours. Thousands of options and customization controls are affordable within the theme, out – of – the – box functionality and Social Media integration for expanding your networking influence and boosting your credibility are also the integral parts of IT consultant.

    4. StartUp Pro:
    startup WordPress theme


    Another realistic and perspective business and marketing model, especially for startup companies and private entrepreneurs to move forward at a pace that would leave the potential competitors behind is StartUp Pro. In non – geek terminology, this top – rated and premium – class software company WordPress theme has been elaborated and launched in such a way, that every middle – class WordPress user can deploy his working strategies to outline all the proficiency and competence of his online presence. Together with this award – winning and inherently zealous web establishment and management control, it will also be up to you to depend on your software selling store for your digital living.

    5. I Am One Pro:
    one page WordPress theme


    Massively engaging and modernly stylized, cleverly coded and developed with hardware – authored parallax visual effect, I Am One Pro will grant every software developer with a wide array of techniques and channels to take the leading role and remain relevant in the respective digital landscape. Since the theme is quite simple and clear in activation and exploitation, all your details and service description can be easily nailed down to your page and its corresponding section to meet all the requirement and needs of your active website visitors in respect to their demographics, budget limits, as well as other specifications. All the norms of shortcodes inclusion and WooCommer or other plugin compatibility are seriously kept as well, so that you can experimentally make use of more than 100 preloaded pieces of codes to embed the required files or create much needed object within the theme, as well as reveal the e – commerce potential of the theme with WooCommerce support.

    6. SKT Launch Pro:
    author WordPress theme


    Finally, we are thrilled to show off another highly recommended software company WordPress theme for every software – powered industry for the attainment of its specific purposes and visions as soon as possible. Based on the competent and effectual coding and styling combination in HTML 5 and CSS 3 format, you can easily face up with a never ending struggle of keeping your web pages up to date and fresh with new ideas and proposals, working on the site usability and user – driven experience, as well as monitoring your gained results. Whether you are rendering your services online or arranging some consultation, launching and presenting your apps, softwares or other digital items, be sure that all your content will be easily digested by all your PC and mobile users with its lucid and crystal free outlook.

    Brick and Mortar WordPress themes for local businesses

    Brick and Mortar business deal in local areas and local business and are very different in working than their online competitors. Our Brick and Mortar WordPress themes deal with providing websites to such brick and mortar businesses who want to have an online presence so that people know about their whereabouts and can buy stuff from those nearby stores.

    Even though online media is booming and people like to buy stuff online at their convenience there are certain things which people still like to buy offline and do not want to buy them online.

    For example grocery stuff we do not generally purchase them online because people do not know how much they would need and sometimes there list is different and their wants are different.

    Some people also want to check it out first and then want to order for example in a clothing store people want to trial first t-shirts, jeans and other apparels before wanting to buy them.

    Also sometimes what color might suit you the best you aren’t sure so you go to an offline store and purchase it.

    Even though purchasing via online stores have increased beyond imagination and more and more things are going online still brick and mortar businesses are also booming because of the fact people still prefer several items to purchase offline rather than online.

    Here is a list of several brick and mortar WordPress themes

    suitable for local businesses:

    1. SKT Perfect:


    SKT Perfect is a perfect theme and has a lot of skins to consider for purchase of any brick and mortar WordPress themes because it has eCommerce working readily with the help of WooCommerce and can work out of the box for any brick and mortar business who wants to just showcase their products and their showroom and about their business online. This is a great template with lots and lots of features to consider.

    2. Local Business Pro:
    local business WordPress theme


    Many businesses can offer to get calls, sales promotions can be placed online and all local business stuff like address and location and contact form etc are given in this template and is best suitable for any local business related website.

    3. Movers and Packers Pro:
    moving company WordPress theme


    This is another local business template and can be used as one of the brick and mortar WordPress themes because it showcases all the info like the address, social media and call to actions like phone numbers etc on the top and footer so that one can easily locate the store.

    4. Luxury Watch:


    This suits both online purchase and eCommerce and works like a charm to just showcase exclusive products online for any brick and mortar business and gives a very attractive and classic look and feel to any business of luxury brand.

    5. Shopzee:
    eCommerce WordPress theme


    This is a complete eCommerce WordPress theme which can be used by any brick and mortar business to not just have online presence but to sell their products directly online.

    6. SKT White Pro:
    white WordPress theme


    Nice look and feel with animated columns and an animated homepage which acts like a one page landing page of any business and can be made into a multiple page WordPress theme which does the job for any local offline business. Has ample features to be considered in this section.

    There are other several templates which might fit in this list but we do not want to confuse users. Also one can check out our themes section to select any other template which they might think work best for their store.

    Why people prefer offline brick and mortar WordPress themes based business than online?

    Ecommerce businesses have definitely the edge because they have inventory managed automatically online and minimal workload as most of the things are automated. Staff can be less so there is minimal overhead costs and hence these get transferred to the consumer in terms of benefits of pricing wars online over brick and mortar businesses but definitely many still prefer to to buy via the old traditional method of showrooms and this is why we are going to check the reasons of them. Of course our Brick and mortar WordPress themes as listed above are good to satisfy needs of an online presence of any such business:

  • Touch and feel of any fabric or similar items is essential and that cannot be possible when you want to purchase from online eCommerce sites and hence due to this reason many people still prefer offline and traditional showroom shopping i.e. brick and mortar style
  • Trust is there because you might be knowing the owner of the business for long or the store already has a reputation in the neighbouring area and hence you give the benefit of doubt and purchasing from there seems trustworthy
  • Reliability is also there because many users who have purchased from there might be your friends and relatives and you can ask them questions about the store. Also you can go and talk to the store about the after sales service they are going to provide to you which seems to be missing mostly in online purchases
  • Refund or replacement hassle is minimal in case of offline purchase as you can go back and replace or get a refund for your purchased product which seems to be more of an hassle when purchased online
  • No middle men is involved in this whole affair as is the case of eCommerce purchase as delivery boy, courier and other things come into play
  • No delivery hassle is also there in offline brick and mortar business
  • Celebrity WordPress Theme for celebrity websites and fan and blog sites


    Celebrity WordPress theme cater to celebrities and their websites.

    Celebrities have their own website and famous celebrities need a common point of all social networking websites that they have to publish from a common website.

    WordPress being the best CMS and its ability to publish into different social networking websites via the website makes it the top choice for celebrities to have their website done in WordPress CMS.

    Hence we see a lot of celebrity WordPress themes targeted for the use by celebrities and made user friendly and customer friendly as well so that not just celebrities have problems managing their own website or their staff or the people who want to interact with their popular celebrities should also be able to do so easily and navigate along the website and get details about them.

    Also it becomes an area for agencies to contact these celebrities for hiring purposes like events and films or modelling etc.

    Celebrity websites need a few features like focussing on about section of the celebrity, awards won by the celebrity, gallery of previous and past works along with the upcoming works and future works.

    Also contact section with agency numbers given and social networking platform links where the celebrity is regularly active.

    Also gossip news and celebrity news websites also need celebrity WordPress theme so that they can have their gossip news and celebrity news published nicely not just on their website but also on various social networking websites.

    Also these news channels need to have a good humor and gossip news displayed nicely where people can come in and comment as well.

    Thus these type of websites should have commenting system like Facebook comments or Disqus commenting system readily working so that they just install the plugin and it works as a plug and play.

    Following are the Celebrity WordPress theme to consider:

    SKT Perfect:


    Perfect has lots of features which have been time and again discussed and one can visit the theme page to know why this theme is called our best creation till date. It has 20 different template demos within itself and can act like any website. Any slider on the top with loads of shortcodes which can display images, text and videos nicely of any celebrity and can be turned into an awesome celebrity website which no one has seen before.

    SKT Dual:


    SKT Dual is a single page agency website which can be used as a celebrity website and can give details about the celebrity. It has enough features to make it to this list and is a great looking theme which can change colors, fonts, add more functionality and slider can be changed to anything of your own choice. With ample options this theme can make a celebrity website a real eye stunner.

    portfolio WordPress theme


    PicArt offers a great visual experience with colorful boxes on the homepage and a nice carousel slider on the top. It also can work as a model celebrity portfolio website. It has decent amount of features like a blog section and other stuff which make it a great deal worth use for any type of celebrity websites. Also its gallery choices and picture choices make it a worthwhile candidate for any celebrity who wants to showcase their work nicely on their website.

    personal WordPress theme


    Character is a mix of a celebrity website and a celebrity who loves to blog most of the times. Like Paris Hilton or Kim kardashian or the likes of people who love to blog most of the times Mr. Amitabh Bachchan from the Bollywood. Character shows real great features and has great look and feel and hence is one of the contenders in this Celebrity WordPress theme list.

    girly WordPress theme


    Girlie has pastel colors and can have menu and recipe sections so can serve as a celebrity food blogger website or fitness blogger or other types of celebrity website use. It has all the features similar to greater themes we have discussed till now above and can serve as a blog, news site, a website and can hold unlimited number of pages or posts as well.

    Can also work as an online shop for celebrity items to be sold.



    Charm is a charming blog cum website which gives importance to posts and news and blogging but can serve as a great website as well. With great widgetized sidebar, footer etc it does the job for a celebrity blogger, food and travel and lifestyle and fashion kind of a website and is visually strong and attractive.

    SKT Black Pro:
    black and dark WordPress theme


    SKT Black Pro was initially created to cater to portfolio and photography clients but has slowly turned into a great celebrity website which has several sections on the homepage catering to a celebrity and several inner pages and great compatibility with plugins to have what they want in terms of functionality like gallery, work, about us, contact form etc.

    Political Candidate:
    political candidate WordPress theme


    Although was created for political candidate and their campaign raisers can surely work as a charming celebrity website and personal site as it is a one page site and has great look and feel. Has great event calendar and other such features to showcase celebrity events and upcoming shows.

    personal WordPress theme


    A true personal celebrity WordPress theme and is a small one with focus on the required items only. If someone wants a small footprint and a decent website with nice background for themselves this theme surely is the answer and is a minimal styled great looking template for consideration.

