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Flexible and scalable WordPress themes with unlimited possibilities

flexible scalable WordPress themes
People looking for flexible and scalable WordPress themes to have scalable websites can look below for the desired themes as per their requirements.

With self – hosted and open – source nature, WordPress content management and website creation community has long established its dominant role in the dynamically developing digital networking system and the overall worldwide web with all its integral parts.

Being a strong and powerful leader to any website and blog development basics, WordPress products are preferred by thousands of people worldwide to promote their business, share portfolio or works, provide services or run a blog on some favorite topics.

In this article, we have sort out search – based flexible and scalable WordPress themes with unlimited possibilities and unmatched controls.

These flexible and scalable WordPress themes prove to be a perfect foundation for any online content share.

All of them are developed to be high – value, yet cost – conscious selections, as well as intuitive and resourceful enough to precisely respond to any human intervention to satisfy all the specified needs and objectives.

Check – out the proposed templates, that have been designed for non – coders, find out the best one and create the best online profile of yours matching all your preferences and expectations.

1. Complete Pro:
complete WordPress theme


Complete Pro is built with power and excellence in every single aspect of the theme, leading them to overall completeness and preciseness. On the whole, this truly dynamic and highly intuitive, readily responsive and cross mobile compatibility – checked, visually bright and motivational, strong and secure coded and modernly developed WordPress – related template features limitless customization and exceptional functionality irrespective of the content – heavy nature of the web presence running on it. Established on dependable customizer framework providing an easy to use, admin – friendly and consistent interface, you will be capable of changing the look of your site and have its live –preview as well.

2. The Trip:
travel WordPress theme


Multipurpose and multilayout, all – inclusive and feature – rich, technologically saturated and visually eye – catching, functionally advanced and incredibly user – driven, smart and intuitive, consistently flexible and scalable, the Trip will give access to unlimited possibilities to pervade your online profile with high quality and informative content in fully dynamic and extremely customizable theme areas and get a pixel perfect and impeccable desktop, mobile and tablet design of it. Choose the most alluring fonts and make your text sparkle with custom styling, make the website social media integrated and wait for the brilliant success and popularity in the nearest future.

3. Play School:
education WordPress theme


The dedicated WordPress pro experts, developers and designers have not spared any effort when it came to the creation and launching of Play School to be categorized as top – rated and premium – quality, yet accessible and cost – effective flexible and scalable WordPress themes. This product comes with multiuse – ready structure, however, it is especially convenient for education and e-learning centers and organizations specialized for kids and preschool and schoolchildren with its bright and visually inspiring design and colorful external touches to keep the learner’s attention on the essential parts and portions of the website.

4. Girlie:
girly WordPress theme


Girlie uses lots of feminine touches and woman – efficient color gamut, functional and practical features and elements to give every feminine representative maximum flexibility and smartness when building a personal or business digital space and afterwards customize it for a completely fresh look and feel complying with the target website in the most effective manner. And it is not the whole package of possibilities, which are coming with Girlie. This unique website builder is also totally responsive and has been checked for its 100 % mobile compatibility with boundless control over how your web pages look at every suggested size.

5. SKT Construction Pro:
construction WordPress theme


In case you are looking for a strong and stable, well – supported and well – coded, WordPress compatible and visually consistent, fast loading and quick performing, user and developer – friendly and customer – driven business and company template to have control on every single aspect and element of the theme, generally manage look and style across your entire website and make it stand out with its competitive and challenging functionality. The theme is power – packed with nicely arranged theme areas, expressive prebuilt homepage slider with controllable effects, as well as great compatibility with diverse popular plugins, making the theme more advanced in performance, as well as e-commerce – optimized.

6. Gravida:
corporate WordPress theme


Modern and creative look, conceptually well – thought and realized design and graphical outlook, amazingly polished and pliable, readily resilient and adaptive theme structure, e-commerce ready and WooCommerce compatible, multilingual – optimized and extensively responsive framework, customizer based and HTML5 and CSS3 coded styling are the advanced characteristic features which make Gravida a highly recommended and perspective flexible and scalable WordPress themes to readily adjusted and manipulated without any line of code required. All in all, this template is as vigorous and highly competitive as it is simple and understandable in usage and management.

7. Auto Car:
car repair WordPress theme


Developed to be a homogeneous mixture of simplicity and flexibility, adaptation and perfect usability, functionally cutting edge and profoundly feature – rich structure, featuring at the same time smart and responsive design controls across all the modern mobiles, tablets and other devices to adjust itself to any screen size without negatively affecting the website quality and content arrangement, Auto Car can be an awesome website solution for any car – related industry or service provision presentation armed with unlimited operational possibilities at your disposal to reach our more and more new customers and keep them coming back to your site.

8. Bizness Pro:
responsive business WordPress theme


Stylized and supported to power your creativity and potential, as well as to let you personalize and establish the best online version of your business with certain future plans to monetize it, Bizness Pro is considered to be an ideal choice for any small – sized business or corporate initiative with limited financial means, since the theme is available in the relevant marketplace at very affordable price. Moreover, the easy to use and user – driven structure of the theme speaks to your favor when it comes to the website control and management without any auxiliary help of developers and designers.

How to Increase the Maximum File Upload Size in WordPress

increase maximum upload size WordPress

When you buy a plan from your chosen web host to host your WordPress site, you may notice that the specifications mention the maximum file upload size.

Most of the time, we fail to notice it and it is only when you buy the package and start using it, you realize that there is something called maximum file upload size limit. You can find it from Media option on your Dashboard.

It is very important to know how to increase the maximum file upload size in WordPress. The reason is that most of the basic plan for WordPress has maximum file upload limit as 2MB.

You cannot upload images of very high quality because most of them would be more than 2MB. As a matter of fact, you cannot even upload most of the GIFs which are very popular these days. You have to compress the files, resize them and compromise with the quality. It is better not of talk about videos.

Now, it does not really make sense to buy a higher package from your web hosts just because of uploading a bigger file. Instead, you should know how to increase the maximum file upload size in WordPress irrespective of your web host plan.

There are multiple ways to increase the maximum file upload size in WordPress, and you may have to try all of them because some of them would work for some and others may not depending on your web host settings. You can do it by changing the theme function file, editing php.ini file, using .htaccess or even by plugins.

How To Increase The Maximum File Upload Size In WordPress Using Function.Php

This is to reiterate the fact that this method may or may not work for your WordPress site because of the internal settings by your web host. Therefore if it does not work, remove the code from the file where you paste them.

The same is applicable for all methods stated below.

Go to Appearance from the Dashboard and then from the drop down, click on the option Editor. In the new screen, find the file functions.php. Edit it and add the following lines at the end.

@ini_set( 'upload_max_size' , '64M' );
@ini_set( 'post_max_size', '64M');
@ini_set( 'max_execution_time', '300' );

In case, it does not work, you can cut the code and paste it in wp-config.php file at the very end. If neither works, delete the code and restore the files in the original state.

How To Increase The Maximum File Upload Size In WordPress Using PHP.ini
PHP.ini is an important file which contains the configuration information of your server. You would need FTP of accessing and editing it.

Connect your FTP to your server, and in the root directory, you are likely to find it. Sometimes, it is kept hidden from view.

Therefore, you have to search with Show Hidden Files option. Sometimes, it could be named as PHP5.ini and so on. If you get it, search for the following lines of code.

If you spot them, you need to just modify the limits, and it will be done.

upload_max_filesize = 64M
post_max_size = 64M
max_execution_time = 300

In case you do not get the file, you need to create one and add the following code it in.

If it does not work for your web host, change the limits to something like 10 MB, and it might just work.

How To Increase The Maximum File Upload Size In WordPress Using .htaccess

Again, .htaccess is an important file, and it should be tried only after the above two do not work. Remember, there could be a .htacess file in every web folder, but you have to choose the one at the root folder. If it is present there, edit it and paste the following lines. Paste them at the end of the file.

php_value upload_max_filesize 64M
php_value post_max_size 64M
php_value max_execution_time 300
php_value max_input_time 300

If it is not present which could be a possible case, you need to create one .htaccess file and just paste it.

How To Increase The Maximum File Upload Size In WordPress For Cloud Service Providers

If you are using cloud service for hosting purpose, you must be aware of the fact that most of the dedicated cloud service providers for WordPress provide an exclusive option to increase or decrease the file upload limit from time to time. Take for example, Cloudways who provide an interface to let you increase the limits as per your liking. It is these customized options that are making cloud hosting very popular.

How To Increase The Maximum File Upload Size In WordPress Using Plugins

As this is a core issue, you preference should always be to use code first. If they do not work, go for plugin method. Go to the Dashboard and to Plugins.

Click on Add New, and find the plugin Increase Max Upload FileSize.

It is quite a popular plugin and hence, reliable. Once you spot the plugin, click on Install button and then on Activate button.

After activation, it checks for the file upload size limit, and if it is less than 32 MB, it makes it 32 MB automatically. If you want more, you need to go to Tools from the Dashboard and click on the plugin name. You would find different options to modify and change the size as per your requirement.

But it is not a recommended method because the performance can slow down and the core files may get exposed.

When Nothing Works

If none of the above works for you, there is only one option left. You have to contact your web host support team and request them to increase it.

They could probably ask you to upgrade to a higher package, but you can put them in a risky position by telling them to increase the size in the same package or else you would migrate or not renew.

They value their customers, and even though the increase of limit may not be what you expect, they would surely double or triple the limit.

Well, you may always get what you want, but it depends on your communication skills and how much pressure you can put on them.

If you want it around the time of renewing your package, they will do it immediately.

How to automatically post images and posts/pages on Facebook?

Harnessing your website with social media integration is one of the best marketing tools for any website or blog. As for the Facebook as one of the dynamic and overpopulates social media platforms, it can never be overcome if you want to make your site and its content social friendly and social optimised.

A colossal audience with more than one billion daily users, Facebook has long become a hotspot of personal and business interactions leading to new ties and beneficial cooperation. While advantages of this network are endless, it is more than compulsory for every modern website to use this powerful marketing form in all the possible ways.

In this relation, one of the practical ways to boost social integration and grow your business through Facebook, you have to take care of channels to post your web images, posts and pages on Facebook. Along with other strategies to be used for your website to find its visitors, posting your web content on Facebook is a low – cost method and requires little endeavour.

The thing is that sharing your WordPress based profile, basic information, pictures and images of your site with Facebook audience can be easily done through a number of practical ways. Hence, if you clearly understand the huge potential of Facebook as one of the biggest sources of traffic and new leads, this article will help you in comprehending how to automatically post images and posts/pages on Facebook.

At the very beginning, let’s clarify why you need to share your content with Facebook. Integrating Facebook with your WordPress website has much to do with growing audience, boosted traffic and the overall socialisation of your website. And while you are not able to automate the engagement of your web visitors, you can at least automate the process of adding relevant posts and pages on Facebook.

Now let’s see what you can do when it comes to sharing your website or blog content with social audience on Facebook. Generally speaking, there are several ways around this topic which we are going to discuss one after another.

1. The application of IFTTT to automatically post images and posts/pages on Facebook.

IFTTT is an abbreviation that stands for “If this then that”. It is a free online web based tool that lets you achieve more with your server. Here you are welcome to create applets which are triggered by the updates in different platforms, including Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, etc. This method will bring multiple ways of connecting your WordPress site with Facebook to automatically share new WP posts on Facebook pages, to post new blogs appearing in WordPress also on Facebook page with images and more.

For the beginning, you need to go to and create an account, create New Applet /can be found in the upper right corner of the page/.

Then click on +this link to activate the wizard and choose service as WordPress to continue. After pressing Connect button a form will appear to be filled with relevant information about your site. Next comes the selection of triggers you can use.

Choose Any new post to go on. Click on +that link to choose the action service as Facebook. Select to post either in your personal profile or page, connect your FB account to IFTTT when FB asks for permission and choose the required action from the given boxes /Create a status message, Create a link post, upload a photo from URL/.

The last step is to create an action and that’s it.

2. The application of Buffer to automatically post images and posts/pages on Facebook.

Buffer is one of the sophisticated ways to auto share your WP content on social media networks, including, of course, Facebook.

