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Handy Tips for WordPress blogging professionals to blog easily

tips WordPress blogging professionals

Top Tips For WordPress Blogging Professionals

WordPress is the best platform for blogging. People have been giving up their job offers and becoming professional bloggers. Even though it may seem like a very easy job, it requires hard work and all round performance.

The following handy tips for WordPress blogging professionals can help them blog easily and take their blogs to the next level. Most of the professional bloggers have no idea how to optimize their blogs and reach out to more people and get more revenue from their posts. Go through the following tailor-made tips for WordPress blogging professionals to blog efficiently.

Passionate Writing – When you have accepted blogging as your profession and working at your home or office comfortably, you have the full freedom to be fully passionate about what you are doing. Therefore, your writing must show your passion on the subject. Hopefully, you have chosen a category where you have genuine interest rather than the one that can sell better and you hardly have any knowledge about it.

Writing Better – This is one of the most important tips for WordPress blogging professionals to follow. Do not just write a blog for the sake of writing. Take your time, plan your writing, do proper research and see how your article can be different from other in terms of information and presentation.

The presentation of the blog matters as much as the quality of the content. Focus on creating epic content that is likely to get more shares and more engagement. At times, you can just write an article a day and make sure it is the best thing you could write.

Learn Something New – Growth is the most important thing in the professional world irrespective of the kind of profession you are in. Everything is evolving and improving and you have to keep up with the new things.

Therefore, invest some time in learning new things like SEO, designing creative graphic like an infographic, making and editing videos and everything that you can learn related to blogging. Whatever new you will learn, you can implement them for a better result. This is one of the most useful tips for WordPress blogging professionals to implement in real life.

Email List Building – If you want your blog to avoid the ups and downs in the external factor ruling the blogging world like a change in search algorithms, you have to have a good fan following. In the case of blogging, subscribers are the beating heart of the blog. They are loyal followers and you can sell different digital products to them very easily. They are the real asset of your blog.

Outsource – Once your blog starts to grow, you need to outsource your writing works so that you can concentrate on finding better topics for writing, better SEO and better marketing and promotion. Writing is the only thing you can outsource and you can provide guidelines for writing with proper instructions so that the quality of writing does not deteriorate.

Add More Features – While nobody likes a blog with too many features, the same is applicable for a blog with simple features. Therefore, you have to make sure you add only interesting features like points for comments and amazing widgets to captivate your visitors better so that it becomes addictive to them.

Better SEO – SEO is the most important factor for the true success of a blog. You can do paid advertisements to get traffic but if you do not have significant organic traffic on your site, you can never succeed with your blog in the long run.

Therefore, invest your time in learning on-page SEO techniques and implement them for every post. Hire an SEO professional for all off-page SEO so that the search engine ranking goes up and some of your articles land on the first page of result pages. Among all other tips for WordPress blogging professionals, this is the most critical for success.

Use Tools – You can automate the process of blogging significantly with the use of multiple tools. There are tools for spelling and grammatical mistakes like Grammarly, tools for keyword research like Keyword Planner, SEO tools like Moz Bar, content planning tool like Evernote, productivity tool and likewise, that will increase the work output and enhance the efficiency. Most importantly, you can save a lot of time to research and do best for your blog.

This is one of the important tips for WordPress blogging professionals who are in the business for some time now.

Better Marketing Strategies – Apart from SEO, you have to prepare better marketing plans to reach out to your targeted audiences. You should take steps to ensure that you reach out to everyone on social media by setting up interesting and engaging contests, doing a free giveaway on the site and other such innovative plans. You should take your time out to connect with experience bloggers and get some practice marketing tips for WordPress blogging professionals to implement and get results.

Better Content – Just like researching and planning before writing content is important, similarly, writing the content wonderfully with the resources you have is equally important. Make sure you have a catchy title, personalized and relevant featured image, better format of the content with creative images and videos and all the ingredients that make the content epic so that it gets huge shares and comments. Focus on writing evergreen content so that you can promote them regularly.

Social Media – Social media is where the success of blog lies at present scenario. Therefore, be active on social media and engage people in talking about your blog and articles. Keep posting interesting images so that people share them and your page goes viral. Get to the influencers on the social media and seek their support. You should also do paid campaigns to reach out to new audiences.

Better Monetization – Understand the analytics well and place your ad segments in the right places to get more clicks. Affiliate links will give you more revenue than ad segments and you should write such articles equally where you can put the relevant affiliate link and your readers buy out the product. In the long run, you should create your own digital items like books and services to earn huge revenue.

Idea Bank – Lastly, it is very easy to write content for years but not so to have ideas for content. At some point, you may be completely broke due to the dearth of ideas and that is why you should have lots of ideas for content up for sleeves all the time.
Follow these above-mentioned tips for WordPress blogging professionals very rigorously and achieve new heights in your blogging career.

Computer Service WordPress themes for computer maintenance services

computer service WordPress themes
This time we have scanned the Internet for the best computer service WordPress themes of WordPress origin for computer and gadget, mobile and device repair and maintenance services, IT and web design, software solutions, electronic fixing and other relevant services online.

The impact of the technology on the modern life and lifestyle of people is limitless. We live in a technologically saturated world where dozens of gadgets and samples of technological output make our lives much easier and comfortable than ever before.

And whenever any of them is broken or needs an update, repair or maintenance, hundreds of relevant service providers and professional companies come into play.

Computer service WordPress themes collected in this article are suitable for such professional service provision especially those related to computer and IT world, web design and development, software and program, translation and plugin support, domain and hosting registrations and more.

Each of these computer service WordPress themes is easy to install and handle. It means that you will be able to establish your brand and identity online and flaunt your working style or policy with the right colors and typography, backgrounds and images, etc.

Simply add your logo, contact details, list of services, portfolio items and other necessary details to the prebuilt template and go live with your own customized and premium quality website.

Now, let’s check out those computer service WordPress themes from good to best. Happy surfing!

1. Black and White:

black and white WordPress theme


Black and White is elegant and modern looking, very seriously worked out and clearly coded sample among the best computer service WordPress themes authored by WordPress specialists.

Following the latest tips and trends in the modern digital platform, the seasoned experts working on this template have made it to be thoroughly flexible and adaptive with responsive touches and full mobile optimization. It means that your computer services will be available for all types of mobile users, from desktop to laptop and mobile ones and your content will look
legible on every single device.

An avalanche of preloaded fonts, social icons and Google fonts are there for you to choose and style your website the way you need. Hundreds of shortcodes are also available to tweak to the backend of the theme and achieve the needed content setup without touching the codes of the theme.


SEO WordPress theme


Another elegant and stylish, clear and lustrous template catering to the modern technological world and all its manifestations comes known as SKT SEO.

From web to computer services, and everything in between, can be easily showcased through SKT SEO. Whether you want to market your digital or inbound marketing services and projects, offer computer repair and software services, display the best pieces of your successful projects or sell your digital products online, SKT SEO will turn out to be irreplaceable.

The working principle of SKT SEO is based on the unity of HTML5 and CSS3 touches responsible for resizing, shrinking and redesigning your site as per the resolution of the device used to access your profile.

3. High Tech:

computer repair WordPress theme


Robust and dependable, fully polished and crisp, High Tech is one of the serious looking and tech savvy computer service WordPress themes for computer repair services, shops and centers.
On the whole, this template’s structure is well thought out and developed to be pretty simple in usage.

With shortcodes and preloaded features at your hand, you will be capable of marketing your PC, iPhone and iPad repair services, software and hardware troubleshooting, virus and malware removal, drive recovery and other computer related services without additional costs.

Blog section is custom built for you to publish your daily posts, press releases, interviews, news, etc. and bring more and more people into your business. The theme is also unbeatable with plugin support, commercial friendly layout, as well as search engine optimization.

4. SKT Hosting:

hosting WordPress theme


SKT Hosting is a working space for all those webmasters and high technology experts who are working on a tight budget and want to achieve more with restricted financial means.

This template is a high quality platform that is offered to its client base at an affordable price so that it is suitable for every kind of business, from startups to medium sized and larger ones.

With fresh look and modern graphical touches, SKT Hosting generates a stunning combination of theme colors and homepage sections.

However, you are free to change them to meet your business objectives or keep your profile serviceable for your audience.

As such, SKT Hosting suggests a truly flexible framework for multipurpose digital usages, from SEO and SMO marketers and specialists to hosting and domain registrars, web developers and designers, programmers and app developers, web service providers and engineers.

5. IT Consultant:

consultant WordPress theme


With IT Consultant you can reveal the true potential of a powerful website ready to take your popularity to infinity.

This responsive and highly energetic, admin and client optimized and SMO ready layout will change the way your clients communicate with you and order your services.

Give them freedom of scanning your content without any difficulty while navigating through your posts and pages, following links to social media profiles, or filling contact form to get in touch with you.

Reimagine and restyle your profile with colors and fonts, icons and shortcodes at a speed and scale matching your business needs.

6. SKT StartUp Pro:

startup WordPress theme


SKT StartUp Pro is another computer service website template crafted for startups and digital businesses of small caliber. The excellence of this theme is defined by its error free operation, mobile friendliness, stability in performance and adaptability in customization.

With less time and efforts, you will be able to upload your best images to span the whole of your homepage. Moreover, you can add as many as 10 different slides and controls the way they will be displayed to your website guests.

Retina and HD ready, SKT StartUp Pro has been tested with Contact Form 7 plugin for better contact forms, social sharing and commenting plugins to use the boundless potential of modern social media networks and more.

Why WordPress is the most versatile CMS ever?

WordPress versatile CMS

WordPress most versatile CMS ever and why it is considered as such and due to which factors lets find them out in this article below.


Ever since the inception of WordPress in 2003, its popularity is skyrocketing. Near about 30-35% of today’s websites run on WordPress and it is considered as the go-to platform for every start-up, blogger, and small businesses and also for bigger enterprises.

In other words, WordPress can be regarded as the most reliable CMS. Owing to its ease of use and cost-efficiency, seasoned developers has given WordPress the status- WordPress most versatile CMS. However, there are lots of other reasons too, as to why WordPress is considered as the most versatile CMS. Below is listed some of the most talked about and praiseworthy characteristics of WordPress which has made this CMS stand out among others.

Affordable and open-source

Almost all startups and small businesses look for a pocket-friendly CMS and nothing can be perfect than WordPress. This cost-effectiveness is considered as the prime factor as to why this CMS has been given the status of- WordPress most versatile CMS. When you are setting up your very first website using WordPress, two issues are mainly there to bother you- domain name and hosting. It is clear from this that WordPress most versatile CMS comes for free.

Moreover, this is an open-source platform. This means all portions of the source code is freely available to developers so that they can work and produce solutions with all latest updates. WordPress will offer latest updates at every step in areas like performance, functionality and above all security. Professionals who are continuously working to make WordPress a more improved CMS, have formed a great community. Once, you choose WordPress, you have the golden opportunity to be a part of that community and contribute regularly towards the betterment of the platform.

High security

Many novice users are there who are of the opinion that, hackers have easy access to WordPress code as it is an open-source platform. However, this is a totally wrong notion. As codes are updated regularly, there are no security loopholes. As a part of maintenance, all you need to do is keep your website updated on a regular basis. This will assure that all themes and plug-ins are up-to-date.

Simple usage

The best part about WordPress most versatile CMS is that it comes with the most user-friendly interface. Owing to this quality, this CMS is considered as the perfect platform for even the novice of developer and web designer. The installation is completed in only a few clicks. Even if you are installing it manually, all you need to do is form a different SQL database in the cPanel. This step needs to be followed by installing ftp WordPress to the coveted directory of your web folder.

This makes it clear that no knowledge of complex programming or coding is required to set up a website using WordPress most versatile CMS. You can change the layout, content as well as functionality of your website even when you are using your mobile. According to SEO experts worldwide, it takes very little time to get a grip over the WordPress dashboard when compared to Drupal and Joomla.

Plenty of plugins and themes

As per the latest update of April 2016, the total number of WordPress plugins were 44,225. All of these plugins are specially designed for WordPress users to get a fully customized website. These plugins are loaded with features which improve the functionality of your website and makes technical tasks easy.