    Panaroma Pro:


    Can work for singer, musician, blogger, food, lifestyle, model, actor and others. A nice 5 slides on the front page and with exclusive transparent background pages for inner pages and blog this surely looks a great website option for any celebrity to consider.

    resume WordPress theme


    Was intended as a resume website for anyone from a celebrity book author to an artists, chef and food blogger to anyone who is a celebrity. Has color changing features and font features and social icons features just like the others and SEO friendly just like others as well as easy to use with step by step documentation available.

    Following are the Gossip news and viral buzz type of Celebrity WordPress theme:

    SKT NewsPaper Pro:


    Newspaper Pro does job for bigger celebrity gossip channels and gossip news blogging sites who can post humors, jokes, celebrity gossips and others and as well as require several ad widgets to post ads and several news tickers etc.

    SKT Magazine Pro:
    magazine WordPress theme


    Can serve as a multi author gossip news website and celebrity news channel and has all the features similar to Newspaper pro and has several blog and page templates to satisfy any news agency or news channel blogging site completely.

    10+ Fast and Lightweight WordPress Themes for Everyday Use

    The products of WordPress worldwide community in the face of lightweight WordPress themes and templates to be utilized as the solid grounds for any type of web presentation, be it a site or blog, are successfully accessed and practiced by millions of corporate and individual representatives. There is a long range of advantages, which makes WordPress as the most convenient and user – oriented content management system and attracts continually growing army of clients. One of the initial positions in this range take lightness and fastness of the proposed WordPress themes, which provide the user with an awesome foundation to let him create, run, modify and customize the target website very quickly and in a short period of time.

    On the other hand, the lightweight WordPress themes offer quick performance of the web page also speaks in the visitor’s favor for lots of reasons. As a result, fast and lightweight WordPress themes take considerable advantage of the ones with heavy and bewildering functionality. Follow this article and you may find more than 10 quick and easy to use WordPress templates to run on the basis of your website of any content or description.

    1. Complete Pro


    Let us start with fully professional and entirely customizable Complete Pro. Although this theme is power – packed with all the necessary features, options and controls at your disposal to make the most of the website, it is also a very lightweight WordPress theme and will cause no difficulty within the whole working process. This awesome product comes with ready to use homepage structure, lots of color changing and other management options, as well as perfect responsiveness and compatibility with hundreds of useful plugins and extensions.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Multiple Header and Footer Layout
    • Translation ready theme
    • Full color changing theme
    • Child theme friendly


    2. SKT White Pro


    The next and one of the fast and lightweight WordPress themes with dominant white look and elegant design is SKT White Pro. This theme can also be boasted about its gentle and easy performance, making your website customization and management really fast and efficient. You will be able to pick the favorite colors and fonts, manage homepage sections and their relevant content, add attractive images to the slider and connect it to the requested plugins and widgets just in few clicks.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Fully responsive and retina ready theme
    • Comes with 600+ Google fonts
    • Default page templates
    • Slider images upto 10


    3. PicArt


    PicArt is among the most flexible and easy to use light weight WordPress theme, which is particularly convenient for photographers, designers, photo enthusiasts and portfolio presentation. This bright, entirely intuitive and highly – manageable theme will provide your website’s flawless look and appearance not only on PCs, but also on diverse mobiles, tablets and devices. PicArt includes all the applicable theme options and elements for you to configure your website content and visual design in the most outstanding way.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Fully mobile friendly and well documented
    • Header and Footer variation
    • Widgetized sidebar
    • WooCommerce compatible


    4. Flat Pro


    The next proficient, modernly crafted and designed, highly intuitional and entirely functional multipurpose layout which stably relies on super easy and lightweight WordPress themes performance, is Flat Pro. This reliable theme is ready to cover almost any kind of content, ranging from individual to professional ones. Flat Pro is loaded with a bunch of complex features and options, including easily customizable areas, sections and boxes, lots of shortcodes inclusion, default pages and diverse templates available, all of which are ready to reveal their full potential and contribute to the enhancement of any online presentation.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • 100+ inbuilt shortcodes used
    • Compatible with various gallery and portfolio plugins
    • 8+ default page templates
    • SEO and SMO friendly


    5. Gravida


    Gravida is loaded with an alluring mixture of modern appearance, visual attractiveness, user – friendly management layout and fastness in usage both for the website owner and visitor. This light and simple, yet feature – rich and sophisticated theme will be your great support in building up any professional looking and functioning website, providing also its cross device and mobile compatibility. You will be able also to enhance the website popularity on the relevant online platform, as this theme is search engine and social media friendly as well.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Inbuilt testimonials and contact form
    • Translation ready theme
    • Video and image portfolio
    • Compatible with latest version of WordPress


    6. Simple


    Simple is well – structured, intuitive and smooth, flexible and one of the lightweight WordPress themes, which is entirely simple in usage. This fast performing theme is marked with its full responsiveness and well optimization for the usage with diverse devices. Ready slider, shortcodes, colors and background, icons and fonts, as well as many other theme controls and elements are really easy and user – directed in their performance and modification.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Easy to change background and cover
    • Integrated with 580+ icons
    • Compatible with other gallery plugins
    • Elegant styling


    7. Shudh


    Shudh is clean and polished, well-developed and exercised, fully responsive and minimalistic fast and lightweight WordPress theme, which is loaded with conveniently arranged homepage sections and areas, lots of Google fonts, icons and inbuilt shortcodes integration within the theme, default slider with accompanying controllable transition effects and yet much more to discover after choosing and installing this perfect website tool.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Contact us section with Google map integrated
    • Fully responsive and HD ready theme
    • Separate sidebar for posts and pages
    • Coded with HTML5 and CSS3


    8. The Art


    The Art can be one of the best solutions for the artists and art – related representatives. It features very simple customization and management options, header, footer, page and post templates possibilities to select from, super functionality with Contact Form 7 and Ninja Forms, NextGen Gallery, qTranslate X, as well as WoCommerce, making the theme fully e-commerce ready product.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Perfectly suited for Artists and creative peoples
    • Inner header variations
    • Easy to use Customizer options panel
    • Well Documented


    9. Naturo


    Naturo is simple and adaptable, visually refined and clean, functionally all-inclusive, as well as very smart and intuitive quick loading and one of the lightweight WordPress themes performing at your disposal to meet all your relevant demands and requirements. With the help of this highly dependable and totally responsive theme you will be able to undertake all the relevant daily customization and modification procedures with very little effort and time spent on them.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Clean and responsive WordPress theme
    • Comes with default portfolio and team section
    • Drop Down ready theme
    • Fully color changing options


    10. StartUp Pro


    StartUp Pro is launched with its stunningly polished elegant look, simple and easy layout, yet with great functional capabilities. This fast WordPress theme with its responsiveness, Google mobile friendliness, basic theme options and characters inclusion, slider with up to 10 slides and several controls and cross – plugin compatibility is crafted mainly for startups, small companies and new undertakings.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Integrated with easy to use theme options
    • Compatible with Contact Form 7
    • Retina ready and HD ready theme
    • Social sharing and commenting tested


    11. Girlie


    Girlie is bright and colorful, fresh and alluring, flexible and lightweight WordPress template with feminine strokes and shades. Every idea or business initiative with girly touches will for sure turn into a perfect online manifestation or a relevant flourishing business. The theme has been successfully checked for its impeccable responsiveness, Google mobile usage and great cooperation with a wide range of applicable plugins for the website better performance.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Google mobile friendly test passed
    • Comes with power packed theme option
    • Team area for members
    • Default gallery for showcasing portfolio


    Benefits of lightweight WordPress Themes:

  • Leaner and faster is expected when you use lightweight WordPress themes. The idea revolves around having a faster and quicker loading website which works great for visitors as they can now visit more pages than ever and the load times also reduces by half giving users the benefit of browsing more and thus reducing the bounce rates
  • Lightweight WordPress themes are always light in terms of colors as well hence minimal and very simple when it comes to front end navigation and ease of navigating and browsing through various pages of the website for visitors and website users
  • Lightweight means the backend will also be simple due to the front end being simple and hence one can vouch for lesser learning curve of the template
  • Incredible page speed scores in Google and GTMetrix would mean that you deliver a faster web experience to your site visitors who will enjoy their stay on the site and will reduce the bounce rate as well
  • Slower websites means that people feel they are standing up in a queue and would not want to waste more time as there are several websites offering the same products or services. Hence you ultimately loose a client because of this
  • Easy to customize as with lesser gradients and cluttered up things in the front end then backend would also be simple and easy to use with
  • Better Mobile responsive as with simple UI the devices would get easier compatibility and better look and feel for each of the responsive devices
  • Microdata and schema would be easier to be fixed and integrated when you have lightweight WordPress themes
  • Secure and stable as WordPress codex theme review standards have been followed
  • Compatible with older browsers as well like IE9 and IE10
  • Compatible with lots of popular plugins like bbpress and WooCommerce, Contact form 7 and nextgen gallery etc
  • Translation ready and RTL ready as well
  • Developer friendly because it reduces time to set up things
  • Magazine and News and Blog WordPress Themes for reporting websites

    Nowadays information and communications technology and social media, including news websites, blogs and applications to create, process, present and share content, to participate in social networking, to exchange information, data, ideas, concepts, pictures, videos, news in diverse virtual platforms and communities, have become one of the essential and indispensable part of people’s everyday life and activity.

    Subsequently, news websites, blogs and online magazine or newspaper presentations have gained enormous popularity during the recent years.

    And irrespective of the fact, whether a person is an average user of modern technologies to be informed about the current events and experiences, both local and international, to find the required information or something else, or is a businessman, trying to promote his individual, business or any other kind of activity via mass media technologies that reach large groups of audience.

    In both cases the privilege is given to those websites and blogs, which, apart from being reliable sources of information, are also easy in usage, suggest an area, where it is suitable and quick to post the required information or news or search for it, are visually dynamic and appealing, flexible, adaptable and easily customizable.

    In the continuation of our article we are going to present several dependable and popular magazine, news and blog WordPress themes, serving as a great support in any manifestation of online media creation, processing and appropriate presentation of it.

    Choosing one of those highlighted themes, your news website or blog will meet all the requirements put forward at present, attracting the visitors and keeping them coming back to your website or blog again and again.