It’s a truly convenient method not only to share your multimedia content, posts and pages, but also schedule their posting time throughout the day.

Visit and create your account. In order to connect your site with this system, you need to install the plugin called WordPress to Buffer

WP to buffer

Activate and configure this plugin /Settings, Buffer authentication, Access Token.

You’ll find a callback URL below Access Token field. Copy this URL since you are going to fill it together with other details when visiting to create an app.
Simply click the button Create an app and the relevant form will appear to be filled. After creating an application, Buffer will create an app for you and provide you with API keys and access token. Copy and paste this token to your WP plugin settings page and save.

Now your WP website is connected to Buffer. All you need to do is to configure settings the way you wish your WP posts to be shared on FB. Click on the available Facebook account in the provided posts or page tabs and use Enable account option.

Furthermore, you are free to play with more options to automatically add post title, description and image on Facebook.

3. The application of WordPress plugins to automatically post images and posts/pages on Facebook.

In case you feel that both methods described below will be time consuming or beyond your strengths, the third method to add your site images and posts on FB via plugins will be more comfortable for you. There is an avalanche of relevant social plugins ready to make auto sharing of your web content. All you need to do is to dig into the library of WordPress plugins and find the one matching your needs.

In order to help you get your head around what is offered, we can enumerate some of the top rated plugins available for now. Among them are:

Facebook Auto Publish

Facebook Auto Publish

Facebook Auto Post

Facebook Auto Post WordPress Plugin – AccessPress Facebook Auto Post

Jetpack Publicize

Social Networks Auto Poster

NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster

How to design positive user experiences for websites?

Design Positive User Experiences

These days any company designs products or provides services to the user to design positive user experience. They want to keep their customer happy. As when you keep your customers happy, they keep on coming back to you. The main question arises whenever a product is made “How does the product make you feel”? Consider for example, if you are owning a web development company and you have designed a website. Then, of course, you want to know that the web design is liked by the user or not.

If your customer is happy with you then you can easily maintain competition in the market without any hassle. As they like your services and products then they prefer to buy products from your organization or company always. In turn, your reputation in the market will be enhanced as a brand name and you can spawn more revenue.

So here, in this blog, we are scrutinizing some measures to design positive user experience.

Emotion is Pivotal – Why?

Have you ever noticed or not that every brand always want to keep their customers happy. Even if we go to any brand store there is a different section of staff who takes good care of people visiting their store. In large organizations also there is a separate “customer care” section. But have you ever wonder, “Why Everyone wants to keep their customer happy”? Here is the answer, only because of their happy customers they exist as a brand in the society. Most of you have also heard of the popular saying, “Customers are considered to be the god.” If you are doing any kind of business then it is your first and foremost responsibility to keep your customers happy and satisfied with your work(products or services). If you want your business to succeed then you must have to consider user experience and have to be loyal to your customers.

Examples of positive user experiences are they visit your store again, they like to subscribe to your services, they like your web design and again wants more sites to be designed from you only.

If you are designing your company’s website or application, it is nothing but you are providing your customer a convenience to reach you, you are designing a positive user experience.

Now, we are going into detailed discussion of the “Unique measures to design positive user experience”. So, here we go.


It plays a vital role in keeping your customers happy with your service. It includes different ways of marketing that by seeing only the cute images or anything else which just put a smile on the face of your customers. Consider, Mailchimp almost everyone like their pleasant amulet. Most of the companies prefer to encompass animals into their marketing plan. So, here your humor plays a crucial role. You have to keep on thinking ultimate measures by which you can provide a smooth service to your customers or clients.


Humor is instant tension reliever and raises a feeling of positive emotions. Whether you are making your customers happy by cracking jokes, made them laugh out louder or just cackle at their desks. By doing all these your customer feels like they are not others they belong to your team itself.

A day without laughter is a day wasted” it is a famous quote by Charlie Chaplin. A well-known actor who is known by almost everyone in the whole world. It can also be said that laughter is a good medicine to relieve stress.


It has become a momentous part of designing. The notion behind this to make designs imperfect deliberately so that our designs looked to be personal and approach to a large customer base. This technique is being adopted by most of the brands to give designs a human touch.

A new design of Typeform is the best example one can refer. As you scrolling down the page the perfect circle around the logo takes an imperfect shape.

This way one can provide a unique design by incorporating imperfections.


Most of the time hyperbole is based on humor. It is related to taking a familiar or regular situation to its intense level. This is understood by almost all of us as these days we are all very much busy in doing our tasks and has a lot of work pressure.

The idea is that you can design something which is related to customers routine life so that it would be more convenient for them to understand whatever you want to appeal.


It has become a popular jargon in UX design. But what is it exactly? Do you know?

In the post by Tubic studio, Mentioned that:

In the tech world, the word “gamification” stands for the technique of exerting game mechanics into the non-game environment, such as websites and mobile applications.”

So, It has become popular these days. Take an example of Salesforce who has mastered this art by their trailhead program. A program by which you can learn how to use Salesforce.


If you see any digital products which are incorporated with illustrations then it is easy for you to understand this concept. Many digital products use illustrations as it is easier to see yourself in a character than in a photo of another person.

For example, when you are opening slack there is an illustration that welcomes you. There are happy people, bright colors and products that match the color of the product welcomes you to create the work experience which you want. By effective web design of your website, you can build positive user experience.

Wrap Up:

So, after reading this you have become more familiar with the unique and ultimate ways to design positive user experience. Most of you also know about Nagpur Website design company. They are award-winning web designing agency and who successfully have drawn positive user experiences by their effective designs of the website and providing more than expected services to their clients. They have a great experience in this stream for more than 10 years. One can refer to their website designs which is most graceful and eye-soothing. Hope you like enjoyed reading this blog post.

Green and Environment WordPress theme for eco friendly nature website

green environment WordPress theme

Salient features of Green WordPress theme

  • Responsive is absolutely essential and necessary and hence this environment WordPress theme is responsive 100% and compatible with several devices
  • Social Icons are needed for linking to various platforms and for this green WordPress theme we have 675 font based icons which can be added anywhere on the site
  • Translation ready is an necessity because everyone does not speak English and hence people want their website to be easily converted into any other language which is facilitated using PO file included with this theme
  • Font typography choices are unlimited with this green WordPress theme as the
  • Solid Framework as it is based on the core WordPress framework and evolves with each upgrade of WordPress
  • Live edits are possible as the green WordPress theme is Customizer based
  • Page builder compatible environment WordPress theme which make it easier for any layout building and even novice users with no experience in WordPress or HTML can use it easily without any problems
  • Multilingual plugins are compatible and all sorts of multilingual plugins have been tested with this green WordPress theme
  • SEO friendly coding has been done and hence SEO wise this template is quite strong
  • Shortcodes in built which are more than 100+ in number as well as other shortcode plugins are also compatible which give the green and environment WordPress theme an edge over others
  • Page templates and blog templates of several types have been added k
  • Header, footer variations are given so that any type of look can be achieved easily using this template meant for green and environment websites
  • Widgets mean that sidebar, header and footer default contents can be easily changed at will and any type of widget be it ad widget or other kinds of social feeds can be added easily
  • Mega Menu facility has been given if a large kind of environment website or green website is being created for nature
  • CSS3 animations and HTML5 gradients can be easily added as the template is based on latest modern design trends including retina ready and HD ready
  • Huge list of Plugins compatible and hence many different types of functionality can be added easily by just adding the plugin which work out of the box
  • Homepage look and feel can be easily modified and the look and feel gives an idea about a conservationist or environment and nature preservation website
  • Color changing with the help of color pickers and hence each and every element can be easily modified using color pickers in this environment WordPress theme
  • Call to action has been included with the footer showcasing location, social icons as well as other important information on how to contact the organization
  • Contact forms using plugins like contact form 7 and gravity forms and ninja forms can be easily added as the template is very well compatible with these plugins
  • Green and Environment WordPress theme has been created in order to facilitate the working of websites for environmentalists, nature conservation and other types of eco friendly websites where the cause if nature or natural products.

    Since the template is designed for nature or green or environment kind of a website it is obvious that these type of natural websites need to showcase green and white a lot.

    The slider on the top facilitates this feature and has around 15 slide options with text and text color on it is also manageable. It is easy to manage its pause time as well as slider animation controls are also given.

    For example you need a video slider all you need to do is change the slider shortcode and the default slider does not load but the shortcode of the slider plugin loads up.

    Also the icon based services section is what follows next for this green and environment WordPress theme.

    Join our events section is a decent section using both image and text and nice call to action buttons.

    Icons use has been great in this template with the mission area looking really nice.

    Testimonials and other sections have been posted with the footer having good variation options and widget friendly as well.

    Header is also widget friendly and has the option of 4 variations along with mega menu also possible.

    Inner page templates, contact us form default and other 100 shortcodes are available apart from that donation plugins are compatible with this green and environment WordPress theme.

    Why consider this Environment WordPress theme

  • Look and feel is of utmost importance and this environment WordPress theme gives the great look and feel of an environment and nature conservation website
  • Easy update is possible due to so much of documentation and manual that has been provided along with this environment WordPress theme
  • Plugins compatible are huge and hence functionality like WooCommerce,
  • Page builder plugins are compatible and hence anything can be added with the help of those plugins which act like template and page builder so advanced functionality is also possible
  • Part of a bundle which has other templates as well and hence it is easier for people to have a lot of choices when selecting this green WordPress theme
  • Fonts and colors can be easily managed with Google fonts loading around 800+ fonts which are more than enough with cyrillic and latin sub sets also provided so that any language can be written similarly color changing template means that each and every element can be changed in color
  • SEO friendly coding has been done and coding as per codex WordPress standards means that the theme is secured in terms of coding
  • Adaptable with all kinds of devices and tested with theme for cross browser friendliness and responsiveness and Google mobile friendliness as well
  • Enough Icons have been provided which are all font based so that size and color are never a problem and one can use these icons to showcase nature conservation and other types of icons to have a nice iconic website with content and icons looking real good
  • Advanced controls have been provided in form of header and footer variations, widgets as well as page building and shortcode functions
  • Concrete Contractor Construction and Manufacturing WordPress Themes for builder websites

    concrete contractor manufacturing WordPress themes
    With the growth of Internet and digital networking system came lots of new business and commercial chances for any single branch or aspect of any modern industry or another undertaking. As for the construction, manufacturing, renovation, interior design, real estate developer and other relevant sector, it came with increased functional capacities, allowing any individual or company representative take the maximum profit out of the online profile of his building company. And since a website is a must – have product currently, any contractor or builder should include the plans for creating and maintaining a perfect online presentation of his business into his marketing strategies and successive steps.

    In this relation, we have selected top 10 concrete, contractor, construction and manufacturing WordPress themes for builder, construction and upbuilding websites, and any of them has all the chances to become the solid and secure starting point for your activities online.

    1. SKT Construction Pro:
    construction WordPress theme


    One of the most reliable and professionally worked out design and constructing WordPress templates appears as SKT Construction Pro with ready to use operational framework armed with all the necessary and compulsory theme features and options to exercise and achieve for stunningly effective results. This truly flexible and smart theme, which conforms to all the high standards by the WordPress community, has been built on responsive and mobile friendly layout to provide exceptional mobile and tablet user experience.

    2. Build Pro:
    construction WordPress theme


    Build Pro is the next feature – rich and user – friendly, smart and stable, intuitive and resourceful WordPress template catering to construction, repair, renovation, engineering, design, architecture – related initiatives. This modern and elegant responsive and fast loading theme has all the ingredients any builder or constructor should ever need in order to turn all his projects and drafts into reality and target not only the local audience but also expand its borders and be accessible also to international market.

    3. Condimentum:
    multipurpose WordPress theme


    Condimentum also deserves its special place in our list of concrete, contractor, construction and manufacturing WordPress themes ready to cover any industry, developer, engineer or constructor topics online. Practice this responsive and completely adaptable template to showcase all your services, prices, specialists and handymen, ongoing and already completed project and other useful information, so that your potential clients may find all the prerequisites to have confidence in you.

