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Managing WordPress Taxonomies for Better Usability


Management of WordPress taxonomies and their uses have been discussed here.

WordPress offers a wonderful platform with amazing custom services.

This most popular CMS is used by the majority of users.

For the folks who are interested in creating custom posts, with this article you will be able to understand and deploy custom archive taxonomies.

Whether you want to create a custom taxonomy or you want to customize an existing one, here you will surely get an effective solution.

Taxonomy: A Foreword

The taxonomy refers to a content type in WordPress that is ideal for organizing the content, which possesses some other content type.

The most common taxonomies that most of you probably would be familiar with are Categories and Tags.

It is assumed that you are aware of both categories and tags in WordPress, these two integral taxonomies with hierarchical and non-hierarchical orientation respectively. Hierarchical Taxonomy means that it possesses a hierarchical structure with parent-child relationships and Non-hierarchical Taxonomy doesn’t exhibit any such relationship.

What WordPress does is, it creates an automated archive for each tag, category and custom taxonomy that follows a reverse chronological order and generates a list of associated posts. The site that features posts that are kept well organized with proper tags and categories are comparatively easier to maintain than it is to with custom posts and custom taxonomies.

In WP, the display for each archive is defined in template files, thus while moving towards customization, the very first step is to determine which template file is associated with your target.

How To Create Custom Taxonomies?

There are several ways of creating custom taxonomies, however, the most preferred one is by deploying a suitable plugin. There is no dearth of WP plugins, you can conveniently find an efficient plugin to accomplish the job with a greater proficiency.

However, while implementing any other method, it is recommended to create a new plugin for the cause instead of inserting the appropriate chunk of code to the functions.php file. Because, it will make the method less complex and will offer the added advantage in the future by making the created custom taxonomy easily available.

For creating a plugin, simply add the below mentioned line of code at the top of the text file boasting appropriate code.

/* Plugin name: Custom Taxonomy */

Here is the code snippet for a plugin that has been created to support custom taxonomy, which is named as “fruits”.

_x( 'TastyFruits', 'Taxonomy General Name', 'text_domain' ),
'singular_name' => _x( 'TastyFruit', 'Taxonomy Singular Name', 'text_domain' ),
'menu_name' => __( 'Taxonomy', 'text_domain' ),
'all_Fruits' => __( 'All Fruits', 'text_domain' ),
'parent_Fruit' => __( 'Parent Fruit', 'text_domain' ),
'parent_Fruit_colon' => __( 'Parent Fruit:', 'text_domain' ),
'new_Fruit_name' => __( 'New Fruit name', 'text_domain' ),
'add_new_Fruit' => __( 'Add new Fruit', 'text_domain' ),
'edit_Fruit' => __( 'Edit Fruit', 'text_domain' ),
'update_Fruit' => __( 'Update Fruit', 'text_domain' ),
'separate_Fruits_with_commas' => __( 'Separate Fruits with commas', 'text_domain' ),
'search_Fruits' => __( 'Search Fruits', 'text_domain' ),
'add_or_remove_Fruits' => __( 'Add or remove Fruits', 'text_domain' ),
'choose_from_most_used' => __( 'Choose from the most used Fruits', 'text_domain' ),
'not_found' => __( 'Not Found', 'text_domain' ),
$args = array(
'labels' => $labels,
'hierarchical' => false,
'public' => true,
'show_ui' => true,
'show_admin_column' => true,
'show_in_nav_menus' => true,
'show_tagcloud' => false,
register_taxonomy( 'tastyfruit', array( 'post' ), $args );


add_action( 'init', 'slug_fruits_tax', 0 );


How To Customize Taxonomy Archives?

For those who are interested in using WP as a CMS and not just as a blogging tool, they often need to customize the built-in functions of WP, which is easily feasible with custom taxonomies.

By default, the WordPress implements the WP_Query class to automatically fetch the posts for the viewers while considering the page on which they are. However, this query can be tweaked for adding custom post types to tag or category archives, for this what you can do is, integrate the pre_get_posts filter.

Now, let’s see how it works.

The filter helps tweak the query when it is called before any post has been fetched by the WP. You can create arguments (“post” as a regular post and “latest” as a custom post type) to be passed in the WP_Query. By following the below mentioned code.

Code Snippet:


Here, for passing the changed post_type arguments we will need to implement the class method set(). As this method enables one to alter the arguments while the class has been already created.

Code Snippet:

is_category() && $query->is_main_query() ) {
$query->set( 'post_type',

return $query;


By following the aforementioned guide thoroughly, you will be able to efficiently customize desired taxonomies archives in WordPress.

Author Bio :

Sophia Phillips has been working as a professional in WordPress web development company and loves sharing information about leveraging multiple benefits of WordPress in the best possible manner. Currently, she has an impressive count of WordPress -related articles under her name.

wordpress contact form plugins

Contact Form Plugins available for WordPress

Here are 7 contact form plugins we have shortlisted which are good as well as most popular of them all:

Almost all websites nowadays need contact form so that people can contact them online without the hassle of copying email address and emailing them separately or contacting them via phone call.

A contact form definitely has its own advantages.

Hence it is necessary we choose the right contact form plugin for our WordPress website.

1.       Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is one of the most downloaded and popular plugins available in WordPress repository. Contact Form 7 is very easy to use. However its simplicity has had people using it more and more.

Plus it is the most oldest of contact form plugins and hence has a lot work done already by many developers.

We use contact form 7 on our website and as you can see we have customized it a lot.

For customization however you have to write css within your theme style.css and it isn’t very easy to use for non-coders/non-developers. So won’t recommend it for non tech people.

But nevertheless it does the job. It also gets integrated with really simple captcha and google recaptcha.

More info about this plugin

2.       Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms are a very simple drag and drop interface contact form very similar to that of Gravity Forms. And the best part is it is FREE. PayPal Express checkout and other add ons are paid but that one doesn’t require in order to have a contact form for their site.

Ninja Forms is comparatively quite newer as compared to other forms which have been there for quite a while.

We would recommend this plugin for non techy as well as developers because it uses advantage of both.

For non tech people it is easy to use and for developers they can define custom class and make any sort of contact form they like.

More info about this plugin

3.       Easy Contact Forms

Easy Contact Forms is another drag and drop interface contact form builder and is easy to use. It has online video tutorials available on how to customize any contact form using Easy Contact Forms.

Style settings and other custom css can also be included in order to manage Easy contact forms.

This one is also recommended for non tech as well as developers both. The only problem with this plugin however is that none of the support forum problems/questions in WordPress repository has been answered.

Hence if this plugin works for you, do use it. But if it isn’t working for you then don’t expect great support unless you can figure things out yourself.

More info on this plugin

4.       Fast Secure Contact Form

Fast Secure Contact Form (earlier SI Contact Form) is also one of the most downloaded contact forms in WordPress repository. The default form looks very bad but one may modify the css to make it look good. Similarly the captcha also looks too bad and one needs to either use different captcha or modify the same.

In terms of working Fast Secure Contact Form works similar to Contact Form 7. It is simple, and does the job.

However for customizations you need to be good in html/css or else for non tech people won’t recommend this sort of contact form plugin.

More info on this plugin

5.       Visual Form Builder

Visual Form builder is another drag and drop interface WordPress contact form which is easy to use for non tech as well as developers.

However it’s not completely free. Yes it does the job in case you want a basic WordPress contact form.

For custom form designs you need to pay in case you are a developer then only you can customize visual form builder.

More info about this plugin

6.       Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is a Paid plugin and has been in industry for quite long. It has its fair share of developers who like the plugin so much that they continue to use it.

Gravity Forms has 1.8 as the latest stable version and it is the first drag and drop interface easy to use contact form which was developed.

Sure it has got other features as well like multi part form, limiting entries to the form, scheduling the form, polls etc.

Basic form builder will cost $39 (not recommended as this task can be done using any of the above forms)

Business Form builder costs: $99 (recommended only if you want to integrate newsletters on your own without coder)

Developer form builder costs: $199 (definitely recommended if you have the budget as it integrates paypal,, can be used for polls, survey, coupons freshbook etc)

So cost wise it seems expensive but the value it gives with $199 is for you to weigh against the pricing structure.

7.       WordPress Contact Form Plugin by vCita

vCita is a well known name for online scheduling. They also have a well maintained contact form. This contact form is all good and can be used readily. The only problem with this form is that it does require someone to log into or register in vCita and then customize the form there.

Another problem is that it provides an iFrame just like Facebook. So it is additional load time of vCita server which might slow down your website.

It does have some fancy stuff which look good and if your site is small or you need online scheduler or want to build a complex form without prior coding knowledge this form will come handy.

However if you have a large site and bother about site speeds etc then this isn’t the right plugin for you.

More info about this plugin

8. Contact Form Clean and Simple

Contact Form Clean and Simple uses Twitter Bootstrap and Google Recaptcha. It is worth trying this form as your contact form if you are looking to make your forms responsive.

Again similar to contact form 7 and others it requires coding knowledge whereby you can customize the form using theme’s style.css.

More info about this plugin


We are in no way affiliate to any of the above contact form plugin developers and as WordPress theme designers and developers we have reviewed and used these plugins and told you our unbiased review/comments.

5 Add-Ons to Make any Theme Sing and Dance

wordpress theme sing dance

No theme has everything you need. Sometimes you need add-on apps to do everything you want the site to do.

Some add-ons are available as plugins, but sometimes an external application is the only way to get the functionality you need.

  1. Animated Banners

You might be looking for banner ads to promote affiliate products or services you provide yourself.

Animations get around ad-blindness in site visitors.

Everyone sees the same ads on every site they visit, especially with the extensive use of tracking pixels: Is it any wonder we stop seeing those ads?

A GIF banner maker lets you create unique ads that users can’t help but notice. You can use templates to produce GIFs in less than five minutes with a drag-and-drop interface, and you certainly don’t need any Photoshop® expertise.

You will need to check with the affiliate liaison department of any product you are promoting that your animations are acceptable in their eyes, or they could refuse to pay you the commission you are due.

Moderation is necessary, or the animations become annoying. Only animate one in three of your banner ads, but you can still make the rest of your banners unique.

  1. Split Testing

Many business owners fail to use split testing to its full potential because they don’t realize the potential impact it could have on their profits.

Yes, there are split-testing plugins for WordPress, but for simplicity, statistical analysis and support, a subscription service is better value: Better value because it saves you time and makes A/B testing simple enough that you can safely delegate the task and set up new tests more often.

Paid split testing services don’t come cheap because the potential benefits are so high.

Check out the calculation below:

You set up one test a week with two alternate landing pages and the winning option converts at 5% rather than 4% (25% higher conversions). Each week you take the better page and test it against a new variant. You get similar test results every week for a year.

1.2552 = 109476

This means you make 109,476 times more conversions or sales than if you had not run any split tests.

  1. CDN

Your web hosting is limited. Forget all the “unlimited bandwidth” and unlimited disk space. Those are not the limiting factors on your website’s hosting. The crunch factor is the number of simultaneous processes your site runs, which is the demand it puts on the CPU.

If you use a content delivery network (CDN), the CDN stores your web pages on its servers and your site is served from there instead of your web host. This has two main benefits:

  • The CDN’s servers are located all over the globe, so your pages load faster on Australia, Germany, and South Africa than they would if they were being served from one US location
  • Your site makes fewer demands on your host’s servers, so you don’t hit any limits. If you don’t run into the limits, the hosting company does not force you to upgrade to a higher-priced package.

You have many CDNs to choose from. Some are free, but as always, you get more from a paid CDN service than from a free one.

  1. Email Capture

If your website’s prime purpose is to make money, then you must capture visitors’ emails. Only then can you start learning what your prospect needs, growing your reputation as an expert, and building your relationship with the prospect.

An email marketing theme is one option. Alternatively, you can choose from scores of email marketing providers, all with varying costs and levels of service. Most email capture software uses popups because these have a better conversion rate than static forms. Start with a basic service and switch to a more comprehensive provider as your needs grow.

Every email marketing app has a learning curve, so don’t expect to grasp any of them instantly. It is worth persevering because of the power mastering the application gives you.

Most email marketing software lets you segment your subscribers according to whether they have opened previous emails, or whether they have clicked on email links recently. You can also set up if/then consequential sequences of actions; the sort of thing you would be doing manually if it didn’t take so long.

  1. Funnels

Your website represents part of the broad top of your sales funnel.

It’s not enough.

Funnel software helps you to convert browsers into buyers through a multi-step process.

Every one of the different funnel apps each has its strengths and weaknesses. At the most basic level are the free WordPress plugins, and these represent a good starting point, but some are more than landing page builders, and a funnel is much more complicated than a few landing pages.

Look at all the premium funnel options before making your choice. Choose one with the features you need, an interface you can work with and a price point you can live with.

Funnels are more complicated than the word implies. You need to cast your net wide to find the numbers you need at the top of your funnel. You will need multiple offers to appeal to the different sub-groups of subscribers entering your sales funnel. Similarly, different sections of your funnel population will have their own concerns, so they will react positively to different offers you make.

Your funnel will also enable you to visualize and keep track of upsells, cross-sells and down-sells. Trying to do all that in a spreadsheet is ineffective and time-consuming.

The Executive Summary

A bare-bones website is only the start. It’s like having a store with no salespeople. You need more.

You need all five of these services if your website sales are to reach their full potential. Check out free trials and see which application suits your needs the best.

Monthly subscription services like these do have one significant advantage over one-off purchases: You can test them out for a low outlay and discard them if the ROI is not favorable.

Event Planning WordPress Themes for coordination & planning websites

event planning WordPress themes
You are welcome to check this list of the best event planning WordPress themes, for event and party planning organizations and agencies, event managers and coordinators, event, wedding and anniversary catering, equipment rental and meeting rooms services, event venues and destinations, and any other planning and special day coordinating businesses online.

Special party or planning industry is growing in leaps and bounds while attracting more and more attention of clients and customers.

In a busy agenda of a modern person, sometimes it’s almost impossible to organize everything properly, especially, when it is a special day, event or occasion that should be memorable.

This is where hundreds of event and party planning services and service providers appear to be by your side.

In this article we have made the list of the best event planning WordPress themes for such services and business presentations online.

If you are looking for a crisp and well polished, designer made template that will require minimum time and efforts for activation and finalization with your own preferences, each of the event planning WordPress themes showcased in this article will fit your needs.

All of them come with customizable demo content forms for you to replace with your own one, as well as with thoroughly customizable framework to freely adjust and remodel to reflect the best flanks of your event planning business.

Thus, all that is required from you is to choose the template of your expectations and gain the competitive edge in your market segment.

1. Perfect Event:

perfect event WordPress theme


Perfect Event is one of the productive and painstaking, impressive and spectacular event planning WordPress themes you can give a try.

If you are on the lookout for the results driven marketing strategy for boosting your business online, this digital product is exactly what you need.

Ready to generate leads, prospects and exposure for your relevant business, this responsive and mobile optimized, SEO and SMO compatible template will let you grow your business and its attendance with fewer nerves, less efforts and financial means.

Make your events and services look organized and be easy to access with the prebuilt content areas and parts of Perfect Event. Use the pre enabled shortcodes to achieve the needed content setup or enhanced functionality.

2. Perfect Business:

perfect business WordPress theme


Perfect Business is the next recommendation when it comes to advertising any kind of commercial or revenue generating business, among them event and party planning ones.

Although the default version of the theme is more formal and serious looking, you can alter and customize it to generate more stylish and colorful one, depending on your business profile and the services offered.

This retina and HD supportive template is ready made to host large images and photos to drive more attention and client fascination. You can also use the nice looking homepage slider for your best offers, service packs, events or discounts in a visual format.

Checked for its stable performance for a myriad of useful plugins and extensions, Perfect Business also comes with smooth navigation acting as a road map for your website users.

3. Dating:

dating WordPress theme


Lively and glowing, inspiring and gorgeous, Dating is one of the newest event planning WordPress themes for dating agencies and dating organizers, engagement, wedding and anniversary catering and coordinating businesses and other party and event planning activities.

Communicate with different target groups through your website based on Dating, let your potential attendees find your website in search engine enquiries and quickly get in touch with you.

In this relation, Dating is professionally prepared and launched to meet all the requirements of SEO practices, especially when supported by SEO plugins.

SMO integration is also well done with social media icons as well as SMO plugin compatibility for sharing and commenting purposes and not only.

Dropdown navigation menu with 5 levels is also present with the theme to provide your web surfers with less clutter and possibility to find their way more quickly and effortlessly.

4. Flower Shop:

flower shop WordPress theme


Flower Shop is one of the dynamic and zealous representatives of event planning WordPress themes designed and developed for luxury and elite events planners and party producers, wedding and anniversary organizers, destinations and floristic services, etc.

Let people dream big with you and see what you have to offer them to make their special event unforgettable and unique.

Organize your content into reasonable parts and make them available in the preloaded sections of the theme, like home, about us, our services, contacts and more. Blog section can also be used for keeping your profile up to date with daily fresh content and posts.

This responsive and user optimized template has been developed with ease of use in the authors’ mind as well.

5. Wedding Rituals:

wedding agency WordPress theme


Wedding Rituals can be the most reasonable solution for party and event planners, especially those catering to wedding and engagement planning and coordinating services.

Catch the wave to prosperity and success with Wedding Rituals that is affordable and pocket friendly. The form and function of the theme can be easily configured and restyled since no hand coding is needed to make the default version of the theme the one you need for marketing your planning services.

Let people browse your website with relevant services at their suitable time and from their comfort zone, since this template is error free and quick in performance. It means that your website will be available around the clock and will grant your web guests with excellent user experience both for desktop and mobile accesses.

6. Gravida:

corporate WordPress theme


Gravida is a totally smart and sophisticated business and corporate website building tool with modern and impactful design ready to take your event planning business to a new level of popularity and client engagement.

This easy to use and lightweight template is ready to offer you a website creation and management possibilities with 0 coding knowledge or experience.

Pursue new market segments and solicit new sales with Gravida since it is amazingly commercial ready with WooCommerce compatibility. It means that you can accurately arrange your online store and sell any kind of products, services, items, packages or whatever it is.

To be a trustworthy event planner, your rate of success has to be high.
In our busy modern lives, having some level of organization can be daunting and challenging to some people. That is why you will see professionals hire a personal assistant to help take care of errands or tasks they are unable to handle.

Planning a special day, event or occasion can be nerve-wracking, especially if you want the event to be memorable. But luckily, professional event planning has become so popular, easing the work of modern working individuals who barely have time to plan for a simple kid’s birthday party, christening ceremony, or staff end of year party. It is in times such as this that the services of an event planner come in handy.

However, not all event planners will deliver to your satisfaction. The market might be flooded with planners but getting one you can rely on to deliver a smooth, memorable event requires a lot of background check, including testimonials from previous clients.

With the demand for event planning being on the rise, the best way for a planner to maximize on this demand and present his or her services better is through a website. If you are an event planner offering planning services of birthday parties, weddings, conferences, corporate events, among others, these Event Planning WordPress themes have been designed with you in mind. They will guarantee you a seat at the table.

When clients are sourcing for an event planner, they always ask for the website Url to check the client’s website design, display of content and images and client testimonials. Most clients will make an informed decision based on the above. Even though event planning is a social profession requiring you to spend a lot of time talking to people, a website is the other form of communicating with your online potential clients.

Therefore, as an event planner, it is upon you to ensure that your website addresses the needs of your potential clients. Images of your previous gigs should motivate the client into entrusting you with planning their event. So, make sure they are well presented and clear. The content should also address the client’s needs.

It is imperative to incorporate a WordPress template that gives you a crisp and well-polished look. And, our range of Event Planning WordPress themes gives you just that. Besides meeting all your needs, these themes also require minimum time and efforts for activation and finalization with your preferences.

The themes come with a thoroughly customizable framework and demo content form that you can freely adjust and remodel to suit your event planning business. With event planning becoming so lucrative, growing in leaps and bounds and attracting more and more attention from customers, we invite you to go through this list of the best Event Planning WordPress themes discussed below and pick one that will not only meet your expectations but also help you gain a competitive edge in your market segment.

Useful Code Snippets for WordPress websites and developers


Below is a list of few useful code snippets which can be used in WordPress and come quite handy sometimes. For most of them there are different plugins.

But as they say lot of plugins do more harm than good.

So better to use these useful code snippets whenever and wherever necessary.

Here you go:

1. Temporary Maintenance
The following code needs to be added to your theme’s functions.php to temporarily close access to your site by visitors. Only admin who can log in and then check the website but not others. This way you can work on the site and do changes without your site being accessed or without worrying about people seeing a messed up website:

// Temp Maintenance - with http response 503 (Service Temporarily Unavailable)
// This will only block users who are NOT an administrator from viewing the website.
function wp_maintenance_mode(){
if(!current_user_can('edit_themes') || !is_user_logged_in()){
wp_die('Maintenance, please come back soon.', 'Maintenance - please come back soon.', array('response' => '503'));
add_action('get_header', 'wp_maintenance_mode');

2. Add featured images to WordPress feeds
Another code snippets for WordPress
Featured images aren’t by default added to a WordPress rss feed and hence this code snippet which can be pasted in functions.php comes handy:

//Function to add featured image in RSS feeds function featured_image_in_rss($content) { // Global $post variable global $post; // Check if the post has a featured image if (has_post_thumbnail($post->ID)) { $content = get_the_post_thumbnail($post->ID, 'full', array('style' => 'margin-bottom:10px;')) . $content; } return $content; } //Add the filter for RSS feeds Excerpt add_filter('the_excerpt_rss', 'featured_image_in_rss'); //Add the filter for RSS feed content add_filter('the_content_feed', 'featured_image_in_rss');

3. Minimal Comment Limit in WordPress
Most people have comments in their blogs to increase interactivity and healthy discussion on the site. But there are some scammers who want to just get a link out of the site and hence they will reply with minimal words like “good read”, “nice post”, “thanks” etc. Hence to stop these users from posting such less content which makes no sense here is a code which gives control to admin to limit comment limit:

add_filter( 'preprocess_comment', 'minimal_comment_length' );

function minimal_comment_length( $commentdata ) {
$minimalCommentLength = 20;

if ( strlen( trim( $commentdata['comment_content'] ) ) < $minimalCommentLength ) { wp_die( 'All comments must be at least ' . $minimalCommentLength . ' characters long.' ); } return $commentdata; }

4. Increase WordPress memory limit
Some hosts by default limit the memory limit to just 2mb and hence it becomes difficult to upload large media files in media section of WordPress.
For this we need to add the following code in wp-config.php

define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '96M');

5. Allow PHP in WordPress text widgets

Sometimes it is difficult to just add another template in WordPress and hence a widget can come handy. But wait text widgets as normal don’t allow for php code. Hence the following code snippets for WordPress can be used for this purpose:

add_filter('widget_text', 'enable_php_code', 99);

function enable_php_code ($text) {
if (strpos($text, '<' . '?') !== false) { ob_start(); eval('?' . '>' . $text);
$text = ob_get_contents();
return $text;

6. Remove URL field from Comment
There are 3 ways in which this can be done.
One is if you want to completely remove website field from WordPress comments on your theme paste the following code into your theme’s or child theme’s function.php

function ra_remove_comment_url_field( $field ) {
return '';
add_filter( 'comment_form_field_url', 'ra_remove_comment_url_field' );

If you want users to add url but not display them use the following code instead:
function ra_hide_comment_url( $url ) {
if ( !is_admin() )
return '';
return $url;
add_filter( 'get_comment_author_url', 'ra_hide_comment_url' );

And if you want to remove website links on comments but not pingbacks and trackbacks then paste following code in function.php

function ra_hide_comment_url( $url ) {
if ( !is_admin() && get_comment_type() == 'comment' )
return '';
return $url;
add_filter( 'get_comment_author_url', 'ra_hide_comment_url' );

7. Empty trash of WordPress
Its real simple just paste the following code into wp-config and it works like a charm:

define('EMPTY_TRASH_DAYS', 1 ); //Integer is the amount of days

8. Reduce post revisions or disable post revisions
This is a great way to reduce the size of MYSQL specially if you have a big site or have the tendency to revise a post many times before finally publishing it. Add the following code snippet in wp-config.php:

define( 'WP_POST_REVISIONS', 2 );

You can turn off the post revisions by writing false instead of 2 above. Given below:

define( 'WP_POST_REVISIONS', false );

9. Move WordPress admin bar to bottom
The following code pasted in functions.php does the work:

function fb_move_admin_bar() {
echo '

// on backend area
add_action( 'admin_head', 'fb_move_admin_bar' );
// on frontend area
add_action( 'wp_head', 'fb_move_admin_bar' );

Best WordPress Newsletter Plugins for your blog or website

Best WordPress newsletter plugins for your blog and website have been discussed here.

To increase traffic its essential that you build your subscriber list. This article speaks about plugins which help you build your subscriber lists. Sending a newsletter and email marketing will form part of another article which will be published soon with cheaper ways to send newsletters to your subscribers using various services possible.

Now lets focus on list building plugins which is the main source and the first step in email marketing.

Among older ways to reach a client Email Marketing is still considered one of the best ways to increase instant traffic and reach directly to your clients who have signed up to receive updates of your website.

Popular plugins to consider for List Building:

mailpoet newsletter plugin WordPress

  1. Mailpoet Newsletters: Mailpoet Newsletters as the name suggests is not just a nice list building plugin but to store unlimited subscribers and also integrate itself (ofcourse paid) with several services like Amazon SES, Mandrill etc. So that you not only build your list but also start sending emails using either services like the ones given above or using SMTP. Free version has limit of sending only 2000 emails. Pro version doesn’t have any limits. However costs are a bit on the higher end if you consider paying every year for this service. Check out this service here: Hence as stated above this plugin is good for list building. You may consider other methods to send email.
  2. newsletter WordPress pluginNewsletter: This plugin is one of the best we found for easy list building and adding as many subscribers as you may want. One can track the email subscribers.

It also has additional options to send emails using SMTP which might be configured with Gmail or other email services for sending emails free. Since this plugin not just is a list building plugin but also a email sending one we added this one above others.

  1. Sendy widget: We all know Sendy is a software which you can install on your server and tie it up with Amazon SES for sending emails. If you haven’t heard about it i just wrote a small write up above explaining the same. As this widget names itself, it is used to build your list directly into Sendy server. So no need to do anything else but keep on adding subscribers to your ever growing list at Sendy.


  1. sendpress newsletter WordPress pluginSendPress Newsletters: Sendpress is another good list building method for subscribers. However the yearly price of $99 is too high if you just want to have it for list building you don’t need to pay anything. But in case you want to use it for services like mandrill, Amazon SES and then using them sending email newsletters then you will have to shell at least $99 per year. For list building methods this plugin does the job right and is quite good.
  2. Newsletter Form: Newsletter form is another method of list building. However the problem with this plugin is that it directly integrates with services like mailchimp, aweber etc. So basically you don’t have your list of subscribers in your database but into some of the services i listed above. Even though this method makes sense for users who want to send emails using services like this for users who just want to build their list this plugin might not be suitable.
  3. Nifty Newsletters: Another great plugin to build your list. However nowadays every plugin tries to market itself with not just list building methods but premium features where you can create a newsletter and send using services like SMTP, Amazon SES or Gmail.
  4. ALO Easymail Newsletters: Easy for list building. Not very intuitive for sending emails. Some reviewers have also pointed sending same email 10 times to same mailing list. Hence consider this plugin for list building methods and not for sending email newsletters.
  5. Email Newsletter: This is a simple plugin and not very intuitive. However it does work good for building list of subscribers but not very good for sending emails. It has SMTP email sending method.

We know there are many more newsletter list building methods. Most of them are paid. If you find any free newsletter list building plugins for WordPress left by us do let us know.

Casino WordPress Themes for gambling poker and fantasy games

casino WordPress themes

A comprehensive selection of the best casino WordPress themes for online casinos and gambling affiliates, e games and online game zones, club houses and other entertainment complexes online.

Irrespective of your subjective attitude towards casino and gambling activities, the truth is that they are widely popular across the globe involving people of different ages, nations, social conditions and racial affiliation.

Casino, as often characterized as architecture of pleasure, is one of the modern forms of amusement and entertainment unifying the thirst of victory, emotions, tension and other contradictory feelings.

However, casinos, play cities and centers, gambling clubs and online game zones are never half empty.

In addition, such services are rendered in hotels and resorts, as well as other complexes and venues to organize the unforgettable leisure time of their guests.

In one way or another, they are still powerful businesses with great revenues and tangible results.

If you are looking for the best offers to make the establishment and development of your gambling or casino website, you need to sift through the collection of casino WordPress themes discussed below.

All of them include a plethora of top quality features and elements served with a presentable interface and easily controlled from the admin dashboard.

Make yourself the captain of your online journey while choosing one of the offered casino WordPress themes and spark massive success in your casino based business online.

1. Game Developer:

game developer WordPress theme


2. Accommodation:

accomodation WordPress theme


Accommodation is one of the energetic and enthusiastic hotel and casino WordPress themes suitable for any kind of hotel and hostel, vacation and trip, beach and resort, gaming and gambling business presentation online.

Thanks to the unique structure of the theme supported by limitless flexibility, this luxury looking and modernly stylized template can be changed and restyled to attract your potential clients and customers.

The theme’s default form is powered by all the necessary controls and components which can be easily tweaked and customized by every single website admin from behind the scenes in order to match your gamer’s or player’s preferences.

There are color picker controls at your hand to add attractive colors and shades to the simple layout of the theme, header, footer and sidebar layout choices, standard and blog pages availability and more.

3. SKT Perfect:

perfect commercial WordPress theme


SKT Perfect is excellent in covering absolutely any kind of website or blog, from personal and lightweight websites to highly popular and business centric or revenue generating ones. Hence, your casino or game based business can be readily exposed via the sections and content zones provided by SKT Perfect with less time and financial means spent on it.

Organize your clients’ meetings with Lady Luck through your profile and use the default template to share your games and services, casino tips and game types, payment methods and more.

Use the perfect homepage slider for the most noteworthy images and photos to invite your web viewers to join the global fun.

This theme is also smoothly balanced between responsive or mobile friendly layout and shortcodes armed and plugin compatible coding.

4. Hotel Booking:

hotel booking WordPress theme


If you are looking for a time checked and strongly recommended product in the assemblage of casino WordPress themes, look no further than Hotel Booking. This minutely developed and worked out website building tool eliminates all the hassle on your way to success and takes your clients straight to the speedway to try their luck.

This high quality theme with unmatched features grants you with one click and simple installation followed by intuitive activation and further management without the professional assistance of webmasters or web developers.

The flat design structure of the theme enables any website laid on it to perform stunningly across old and new platforms, devices and browsers with less information density. It means that your website and its interface will be more user friendly and will not make your audience do investigations while playing online.

5. SKT Beach:

beach and aqua WordPress theme


Another lively and thrilling, visually and functionally excellent, fully resilient and intelligent, SKT Beach is the one to provide you with lifetime website building system and future support to keep your profile up to date.

Make sure your web surfers feel comfortable to access your games and competitions via their mobiles and smartphones. In this relation, SKT Beach comes packed with all the necessary responsive touches and clear coding to reach more audience.

When it comes to more complex interfaces and functional stability, SKT Beach is custom built to wear any outfit you may like or work just fine with any additional plugins and shortcodes. Among the compatible ones are commercial and translation, portfolio and page builder plugins.

6. Adventure:

adventure WordPress theme


Organize an adventurous online trip for all your clients and gamers, club members or just first time guests with the help of one of the top notch venture, gamble and casino WordPress themes launched as Adventure.

With advanced web and mobile browsing capabilities, controllable elements and SEO friendly framework, Adventure is thoroughly coded to greatly benefit from smartphone and portable device adoption by the majority of web surfers thanks to its responsive and mobile optimized design.

As for the other notable advantages and functional qualities of Adventure, they are boundless, including also flexible layout to be customized and serve for any related business, from sport and club based activities to summer camps and vacation rentals, tours and tour packages, online tournaments and e games and more.

7. Stay Here:

hotel WordPress theme


Another hotel and casino based WordPress template to take your digital profile to a near perfection level is called Stay Here.

Visually elegant and lively, smoothly scrollable from top to bottom with error free navigation levels, this template will make it super easy for you to present your licensed and fully regulated online casino, payout percentages, bonus systems, casino banking methods and more in convenient content areas of the theme.

The authors of Stay Here have done their homework of making it entirely resourceful and intuitive, quick in performance and loading, nicely animated with CSS3 controls, as well as e commerce compliant.

Online gambling has become a huge thing and there are a lot of reasons for it. The website owners are in constant look for something that will make them stand out in the plethora of websites online. The best of the websites use the Gambling WordPress Themes which are not just great for the developers but highly friendly for the visitors.

Online gambling has changed its face drastically. It was not trusted just a few years ago and there were strong state laws against these sites. The illegal status and the risk involved made people scared of these sites and they were strict of the limit. The changes made y these websites to abide by the online laws, safety precautions and added functionality is what has changed the tables for the online casinos. The world might still have many apprehensions but let’s all agree that casinos are still a huge industry and so are online casinos.

The real casinos have their own advantages but what the world sees now is the growing popularity of the online casinos and which is because of the fact that they offer a lot of benefits relevant to today’s world. Even without the fancy infrastructure and those extreme socializing opportunities, the online gambling sites are very popular and that is why the websites are always making efforts to add to functionalities so that they never lose their status.

The Gambling WordPress Themes fall right into the situation by producing a really relevant website with required functions. It is common knowledge that the website would require very different style and layouts along with the functionalities as these websites are from a very competitive industry. Every effort is thus made to research the niche and then creates suitable themes.

The users are free to add on more functionality by using WordPress plug-ins or third-party plug-ins. These websites should be protected and thus the themes allow easy inclusion of safety precautions. The business website needs a money transaction platform and which can be added by the website owners according to their needs. The flexibility and customization are the top priorities of the makers.

Casinos need to be flashy and should have a large bandwidth to be able to hold the games and the large crowd which is what the sites are ready for at all times when they are using the Gambling WordPress Themes for building the website.

The online players are many and the website is created with an intention to have heavy traffic which means that the best of the lot must be used to create something exceptional.

There are many WordPress websites which are created with providing high-quality support to the players. The number of such themes often goes ahead and confuses the owners and this is where the top 10 websites come in.

These top websites are picked from the niche to support you in your decision making. Every effort is made to ensure that the top rated sites with high functionality are picked from the lot.

Where to find copyright free images for your WordPress site or blog?

copyright free images WordPress

Do you want to find copyright free images for a WP website or personal blog? In this article, you can find a walkthrough to the best copyright or royalty free image sources which you can use to find images and photos of any nature or expression.

The eye catchy and attractive exposure of any site or blog partly depends on the image materials used. Images and photos are the important attributes of your WP site to grab the web visitors attention and be an easy to perceive source of visual information. Images can tell even more than your long articles with numerous paragraphs and endless words.

Apart from being easy to notice and digest, images also diffuse specific emotions and feelings which inevitably complement to your WordPress based website’s look and feel. Therefore, taking care of the integration of high quality and niche specific images into your site is of paramount importance.

Moreover, statistics and online surveys prove that the majority of web users and visitors evaluate the significance and credibility of this or that company, organization or business according to the site’s visual content, including, of course, images.

Before passing to the revelation of reliable image resources for you, let’s see what the most common licenses for images are.

Public Domain.
The images under this license can be used freely in the one the end user prefers.

Creative Commons.
It can be one of the Creative Commons copyright licenses /

Royalty free.
It means that no royalties will be charged from you once you have purchased and image and use it as many times as you wish.

Rights Managed.

You will be privileged to use the image a limited number of times. If you need to use that image more than the number defined for its usage, you need to pay for that right.

We have scooped the Internet to find copyright free images for a WP website or personal blog and are going to share the primary sources of them. These image libraries will let you easily acquire or purchase images without paying royalties or license fees for each time you use them.

1. Flickr:



Flickr is one of the largest repositories of images, videos, video clips and more. This site offers you a broad leeway when it comes to choosing relevant images and using them for your site. Whether you are looking for high resolution, professional, niche specific photos, creative images and illustrations to be added to your WP site, you will find it here.

All the images you will find in Flickr are royalty free only under Creative Commons. It means that you can do an advanced search for the specific image and use it as many times as you want and in any way you want. Otherwise stated, images in Flickr are available only after you give due credit and state the purpose of their usage.

2. Pixabay:



Pixabay is another wonderful destination of infinite images of every taste and nature. It’s a popular website if high resolution public domain photos, vector graphics, illustrations and film footage.

Founded back in 2010, this website currently shares over 950 000 high quality images. So that you will hardly feel any required image missing from this online exhibition.

The search functionality of the site is pretty easy enabling you to search for photos by categories, by orientation, pixels, colors and more. All the images located in Pixabay are covered under Creative Commons CC0. It means that you can use the images for any purpose or application, including also commercial.

3. Photo Pin:



Photo Pin is the next content rich imagery for you to scan and find whatever needed. If you need an interesting platform to find copyright free images for a WordPress site or blog, Photo Pin can be ideal for you. It features thousands of beautiful and high quality images to be easily accessed and added to your website.

Use the search tab to find relevant images and the available list will be offered to you. Choose anyone to preview or click on get photo. Select the image size you want to download and click on Download button. Also copy the HTML link for attribution and paste at the bottom of your WP blog post.

4. Unsplash:



Unsplash is another stock offering a breathtaking collection of different images and photos. All the photos available on this website are also released under Creative Commons 0 granting you with a freedom of copying, modifying, editing and using them for any purposes. You are not forced to sign up to the site in order to download the needed images. However, you can join this big team to add an aesthetic value to your online life.

5. New Old Stock:

New Old Stock


If you are crazy for vintage photos and images and want to find copyright free images for a WordPress site or blog, New Old Stock is for you! Unbelievably attractive and historical images taken from archives are available for you without any copyright issues. Delve into the whole beauty of amazing pieces of images and use them for your website purposes.

6. Picjubmo:



Picjumbo can be a true paradise for image lovers. From nature and geography to architecture and food, any kind of images can be found in a matter of seconds. Just use the search tab to find what you are looking for and download it for free with a simple click.

7. Free Refe Real Life Photos:



Free of copyright restrictions and issues, the photos and images of Free Refe can be effortlessly downloaded and added to your WP website to speak to your audience in a more figurative fashion. Hence, if you are wondering where to find copyright free images for a WP website, look no further than Free Refe. Basically, modern and natural looking images are introduced in this site, which are high resolution and ready to add a unique charm to your site.

How to add fancy content by using shortcodes plugin in WordPress?

fancy content shortcodes plugin WordPress

Shortcodes in WordPress are specific bits of codes enabling you to perform different things while saving your time and efforts. Basically, they are used for adding fancy content and files, as well as creating objects without having to do with complicated coding.

These custom elements or macros are essential parts of any WordPress template and are used to make any website presentable without any programming skills. Whether you want to add a beautiful slider on the top of your homepage, embed video and audio files, list posts of the relevant category and author, etc, shortcodes are what you will ever need.

WordPress is unspeakably rich with different shortcodes plugins which come with great shortcodes and thus make your digital life a lot simpler.

Against this background, in this article we are going to shed light on the best WordPress Shortcodes plugin and understand how they can contribute to your digital presence.

1. Shortcodes Ultimate:

Shortcodes Ultimate


Shortcodes Ultimate is a top class WordPress shortcodes plugin available in the WordPress marketplace. It comes bundled with a bulk of easy to use tools and controls to get maximum profit from your WordPress website. So far it has been one of the most trusted and popular solutions to add fancy content to posts and pages.

Shortcodes Ultimate is highly optimized for all those users who are not comfortable with coding and need a simpler platform to work with.

For the sake of the user convenience, the free version of Shortcodes Ultimate plugin offers you around 50 shortcodes and has a shortcode categorization by type, like content, media, library, data, box and more. You can add a video, table, display images and boxes, highlight text, add a quote, Google map and more in the easiest manner.

Additionally, with this plugin you are also provided with default styling options, as well as with option to define your own style. It’s a handy tool to exercise in order keep your website’s overall design and its content in visual harmony. All you need to do is to make use of Shortcode Creator, which is among premium add ons of this plugin.

Other add ons available are Extra Shortcodes to give you 15 additional shortcodes, Additional Skins with 60 additional skins, as well as all in one Add ons Bundle.

The next attractive touch of this plugin is that in most cases you can have preview of your work before it will be added to your site. Preview the initial results and change them accordingly.

2. WordPress Shortcodes:

WordPress Shortcodes


Another reliable way to supercharge your website with much needed plugins is via WordPress Shortcodes. Create and add your content easily and quickly with this WordPress shortcodes plugin and dress up your WP powered website the way you prefer.

Highlight whatever is important for your website and present not to be missed parts in a fancy way by the application of WordPress Shortcodes. Add the needed tabs, sections, layouts and other parts to your site and easily make use of the shortcode editor with preview option.

All in all, there are more than 26 elements and shortcodes integrated into this popular plugin. Additionally, WordPress Shortcodes is perfectly suited to work with any WordPress theme and template, since it complies with all the modern standards of WordPress community.

3. Custom Content Shortcode:

Custom Content Shortcode


Custom Content Shortcodes unites simplicity with powerful performance when it comes to equipping you with the required capacities. This WordPress shortcodes plugin is user and developer friendly, well thought out and adapted to any kind of usage with WP themes. Create your custom content and insert it in any part of your site.

As for the [content] shortcode available with this plugin, it can display posts, pages, custom post types, images, menus, fields or widget areas.

As for the [loop] shortcode, it makes query loops and can display products in a category, excerpts from recent posts, etc.

On the whole, Custom Content Shortcode encompasses a wide variety of query parameters to organize the display of your site content, relevant URLs for images and links, as well as optional controls like Gallery Field, Mobile Detect and more.

4. Shortcoder:



Shortcoder is the next applicable toolkit to spice up your site with fancy content and engaging touches. Improve the look and feel of your site by the application of this amazing WordPress shortcodes plugin. This shortcodes related tool makes it unspeakably easy to make it running on any WP based website or blog. It is custom built to let you create your custom shortcodes with HTML and Javascript without touching complex codes and coding processes and use them in posts and pages.

5. Fruitful Shortcodes:

Fruitful Shortcodes


If you want to get access to a big family of shortcodes, look no further than Fruitful Shortcodes. This highly effective and smart WordPress shortcodes plugin will provide you with a list of shortcodes once you have installed the plugin.

All you need to do at this point is to select the ones you need. They are automatically added to the post as soon as you click on them.

Although you will not find too much customization and styling options in this plugin, the default design and look of the available shortcodes are more than accurate to complement your website’s appearance.

As for the list of available shortcodes, it includes horizontal and vertical tabs, accordion, columns 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 2/3, etc, separator, promo text, button, alert, etc.

6. WP Shortcode by MyThemeShop:

WP Shortcode


WP Shortcode by MyThemeShop is another valuable destination of shortcodes. It’s a premium class plugin and is intended for the general use. It means that a WordPress user who is clueless about coding and development will be capable of adding fancy content, buttons, tabs, pricing tables and more to his WordPress site with simple clicks.

It includes 24 shortcodes and makes it super easy to insert them into a post or page. Just go to the post or page you want to add a specific shortcode and click on the green plus icon in the toolbar. A comprehensive list of available options will appear.

Camping WordPress Themes for seasonal camping & camps websites

camping WordPress themes

This time we will point you in the direction of the best camping WordPress themes for camping, trekking and hiking organizers and service providers, summer camp, adventure and campsite related websites and blogs.

Camping is one of the modern outdoor activities preferred by thousands of nature and environment lovers, as well as adventurous and active camp lovers.

Practically, all the people love nature and look for the possible ways to get closer to it and spend their free time. However, not all of them have the necessary equipment, skills and knowledge for that. Here is where professional camping and tour organizers come to the fore.

The idea of creating a camping website and offering diverse relevant services can be a perfect source of income for a wide scale of people, from professional trampers and hitch hikers to the owners of country cottages and private country houses with a large adjourning territory.

Hence, we have collected the most practical camping WordPress themes for such people and organizations, companies and tour managers to communicate their offers and tours to their clients in the most productive fashion.

All of the camping WordPress themes to be discussed in this article are quality assured and time checked. Whether you want to swallow the current design and development trends or want to create something unique, the choice is yours.

With those themes you are free to realize all your plans and develop closer relations with clients and partners without sweating hard.

adventure WordPress theme

1. Adventure:


Perfect for summer camping activities, adventure tours and camps, Adventure is a true diamond when it comes to taking your content and bringing it in front of your potential clients or possible business partners.

Having a modern SEO marketing force at your leisure in today’s digital spectrum is essential to your site’s success. Fortunately, Adventure shares the most stunning SEO friendly platform, especially when paired with useful SEO plugins.

It also comes with immensely versatile and user optimized platform to add your own flavors to the theme, including colors and color combinations, typography and icons deployment across the profile. Other handy features are customizer based nature for easy updates and changes, post and page sidebar layout choices, events calendar, WooCommerce and translation plugins support, etc.

perfect nature WordPress theme

2. Perfect Nature:


Perfect Nature is one of the fresh faced and lovely nature and environment, eco and gardening, hiking and camping WordPress themes designed to match every single need of the target clients and organizations. With shortcodes powered framework and fully adjustable layout for constant changes and customizations, Perfect Nature is also responsive and mobile optimized to display pixel perfect content across mobiles and devices.

Use the given sections and parts of the theme to share your business profiles, objective and missions, enthusiastic groups of experts and group members, services and tours, contact details and more. Blog and page layout controls, fonts and colors management options, social media integration to benefit from the power of the modern social media platforms and much more are included in Perfect Nature to simplify your camping site creation and maintenance online.

hotel booking WordPress theme

3. Hotel Booking:


From social and marketing synergy to mobile traffic consumption, Hotel Booking is one of the tourism and hotel, vacation rental and destination, tour and tourism, trekking and camping WordPress themes responsible for creative and unique engagement and the wonderful client journey.

Sleek and clutter free, sharp and bold, Hotel Booking is thoroughly worked out and minutely stylized to bring the most convenient working platform for multipurpose usages.

With Hotel Booking you are going to have a feature rich layout and handy toolkit with page builder compatibility to craft the most outstanding and easy to navigate pages, manageable sidebar layout, widgetized footer and header areas and more.

Standard pages are also loaded with Hotel Booking to make your profile more functional for the users, and more trackable for search engines.

WordPress blog theme

4. Charm:


Charm is delivered with nice looking layout and saturated structural framework with dozens of convenient text and imagery content zones and areas.

Multipurpose and fully pliable, this premium quality yet pocket friendly template can support any kind of content, from personal camping blogs to professional tour operators and hiking organizers.

With this theme’s authors’ eyes on every single modern trend in web design and development, Charm celebrates stunningly customizable and resourceful framework with preloaded homepage slider, shortcodes pack, commenting functionality available with plugins and more.

With search engines rolling out a dynamic ranking factor for device and mobile optimized sites, the theme’s responsiveness and mobile friendliness becomes one of the top factors. In this relation, Charm is coded with responsive touches and cross mobile compatibility to bring more traffic to your site and result in better client engagement.

beach and aqua WordPress theme

5. SKT Beach:


Is another valuable product among camping WordPress themes that will boost your online visibility.

By the application of this top notch website building tool your online profile will certainly tap into the possibilities of productive online searches thanks to the SEO optimization of the theme. Moreover, your content will be optimized for mobile usages as well thus letting anyone browse your website while on the go.

Build connection, attract your clients and be in the social conversations with SKT Beach since this template is amazingly social media friendly with the needed social media icons and not only.

travel WordPress theme

6. The Trip:


The Trip is another lead generation tool to deliver a powerful camping and hiking website or blog that will manage your online presence across different mobiles, portable devices, platforms and search engines.

It is powered by diverse shortcodes and easy to use customizer for adding whatever is needed to your site, from columns and blocks to images, colors, texts, contact forms and more.
Your audience wants to be able to easy navigate through your site and quickly find the needed information.

The Trip grants you with a smoothly navigable platform with easy to use content sections and areas for your services, offers, products and contact info.

With this template you can also expand your site’s search presence since the theme is 100 responsive and search engine optimized.

If you are running a professional camping and tour organizing company, then it makes perfect sense for you to check out some of our camping WordPress themes. The fact remains that a lot of people are interested in getting closer to nature and often participate in nature walks, treks and some even camp for weeks on end.

But they are often ill prepared to meet the challenges that lie ahead. And that’s where you come in, and the perfect way to market to this segment is to get your website up and running in no time at all which you should be able to do once you have chosen WordPress as your platform. With WordPress as the main platform for your site, you do not have to spend hours coding it from scratch as everything is provided to you, on the ready. Of course, you can customize it and use widgets to upload content to your website.

Just remember that when selecting through the various camping WordPress themes, you may want to first confirm if the theme comes preloaded with features that facilitate online booking. Most customers may want to book their trips in advance and having the right software on site, would be a god send indeed. So check out the various themes and all their features, and choose the one that seems to be a perfect fit for you.

Additionally, you may also want to do a dry run and kind of do a beta test to see which theme fits you better. The website should make it possible for you to feature some of the main camping related tour details right on the front page along with special offers, discounted rates etc. And once you have got the website up and running, all that’s left to do is to optimize it for SEO and to initiate a viable marketing strategy. The website should be attractive enough to help transform the various leads into actual customers.

Just keep in mind that there are lots of professional camping companies so you need to feature a responsive website that can be easily accessed by any device, in order to stand out from the rest. The overall design should be classy enough and at the same time it has to provide the customer with all the required info on the camping trip.

While it is strictly not advisable, you may also want to run website specific Google ads so that you can make some additional money on the side. You can always head over to a professional web development company to help design your website, but WordPress is the best option there is, for developing websites.

Moreover, WordPress comes with free themes for you to choose from along with other premium themes which can cost a bit. The main objective here is to transform those prospective leads into actual customers and for that, your website needs to feature high-end graphics along with a great design and good quality content. So check out the various themes and make your pick.

Ways to prevent stealing or theft of your WordPress website images

prevent stealing theft WordPress website images

Are you a seasoned photographer or freelancer and want to prevent image theft in your WordPress website or blog?

Here we are with some of the practical ways to prevent stealing of your site’s images and photos.

Image theft is one of the popular problems many WordPress users are faced with.

For as long as the digital world of photography arrived and has been in existence, so has been the possibility to steal images and photos.

Hence, protecting your own images showcased on a website or a blog becomes one of the headaches for many WordPress users.

However, you are not powerless when it comes to preventing image theft in your WordPress website or blog.

We have taken the trouble of looking for the best ways to protect your site’s images from being downloaded or stolen or any other unauthorised use.

You can use any of them and make the theft of WP images really hard, if not impossible.

Since images are vulnerable and unprotected elements displayed on your site, taking care of their security and copyright issues is of primary importance.

Let’s see what you can do to prevent image theft in your WP website or blog through copying and downloading, right clicking or another way.

1. Copyright notice added to your images.

Fortunately, fighting against illegal usage of your WP images is quite simple.

All you need to do is to arm yourself with certain tools, elements, plugins and watermarks to protect your valuable visual content.

One of the simple ways you can exercise is to a add copyright notice to your site’s images and photos.

Once you have created or shot an image and uploaded it to the site, you are the only owner and distributor of it.

Hence, adding also a copyright notice is a practical way to prevent plagiarism of your images.

Footer Putter:

Footer Putter


If you want to have copyright protected images, Footer Putter plugin can be your assistant. It will enable you to add notice on the footer area of your site so that it will be visible on every single page.

It’s a feature rich plugin offering you to create two widgets: a Footer Copyright Widget and a Trademark Widget. You can also include a copyright statement that is changed automatically as the year changes so that you will never have old dated copyright.

All in all, this plugin takes care to showcase the credibility and real nature of your business or personality and lets you demonstrate your ownership over your website content, including also images.

2. Disable right clicking on your website

Another useful method to prevent image theft in your WP website is to disable right click functionality. If you run an image centric website and virtually demonstrate your portfolio and photoshoots, disabling right clicking on your website really makes sense to protect your material.

WP Content Copy Protection and No Right Click:

WP Content Copy Protection No Right click


WP Content Copy Protection and No Right Click knows the way to protect both you site textual and image content. IT disables the text select and right click functionalities, so that no one will be able to copy your texts and images without your permission.

This easy to install and configure plugin is available in both free and premium versions. The premium one comes with more controls like watermarking your images, usage of htaccess rules and more.

No Right Click Images:

No Right Click Images


Alternatively, you can choose this plugin if you want to disable only right click actions catering to images and have other right click actions working normally on your website. Upload this plugin from the WP library for free and enjoy its features to prevent image theft in your WP website through disabling right click.

3. Watermark your images

Basically, a watermark is a transparent or less visible text, image or logo placed over images and photos to identify the creator or the owner of it. It easily protects any visual content and makes it almost impossible to copy and use it without any traces of its origin.
Hence, if you want to “sign” your photos and images to prove your legibility, here are some of the useful tools at your disposal.

Easy Watermark:

Easy WaterMark


Easy Watermark is an amazingly simple and user friendly image watermarking tool you can use and prevent image theft in your WP website or blog. The strategy of this plugin is to
automatically add a watermark to any image you upload to your site.

You can also choose to watermark your images manually. Additionally, Easy Watermark comes bundled with management options to set text, color, rotation and size of the watermark to be added, its format to be jpg, png or gif and much more.

Image Watermark:
Image Watermark is another highly effective choice when it comes to automatically watermarking your site’s images. You can enable the watermarking of all the images being uploaded to your site or choose the post types for the watermark to be applied.

Apart from plugins, there are also free online services offering the same watermarking functionality for WP users.

Visual Watermark:

Visual Watermark


Visual Watermark is an online service making the process of watermarking your images pretty easy. If you try to use any design software or program like Photoshop to watermark all your images one after another, you will probably need hours.

The advantage of this service is that it is ready to watermark a bulk number of images all at once so that you can save tons of time. Moreover, Visual Watermark offers its custom templates if you have not created any yet. Add your text, image, logo or whatever you want on your image as a watermark and work both offline and online.

Water Marquee:

Water Marquee


Water Marquee is another free online platform to watermark your images before uploading them to your WP site. It does not require installing any application or software on you mobile or PC to start watermarking your images.

12+ WooCommerce-based plugins for increasing your store functionality

WooCommerce based plugins

WooCommerce based plugins for enhancing your WordPress store features

The global networking system with its advanced functionality together with WordPress content management system with its user and customer nature offers every single individual or business representation a wealth of opportunities to exercise all their e-business and e-commerce activities and give their online commercial business a go.

It’s an obvious truth, that the commercial – ready potential is limitless in the digital environment when your website is provided with out-of-the-box e-commerce basis, being well –optimized for the flawless cooperation with a number of popular WooCommerce -powered plugins for increasing your online shopping functionality.

In this article we believe in offering you the best and the most trusted 12+ WooCommerce based plugins which are truly practical and easy in installation, as well as further customization, aiming at meeting all your commercial and business strategies, plans and contributing to their transformation into reality.

1. Booster for WooCommerce:
WooCommerce booster plugin

Booster for WooCommerce is highly flexible and adaptive, immensely powerful and extendable, smart and intuitive WooCommerce solution for boosting your website commercial potential. This amazingly designed and supported plugin comes loaded with lots of essential features, including bulk price convertor, currencies, currency exchange rates to be automatically updated, possibility to specify different currencies for external products, add multiple currencies and set product prices in them, arrange categories, product listings, etc.

2. WooCommerce Customizer:
WooCommerce customizer

The next top –rated and highly versatile WooCommerce plugin compatible with your WordPress – powered online presence is WooCommerce Customizer generating lots of customization and management options, so that your website will look and feel e-commerce ready. By the application of this plugin you will be able to add to Cart button text for all your product types, manage the number of products, which are going to be showcase in every page, customize heading text for the “Product Description” and “Additional Information” tabs and undertake other customization processes.

3. WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers:
WooCommerce Sequential Order

WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers is another WooCommerce – based plugin ready to go hand in hand with the E-Commerce – supported nature of your web pages. The advantage of this plugin is the way it sets sequential order number for new orders in an automatic mode, thus making the whole process more comprehensive and precise. No coding knowledge is necessary for dealing with this simple and smart product.

4. WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor (Manager) Pro:
WooCommerce checkout field editor

WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor (Manager) Pro plugin will definitely extend your WordPress – authored website WooCommerce and E-commerce possibilities to another level by letting you edit and manage checkout fields on your WooCommerce – based page. Do not worry about how to add or customize custom fields in billing, shipping or other sections, display order details page and Email, remove, disable or enable certain fields, since this plugin will let you do all in the easiest way.

5. WooCommerce Currency Switcher:
WooCommerce Currency Switcher

WooCommerce Currency Switcher is a compulsory plugin for all those online store owners and private entrepreneurs, who want all the potential at their website disposal to switch product prices on the website on different currency values and realize their conversion. This plugin includes 3 widgets: currencies switcher, currency converter and currencies rates, as well as automatic conversion of currency depending on the visitor’s IP address.

6. WooCommerce Products Filter:
WooCommerce Products Filter

WooCommerce Products Filter is a must – have WooCommerce –based plugin to drive your commercial activities to a step forward. With this highly practical and comprehensive plugin you will have lots of options at your disposal to exercise, besides, it will be fairly easy to filter your available products according to product categories, attributes, tags and custom taxonomies.

7. WooCommerce Custom Product Tabs Lite:
WooCommerce custom products tab

WooCommerce Custom Product Tabs Lite is another plugin to boost your WooCommerce powered and WordPress compatible online store presence and operation. With the great assistance coming with this plugin it will be possible to create a custom product tab with each single content, and that tab may contain text and html, as well as shortcodes.

8. WooCommerce Products Per Page:

WooCommerce Products Per Page is designed pixel perfectly and ensured by super functionality to be compatible with any WordPress – based modern website catering to commercial businesses. This amazing product is ready to insert “products per page” dropdown on your website and let you customize dropdown position in the page, list of options visible for users, number of available products per page and much more.

9. WooCommerce Products Carousel All in One:

If you are looking for all – in- one WooCommerce solution option to run on your online profile for better online store functionality, look no further than the plugin called WooCommerce Products Carousel All in One. You may stylize your digital platform with carousel display to showcase newest, featured, bestsellers, on sale and others in the most eye – catching and consumer – driven way.

10. WooCommerce Quantity Increment:

WooCommerce Quantity Increment is easy to install and activate, simply usable and configurable, inherently flexible and user – optimized WooCommerce – based plugin intended for any WordPress website of commercial nature. The plugin generates Javascript –based inputs for you to get maximum control and management over your website appearance.

11. WooCommerce Stock Manager:

WooCommerce Stock Manager is considered to be another highly – popular and preferred variant for advancing the WooCommerce potential of any website performance. This is a great tool to manage and control your stock for products and their types. It lets you set “Manage stock”, “Stock Status”, “Backorders” and “Stock” for every product and its type available on your market.

12. WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway:

WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway is very suitable and dependable Stripe payment – based plugin to add diverse payment possibilities to your online shop. Use this plugin and establish strong commercial ties with your customers and let them make online payments via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club and other popular cards for the sake of their convenience and comfort.

13. WooCommerce Multilingual:

WooCommerce Multilingual is WooCommerce and WMPL – based e-commerce plugin to support multilingual usage of any website. This plugin includes lots of controls and features to let you translate your WooCommerce products and their types, manage the translation of product categories, tags and custom attributes, sends emails to the users in their preferred language, etc.

Lawn Care WordPress Theme for Lawn Care Specialists

gardening landscaping WordPress theme

Salient Features of lawn care WordPress theme


  • Color changing lawn care WordPress theme
  • Easy to use shortcodes which are in built
  • Visual composer, and other page builders like Elementor work fine with this theme
  • Great visual capture for online visitors
  • Call to action buttons like social media and phone number on top
  • Working hours widget also given
  • Services explained explicitly on homepage
  • Complete gardening solutions explained with visual icons
  • Creating keeping in mind for lawn care specialists
  • Recent projects also showcased nicely
  • Our services explained in 3 different ways
  • Team member is optional and can showcase lawn care specialists
  • Testimonials are important for any local business and online reviews help build trust
  • Footer is fully widget friendly and so is header and sidebar
  • 5 level page drop downs are available
  • Google fonts of more than 600+ are available for selection and implementation
  • Typography is more supported by use of latin and cyrillic sub sets
  • Use of font based icons to have a great fancier and better visual look on the website
  • SEO friendly coding with coding standards of WordPress maintained
  • Simple and effective Customizer based Lawn Care WordPress theme
  • Check your changes online live while getting them done
  • In built 100+ shortcodes for use in the overall site
  • Use shortcodes plugins as well along with the ones present
  • Use page builder shortcodes and widgets along with them to have unlimited possibilities
  • Several plugins like contact form, WooCommerce, SEO plugins, and others like slider and gallery are compatible for added functionality
  • Based on HD and retina ready as well as devices and browsers tested
  • Lawn Care WordPress theme for lawn services

    Lawn Care WordPress theme are suitable for lawn services and gardening services. It has been been created to satisfy and fulfil the requirements for such websites.

    Since lawn care WordPress theme belongs to local business category all the features which are essential for local businesses like social media, contact forms, call to action like phone number on the top and other features as essential for any local business to get maximum sales and leads from their websites.

    Any lawn care Company requires their services and information are nicely displayed for their website so that they can showcase their content nicely and efficiently.

    Since this mobile optimized responsive template has all these facilities it becomes obvious for them to nicely display everything.

    Lawn care website has the options of displaying services in 3 different ways one with full images and little content.

    One with the help of a nice image and pointers using font based icons. And third with the help of columns and using fancy icons.

    Our team is also displayed which can again be used for other things like client data or to explain lawn specialists or more services.

    Testimonials are reviews are necessary because they help build genuine interest of any visitor into your website and work.

    Latest posts are also displayed and so is the footer with lots of variations.

    There are several variations of footer and header possible and above that both of them are widget friendly.

    Different and more options are available for inner header pages as well to display anything like a map or a slider in inner page.

    Also for the homepage one can have slider as well as replace it with anything else of their choice.

    Full slider controls like animation effects and pause timings are given in this theme.

    Lawn care WordPress theme also focusses on call to actions and hence on the header social icons for social interaction and phone numbers are given.

    Also footer showcases working hours of the lawn care company.

    And contact us involves in built contact form for the lawn specialists WordPress website.

    Lawn care specialists can also avail the great resources in hand like the documentation and full manual available to create the same impact like the demo.

    Once the WordPress theme is installed it installs itself with a set of homepage and inner pages can be set up easily without any troubles.

    If you’re planning to start a lawn and gardening service-oriented business, then the first thing to remember is the kind of services you are going to provide. Lawn or gardening services is not easy to do. A single miss cut of a tree or bush and the whole backyard will look bad. For that, you need to hire professionals too. When business is being started, only two things matter – the idea of implementation and investment. So, if your implementation is right but you don’t have the investment to make, then it’s totally not going to work. Same goes for the other side too. Another thing, that will also greatly decide your success, is how much diverse you can be for your business.

    In this online age, every service has a website. So, if you’re also planning to build one for your business development, then you will also be needing the right tools too. And that’s where Lawn Care WordPress Theme comes into play. Now you can also showcase your social media platform handles, along with ways of contracting, combined with the fact that users can also call you. This makes the business a lot easier to care for and also help it to grow, as well. The website will be mobile optimized as well, therefore any customer who visits your website on his or her portable devices can also take advantage of your services too. The website will be packed to the brim with functionality and customizability, along with having the visual appeal too. These three things will make the website even more impressive.

    There will options to put your business’ testimonials and customer reviews as well, thereby making other customers know that they can trust the service. There are over 600 plus Google fonts, from which one can customize or choose to use. There will be options for sliders and galleries as well, thereby making the website look more modern and sophisticated. Combine that with the support of SEO tools. SEO means Search Engine Optimization. With this tool, your website will be SEO friendly, and it will be ranked at the top of the Google Results when any customer will search for lawn and gardening services. In that way, the customers when they see your website, and if they become interested, they will be more source of income for the business as well. All this is possible due to the presence of these WordPress Theme.

    There will be support for numerous widgets and as well as plugins too. So, you can add more functionality and beauty to your website, if you so want to. There is also support for Woo Commerce to monetize the website and bring in more revenues. In that way, the profits will help the business to steady the ship, and thereby improve upon the services too.  The amount of assistance Lawn Care WordPress Theme will give you in building up your website is insane. That’s why it is always recommended to always use this option, for getting the work done at a more affordable price.

    How to Add Sticky Posts in WordPress Custom Post Type Archives

    add sticky posts WordPress

    You can add sticky posts in WordPress custom post type archives and make your post different and worth reading.

    Every website owner should look forward to making their content quality better along with better content representation.

    Content is always the king but if it is not well presented, even good quality content does not make it big.

    The best way to represent content different from others is by using UL elements that are not common but very attractive. One of such thing is sticky posts.

    You can highlight important points or show affiliate links through stick post.

    It instantly makes your web content different and better than others and it will help you create a complete brand by using it in most of the content page you have on your website and your readers will get into a habit as well which will help to in the long run.

    add sticky posts

    How To Add Sticky Posts in WordPress Custom Post Type Archives Using Plugin –

    Step 1. To add sticky posts, you need to install and activate the plugin named Sticky Custom Post Types.

    Go to Admin Dashboard and from the left menu, select Plugins and click on Add New from the dropdown menu.

    Search for the plugin by its name and install and activate it.

    Once done, you have to come back to the Dashboard and go to Settings from the left menu and click on Reading from the dropdown.

    add sticky posts

    In the new screen, you have to scroll down and you have to select the position where you want Stick This Option to be enabled. It could be homepage or any particular post type as well.

    By default, WordPress shows sticky posts only on the home page and therefore, you have to enable in for other post types as per your requirement.

    For example, if you have movie review custom post type or coupon code custom post type, you can select where the sticky post will appear.

    Step 2. Now, it is time to add sticky posts in WordPress custom post type archives on different positions and make them appear differently.

    For that, you have to create an archive template for your custom post type already present on your website.

    Create a file named archive-post-type.php and then go to theme’s archive.php file and copy the entire code inside it and paste it in your archive-post-type.php file.

    Then if you know coding, you can modify the code as per your requirement to create any template you need. Then upload the file to your theme’s directory where archive.php file is.

    sticky posts

    Step 3. Then you have to edit the important file functions.php and paste the following code there. You have to go to Dashboard, Appearance and click on Editor. File the functions.php file there and add it.

    function wpb_cpt_sticky_at_top( $posts ) {
        // apply it on the archives only
        if ( is_main_query() && is_post_type_archive() ) {
            global $wp_query;
            $sticky_posts = get_option( 'sticky_posts' );
            $num_posts = count( $posts );
            $sticky_offset = 0;
            // Find the sticky posts
            for ($i = 0; $i < $num_posts; $i++) {
                // Put sticky posts at the top of the posts array
                if ( in_array( $posts[$i]->ID, $sticky_posts ) ) {
                    $sticky_post = $posts[$i];
                    // Remove sticky from current position
                    array_splice( $posts, $i, 1 );
                    // Move to front, after other stickies
                    array_splice( $posts, $sticky_offset, 0, array($sticky_post) );
                    // Remove post from sticky posts array
                    $offset = array_search($sticky_post->ID, $sticky_posts);
                    unset( $sticky_posts[$offset] );
            // Look for more sticky posts if needed
            if ( !empty( $sticky_posts) ) {
                $stickies = get_posts( array(
                    'post__in' => $sticky_posts,
                    'post_type' => $wp_query->query_vars['post_type'],
                    'post_status' => 'publish',
                    'nopaging' => true
                ) );
                foreach ( $stickies as $sticky_post ) {
                    array_splice( $posts, $sticky_offset, 0, array( $sticky_post ) );
        return $posts;
    add_filter( 'the_posts', 'wpb_cpt_sticky_at_top' );
    // Add sticky class in article title to style sticky posts differently
    function cpt_sticky_class($classes) {
                if ( is_sticky() ) :
                $classes[] = 'sticky';
                return $classes;
            return $classes;
        add_filter('post_class', 'cpt_sticky_class');

    The above code makes sure that your sticky post stays on the top of the custom post type archives.

    If you know coding, you can change the position as per your requirements.

    Step 4. Now, a sticky post does not look good without color and for that, you have to open Stylesheet from the Editor and paste the following.

    .sticky {
    background-position:right top;

    As you can see, there is an image which you have to upload as per your wish as to how you want your sticky post to appear.

    That is how you add sticky posts in WordPress custom Post Type Archives and now, it will appear on the top of every custom post type archives.

    Cool Things You Can Do With Sticky Posts In WordPress –

    Now that you know how to add sticky posts in WordPress Custom Post Type Archives, you can extend your knowledge to apply in different areas and here are the things you can do with the sticky post.

    sticky posts

    1. Expiring Sticky post

    If you are using to highlight a special event or to show affiliate links and coupon codes, you can create a hype by automatically disabling the sticky posts.

    For that, you need to install the plugin Expire Sticky Posts and set the expiry date.

    This will come really handy.

    2. Displaying Latest Sticky Post

    You must be using sticky posts only for a few featured posts.

    But with time, your featured posts disappear under the burden of new featured posts. To revive them, you can have custom archive pages.

    Paste the following code in the functions.php file. This will create a shortcode and paste the shortcode anywhere you want to display them.

    function wpb_latest_sticky() {
    /* Get all sticky posts */
    $sticky = get_option( 'sticky_posts' );
    /* Sort the stickies with the newest ones at the top */
    rsort( $sticky );
    /* Get the 5 newest stickies (change 5 for a different number) */
    $sticky = array_slice( $sticky, 0, 5 );
    /* Query sticky posts */
    $the_query = new WP_Query( array( 'post__in' => $sticky, 'ignore_sticky_posts' => 1 ) );
    // The Loop
    if ( $the_query->have_posts() ) {
        $return .= '<ul>';
        while ( $the_query->have_posts() ) {
            $return .= '<li><a href="' .get_permalink(). '" title="'  . get_the_title() . '">' . get_the_title() . '</a><br />' . get_the_excerpt(). '</li>'
        $return .= '</ul>'
    } else {
        // no posts found
    /* Restore original Post Data */
    return $return;
    add_shortcode('latest_stickies', 'wpb_latest_sticky');

    3. Styling Sticky Posts

    If you want to make your sticky post stand out, you need to make it stylish. Here is the code you need to paste in stylesheet for decoration.

    .sticky {
    border:1 px solid #f5f5f5;
    .sticky:before {
      content: "Featured";
      color: #FFF;
      background: #f20000;
      padding: 10px;
      display: inline-block;
      text-align: right;
      float: right;
      font-weight: bold;
      text-transform: uppercase;

    There are various things you can do with sticky post and you need it to make your custom posts stand out.

    Now that you have decided on the theme and the layout for your website, all that’s left is to get some good quality content on there. The first thing that you need to do is to organize your content and set the information architecture in place; usually with most WordPress themes especially for blogs, it goes something akin to this, topic> category> tag> title and once your users drill down to the post, they should be able to review it. The problem though is that most users’ attention is limited to a bare few seconds per page and you may want to make it easier for them to find the relevant posts with ease. That’s why you should start using sticky posts in WordPress custom post type archives; it’s easy and does not cost anything extra. You may have to download a plugin or two but the basic set up is easy and can be done in a matter of seconds. Just check out the instructions posted below and soon you should be able to utilize sticky posts in word press custom post type archives with ease.
    With sticky posts, you can ensure that your audience accesses the relevant posts right away; you can even set an expiration date on these sticky posts so that they do not clutter up space. The one advantage to using sticky posts is that it makes your content stand out from the rest and your customers no longer have to drill all the way down to find something interesting to read; instead, they can access it right on the front page thanks to the sticky posts. These sticky posts can even help you streamline your branding strategy and enable your website to get more traction online. While content is king and good content goes a long way to enabling your website to land more traffic, often users do not bother to search for older posts and often just move on. Given this, it makes more sense to use sticky posts for those important posts and get them displayed right on the front page.
    When it comes to sticky posts, you can either download and install the ‘sticky custom post type’ plugin or go for the manual version. The latter requires you to be familiar with coding so if that’s not your cup of tea, then you may want to stick with the plugin which automates the process neatly. All you have to do is to download and activate the plugin. Once you have activated it, you need to head over to the admin dashboard, check plugins and from the scroll down list, choose “add new”. Now search for the relevant plugin by name and click on install. That should do the trick and the new plugin should be installed, now all that you have to do is to activate it and now, head over to admin dashboard, settings and choose “reading”. Here you can decide where you want your sticky posts to go and customize it as per your preference. Soon you should be set and be able to publish your first sticky post online.

    Mechanic WordPress Theme for auto car repair and other repairing websites

    mechanic WordPress theme

    Salient Features of Mechanic WordPress theme


  • Mechanic WordPress Theme is responsive
  • Google mobile friendly test passed and tested for several mobile and hand held devices
  • Several browsers tested for cross browser testing fulfilment
  • SEO friendly and SEO friendly coding done
  • Based on Customizer for live changes to be checked while getting them done
  • Simple and elegant look and feel
  • Flat and materialistic design used for modern design trends
  • HD ready and retina ready theme
  • Multilingual with tested by using plugins like WPML, qTranslate X and Polylang
  • Translation ready with PO file available within the mechanic WordPress theme
  • In comparable with in built features like shortcodes for several different features
  • In built team, columns, gallery, contact form and 100+ shortcodes available
  • Social icons used with 600+ font based icons
  • User friendly page templates given
  • Blog templates also included
  • Page builder compatible and tested with Visual composer and Elementor and Live Composer as well as site origin and Sandwich page builders as well as Beaver builder
  • Tested with several free and paid slider plugins for video and image slideshows
  • Gallery in built but tested with several gallery plugins and found working fine
  • Mega menu compatible with recommended plugin
  • Several in built header and footer variations
  • Widgetized theme with sidebar and footer and header widget friendly
  • Call to actions included everywhere from header, homepage, footer etc.
  • Business working hours widget and shortcode included
  • Compatible with other shortcodes plugins for increasing and enhancing more additional features
  • Tested for faster speed and loading time
  • Tested for security vulnerabilities
  • Forums like bbPress and WooCommerce and BuddyPress work fine with this theme
  • Suitable for any industry apart from car repair and other repairing services website
  • Cyrillic and Latin subset fonts included
  • RTL tested for right to left languages like arabic, hebrew
  • HTML5 and CSS3 based and flat design based
  • Full documentation and manual included
  • Mechanic WordPress Theme for repairing website

    Mechanics are required for car repair or other types of repairing services. Repair servicing companies need to have some online info so that people can find them and contact them for various repairs.

    Thus this mechanic WordPress theme facilitates the same idea of having an online website which looks nice and professional. Showcases all the old and current portfolio and about the company.

    Also gives important information about phone numbers and other services.

    The homepage starts with the header which gives Working hours on the left and phone number on the right both of which font sizes can be changed and font can be changed as per ones’ liking.

    Thereafter logo and menu is given.

    Menu can be mega menu but since this is a small local business website we suppose not much of a menu would be present.

    5 levels of drop down are provided in this template.

    Logo as well as textual logo both are provided and any of them can be used by the user who uses this template.

    Slider features nicely after the menu and logo area and gives a nice look and feel with full wide images.

    It can showcase services quickly and the main USP of the repairing company.

    Slider has 10 slides by default. Need something more fancy one can use other paid or free slider plugins which are all compatible with this mechanic WordPress theme.

    Several call to action buttons are included below the slider which include appointment, location, call us now and working time.

    These can be linked to several pages or on the same page or footer.

    They can be changed to something else as well as some other use can be placed for this area or can be hidden altogether as well.

    Then comes a nice area which is white and whose background can be changed as well as color can be changed and we have showcased welcome section of the website here.

    But any other thing like about us or mission or USP of the website can be showcased.

    Thereafter why choose us follows which showcases the main criteria of why their service is better than the rest.

    Nice icons have been used which are font based. One can make use of images as well.

    Here after fancy services columns have been showcased which can be extended to any number of rows as one wishes for depending on the services one will have.

    They can be linked to inner pages for more info about the service or details about the service or else read more can be removed as well in case one wants to keep it short.

    Team is again another fancy section describing about the team.

    One can have as many team members shown on the front page and can have this section hidden as well.

    Testimonials and clients logo follows next.

    Reviews are important for online and both offline services so that people understand why customers are happy with your services.

    Mechanic WordPress theme is based on the perfect theme which brings the level of WordPress theming to the next level with its great features like mega menu, background change, several inner page templates and blog templates, Sections on the homepage from pages.

    Page builder compatibility in built shortcodes, footer and header variations and lots more.

    This is a killer theme which comes as a pre bundled package with the entire other themes and is no less that the rest.

    The main objective of having a car is to simplify life by owning a mode of safer and quicker transport between places. Riding a healthy car is fun to ride as well as safe for the passengers sitting inside it. It enhances the rider experience of the driver and the comforts of the passengers as well.

    There are a bunch of local garages that offer car and other vehicle repairing and maintenance at a certain cost. But with the advancement of technology and internet running a business in full offline mode does not help. It can only cater to local customers that know the location of your garage. But what about other people who do not commute through your auto shop’s location? In order to survive in this highly competitive market, you need to expand your business model to cater to a larger audience and this is one possibility if you decide to take your business into the web. For building this online face of your garage, you will need to have a good looking website that will dominate the competitors’ website in terms of performance and flexibility. This is the rule that predominates after the advance of the internet and digital market.

    Making a custom website by yourself will be okay if you have the right coding skills or maybe you have to invest time and money by hiring engineers. But why waste so much money and time when there are content management systems such as WordPress that will make your work easy. Thanks to WordPress, the most innovative CMS tool to build content-rich, flexible, responsive websites just according to your needs. But how to make your website popular in the internet cut-throat competitive market? That must be your question. Well, the solution lies in enhancing your SEO i.e Search Engine Optimization with the help of mechanic WordPress themes.

    Car repairing business needs to show more images and videos than actual write-ups and texts so that the visitors can see the quality of your car repairing techniques and then can opt for your offering. This requires a large number of images and videos to be uploaded to your website and these themes are way much smoother to give you the best experience to manage your gallery consisting of images and videos. You can customize the colour of our themes according to your needs to bring your garage business lively and appealing to visitors. Not only this, these themes are loaded with security features that will make your website devoid of any security holes without slowing down your website.

    These mechanic WordPress themes also offer more features like setting up an online store so that you can sell different automobile spare parts to maximize your profits. These themes are highly responsible and mobile friendly, which means there will be no slowing down or experience of any glitch when users are opening this website in smartphones or tablets. So, if you want to maximize your revenue generation from your garage business, then you definitely need to provide good service to a large number of people that can only be achieved if you decide to go ahead and bring up your dream garage business into a lively website via mechanic WordPress themes.

    Transportation WordPress Theme for Cargo and Logistics

    transportation WordPress theme

    Salient Features of Transportation WordPress theme

  • Transportation WordPress Theme for cargo and logistics
  • Cargo WordPress theme for cargo delivery and transportation
  • Cargo and transport related websites are suited for this look and feel
  • Header has address and working time
  • It also has phone number
  • Menu displays 5 level drop downs
  • Mega menu can also be implemented
  • Slider default has 10 slides that can be added into it
  • Slider timings can be changed like pause and animation effects
  • Better call to action banner under slider to help get you the USP of their service
  • About us and main features with nice icons serving as bullet points given below that
  • Services mentioned with helpful icons which are 675 in number which serve really helpful and look professional
  • Font based icons more than 675 in number given
  • Google fonts based theme for having more than 600+ fonts
  • Cyrillic and latin sub sets also supported so that any language can be written nicely using this theme
  • Translation ready transportation WordPress theme
  • Multilingual ready transportation WordPress theme with compatibility with WPML, Polylang and qTranslate X
  • Easy to use Customizer based theme so that one can view all the changes while they work on it
  • Services section nicely showcased and any number of columns and rows can be added nicely
  • Latest news section is shown however there are various blog post types that can be added
  • Contact form shown and testimonials also given
  • More than 100+ in built shortcodes and compatibility with other shortcode plugins increases the number to more than 200
  • Page builders work nicely with this theme. Any page builder can be used along with this theme
  • Very less scripts used so that the site loads up faster and better
  • Fully SEO compatible WordPress template
  • SEO compliance and code compliance done
  • Coding as per theme review standards and codex standards set up by WordPress team
  • Secured coding and compatible with security plugins
  • Compatible with Cache plugins
  • Based on modern design standards like flat based UI
  • Minimal design presented
  • HD ready and ready for higher resolution monitors and devices
  • Several page templates for easy set up of pages and blog given
  • Several header and footer layouts given for set up various header and footer
  • Simple to use with color picker and font drop downs
  • Full complete manual provided
  • Fully widgetized theme with footer, header and sidebar widgets given
  • Transportation WordPress Theme for Cargo and Logistics

    Transportation WordPress theme for cargo and logistics has been designed to suit the requirements of cargo websites and truck deliveries.

    The slider comes with a full width slider which has several controls like animation effects control and pause time control.

    It also has the ability to get upto 10 slides.

    We have a nice header on the top with call to action buttons like working hours on the left and phone number on the right.

    Menu on the top right and logo on the left.

    Header variations are possible as given with this theme and there are 4 variations of header possible. Set up the header the way you want it.

    Thus giving you ample variations to set up your website the way you want it.

    It also has a simple bar with 3 icon based topics shown which showcases the USP of the site.

    About us thereafter with a nice image and feature rich bullet buttons with icons and text thus giving a pleasing and soothing effect for visitors.

    Services section thereafter with 9 icon based blocks 3 in a row each with 3 columns. One can change it to upto 6 columns and any number of rows.

    Latest News shortcode is also given thereafter to showcase any news or press release or any case studies for this website.

    Transportation case studies or their fleet size of trucks and cargo carriers and other types of news materials can be published with the help of the blog.

    Thus this cargo and transportation WordPress theme has given ample possibilities for one to set up their website the way they want it. Color picker gives choice of unlimited color options.

    Request a quote form and testimonials area and a client area with logo comes next on the homepage.

    Several page templates given for oneself to set up the pages as they require and need. Page builders compatibility means that any page can be set up anyway as and when required. So basically pages can be set up by any novice and in any way as required.

    Inner page variations for header are also given.

    Footer remains common for the whole website however 4 types of footer variations are also given for the footer so that one can have the way they would have imagined for the footer.

    Sidebar is widget friendly so add as many widgets as you want. Use different widgets for blog sidebar and page sidebar.

    Footer columns are also widget friendly and so are the header area as well just on the top.

    Transportation of goods and raw materials from one industry to another or from the place of origin and the place of consumption is very important in business. This requirement of logistics and cargo system has created many business firms that are now ruling over different nations. But the most interesting thing to be noted is the change of business pattern initially from traditional ways to more advanced and modern ways i.e the online methods. Companies that underestimated the power of the internet are now behind the competition timeline of today’s world. Be it logistics and express postal services, cargo and warehouse, freight and other relevant services having an online website helps businesses to connect with more people without many efforts.

    During earlier times one had to invest money and time to hire website developing specialists to design websites. But with the introduction of popular content management systems such as WordPress, people now can build and develop their own websites without writing a single line of code. This not only allows businessmen to save a lot of money but also allows you to invest more time in other matters of the business. Not only this, with these use of correct WordPress themes you can add various functionalities and customizations to your website to make it look more promising and appealing to your future customers.

    With the help of transportation WordPress themes, you can build your own powerful yet flexible logistic website that will definitely fulfil your customers’ needs. You can customize every corner of the website that is very important to maintain the reputation of your company such as the homepage, header and footer area. So, in order to showcase your business’s potentiality and transparency you display all the service you provide in this logistic firm along with the prices in a grid format. In Fact, you can customize the background, colors and fonts too as per your desire with these WordPress themes. You can also redesign the menu of your website to give a smooth user experience to your potential viewers when they navigate through your site

    The most important feature of these WordPress themes is that you can literally play with plugins to see which ones will help you to make your website more creative and interactive. Just like the Woo Commerce plugin which will allow the users to pay right at your website for your services by integrating different payment methods. Now when you are giving users the chance to pay through your website, increasing the security of your website is mandatory. These can be achieved by using different security plugins that will secure every bit of data on your website from getting stolen. You can add another important functionality such as live chat plugin to answer all the queries of your customers in real time right through your website.

    Now if you want to grow your user base then you should consider improving your search engine optimization (SEO) of your website. By the way, if you are using these themes rather hiring specialists you can yourself set up the SEO plugins to rank high in different search engines like Google, Bing, etc. Apart from these, transportation WordPress plugins are highly responsive and mobile friendly which means that there will be no glitch or lack of smoothness when users open up your website from small screen devices such as smartphones or tablets. In short, if you want to build up a great looking website by investing less time and money to show your business offerings in an elegant way and to connect with a large number of audiences with minimal digital marketing, then the choice that you should give a shot is the transportation WordPress themes.

    Exercise and WorkOut WordPress themes for being fit and healthy

    exercise workout WordPress themes
    Exercise and WorkOut WordPress themes have been on the rise and with more and more themes now developers are targeting niche markets.

    One such market is the fitness market.

    Fitness personal trainers, gyms, health clubs, cardio studios, nutrition clubs and groups and meetups of fitness trainers are being targeted for these websites.

    Definitely every business needs a website and hence trainers and gyms and health clubs definitely need their own websites.

    These features and their requirements and needs have been catered to in these exercise and workout WordPress themes we have presented below.

    All these exercise and workOut WordPress themes are multi concept and multipurpose but specifically have been created in terms of requirements of fitness websites but can be used for other websites and industries as well.

    People want to select WordPress CMS for any and every business above others because it gives peace of mind, less learning curve and is a scalable and flexible CMS without much hassle for even first time users.

    It is 1 click installation and can be used on any shared or VPS or dedicated hosting platforms so irrespective of any language or PHP hosting this CMS can be used nicely.

    Themes compatible with WordPress are desired because they include a full website within itself and without much hassle and spending too much time you can easily

    1. BeFit Pro:
    personal trainer WordPress theme


    Designed to have a black and orange killer design so that one can get easily attracted to. This was initially created to cater to personal fitness trainer but can be used by gyms and health clubs as well. It showcases a nice gallery and video as well as slider and showcases all the services nicely. Has call to action buttons and contact form and info as well as social icons. Also one can easily add more and more content using shortcodes and recommended page builder. Also exercise and workouts can be easily showcased. Also pricing table compatibility is present so one can showcase different prices as well.

    Definitely a go to theme for your next exercise and Workout WordPress website.

    2. Strong Pro:
    crossfit WordPress theme


    Strong Pro is a nice exercise and WorkOut WordPress theme which has all the features essential to make it into any type of fitness or gym style websites. With features, exercises, daily chart, pricing table this color changing theme is desirable by all. Built upon customizer one can easily change any type of content from backend and check the changes live there itself.

    Also compatible with recommended plugins which include portfolio, contact forms, page builder for building any type of layouts as well as other awesome features this theme present unlimited possibilities for any user to develop their perfect fitness website.

    3. Yogi Pro:
    yoga WordPress theme


    Initially created for yoga trainers and users however is a multipurpose responsive theme which can be used to showcase many exercises and workouts in gallery and portfolio as well as services. Showcases team members nicely. It is compatible with font awesome icons for 500+ icons pack and with Google fonts just like others so there is no dearth of any fonts or typography. Unlimited possibilities and layouts are possible by use of recommended page builder for any pages this theme is perfect solution to any fitness or gym website.

    4. Gym Master:


    Gym Master is a great gym theme which has a nice pricing table showing the prices of the gym. It is a customizable and full color changing simple theme for someone who wants to have a simple info website with a blog and services and about classes and contact info. This simple exercise and WorkOut WordPress theme is great for someone who wants to have a simple and short website in no time without any hassle.

    5. Fitt:
    weight loss WordPress theme


    Fitt is a weight loss WordPress theme nicely done to showcase the testimonials properly. It nicely showcases our classes and trainers. Pricing plans and client testimonials along with a nice timetable is showcased on the homepage. Perfect for a gym with trainers and lots of different schedules. Can cater to large health clubs and gyms. Nice slider which is interchangeable and has lots of features. Call to action like contact info given on the top and 5 level deep drop downs available.

    6. SKT Fitness Pro:


    SKT Fitness Pro is a nice grey and orange WordPress theme which can be changed to any other color. It gives a nice soothing effect. Has skills counter to showcase your trainer skills.

    Has social media integrated and lots of other plugins and in built shortcodes to make your life easy while building the website.

    This is built upon a theme options framework which is easy to use and can setup homepage and other pages so easily can be set up using either the in built shortcodes or using a plugin which is recommended for shortcodes or else using our recommended page builder.

    7. Zym:


    Zym is a nice animated exercise and WorkOut WordPress theme which has been created to cater to small to medium gyms and trainer websites with focus on video blogging as well as location map and contact info because gyms are always local business and people should be easily able to find out your location and info for them to connect with you and join your gym.

    Features are similar to what we have shared for other themes above with responsive and cross browser compatibility checked.

    8. Complete Pro:
    complete WordPress theme


    This one is a complete package and as the name suggests is complete in every way with several header and footer variations, full color changing options, full typography options and full layout building options. Compatible with recommended page builder this theme has unlimited possibilities and is suitable and can be used for any and every type of website and industry and hence has been included in this list.

    Conclusion: There are several more exercise and WorkOut WordPress themes that we could have shared but we thought the above are sufficient and should suffice anyone looking to open a quick gym or fitness website or trainer website or a blog related to fitness and health and cardio can make use of any of them and get a website which will be high on traffic as these are all SEO friendly and will have all features required for all types of layout and building possibilities.

    In order to remain productive in life, you must have a sound mind and a healthy body. To acquire a healthy body, you will need` a balanced diet and regular exercises.
    The mushrooming of fast food joints have contributed to the rise in the number of overweight and obese cases as well as diseases. On the other hand, fitness gyms and clubs have increased and become popular, perhaps to take advantage of this increase in numbers.
    To acquire a healthy lifestyle, the first thing you should do is to change your eating habits, join a fitness club or gym and for those who can afford it, get a personal trainer. However, making that decision to join a gym is not always easy. You will have to be psyched up for it or be motivated to do so. Without motivation, your journey to a healthy lifestyle can be fruitless.

    If you are in the fitness industry, one of the most crucial things to do is to motivate your potential clients to join your fitness club or gym. While having a website is important, having one that motivates your potential clients to sign up for your services or club is a smarter way of ensuring that you remain on top of your game. This industry has become very crowded and competitive too. Staying afloat and relevant requires tactics and smart ways to sell your services.

    Before a client joins a fitness club or gym, one of the things they look for are testimonials from former clients and the gym equipment available. People want to see real results in order to be convinced and the only way to showcase this is by having a website as your marketing tool. If looking to launch a website for your fitness business, a good WordPress theme is all you will need to get new customers.

    We have compiled a list of suitable Exercise and Workout WordPress themes to help you make your fitness-related business or blog flourish. As you browse through the various themes discussed here, you will notice that they are superbly designed and customizable to suit your business needs and that of your clients. The themes come with appointment schedules, pricing tables, workout timetables, exercises and are user-friendly. These Exercise and Workout WordPress themes also come integrated with social media tools which helps build your online audience as well as promote your business.

    All the themes are multi-concept and multipurpose but specifically designed with the fitness requirements in mind. Fitness personal trainers, gyms, health clubs, cardio studios, nutrition clubs and groups and meetups of fitness trainers are being targeted for these websites. They offer users 1 click installation and can be used on any shared or VPS or dedicated hosting platforms. Irrespective of any language or PHP hosting, this CMS can be used nicely.

    The list below is not exhaustive. There are many other Exercise and Workout WordPress themes but the ones discussed below are sufficient and should suffice anyone looking to open a quick gym, fitness or trainer website, or a blog related to fitness, health, and cardio. These themes are SEO friendly and will have all the features required for all types of layout and building possibilities.

    Customer Reviews and Testimonials Plugins for WordPress

    Customer reviews testimonials plugins WordPress

    There are a lot of customer reviews and testimonials plugins for WordPress, in the following list.

    There are many sites that are crawling for user-generated reviews and testimonials nowadays, including Google Places and Google Local Search. WordPress, as we already know is one the largest online website creation tool available today. It is an open source platform and easily accessible by anyone so most of the users like to work on it. People working on WordPress will definitely need customer reviews and testimonials plugins for WordPress.

    We’ll be focusing on plugins that are popular and highly-rated. Some of them are currently being updated and supported by the developer, and others have some unique feature(s) to set them apart from the rest.

    WP Customer Reviews

    WP Customer Reviews


    It is one of the most common customer reviews and testimonials plugins for WordPress. It allows you to setup a specific page on your blog to receive customer testimonials for your business/service or to write reviews about a product. It has various new features will help you to keep track of customer reviews and testimonials on the site.

    Key Features:

    • Fast and lightweight
    • Moderate reviews before displaying them publicly
    • Add multiple rich schema markup types
    • Customize the review form fields
    • Supports both Business and Product review types

    Rich Reviews

    Rich Reviews


    It is another free plugin that helps you both collect and showcase reviews from your customers. It also adds schema markup for rich snippets and allows you to moderate any customer reviews before you display them on your website. It is one of the simplest customer reviews and testimonials plugins for WordPress.
    The aesthetics aren’t quite on par with WP Customer Reviews, but other than that it has a similar feature set.

    Key Features:

    • Readers can submit reviews from the front-end
    • Moderate reviews before posting them publicly
    • Add proper markup for Google rich snippets
    • Insert reviews anywhere using shortcodes

    It creates shortcodes so you can include review forms, collect reviews, and display them on appropriate posts and pages within your WordPress site. One interesting feature this plugin has is that it uses the Google reviews microformat so these rich snippets would be included in the search, in theory, a boon to local search engine marketing efforts. It is also one of the great and simple customer reviews and testimonials plugins for WordPress available on the internet.

    Easy Testimonials

    Easy Testimonials


    It is an easy-to-use, basic plugin that still packs a lot of features. It’s also one of the most popular customer reviews and testimonials plugins for WordPress, with over 80,000 downloads and a rating of 4.6 stars.

    With Easy Testimonials, you can display your testimonials as a customized widget, or add them to any post or page with a variety of shortcodes. You can also use the Settings menu to generate your own shortcodes with custom display options. One of the best features of this plugin is the ability to control how the testimonials display.

    There are over 30 different display styles you can choose from, so you can customize the look without having to learn CSS. There’s also a field in the settings menu to enter custom CSS if you want to fine-tune the display further.

    Key Features:

    • Display random testimonials in your sidebars, pages, or posts
    • Choose from cool transition effects like slides or fade out
    • Include ratings and images with your testimonials with markup
    • Link testimonials to a custom URL (like a product page)

    Google Places Reviews

    Google places reviews


    If you’re running a local business, you might already have a stash of reviews that you can add to your website. Basically, Google Places Reviews helps you add reviews from Google Places to your own website via a handy widget.

    Key Features:

    • Showcase up to 3 reviews per location
    • Show reviews for your own business or other local businesses
    • Choose from multiple themes
    • Includes Google Places autocomplete if you want to allow customers to search

    Testimonials Widget

    Testimonials Widget


    It is one of the most popular customer reviews and testimonials plugins for WordPress, and when you look at all the included features, it’s easy to see why.

    With this plugin, you’re not just limited to testimonials; you can also use it to display portfolio projects and reviews. Each testimonial can include videos as well as images and text and supports categories and tags, and review scheme for rich snippets. Once created, the plugin lets you display each of these via shortcodes, widgets, or functions in your theme files.

    Key Features:

    • Choose from carousel, fade, or slide transitions
    • Filter by category, tag, or post ID
    • Responsive slideshows

    The testimonials display with basic styling and minimal options to change the look, so if you want more display options, you’ll have to know at least a little CSS to really customize how things get displayed.

    Testimonial Basics

    Testimonials Basics


    Testimonial Basics is one of the simplest and easy-to-use customer reviews and testimonials plugins for WordPress that make it very easy to add testimonials without complicated options and configurations. There are styling options, including nine different fonts, so you can customize the look easily.

    The testimonials support both a five-star rating system and Gravatars so you don’t have to upload any images (providing, of course, that the author of the testimonial has a Gravatar associated with their email address).

    There are input forms included, either as shortcodes or widgets, so you can collect testimonials from customers/clients directly on your website. You can also display your testimonials with shortcodes or widgets.

    Furthermore, this particular plugin is also available in French, Dutch, German, and Spanish. It is proved to be of great help among all customer reviews and testimonials plugins for WordPress.

    Research has shown us that displaying testimonials from past customers on your site can create more trust in prospective clients. If you apply the tips for effective testimonials, you will be making their decision process even easier. From the list we provided, you should be able to find the perfect testimonials plug-in for your WordPress website. Start talking to your past clients and getting those quotes to add to your website now.

    As we said, there are a large number customer reviews and testimonials plugins available for WordPress. We couldn’t possibly cover all of them, but we did our utmost to list all of the best above. Thank you.

    Free WordPress Portfolio themes for pictorial and visual website lovers

    free WordPress portfolio themes

    Free WordPress portfolio themes have been discussed and presented in this article

    WordPress as the leading content management system, which has been tested for its perfect usability and productivity in the business of creating and managing any website substance of the texts and images comes integrated with unlimited number of portfolio themes for those individuals and corporates engaged in the photography, design, artist or portfolio related activities, or for those enthusiasts and aesthetes, who give preference to pictorial or visually expressive websites.

    In this relation, we have identified and totalized the best free WordPress portfolio themes, which are suitable for anyone to build and ensure his relevant website or blog as per all his visual and graphical ideas, from general to specific. By the application of the below – mentioned themes any designer or portfolio owner will be able to determine the best visualization concept matching his website nature and generate a special pictorial and demonstrative interface accordingly.

    1. SKT Full Width:
    Full Wide WordPress theme


    In case you are looking for an exceptional one of the free WordPress portfolio themes with premium quality characteristic features and perfect functionality, yet you want to save your financial means, here is free photography and design – centric template at your disposal. This eye – catching and extensively structured product will free exempt you from any unpleasant and tiresome procedures with respect to your website visualization and personalization to stress out you individual style and image perception. SKT Full Width also comes with an availability to showcase the best part of your portfolio sweeping across the homepage with the help of the homepage background.

    2. SKT Panaroma:
    portfolio WordPress theme


    SKT Panaroma is modern and stylish looking, highly customizable and adaptable, amazingly smooth and intuitive photography and portfolio layout to cater to any designer, developer, artist or photography lover online presence. Since the first thing any such artist or specialist should take care of is the exceptional external appearance of his online manifestation, SKT Panaroma has been built exactly for that purpose, granting the website owners with lots of opportunities to alter and edit it to correspond to their visual and design solutions in the best way. Hence its considered because of the above points one of the free WordPress portfolio themes.

    3. SKT Photo Session:
    photographer WordPress theme


    SKT Photo Session is wonderfully polished and pliable, smooth and sleek, simple and lightweight free WordPress portfolio theme consistent with all the WordPress standards and appears entirely free in the marketplace. The theme demonstrated flawless responsiveness and well optimization for the mobile and device usage, so that you won’t have to worry about your image and photography content impeccable appearance at all. Moreover, with this awesome and unique theme, you’ll be able to realize commercial activities by making the website e – commerce ready.

    4. Interior Lite:
    free interior design WordPress theme


    Simplicity and easiness, customizability and adaptability, flexibility and intuitiveness are the best descriptions we can specify for Interior Lite. The specialists have taken every care to provide the best and the most convenient operational framework for any artist and interior designer to undertake all the relevant actions within the theme and make it the best face of their image and photography – directed business. Customizer runs on the basis of this free WordPress portfolio theme, subsequently, all the changes can be done and previewed before they will be visible and accessible for the website visitors.

    5. Girlie Lite:
    girly WordPress theme


    Girlie Lite is projected, designed, structured and developed for those girls and women, who appreciate photography, art, design and generally any visual or pictorial art. This very easy to use free WordPress portfolio theme is loaded with endless ways to showcase all the relevant content in the most effective way and keep the website visitor’s attention on it. Girlie Lite is the most fitting theme if you are searching for free, yet high – quality and sophisticated, simple, yet functional, feature – rich, yet entirely flexible website creation tool.

    6. Naturo Lite:
    clean minimal WordPress theme


    Clean and minimalistic, simple and lightweight, highly versatile and resourceful, Naturo Lite is one of the easy to set up and run portfolio and image WordPress templates to cover any individual and corporate photography needs. The one of the free WordPress portfolio themes is available completely for free, so that your will manage to exercise your website without spending a single penny, moreover, you will not even be in need of hiring anyone to complete the process of its customization and modification to go well with your website content.

    7. SKT White:
    white WordPress theme


    SKT White is a noteworthy mixture of powerful and alluring appearance, cutting edge technological framework, as well as multipurpose and multiconcept structure to accomplish all the tasks assigned to it. This professional and dynamic photography and portfolio WordPress theme with ist precise and neat visual and structural arrangement comes handy in all its integral parts and sections to undergo the required changes and supplements, so that every single website visitor or client will appreciate the work done.

    8. Hotel Lite:
    hotel WordPress theme


    Optimized for easy setup and usage, Hotel Lite appears as another top – rated portfolio related variant to rely on and start the process of creating an outstandingly bright and animated online product highlighting any image – centric website regarding a wide range of topics, from hotel and travel industry to art and design. The theme is perfect for limited – budget companies, as the free WordPress portfolio theme can be accessed for free, but instead, will guarantee a powerful package of inbuilt theme sections, areas, features and controls to manage your business digital world and its results in the most productive way.

    9. Photo World:
    Photo World PRO


    Photo World demonstrates all the potential to showcase your website in the polished, stylish and appealing way. It will, by all means, generate eye-catching and alluring look and feel of your images, photo, portfolio or other products and services and will turn them into a great driver of people’s and clients’ engagement into the website or blog. This SEO and SMO optimized and compatible free image related WordPress product is well structured also for mobile and device usage, ensures exceptional functionality with WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, NextGen Gallery, as well as a series of popular and dynamic WordPress compatible slider plugins.

    Thus the list comprises of many free WordPress portfolio themes which are worthy enough to be listed in this.

    How to add donation buttons and PayPal buttons in a WordPress website?

    donation buttons PayPal WordPress

    Wondering how to add donation buttons in a WordPress website?

    This article will accompany you through the steps of adding donation and Paypal buttons to your non profit, NGO, business, school or another website.

    Donation buttons are convenient donation tools to grow a non profit organization or fundraising.

    Donating online via PC or portable devices is the easiest way for thousands of people worldwide to contribute to the implementation of this or that charitable program or campaign, donate for some business event, product, plugin, etc.

    All in all, your efforts to add donation buttons in your website will be profitable both for you and your online audience.

    Reduce the fundraising costs for your charitable, religious, educational or scientific website.

    Give your potential contributors, donors and fundraisers an opportunity to act online while on the move, at any time and from the convenience from their homes or bedrooms.

    Additionally, you will establish a strong communication ties with younger generations you are used to doing everything online.

    Now, if you are seriously wondering about how to add donation buttons in your WordPress powered website and start accepting donations online, follow our step by step guide for adding donation buttons manually or through relevant plugins.

    1. How to add PayPal donation buttons in WordPress manually.

    First of all, you need to create a PayPal account.

    If you already have a PayPal account, log in and click on Tools menu item. In the opened page, click on PayPal Buttons. Further, you need to find Related items on the right and use Create new button link.

    When you create a button, choose Donations under Choose a button type. On this page, you can also find customization tools. Choose to display credit card logos, to use smaller button, language and country for button or to use your own button image. Then, you need to choose currency and contribution amount. You can choose to let your donors enter their own contribution amount.

    As soon as you are done with this part, click on Create Button. Next, you will be able to see the code which is required to display PayPal donate button. Open the email tab and copy the given link in any text editor.

    Next step is to go to your WP Admin Dashboard and edit the post or page you want your PayPal donate button appear on. Make sure that you are using text editor mode instead of visual editor.
    Then, copy and paste the following piece of code:

    <a href="Email URL that you got from PayPal" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"><img src="" alt="" /></a>

    Don’t forget to use the link you have copied in the text editor instead of “Email URL that you got from PayPal”.

    We are finished. Now you have the required donation button added to your site. If you want to locate it on your sidebar, paste the above mentioned code inside a WP text widget.

    2. How to add Paypal donation buttons using a plugin.

    If you are looking for a simpler way to bring online donation functionality to your WP site, you’d better use this method. You can find lots of free donation plugins in WordPress repository of plugins. However, navigating your way through the avalanche of such plugins can be irritating. Therefore, we have chosen one of the best PayPal donate plugins to do a top class job for your site.

    PayPal Donations:

    PayPal Donations


    Start with uploading ‘paypal-donations’ folder to the ‘wp-content/plugins/ directory and activate it through WP Plugins menu.

    Now, you need to visit Settings, PayPal donations page for further customization. In General tab, you need to add your PayPal email, as well as choose the currency for the donations.

    Additionally, you can find optional settings, like Page Style and Return Page. As for the Page Style, you can add a custom payment page URL that exists in your PayPal account profile. As for the Return Page, you can provide a URL which the donators will come to once they are done with their donations. It can be a Thank you page or the like.

    Now, let’s pass to the optional settings. You can set the default amount to be received as a donation, state the purpose of donation and reference for the donation. Finally, you are offered to select a button style.

    Now, you are ready to showcase PayPal donation button with the help of the following shortcode inserted into any WP post or page:



    An alternative way to add Paypal Donations button to your WP site’s sidebar is to go to Appearance, Widgets, add title, text, purpose and reference. Once you are done with filling the fields, don’t forget to Save.

    Anyway, PayPal Donations is not the only plugin that can be a wise contribution to your website, especially, if you want to add more than donation buttons.

    Another user and developer friendly plugin to give you infinite control is

    Give: Donation Plugin and Fundraising Platform by Wordlmpress

    Give Donation Plugin


    This plugin is custom built to grant you with a reliable donation framework so that you can accept online donations easily.

    With Give you can have totally manageable donation forms, review and monitor donation statistics, as well as use other payment gateways and tools.

    You don’t need to pay a single penny to acquire this plugin.

    It is available for free and as such is suitable for non profit and tax free organizations and companies, as well as for those working on a tight budget.

    PayPal Donation Buttons:

    PayPal Donation Buttons


    This plugin is a good alternative to PayPal Donations, since this one also offers paypal buttons integration into your site.

    It offers you 9 standard Paypal donation plugins. You are also authorized to use your own custom button.

    Moreover, by the application of PayPal Donation Buttons, you can display Donation Goal and Donation List history on your page, post or widget.

    If you are searching for a donation plugin optimized for your WooCommerce based online store, you can use

    Potent Donations for WooCommerce:

    Potent Donations for WooCommerce


    WordPress themes best suited for Medium – sized businesses and websites

    medium sized business WordPress theme

    WordPress themes best suited for medium sized businesses and websites have been discussed

    Enhancing business and individual online performance with the appliance of modern and powerful themes of WordPress production has long become a checked and widely utilized practice at present for the companies and undertakings of different calibers.

    With their cost – effective and affordable policy lots of such themes seem to be perfect for medium – sized businesses and websites which operate on a limited budget, but want a framework on which they can have a strongly designed products for the powerful initial experience of their clients, user – driven website behavior, and which will succeed in providing the web services which have been prioritized by the target business owners and representatives.

    In our article we have searched and sort out some of the WordPress themes best suited for medium – sized businesses and websites, so that every businessman or private entrepreneur can save his time and financial means, instead find a perfect starting point for his long – term plans and marketing strategies in the dynamically developing and crowded digital environment. Each suggested template is worth every single penny you’ll spend on it and will go well with every kind of business or initiative.

    1. Bizness Pro:
    responsive business WordPress theme


    Bizness Pro is thoroughly thought out and seriously stylized, strongly developed and feature – rich, intensively resilient and flexible, user and customer – friendly and truly intuitive template, ready to adapt itself to any claim and requirement set by the website owner. This premium quality template is power – packed with tons of customization options and configuration controls to transfer your website to a platform, which will be mutually beneficial both for the business and its customers. Responsive design, e-commerce compatibility and other compulsory qualities have been taken care of in relation to this product.

    2. IT Consultant Pro:
    consultant WordPress theme


    IT Consultant Pro is the next WordPress theme best suited for medium – sized businesses and websites, especially IT companies and tech startups, business, financial and IT consulting services can greatly benefit from it. This truly versatile and inherently resilient, easy to use and customize website builder will take all the responsibility on it while taking a website of any direction, nature or popularity to a more advanced level of functionality and performance, when armed with the most informative content and modified and presented in the most efficient manner.

    3. Spirited Pro:
    corporate WordPress theme


    Modern and dynamic, elegant and stylish, visually eye-catching and clearly designed, customer – oriented and responsive, mobile and browser compatible, Spirited Pro has all the potential in order to contribute to any medium – sized business promotion online and the customer engagement into it in the shortest period of time. Functional possibilities are endless with this theme, especially when being linked to diverse plugins, such as WooCommerce, xTranslate X, gallery, slider and SEO plugins for the website better operation.

    4. Towing:
    towing WordPress theme


    Powered to generate a feature – rich, yet very flexible structure, established on responsive and cross – mobile compatible framework, coming with multilingual support and translation ready, nature, Towing can maximize your online success and considerably improve the people’s conversion into it. Apart from that, this top – rated theme is very lightweight in performance and very easy in usage, so that it will be at your constant control and management all the time.

    5. Welder:
    welding WordPress theme


    With alluring design and graphical solutions, adaptable structure and lots of handy and practical features within, shortcodes inclusion and Google font compatibility, responsiveness and mobile – friendliness, stunning performance with diverse useful plugins, and finally, the overall compliance with all the modern WordPress standards and requirements, Welder is another credible template, especially suitable for every welder and welder – related industry manifestation in the digital platform. Precisely arranged homepage sections and areas, as well as nice – looking slider availability will also boost your business effectiveness, resulting in your customer’s satisfaction and positive feedback.

    6. Blendit:
    blendit single page WordPress theme


    Modernity and creativity, stylish look and robust feel, inherently flexible structure arrangement and feature – rich package of theme options, elements and controls, user – oriented nature combined with strong and stable responsibility to adapt itself to any proposed screen size and dimensions are what make Blendit stand out among many other premium – quality themes, especially preferable by those individuals and company representatives, who aim at progressing their medium – sized business by the help of unlimited possibilities this WordPress theme may provide them with.

    7. SKT Biz Pro: 
    business WordPress theme


    SKT Biz Pro, as the name itself states, delivers all the business – driven possibilities one may exercise in favor of his developing business. Professional and awe inspiring overall appearance of the theme, convenient homepage sections to publish all the relevant content in relation to the company, its history, founders, staff, services and products, as well as other useful details, easy to navigate nature and total responsiveness for mobile and device access of the website make SKT Biz Pro an irreplaceable and functionally saturated product.

    8. High Tech:
    computer repair WordPress theme


    High Tech is also among the most strongly recommended WordPress themes best suited for computer repair medium –sized businesses and websites, which is loaded with every single theme unit and essential feature every such website will ever require, including home, about us, services sections to be highly informative for your customers and clients, lots of shorctodes inclusion for creating the necessary website content and managing it as the case may be, blog and gallery sections to present all the latest news, special offers, discounts or other information, a well as to showcase the relevant high – quality images.

    9. Exceptiona:
    accounting WordPress theme


    Created and launched by the dedicated WordPress specialists to satisfy all the current challenges the worldwide web may suggest, Exceptiona with its truly exceptional nature comes loaded with all the potential and functional opportunities to overcome them. The easy to understand and exercise theme structure is combined with super functionality and all – inclusiveness on the one hand, and easy to navigate dropdown levels and the overall customer – optimized website nature are mixed with simplified installation and customization processes. This uniquely developed theme has also been checked for its total responsibility, multilingual support and flawless plugin compatibility experience.