    A. SKT Magazine Pro


    SKT Magazine Pro opens our list. This is a trustworthy and professional looking responsive magazine WordPress theme, suitable for any kind of online magazines, interactive news websites or blogs. SKT Magazine Pro comes with different applicable homepage sections and blocks to be presented with relevant information and news, different styles of sliders and 5 different types of homepage layouts to make selection from, sidebar selection and placement availability, more than 100 shortcodes and more than 650 Google fonts integration and other useful theme features, options and elements. This theme shows compatibility with all major devices and platforms, as well as with Disqus and Facebook Comments, qTranslate X, WPML and Polylang, SEO and other plugins.
    Some of its feature includes:

    • 11 blocks of various content styling you can choose from
    • Different styles of sliders available
    • Various ways latest posts and category posts can be presented
    • Category and Archives pages can be either shown in list or in grid view


    B. Complete Pro


    Complete Pro can be a perfect solution for your magazine, newspaper, news website or blog, thanks to its all-inclusive theme package armed with all the necessary theme options and features, dynamic appearance and adaptability. This full color changing theme includes slider with diverse controllable effects, like animation and pause time, more than 600 Google font integration, is built upon customizer to make changes and check them, diverse homepage sections with available background images or videos, different header and footer, blog layout choices availability and many more. This SEO and SMO friendly theme is also checked with WPML, qTranslate X, Contact Form 7, WooCommerce and WordPress latest version.
    Some of its feature includes:

    • Full color changing theme with easy color picker options
    • Various ready to use sections with easy shortcodes
    • Homepage managed easily using sections
    • Multiple Inner Page layouts with sidebar on left, right or full width


    C. Condimentum


    The next modern and adaptable magazine and news and blog WordPress Themes is Condimentum. This multipurpose and flexible theme with dominant white color grants a possibility to change all theme colors, using color picker option and create a unique and bright interface for the website. Condimentum is praised with cross compatibility with Google mobile version and other major devices and is packed with Nivo full-width changeable slider on the homepage with manifold adjustable elements, diverse sections and boxes to be showcased with the relevant content, including services, portfolio, latest posts, our team, client testimonials, recent works and others, manifold shortcodes available, header and footer sections.
    Some of its feature includes:

    • Based on easy to use theme options with virtually no learning curve and full documentation available
    • Condimentum is a premium responsive WordPress theme
    • SEO friendly and clean coding done from scratch
    • Home page boasts of recent works and other items which make it look clean and nice


    D. Clean Pro


    One more ideal news or magazine WordPress theme for running a professional and successful news website or blog is Clean Pro. This modernly designed, graphically appealing and attractive WordPress theme is also easy in usage and requires little efforts to be put in the creation, management and the overall usage of the relevant website of any description. Clean Pro is highly responsive and is optimized for working with major devices and browsers. This smart and easy to customize theme comes with replaceable full screen homepage slider, proper and feasible theme sections and areas to be presented with the required news, ideas, information or data, widgetized sidebar, header and footer sections, manifold icons and Google font availability and other functional and constructive features and elements.
    Some of its feature includes:

    • Full color changing theme using color pickers
    • Full widget friendly theme with header, footer and sidebars widgetized
    • Layouts for pages as well as blog available
    • Inbuilt gallery, contact form as well as various shortcodes available for content set up


    E. Design Agency Pro


    Design Agency Pro is deservedly among the most popular and suitable WordPress themes for news, magazine, newspaper website or blog display. This responsive and flexible theme with outstanding interface and eye-catching design embraces all the necessary theme sections, blocks, areas, features and options to cover any kind of relevant online news presentation. Design Agency Pro is equipped with 5 dropdown level navigation, easy to replace and customize homepage slider, widgetized sidebars, footer and header sections, theme color, background, text and image changes availability and compatibility with popular and applicable plugins.
    Some of its feature includes:

    • Quick loading time and speed test prove this theme si
    • Email, phone, social icons and contact form for proper call to actions
    • Nextgen gallery and other gallery plugins compatibility for portfolio use
    • Widgetized sidebars and footer as well as header


    F. Kraft


    Another all-inclusive, modern, easy to use and customize news, magazine or blog WordPress theme at your disposal is Kraft. This responsive, interactive and full color changing theme with available slider with 12 customizable effects, numerous Google fonts, shortcodes and social media integration, easy to manage homepage sections and areas and theme complete documentation, functionality with Google mobile and WordPress latest version can be an ideal choice for your online news website or modern and successful blog manifestation.
    Some of its feature includes:

    • Integrated with 500+ font awesome icons
    • Comes with a FAQ section for adding faqs for your client product or services
    • Our premium WordPress theme comes pre-built with homepage
    • Social media integration


    G. Naturo


    Naturo is clean and adaptable WordPress product, which also can be a solid and firm basis, on which one can launch and develop any kind of dynamic and favorable online magazines, news or editorial website. This responsive and easy to customize theme is loaded with full screen slider on the homepage, suited and relevant homepage sections and areas, like home, about us, portfolio, latest posts, or works, etc., more than 100 shortcodes and more than 600 Google fonts integration, functions well on all devices and conforms to SEO, SMO and WordPress latest version standards.
    Some of its feature includes:

    • Comes with an about us section
    • Clean minimal WordPress theme has 600+ google fonts
    • Comes integrated with font awesome icons more than 360+
    • Page templates for pages as well as blog layout functionality


    Steps to have productive blogging and tools to help you with

    What does it make be a successful blogger and which are steps to have productive blogging? These are questions with which every starter blogger have across.

    Irrespective of the nature, origin and denomination of your blog, bringing it into action and keeping it results generating all the time can be a daunting task. But your blogging efforts will worth it if you understand the basic tools, tips and technics in order to succeed as a blogger.

    Particularly, if you are using a WordPress platform to realize your blogging goals, you are lucky enough to have access to an avalanche of blogging tools and systems to work with and maintain the smooth performance of your blog around the clock. They will also let you stay consistent with all the modern technics and strategies to reach more with pretty little costs and energy spent.

    In this article, we are going to put together some useful steps and tools to have productive blogging and don’t let obstacles stand in your way to success. So, sit back and enjoy our guidance!

    1. Choose the right theme

    There are tons of prebuilt WordPress templates which are ready made to steer in any direction you want. However, it will take you more time and efforts to customize and style them to be a perfect blogging platform for you. Therefore, we strongly advise you to scan the WordPress repository of blogging ready templates to write your profitability scenario easily.

    SKT Perfect:

    perfect commercial WordPress theme


    Well thought out and professionally developed, SKT Perfect is the one to meet all your needs and requirements as a blogger. It shares the maximum flexibility and versatility so that you can customize it to get a lot of eyeballs on it. This template is wonderfully easy in usage and is packed with all the primary features, including responsiveness and mobile friendliness, SEO and plugin compatibility, preloaded shortcodes and much more.



    Photodock is another blogging and portfolio centric WordPress template powered by SKT Themes. Add and manage as many sections as you may find expedient for your online profile and make the most out of it. If you are looking for an ecommerce ready template to run a commercial blog or online store to sell your products, Photodock is a reliable tool as well.

    2. Write and publish a unique content

    Be sure that the content you are going to publish is unique so that it can deliver a true value. Content is the king of your blog and one of the main ingredients of it communicating your message to your potential readers or blog visitors. Take care of producing original content and avoid duplications so that your blog can function well in search rankings as well.

    3. Speed up your blog and make it SEO optimized

    SEO optimization is one of the effective steps to have productive blogging and be more visible online.

    While generating a high quality content and serving it to your audience, you should process and check it to be easy to digest for your readers on the one hand, and easy to crawl and rank for the major search engines.

    To put it short, if you want to win in the ranking battlefield, you should adjust your blog and its content for search inquiries as well. Apart from well managed and keywords armed content, you should also keep your blog speed and performance at peak, as well as optimize your blog tags and meta descriptions, architecture and functionality to be SEO friendly.

    Speed Booster Pack:

    Speed Booster pack


    It is one of the powerful tools to make your blog blisteringly fast. Boost the performance and loading speed of your site and you will be scored higher when people search for relevant information through search engines.

    Yoast SEO:

    Yoast SEO


    Yoast SEO is unspeakably one of the most popular SEO plugins to make your online rankings enviable. This plugin will help you write better content, make use of page analysis, manage meta and links elements for better SEO results.


    Semrush is another powerful blogging and marketing tool designed for Pro users. From technical SEO audit to tips for more organic traffic, from position tracking to backlinks analysis, this wonderful tool offers tons of useful options.

    4.Publish your content on a regular basis

    Consistency is the key to traffic and blogging. It’s up to you to fix the optimal posting schedule for your blog, but it’s a must to follow it. Publish your posts with a precision of textbook, so that your blog visitors can find what they are looking for all the time.

    Even if you are off for some time, there are post scheduling plugins which will keep your blog fresh and up to date during your absence.

    WP Scheduled Post:

    WP Scheuled post


    WP Scheduled Post and Auto Post Scheduler are useful tools to make sure you’ll have a regular content for your audience to enjoy. Of course, it does not mean that you can’t write and publish spontaneous posts and breaking news. But keeping the predictable frequency of posting and serving the content your readers are expecting from you is one of the important steps to have productive blogging.

    Auto Post Scheduler:

    Auto post schduler


    WP Scheduled Post and Auto Post Scheduler are useful tools to make sure you’ll have a regular content for your audience to enjoy. Of course, it does not mean that you can’t write and publish spontaneous posts and breaking news. But keeping the predictable frequency of posting and serving the content your readers are expecting from you is one of the important steps to have productive blogging.

    5. Build social distribution channels

    Expanding the distribution and communication horizons to reach more audience is another important step to follow. Focus on ensuring your presence across social media platforms and other fields where millions of people are present. Make your blog social friendly and create social media profiles so that you can enjoy boundless benefits of being socialized.

    6. Use tools to help you be organized and focused


    Anasa is one of the best project management tools to help you keep everything organized and easy to access. Monitor and analyze all your projects and tasks to boost your blogging productivity.


    Trello is another trusted and results driven tool to keep the track of your online projects and works. Manage and prioritize your blog in an effective and entertaining manner with this tool.

    10 Premium and Free WordPress themes for Business with various features

    Are you looking for premium business WordPress themes over the web? Then you need not to worry as you have landed at the right place. Take a minute from your busy life to read the below article as it will help you to know about top 10 premium and free WordPress themes which will help you to give your business a boost on the Internet world.