To change the look of the entire website, you need themes. To make your website aesthetically rich, there is a multitude of themes available which helps you to select a specific color, menu structure, and layout for your website. If you lack enough fund to invest in your business, there are numerous free themes available for you. However, if you are looking for superior options you should consider buying a premium theme. Themes are available in the form of a folder which can be uploaded easily to a WordPress website.

SEO friendly status

You must have a strong future SEO strategy in mind while selecting a reputable CMS. So, how about choosing an SEO friendly CMS platform? This is exactly what you can expect from WordPress most versatile CMS. The semantic markup, responsive design as well as its logical architecture are the factors that appeal Google towards a WordPress site.

The clean codes of WordPress allow the Google spiders to crawl the pages of the website easily. This way, you can create separate categories and tag each post separately. Thus, cataloging your content becomes easy for search engines.

Mobile friendly nature

Making your website optimized according to several screen sizes is of utmost importance. This is primarily because near about 50% of the traffic from the internet comes from mobile devices. You need not worry at this point if you opt for WordPress most versatile CMS as all the themes present are mobile friendly. This means the content you share on your platform will be re-sized and organized based on the screen size of the device that you are using to open your site. The WordPress community is well aware of the fact that mobile traffic is the present and future of SEO and hence it offers full support to the users.

Bottom line

The above discussion makes it clear that neither Drupal nor Joomla comes even in close comparison to WordPress. In spite of being known as highly secure and the best customizable CMS respectively, neither of the two can beat the versatility of WordPress. It can be said in this regard that WordPress has taken the whole world by storms by developing advanced plugins. WordPress is now available to anyone and everyone as it supports translation into various languages.

In conclusion, it can be said that the skyrocketing popularity of WordPress lies in the facts that it is a highly versatile, SEO friendly, mobile friendly and flexible platform. The ease of use as well as innumerable other features is there which have added to its popularity.

Music Teacher WordPress Themes for music school websites

The best music teacher WordPress themes are compiled in this article for music teachers and specialists, schools and conservatories, festivals and contests, musical bands and singers, dance studios and record label websites and blogs.

Of all the forms of art, music is the one that most directly has an impact on a person by evoking certain emotions in him. Music has the ability to influence the domain of our senses and mind on a subconscious level.

As for today, dance and music have become also a productive means of income for thousands of musical specialists, record studios, songwriters and authors, solo singers and musical bands, dance studios and music teachers, etc. And if we speak about business, the importance of a powerful and customer centric website is worth mentioning above all.

If you want to make your music career more profitable, popular or revenue generating, find the clients for your authored songs and music materials, sell your albums and compositions, give music classes and more, our music teacher WordPress themes are there for you.

With special attention to each of the music teacher WordPress themes our dedicated specialists have been working on, all of them are creatively beautiful and functionally competent to form a presentable website or blog around your music world. They are also pretty simple in usage while feature armed for diversified changes, amendments and customization controls.

1. Music Producer:

music band WordPress theme


Music Producer is one of the most engaging and visually thriving, technically hassle free and functionally super music producer and music teacher WordPress themes ready to provide any user with top notch experience. Whether your website guests use their PCs, smartphones or gadgets to browse your website on their favorite browser, be sure they will find the best version of your site and its content.

Splendidly beautiful and thoroughly well worked out, Musical Producer shares the most flexible layout making it super easy for every single music teacher or tutor to showcase his works, services, biography, contact details and more.

The theme is ultimately multilingual compliant with PO file inclusion, as well as compatibility with relevant plugins, including qTranslate X, Polylang and others ready to serve your content in multilingual format.

2. Musical Sounds:

audio WordPress theme


Another lively and bright music and audio based WordPress template to win the attention of your clients and customers, partners and fans, learners and music lovers is called Musical Sounds.
Be it a classic music teaching website with relevant content zones or a uniquely stylized and colored personal blog catering to the modern music industry and its trends, be sure Musical Sounds is the wisest selection to cover your needs.

Apart from the main content deployed in the primary parts of your site, additional details, social icons and links, page and post links, etc. are also important to bringing more traffic to your website. Widget friendly areas of the site are among such secondary information sources in the form of sidebar, header and footer all with available variations at your disposal.

3. Disco Dancer:

disco dancer WordPress theme


Simplicity and resourcefulness of Disco Dancer are the main ingredients making this platform highly recommended for all those website owners and music teachers you are far away from coding processes or website development. With no learning curve at all and with intuitive admin dashboard, this highly customizable template comes with perfection in performance and mobile support.

As one of the premium quality dance and music teacher WordPress themes, it also comprises dozens of valuable elements and controllable features to craft a profile you have always dreamt of. Among them are color and font changes, homepage slider for the most beautiful images and photos, community and translation ready layout to bring international audience together through your multilingual posts and pages.

4. The Art:

art WordPress theme


If you are looking for an artistic template to cover your musical website or blog, The Art is exactly the best candidate for satisfying your requirements.

This multipurpose and all inclusive website building layout comes bundled with essential features and coding unparalleled in stability and security.

It means that you don’t need to worry about making changes to the theme and losing the stable performance your site has. Be sure your site is secured and serviceable enough while relying on HTML5 and CSS3 controls.

The theme’s responsive and mobile friendly design together with SEO and SMO friendliness is what makes The Art so powerful and mighty in the digital platform. Other advantages of the theme are its commercial readiness for selling your music classes and courses, training and tutorials.

5. Melody:

music studio WordPress theme


Are you ready to meet the template of your dreams? Here we go with our Melody as one of the artistic and communicative music teacher WordPress themes for any kind of music based presentations online.

The theme’s preloaded nature and prebuilt structure are convenient for showcasing your piano and jazz, electric bass and blues guitar, vocal and other music related lessons and services, your profile and expertise, songs and other portfolio materials, etc.

Truly harmonious and melodic, this template is fully responsive and self hosted meaning that all you need is domain and hosting to get started with Melody. Moreover, apart from simple installation process, the theme lets you take total control of your site from every corner of the world and with little efforts to be spent.

6. SKT Perfect:

perfect commercial WordPress theme


SKT Perfect is a hero when it comes to hosting multiple personal and business profiles, commercial and corporate websites, portfolio and music profiles and more.
Equipped with all the compulsory controls and coding, SKT Perfect is designed for all the music teachers and gurus, artists and songwriters, composers and melodists to display their works online and get maximum attention to them.

With SKT Perfect stable results, reliability and great performance across a myriad of platforms and browsers are guaranteed. You can also make your site more functional with shortcodes applications, as well as with a wide range of compatible plugins such as translation and shortcodes, contact form and slider, gallery and commenting ones.

How to install and create a child WordPress theme?

create child WordPress theme

If we try to understand the basic concept of child WordPress theme, it will not be too intricate. As it can be fairly judged by the name, a child theme is the one that relies on a parent theme. Conceptually, the child theme borrows all the necessary things from the parent unless the child one comprises everything it needs to function.

While using the parent’s functionality, coding and controls, the child WP theme is available for you for more changes in appearance and styling, feature modification and customization without affecting the parent theme itself.

While choosing a child WordPress theme instead of creating a completely new one from scratch comes logical and reasonable for a number of evidences. First of all, if you install and create a child WordPress theme, you are lucky enough to enjoy WordPress or parent theme updates without influencing your child theme or its changes. It means that your work will not be overwritten by any further update.

Apart from being secure and providing you with a standalone database in which you can copy the files of your theme, a child theme also comes with extensible functionality controls. You will be able to easily extend the child theme’s functional capacity without tweaking into coding.
Well, the good news is that you can install and create a child WordPress theme of any parent template as effectively and quickly as you can never imagine.

Creating and getting started with your own child template will be as easy as a pie and will not cause the necessity of turning to the professional’s assistance and intervention. However, a basic understanding of CSS/HTML, as well as of PHP will drastically speed up your workflow.
On the one hand, you have a favorite parent WP template and want the respective child theme to inherit its look and feel, as well as clear and durable coding.

On the other hand, you have certain touches and amendments to be added to the child theme, but want to make sure that you will not affect the parent theme and will be able to keep your modifications separate from it. In this situation, the best way is to install and create your own child WordPress theme and manage it the way you want.

All in all, if you want to play with little things, change this or that font, style, etc and be sure that you won’t lose anything in the future, we offer you to get started with the selection of the parent theme as the starting point. However, while giving your preference to this or that template, take into consideration its capacities and functionality options to be near the one you want to have in your child theme.

As soon as you are done with the selection of the parent WP theme, we can pass on to the processes of installing and creating a child WordPress theme.

1. Creation of a child WordPress theme folder in directory.

The first thing you are supposed to do is to create a child theme folder in the themes directory. For doing this you need to use your FTP or hosting provider’s file manager application. Then pass on to “/wp-content/themes/” where you can find one or several folders each for a theme installed on your website. Create a new folder and name it whatever you want. However, it will be better to use any logical or descriptive name –child in the end or something like that.

2. Creation of a style sheet to style your theme.

The next step for you to follow is the creation of a style sheet file known as style.css. It’s the file you need to control the appearance of your child WordPress theme.
Open any text editor program and create a sheet containing the below mentioned code:
Theme Name:   SKT Perfect Child Theme

Theme URI:

Description:  SKT Perfect child theme

Author:       SKT Themes

Author URI:

Template:     SKT Perfect

Version:      1.0.0


At this stage, we would like to draw your attention on two important points. The first one is the Template. It should be the name of the parent theme. The second one refers to the importance of integrating the parent’s theme CSS file within the child theme’s style.css file with @import url(“../parenttheme/style.css”) code. Another more practical way is through enqueueing the style sheets of parent and child themes by adding a wp_enqueue_scripts action and using wp_enqueue_style() in functions.php.

These are the basic requirements to proceed with the activation of your child theme.

3. Activation of a child theme.

Now you can navigate to Appearance, Themes in your WP Admin dashboard and find the relevant theme here listed below. Just click on the Activate button and your child theme will be listed among the active themes. Since you have not managed to make modifications to this template, it will appear just as the parent theme with the same look and feel.

4. Customization of a child theme.

Now, what is left to you is to manage the given child theme the way you prefer. Here is when you will enjoy your basic understanding in CSS. Chrome and Firefox will help you in inspecting HTML and CSS of any web element. Use Ctrl+Shift+I combination to inspect elements and try to edit CSS there to see how it works. For example, if you make any color change and it appears fine, you can copy and paste that CSS rule in your theme’s style.css file. Save those changes and preview your site.

Apart from CSS controls, you may want to edit the child WordPress theme’s template files. In this case, you have to do with PHP codes. For example, if you want to remove some link from the header area and add your own one, you need to copy header.php file in your theme, open it in a text editor, find the line you want to replace by yours and do it.

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How to Fix WordPress Posts Returning 404 Error

fix WordPress posts returning 404 error

Even though WordPress is the most popular and powerful CMS at present but one needs to be extremely careful while editing and making changes.

A slight mistake can ruin the entire site and make it inaccessible for the users which will eventually take down the reputation of the website.

Since it is most popular and widely used, you will find the solution of every problem you face on the internet such as WordPress related blogs and forums.

There are certain common errors that WordPress website owners face more often. Some of those common mistakes are database connection error, internal server error and of course, WordPress posts returning 404 error.

A 404 error occurs when the requested URL is not found on the web server. In this article, we will talk about how to fix WordPress posts returning 404 error.

The only good thing about posts returning 404 error is that the main blog will be accessible to the users, but only when a certain post is inaccessible, users get that 404 error.

If a user is landing directly on that article from search engine result, it is definitely going to be the worst experience for him and be assured that search engine will stop listing that post and your website’s overall SEO will get affected.

The primary reason for 404 error is the accidental deletion of .htaccess file, or there is something wrong with rewrite rules. There are various ways to fix WordPress posts returning 404 error depending on the cause of the error.

Steps To Fix WordPress Posts Returning 404 Error

Most people have this wrong opinion that if a 404 error occurs, the only thing to do is redirect. Redirection is a temporary solution, but you always have to find the root cause of the error and solve it. Having too many 404 errors on your website will kill your search engine ranking due to bad user experience.