    4. Movers and Packers Pro:
    moving company WordPress theme


    Multipurpose and multiconcept, strongly developed and beautifully designed, totally versatile and resilient, Movers and Packers comes complete in every aspect and ready to extend the manifestation of the sphere of your activities, by including not only your construction and building services, but also other services rendered by you, be it a moving, transportation, packaging, logistics or whatever it is. This user – optimized template will be a convenient product for any person without any prior WordPress experience or programming skills.

    5. SKT Architect Pro:
    architect WordPress theme


    Established on elegant and modern design and graphical shades, which in their turn are mixed with totally dependable operational platform enabling to present any company, agency or independent contractor to connect to the clients and customers from every corner of the world, SKT Architect Pro features super professional and serious approach towards every part of the theme and lets your future builder website stand out among many others thanks to its compactness, accurate appearance and informativeness.

    6. Furnish:
    interior design WordPress theme


    If you are looking for premium quality, yet cost – conscious, functionally saturated and tech – savvy, yet flexible and adaptive, highly innovative and modernly crafted, yet easy to set up and exercise concrete, contractor, construction and manufacturing WordPress theme to proceed with the building and development of your construction and architecture template, here is Furnish with its strong and durable theme overall structure and conveniently arranged theme sections to display all the relevant content and edit it whenever needed.

    7. SKT Industrial:
    industrial renovation WordPress themes


    SKT Industrial is dynamic and practical, highly recommended building, construction and contractor WordPress powered template, which has been crafted and developed user – friendliness, SMO and SEO optimization, as well as mobile and device compatibility in the developer’s mind, so that your online product will be more noticeable in search engines if connect the website with diverse SEO plugins, and will be easily managed and customized by any website user and admin without any complex processes and codes.

    8. Towing:
    towing WordPress theme


    Towing is general – purpose and all – inclusive sophisticated building, contractor and towering related WordPress template armed with the most effective and beneficial capabilities and grants the user with tons of customization and modification options to edit the look and feel of your target website and make it the product you have always dream of. The theme comes with total responsiveness and mobile – optimized performance, as well as multilungual support for different language bearers.

    9. HVAC and Cleaning:
    HVAC and cleaning WordPress theme


    The next modern and dynamic, simple and adaptable WordPress powered template which is targeted for all kinds and manifestations of construction and cleaning industries in the most professional way is HVAC and Cleaning. Your construction, renovation, engineering and cleaning business can truly rely upon this immensely comprehensive and smart constructor and architect content creation and management tool, since HVAC and Cleaning balances between all the important theme sections and parts to be equally flexible, intuitive and practical, so that no matter who the website user is, the latter will succeed to organize the whole process of website management in the best way.

    10. Welder:
    welding WordPress theme


    Welder with its powerful and precise structure and coordinated operation will provide you with the leading – edge results to enjoy the popularity of any builder and constructor website. This high –quality, polished and pliable WordPress theme will let you break through to relevant success at an unbelievable speed, low cost and little efforts spent, at the same time guaranteeing your clients and partners positive perception of your company and services. As any strong and customer – optimized modern template, Welder is also checked for its flawless support for mobile and tablet usages and ensures smooth website performance in any case.

    How To Use Custom Post Types In WordPress

    custom post types WordPress

    WordPress has established itself as a robust platform not only for blogging but also for advanced content management.

    WordPress 4.7.3 which is the recent version of WordPress comes multiple post types.

    Some of the popular post types are general post, page, attachment, and navigation menu.

    Besides these, there is a need to use custom post types in WordPress as per the demand of your website.

    For example, if you have a review site, you need to use custom post types in WordPress so that reviewing anything can become easy and the representation of the post becomes personalized.

    It will help in better branding, better user experience and most importantly, you can use this custom post type template every time and complete your post instantly.

    How To Use Custom Post Types In WordPress (Using Plugin)

    Using a plugin to do anything is the easiest way in WordPress, especially those who do not want to uses codes to solve their problems. The process is rather safe because amateur WordPress users can create a mess while editing files and inserting the required code.

    Step 1 – Install The Plugin and Get The Menu Option

    The plugin to use custom post types in WordPress 4.7.3 is named Custom Post Type UI. Therefore, go to Plugins option from the Dashboard and click on Add New. Search for the plugin in the new screen, install and activate it. Once the activation is done, you need to come back to your Dashboard. You will find that a new menu option named CPT UI has been added to the left menu.

    Custom Post Type UI


    Step 2 – Understanding Custom Post Type and Custom Taxonomy

    Place your mouse point of the menu option CPT UI and click on Add New option from the drop down. In the next screen, you will find two columns. One is for creating custom post type (left) and the other is for creating custom taxonomy (right). As stated earlier, custom post type is a customized post template for creating a regular post in a personalized way.

    custom post type

    On the other hand, a custom taxonomy is for representing a group of posts. For example, the default taxonomy in WordPress is category and tags and they group different articles together. Similarly, you can create your own taxonomy for your review site like Topics – books, movies, products, services which would be more like a category or something like Rating where posts of different ratings can be grouped together and shown to the visitors for better user experience.

    Step 3 – Adding New Custom Post Type

    Moving on from the explanation, in the existing screen, use the left column to create a custom post type. You have to provide a name within 20 characters. The next field is the label which is going to appear on the left menu of the Dashboard just like Page or Post option. The label is generally in plural form and in the next field, you have to provide the singular form of that.

    how to add post type

    Finally, write the description properly with the keyword. Click on Create Custom Post Type button and you will have access to it from the Dashboard. You can check out different advanced options as well for more customization.

    How To Use Custom Post Types In WordPress (Manually)

    The drawback of using a plugin for such a core work is that if there are any glitches in the plugin, all the posts might get affected. Even a bigger problem is that if the plugin gets uninstalled somehow then all the posts will be lost except the text part. Therefore, it is always recommended to do it manually so that no such issue arises.

    Adding Basic Code To Serve The Purpose

    For that, you need to go to your Dashboard and then to Appearance. Click on Editor and in the next screen, locate functions.php from the left side. Go to the end of the code already present and write the following basic code.

    basic code post type

    From the code snippet, you can see that labels have ‘Movies’ as the post type which you can change along with its singular form. There are other parameters like public, archive, and slug which you may like to modify as per your requirement. But you can add much more with coding as the possibilities are truly limitless.

    Adding Advanced Code For Better Personalization and Features

    If your custom post type does not have all the features like the normal post type WordPress offers then it is a crime. If you are a slightly advanced user, you should use the following code instead of the above on. But make sure you understand the code well else you can mess things up while customizing the code to enter labels and other parameters as per your requirement.

    As you can see, it has options for revision, adding featured image and various other custom fields which are going to make your post professional and personalized. There is an option named Hierarchical which you can set to True if you want your custom post to behave like Pages. Furthermore, you will notice that it has a custom taxonomy called Genres which you can change as per your requirement. If you do not want it, you can delete or make the line as a comment in case you want to activate it in future.

    How To Display Custom Posts in WordPress 4.7.3

    Once the creation of custom post type is done using the above method, you need to display them. First, create a few custom posts so that it appears well on the site and you can also check what you have created. Then go to Appearance from Dashboard and click on Menus. You need to create a menu option and place the link of Custom Post Types’ URL in it. It is most likely to be Instead of movies, it can be anything that you have modified it to be. The URL structure can also be something else based on the permalink settings you have. Therefore, check it before using it and create the menu option.

    By default, custom posts would not appear on the homepage and you need to write the following code in the functions.php file for the same.

    pre post type

    That’s all. You can now have different types of custom posts to enhance the user experience and make you look unique.

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    Handy Tips for WordPress blogging professionals to blog easily

    tips WordPress blogging professionals

    Top Tips For WordPress Blogging Professionals

    WordPress is the best platform for blogging. People have been giving up their job offers and becoming professional bloggers. Even though it may seem like a very easy job, it requires hard work and all round performance.

    The following handy tips for WordPress blogging professionals can help them blog easily and take their blogs to the next level. Most of the professional bloggers have no idea how to optimize their blogs and reach out to more people and get more revenue from their posts. Go through the following tailor-made tips for WordPress blogging professionals to blog efficiently.

    Passionate Writing – When you have accepted blogging as your profession and working at your home or office comfortably, you have the full freedom to be fully passionate about what you are doing. Therefore, your writing must show your passion on the subject. Hopefully, you have chosen a category where you have genuine interest rather than the one that can sell better and you hardly have any knowledge about it.

    Writing Better – This is one of the most important tips for WordPress blogging professionals to follow. Do not just write a blog for the sake of writing. Take your time, plan your writing, do proper research and see how your article can be different from other in terms of information and presentation.

    The presentation of the blog matters as much as the quality of the content. Focus on creating epic content that is likely to get more shares and more engagement. At times, you can just write an article a day and make sure it is the best thing you could write.

    Learn Something New – Growth is the most important thing in the professional world irrespective of the kind of profession you are in. Everything is evolving and improving and you have to keep up with the new things.

    Therefore, invest some time in learning new things like SEO, designing creative graphic like an infographic, making and editing videos and everything that you can learn related to blogging. Whatever new you will learn, you can implement them for a better result. This is one of the most useful tips for WordPress blogging professionals to implement in real life.

    Email List Building – If you want your blog to avoid the ups and downs in the external factor ruling the blogging world like a change in search algorithms, you have to have a good fan following. In the case of blogging, subscribers are the beating heart of the blog. They are loyal followers and you can sell different digital products to them very easily. They are the real asset of your blog.

    Outsource – Once your blog starts to grow, you need to outsource your writing works so that you can concentrate on finding better topics for writing, better SEO and better marketing and promotion. Writing is the only thing you can outsource and you can provide guidelines for writing with proper instructions so that the quality of writing does not deteriorate.

    Add More Features – While nobody likes a blog with too many features, the same is applicable for a blog with simple features. Therefore, you have to make sure you add only interesting features like points for comments and amazing widgets to captivate your visitors better so that it becomes addictive to them.

    Better SEO – SEO is the most important factor for the true success of a blog. You can do paid advertisements to get traffic but if you do not have significant organic traffic on your site, you can never succeed with your blog in the long run.

    Therefore, invest your time in learning on-page SEO techniques and implement them for every post. Hire an SEO professional for all off-page SEO so that the search engine ranking goes up and some of your articles land on the first page of result pages. Among all other tips for WordPress blogging professionals, this is the most critical for success.

    Use Tools – You can automate the process of blogging significantly with the use of multiple tools. There are tools for spelling and grammatical mistakes like Grammarly, tools for keyword research like Keyword Planner, SEO tools like Moz Bar, content planning tool like Evernote, productivity tool and likewise, that will increase the work output and enhance the efficiency. Most importantly, you can save a lot of time to research and do best for your blog.

    This is one of the important tips for WordPress blogging professionals who are in the business for some time now.

    Better Marketing Strategies – Apart from SEO, you have to prepare better marketing plans to reach out to your targeted audiences. You should take steps to ensure that you reach out to everyone on social media by setting up interesting and engaging contests, doing a free giveaway on the site and other such innovative plans. You should take your time out to connect with experience bloggers and get some practice marketing tips for WordPress blogging professionals to implement and get results.

    Better Content – Just like researching and planning before writing content is important, similarly, writing the content wonderfully with the resources you have is equally important. Make sure you have a catchy title, personalized and relevant featured image, better format of the content with creative images and videos and all the ingredients that make the content epic so that it gets huge shares and comments. Focus on writing evergreen content so that you can promote them regularly.

    Social Media – Social media is where the success of blog lies at present scenario. Therefore, be active on social media and engage people in talking about your blog and articles. Keep posting interesting images so that people share them and your page goes viral. Get to the influencers on the social media and seek their support. You should also do paid campaigns to reach out to new audiences.

    Better Monetization – Understand the analytics well and place your ad segments in the right places to get more clicks. Affiliate links will give you more revenue than ad segments and you should write such articles equally where you can put the relevant affiliate link and your readers buy out the product. In the long run, you should create your own digital items like books and services to earn huge revenue.