    From the business point of view we are discussing some of the features of 10 free and premium WordPress themes. So here we go:



    It is one of the most liked premium multipurpose business WordPress theme which is suitable for any kind of business. It will definitely cater all the needs for your design agency. As it is compatible for multifaceted businesses this theme adds an extra edge over other premium themes. Kraft also gives you an option to play with colors as it is integrated with color picker. Some of its feature includes:

    • Google mobile friendly
    • Complete documentation
    • In built contact form so as to make interface easier
    • 600+ Google fonts with an addition of 100+ short codes to choose from


    2.SKT White Pro


    One of the elegant, simple and easy to use themes which provide a professional, soothing and business feel to the entire users out there. You will not feel hectic installing and using this theme. Easy to load function makes it easier for business companies who want to start with providing ecommerce facilities. Another added benefit is that it is compatible with portfolio plugins. Some other feature includes:

    • Easy management menu
    • Retina and HD ready theme
    • Can add slider images upto 10
    • Full social media integration with more than 50+ social icons


    3.SKT Biz Pro


    Another responsive multipurpose business WordPress theme which is suitable to all kind of business industries such as personal, ecommerce, corporate, church, blogging, nonprofit etc. It allows the user to edit the homepage through sections available in theme options. If you want to gain top place in Google than this theme is best to use as it comes with addition to SEO and SMO features. Some other feature includes:

    • 5 – 6 different types of page templates availability
    • Compatibility with popular plugins
    • Fully documented theme
    • Contact form with spam protection


    4.IT Consultant Lite


    IT Consultant is among those themes which is built keeping in mind all the requirements and needs of a consultant. From the customer point of view this theme is very responsive and its mobile interface is very good. It is a multipurpose theme so it becomes easier to perform different work simultaneously.
    Some other features are:

    • Google mobile friendly
    • Integrated with social media
    • Default nivo slider inbuilt
    • Compatible with latest version of WordPress


    5.Gravida Lite


    Another theme which comes in the category of premium and free wordpress themes is GRAVIDA. This theme has a simple and nice look which makes it easier for any kind of business industry. It provides the facility to set up homepage as it comes with 4 boxes on the top. Gravida also has live tweets and flickr feed. Some other features are:

    • Supports upto 5 dropdown level
    • Social media integrated
    • Blog section for news, press releases, tricks etc
    • Video and image portfolio preinstalled


    6.Bizness Lite


    Bizness is a free multipurpose business WordPress theme which has a very simple business layout. This theme performs multipurpose with easy and so it is mostly preferred by business users. The slider option of the theme allows any user to showcase what his business is all about. Installing this theme will make you sure that you display your products in an efficient and effective manner. Some other feature includes:

    • Responsive and SEO friendly
    • Preinstalled slider option available
    • Easy to setup homepage
    • 650+ Google fonts will let you to play with colors


    7.SKT Corp


    SKT Corp comes in the category of one of the best free theme which will meet your entire requirement for your business. In simple words this themes is packed with some of the exceptional features which a premium WordPress business theme has. You can showcase 5 products with the slider option making it simple for the customers to choose. Its additional features are:

    • Multi level dropdown available
    • SEO and SMO ready
    • WooCommerce ready theme
    • 5 slides with transition effects


    8.Design Agency Pro


    This theme has one of the best and responsive designs. If you are at the startup stage of your business and want to display your portfolios than this theme is what you should go for. It is simple a mobile ready theme which will help you to boost your business on any device. Another benefit which this theme offers is its compatibility with multiple sliders. Some other feature includes:

    • 650+ Google fonts integrated
    • 8+ page templates
    • Blog area with changeable layouts
    • 5 drop down levels


    9.Blend It


    One of the best responsive one page WordPress business theme which is designed for lover of one page websites. It is suitable for you if you are having small business or if you want to show few page of information. Blendit has social media icons in its footer section which makes this theme fully integrated with social media. Some of the main features include:

    • 6+ page templates available
    • 600+ Google fonts
    • In built gallery, team, services sections
    • SEO and SMO ready


    10.I Am One


    Another theme which comes in the category of free WordPress themes for business is “I Am One” which is built keeping in mind all the requirement of a business industries and offer beautiful parallax slider at the top. Its various page templates will allow you to add more content for inner pages. It has default blog, right and left sidebar which makes it easier to display products. Some of the best features include:

    • Beautiful gallery to display more pictures/products
    • More than 12 sections for homepage
    • Updated plugins support like WooCommerce, bbpress and Contact Form 7
    • Various page templates


    Billboard & Advertisment Services WordPress theme for advertising sites

    If your objective is to search out a billboard and advertisement services WordPress theme that is faithful and solid in all verity, you are in the right place!

    We at SKT Themes carries out a survey and find out the best examples of such templates for all advertising agencies and online marketing companies, billboard creating centers and agents to provide the clients with their marketing and promotional communication and tips directed at the potential growth of the target products, services, initiatives, undertakings or whatever it may be.

    Along with the traditional forms of advertising in mass media, the Internet as an international communication medium has given rise to digital forms of advertisements, billboard and commercial services to reach out greater audience across the globe.

    This is specifically true for the local businesses that want to break through the physical borders and become a noteworthy part of a global marketplace.

    By the same token, the worldwide web, as a dynamic and fast – moving field allows advertisers and admen, enables to produce greater results at a fraction of the costs of traditional methods.

    Follow us and you’ll find a handy collection of the best niche – specific and advertisement – based templates authored by SKT Themes to lead to the increased consumption of this or that product or service through branding and other qualified presentations and communications.

    1. Complete Pro:
    complete WordPress theme


    Complete Pro is the first billboard and advertisement services WordPress theme that with unique design – driven approach implemented by the dedicated authors working on the theme. With this template the creation of your outstanding advertisement agency in the digital platform will be effortless and totally intuitive. This template is stunningly complete and comprehensive, tech – savvy and multipurpose at its core, so that any kind of ad – friendly actions will be condemned to success. Established on the modern and popular HTML 5 and CSS3 coding and styling combination, as well as entirely manageable Customizer, the theme comes with tons of shortcodes preloaded with the theme for the easiest content setup, diverse header and footer layouts to choose from, and finally, readily responsiveness and perfect functionality with any model of mobiles and tablets used today by the clients.

    2. Pet Care:


    From fresh and lively design style to unbeatable functionality, Pet Care is another trustworthy and credible template at your fingertips to tap into the digital spectrum without stumbling. This template has been coded and developed with non – techy admin in the developer’s mind, so that no fuss about how to deal with this or that part or functionality of your future website without all the programming know – how. This surprisingly versatile and error – free template will undoubtedly spread a breeze of success around your posts and pages and will grab new client’s attention in the most effectual way. Pet Care’s well optimized, responsive and user – centric structure will convert your website visitors into your dedicated clients.

    3. Strong Pro:
    crossfit WordPress theme


    Advertisement and marketing efforts are where Strong Pro comes into play as another top – rated and time – checked billboard and advertisement services WordPress theme to help all the interested firms and candidates to connect with the precise groups of audience in the practical ways you are ready to deliver. This wonderfully pliable and sophisticated, easy to use and control product with handy toolbox preloaded does not only exceptional for its compliance with the current market trends, but also for its future scalability. Hence be sure that every single penny spent on Strong Pro will be worth it with thousandfold revenues in the nearest future.

    4. StartUp Pro:
    startup WordPress theme


    StartUp Pro is seamlessly smart and intelligent website creation and maintenance tool to satisfy all the requirements of the contemporary advertisers and webmasters in the billboard, advertising and digital marketing industries that are on the never – ending lookout of the tech – savvy and functionally advanced framework for the affordable establishment of high – end online products. With large – scale arrangement and distribution capabilities, StartUp Pro delivers a neatly – organized and nicely – systematized structural framework with elegant and engaging visualization and home, about us, services and blog sections to insert all the relevant information in easy to search and find manner.

    5. Coffee Shop:
    cafe WordPress theme


    Coffee Shop perfectly keeps the correlation between simplicity and lightweight operation and feature – rich and energetic architecture for the client to leverage its advertising potential and the way it can promote to his brand awareness, as well as generate a high – impact buzz around his business. This original and well – thought out billboard and advertisement services WordPress theme is managed to greet all its visitors with warm welcome that is streamlined and to the point with the homepage full – with slider that can highlight your best offers or discounts, stylish and precisely shelved theme sections and areas and yet much more to be exuded with this valuable theme.

    6. Spirited Pro:
    corporate WordPress theme


    Spirited Pro totally owns the runway when it comes to the foundation of highly significant advertising and billboard, online and digital marketing services presentation through online channels. This energetic, yet pristine, lightweight, yet forceful template provides you with secure and mobile and device –optimized framework based on HTML5 and CSS3 to make all your relevant content, including texts and images resized, adapted, hidden or moved to fit any target screen resolution. The theme also packs other essential features and controls, characters and touches to be future – proof and highly demanded on the market.

    7. CutsNStyle Pro:
    responsive hair salon WordPress theme


    At last, but not at least, here is CutsNStyle Pro as mind – blowing and ambitious, energetic and lively, beautiful and enticing billboard and advertisement services WordPress theme for consumer – generated marketing and advertising services, online and digital billboard advertisements based on out – of – home advertising with live data or something else, etc. This power – dressed template letting you be flaunted away in the touchy whirlwind can be a dream – come – true for all the agencies dealing with digital and outdoor advertising services to reinforce the client’s message and connect consumers with relevant brands and companies trough his website.

    Clothes and Apparels WordPress Theme for online clothing store

    We have put together a dynamic collection of clothes and apparels WordPress themes for the relevant business industries and representatives, clothes and shoe store owners, suppliers and shopping dealers, retailers and wholesalers, merchants, fashion bloggers and other people involved in clothing and apparels business.

    Clothes, apparels, costumes and other wears are among the products with high consumption rates across the globe and the global digital uplift in its turn offers boundless possibilities for both cloth and branding – related businesses to expand the zone of their influence, as well as for average consumers to look for, find, order and receive this or that product without even changing their location and going to some physical store.