Step 1. One of the basic solutions to returning 404 error is fixing the permalinks. All you have to do is go to Dashboard and from the left menu, choose Permalinks from Settings. Without making any changes, just click on Save Changes button. It will update the permalinks settings and refresh the rewrite rules which could be the culprit behind the problem.


Step 2. If this does not fix the problem, you have to look for .htacess file. So, you have to connect to your web server via FTP and locate the .htaccess file in the root folder. You have to make the file writeable by making the permissions to 666. Add the following code to the .htaccess file and then change the permission of the file to 660 positively else your website can get hacked.


# BEGIN WordPress

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteRule ^index\.php$ - [L]
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule . /index.php [L]

# END WordPress

Step 3. If that does not solve the problem, you have to look elsewhere. It is a common practice among web developers is to develop a new site on the local server before transferring it to the web server. But often the permalinks used in the local server looks awful, and they can change it and make it look close to that of a web server by changing the rewrite_module in the Apache configuration of the tool they are using like WAMO, or MAMP. This process is called enabling custom permalinks in WordPress local server.

How To Enable Custom Permalink sin WordPress Local Server?

One of the easy ways to fix WordPress posts retuning 404 error is to prevent it in the first place. To do so, click on the WAMP icon in the icon tray of the taskbar and navigate to Apache and then Apache Modules. From the drop down list, enable rewrie_module. After that, your custom permalink structure will work flawlessly else it would show page not found.

How to automatically post on Twitter via WordPress posts or pages?

automatically post WordPress to Twitter

Twitter is one of your best friends when it comes to your website content marketing, client engagement and boosted traffic coming to your web posts and pages.

Using Twitter for your small store, club, or a big company is a good evidence that your working policy is social media friendly.

Moreover, with more than half a million active users, Twitter is one of the hot spots among major social media networks where thousands of new relations and partnerships are reached daily.

Hence, whether or not you are going to shell out your bucks on advertising on Twitter, it’s necessary to create and maintain your presence on Twitter platform.

In case you run a WordPress based website and want to engage Twitter audience in your site, one of the best ways to do so is to automatically post on Twitter via posts or pages of your website.

In this article, we are going to share some of the practical and easy to follow ways of integrating Twitter into your WordPress based profile and organize the automatic tweet of your posts and pages.

Since the most user friendly and quick way is via plugins, we’ll draw pictures of the most feasible WordPress plugins to be added to your site at every stage of its operation.

1. WP to Twitter

wp to twitter


The first product in our list comes launched as WP to Twitter. It is checked and confirmed way of automatizing your WordPress post or page appearance on Twitter. At a first glance, it may seem too tricky and bewildering to work with this extension, however, it will not cost you wasted time and nerves to automatically post on Twitter via posts or pages. Just follow the step by step guide presented below and you won’t be faced with any difficulty.

The first thing to take care of is the installation and activation of this plugin /use Plugins menu in WordPress.

Then head over to Settings, WP to Twitter in order to adjust its settings. In this stage, you will be required to copy and paste your consumer key and consumer secret, access token and access token secret into the relevant fields.

Next step is the creation of Twitter App for your WP powered website. Visit and sign in. Press Create New App button, add details in the next page, enter the website URL and use it as a callback URL for the app.

Twitter will create your app and will transfer you to the app page. Go to Settings tab, Application Type, choose Read and Write and save the updated settings.

Now you have to return to the Details page of your Twitter app in order to let Twitter generate your access token. For this you need to press Create My Access Token.

Now you possess all the required information, including consumer key, consumer secret, access token and access token secret to copy and paste in the plugin settings. After that just click on Connect to Twitter button for authentication.

Next is the configuration of the plugin settings. On the settings page you can find setting types both for post and page. The possible options are update when a post is published, when a post is edited, when you post a Blogroll link, when a page is published and when a page is edited.

Additionally, the free version of this plugin offers other valuable features along with automatically posting on Twitter via posts or pages. Among them are using post tags as Twitter hashtags, Google Analytics Support, Rate limiting and more.

In case you need the functionality of scheduling tweets, upload images to Twitter or more, you may upgrade to its premium version.

2. Auto Tweet for WordPress:

WordPress twitter


The next possible way of setting up your WordPress website to automatically post on Twitter via posts or pages is Auto Tweet for WordPress.

This plugin comes available in the marketplace with free and premium variables, the first one sharing a certain amount of useful features, and the next one – more controls and configuration options. It will take your literally seconds to post your page and post, as well as custom post types to your Twitter account while pressing the publish button.

With Auto Tweet for WordPress you are the one to define posting criteria and content like posts and pages, custom post types, post and message format, etc. Auto post filtering for post types and taxonomies, options to enable or disable auto post in post screen, as well as the possibility to make URL short with the help of Bitly API and more, all those configuration options are available in free version.

As for the premium version of the plugin, it grants you with unlimited account support, and other social media auto post controls, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, etc.

As for the installation and activation processes, they are pretty simple and admin optimized. Simply download the relevant zip file, unzip it, upload the files to /wp-content/plugins/accesspress-twitter-auto-post, activate the plugin from your admin dashboard while going to Plugins menu.

Finally, press AccessPress Twitter Auto Post menu to start managing its settings.

3. Revive old post – Auto Post to Social Media:

revive old post WordPress


Revive old post – Auto Post to Social Media is another tool ready to automatically promote your WordPress content on Twitter. It is custom built not only to automatically post on Twitter via posts or pages, but also empowers you with multifunctional framework to play with. This plugin is also intended in living up your archives and old posts by re-sharing them.

Additionally, dealing with this plugin does not require daily admin intervention to the processes. Just initially configure all the settings and let the plugin do all the remaining works automatically.

After installing the plugin, go to Settings and add your Twitter account. Determine the intervals between posts, exclude some of them so that they will not be posted, etc. Save all the configurations you have made and that’s all.

Cuisine WordPress Theme for culinary and recipe websites

cuisine WordPress theme

Great features of our cuisine WordPress theme

  • Cuisine WordPress theme has great look and feel and showcases culinary and recipes nicely
  • Retina ready, HD ready, Responsive ready as well as Google mobile ready and AMP ready
  • Unlimited possibilities due to changing of colors possible using color picker
  • Has its own recipe section with ingredients explained nicely
  • Compatible with other recipe plugins as well
  • Compatible with WooCommerce for selling items online as well as for orders compatible with various contact forms as well
  • Gallery and sliders given in built as well as many popular video and image slider are compatible as well as galleries too
  • Showcasing of chefs and their resumes and awards can be done nicely
  • Font based icons more than 600 in number are included for ease of social icons and including them anywhere on the website
  • Services, menus all of them has been nicely shown
  • Translation ready with PO file available as well as multilingual ready with any multilingual plugin working with this
  • All kinds of page builders have been tested and found to be working with this cuisine WordPress theme
  • Cuisine WordPress theme works with SEO plugins as well as other shortcodes plugins
  • In built 100+ shortcodes given and compatible with page builders and shortcodes builders and plugins for extra functionality
  • Page templates and blog templates have been given apart from the standard pages like 404, search etc
  • Header and footer variations have been given leading to several opportunities and possibilities
  • Drop down menus upto 5 level possible as well as possibility of mega menu
  • Fonts unlimited options with more than 800 Google fonts included with cyrillic and latin sub sets so that any language addition can be done
  • SEO friendly approach so that all meta tags and headers etc are linked nicely
  • HTML5 and CSS3 based and modern design trends followed with flat material design based approach
  • Cuisine WordPress theme has been designed and coded to have the best culinary website and recipe website to showcase one and only one thing and that is food.

    Good cooked food need to be showcased nicely in order to increase awareness about the ingredients of the food and how it can benefit us from within and also why this type of food is good.

    Also the chefs can have a great cuisine WordPress theme based website and showcase their talent in the form of food gallery and events section as well as show to the world the awards and other recognition they have won.

    Culinary and recipes can also be shared easily using this theme because it has a blog section which can be used to get more traffic, comments about the recipes etc.

    The main menu and its recipe can be listed directly along with the ingredients used in the making of the food.

    Cuisine WordPress theme is responsive and has been coded to have compatibility with various devices and screen resolutions so that your food looks all the way good and natural.

    Various chef resumes and their descriptions can be shown nicely.

    It can also serve as a full fledged restaurant website with a nice slider on the top whose animation and default pause time can be controlled and the menu can be changed to mega menu as well as the default menu having 5 levels of drop down possible.

    Also with ample call to action like phone number and timings given on the top and location also given.

    And the footer also explicitly gives the same data along with social icons.

    Various services can be defined and described nicely using this cuisine WordPress theme for culinary as we have font based icons which are more than 670 in number.

    So not just social icons but all other food related icons are also present within this template.

    Also typography can be placed fancy because the culinary WordPress theme has more than 700+ Google fonts and cyrillic and latin sub sets as well included.

    Not just that the sections on the homepage are selected from pages and hence any type of page builder plugin can be used so that one can design his own template and layout as well as have any type of page displayed nicely on the homepage.

    Also the inner pages have page templates and blog templates to choose from as well as several in built shortcodes are present within this template and one can add more shortcodes using plugins.

    Also plugins compatibility with several types of plugins for slideshow, contact forms, fancy sliders and galleries, as well as WooCommerce for selling items online are also given hence any type of future addition can be done easily into this template.

    Why cuisine WordPress theme are important for culinary and recipes?

    Cuisine WordPress theme is important to showcase culinary nicely and also the recipes nicely and hence we have gathered some important reasons as to why these templates are important and can serve a website:

  • Food showcasing is greatly done and food can be showcased nicely only here with the help of unlimited slideshows as well as galleries which are available and are compatible as well as with the help of the other in built features like icon use and text and image use
  • Awards and accolades won by a chef or a restaurant can also be nicely showcased with the help of this kind of template meant for culinary and cuisines
  • Recognition can be gained with the help of this cuisine WordPress template and theme which works great and showcases every minute detail nicely and with font and color changing options given
  • Recipes can be nicely showcased with in built feature as well as with other plugins that are compatible
  • Traffic and popularity surge can be brought in with the use of this kind of template
  • Benefits of the healthy food can also be explained and good food benefits can be showcased nicely with the help of icons and other helpful functions given within this theme
  • How to add a Cache using Cache WordPress plugins and set them up

    add cache WordPress plugin

    In this article we will guide you through the best cache WordPress plugins and the ways to set them up easily in order to fasten up your WordPress powered website and use caching as one of the greatest functional improvements to have on your website.

    One of the best things you can do for your WordPress authored website is to take care of its functional qualities and performing rate. On the whole, caching your website and making it work better and faster is one of the best optimizing ways that does not require extra endeavors.

    If we try to delve into the meat of caching, we will discover that it is the process responsible for storing of the static version of what is generated in WordPress.

    The principle is as follows. Caching creates the static versions or copies of your posts and pages, etc and served them to your visitors from the cache (also known as RAM or server’s hard disk or memory) whenever a request is made. And with those actively generated things, caching functionality dynamically boosts your WP website and prepares it to handle massively large amount of web traffic.

    If we exert ourselves to recall all the benefits of using caching mechanisms, we’ll hardy be able to do it at once. The true beauty of exercising this method is that it comes with boundless benefits and advantages for your website or blog. First of all, it enhances the speed and operation of your site since static cache files load faster than the dynamic ones. Apart from that, caching your web content is a productive way to contribute to the performance also of your hosting server.

    It is needless to mention that speedy and fast performing website get higher rankings on search engines and their inquiries. Additionally, the speed at which your digital profile responds to request is critically important for the web visitor’s experience, client retention and for a number of other reasons. All in all, the functionality of caching brought to your website is a never ending chain of benefits you can totally enjoy.

    With this motivational picture of caching your website, let’s now pass on to the question of how to add a cache using cache plugins and set them up.

    Basically, plugins are the best and the most user friendly tools which come to our mind when it comes to adding caching controls to the WordPress website. WordPress content management system grants you with a rich library of WordPress cache plugins for you to review and find the best mix and match for your site. In this relation, we have sorted out some of those plugins which have been tested by hundreds of users and as such are worth relying on.