    Idea Bank – Lastly, it is very easy to write content for years but not so to have ideas for content. At some point, you may be completely broke due to the dearth of ideas and that is why you should have lots of ideas for content up for sleeves all the time.
    Follow these above-mentioned tips for WordPress blogging professionals very rigorously and achieve new heights in your blogging career.

    Bistro Eat Outs Food Joints Fine Dining and BBQ WordPress Theme for restaurant sites

    bistro restaurant eat outs food WordPress theme

    When it comes to creating and presenting a restaurant, food and beverage website, one of the first techniques to consider is finding a solid template, which will grant you with all the practical opportunities to design and demonstrate the relevant online practice of any food and drink center just in the way your clients and visitor would like to see and use it with all the information, online reservation options, menus, staff, special dishes, discounts and others.

    In this connection, we did our best to sort out the best bistro, eat outs, food joints, fine dining and BBQ WordPress themes which master all the nuances and secrets to seriously and professionally marketing your restaurant, eatery, tavern, snack – bar or any other food – related business. Apart from being equipped with all the dynamic and sophisticated theme options and shades, all of the below – referred to WordPress – powered templates are user and visitor friendly and meet the characterization, with which all the modern and top – rated themes distinguished.

    1. Restro:
    restaurant WordPress theme


    Restro as a creative and innovative, conveniently projected and implemented, smooth and polished WordPress related bistro, restaurant and cafe product come up with lots of chances catering to design and structural solutions, so that every single businessman or private entrepreneur will have the fortune to successfully and accurately transform them into seriously expressive and engaging online products always to be in the center of the potential clients and visitors. This well – structured and well – supported theme is also mobile and device friendly, so that your food – centric content will be flawlessly laid out on every screen

    2. Coffee Shop:
    cafe WordPress theme


    Multipurpose and feature –rich, deeply intuitive and user –optimized, entirely adaptive and comfortable Coffee Shop comes integrated with awesome theme sections and options, which are prebuilt to be wisely exercised by you and display all the details about your café, restaurant, bistro or lunch-room founders and owners, staff and available products, menu with its categories, pricelist, high quality best images and other content to stress out the most entertaining characteristic features and peculiarities of your business as a very special one, etc.

    3. SKT Food:
    food WordPress theme


    SKT Food is the next bistro, eat outs, food joints, fine dining and BBQ WordPress theme to cover any restaurant site or any other dining business. This well thought – out, fully adaptable, highly customizable and premium quality WordPress supported food and drink website content creation and management solution includes unique and tasty external design on the one hand, and limitless functional and operational boundaries on the other to show off all your privileges and premises, your brand and its majesty, as well as your general respect and position towards food and eating out.

    4. Diet and Nutrition:
    diet and nutrition WordPress theme


    Technologically cutting – edge design, unmatched flexible and intuitive template, clear coding and exceptional performance are what make Diet and Nutrition one of the most reliable and intelligible diet, healthy and organic food WordPress theme for all those dieticians, trainers and food experts who want to establish a long – lasting commercial and business cooperation with their partners and clients all over the world. The theme is well –optimized and structured to adapt itself to any mobile, device and tablet screen dimensions, as well as is famous for its perfect compatibility with diverse modern plugins.

    5. Complete Pro:
    complete WordPress theme


    Completeness and multipurposeness are the two main factors, thanks to which Complete Pro deserves our special attention and its special place in our article relating to bistro, eat outs, food joints, fine dining and BBQ WordPress themes for restaurant sites. The theme is truly complete, precise, accurate and comprehensive in all its manifestations, ranging from its dynamic and eye – catching design up to its easily exercisable structural platform and smooth usability. You will be able to undertake all the needed changes, modifications and amendments to your relevant dining website, so that it can be competitive and stable towards many challenges coming along the time.

    6. The Art:
    art WordPress theme


    The next awesome and bright, elegant and sophisticated multi – niche theme in compliance with WordPress standards and being built on the dynamic Customizer to make changes and have their live – preview, before they appear to be visible for everyone, is the Art. Hence you can easily start the personalization of your restaurant and bistro website and let your target audience to keep up with all your relevant updated, special offers and novelties and other notable content in the face of texts or slider images.

    7. SKT Lens Pro: 
    responsive portfolio WordPress theme


    SKT Lens Pro is premium and responsive, highly versatile and wonderfully dependable bistro, eat outs, food joints, fine dining and BBQ WordPress theme ideally suited for the building, development and maintenance of any elegant and lovely café or restaurant site in the digital platform, letting people to check it and make reservations before visiting. The theme has been built to be extremely convenient in usage and is subject to any required changes, so that every single person may prioritize all the actions that should be realized and all the requirements that should be followed in order to achieve all the set objectives and goals.

    8. Wine Pro:
    wine brewery WordPress theme


    Wine Pro has been specifically constructed with a powerful package of inbuilt theme essentials and basic features to try out new food and drink related concepts and ideas and guarantee their realization online. This restaurant and wine WordPress theme will enable you with tons of website related solutions to make regular postings and increase the number of the potential and loyal clients in the most cost – effective and easily customizable way, hence the theme is perfect for newly started restaurant businesses with limited financial means and without any prior website experience and knowledge.

    9. Clean Pro: 
    clean WordPress theme


    With minimalistic and clean, yet modern and interactive design, Clean Pro appears as another highly recommended restaurant, coffee shop, bar, café, diner, pizzeria, fast food or outlet WordPress theme for showcasing any food and dining center in the most attractive way. With the help of this easy to set up and use template you are free in your actions to decide which appearance and functionality are best suited to your products and proceed to their realization. A practical package of all the useful instruments and tools is loaded with the theme for your convenience and comfort.

    Why choose WordPress for small business website?

    choose WordPress for small business website

    Choose WordPress for small business websites.


    The Internet has become a popular platform for promoting business. Be it a small or big venture, the internet is there to help always. Websites are one such thing that accelerates the plan and helps the business to flourish. The websites can be created by using multiple software but not all among them become famous.

    WordPress is one such tool that though considered primarily for is actually a useful Content Management System (CMS) which is open-source and free and is based on MySQL and PHP. Using it, one can easily build a website or blog without much hustle. It has numerous points like template system and plug-in architecture which makes WordPress for small business eligible and effective!

    WordPress was started in 2003 and from then to till now, it has been supporting near about 60 Million websites! In a recent survey, it was also found that until 2017 February, among the top 10 Million websites, 27.5% uses WordPress to put forward their views. So, its popularity can be well fathomed but let us now look at the reasons for such a craze. So choosing WordPress for small business websites is the best option.

    One Click and you are done

    The first thing to do before judging a software is to install it and this process for WordPress is actually very easy. In order to use the software, you need to go to a web host and open a hosting account. Then through that host, a domain name i.e. the name of your website should be purchased. After that, you have to go the control panel to install the WordPress software in the hosting account.

    There are many hosts like 1and1, eUKhost, Bluehost etc. which you can visit for this purpose. And many times, you will find that software is already present in the control panel and then you will just have to abide by the rules stated there and your software will be easily configured, set up and ready for use. It might seem that this configuration will require immense technical knowledge. However, the truth is that it is user-friendly and a layman can easily try his skills there. That’s why WordPress for small business is absolutely perfect.

    Variety and Support

    You must be worried if WordPress for small business works or not but the truth is, not only small business but it can accommodate any type of business you want. If a few web pages with a minimal design is your choice well the truth is you can also get that through this ultimate tool. But if you want to set up a site that requires daily and active handling like, property sites, online shops etc. then also this software will be your go to.

    It can be said that versatility is the other name for WordPress and the most satisfying fact is that you will always find support from WordPress developers to address any issue.

    Themes at Threshold

    We all know, how important it is to create an impactful impression and for that, your web page must possess a unique design and identity which will attract the visitors at the first go. But if you want to hire any expert in this regard, then you will have to spend a lot of time and money.

    Instead, if you opt for WordPress for small business, you will have plenty of options whether for themes or any other thing because there are countless themes each differing from the other. And moreover, a lot of these are available for free which will relief your pocket. Apart from free preferences, you can also search through the ones that are presented by private traders and can have them at a minimum price. So, visit the WordPress Theme Directory and shop to your heart’s content.

    In the plugs

    Plug-in is nothing but another software that extends the functionality of WordPress which means if any function is not present in the basic core provided, then you will just have to add the plug-in and you are ready to go. To assure you that WordPress for small business is not at all a bad idea, only this can be said that this software has 49,000 plug-ins at its pockets all of which are free! And these can perform all the works like sales funnel creation, analytics, email marketing, invoicing etc. which a business website will require.

    Apart from these free ones, you can also grab the premium plug-in for your website. But whatever you choose, just remember that no other software will be able to offer you such a collection of extensions.

    Great SEO Sense

    In the field of web search, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the most important thing that helps to make or break a page. The rich your page is in SEO content, the more it is expected to catch attention. WordPress knows this and stresses on the fact.

    It is designed in such a way that it provides all the required help in this regard. Apart from the structure which is SEO friendly, they also have a certain plugin like Yoast SEO that helps to boost it a bit more. And the founders of this platform have themselves gone on record to praise this feature. So, WordPress for small business will really help you in this SEO war.

    A-one Security

    WordPress for small business is also recommended because of its secured nature. It is able to update on its own if it is linked to your website and to account. It also installs security plug-in that checks your website of viruses and keeps it safe from all the contingencies.

    It also has a decent back-up which gives you 100 percent assurance that your data is safe with WordPress.

    Bottom line
    All these features prove that how efficient WordPress is and how carefully it has been designed keeping all the important factors in mind. You should certainly opt to WordPress for small business as this platform will provide you with the best website creation experience!

    How to set HTML Editor as the Default Post Editor in WordPress

    HTML Editor WordPress

    WordPress has the best default post editor of them all, and it is exactly why people prefer WordPress over other platforms.

    WordPress is said to be the most user-friendly platform where a person does not require any coding skill or no prior experience to write a blog every day.

    You can write your blog without any distraction and then you can format it as per your requirement.

    Most of the people first write their posts in MS Word or other online or offline editors if they are using any other platform except WordPress.

    The reason is that the post editors of other platforms are either full of too many features or do not have the look to let you write joyfully.

    In WordPress, there are two different types of editors present – Visual Editor and HTML Editor.

    The visual editor is the default post editor in all the versions of WordPress because most of the users prefer to write on it.

    But there are some advanced users who prefer to use HTML editor all the time.

    In this article, you will learn how to set HTML Editor as the Default Post Editor in WordPress.

    It may be that you need to have it in default mode for a few days or weeks because you could be debugging all your previous articles for some reason.

    Once that is done, you can again set Visual Editor as the default post editor.

    There are two ways to set HTML editor as the default post editor in WordPress – By Coding And Without Coding.

    How to set HTML Editor as the Default Post Editor in WordPress For A Single User(Without Coding)

    The visual editor is the most convenient way of writing a post.

    It has WYSIWYG interface and toolbars for proper formatting.

    As stated earlier, there could be different situations and scenarios when you would require having HTML editor as default, and if you do not like coding and editing core files, you have to take a long route.

    Note: Sometimes when you do heavy formatting in the Visual editor and then go to HTML editor, the formatting can get disfigured and therefore, it is good to have HTML editor as default post editor from the very beginning if you are looking to change the coding part of existing articles.

    To set HTML Editor as the Default Post Editor in WordPress, go to Users from the left menu of the Dashboard.

    Click on drop down option Your Profile.

    In the next side screen, you will see the first option as Visual Editor under heading Personal Options.

    You will see that there is a checkbox that says ‘Disable The Visual Editor When Writing’.

    Check mark that and click on Update Profile button at the end of the page.

    HTML Editor Default Post Editor WordPress

    Now, if you open any existing post or create a new post, you will not find the Visual Editor anymore.

    Once your job is done and you want to get the Visual Editor back, go to Your Profile again and check it off.

    HTML editor WordPress

    How to set HTML Editor as the Default Post Editor in WordPress For All Users (Without Coding)

    In the last method, you just disabled the Visual Editor for your profile only, but if you have multiple users on your website, you have to check mark the option for all users.

    But there is no option to set this particular preference of Visual or HTML editor for other users in WordPress even when you are the admin.

    You would need to install a Plugin named Adminimize for this purpose.

    Go to Plugins on the left menu from the Dashboard and click on Add New. Find the plugin and install and activate it.

    Once you do that and go to the setting of the plugin, you will see that you can set preferences for almost everything for your users who are categorized into Admins, Editors, Authors, Contributors, Subscribers or Employees.

    adminize WordPress plugin

    Apart from changing the default post editor, you can have full control over your users like never before, and this is a must have plugin for those websites where there are multiple users.

    It is very important as different users may need different settings like Editor would prefer to have HTML as default while the authors may like Visual and faster writing and better formatting.

    How to set HTML Editor as the Default Post Editor in WordPress (With Coding)

    If you are smart and want to take the shortcut to success, you need to write a few lines of coding.

    By coding, you can set universal settings for all users.

    It is useful when you have only a few users and most of them agree to your choice to set HTML editor as the default post editor in WordPress.

    Therefore, go to Editor from Appearance option of the left menu on the Dashboard.

    The Editor option is located at the end.

    If you are using this Editor option for the first time, you may get a statutory warning that you should not expose your core file as they can be vulnerable and stuff like that and you need to go ahead with that.

    file editor WordPress

    In the next screen, you can locate a lot of files on the left side. Select functions.php and go to the end of the code in the file.

    Add the following code to the file and save it. Once you create a new post or edit a previous post, you will see the Visual Editor as an option, but HTML editor would be the default one.

    add_filter( 'wp_default_editor', create_function('', 'return "html";') );

    The advantage of this method over the first method we described above is that you will have the visual editor in the background which you can choose to use anytime.

    But in the first method, you will not see the visual editor at all which could be problematic for formatting a post.

    If you want the Visual editor back as the default post editor, go to functions.php file again and remove the line you added.

    HTML View Editor

    In case, you cannot access functions.php from the Editor due to strict security reason from your webs host, you can use FTP software and access functions.php from your web server directory and edit it.

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    How to Fix WordPress Posts Returning 404 Error

    fix WordPress posts returning 404 error

    Even though WordPress is the most popular and powerful CMS at present but one needs to be extremely careful while editing and making changes.

    A slight mistake can ruin the entire site and make it inaccessible for the users which will eventually take down the reputation of the website.

    Since it is most popular and widely used, you will find the solution of every problem you face on the internet such as WordPress related blogs and forums.

    There are certain common errors that WordPress website owners face more often. Some of those common mistakes are database connection error, internal server error and of course, WordPress posts returning 404 error.

    A 404 error occurs when the requested URL is not found on the web server. In this article, we will talk about how to fix WordPress posts returning 404 error.

    The only good thing about posts returning 404 error is that the main blog will be accessible to the users, but only when a certain post is inaccessible, users get that 404 error.

    If a user is landing directly on that article from search engine result, it is definitely going to be the worst experience for him and be assured that search engine will stop listing that post and your website’s overall SEO will get affected.

    The primary reason for 404 error is the accidental deletion of .htaccess file, or there is something wrong with rewrite rules. There are various ways to fix WordPress posts returning 404 error depending on the cause of the error.

    Steps To Fix WordPress Posts Returning 404 Error

    Most people have this wrong opinion that if a 404 error occurs, the only thing to do is redirect. Redirection is a temporary solution, but you always have to find the root cause of the error and solve it. Having too many 404 errors on your website will kill your search engine ranking due to bad user experience.

    Step 1. One of the basic solutions to returning 404 error is fixing the permalinks. All you have to do is go to Dashboard and from the left menu, choose Permalinks from Settings. Without making any changes, just click on Save Changes button. It will update the permalinks settings and refresh the rewrite rules which could be the culprit behind the problem.


    Step 2. If this does not fix the problem, you have to look for .htacess file. So, you have to connect to your web server via FTP and locate the .htaccess file in the root folder. You have to make the file writeable by making the permissions to 666. Add the following code to the .htaccess file and then change the permission of the file to 660 positively else your website can get hacked.


    # BEGIN WordPress
    <IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteBase /
    RewriteRule ^index\.php$ - [L]
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
    RewriteRule . /index.php [L]
    # END WordPress

    Step 3. If that does not solve the problem, you have to look elsewhere. It is a common practice among web developers is to develop a new site on the local server before transferring it to the web server. But often the permalinks used in the local server looks awful, and they can change it and make it look close to that of a web server by changing the rewrite_module in the Apache configuration of the tool they are using like WAMO, or MAMP. This process is called enabling custom permalinks in WordPress local server.

    How To Enable Custom Permalink sin WordPress Local Server?

    One of the easy ways to fix WordPress posts retuning 404 error is to prevent it in the first place. To do so, click on the WAMP icon in the icon tray of the taskbar and navigate to Apache and then Apache Modules. From the drop down list, enable rewrie_module. After that, your custom permalink structure will work flawlessly else it would show page not found.

    Music Teacher WordPress Themes for music school websites

    The best music teacher WordPress themes are compiled in this article for music teachers and specialists, schools and conservatories, festivals and contests, musical bands and singers, dance studios and record label websites and blogs.

    Of all the forms of art, music is the one that most directly has an impact on a person by evoking certain emotions in him. Music has the ability to influence the domain of our senses and mind on a subconscious level.

    As for today, dance and music have become also a productive means of income for thousands of musical specialists, record studios, songwriters and authors, solo singers and musical bands, dance studios and music teachers, etc. And if we speak about business, the importance of a powerful and customer centric website is worth mentioning above all.

    If you want to make your music career more profitable, popular or revenue generating, find the clients for your authored songs and music materials, sell your albums and compositions, give music classes and more, our music teacher WordPress themes are there for you.

    With special attention to each of the music teacher WordPress themes our dedicated specialists have been working on, all of them are creatively beautiful and functionally competent to form a presentable website or blog around your music world. They are also pretty simple in usage while feature armed for diversified changes, amendments and customization controls.

    1. Music Producer:

    music band WordPress theme


    Music Producer is one of the most engaging and visually thriving, technically hassle free and functionally super music producer and music teacher WordPress themes ready to provide any user with top notch experience. Whether your website guests use their PCs, smartphones or gadgets to browse your website on their favorite browser, be sure they will find the best version of your site and its content.

    Splendidly beautiful and thoroughly well worked out, Musical Producer shares the most flexible layout making it super easy for every single music teacher or tutor to showcase his works, services, biography, contact details and more.

    The theme is ultimately multilingual compliant with PO file inclusion, as well as compatibility with relevant plugins, including qTranslate X, Polylang and others ready to serve your content in multilingual format.

    2. Musical Sounds:

    audio WordPress theme


    Another lively and bright music and audio based WordPress template to win the attention of your clients and customers, partners and fans, learners and music lovers is called Musical Sounds.
    Be it a classic music teaching website with relevant content zones or a uniquely stylized and colored personal blog catering to the modern music industry and its trends, be sure Musical Sounds is the wisest selection to cover your needs.

    Apart from the main content deployed in the primary parts of your site, additional details, social icons and links, page and post links, etc. are also important to bringing more traffic to your website. Widget friendly areas of the site are among such secondary information sources in the form of sidebar, header and footer all with available variations at your disposal.

    3. Disco Dancer:

    disco dancer WordPress theme


    Simplicity and resourcefulness of Disco Dancer are the main ingredients making this platform highly recommended for all those website owners and music teachers you are far away from coding processes or website development. With no learning curve at all and with intuitive admin dashboard, this highly customizable template comes with perfection in performance and mobile support.

    As one of the premium quality dance and music teacher WordPress themes, it also comprises dozens of valuable elements and controllable features to craft a profile you have always dreamt of. Among them are color and font changes, homepage slider for the most beautiful images and photos, community and translation ready layout to bring international audience together through your multilingual posts and pages.

    4. The Art:

    art WordPress theme


    If you are looking for an artistic template to cover your musical website or blog, The Art is exactly the best candidate for satisfying your requirements.

    This multipurpose and all inclusive website building layout comes bundled with essential features and coding unparalleled in stability and security.

    It means that you don’t need to worry about making changes to the theme and losing the stable performance your site has. Be sure your site is secured and serviceable enough while relying on HTML5 and CSS3 controls.

    The theme’s responsive and mobile friendly design together with SEO and SMO friendliness is what makes The Art so powerful and mighty in the digital platform. Other advantages of the theme are its commercial readiness for selling your music classes and courses, training and tutorials.

    5. Melody:

    music studio WordPress theme


    Are you ready to meet the template of your dreams? Here we go with our Melody as one of the artistic and communicative music teacher WordPress themes for any kind of music based presentations online.

    The theme’s preloaded nature and prebuilt structure are convenient for showcasing your piano and jazz, electric bass and blues guitar, vocal and other music related lessons and services, your profile and expertise, songs and other portfolio materials, etc.

    Truly harmonious and melodic, this template is fully responsive and self hosted meaning that all you need is domain and hosting to get started with Melody. Moreover, apart from simple installation process, the theme lets you take total control of your site from every corner of the world and with little efforts to be spent.

    6. SKT Perfect:

    perfect commercial WordPress theme


    SKT Perfect is a hero when it comes to hosting multiple personal and business profiles, commercial and corporate websites, portfolio and music profiles and more.
    Equipped with all the compulsory controls and coding, SKT Perfect is designed for all the music teachers and gurus, artists and songwriters, composers and melodists to display their works online and get maximum attention to them.

    With SKT Perfect stable results, reliability and great performance across a myriad of platforms and browsers are guaranteed. You can also make your site more functional with shortcodes applications, as well as with a wide range of compatible plugins such as translation and shortcodes, contact form and slider, gallery and commenting ones.

    Why WordPress is the most versatile CMS ever?

    WordPress versatile CMS

    WordPress most versatile CMS ever and why it is considered as such and due to which factors lets find them out in this article below.


    Ever since the inception of WordPress in 2003, its popularity is skyrocketing. Near about 30-35% of today’s websites run on WordPress and it is considered as the go-to platform for every start-up, blogger, and small businesses and also for bigger enterprises.

    In other words, WordPress can be regarded as the most reliable CMS. Owing to its ease of use and cost-efficiency, seasoned developers has given WordPress the status- WordPress most versatile CMS. However, there are lots of other reasons too, as to why WordPress is considered as the most versatile CMS. Below is listed some of the most talked about and praiseworthy characteristics of WordPress which has made this CMS stand out among others.

    Affordable and open-source

    Almost all startups and small businesses look for a pocket-friendly CMS and nothing can be perfect than WordPress. This cost-effectiveness is considered as the prime factor as to why this CMS has been given the status of- WordPress most versatile CMS. When you are setting up your very first website using WordPress, two issues are mainly there to bother you- domain name and hosting. It is clear from this that WordPress most versatile CMS comes for free.

    Moreover, this is an open-source platform. This means all portions of the source code is freely available to developers so that they can work and produce solutions with all latest updates. WordPress will offer latest updates at every step in areas like performance, functionality and above all security. Professionals who are continuously working to make WordPress a more improved CMS, have formed a great community. Once, you choose WordPress, you have the golden opportunity to be a part of that community and contribute regularly towards the betterment of the platform.

    High security

    Many novice users are there who are of the opinion that, hackers have easy access to WordPress code as it is an open-source platform. However, this is a totally wrong notion. As codes are updated regularly, there are no security loopholes. As a part of maintenance, all you need to do is keep your website updated on a regular basis. This will assure that all themes and plug-ins are up-to-date.

    Simple usage

    The best part about WordPress most versatile CMS is that it comes with the most user-friendly interface. Owing to this quality, this CMS is considered as the perfect platform for even the novice of developer and web designer. The installation is completed in only a few clicks. Even if you are installing it manually, all you need to do is form a different SQL database in the cPanel. This step needs to be followed by installing ftp WordPress to the coveted directory of your web folder.

    This makes it clear that no knowledge of complex programming or coding is required to set up a website using WordPress most versatile CMS. You can change the layout, content as well as functionality of your website even when you are using your mobile. According to SEO experts worldwide, it takes very little time to get a grip over the WordPress dashboard when compared to Drupal and Joomla.