    Hence, ensuring your deserved place in the global market and getting in touch with millions of people from every corner of the world is compulsory for every clothes – related company, brand or manufacturer to unite all the efforts within one clothes and apparels WordPress theme and function accordingly.

    We have selected the best niche – specific templates for you to have at your fingertips and reap a really good profit from them.

    All of them combine eye – catchy design and graphics together with advanced technology to result in groundbreaking success in the line with your online profiles and stores.

    1. Charm:


    Charm is a new clothes and apparels WordPress theme specifically convenient for fashion bloggers and artists to deliver their unique style and taste and keep their websites and blogs always refreshed and up to date. However, the theme also incorporates everything you’ll ever need in order to start selling your clothes, accessories, shoes and other items beautifully. Especially for this purpose Charm’s toolbox comes integrated with handy essentials and controls, color changing opportunities, commenting availability for your clients to express their positive or constructive attitudes and have their voices be heard online, lots of easy to use shortcodes within the theme for effortless content and blog setup, category layout controls for hierarchical categorization of the respective products and services, WooCommerce compatibility for powerful shopping experience and yet much more to be delivered with Charm.

    2. SKT Dual:


    Positive and inspiring, utterly smart and sophisticated, entirely flexible and adaptive, SKT Dual is another high – end website builder to put all your clothing industry – related endeavors into a streamlined fashion for increased revenue rates. Use the power of the SKT Dual’s intelligence and initiate all your processes with do – it – yourself principle, since the theme is totally easy to use and master without any additional support from the outside. Build a beautiful, well – designed and easy digestible online store with advanced functionality and let your visitors enjoy their trip. The theme is also entirely customizable so that it is possible to replace the existing design and shades with your preferences, traits and typography without having any programming know – how.

    3. Complete Pro:
    complete WordPress theme


    If you are constantly searching an unbeatable clothes and apparels WordPress theme to meet all the client requirements and expectations from your clothing online business, Complete Pro shares all the characteristics to be called so. The template is truly complete in every aspect of usage and celebrates the most user – directed layout coded with the modern coding standards to provide you with error – free operational framework. Also designed for establishing precise and mutually beneficial purchasing relationships with other partners and all the clients across the globe, Complete Pro comes with easy to manipulate structure to add your content, images, details, loco, contact information and much more, identify your brand or boutique style and result in a streamlined website with neatly arranged category zones and sections.

    4. SKT Landing Page:
    landing page WordPress theme


    Here is SKT Landing Page at your full disposition to consider for your future selling or landing page for all your clients to smoothly land on your website and scan it in a matter of minutes. This clothes and apparels WordPress theme is ready – made to cover any clothing or garment, jewelry and accessories, shoes or fashion store and make it accessible around the clock for everyone. With the great support of this flat – design based and clearly coded template your business will be easily trained to cleverly hang out its online shingle in the digital platform and attract tons of customers and web visitors thanks to its lightweight operational possibilities, visually precise and nicely – scaled parts and sections, and finally, for its multilingual – ready behavior, since multi-language content is one of the key factors of international client’s trust towards your profile.

    5. Girlie:
    girly WordPress theme


    Girlie is spectacularly smooth and subtle, picturesque and glorious template suited for any clothes and fashion industry and stores that will fascinate especially feminine representatives and will persuade them to come back to your profile over and over. This template parades its style and elegance in the most effectual manner and turns heads with its ultimate feminine charm. Girlie includes a wide array of customization and management options which can be practiced either at the experimental and initial stage of the website or during its operation whenever the necessity will be glimpsed. Responsive web design coding for browser and portable device compatibility, influential slider on the homepage for showing off the best patterns of your popular items, special offers and season discounts, etc, as well as social media integration generalize the boundless potential of Girlie.

    6. Shopzee:
    eCommerce WordPress theme


    No more fuss about irregular, incommensurate and workaday stores and shops online, since the dedicated specialists at SKT Themes spared no parts to create and launched designer – made, coordinated and systematized mechanism in the form of Shopzee. This exceptional clothes and apparels WordPress theme will enable you to pick from a rich color wheel to stress out your own style and handwriting, have one universal website for all the desktop and mobile viewers, no matter whether the given screen is small, medium or large, lots of products and categories functionality to edit or reshape your pages as per your needs, widgetized areas to add your specific content and features effortlessly and SEO – optimization for increased conversion rates and leads generation.

    Killer WordPress themes for developing killer websites

    It is time for you to choose one from the following killer WordPress themes and upgrade your existing theme to be different from others.

    Having an online presence with a website to represent your business is not enough anymore. Your website has to be attractive and stunning to leave a long lasting impression in the mind of your visitors.

    Something ordinary and usual never get noticed and only when you have something awesome to offer, you can set yourself apart from others. WordPress is probably the only platform where you have so many premium themes available that are unique and extra-ordinary. We have handpicked the best killer WordPress themes for your website that are applicable for any purpose and category of website.

    1. Adventure


    This is a stunning theme to begin with. It is best for tour and travel agency or for setting up a viral blog. The theme has everything thing you would ever need. The sliders are stunning and the background of every section is eye-catching. Multiple icons and fonts are available for displaying content like never before. The theme can also be used for adventure camps organized by different agencies from time to time such as trekking, hiking, skiing and skating. The color combination is extremely beautiful and can be modified easily.

    2. Disco Dancer


    This is one of killer WordPress themes that artists can use for designing their personal website and increasing their brand value. It has a separate page for listing merchandise with payment gateway for fans and followers to buy them directly. It is translation ready, and the designing components are integrated creatively. All the resources are free for use and they have HD quality. The theme works equally well on all devices. It also has SEO support and advanced shortcodes for embedding classic images, videos and other digital items.

    3. SKT Beach


    SKT Beach is one of the most stunning themes you can ever get to see. The images, layouts and creative presentation and integration of all designing components have made it one of the killer WordPress themes ever to exist. It is a multipurpose theme and can be used for various purposes like travel and tourism services, hotels, restaurant, etc. The coding is done following the standard set by WordPress and search engines. It is one of the bestselling themes because as far as the features and functionalities go, it is on the front row as well.

    4. Pic Art
    portfolio WordPress theme


    It is needless to say that the theme is extremely unique in its design and presentation. The design is creative, modern and very elegant. It will catch attention immediately and best for showing services, and products. The gallery is quite innovative and the color combination is perfect in all aspects. Various resources like fonts, icons and shortcodes are available. It is very popular among photographers and sometimes used as a wedding theme.

    5. SKT Architect Pro
    architect WordPress theme


    SKT Architect Pro is a multipurpose theme which is ideal for construction companies to get more projects and increase their brand value like never before. It is one of those killer WordPress themes that make your website stand tall and make a business or company unique for its peers. It can have 20 different sections on the homepage. The menu, header, footer, and widgets are extremely creative in style and design. It has parallax background which makes the theme highly useful in keeping the visitors engaged. It is compatible with all devices.

    6. SKT Landing Page
    landing page WordPress theme


    This is definitely one of the beautiful killer WordPress themes and it best for launching new product, services and apps. It is a one-page theme and there could be unlimited number of section of the homepage for covering all the information and items. It is compatible with all standard free and paid plugins. You can edit every section using backend customizer with live preview. The animations and various other visual triggers will help you to captivate your visitors. You can also have inner pages like a blog section with page builder.

    7. Stay Here
    hotel WordPress theme


    This is one of the killer WordPress themes to design a hotel, resort, restaurant related website. It can also be used by travel agencies and tour companies. It has extremely beautiful representation and color combination. The sections on the homepage have shuttle animation and the design is completely flat for faster loading speed. It has advance SEO support to help you get a high rank on the search engines.

    8. SKT Full Width Pro
    Full Wide WordPress theme


    This is a unique WordPress theme because the slider has edge-to-edge design and the menu is extremely eye-catching. It is minimalistic which the visitors are going to like a lot because these days it becomes difficult to spot the required item easily. You can design the inner pages with any standard page builder and most of the necessary pages are already present. The gallery page and portfolio page stand out and will help you get more conversion.

    9. SKT Start-Up Pro
    startup WordPress theme


    This is a multipurpose WordPress theme and it is best for any start-up company irrespective of the type of business. The graphical interface is simply amazing and very easy to use and design. All the necessary components are present and there are customizers and page builders for designing anything and everything. You can embed videos at your desired position seamlessly. It is sure to take your business to the next level and help you get more customers and clients with its attractive and addictive design.

    10. Design Agency Pro
    design agency WordPress theme


    Finally, design agency pro is a creative WordPress theme based on the current trend of designing. It is absolutely flat and the sections on the homepage are highlighting. There are multiple page templates, designing boxes and blocks available. Apart from that, it comes with unlimited icons, fonts and shortcodes for beautification. It has some pre-installed color combination to suit your brand color and create the best impression in the mind of the visitors.

    There we have the list of the best killer WordPress themes and you must be totally impressed. It is time to purchase them and we will do a free installation and provide you all the support you require for the migration from the existing theme.

    Wedding Videographer WordPress themes for videography sites

    This time let us touch on the chivalry of the best Wedding Videographer WordPress themes for happy couples to share the best moments of their lives, as well as any kind of matrimony and wedding related websites and niches.

    The range may include Wedding Videographer and wedding services, matchmaking services, wedding venues, marriage arrangement and consultation services, dating websites, wedding accessories, cakes, music and much more.

    Wedding Videography websites and relevant services are rapidly gaining more and more popularity across the globe.

    As a successful alternative to the traditional dating websites or marriage brokers, Wedding Videographer websites exercise their potential to help people find a perfect couple. All in all, it’s a modern practice where the role of the matchmaker or a personalized matchmaking assistant is highly professionalized and trustworthy.

    Hence, if you have made your mind to launch a well arranged and eye catchy Wedding Videographer or wedding website result in more client engagement into your business, our Wedding Videographer WordPress themes are for you. Each and every single template that has appeared in our article is custom built to grant you with extra powers to make the most out of your website. In a nutshell, they are as simple and affordable, as flexible and user optimized as you would ever wish them to be.