    1. WP Fastest Cache:

    wp fastest cache


    It is one of the actively discussed and frequently used ways to add a cache to your site while using cache plugins. User and developer optimized, easy to follow and understand, WP Fastest Cache takes the whole responsibility of storing your HTML files in a static format while using php and mysql when the page is rendered. It completely removes the complexity of adding the much needed caching controls to your site and activating it. Simply upload wp-fastest-cache to wp-content/plugins directory, go to the admin dashboard of your site and activate this plugin through Plugins menu, take care that permission of .htaccess file is 64 and enable the plugin from the option page.

    As for the most practical features, this plugin provides you with, they are many, including the Mod_Rewrite method, deletion of all cache files after the publication of a post or page, cache timeout for certain pages. You can also delete cached files or minified css and js files from the option page, enable or disable cache functionality for mobiles or logged in web users, etc.

    2. W3 Total Cache:

    W3 Total Cache


    W3 Total Cache is also one of the best cache plugins to add a cache to your WordPress based website and optimize its performance and speed in all the possible ways. Make your site’s operation fast and lightweight with this plugin which have been installed millions of times. Is custom built and well developed to meet the needs of your website when it comes to quick loading and response rate.
    While proceeding with the installation and activation of W3 Total Cache plugin, we insist on deactivating and removing all the other cache plugins you might have chosen to use to fasten up your site. If you don’t take care of it, you may be faced with unpleasant issues in the nearest future.
    Then land on your WP admin panel, Plugins, Add New, search and find W3 Total Cache, install and activate it. Since this plugin is feature rich and comes with tons of control, you might need a certain time to go through each of them and configure them accordingly.
    First, you need to go to General Settings and enable page caching from here, as well as choose page cache method. We recommend you to use Disk: Enhanced method for better results.

    The next step of the work is with Browser cache. For this you need to visit Performance, Browser Cache and add your configurations here. At this point, you can set Last-Modified header, expires header, cache control header, enable HTTP compression, disable cookies for static files and more.

    And finally, if you website is using CDN provider, you need to turn to Content Delivery Network tab and determine your preferences here.

    3. WP Super Cache:

    wp super cache


    Meet the next amazingly effective and highly optimized tool among WordPress cache plugins at your disposal.

    Guaranteed to go hand in hand with any WordPress generated profile, site or blog, this product is also proficient in generating static HTML files and such making your site’s performance more enjoyable and quick.

    The installation and activation process is just the same as in the case of the previous plugin via finding and activating it through your WP admin dashboard.

    Health Clinic WordPress themes for health professionals and medical and medicine websites

    health clinic medicine WordPress theme

    Health Clinic WordPress Themes for Health Clinic Websites

    In the current digital world and thousands of online marketing strategies coming along it have provided many health, health care and medicine related clinics, hospitals and other businesses.

    These businesses with opportunities to take advantage of the potential of electronic communication means, including the cooperation with potential clients and partners via their websites.

    Naturally, medicine and health clinic WordPress themes should be precise and accurate both in their look and functionality to enjoy the people’s confidence and loyalty.

    Fortunately, the specialists have taken care to ensure the existence of high quality health clinic WordPress themes suitable for doctors and other health professionals to put up with their medicine websites or blogs and get in touch with their patients in the most time –effective way. With the help of the website, it is possible to guide the people to the reliable and trustworthy sources of information about some illnesses, medication, specialists, services or some other required content.

    Anyway, health and medical website advantages are not limited to practice promotion only. Digital networking platform lets people find experts and specialists in other countries as well. As a result, the business comes out of the geographical borders and becomes accessible to anyone.

    Hence, if you are a doctor, dentist or other medical specialist, here are top rated doctor and health clinic WordPress themes to ensure their strong presence in the online system and gain positive patient experience.

    1. Handy:
    doctor WordPress theme


    Handy has long been a source of informative and credible doctor and health website creation and management. In addition to sharing conveniently and neatly arranged theme sections and options to insert all the relevant information about the health center or medical clinic, a powerful collection of theme options and features is included deliberately composed to assist you during the whole process of the website control. Built on responsive and mobile compatible design, your web presentation will be flawlessly present in any mobile or device screen, thus the relevant medicine – related web pages will be viewed in response to the screen resolution of the device the person is viewing with. Hence this template strongly fits the health clinic WordPress themes category.

    2. Bony:
    chiropractor WordPress theme


    The next handy and premium quality medicine, health, doctor, chiropractor, bonesetter or any other specialist – centric health clinic WordPress theme demonstrating an extensive mixture of professional and clean design solutions, smart and intuitive template, and easy to use structure to undertake all the changes and modifications to fully realize your working potential and previous experience is Bony. As your clients and partners come from the way information about you is displayed and perceived, here the website appears with a set of capacities and chances to highlight the whole target content with accompanying images and texts in the most efficient way. Apart from being strong framework on which the web or blog existence can be guaranteed, the theme is also convenient for exercising any electronic commercial activities.

    3. Toothy:
    dentist WordPress theme


    Highly integrated and comprehensive, all inclusive and embracing, totally smart and intuitive, flexible and resourceful, Toothy comes ready with all the potential features and characteristics every individual dentist or tooth – related activities will ever need to share. This uniquely versatile and serious one of the health clinic WordPress themes supported template is entirely armed with lots of shortcodes to achieve the targeted content presentation and the website overall functionality, color changing and other customization options to take the full care of the website overall appearance and exceptional look, conveniently arranged homepage areas and sections to be filled with whatever is searched for the most, as well as compatibility with a series of modern and dynamic plugins to meet specific goals and objectives.

    4. SKT Medical Pro:
    medical WordPress theme


    SKT Medical Pro is impressive one of the health clinic WordPress themes perfectly developed and exercised to cater to any health clinic, hospital, dentist, healthcare centre website. By the application of this well – coded, informative, easy to set up and use, and therefore deeply practical and accessible template you will be able to design your future website in such a way, that it will definitely keep your visitors coming back to the website and try to find the answers to their medical related questions. All in all, SKT Medical Pro with its total responsive and mobile compatible framework has all the chances to become an integral part of your medicine practice in the online networking system.

    5. Fitt:
    weight loss WordPress theme


    From aesthetically endowed and polished external design to technologically seamless operational framework, Fitt is worked out ready to relate to every single phenomenon and manifestation appearing in the relevant medical, health clinic WordPress theme or fitness world. Its layout is clean and precise, hence it will attract more and more clients to your pages. Home, about us and portfolio sections are the best areas to present yourself from the professional viewpoints and stress out all your achievements, lots of shortcodes integration into the theme will greatly help you in the process of adding all the needed features, options or whatever is needed to the website, the theme layout is responsive towards all the major mobiles and tablets. At last, Fitt comes with fundamental tools for SEO and SMO optimization.

    6. Healing Touch:
    medicine WordPress theme


    Healing Touch seems to be the nest ideal selection as a deeply reliable and highly stable of the health clinic WordPress themes, on the basis of which it is possible to ensure any health, medicine or doctor related activities presentation. From start to the end, the whole process of the theme conversion into the platform you really wish will take the minimum efforts and costs from you, as Healing Touch has been minutely projected and realized by the respective specialist to correspond to all the standards of user – friendly and easily manageable theme.

    7. Simple:
    simple WordPress theme


    Multipurpose and feature – rich, Simple neutralizes all the flaws and obstacles any doctor or health specialist may be faced with when trying to run a challenging and inherently modern medical website. Designed to be simple and easy in usage, allowing you manipulate the template without any specialized skills or knowledge, the theme really takes all the hard work itself and lets you only interesting and engaging part of stylizing and customizing it as per your ideas and preferences. This WordPress supported health clinic WordPress theme is also readily and intuitively responsive to adapt itself to any mobile and device demands and operates with a wide range of useful plugins in case of necessity.

    How to set HTML Editor as the Default Post Editor in WordPress

    HTML Editor WordPress

    WordPress has the best default post editor of them all, and it is exactly why people prefer WordPress over other platforms.

    WordPress is said to be the most user-friendly platform where a person does not require any coding skill or no prior experience to write a blog every day.

    You can write your blog without any distraction and then you can format it as per your requirement.

    Most of the people first write their posts in MS Word or other online or offline editors if they are using any other platform except WordPress.

    The reason is that the post editors of other platforms are either full of too many features or do not have the look to let you write joyfully.

    In WordPress, there are two different types of editors present – Visual Editor and HTML Editor.

    The visual editor is the default post editor in all the versions of WordPress because most of the users prefer to write on it.

    But there are some advanced users who prefer to use HTML editor all the time.

    In this article, you will learn how to set HTML Editor as the Default Post Editor in WordPress.

    It may be that you need to have it in default mode for a few days or weeks because you could be debugging all your previous articles for some reason.

    Once that is done, you can again set Visual Editor as the default post editor.

    There are two ways to set HTML editor as the default post editor in WordPress – By Coding And Without Coding.

    How to set HTML Editor as the Default Post Editor in WordPress For A Single User(Without Coding)

    The visual editor is the most convenient way of writing a post.

    It has WYSIWYG interface and toolbars for proper formatting.

    As stated earlier, there could be different situations and scenarios when you would require having HTML editor as default, and if you do not like coding and editing core files, you have to take a long route.

    Note: Sometimes when you do heavy formatting in the Visual editor and then go to HTML editor, the formatting can get disfigured and therefore, it is good to have HTML editor as default post editor from the very beginning if you are looking to change the coding part of existing articles.

    To set HTML Editor as the Default Post Editor in WordPress, go to Users from the left menu of the Dashboard.

    Click on drop down option Your Profile.

    In the next side screen, you will see the first option as Visual Editor under heading Personal Options.

    You will see that there is a checkbox that says ‘Disable The Visual Editor When Writing’.

    Check mark that and click on Update Profile button at the end of the page.

    HTML Editor Default Post Editor WordPress

    Now, if you open any existing post or create a new post, you will not find the Visual Editor anymore.

    Once your job is done and you want to get the Visual Editor back, go to Your Profile again and check it off.

    HTML editor WordPress

    How to set HTML Editor as the Default Post Editor in WordPress For All Users (Without Coding)

    In the last method, you just disabled the Visual Editor for your profile only, but if you have multiple users on your website, you have to check mark the option for all users.

    But there is no option to set this particular preference of Visual or HTML editor for other users in WordPress even when you are the admin.

    You would need to install a Plugin named Adminimize for this purpose.

    Go to Plugins on the left menu from the Dashboard and click on Add New. Find the plugin and install and activate it.

    Once you do that and go to the setting of the plugin, you will see that you can set preferences for almost everything for your users who are categorized into Admins, Editors, Authors, Contributors, Subscribers or Employees.

    adminize WordPress plugin

    Apart from changing the default post editor, you can have full control over your users like never before, and this is a must have plugin for those websites where there are multiple users.

    It is very important as different users may need different settings like Editor would prefer to have HTML as default while the authors may like Visual and faster writing and better formatting.

    How to set HTML Editor as the Default Post Editor in WordPress (With Coding)

    If you are smart and want to take the shortcut to success, you need to write a few lines of coding.

    By coding, you can set universal settings for all users.

    It is useful when you have only a few users and most of them agree to your choice to set HTML editor as the default post editor in WordPress.

    Therefore, go to Editor from Appearance option of the left menu on the Dashboard.

    The Editor option is located at the end.

    If you are using this Editor option for the first time, you may get a statutory warning that you should not expose your core file as they can be vulnerable and stuff like that and you need to go ahead with that.

    file editor WordPress

    In the next screen, you can locate a lot of files on the left side. Select functions.php and go to the end of the code in the file.

    Add the following code to the file and save it. Once you create a new post or edit a previous post, you will see the Visual Editor as an option, but HTML editor would be the default one.

    add_filter( 'wp_default_editor', create_function('', 'return "html";') );

    The advantage of this method over the first method we described above is that you will have the visual editor in the background which you can choose to use anytime.

    But in the first method, you will not see the visual editor at all which could be problematic for formatting a post.

    If you want the Visual editor back as the default post editor, go to functions.php file again and remove the line you added.

    HTML View Editor

    In case, you cannot access functions.php from the Editor due to strict security reason from your webs host, you can use FTP software and access functions.php from your web server directory and edit it.

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    Why choose WordPress for small business website?

    choose WordPress for small business website

    Choose WordPress for small business websites.


    The Internet has become a popular platform for promoting business. Be it a small or big venture, the internet is there to help always. Websites are one such thing that accelerates the plan and helps the business to flourish. The websites can be created by using multiple software but not all among them become famous.

    WordPress is one such tool that though considered primarily for is actually a useful Content Management System (CMS) which is open-source and free and is based on MySQL and PHP. Using it, one can easily build a website or blog without much hustle. It has numerous points like template system and plug-in architecture which makes WordPress for small business eligible and effective!

    WordPress was started in 2003 and from then to till now, it has been supporting near about 60 Million websites! In a recent survey, it was also found that until 2017 February, among the top 10 Million websites, 27.5% uses WordPress to put forward their views. So, its popularity can be well fathomed but let us now look at the reasons for such a craze. So choosing WordPress for small business websites is the best option.

    One Click and you are done

    The first thing to do before judging a software is to install it and this process for WordPress is actually very easy. In order to use the software, you need to go to a web host and open a hosting account. Then through that host, a domain name i.e. the name of your website should be purchased. After that, you have to go the control panel to install the WordPress software in the hosting account.

    There are many hosts like 1and1, eUKhost, Bluehost etc. which you can visit for this purpose. And many times, you will find that software is already present in the control panel and then you will just have to abide by the rules stated there and your software will be easily configured, set up and ready for use. It might seem that this configuration will require immense technical knowledge. However, the truth is that it is user-friendly and a layman can easily try his skills there. That’s why WordPress for small business is absolutely perfect.

    Variety and Support

    You must be worried if WordPress for small business works or not but the truth is, not only small business but it can accommodate any type of business you want. If a few web pages with a minimal design is your choice well the truth is you can also get that through this ultimate tool. But if you want to set up a site that requires daily and active handling like, property sites, online shops etc. then also this software will be your go to.

    It can be said that versatility is the other name for WordPress and the most satisfying fact is that you will always find support from WordPress developers to address any issue.

    Themes at Threshold

    We all know, how important it is to create an impactful impression and for that, your web page must possess a unique design and identity which will attract the visitors at the first go. But if you want to hire any expert in this regard, then you will have to spend a lot of time and money.

    Instead, if you opt for WordPress for small business, you will have plenty of options whether for themes or any other thing because there are countless themes each differing from the other. And moreover, a lot of these are available for free which will relief your pocket. Apart from free preferences, you can also search through the ones that are presented by private traders and can have them at a minimum price. So, visit the WordPress Theme Directory and shop to your heart’s content.

    In the plugs

    Plug-in is nothing but another software that extends the functionality of WordPress which means if any function is not present in the basic core provided, then you will just have to add the plug-in and you are ready to go. To assure you that WordPress for small business is not at all a bad idea, only this can be said that this software has 49,000 plug-ins at its pockets all of which are free! And these can perform all the works like sales funnel creation, analytics, email marketing, invoicing etc. which a business website will require.

    Apart from these free ones, you can also grab the premium plug-in for your website. But whatever you choose, just remember that no other software will be able to offer you such a collection of extensions.

    Great SEO Sense

    In the field of web search, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the most important thing that helps to make or break a page. The rich your page is in SEO content, the more it is expected to catch attention. WordPress knows this and stresses on the fact.

    It is designed in such a way that it provides all the required help in this regard. Apart from the structure which is SEO friendly, they also have a certain plugin like Yoast SEO that helps to boost it a bit more. And the founders of this platform have themselves gone on record to praise this feature. So, WordPress for small business will really help you in this SEO war.

    A-one Security

    WordPress for small business is also recommended because of its secured nature. It is able to update on its own if it is linked to your website and to account. It also installs security plug-in that checks your website of viruses and keeps it safe from all the contingencies.

    It also has a decent back-up which gives you 100 percent assurance that your data is safe with WordPress.

    Bottom line
    All these features prove that how efficient WordPress is and how carefully it has been designed keeping all the important factors in mind. You should certainly opt to WordPress for small business as this platform will provide you with the best website creation experience!

    Bistro, Eat Outs, Food Joints, Fine Dining and BBQ WordPress Theme for restaurant sites

    bistro restaurant eat outs food WordPress theme

    When it comes to creating and presenting a restaurant, food and beverage website, one of the first techniques to consider is finding a solid template, which will grant you with all the practical opportunities to design and demonstrate the relevant online practice of any food and drink center just in the way your clients and visitor would like to see and use it with all the information, online reservation options, menus, staff, special dishes, discounts and others.

    In this connection, we did our best to sort out the best bistro, eat outs, food joints, fine dining and BBQ WordPress themes which master all the nuances and secrets to seriously and professionally marketing your restaurant, eatery, tavern, snack – bar or any other food – related business. Apart from being equipped with all the dynamic and sophisticated theme options and shades, all of the below – referred to WordPress – powered templates are user and visitor friendly and meet the characterization, with which all the modern and top – rated themes distinguished.

    1. Restro:
    restaurant WordPress theme


    Restro as a creative and innovative, conveniently projected and implemented, smooth and polished WordPress related bistro, restaurant and cafe product come up with lots of chances catering to design and structural solutions, so that every single businessman or private entrepreneur will have the fortune to successfully and accurately transform them into seriously expressive and engaging online products always to be in the center of the potential clients and visitors. This well – structured and well – supported theme is also mobile and device friendly, so that your food – centric content will be flawlessly laid out on every screen

    2. Coffee Shop:
    cafe WordPress theme


    Multipurpose and feature –rich, deeply intuitive and user –optimized, entirely adaptive and comfortable Coffee Shop comes integrated with awesome theme sections and options, which are prebuilt to be wisely exercised by you and display all the details about your café, restaurant, bistro or lunch-room founders and owners, staff and available products, menu with its categories, pricelist, high quality best images and other content to stress out the most entertaining characteristic features and peculiarities of your business as a very special one, etc.

    3. SKT Food:
    food WordPress theme


    SKT Food is the next bistro, eat outs, food joints, fine dining and BBQ WordPress theme to cover any restaurant site or any other dining business. This well thought – out, fully adaptable, highly customizable and premium quality WordPress supported food and drink website content creation and management solution includes unique and tasty external design on the one hand, and limitless functional and operational boundaries on the other to show off all your privileges and premises, your brand and its majesty, as well as your general respect and position towards food and eating out.

    4. Diet and Nutrition:
    diet and nutrition WordPress theme


    Technologically cutting – edge design, unmatched flexible and intuitive template, clear coding and exceptional performance are what make Diet and Nutrition one of the most reliable and intelligible diet, healthy and organic food WordPress theme for all those dieticians, trainers and food experts who want to establish a long – lasting commercial and business cooperation with their partners and clients all over the world. The theme is well –optimized and structured to adapt itself to any mobile, device and tablet screen dimensions, as well as is famous for its perfect compatibility with diverse modern plugins.

    5. Complete Pro:
    complete WordPress theme


    Completeness and multipurposeness are the two main factors, thanks to which Complete Pro deserves our special attention and its special place in our article relating to bistro, eat outs, food joints, fine dining and BBQ WordPress themes for restaurant sites. The theme is truly complete, precise, accurate and comprehensive in all its manifestations, ranging from its dynamic and eye – catching design up to its easily exercisable structural platform and smooth usability. You will be able to undertake all the needed changes, modifications and amendments to your relevant dining website, so that it can be competitive and stable towards many challenges coming along the time.

    6. The Art:
    art WordPress theme


    The next awesome and bright, elegant and sophisticated multi – niche theme in compliance with WordPress standards and being built on the dynamic Customizer to make changes and have their live – preview, before they appear to be visible for everyone, is the Art. Hence you can easily start the personalization of your restaurant and bistro website and let your target audience to keep up with all your relevant updated, special offers and novelties and other notable content in the face of texts or slider images.

    7. SKT Lens Pro: 
    responsive portfolio WordPress theme


    SKT Lens Pro is premium and responsive, highly versatile and wonderfully dependable bistro, eat outs, food joints, fine dining and BBQ WordPress theme ideally suited for the building, development and maintenance of any elegant and lovely café or restaurant site in the digital platform, letting people to check it and make reservations before visiting. The theme has been built to be extremely convenient in usage and is subject to any required changes, so that every single person may prioritize all the actions that should be realized and all the requirements that should be followed in order to achieve all the set objectives and goals.

    8. Wine Pro:
    wine brewery WordPress theme


    Wine Pro has been specifically constructed with a powerful package of inbuilt theme essentials and basic features to try out new food and drink related concepts and ideas and guarantee their realization online. This restaurant and wine WordPress theme will enable you with tons of website related solutions to make regular postings and increase the number of the potential and loyal clients in the most cost – effective and easily customizable way, hence the theme is perfect for newly started restaurant businesses with limited financial means and without any prior website experience and knowledge.

    9. Clean Pro: 
    clean WordPress theme


    With minimalistic and clean, yet modern and interactive design, Clean Pro appears as another highly recommended restaurant, coffee shop, bar, café, diner, pizzeria, fast food or outlet WordPress theme for showcasing any food and dining center in the most attractive way. With the help of this easy to set up and use template you are free in your actions to decide which appearance and functionality are best suited to your products and proceed to their realization. A practical package of all the useful instruments and tools is loaded with the theme for your convenience and comfort.

    Flooring WordPress Themes for floor and tiles website

    flooring WordPress themes

    This time we offer you to check the list of the most productive flooring WordPress themes for wood flooring, paving, carpets cleaning and repair, HVAC and cleaning, ceramic tile and stones, interior design and renovation websites and services online.

    Whatever the nature of your business is, it’s more than reasonable to use the new digital era’s opportunities for yielding more profit, more customers, better brand recognition, etc. From customers to private and public businesses to cities, financial organizations and governments, each and every physical or legal entity can make the most of today’s digital platforms.

    As for the carpets and flooring industry, it posts one of the fastest growths in the relevant market, driven by the great demand for relevant services in residential and office areas.

    All in all, the home improvement and modeling, styling and cleaning service providers and companies successfully operate in the global networking area thus outranking those competitors who have underestimated the true value of online presence.

    Given the incalculable advantages the business website or blog can have for your flooring business, we have selected some of the top rated flooring WordPress themes to take your relevant business to the next level of performance and client engagement.

    All of the flooring WordPress themes are trustworthy and reliable ready to provide the error free operation of your website from the very start. Choose any of them and get your profile listed at the top of search engines, showcase all your services and offers in a nice looking fashion and justify the little investment you are doing initially.

    1. Perfect Interior:

    perfect interior WordPress theme


    Whether you are going to offer complex building and renovation solutions, interior and exterior design, wood furniture and flooring services, cleaning or air conditioning services or something else, Perfect Interior is the wisest spot to get started.

    As one of the elegant and modernly designed flooring WordPress themes, Perfect Interior is custom built to generate more prospects, leads and opportunities both for present and for future, since this template is totally future scalable. Its HTML5 and CSS3 based coding with responsive touches and HD readiness will keep your profile highly adaptive in relation to future devices and gadgets which will require a different approach to how your website content is located on them.

    This template is also wonderfully SEO optimized to give you a headstart in your search engine rankings, as well as shortcodes based for organizing your work more efficiently with 0 coding experience.

    2. Accommodation:

    accommodation WordPress theme


    Accommodation is clearly coded and multifunctional template among flooring WordPress themes ready to tailor to the needs of a myriad of businesses and manifestations online, from rental and hosting services to flooring and woodcraft ones.

    Full color changing is possible with this template to bring the best color combinations to your posts and pages, as well as homepage slider is loaded to be showcased with the most attractive pieces of your visual content, portfolio, beautiful projects and more.

    More than 800 Google based fonts are at your disposal for picking the best type matching the overall design and philosophy of your site. Anyway, all of them are ready to bring the aesthetics of modern typography to your website.

    3. WoodCraft:

    furniture store WordPress theme


    WoodCraft is among the most beneficial wood and furniture, carpets and flooring WordPress themes for furniture manufacturers and store owners, repair services, woodworkers and flooring service providers.

    Turn your information into actions via the preloaded content areas, boxes and zones and let your potential client find the relevant piece of content without any hassle around. Choose the unique typeface stressing your site’s potential with the help of the web ready fonts package you have at your leisure.

    The true beauty of WoodCraft lies in the fact that this template is simple and lightweight in usage, but extremely functional and competent when it comes to customization and management to generate the form you need.

    The theme is well optimized for working well with dozens of plugins such as cache, commercial, translation, social media, slider and other ones.

    4. Furnish (Interior Pro):

    free interior design WordPress theme


    You had the bravery and commitment to start your flooring business. Now it is high time to take care of its proper presentation for a wider audience, including international one as well. In this spectrum, Furnish is one of the best choices you can do and pave your path to higher results.

    Naturally, your business needs to be visible in search rankings in order to bring new traffic and new clients to your site. In this relation, you don’t need to rely on paid search services and spend your hard earned money on them. This template is SEO friendly enough when paired with relevant SEO plugins to take your site to the sport it deserves.

    5. SKT Industrial:

    industrial renovation WordPress themes


    If you are searching for professionally and serious looking website template to make a strong impact on your potential clients, look no further than SKT Industrial. This theme is ready made to cover multiple industrial and renovation topics and niches, flooring and wood related
    businesses, building and projecting services, interior designers and private contractors, etc.

    With SKT Industrial your business website will be faster and more responsive when viewed on different portable devices since the mobile friendliness of it is well taken care of.

    From gallery section to prove your talents via images to testimonials sections for the client’s
    recommendations and positive feedbacks, SKT Industrial is well prepared for productive operation online.

    6. Fix IT:

    handyman WordPress theme


    Smart and secure, Fix IT is the last product included in our collection of flooring WordPress themes that will go well with anything you desire, from commercial website and online trade to flooring service provision and handymen profiles.

    Contact form with captcha can form a part of your profile thus enabling your clients to easily address their questions and inquiries to you. About us section is perfect for displaying your working profile, expertise and more.

    Fully supported and well documented, Fix IT shares a nice looking slider on the top of the homepage that is fully controllable with animation, pause time, etc.

    Software Developer WordPress Themes for software development companies

    software developer WordPress themes

    A compilation of the best software developer WordPress themes for software developers and engineers, programmers and tech startups, web designers and illustrators, IT consultants and specialists, app developers and other experts of the digital world.

    WordPress CMS is full with industry focused templates, themes and tools ready to help you achieve online success.

    From connecting to your target audience to increasing sales and inquiries or offering full cycle services, this content management ecosystem does wonders for a variety of businesses and their promotions online.

    So where to start if you want to market your digital services and items in a pocket friendly manner?

    Whether you are an outsourcing custom software developing company working around dozens of companies and businesses or a private developer needing a cozy working platform, here are our best software developer WordPress themes to start with.

    Structure your strategy with each of them and enjoy the prevalence you will have over many other competitors.

    All of the software developer WordPress themes highlighted in this article are simple and easy to follow in usage with demo content preloaded and supportive documentation.
    They also come with well worked out admin panel offering a comfortable workspace with hundreds of customization and other controls over your profile.

    1. SKT SEO:

    SEO WordPress theme


    SKT SEO is one of the clean and crisp, professionally coded and polished products you can find in the repository of software developer WordPress themes.

    The theme’s flexible and easy to manage nature enables you to realize all kinds of website projects and structures, from the simplest to the most sophisticated one.

    The uniquely stylized and well organized website will let your website visitor make sure about your professional abilities and talents.

    The conjuncture of the latest design trends and clear coding of SKT SEO has resulted in the development of a top notch template that is fully responsive and mobile friendly, shortcodes and fonts armed, as well as WooCommerce ready for online commercial activities.

    2. SKT Hosting:

    hosting WordPress theme


    SKT Hosting is the next seriously crafted and managed profile catering to the digital based businesses of any kind, nature or profile.

    It is custom built to market your hosting and domain registration services, certificate issuance, web design and development services, packages of software development services including conceptualization, analysis, prototyping to UX design and software product development and more.

    SKT Hosting will not just create a standard website with standardized look and feel, but will provide you with tons of possibilities to personalize your site with color matches and combinations, unique yet Google approved typography, the needed content setup with shortcodes and more. Page and blog, as well as sidebar variations are also at your leisure to choose from and manage accordingly.

    3. Complete Pro:

    complete WordPress theme


    Complete Pro is one of the leading software developer WordPress themes anyone can have access to and see what it is to have a fully packed and user optimized website with limited financial means.

    Checked and trusted by hundreds of active users and webmasters, Complete Pro comes with convenient layout ready to undergo changes as per your needs and tastes, including colors, fonts, images on the homepage slider, footer and header content and social media icons, etc.

    Impress your current clients and attract the attention of the newcomers of your site with the best images depicting your business, as well as hassle free navigation levels for them to enjoy their online journey. Moreover, they are free to exercise their modern gadgets and smartphones to get in touch with you or to read your informative blog posts.

    4. SKT StartUp Pro:

    startup WordPress theme


    If you are a startup development company with far going plans or a private contractor offering your multiprofile digital services, SKT StartUp will go well with your requirements.

    This HTML5 based and CSS3 stylized template is easy to personalize to stress the power of your company or digital agency, as well as the creativity of your enthusiastic staff and designers.

    It is loaded with the needed areas and sections to showcase your business profile and the summary of its establishment, team members and experts, services and service packs, contact details and more.

    5. The App Pro:

    app WordPress theme


    We all know that the continual communication with the client base is one of the main factors of keeping your business thriving since you can understand their expectations and claims and direct your energy to fulfill them.

    The App Pro is one of such app and software developer WordPress themes guaranteeing the flawless communication ties between you and your clients at any stage of your profile development.

    The background holding the template of your site can be easily changed even for the inner pages thus demonstrating the best views for your website guests. Social media integration of the theme is also done for using popular outlets in favor of your business.

    6. High Tech:

    computer repair WordPress theme


    All kinds of tech agencies and service providers, IT specialists and consultants, designers and developers will appreciate the working potential and serious design of High Tech.

    Custom built to be visually effective and functionally competent, High Tech comes bundled with all the features of primary importance and first aid.

    Among them are color changes and fonts management options with the preloaded fonts package, clickable calls to actions included, widget friendly footer and header areas to be the best itineraries for your website surfers and more.

    7. IT Consultant:

    consultant WordPress theme


    There is nothing more enjoying than a custom built and all inclusive website template that you can instantly add to your profile and conquer new heights with it.

    Visually captivating and tech savvy, user and customer optimized, IT Consultant make it effortless to add your services and items for sale to the given theme sections so that they can be easy to find and analyze.

    Use all the advantages of calls to actions in footer and header areas and prompt your visitors, partners and other website guests to take relevant actions and get in touch with you.

    The theme is also wonderfully stable with responsive layout, SEO and SMO controls, page builder compatibility and commercial ready layout.

    How to fix 500 internal server error in WordPress?

    fix 500 internal server error WordPress

    We are here to give you a general overview of what 500 internal server error in WordPress is and how to fix it all by yourself while walking you through server easy to follow steps.

    The 500 internal server error is one of the fear generating HTTP status codes. It sends you signals that something went wrong with the server supporting your website.

    If one day you discover 500 internal server error on your WordPress based website, don’t panic. There is an effective antitoxin for absolutely any kind of WordPress – related error, and HTTP 500 internal server error is not an exception.

    Before passing on the steps to fix this error, let’s understand the origin of it and how you are faced with it. The bare truth is that it is not always caused by WordPress itself. There are also other server issues as well.

    When you write your WP website URL in the bar or click on the link of your site, you instruct the server to show you the relevant page. However, for some specific reason, the server is not able to satisfy your request and instead shows you an internal server error.

    Before passing on the practical ways to fix 500 internal server error in WordPress, we insist upon to creating the backup of your site on your server, you that you don’t suffer from your web date loss in some emergency situations.

    In case you are faced with this unpleasant error and wonder how to fix 500 internal server error in WordPress, continue to read this article. Here you’ll find the best guidance to handle the situation in the right way and without any unexpected losses.

    1. Checking for the corrupted .htaccess file and creating the new one.

    The error showcased on your PC screen will never tell you anything about where the problem occurs from. Anyway, irrespective of its cause, the first thing to do when you are faced with this error is to check for the corrupted .htaccess file. It is one of the main causes of 500 internal server error and needs the replacement of this file with a new one. This can recover the functionality of your site and kick it back into gear.

    Now, you need to move to cPanel, Files, File Manager and go to the directory hosting your site. Find the Settings button at the top and make hidden viewable. Once you are done, click Save.

    Find .htaccess file and rename it into something other like .htaccess.bak or .htaccess.old. This method will delete .htaccess file. It means you need to create the new one. Go to WP admin dashboard, Settings, Permalinks and save changes.

    Now let’s try opening your website again. If everything is ok, it means that the reason was the corrupted .htaccess file. If the problem still exists, you need to consider other cases as well.

    2. Increasing PHP memory limit in WordPress.

    Trying to fix 500 internal server error in WordPress can lead to success if you increase the PHP memory limit. Your WordPress and host initially define PHP limits for uploading photos, images, videos and other files. However, the plugins and scripts exercised on your WordPress powered website need PHP memory in order to work properly on your site.

    Otherwise stated, those plugins and scripts need the assistance of PHP limits in order to load and function. So, when this default limit is reached, your server will automatically showcase 500 internal server error.

    Basically, what you need to do in this error troubleshoot process is to increase PHP memory limit and easily get back to your WordPress website’s usual functionality.

    There are several checked and trusted ways to undertake and increase the required PHP memory limit. You can do that by updating php.ini file, .htaccess file, wp-config.php file, as well as functions.php file.

    As for the php.ini file, use your cPanel, Files, File Manager. Select to showcase hidden files and select wp-admin folder to find php.ini or php5.ini file. If it is missing, click New File button to create the one. Name that new file as php.ini and press on to Create File.

    If the update with php.ini file does not give the needed result, try to edit .htaccess file while going to your root directory and finding that file. Download it to your computer, open the file in your preferred text editor program, and insert the following pieces of codes under the initial PHP tag:
    php_value upload_max_filesize 64M
    php_value post_max_size 64M

    As for the wp-config.php file, the principle is the same as in the case of the previous .htaccess file. You can find it in the root directory, download it to your PC, open a file in editor and paste the following codes:
    define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’64M’);
    ini_set(‘post_max_size’, ’64M’);
    ini_set(‘upload_max_filesize’, ’64M’).

    At last, use the trick with functions.php file. The path is just the same as in the above mentioned cases through root directory, finding the needed one, opening the editor and this time including the following:

    @ini_set(‘upload_max_size’ , ’64M’);
    @ini_set(‘post_max_size’, ’64M’);
    @ini_set(‘max_execution_time’, ‘300’).

    3. Deactivating all plugins
    Sometimes deactivating all your plugins at one will solve the problem. In certain cases, a specific plugin can be the hotspot of the error. In other cases, it can be caused by the improper cooperation of different plugins. However, it’s not always obvious which plugins are “guilty”. Under such circumstances, you have to try deactivating all the plugins simultaneously.

    If this method fixes 500 internal server error in WordPress, then you definitely know that the reason is one of the plugins. Try to reactivate each of them until you meet the one causing all the trouble. Remove that plugin to escape future errors.

    You can go ahead and try another option if your efforts were in vain with the above stated methods. If all the above cases are a no go, try to reupload core files, mainly wp-admin and wp-includes folder. This can be the possible solution for you.

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    Food Truck WordPress Themes for outside food and eat out websites

    food truck WordPress themes
    Food truck WordPress themes for food truck and food delivery related businesses, including cafes and restaurants, eateries and breweries, snacks on wheels, bed and breakfast services, burger and barbeque, hot dog and waffle houses, food truck, delivery, catering and other services online.

    Food business is one of the most profitable ones with great perspectives and never runs dry. And this statement is not surprising.

    Food is among the most consumable items in the world. Apart from that, business, where the export is one of the working ways, cannot help but generate profit.

    As for the food truck or snack on wheels business, it is a novelty in a culinary and food industry that is developing in leaps and bounds.

    And if you are fond of cooking or experimenting with meals, have an exceptional talent for decorating food turning them into a work of art, you should probably try to open your “movable” bar or eatery to serve them.

    It will be cheaper and easier than wasting all your money for opening a restaurant or café.

    All in all, it’s a format of inexpensive but decent and cozy food based initiative that is quite capable of competing with stationary food centers and cafes.

    Now, if you have already made the first step and opened up your food truck business, we are happy to walk you through the most useful and productive food truck WordPress themes for showcasing your services online and attracting new clients.

    Those restaurant and food truck WordPress themes are brilliant for relevant food delivery, truck and catering services in your locality or outside of it, restaurants and pubs, bars and pizzerias, as well as personal culinary blog and websites.

    With those templates you are not going to put all your financial means into work since they are all affordable and pocket friendly yet powerful and functionally saturated.

    1. Perfect Food:

    food WordPress theme


    Take your food delivery and catering business to a notch higher with Perfect Food and showcase the variety of your services, truck availabilities and more.

    With simple yet attractive layout, this template shares the most convenient platform for tweaking to the theme’s core and remodeling the overall look and feel of your site. From color and font combinations to image and gallery management, shortcodes control and plugin support, you have everything at your disposal.

    As one of the modern and fully fledged food truck WordPress themes for the universal usage, Perfect Food is also stunningly responsive providing the accurate disposition of your web content across the avalanche of platforms and devices.

    2. Restro:

    restaurant WordPress theme


    Restro is the next highly applicable marketing and advertising tool when it comes to food related businesses and undertakings.

    Hence, anything catering to food truck business, its consulting and organizing, seminars and training, sale and service provision, food truck events and catering, can be easily arranged through Restro.

    Projected and framed for stability and excellent performance, Restro acknowledges no boundaries when it comes to responsiveness and mobile friendliness.

    Well constructed for the smart content categorization, it shares home, about us, menu blog, our services, pricing and other relevant areas for presenting your food truck business in detail.

    This well documented and fully supported website template comes with clear coding that is responsible for the mistake free operation of your site at all time.

    3. Perfect Pizza:

    pizza WordPress theme


    With Perfect Pizza as one of the results driven food truck WordPress themes you are the architect and builder of your business profile to seize maximum exposure in the digital platform.

    Showcase all the advantages of your pizzeria or eatery, schedule evenings and events, offer services and truck catering, shows how your business works and run a daily blog without sweating hard. The default version of the theme grants you with a compact looking appearance that can be enhanced by your own color palette and touches, font choices and styling.

    The talented authors of Perfect Pizza have applied the best digital practices and coding controls in order to make this template look and function its absolute best.

    4. Bed and Breakfast:

    bed and breakfast WordPress theme


    Bed and Breakfast is one of the latest food truck WordPress themes of SKT production that will enable you to create the website of a lifetime. From bed and breakfast, resort and hotel, café and restaurant to food delivery and order, truck and catering businesses, absolutely any kind of food specific business can be established online with less hassle around.

    Comprise all your services and offers in one place and serve them in nice looking format. You can select the best images of your portfolio and display them via the homepage slider that is controllable.

    With Bed and Breakfast you can also bring the booking functionality to your site via the relevant booking plugins.

    5. SKT Food:

    food WordPress theme


    With SKT Food you can give rise to your website under an hour. With simple and quick installation and activation, SKT Food is also wonderfully enjoyable in further customization and restyling with color and font, shortcodes and image plays, sections and areas arrangements, footer and header areas and more.

    Admin panel of the theme is an excellent platform to manage, add and delete posts, change the appearance, add and activate plugins, manage users and their roles, as well as manage any stored or additional tools.

    The developers of the theme have also taken every care to guarantee the stability and accuracy of your web content when viewed on different devices, as well as when crawled by search engines.

    6. We Bake:

    bakery WordPress theme


    Visually classy and fabulous, We Bake is what you might need to start your online career as a food truck company manager, culinary blogger, restaurant owner or food photographer.
    Hundreds of clients have already had a positive experience working with We Bake and prove it to be a 100% responsive and mobile compatible, smoothly navigable with dropdown levels, easy to control and maintain.

    With We Bake you don’t need to be a genius about HTML or another programming since all the hard work is already done by the theme developers. You can even add certain functionality to the default template without touching its codes and relying on compatible plugins.

    Pilates WordPress Themes for weight loss and aerobics website

    pilates WordPress themes
    The main idea of this article is to provide you with the best pilates WordPress themes to stay away from the hustle of looking for the convenient platforms to run on your yoga or pilates, zumba and salsa, fitness and gym, martial arts and choreography, as well as other mind-body services presentation online.

    Yoga is one of the centuries old philosophical schools that appeared in ancient India and further inspired the emergence of different practices, including pilates. Today thousands of people practice such kind of daily activities to restore their strength and become more flexible, keep their inner peace and become more open minded.

    Peaceful mind and flexible body, better balance and better concentration, reduced level of stress and improved sleep, pain relief and new flows of vital energy of life… This range of the advantages pilates and yoga with their subtypes has to offer you can be continued infinitely.

    The advantages of such activities are not taken for granted from a commercial perspective either. With the growing demand for yoga and pilates, fitness and gym, dance and shaping, as well as other mindset fitness centers, clubs and studios, there is a relevant offer in the digital platform that creates a forceful competition among such service providers.

    In this relation, forgetting about building your own yoga and pilates website to stand that competition will certainly run the risk of your reputation and business growth. Here are some of the best tips for building results driven website with one of the most practical pilates WordPress themes of SKT production.

    All of the pilates WordPress themes we draw your attention on share the same working principles since all are HTML5 and CSS3 based, licensed under GPL and celebrate maximum responsiveness across mobiles and devices. However, they are customizable enough to satisfy your needs whenever you are demonstrating a creative approach for styling the website as per your preferences.

    1. Yogi Pro:

    yoga WordPress theme


    Yogi Pro is one of the professionally made niche specific pilates WordPress themes to prove you are right with your choice. This template is totally harmonious in look and feel while providing you with the best working platform you can dream about.

    The default template enables you to highlight your pilates classes and adaptive exercises, staff and specialists, pilates reacher training, equipment rental services, mindset charities and more in a convenient form. You are also free when it comes to determining the best typography for your content with the right Google font, size and color.

    Yogi Pro is also HD ready for engaging photos and images, as well as SEO friendly for taking your content to new heights in search engine rankings.

    2. Perfect Fitness:

    perfect fitness WordPress theme


    Perfect Fitness is the next award winning template ready to go smoothly with any fitness and gym, pilates and yoga related website or blog. Whether you are running your personal fitness or yoga trainer blog with tons of tutorials and programs, or represent a fitness club with various services and programs, Perfect Business will do the best for you.

    This website establishment tool offers a myriad of benefits to its users since the theme is rich with colors pack, typography changing options, preloaded shortcodes to result in any content or typography and much more.

    This high impact WordPress powered template is also SEO and SMO ready, as well as shares the best practices when it comes to plugins and extensions for integrating commercial activities, subscription forms, social sharing capability, translation readiness, etc.

    3. SKT Parallax Me Pro:

    parallax WordPress theme


    SKT Parallax Me Pro is brought to your attention by the most enthusiast group of website developers and designers. They have thrilled to add all the primary touches and controls to the theme, and have managed to serve all in an elegant form.

    Hence, SKT Parallax Me Pro turns out to be one of the most awe inspiring pilates WordPress themes to meet all your clients and customers just where they are, that is, in the digital platform looking for the most attractive offers and suggestions by search engines.

    With modern and clear design, SKT Parallax Me Pro comes loaded with a nice looking homepage parallax slider to guarantee the maximum exposure for your imagery. You can also add around 20 sections for the right content deployment, as well as enjoy the functionality of the visual editor for posts and pages.

    4. Fitt:

    weight loss WordPress theme


    Fitt is the next lightweight and visually lively template you can choose to be the starting point of your online career. Join the community of active WordPress users and make a website that will stand the challenges of the modern digital arena.

    Style your website with gorgeous look and bright colors, make your content fully legible with Google approved fonts, present pricing tables and translate your content into target languages to be accessible for the international audience as well.

    5. Bony:

    chiropractor WordPress theme


    Balanced between clear look and advanced functionality, is also one of the best dance and choreography, fitness and shaping, yoga and pilates WordPress themes to produce tangible results in the shortest timespan.

    Build you authority with and grow your business without sweating much for it with the unlimited possibilities of Bony. To put in a nutshell, this template is user optimized with responsive layout, strictly categorized areas and boxes, commercial ready nature and plugin compatibility.

    Thanks to its uncluttered design and prevailing white space to make your content more noticeable, this template can also host any medical or rehabilitation, private clinic or hospital, herbal essences, diet and nutrition, spa and salon, therapy websites and not only.

    6. Character:

    personal WordPress theme


    Character is irreplaceable for private coaches and tutors, pilates and yoga specialists, fit program authors and fitness celebrities to market their business in an affordable way.

    This serious looking, yet beautifully designed template is bundled with an avalanche of practical tools and customization options. Among them you can find different shortcodes, font and color changing options, Po file inclusion for translation purposes with relevant plugins, gallery management instruments with gallery plugins, etc.

    App Developer WordPress Themes for app development websites

    app developer WordPress themes

    A search based assemblage of the best app developer WordPress themes for app developers and programmers, mobile apps online courses and tutorials, web designers and developers, IT consultants and experts, computer repair and maintenance service providers and other representatives of the digital industry.

    A quite time will never come if you are engaged in the digital form trying to sell your products, services or programs and apps.

    Along with continuous development and rapid changes in this field, one needs to exercise all the possible channels in order to stay competitive in the online platform.

    This is especially true for IT and development world experts who cannot but perceive even the subtle signs of a possible online success.

    This article shed lights on the most practical templates you can apply for you future app developing website or blog, schedule and launch them, make them easy to access or sell them online.

    All of the app developer WordPress themes compiled in this article are created with the end user’s success in the developers’ mind. It means that each template will deliver a fully fledged layout that it simple in usage but highly productive.

    Additionally, those app developer WordPress themes are loaded with first class features and elements which you can easily leverage to craft your unique and personalized website in no time.

    1. The App Pro:

    app WordPress theme


    The App Pro is one of the niche specific and highly versatile app developer WordPress themes to market your apps and software programs, online courses or IT services.

    With clear and totally presentable layout, this template comes balanced between simplified usage and feature rich framework.

    It means that you can control the look and feel of your profile with less effort and in less time.

    The preloaded package of the theme includes lots of shortcodes, color controls and Google approved fonts management, widget friendly sidebar and footer areas to arm with the needed content, posts and links, portfolio gallery for showcasing your works and much more.

    With easy to follow documentation and clear coding at its core, The App Pro is also plugin compliant and thus can grant you with a totally manageable commercial platform to sell your digital products and more.

    2. SKT StartUp Pro:

    startup WordPress theme


    SKT StartUp Pro has all the prerequisites to be the best foundation on which any technical startup company or developing agency can build its website.

    Serious looking and amazingly customizable, SKT StartUp Pro comes with preloaded demo content that needs to be replaced by your own texts and images.

    You are also responsible for the serviceable color gamut of your site since you have access to color controls.

    Built and stylized in compliance with the latest trends and approaches of the modern digital world, this website building solution is fully HTML5 based and CSS3 stylized for you to enjoy the secure and pixel perfect operation of your site.

    It is also seamlessly responsive and generates sleek navigation so that nothing will hamper the excellence user experience of your website visitors.

    3. SKT Launch Pro:

    author WordPress theme


    From e book authors to app developers, from private consultants with their books to programmers to present their portfolio, anyone will appreciate the advantages SKT Launch Pro offers.

    As one of the top rated app developer WordPress themes that is also cost effective, SKT Launch Pro provides you with all the favourable conditions to create and launch your digital products and serve them to a large audience immediately.

    This wonderful and inherently dynamic template unites visual excellence with functionally advanced operation. Responsiveness and cross mobile compatibility, SEO friendly coding and SMO integration are also among the essential characteristics this modern template shares.

    4. Game Developer:

    game developer WordPress theme


    Game Developer is the one that delivers a complex solution for a development agency website, app and software developer blog, digital or design agency, game developer profile, app store or any other commercial activity online.

    This visually stunning and technically hassle free, totally controllable and easy to modify template incorporates cross mobile and browser compatibility with 100% responsiveness, several blog layouts to choose from for successful blogging purposes and easy to manage homepage areas for content dissemination.

    With Game Developer you are encouraged to earn extra money through advertisement and affiliate links since the theme is made for such purposes as well.

    Plugin compatibility tests have been performed to approve this theme’s functionality with relevant plugins and extensions, additional shortcodes and commercial solutions. Among them are page builder and visual composer plugins, translation and SEO, social sharing and slider ones, etc.

    5. SKT Tube:

    video WordPress theme


    Ready to serve the needs for app and game developing industry, programming and developing practices and other digital and IT related activities, SKT Tube is one of the dynamic app developer WordPress themes at present.

    This video based website establishment tool comes with professional support of video materials so that you are free to share your video tutorials and lessons, working process or whatever you live via the homepage video slider and not only.

    This top quality app development and showcase website template is also loaded with dozens of shortcodes making your virtual life a lot easier when it comes to tweaking to the theme’s core for content setup, customization or functional changes.

    6. SKT SEO:

    SEO WordPress theme


    The complexity and multiplicity of SKT SEO is smartly delivered in a simple and easy to use solution in the form of SKT SEO. With clear and legible layout and convenient content zones, SKT SEO is suitable for any kind of digital profile creation, from SEO and marketing activities and offers to app and mobile developing agencies, experts and more.

    This easy to control and fun to customize template lets you handle widgetized areas such as footer, header and sidebar areas are and present them with any secondary content, quick links, social media icons, contact details and more.

    The theme’s sections are also convenient for showcasing your business profile, staff and its members, services, portfolio and much more to satisfy the most demanding website user’s needs.

    Gymnastics WordPress Themes for gymnasts and athletics websites

    gymnastics WordPress themes
    The best gymnastics WordPress themes will be discussed in this article for gymnastic schools and academies, gym and fitness, yoga and aerobics, pilates and shaping studios, activities, private training and any other relevant activities online.

    Gymnastics is a system of specifically selected physical activities and scientifically developed methodology aimed at solving the problems of comprehensive physical development, as well as the recovery of the child.

    From the preparation of the child’s body for different activities to the passion for physical perfection, from shaping a strong will to a healthy lifestyle, the advantages of gymnastics activities are endless.

    In this relation, many parents are eager to involve their children in suchlike activities to develop their psycho physical qualities, such as agility, speed, strength, flexibility, beauty and grace in movement and more.

    Well, in order to find the nearest and the most affordable gymnastics school or academy, gym or fitness center, people turn to the help of the global networking system that is likely to influence their decision making process the most.

    It means that any fitness and gymnastics, physical activity or health centric business should not use any excuse when it comes to building an online visibility for his relevant business.

    While to do list of any website admin is guaranteed to have no end, our gymnastics WordPress themes can turn the whole creation and management process into a play.

    The thing is that all the gymnastics WordPress themes comprised in this article generate totally controllable and intuitive working platforms for the website admin for positioning his website online with a motivational, alluring and powerful destination.

    1. Perfect Fitness:

    perfect fitness WordPress theme


    Perfect Fitness is a strong and durable destination for your fitness and gym, gymnastics club or academy website trying to deliver the best values of your business to its target audience. With great performance and mobile friendly coding, Perfect Fitness guarantees the flawless operation and legibility of your profile for thousands of clients accessing your website via their portable devices, PCs and smartphones.

    As one of the niche specific and smoothly navigable gymnastics WordPress themes you can give a try, Perfect Fitness is more than just a framework to carry your content.

    It is going to be the reflection of your business profile, its objectives and goals, professional staff and well trained instructors. The homepage slider is perfect for hosting the images and photos catering to your gymnastic school, its groups and classes, facilities and more.

    2. Soccer:

    soccer WordPress theme


    Soccer is another strong and enthusiastic, visually dynamic and showy, spectacular and attention grabbing website template ideal for fitness and gymnastics based profiles and websites.

    From personal trainers and coaches to gymnastic academies and clubs, soccer leagues and other tournaments, absolutely any kind of sports based website can be delivered through Soccer.

    Focus on the presentation of your talents and expertise in the field through your posts and pages via Soccer.

    In this spectrum, this template comes prebuilt with all the relevant content areas which need to be showcased by your own content. Header and footer layout controls are given for you to determine how the secondary content zones of your site should look and what should contain, including quick access to recent posts, social media links, address details and more.

    3. Adventure:

    adventure WordPress theme


    Inspiring and colorful, zealous and thriving, Adventure is the next valuable candidate among gymnastics WordPress themes that looks as good as it functions.

    This well developed and crafted template is an irreplaceable tool for giving rise to a responsive and quick performing sports related website that will grant you with tons of advantages and costing outlines.

    The thing is that Adventure is not only affordable when purchasing, but also doesn’t require additional costs to keep your site good looking, updated and fully functional around the clock.
    With strong coding behind, Adventure is totally admin optimized with a handy admin dashboard and loads of quick accesses to customization and management options as well.

    4. Perfect Golf Club:

    golf WordPress theme


    Fresh looking and modernly stylized, Perfect Golf Club is another pocket friendly template included in our assemblage of the best sports and gymnastics WordPress themes for multipurpose usages.

    Custom built to reasonably identify your clients’ needs and satisfy them accordingly, Perfect Golf Club is never hesitant to express maximum responsiveness and cross mobile compatibility, crisp navigation levels and fast loading time.

    As for the other noteworthy touches of the theme, it is well optimized to be easy to crawl for search engines, as well as to work with social media platforms for more traffic and website viewers.

    Shortcodes base is given along with the theme to make your coding life surprisingly easy. Better to say, you have nothing to do with complex coding, just use the given pieces of shortcodes for making changes to your website in no time.

    5. Strong Pro:

    crossfit WordPress theme


    Sophisticated technology, advanced functional base and modern design have been applied to Strong Pro in an effort to make it a template meeting all the requirements of the digital world.

    As such, Strong Pro shares the most flexible layout with an avalanche of pre enabled controls handy tools and intuitive admin dashboard for you to underline all the important parts of your gymnastics related business.

    This template is ready to revolve around any sports and weight loss, body shape and gymnastics website with recent news, disciplines, rules, subscription and membership plans, location and more showcased in relevant sections, boxes and widget friendly areas.

    6. Gym Master:

    gym WordPress theme


    Responsive and mobile checked, shortcodes based and inspiringly competent, Gym Master demonstrates the best qualities when it comes to greeting your website visitors and grabbing their attention.

    With a full width homepage slider for the most effective and motivational imagery, it is quite possible to provide maximum exposure of your visual content, showcase your leisure centers and schools, trainers and specialists, etc.

    Get your unique and personalized website in the easiest way and be sure it yields the best results with SEO and SMO support, translation ready content, blog layout for constant news and updates, and more.

    Painter WordPress Themes for painting and artists websites

    painter WordPress themes

    An assemblage of search based painter WordPress themes is discussed for painters and artists, painting and design companies and agencies, graphic and interior designers and portfolio owners, illustrators and photographers, construction and corporate businesses, and any other creative or enthusiastic person dealing with visual imagery or painting.

    Painting is a form of fine art that fulfills a wide range of personal, cognitive and ideological tasks by letting a painter express his own viewpoint, feelings and the overall worldview.

    Moreover, it reflects and in the light of certain concepts assesses the spiritual content of the era, its social development.

    Hence, painting is one of the artistic ways of transmitting real values through eternity.

    As for now, it is more than just a means of self expression or the barrier of certain values of community, nation, etc. Anything catering to images and painting, photos and interior design, as well as any other visualization can be transformed into a productive business bringing you fame and popularity, profit or other tangible results.

    And this is true also for contractors and builders taking care of the visual condition and colors of different premises and residents.

    In this connection, here are some of the most noteworthy painter WordPress themes that have been minutely crafted to bring the most fitting website tools to painters and contractors, construction and architecture businesses, interior designers and illustrators, as well as other handymen and craftsmen.

    All of these painter WordPress themes are well equipped to transform your current website into something truly attractive and visually stunning thus reflecting the unique style and expertise you can offer them.

    1. Perfect Interior:

    perfect interior WordPress theme


    Perfect Interior is one of the deeply versatile and intelligent painter WordPress themes ready to revolve around any interior design and construction, renovation and painting, as well as any other portfolio based website or blog.

    Let your website visitors meet your team and its members and get acquainted with them virtually, check the list of your services and see your completed projects and drafts, as well as get in touch with you via the contact form, email, phone or social media profile.

    In this relation, Perfect Interior is custom built to grant you with all the needed theme sections, parts and widget friendly areas.

    2. SKT Architect Pro:

    architect WordPress theme


    The next stylish and businesslike, wonderfully gorgeous and flexible template to go well with any construction and design, painting and handyman websites and services comes known as SKT Architect Pro.

    Thanks to the fully manageable layout and feature rich toolbox to result in the required look and feel, this template can be used for multiple image and painting related websites, among them personal photography profiles and design agencies, graphic illustrators and painters, web designers and portfolio owners.

    The efforts of the future website owner are reduced to the minimum since all the compulsory coding and arrangements are already completed by the theme authors. All you need to do is to manage the theme’s appearance, colors and typography, and take care of the high quality text and visual content deployment throughout your posts and pages.

    3. Kraft:

    premium WordPress theme


    Kraft is a modern creature ready to sweep your website guests off their feet with its unique face and fantastic functionality.

    From smooth and robust navigation levels to responsive design for your website to look stunningly on every single device, Kraft shares all the necessary traits of the modern painter WordPress themes.

    We know that a good animation can do wonders when it comes to a perfect user experience. Hence Kraft is powered by HTML5 coding and CSS3 controls for you to integrate modern animation styles to your web columns and other areas.

    The theme is also loaded with an avalanche of shortcodes, page and post controls, FAQ and blog sections, etc.

    4. SKT Full Width Pro:

    Full Wide WordPress theme


    If you are looking for a designer made and functionally stable website building solution among painter WordPress themes that will be image centric and visually attention seizing, look no further than SKT Full Width Pro.

    From commercial and residential painting contractors to private designers and photographers can highly benefit from this niche specific template that comes with full responsiveness and plugin compatibility.

    Showcase that you are the painters clients can trust. Showcase interior and exterior painting, office and residential, carpentry and cleanup, batch and kitchen remodeling services and display the best images in the background of your homepage.

    5. Fix IT:

    handyman WordPress theme


    When you choose Fix IT for your home repair and renovation, painting and remodeling, moving or packaging, handyman or craftsman website, you choose the shortest path to the digital success. This top notch template is the one with a special stress on operational stability and precision and as such is ready to host your content in a pixel perfect fashion under any circumstances.

    Lots of shortcodes, manageable and widget friendly content zones, about us section for presenting your business profile or company, services section for all kinds of painting and fixing services are all given with Fix IT.

    6. Simple:

    simple WordPress theme


    Subtle and calm, elegant and nice looking, Simple harmoniously unites beauty with advanced technological solutions to bring a whole new philosophy to building a modern website.

    The theme’s uncluttered design enables anyone to try and test different color and font matches, add the best images to the homepage slider and control their look, pause time and animation.

    Full documentation is also available with Simple to make your working process simpler and more productive.

    7. Furnish (Interior Pro):

    free interior design WordPress theme


    Furnish is another highly advisable painter WordPress theme that is WooCommerce compatible for ecommerce activities and 100% responsive for mobile and device accesses.

    Any color skin or font type can be tested on the default version of the theme to accentuate your own style and brand.

    For such purposes you have preloaded fonts and color controls, icons and shortcodes all easy to apply.

    SEO friendliness and SMO compatibility of Furnish is another valuable feature that will bring higher results and higher conversion for your painting business.