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Blog and Writers friendly WordPress themes for writing websites

Writers WordPress theme
One of the most practical and user – friendly blogging and website creation ecosystems in the face of WordPress community comes integrated with tons of user – friendly and well – developed products for all those individuals and company representatives, who have a big desire to publish any content online without being a genius about WordPress, coding technologies, modern developing skills and other relevant knowledge. And since WordPress has long established its dominance in all the possible branches and directions of the online profile creation and manifestation, blogging and writing websites are no exceptions at all, as the relevant specialist have long planned and realized the most unique and adaptive templates catering to writing and author activities in the digital networking system.

In this article we will walk you through the top – rated and incredibly sophisticated blog and writers friendly WordPress themes.

To exercise all their potentials and advantages for ensuring the most professional and easily usable framework, on which a writing or author website and blog can be deservedly built and flawlessly operated. All of them share the most suitable layout to post any authored content, use it for commercial and e –shopping purposes, as well as gain universal fame and popularity.

1. Character:
personal WordPress theme


Let us first cast a glance on the multipurpose and multiconcept, yet simply to utilize and understand template, which is called Character. Whether you are a person, who have started to establish its writing career in the nearest past and tries to command all the online techniques and strategies to ensure the exceptional look and feel of his writings, books, notes or other blog posts, or you are an experienced writer or blogger with long – lasting writing and publishing experience, who, apart from the traditional means of writing dissemination, wants to utilize also immense possibilities provided by the online world, Character with its user and developer – optimized, responsive and Google mobile friendly, highly customizable and expressively smart design will for sure be your helping hand in all your undertakings.

2. Online Coach Pro:
online coach WordPress theme


Online Coach Pro is the next practical and dynamic tool for all writers, authors, blog owners, online coaches and trainers, as well as other specialists and experts who want to establish a strong communication ties with thousands of people all around the globe and let your voice be heard around them. Established on fresh and animated external appearance, which is totally supported by the impeccable inner functionality ensured by the handy application of tons of essential parts and features of this premium – quality blog and writers friendly WordPress theme, Online Coach Pro deems to be ideal no matter what your website content focuses on.

3. Girlie:
girly WordPress theme


Visually awe – inspiring and thriving, beautifully stylized and well – supported, smart and secure, expressively dynamic and bright, totally versatile and flexible, website owner and visitor – friendly, responsive and WooCommerce compatible, Girlie has been specifically launched with obvious feminine lines and shades to satisfy all the professional requirements of any woman writer or personal blog owner. This being so, we are pretty sure every feminine representative will inevitably feel the whole strength and solidity of this theme and will appreciate all the configuration and customization possibilities coming along it.

4. SKT White Pro:
white WordPress theme


SKT White Pro has long been checked and confirmed to be a stunning blog and writing website creation and management all – inclusive system, which balances between elegant and modern, visually eye – catching and innovative layout and strong and stable, safe and secure, responsive and cross mobile compatible website functionality no matter what mobile or tablet is being used for browsing the target author and writer posts. What makes this multi – layout and conceptually significant template uniquely top – rated product are its easy and lightweight usability, simplicity and customizability in all stages of the writing website or any author blog creation and development online.

5. Marvin:
personal WordPress theme


Marvin with its tech – savvy and feature – rich, yet approachable and easily affordable nature can transform itself to act as a channel for any single author, biographer, scriber and blog writer to connect to his readers’ base. One of the most striking qualities of this highly recommendable blog and writers friendly WordPress theme, apart from a wide range of top – qualities, is its total user and customer – optimization to the most possible extent even for those writers, who are not familiar with the technocracy of the worldwide web.

6. SKT Launch Pro:
author WordPress theme


From interactive and vigorous design to flexible and immensely resourceful structure, from polished and pliable design solutions to smooth and sleek navigation, SKT Launch Pro generates a perfect writer and blogger – centric template armed with all the integral parts and portions for perfect website experience both for the writing website owner, as well as the website reader. In case you want to go about self – publishing or advanced distribution of your e-books and other commercial products, look no further than SKT Launch, which comes integrated with whatever any author may need to have at his full command to reach our all his professional and occupational perspectives and reveal new commercial horizons.

7. Political Candidate:
political candidate WordPress theme


Political Candidate is also praised as another convenient variant for running on the basis of any writer – based website or blog and generating massive interest in your blog posts, books, novels, writing and other relevant content. Since this truly amazing and practical writing – optimized and WordPress supported them perfectly operates with WooCommerce plugin, then you are lucky enough to successfully practice all the e-based techniques and methods, which are possible within the scope of Political Candidate, thus exercising the cost – effective sales platform easily.

8. Me:
resume WordPress theme


Me is not just about its writing – effective nature, it’s also about strong visual impact and professional look, mixed with total responsiveness and easily customizable and controllable structure. This high – quality blog and writers friendly WordPress theme has been checked for its faultless compatibility with a set of modern plugins for executing diverse writer – related undertakings and blog – related activities in the most competitive and productive way. Moreover, Me is well –optimized for any kind of mobile and device usage and awesomely adapts itself to any screen dimensions.

Law Firm WordPress themes for lawyer firms and legal consultation

law firm WordPress themes

Law firm WordPress themes are showcased in this article which are developed and stylized for law firms and agencies, lawyers and attorneys, assurance and tax, consulting service providers, advocates and counsels and not only.

If you are striving to add a value to your law firm, make it more popular and client centric, running a reliable website showcasing your seasoned professionals and lawyers is the best way to do it.

However, the avalanche of the law based websites and platforms with tons of offers and services can make an average web surfer’s head spin.

Therefore, our specialists have worked out top rated law firm WordPress themes which are custom built to establish an easy to follow direction for any lay firm or department, consulting agency or legal advisor business to stand out from the crowd.

Ready to easily demonstrate the expertise and true power of your firm and its representatives, all of the law firm WordPress themes discussed in this article are worth trying.

Packed with proper calls to actions, buttons, links and contact details available, these WordPress authored themes totally remove the guess work for your website guests while guiding them wherever needed.

Whether they want to contact you via phone or fill in the relevant contact form, the nicely formatted structure of those law firm WordPress themes will save their time and will enable them to act quickly in order to get in touch with you.

1. Lawzo:

lawyer law firm attorney WordPress theme


Lawzo is what will make your online exposure presentable and user optimized. As one of the results generating law firm WordPress themes of WordPress production, Lawzo will make it possible for your law and legal business reach the cross section of the target client base.

Responsive and mobile friendly, wonderfully pliable and clearly coded, Lawzo comes with totally manageable admin dashboard to control every single part of your site, from look and feel to functional peculiarities.

There are full color changing possibilities, background and text controls, plugin compatibility for commercial and other purposes, social icons and fonts packs, about us and services sections for the comprehensive presentation of your business profile and more.

A thorough SEO optimization has been done while developing Lawzo to make your future website totally SEO friendly with higher rankings in the virtual domain.

2. Exceptiona:

accounting WordPress theme


Exceptiona is the next top quality template catering to legal and financial, accounting and consulting world with all its branches, subdivisions and other manifestations.

Get more and more leads for your business and law firm with the help of this shortcodes supported and immensely versatile template that meets all the requirements of modern WordPress codex. Decide the final look your website should share and add your nice looking vibes around the white dominant space.

Do you want better visibility on Google and other search engines’ inquiries? Exceptiona is never reluctant to take your profile to the leading positions since it is ultimately search engine friendly and Google approved with responsive touches, which are also important components giving your website SEO optimized status.

3. Legal Expert:

legal WordPress theme


Expanding your legal business footprint online should not be too expensive or bewildering. Legal Expert as one of the pocket friendly, yet well thought out law firm WordPress themes will prove that you can achieve higher results in a less economic or stressful fashion.

Keep your finger on the pulse with Legal Expert by maintaining your website on the hassle free form and function. Arm it with all the necessary information, contact details, services and consultations, meetings and events via the pre enabled sections and areas, additional content zones and parts.

As for the visual part, you are free to add the most effective image in the homepage slider to deliver the best moments of your business, its happy clients, successful projects, etc.

4. Perfect Business:

perfect business WordPress theme


Perfect Business is one of the successful and fruitful child themes suitable for business spectrum. As such, it can be used to cover any kind of legal or law based activity, firm or organization website online.

With smooth and enjoyable navigation, accurately arranged parts and sections, font and color management controls and enabled shortcodes base, Perfect Business is launched as a simple yet powerful tool to proudly stress your expertise, as well as build long lasting relationships.

This supreme and designer made, serious looking and award winning WordPress theme is also perfectly polished to be plugin compatible and mobile optimized for higher conversion rates.

From commercial to gallery, translation, contact form and SEO, all the primary plugins just work fine with Perfect Business.

5. Spirited Pro:

corporate WordPress theme


Another product among the best law firm WordPress themes that takes the advantage of clean and white outfit is called Spirited Pro.

This multipurpose and business centric template is checked for its consistent nature and stability in mistake free performance no matter what kind of business is rendered to your online audience.

The clear and elegant look of the theme will make the informative part of your website more noticeable and as such will record more views and client’s attention.

Held up to the strongest functional platform and to the highest quality standards, Spirited Pro shares an intuitive layout easy to work with accompanied with a basic toolkit of the most frequently applicable elements. The theme is also tested for its excellent cooperation across a plethora of plugins and extensions.

6. Simple:

simple WordPress theme


Simple is one of the smartest ways to generate more leads and prospects while saving your financial means and nerves.

It means that you can simply maximize the efficiency of your budget by spending less on the theme’s purchase, installation, activation and further management.

The simple and calm appearance of the theme increases your content legibility and enables your web viewers to find your legal and law services more easily.

We all know that the website guests are always in a hurry and are not going to spend much time on browsing your site or finding whatever is needed.

Therefore, Simple has been processed to celebrate fast performing and quick loading characters, as well as well categorized homepage parts and other pages.

Irresistible WordPress themes for building some awesome websites

irresistible WordPress themes

Irresistible WordPress themes presented for your reference and ready to use in websites.

No matter what you are dealing with and what kind of personal or business undertaking you are engaged in, the modern digital world with all its privileges matters the most. WordPress modern and dynamic content management system in its turn dramatically alters the face of today’s online networking system by flooding the market with its exclusively practical products, categorized to meet all the requirements and standards of absolutely any business branch or direction.

Going one step further, we have selected 8 irresistible WordPress themes for the creation and flawless performance of some awesome websites, which will strike the visitor’s eye with their unique and exceptional design solutions based on the safe and sound user – driven operational framework. Irrespective of the website nature or description, the below – specified templates will focus the bulk of the customer’s attention on the most relevant theme sections and areas, resulting for the website representative unlimited touches of conduct to get the maximum profit and popularity as a result.

1. The Trip:
travel WordPress theme


The Trip is multipurpose and multilayout website builder platform ready to cover any kind of content and let it be easily accessible to any target group of audience. This irresistible WordPress theme armed with fresh and lively designed appearance, fast – loading character and truly intuitive performance, smooth and impeccable navigation experience and user and visitor – optimized interface comprise every single essential element and control to stylize and personalize any online profile as per your needs and preferences. All the conditions of responsiveness and cross mobile – friendliness have been sophisticatedly ensured within the theme.

2. SKT Gardening:
gardening landscaping WordPress theme


SKT Gardening is the next general – purpose and all – inclusive, highly reliable and user – friendly, truly flexible and immensely adaptable, easy to use and customize, quick in performance website builder for every single person and expresses full collection of easy to access and utilize theme control and customization options, so that the website will be subject to modification any time you want. Established on safe and secure coding, flexible and extensively resilient framework touched by shades of responsiveness for the outstanding mobile user experience, this super website platform will guarantee your rich and creative content consumption with the most dynamically accelerating pace

3. Photo World Pro:
photography WordPress theme


Photo World Pro looks set for continuous and sustainable growth to the next level of success and customer engagement. When practicing all the beneficial points of this premium quality and highly recommended WordPress based template of irresistible look and feel together with inherently informative and user – centric content, which can adapt itself to fit any mobile or device screen dimensions and keep the overall flawless and stunning appearance of the website, be sure to reach out all the foreseen objectives set by you prior to the management of your online area and even surpass them.

4. Lawzo:
legal consulting WordPress theme


Balanced between serious and robust look, credible and presentable visualization, as well as cleanly structured and strongly coded template, fully functionality and seamless customization, Lawzo as another irresistible WordPress theme at your disposal demolishes all the existing barriers of entry for easy and cost – effective website creation and maintenance. Not only does this theme implement the huge part of the work itself, leaving only the content provision and customization as per your desire, but also generates a truly responsive and e-commerce compatible approach towards every web content.

5. SKT Industrial:
industrial renovation WordPress themes


SKT Industrial is strongly and precisely crafted and launched, visually alluring and expressive, functionally saturated and comprehensively formatted, search engine integrated and social media optimized WordPress – related web creation toolset which has been tested and confirmed for its total user – friendliness and responsiveness, as well as super-fast loading nature. Thanks to its multiuse structural and interface arrangement, the theme has all the potential to showcase total flexibility whenever needed and deservedly display any relevant hobby or personal interest, as well as professional industry.