    1. Wedding Rituals:


    Wedding Rituals is one of the latest Wedding Videographer WordPress themes designed for Wedding Videographer and wedding related websites, niches and topics. This wonderfully robust website builder is exceptionally good when it comes to hosting an avalanche of websites and blogs. You can use it to run an entertaining and multimedia based informative website sharing your posts about interesting traditions and wedding rituals of different countries. In another case, you can use Wedding Rituals particularly for matchmaking services and result in happy couples. For your convenience, this template has been coded to purvey ultimate simplicity and adaptability in usage. Moreover, with Wedding Rituals you are going to have pixel perfect, SEO friendly and easy to customize content for desktop, mobiles and devices. There are also fonts and color changing options, perfect dropdown navigation and WooCommerce compatible nature wrapped up in Wedding Rituals.

    2. Nuptials:


    The next highly recommended template among Wedding Videographer WordPress themes is called Nuptials. From elegant and lively visualization to battle ready functional framework, this top ranked template incorporates it all. Let your client base scan your web content easily via the given theme sections and content zones. Showcase the happy faces of your clients who have found each other thanks to your professional efforts via the homepage slider and positively influence your future clients. You can also showcase the registered profiles of your client base and let it easily searchable for others. Nuptials showacases seamless consistency when it comes to mobile and device responsiveness. Apart from being readily responsive and cross browser complaint, it is also shortcodes based with easily editable layout and customization options.

    3. SKT Beach:


    SKT Beach can be an ultimate solution for diversified wedding and Wedding Videographer service providers and managers to prove their legibility and sophistication in what they are engaged in. Based on a durable coding and styling approaches, SKT Beach is irreplaceable for personal wedding and engagement websites, private websites, wedding consultants and venues. It comes launched with color picker controls to add unique colors to your website, drag and drop functionality to easily manage everything. It also generates Customizer based performance to change whatever is needed within the theme and instantly preview them before they will appear valid for the website guests. Additionally, no coding skills are required to master this responsive and mobile optimized, fully documented and supported website builder.

    4. SKT Lens Pro:
    responsive portfolio WordPress theme


    Meet SKT Lens Pro which can be the next valuable contribution to your wedding based website or blog. Amazingly beautiful and attention grabbing, versatile and artificially intelligent, it is one of the most popular Wedding Videographer WordPress themes with a high rating. SKT Lens Pro is an admin and user centric website building tool designed with professional care and terrific attention to every single detail. As a result, this template proves to celebrate multipurpose nature for any kind of content dissemination and is dotted with e – commerce touches to run an online shop and sell wedding related items and accessories. SKT Lens Pro has also been checked for its cooperation with page builder, portfolio, shortcodes and cache plugins to keep your website functionally advanced and secure at the same time.

    5. SKT Corp Pro:


    SKT Corp Pro is one of the businesslike and effectual Wedding Videographer WordPress themes one can find in the collection of WordPress powered templates. This serious looking and effortlessly stable template is 100 % responsive with a thorough control over how your website and its content are going to respond to any mobile or other portable device requirements. This template is split into convenient and clutter free areas and sections for you to establish your business profile, tell hundreds of success stories of your clients, show off best images and photos and enlist contact details. The true value of this template is not only its near perfection structure and design, but also a seasoned professionals standing behind it and ready to support you whenever needed.

    6. Adventure:


    Give your online matrimony and dating services a unique charm with the help of Adventure. It’s a multidimensional and feature rich website building toolbox to provide best and perfect results for your relevant online undertaking. Adventure utilized elements and controls to give you maximum flexibility to change and edit, redesign or modify the given template to match the overall nature and denomination of your Wedding Videographer website. The simplified installation and activation processes make it super fast for someone to start his website and control its look and feel right from the theme backend. Loaded with shortcodes and Google fonts, Adventure is also rolled up with 5 levels of dropdown navigation, HD and retina readiness and much needed search engine optimization for increased web traffic and results.

    Companies WordPress Themes for developing company websites

    The best compilation of companies WordPress themes is at your fingertips to give a big start of your business profile.

    Designed and developed specifically for the business world, each of them will be the brick and mortar of any agency, company or organization, service provision or even online store websites.

    Gone are the days when running a website for specific business was a luxury.

    In the current digital based world, a website for any business phenomenon has long become a pure necessity for a wide range of justified reasons.

    From better credibility and strong communication ties with partners and clients to cost effective working and marketing strategies, the advantages of the business or companies website seem to have no edge.

    Moreover, it does not just stop with your client base.

    A well thought out and well dressed website will act as your business card and will indirectly enhance your company value.

    In this article we have done our best to compile some of the most popular and high ranked companies WordPress themes for the business spectrum and both private and public companies. Each of those templates will save you a bulk of money and time while providing you with ultimate web creation and management system.

    Increase your online visibility through any of the below companies WordPress themes and target a broader market, including also the international one.

    1. Furniture Pro:


    Furniture Pro is a total joy when it comes to proceeding with your company or corporate website. Self and secure, while unimaginably simple and lightweight, Furniture Pro is never hesitant to host and showcase your business content in a nice fashion. It shares all the favorable conditions for you to classify your content and serve it to your prospective clients and partners. Home, services, blog, gallery and contact us are well deployed one after another to insert your pieces of information, both textual and visual. Widget friendly footer area is also at your disposal, as well as header and sidebar, Google fonts and icons as bonuses.

    2. SKT Architect Pro:
    architect WordPress theme


    SKT Architect Pro is one of the dynamic and zealous companies WordPress themes both for startups and seasoned companies, agencies and other business undertakings. This visually elegant and strong template provides you with all the primary controls, elements and features to establish, promote and run a successful profile of your company. This website builder is specifically suitable for architecture and design, construction and renovation industry and its different representatives. SKT Architect Pro smoothly unites modern responsiveness and mobile friendliness with stable performance with SEO, cache, multilingual and slider plugins. From calls to actions to retina ready layout with impeccable navigation and pixel perfect operation of homepage slider, everything is well managed in this template.

    3. SKT Landing Page:
    landing page WordPress theme


    SKT Landing Page is the one to please all the representatives of sale and purchase, e commerce and trade world. Whether you are making your first steps as an online trader or run a big trading company with branches, SKT Landing Page will make its investment in your future victory. SKT Landing Page comes with a multidimensional landing page to target to the stream of traffics coming to your pages for some specific purposes, services, products and more. Flat design has been practiced in relation to this template and this modern design solution can be seen via flat icons, buttons, etc. Numerous post and page template controls are granted to you, as well as a practical ecommerce and translation ready platform.

    4. Perfect Business:


    Don’t delay the pleasure and excitement of owning a user and admin friendly layout for your future website. Perfect Business is for sure a perfect quality template included in the contemporary warehouse of companies WordPress themes. It is one of the reliable, fully fledged and feature rich company and corporate, business and organization templates running on the cutting edge of modern digital world. From a structural standpoint, this template is something worth storms of applauses with its reasonably arranged content parts and areas. From a financial standpoint, this offer is a pretty cheap one. In addition to these peculiarities, Perfect Business supports all modern low powered devices and mobiles and as such is ready to satisfy all your website visitors using their portable devices to access your site.

    5. Flat Pro:
    flat WordPress theme


    Design and boost one of the progressive ways to market your company, its services , items and offers with the help of Flat Pro. Well executed and modernly stylized, Flat Pro is custom built to outshine your business competition with its unique form and function. With a flat architecture and clean coding at its core, Flat Pro is mighty and fast performing. Ready to wear a host of different looks, this website builder generates color controls to bring about the required color palette, as well as pre – enabled shortcodes for quick content handling and management.

    6. Gravida:
    corporate WordPress theme


    Gravida is the next top rated and conspicuous candidate to support your company website. In case you are looking for a mixture of visual excellence and functional stability among companies WordPress themes, we offer you to stop here and tackle into the details of this wonderful template. It’s a hassle free website creation template with fully packed toolbox including unlimited color combinations and controls, font management and typography control and much more. There are multiple footer and header variations, customizer performance for instant changes and their checking, header banner in inner pages, plugin support , and finally, search engine optimization and social friendly layout.

    7. SKT StartUp Pro:
    startup WordPress theme


    SKT StartUp Pro is processed and launched to match the needs of startup and small sized companies and their representatives. While supporting the latest version of WordPress, it is based on HTML5 and CSS3 coding which, in its turn, is responsible for the legibility and responsiveness of your web content and images. Simple and adaptive layout, admin friendly dashboard, WooCommerce and Contact Form 7 functionality, as well as social sharing and commenting availability are what make StartUp Pro a solid choice for every startup.

    Creating a custom WordPress messaging system

    Do you want a custom WordPress messaging system in your WordPress site where users can send you private messages?

    It does not matter what type of website you have, it has become important for a website to have a custom message system.

    Any author can send private messages to admin or forum users can send direct messages for instant reply instead of contacting through the contact form.

    Hence, creating a custom WordPress messaging system is absolutely important for websites where user interaction is the driving factor.

    There are various ways available for creating a custom WordPress messaging system such as using codes or plugins.

    If you go the coding route, it could be difficult as a lot of codes are needed.

    Instead, plugins are a better alternative.

    Creating a custom WordPress messaging system Using

    Front End PM


    Installing –

    Go to Admin Dashboard and select the option Plugins from the left menu. Then click on Add New and search the plugin by its name.

    Install and activate it after which the option Front End PM will appear on the left menu of the Dashboard.

    Setting Up –

    For creating a custom WordPress Messaging System Go to Dashboard and place your mouse pointer on Front End PM from the menu.

    Click on Instruction from the drop down. In the next screen, you will see a shortcode given to you which is default messaging page.

    You can use this shortcode to place it anywhere in a post so that users or readers can contact you instantly.

    Alternatively, you can create your own message page by proving title and slug and click on Create Page button. You can go for a preview to see how it looks.

    Configuration –

    Go to Dashboard and click on Settings from the drop down of Front End PM menu option. A new screen will appear on the right side where you can set the parameters as per your requirement.

    You can determine the messages a user can keep in his inbox. Note that an Admin can have unlimited messages in the inbox by default and this setting is applicable only for all the users other than Admins.

    You can also set the number of messages with will appear at once per page as well as the number of users in the directory. It is important to note that you should never set them to zero else nothing will show up.

    The next parameter is very important where you can set the time delay between two messages. It is useful when you received many private messages in a day so that they do not overlap and you get timely notifications.

    Another important parameter is blocking usernames separated by space. This is mainly for abusing users and spammers.