    Plenty of plugins and themes

    As per the latest update of April 2016, the total number of WordPress plugins were 44,225. All of these plugins are specially designed for WordPress users to get a fully customized website. These plugins are loaded with features which improve the functionality of your website and makes technical tasks easy.

    To change the look of the entire website, you need themes. To make your website aesthetically rich, there is a multitude of themes available which helps you to select a specific color, menu structure, and layout for your website. If you lack enough fund to invest in your business, there are numerous free themes available for you. However, if you are looking for superior options you should consider buying a premium theme. Themes are available in the form of a folder which can be uploaded easily to a WordPress website.

    SEO friendly status

    You must have a strong future SEO strategy in mind while selecting a reputable CMS. So, how about choosing an SEO friendly CMS platform? This is exactly what you can expect from WordPress most versatile CMS. The semantic markup, responsive design as well as its logical architecture are the factors that appeal Google towards a WordPress site.

    The clean codes of WordPress allow the Google spiders to crawl the pages of the website easily. This way, you can create separate categories and tag each post separately. Thus, cataloging your content becomes easy for search engines.

    Mobile friendly nature

    Making your website optimized according to several screen sizes is of utmost importance. This is primarily because near about 50% of the traffic from the internet comes from mobile devices. You need not worry at this point if you opt for WordPress most versatile CMS as all the themes present are mobile friendly. This means the content you share on your platform will be re-sized and organized based on the screen size of the device that you are using to open your site. The WordPress community is well aware of the fact that mobile traffic is the present and future of SEO and hence it offers full support to the users.

    Bottom line

    The above discussion makes it clear that neither Drupal nor Joomla comes even in close comparison to WordPress. In spite of being known as highly secure and the best customizable CMS respectively, neither of the two can beat the versatility of WordPress. It can be said in this regard that WordPress has taken the whole world by storm by developing advanced plugins. WordPress is now available to anyone and everyone as it supports translation into various languages.

    With reliable WordPress hosting you can get a greater uptime, automated backups and faster website at your behest which will give you more SEO traffic and more sales and leads for your business.

    In conclusion, it can be said that the skyrocketing popularity of WordPress lies in the facts that it is a highly versatile, SEO friendly, mobile friendly and flexible platform. The ease of use as well as innumerable other features is there which have added to its popularity.

    Software Developer WordPress Themes for software development companies

    software developer WordPress themes

    A compilation of the best software developer WordPress themes for software developers and engineers, programmers and tech startups, web designers and illustrators, IT consultants and specialists, app developers and other experts of the digital world.

    WordPress CMS is full with industry focused templates, themes and tools ready to help you achieve online success.

    From connecting to your target audience to increasing sales and inquiries or offering full cycle services, this content management ecosystem does wonders for a variety of businesses and their promotions online.

    So where to start if you want to market your digital services and items in a pocket friendly manner?

    Whether you are an outsourcing custom software developing company working around dozens of companies and businesses or a private developer needing a cozy working platform, here are our best software developer WordPress themes to start with.

    Structure your strategy with each of them and enjoy the prevalence you will have over many other competitors.

    All of the software developer WordPress themes highlighted in this article are simple and easy to follow in usage with demo content preloaded and supportive documentation.
    They also come with well worked out admin panel offering a comfortable workspace with hundreds of customization and other controls over your profile.

    1. SKT SEO:

    SEO WordPress theme


    SKT SEO is one of the clean and crisp, professionally coded and polished products you can find in the repository of software developer WordPress themes.

    The theme’s flexible and easy to manage nature enables you to realize all kinds of website projects and structures, from the simplest to the most sophisticated one.

    The uniquely stylized and well organized website will let your website visitor make sure about your professional abilities and talents.

    The conjuncture of the latest design trends and clear coding of SKT SEO has resulted in the development of a top notch template that is fully responsive and mobile friendly, shortcodes and fonts armed, as well as WooCommerce ready for online commercial activities.

    2. SKT Hosting:

    hosting WordPress theme


    SKT Hosting is the next seriously crafted and managed profile catering to the digital based businesses of any kind, nature or profile.

    It is custom built to market your hosting and domain registration services, certificate issuance, web design and development services, packages of software development services including conceptualization, analysis, prototyping to UX design and software product development and more.

    SKT Hosting will not just create a standard website with standardized look and feel, but will provide you with tons of possibilities to personalize your site with color matches and combinations, unique yet Google approved typography, the needed content setup with shortcodes and more. Page and blog, as well as sidebar variations are also at your leisure to choose from and manage accordingly.

    3. Complete Pro:

    complete WordPress theme


    Complete Pro is one of the leading software developer WordPress themes anyone can have access to and see what it is to have a fully packed and user optimized website with limited financial means.

    Checked and trusted by hundreds of active users and webmasters, Complete Pro comes with convenient layout ready to undergo changes as per your needs and tastes, including colors, fonts, images on the homepage slider, footer and header content and social media icons, etc.

    Impress your current clients and attract the attention of the newcomers of your site with the best images depicting your business, as well as hassle free navigation levels for them to enjoy their online journey. Moreover, they are free to exercise their modern gadgets and smartphones to get in touch with you or to read your informative blog posts.

    4. SKT StartUp Pro:

    startup WordPress theme


    If you are a startup development company with far going plans or a private contractor offering your multiprofile digital services, SKT StartUp will go well with your requirements.

    This HTML5 based and CSS3 stylized template is easy to personalize to stress the power of your company or digital agency, as well as the creativity of your enthusiastic staff and designers.

    It is loaded with the needed areas and sections to showcase your business profile and the summary of its establishment, team members and experts, services and service packs, contact details and more.

    5. The App Pro:

    app WordPress theme


    We all know that the continual communication with the client base is one of the main factors of keeping your business thriving since you can understand their expectations and claims and direct your energy to fulfill them.

    The App Pro is one of such app and software developer WordPress themes guaranteeing the flawless communication ties between you and your clients at any stage of your profile development.

    The background holding the template of your site can be easily changed even for the inner pages thus demonstrating the best views for your website guests. Social media integration of the theme is also done for using popular outlets in favor of your business.

    6. High Tech:

    computer repair WordPress theme


    All kinds of tech agencies and service providers, IT specialists and consultants, designers and developers will appreciate the working potential and serious design of High Tech.

    Custom built to be visually effective and functionally competent, High Tech comes bundled with all the features of primary importance and first aid.

    Among them are color changes and fonts management options with the preloaded fonts package, clickable calls to actions included, widget friendly footer and header areas to be the best itineraries for your website surfers and more.

    7. IT Consultant:

    consultant WordPress theme


    There is nothing more enjoying than a custom built and all inclusive website template that you can instantly add to your profile and conquer new heights with it.

    Visually captivating and tech savvy, user and customer optimized, IT Consultant make it effortless to add your services and items for sale to the given theme sections so that they can be easy to find and analyze.

    Use all the advantages of calls to actions in footer and header areas and prompt your visitors, partners and other website guests to take relevant actions and get in touch with you.

    The theme is also wonderfully stable with responsive layout, SEO and SMO controls, page builder compatibility and commercial ready layout.

    Gymnastics WordPress Themes for gymnasts and athletics websites

    gymnastics WordPress themes
    The best gymnastics WordPress themes will be discussed in this article for gymnastic schools and academies, gym and fitness, yoga and aerobics, pilates and shaping studios, activities, private training and any other relevant activities online.

    Gymnastics is a system of specifically selected physical activities and scientifically developed methodology aimed at solving the problems of comprehensive physical development, as well as the recovery of the child.

    From the preparation of the child’s body for different activities to the passion for physical perfection, from shaping a strong will to a healthy lifestyle, the advantages of gymnastics activities are endless.

    In this relation, many parents are eager to involve their children in suchlike activities to develop their psycho physical qualities, such as agility, speed, strength, flexibility, beauty and grace in movement and more.

    Well, in order to find the nearest and the most affordable gymnastics school or academy, gym or fitness center, people turn to the help of the global networking system that is likely to influence their decision making process the most.

    It means that any fitness and gymnastics, physical activity or health centric business should not use any excuse when it comes to building an online visibility for his relevant business.

    While to do list of any website admin is guaranteed to have no end, our gymnastics WordPress themes can turn the whole creation and management process into a play.

    The thing is that all the gymnastics WordPress themes comprised in this article generate totally controllable and intuitive working platforms for the website admin for positioning his website online with a motivational, alluring and powerful destination.

    1. Perfect Fitness:

    perfect fitness WordPress theme


    Perfect Fitness is a strong and durable destination for your fitness and gym, gymnastics club or academy website trying to deliver the best values of your business to its target audience. With great performance and mobile friendly coding, Perfect Fitness guarantees the flawless operation and legibility of your profile for thousands of clients accessing your website via their portable devices, PCs and smartphones.

    As one of the niche specific and smoothly navigable gymnastics WordPress themes you can give a try, Perfect Fitness is more than just a framework to carry your content.

    It is going to be the reflection of your business profile, its objectives and goals, professional staff and well trained instructors. The homepage slider is perfect for hosting the images and photos catering to your gymnastic school, its groups and classes, facilities and more.

    2. Soccer:

    soccer WordPress theme


    Soccer is another strong and enthusiastic, visually dynamic and showy, spectacular and attention grabbing website template ideal for fitness and gymnastics based profiles and websites.

    From personal trainers and coaches to gymnastic academies and clubs, soccer leagues and other tournaments, absolutely any kind of sports based website can be delivered through Soccer.

    Focus on the presentation of your talents and expertise in the field through your posts and pages via Soccer.

    In this spectrum, this template comes prebuilt with all the relevant content areas which need to be showcased by your own content. Header and footer layout controls are given for you to determine how the secondary content zones of your site should look and what should contain, including quick access to recent posts, social media links, address details and more.

    3. Adventure:

    adventure WordPress theme


    Inspiring and colorful, zealous and thriving, Adventure is the next valuable candidate among gymnastics WordPress themes that looks as good as it functions.

    This well developed and crafted template is an irreplaceable tool for giving rise to a responsive and quick performing sports related website that will grant you with tons of advantages and costing outlines.

    The thing is that Adventure is not only affordable when purchasing, but also doesn’t require additional costs to keep your site good looking, updated and fully functional around the clock.
    With strong coding behind, Adventure is totally admin optimized with a handy admin dashboard and loads of quick accesses to customization and management options as well.

    4. Perfect Golf Club:

    golf WordPress theme


    Fresh looking and modernly stylized, Perfect Golf Club is another pocket friendly template included in our assemblage of the best sports and gymnastics WordPress themes for multipurpose usages.

    Custom built to reasonably identify your clients’ needs and satisfy them accordingly, Perfect Golf Club is never hesitant to express maximum responsiveness and cross mobile compatibility, crisp navigation levels and fast loading time.

    As for the other noteworthy touches of the theme, it is well optimized to be easy to crawl for search engines, as well as to work with social media platforms for more traffic and website viewers.

    Shortcodes base is given along with the theme to make your coding life surprisingly easy. Better to say, you have nothing to do with complex coding, just use the given pieces of shortcodes for making changes to your website in no time.

    5. Strong Pro:

    crossfit WordPress theme


    Sophisticated technology, advanced functional base and modern design have been applied to Strong Pro in an effort to make it a template meeting all the requirements of the digital world.

    As such, Strong Pro shares the most flexible layout with an avalanche of pre enabled controls handy tools and intuitive admin dashboard for you to underline all the important parts of your gymnastics related business.

    This template is ready to revolve around any sports and weight loss, body shape and gymnastics website with recent news, disciplines, rules, subscription and membership plans, location and more showcased in relevant sections, boxes and widget friendly areas.

    6. Gym Master:

    gym WordPress theme


    Responsive and mobile checked, shortcodes based and inspiringly competent, Gym Master demonstrates the best qualities when it comes to greeting your website visitors and grabbing their attention.

    With a full width homepage slider for the most effective and motivational imagery, it is quite possible to provide maximum exposure of your visual content, showcase your leisure centers and schools, trainers and specialists, etc.

    Get your unique and personalized website in the easiest way and be sure it yields the best results with SEO and SMO support, translation ready content, blog layout for constant news and updates, and more.

    How to build an online shop or store using WooCommerce as a plugin?

    online shop store WooCommerce

    Are you puzzling over running an online shop or store based on your site to optimize your sales and engage more clients? Below is a full and comprehensive walkthrough to building and online shop or store using WooCommerce as a plugin.

    E-commerce is a widely accepted and globally practiced commercial platform to conduct commerce, sale, purchase or exchange of items, products and services via electronic technologies.

    On the whole, the advantages and flexibility of the online electronic business for traders and commercial activities are more seductive than those of traditional trade.

    Therefore, today more and more people and companies shift their gears and put a special stress on using the global networking system to sell their physical and digital products, as well as diverse services.

    The far sightedness of the developers and authors of working on WordPress themes and templates is striking since they have already managed to create and launch e commerce ready products.

    Hence, you are lucky enough to find the most convenient and online shopping friendly WordPress templates in a few minutes.

    The opportunity of keeping your store open and accessible all the time for your customers, avoiding insurance, rent and other additional costs, as well as reaching out to a larger client pool are some of the benefits you can have with your online shop based on one of such templates.

    However, looking for and finding the relevant WP e commerce based template is only half the way.

    If you scour the Internet in order to find additional resources and functionalities to be added to your commercial site, you’ll definitely find tons of ecommerce plugins and extensions.

    If you want to have a complete command over the functionality, as well as look and feel of your online store and manage it the way you want, adding the relevant plugin will be mandatory for you.

    But if there is any plugin that totally owns the runway when it comes to establishing and running an online store or shop based on your WordPress is WooCommerce.

    It is custom built ecommerce management system to bring a whole controllable commercial field at your hand.

    According to the recorded details, active installs and satisfied users, WooCommerce plugin is by far the most popular commercial plugin to go hand in hand with any WordPress – based website. It is fully customizable and flexible to provide you with tons of features and beautiful layouts.

    There are commercial plugins that perfectly supports the exposure of your physical goods. Others are impeccable when it comes to digital products.

    The true beauty of WooCommerce lies in the fact that it supports the display of both digital and physical items, as well as bookings, subscriptions, services and more. Hence, you are free to build an online shop or store using WooCommerce as a plugin and sell products of any origin, nature or application.

    From a technical standpoint, this plugin is user and admin friendly and comes with simple installation and activation processes. Simply follow the steps described below and you will get your online store ready to go.

    WooCommerce WordPress plugin

    Let us start with the news that you have both automatic and manual installation options with WooCommerce. Naturally, the automatic installation is the simplest way of adding this plugin to your WP powered site since it does not require you to leave your browser and transfers the file itself. You simply need to go to your WP dashboard, Plugins, Add New and search for WooCommerce. Once you find it, click Install Now.

    As for the second case, manual installation requires the involvement of FTP into the process. This time you need to download zip file of the plugin, extract the plugin folder to desktop, with FTP application, upload WooCommerce plugin folder to the wp-content/plugins folder. Now go to Plugins part where you can find the uploaded plugin in the list. Press Activate for the activation.

    Upon activation, you are conducted by the setup wizard. Here you can choose to follow it or to escape it and set up manually.

    Click Let’s Go and you will be taken to page setup part to automatically create shop page, cart page, checkout page, as well as my account page for registered customers. Once you are done with this page setup, click Continue.

    Next section to be filled is Store Locate. You need to add the location of your store, define currency your store is going to use, weight unit, as well as product dimensions unit. Add all the needed information and go ahead.

    Now you need to add details catering to shipping and taxes, choose whether you want prices to appear with our without taxes, set tax rates and go on to the next step.

    You are transferred to the payment part, since it is one of the crucial points in your ecommerce activities. Here you are to set the possible gateways to accept and receive payments. PayPal, Stripe, bank transfers and cash payments are the possible options. You don’t have to choose between them. E.g. you are capable of adding both PayPal and Stripe. You may also add other payment methods later and control them from the checkout settings.

    As for the Wizard, you are done now! Now it’s time to add your products. Find the button Create your first product! and add your first item to your online store. By and large, you are done with building an online shop or store using WooCommerce as a plugin.

    In order to insert your products in your store, go to the admin dashboard, Products, Add Product. Here you need to add your product details, including name, description, set the type, add product short description, product categories, product tags, as well as add product image and gallery.

    Finally, you can take care of the visual appearance of your store and adjust it to match the overall design of your template. You can edit your shop page in WP dashboard, Pages, where you can decide page attributes, have sidebar on the page, etc. WP dashboard, WooCommerce, Settings, Products, Display section also offers display configuration options.

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    Country Club WordPress Themes for golf club and resort websites

    country club WordPress themes
    A valuable assemblage of the best country club WordPress themes for country and cricket, golf and cricket clubs, racecourses and hippodromes, cycling clubs and sports complexes, as well as any open air leisure and sports related websites and profiles are discussed in this article.

    The key to success of your country or sports club is your potential to market it effectively in the digital arena.

    No matter what your market segmentation is, from enthusiastic junkies to serious people needing a rest spend some of their time surfing the Internet.

    They look for relevant services, premises, leisure activities, country clubs and their facilities before making a final decision and defining the final destination for their pastime.

    If you are looking for the best platform among the country club WordPress themes to run your country club or multi sports complex with membership plans and quota, levels and forms, showcase your club’s amenities and picturesque environment, enlist services and offers, our collection is for you.

    Let’s dig into the best country club WordPress themes developed specifically for this business spectrum and figure out how you can benefit from the infinite advantages each of them offers.

    Each of those templates is a comprehensive and complete solution for displaying the dazzling images and informative content of your website even if creating a website is not your profession at all.

    1. Perfect Golf Club:

    golf WordPress theme


    Perfect Golf Club is one of the modernly crafted and decorated golf and country club WordPress themes with a stress on precision in look and feel, as well as stability in operation.

    You can hardly find a more convenient layout for demonstrating the whole beauty and attraction, comfort and convenience of your country club, its facilities and prettiness without sweating hard for it.

    With simplified installation and activation process, Perfect Golf Club is also irreplaceable when it comes to further changes, restyling, modifications and customizations.

    All the primary features are given within this template for you to go into the meat of your website and make it highly user and customer centric.

    Creating a website that will be ready for tomorrow is one of the fundamentals of future success.

    Perfect Golf Club enables your site to be future scalable with constant updates, as well as responsiveness ready to meet the requirements of modern and future devices, mobiles and gadgets.

    2. Adventure:

    adventure WordPress theme


    Adventure is the next versatile and spirited, fervent and colorful website building tools ready to serve the needs of any sports and health center, spa and fitness, tour and traveling, hotel and resort, summer and adventure camping, country club and lodge websites and blogs.

    The authors working on Adventure have spared no efforts to make it stunningly beautiful and technologically savvy. It means that your business can exercise all the marketing strategies and involve all the useful platforms for better results and client engagement.

    From search engines to social media platforms with thousands of active surfers and users, all the primary networks can work with your website and bring more traffic to your posts and pages.

    The theme also includes simple backend for you to tweak to the core of the theme and edit the prebuilt theme with your preferred colors and fonts, images and sections, shortcodes applications and additional plugins.

    3. SKT Gardening:

    gardening landscaping WordPress theme


    If you are looking for a fresh looking and green based sample among country club WordPress themes to focus on the healthy natural environment your club is located on, look no further than SKT Gardening.

    Advertise your lakeside country club or private resort in the city outskirt with less stress and less financial means. Use the given sections and content areas of the theme to split your content into easy to digest parts and make them available for the website users. Homepage slider is wonderful for showcasing the most effective images of your club or resort with all its advantages and services.

    The theme’s customizer or customization screen is also available for quick modification and customization options, color schemes, widgets and more.

    4. Soccer:

    soccer WordPress theme


    Starting your online presentation on a tight budget is completely realistic with Soccer as one of the pocket friendly county club WordPress themes. So is the establishment of the visually engaging and pixel perfect sports or leisure based website or blog.

    Ready to hook all your website guests and visitors, Soccer generates a nice looking homepage slider to host your country club or resort images and photos painting a thousand words. Pause time and animation controls are also possible with the default slider, however, you can add and test other compatible sliders as well.

    Based on a “less is more” flat design principle, Soccer is also responsive and cross mobile checked, SEO and translation ready.

    5. SKT Parallax Me Pro:

    parallax WordPress theme


    SKT Parallax Me Pro is also among the image centric and awe inspiring country club WordPress themes built to emphasize the need of clean and stable coding, technically stable performance and legibility of the site content across different platforms and environments, devices and mobiles.

    Reach clients and club visitors right at the moment influencing their decision making process, that is in search engine rankings. With all the necessary SEO coding already done, as well as SEO plugins compatibility, with this template your site will generate more quantifiable results and boosted web traffic.

    All in all, there are around 20 homepage sections, manageable portfolio part for more visual imagery, translation readiness with PO file support, etc.

    6. Yogi Pro:

    yoga WordPress theme


    Yogi Pro is a chic and calm, captivating and lightweight website toolbox letting anyone realize all his wishes in relation to the creation and management of any country club or sports complex, yoga classes or fitness center website.

    Based on a flexible customizer, this responsive and mobile optimized theme is surprisingly easy in customization to change colors, texts, fonts and much more you will ever need. In this relation, you have more than 650 Google fonts, more than 580 icons, as well as more than 100 preloaded shortcodes at your disposal.

    Tutoring WordPress Themes for teaching & coaching classes websites

    tutoring WordPress themes
    The road to success for any education or tutoring related website starts with one of the best tutoring WordPress themes available in the WordPress repository.

    This time we’ll shed light on some of them designed specifically for tutors and teachers, private coaches and instructors, educational and learning institutions, learning management systems, e learning classes and training, etc.

    Distance learning or online education is becoming more and more widespread due to a number of factors, including lower cost as compared to traditional face to face or full time forms.

    Moreover, the affordability of such method of learning is not the only factor determining the success of modern online courses and tutorials.

    It provides more opportunities and more flexibility to the learners while letting them overcome all the geographical and time zones, as well as other barriers and obstacles, additional transportation and other costs, etc.

    With the growing demand of such tutoring activities and courses online, we have decided to compile the list of the most useful tutoring WordPress themes for a wide range of online tutors and specialists, instructors and teachers who want to represent their tutorials and private lessons online and engage more and more learners from different corners of the globe.

    All of the tutoring WordPress themes you will find in this article are time and security checked with their mistake free construction and fully fledged operational framework.

    All you need to do is to remodel and restyle the default template to bring your own touches, images and content to the theme and serve it to your target audience.

    1. SKT Education:

    LMS WordPress theme


    SKT Education is by far one of the leading tutoring WordPress themes checked for its stability and relevance, as well as competence in hosting any learning and education, personal development and tutoring, online coaching and other education and self improvement related websites and blogs.

    Packed with every single detail and characteristic feature you will ever need, SKT Education shares the most convenient platform to fully demonstrate all the advantages of your learning center, tutors and team members, showcase the images of your successful learners and clients, share contact and location details and more.

    The theme’s flexible nature and all inclusive toolbox make it possible to alter and modify the theme’s default form with fresh colors and overall skin, typography or new functionalities.

    2. Play School:

    education WordPress theme


    Play School is the next lively and motivational website builder to help you get started with any preschool and kindergarten, school and college, university or club, private tutoring or online courses websites.

    Despite the distance between you and your learner, you need to establish a strong one to one connection with him while enabling the latter get in touch with you even when on the move.

    In this connection, Play School comes with total responsiveness and mobile friendliness to meet all the requirements of your learners and website users.

    This learning and tutorial management platform can smoothly work with any LMS plugin thus making your profile more powerful and wide scale.

    Other plugins such as gallery and portfolio, cache and SEO, page builder and multilingual ones are all compatible with Play School as well.

    3. Complete Pro:

    complete WordPress theme


    Wonderfully accomplished and well thought out, Complete Pro is never hesitant to grant you with complete and intelligent working platform to cover any kind of needs and business objectives.