6. Toothy:
dentist WordPress theme


Toothy has been minutely developed and produced to satisfy all the marketing strategies any doctor, dentist or other medical expert and specialist may think necessary for his business promotion and customer engagement from all over the world. This being so, this particular template with multilingual support and WooCommerce – optimized usage is loaded with clean and neat look and smooth and sleek website performance, conveniently arranged homepage sections, boxes and areas to post any useful information about the target medical center or clinic, its staff, services, special offers, as well as any other frequently searched information to increase the effectiveness of all your online efforts and boost the customer conversion.

7. SKT Medical Pro:
medical WordPress theme


Clean and fresh design, practical and dynamic graphical solutions, truly responsive and cross mobile and device – checked qualities, e-commerce compatible and WooCommerce – friendly nature, easy to set up and run possibilities are what make SKT Medical Pro stand out among many other suggested website builders thanks to a number of premium capacities it shares. This health and medical – driven irresistible WordPress theme comes integrated with a strong and useful package of theme essentials and controls deliberately made to increase the website traffic and gain more people’s confidence and trust. Moreover, SKT Medical Pro is among the most lightweight and simple structure – based products to be utilized, which can be easily centered within the target online market, breaking all the borders of geographical location.

8. HVAC and Cleaning:
HVAC and cleaning WordPress theme


If you have intended to showcase all the favorable conditions people can benefit from your HVAC, cleaning and repair service industry, HVAC and Cleaning WordPress compatible theme is the best selection for you to master high – standard and marvelous performance website with minimum procedural requirements to be truly serious and professional-looking. All the peculiarities concerning those industries, including but not limited to existing cleaning and HVAC services, operational standards, pricelists, special discounts, etc can be posted on the web pages in the most precisely arranged and controlled manner in order to reach beyond your regional community and be accessible on a global scale.

Crossfit Box WordPress Themes for fitness training websites

crossfit box WordPress themes
A splendid assortment of the most powerful crossfit box WordPress themes for crossfit box and gym clubs, fitness centers and muscle gain programs, sports communities and trainings, yoga specialists and instructors, Pilates studios and more.

In today’s dynamic world where most of the time is spent on making money and gaining profit from all the possible channels, our physical condition seems to suffer a lot. With the majority of desk and office based job offers, the importance of the physical state, flexibility and strength of the human body seem to go on the decline.

On the other hand, however, there is a gaining popularity of fitness and gym based activities, subscription offers and private box clubs popping up here and there across any locality or region. They try to compensate the lack of physical activities and active regimes while providing dozens of people with convenient and well equipped clubs and crossfit centers.

This time we have put together the best crossfit box WordPress themes for such crossfit box communities and weight loss, diet and nutrition, muscle gain, shaping, fitness dance and other centers.

Grow your relevant business by the application of any of the crossfit box WordPress themes highlighted here and dominate your digital presence with the best offers, tips and personal trainers. With any of them you will be able to discover multiple hidden powers and functional capacities to take your profile to the next level of client engagement and better results.

1. Strong Pro:

crossfit WordPress theme


Truly strong and powerful, visually engaging and motivational, Strong Pro is one of the complete and competent solutions among crossfit box WordPress themes to arm your website with everything your clients will ever need.

Make all your offers and services live with the prebuilt homepage sections and other pages, create a stunning visualization of your crossfit activities or gym club to inspire your potential clients. Showcase the best images over your profile with the help of the homepage slider and control the way the slides will be displayed with pause time and more.

The theme’s SEO ready nature is a wonderful key to the online success since you are going to have boosted traffic and more quantifiable web results without much investment on paid searches or SEO campaigns. Just pair your website with any of the relevant SEO plugins and that combination will do the job perfectly.

2. Soccer:

soccer WordPress theme


Soccer is one of the freshest and well formatted sports based and crossfit box WordPress themes ready to cover both group and individual forms of sports activities and fitness trainings.
Use this wonderfully worked out and decorated template for your next online project and you will reap the rewards. With this theme you’ll have pixel perfect exposure in the digital platform, which means more leads and prospects for your crossfit box activities.

Packed with top quality features and components for the best online distribution, Soccer comes with a diversity of customization controls, simple and lightweight nature for quick updates and post scheduling, page, post and other layout controls, header and footer layout choices and much more.

Additionally, Soccer is also one of the best SEO and SMO optimized crossfit box WordPress themes so that your website will be ranked in top positions of search engine results.

3. Perfect Fitness:

perfect fitness WordPress theme


As a fitness or box club owner, you have two primary objectives for your website – to create high quality and easy to digest web content, as well as to drive as much traffic to your site as it is possible without additional costs.

In this relation, Perfect Fitness is what will fit to your needs to the most extent. With its SEO friendly coding and admin optimized dashboard, it will enable anyone to produce and publish web content in a matter of minutes and be sure the site will have better rankings.

As for the functional and structural peculiarities of the theme, it celebrates advanced functional framework with tons of customization possibilities across fonts and colors, homepage slides and page/post layouts.

4. Character:

personal WordPress theme


If you want to get started in the crossfit box industry as a private instructor or fitness model, expert or trainer, look no further than Character. Suitable both for personal usage and group presentations, Character conveys totally adjustable layout that is lovely and easy to navigate for the website guests.

This top rated and highly demanded template does not merely fit in the criteria defined by the WordPress community, but is also amazingly flexible and admin optimized for constant changes and customizations.

With colors mix and match, font and icons packs, portfolio section for stressing out your works, projects and programs, personal achievement and more, you will be capable of styling your site on a live mode without touching the codes of the theme.

5. Gym Master:

gym WordPress theme


When it comes to choosing a truly versatile yet lightweight crossfit template for multipurpose applications, our recommendation is Gym Master. Professional and intelligent, smoothly navigable and crisp, visually attention seizing and shortcodes based, Gym Master will look its absolute best on every single mobile or device screen since it is 100% responsive and cross mobile compliant.

Put the endless opportunities of Gym Master into actions and promote your gym or box related center to the target audience with textual and visual content, header and footer areas, SEO and SMO readiness, plugin compatibility and more.

6. BeFit Pro:

personal trainer WordPress theme


Fitness enthusiasts and those who want to shape their bodies often encounter fitness based businesses through inspiring images and photos of real body transformation.

So why not to use the impact of pixel perfect imagery on your website with the support of BeFit Pro?

With homepage powerful slider for the most motivational visual pieces and separate gallery section for albums and photo categorization, it also includes other useful sections to showcase your biography, trainers, business profile, contact details and more.

If you are after crossfit box WordPress based template that is also SEO ready, BeFit is an ideal candidate to take care of the higher conversion rate and boosted traffic coming from search engine results.

Two and three column Responsive WordPress themes for column – based websites

two column three column WordPress themes
Since column – based websites are very popular at present with their productive content management chances, in this article we have picked out the best two and three column responsive WordPress themes, which will speak to the favor of any modern and creative website building and development, irrespective of its type, nature, size or content to be displayed.

With the emergence of the universal need of making any digital product more comprehensive and informative, multi – column layout designs broke their way into existence along with grid systems, which had been available for a very long time.

There are lots of functional and aesthetic advantages one can enjoy from two and three column – based structures, especially when dealing with multimedia and interactive content. Instead of utilizing full – width horizontal content area, all the website information can be precisely showcased by the help of multi – column content arrangement to be more attractive and focus –effective, as well as easier to read and digest. And this is not the whole pack of privileges one can benefit from.

1. SKT Magazine Pro (3 column):
magazine WordPress theme


SKT Magazine Pro is top – rated multipurpose product loaded with 3 column grid system, so that the content of the website established on this template will be easier to perceive for the visitors. This premium quality, yet cost – conscious theme comes with interactive and bright design and graphical solutions, highly versatile and dynamic structure and truly responsive and mobile friendly template, which is a primary concern in the current digital world for all the web presences, since the website column – centric arrangement must adapt itself to present a pixel perfect mobile version.

2. Character (3 column):
personal WordPress theme


By the application of highly recommended Character of 3 column – based appearance every single website owner or administrator will have all the chances at his disposal to ensure the website harmonic and presentable design, which will also be appreciated by any website visitor. Truly elegant and modern, dynamic and creative, extremely resourceful and resilient, smart and stable, highly user and developer – friendly, as well as easily customizable, this responsive template will definitely guarantee your website three column – based smooth and sleek navigation.

3. SKT Beach (2 column):
beach and aqua WordPress theme


SKT Beach is another convenient multimedia content posting and controlling tool in our list of the most productive and truly powerful two and three column responsive WordPress themes, which generates all the favorable conditions for every person with or without any programming knowledge to take full control over his website online presence and break his relevant content into 2 possible column areas. This reliable theme has also been designed to meet all the requirements any responsive theme should share, so that the website will be able to keep all its elegance and eye – catching appearance balanced with exceptional performance and usability as well.

4. SKT Trust (2 column):
non profit WordPress theme


If you are looking for a truly modern and functionally saturated do-it-yourself website builder framework, which apart from its all-inclusive and highly sophisticated template, will be also very easy to use and understand, here is SKT Trust with its 2 column – based layout arrangement and control. All the details and touches of immensely intuitive and responsive design have been taken care of, so that when crafting a website on the basis of SKT Trust, a mobile version of it will be stunningly generated without any defects and will provide the website visitors and readers with truly positive and presentable mobile and tablet user experience.

5. Exceptiona (2 column):
accounting WordPress theme


Simplicity and lightweight performance, total adaptability and flexibility, professionally designed and worked out overall foundation personalized with 2 column – centric website layout disposition for the creation of multipurpose and multimedia – rich content. This truly exceptional and convenient, extensively smart and professional, 100 % responsive and cross mobile compatible, HTML5 and CSS3 based and WordPress powered template is power – packed with all the essential theme options and features to integrate all the needed functionality and advanced performance to the website.

6. Nuptials (2 column):


The next expressively dynamic and practical sample, deserving its special place in our list of two and three column responsive WordPress themes is the product called Nuptials. The shorter lines of the columns will for sure be more perceptible and visually precise for the content reader, providing them not only with the perfect look and feel of website desktop version, but also with flawless mobile version appearance and excellent visualization.

7. Religious (2 column):


Multipurpose and multiuse, wonderfully readable and perceptible, polished and pliable, tech – savvy and dependable, Religious can transfer any web presence into a dominant and impressively popular digital medium. This fast loading, readily flexible and totally responsible WordPress – powered website builder comes integrated with tons of customization and management options to keep the online profile of any individual or company always up to date and expressively structured with the help of 2 column layout design suggestion.

8. SKT Lens Pro (3 column):
responsive portfolio WordPress theme


SKT Lens Pro with its safe and sound, flexible and intuitive, totally responsive and mobile version optimized framework will help every single person of almost any experience and professional level to personalize his website according to all his objectives. This perspective and dynamic template is built up with 3 column – based layout arrangement, which will fit any mobile and device screen size, thus showcasing great functional and design stability in all cases.

9. SKT Full Width Pro (3 column):
Full Wide WordPress theme


Finally, we came to SKT Full Width Pro armed with well –structured and compactly organized three column responsive layout system to provide a stable and reliable operational framework for multipurpose usages catering to any individual or business undertaking. Since this highly practical and far -famed product has been minutely worked out to be a truly modern and supportive template, satisfying all the need of the current worldwide web, optimized mobile view will be browsed for all the mobile and device users.

Ads – friendly with Google Adsense WordPress Theme for affiliate marketing websites

ads friendly WordPress themes

Google adsense WordPress themes have been explained properly and presented in this article.

The modern digital networking system has long become an inevitable part of the current life, within the scope of which thousands of commercial and business ties are promoted and developed, allowing lots of individuals and companies expand their virtual territories and get more profit.

Hence, the Internet is considered as a totally practical and dynamic promotional and developmental tool no matter what kind of activity you’re engaged in.

Apart from the specific productive ways your online presence in the face of any website or blog may exercise, there are also other means of earning money via the online products by ensuring your website ads – friendliness to display Google advertisements that are targeted specifically for your website users and visitors.

Since Google Adsense is currently the most popular and successful online advertising network, many people have set their minds to find a professionally structured WordPress theme, which, apart from being especially convenient and suitable for some target niche, will also be optimized for Google Adsense, so that it will be possible to maximize the expected incomes from the website or blog.

Keeping this in mind, we have made a comprehensive collection of the best ads – friendly WordPress themes to increase your website click – through rate by means of placing an advertisement in your digital environment and get paid for that.

1. SKT Magazine Pro:
magazine WordPress theme


SKT Magazine Pro is the first ads – friendly WordPress theme in our list for affiliate marketing websites to take every care of providing you with an exceptional working environment, where advertisements can be posted, resulting in revenue generation. By the application of this strong and stable, safe and sound, seriously crafted and developed, interactively stylized and brightly presented template you can turn your popular website of any nature and description into profit – generating tool, so that the relevant content to be advertised will never hamper your overall website performance and operation. Built on stunningly responsive and mobile friendly template, SKT Magazine Pro proves itself as a truly successful and customer – friendly product with many active installations.

2. SKT Black Pro:
black and dark WordPress theme


If you have a clear cut intention of undertaking the creation and maintenance of a profoundly eminent and deeply elegant, powerful and dynamic, entirely customizable and adaptive, user and developer – friendly template to cater to you personal, corporate, portfolio, resume, design or any other initiative, which at the same time will specialize in the business of ads placement on the website for additional profit, here is SKT Black Pro at your disposal to serve as a stable and totally reliable basis for such kind of undertakings. With the great support of this Google Adsense optimized theme, you can be sure not only to post the ads relevant to your site content and direction, but also have many returns of the advertiser.

3. Character:
personal WordPress theme


Character is the next ads – friendly WordPress theme to be acquired and exercised by any effective businessman or private entrepreneur. This premium quality theme demonstrates completely responsive and cross mobile compatible character, powerful set of handy and compact theme characteristic features to stylize and customize your marketing website as per your plans and claims, multilingual support to localize your content to be easily accessible by different communities, as well as overall easy to use and edit theme structure and interface, so that you won’t get stuck into anything incomprehensible or obscure.

4. SKT Lens Pro:
responsive portfolio WordPress theme


SKT Lens Pro has been minutely developed and published with ads and Google Adsense – optimization, as well as other modern and highly required functionalities in the developer’s mind. Irrespective of the fact whether you are going to use the website for commercial, shopping, service provision or any other purposes, this awesome and deeply purposeful WordPress theme can serve as a serious monetization technique for you. The most striking thing is that SKT Lens Pro will provide the balance between your relevant content and the ads specified for your audience, so that ads will not overwhelm your website appearance or performance.

5. Full Width Pro:
Full Wide WordPress theme


Full Width Pro can turn out to be an integral part of your marketing or business strategy to promote yourself and your company in the digital framework and raise your website traffic, after which you will have all the opportunities to have ads appearing on your website and attracting your visitors to click on them. The result of this will appear as your revenue increase to this or that extent. Apart from being designed to carry out the ads posting processes, this theme is packed with other useful theme controls, settings and elements to showcase any content, including high – resolution images stretching along the full width of the homepage.

6. SKT Launch Pro:
author WordPress theme


SKT Launch Pro is an ideal ads – friendly WordPress theme with anything you will be in need of to launch and present any new e-book, other product or service to the public at large. This truly responsive and intuitive, smooth and sleek, polished and dynamic content management system will impress your visitors and clients with its alluring and innovative design solutions and shades, as well as fast loading and flawless functionality, mo matter how many advertisements are posted in different parts of the website. The theme is built on strong coding and will remain a solid foundation within the whole process of the website performance.

7. Shudh:
minimal WordPress theme


Minimalistic, yet dynamic, clean yet fresh design, compact and neatly arranged appearance, user and developer friendliness, flexible and intuitive layout, responsive and mobile compatible template and Google Adsense – optimized structure are the main characteristics of Shudh as one of the most suitable ads – friendly WordPress powered templates to drive a considerable traffic to your web page to boost your profits coming out of the ads. This multilingual and color changing theme is general – purpose in nature and all –inclusive in structure, so that it can cover any proposed topic and produce consumer –centric content.

Dance Studio WordPress themes for dancing school & studio websites

dance studio WordPress themes

One of the most comprehensive collection of dance studio WordPress themes you will need in order to create and run fully sophisticated and flexible music and musical band, dance studio and dance classes, dancing schools and academies, ballet, Latino and Salsa clubs, as well as other song and dance based websites and blogs.

Dance is one of the ancient forms of the art and it is as old as the mankind itself. Hence, it would be completely frivolous to consider dance as a mere entertainment or a way of enjoyable pastime. Dance reflects feelings and helps the dancer to explore the world around him or her. Moreover, dances are wonderful medicines when it comes to conquering certain diseases or strengthening the overall condition of the human body.

With the above mentioned advantages of the dance world and not only, today there are hundreds of dance centric activities, groups and academies offering their private and groups dance classes and trainings. In this article we have compiled the best dance studio WordPress themes for such kind of activities, as well as for other music and dance related profiles and undertakings online.

Each of the music and dance studio WordPress themes we’ll summarize below is a great tool to amp up your online presence with less financial means and keep it user centric all the time, since all of them area cost effective and affordable, yet premium quality and immensely customizable.

1. Disco Dancer:

disco dancer WordPress theme


Disco Dancer is one of the popular and niche specific dance studio WordPress themes of WordPress authorship. From esthetically pleasing face to durable coding and operational framework, Disco Dancer is a perfect unity of beautiful appearance and functionally advanced structure to make your dance school or center website one of a kind.

Showcase the most effective photos of your trainers and specialists, clients and fans through the homepage slider so that it will affect your site’s viewers intently. Use the preloaded homepage areas and sections or alter them accordingly to host your information, from business profile to experts, services, locations and contact info.

The theme is also readily responsive and mobile compliant to make your website look and perform well on every single mobile or device, as well as cross plugin and extension compatible for higher outcomes.

2. Musical Sounds:

audio WordPress theme


Musical Sounds is the next music and dance related online platform letting you go live with your website at a glance. No learning curve, no additional skills or web knowledge is required with Musical Sounds for your site to subject to all your requirements, customizations and interventions and wear the outfit you prefer.

Keep your site’s texts and images, social icons and other attributes visually clean and legible with this responsive and mobile optimized website so that your clients can review your content and get updates from their comfort zones when armed with their portable devices and smartphones.

Designed for the best ecommerce experience as well, the theme is highly functional with WooCommerce and other commercial plugins and not only. The list of other compatible plugins includes music player, contact form, shortcodes, slider, SEO and multilingual ones.

3. SKT Tube:

video WordPress theme


If you are looking for a video based and video optimized online environment among dance studio WordPress themes to share a bulk amount of video materials showcasing your dance classes and tutorials, look no further than SKT Tube. With an obvious similarity with famous YouTube, your website based on this template will be condemned to success and better client engagement.

A powerful video slider with around 32 variations is at your disposal to make your videos extremely presentable and user centric whenever the latter is landing on your homepage. You are also free to test and try other image and video sliders as well in order to find the most relevant one matching your site’s overall identity.

Video shortcodes, other shortcodes for testimonials, team members, etc, page builder controls, POT file for translations and multilingual content, prebuilt customizer with tons of settings and customization options are all wrapped up in SKT Tube.

4. Music Producer:

music band WordPress theme


Explore your creativity behind the scenes with the help of Music Producer as a convenient tool to be applied across music and dance websites of any size or direction.

Keep your profile informative and visually saturated with Music Producer without much efforts since the theme is unimaginable simple and lightweight in usage with color and font management controls, homepage slider and slides options, footer and header layout options and more.

Fully compliant with WordPress Codex requirements, this template is incredibly vast in customization settings, as well as 100 % responsive and Google approved for cross mobile and device operation of your site.

5. The Art:

art WordPress theme


The Art is one of the visually attractive and awe inspiring dance studio WordPress themes that will grant your website with artistic look and feel.

All in all, it’s a fun and affordable way to get access to a ready made platform that needs slight changes and customizations to disseminate your own style, dance studio objective, brand or whatever you need to be stressed through your posts and pages.

Publish your trainees, year round programs, schedules, domestic and international auditions, dance groups and much more to let your clients find the answers to their questions with a few simple clicks. Organize all those information in a neatly arranged theme parts and roll them up with beautiful images and photos spanning almost the whole of the homepage.

6. Melody:

music studio WordPress theme


The last dynamic and inspiring template catering to the artistic, musical, dance and choreography world comes loaded as Melody.

It comes as a combination of well laid out structural framework, secure and modern coding with responsive and mobile friendly tones, flexible image and content available across multiple platforms, photo and video galleries, shortcodes which are more than 100 in number, blog and other pages to be added to your profile, etc.

On the whole, Melody incorporates all the must haves that you will ever need to prove your expertise and excellence in the dance world.

Free GPL Based WordPress themes for people who love free software and templates

free GPL based WordPress themes
If you give preference to WordPress community, as one of the best and modern content management systems available at present and comprehensively take advantage of its efficiency and productivity, you will for sure appreciate free GPL based WordPress themes for having access to free software and templates. GPL Licensed themes mean you can actively and freely make use of the proposed platform and product in the most convenient way. Apart from that, if necessary, you can use theme for multisite installs, thus you will save a considerable sum of money and nerves while running the online manifestations of diverse individual and business undertakings by the application of the same operational standards and principles.

In this article we have selected the best samples of free GPL based WordPress themes.

Which can be acquired entirely for free, yet will grant you with every possibility to run the suggested software for any purposes and perspectives, modify and customize it as per your needs and requirements, as well as extend it whenever needed.

1. Movers and Packers:
moving company WordPress theme


Movers and Packers with its GPL based nature will, by all means, protect your freedom to use, edit and distribute the target software. Hence this WordPress based free GPL template is an ideal version for those, who are dealing with moving, packaging, transportation, brokerage, shipping, carrier and any other relevant customer – related services, as the theme comes loaded with all the necessary theme sections and areas to display your business profile in the most professional way, as well as with a strong collection of theme features and options to customize it in order to achieve the final objectives put forward by the website representatives.

2. SKT Design Agency:
design agency WordPress theme


SKT Design Agency is modern and stylish, clean and fresh multipurpose and falls in category of free GPL based WordPress themes, which uses GPL license on its basis. Hence, you are free to set up, run, modify and control your website within the scope of the theme possibilities and settings. Whether you’re a photographer or portfolio owner, or are a part of a successful design agency, this high quality and super functional template will act as a helping hand to you within the whole process of the respective website or blog display in the online network.

3. SKT Magazine:
magazine WordPress theme


The next well – structured, highly customizable and user and developer friendly WordPress them appearing in GPL based nature is SKT Magazine. This bright and animated, smart and intuitive template is an ideal version for those who love free software and templates. The theme shares one of the essential and basic feature any modern theme must have, and that is the responsiveness and mobile friendliness. Moreover, the theme is ready to cooperate with a wide range of modern plugins, including WooCommerce, NextGen Gallery, Facebook Comments, as well as many other plugins for better functionality and operation.

4. Girlie Lite:
girly WordPress theme


Girlie Lite advances free GPL based WordPress themes, beautiful and modern design with certain feminine and girly colors and shades, flexible and adaptive layout, as well as simplicity and user – friendliness in usage. Thus, every girl or woman will be provided with all the chances to make the best and competitive appearance of any relevant business. This highly intuitive and resourceful theme will exclude a number of headaches anyone can feel while working with the theme, as Girlie Lite is built on a very simple and easy to understand platform with handy tools and controls to undertake all the necessary processes and actions without any difficulty.

5. Hotel Lite:
hotel WordPress theme


By the application of GPL licensed product of WordPress in the face of Hotel Lite your hotel and apartment, as well as travel websites will stand out among the other online products thanks to their visual and functional effectiveness. Built and established on a powerful and strongly structured Customizer, the theme will let you edit and customize your template as required and get the maximum profit from your business presentation in the worldwide digital networking system. Hotel Lite is famous for its fast loading structure, compatibility with all the major standards and coding requirements, SEO integration, as well as complete responsiveness.

6. Kraft Lite:
premium WordPress theme


Kraft Lite can be the best selection of you to start building and developing any WordPress supported framework catering to any product, service, portfolio, undertaking or program of any kind and nature. This effective and highly productive theme can be acquired entirely for free, yet will be loaded with premium quality ingredients and characteristics to expand the website capabilities and functionality. This simple, yet smart, adaptable, yet very reliable based on the free GPL based WordPress themes category features great responsiveness adapting itself to any mobile and device screen dimensions and resolution to keep the website exceptional look and feel.

7. BeFit:
personal trainer WordPress theme


BeFit is minutely projected and realized to meet all the requirements and claims of those clients, who are fond of free software to handle any gym, fitness, personal trainer, yoga or any other health loss and healthcare activities. These one of the neatly designed and conveniently structured free GPL based WordPress themes licensed 100% GPL, thus you are granted with any right to exercise the acquired template however you may find precise. The homepage accurate sections are what are needed to demonstrate the full representation of your business, club, center, specialists and trainers, services and classes or any other frequently asked information and content.

8. SKT Toothy:
dentist WordPress theme


Being established on a very strong and powerful operational platform, combined with a clean and fresh visual solutions and design shades, SKT Toothy comes integrated with any essential feature and setting any doctor, dentist and another medical expert will primarily need to have at his disposal to cover his business in the most professional manner. Patients will for sure appreciate the precise, neatly fixed and organized structure of your website, which apart from being eye – catching in appearance, will be also very informative and customer friendly, allowing the latter access the website with their mobiles, smartphones, tablets or any other modern technological devices. This one also surely falls under the category of free GPl based WordPress themes due to its overall appeal and absolutely free license as it states.

8+ Awesome WordPress Plugins To Run Your Radio Website


Serving as the backbone for millions of websites prevalent over the web, WordPress has become the number one choice of people and enterprises looking for building an eye-catchy and fully-functional website.

Irrespective of your domain, WordPress will allow you to receive your kind of site, which will be successful in wooing the targeted audience instantly. So, if you own a radio-station and have built your radio website using WordPress, then you’ve made the best business decision.

The wide collection of WP plugins allows you to extend the existing functionality of your portal in the best possible way. This blog walks you through 8 remarkably effective WordPress plugins custom-made for radio websites. So, let’s get to know more about these WP plugins.

1. Radio Station

As the name suggests, Radio Station is a WordPress plugin which allows you to run your radio station’s website in a smooth way. With its functionality based on Drupal 6’s Station plugin, Radio Station has been completely revamped for use in WordPress. Once installed in your WordPress powered radio website, this plugin will allow you to associate users with shows, generate playlists associated with specific shows and even enable you to display the currently on-air DJ along with a link to current playlist and DJ’s show.

2. Radio Puls
By installing Radio Puls plugin in your WordPress powered website, you can easily add a radio player within a few seconds time. This plugin is compatible with WordPress version 2.8 and all the higher versions up to 3.4.2. Having witnessed a download count of over 5,613 till date, Radio Puls is a WordPress plugin which has received tremendous appreciations from WordPress users across the globe.

3. SocialRadios
SocialRadios is a WordPress plugin which when installed into your WordPress radio website will allow you to integrate the brand new HTML5 World Radio Station Player with Social Media, thereby enabling visitors to listen to a variety of radio stations. As an additional feature available with this WordPress plugin, you may even opt for sharing the music track you’re listening to, with your friends via the integrated social networks available in the HTML5 World Radio Station Player.

4. WP 8Tracks Radio

WP 8TRacks Radio is a WordPress plugin which allows you to add 8tracks Mixes into your sidebar. With this plugin installed into your site, you can easily set the dimensions of the player, limit the player to a specific number of pages/posts, set mixes to specific pages/posts, have a site wide default mix, choose to Autoplay or not to Autoplay the mix after the player has finished loading the tracks.

5. Quran Radio
If your WordPress radio website needs to cater to the muslim population, then Quran Radio is the plugin you can’t afford to miss. With this plugin, you can easily add a widget which will play a specific online Radio station for translating the meaning of Quran in more than 38 different languages. Supported by the very popular EDC(e-Da ‘wah Committee), Quran Radio plugin comes with additional features including:

  • Flexibility to play 1 out of 38 different translations of Quran
  • Flexibility to add the player to the post or widget
  • The player functions on a 24/7 basis
  • Flexibility to control the player’s display
  • 6. Rock & Pop Radio
    With an installation of Rock & Pop Radio WordPress plugin, you can allow your website visitors to listen to rock & pop music on a 24/7 basis, via the sidebar. This will play a critical role in increasing visitor retention and the overall advertising revenue.

    7. Radio Forge Free
    Installing Radio Forge Free plugin into your WordPress site will enable a native audio player within the browser. The RadioForger Plyer will use a JavaScript as a service along with the Muses Radio Player Skins.

    8. Codescar Radio Widget
    This is a WordPress plugin which produces a widget for your site, allowing users to listen to their favorite radio station. The plugin uses HTML5 audio element for playing the radio in the sidebar.

    There are certainly some mentions and additions that have been done on part of online radio such as FnF.FM Radio

    9. FnF.FM Radio

    FnF.FM Radio

    However only time will tell how they are based on their reviews and downloads then we will surely include them in our list as well.

    Radio plugins are a good tool for online website where there is some waiting or chat is involved or users are there for social networking and by virtue of online radio they still keep glued to your website without trying to go somewhere else.


    So, these were the 8+ outstanding WordPress plugins which are tailored to meet the requirements of a WordPress powered radio website. I’m sure you’d have chosen your pick and would be all encouraged to install the same in your site right away.

    Author Bio: Edward Jones is working as a full-time WordPress developer with OSSMedia Ltd.- A highly trusted WordPress Web Development company. Having gathered a total of 5 years of experience in WordPress Development, Edward has delivered numerous projects within the allotted time-frame. You can hire the services of Edward by getting in touch with him.

    Ultimate WordPress themes for developers looking for multi-concept and multipurpose themes

    Ultimate WordPress themes
    Having a strong, dynamic and professionally worked out online manifestation in the face of challenging websites and blogs is a must at the present reality, as people all over the world are already used to turn to the internet for the purpose of finding some information about the individual or a company they want to relate to subsequently.

    In response to this great demand for tech–savvy ultimate WordPress themes to make all the website and blog – directed ideas realizable, relevant specialists have taken every care to possess ultimate ways at their disposal to realize diverse solutions and multi concept ideas for every single client.

    In our article, we are going to present the best of the available ultimate WordPress themes

    General – purpose and feature rich ultimate WordPress themes, which will act as a great supporter to any developer and website owner to successfully manage the personalisation of his website and blog of any description and concept.

    1. Furnish:
    interior design WordPress theme


    Furnish is smooth and sleek, polished and resilient, highly elegant and alluring, eye-catching and expressively designed, user and developer – friendly practical WordPress solution to deal with any interior design, construction, portfolio or other web pages presentation in the digital environment. By the application of this dynamic and intuitive platform, all the necessary actions in order to customize the theme to present your style and handwriting are easily illegible and feasible. The ultimate WordPress theme is power packed with an accurate set of inbuilt options, settings and elements, which are easy to use in essence and contribute to better website results while being practiced fully.

    2. BeFit Pro: 


    Multipurpose and multi-concept, strong and powerful, reliable and trustworthy, BeFit Pro takes advantage over many other themes crafted for developers and other specialists in relevant field to undertake the process of building general – purpose and comprehensive websites to cater to fitness, gym, online coach and any other fitness and health – related activities. This premium quality ultimate WordPress theme is custom-built to ensure all the essential theme sections, areas and elements to have total control and surveillance of the whole online product whenever needed.

    3. Restro:
    restaurant WordPress theme


    The next all-purpose and universal ultimate WordPress template suited for almost any kind of food – centric businesses is Restro. The theme has been elaborated and launched to provide the website developer with super easy and convenient working platform and let the latter build and design the target website as per the website owner’s needs and requirements. Along with lots of dynamic and useful theme features and options, Resto is also completely responsive and runs smoothly and flawlessly on diverse modern mobiles and tablets, thus more people will reach to your website.

    4. Complete Pro:
    complete WordPress theme


    There are few multipurpose and multi-concept themes, which are feature – rich, including complete and comprehensive package of all the essential theme items and controls, and are completely easy in set up and usage. One of such ideal WordPress based tool appears to be Complete Pro. No matter what type of website the developer has intended to identify and execute, Complete Pro comes ready to serve as a stable foundation for any. The creative and modernly looking theme comes with elegant and dynamic design and graphical solutions, neatly arranged theme sections and areas to showcase the most relevant content, as well as Customizer integration for easy and productive customization processes.

    5. Play School:
    education WordPress theme


    Play School balances between alluring and interesting interface, as well as lively and animated design, which are integral parts of any school and children education – related web pages and blogs. With the help of this entirely flexible and adaptive one of the ultimate WordPress themes from community, any developer will be far away from boring or bewildering procedures and complicated codings to achieve all the target goals in relation to the website creation and constant management. Nicely structured homepage sections, inbuilt slider with the possibility to present up to 10 slides, about 12 slider effects, which are totally controllable, full color changing options and much more compose the practical package of this unique and ultimate WordPress themes.

    6. Trip:
    travel WordPress theme


    If you are a developer and trying to find a smart and stable platform for any travel, hotel, agency, travel blogs, magazines or whatever it is, look no further than Trip. This WordPress related website creation and maintenance solution is able to seamlessly and exceptionally show all your relevant content and attract the website visitors in diverse possible ways. Built on Customizer framework, the theme will grant you will all the potentials to undertake the required changes and have their live – preview before they will appear on the website and be visible for the external audience.

    7. PicArt:
    portfolio WordPress theme


    PicArt is one more extensively versatile, bright and youthful, professional and sophisticated WordPress template with multipurpose and multi-concept design layout which is suitable to cover any photography, designer, developer, portfolio or any other website manifestation. The theme has been successfully checked for its user and developer – friendliness with its suggested fast and easy functioning options and features, complete responsiveness to provide impeccable mobile usage experience, lots of fonts and icons integration and compatibility with a wide range of plugins to achieve all the objectives which are prioritised for the given website.

    8. Legal Expert:
    legal WordPress theme


    If the task is to found a strong and competitive lawyer and attorney website, which needs to be a professional and serious- looking product in all its manifestations, here is Legal Expert at the developer’s full command and control. As the unique and client – centric website plays a major role in the growth of business popularity in the relevant sphere, as well as people’s engagement into it in the most effective way, Legal Expert is considered a practical framework to personalize such a website for individual lawyers and legal experts, as well as corporates and companies engaged in such businesses. This theme is also willingly adaptable website management solution, hence any new or sophisticated developer will manage to work with this lightweight and fast loading theme easily. Thus making this another amongst ultimate WordPress themes.

    Hairdresser WordPress Themes for barbers, hair salon and parlors

    hairdresser WordPress themes

    The best hairdresser WordPress themes have been compiled by our team for hairdressers and hair stylists, barbershops and beauty centers, hair and nail salons, spa and massage centers, as well as other beauty centric activities and businesses.

    If you are in hair cutting and styling field and want to enhance the number of your clientele, putting all your theories, business plans and objectives, client based marketing tactics and more into test with the help of the modern digital world can be the wisest thing you can do.

    Well, if you run a small and client oriented hair salon or barbershop or own a chain of famous beauty centers or studios with high health and beauty standards, our hairdresser WordPress themes are for you.

    We have done our best to sieve the most niche specific hair and beauty salon, barbershop and hairdresser WordPress themes and templates for you to jump into the whole new world of digital opportunities and tangible results.

    Each of the hairdresser WordPress themes included here that you will give a try is a unity of the whole expertise and intelligence of our dedicated developers and designers who have spare no effort to make all our templates enviably beautiful and functionally advanced.

    From good to best, those products are pretty simple and affordable in usage while letting you achieve reasonable profit margins and a broader client base.

    1. Perfect Beauty Spa:

    perfect beauty spa WordPress theme


    Perfect Beauty Spa is by far one of the top rated and visually eye catchy spa and salon, make up and nail studio, barbershop and hairdresser WordPress themes. It is custom built to flaunt your unique style with ease since the whole structure of the theme with all its ingredients is highly customizable.

    It means that you can take the given framework, alter its look and feel, color palette, typography, and finally, replace the default content with your own one sharing your business profile, beauty salon, your team members, location, services and more.

    With HD readiness and cross mobile compatibility, Perfect Beauty Spa is the one to share the future proof responsive web design ready to respond to any user’s behavior based on the mobile or device the latter is using.

    2. CutsNStyle Pro:

    responsive hair salon WordPress theme


    The authors of CutsNStyle Pro have taken the complexity out of your website’s creation and further customization with details on the theme’s durability, customizable layout and handy toolbox.

    The warm breeze in the appearance, the smooth navigation controls and the optimal speed your site is running on, all the nuances of CutsNStyle Pro are essential in captivating your website viewer’s attention and keeping him or her within the territory of your online profile.

    Display your best works and hair dos via the homepage nicely formatted slider and control how they are showcased to your web surfers.

    Us as many as 20 sections of the front page to locate your valuable information and contact details, choose the most relevant page template with sidebar controls and add your secondary content in footer, header and sidebar areas.

    3. Fashion Trends:

    fashion WordPress theme


    Fashion Trends is one of the lively and colorful, warm and energetic, commercially and multilingually competent hair salon and hairdresser WordPress themes for the relevant businesses of any caliber and client engagement, from startups to seasoned beauty and hair centers and studios.

    Further, this template is specialized in keeping your site’s exquisite look and functionality under any condition and when accessed by any portable device.

    The theme’s responsive nature paired with SEO friendly coding is what will make your online exposure more results generating.

    Live changes and previews are also possible with this template based on the Customizer. Just use the simple and intuitive admin part of the theme for making constant changes and modifications and preview them instantly to make sure everything is done properly.

    4. Beauty Cuts:

    hair salon WordPress theme


    Another crafty and delicious, splendidly worked out and designer made template catering to hair and beauty world with boundless manifestations comes loaded as Beauty Cuts.

    What makes this theme so special among dozens of other niche specific templates is the seamless unity of form and function enabling you to bring all your talents and services in front of your clients in a beautiful fashion.

    The real catch of this wonderful template is that you can personalize it to clearly express your brand, business profile or professional skills in the simplest way. You don’t need to worry about the distorted images or illegible texts whenever your website users are browsing your site on their PCs, mobiles or smartphones.

    5. Massage Center:

    massage WordPress theme


    Massage Center is an expansively multipurpose website building tool with boundless potential you can have access to.

    If you spend any length of time viewing the demo version of this template, you’ll discover multiple features, page and post controls, convenient layout with useful sections and slider part to make your hair or massage salon one of a kind in the digital arena.

    Simplicity yet durability, error free performance and admin optimized dashboard, responsiveness and plugin compatibility are what designate Massage Center as one of the top quality spa and massage, beauty and hairdresser WordPress themes in the current repository of WordPress digital products.

    It is also readily social media friendly for constant flows of new clients from social media networks, as well as shortcodes and font’s based to set up your content with the right typography.

    6. Panaroma Pro:

    portfolio WordPress theme


    Image centric and visually awe inspiring, Panaroma Pro is a modern looking and creative template with unique approach towards sharing your images and photos with your web users.

    Choose the most attention grabbing imagery and make them waving across your homepage to greet your clients and customers. Whenever you need some other slider with more capacity, you are free to add any of the compatible slide plugins and display more dynamic slideshows.

    Choose among the possible page templates with or without sidebar, use more than 100 shortcodes for quick updates and freshness of your site, and make your content be in the focus of attention via search engines and their rankings.

    Attorney WordPress Themes for attorney and legal websites

    attorney WordPress themes

    Serious looking and functionally unbeatable lawyer and attorney WordPress themes are shared in this article for lawyers and law firms, attorneys and advocates, counsels and legal consultants to offer and market their services online.

    The rapidly changing online arena is fundamental in building the reputation of any kind of businesses and undertakings online, including also legal and advisory services and service provision organizations.

    Well, if you are a private counselor or lawyer, public attorney or a representative of law firm and have not discovered the crystal ball for making your business more prosperous, we are here with the best assemblage of attorney WordPress themes to make your search more results driven.
    Grow your firm or company, private client base or loyal clients with the help of any of the attorney WordPress themes you can find in this article and enjoy the simplicity of creating your online presence with less time, financial means and nerves invested on it.

    With a solid return on your initial investment, those templates are all optimized for making revenues through different channels, from advertisements to commercial activities.
    Further, “selling yourself” will be easier and mistake free with those attorney WordPress themes since they are surprisingly easy and intuitive in management and customization while granting you with a comfortable workspace and handy toolbox to get your head out what is there quickly and productively.

    1. Legal Expert:

    legal WordPress theme


    Legal Expert is crafty and mobile optimized, well managed and visually clean website builder among attorney WordPress themes to greatly contribute to your online exposure and service rendering.

    Build one a solid ground touched with responsiveness and cross mobile compatibility, Legal Expert is custom built to articulate a seamlessly powerful website that would be convenient for both sides. That is to say, a webmaster will find a useful admin panel to realize his online projects on the one hand, and the website visitor from the frontend will find a smooth and hassle free navigable website that is neatly formatted with competent content zones.

    The theme also celebrates nice looking homepage slider with 10 slides capacity so that you can choose the best images to mark whatever is important to your business identity, Google fonts and font based icons to take care of your site’s legibility and compact layout, SMO and SEO touches and more.

    2. Exceptiona:

    accounting WordPress theme


    Exceptiona is the one to offer you an entirely worked out and pre enabled template with uniquely arranged theme parts and sections. As a lawyer or attorney, you don’t need to amaze your clients with unmatched graphical solutions or bright imagery.

    Instead, you need to make your textual and visual content as easy to find as possible to save your web user’s precious time and nerves.

    In this relation, Exceptional is truly exceptional product with balanced performance and stress on the practical framework for the reasonable content categorization. There are about us section to organize the detailed presentation of who you are and what you do, news sections for daily news, interviews, press releases, events and projects, as well as contact us section with footer and header to make your contact details highly noticeable.

    3. Lawzo:

    lawyer law firm attorney WordPress theme


    Lawzo is the next amazingly versatile and sophisticated web building solution among attorney WordPress themes for legal and financial institutions, private and public lawyers and attorneys, barristers and other legal experts or organizations.

    Lawzo provides premium quality legal web design together with other qualitative functional characters and extensible nature to get you ranked higher in search engines and mobile optimized for multiple mobile and devices accesses.

    Quickly expand the operational capacity of your site while adding the needed plugins and exercising prebuilt or additional shortcodes available. Thanks to its multilingual nature, Lawzo feels perfect when paired with translation plugins to get the much needed competitive advantage when reaching more audience.

    4. Online Coach Pro:

    online coach WordPress theme


    Designed for online lawyers and attorneys, speakers and coaches to share their experience, organize training and conferences, Online Coach Pro is a creative and zealous, readily flexible and resourceful modern template to build client trust and keep the web visitors coming back to your services whenever needed.

    This theme lets you create and customize your profile in no time while changing the given layout, color combinations, homepage slides, sidebar area deployment and much more.

    Tested for its prosperous cooperation with a myriad of plugins and shortcodes, Onine Coach Pro comes with widget friendly footer, header and sidebar areas, blog layout controls for running a successful blog, search engine friendly coding for your website to be easily indexed and crawled by search engines, etc. SMO optimization is not neglected as well to make your website more socialized and in the focus of attention.

    5. SKT Banking:

    banking WordPress theme


    Robustly crafted and seriously practiced, SKT Banking is one of the contemporary and tech savvy banking and financial, legal and attorney WordPress themes convenient for any kind of webmaster, from the novice to the most seasoned one.

    Whatever your working style is, SKT Banking will get you covered. Create your valuable content and enjoy it being professionally arranged across your profile. Split your content into relevant parts and add them to the given theme sections and areas, footer and header parts, homepage slider and more. This will let you run a compactly displayed website without anything irrelevant or heavy hampering your relationship with your audience.

    6. Spirited Pro:

    corporate WordPress theme


    Amazingly elegant and chic, yet businesslike and highly energetic, Spirited Pro is another useful tool at your fingertips to run on your attorney or legal website.

    Take the default template and make it yours. You will have every single tool and element to alter it to your liking. From color and font mix and match to shortcodes control and social media icons integration, your working capacity is endless.

    This cost effective website creation and marketing tool is never reluctant to generate 100 % responsiveness and Google approved performance, as well as plugin compatibility to enhance your site’s workload for boosted client engagement and brand awareness.

    Boxing WordPress Themes for kick boxing and training websites

    boxing WordPress themes
    A smart and reliable assemblage of the most motivational and dynamic boxing WordPress themes developed and projected for any sport sclub or fitness center, gym or yoga studio, boxing forum or blog, as well as other health and crossfit centers and organizations.

    Do you want your potential clients and fans be inspired for boxing training, sports exercises or other sports hint and tips through your professional website or blog? Here we go with the most energetic boxing WordPress themes to cover any kind of sports and boxing, weight loss and muscle gain, and generally, a crossfit website or blog of any kind or nature.

    Whether you are going to share your timetable and schedule, display the talents of your club members or private trainers, motivate the newcomers or keep your clients engaged in your activities, those boxing WordPress themes will be ideal for you.

    Make your presence digital with any of those boxing WordPress themes which are all simple and smart in usage while giving you access to limitless controls and customization possibilities. It means that you can use any color palette, font and typography, icons arrangement, visualization and functionality that you might think expedient for your target audience.

    1. Perfect Fitness:

    perfect fitness WordPress theme


    Perfect Fitness is a true idea accelerator when it comes to building and decorating any boxing or sport based website or blog. As one of the child fitness and boxing WordPress themes offered by SKT Themes, this template runs smoothly on every single device or platform while keeping the presentable look and feel of your site’s content and imagery.

    From proper gallery section for albums and categorized images to full width homepage slider for the most efficient pieces of your content, Perfect Fitness is visually awe inspiring and functionally unconquerable.

    Further, you can enhance the working potential of the theme by relying on multiple plugins, additional shortcodes packs and extensions which are compatible with the theme.

    2. Soccer:

    soccer WordPress theme


    Soccer is another lively and colorful, extensively worked out and well developed sports and health club centric template to work mistake free across boxing and martial arts, fitness and gym related websites, businesses and clubs online.

    This responsive and cross mobile approved template is suitable for sharing different leagues and tournaments, organizing online competitions and games, enabling online trainings and classes, etc.

    The theme’s well adjusted structure lets the end user of it browse the website easily on every single device and enjoy the smoothest navigation any digital profile can offer to its audience. On the other battlefield, the theme is convenient also for the website’s admin with a handy toolbox at his leisure for changing and customizing his profile constantly.

    3. Strong Pro:

    crossfit WordPress theme


    Give Strong Pro a try and you will discover a whole new world of opportunities and marketing strategies to make your online presence results driven. Monetize your business with little investment, since Strong Pro, despite its premium qualities, is as affordable as you would like it to be.

    Any boxing or kickboxing website needs a thorough presentation of its working policy, objectives, schedule and classes, membership plans and contact details, so that the web viewer will not get lost in the information flow and waste his time. In this relation, Strong Pro is ultimately well managed and split out into convenient content zones and image areas to make your profile stand out among many others.

    4. BeFit Pro:

    personal trainer WordPress theme


    BeFit Pro is one of the popular and frequently used fitness and gym, power boxing and kid’s boxing, the Rig and Yoga, kickboxing and boxing WordPress themes available for now.
    Your website based on BeFit will probably be the first place people will look for the information before visiting your club or center. Hence, you need to keep it clean and well deployed, visually eye catchy and highly informative to meet all your client’s expectations from you.

    BeFit Pro offers you all the favorable conditions to fulfill all the above mentioned requirements by means of the preloaded sections and parts, elements and shortcodes which are all easy to use and apply from the backend.

    5. Gym Master:

    gym WordPress theme


    Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start. Gym Master has got your back. Smartly intuitive and highly intelligent, shortcodes based and cross mobile compatible, Gym Master is another zealous template to let you interact with your clients and customers freely.

    It comes with a minutely processed layout powered by strong appearance and flexible framework, color controls and social media icons, PO file with multilingual readiness to have your content translated into different languages, blog section for sharing your news, events, tips and changes in classes, interviews and more.

    The theme is also completely SEO optimized for increased traffic coming from potential and returning web visitors.

    6. SKT Fitness Pro:

    fitness WordPress theme


    Digital ads or printed materials, as well as other traditional ways of advertising are costly means of marketing your business. Instead of despairingly screaming for attention and spending too much money for it, you can choose SKT Fitness Pro which is well equipped for your business monetization online, but costs almost next to nothing.

    Balanced between motivational look and error free functionality, SKT Fitness Pro comes packaged with relevant sections and animated boxes to share any kind of textual content with the right typography, 5 page templates with sidebar controls to choose from, multiple shortcodes for accordions, galleries, pricing tables and more.

    7. Fitt:

    weight loss WordPress theme


    Low cost, higher results. This is absolutely true in case of Fit. Building a user centric boxing profile with high conversion rate, boosted search engine optimization and wonderful flexibility for customization controls has never been so easy and affordable!

    Fitt is crowned as one of the top notch fitness and sport, yoga and boxing WordPress themes armed with all the essential features and elements, among them responsive layout for mobile optimized content, portfolio area for displaying the most attractive sides of your business, translation ready nature with plugin compatibility, etc.

    Multiple blog and page templates, shortcodes and Google fonts are also integrated into this award winning template.

    Party Planner WordPress themes for events and party planning sites

    party planner WordPress themes

    This time we have surfed the global networking platform for the best party planner WordPress themes for event and party planners and organizers, party venues and destinations, event or party day coordination and other relevant services and businesses online.

    Partly planning is a modern and trendy business field that required dedication to details, unique taste and great responsibility in order to make people’s lives more bright and organized on special occasions, parties, meetings and events.

    Whether you are offering party planning and organizing services for all occasions and for all budgets, or concentrated on rendering event planning and coordinating, serving and decorating services, conference and meeting arrangements or equipment, our collection of party planner WordPress themes of WordPress origin are there for you.

    Advertise your services and packages, offer seasoned professionals and planners, give contact details and serve all this information with a uniquely styled layout with any of the below stated party planner WordPress themes.

    To quickly recap, all of our themes are GPL based and open source products for you to take a thorough control over your profile or website without worrying about the legal part. Despite your willingness and readiness at times to get involved in a hard work, these party planner WordPress themes will not take much time or efforts from you in order to get the shape and functionality you are striving for.

    1. Perfect Event:

    perfect event WordPress theme


    Become your field’s top party and event planner with the huge assistance of Perfect Event to make your online presence truly unforgettable for your client base. It is by far one of the widely practiced and time checked party planner WordPress themes matching the needs of the most demanding webmaster or planning business owner.

    There are handy homepage sections along with the nice looking homepage slides to showcase whatever is important at the moment in the form of images or photos. Moreover, if you want to deliver the right traffic to your posts and pages, be sure Perfect Event knows how to do it. Packed with full responsiveness and SEO friendly coding, this theme exercises all the digital channels to direct the flows of new incomers.

    2. Flower Shop:

    flower shop WordPress theme


    Visually elegant and colorful, functionally reliable and hassle free, Flower Shop is the next pocket friendly yet fully supported website template for multipurpose usages across planning and coordinating businesses.

    Expansively energetic and highly ambitious, Flower Shop is flexible and resourceful to go hand in hand with any kind of customization or management. It means that you can take the advantage of the pre enabled tools and elements at your disposal in order to craft the unbeatable profile sharing your affordable services and packages.

    Over 4 header and footer variations are available together with fonts and icons packs, shortcodes controls, SEO friendly layout, page builder compatibility with Elementor and others, etc. The theme is also 100 % responsive and mobile friendly with HTML5 and CSS3 so that your website and its content will respond to any user behavior or environment.

    3. Wedding Rituals:

    wedding agency WordPress theme


    Wedding Rituals is another lovely and bright template to cover a myriad of topics and niches, from wedding and love story websites and blogs to portfolio and designer, wedding and party planners, event managers and others.

    From eye catchy design style to durable coding and flexible structure at your hand to alter the default look and feel of your site, Wedding Rituals knows no limits when it comes to quick operation and smooth navigation. All the nuances are minutely taken care of to result in stunning user experience and returned visits of your site.

    It’s an amazingly well constructed template with practical content areas and homepage slideshows to attract your visitors, pricing tables compatibility for displaying the prices of your services and packs, SEO and SMO friendly coding, as well as multilingual ready platform for more international content.

    4. The Art:

    art WordPress theme


    Balanced between beautiful look and dependable inner structure, The Art is also among the best party planner WordPress themes with a stress on large scaled images and other visual materials.
    Your website based on The Art will be one of the most important ingredients of your successful party planner business guaranteeing your maximum exposure to your audience across social media platforms and search engines.

    Moreover, your textual and visual pieces of portfolio, display of the happy parties you have organized, your contact details and blog posts will automatically resize to accommodate for any mobile or desktop resolution and scripting capacity. It means that you will never miss a single visitor trying to browse your content or get in touch with you for orders or cooperation.

    5. Nuptials:

    wedding WordPress theme


    Nuptials disseminates unique energy and inspiration ready to motivate your web viewers and persuade them that you are one of the leading party planning organizations they can rely on whenever needed.

    Offer your planning services both to individuals and corporates, wedding and birthday party, award ceremony or corporate party organization offers, luncheons, receptions, venues and more through your website and its sections like events or blog.

    Use slider area and gallery part to share the best moments of your parties and events, give contact details and keep your profile fresh and eye catchy through constant controls of fonts, icons and colors.

    With custom navigation menu and sleek navigation, the theme is also plugin compliant and wonderfully responsive to easily respond to your mobile user’s preferences.

    6. Photo Session Pro:

    photography WordPress theme


    Parties and memorable events planning is all about pleasing the client while making their undertaking, anniversary, event or day enjoyable, comfortable and safe. Your website showcasing such activities should give your audience the same feelings of convenience, serviceability and security.

    Photo Session Pro is one of such party planner WordPress themes to appropriately satisfy all your business and marketing needs in bringing your profile higher in search engine rankings, social media platforms and other relevant environments.

    This template is powered by easy to follow admin panel with tons of controls including those of colors, fonts and shortcodes, slides and photo albums, standard pages and contact forms, etc.

    Great WordPress themes for building professional and great looking websites

    great WordPress theme

    In our article we have tried to demonstrate some of the great WordPress themes

    WordPress content management system with its emergence and development totally destroyed the barriers which lots of people usually face to when trying to make something of their own in the relevant powerful digital world.

    Working out a strong and reliable platform to be a helping hand to startups, beginners in the online area, and even for the professionals, who are engaged in some kind of successful and prosperous business, but lack developer or programming knowledge on the one hand, and does not want to spend financial means on hiring some specialists and designers to exercise their business online presence by means of a website, hundreds of WordPress based themes have been projected and crafted to be a great alternatives for anyone and for any single type of web page manifestation.

    Which are particularly suitable for building professional, great looking and highly competitive websites and blogs. All of them represent a unique mixture of beautiful external appearance and dependable functionality, moreover, those great WordPress themes have been crafted with user and developer – optimization in mind.

    1. Play School:


    Play School is lively and animated, bright and expressive, alluring and eye –catching school and education and one of great WordPress themes for running any education and learning related websites. As education should be interesting and engaging, this theme can be an ideal one for you with its stunning design to keep the student’s focus on the learning process. Play School has a powerful package of handy theme options and features in addition to a theme platform that is completely user – friendly. The theme can also be supported by diverse e –learning and Learning Management System plugins for better functionality, as well as with WooCommerce plugin for providing e-commerce services.

    2. SKT Architect Pro:


    The next aesthetically pleasing, highly alluring, sleek and polished, intuitive and smart WordPress supported template as a great website content creation and customization tool appears to be SKT Architect Pro. This general – purpose and multiconcept product is convenient for covering any type of construction and architecture industry and projects with the help of its tech – savvy and flexible structure to undergo certain modifications in order to meet all the requirements and needs put forward by the relevant individual or company, as well as completely responsive and mobile – friendly stylized layout to be compatible with any mobile and tablet usage.

    3. Diet and Nutrition:


    Clean and fresh, modern and stylish, motivational and encouraging, Diet and Nutrition comes integrated with all WordPress related theme essential points and setting to cater to any diet, dietitian, nutrition, weight loss, fitness, health center or any other diet and health – centered undertakings. This high –quality and totally reliable theme revolves itself across a variety of homepage inbuilt sections and areas, shortcodes and icons extensively integrated and exercised for your comfort and convenience.

    4. StartUp Pro:


    If you represent a newly started IT company or a technical startup with unlimited number of modern ideas to realize and present to the public at large, you are in the right place to review StartUp Pro with its simplicity and convenience in usage, but power and stability in performance and operation. By the application of this highly recommended and really professional WordPress template your small company will achieve all the online goals and objectives which were foreseen prior to the website creation and development in relation to the business.

    5. Complete Pro:


    Complete Pro comes developed as a unique mixture of completeness, all – inclusiveness and technological saturation, as well as easiness in set up, usage and management, total flexibility and adaptability of any part of the theme. Being such, this great WordPress theme will considerably contribute to the intuitive structure and performance of any type of website and will take it further beyond the basics. Along with all the advantages mentioned above, which this amazingly structured and great looking theme shares, it also features tons of customization options and elements to have access and total control on the whole theme appearance and operation whenever required.

    6. Naturo:
    clean WordPress theme


    Nature will successfully cope with all the tasks and commissions encountered and will provide you with great looking and strongly crafted website to be utilized for the personalization of any personal undertaking, industry, corporate or business deals and so on. No coding or other knowledge is required for managing and altering Nature as per your needs and ideas, neither you have to share your respective content only with PC asses, as the theme is built on completely responsive layout, hence your website will adjust itself and fit any mobile and device screen sizes and permissions.

    7. Local Business Pro:


    Local Business Pro is believed to be a handy tool to promote to the process of presenting any local or small business in the online platform and make it accessible to more people even outside of the geographical location the business practices its activities. Armed with a set of applicable and dynamic theme controls and settings, this one of the great WordPress themes supports perfect functionality with any mobile and device version thanks to its 100% responsive and cross mobile compatible design. E – commerce activities can be realized within the scope of this outstanding product, being easily linked to commercial plugins. Full documentation and multilingual layout also accompany Local Business Pro.

    8. Fix IT:


    In case you have set up your mind to turn to an online visualisation of any repair, fixing, handyman or craftsman businesses, Fix IT is the best instrument to set up and run on your self – hosted WordPress website of the relevant nature. This one of the great WordPress themes is accurately structured with all the necessary sections and areas to display your company, your specialists, services provided and any other primary information. The integration of lots of inbuilt shortcodes and Google fonts will simplify the process of addition of the required features and items to your website and the theme compatibility with diverse popular plugins will enhance your website functional potential.

    Creative digital agencies WordPress themes for creatively heavy websites

    creative WordPress themes

    Let’s have a look at some of the most technologically advanced and dynamic creative digital agencies WordPress themes to provide everyone with an intuitively designed framework to render a wide range of relevant services in all the available digital environments.

    Today’s digital agencies with their creative marketing suggestions and their further realizations are of priceless value for every professional company and organization to target a specific audience, as well as ensure the overall strategic advancement of its operational directions.

    Under such conditions, every creative digital agency must for sure have its own exceptional and powerful online profile to let all its clients be aware of all its potential and foresee all the business profits they can enjoy.

    In this relation, WordPress content management system comes forward as one of the most accessible and flexible products of digital medium to cover any creatively heavy content, including strategic ideas and plans, technological innovations, diverse marketing objectives for specific categories of businesses and many more, presented by digital agencies.

    1. Shudh:
    minimal WordPress theme


    Shudh is well – developed and clearly designed, minimalistic and simple, yet engaging, visually eye – catching and expressively stylized, totally responsive and cross mobile compatible, incredibly resourceful and intuitive, HTML5 and CSS3 – based and e – commerce ready which can definitely guarantee fast loading and easy to use website structure irrespective of the heavy content to be created and managed. This premium – quality and developer – friendly template is loaded with tons of customization and edition options to utilize in relation to every single aspect of the website and precisely showcase all the relevant information about the proposed services and marketing plans for screen – based products and items.

    2. Condimentum:
    multipurpose WordPress theme


    Condimentum is another top – rated creative digital agencies WordPress themes, which is established on flexibility and adaptability, simplicity, yet all – inclusiveness to reveal all the dynamics of any such online phenomenon. By the dependable assistance of this truly smart and secure creatively heavy content – based website builder you will be able to get in touch with all the potential clients and customers from every corner of the globe without any additional and unnecessary spending, as well as to contribute to the development and retention of their loyalty.

    3. The Art:
    art WordPress theme


    Multipurpose and multi – use in nature, quick and lightweight in performance, totally user and developer – directed, intuitively and wonderfully thought – out and professionally – designed, modernly and uniquely stylized, SEO – optimized and effortlessly customizable, digital content – centric and digital agency – friendly, the Art catches the visitor’s eye with its purposeful and elegant appearance which perfectly fits the website responsive functionality and technological performance, when browsed on diverse mobiles and tablets or when supported by diverse commercial or gallery plugins for advanced website opportunities.

    4. PicArt:
    portfolio WordPress theme


    PicArt can turn to be a great framework, where all the creatively modern and productive business promotion ideas, all the marketing strategies to drive the client acquisition, company popularity or revenue growth will exemplify the strength and stability of any target creative design agency. This highly recommended bright and elegant, technologically advanced and refined, immensely polished and pliable digital agency – centric template maximizes the convenience when dealing with diverse processes of website creation and customization to fit all the foreseen personal or commercial objectives in the nearest future.

    5. SKT Architect Pro: 
    architect WordPress theme


    Crafted and developed with minute attention to details, SKT Architect Pro with its durable and stable platform, attractive and presentable external design, expressively feature – rich structure and tons of customization controls is another perfect creative and sophisticated digital agency template of WordPress to measure all the profits that any such business initiative may reap and improve all the working directions to reach out better results. Along with the technologically cutting-edge performance and all – inclusiveness, this theme is no way a product to hamper the fast loading and smooth navigating nature of any website running on its basis.

    6. SKT Construction Pro:
    construction WordPress theme


    SKT Construction Pro is deeply innovative and entirely customizable, visually stunning and graphically precise, intuitively responsive and mobile – friendly creative digital agencies WordPress themes that have been repeatedly installed and checked by thousands of customers worldwide for its successful composition stimulating more profitable and prosperous business perspectives. Power – packed with all the essential theme features and options, this amazing template is ready to highlight all the creatively heavy content any such agency may share online.

    7. SKT Lens Pro: 
    responsive portfolio WordPress theme


    Beautiful and elegant design, incredibly responsive framework, all – inclusiveness and multilayout template and technologically powerful structure are what make SKT Lens Pro as another top –rated digital product to explore the wide variety of advancement options any WordPress powered theme may come with. This aesthetically polished and impeccably crafted template is 100 % responsive and adaptable when browsed on any mobile or device window, as well as is easy to use and modify, thus providing excellent customization experience for every user.

    8. SKT Gardening:


    SKT Gardening flawlessly balances between bright and awe – inspiring, motivational and purposeful external touches and super functionality and professional customization possibilities available with this completely intelligent and stylish WordPress – based creatively saturated website maintenance and control toolbox. With this multipurpose and multiniche, modernly and seriously coded, translation and multilingual ready theme, all the peculiarities of responsive design and cross mobile functionality, SEO optimization and plugin compatibility have been professionally taken care of.

    9. Charity Pro:
    charity WordPress theme


    Smart and clever, minutely worked out and inspiringly designed, responsive and WooCommerce compatible, Charity Pro is intended for all those individuals and company representatives or agents, who are looking for an easy to use and exercise platform, which will be at next to nothing purchase cost, but will give rise to a unique and highly competitive online product. With this creative digital agencies WordPress theme, every single person will be able to take total control over his online profile without any specialized knowledge in web programming or WordPress and undertake all the relevant activities that are within the scope of his agency.

    Car Garage WordPress themes for garage and workshop websites

    car garage WordPress themes
    A useful assemblage of the best car garage WordPress themes has been created for auto and car repair services, mechanics, car wash and painting, car and vehicle rental, automotive dealership, as well as other car industry related services or businesses online.

    You have probably noticed dozens of announcements floating around from different car dealers or sellers who are busy making money from their online business.

    However, most of them lack the flexibility of serving the right content to the potential buyer or client. And, in most of the cases, this is due to the irrelevant online platform they are using.

    Whether you need your personal profile to offer your car garage services or sell your transport vehicles, or want to create an online portal to connect all the dealers or car owners of your locality or even outside of it, our car garage WordPress themes will get things done.

    Don’t waste your hard earned money on buying an expensive template that will be too tricky for you to go live with. Instead, you are free to review our collection of car garage WordPress themes and considerably grow your dealership, client market or increase sales.

    You will certainly appreciate the modern design and intuitive touches of our templates ready to keep your website always presentable and competitive so that your business profile will never fall by the wayside.

    1. Perfect Mechanic:

    mechanic WordPress theme


    Perfect Mechanic is one of the niche specific and stylish auto repair and car mechanic, auto shop and car garage WordPress themes for relevant activities and service provision.

    It’s a responsive and cross mobile compatible modern template enabling you to showcase your textual and visual content in a pixel perfect fashion since the theme is also HD and retina ready.

    All in all, it’s a serviceable combination of default page structure and shortcodes based performance for you to make any kind of changes or replace the default form with any other one you give preference to. From colors and fonts to the dominance over homepage slider images and available plugins application, every single part and portion of the theme is under your surveillance.

    2. Car Rental:

    car rental WordPress theme


    From auto body shops and private mechanic services to car rental and dealership, any kind of car centric business or activity can be best rendered by the help of Car Rental.

    Your website or blog based on this template will be the most productive way to reach out more and more clients, customers, fans and followers. All you need to do is to turn on your creativity and play with the preloaded theme elements.

    The theme’s resilient and durable structure is powered by responsive and SEO touches to make your website present at the top of search rankings. Additionally, one can find pre enabled shortcodes, widget ready areas, standard pages like 404, archives, search, category pages and more.

    You can also quickly widen the working horizon of your template by adding any relevant plugin to bring the needed functionality working, from commercial to translation.

    3. Auto Car:

    car repair WordPress theme


    Auto Car is another user optimized and truly affordable template among the best car garage WordPress themes for mechanics and car specialists, car painting and detailing services, tire or spare parts shops, etc.

    Start your online journey with this wonderfully sophisticated template and be sure your website is stable enough when viewed on different mobiles, devices or browsers. The authors of Auto Car have made it surprisingly easy to bring your own touches and dots to the theme via colors and icons, fonts and their sizes, shortcodes or imagery.

    Leverage the true power of your site by using all the prebuilt sections and areas or altering them to match your content and its categorization. Showcase your best cars or vehicles, offers or discounts via the homepage slider and keep them in the center of the client’s focus and attention.

    4. Movers and Packers Pro:

    moving company WordPress theme


    If you are looking for a complex solution among car garage WordPress themes for your multiprofile car related business, look no further than Movers and Packers Pro. Adding any kind of content, service or offer will be a breeze with this smart and simple template.

    Whether you offer moving and packaging, delivery and transportation services, car rental services, handyman or mechanic services or sell vehicles and automotive through your website, Movers and Packers Pro will be the wisest investment you can do for your future success.

    The developers of this template have included everything you will need to create great looking and lively, functionally hassle free and reliable website.

    Within several minutes of installation and activation, your car garage site will be up and running smoothly across different hand held devices, smartphones and tablets.

    The theme has also been checked for its seamless functionality with a wide range of useful plugins and shortcodes packs.

    5. Fix IT:

    handyman WordPress theme


    Packed with multiple components and useful features, always well maintained and supported, Fix It is a highly productive and adequate template for any kind of car related services, as well as mechanic and craftsman offers online.

    Build your loyal army of client and customers without sweating hard or shelling out your money with Fix IT. This cost effective and user friendly template comes with less learning curve than many other relevant and niche specific templates.

    No fuss around irrelevant or illegible content, heavy loading or distorted navigation controls. Fix IT is powerful enough to take care of the most convenient platform with legible content, HD ready visualization of your images and photos, as well as smooth and sleek surfing of your site from top to bottom.

    6. SKT Industrial:

    industrial renovation WordPress themes


    SKT Industrial is incredibly elastic and dynamic, serious looking and results driven industrial and business platform ready to serve as a solid ground for any kind of car business, from manufacturing and branding to repair and sale.

    Thanks to the durable coding running at its core, this template is 100% responsive and user optimized, plugin compatible and commercial ready to make money online by the application of all the available channels, social media platforms, search engine optimization and more.

    Personal WordPress themes for building some personal blog and websites

    personal WordPress themes
    One of the basic and essential tools the person will need in order to start the crafting of his personal blog or website is a professional and well – structured personal WordPress themes available for them.

    It’s a widely known phenomenon, that there are endless possibilities and chances both for individuals and companies coming along the global networking system.

    As for the people trying to personalize their professions, hobbies, works, services, products or whatever it is in the digital world, the Internet is of great benefit to them in many diverse ways. Hence, by the application of a handy bunch of the proposed handy tools and strategies every single individual will have all the potential to fully demonstrate his profile in the online market from the ground up.

    Keeping this in mind, in this article, we have sort out the best and highly recommended WordPress templates worked out and developed primarily to cover any personal and individual undertaking or initiative in the most productive way. All of them share the necessary theme controls and other features for the individual to take the whole process of the relevant website or blog building upon himself.

    Personal WordPress themes for building some personal blog and websites

    1. Me:
    resume WordPress theme


    Me is extensively intuitively, deeply customizable and adaptive, well – developed and seriously worked out one of the individual and personal WordPress themes to cater to any individual business or profile, resume and CV presentation. With the application of this user and developer – friendly template you will not need to be familiar with all the structural and technical aspects of the medium in depth, since the theme management options are really intuitive and smart to be exercised in the easiest way, at the same time saving your time and efforts to the maximum extent.

    2. SKT Launch Pro:
    author WordPress theme


    SKT Launch Pro is stylish and modern looking, bright and dynamically designed, very flexible and adaptable, technologically cutting – edge and easy to customize template of WordPress ready to feature any personal or private online performance. With this perfect product every single person will be able to identify all the functional and visual drivers of the theme and subsequently stress out all the specific and attractive points of his newly launched products, services, e – books and other items so that they will be easily accessible and available for the website visitors and potential clients.

    3. Character:
    personal WordPress theme


    Built on pliable and sophisticated framework, proved by eye –catching and alluring design, Character appears with its multipurpose and feature – rich nature to be exercised in relation to any private and personal matters and affairs. This modern and resourceful theme meets all the current requirements specified by the WordPress community and comes ready with lots of customization options to redecorate and restructure the default theme to match his needs and working perspectives. Character also shares totally responsive touches and mobile and device – friendly layout to be qualified and suited for any mobile and device usage.

    4. SKT Lens Pro:
    responsive portfolio WordPress theme


    SKT Lens Pro is considered one of the best and the most convenient website creation and management tools to carry out any personal or individual plans and projects to be exceptionally deployed in your website or blog. This one of the personal WordPress themes with its neatly and precisely distributed overall structure and its dynamically developed integral parts can cater to exclusively any matter, from portfolio and resume display to wedding production, design agency, beauty center or something of the kind. The theme comes integrated with SEO and SMO optimization, shares multilingual support, as well as perfect operation with a set of modern and useful WordPress compatible plugins.

    5. Panaroma Pro: 
    portfolio WordPress theme


    If your primary goal is to make a visual impact on your visitors by means of the high quality and alluring images and content of the website homepage background, Panaroma Pro can be an ideal selection. This professional and sophisticated premium personal theme will contribute to the building of any private website or blog at any level of the website construction and design. Apart its stunningly beautiful appearance, Panaroma Pro is loaded with a powerful package of theme inner options and settings to make the website control and customization an easy task to perform.

    6. PicArt:
    portfolio WordPress theme


    PicArt is fresh and colorful, powerful and pliable, polished and refined template at your disposal to undertake the manifestation of you and your relevant activities without worrying about the difficulties and complex situations you may ever encounter, as PicArt will prevent you from such uncomfortable and sticky conditions to the maximum. Thus, the theme allows you to create, design, develop and has total control over the personal website or blog across a variety of fields and areas, at the same time providing premium quality website performance on the one hand, and perfect customer experience on the other.

    7. SKT Magazine Pro:
    magazine WordPress theme


    SKT Magazine Pro is designed to showcase any magazine, journal or news – related website or blog, highlighting any single aspect of the life and lifestyle, ranging from politics and science to sport and beauty. You may externalize and organize the website operational potential as per your requirements in order to maximize the number of people visiting your online platform daily. For the website better optimization, you are free to install all the compatible plugins, such as Disqus, Facebook comment plugins for the website social media integration, WooCommerce plugin for commercial and shopping purposes, as well as qTranslate X and other plugins for the website multilingual support.

    8. Girlie:
    girly WordPress theme


    Girlie has been planned and implemented specifically to satisfy all the needs and pretenses any feminine representative may express. Hence, Girlie is designed and dressed with many girly touches and shades to be visually and graphically perceptible for the website female visitors. This elegant and imaginative, smart and secure, well – structured and well- developed personal and individual WordPress powered website will for sure simplify all the management and customization process of the whole web page and blog, as well as manipulation and distribution of the whole relevant content.

    Daycare, education and children WordPress themes for schools, college, universities and creche


    Child and kid – related industries are widely popular and requested in the modern human community. Be it a pre – school organization, kindergarten, creche, college, school, online training for children, developmental and daycare centres or any other highly experienced and profitable business aimed and children care and their further education are in the centre of any parent looking for the brightest future for his kid. Hence lots of companies and individuals exercise all their efforts and invest their financial means to balance the growing demands of baby and kid – related topics by the professional realization of the proposed daycare, education and children WordPress themes available at present, so that millions of caring parents will be able to find whatever might be the best for their child with enthusiasm, yet very quickly and easily.

    In this article, some of the best and the most sophisticated child and learning WordPress themes are presented with their relevant descriptions and characteristics, so that every single WordPress user is free to choose whichever seems to suit his online plans and initiatives in the most effective manner.

    1. Play School:
    education WordPress theme


    Play School as one of the most fitting variant for any kid – centric activity manifestation, comes with colorful and bright design shades and touches, which are the core points to keep the child focused on the website and get involved in the proposed learning methods and tasks. With this smart and intuitive, flexible and adaptable education and child WordPress related template learning something new will be a kind of fun and joy for the children, instead of being boring or distracting. Play School is also loaded with user and developer – friendly practical layout and compatibility with a wide range of plugins for commercial, LMS or other purposes.

    2. SKT Trust:
    non profit WordPress theme


    SKT Trust is intuitively and deeply versatile, serious and professional looking WordPress template catering to non-profit undertakings, charitable programs in relation to children protection and other vulnerable topics regarding to them, yet the scope of this theme possibilities is not limited to the above – mentioned niches and SKT Trust can be used for many other initiatives, introducing a new perspectives and agendas for children, their education and other target topics. With this all – inclusive and accurately worked – out WordPress supported theme be sure to have all the touches of intuition and sensitivity to be able to build and control your digital profile without any prior experience with WordPress, IT and so on.

    3. Complete Pro:
    complete WordPress theme


    With its multiconcept and general – purpose design possibilities Complete Pro seems to be an ideal tool for the creation and maintenance of any kind of content, ranging from kids and children, kindergarten, creche, nursery, babysitter to e-learning, pre –school clubs, online courses, universities and other educational institutions. This being so, Complete Pro comes integrated with every handy theme characteristic feature to customize both your relevant WordPress powered website look, so that it can best deliver your working profile to the website visitors and your potential clients, as well as your website functionality, so that the visitors and learners will be able to find the requested information, images or other content just in few seconds.

    4. SKT Architect Pro:
    architect WordPress theme


    Not only does SKT Architect Pro comprise visually strong and stylish look, but also it generates a stunningly operational and functional framework, on which almost any business idea or need can be fully realized and exercised, be it a construction or architecture company or agency, educational centre or institution, daycare or childcare and babysitter private services or the like. SKT Architect Pro is armed with out of the box theme features, which are built readymade to be a helping hand to you within the whole process of the website customization and maintenance.

    5. PicArt:
    portfolio WordPress theme


    Fresh and colorful, bright and engaging, eye – catching and motivational, PicArt as another reliable children and learning WordPress theme for any kid – related website or blog integrates all the essential points and elements every modern and dynamic theme must have at its disposal to characterize the uniqueness and exclusiveness of any website running on it. This highly integrated and technologically cutting – edge product will ensure your website responsiveness and mobile friendliness, SEO and SMO integration, as well as conformity with the modern standards and trends specified by the WordPress specialists and experts.

    6. Movers and Packers Pro:
    moving company WordPress theme


    In case you want to find a multipurpose and super functional theme, which along with its saturated structure and perfect performance will be easy and convenient in usage and configuration, here is Movers and Packers Pro for you. This premium quality template can cover anything you have planned beforehand, among them also any kid and child center, school, university or some other children and education – targeted businesses. By the application of this responsive and widget – friendly template be sure to personalize any undertaking to look trendy and function flawlessly to the maximum extent.

    7. Kraft:
    premium WordPress theme


    Use your imagination, knowledge and experience to the maximum while practicing Kraft as another modern and creative day and childcare, children and e-learning WordPress related theme, as this product grants you with unlimited possibilities to implement all your potential and reach out a perfect and highly competitive final online presence. This unique and neatly designed and structured website management tool is ready to handle children – centric content of any size and nature, so that your website will no way be heavy, resulting in low performance or insufficient user experience.

    8. Religious:


    Smart and serious, simple and uncomplicated, amazingly smooth and sleek, Religious demonstrates an outstanding working platform to highlight church and religious – directed topics and materials, with certain child – related directions, thus letting any charitable program for saving or helping children be actual and accessible for the people, or presenting any children’s religious choir, children’s charity exhibition, seminary or theology school and institution, etc. The visitors and students will be able to stay connected with the relevant website from everywhere with the help of their mobiles and tablets, as the theme is well –optimized for such usages.

    Programmer Portfolio WordPress Themes for programming websites

    programmer portfolio WordPress themes

    Here are our best programmer portfolio WordPress themes ready to put you directly in the hands of your potential clients and customers.

    Those templates are created by the seasoned developers for developers and designers, programmers and IT specialists, web service providers, digital marketers, computer repair services and other relevant specialists and experts to showcase their portfolios online.

    Establishing and developing a business or personal website for multiple reasons and objectives can be a task handled only by you.

    With programmer portfolio WordPress themes incorporated in this article you will be the only developer and designer of your profile and will be able to refine the given platform to meet your preferences.

    These self paced and time checked developer and programmer portfolio WordPress themes are created with the technically unprepared website admin in the themes’ authors’ mind.

    It means that you can choose any of them and refine it the way you need even if you are making your first steps in programming and developing world and need an online space to demonstrate your small projects.

    Choose any of the below mentioned programmer portfolio WordPress themes and be sure you provide your website users with the most relevant online experience across different platforms, mobiles and browsers.

    1. SKT SEO:

    SEO WordPress theme


    SKT SEO is visually clean and dynamic, white dominant and seriously worked out template catering to development and programming world.

    As one of the most professional and niche specific programmer portfolio WordPress themes one can find in the virtual domain, SKT SEO knows no boundaries when it comes to reaching your target client base and providing them with superb mobile and desktop user experience.

    Licensed under GPL and free for management and customization, this template shares one of the flexible frameworks you can ever find to realize all your plans and projects online, as well as arrange the virtual exhibition of all your portfolio items.

    Mainly focused on creativity and results optimized solutions, SKT SEO is also wonderfully smooth and mistake free across mobiles and browsers, search engine optimized for higher conversion rates and client engagement, as well as plugin compatible for commercial activities, translated content and more.

    2. Game Developer:

    game developer WordPress theme


    Feature rich and general purpose, Game Developer is fantastically worked out digital platform and website building tool suitable for game development agencies and web development companies, recruitment and design centric activities, as well as other digital specialist who want to showcase their portfolio.

    Fueled by the most important qualities and controls, Game Developer comes with HD readiness for your image based portfolio items to be displayed via the homepage slider or gallery section when paired with relevant gallery or portfolio plugins.

    Ready to be the most reliable foothold for your website, Game Developer also suggests multiple shortcodes to result in the needed content setup or functionality. Blog and page layouts, standard pages like 404, archives, etc., 5 levels of menu given in the default theme, as well as footer and header variables are all wrapped up in this premium quality template.

    3. SKT Tube:

    video WordPress theme


    The developers of SKT Tube have adopted an integrative approach to generating a product that will be extremely efficient in all its applications.

    Whether you want to run your own blog with homemade video tutorials or learning materials, or a professional programmer with huge portfolio that needs to be exposed, SKT Tube is what you have been looking for so far.

    With SKT Tube you can work absolutely independently and without the supervision of professional web developers and designers.

    It means that the given intuitive structure powered by essential controls is more than enough for you to showcase initiative in crafting your online brand and make it highly popular.

    Choose the best color and font mix and match, apply different shortcodes, arm the homepage slider with the needed video materials or even replace the default slider with any other compatible one.

    4. Design Agency Pro:

    design agency WordPress theme


    Creative and modern looking, Design Agency Pro is one of the sophisticated and artificially intelligent products included in the collection of the best programmer portfolio WordPress themes.

    You as a programmer certainly know the true value of your work.

    Now your task is to convince your online audience that your services are worth trying.

    Use this entirely pliable framework for listing all your services and offers, program updates and repair services, as well as start off any other content that might bring your readers closer to your business.

    For those purposes and not only, you can use all the prebuilt homepage sections and areas, slider and gallery section, boxes, accordions, buttons and tables available by the application of pre enabled shortcodes, etc.

    5. The App Pro:

    app WordPress theme


    Unleash your talents and creativity with The App Pro and start your online journey without much efforts or financial means with the App Pro.

    Transform your profile into something lively and informative so that all your website viewers will be inspired by your solicitude and user centric approach.

    Launch your programs and apps, offer diversified services and consultation, share your locations and opening hours via the theme’s content zones and parts like home, about us, blog, contact us and more.

    Preloaded portfolio and gallery section is also at your disposal to become one of the attention grabbing and wealth building tools you can practice.

    Add as many images and portfolio items as you like and add relevant plugins to make your galleries and portfolio display more organized.

    6. SKT StartUp Pro:

    startup WordPress theme


    Any startup company or private programmer will find SKT StartUp Pro as an ideal springboard to achieve greater results with second to none responsive and user optimized, shortcodes based and pixel perfect website.

    So, you are working on a competitive edge and need to prove your excellence in what you offer to your clients.

    Use all the advantages of SKT StartUp Pro to share your portfolio items, successfully completed projects and launched programs, updates and more in a nicely formatted fashion so that your partners and clients can easily have a glimpse of.

    7 Free WordPress eCommerce Plugins for Creating your Online Store

    WordPress eCommerce Plugins
    Although, WordPress commenced its journey as a robust blogging platform, now you can use it to build anything- from a simple blog to an e-commerce site. Its extensive range of themes and plugins gives you the flexibility to create any kind of a site – even an online store within a least span of time.

    However, the WordPress doesn’t offer any in-built eCommerce functionality, but there are hosts of overwhelming tools and plugins that will help you to transform your simple site into a fully-functional eCommerce solution with ease.

    So, in this blog post, we will cover the 7 best WordPress eCommerce plugins that you can use to create a highly-interactive online store.

    Let’s get started!

    1. WooCommerce
    WooCommerce WordPress plugin

    Active Installs: 1 million+
    Ratings: 4.6/5

    When it comes to the most popular and user-friendly eCommerce solution, WooCommerce is the first name that strikes to my mind. It is the #1 free eCommerce plugin for WordPress with over 1 million of active installs across the globe.

    This plugin makes it easy for you to add unlimited product pages within your site. You will also get a variety of eCommerce functionalities, including shopping cart, checkout, order management, product and inventory management, control over shipping, coupon management, interactive statistics and a lot more that can help you make a successful online storefront.
    After installing WooCommerce to your site, you are free to use its exciting range of features, such as:

    • Fully-responsive
    • Highly-customizable
    • Multiple payment options (accept major credit cards,PayPal, Bank transfers, and cash on delivery)
    • Integrated with Authorize.Net, Stripe, and Amazon Payments
    • Developer-friendly and a lot more.

    2. Easy Digital Downloads
    Easy Digital Downloads WordPress plugin

    Active Installs: 50K+
    Ratings: 4.8/5

    If you are selling digital products online, then you can’t ignore this plugin.
    Easy Digital Downloads is an ideal WordPress plugin for selling digital and non-physical products in essence. It is a simple, intuitive and easy to install plugin that can help you create a full-fledged eCommerce store in minutes.

    It comes up with all the necessary features that can help you run a booming online store instantly. Some of the great features of this plugin are:

    • Unlimited payment gateways
    • Cart system for buying multiple downloads at one
    • Promotional code system
    • Complete payment history
    • Embed functionality with various extensions, etc.

    3. Jigoshop

    Active Installs: 10K+
    Ratings: 4.4/5

    It is a feature-rich WordPress plugin that lets you create online shop without even getting your hands dirty in coding. The plugin is created by a professional development team that has years of experience in delivering quality online site projects for top-notch brands.

    With the use of Jigoshop, you can add multiple product pages; upload all your products, take payments with PayPal and other payment gateways, without integrating any third party tool.
    In addition, there are plenty of premium extensions that will take your online store to the next level on the go. In short, Jigoshop is a simple, user-friendly and cost-effective solution for creating professional looking eCommerce site.


    • Easy to setup
    • Embed multiple product type options to your estore
    • Detailed stats, and graphs
    • Over hundreds of premium extensions
    • Easy to manage shop’s stock, and much more.

    4. WP eCommerce
    WP eCommerce plugin

    Active Installs: 50K+
    Ratings: 3.5/5

    WP eCommerce is a great WordPress plugin that allows business owners to create and customize purpose-oriented online store with ease.

    Sell anything online – both the physical and digital products using this powerful plugin. Even, it lets you create a membership site as per your requirement. You can further customize your plugin if you are comfortable with CSS and HTML coding. There are also some useful video tutorials that will help you learn more about this plugin.

    In addition, WP eCommerce offers you an option to manage your orders and catalogs of your site using robust inbuilt tools. It offers some of the stunning features such as:

    • Integrated with hosts of payment gateways
    • Readymade marketing tools
    • Inbuilt shipping tools
    • Integrated with popular couriers
    • Secure check-out with SSL

    5. Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping cart
    Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping cart

    Active Installs: 20K+
    Ratings: 4.5/5

    Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping cart plugin makes it super easy to set up a professional looking online store quickly and easily. This means you don’t need to learn any programming language to create or customize your e-store.

    This user-friendly plugin empowers non-tech savvy site owners to sell anything (both physical and digital products) on the fly. There are literary 40 international payment options and real-time shipping integration that make it a popular plugin across the globe.
    Plus, it integrates well with recognized carriers including FedEx, UPS, Australia Post, Canda post, USPS, etc to automatically calculate shipping taxes. You can also add your eCommerce site to Facebook to sell out your products and services to your targeted Facebook users. In fact, Ecwid is the leading eCommerce app on Facebook.


    • Easy to set up
    • Tons of shipping options
    • It offers free mobile apps for Android and iOS mobile devices
    • Limitless storage, automatic backups and regular upgrades
    • PCI DSS Level 1 certified and lot more.

    6. Shopp
    Shopp WordPress ecommerce plugin

    Active Installs: 5K+
    Ratings: 3.7/5

    Shopp is an excellent eCommerce plugin and secure shopping cart that has the potential to run thousands of online stores with ease.

    Although it was introduced as a premium plugin, now you can use it at free of cost. It is developed and modified by a community of volunteers that have expertise in developing quality eCommerce solutions across the world.

    Use this plugin to build your own order processing labels just by clicking a few buttons. Even, you can easily move orders manually or automatically.


    • Simple and intuitive
    • Safe and secure plugin
    • Easy to customize your plugin
    • Robust support system
    • Provides complete flexibility and much more.

    7. WP EasyCart
    WP EasyCart

    Active Installs: 1 million+
    Ratings: 5/4.6

    WP EasyCart is a convenient solution for creating interactive and visually-appealing online store from scratch. There is plethora of free options to help you add eCommerce Shopping Cart system to your WordPress site within a few minutes.

    The plugin allows you to sell anything- from retail products to digital downloadable products, gifts and carts to any other product that you can easily buy or subscribe online.
    But the best thing about this plugin is that it works smoothly with all WordPress themes. This means you don’t to buy third party tools to integrate shopping cart functionality to your site if you are using WP Easy Cart plugin.


    • It comes with tons of readymade widgets
    • Integrated with popular payment gateways
    • Google Analytics
    • Social sharing integration
    • Inbuilt tools to setup and run coupons and promotions, etc.

    All these plugins mentioned above in this blog post are free and incredible in terms of functionality, feasibility and features. These plugins will allow you to set up a successful online store without any coding skills.

    All you need to do is to pick out the most suitable eCommerce plugin from WordPress repository and then download, install and use it for your first/next eCommerce project.

    About the Author:
    I am Jessica Gibson, marketing head at PromoCodeClub and a passionate blogger. Currently, I am working for an eCommerce website. Here you can get ola coupons for new users, existing users, Redbus, Uber coupons, Amazon, eBay and many more. Apart from writing blogs, I love to explore the world by visiting different places and sharing my experiences with people.