    You can also set the capability power of the users(editors, authors, etc.) like you can set it to read so that users can only read the messages received while you only as an admin can reply to the messages received.

    Users Settings –

    A user can message you directly through the private message without even logging into your website. He or she would be able to avail various settings like settings mail notification when messages or replies arrive from the admin or other users.

    Creating a custom WordPress messaging system Using Private Messaging plugin

    This is a premium plugin through you can try it before hand for a month. If you have a big community in your website, it is natural for you to invest in private messaging. The reason for using private messaging over social media or contact page is very simple. First, people do not like the concept of contact page anymore and only do it when there are no social media accounts support on the website. Instead of driving your users to social media, you can drive them on your website, and it will increase page views and a better engaging community.

    You cannot install the plugin directly from your Dashboard for searching and installing it. Instead, you have to download and then upload. Go to Private Messaging Plugin official site and sign up for a month’s free service. Download the plugin on your hard drive. Go to your Dashboard and move to Plugins on the left menu. Click on Add New and in the new screen, click on Upload button and select the file where the plugin is on your hard drive. Once the uploading is done, activate it. After activation, the menu option Messaging will appear on the left menu of the Dashboard.

    Features –

    As it is a premium plugin, it is fully secure, and you will get notifications and even popups when you receive a private message. You can attach a file with your message just like email, and the admin can have fully control and monitoring power for every user. Most importantly, he can restrict any feature for any user, and the front end interface is simple and intuitive.

    You can send instantly as an icon is available on the top menu containing View Inbox and Send New Message. The Inbox screen has options like Read, Unread, Sent, Archive and General Settings.

    Settings and Add-ons –

    bbPress Integration
    – There are unlimited settings and add-ons available for creating a custom WordPress messaging system. You can integrate Private messaging system with your forum as it has bbPress integration add-on. Users on the forum can message you instantly, and it can help you take prompt actions like deleting a thread, banning a user and likewise.

    Shortcodes and Broadcasting – You can use various shortcodes available with which you can write faster and dynamic messages which will increase your brand value and robust factor. There is a useful option of broadcasting messages to all users to notify when about a deadline or a common task.

    Group Conversation – You can create group conversation which is highly important for discussing measures, assigning common tasks, proving feedback and likewise. You can also create your own compose box for your betterment and available all the tools that you require very often.

    Whether you have a blog or a business website, communication with your users should be your highest priority. You should do all that you can such as creating a custom WordPress messaging system or having an online chat system and engage your audience to turn them into long-term subscribers, clients and customers.

    Steps taken to move your http blog to https and effect on rankings

    This time we’ll shed light on the importance of taking reasonable steps to move your http blog to https.

    In recent years, Google started using https by default for Gmail and encrypted search. It was followed by the active usage of this https encryption by other major communication websites and not only.

    As a result, those sites adopting https or switching from http to https started to meet higher security standards, record higher ranks on search ranking algorithms, not to mention other benefits.

    Hence, Google started using https or secure http as a ranking signal and encouraging blogs and websites to join a community of https.

    Well, if Google gives preference to https for search engine optimization rankings, then, it is simple to assume, that migrating from http to https will do no harm to your blog’s SEO rankings and will even increase it.

    Yes, if we try to be fair, we’ll confess that it takes https based websites more loading time which, as you can guess, is not so preferable for SEO.

    But there is a wise solution not to suffer a lot from heavy loading.

    You can choose to encrypt only those blog pages which transfer confidential or sensitive data.

    Alternatively, you can use a high quality and performance host to solve the issue.

    In addition, search engines, including, of course, Google, love trusted and secured websites.

    And since https is a way to keep your blog or website secure using SSL for secure data transfer, your chances are higher to appear in the top positions of search engine rankings.

    Now, if you are influenced by “https everywhere campaign” of Google and are looking to move your http blog to https, we’ll help you to go through the required steps to do it.

    Backup your blog

    Whenever you are making a considerable change in your blog or website, be sure to have a reserved backup of it to make the process smooth and secure. This is one of the important steps to move your http blog to https without any unexpected losses in the future.

    Setup and activate SSL certificate

    Buy and activate SLL if you have not any yet.

    SLL or Secure Sockets Layer is a modern security technology responsible for the encryption link between a server and a browser. It guarantees the confidentiality and security of the data transmitted.

    Sometimes, it’s the hosting you are using that offers you a free or paid certificate. We recommend you to buy a certificate from your hosting company so that you will not need to get stuck in complicated installation and other processes required to make SLL certificate go smooth with your site.

    However, you are free to look for a convenient solution among other certificate providers as well. Acquire a certificate matching your needs and let SSL work on the top of your https for more security.

    Update your blog URL

    n order to update your WordPress blog or site URL, you need to go to Settings, General, where you will find WordPress address (URL) and Site Address (URL).

    Now, if you have already installed SSL certificate, you need to take care of WordPress SSL redirection from http to https. You can do this manually, by copying and adding the below mentioned code in .htaccess file.

    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} 80 
    RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R,L]

    Be sure to add your own site or blog’s URL instead of

    If your blog is powered by Nginx which does not share .htaccess type potential, you need to use the code below:

    server {
    listen 80;
    return 301$request_uri;

    Use https redirection plugins

    If you are clueless about WP related coding controls and want a simpler way around to move your http blog to https, you can rely on multiple redirection plugins available in WordPress repository of plugins.

    Easy HTTPS Redirection:

    Easy HTTPS Redicrect


    Easy HTTPS Redirection is one of the easy to use plugins compatible with any WP based blog or website. It can be one of the successful steps to move your http blog to https and redirect your blog visitors when they try to access non http version. For example, if they type in their browsers, it will automatically take them to so that you will not lose a single potential visitor.

    WordPress Force HTTPS:


    WordPress Force HTTPS is another lightweight and simple plugin that literally forces your site to use https protocol all the time. This plugin is used to keep things as simple and accessible as possible.

    WordPress HTTPS/SLL:

    WordPress HTTPS/SLL


    It is one of the trusted and actively installed https and SSL plugins ready to help you along the redirection process. It comes with a proper installation guide to follow so that you can make the needed redirection effectively.

    WP Force SSL:

    WP force SSL


    It is another reliable yet lightweight and admin optimized redirection plugin that does not expect you to take the initiative at coding and development. You will be able to organize the transfer of http traffic to https without complex coding procedures behind.

    All you need to do in order to make this plugin work for you is to acquire SSL certificate and adjust your URLs from WP Admin Dashboard, Settings, General.

    Select the pages you want to redirect

    Choose the plugin that grants you with the total control to use redirection for specific or exclusive pages which require higher security. It can be a login page, checkout page, user account page, shopping cart, etc.
    You will be able to find the needed functionality with some of the above discussed plugins, including WordPress HTTPS/SLL and Easy HTTPS Redirection.

    Update your SSL certificate whenever needed

    If your SSL certificate appears to be old dated, it will result in https marked with a red line through it. Hence, your blog will be showcased as an untrusted resource in the user’s browser.

    Antique Items WordPress Themes for collection websites

    The best assemblage of antique items WordPress themes for all the antique items collectors, museums, stores, auctions, as well as all the retro and vintage style fans to disseminate the value of previous times and items.

    Of all the marketing techniques and tactics running a goal – focused and niche – specific website is the compulsory one in order not to miss a wide array of opportunities for business growth and customer conversion.

    And this is exceptionally true for any given industry or field and composes the brick and mortar of any marketing endeavors to achieve mind – blowing recognition and fame, as well as costing outlines.

    In case you want to create a stunning atmosphere for your collections online and make each online viewer feel the specific environmental – friendly nature of your items, feel free to review our antique items WordPress themes for building your own elegant and awe – inspiring design and structure instead of using predefined ones.

    Your antique website based on any of them will be created with minimum efforts and financial means, as well as will start bringing about revenue in leaps and bounds.

    1. Charm:


    Spectacularly polished and entirely flexible, Charm is one of the most popular antique items WordPress themes that will make you realize the vast potential of your website. From high – resolution images to any type of categorized content, all can be neatly integrated into your posts and pages thanks to the convenient structural peculiarities of the theme. This uniquely stylized and ambitious template shares all the premium quality features, including the possibility of unifying all the browsers through responsive design approach, multilingual support and potential commenting functionality for your blog followers or web visitors to express their attitudes and viewpoints and much more that are essential for the ongoing viability of your antique style and performance online.

    2. The Art:
    art WordPress theme


    Truly artistic and visually awe – inspiring, well –designed and decorated, The Art perfectly knows how to professionally host a crowd and mesmerize them with its impeccable browsing and viewing experience. From header and footer to color scheme, everything is customizable within this original template based on Customizer for making all the relevant changes and have their live preview only for the web admin to check and only afterwards to appear valid for the website visitors. Needless to say that the theme is immensely user and customer – friendly and hence you can create your site easily and represent all your valuable antique collections on the one hand, and let your clients take a virtual tour via your posts and pages to review your items instead of driving outside to find your physical location.

    3. Gravida:
    corporate WordPress theme


    Expansively well – thought out and ambitiously general – purpose, Gravida is one of the top – rated antique items WordPress themes available as for present to create an online portal armed with decorative and antique objects and items, furniture or jewelry and other valuable pieces from specialized collectors or dealers, merchants and exporters, as well as keeping up with all the ongoing and upcoming antique auctions, fairs, events and brocante markets. Whether you are going to showcase only your collections, or are planning to bring together lots of antique dealers and clients into a unified online marketplace, Gravida with its dynamic nature, Customizer – based performance, lots of prebuilt sections and preloaded controls is ideal for your intentions.

    4. Character:
    personal WordPress theme


    Go live with your exceptional pieces of antique periods and disseminate your own character with the help of niche – specific and user – optimized Character with out – of – the – box toolset. Right from the very beginning, this website builder is readily subject to any kind of customization and management interventions to fit your brand, company or private undertaking’s unique aesthetics. Categorize and publish all your antique items in a nicely – arranged theme areas and zones and let all the interested client look through your content and easily find the items and inventories they are eager to see or purchase even with their mobiles and other portable devices without stumbling anywhere on the pages.