    Whether you are a private tutor offering your tutorials or academic support, or a manager of some educational center trying to attract the target groups of learners, Complete Pro knows how to assist you.

    As one of the top rated education and tutoring WordPress themes you can give a try, Complete Pro is also surprisingly affordable. It means that you don’t need to spend more in order to achieve new heights in the educational field or enhance the sale of your services.

    Let your learners get personalized support from the comfort zone of their homes and access your tutorials via their mobiles, laptops, gadgets and other portable devices.

    This elegant and eye catchy template is also full with shortcodes, color and font controls, translation and RTL support for the international client base and more.

    4. SKT Tube:

    video WordPress theme


    Set your availability to 24/7 and let your clients enjoy your video tutorials whenever wanted with the great assistance of SKT Tube.

    Unleash the whole potential of your learning courses via the video tutorials and materials showcased in the homepage video slider or arranged in the video galleries, which are also available when you add relevant video gallery plugins to the theme.

    Since your aim is to facilitate the learning process, SKT Tube celebrates the most stable performance with smooth navigation, responsive touches and fast loading rate.

    It means that your website surfers will not be distracted by any error or technical drawback while nailing down your lessons.

    5. Flat Pro:

    flat WordPress theme


    Flat Pro is also deservedly involved in our assemblage of the best tutoring WordPress themes for coaching and counseling thousands of learners online.

    All in all, this amazingly resourceful and modern template can be the tutor’s best friend while serving his diversified needs and objectives.

    Keep your site fresh with new colors, tips and tricks and manage everything from the backend of the theme with preloaded features, elements and controls.

    Use the convenient homepage sections to share your services, biography, business profile, membership and subscription plans, schedules and more.

    You can even bring a whole new commercial system into your profile with WooCommerce or any other commercial plugin and start selling your tutorials and programs.

    6. Online Coach Pro:

    online coach WordPress theme


    Online Coach Pro is strikingly versatile and dynamic e learning platform where seasoned tutors and coaches can meet their learner and customers.

    Create the most affordable channel of communication with this flexible template and motivate your website guests.

    It’s a dialog and you need to keep the interaction stormy while following the flows of conversations, blog posts and their discussions, social media engagement and more.

    10 Reasons Why WordPress Should Be Your Blogging Platform of Choice

    WordPress blogging choice

    If you are thinking about launching a new blog or website, you’ll undoubtedly need to decide what platform you should use. You can build a website yourself from scratch (writing your own HTML & CSS code), use a DIY website building service (like a drag and drop website builder from Wix), or a content management system (like Drupal, Joomla, or WordPress). While all of these are good options and depend on your specific needs & skillset, WordPress is the most popular option and has many solid reasons why you should choose it.

    Why WordPress?

    WordPress makes up more than 26% of the worlds websites. It far surpasses any other platform and it is the most popular one for good reason – it was created first and foremost as a blogging platform, and throughout its ongoing evolution, it remains the most versatile, constant, and powerful tool in the vast online toolbox.

    In this article, I’ll dive deeper into the platform (the free version of WordPress) and discuss what makes it so great.

    1. WordPress is Easy Enough for Anybody to Use

    The first reason is ease of use. Even if you’re not a coder or a developer, you can use WordPress. It’s meant for everyone and while some themes may require a little bit of technical know-how, they are mostly plug-and-play. You dont need any HTML or CSS coding experience to be able to customize it the way you like. And if you do have that kind of skillset, theres lots of neat things you can do to enhance it.

    2. WordPress is FREE

    Another reason to use WordPress is that it is free! WordPress is open source and can be downloaded and used commercially at no charge. All youll need to pay for is your domain and whatever hosting company you decide to go with. There are also thousands of free themes and plugins as well to enhance your sites functionality. Of course, there are best WordPress themes and plugins as well that you can purchase. These are great options that give your site or blog a completely professional touch.

    3. WordPress Has An Awesome Support Community

    Since WordPress is open-source, there are gazillions of people out there writing code & contributing to make it better. Within this community, there are plenty of resources available to answer just about any question you might have as well. Simply type your question or issue into any search engine, and see how many forums come up. For web newbies, this should be a great comfort, knowing that somebody else has likely stood in your shoes at some point in time.

    4. WordPress is Highly Customizable & Feature Rich

    In addition to being easy to use, WordPress is also fully customizable and you can add advanced functionality to it if you have the right skill set. You can pretty much make WordPress do and be whatever you need it to. Developers can tweak and code the functionality they need and if you’re not tech savvy, you can hire a developer. Because WordPress is so popular, its an easy task to find somebody who is capable to customize and trick it out the way you want.

    It’s so feature rich. For example, if you have several articles in your queue that need to be published at a later date, all you need to do is schedule them. You can schedule your posts as far in advance as you like, set the date and time, and WordPress will publish it at that time.

    5. WordPress Supports All Kinds of Media

    Designing a page or a post in WordPress is as easy as using your favorite word processing or design software. Their WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor is great for uploading and embedding images, videos, or any kind of media with just a few clicks.

    6. WordPress helps your SEO

    Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is important – at least if you want people to find your blog. WordPress is great for SEO and there are a variety of plugins to help you optimize your site. The two most popular SEO plugins for WordPress are Yoast and All In One SEO Pack (which both have free and paid versions).

    Whether you think you need SEO or not, the difference between an SEO optimized post and one that is not can be measured in views. If you want your blog to be seen, read, and shared by as many people as possible, its always a good idea to pay attention to your SEO.

    7. WordPress is Secure

    Online security is important and WordPress has a lot of security plugins and services you can add to help protect it. As cyber threats continue to evolve and become more sophisticated, you will need reliable protection from hacking and malicious code. The WordPress community is also constantly updating their security protocols and releases patches very quickly. As long as you keep WordPress up to date (and your plugins and themes as well), your site will be secure.

    8. WordPress is Great for Both Blogs & Websites

    WordPress started off as a blogging platform, but is now a perfect solution for websites as well. You can build fully-fledged websites that do everything you need it to.

    9. WordPress is Mobile-Friendly

    WordPress, itself, is mobile friendly and can be managed from your phone. Once you have your WordPress site set up, you can login to the back-end using your mobile device to update and post from wherever you are via the WordPress mobile app.

    In terms of the front end, WordPress is also mobile friendly. It does depend on your theme, but virtually every theme features responsive site design. Responsive design means your site will look great on any device, without having to expend any more effort than youre already putting in.

    10. WordPress Can Be Used for Ecommerce

    Lastly, WordPress is fully capable of ecommerce. Are you ready to move to a subscription or membership model? Do you have awesome swag or products to sell? With a simple plugin like WooCommerce, you can easily turn your WordPress blog into a money-making machine.


    WordPress is the most popular platform on the web by far and is a great choice for starting your own blog or website. It’s loved by millions and has everything you need to successfully build your online presence.

    Top-rated WordPress themes which are feature-rich and multi–concept

    top rated WordPress themes
    WordPress system as a completely customizable and totally adaptable product provider comes forward with tons of relevant top-rated WordPress themes to be exercised as skins of diverse WordPress – related content.

    In addition, installing and using top-rated WordPress themes is fairly straightforward and simple, and, however, lots of templates have been developed with an extensively multi – concept, multi – niche nature to cater to any suggested topic and initiative on the one hand, as well as all – inclusive theme structure and feature – rich toolbox with great functionality on the other, they are really user and developer – friendly with minimum requirements and little time to be spent on the whole installation and management processes.

    For your convenience and benefit, in this article we have presented top–rated WordPress themes.

    These top-rated WordPress themes are multi – concept and general – purpose, so that every single person can go through a short orientation and find the best variant for any target website to reach its full potential.

    1. Play School:
    education WordPress theme


    Multipurpose and multi -layout, modern and bright, smart and intuitive, incredibly flexible and user – optimized, Play School generates a stunningly feature – rich framework where any website owner will for sure find the tools and controls he’ll ever need for his particular online presentation, being it educational or e-learning, child and kid – directed or something else, for making it easier to exercise, visually impressive, better functioning and more profitable. Established on modern and dynamic platform, this premium – quality top-rated WordPress theme meets all the major requirements specified by the modern WordPress community.

    2. Stay Here:
    hotel WordPress theme


    Stay Here is specifically resilient and versatile, amazingly well – realized and well – developed, technologically cutting edge and totally smart website creation and maintenance tool, which is multi – concept in its description and operation, ready to cover any kind of personal or corporate undertaking and make it stand out among many other competitive online profiles. Hence this one also falls under the category of top-rated WordPress themes.

    3. Simple:
    simple WordPress theme


    Simplicity and fast – loading are what make Simple as truly praiseworthy and one of the top –rated WordPress themes, that can bring about a several- minute installation, quick modification and perfect performance, seasoned by elegant and fresh design shades and touches, as well as smooth and sleek navigation.

    A website of any content, nature or description can be transferred to something uniquely stylized and professionally advance with the great professional assistance this truly versatile content creation and management tool actually generates. Simple has been checked for its compatibility with all the major mobiles and browsers, as well as with a range of practical plugins.

    4. SKT Construction Pro:
    construction WordPress theme


    SKT Construction Pro has been thoroughly planned and produced to be an ultimately convenient framework even for a first – time – user to intuitively understand how to proceed with the successful setting up and running of the top-rated WordPress theme. This professionally though – out and tastily designed template has been structured having in mind all the needs and claims of all types of web pages, ranging from construction and architecture companies to freelance designers, independent contractors, portfolio owners, etc. Lots of customization and management options are preloaded with SKT Construction Pro, that function incredibly handy and powerful when accessed and easily exercised.

    5. Girlie Pro:
    girly WordPress theme


    Packed with inherently feminine and elegant external appearance, beautiful and alluring design styles, totally responsive and cross – mobile compatible coding, Girlie Pro is another top – rated WordPress theme well – suited for any woman or girl to build up her profile in the digital area and outcompete hundreds of competitive websites thanks to the feature – rich and flexible nature, as well as lots of functional capabilities coming along this highly recommended and compactly structured template. This is another one of the top-rated WordPress themes.

    6. SKT White Pro:
    white WordPress theme


    SKT White Pro is an admixture of any single characteristic external and internal feature a person will require for establishing a strong and durable online existence of any description from scratch. This general – purpose and multi – niche, all – inclusive, yet incredibly functional and intuitively processed out of the few top-rated WordPress themes is based on modern HTML5 and CSS3 coding and styling to give a try to elegantly and smoothly loading websites, as well as on 100 % responsive and Google – mobile friendly layout to socialize your web platform and generate more mobile and device – based traffic.

    7. SKT Magazine Pro:
    magazine WordPress theme


    In order you have intended to further your personal or company objectives via the Internet and thousands of opportunities it leads to, look no further than SKT Magazine Pro to use the magazine or blogging style, multi – concept approach and brightly personalized interface this top-rated WordPress theme can provide you with to stylize your website and advance its performance along with high – quality content provision. This smooth and sleek, pliable and polished, fast – loading and easily navigable instrument is armed with a set of handy and practical tools and instruments capable of empowering any web owner or representative of any skill or knowledge level to flex and extend all the facilities any web existence may result in.

    8. Naturo:
    clean minimal WordPress theme


    Naturo has been designed and executed especially for those users, who appreciate minimalistic approach and clear design concept, devoid of anything compound or heavy. Generally speaking, this top-rated WordPress theme and high – ranked, feature – rich and control – effective template with a fluid and impeccably responsive framework is designed to resize and adapt to itself to any mobile and screen size, at the same time keeping the whole elegance look and exceptional feel of the website.

    9. BeFit Pro:
    personal trainer WordPress theme


    BeFit Pro has been destined to be efficient and productive for ideal usability, flawless and responsive to for any mobile or tablet usage cases, attractive and inspiring for mass audience involvement, easy and intuitive to be customized and managed, as well as pliable and polished in the whole operation.

    Well –tuned and sophisticated, SEO and SMO optimized, BeFit Pro will grant any website user with a dynamic toolbox full of all the primary controllable elements and options to leverage your professionally produced and posted content, as well as to monetize it and use for a wide range of commercial purposes.