    5. Kraft:
    premium WordPress theme


    Kraft has everything you need for showcasing your antique collectibles online with high – quality imagery and detailed description of each, so that your website visitors will for sure appreciate your efforts. This noteworthy template integrates all the practical strategies and structural peculiarities that are required by the modern digital community and WordPress itself for embracing a powerful online reality which reaches to millions of individuals and clients around the world. With this premium quality template your multidevice users will not be neglected either and will be granted with a chance of enjoying your content and updates irrespective of their portable device used to reach the target site.

    6. Blendit:
    blendit single page WordPress theme


    Blendit is one more example in our list of antique items WordPress themes that is designed and optimized for precision, future scalability and perfect customer experience. The theme has been
    also built for ease and simplicity of use and quick installation process to save your nerves and precious time, as well as further investments into the website for its customization and maintenance. You don’t need to hire expensive professionals to deal with every single issue pertaining to your antique profile, rather, everything can be managed by the website admin behind the scenes without having to write a single line of code.

    7. Panaroma Pro:


    Panaroma Pro celebrates a degree of high – end web coverage with professional poise, which will leave any antique lover speechless with its eye – catchy and classy visual and graphical traits, high – resolution images on the slider spanning the whole of the homepage and getting the attention you need from the client’s side. Panaroma Pro is as functional and user – friendly, as it is manageable and customizable with a bulk of practical options and features, like color and opacity changes, portfolio and gallery control variations, more than 100 shortcodes included, standard pages available, as well as search engine optimization and social media integration for breaking through new operational and social media horizons.

    Optimize your WordPress blog using Google search engine console

    We have good news for you! Optimizing your WordPress blog using Google search engine console to monitor your site’s achievements and dominate over search rankings is pretty simple.

    It’s a well known fact that search engines see our websites, blogs and web pages differently than you and we together. And you might thing that making your website or blog equally attractive and understandable both for the major search engines and your website guests can be a daunting task.

    Although WordPress by default comes with prebuilt stats to give you valuable information about your online presence, sometimes it’s not enough and you need additional sources of information to boost your presence and generate more revenue online. Google search engine console can be one of such sources to arm you with all the necessary data about your blog’s and its user’s performance so that you can optimize it for boosted traffic and results.

    What is Google Search Console?

    It is one of the free Google services ready to provide you with a bulk of useful information about your blog and its users. Whether you want to see your daily visits, the ways people reveal your site or blog and come from, proportion of mobile and desktop users of your site, Google Search Engine will grant you with. All in all, the functional capacity of this service is rather wide, letting you also find and fix errors, submit and check a sitemap, write and check robots.txt file and much more.

    As you can see, the advantages of optimizing and supervising your WordPress blog using Google search engine console are boundless.

    Why do you need to manage your WordPress blog using Google search engine console?

    1.Monitor how your blog is crawled by Google
    2.Check whether your blog content is properly indexed by Google
    3.Generate and publish a content that gets the ranking you desire for your blog or website
    4.Detect and fix a number of issues, including spam and malware related
    5.Get the overall view of your site that appears in search inquiries
    6.Check whether your blog’s mobile version functions well enough

    Now, let’s pass on to a technical part of setting up your WordPress blog in Google search engine console and noticeably benefit from it.

    First, you need to visit Google search console website and sign in to your Google account. You’ll see a red labeled button named Add a Property. Click on that button and add your blog’s URL in the box. Click add and move on to Alternate Methods tab to verify your ownership of the blog. Choose the first one, which is HTML tag to add a meta tag to your site’s homepage.

    Copy the given meta tag following meta name=google-site-verification; content=". It should be something like:

    meta name=google-site-verification; 

    Once you are done with this part, you need to take care of using the code you have copied.

    SEO Yoast:


    One of the useful and practical plugins in this relation is the one launched as SEO Yoast.

    Install and activate this plugin that can be found in WP library of WordPress. Then head over SEO Settings for additional options. Click on Dashboard, then open up Webmasters tool subsection to copy the code you already have at your disposal in the box next to Google Search Console.

    Save the changes you have done in your WP Dashboard and move back to Google Search Console to verify.

    Well done! Now you can start optimizing your WordPress blog using Google Search Engine Console.

    Insert Headers and Footers:

    Inser Header and Footer


    Insert Headers and Footers is another useful tool to help you get connected with Google Search Console.

    The first step of finding and copying the HTML meta tag is the same as in the case of SEO Yoast plugin. Once you have copied the code from, visit Settings, Insert Headers and Footers and add the meta tag to the header field.

    All in One SEO Pack:

    All in One SEO


    When you are on the Google Search Console website trying to verify your site, you can find also Google Analytics under Alternate Methods. Based on the experience of tons of WP users, Google Analytics method works perfectly and is easy to follow, especially when working with All in One SEO Pack plugin.

    If you choose to use this method, you need to go to your Google Analytics account and add your blog or website as a property. Head over the Admin area and find Property column. Click on Create new property and start adding your details, including website name, URL, choose Industry Category and Reporting Time Zone. When finished, click on Get Tracking ID button.

    Now, Google Analytics will generate the tracking ID for your site, which you need to copy.
    Afterward, install and activate All in One SEO Pack. If you already have it installed on your blog, go to General Settings, Google Settings. Scroll down to the Google Analytics ID and paste the code you have copied previously.

    Once the code is added, check the box Use Universal Analytics and click on Update Options.

    This will add the tracking code to your site’s HTML. Now, go back to Google Search Console website and click on Verify.

    That’s it! You should receive a congratulation message from Google, stating that you have successfully verified your ownership of your site or blog.

    After the verification of your WordPress blog using Google Search Engine Console, you would like to add XML sitemap. Basically, a sitemap is a list of pages on your blog or website that is reachable for all your users. They enable you to let major search engines to index and crawl your website for the available URLs on your site or blog.

    Google XML Sitemap:

    If you are thinking about which plugin to use, look no further than this plugin. Google XML Sitemap is a world class sitemap plugin with more than 2 million active installs. It is one of the best WordPress tools to generate XML sitemaps for the relevant search engines.

    How To Install WordPress Theme

    One of the reasons why WordPress is so popular is because of its themes. There is literally unlimited number of free and premium themes. Even the free themes have all the awesome designing components and advanced functionalities. Premium themes have all the security measures and advance customization options that set them apart from free ones. If you want to build a WordPress theme from scratch, buy a WordPress hosting plan from a popular web host. Install WordPress on the server and log into your admin dashboard.

    How To Install Free WordPress Themes?
    First thing first, installing a theme and activating an installed theme are two different aspects. You can install as many themes as you want and have them in your possession. But among those installed themes, the one that you activate will be the theme which your website will show. Therefore, activating a theme will replace your existing theme and hence, it is better to take a backup of the existing theme before installing and activating a new theme.

    Step 1.
    The first step is to go to Appearance option of the left menu on your dashboard. On placing your mouse point, you will see a drop down menu where you have to click on Themes option. In the next screen, you will see all the themes that are already installed by your web hosts or you previously.

    Step 2.
    On the top, you will see a button labeled Add New, click on that. The next screen will show you the marketplace of free themes. On the top bar, you will find different options like-

    Featured – themes which are either hand-picked by your web host or sponsored by the developers,

    Popular – themes which get maximum installations and has high ratings and reviews,

    Latest – themes which are new and yet to get enough number of installs.

    Note that, you should always go for the popular section because latest themes can have lots of glitches and security loopholes and featured themes can be a trap by hackers and are not totally trustable. On the other hand, popular themes have ratings and reviews which you can check before installing them to understand the pros and cons beforehand.

    Featured Filter – This is a great tool to find themes according to the layout that you desire to have, features that are necessary for your website, and subjects to suit your business category.

    Step 3.
    Place your mouse pointer on the theme that appeals to you on the first glance and click on Preview button to see how the theme looks on your website. Make sure your website has some sample text and posts for the theme to show its true potential. In case you like the preview, click on the theme and it will show you all its details. Check the ratings of the theme. Anything below four stars is not worth installing. You can check the features as well. Once you are convinced, click on Install button on the top.

    Similarly, install a handful of themes so that you can have multiple options, later on, in case you need one. You can activate a theme instantly after installing it by clicking on the Activate button where Install button was present previously to make the theme as your current theme.

    How To Install A Premium Theme From WordPress Admin?
    You can only install the free themes provided by WordPress or your web host through the previous method we stated above. But with this method, you can install Premium themes you buy from premium WordPress theme sellers like ThemeForest, iThemes, Elegantthemes and likewise. Again, when you buy a premium theme from those sites, make sure the theme has all the features you are looking for and the reviews and ratings should be above 4.5 at least. The higher the rating, the better is the theme because in a premium theme you expect all the features and no glitches at all.

    Step 1.
    Once you purchase a premium theme, you have to download the theme from the seller’s website. After that, you have to upload that in your WordPress. Make sure you have downloaded the theme in a ZIP file. Go to Appearance from admin dashboard and click on Themes option. Click on Add New button in the next screen. Find Upload Theme button on the top of the next screen and click on it.

    Step 2.
    Then you have to select the ZIP file containing the premium theme from your HDD by clicking on Choose File button. Once it is done, click on Install Now button and wait a few moments to get the theme installed.

    Step 3.
    In the next screen, you will see two options – Live Preview and Activate. You should have a live preview before activating it. You can also activate it later by selecting Themes option from Appearance, exactly the same way as free themes.

    How To Install A Premium WordPress Theme Using FTP
    Sometimes, the premium theme maybe too advanced to install it properly from WordPress Admin as stated above. It is always recommended to install premium themes using FTP like Filezilla.

    Step 1.
    Unzip your download premium theme. Open FTP software and login to your WordPress web server. You will see various folders among which you have to go to public_html and inside it, you will find wp-content. Inside wp-content, you will find themes, click on that. Now, directly upload the unzipped folder containing the premium theme in it. As soon as you upload a theme there, it is considered as installed.

    Step 2.
    Go to admin dashboard and then to Appearance from the left and finally click on Themes as usual. In the next screen, you will see all the installed themes as always. Find you the premium theme that you uploaded and click on either Live Preview or Activate as per your requirement. It is better to have a preview first to make sure that the theme is installed correctly and ready to become the theme for your website.

    In case it is not installed properly, you should contact the seller of the theme and ask their dedicated support team to help you out.

    Video Tutorials on How to Install WordPress theme: